All the following gave their birthplace at some time as Butleigh but so far the marriages not traced and the maiden names remain unknown. Some of them may have been widows at marriage and therefore a prior name may be sought in order to find a marriage that gives their maiden name. The date in Bold indicates the year of the census on which they occur. I have put the wives in order of their reported birth years. These birth dates are not always accurate as I have found for the many wives already identified.

Gould Ann b. 1755 Butleigh? (1765?) , at Moons Brook, Ashwick 1851. Ann Married Joshua Gould [son George Gould? Chr. 21 Dec 1789 Ashwick), coal merchant – s.o. George and Ann Gould?]

Urch Ann b. 1766 Butleigh wife of John Urch (b. 1762 Glastonbury), pauper lived in Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury in 1841 and 1851. A John Urch married Ann Bennett 19 Jan 1793 Moorlinch.

Watts Elizabeth b. 1776 Butleigh, widow, almshouse woman, Wells Old Almshouse St. Cuthbert 1851.

Court Elizabeth b. 1779 Butleigh, widow, housekeeper - at 18, Great Avon St., Bristol Temple 1861. In 1851 pob Buttley Outon? In 1841 poss. in Glastonbury with a son John.

Wyatt Elizabeth T. b. 1779 Butleigh, widow 17, Northampton Street, Lansdowne, Walcot Bath 1861 with son Wm b. 1815 Walcot. With son John (b. 1807) in Monmouthshire in 1871

Emery Eliza b. 1779 Butleigh, widow lived at Paulton, Som. 1851.

Hunt Esther b. 1780 Butleigh, widow, mother of David Hunt (b. 1821 Chilthorne Domer) lived in Chilthorne, Thorne 1851.

Hebble Esther b. 1785 Butleigh wife of Joseph Hebble (b. 1785 Sudbury, Suff.), lived in St. Pancras 1851. In 1861 widowed and called Hester Hibble - at 16, Stanmore St., St. Pancras. In 1841 a Joseph Hebble of Suffolk lived with Philadelphia Hebble at St. Peter, Sudbury, Suffolk. Philadelphia died in 1849. Marriage in 1850?

Martin Mary b. 1786 Butleigh wife of Thomas (b. 1791 Hornblotton) – son Samuel b. 1819 Baltonsborough - lived in Street in 1841, Wells 1851. In 1861 they lived in Pylle.

Ponfield Mary b. 1787 Butleigh wife of gardener James (b. 1789 Ston Easton) lived in Wells 1851. Widowed in 1861 lived with niece Ann Penny. Joseph married Mary Penaroy on 7 Jan 1816 Ston Easton

Cannon Elizabeth b. 1788 Butleigh wife of James (b. 1788 Kingweston) lived at Pitcombe 1851 - 61. Daughter Ann b. 1824 Kingweston, Sarah 1820 (?). Elizabeth died before 1871 – 6 other children b. before 1821 from James' 1st marriage? An Elizabeth Ramsden of Butleigh m. 1821 James Cannon according to Pallots.

Strode Jane b. 1786 Butleigh married Thomas b. 1788 West Pennard, farmer of 20 acres. Lived at Haviatt, Glastonbury in 1851.

Wakefield Sarah b. 1789 Butleigh wife of John (b. 1791 Sheffield) lived in Islington 1851. In Berkshire 1841.

King Elizabeth b. 1793 Butleigh, widow (dob 1799) 1861, mother-in-law of William Sherwood and wife Eliza (b. 1826 Street) niece Annie Sugar (11). In 1871 boarding in Street with Mary Francis. Wife of John King in Walton in 1841?

Cole Elizabeth b. 1793 Butleigh married Thomas lived at Compton Martin 1851, a widow 1861, still there 1871.

Gale Jane b. 1796 Butleigh wife of greengrocer Thomas (b. 1793 Wells) lived in Paulton 1861. In 1851 widower (aged 30!)In 1871 aged 75 lodged at 22 Southover, Wells. Died 1874 Dec Q

Gilbert Johanna/Ann b. 1796 Butleigh, widow, dealer in Wear. Appl. lived at 10, Worlds End Park, Chelsea 1861 (same as the Ann Gilbert b. 1797, cook in 1851 at 8, Lindsey Row, Chelsea - married but not widowed). In 1841 husband William? Both non-Middlesex [Joanna Cole d.o. John & Hannah Chr. 18 Dec 1796 Butleigh]

Cobb Sarah b. 1797 Butleigh wife of John lived in Selbourne, Hampshire 1861. 1871 widow still in Selbourne. [a John Cobb m. Sarah 1819 at Donyatt]

Stower Mary b. 1797 Butleigh, widow of gardener Thomas (b. 1799 Charlton) lived Edington in 1851, in Moorlinch 1871 with nephew (Brake) and niece (Hurley). In 1841 with daughter Harriet b. 1826.

Stow Sarah b. 1797 Butleigh, wife of John lived in Clevedon 1851.

Groves Mary b. 1797 Butleigh married William Groves lived at Shapwick 1851. Both still there in 1861.

Fletcher Sarah b. 1798 Butleigh married to James Fletcher (Chr. 5 Apr 1801 Kingston Seymour), lived at Lyncombe & Widcome 1851. Also 1861

Williams Ann b. 1799 Butleigh married to William Williams b. 1802 Brecon - at Martin Street, Brecon St. Mary, Wales 1851. Ann was previously married to Mr. Thomas (with stepson James Thomas b. 1827 Merthyr), son William b. 1837 Brecon.

Tucker Ann b. 1801 Butleigh, cook, widow, served in Long Sutton in 1851. In 1861 she lived with her son in law Joseph Horsey and wife Mary in Long Sutton. Widow of an Ag. Lab.

Crew Elizabeth b. 1801 Butleigh, wife of Thomas Crew (b. 1792 Salisbury, Wilts), lived in Bristol St. James in 1851 with dau. Louisa b. 1837.

Chapman Mary b. 1802 Butleigh Wootton, widow of Joseph (b. 1805 West Lydford) formerly a butchers wife - in West Lydford 1861. Still there in 1871 - pob Butleigh Wootton. In 1851 with dau Agnes b. 1835. A Joseph Chapman married Mary Violis 23 Apr 1832 West Lydford.

Marsh Ann b. Butleigh 1802 wife of Robert Marsh lived in Street 1851. A Robert Marsh m. 22 Oct 1829 Ann Read.

Russel Mary b. 1803 Butleigh wife of labourer John (b. 1803 Somerton) lived at Walton 1861. Dau. Mary Ann b. 1838 Walton. John was alone in 1851 - wife absent. In 1851 at Walton - dau. Elizabeth b. 1836.

Young Jane b. 1803 Butleigh wife of James lived in Axbridge 1851. Still there in 1861

White Elizabeth b. 1804 Butleigh wife of John White (b. 1801 Lydling, Som) lived in Martock. Dau in 1851 Mary Ann b. 1835 Martock. Widow in 1861.

Tucker Elizabeth b. 1804 Butleigh widow - born Droop Farm, Butleigh sister-in-law of James Tucker b. 1807 Midsomer Norton - in Midsomer Norton 1871. Probably the wife of Joseph Tucker (b. 1813) Coal miner in Midsomer Norton with daughter Ann (b. 1833) - Ann was a servant in 1851.

Stick [Hick] Mary b. 1804 Butleigh wife of farmer of 400 acres William (b. 1800 East Pennard) lived in Ditcheat 1861. Daughter Matilda b. 1841 Lamyatt. Mary Ann b. 1829. In 1871 widow living with daughter Jane Vincent and her husband Thomas Vincent in Ditcheat.[Shepton]

Horner Sabina b. 1807 Butleigh wife of coachbuilder John 'Homer' (b. 1806 Ripon Yorks) lived in Louth, Lincs. 1851. Son Henry b. 1831. Appears as Sophia Homes in 1861 and Sophia Harner in 1871. Died 1876 as Sabina Horner (Jun Q 7a/370 Louth). [Sophia Willcox, d.o. Israel & Elizabeth Chr. 8 Apr 1804 Butleigh?] A John Horner m Sophia Mary Hall 25 Apr 1826 York

Warren Elizabeth b. 1807 Butleigh, widow, laundress lived at 21, Kenn Rd, Clevedon 1861

Stevens Ann b. 1808 Butleigh wife of Charles (b. 1815 Winscombe) lived in Cheddar 1851 also 1871

Witcombe Mary b. 1808 Butleigh (d. 1889 Langport), widow of John (b. 1811) in Compton Dundon 1881, daughter Ann b. 1832. A marriage in Glastonbury was between John Whitcombe and Mary Withers/Witheys on 1 Dec 1830 which must be this couple. The onlrecorded Mary Withers b. 1808 seems to have died aged 8 in 1816.

Cullen Betsey b. 1808 Butleigh, wife of George Cullen (b. 1809 Lovington) lived at Barton St. David 1851. In 1861 Culling - at Barton, 1871 called Culling - still in Barton St. David. Son Josiah b. 1833

Marsh Martha b. 1808 Butleigh, widow, in Northload St., Glaston. with Louisa (3) b. Glaston 1851.

JD prisoner in Shepton Mallet b. 1811 Butleigh - married Ag. Labourer 1861. Same as TD Labourer, Mar., b, 1819 in 1871

Phillips Ann b. 1813 Butleigh wife of Uriah (b. 1801 SouthBarrow) lived in High Ham 1861. Dau Jane b. Wheathill 1834

Packer [Parker] Sarah b. 1814 Butleigh wife of Robert William Packer (b. 1815 Bristol), lived in Bristol St. Philip & St. Jacob 1851. Dau. Amelia b. 1840.

Hiscox Elizabeth b. 1817 Butleigh widow in Bristol (retired Publican) 1881. 1901 in Street In 1871 pob Shepton and husband painter William Hiscox b. 1820 Shepton Mallet. Eldest child Edward b. 1843 SM Marriage 1840 (Dec Q 10/589 Frome) Elizabeth Provis? unlikely - Shepton marriage pre-1837? A William Hiscock to Elizabeth Hacker in Bath 1839?

Anger Mary b. 1816 Butleigh married John Anger (b. 1820 Glastonbury). In 1851 called Maria pob North Wootton dobs 1816/1818 and dau. Mary J. b. 1844 Glaston. Lived in Glastonbury 1861. In 1871 ran the Rifleman's Arms. In 1881 in Chilkwell St., beerhouse keeper, widow - name looks like Auger. Son James b. 1848 Glaston. Mary Ann Cox to John Nickerson Anger 1839 (Sep Q 1/376 Strand)?

Coombs Julia b. 1816 Butleigh wife of labourer Francis (b. 1815 Edington) lived in Wedmore. In 1861 dau. aged 3 b. Lovington. Julia Elton (1856 (Jun Q 5c/1189 Bath) Niether found pre-1856

Martin Elizabeth b. 1818 Butleigh wife of gardener Thomas (b. 1808 Trent) lived in Somerton 1861. Married Elizabeth Higgins (1859 (Mar Q 5c/735 Langport) - or Elizabeth Davis? [In 1851 at Dinder an Elizabeth Davis and Elizabeth Higgins were servants together!] If Elizabeth Davis, probably a servant either at at Dinder Rectory or at Chamberlain Way, Wells, in 1851.

Baker Hannah b. 1818 Butleigh wife of George (b. 1817 Aller) lived Long Sutton. pob Kingsdon [Langport] 1891 in 1851 eldest child b. 1837.

Simpkins Mary b. 1819/21 Butleigh wife of coachman Robert (b. 1822 Stickworth, Cam) lived New Windsor with Dedworth, Berks. in 1851. Mary Loop/Jones 1849 (Sep Q 2/245 East London)?

Bullock Elizabeth b. 1820 Butleigh, wife of William Palmer Bullock (b. 1816 Pensford Som), victualler of 3, Barton Rd. Bristol. Son William b. 1840 Bedminster in 1851. On 1841 census in Bedminster. No marriage found 1837-41

Parsons Jane b. 1821 Butleigh wife of coal haulier James Parsons (b. 1817 Wells) lived in Wells 1851. Seem to be there in 1841, in Southover. A James Parsons marriage in Bridgwater in Dec 41 to Jane Laver is too late - leaving only 1838 (Sep Q 10/713 Wincanton) to Jane Pine

Hockey Elizabeth b. 1822 Butleigh wife (husband absent) lived Glastonbury 1881, in Street in 1891 with Ann Tinney (66) lodger.[also listed in S. Cadbury with Mary Tinney aged 77!). Two identical ladies with same name and birth date.

Rose Jane b. 1823 Butleigh wife of carpenter William (b. 1833 Dinder) lived in Wells 1861. A William Rose married Jane Burgess Chamberlain 1857 (Dec Q 5c/991 Shepton Mallet)

Miller Elizabeth b. 1823 Butleigh wife of boilermaker James (b. 1821 Bennly Hants) in lived at Portsea, Hampshire 1851. Dau. Eliz 11 months// Elizabeth. Seal (1841 (Jun Q 7/190 Portsea Island) Or Elizabeth Trask 1849 (Dec Q 7/289 Portsea Island) - an Eliz died in 1844.?

Bullimore Jane b. 1833 Butleigh wife of fishmonger John (b. 1833 Birmingham, Warw) lived Wolverhampton 1871. Daughter Jane b. 1863 Wolverhampton, Staffs. John single in '61. Widow Jane Bailey 1861 (Dec Q 6c/223 Stourbridge). Jane Bailey from Som. in Wolverhampton widow of greengrocer, had son George b. 1855 Wolverhampton. Husband's name unknown

Elter/Elton Eliza b. 1833 Butleigh - visitor at 15, Fieldgate St., Whitechapel, Tower Hamlets 1851 Unmarried - d.o. John Elton (b. 1792 Orchardleigh) in Buckland Denham in 1841, '61 in Frome workhouse in 1871- died 1872 Frome. [pob reads Burleigh - actually Butleigh?).

Webster Betsy A. b. 1834 Butleigh widow in Frimley Surrey 1901 - in 1881 married to James Webster b. 1829 Birmingh. and they had dau. Lilly aged 10. Still in Frimley in 1901. In 1854 a marriage to Betsy Ann Skeggs in London -??

Nichols Mary b. 1835 Butleigh, wife of Quarryman Samuel (b. 1834 Frenchay) lived in Mangotsfield, Gloucs. 1871. Son James b. 1855 Bristol [the only Bristol marriage that fits is for a Mary Ann Porter 1853 (Dec Q 6a/10 Bristol) though there is a Mary Burrows married in Bristol in 1855]

Jones Charlotte b. 1837 Butleigh, widow, dairy maid living in Bedhampton, Hampshire 1861.

Gardener Elizabeth b. 1838 Butleigh, married, laundress in Somerton 1871. No trace in '61 or '81. But a John Gardiner and Elizabeth White married in 1866 (Sep Q 5c/885 Wells) - a John (b. 1835) from Wootton, Dorset was in Wells lunatic asylum in 1871.

Taylor Susan b. 1839 Butleigh/Somerton wife of shoemaker Alfred (b. 1843 Stafford) lived St. Marks Leicester 1891. Dau. b. 1868 Stafford.

Martin Sarah b. 1840 Butleigh wife of Carpenter Henry (b. 1840 Taunton) in Wetley, Surrey [oldest child Anne R. b. 1868 Surrey] 1881.

Smith Ann E. b. 1841 Butleigh, wife of stableman William (b. 1834 Bungay, Suffolk) (7 children) Pancras 1881. Children: John E. b. 1861 Marylebone, David 1863, Kate 1869, James 1871, Francis 1874, Eliz. 1878, Alice 5 moths. In 1891 David J. Sweet, grandson. 1861 - NOT Suffolk/Marylebone/

Perry Mary b. 1849 Butleigh wife of Thos [Thomas] (b. 1851 Redhill, Som) lived Ystradyfodwg, Pontypridd, Glam 1901. Mary Brooks or Mary Masters ?- 1899 (Dec Q 11a/852 Pontypridd)?

Berwell [Bernell? Burnell] Annie b. 1853 Butleigh widow lived Lee, Lewisham, London 1901

Ware Emma b. 1853 Butleigh wife of James (b. 1862 Nether Stowey, Som) lived West Bagborough 1901. In 1891 in Taunton.[Emma Rider 1886 (Mar Q 4a/89 West Ham)

Roberts Annie b. 1853 Butleigh wife of labourer Charles (b. 1848 Trowbridge, Wilts) lived at Festiniog, Merioneth 1881. Son Charles H. b. 1871 Monmouth, Blainau.

William Ann b. 1854 Butleigh wife of John (b. 1853 Swansea) lived St. Thomas Glam 1891. 1901 Swansea child b. 1879 Swansea [try marriages Swansea Glam 1877 +- 2]

Brenell [Brinell/Barnell/Brentnall - Russell] Mary b. 1859 Butleigh wife of Company Secretary Arthur (b. 1849 London Hanov. Sq) lived Southgate, Middlesex, son 8 b. Middlesex Servant Ellen Oliver, Wells 1901.

King Mary b. 1864 Butleigh, married visitor in Wilts to Wright family 1901.

Cheeld Lena b. 1870 Butleigh wife of grocer Henry (b. 1867 Gt. Berkhamstead, Herts) lived Edgware Middl. child 5. The marriage was 1894 (Sep Q 1b/910 Hackney) but the bride name is missing. 1901. In 1911 the forename given as Lena Beatricethe couple had 5 children. A child Olive Cheeld b. 1914 mother Marchant. A Lena Florence E. Hodges married George Herbert Marchant in 1893 (Sep Q 5c/821 Shepton Mallet). [Leona Beatrice Higgins, called Lena b. 1870 married William Henry Noble in Hackney in 1894]