Two light coloured glass window by unknown artist with inscription at the bottom of the glass ‘feed my sheep feed my lambs’ P


Brass plaque below glass window 32.25 x 6”. To the glory of God and in the memory of William Frederick Neville. This window is dedicated by his parishioners and others bound by kindred and affection


Two light coloured glass window (Artist unknown) on south wall Brass plaque below the window 30 x 4”. This window is dedicated to the memory of Ralph Neville Grenville by his children P


White stone memorial to Admiral Hood with verse by Robert Southey above sculpture by Lucius Gahagan Tec. Bath. Sacred to the memory of Arthur Hood Esqr Lieutenant lost at sea 1795 Alexander Hood Esqr Captain killed in action 1798 of the Royal Navy, and Sir Samuel Hood Baronet nominated Knight Grand Cross of the Bath, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Sword, Knight Grand Cross of the order of St. Ferdinand and of Merit, Vice Admiral of the White Colonel of Marines and late Commander in Chief of His Majesties Fleet in the East Indies Died at Madras 1814 and was buried there with public honors. Divided far by death were they whose names/ in honour here united as in birth/this monumental verse records they drew/ among the western hills their natal breath/ and from those shores beheld the ocean first/ whereon in early youth with one accord/ they chose their way of fortune; to that course/ by HOOD and BRIDPORT's bright example drawn/ their kinsmen, children of this place, and sons/ of one who in his faithful ministry/ inculcated within these hallowed walls/ the truths of mercy to mankind reveal'd/ worthy were these three brethren each to add/ new honour to the already honoured name/ but Arthur in the morning of his day/ perished amid the Caribbean Sea/ when the Pomona by a hurricane/ whirled, Riven, and overwhelmed with all her crew/ into the deep went down, a longer date/ to Alexander was assigned for hope/ for fair ambition, and for fond regret/ alas how short for duty, for dessert/ sufficing, and while time preserves the roll/ of Britain's Naval feats, for good report/ a boy with Cook he rounded the Globe./ A youth in many celebrated fight/ with Rodney had his part; and having reach'd/ life's middle stage, engaging ship to ship,/ when the French Hercules, a gallant foe,/ struck to the British Mars his three striped flag,/ he fell in the moment of his victory/ here his remains in sure and certain hope/ are laid until the hour when earth and sea/ shall render up their dead. One brother yet/ survived, with Keppel, and with Rodney train'd/ in battles with the Lord of Nile approved,/ 'ere in command he worthily upheld/ old England's high prerogative in the East,/ the West, the Baltic and the Midland Seas/ yea wheresoever hostile fleets have plough's/ the ensanguin'd deep his thunders have been heard,/ his flag in brave defiance has been seem/ and bravest enemies at Sir Samuel's name/ felt fatal presage in their inmost heart/ of unavertable defeat fordoom'd/ thus in the paths of glory he rode on/ victorious, always adding praise to praise,/ till full of honours, not of years, beneath/ the venom of the infected clime he sunk/ on Coromandel's Coast, completing there/ his service only when his life was spent./ To the three brethren Alexander's son/ (sole scion he in whom their line survived)/ with English feeling and the deeper sense/ of filial duty consecrates this tomb. A relief at the base of the memorial shows Samuel Hood as Captain of the Frigate 'Juno' rescuing three sailors from a wreck in St. Anne's harbour, Jamaica on 3 February 1791 P


White stone with black marble surround memorial to Arthur John Palmer Fuller Acland Hood of Wootton House the younger son of Alexander First Baron of St Audries 11th February 1906 – 2 November 1964, on east wall, 20 x 16”


Marble memorial with a grey marble surround to Revd Samuel Hood MA 37” across. Inscription: Near this place lie the remains of the Revd. SAMUEL HOOD M. A. who was Vicar of this Parish, with Balstonsbury united 38 years and a Prebendary of the Cathedral Church of Wells. He was presented to the Vicarage of Thorncombe in 1761, and to the Rectory of Holcombe Burnel in 1765, both in the County of Devon, where he Continued to Preach the Doctrine of his blessed Redeemer with unremitting Zeal and Purity to a very late Period of his Life which ended June 28th 1777. He died in the 85th Year of his Age. Piety, Benevolence & Learning, distinguished his Character, his Example taught what He preached, for He always practised what he taught. Here also lie MARY his faithful Wife, who died Oct. 10th 1766, Aged 66 years and Mary, Richard and John three of their Children who all died very young. Likewise the Remains of the Revd Arthur William Hood Doctor of Divinity and a Prebendary of the Church of Wells, Who succeeded his worthy Father in this Vicarage in 1765 piously followed his Example and Precepts, and he died Novr 23rd 1768 aged 38 years. Also to the Memory of Anne Daughter of the Revd. Saml. Hood who died April 1796. P


Brass memorial with a black marble surround on west wall ‘Sacred to the memory of Admiral Sir Arthur William Acland Hood Baron Hood of Avalon GCB third son of Sir Alexander Hood of Wootton House in this parish baronet by Amelia Anne wife and daughter of Sir Hugh Bateman of Hartington Hall Co Derby baronet. He served in Syria the Crimea and China and was sometime ADC to MH Queen Victoria. Director of ordnance commander of the cChannel Squadron and a Lord commissioner of the Admiralty. He raised and commanded the Glastonbury volunteers in 1859. Born at Bath July 14th 1824 died Wootton House November 16 1901. I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me: write: from hence forth blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, Even so saith the Spirit – for they rest from their labours. Erected by his widow Lady Hood of Avalon. Inscription up the left side with decorations HMS Pylades 1862. HMS Acorn 1856. On the right side HMS Monarch 1874. HMS Minotaur 1879. 56 x 34.5” P


Coloured glass three light window by Nixon & Ward

Brass plaque below Sir Alexander Hood Knt and Bar of Wootton House in this parish died 7 March AD 1851 aged 57 years, to whose beloved memory this window was erected AD 1853. Coat of arms on both sides of the lettering 78.25x7.25” on south wall P


Coloured glass one light window of Jesus holding a basket with a child. Brass plaque below In memory of Elizabeth Periam Lunn Relict of The Rev. Francis Lunn Died June 19th. 1867 Aged 70 Years. 24.5 x 10.5” on west wall. P


White marble memorial above no 105A to ‘Sacred to the memory of John Periam of Wootton House and late member of Exeter College Oxford to which his ancestors were considerable benefactors also a student of the Middle Temple who died Dec 29 1788 aged 74 Piety, Affection and Virtue/ armed with a highly cultivated mins/ adorned the Character of this excellent Christian. ‘The sweet remembrance of thy duty/ shall flourish when he sleeps unduly. East wall P


Hatchments to Hood family. The hatchments were put up by Mrs Alexander Hood (nee Elizabeth Periam) of Wootton House, Butleigh Wootton, on the death of her husband, Captain Alexander Hood R.N. who was killed in action on H.M.S. Mars in 1798. (the Hood coat of arms with the lozenge of the Periam heiress). On the death of her son, Sir Alexander Hood, 2nd Baronet, M.P. for the Western Division of Somerset, who died in London in 1851 while on Parliamentary duty. (the Hood coats of arms with those of his wife Amelia Anne Bateman of Hartington, Derbyshire). Captain Alexander Hood and Sir Alexander hood are buried in the vault in Butleigh Churchyard.


Marble memorial to Thomas Symcocks esqvier soone and heire to Xpofer Symcocks of this place and covnty esqvier, a lerned coynceillor at the lawes, a justice of the peace both of the covnties of Nottingham & Sonmerset; and syncere in trve religion, Marryed Alice Svtton the eldest davghter of Sir William Svtton of Aram in the said covnty Nottingham knight and hadde only issvue by her Thomas Symcocks Esq his hopefvil sonne & after he had lyved with her 14 years in godly amity he dyed at Aram aforesaid the 23 of October 1619 aged 60 where he was bvryed by his owne direction. In deserved memory of whom and for his pofterity, his respectful wyffe erected this monvment.anno deo 1624. svm qvcd eris fver amore ovddiss iv beshice finem (arms, Simcocks, imaling, argent, a canton, fable. Sutton) P


Brass plaque ‘The Right Hon. James Grenville born Feb MDCCXV died Sept MDCCLXIII, (1715 – 1783) North wall West end 24” X 40” restored 2005 by Sue & Lawrence Kelland


Brass plaque Lord Glastonbury born July MDCCXLII (1742) died April 11th MDCCCXXV (1825) North wall East end 24” X 40” restored and placed on the wall in 2005 by Sue & Lawrence Kelland


Brass plaque General Richard Grenville born May MDCCXLIV (1744) died April 3rd MDCCCXXIII (1823) East wall South end 24” X 40”


Grenville Jesse window with shields to members of the family details of shield 8 x 9.5”. Brass plaque above lower window lights inscription ‘This modest memorial was placed here under the will of Lord Glastonbury to record the death of his Father, his brother and of himself. It points out the grave in which their bodies sleep by remembrance life sleeps not it lives in the tears of their family, their friends and their country’. P


Shields round the window 24 shields, 9 are blank, the coats of arms of some are: Small shields below the main glass but above the lower section of glass 5.5 x 6” No1 Richard 2nd Earl Temple, No 2 Rt Hon. George Grenville, No 3 Rt Hon. James Grenville, No 4 Hester created Lady Chatham in 1749, No 5 Mary Nugent daughter of 3rd Lord Temple, Charlotte No 6 Lady Wynn. The shields round the window include one to Hester Countess Temple d. 1752 daughter of Sir Richard Temple bart of Stowe, Bucks. top right side, others not known.


Stone memorial on the floor, very distressed. In the vault ----------- James Grenville ------- council ------ Richard Grenville Esq ----- County of Bucks ----- Countess Temple ----- James ---- Esq --- He died September 14th 1783 ---- aged [68]. Note from Burks James was the son of Richard Grenville and his wife Hester Countess Temple from Wootton, Bucks. James was born 1715.


Stone of the floor above the lead coffin inscription ‘General Richard Grenville gave by will a sum of money now converted into £539.05.04 stock Old South Sea Annuities the interest of which amount to £”12.13.7 1/4d annually to be distributed to the Poor of this Parish by the Lord of the Manor and the Vicar. P


Stone slab with G.N.G


Brass shield mounted on oak surround. Inscription ‘A Thankoffring for the safe return home from the War 1914-1919 of John Ernest Lee Berkeley L/Cpl 1st King Edwards Horse by his parents LAUS DEO’ P


Brass Plaque 13.5” x 15” Inscription ‘To the glory of God and in pious memory of William Frederick Neville MA Priest for 35 years Vicar of Butleigh and Baltonsborough, fell asleep April 18 1882. Eternal rest grant him O Lord and light perpetual shine upon him he being dead yet speaketh’


Coloured glass three light window by Pugin of St Johannas Baptista, St Patrus, St Paulas and below a brass strip with Charlotte R Blackwood gave this window 1851 47 x 4” (on south wall) made at the John Hardman & Co workshops in Birmingham P


Coloured glass two light window of the Annunciation designed by John Powel and made by John Hardman workshops with a brass strip G.C.R. March 18 1871, 36 x 3” (on south wall) P


Brass Plaque 17 x 24”. Inscription To the Glory of God and best memory of Henry Cornish younger son of Robert Cornish born at Butleigh Feb 15 1837 died Surbiton June 7 1915 barrister at law and a distinguished journalist in India where he was co-founder of the Madras Mail newspaper. Also his younger son Charles Lawson Cornish lieutenant Second Highland Light Infantry born Aug 13 1887 killed in action near Ypres Nov 13 1914 after taking part in the retreat from Mons and the battles of the Marne and the Aisne’ quit you like men’


Brass plaque 5 x 24” Inscription To the Glory of God and in loving memory of surgn gent William Robert Cornish C.I.E. Madras Medical Service born Aug 13 1828 died Corvill West Worthing Oct 19 1897 eldest son of Robt & Elizabeth Cornish of Butleigh Somerset. This tablet is humbly dedicated by his wife Louise Sophia Hunter


Brass Plaque 36” x 24” fixed to the south wall. Inscription: This brass is placed by the parishioners of Butleigh and other friends to the memory of William Henry Gillespie medical superintendent of Sir George Bowles hospital who was called away suddenly on October 31st the eve of all saints 1897 in the 51st year of his age with untiring zeal and loving devotion to the duties of his post Dr. Gillespie served the sick and suffering for 11 years thereby securing the affection and gratitude of his patients and those who desire thus to honour his memory. The Lord grant unto him that he may find mercy of the Lord in that day.


Brass plaque 36 x 24” fixed to the north wall. Inscription: To the memory of the Reverend Thomas Rocke vicar of this parish from January 31 1577 to May 13 1633 also of Reverend John Rock A.M. vicar of this parish from December 12 1642 to March 9 1675. Also of many of their descendants who lived and died in this parish. This brass is placed by Emily Rocke the present representative of the family MCMXII. Rest eternal grant unto them O Lord and let light perpetual shine upon them Amen.


Brass Plaque on oak mount 20 x 75 x 12” Inscription: ‘Roger St. John Gresley Vicar of this Parish 1916 – 1919, died at Butleigh 22nd. August 1935 aged 81. Jesu Mercy


Brass Plaque 13.25 x 9.5” fixed to the south wall Inscription: ‘In memory of Sidney Rosser Jones died 26 April 1956 aged 67 RIP’


Brass Plaque 13.5 x 9.5” fixed to the south wall Inscription: In Memory of Arthur Edwin Becket Priest. Vicar of Butleigh 1919 – 1934 Died 6th.August 1934 Aged 74


West window with coloured glass at the top is c15 the arms of Glastonbury Abbey containing the figures of the blessed Virgin Mary and child are in the upper left corner. Four figures of the apostles survive, St James major with pilgrims staff, St Thomas with lance, St Paul with scimitar, St Bartholomew with a knife represented in blue. The heads of the 1st and 3rd are lost and replaced with angels, other glass of the same date border work of the golden fleur de lis. Below and to the north of the door frame is a brass plaque below the West window 7 x 5” Inscription: The west window was restored in memory of Ian Mark Peterson, churchwarden 1986 – 1996 by his family and friends P


Carved oak War Memorial 1914 – 1918 20” x 37.5” John Neville Bigge, William Talbot, Horace Wingate, Stukely Gresley, Arthur Masters, Henry Ryall, William Bugler, Louis Pike, William Aldridge, Frederick Talbot, Charles Whitcombe, Walter Wilcox, Albert Killen, Albert Bond, Frank Arthur.


Here lies the …. of John Slade who departed this life on 17th Anno Dom 17x5 aged 37. Now I ly in my grave sleeping while I hop Angels hath my S.... ..eep in G... In a distressed state. In the nave towards to west window.


Large stone slab in the aisle. To the memory of John Slade of this Parish who departed this life March 5th 1745 in the 42nd (?) year of his age and was buried here and died in the County of Middlesex with... of his children Richard and Ellen who died in infancy ALSO in memory of John Slade son of the above John and Mary .. Lieutenant of Marines who was Un. unfortunately lost on board the Ramillees on the 14th February 1760 in the 29th year of his age likewise Richard Slade son of the above John and Mary who died the 10th October 1765 in the 19th year of his age and is buried here. Under this stone also lieth the body of Mary Slade wife of the above John Slade who died [..nivertally?]......6th December 1779 (?) in the 69th year of her age. P


Here lyeth the body of Richard Helyer gent. Who dyed the 27th February 1683 aged 57 P


In memory [Jane the wife of John] Rocke gent. ...ted this life the 26 th of [November] 1716 aged 37. Thus in deaths ch...... comforts here too ---- dispatched. P


In memory Robert Davis who died the 13 of February 1758 aged 77. Also Elizabeth his wife who died 8 of May 1763 aged 48. P


Oak carved War Memorial 1939 – 1945 16” X 12” Murray Gass, Philip Warburton, Fred Loveless


Coloured glass two light window has signature WH.19 on right hand side. Inscription on the glass: In thanks giving to almighty God for his merciful protection of Ralph Neville RN, Philip Neville RN and Geoffrey Neville RHA during the Great War 1914 – 1918 This window is erected by their parents. Inscription carved into the stone ledge And so it came to pass that they escaped all save to land. P


Alabaster memorial built into the north wall going from the west going east ‘Lieut. Col Edward Neville late Scots Fusilier Guards Crimea 1854-5'. Born Sept. 22 1824 died Dec 28 1908 Crimean Medal, Knight of the Legion of Honour Medjidie P


Alabaster memorial ‘Seymour Neville priest born February 5 1823 died Butleigh December 14 1905: Frances Catherine widow of Rev Edmund Peel born September 18 1820 died September 18 1905 See previous for photo


Alabaster memorial ‘Georgiana Neville born October 11 1821 died October 29 1882: Cicely Neville born October11 1821 died July 31 1898: Harriet Louise widow of Rev. Arundell St John Mildmay of Hazelgrove born April 3 1828 died 21 April 1907 P


Alabaster memorial ‘ The Honourable Very Revd George Neville Grenville Dean of Windsor & Register of the most noble order of the Garter late Master of Magdalene College Cambridge & formally Vicar of this parish died June 10 1854 aged 64 years P


Alabaster memorial ‘The Right Honourable Lady Charlotte Neville Grenville widow of the Honourable & Very Reverend George Neville Grenville and daughter of George, Earl of Dartmouth KG and Frances his wife died June 15 1877 aged 88 years153/4 for P


Alabaster memorial ‘Captain Glastonbury Neville Royal Engineers son of George and Charlotte Neville Grenville was killed in action at Bovodia, near Ralgash in India January 31 1858 aged 28 years 153/4 for P


Alabaster memorial ‘William Wyndham Neville, youngest son of George & Charlotte Neville Grenville died December 14 1858 aged 24 years Also Adelaide Neville died in her seventh year 1857 buried in Lewisham 153/4 for P


Alabaster memorial Ralph Neville Grenville, eldest son of George & Charlotte Neville Grenville died August 20 1886 aged 69. Julia Roberta his wife daughter of Sir Robert Frankland Russell Bt died October 19 1892 aged 67 P


Alabaster memorial ‘Agnes Madeline wife of W. J. Maitland born July 23 1848 died October 30 1908. Percy Neville born August 24 1868 died August 23 1917. Louise Neville born July 29 1852 died May 7 1919. George Neville, Admiral KCB CVO born march 18 1850 died Feb 5 1923 see 153/8 for P


Alabaster memorial ‘Beatrice Neville born Nov 10 1833 died April 10 1926. Ralph Neville Commander RN born Sept 4 1887 died Aug 4 1936. Gertrude Agnes Neville Grenville born Dec 27 1850 died Aug 18 1936. Robert Neville Grenville born Dec 16 1846 died Sep 13 1936see 153/8 for P

153/ 11

Alabaster memorial ‘Etheldreda Stopford born May 1 1850 died June 20 1938. Hugh Neville barrister at law born June 9 1851 died June 30 1938. Claude Neville born June 6 1858 died Jan 15 1944. Alfred Geoffrey Neville brigadier RA CBE MC born Jan 27 1891 died March 3 1955 see 153/8 for P


Alabaster memorial ‘Augustine Neville died at Montreal October 26 1874 age 22 years second son of William Frederick and Fanny Grace Neville. Frank their youngest son Capt. 5th Fusiliers born October 20th 1859 died Port Said October 23 1892 P


Alabaster memorial ‘William Frederick Neville priest 2nd son of George and Charlotte Neville Grenville 37 years vicar of Butleigh and Baltonsborough born July 3 1818 died April 18 1882. Fanny Grace his wife daughter of William Blackwood born May 13 1849 died September 27 1908. See153/12 for P


Alabaster memorial ‘Grace Neville born February 4 1855 died December 23 1907. Constance Baroness Stamfordham born April 27 1849 died April 24 1922. Mary wife of Frederick Augustus Brymer Archdeacon of Wells born Dec 28 1847 died May 24 1933


Alabaster memorial ‘Revd William Neville ten years vicar of Butleigh born July 1850 died June 27 1939 See153/12 for P


Stone memorial with a coronet fixed on the north wall 30 x 14” ‘To the beloved memory of Ralph Neville RN commanded destroyers throughout the Great War 1914 -18 died 4 Aug 1936 eldest son of Admiral Sir George Neville God rest his dear soul


Stone memorial with coronet and shield fixed on the north wall 30 x 19” ‘To the glory of God and the most beloved memory of George Neville Admiral Knight Commander of the Bath Commander of the Victorian Order Chevalier of the Legion of Honour Commander of the Orange Nassau, Holland and of the Rising Sun Japan died 5 Feb 1923 RIP in his tongue is the law of kindness. Also of Fairlie his wife who died 3 Sept 1960


Stone memorial with shield fixed to the north wall 28 x 19 ‘In proud and loving memory of Robert Neville Grenville Born 16 December 1846 died 13th September 1936. And of his wife Gertrude Agnes born 26th December 1850 died 18 August 1936


Stone shield 6 x 8” of a red diagonal cross with a Tudor rose in the centre, below 153/19

Large stone slab before the altar – bears the names of several Periams – unreadable at present.

Stone abutting the Slade stone 141B – Anna Filia Johannes Radford Juni..Ecclesia... Vicarus Sepulta fuit 12 May Anno Salutis ... MDCLXXX..(1680+) Johannes Radford Vicarus Sepulta..... P

Framed list of Incumbants P

Window above altar designed by Thomas Willement in 1829 P

St. Leonard window P