A most useful group to join if you are researching Family history in Somerset is:

If you are researching just Butleigh, which falls within the Whitley Parish then apply to

The most useful site for Census plus Birth Marriage and Death information is which offer a 14 day free trial then you are required to pay a subscription is the well known Latter-Day Saints site that has the largest offering of family material – for free

For finding other people researching the same families or individuals as yourself the best site is but this also requires a subscription

In the future the two best sites for BMD and Parish Register information are the following which are totally free and becoming more and more complete due to the efforts of thousands of volunteers;

A) For Parish Registers -

B) For BMD's -

If you wish to look at old maps of Somerset etc. visit

For Somerset grave memorials try

Many Butleigh people emigrated and their names can be found on ship's manifests such as;

Several families with Butleigh connections have their own sites (let me know if you wish to add yours here);

1) Gill Family in New Zealand -


Other sites:

This site is listed in the British Towns and Villages Encyclopaedia of Great Britain and we can be found in the entry for Butleigh