Mem. No.





.Not Known

Small piece of stone


.Not Known

3 broken pieces – mason Caffin Regent St., London

One small round-topped piece seems to have initials BW on


.Not Known

Piece of stone [same edge design as B3]

'now all the toils of life are o'er, and pain and grief are felt no more'


.Not Known

Piece of stone


.Not Known

Ivy covered


.Not Known

Large Cross on base – inscription?


.Not Known

Stone with ornamental top


.Not Known

Flat stone


.Not Known

Small 12” slab


.Not Known

In loving memory of mother


.Not Known

Covered with grass


.Not Known

Large stone tomb but surface shaled


.Not Known

Small vase


.Not Known

Small stone vase


.Not Known

Small vase


.Not Known

Small vase


.Not Known

Vase – In Loving Memory


.Not Known

Two vases


.Not Known

Broken metal case


.Not Known

Small vase


.Not Known

To die....did....


.Not Known

Small piece of stone


.Not Known

Broken stone


.Not Known

'In Sieme'


.Not Known

Small stone with cross


.Not Known

Small vase and squirrel plaque


Allen Elizabeth

Erected by her son Henry to the memory of Elizabeth Allen daughter of John Greenland of Frome and wife of James Allen of Butleigh & Shepton Beauchamp died Nov 7 1904


Allen Ernest Albert

In loving memory of our dear Father Ernest Albert Allen died Oct 3rd 1934 aged 60 At Rest


Allen Henry

Sacred to the memory of Henry Allen fell asleep Jan 1st 1935 aged 62 Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God


Allen Isaac

Isaac Allen died December 25th 1857 aged 43 years


Allen John

John Allen died Sept 30 1861 aged 74 years also Mary wife of the above named John Allen who died Dec 1st 1857 aged 73 years


Andow Alfred A

In loving memory of Alfred A. Andow who died October 15th 1919 aged 86 years


Arthur Clara + Edmund Francis

Remembrance gratitude for the life and love of our dear parents Clara Arthur died 1st Nov 1925 aged 59 also Edmund Francis Arthur died 14th October 1935 aged 74 reunited


Austwick Norah Mary

Happy memories of a dear wife and mother Norah Mary Austwick died 13th November 1987 aged 57


Baggot Avis

Avis Baggot 1915-1980


Baker Sarah + Brown Nina

In loving memory of Sarah Baker died 15th April 1959 aged 83 also of Nina Brown died 28th October 1950 aged 88


Ball Cecil Turner

To the dear memory of Cecil Turner Ball beloved husband of Bessie C. M. Ball who died Sep 21st 1954 aged 69 “At Rest”


Bennett Robin Evelyn

Robin Evelyn Bennett 1935-1988 a much loved wife and mother


Biddle William Fred + Lilian Maud, Lilian Kate Chapman

Sacred to the memory of William Fred beloved husband of Lilian Maud Biddle who passed peacefully away Oct 1st 1940 aged 62 years and of Lilian Maud Biddle who passed away Feb 4th 1968 aged 88 years / Lilian Kate Chapman 1912-1975 Peace Perfect Peace


Billing Julia, John

Small vase (Tablet 97) Billing Julia, John


Birch Ernest Wilfred

In loving memory of Ernest Wilfred Birch devoted husband, father and granf. 9th October 1999 aged 76 always in our thoughts


Birch Frank John

In loving memory of Frank John Birch A beloved husband, father and grandfather called to rest 26th Dec. 1981 aged 64


Blackwood Charlotte Beaufoy

Charlotte Beaufoy Blackwood fell asleep Feb 24th 1868 aged 87 Will lay me down in peace and take my rest


Bobbett John

In loving memory of John Bobbett

Bur. 21 Mar 1964


Bobbett Rose

In loving memory of Roe Bobbett

Bur. 29 Apr 1964


Bond A.V.

M2/054834 Private A.V.Bond Royal Army Service Corps 4th November 1918 aged 30 + Abide with me


Boyce H. I.

The British West Indies Regiment 4952 Private H. I. Boyce British West Indies Regt. 24th October 1918


Broughton Susannah + Thomas

In loving memory of Susannah wife of Thomas Broughton who died October 30th 1868 aged 65 years Truly my hope in thee in memory of Thomas Broughton who died May 26th 1869 aged 68 years


Brownsell Henry + Annie Rebecca

In affectionate remembrance of Henry Brownsell the beloved husband of Annie Rebecca Brownsell who was accidentally killed March 7th 1883 aged 28 years Interred at St. Margarets Swinton Yorks also of Annie Rebecca Brownsell our dearly beloved Mother who departed this life April 15th 1898 aged 47 years On that happy Easter morning all the graves their dead restore Father, Sister, child and Mother meet once more


Burge Maud Mary

Treasured memories of Maud Mary Burge at rest October 8th 1972 aged 82


Burrough Edward + Ellen Cousins

In loving memory of Edmund Burrough of Butleigh Wootton who closed his early life March 15th 1887 aged 42 years Father I will that they also whom thou hast given me, be with one where I am, that they May behold my glory – John XVII24 also of Ellen Cousins beloved wife of the above who passed away Nov 1 1923 aged 74 years The Lord is my Shepherd”


Burrough George Baker + Eileen Linda

With love we remember a dear husband and father George Baker Burrough who passed away May 9th 1965 aged 58 years and a loving mother Eileen Linda Burrough who passed away December 26th 1979 Re-united


Burrough George Baker + Sarah Melona

In loving memory of George Baker Burrough who passed away 19th Oct 1952 aged 79 years At Rest also his beloved wife Sarah Melona Burrough who passed away 12th Aug 1963 aged 86 years


Burrough Robert Charles

In loving memory of a dear husband Robert Charles Burrough at rest 28th April 1974 aged 65


Burroughs Robert Edmund

In loving memory of our dear son Robert Edmund Burroughs who passed away March 25 1950 aged 20 years Always in our thoughts


Butt Margaret Rose

In loving memory of Margaret Rose Butt 12.8.1936 – 7.2.1994 loving wife and mother always in our thoughts


Cabble Philip + Mabel & Charlie Higgins

In loving memory of Philip Cabble died 13 May 1997 aged 72 also Mabel and Charlie Higgins and family. /P.C. A.C./ Alfred Cecil Higgins (Joe) 23.6.1912-24.2.1994 in loving memory Lilian Kate Higgins 15.8.1909-7.4.1978/Maxwell Higgins 21 Dec 1989 in loving memory Violet G. Higgins 26 Dec 1986 At rest in Gods Garden/


Callow Grace

Sacred to the memory of Grace Callow wife of John Callow she died 5th September 1822 aged 88 years


Callow John

Beneath this stone are interred the remains of John Callow he died 14th April 1814 aged 84


Cannon John

John Cannon buried 31st March 1855 aged 84 years


Carter Gwendoline Millicent

In loving memory of a dear Mum Gwendoline Millicent Carter At Rest 25th October 1975 aged 49


Carter Thomas + Ann Maria

Thomas Carter who died March 26th 1857 aged 48 years also Anna Maria daughter of the above died February 13th 1868 aged 22 years


Carter Tom + Frances Mary

In loving memory of Tom Carter who entered into rest December 6th 1918 aged 52 years In sure and certain hope of everlasting life also of Frances Mary Carter his wife who died on 1st December 1943 aged 75 years


Cary Betty

Lieth the body of [ John?] Cary who died 16th August [ 17x8?] aged 34 also Betty beloved daughter of John and Elizabeth Cary died December 26th 1756 aged [7] years


Catchpole Gwyneth Jean

Gwyneth Jean Catchpole 1923-1987 reunited


Chadburn Matthew Eyre and his brothers

In loving memory of Matthew Eyre Chadburn 1954-1967 “Being made perfect in a little while, he fulfilled long years, for his soul was pleasing unto the Lord also of his brothers Peter David 1949-50, Piers Foster 1952-1955 Marcus Hugh 1954-1960


Champion Harold Douglas

In loving memory of a devoted husband & father Harold Douglas Champion who died 16th April 1981 aged 67

A.J.S. Carcott


Chapman Montague Stanley

In loving memory of Montague Stanley Chapman 1910-1985 beloved husband of Lilian Kate Chapman May we who remain walk in his ways of gentleness and honesty and peace God bless you Dad


Chick Thomas + Arabella, Una

Peace / in loving memory of Thomas Chick who fell asleep January 16th 1918 aged 75 also Arabella his wife who entered into rest July 4th 1916 aged 72 and Una their daughter who fell asleep May 12th 1880 aged 6


Chinn Alberta

Sacred to the memory of Albertina Chinn beloved wife of John (burie near the Acacia tree) died 7th Jan 1946 aged 76 years


Chinn John

Sacred to the memory of John Chinn beloved husband of Albertina died 30th July 1925 aged 58 years


Clegg Ernest H.

In loving memory of Ernest H. Clegg passed away Oct 18 1941 aged 70 years


Clegg Harry + others

Harry Percival Clegg, Della Clegg, Alice Clegg Sacred to the memory of Harry Percival elder son of Edward Percival and Alice Clegg died Christmas day 1931 aged 26 years Father into thy hands I command my spirit Della Clegg died July 9th 1980 aged 64 years also of Edward P. Clegg died May 19th 1941 aged 65 Alice Clegg died June 5th 1971 aged 91


Coles W. B.

Small stone holding vase


Combs William + Betsy

William Combs died December 18th 1863 aged 71 years Betsy Combs wife of the above died December 10th 1875 aged 76 years The will of the Lord be done



Connor Lily

In loving memory of Lily Connor passed away 21st July 1990 aged 80 years At Rest


Cornish Robert + Elizabeth

In loving memory of Robert Cornish died Aug 18th 1841 aged 53 years and Elizabeth his wife died October 10th 1866 aged 67 years also of Thomas Cornish mining engineer late of Ballarat second son of the above died 9 June 1904 in his 72nd year


Coulson Agnes + Ronald

In loving memory of Agnes Coulson died Sept 1st 1957 aged 92 years and of her son Ronald Coulson died June 20th 1963 aged 64 years Peace Perfect Peace


Coulson Doris Agnes

Doris Agnes younger daughter of Edward and Agnes Coulson died November 23rd 1920 aged 16 years

So he giveth his beloved sleep


Coulson Edward

Resting in loving memory of Edward Coulson who fell asleep June 26th 1940 aged 72 years Thy Will be done


Coutts Stuart Alnod

In memory of our beloved Stuart Alnod Coutts born August 14th 1900 died November 1983 God be with you till we meet again


Cox Annie Eliza

In memory of Annie Eliza Cox 19th September 1871 20th January 1970


Craft Elizabeth Lester

Elizabeth Lester Craft died May 18th 1875 aged 19 The maid is not dead but sleepeth


Cribb Ann + Edward

In memory of Ann Cribb wife of Edward Cribb Oct. 1846 aged 42 years also Edward Cribb died April 21st 1862 aged 50 years Looking.....Jesus


Croom Charles + Sarah

In memory of Sarah wife of Charles Croom who died 9th October 1887 also of Charles Croom who died 2nd March 1896 aged 72 years


Croom Charles Benjamin + Sarah Bartlett

In loving memory of Charles Benjamin Croom died 5th May 1921 aged 67 years also his wife Sarah Bartlett Croom died 25th January 1922 aged 69 years Peace Perfect Peace


Darvall Edward

Edward Darvall youngest son of the late Joseph Darval of Reading born June 15th 1838 died May 23rd 1921 Requiescat in pace


Davenport Florence

Florence widow f Edward Davenport born Feb 29th 1855 died April 21st 1908 I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness PsXVII 15


Davis Alfred + Ann

In loving memory of Mum and Dad Alfred Davis 1881-1953 and Ann Davis 1884-1980 reunited


Davis Cecil

Cecil Davis 1915-1945


Davis Charles

In pious memory of Charles Davis who was called away suddenly June 16th 1893 aged 50 years


Davis Eliza + Ernest Albert, Charles Edward

In loving memory of Eliza C. Davis died June 5th 1961 aged 75 also of Ernest Albert Davis died Feb 11th 1963 aged 85 and of Charles Edward son of the above died Jan 7 1943 aged 33


Davis Ellen Jane + Robert Charles

In loving memory of Ellen Jane Davis who died 23rd Jun 1956 aged 67 also her husband Robert Charles who died 30th December 1956 aged 73 Always in our thoughts


Davis Eric Jack

In loving memory of Eric Jack Davis died May 22 1934 aged 9 also Kathleen Mary Davis died Jan 2 1919 aged 4


Davis Harry + Emily Ann

In loving memory of Harry Davis born 27th January 1878 died 12th January 1956 also his wife Emily Ann born 1st January 1882 died 20th March 1976 R.I.P.


Davis Molly

In loving memory of our darling Molly beloved daughter of Alfred & Ann Davis died Sept 17 1925 aged 6 years Safe in the arms of Jesus


Dawe Frank

Frank Dawe 1909-1963


Devenish Ethel Mary

In ever loving memory of Ethel Mary Devenish died 3rd March 1962 aged 56 Peace Perfect Peace


Diment John + Mary

John Diment died October 12 1855 aged 87 also Mary wife of John Diment died May 2 1863 aged 84


Dimmick Timothy + Betsy

In loving memory of Timothy Dimmick who died Dec 18th 1914 aged 79 years also Betsy wife of the above who died Dec 12th 1912 aged 77 years Gone but not forgotten


Dimmick William Robert + Georgina May, Stanley William

In loving memory of William Robert Dimmick who passed away December 30th 1953 aged 78 years At Rest and his wife Georgina May died August 25th 1956 aged 74 years Re-united Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away. In ever loving memory of our dear son Stanley William Dimmick who was suddenly called to rest 6th Aug 1937 aged 29 years


Dodds Gordon Harold /Sarah Dorothea

In loving memory of Harold Gordon 1894-1970 and Sarah Dorothea Dodds 1896-1982


Duffill Elizabeth + George + Margaret

Elizabeth the beloved wife of George Duffill who died May 1880 aged 46 years Sorrow vanquished labour ended Jordan past / In loving memory of George Duffill who died Sep. 2nd 1904 aged 72 years Thy Will be done / In loving memory of Margaret Duffill who died January 16th 1906 aged 68 years I am the resurrection and the life


Duggan Annie

In memory of Annie Duggan born at Cork Ireland 1867 passed over at Wootton House Aug 23rd 1910 The greatest gift of love is memory erected by her friends Major and Mrs. Paton & family


Dunkerton Alma Louise Fry + Colston

In loving memory of Alma Louise Fry 1877-1958 wife of Colston Dunkerton 1882-1963 Peace Perfect Peace


Dunton Lucy Ann

In loving memory of Lucy Ann the beloved wife of William Dunton who died June 10 1932 aged 80


Dyke Mary + William

In affectionate remembrance of Mary the beloved wife of William Dyke of Carville House Butleigh who died Aug 14th 1870 Then are they glad because they are rest and so he bringeth them into the Lord where they would be also of William Dyke husband of the above who died April 3rd 1878 aged 97 years


Eades Ann

In memory of Ann Eades who died April 6th 1889 aged 82 years This is an aged pilgrims rest, who with her saviour now is blest, Christ's service did her time employ till called to enter her redeemers joy


Eades Richard + Mary Ann

In emory of Richard Eades who departed this life Nov 25th 1875 aged 57 years In the midst of life we are in death also Mary Ann wife of Richard Eades who died Jan 4th 1900 aged 78 years


Eades William + Mary, Rebecca

In memory of William Eades died Dec 31st 1826 aged 73 years / In memory of Mary wife of William Eades who died Dec 24th 1785 aged 31 years also Rebecca their daughter who died in infancy Now dear husband life is passing, your love to me so long and now for me no sorrow but … while


Eades William + William

William Eades son of William and Ann Eades born July 27th 1839 died November 1st 1862 Our days on the earth are as a shadow and there is now abiding 1st Chron VV.24 / also the above William Eades who died Feb 12th 1885


Field Elizabeth

Elizabeth Field wife of William Field died 17th June 1939 aged 85


Field William

In loving memory of William Field died Aug 13th 1927 aged 71 years


Field William Dacre

In loving memory of William Dacre Field born Dec 29th 1896 died March 24th 1893 Suffer the little children to come unto me


Ford Eli + Louisa Jane + Arthur Leslie

Eli Ford at rest 30 April 1954 aged 76 / also of Arthur Leslie Ford died 21st May 1964 aged 51 years also Louisa Jane Ford died 2nd November 1966 aged 87 years


Ford John + Ann, Susan

Susan Ford daughter of John and Ann Ford died August 10th 1838 aged 3 years, Eliza Ann Ford died March 26th 1853 aged 16 years The mind is not dead but liveth William John Ford died August 17th 1855 aged 15 years He weakened my strength in the way he shortened........ also the beloved John Ford died May 12th 1862 aged 79years Blessed are the dead which died in the Lord also of Ann the beloved wife of John Ford born June 8th 1801 died September 8th 1871 Trusting in Jesus


Forsey Irene Mabel + Wilfred Albert

To the dear memory of a devoted wife and mother Irene Mabel Forsey died Oct 31st 1959 aged 49 Peace Perfect Peace and of a dear father Wilfred Albert Forsey who died August 31st 1973 aged 70


Foster Cyril John Vine + Winifred Annie

+ love divine Cyril John Vine Foster at rest 7th May 1978 Winifred Annie Foster 2ns August 1984


Foulkes Henry Drury

In loving memory of Lt. Col. Henry Drury Foulkes late R.A. died 17.8.58 aged 86


Gale Winifred Jane

Wnifred Jane Gale 1885-1970


Gane Alice Maud + Robert James

In love we remember a dear wife and mother Alice Maud Gane called to rest 3rd June 1944 aged 68 years also her beloved husband Robert James Gane called to rest 16th June 1949 aged 79 years


Gane Cyril

In loving memory of Cyril Gane at rest 9th July 1939 aged 33 years Ever in our thoughts

Mills. Wells


Gane Lorna A.E. + John Robert

With love we remember a dear wife and mother Lorna A. E. Gane at rest 1st April 1970 aged 62 and of her husband John Robert Gane died 21st June 1976 aged 71


Gane Robert + Ellen

In loving memory of Ellen the wife of the late Robert M. Gane who died 31st May 1908 aged 75 years also Robert M. Gane who died 10th April 1908 aged 69 years Father in thy gracious keeping leave us now thy servant sleeping


Gillespie William Henry

In loving memory of William Henry Gillespie born Oct 3rd 1847 died Oct 31st 1897 O hand of God that takest away the sins of the world grant him thy peace


Green Jemima

Jemima Green died Aug 6th 1936 aged 80 Peace


Gregory George + Elizabeth Sarah

In memory of George Gregory who died Feb 15th 1900 aged 61 also of Elizabeth Sarah his wife who died Nov 30th 1919 aged 83 Thy Will be done


Gresley Maria Elizabeth

In loving memory of Maria Elizabeth wife of W. S. Gresley died 20th September 1917 aged 57 also of their son Stukeley Marmaduke Lance Corporal R. Fus killed in action in France 15th September 1916 aged 26 R.I.P.


Gumm Clive Maxwell

In loving memory of Clive Maxwell Gumm dear husband and father 1937-1989


Haddock Sarah

In loving memory of Sarah Haddock who died Feb 10th 1915 aged 62 years


Haggard Mary Coles

In loving memory of Mary Coles Haggard died March 26th 1956 aged 80


Hallet Henry John + Louisa

In loving memory of Henry John Hallet 23 Dec 1866 – 22 Apr 1942 also of his wife Louisa 9 May 1868 – 6 Nov 1945


Hallet Robert George

In loving memory of Robert George Hallet Bob 1906-1987 Now at Rest


Hallett Denys Bouhier Imbert

Denys Bouhier Imbert Hallett born 8th October 1887 died 3rd May 1969


Hallett Eileen Mary

In memory of Eileen Mary Hallett Oct 10th 1904 – Oct 2nd 1958 “Safe in the arms of Jesus”


Hammond-Headey Dorothy

In loving memory of my wife Dorothy Hammond-Headey May 1996 aged 85 (uncertain)


Hannam Lucy + Martha

In loving remembrance of Lucy beloved daughter of David Hannam who died [April] 1870 aged 19 years also of Martha her sister who died Dec 7th 1873 aged 31 years of Kingweston


Harris Eliza Frances + Charles

In loving memory of my dear wife Eliza Frances Harris died March 31 1935 Peace perfect peace also of Charles Harris beloved husband of the above Feb 12th 1937 At Rest



In loving memory / Lloyd Keinton/ (R/side)Also Percival son of George & Louise Harvey who died May 23rd 1891 aged 5 years, 8 months Not last but gone before (L/side) In loving memory of / our dear daughter Fanny who departed this life Feb. 9th 1927 aged 42 years also of our dear baby Florrie died Sept 11th 1893 aged 5 months Thy Will be done Mabel daughter of George & Louise Harvey who died May 8 1889 aged 2 years 5 months Jesus called a little child unto him


Hayes Margaret Rose

In loving memory of a dear wife mother and grandmother Margaret Rose Hayes 23.9.1935 – 27.10.1996 sleeping beloved by all


Hickley Arthur

In memory of Arthur Hickley who died [ ] June in the year 1859 aged 2 years, 2 months

Bur. 11 August

from Walton


Hickley Mary

Sacred to the memory of Sophia Mary wife of th Rev. John George Hickley Rector of Walton and daughter of Sir Alexander Hood Bart., and Dame Amelia his wife of Wootton House in this Parish who died 31st May 1857 aged 36


Higgins Byrt

Byrt Higgins died 25th September 1925 54 years


Higgins Frederick + Kate Ann

In loving memory of Frederick Higgins who passed away June 30 1936 aged 73 years also Kate Ann his wife died Oct 31 1950 aged 84 years


Higgins Giles

Giles Higgins 30th December 1929 aged 52 years


Higgins Herbert W. + Bertha

In loving memory of Herbert W. Higgins 1889-1961 also of his beloved wife Bertha M. Higgins 1903-1967


Higgins Jesse

In loving memory of Jesse Higgins passed away July 1957 aged 75 also his wife Ada Louisa passed away November 1967 aged 82


Higgins Joseph F. (Frank)

Joseph F. Higgins (Frank) died 4th March 1919 aged 25 years


Higgins Joshua + Mabel Ellen

In loving memory of my dear husband Joshua Higgins died Sept 18th 1957 aged 66 years also his wife Mabel Ellen Higgins died April 4th 1969 aged 73 years AT REST


Higgins Leonard

In loving memory of dear husband and father Leonard Higgins 17th June 1914 - 31st March 2001 at peace with his father Charlie and mother Mabel brothers and sisters


Higgins Phoebe

In memory of Phoebe the beloved wife of Harry Higgins who died Sept 28th 1882 aged 36 years


Higgins Reginald G.

In loving memory of Daddy Reginald G. Higgins born 1916 – died 1950 ever in our thoughts


Higgins Sidney + Eliza, Sidney

In loving memory of Sidney Higgins who died Oct 13th 1911 aged 76 years also of Eliza his wife who died Jan 18th 1912 aged 77 years also of Sidney son of the above who died Sept 6th 1910 aged 33 years Thy Will be done also of Ann who died Nov 23rd 1899 aged 33 years


Higgins William + Emma, Frank, George

William Higgins Butleigh Wootton 26th August 1900 66 years / Emma Higgins wife of the above 11th January 1904 65 years / Frank their son 26th June 1932 63 years / George son 25th December 1927 61 years


Hill Alice

In memory of my dear sister Alice Hill who departed this life May 9th 1962 aged 87 Perfect Peace

Cox Keinton


Hockey Charles + Ellen

Charles Hockey who died Oct 8th 1886 Aged 73 years also Ellen Hockey wife of the above who died Sept 1st 1880 aged 64 years to whom be glory for ever and ever .. amen

Cal 1c Su

Seymour & Sons STREET


Hoddinott George

In loving memory of George Hoddinott who died April 5th 1887 aged 37 years I am the resurrection and the life, saith the Lord


Hodges Sophia + Thomas

Sophia Hodges died 20th October 1901 aged 62 years

Thomas Hodges died 21st December 1867 aged 30 years


Hodges William + Ann

[here lieth] the body of William Hodges who died April 25th 1742 aged 52 also Ann wife of [William Hodges] who died [June 1748] aged 6x

Bur. 31 Jul 1742

Bur. 11 Jun 1748


Holland Elizabeth Ann

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Ann Holland died Christmas Day 1935 aged 81 Loves last gift remembrance


Holman Richard + Elizabeth

Richard Holman aged 60 years bur. 5th May 1737

Elizabeth wife of Richard Holman aged 78 years 10th March 1753

Eliz. Bur 16 Mar 1753


Holmes Thomas

In affectionate remembrance of Thomas Holmes who departed this life May 31st 1867 aged 45 years And now Lord what is my hope truly my hope is even in thee


Hood Amelia Anne

Amelia Anne Hood widow of Sir Alexander Hood Bart., died 31st January 1883 aged 84 years


Hood Sir Alexander + Elizabeth

Hood Alexander

Periam John + Agnes

Lunn Frances

Sir Alexander Hood Bart died March 1851 aged 58

Alexander Hood Captain Royal Navy (on active service) 21st April 1798 //John Periam – Wootton House- died 29th December 1788 aged 74 // Agnes his wife died 10th March 1799 aged 65, Elizabeth (widow of Captain Alexander Hood) died 9th January 1855 Admiral Lord Hood of Avalon C.C.B. // Frances Lunn M.A. Vicar died 4th August 1839 aged 44



Howard Arthur Wilfred + Iris Ann

In loving memory of Arthur Wilfred Howard 1st July 1914 – 28 Jul 1993 also his wife Iris Ann Howard 2nd Jan 1920 – 13 Jan 1993


Howard John

In memory of John Howard who died Sept 13th 1875 aged 71 years But how I go my way to him that sent me


Howell Alice E.

In loving memory of our dear sister Alice E. Howell died July 19 1947 aged 71 – Peace, Perfect Peace


Im Thurn Conrad Donald

In memory of Conrad Donald im Thurn 1883-1930 I am the way, the truth, and the life, I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly


James ? [Sidney?]

[ ] James .. 1860 Feb 2x aged [ ] Can these..thou Lord

An infant Sydney James b. 3 Mar 1860


Kelway Mary

On the 15th May 1839 in the 60th year of her age died Mary the wife of William Kelway One who combine other virtues, industry..


Kelway William

William Kelway 31 July 1867 aged 84 years the beloved husband of Jane Kelway. Thy will be done


Killen Alice Mary + Amy Rosina

In loving memory of Alice Mary Killen died 29 Sep 1962 aged 82 years AT REST and Amy Rosina Killen died October 12th 1978 aged 94 years


Killen Eliza Ann + Elsie Annie

Thy Will be done In loving memory of Eliza Ann the beloved wife of William H. Killen who died Sept 11th 1898 aged 46 years Peace perfect peace / Elsie Annie their daughter died March 14th 1890 aged 4 years / also Albert Tom (Bert) second son 1st London County Yeo. Who died of fever whilst on active service in Egypt Oct 16 1918 aged 36 buried in Hadra cemetery Alexandria Jesu Mercy


Killen Ina Gertrude

In loving memory of Ina Gertrude Killen who died December 12th 1956 aged 67 Peace Perfect Peace


Killen John James + William Stanley

In loving memory of John James Killen died October 22nd 1963 aged 85 years and of his brother William Stanley Killen died Feb 27th 1964 aged 73 years


Kippax Philip Westall + Constance Elizabeth

In loving memory of Dr. Philip Westall Kippax 7 Aug 1913 - 9 Nov 1989 and his wife Constance Elizabeth Kippax 23 Dec 1907 – 2 Jan 1996 RIP


Knight Clara Elizabeth

Clara Elizabeth Knight died June 21st 1863 aged 10 years


Knight Edith Mabel

Treasured memories of my dear wife Edith Mabel Knight died 12th October 1966 aged 74 To wake again in heaven


Knight James

To the memory of James Knight who died May 26th 1862 aged 52 years This stone is erected by the family he faithfully served 40 years I will fear no evil for thou art with me


Knight Robert C.

In loving memory of Robert C. Knight passed away Nov 21st 1943 aged 87 R.I.P.


Knight W. B. + Hannah Payne

In loving memory of W. B. Knight who fell asleep August 2nd 1886 aged 74 years Watch and pray what I say unto you I say unto all also Hannah Payne wife of the above who died Jan 3rd 1892 aged 73 years Let me died the death of the righteous


Knight William + Jane, Mary

Mary Knight daughter of William and Jane Knight who died at Upphall 17th September 1886 aged 52 years / Jane Knight beloved wife of William Knight died 13th December 1892 aged 87 years / William Knight died 20th March 1863 aged 54 years


Knight William Daniel

Jesu Mercy In loving memory of William Daniel Knight who entered into rest Sept 30th 1915 aged 61


Lamb John William + May Gage

John William Lamb 1929-1996 Dearly loved, ever loving, devoted husband, father and grandfather God has you in his keeping and we have you in our hearts, also treasured memories of May Gage much loved mother, grandmother and great grandmother.


Lampert James + Mabel

In loving memory of James and Mabel Lampert


Larder Florence Emily + Edna Irene Griffin

In loving memory of Florence Emily Larder died 14th January 1972 aged 70 years and also her daughter Edna Irene Griffin a very beloved wife sister and auntie died 5th October 1991 aged 60 years always in our hearts Rest in Peace


Laver Beatrice, Blanche, Maude

In dear memory of Beatrice & Blanche Laver who died in May 1953 aged 92 and 89 years also their sister Maude who died Jan 1949 aged 92 years, daughters of Robert & Ann Laver of Kingweston


Leech Henry Bertram + Dorothy

In loving memory of Henry Bertram Leech born May 13th 1912 died February 17th 1992 also his dear wife Dorothy née Lodge born/died September/ 30th 1914/2nd 2002


Lester Reginald W

In loving memory of Reginald W. Lester 1901-1958


Lewellen Harriet

Harriet Lewellen who passed away Oct 31 1950 aged 87 years


Lock Ernest A. F.

In loving memory of Ernest A. F. Lock 1926-1993 a devoted husband and father


Locke George W. + Emily Mabel

In loving memory of my dear husband George W. Locke died May 28 1947 aged 73 years R.I.P.

Also of Emily Mabel Locke died June 3 1958 aged 83


Lockie Anne – Pitt Elizabeth

In affectionate Remembrance of Ann Lockie (of Christchurch Hants) died 2nd June 1877 aged 52 years

Elizabeth Pitt (formerly of Windsor) died April 16th 1874 aged 76 years


Look Nathaniel + Agnes

[the right half of the gravestone concerns Elizabeth West - viz]

[Buried 4 Sep 1843] “and also [Agnes] wife of the above Nathaniel Look who died 15th May 1844 [bur. 18Th] – in the 78th year of her age

What joy! when she resigned her breath, for as her eyelids closed she smiled in death

Two stones lying on each other?


Look William + Grace

In memory of Grace the beloved wife of William Look who departed this life 27th January 1878 aged 72 years also of the above William Look who died 27th September 1881 aged 79 years


Lucas Lucy

In loving memory of Lucy Lucas who fell asleep July 8th 1933 aged 84 years At Rest


Lucas Mary + Betty

Mary the daughter of [John Squire] and Mary Lucas died 16th October 1815 aged [18] also BETTY their daughter who died 25th September 1844 aged 57 years


Luff Kate

In memory of Kate Luff died 9th Sept 1941 aged 67 A true friend to the church


Lye Dorothy May + Ernest George

In loving memory of a dear wife, mother and grandmother Dorothy May Lye fell asleep 17 Sept 1985 aged 72 and a beloved husband, father and grandfather Ernest George Lye fell asleep 6 April 2002 aged 90


Lye James

James Lye died August 31st 18[6]3 aged [5]6 years Be thou faithful uto death


Lye? Richard

In memory of a British Soldier Richard Lye? Late of the 28th? Regiment


Maidment Fanny

Fanny Maidment died April 17th 1870 aged 25 years Looking unto Jesus

F. Merrick Glastonbury


Maidment Joseph + Fanny, John

In loving memory of Joseph Maidment who died Aug 1st 1898 aged 65 years also of Fanny, widow of above who died June 16th 1909 and John their only son who died March 25 1910 aged 31 Behold we count them happy while asleep


Marsh Henry James

In loving memory of my dear husband Henry James Marsh died 16 Jan 1943 aged 67 years and of a devoted wife Clara died 22 December 1970 aged 70myears Reuinted Rest in Peace


Martin George

In loving memory of George Martin who passed away July 1885 aged 57


Mason Beatrice Ellen

In loving memory of Beatrice Ellen Mason died May 8th 1961 aged 82 At Rest


Masters William George + Clara Ann

In loving memory of William George Masters died April 28th 1940 aged 80 also of his wife Clara Ann died Feb 13th 1948 aged 87 At Rest also of Alice Kate Masters and Frederick William Masters


Maunder Agnes Cecile + Leonard

In loving memory of Agnes Cecile Maunder died April 2nd 1931 aged 46 years He giveth beloved sleep also of her beloved husband Leonard Maunder died Aug 24th 1955 aged 69 years


McCorquodale Donald + Ruth Helen

Donald McCorquodale born July 26th 1885 died August 2nd 1974 beloved husband of Rachel // on a small square vase Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see their God Ruth Helen McCorquodale 29.6.1981 30 II 1981


Mildmay Humphrey Stephen

Accepted in the ….. beloved.. Humphrey S[tephen Mildmay] May 22nd 1872

Buried 27 May

3 years 10 months


Millard George + Elizabeth

In loving memory of George Millard who entered into rest Sept 20th 1902 aged 81 years also of Elizabeth wife of the above who entered into rest Oct 21st 1907 aged 72 years Peace perfect peace


Millard John Francis + Alice Beatrice

In loving memory of John Francis Millard born May 2nd 1858 died April 13th 1931 Alice Beatrice Millard born November 29th 1885 died November 5th 1943 R.I.P.


Miller Mabel Florence

In memory of Mabel Florence Miller 20th May 1920 - 22nd January 1999 God rest her Soul


Mills Elizabeth

In loving memory of Elizabeth Mills and our beloved nurse of 55 years service died October 25th 1922 aged 79 years


Milton Charles

Charles Milton died Sept. 8th 1845 aged 88 years Elizabeth his wife died Dec 24th 1872 aged 68 years


Moore Frederick + Margaret

In loving memory of Frederick Moore died 31st July 1940 aged 64 also of Margaret Moore his wife died Jan 8th 1949 aged 81


Moore James Henry + Alice Louisa

In loving memory of Dad Henry James Moore June 3 1949 aged 75, Mum Alice Louisa Moore Nov 21 1953 aged 83


Moore Jane

In loving memory of Jane Moore of Crosby, Isle of Man who died at Butleigh Sept. 5th 1886 aged 40 years Thy Will be done


Nettle Anne? [Elizabeth] Mary

To the memory of [Anne/Elizabeth] Mary late wife of Wilm Nettle 1850

Buried 19 Mar 1850 aged 49


Neville Grace

In thy presence is the fullness of joy Grace Neville born 4 Feb 1853 died 22 Dec 1907 Requiescat


Neville Seymour (Priest)

Seymour Neville (priest) born Feb 5th 1823 Passed away Dec 14th 1905


Neville William Frederick + Fanny Grace

William Frederick Neville Priest entered into rest April 18th 1882 When I awake up after thy likeness I shall be satisfied with it Fanny Grace Neville wife of William Frederick Neville entered into rest Sept.27 1908 He shall give his angels grace over thee



Neville William Wyndham

William Wyndham Neville asleep in Christ Dec 14 1838 aged 24 years Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed in thee


Neville-Grenville Charlotte

Here lieth the body of the Lady Charlotte Neville Grenville who died the 15th June 1877 aged 88 years


Neville-Grenville Ralph + Julia Roberta

Ralph Neville Grenville born February 27th 1817 fell asleep August 20th 1886 / The Lord shall be unto thee an everlasting light and thy God thy Glory also his wife Julia Roberta October 17th 1892 aged 67 /The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil Yea, 'tis even he that shall keep thy soul



Neville-Grenville Robert + Gertrude Agnes

Robert Neville Grenville born 1846 died 1936 Gertrude Agnes Neville Grenville born 1850 died 1936



Newport Francis James + Thomas, Samuel

In memory of Francis James son of Thomas & Jane Newport who died July 23rd 1865 aged 32 years Our days on earth are as a shadow Thomas Newport died Nov 7th 1867 aged 45 years Samuel Newport died July 5th 1892 aged 67 years

Stone mason Tylney Bristol


[Newport Francis James ]F. J. N.

Buried 29 Jul 1865 aged 32


Nunn Marjorie Elizabeth

In loving memory of Marjorie Elizabeth Nunn born Dec 17th 1890 died May 20th 1955 In heavenly love abiding


O'Hara Matilda

Cherished memories of Matilda O'Hara passed into glory 7th March 1991 aged 81 In heavenly love abiding


Oram Eli + Richard John Austin

I R J S Eli Oram died October 18th 1872 aged 40 years also of Richard John Austin Oram the son of Eli and Elizabeth Oram who died July 12th 1885 aged 17 years Underneath are the everlasting arms


Oram Sarah Florence

In ever loving memory of Sarah Florence dearly beloved wife of Sidney Oram who entered into rest June 20 1923 aged 61 years Why should we weep now she is gone from sickness and from pain. Rather rejoice because our loss is her eternal gain


Otton Stanley Thomas John

Treasured memories of a loving husband, father and grandfather Stanley Thomas John Otton Peacefully at rest 20th July 1982 aged 63

A.J.S.Chilton Polden


Pagett Alma Alice + Edwin

Sacred to the memory of Alma Alice Pagett died Nov 10th 1936 aged 81 Blesses are the departed also of her beloved husband Edwin died Sept Sept 20th 1938 aged 82


Paisley Sidney Dora

Sidney Dora Paisley 1897-1960


Parker Nelson Hugh + Olive Lilian

In loving memory of Nelson Hugh Parker who passed away 7th May 1987 aged 81 and Olive Lilian Parker who passed away 7th May 1987 aged 80 At Rest


Paton Donald Robertson + wife Susie Mary

Major Donald Robertson Paton Late Manchester Regt. Died at Wootton House, Butleigh on December 28th 1946 aged 74, greatly beloved and of his beloved devoted wife Susie Mary died April 5th 1953 aged 83 years


Pearce Margaret

In the memory of Margaret Pearce died May 20th 1865 aged 34 years Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God


Pearce Nicholas

Nicholas Pearce 11th October 1977 In his Heavenly Father's Arms


Perry Martin John

True and fond memories of a darling son and brother Martin John Perry 9th Nov 1986 - 4th Oct 1990 The memories we have of you although they are so few are full of love and joy and fun they'll last our whole life through


Peterson Ian Mark + Anthea Mary

In loving memory of Ian Mark Peterson 14.12.1923 – 27.3.1997 Psalm 119v 105 and his dear wife Anthea Mary Peterson 25.10.1930 – 4.5.2004


Phelps Lionel Alan

In fond memory of Lionel Alan Phelps 1898 - 1990


Phelps Reginald Guy + Florence

In memory of Reginald Guy Phelps 1901-1985 also his wife Florence Phelps 1904-1997


Pike Frank + wife Winifred

In loving memory of Frank Pike died 24th June 1947 aged 57 also his wife Winifred died 29 July 1966 aged 72 R.I.P.


Pitman H. A.


Plumley Harry

In loving memory of Harry Plumley died 13th March 1983 aged 65


Plumley Samuel + Elizabeth

In loving memory of Samuel Plumley died 26th May 1943 aged 70 years also of Elizabeth his wife died 6th Feb 1946 aged 70 years Peace Perfect Peace


Pocock Nora Louise

In memory of Nora Louise Pocock March 25th 1900 July 29th 1961 Rock of Ages cleft for me Let me hide myself in thee


Pope Frank + Sarah Jane

In loving memory of Frank Pope who passed away Oct 21st 1944 aged 78 years also his wife Sarah Jane who died May 29th 1951 aged 78 years


Pope John, John Pope, Joan Periam

John Pope (son of John Pope) bur. 18th January 1712, John Pope 27th May 1720, Joan wife of James Periam 29th October 1722


Pouncy Mary + Robert

Mary Pouncy died Oct 14th 1881 aged 89 years Robert Cleal Pouncy died May 28th 1865 aged 39 years


Powell Jane + John

In memory of Jane wife of John Powell who died January 4th 1856 aged 45 years Be ye also ready for hour as ye think not ….man come also the above John Powell who died April 3rd 1862 aged 60 years

Buried 4 Sep 1856 aged 41


Powell Mary

Here lieth the body of Mary Ann wife of John Powell....

Bur. 11 Mar 1843

1st wife


Prescott Lily F.

Lily F. Prescott 24th March 1981 Thank you my love for everything


Price Matilda + John Miller Price

In loving memory of Matilda wife of John Miller Price born Jan 31st 1842 died Sept 29th 1917 also John Miller Price died Jan 10th 1928 aged 84 years Rest in Peace


Price Richard Hugh

In ever loving memory of Richard Hugh younger son of John & Muriel Price who departed this life Dec 13th 1918 aged 4 years 8 months He shall gather the lambs in his arms


Rabbage Stanley

In loving memory of Stanley Rabbage died Dec 1 1944 aged 72 years


Radford Frances + Ann

Frances Radford who died January 29th 1882 aged 72 years also Ann wife of the above who died October 17th 1882 aged 71 years Looking unto Jesus


Rendall Cyril

In memory of Cyril Rendall born 1928 died 1988


Rendall Leonard Frank + Agnes Mary

Leonard Frank Rendall 1895-1979 also his wife Agnes Mary Rendall 1902-1983


Reynolds Elizabeth

Elizabeth wife of ? William Reynolds died July 30th 18xx interred at Earl Shilton Leicestershire aged 79 years

The William d. 1868 Parish clerk?


Richards Elizabeth + Harriet Eades

In loving memory of Elizabeth wife of Joseph Richards who died at Woolavington 19th January 1897 aged 69 years R.I.P. Also Harriet Eades her sister who died at Somerton 30th September 1830 and is interred by her side – daughters of William and Mary Eades of this Parish They are not dead they live and love where death shall be no more


Rideout Harry C.

Harry C. Rideout 1880-1974


Rogers Victor

In loving memory of Victor Rogers 1897-1975


Rollinson Fanny

Sacred to the memory of Fanny Rollinson who passed to the greater life 2nd Sept 1942 aged 51 A truly Christian Lady


Russell Jessie Edith

In loving memory of Jessie Edith Russell died 7th August 1957 aged 83


Salmon Georgina Frances

In memory of Georgiana Frances Salmon who died February 12th 1862 aged one year old and ten months Of such is the kingdom of heaven Matthew Ch. XIX


Sandells Edna Fenella

Remember Edna Fenella Sandells née Rose 1910-1992


Scott George + Martha

George Scott died December 9th 1873 aged 85 years Martha Scott his beloved wife died July 10th 1856 aged 53 years Redeemed with the precious word of Christ


Scott Peter John

Peter John Scott 24.2.1944 – 5.9.1994 Run the straight race through God's good grace


SealyJohn + Virtue, Elizabeth, Thomas

In memory of John Sealy who died March 23rd 1840 aged 75 years Virtue Sealey died Nov 9th 1844 aged 81 years Elizabeth Sealy died Mar 23rd 1844 aged 30 months Thomas Sealy died Jan 15th 1845 aged 6 years and 6 months


Shepherd Olive Albinia

In loving memory of Olive Albinia Shepherd died 8th June 2006 aged 97


Shore George

In loving memory of George Shore died 22nd April 1979 aged 89 years

Bur. 27 Apr


Simpson Barbara

My Darling Barbara whose enduring love and loyalty patience and courage in suffering charity and forgiveness have reflected a ray from the glory of Christ enter into that peace which passeth all understanding 12 Oct 1973 Gordon Simpson


Skardon Amy J.

In loving memory of a dear sister Amy J. Skardon Oct 6th 1947


Skardon Amy Jane + Euphemia Rabbage

In affectionate memory of two loved sisters Amy Jane Skardon and Euphemia Rabbage “Until we meet God is love Jan 1969


Small Joseph

In loving memory of a dear husband and father Joseph Small died Dec 6th 1967 aged 68


Small Sidney + Edith

In Love we remember our dear Mother & Father Edith Small fell asleep 22nd Dec 1946 aged 70 years Sidney Small fell asleep 1st July 1942 aged 72 years In God's keeping


Small William C. + Dora

In loving memory of William C. Small July 15th 1958 aged 70 and his wife Dora June 6th 1970 aged 81 AT REST


Smith Charles

In ever loving memory of Charles Smith who fell asleep Sept 27th 1912 aged 16 years Is it well with the child? And she answered it is well II Kings IV 26


Smith Frederick David + Lilian

Cherished memories of a loving husband and father Frederick David Smith who fell asleep 17t August 1987 aged 71 years and beloved wife and mother Lilian Smith who fell asleep 14th December 2001 aged 85 years


Smith Alice

In loving memory of our dear mother Alice Smith died 14th Dec 1946 aged 79 Rest in Peace


Smithfield Ursula + Jane, Mary, Ursula, Sarah

Smithfield – In memory of Ursula Smithfield 3rd November 1766 aged 69 Jane her daughter who died 1st November 1755 aged 20 // Mary Smithfield who died 9th September 1793 aged 54 years and Ursula Smithfield who died 17th February 1861 aged 64 also Sarah the wife of Richard Holman


Spencer Henry

In loving memory of a dearly beloved husband Henry Spencer who passed away 30 August 1948 aged 73


Stevens Harriet + John Henry

In memory of Harriet the beloved wife of John Henry Stevens died May 14th 1881 aged 63 years also of John Henry Stevens died Oct 29th 1912 aged 79 years


Stevens John Henry

In loving memory of John Henry Stevens who died Oct 29th 1912 aged 79 years Peace perfect peace


Stickland Clifford

Clifford (Jim) Stickland who died suddenly 26th Oct 1939 aged 39 years


Stocker Ellen + John Charles

In ever loving memory of Ellen Stocker 20th September 1908 3rd January 1975 and of John Charles Stocker 3rd November 1906 19th March 1977


Stride Robert + Betsy

Betsy Stride the beloved wife of Robert Stride died March 1st 1880 aged 63 also of Robert Stride husband of the above died February 25th 1881 aged 67 Come unto me ye weary and I will give you rest In thee I have trusted


Studley Adelaide Ethel + Harold Edgar

In loving memory of a dear wife Adelaide Ethel Studley called to rest Sep 29 1955 aged 59 “Always in our thoughts” and of her husband Harold Edgar Studley called to rest July 30th 1970 aged 68 re-united


Summers Samuel Hu[cker] +

Merriot Jacob

In memory of Samuel Hucker Summers who departed this life June 26th 1889 aged 89 years also Hester his beloved wife who departed this life October 5th 1888 aged 80 years Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord Rev.XIV 13 also Jacob Merriott son of Jacob and Hester Merriott aged 26 years So teach us to number our days that we May apply our hearts into wisdom PsXC


Swanton Douglas Victor + Edmund Read Swanton

To the memory of Douglas Victor Swanton 1895-1960 and of Edmud Read Swanton 1890-1960


Swanton Hannah Matilda – Henry Herbert

In loving memory of Hannah Matilda the beloved wife of Henry Herbert Swanton who died March 18th 1909 aged 51 years Gone but not forgotten Henry Herbert Swanton died January 14th 1940 aged 82 years also of their children who died in infancy Henry Herbert died March 18th 1889 and Herbert died January 4th 1894 Suffer little children to come unto me


Swanton Robert

In loving memory of Robert Swanton late of Henly Grove, Bruton eho died Sept. 8th 1939 aged 53 Perfect Perfect Peace

Cox Keinton


Synge Helen Caroline + E.F.

A.M.+ D.G. Helen Caroline Synge Doctor, Missionary, Wife, Mother Greatly loved, also Rev. E. F. Synge vicar 1959-1970 of the Parish


II 170

Talbot Elizabeth

In loving memory of Elizabeth Talbot died May 15th 1937 aged 79 Until that day break


Talbot Elizabeth + John, Frederick, Albert

In loving memory of Elizabeth beloved wife of John Talbot who died July 1st 1923 aged 70 also of John Talbot husband of the above who died June 9th 1930 aged 80 also of Frederick (Coldstream Guards) son of the above killed in action December 1st 1917 aged 24 and Albert dearly beloved husband of Amy Talbot who died March 6th 1922 aged 36


Talbot Frederick W.

In memory of Frederick W. Talbot died Feb 3rd 1942 aged 73 Remembrance


Talbot William

William Talbot died August 7th 1875 aged 25 Not my will but thine be done


Thompson James William

James William 'Jimmy' dear son of Leslie and Mary Thompson 21st June 1965 aged 16 years Thy will be done



Kept by the Power of Go Nellie 1883-1957, Mabel 1885-1969, Emily 1887-1972, Alma 1898-1973, Jesse 1886-1974, Arthur 1888-1976 / In loving memory of Edwin Trask who died Feb 27th 1921 aged 79 also of Eliza his beloved wife who departed this life May 30th 1920 aged 66 and of Olive a daughter who died Mar 6th 1918 aged 21 also of Arthur Edwin who was called away Jan 6th 1883 aged 5 / Dorothy 1900-1961, Molly 1882-1965, Edwin 1890-1966, Edith 1879-1967 In memory of William youngest son died Feb 22nd 1941 aged 46 years interred at Watford


Trippick Henry Crinham + Anne

In loving memory of Henry Crinham Trippick who died Dec 23rd 1911 aged 65 years In the midst of life we are in death also to the memory of Anne, his wife who died Jan 17th 1916 aged 70 years


Tucker Bertram Jesse + Mabel Sophia + Maxwell

In loving memory of Bertram Jesse Tucker 1888-1952, Mabel Sophia Tucker 1892-1958 also their son Maxwell Tucker 1925-1983


Tucker George W. + Annie

In loving memory of my dear husband George W. Tucker died 24 Oct 1950 aged 72 years also of Annie Tucker died 18 Jan 1963 aged 85


Tucker William + William, Margaret

Sacred to the memory of William son of William and Margaret Tucker who died Nov 19th 1818 aged 24 years also the above named William Tucker who died May 19th 1872 aged 75 years Thy Will be done also Margaret Tucker daughter of the above named who died Aug 6th 1891 aged 6 years Her end was Peace


Turner Betsy

Betsy Turner died April 18th 1847 aged 19 years Solomon Turner died April 29th 1849 aged 23 years In the midst of life we are in death


Turner Ernest Arthur +Mabel

In loving memory of our dear parents Ernest Arthur Turner who died March 31st 1955 aged 77 also Mabel Turner who died April 10th 1955 aged 71 Oh Lord support us all the day long of this troublous life until the shades lengthen and the evening comes and the busy world is hushed. The fever of life is over, and our work is done. Then Lord in they mercy grant us safe lodging a holy rest, and peace at the last.


Turner George + Ann

In loving memory of George Turner who died May 7th 1902 aged 83 years also of Ann the beloved wife of George Turner who departed this life August 20th 1890 aged 66 years Fell asleep in Jesus


Tutton Richard Lockyer

Beneath this stone lieth the remains of Richard Lockyer Tutton who departed this life August 5th 1842 aged 32


Vowles Ada Jane

In loving memory of dear Mum Ada Jane Vowles who fell asleep April 22nd 1974 aged 77 years Always in our thoughts


Vowles George

In loving memory of dear Dad George Vowles who fell asleep July 17th 1967 aged 85 years Always in our thoughts


Wainright Katharena

R.I.P. Katharena Wainright Jesu MCY

Katharena wife of the late Capt. Moreno Francis Wainright HEIC who fell asleep Oct 21 1915 aged 75

Bur. 23 Oct 1915


Warburton P. A. G.

Per Ardua ad Astra 1402462 Aircraftman 1st Cl. P. A. G. Warburton Royal Air Force 31st May 1942 aged 36 + In fond remembrance


Wason Charles Daniel

In loving memory of Charles Daniel Wason died Feb 1st 1971 aged 79 years


Wason George

George Wason died 31st March 1988 aged 83


Wason Walter

Walter Wason 1892-1972


Webster John Michael Cleland

In loving memory of John Michael Cleland Webster Major R>G>T> born 6th Jan 1929 died 20th May 1967


Webster Walter Percy Reed + Isabel Guthrie

Walter Percy Reed Webster born 7th November 1894 died 5th September 1956 aged 61 years We will remember him Isabel Guthrie Webster born 20th April 1889 died 2nd Jan 1967 aged 77 years At Rest


West Henry Edward + Frances Ann

In loving memory of my dear husband Henry Edward West who passed away Oct 20th 1932 aged 62 At Rest also of Frances Ann West his wife who passed away Oct 20th 1953 aged 86


West? Elizabeth

[the right half of the gravestone refers to the death of the wife of Nathaniel Look - viz]

of Mary his wife who died 18th August 1754 //

aged 36 years and likewise of Elizabeth their daughter who died on 19th August 1780 aged 42 years

Two stones lying on each other?


White Alfred

Treasured memories of a dear husband, father and grandfather Alfred White MM died 17th Dec. 1983 aged 68 years Peace after Pain


Whitehead Amy Ethel + John

In ever loving memory of Amy Ethel beloved wife of John Whitehead of Butleigh Hill Jan 30th 1954 also of her beloved husband John Whitehead at rest Dec 8th 1957 aged 72 years Re-united


Wilcox Henry

In loving memory of Henry Wilcox who died 7th Dec 1952 aged 62


Wilcox Lewis

Lewis Wilcox fell asleep Feb 24th 1934


Williams Flo + Alf

In loving memory Flo Williams died 16th January 1997 aged 75 also her husband Alf died 16th April 2000 aged 78 reunited in God's keeping


Williams William Charles + Doris Edith Kate

In loving memory of William Charles Williams 1905-1988 dearly loved so sadly missed and his wife Doris Edith Kate Williams 1907-198 forever in our thoughts


Willis Ann + Ann

Ann the beloved wife of Stephen Willis died February 26th 1875 aged 54 years Her life is [ ] with Christ in God Ann their daughter died March 3rd 1875 aged 15 years She is not dead but sleepeth


Willoughby Kit

In loving memory of Kit Willoughby dear wife of Edgar and mother of Joan died 29th December 1966 aged 78


Winstone Elsie

In loving memory of Elsie Winstone died Aug 24th 1933 aged 40 years He giveth his beloved sleep


Winstone Margaret + George

With love we remember Margaret Winstone 19 Feb 1971 aged 68 and her husband George re-united 2 Aug 1977 aged 81


Withers Elizabeth

[An Elizabeth Withers was bur. 28 May 1845 – other Elizabeths were buried 24 Nov 1746, 22 Feb 1769, 17 Sep 1774] and 3 Jul 1797


Withers Ellen

Ellen Withers died 14th February 1869 aged 75years


Witty Ann

In loving memory of Ann Witty who died at Keinton Mandeville Feb 20 1909 aged 93 years Memory of the just is blessed


Witty George

In memory of George Witty who departed this life May 17 1873 aged 77 years Truly my hope is in thee


Wooley Dereck Leslie

In loving memory of Dereck Leslie Wooley husband father and brother died 3rd April 1993 aged 66


Young Walter Arthur + Lillian Mary

In loving memory of Walter Arthur Young who fell asleep June 17th 1943 aged 62 years Rest in Peace also Lillian Mary wife of the above died Nov 5th 1958 aged 79 years