This section is intended for people to record their reminiscences of life in Butleigh or to note more personal details about their ancestors who lived here. Feel free to add your contribution too. The Somerset Record Office has been collecting an Oral History of Somerset through the efforts of several enthusiastic volunteers who have visited particular people to record on tape their stories. For Butleigh Ann Heeley has carried out this important function over a period of thirty years and listed below is a table of most of her recordings relevant to Butleigh with their SRO reference. The recordings are now on CD and I believe that most have also been transcribed into text.

The other part of this section will contain information gleaned from other sources that cover more general aspects of Butleigh History, facts and figures.


Memories of Butleigh

1) The Carter family, by Jack Carter

2) The Adams family by Wesley and Irene Adams

3) The Mattock family by Rod Mattock


Oral History of Butleigh


Butleigh Past

1) Rich and Poor in the time of James I