The Revel (Pageant) was reported in many of the national newspapers and over 8,000 people attended the event over the four days it was performed (including the dress rehearsal). Around 300 players took part, mostly from the village of Butleigh itself, and below, over 200 of them have been listed by name, and pictured where certainly identified. Since I first put this site online further pictures and albums have surfaced in which individual actors are named. The principal source has been the album of the Revel Director Daniel Mildred which his great-nephew Peter Awdry generously allowed me to copy along with images from his other albums. I have now re-written the book below and all known images are contained therein. Some files are very large and will take a while to download [I had intended to shrink them but decided against it]. The copyright to all images belongs to the owners and acknowledgements are made to them in the introduction.

The cast list below is a duplicate of that in the book but with some links to portrait images

Daniel Mildred's camera and presentation cup

If you have any Revel pictures with identified individuals not included here, please contact me via :

Here is a list of the cast compiled from several sources and below it the table of actors in alphabetical order. Where an image is identified of a group or individual [shown in blue underlined] then by clicking on it the image will be downloaded.

The Director

Daniel Mildred

The Prologue

Avalon – Miss Marjorie Somerville

The Phoenician Traders tableau

Messrs H. Trippick, R. Ryall, Fred Little, Jesse Matthews, Harry Trask and William Dimmick, Misses Jane Allen, Minnie Bush, and Lillian Davis

Scene I – The coming of St. Joseph

St Joseph: Reverend G. W. Berkeley

David: Ernest Gregory

King Arviragus: Mr. T. Carter

Catgur: Jack Killen

12 brethren: A. Little, H. Moore, H. Bowditch, Sidney Oram, George Riggs, Wilfred Dyer, E. Pike, Bob Davis, Jesse Bush, Albert Masters, A. Sugg, W. Dimmick

Early Britons

S. Govier, Stanley Killen, A. Bond, A. Stanley, W. Mundy, Alec Davis, T. Carter, Edw. J. (Bobby) Carter, V. Carter, Geo. Pike, H. Wingate, B. Harvey, J. Porter, Harry Trask, Willy Trask, J. Higgins, H. Higgins, F. Little, Reggie Hodges, H. Ebsworth, C. Wilcox, W. Wilcox, F. Talbot, Leonard Davis, J. Killen, Mrs. F. Higgins, Miss. Louey Ebsworth, Miss Leila Dunkerton, Miss Lilian Davis, Miss Minnie Bush, Miss J. Allen, Misses A. Cullen, A. Trask, O. Trask, D. Trask, D. Carter, N. Higgins, K. Clatworthy

Scene II – The Passing of Arthur

King Arthur: H. Silcox

Abbot Benignus: Rev. G. W. Saunders

Hermit: Mr. John Heywood

Queen Morgan Le Fay: Miss Berkeley

Queen North Gallis: Miss Constance Brymer

Queen Waste Lands: Miss Hilda Perkins

Lady of the Lake: Mrs. S. Oram

Brother Lionel: Harry Bowditch

Servant: Stanley Talbot

Ladies: Miss A. Stopford, Miss Neal, Miss Pickthale

Bearers: Ted Purchase, Tom Ebsworth, Herbert Masters, Frank Arthur

Cross Bearer: Albert Talbot

Acolytes: B. Bowditch, J. Hallett, T. Arthur, W. Andrews, E. Matthews, J. Baulch, W. Talbot, E. Higgins

Scene III – Alfred the Great

Act I King Alfred in the hut of Denulf' the swineherd

King Alfred: Mr. E. L. Christie

Denulf: Mr. F. Linham

Gundred: Miss B. Friend

Osmund: C. Dunkerton

Beowulf: H. Dunkerton

Children: V. Bradden, G. Wilcox, L. Wilcox, C. Pike, L. Pike

Act II – The Peace of Wedmore

King Alfred: Mr. E. L. Christie

Queen Ethelswytha: Miss A. Turner

The Atheling: Willy Aldridge

Edmund: Fred Talbot

Edward: Harry Trask

Ethelwold: Leonard Davis

Ethelfleda: Ethel Bradden

Asser Bishop of Sherborne: Mr. Eli Davis

Guthrum: William Higgins

Ladies: Miss Ina Killen, Miss Maud Arthur

Nobles: C. Hill, F. Gilbert, W. Dimmick, B. Rayes, H. Ryall, A. Talbot

Scene IV – St. Dunstan & King Edmund the Magnificent

King Edmund: Mr. R. Bath

St. Dunstan: Rev. G. D'Angibau

Cedric(a page): Victor Killen

Black Monks: Jesse Matthews, Fred Little, George Pike, George Rawlings, Herbert Higgins, Fred Penfold, H. J. Taylor, Edmund Arthur, L. Clapp, Bob Knight, Harry Matthews, Harold Davis

Tableau – The Tribute of Wolves Heads

King Edgar – Caleb Higgins

Chieftains: Alec Davis, William Mundy, Stanley Killen, W. Wilcox

Scene V – King Henry I

King Henry: Mr. A. Prince

Queen: Miss Ethel Prince

Herald: Mr. George Turner

Abbot: Rev. G. W. Saunders

Kings Jester: Reggie Hodges

Pages: H. Allen, W. Andrews

Ladies: Miss Mabel Braine, Miss Annie Wilton

Morris Dancers:

Noah Haddock, Tom Ebsworth, Jack Killen, Bob Davis, Albert Talbot, Ernest Gregory, Bob Arthur, Willy Aldridge, W. Farr

Polly Maidment, Louey Ebsworth, Ina Killen, Lilian Davis, Miss A. Stopford, C. Higgins, Maud Arthur, B. Pike, Alice Turner

Maypole Dancers:

Willy Trask, Willy Talbot, Victor Killen, Victor Carter, Tom Arthur, Jim Hallett, Fred Talbot, Ernest Higgins, Harry Cornish, Jim Baulch

Mary Tucker, Fanny Rayes, Louey Higgins, Violet Bradden, Gerty Wingate, Gladys Hodges, Beatrice Higgins, Nelly Masters, Lilly Matthews, Amy Hodges

Pedlars: Bert Bowditch, E. Matthews, B. Doddimead, H. Silcox


Henry Trippick, Ryall, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Little, Miss Heywood, Miriam Craft, Mrs. Emery, Winnie Braine, Mrs. Wilcox, Amy Conduit, Lizzie Nudds, Harry Trask, Mr. Neville Grenville etc. etc.

Scene VI – Dissolution of Glastonbury Abbey

Abbot Whyting: Rev. H. Dawes

Thomas Horne (his adopted son): Herbert Ebsworth

Prior Thorne:Rev. E. Lock

Sub Prior: Frank Talbot

Brother Stephen: Harold Davis

Commissioner Layton: Sergt. Major E. Hodges

Commissioner Moyle: Mr. G. Burroughs

Commissioner Pollard: Mr. C. Dyer

Lord Russell: Mr. W. Brymer

Clerk: Mr. H. J. Brooks

Crier: Mr. N. Haddock


Mr. Butler (Foreman), A. Eades, J. Trippick, J. Beard, J. Manning, W. Carey, J. Carey, P. Holland, C. Dunkerton, H. Dunkerton


Alec Davis, Bob Harvey, H. Masters, Ted Purchase, E. Masters, G. Wilkins, Wilkins

Crowd: Miss Maidment, Miss Haddock, John Ryall, Mr. Hill, Mr. F. J. Gilbert

Monks: Mr. Little, Mr. Rawlings etc.

Scene VII – King Monmouth

King Monmouth: Mr. R. Bath

Herald: Mr. George Turner

Rev. John Radford: Mr. R. Neville-Grenville

Schoolmistress: Miss Baker

Officers: John Windmill, Frank Arthur

7 men of Butleigh: W. Mundy, H. Pike, J. Moore, F. Penfold, J. Talbot, G. Davis, M. Wilcox

20 Maids of Taunton

Doris Staley, Jesse Stirling, Nancy Elwis, Marjory Whitehead, Audrey Dean, Olive Trask, Joan Carter, Agnes Bowditch, Violet Bradden, Minnie Cousins, Gladys Hodges, Amy Hodges, Nelly Matthews, Elsie Moore, May Moore, Gerty Wingate, Maggie Wingate, Winnie Witcombe, Nellie Masters, Amy Masters

[crowd, soldiers, monks etc. etc.]

Scene VIII – Change of Style

Master Richards: Robert (Bob) Knight

Sammy Ford: Mr. L. Clapp

Sally Peters: Miss Brown

3rd. Man Mr. H. J. Taylor

2nd Woman: Mrs. G. Pike

3rd Woman: Miss Millard

Crowd as before



Part - Biography

Aldridge William

Scene III, V

Atheling, Morris Dancer William Arthur Aldridge b. 1887 Hatfield Herts.son of gardener William Aldridge, arrived in Butleigh 1891, died in WWI

Allen Harry

Scene V

Page b. 1895 Butleigh, son of Edwin Allen

Allen Jane

Phoen. Tr, I

Ancient Briton b. 1892 Butleigh, daughter of Edwin Allen, shepherd and his wife Mary. She married Herbert S. Rayes in 1912

Andrews William

Scene II, V

Acolyte, Page b. 1893 West Harnham, Wilts, s.o. cowman Ernest Andrews. Arrived in Butleigh post 1897

Arthur Amy Blanche

b. 1896 Butleigh, daughter of shoemaker Edmund and wife Clara. She married carpenter Albert Talbot in 1921.

Arthur Edmund

Scene IV

Black Monk b. 1860 Butleigh, son of Edmund and Charlotte Arthur, husband of Clara – died 1935

Arthur Frank

Scene II, VII

Bearer, Officer Francis Charles b. 1886 Butleigh son of shoemaker Edmund and wife Clara. A casualty of WWI

Arthur Maud Mary

Scene III, V

Lady , Morris Dancer b. 1890 Butleigh, sister of last - married Francis Burge in 1916

Arthur Robert

Scene V

Morris Dancer b.1888 Butleigh, brother of the last. Was a baker in 1901.

Arthur Tom

Scene II, Maypole

Acolyte b. 1892 Butleigh, son of Edmund an Clara Arthur

Baker Sarah

Scene VII

Taunton Schoolmistress b 1866 South Petherton, schoolmistress in Butleigh since before 1901, buried in Butleigh 1949

Bath Robert

Scene IV/VII

King Edmund, Duke of Monmouth b. 1876 Glastonbury, lawyer from Glastonbury and several times Lord Mayor there.

Baulch James

Scene II, Maypole

Acolyte b. 1895 Butleigh, son of carter William Baulch

Beard J.

Scene VI

Juryman nfi [possibly meant for Board?]

Berkeley Rev. George W.

Scene 1

St. Joseph of Arimathæa b. 1845 Southminster, Essex. The vicar of Butleigh from 1892 until 1913

Berkeley Mary

Scene II

Queen Morgan Le Fay b. 1886 Southwark, daughter of the vicar of Butleigh and writer of the “Butleigh Revel”

Bond Albert

Scene I

Ancient Briton b. 1887 Baltonsborough, son of John Oldish Bond and Sarah. Died in 1918

Bowditch Agnes


Maid of Taunton b. 1897 Butleigh, daughter of plumber Harry and Charlotte Bowditch, married William Barber in 1919

Bowditch Albert (Bertie)

Scene II, V

Acolyte, Pedlar b. 1893 Butleigh son of Harry and Charlotte Bowditch

Bowditch Harry

Scene 1, II, III

Brother Lionel, Monk b. 1868 Castle Cary, plumber, died 1911

Bradden Ethel

Scene III

Ethelfleda b. 1890 Brixham, Devon daughter of John Joseph Bradden

Bradden John Joseph

School teacher, organiser and photographer

Bradden Violet

Scene VII Maypole

Maypole, Maid of Taunton b. 1895 Brixham, Devon, d.o. schoolteacher John J. Bradden

Brain Mabel

Scene V

Lady b. 1882 Butleigh daughter of Henry and Ann Brain

Brain Winnie

Scene V

Crowd b. 1892 Butleigh daughter of Eli and Mary Brain

Brooks H. J.

Scene VI

Clerk Herbert J. Brooks, draper, b. 1847 Glastonbury - employer of 35, High Street Glastonbury -see Frith’s Glastonbury 2001 p. 49

Brown Nina

Scene VIII

Sally Peters b. 1862 London, schoolteacher in Butleigh from before 1891 and buried in Butleigh 1950

Brymer Constance M.

Scene II

Queen of North Gallis b. 1886 Charlton Mackrell, daughter of Rector Frederick Brymer (later archdeacon of Wells)

Brymer Wilfred

Scene VI

Lord Russell (Judge) b. 1883, London - lived Charlton Mackrell, son of Rector [later archdeacon of Wells] Frederick Brymer

Burrough George

Scene VI

Commissioner Moyle b. 1873 Babcary, farmer, son of Edmund Burrough. Died 1952

Bush Jesse

Scene 1

Brother b. 1877 Baltonsborough, carpenter, nephew of Edwin Latcham, married Mabel Braine in 1907, died 1963.

Bush Minnie

Phoen. Tr, I

Ancient Briton b. 1882 Baltonsborough, sister of Jesse, daughter of John Henry Bush (died 1896) - lived with her uncle Edwin Latcham.

Butler Mr.

Scene VI

Foreman of Jury - uncertain possibly a person from Glastonbury? An A. W. Butler was sending postcards to Shroton, Blandford in 1906

Carter Doris Miss

Scene I

Ancient Briton b. 1899 Butleigh daughter of Tom and Frances Carter

Carter Edward J (Bobbie)

Scene I

Ancient Briton b. 1904 Butleigh son of Tom and Frances Carter

Carter Francis (family group)

Scene I

b. 1868 wife of Tom Carter

Carter Joan


Rose Queen b. 1895 Butleigh, daughter of gardener Tom Carter and wife Frances

Carter Nora Agnes

b. 1902 Butleigh, daughter of Tom Carter [see family group]

Carter Tom

Scene 1

King Arviragus b. 1866 Bathealton (gardener) - arrived in Butleigh shortly before 1895 [see family group]

Carter Victor


Ancient Briton b. 1897 Butleigh, son of Tom Carter[see family group]

Carey J.

Scene VI

Juryman nfi [John or James b. 1851 Wells?]

Carey W.

Scene VI

Juryman nfi [William Carey b. 1876 Wells?]

Christie Edwin Langdale

Scene III

King Alfred b. 1863 Aigburth, Lancs., in 1906 of Charlton Horethorne, son of wealthy cotton broker.

Clapp Lewis

Scene IV, VIII

Black Monk, Sammy Ford - b. 1885 Baltonsborough, s.o. Hungerford and Hester [nee Toop Knight of Butleigh] Clapp, Hestover Farm

Clatworthy Kathleen

Scene I

Ancient Briton daughter of saddler Arthur Clatworthy? A daughter Catherine b. 1899 North Petherton was in Butleigh

Conduit Amy

Scene V

Crowd Amy b. 1891 South Petherton, d.o. William and Elizabeth Conduit of Baltonsborough. Phot omay be of her mother.

Cornish Harry


The Henry b. 1896 son of William and Emma Cornish

Cousins Minnie

Scene VII

Maid of Taunton b. 1895 East Coker, daughter of Eli and Lilian Cousins

Craft Miriam

Scene V

Crowd woman b. 1888 Butleigh daughter of John and Eliza Craft, married Robert Burch in 1912

Cullen Annie

Scene I

Ancient Briton b. 1896 Butleigh, daughter of Henry Bowles Cullen. She married Harold Hunt in 1921

D’Angibau Rev. George

Scene IV

St. Dunstan b. 1868 Bath, vicar of Queen Camel

Davis Alec

Scene I, Wolves, VI

Ancient Briton, Chieftain, Soldier b. 1853 Butleigh

Davis Eli

Scene III

Asser (Bishop of Sherborne) b. 1839 Taunton, schoolmaster of Glastonbury

Davis G.

Scene VII

Man of Butleigh George Davis b. 1851 Butleigh?

Davis H. V.

Scene IV, VI

Black Monk, Brother Stephen [Harry James b. 1874 or Harold William b. 1887?]

Davis Leonard

Scene I, III

Ancient Briton, Ethelwold b. 1891 son of Alexander and Henrietta Davis

Davis Lilian

Phoen. Tr/I/V

Ancient Briton, Morris Dancer b. 1886 Butleigh, sister of Leonard, daughter of Alexander

Davis Marina

b. 1856 (nee Higgins) wife of Albert Davis

Davis Robert (Bob)

Scene 1, V

Brother, Morris Dancer b. 1884, brother of Lilian and Leonard, son of Alexander Davis

Davis Mrs.

Scene V

3rd Woman - in view of the family involvement probably Henrietta Davis b. 1854

Dawes Rev. Henry

Scene VI

Abbot Whyting b. 1859, Westminster, vicar of Baltonsborough

Dean Audrey

Scene VII

Maid of Taunton nfi [An Audrey Deans b. 1897 Torrington Devonshire or Audrey Dean b. 1899 Exeter, 1897 Wandsworth]

Dimmick William

Scene 1, III

Brother, Noble b. 1876 Butleigh, son of Timothy and Betsey Dimmick

Doddimeade Bertie

Scene V

Pedlar b. 1893 Butleigh, son of William and Elizabeth Doddimeade

Dunkerton Colston

Scene III/VI

Osmond (Thane), 2nd Juryman b. 1881 Butleigh, son of Frank Dunkerton, blacksmith [see below - unidentified]

Dunkerton Harry

Scene III/VI

Beowulf (Thane), 1st Juryman b. 1883 Butleigh brother of Colston [see below- unidentified]

Dunkerton Leila

Scene I

Ancient Briton b. 1888 Butleigh daughter of Frank Dunkerton

Dyer Charles

Scene VI

Commissioner Pollar b. 1846 Butleigh, saddler, son of Charles Dyer

Dyer Wilfred

Scene 1, IV

Brother, Monk b. 1881 Butleigh, son of Charles

Eades A.

Scene VI

Juryman uncertain [Abraham Eades b. 1845 Langport?]

Ebsworth Alice Maud

Scene II

2nd Woman b. 1885 Butleigh daughter of William and Catherine Ebsworth

Ebsworth Ellen

Scene V

Morris Dancer b. 1887 Butleigh (Francis Ellen) daughter of William and Catherine Ebsworth

Ebsworth Herbert

Scene I, VI

Ancient Briton, Thomas Horne b. 1891 Butleigh, son of William and Catherine Ebsworth

Ebsworth Louise

Scene I, V

Ancient Briton, Morris Dancer b. 1880 Tormarton, daughter of William and Catherine Ebsworth

Ebsworth Tom

Scene II, V

Bearer, Morris Dancer b. 1884 London son of William and Catherine Ebsworth

Elwis Nancy

Scene VII

Maid of Taunton [Nancy H. Elwes b. 1894 Langport

Emery Mrs.

Scene V

Woman Crowd b. 1855 Butleigh (nee Davis) died 1911

Farr W.

Scene V

Morris Dancer [male] [Walter or William Fear?]

Friend Beryl E.

Scene III

Gundred (wife of Denulf) b. 1886 Shortlands, Kent - boarded at the Vicarage

Gilbert F. J.

Scene III, VI

Noble, 2nd Man uncertain - Frederick J. Gilbert b. 1878 Glastonbury?

Govier S.

Scene I

Ancient Briton [Samuel, Solomon, Steven – Susan?]

Gregory Ernest

Scene 1, 1V, V

David, Monk, Morris Dancerb, 1883 Croscombe, brother of Edward

Haddock Bertha

Scene VI

2nd Woman b. 1877 Whitefield, Lancs. daughter of Noah Haddock

Haddock Noah

Scene VI

Crier (and dance master) b. 1854 Pilkington, Lancs., manager of the Co-operative shop in Butleigh

Hallet John [Jim on list]

II, Maypole

Acolyte b. 1895 Ash, son of Henry J. Hallet

Harvey B.

Scene I, VI

Ancient Briton, Soldier {Robert 'Bob' Harvey b. 1889 Butleigh son of George and Louisa Harvey

Heywood Miss Ada

Scene V

2nd Woman b. 1871 Winsford, daughter of John

Heywood John

Scene II

Hermit b. 1840, Oakford Devon

Hickman Hilda

Scene VIII

Woman b. 1890 Butleigh, daughter of Edward and Margaret Hickman, grocers.

Higgins Beatrice


b. 1895 Butleigh daughter of Charles and Eliza Higgins

Higgins Caleb

Trib. Wolves

King Edgar b. 1853 Butleigh, Sexton [identified by process of elimination]

Higgins C. [next?]

Scene V

Morris Dancer female [Charlotte, Constance, Clara, Catherine, Cecilia?}

Higgins Ellen

Scene V/Maypole

Morris Dancer - Maypole dancer b. 1898 Butleigh, daughter of Frederick Higgins, married James Baulch in 1922

Higgins Ernest

II, Maypole

Acolyte b. 1893 Butleigh son of Alfred Higgins

Higgins Mrs. F.

Scene I

Ancient Briton

Higgins H. [Herbert]

Scene I, III

Ancient Briton, Black Monk

Higgins J.

Scene I

Ancient Briton

Higgins Kate

b. 1866 Butleigh, wife of Frederick Higgins

Higgins Louisa


b. 1890 Butleigh, daughter of Caleb Higgins

Higgins N.

Scene I

Ancient Briton

Higgins William

Scene III

Guthrum William Higgins b. 1874

Higgins Mrs.

Scene II

1st Woman

Hill Chris

Scene III, VI

Noble, 1st Man

Hodges Amy


Maid of Taunton Amy b. 1895

Hodges Edward

Scene VI

Commissioner Layton b. 1845 Maiden Newton, ‘clerk and timekeeper’

Hodges Fred

Scene IV

Monk Frederick b. 1864 Butleigh, saddler

Hodges Gladys


Maid of Taunton b. 1892 Butleigh daughter of Edward and Sarah Hodges

Hodges Reginald

Scene I, V

Jancient Briton, Jester b. 1891Butleigh, son of Edward Hodges

Holland P.

Scene VI

Juryman [Philip Holland b. 1887 Langport?

Jones Eveline

Scene VII

b.1886 Charlton Mackrell d.o. Thomas and Eva Jones - Maid of Taunton (PC) wrote to sister Miss Lizzie Jones, m. Edwin Jones 1919

Killen Ina

Scene III, V

Lady , Morris Dancer b. 1888 Butleigh daughter of farmer William Killen

Killen John (Jack)

Scene 1, V

Catgur, Morris Dancer b. 1878 Clutton son of William Killen

Killen Stanley

Wolves tab.

Ancient Briton, Chieftain William Stanley b. 1890 Butleigh son of William Killen

Killen Victor

Scene IV/M

Cedric (Page), Maypole b. 1893 Butleigh son of William Killen

Knight Robert (Bob)

Scene IV, VIII

Black Monk, Master Richards (Keeper of Abbey Ruins) b. 1861 Butleigh son of William Bartlett Knight

Lee Miss Sybil

uncertain p. 23 Fancy Group photograph [b. London?]

Linham Frank

Scene III

Denulf (swineherd) b. 1861 W. Pennard (factory worker)

Little Alexander

Scene 1

Brother b. 1888 Charlton Mackrell, son of Frederick Little

Little Frederick

Phoen. Tr/I/IV/VI

Ancient Brit, Black Monk, Ist Monk b. 1859 Charlton Adam, stone mason

Little Sarah Rachel

Scene V

1st Woman b. 1858 Somerton, wife of Frederick Little

Lock Rev. Ernest.S.C.

Scene VI

Prior b. 1872 Headington, Oxford,. curate of St. John’s Glastonbury

Maidment Miss

b. 1880 Violet Maidment d.o. Henry and Mary Maidment (coachman at the Court)

Maidment Miss Polly

Scene V, VI

Morris Dancer, Ist Woman – Mary Maidment b. 1888 Butleigh daughter of Henry and Mary Maidment

Manning J.

Scene VI

Juryman [John Manning b. 1885 Langport?]

Marshall Miss Hester

uncertain p. 23 fancy group photo [b. 1870 Clutton?]

Masters Albert

Scene 1, IV

Brother, Monk Albert Masters b. 1872 Butleigh, s.o. John

Masters Amy

Scene VII

Maid of Taunton b. 1898 Butleigh daughter of Albert Masters

Masters Herbert

Scene II, VI

Manbearer, Soldier b.1889 Butleigh son of William George and Clara Masters

Masters Nellie

Maypole, VII

Maid of Taunton b. 1895 Butleigh daughter of William George Masters

Matthews Ernest

Scene II, V, VI

Acolyte, Pedlar, Soldier b. 1892 Butleigh son of Harry and Emily Mathews

Matthews Harry

Scene IV

Black Monk b. 1868 Butleigh

Matthews Jesse

Phoen Tr, IV

Black Monk b. 1881 Butleigh son of John and Martha Mathews

Matthews Lilly


b. 1894 Coxley daughter of Harry and Emily Mathews

Mildred Daniel

b. 1848 Preston, Gloucs., Director of the Revel, died 1915

Millard Annie

Scene VIII

3rd Woman b. 1867 Butleigh, daughter of cooper George Millard, married Hubert Swanton in 1907

Moore Miss Elsie

Maid of Taunton Eliza Moore b. 1895 Butleigh daughter of Henry Moore?

Moore Miss May [or Mary]

Maid of Taunton Gertrude May b. 1897 Butleigh daughter of Henry next?

Moore Mr. H. [or Mr. J.?]

Scene IV, VII

Monk, Butleigh Man [Henry James Moore b. 1874 Podimore?]

Mundy William

Sc I, Wolves,VII

Ancient Briton, Chieftain, Butleigh Man b. 1887 Butleigh son of Alfred Henry Munday

Neal Nora

Scene II

Lady [b. 1880] - see below unidentified

Neville-Grenville Robert

Scene V, VI

Crowd, Parson John Radford b. 16 Dec 1846, Windsor Castle

Nudds Lizzie

Scene V

Crowd b. 1893 Billericay daughter of Herbert and Elizabeth Nudds

Oram Sidney

Scene 1, IV

Brother, Monk Sidney b. 1866 Butleigh, s.o. Charles

Oram Mrs.Sarah J.

Scene II

Lady of the Lake - Sarah Florence wife of Sydney Oram – b. 1863?

Penfold Frederick

Scene IV, VII

Black Monk, Butleigh Man b. 1850 Butleigh

Perkins Hilda M.

Scene II

Queen of the Waste Lands uncertain [b. 188 Blandford, daughter of Thomas Perkins, railway clerk?]

Pickthale Miss

Scene II

Lady nfi see unidentified below

Pike Beatrice

Scene V

Morris Dancer b. 1875 Butleigh, daughter of James Pike

Pike Chrissie

Scene III

Child Ellen Christine b. 1901 daughter of George Pike?

Pike Mr. E

Scene 1, IV

Brother, Monk Elias Pike b. 1850 Butleigh

Pike George

Scene I, III

Ancient Briton, Black Monk b. 1887 Butleigh son of Elias and Lydia Pike

Pike Mr. H.

Scene VII

Man of Butleigh [John Hugh Pike b. 1880 son of Elias? Or Harry son of George?]

Pike Lewis

Scene III

Child Louis b. 1896 Glastonbury, son of George Pike

Pike Mary

Scene V

Morris Dancer b. 1863 Bickleigh, Devon, wife of George Pike – same as next?

Pike Mrs. G.

Scene VIII

2nd Woman [Mrs. George Pike, i.e. Bertha Ann or Mary Ann?]

Porter J.

Scene I

Ancient Briton uncertain

Prince Arthur

Scene V

Henry I b. 1830 Gunville Park, Dorset, Gamekeeper died 1910

Prince Miss Ethel

Scene V

Queen of Henry I - either Emily Maud b. 1881 Butleigh or Ethel Mary b. 1883 Barton St. David, daughters of Arthur

Purchase Edward (Ted)

Scene II, VI

Bearer, Soldier b. 1887 Baltonsborough son of Joseph and Mary Purchase

Rawlings George

Scene IV, VI

Black Monk, 2nd Monk b. 1882 Barton St. David son of James and Charlotte

Rayes B

Scene III

Noble Basil b. 1878 Butleigh son of John William and Emily Rayes

Rayes Fanny


b. 1893 Butleigh daughter of John William Rayes

Riggs George

Scene 1

Brother - probably George D. Riggs, groom, b. 1883 Bickenhall, lived at Street in 1901

Ryall Henry Barnett

Scene III, V

Noble, 1st Man Henry Barnett b. 1888 Butleigh son of Richard Ryall

Ryall John

Scene VI

Crowd b. 1891 Butleigh son of Richard Ryall

Ryall Richard

Phoen. Tr

b. 1862 Corton Denham, wheelwright, father of the last two

Saunders Rev. George W.

Scene II, V

St. Benignus, Abbot curate of Street

Silcox Henry

Scene II, V

King Arthur, Pedlar b. 1859 Butleigh (baker and grocer)

Somerville Marjorie Fownes


Spirit of Avalon b. 1883 Dinder, daughter of Arthur Somerville, Dinder.

Staley Dorothea Catherine

Scene VII

Head Girl, Taunton b. 1893 India dau. of Mary Henrietta J. Staley (nee Mackinnon)

Stanley Arthur M.

Scene I

Ancient Briton [b. 1891 Chelsea, son of Arthur R. Stanley?]

Stirling Jessie Dorothea

Scene VII

2nd Girl, Taunton b. 1893 Canada – a pupil of the Rev. Berkeley.

Stopford Audrey

Scene II, V

Lady, Morris Dancer b. 1887 Butleigh d.o. Robert Wilb. Stopford and Ethelreda Neville-Grenville

Sugg Arthur

Scene 1

Brother b. 1881 Ash – arrived in Butleigh I 1905

Swinburne Margaret F. T..

b. 1888 Southsea, lodged at the vicarage in 1901. Father was a captain in the Royal Marine Artillery Fancy Group Photograph

Talbot Albert


b. 1885 Butleigh, son of John Eli Talbot

Talbot Albert

Scene II, III, V

Noble, Morris Dancer b. 1885 Butleigh Engine driver.

Talbot Frank

Scene I, VI, VII

Ancient Briton, Sub-Prior, Butleigh Man b. 1865 Butleigh Engine driver, brother of Albert

Talbot Fred

Sc III, Maypole

Edmund b. 1893 Butleigh son of John and Elizabeth Talbot

Talbot J.

Scene VII

Man of Butleigh John Talbot b. 1850, father of last?

Talbot Stanley

Scene II

Servant b. 1891 Butleigh son of Frank Talbot

Talbot William

Scene II, Maypole

Acolyte b. 1893 Walter William, son of Frank Talbot

Taylor Mr. H. J.

Scene IV, VIII

Black Monk, Man Henry John b. 1885 Butleigh son of William and Susan Taylor

Trask Miss Alma

Scene I

Ancient Briton b. 1898 daughter of Edwin Trask

Trask Dorothy

Scene I

Ancient Briton b. 1899 daughter of Edwin Trask

Trask Edwin

b. 1844 Odcombe [H. in newspaper] blacksmith

Trask Harry

Phoen. Tr. Sc I, III

Ancient Brit, Edward b. 1892 Butleigh son of Edwin Trask

Trask Olive

Scene I, Maypole

Ancient Briton, Maid of Taunton b. 1896 Butleigh daughter of Edwin Trask

Trask William


b. 1894 Butleigh son of Edwin Trask

Trippick Henry

Phoen. Tr/V

2nd Man b. 1847 Charlton Adam, mason, died 1911

Trippick J.

Scene VI

Juryman [must be the same as last?]

Tucker Mary


b. 1893 Butleigh daughter of Edwin Tucker

Turner Alice Elizabeth

Scene III

Queen Ethelswytha, Morris Dancer b. 1876 Butleigh daughter of George Turner

Turner George

Scene V, VII

Herald b. 23 Jul 1885 Butleigh son of George Turner

Whitehead Marjorie

Maid of Taunton b. 1895 Keinton Mandeville, daughter of Rector of Keinton Mandeville, Arthur Fry Whitehead (who was blind) and wife Ann

Wilcox C.

Scene I

Ancient Briton Charles Wilcox b. 1880 Butleigh?

Wilcox G.

Scene III

Child George b. 1892 Butleigh?

Wilcox Harriet

b. 1856 Walton, wife of Michael Wilcox [see Mrs Wilcox below]

Wilcox Miss Lena

Scene III

Child b. 1894 Butleigh daughter of Michael and Harriet Wilcox

Wilcox Mr. M.

Scene VII

Butleigh Man probably Michael Wilcox

Wilcox Walter

Scene I, Wolves

Ancient Briton, Chieftain b. 1882 Butleigh son of Michael and Harriet Wilcox

Wilcox Mrs

Scene V

Crowd [Harriet, wife of Michael?]

Wilkins G.

Scene VI

Soldier nfi


Scene VI

Soldier nfi

Wilton Annie

Scene V

Lady b. 1890 Butleigh daughter of Robert and Emily Wilton

Windmill John

Scene VII

Officer [b. 1850 Wells?]

Wingate Gertrude

Maypole, VII

Maid of Taunton b. 1893 Butleigh daughter of Alfred and Emily Wingate

Wingate Horace

Scene I

Ancient Briton b. 1890 Butleigh son of Alfred and Emily Wingate

Wingate Maggie

Scene VII

Maid of Taunton Margaret b. 1892 Butleigh daughter of Alfred and Emily Wingate

Witcombe Winifred

b. 1895 Butleigh, daughter of Frederick and Mary Ann Witcombe, she married Charles Wride in 1920


Many others appear in group photographs in addition to those below – some heavily disguised with beards and wigs!


Scene III

Thane Harry or Colston Dunkerton – uncertain which

Unidentified female 01

Scene II

Lady either Miss Neal or Miss Picktdale

Unidentified female 02

Scene II

Lady as last

Unidentified female 03

Scene V

Morris dancer

Unidentified female 04

Unidentified female 05

Unidentified female 06

Unidentified girl 01

Unidentified girl 02

Maid of Taunton

Unidentified girl 03

Unidentified Male 01

White monk

Unidentified male 02

White monk

Unidentified male 03

Black monk

Unidentified male 04


Unidentified male 05

White monk

Unidentified male 06

Monmouth Officer – Frank Arthur or John Windmill?

Unidentified male 07


Uncertain male 08

Prince or Thane