South Barrow

This file contains records not listed elsewhere for baptisms and burials post 1813 in South Barrow. I began the file after acquiring a Rates Book for South Barrow (1848 – 1853) off the internet, which had migrated with a member of the Phillips family of South Barrow, ending up in Scotland. All the information contained therein will be added to this file eventually. If you note any records that I have missed or can add or correct anything, please contact me from the e-mail address on my title page at

There are a few links to Butleigh, my main passion, mainly through the Portman and Mildmay families and it has even turned out that a very distant family of my own ancestors, the Lovells, had possession of the village in the 12/13th century! Especial thanks go to Wendy Nash who gave great assistance in allowing me to photograph much of this data from the Parish Records. Have fun!


1) John Allin


1) John Applin (widower) of Ditcheat

A John Applin married to a Mary had a daughter Elizabeth Chr. 8 Jan 1773 Ditcheat. Mellior is probably the Mellior Jennings who had married John Perry at Ansford 31 Jul 1768.


1) Henry Ashford bur. 12 Apr 1699 South Barrow

2) William Ashford

3) Samuel Ashford b. 1730, bur. 2 May 1802 South Barrow aged 72

3a) William Ashford farmer Chr. 12 Feb 1764 South Barrow, bur. 11 Mar 1845 South Barrow aged 82

On the 1841 census William lived with just Sarah, Elizabeth and Samuel in South Barrow. Williams land was let ou to various tenants in South Barrow after his death. In 1851 Samuel was boarding at school in Charlton Adam but absent from 1861 census. He became a house joiner and appears in Mountain Street, Llanbeblig, Carnarvon in 1871 with a welsh wife Margaret and two daughters plus visitor Edwin Ashford Ball b. 1859 Somerset. Elizabeth appeared in 1851 visiting the Ball family relatives in 24, London Rd., Yeovil.

4) George Ashford b. 1761 bur. 24 Apr 1824 South Barrow aged 63

George is probably the George Ashford who married Elizabeth Pomery in Lovington 4 Aug 1791 witness Sarah Ashford and his parish then was Weston Bamfield. He could be a son of Samuel.


1) Samuel Atkinson b. 1847 Fingall Yorks s.o. William and Mary Atkinson

A single man and a retired Land Surveyor, Samuel lived at Mid Knole with the widowed housekeeper Jane Kellaway b. 1838 Alton Pancras, Dorset, in 1901. He married in 1908 when aged 61 and lived in St. Thomas, Devon with his 44 year old wife Fanny.


1) Sydney Pearce Baber Chr. 15 Apr. 1881 Chelsea Middlesex, s.o. builder William and Mary J. Baber, d. 22 Mar, bur. 27 Mar 1940 South Barrow aged 58 [at Old Farm House South Barrow]

In 1911 the couple lived in South Barrow with their sons and servant Mabel Brine b. 1884 Sparkford. In Kelly's Directory of 1935 Sydney listed asfarmer at Church Farm.


1) Wyllyam Balye base child of Edith Balye Chr. 9 Mar 1608 South Barrow bur. 18 Mar 1608 South Barrow

2) Joseph Bailey stone mason Chr. 9 May 1796 Keinton Mandeville, s.o. Gracious and Ann Bailey, d. 1859 (Sep Q 5c/277 Langport)

There were two Joseph Baileys in Keinton Mandeville having children at this time, the other was married to a Mabel. In 1841 Gracious lived in Keinton with his grandmother Ann Bailey. In 1851 Joseph appears alone at Manor farm, Keinton Mandeville. Alfred appears alone on the 1851 census in Grimsby as a dock labourer and on the 1861 census in Brook Street, Runcorn, Cheshire with his wife and five children – occupation stone mason. There is no further record of Gracious nor his wife Caroline – emigrated?


1) Amy Baker Chr. 10 Jan 1791 South Cadbury, d.o. George and Ann Baker, bur. 8 Jun 1831 South Barrow aged 40. She had married 29 Mar 1813 South Barrow Isaac Budgell* agricultural labourer b. 1786 Barwick [wit. John and Mary Baker]

2) George Baker b. 1866 Plymouth, labourer – boarded with James Carter at Manor Farm in 1881.

3) Herbert Baker labourer Chr. 1 Aug 1858 Hardington s.o. Edward and Mary Baker

Herbert lodged with the Raymonds at 1, Church Lane in 1881 [see also Trask] and must have then returned to hardington after his marriage to their daughter. At the 1891 census the family lived with Sarah's widowed mother Mary at 1, Church Lane, South Barrow. By 1901 the family had moved to Moortawn, Brighstone, Isle of Wight.

4) William Baker Naval pensioner

No marriage traced for the parents. Rose is probably the widowed dressmaker appearing at 15, Blythe Terrace, Lambeth on the 1891 census. Harry appears on the 1891 census with his grandparents John (b. 1831 Wincanton) and Elizabeth Topp (b. 1832 Wincanton) at Folley Lane, South Cadbury.


see Boulster


see also Boulster

1) Sampson Balthazar

2) Robert Balthazar

3) Robert Boltezer[same as Boulster (5)]

This surname seems to have meandered into Balster, Boulster – viz.


1) Ancrett Barber married 13 Jan 1630 South Barrow Robert Ostler (BT)

2) Thomas Barber yeoman b. 1844 Ditcheat [Chr. 13 Nov 1846 Ditcheat s.o. Daniel and Rebecca Barber]

On the 1861 census Emma lived with her parents at the charmingly named 'Cuddlesone Farm, Sunny Hill, Wincanton. In 1871 this family lived in Castle Cary where Thomas farmed 153 acres.


1) George Bearnes Chr. 26 Apr 1801 South Barrow s.o. Martha Bearnes

2) Mark Barnes soldier b. 1859 South Cadbury s.o. gardener William and Lydia Barnes

The family moved to Sparkford by 1890 and appear there on the 1891 census. By 1901 they lived at Rats Castle, North Cadbury.


1) James Bartlett of Babcary b. c. 1744, bur. 9 Jan 1800 South Barrow

The uncertain child might have been Hester b. 1781 – see (3) below

1a) Samuel Bartlett farmer Chr. 24 Jul 1775 South Barrow bur. 6 May 1851 South Barrow aged 77 [from Farringdon/Babcary]

Lucy Braine was possibly the sister of Silas Braine who also lived in South Barrow at this time. On the 1841 census Susanna and James lived with Hester Bartlett and Anna Bartlett b. 1834 in South Barrow. Samuel's daughter Hester was a single woman. In 1871 she lived at Clive Farm, Babcary giving her occupation as governess and that of her daughter as pupil teacher. In 1881 they lived at Under Hill, Queen Camel.

Abraham first appears in the Rates book renting 24 acres of land from Thomas Lye in September 1853. Samuel's son Samuel spent six months in prison for embezzlement in 1867 [Western Gazette 8/29 Mar 1867]

1ai) James Bartlett yeoman Chr. 24 May 1812 South Barrow bur. 22 May 1895 South Barrow aged 83

The rates book for 4 Apr 1848 shows James farming 39 acres 2 rods and 36 perches belonging to his father and paying rates of £1 16s 3d at 10p in the pound on the farm lands and his house.

On the 1851 census James and Elizabeth farmed 48 acres employing 2 men in South Barrow. They had a servant, Sarah A. Pitman (24) from North Cadbury. After the death of his father in 1851 the house and lands occupied by James were owned by 'the executors of the Late Samuel Bartlett' and not in his own name [rates book to 1854]. The amount of land from his father remained the same but from April 1852 James was renting an additional 25 acres from John Feaver.

In 1861 James farmed 96 acres with 2 men and 2 boys. In 1871 James [farming 185 acres with 4 men and a boy] and Elizabeth lived with daughter Elizabeth Oram and her three children James, Mary and Harry.

In 1881 at Parsonage farm James farmed 21 acres and besides his family there lived there the extended Phillips family (viz.) and Elijah Pickford (viz). His family were his wife, Marshall (James) Elizabeth Oram and two of her children, William and Harry. A dairymaid Elizabeth Bennet (20) lived with them.

On the 1891 census Samuel (b. 1854 South Barrow) lived at Parsonage Farm with his wife Elizabeth and sons plus father James and nephew Harry E. Oram. [see next]

1aiA) James Marshall Bartlett farmer b. 1854 South Barrow bur. 16 June 1897 South Barrow aged 43

Farmed Parsonage Farm, Church Lane in 1891 with servant Elizabeth Raymond b. 1877 Lovington. In 1901 the widow Mary E. lived 'on private means' with her two sons at Coles Lane. In 1911 she lived with just James Arthur. She died at Greenhill Farm, Foddington. Henry Marshall Bartlett was boarding in Manor Road, Fishponds, Bristol in 1911 where he was working as a printer's clerk.

2) Abraham Bartlett aged one year of Sparkford bur. 18 Sep 1814 South Barrow

3) Hester Bartlett, b. 1781, buried 17 Feb 1869 South Barrow aged 88.

Possibly the Hester born Corton farming in Babcary in 1851 as a widow? In 1841 she was at Underhill Farm, Babcary with Ann and two members of the Cannon family. An Esther Dauncey* had married Henry Cannon on 19 Jan 1775 in Barton St. David. Hester Cannon Chr. 11 Mar 1781 Babcary, d.o. Henry and Hester Cannon married William Cooling in Babcary on 30 Jan 1804 Babcary.

A Hester Bartlett married John Bartlett junior on 13 Feb 1800 Babcary [wit. Wm Bartlett and William Cooling].

4) Albert William Bartlett dairyman farmer b. 1861 Hartgrove, Dorset, s.o. William and Mary Bartlett

In 1881 Albert was still single and living at Sheans House South Barrow. In 1891 they lived at 2, Cole lands, Croydon Ban Lane, Horne, Surrey with daughter Maggie, son William and sister-in-law Eveline G. Raymond (b. 1873 North Cadbury) as housekeeper.


1) Arthur James Bealing farm lab b. 1875 (Sep Q 5a/211 Mere) Kilmington, Wilts s.o. John and Alice Bealing d. 1934

By 1901 Arthur's father was running the Wyke Dairy, Wyke Sherborne, Castleton, Dorset with his wife and very numerous children. On the 1911 census Arthur lived in South Barrow.


see also under Bowden

1) Mary Beaton pauper, formerly dairymaid b. 1790 Nether Compton, Dorset

Probably the Mary Beaton living with Isaac Phillips (b. 1806) in Little Dimmer, Thorn Farm, Castle Cary in 1841. Appeared as visitor to Hannah Brook b. 1777 Horsington (Pauper ag lab) in 1851 and in 1861 lived in the 'shed' with aglab Henry Wake (40).


1) Robert Beerce married 16 Feb 1628 South Barrow Charitie Gregory


1) Mathew Bennet married 28 Feb 1628 South Barrow Jane Cottell

2) Elizabeth Bennet b. 1861 Castle Cary – dairymaid lodging at Parsonage Farm in 1881 [James Bartlett]


1) Mary [nee Hawker?] Biddiscombe b. 1795 Nether Compton, Dorset died 1886 (DecQ 5a/225 Sherborne)

In 1871 Mary lived with her son-in-law Josiah Bush in South Barrow (he had married her daughter Albertina). She was a widow, formerly a baker living at Park House Way, Marston Magna in 1851. Her husband had been Isaac Biddiscombe. Her daughter Sarah who had married Edward Tanner also had their son Henry baptized in South Barrow.*


1) John Blagdon witnessed marriages in 1759 South Barrow

2) Ann Blagdon bur. 18 Apr 1770 South Barrow

3) Ann Blagdon 'The Younger' bur. 8 Sep 1774 South Barrow

4) William Blagdon bur. 11 May 1775 South Barrow

5) Thomas Blagdon bur. 16 Feb 1780 South Barrow

6) James Blagdon

John appears on the 1851 census in Sparkford as a pauper, formerly Ag Lab, married to Mary b. 1767 Wellow, also a pauper, formerly charwoman. Charles is the pauper, formerly butcher, living at Sparkford in 1851 with his wife Mary b. 1798 Lovington, a midwife.

7) Mary Blagdon b. 1806 married 8 Jun 1824 South Barrow William Webb [wit. Geo. Pickford, Edith Mills] she was bur. 14 Oct 1849 South Barrow aged 43 [48?]


1) Thomas Blake


1) John Blandford

This person owned a house and land in South Barrow in 1848 which he rented out to William Phillips junior. Possibly John Blandford b. 1783 Sparkford, living in Sutton Montis in 1841 and 1851 and described as a landed proprietor.


1) Mary Elizabeth Board [Huxford at marriage] b. 1866 Devon Uplime, bur. 4 Jan 1919 South Barrow aged 52

Mary was the second wife of cowman Arthur John Board b. 1859 Shepton Mallet. They had two daughters together, Emily and Alice but Arthur also had children from his previous marriage. In 1911 they had lived at Frome.


1) Robert Bond of Pitcombe

2) Ann Bond of Queen Camel married 25 Jun 1833 South Barrow John Phillips*


Baulster, Balster, Balstone – see also Balthazar

1) Walteri Boulster

2) Henrie Baulster

3) William Balstar ['Senr' bur. 3 Feb 1695 South Barrow]

4) Richard Balster bur. 2 Mar 1722 South Barrow

5) Robert Balster/Boltezer bur. 30 Apr 1718 South Barrow

See under Balthazar for this family origin.

6) John Balstone


1) Samuel Bowden of Sparkford bur. 11 May1798 Sparkford

Presumably the family lived in South Barrow in the mid-1780's for Mary to be baptized there.

2) George Bowden carpenter b. 1801 Sandford Orcas

The family arrived in South Barrow after the 1841 census and in 1851 the three youngest children were dressmakers. They had John Raymond as a lodger. In April 1848 George paid 2/1d rates on his cottage and garden, rented from the executors of William Ashford [paid twice a year]. In 1861 George, Catherine and John lived together in South Barrow. In 1871 George and Catherine lived alone in SB and in 1881 their address given as Bottom Hill South Barrow.

In 1861 an Elizabeth Bawden b. 1849 Queen Camel and nephew William Bawden [Chr. 14 Mar 1852 Queen Camel s.o. Samuel and Ann Bowden] – probably related – stayed in South Barrow with their uncle Matthew Martin. [link through the Martins to previous family too?]. Charles seems to be staying with an uncle John Bowden in Backwell Bedminster.

2a) William George Bowden carpenter b. 1832 s.o. George Bowden bur. 20 Oct 1900 East Lydford

In 1881 this family lived at East Lydford

2b) John Bowden carpenter Chr. 30 Oct 1842 South Barrow

No further information on this family.

3) John Bowden labourer, b. 1818 Sparkford s.o. William Bowden [d. 31 May 1878 (Jun Q 5c/349 Yeovil) West Camel aged 60]

In 1871 Joseph was staying with his grandmother Elizabeth Pickford in SB, birhplace given as Lydford. Or is Joseph son of William George?

In 1881 the widowed Honor was a draper and grocer in West Camel living with just her daughter Sarah.


1) Frances (nee Oram*, d.o. Thomas Oram) Bown b. 1817 South Barrow, bur. 19 Mar 1885 South Barrow [from Newbarrow, Trent] aged 68

In 1871 the widowed Frances had been a servant in Sherborne. She had married George Bown, s.o. William Bown, in Midsomer Norton 30 Jan 1841.


1) Ann Bracy married 15 Apr 1769 South Barrow Joseph Gould [wit. John Slade, Larances Cranton]*


see also Brine

1) Silas Brain b. 1796, d. 19 Jul 1845 Corton Denham aged 48 [from Corfe Mullen, Dorset]

Silas and Lucy with most of their children appear on the 1841 census at Newfield Farm, Pimperne, Blandford Union, Dorset. John, his sister Ann, and daughter [father given as John Brain at marriage] Louisa lived in SB in 1841. In 1851 Louisa was in Sparkford as visitor to farmer Henry Dauncey b. 1821 South Barrow who had married Ann Brain. William King Brain giving his pob as South Barrow was visiting the Coombs family in Little Fontmell, Child Okeford in 1851.

1a) John Brain yeoman, churchwarden b. 1811 Corton Denham

In April 1848 John paid rates of £3 2s 9¼d on his cottage and 59 acres of land rented from the executors of William Ashford – in Oct '48 it was noted that his abode was Sparkford but he still paid rates on the 59 acres until May 1849, when the ownership of the land had changed to Lord Portman and John Feaver. In 1851 John and his wife lived at Sparkford with three children and servants Sarah Pickford b. 1833 South Barrow and George Raymond b. 1834 South Barrow. John farmed 178 acres there with 5 labourers. In 1861 [Braine] the family lived at Wilford farm, Sparkford. Their servants were Caleb Budgell b. 1827 South Barrow and Jane Billing (14) from Alford.

John K. had married Mary D. of Weston Bampfylde and in 1871 farmed 33 acres in Ansford and had a daughter Jane.


1) Richard Bratcher of Braten (Bruton) married 11 Jun 1753 South Barrow Love Paine of Braten


1) Elizabeth Brine b. 1790 South Barrow, charwoman

Elizabeth a widow lived in Sparkford in 1851 with her son Alfred Brine (b. 1823 Sparkford), his family and his brother Wyndham (b. 1835 Sparkford). [Widow of Alexander Brine?]

2) John Brine labourer b. 1813 Sparkford d. 1890 (Jun Q 5c/320 Wincanton) aged 77

[the John Lovelace Brine b. 18 Jan, Chr. 26 Jan 1812 Sparkford, s.o. John and Ann Brine?]

In 1851 the couple lived in Sparkford with seven children, six of whom were Sparkford born. In 1861 the couple lived on Sparkford Road, Sparkford with six children all born Sparkford. One was Emily b. 1859 Sparkford who married Alexander Brine (3a)

3) Elizabeth Brine b. 1849 South Barrow was a servant in 1871 at the home of Silas Pickford. [Probably the Elizabeth d.o. John, b. Sparkford?]

4) Alex(sander) Brine labourer Chr. 27 Mar 1808 Sparkford s.o. Joseph and Elizabeth Brine

Just after her marriage Sarah had a base born child baptized: Thomas Wake Chr. 1 Nov 1829 South Barrow which was presumably by anothetr father. In 1851 the family lived at Welham, Shepton Montague.

4a) George Brine Chr. 1 Jan 1832 South Barrow [d. 17 May 1874 (Jun 5c/351 Wincanton) Sparkford aged 44]

In 1841 George lived with his brothers and sisters in Sparkford. Missing in 1851 he must have still been in Ireland and reappeared in Sparkford on the 1861 census. On the 1871 census this family lived at Sparkford but on the 1881 Sarah and three of her sons lived with her new husband George Foot and his family – see Foot!

4a1) Alexander Brine Ag carter b. 1853 Cork, Ireland, bur. 4 Jul 1906 South Barrow aged 53

In 1891 the family shared Pickfords Cottage, Woodgate with the Willis family. In 1901 they lived at 'Shop'. By 1911 Emily was a widow and lived with Rosie and Stanley George Hawkins plus boarder Birt Payne b. 1887 Lucen Camel, Som. Emily stated that she had had 7 children but one had died. Mabel was a servant in 1891 with the Baber family.


1) Thomas Brocke bur. 17 Oct 1629 South Barrow

2) Isaac Brook of Queen Camel married 2 [27] Dec 1712 South Barrow Ann Glower

3) Hannah Brook [Chr. 26 Dec 1789?] Horsington (Pauper ag lab) bur. 19 Jan 1859 South Barrow aged 76

In 1841 Hannah unmarried lived alone but in 1851 she had a visitor, Mary Beaton b. 1790 Nether Compton Dorset, also a pauper.

2) Ann Brooks b. 1798 'Black Sloe' Som. married 25 Nov 1822 South Barrow John Wake Chr. 17 Feb 1799 South Barrow [wit. William Brooks, Eliza Plucknett]*

In 1851 called Weak and with son John b. 1841 Stoke Trister.

3) Robert Brooks on 14 Nov 1878 South Barrow Robert witnessed the marriage of Job Windsor.


1) John Browne m. 24/28 Jan 1637 South Barrow Joan

2) John Browne Parish Clerk bur. 12 Nov 1708 South Barrow

DD\SAS\C/795/PR/159/3Certificate (South Barrow)of election of John Brown as parish clerk. [1 paper] 1699

3) John Brown

4) Alexander Brown [Chr. 31 May 1730 Sparkford s.o. Samuel and Ann Brown]

5) Benjamin Brown b. 1781 bur. 17 Nov 1844 South Barrow aged 68

Benjamin appears in South Barrow in 1841 alongside the Glberts, Mathew Martin, Alfred Hocking and Elizabeth Carew [in poor house?]

6) Mary Brown b. 1790 Queen Camel, bur. 10 Feb 1864 South Barrow aged 74

Possibly the unmarried Mary living in Queen Camel with her nephew Henry Brown in 1861. In 1851, formerly a weaver, she had lived with her brother George.

7) Thomas Brown b. 1791

8) William Brown farmer

Harriett and Henrietta are found together on 1841 census. Harriett gave Castle Cary as pob at marriage. In 1851 Henrietta and Silas lived in South Cadbury.


see Burge

1) Ann Budgell b. 1782 Stafford, Staffs m. 16 Dec 1805 South Barrow [wit. Wm. Bull, John Wake] Thomas Wake

2) Thomas Budgel labourer [Chr. 1793 Barwick s.o. John and Mary, or Chr. 6 Jun 1784 Barwick s.o. John and Martha?]

3) Isaac Budgell agricultural labourer Chr. 20 Dec 1787 Barwick s.o. Isaac and Hannah Budgell, bur. 16 Feb 1873 South Barrow aged 92

On the 1841 census Isaac lived in South Barrow with sons Samuel, Charles and Isaac and daughter Charlotte. Caleb lodged with the Pickfords. Ann Selina married John Lapham 1 Sep 1845 Babcary and they lived at Kilmington and had six children.

On the 1851 census, called Budgle, Isaac lived with Ann, Caleb, Charles, Isaac and grandchildren Alfred and George Budgle. On the 1861 census Isaac Budgel [misread Bridget!] lived with Ann, Charles, Isaac and grandsons Alfred and George. Samuel was travelling as a hawker when he married in Wincanton.

In 1871 Isaac was on Parochial relief. Daughter Ann was a general servant to William Phillips.

3a) Alfred Budgel labourer Chr. 30 Jan 1842 South Barrow, s.o. Ann Budgell, bur. 17 Jul 1902 South Barrow aged 60

In 1871 Alfred lived with wife and three sons in SB. In 1881 Herbert lodged with Edward Pickford at Church Farm. Alfred lived at Corner Steps with his mother Ann, son Samuel and daughters Annie, Bessie and Francis. In 1891 Samuel lived with his uncle Samuel Raymond in Catnel Batch, Church Lane. Alfred was at Woodgate with daughters Annie, Bessie and Fannie and Ann Budgel b. 1818. In 1901 at St. Peters church Alfred lived with William Raymond and family.

3a1) Samuel Raymond Budgell cowman b. 1870, Chr. 31 Jan 1871 South Barrow, of Sparkford, d. 10 Jan 1956 (Mar Q 7c/479 Wincanton) bur. 13 Jan 1956 South Barrow [abode Sparkford]

In 1901 this family lived at Manor Farm and were still there in 1911. In 1935 Samuel was described as a smallholder in the Kelly's Directory. Eliza died at Church View South Barrow.


1) Abraham Bull

2) William Bull b. 1756 bur. 14 Mar 1837 South Barrow aged 81


1) Thomas Burge labourer

In 1841 Miriam lived in Ditcheat with her son Samuel. In 1851 she states that she is 'not living with her husband' and still had her son with her.

2) Sarah Ann Burge b. 1854 Castle Cary

In 1861 lived in Lovington with her mother Mary Ann b. 1827 East Pennard and step-father Samuel Golledge. In 1871 she was servant at the home of Phillip Walter in South Barrow


1) Thomas Burnet


1) Josiah Bush General merchant clerk b. 1826 Marston Magna d. 1905 (Sep Q 5c/243 Yeovil)

Josiah had been clerk to Messrs Bagshots Coal Merchants. This family first appear in SB on the 1861 census, but without Emma. In 1871 Josiah described as a Foreman in a coal yard and his wife as a schoolmistress and daughters Albertina and Mary had left home. Mary Biddiscombe b. 1796 Dorset, Albertina's mother, lived with them, her husband Isaac had been a baker. Mary died in 1886 at Sherborne aged 91.



1) John Cree [possibly Orce] of West Camel married 11 Jun 1753 South Barrow Mary Jinnens of Sanford

2) John Carew of Sparkford

3) Richard Carew blacksmith of Sparkford [d. 1850 (Jun Q 10/538 Shepton Mallet)]

Elizabeth Carew b. 1823 Sparkford, granddaughter of William and Mary (nee Martin) Gilbert – with them on 1851 census in SB. Honor and her husband and two children lived at Hazelgrove, Queen Camel in 1851. In 1861 Elizabeth was a housekeeper to her uncle Matthew Martin in SB. Same person as the Elizabeth Cerew b. 1816 on 1841 census in SB?

Another daughter of Richard's was also Priscilla.


1) John Carter

2) James Carter farm bailiff b. 1838 Sutton Montis d. 1915 (Mar Q 5c/665 Wincanton) aged 77

James had moved into Manor Farm South Barrow shortly before the 1881 census and his daughter born there died shortly after. They had a boarder, George Baker b. 1868 Plymouth as labourer. In 1891 James his wife and Francis shared Laburnum Villa, Church Lane with William Francis and his wife. In 1901 at Church Farm James and Sarah Carter lived with boarder Olive Pickford b. 1900 South Barrow. Olive was still there in 1911 and daughter Ellen who was absent from previous censuses. The couple had given birth to eight childrn but only 5 still lived in 1911.


1) Joseph Chalkraft bur. 29 Sep 1719 South Barrow


1) William Chamberlain [a William Chr. 7 Dec 1673 Shepton Mallet?]

2) Samuel Chamberlain dairyman Chr. 6 Aug 1843 North Barrow s.o. James and Mary Chamberlain d. 1931 (Mar Q 5c/514 Wincanton) aged 86

In 1871 and 1881 the couple lived in North Barrow, where Samuel had been born. In 1891 they lived at 822, Portman Cottages, Brickyard Hill. By 1901 Samuel was a widower living alone at Barrow Farm, North Barrow.

3) Frank Chamberlain labourer b. 1867 North Cadbury, s.o. Elias and Eleanor Chamberlaine, d. 1932 (Mar Q 5c/571 Wincanton) aged 64

In 1891 this couple lived at 9, Butleigh Wooton. At the 1901 census this family lived at St. Peters Church South Barrow but a fourth child was baptised in North Cadbury in 1901 suggesting they may have returned there. By 1911 they had moved to Newtown Farmer, Kingston Magna, Dorset



1) Ann Chapple b. 1814 Compton Dando, bur. 5 Jan 1892 South Barrow aged 78

Ann was the mother-in-law of Edward Pickford and lived with him and her daughter Sarah at Church Farm, Church lane South Barrow in 1891. In 1881 she had been living in Pensford with her deaf and dumb daughter Ann. Her husband had been George Chapple (b. 1807 Kingsbury) a baker and they had lived in 1851 at Compton Dando with eight children then. [pob C. Dando, not C. Dundon as on 1891 census]


1) Albert John Chard miller b. 1874 Bridgehampton, ofWest Camel s.o. William Chard [wit. Wm Geo. Wake and Fanny Wake]

In 1901 the family lived in Back Lane, West Camel.


1) Margaret Chubb married 28 May 1694 South Barrow John Hebditch*


1) Sidney Herbert Clare labourer b. 1867 Alford s.o. Arthur and Elizabeth Clare

In 1891 this family lived on Brickyard Hill. By 1901 they had moved to Park Cottage, Radyr, Cardiff.


1) Robert Clarke b. 1804 South Barrow s.o. Robert Clarke [deceased at marriage]

Robert was clerk and superintendant Registrar of the Wincanton District. In 1851 the couple lived in the High Street, Wincanton with their four children.


1) Thomas Clements labourer b. 1850 Edgarley

In 1871 Mary Jane lived at Maggoty Batch Sparkford with her widowed mother Jane (b. 1831 Cornworthy, Devon) and four other children. In 1882 the family lived at Sparkford where Thomas was the manager for a coal dealer.


1) Alan John Clothier farmer at Manor Farm in 1935 [Kelly's Directory]


1) John Cocke bur. 2 Dec 1630 South Barrow


1) Elizabeth Coleberd poultry farmer (stated married 1885) b. 1863 Essex farm, Lychett Matravers, Poole, Dorset, bur. 1 Jan 1936 South Barrow aged 73

Living in South Barrow in 1911 Elizabeth stated she had 5 children, four still living but just George and Florence living with her. Not traced before 1901.


1) George Colman shepherd b. 1836 Castle Cary

In 1861 the family are found in North Barrow.


1) Ann Cook b. 1826

Ann lived with the Ashford family in South Barrow in 1841, aged 15. Possibly the Anne who married Henry Knight in 1843 (Dec Q 10/831 Wincanton). If so she was born 1824 Shepton Montague and in 1851 lived in South Bruham.

Cooling – see Cullen


1) Mary Cooper b. 1768, bur. 24 Jul 1805 South Barrow aged 37 [abode Sparkford]


1) Job Copes


1) William Corp witnessed marriage of James Webb 29 Jul 1792 South Barrow

2) Jane Corp b. 1791 South Barrow

In 1851, dressmaker Jane, describing herself as unmarried klived at 13, Cross lane, Trinity Walcot, Bathh with her two sons Henry and William, both born in Bath.

3) Jane Corp b. 1853 Baltonsborough d.o. John and Ann Corp

Jane was a servant in 1871 of Emma Pickford. In 1891 she was still single and living with her brother-in-law Abraham Payne in Barton, Babcary.

4) Mary Elizabeth Corp b. 1857 Doulting, from Lovington married 1886 (Mar Q 5c/657 Wincanton) James Marshall Bartlett b. 1854 South Barrow*

5) Annie Sarah Corp b. 1868 d.o. farmer John Corp married 7 Aug 1900 South Barrow joiner Joseph Henry Taylor b. 1871 of St. John's Parish, Yeovil, s.o. Innkeeper Robert Taylor [witn. Arthur John & Florence Sarah Corp]

6) George Henry Corp farmer b. 1860 Doulting d. 29 May, bur. 1 Jun 1942 South Barrow [from The Firs, Banner Rd., Sparkford]

In 1901 this couple lived on Parsonage Farm and were still there in 1911.


1) Henry Edwin Corry baker, grocer & newsagent b. 1852 (Jun Q 5c/560 Wincanton) North Barrow

In 1891 Henry ran the shop in Woodgate with nephew Bertram A. Roberts b. 1878 West Camel as assistant. In 1901 they had moved to 30, York Road Acton where Henry was now foreman for a cab proprietor and they lived with his mother Ann and sister Martha.


1) Jane Cottell married 28 Feb 1628 South Barrow Mathew Bennet

2) Frederick James Cottle labourer b. 1863 Sherborne, s.o. Richard Cottle

In 1881 Frederick and Sarah lived in Shaftesbury with his mother Eliza Trip. In 1891 Mary Eliza stayed in Bottom Hill with her grandparents Thomas and Mary Winsor. Of the rest of the family – nfi [emigrated?]


1) John Court bur. 31 Aug 1794 South Barrow


1) Samuel Cox of Limmington married 1 Jan 1737 South Barrow Alice (?) of Limmington

2) John Cox of Wincanton married 4 Oct 1804 South Barrow Martha Dauncey [wit. Joseph and Charles Dauncey]


1) Richard Craft


1) Millier Crane bur. 6 Jul 1705 South Barrow

2) Ann Crane bur. 7 Aug 1724 South Barrow

3) Sarah Crane bur. 5 Jan 1729 South Barrow


1) Charles Edward Crofts farmer b. 1871 Corscombe, Dorset


1) Elizabeth Cross b. 1811 Stowel married: 13 Jul 1829 South Barrow Joseph Pickford farmer b 1801 Cheriton *

2) Joseph Cross dairyman b. 1831 Lamyatt s.o. Thomas and Margaret Cross

In 1871 this family lived in Bruton with Joseph's parents, also dairyman.


Cooling – Culling - Cowline

1) John Cooling

2) William Cooling

3) Barzillai Cullen/Cooling labourer b. 1781/6 Hornblotton bur. 9 Jan 1870 South Barrow aged 86

Barzillai seems to be the Barzilea Pitney Cullen Chr. 16 Sep 1781 West Bradley, the illegitimate son of Elizabeth Cullen of Ditcheat. Pitney was presumably the father's surname. No Elizabeth Cullen found at West Bradley or Ditcheat but there was an Elizabeth Collins born 1765 in Ditcheat

The name of the eldest son of Barzillai is unreadable on the PR but may be readable on the BTs, if they exist. A George Cullen who on some censuses gives his date of birth as 1808/9 and birthplace Lovington and/or South Barrow married Elizabeth Grant of Butleigh on 15 May 1832 in Barton St. David and proceeded to have eight children there. Two of his sons gave Barzillai as names for their sons and the link seems most probable.

Barzillai and his wife and son John [Jehu] appear together on the 1841 census but the parents alone on the 1851 census. The widowed Barzillai was alone on the 1861 census giving his birthplace as Ditcheat and dob 1783.

3a) Barzillai Cullen agricultural labourer Chr. 18 Feb 1810 Lovington bur. 25 Jun 1872 South Barrow aged 62

The family appear in South Barrow in 1841 and 1851 but Henry had died in 1849. In 1861 only Eli and Ellen were at home with their parents, plus mother-in-law Martha Mills (b. 1781 Marston Magna) [see Thomas and Mills]. In 1871 Barzillai and Martha lived with just shirtmaker daughter Ellen. Eli and family were living in Sturminster, Dorset in 1871.

3a1) Eli Cooling labourer Chr. 14 Mar 1841 South Barrow

In 1871 the family lived at Gold Street The Park, Stalbridge, Dorset

4) Daniel Cooling labourer Chr. 22 Jan 1832 North Barrow s.o. James and Elizabeth Cooling

In 1871 the family lived in North Barrow.


1) Robert Dalston bur. 7 Mar 1680 South Barrow


1) Sarah Darch b. 1812 South Barrow

Sarah married seedsman Christopher Puddy 1843 (Dec Q 11/168 Bristol) and in 1851 they lived at Bove Town Glastonbury with their three children.

2) Robert Darch labourer b. 1832 Old Cleeve

In 1871 the family lived at Stone Farm, Exton, Dulverton, Som. In 1881 they lived at Blackford. Nfi on Frederick after 1891.

2a) Albert Darch labourer b. 1864 Exton

In 1901 Albert lived in Little Weston, Weston Bampfylde with his wife and five children all born there.



A) Tassell Dauncey

Taswell is mentioned in the Chronicles of John Cannon (pp. 626, 647) concerning work that he had done for him in Babcary in Dec 1741 and payment refused him in June 1742. Joseph and Ester (Esther) married Cannon family members of Babcary.

1) Joseph Dauncey b. 1747 of Barton St. David, [s.o. Taswell and Mary Dauncey] bur. 9 Sep 1819 South Barrow aged 72

On 19 Jan 1775 in Barton St. David, Joseph witnessed [together with John Dauncey] the wedding of Esther Dauncey to Henry Cannon of Babcary, probably his wife's brother. Both Esther and John were children of Taswell Dauncey and therefore it seems also probable that Joseph was too, and he named one of his children after his father and his first daughter after his mother. His nephew Charles (b. 1771, son of Joseph's brother Taswell) became overseer to the estates of Lord Glastonbury in Butleigh in 1806.

Son John seems to have married Ann and had two children in Wincanton, Martha Chr. 30 Dec 1816 and John Chr. 23 Jun 1821 before his own death.

DD/S/BT/20/2/2 - 1] Charles Dauncey of Kingweston, yeoman 2] Joseph Dauncey of South Barrow, yeoman Covenant to produce deeds of Dry Close, Drang and several parcels of arable in Keinton Mandeville, with schedule of deeds.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT Date: 1797

1a) Joseph Dauncey Chr. 30 Sep 1776 South Barrow [bur. 6 Oct 1830 Barton St. David aged 54, abode Barton St. David]

Elizabeth Bailey lived in Keinton in 1841.

DD/S/BT/20/2/1/1] Joseph Dauncey of South Barrow, yeoman2] Charles Dauncey of Kingweston, yeoman
Tassell Dauncey of Barton St. David, yeoman Covenant to produce deeds of land in North and Quarry fields, Pitch Close and barn near church, Keinton Mandeville. Endorsed with schedule. 1797

DD/S/BT/2/2 1] Charles Dauncey of Kingweston, yeoman 2] Joseph Dauncey of South Barrow, yeoman
Covenant to produce deeds of Dry Close, Drang and several parcels of arable in Keinton Mandeville, with schedule of deeds.

1b) Charles Dauncey Chr. 14 Jan 1786 South Barrow bur. 5 Jun 1846 South Barrow aged 60 [d. in Church Stanton]

By 1840 (Sep Q 10/687 Wincanton) Thomas married Mary Creed b. 1817 Baltonsborough and in 1851 they farmed 100 acres at Yeovil Marsh and in 1911 Thomas still lived in Yeovil.

1c) Henry Dauncey farmer Chr. 13 Jul 1789 South Barrow bur. 22 Nov 1858 South Barrow aged 69

A Mary Dauncey aged one year bur. 19 Sep 1820 South Barrow may be a child of this couple. Misread as Danney on 1841 census – Henry and Mary plus Jane, Sarah, Henry and Edwin (b. 1831). In April 1848 Henry paid 14s 2½d rates on his own house and land (5 acres) and £3 0s ½d on the 60 acres rented from Lord Portman. In May 1849 Edwin was renting the 60 acres from Lord Portman.

By 1851 Henry was a retired farmer and lived with just his wife. In 1861 Mary was widowed and her daughter Sarah and husband Henry Gould and their son Henry D. (b. 1858 South Barrow) lived with her. In 1871 they were all still there. In 1881 Mary is called an Annuitant and lived with just Henry Gould and wife Sarah at Maple House South Barrow. In 1891 Mary still lived with daughter Sarah, now also widowed, at Maple House, Church Lane.

DD\MI/3/2/21 Paulet Henry George St John Mildmay and Lady Jane Mildmay to John Barrett
Lease of premises in church street for the lives of James, Caleb and Edward Barrett sons of John Barrett. NB these names have crossed out and replaced by Henry Knight, son of William of Horsington and
Henry Dancey of South Barrow.Rent:- 5 shillings and service. 1804

1ci) Edwin Dauncey Chr. 13 Apr 1823 South Barrow bur. Jan 28 1884 South Barrow aged 60

Edwin added 25 acres rented from John Feaver to the 60 acres he rented from Lord Portman by the time he paid the rates in September 1849. By May 1850 he had also added the 15 acres of Lord Portman's land that his father had kept until then. In April 1852 the 25 acres belonging to John Feaver went to James Bartlett. Edwin was an Overseer of the Poor in 1852. In 1861 Edwin farmed 88 acres in South Barrow with 3 men and his three children were at home. In 1871 Edwin farmed 113 acres with 2 men and a boy. In 1881 at Foster's farm Edwin farmed 129 acres employing 2 men and 2 boys but William had married and was a dairyman at 4, Woodhouse, Odcombe. William Arthur was buried 13 Dec 1883 South Barrow aged 27 and his wife became a servant in Yeovil to a solicitor at 13, Kingston.

1ciA) Eli Dauncey farmer b. 1850 South Barrow d. 30 Nov, bur. 5 Dec 1940 (Dec Q 5c/1050) aged 91

In 1891 the widowed Mary lived with her son Eli and his family at Foster's Farm, Church Lane with servant Elizabeth A. Lamb b. 1875 Trent,Som. In 1901 the family had increased by one and still lived at Fosters Farm. In 1911 the family still lived at South Barrow and in Kelly's Directory of 1935 Eli listed as farmer at Foster's Farm.

1ciA1) William Henry Dauncey Chr. 26 Sep 1886 South Barrow, d. 1962

This family is still farming at Foster's Farm, South Barrow.

1cii) Henry Dauncey b. 1826 South Barrow bur 4 Nov 1856 South Barrow aged 36? from Sparkford

In 1851 Henry and family lived at Sparkford together with Louisa Brain b. 1833 South Barrow as visitor. Ann Brain, Henry's wife was her aunt. In 1861 Ann was a widow living at Ansford with daughter Sarah. A. b. 1848 Cattistock. In 1871 Ann was a visitor in Sherborne, staying with the Trim family. In 1891 she was at Elm Farm, Shepton Mallet with John W. Haggett and family – she was his mother-in-law and her pob given as Up Cerne, Dorset.

Elizabeth Dauncey b. 1851, bur. 29 Dec 1891 South Barrow aged 40 [wife of Wm Arthur?]


1) Arthur Samuel David stonecutter b. 1873 of Huish Episcopi, s.o. William Henry David, farmer

In 1911 this couple lived at Pibsbury, Huish Episcopi, Langport with their two daughters born there.


1) Absalom Davis farmer Chr. 15 Nov 1840 Temple Combe, Som, s.o. John and Mary Jane Davis of Abbas Combe

Absalom's father was a thatcher. In 1881 they had lived at Babcary with John Day (35) classified as an imbecile. In 1891 this family lived at Hill Farm, Bottom Hill, South Barrow. Nfi

1a) Robert Davis farmer b. 1872 Yenston

In 1901 the family lived at Hill Farm with visitor Annie Read b. 1842 South Barrow. In 1911 Harry had left home. Interesting boys initials – WORD, HEAD, SAND and SEED!.


1) Richard Day bur. 12 Aug 1679 South Barrow

2) Grace Day bur. 2 Feb 1705 South Barrow [wife of last?]

3) Francis Day


1) Henry Deane

2) William Deane



1) William Dowman cowman b. 1850 Maiden Bradley, Wilts, s.o. Joseph and Eliza

In 1871 he was a servant to Phillip Walter in South Barrow


1) George Downton b. 1857, bur. 1 Dec 1887 South Barrow aged 30 [from Trowbridge, Wilts]

In 1891 the widowed Amelia lived with her parents and two children in Woodgate. In 1901 Amelia and daughter Olive (Alice?) lived with her parents at St. Peters Church. In 1911 there were just Amelia and her mother Emma Windsor alone, with Amelia stating that she had had a living, and a dead child. Amelia married again in 1912


1) John Duffett, farmer listed in Kelley's Directory of 1935 at Hill Farm. [North Cadbury]


1) Joseph Dunman thatcher b. 1823 Upton Noble

This couple lived in Upton Noble in 1851 with 2 month old Emma – no marriage traced


1) Thomas Dunning of Queen Camel married 31 Aug 1736 South Barrow Elizabeth Coles of Queen Camel


1) Frederick Dyke farmer b. 1784 Wincanton d. 1864 (Sep Q 5c/337 Wincanton)

A James Dyke witnessed a marriage in SB in Jul 1820. Frederick and Sarah appeared on the 1841 census in South Barrow. In April 1848 Frederick paid £5 17s 7d on the 112 acres he rented from Paulet St. John Mildmay and 2s 1¼d on the acre rented from William Ashord's executors. Frederick was recorded as an Overseer of the Poor in November 1850. On the 1851 census he farmed 130 acres with 3 men and two boys. They had a house servant, Anna Pickford and brother-in-law Thomas Shean (b. 1796 Castle Cary) staying with them. In 1861 the retired Frederick and his wife lived with widowed brother-in-law Thomas Shean b. 1801 Castle Cary, as a servant.

2) William Dyke b. 1848 Sparkford, s.o. James and Mary Ann Dyke– gardener's labourer lodging with John Lucas in 1871.


1) Richard Eades bur. 9 Jan 1700 South Barrow

2) Elizabeth Eedes bur. 13 Mar 1709 South Barrow [wife of last?]

3) Martha Eeds married 17 Jun 1682 South Barrow Samuel Powell

4a) Edward Eades bur. 2 Mar 1704 South Barrow [senr bur. 20 Apr 1729 South Barrow]

4b)? Edward Eades

There are several Edwards here, fathers and sons? Plus a third Edward Edds d. 8 Mar, bur 10 Mar 1758 South Barrow. An Edward and Margaret were having children in High Ham 1712 - 14 and Street 1716 - 17.

5) Samuel Edes

6) Martha Edds bur. 30 Apr 1758 South Barrow

7) Younetter (?) Edds bur. 12 Feb 1764 South Barrow

8) Richard Eades bur. 30 May 1788 South Barrow [Egedes]


see Levishot


1) John Thomas Ellis farm lab b. 1869 Caundle Marsh, Dorset

This couple had no children and lived in South Barrow in 1911 with boarder Winthrop Mackworth Praed b. 1869 Marazion Cornwall. The latter seems to be an ex-draper, widower, who had married in 1896 and had four children according to the census yet in 1901 was a single man, drapers manager in Wolverhampton..


see Frampton


1) James Farthing b. 1796 South Barrow

In 1841 James and Patience lived in North barrow with sons William, John and Samuel. In 1851 James lived in North Barrow with daughter Ann b. 1829 North Barrow

1a) Samuel Farthing labourer Chr. 15 Jun 1834 North Barrow s.o. James and Patience Farthing

In 1871 the family lived in North Barrow with all but Laban. Subsequent children born post 1871.


1) Uriah Samuel Fear b. 1848 (Dec Q 10/485 Wincanton) Sutton Montis

A servant in 1861 at William Pickford's farm. He boarded in Tintinhull in 1871 and remained there until past 1911.

2) George Mead Fear ag lab b. 1862 Sutton Montis

This family arrived in South Barrow in 1901 from Sutton Montis and lived at 'Shop'. By 1911 they lived at Brook King's Sombourne, Hampshire.


1) John Feaver b. 1785 South Barrow

In 1851 John was farming 730 acres at Stoney Littleton Farm Wellow with his son John (Chr. 10 May 1827 Mells). Probably the brother of Susanna Feaver Chr. 4 Feb 1775 Compton Pauncefoot, d.o. Samuel and Jane (nee Young) Feaver who married William Gidney Phillips*. John Feaver retained ownership of land in South Barrow which he rented out to farmers such as the Bartletts.


1) Mary Foote? Bur. 21 Nov 1682 South Barrow

2) John Foot Greenwich Pensioner Chr. 19 Aug 1792 Compton Pauncefoot, s.o. Will and Grace Foot, bur. 12 Apr 1879 South Barrow aged 87

John appears on the 1841 census with his family and witnessed a marriage in Apr 1853 in SB. In 1851 they had John Webb lodging with them. By the 1861 census John lived alone as a widower and was still alone in 1871.

2a) George Foot agricultural labourer Chr. 8 May 1831 South Cadbury d. 1886 (Sep Q 5c/291 Wincanton) [or 1908 Yeovil?]

In 1861 the family lived in SB with widowed mother-in-law Mary Pitman (71) b. 1790 Castle Cary (ex-shoemaker). In 1871 only the boys were at home with their parents. In 1881 George and his new wife Sarah lived in Marston Magna with John (b. 1862) and Robert plus Henry Brine (b. 1862 Sparkford), George Brine (b. 1865 Sparkford) and Arthur Brine (b. 1869 Sparkford), the three sons of her previous marriage, plus Matilda from this new marriage. On the 1871 census they had been the sons of George and Sarah Brine – see Brine.

3) Jane Foot b. 1826 Bruton bur. 5 Mar 1874 South Barrow aged 48

On the 1871 census appears as a married lodger, in Yeovil. On the 1861 census she was the wife of John F. Foot of Yeovil. Her maiden name had been Poynting and they had married in Yeovil in 1851.


1) Sarah Frampton married 19 Sep 1757 South Barrow James Howard of West Camel [wit. Edw. Hodges, Sam. Shean]

2) Thomas Frampton

3) Frederick Albert Frampton b. 1875 Gussage All Saints, Dorset

Banns read in 1897 in South Barrow but no other obvious link.


1) William Francis labourer b. 1869 Rimpton s.o. William Francis of Rimpton

This couple shared Laburnum Villa, Church Lane with the Carter family in 1891. In 1901 William was a railway labourer and they lived at Coles Lane South Barrow. In 1911 William farmed Lower Church Farm, Charlton Musgrove and they had his niece Florence Hunt b. 1881 South Barrow helping in the dairy.

2) Arthur George Francis nursery gardener b. 1874, of East Harnham, Wilts s.o. William Francis

In 1901 the family lived at 10, Windsor Road, Hurst Terrace, Fisherton Anger within, Alderbury, Wilts.


1) Edward Frye bur. 30 Dec 1688 South Barrow


1) Richard Gane bur. 1 Apr 1689 South Barrow


Silas Garland carpenter Chr. 9 Jan 1813 Lovington s.o. Isaac Garland and Je[an?] Copper

In 1851 the couple and total of six children and lived at Peace Marsh, Gillingham. An illegitimate child William Green was baptised in South Barrow on the same day that his mother married Silas.


1) John Gifford

2) Samuel Gifford [farmer at Shepton Montague? Or the young farmer at North Barrow? - abode Sparkford in the rate Book] paid rates of 13/- on 5 acres of land rented from P. St. John Mildmay Esq. in April 1848. He last paid the rates in November 1850.


1) John Gilbert married 20 Apr 1688 South Barrow Joane Somers

2) William Gilbert b. 1781, d. 4 Oct., bur. 10 Oct 1857 South Barrow aged 87

William and Mary appear on the 1841 census in South Barrow. William was an overseer in 1848 and signed the Rates Book accounts. The Sherborne Mercury of 29 Apr 1848 reported the sale of a farm house and land in South Barrow, the property for many years in the occupation of Mr. William Gilbert. He was paying rates in April 1848 on 1 acre rented from Lord Portman, 63 acres from Mrs. Toogood and tithes of £5 2s ½d – a total of £9 1s 3d. In 1851 he was farming 63 acres with a man and a boy. His son-in-law Mathew Martin (b. 1910 Wheathill) and grandson Alfred Hockey (b. 1821 South Barrow) and grand-daughter Elizabeth Carew (b. 1823 Sparkford) lived with him and his wife as servants. From April 1854 Mr. Toogood Esq paid the Tithes himself.

There is a marble plaque in the church which records the deaths of Mary and William Gilbert.

 DD\NP/1/5/1b Dated 1855, Mar. 10, of Mary Gilbert of South Barrow, bequeathing house and premises at West Camel to son, Matthew Martin, for life and thereafter to granddaughter, Elizabeth Carew and her heirs, (subject to payment of certain annuities); they being also appointed to execute the Will.



1) Abra(ha)m Gosney of Castle Cary b. 1729, bur. 9 Mar 1817 South Barrow aged 88

A James Gosney b. 1780 appears with his wife Elizabeth at Newland Street, Sherborne in 1841.


Goole, Goold

1) Mary Gould bur. 29 Jul 1768 South Barrow [wife or mother of next?]

2) Joseph Gould b. 1739 bur. 5 Dec 1817 South Barrow aged 78

1a) James Gould labourer [Chr. 30 Jul 1769 South Barrow]?

Son James was a gardener at Hydes Farm, Lydlinch in 1851 married to Sophia.

1ai) Charles Gould Chr. 16 Jul 1809 South Barrow

In 1851 Charles was a gardener married to Sarah with five children living at Sparkford. By 1861 they lived there with just Jane.

1aii) Henry Gould mole catcher Chr. 1 Jan 1815 South Barrow, bur. 7 Jun 1889 South Barrow aged 78

In 1851 the couple lived in Sparkford. In 1861 this family lived with Sarah's widowed mother Mary Dauncey in SB and were still with her there in 1871.

1b) Robert Gould Chr. 21 Mar 1773 South Barrow

3) James Gould bur. 19 Apr 1839 South Barrow aged 3 years [parents?]

4) Enoch Gould ag labourer Chr. 20 Feb 1859 North Barrow s.o. Robert and Jane Gould

In 1891 Enoch and family lived at 823, Portman Cottages, Brickyard Hill with his brothers Henry and Charles Gould as lodgers.

5) Henry Gould labourer Chr. 24 Dec 1865 North Barrow s.o. Robert and Jane Gould

6) Charles Gould labourer/gardener Chr. 19 Dec 1875 North Barrow s.o. Robert and Jane Gould

Charles and Henry Gould, brothers, lived with Enoch and family at 823, Portman Cottages, Brickyard Hill

7) Jane Gould b. 1834 South Barrow – appears as 'seating weaver' lodging in Mill Lane, Castle Cary in 1851.


1) Joane Govar bur. 8 Oct 1679 South Barrow

2) Mary Gover widow bur. 27 Feb 1733 South Barrow [abode Queen Camel]


1) John Greene

2) Mary Green [Lovington crossed out in Register]

3) Frederick Green b. 1848 Bath, bur. Aug 30 1880 (Sep Q 5c/318 Wincanton) South Barrow aged 32

Frederick was a brass finisher on 1871 census. If the Hannah Green who married George Derham is the same person then she was b. 1857 Wells and they lived [w'out Elizabeth] in Wells in 1881.


1) Joseph Hannam labourer [misread Hammen on 1851 census] b. 1817 Charlton Adam

An Edith (Eddy) Hannam witnessed a marriage in South Barrow on 15 Feb 1795. By 1861 (Hanham) Joseph was widowed and lived with the above children plus two more sons, Charles and Thomas.

2) Alfred Ernest Albert Hannam labourer b. 1860 Charlton Adam s.o. Richard and Sarah Hannam

Alfred lived with his parents in Henstridge in 1861 and that was then given as his place of birth - both parents came from Kington Magna in Dorset. In 1911 the family lived in North Cadbury and the time in South Barrow was obviously a short one.


1) Henry Hansell bur. 6 Dec 1708 South Barrow


1a) Florence Hart b. 1891 Wales d.o. sawyer George Hart married 18 May 1909 South Barrow James Henry Raymond farm lab b. 1885 South Barrow*

Lily Hart b. 1896 Wales lived with Florence and her husband in South Barrow in 1911. In 1901 George Hart, wife Augusta [married 1883 (Sep Q 5c/559 Taunton) Augusta Gibbins?] and daughters Florence, Lily and Beatrice all lived at Penleigh Road, Dilton Marsh, Westbury.

1b) Beatrice Hart b. 1894 married 1913 (Sep Q 5c/853 Wincanton) John Cadman Spray seaman of H. M. Ship Invincible, Home Fleet, Weymouth [Banns were read in South Barrow]


1) Edwin [Edward] Hatcher farm hand b. 1865 Shepton Mallet

On the 1891 census Edwin and Rebecca lived at 10, Town lane, Shepton Mallet with their first child. In 1901 was the widower Edwin [called Edward] was a milk dealer and lived at 4, Great Gardens, Shepton Mallet with Elsie. Her sister Ellen was adopted by her mother's brother Fred and lived at Downhead. In 1911 Edwin and Elsie lived alone in South Barrow.


John Hayward


1) Mary Hazelbee bur. 3 Apr 1758 South Barrow


1) Helen Hebditch married 14 Jan 1630 South Barrow Richard Mascoll

2) Elizabeth Hebditch married 26 Jul 1627 South Barrow Robert Willes

3) John Hebditch [bur. 16 Sep 1678 South Barrow]

4) Henry Hebditch bur. 26 May 1681 South Barrow

5) Sampson Hebditch

6) Richard Hebditch

7) Henry Hebditch 'the elder'

8) John Hebditch

9) Richard Hebditch bur. 8 Feb 1736 South Barrow

10) George Hebditch [bur. 30 Dec 1739 South Barrow]

11) Ellen Hebditch bur. 8 Mar 1708 South Barrow

12) Ann Hebditch bur. 17 Apr 1716 South Barrow


1) Joseph Hibsen of Castle Cary married 14 an 1701 Elizabeth Leakkes of North Barrow



1) John Hilborne bur. 27 Feb 1683 South Barrow

3) John(son) Hilburn labourer b. 1841 Kingsdon

In 1881 the family lived in Corton Denham where 'Johnson' Hilborne was a carter and domestic/Ag servant. All three were still there in 1891 and 1901 [when the property was called 'the Rectory' Corton Denham.


2) Joan Hix bur. 21 Oct 1679 South Barrow

3) Thomas Higs

4) William Hicks bur. 10 Aug 1792 South Barrow

5) William Hicks falconer b. 1820 Lovington d. 1883 (Sep Q 5c/278 Wincanton)

William's occupation was variously falconer, labourer and Greenwich Pensioner. In 1881 William, Henrietta and son William lived at 3, Laburnam Villa South Barrow and William was a pensioner. By 1891 son William had married and lived in Wells with wife Matilda and their son Leonard.



1) John Hocchie married 9 Nov 1607 South Barrow Katherine Gregorie



1) John Hockey

2) Robert Hockey butcher of Sparkford

Robert and Elizabeth were the parents of Alfred (Alford Hocking on 1841 census) who was living with his grandfather Wiliam Gilbert on 1851 census. Elizabeth appears on the 1841 census in Sparkford with five of her other children. She is not on the 1851 census and all her children seem to be 'in service'.


1) Edward Hodges bur. 16 Feb 1731 South Barrow [Mr.]

2) Charles Hodges bur. 24 Mar 1748 South Barrow aged 26

3) Edward Hodges

3a) Charles Hodges bur. 25 Jun 1786 South Barrow

4) William Hodges of Sparkford rented 25 acres in South Barrow from a Thomas Lye and paid rates of 12/3½d in 1848. He paid until September 1849 then thereafter the rates were paid by Thomas Lye himself.



1) Steven Holman


1) James Hornsell shipmaster b. 1818 Bridport, Dorset

In 1881 this couple lived at Midknole Villa South Barrow. [Surname error on census? Hamsell?]


1) James Howard of West Camel married 19 Sep 1757 South Barrow Sarah Frampton* bur. 2 Jul 1758 West Camel

1a) Sarah Howard (widow) married 25 Oct 1760 South Barrow carpenter George Slade*

Sarah was married to James Howard for less than a year.


1) John Martine Hughes bur. 3 May 1681 South Barrow


1) Charles Hull ag labourer b. 1828 Babcary s.o. John Hull

This family appear on the 1851 census at Charlton Mackrell when Elizabeth was 9 months old.


1) Alfred Hunt farmer b. 1823 North Cadbury

This family appear on the 1861 census at the Farm House, Lovington with three additional children to those listed.

1a) Alfred Hunt corn dealer b. 1851 Lovington

Alfred married the sister of his future brother-in-law, Joseph Griffin. In 1871 the Griffins had lived at Camel Vale Farm, Queen Camel where they farmed 379 acres.

2) John Hunt Royal marine/labourer b. 1855 s.o. Thomas Hunt, bur. 3 Apr 1880 South Barrow aged 25

A John Hunt had witnessed the marriage of Job Cox Oram in South Barrow on 13 Mar 1866. In 1881 Kate and daughter Flora lived with Kate's parents at Catnel Batch South Barrow. Called Florence in 1911 she was a dairymaid on the farm of her uncle and aunt William and Amelia Francis in Charlton Musgrove.


1) William Hutchins labourer of North Barrow [b. 1792 North Barrow] died before 1866

This would seem to be the family at North Barrow in 1851 though the daughter Eliza Ann there is the second one b. 1828 North Barrow and William was now a butcher.

1a) James Hutchings labourer Chr. 11 Sep 1836 North Barrow

In 1861 James still lived with his parents in North Barrow. In 1871 James and his family lived in Cockhill, Castle Cary.


1) Arthur Ingram b. 1868, bur. 14 Nov 1899 (Dec Q 5c/303 Wincanton) South Barrow aged 31


1) George Isaac farmer b. 1854 Martock, s.o. Walter and Mary Isaac, bur. 23 Sep 1919 South Barrow aged 67

In 1861 George had lived with his parents in Sparkford. In 1901 this family lived on Manor Farm with servant Edith M. Kynaston b. 1883 of Weston Bampfylde. The Budgels and Windsors also lived on the farm. Vivian was a coal merchant. In 1911 the servant Edith was still with the Isaacs plus Olive Annie Goodland b. 1895 Lovington but the children had left. The Western Gazette 3 Jan reported a case of attempted murder on one James A'Court at the farm when he was shot.


1) William James miller, farmer Chr. 13 Sep 1839 Croscombe s.o. Richard and Hannah James

An Eliza James had witnessed the marriage of David Shave in South Barrow in May 1850. In 1881 this family lived at the Mill, Sparkford but by 1891 this family lived at Manor Farm, Church Lane, South Barrow.


1) Joseph Jarvas bur. 16 Mar 1755 South Barrow


1) John Jeffers farmer b. 1776 South Barrow

This couple live at Witherall Hill, East Pennard in 1851 with their daughter Flora (b. 1812 North Barrow)



1) Joane Jeffery widow bur. 28 Jan 1620 South Barrow

2) Arthur Jeffery

3) William Jeffery bur. 21 Feb 1772 South Barrow

4) Elizabeth Jeffery bur. 29 Dec 1775 South Barrow

5) Thomas Jeffery bur. 18 Jul 1800 South Barrow

5a) Gracious Jeffries farmer Chr. 13 Jul 1789 South Barrow bur. 2 May 1826 South Barrow aged 36

6) John Jeffery

7) John Jefry b. 1816


1) Thomas Jenkinge


1) Edmund Johnson bur. 20 Feb 1636 South Barrow

2) Arthur Johnsonne bur. 16 Jul 1693 South Barrow [senr.]

3) Gabriell Johnsonne

4) Arthur Johnsons [bur. 14 Apr 1697 South Barrow (junr) or bur. 10 Jan 1730?]

4a) Arthur Johnsons Chr. 11 Feb 1695 South Barrow

4ai) Arthur Johnson Chr. 24 Sep 1723 South Barrow bur. 3 Jul 1792 South Barrow

5) Arthur Johnson

In 1851 Thomas, a glove foreman, was married to Eliza and lived with their three children in South Street, Milborne Port.

6) Thomas Johnson

7) Samuel Johnson of Yeovil bur. 31 Jan 1813 South Barrow aged one year


1) John Jones


1) James George Kerslake carter, coal porter b. 1845 Beaminster, Dorset bur. 24 Dec 1925 South Barrow aged 79

In 1901 this family lived on Hill Farm with widow Phoebe Sainsbury (b. 1833 Frome) as lodger. In 1911 Frances and Walter remained with their parents. The parents stated that they had given birth to nine children of whom eight were still living. Both parents buried without the rites of the Church of England. Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazett 22 Apr 1916 reported a case brought by smallholder Walter Francis Kerslake of South Barrow.


1) Joseph King

2) Charles King

A William and an Elizabeth King witnessed a mariage in South Barrow in Jan 1784. Wiliam had witnessed an earlier marriage in Apr 1771.


1) Ann Knight b. 1744 bur. 21 Feb 1829 South Barrow aged 85


1) Elizabeth Leakkes of North Barrow married 14 Jan 1700 South Barrow Joseph Hibsen/Phipson of Castle Cary


Lee/Lye [Lear?]

1) Philip Leigh broadweaver

Q\SPET/1/20 Petition of Phillip Leigh, broadweaver, of South Barrow. On the 16 January last Phillip Leigh was in Castle Cary, he went into the 'Three Cups', the house of Joane Taunton, widow. Phillip bought some 'wanes' [wines] in the shop. Afterwards he went into the dwelling house with a friend, who lived at Wincanton, and with him drank two or three cups of beer. Before the flagon was empty, Joane and Ralph SIMES came into the room. Presently Edward Clothier, [blank] Gibbes, Gabriel Cooper and Gabriel Cooper junior, all of Castle Cary, came into the room. The company were drinking forbidden toasts to the King and to the confusion of all Anabaptists, Quakers and Presbyterians. They told Phillip that he was a rogue if he did not drink it. The company then took Phillip and kept him secure for three hours; after which they proceeded to fetch the constable. It was decided that if Phillip paid the reckoning of 2s. 8d. then he would be discharged and could go home. Margaret Hutchings, having been in the house and heard what was going on, took Phillip's part, whereupon the company threatened to burn her. No date

2) Richard Leigh bur. 11 Apr 1715 South Barrow

3) Elizabeth Lee d.o. Elizabeth Chr. 7 May 1732, bur. 27 Jul 1735 South Barrow

4) Mrs. Mary Lear [for Lee?] bur. 14 Apr 1758 South Barrow

5) Arthur Lee bur. 20 May 1798 South Barrow [or the Arthur above?]

6) Hester Lee married 10 Mar 1831 South Barrow James Thomas [wit. Charles and Sarah Thomas]*


1) Ann Elivishit bur. 1 Jul 1767 South Barrow [d.o. next?]

2) Gracious Levishot married 14 Oct 1766 South Barrow Ann Webb

James Webb Chr. 31 x 1765 South Barrow base born son of Ann Webb


1) Henry Lintorn

2) Emmy Lintern married 20 Apr 1802 South Barrow James Gould*

3) Frances Lintern b. 10 Feb, Chr. 29 Feb 1803 Weston Bampfylde, d.o. Jeremiah and Hester Lintern, married 4 Mar 1829 South Barrow widower James Raymond*

4) Emily Lintern b. 1830 d.o. Susan and Matthew Lintern, sawyer, married 5 Apr 1852 South Barrow John Raymond b. 1830 s.o. James Raymond*

In the 1841 census Emily had lived with her parents at Little Marston, Marston Magna [Linthorn]


1) George Lodge base born son of George and Susanna English bur. 26 Apr 1807 aged 8m George English the reputed father. See under Beaton.


1) John Lucas labourer b. 1821 North Cadbury

In 1871 the family lived in South Barrow where Mary was a glover and William Dyke (23) a lodger and grandson Elijah a visitor. By 1881 John and Mary had moved to Galhampton with their grandson.


see also Leigh

1) William Lye b. 1798 Kingsbury Episcopi [abode in Rate Book given as Nth Barrow?]

William farmed 102 acres in North Barrow in 1851 and seems to have arrived there just before 1848 according to his children's birth places. He is most likely the farmer who rented 40 acres [and buildings] in South Barrow in April 1848 from Lord Portman on which he paid rates of £2 11s 3d. A further 25 acres owned by a Thomas Lye were also rented out at the same time to a William Hodges in South Barrow who paid a rate of £1 4s 7d. Thomas paid the rates himself [on house and orchard] from May 1850 until past 1854.

In 1849 William Lye was an Overseer and in 1851/2 the churchwarden of South Barrow.


1) Timothy Marshall bur. 5 Oct 1724 South Barrow

2) Timothy Marshall bur. 26 Dec 1767 South Barrow

3) Ann Marshall base born Chr. 27 May 1733 South Barrow

4) Mary Marshall married 25 Oct 1762 South Barrow John Shean [wit. Jonathan Shean, Arthur Johnson]*

5) Richard Marshall bur. 23 May 1769 South Barrow

6) Elizabeth Marshall bur. 30 Apr 1781 South Barrow

7) Elizabeth Marshall bur. 1 May 1781 South Barrow

8) William Gilbert Marshall butcher b. 1812 Hazlegrove, of Butleigh, s.o. Mary and Thomas Marshall, d. 1857 (DecQ 5c/315 Langport)

In 1851 William and Sarah appear on the census in South Barrow. From Sep 1853 a Mrs. Marshall was renting 3 acres of land from Cornelius Wake (farmer of Clanville, Castle Cary who had farmed in North Barrow in the late 1840's). In 1861 Sarah and her two daughters were listed on the census at the farm of her father and in 1861 as widow at the same farm now run by her unmarried brother Charles Phillips – still with her two daughters. In 1851 William was in High Ham with his parents.

9) James Marshall farmer b. 1828 Pitminster, bur. 19 May 1890 South Barrow aged 69 from Dimmer

In 1881 James was farming 162 acres at Higher Demmier Farm, Castle Cary with his wife and four children.



1) Richard Martynne

2) John Martin

3) Fflorence Marten married 18 Nov 1627 South Barrow Sampson Hebditch

4) Susan Martine bur. x x 1630 South Barrow

5) John Martine bur. 6 May 1686 South Barrow

6) Samuel Martin

7) John Martin

8) Matthew Martin b. 1770 [of Hornblotton at Marriage] bur. 10 Mar 1813 South Barrow aged 43

In 1861 the unmarried Matthew lived with his niece Elizabeth Carew b. 1823 Sparkford and niece Elizabeth Bawden b. 1849 Queen Camel and nephew William Bawden b. 1852 Queen Camel [see Bawden]. The Elizabeth who married in 1819 must also be the daughter of Mary Martin since William Gilbert, her second husband, is counted as Alfred's grandfather?

9) Deborah Martin of Queen Camel married 17 Nov 1806 South Barrow Thomas Parsons [wit.Wm. Parsons, Wm. Bull]

This must be the widow Deborah Parsons b. 1785 Westonzoyland, living at Galhampton in 1841 and 1851.


1) Richard (BT – Nicholas on PR?) Mascoll


1) Henry Mattock bur 5 Nov 1678 South Barrow


1) Henrie Meade


1) Ann Mells b. 1839 North Barrow – servant to Edwin Dauncey in 1851


1) Sir Henry Paulet St. John Mildmay b. 30 Sep 1764, s.o. Sir Henry Paulet St.John, died 11 Nov 1808

There were some 15 siblings of the marriage and the eldest, Sir Henry's estate fell to his son by his first wife, Charlote Bouverie: Sir Henry Bouverie Paulett St. John Mildmay [31 Jul 1810 – 16 Jul 1902]. Another son, Paulet succeeded to Hazelgrove in 1808 on the death of his father and his estate fell to his sons, first being Hervey St. John Mildmay who died 21 May 1882.

The Mildmay land in South Barrow was mainly rented out but in April 1848 7 acres remained in their possession on which rates of 10/3d was paid. Abode given as Queen Camel.

DD\MI/3/2/21 Paulet Henry George St John Mildmay and Lady Jane Mildmay to John Barrett
Lease of premises in church street for the lives of James, Caleb and Edward Barrett sons of John Barrett. NB these names have crossed out and replaced by Henry Knight, son of William of Horsington and Henry Dancey of South Barrow.Rent:- 5 shillings and service. 1804

DD\BT/4/2/38 Captain Mildmay's land [see MILDMAY FAMILY MUNIMENTS ]

DD\MI\C/186/14 South Barrow – Ink and watercolour on tracing paper 1' 6” x 1' 4” scale 6 chains to 1 inch


1) Edward Trodd Miller Newsagent b. 1854 City of London

In 1901 'widow' Mary Miller b. 1865 Somerset lived at 7, Oddfellows Road, Oldcastle Glamorgan with her son William b. 1893 Islington, while her husband remained separated at 363, Caledonian Road together with his brother and sister. However, in 1911 the three family members were re-united at 363, Caledonian Road again.

Uncertain of why there is a link to South Barrow unless Mary was born or had lived there?


1) William Milles

1a) George Mills labourer Chr. 19 Aug 1787 South Barrow

In 1851 George and Martha lived at Rats Castle, North Cadbury where George was then a gardener. Martha Mills b. 1781 Marston Magna in 1861 lived with her daughter Martha Senyer who had married Barzillai Cullen. William Thomas had married 22 Apr 1822 widow Martha Senyer who then married George Mills.

2) John Mills married 21 May 1827 South Barrow[wit. George Mills, Grace Webb] Ann Webb Chr. 27 Apr 1800 South Barrow

This is possibly the couple appearing at Welch Mill Lane, Frome on the 1841 census together with seven children.

3) Edith Mills b. 1799, married 5 Sep 1825 South Barrow Jesse Wake [wit. Elizabeth Mills] bur. 23 Jul 1845 South Barrow aged 46

A spinster Edith Mills had given birth to a child Eliza Chr. 28 Jan 1821 North Barrow.


1) John Mogge

2) Susanna Mogge widow bur. 13 Nov 1681 South Barrow – mother of (4)? [unless he married two Susannas] or husband of next.

3) Edward Mogge bur. 2 Dec 1680 South Barrow [husband of last?]

4) John Mogg bur. 11 Jan 1691 South Barrow

4a) John Mogg Chr. 3 Jan 1687 South Barrow


10 Frederick James Moores oil merchant b. 1865 Sherborne, Dorset

In 1891 Frederick and Martha lived at Higher Hatherleigh, Holton and was visited by Frederick A. Purchase b. 1887, her brother. In 1901 this family lived at the Shop South Barrow with visitor Mabel Purchase b. 1886 Sherborne. In 1911 they were still in South Barrow. The shop is probably the Post Office and stores which is shown on a postcard of 1906 with two adults and three boys before the shop [immediately adjacent St. Peter's church, behind where the present telephone box and postbox are situated today].


1) John Morgan


Morres - Morse

1) Sampson Morrice bur. 23 Apr 1635 South Barrow [called 'the elder']

2) John Morse

3) Joan Moris married 8 Jun 1629 South Barrow Henry Deane


1) Arthur Neale platelayer of Sparkford, b. 1863 Weston Bampfylde, s.o. James Neale

In 1901 the couple lived at Home Farm, Sparkford with their two children.


1) Samuel Newell


1) Henry 'Harry' Newman labourer b. 1863 Queen Camel s.o. William Newman

In 1891 the family lived at Sutton Montis.


1) Henry Newport dairyman b. 1851 London Middlesex s.o. Henry Newport

In 1881 the family plus Henry's father lived at Yarlington, Wincanton but by 1891 had moved to Stoney Lottleton, Wellow, Bath.


1) Adelaide Norman b. 1861 Corton Denham, d.o. George and Ann (Hannah) Norman, married 1891 (Jun Q 5c/735 Wincanton) William Cullen Wake Chr. 29 Jul 1860 South Barrow*

Adelaide appears on the 1871 census with her widowed mother Hannah (b. 1824 Milborne Port) at Corton Denham.


1) George Oram bur. 15 Mar 1683 South Barrow

2) James Oram Chr. 20 Aug 1774 Ditcheat s.o. Isaac and Elizabeth (nee Clare) Oram, bur. 27 Oct 1839 South Barrow aged 64 [from Weston Bampfield]

After their parent's death, William and his siblings lived together at Great Weston, Weston Bampfylde according to the 1841 census. John may be the farmer bailiff pob Castle Cary married to Jane from Sparkford living in Iwerne Common Dorset in 1851.

2a) William Oram dairyman Chr. 2 Jul 1809 South Barrow, bur. 12 Jul 1873 South Barrow aged 64 [from North Cadbury – son of last?]

In 1851 William and wife Mary lived at Weston Bampfyled with their son Job. In 1861 they lived at Dairy House, Farm Cottages, Bryanston. The widowed Mary was a housekeeper to Edwin Bowring in Weare in 1881. In 1891 she was living with her 'cousin' Ebenezer Herridge at Horsington Marsh, Wincanton. She last appears on the 1901 census at the Towers, Clevedon with her grandson James William Oram proprietor of a milk creamery.

2a1) Job Cox Oram yeoman of Babcary Chr. 25 Dec 1843 Weston Bampfield

On the 1871 census Elizabeth and her three children lived with her parents James and Elizabeth Bartlett in South Barrow. In 1881 they were still there – at Parsonage Farm South Barrow. In 1891 Harry (22) lived with his uncle and aunt at Parsonage Farm, Church Lane. Job Cox Oram had left Bryanston Farm in 1864 and found work at James Bartlett's farm which he then managed. After marrying James' daughter he left for America three years later where he committed bigamy several times. See Western Gazette 19 Apr 1878. He had married one Anna Laura McClellan on 26 July 1876 in Bryan, Williams Co. Ohio who sued for divorce in Jan 1879 because she discovered he had previously married several other women – he was sentenced to a year in prison at the Ohio State penitentiary where he became secretary to the warden and was 'expected to take a business position in Columbus when released'!

3) George Oram and Mary Jane Oram witnessed marriages in South Barrow in 1853/54.

George (b. 1830 Castle Cary) had lived at South Cary, Castle Cary in 1851 where his father was a beer retailer. In 1861 with wife Mary Ann (b. 1830 North Barrow) he farmed 7 acres at Cockhill, Castle Cary.

4) Frances Oram b. 1817 South Barrow, d.o. Thomas Oram, bur. 19 Mar 1885 South Barrow [from Newbarrow, Trent] aged 68

In 1871 the widowed Frances was a servant in Sherborne. She had married George Bown, s.o. William Bown, in Midsomer Norton on 30 Jan 1841.


1) Robert Ostler


1) Robert Oxenham uncertain but abode given as Keinton Mandeville

In Apr 1848 he rented 9 acres of land from Lord Portman on which he paid 13/6d rates. He continued to pay until September 1849 then ceased. On 27 Sep 1842 in Sparkford a Robert Oxenham, gentleman, s.o. Robert Oxenham, married widow Sarah Masters, d.o. John Chandler – a possible candidate.

Paine – see Payne


1) William Parfett bur. 23 May 1688 South Barrow


1) Edward Parker sawyer b. 1847 Barton St. David s.o. James Parker

After their marriage the couple migrated to Nottinghamshire, together with Anna's brother Isaac and his wife and both couples had children there. By 1881 Anna Maria was already a widow and lived in Charlton Adam with her four children. On the 1891 census they still lived at Charlton Adam, though Amy had left.


Thomas Parsons

1) Uriah Parsons shop dealer b. 1867 Kington Magna Dorset s.o. Benjamin and Ann Parsons, d. 1952 Barton, Lancs.

Uriah and Eva lived at Sheane House, Church Lane in 1891. They are missing on the 1901 census but Uriah appears at 16, Domett St. Blackley, Lancs in 1911 as a Tirebeater Stationary Fireman married to Mary from Barrow Somerset with six children born in Wales and Lancashire. No sign of what happened to Eva, no marriage to her traced and she seems to be the single girl Eva Pike on the 1881 and 1901 censuses.


1) William Payne

2) Caleb Payne butcher Chr. 12 Jan 1806 Rimpton s.o. William and Mary Payne

Caleb appears in Babcary as a labourer in 1851 with ten children (only four shown above). In 1871 he lived at Clive Farm, Babcary.

2a) William Payne butcher Chr. 30 Jan 1831 South Barrow

In 1861 the family lived in Hams Lane, Babcary with Elizabeth Callins b. 1793 Lovington, William's mother-in-law but wife called Mary? In 1911 William lived in Podymore with grandchildren Sydney and Mary Appleby.

3) Albert Edward Payne labourer Chr. 3 Jul 1870 Babcary s.o. Caleb and Jane Payne

In 1991 the family lived at Bower Ashton, Bristol

4) Arthur Payne Chr. 2 Apr 1876 Babcary s.o. Caleb and Jane Payne

In 1911 the couple lived with Mary's father John Hilborne (b. 1836) in Sutton Montis, Sparkford

5) Frederick Payne shoemaker Chr. 14 Dec 1839 Queen Camel s.o. Robert and Ann Paine

In 1871 Sarah's occupation given as shopkeeper. In 1881 Frederick occupied The House of Pickford with his wife and three children. Charges were brought against Silas Windsor and John Cox for breaking a window at Frederick's property on 1 Nov 1883 [Western Gazette 30 Nov 1883]

In 1901 Finch is found at 61, System Street, Roath, Cardiff married to Margaret from Swansea and with two children born in Cardiff. In 1911 he is called Frank.

6) Bertram William Payne b. 1888 Queen Camel s.o. Thomas and Louisa Payne bur. 4 May 1978 South Barrow

In 1901 Bertram lived with his parents and grandmother at Camel Street, Queen Camel.

7) Richard Payne b. 1886 Queen Camel, s.o. Thomas and Louisa Payne, bur. 4 Mar 1919 South Barrow aged 33

Richard was older brother of Bertram.

5) Ellen Mabel Payne Banns read 1916 George Gould of North Barrow [Banns read in South Barrow]


1) William Gidney Phillips farmer b. 1769 Aynho, Northants, s.o. Rev. John and Catherine (nee Bowles) Phillips, d. 14 jun., bur. 19 Jun 1851 South Barrow aged 82

The Sherborne Mercury 6 May 1841 reported that 'a most destructive fire occurred in the village during the night of Thursday (two days previous) on the premises of Mr. W. Phillips which destroyed the dwelling.and consumed everything including 20 hogsheads of cider.' In April 1848 William farmed 106 of his own acres on which he paid £4 19s 8½d rates and 15 acres rented from Lord Portman on which he paid 14/2d. Thomas also rented 8 acres from a Thomas Ffooks esq. [the glove manufacturer in Yeovil?]. Thomas no longer rented that land in In September 1849 but Catherine Phillips rented 2 acres from Lord Portman. W. G. Phillips was the churchwarden in South Barrow.

In 1851 the widowed William G. Phillips farmed 130 acres with 3 men and a boy and at home were his married son William G. [wife absent], daughters Susan and Catherine plus his married daughter Sarah Marshall and her two daughters Anna and Susan. In 1861 the unmarried Charles was head of the family living with his sisters Susan and Catherine, his married sister Sarah Marshall (widow) and her two daughters. In 1871 Charles lived still with Susan, Emma, Thomas and Catharine. By 1881 Thomas was head and lived at Parsonage farm, the home of the Bartletts, with Susan, Emma and Catharine – the ladies all annuitants[see also Elijah Pickford].

In 1891 Catherine lived in Bottom Hill with her sister-in-law the widowed Grace Phillips (b. 1810).

A plaque in the church commemorates the deaths of William Gidney, Susan and their son John.

DD\X\SS/2/3 Mortgage for £200 Dwelling house formerly 3 tenements and 52 acres and another with 32 acres. (Manor) William Gidney Phillips, South Barrow, gent: Ann Bucknell, Yeovil, widow.  8 Nov 1829

1a) William Gidney Phillips Chr. 20 Jul 1794 South Barrow bur. 4 Oct 1877 South Barrow aged 83

Susanna Phillips Christened 29 Mar 1840 East Lydford was the child of Uriah and Ann (nee Tucker) Phillips.

In Apr 1848 William rented a house and 17 acres of land from John Blandford on which he paid 18s 10¼d rates. Susanna missing from Uriah's family in 1851 at West Lydford while William is listed twice - living with his father in Barrow and also childless,with his wife in Buckhorn Weston. In 1861 William and Elizabeth lived at Henstridge with their 20 year old niece Susan. The latter died before the next census. In 1871 William farmed 90 acres with a labourer in South Barrow. They had Ann Budgell (49) as a general servant.

1b) John Phillips Chr. 10 Dec 1795 South Barrow d. 22 Feb., bur. 2 Mar 1840 South Barrow aged 44 years

In Apr 1848 Ann rented 48 acres from Lord Portman on which she paid £2 11s 2½d rates. In 1851 the widowed Ann farmed 40 acres employing 1 man. In 1861 she farmed 74 acres with 1 man and 2 boys and still had her sons William and Charles at home. Dorset County Chronicle of 26 Nov 1863 reported fines against Charles for not abating a nuisance in Field Lane.

Charles died in Hampshire in Stockbridge district, 1909. On the 1901 census he was farming at Farley Farm, Farley Chamberlayne, Winchester with his wife, eight children and un married brother William.

1c) Jonas Phillips b. 12 Apr, Chr. 25 Dec 1806 South Barrow bur. 28 Feb 1891 South Barrow aged 84

In 1851 Jonas and his first wife Emily farmed 126 acres at Charlton Adam. Grace appears at Bottom Hill, South Barrow in 1891 with Catherine Phillips b. 1820 South Barrow.

2) John Phillips farm labourer Chr. 9 Apr 1837 Compton Pauncefoot, s.o. George and Elizabeth Phillips,d. 1895 (Jun Q 5c/315 Wincanton)

In 1871 the family lived at Lottisham but by 1881 they lived in Woodgate South Barrow. After Ann's death John married again and the family lived in Holland Lane, Charlton Horethorne. Bessie was given up for adoption by George and Ellen Brine and appears with them at Farrington Gurney in 1891.


1) Edith Pickford b. 1766 bur. 28 Mar 1849 (Mar Q 10/394 Wincanton) South Barrow aged 84

2) Hannah Pickford b. 1769 bur 19 Oct 1831 South Barrow aged 62

3) William Pickford b. 1771 bur. 10 Dec 1845 South Barrow aged 76

He appears on the 1841 census with Elizabeth Pickman – see under Charles Garland Pickford below. John, Samuel, Joseph, and William are all probably his sons.

4) John Pickford b. 1795 bur. 9 Jun 1834 South Barrow aged 39

5) Samuel Pickford farmer [b. 1794 North Cheriton]

In 1851 the family (Picford) lived at North Cheriton but there is no further trace of Tobias. In 1861 Samuel and Winifred were farming at Pickfords Cottage, Lower Cheriton, North Cheriton with three other sons and a daughter all born there. By 1881 Winifred ws widowed and lived with a daughter and granddaughter in Church Street, Wincanton.

7) Charles Garland Pickford farmer

Elizabeth was previously married to Isaac Millard who died aged 31 in Lovington and was buried 29 Jan 1829. Probably the Elizabeth Cross who married an Isaac Millard on 17 Aug 1818 in West Lydford. On the 1841 census Sarah Raymond and her half brother Isaac Millard lived in Babcary with James and Mary [nee Millard] Raymond. Elizabeth lived in South Barrow in 1841 with William Pickford b. 1771 and was probably his daughter-in-law. John Pickford b. 1795 was probably her brother-in-law. This may be the Mrs.Pickford renting house and 5 acres of land from Lord Portman in April 1848.

In 1851 Elizabeth was a widow living with her cordwainer son Isaac Millard b. 1829 Lovington. They had a lodger, Henry Wake (b. 1825 SB). In 1861 Elizabeth's lodger was George Wake (b. 1836).

8) William Pickford farmer, overseer of the poor, b. 1798 North Cheriton bur. 21 Aug 1873 South Barrow aged 74

In Apr 1848 William farmed 64 acres of land, 4 inherited from his father and the rest rented from 'Miss Blandford, Mrs. Marsh, Rev. W. Baines, and the Rev. G.Gooden'. Silas was taken to court in Dec 1848 [Sherborne Mercury 23/28 Dec 1848] to show just cause why he shouldn't maintain the child born to Priscilla Wake which she claimed was his.

William farmed 64 acres in 1851. In 1851 only William, Charles and Silas lived at home and they had Silas Webb as a farm servant. Silas and Henrietta seem to have had no children - he farmed 112 acres with 2 men and a boy in 1861 with servant Sarah Rose (19) as dairymaid. John was a carpenter's apprentice in Hazelgrove, Queen Camel in 1851.

In 1861 only Charles and Elijah lived at home with their parents [must have been mistake on 1851 census – check] and servant Uriah Fear (12). William was farming just 60 acres with a man and a boy in 1861. By 1871 William was retired and he an Elizabeth lived with Elijah [a draper]. In 1881 Elijah and his mother Elizabeth lived at Parsonage Farm with the Bartletts and Phillips plus Daniel Walter (52) as servant – Elijah farmed 56 acres.

DD\X\SS/1/1 Probate of will of William Pickford, South Barrow 1873

DD\X\SS/1/2 Probate of will of Elizabeth Pickford SheptonMontague 1883

8a) Silas Pickford b. 1827 Buckham Weston

On the 1851 census Silas and his wife Henrietta lived alone in South Cadbury and in 1861 in South Barrow. Silas was recorded on the 1871 census as being deaf, and farming with 2 boys and 2 men. He lived with his second wife, son and a servant Elizabeth Brine. By 1881 he was the inkeeper at the Marston Inn, Marston magna, farming 300 acres employing 5 men and 3 boys and his son called Salas Ernest {possibly intended to be Silas originally?].

8b) Samuel Pickford farmer b. 1841 South Barrow bur. 6 Jun 1912 South Barrow aged 71 [Babcary]

In 1871 the couple lived at Oakley hamlet, Chilthorne Dormer with daughter Margaret, brother-in-law Elijah Pickford and sister-in-law Anna Maria Marshall.

8c) Charles Pickford yeoman Chr. 12 Feb 1843 South Barrow bur. 4 Dec 1870 South Barrow aged 27

In 1871 the widowed Emma lived in SB with her son and servant Jane Corp (18) from Baltonsborough

9) Joseph Pickford farmer b 1801 Cheriton bur. 18 Jan 1868 South Barrow [no age given]

Joseph rented 44 acres of land from P. St. John Mildmay Esq in April 1848 on which he paid £2 8s 6d in rates. In 1851 Anna was servant at the Dyke farm. Edith was a cook at Hazelgrove, Queen Camel, but the rest of the family were at home where Joseph farmed 48 acres with 1 man. In 1861 Joseph had 44 acres and Jonas and his younger siblings were at home. In 1871 Elizabeth lived with John, Samuel and Noah plus Joseph Bowden (b. 1861 Lydford), her grandson. Son Edward a dairyman lived with his sister Elizabeth, a shopkeeper next to their parent in 1871.

9b) Edward Pickford dairyman farmer b. 1846 South Barrow bur. 10 Dec 1893 South Barrow aged 46

In 1881 Edward and his wife lived at Church Farm with neice Henrietta Brookman b. 1867 Compton Dando as milkmaid and Herbert Tom Budgle (15) as farm servant. In 1891 they had mother-in-law Ann Chapel (b. 1814 Compton Dundon) and niece Ellen E. Dauncey b. 1885 Beckingtion staying with them plus servant Ellen S. Culling b. 1874 Keinton Mandeville.

9a) John Pickford farmer b. 1845 South Barrow bur. 13 Aug 1912 South Barrow aged 68

In 1881 John farmed 35 acres at Pound Farm South Barrow. In 1891 they lived at Midknole, Church Lane with their two sons.They were still there in 1901. In 1911 the family had visitor Mary Baker (b. 1855 Prestleigh) – single woman. Kelly's Directory of 1935 listed Albert as farmer at Midknowle farm.

10) Olive Digby R. Pickford b. 1899 (Sep Q 5c/384 Wincanton) South Barrow

Olive lived with James Carter and wife in 1901 and 1911 at Church farm, South Barrow – parent?

10) John Pickford aged 2 years bur. 21 Aug 1831 South Barrow [parents?] from East Lydford [s.o. George Pickford b. 1803 Horsington and Sarah living in East Lydford in 1841?]

11) Elizabeth Pickford aged 4 months bur. 2 Jun 1836 South Barrow [parents?]

12) James Pickford aged 6 months bur. 7 Sep 1839 South Barrow [parents?]

13) Edward Pickford bur. 12 Dec 1845 South Barrow aged 9 years [from Galhampton, North Cadbury] [s.o. George and Sarah?]


1) Thomas Pitman bur. 31 Oct 1764 South Barrow

2) Elizabeth Pitman d. 17 Mar, bur 19 Mar 1758 South Barrow (also known as Betty)

3) Elizabeth Pittman b. 1763 bur. 10 Jan 1815 South Barrow aged 52

4) Charles Pitman

5) Edith Pitman widow married 25 Apr 1820 South Barrow John Pickford

Edith's bad luck continued when John died and was bur. 9 Jun 1834 South Barrow aged 39.

6) Sarah A. Pitman b. 1827 North Cadbury – in 1851 she was a servant on James Bartlett's farm.


1) George William Plenty dairyman b. 1859 Wells

On the 1891 census the family lived at 9, Ferndale Rd., Swindon, Gorse Hill, Wilts


1) Robert Poole married 8 May 1580 South Barrow Judith Saunders


1) Ann Ponserd bur. 9 Dec 1781 South Barrow


1) George Pope platelayer b. 1862 Cutcombe

This family appear on the 1891 census at 37, Lincoln Street, St. Philip & St. Jacob Out Bristol.


1) Morgan Porter listed as private resident in the Kelley's Directory of 1935.


DD\X\SS/2/1  Two tenements containing together 52 acres in South Barrow (Manor)
Henry William Portman, Orchard Portman, esquire: Thomas Coker, Mappowder, clerk. 12 Oct 1752

DD\X\SS/2/4  Tenement containing 24 acres and 8 acres called Woody Ground (Manor)
Henry William Portman, Orchard Portman, esquire: Thomas Coker, Mappowder, clerk. 14 Mar 1769

DD\X\SS/2/2  Tenements and lands as DD/X/SS/2/1 Henry William Portman, Orchard Portman, esquire: William Sidney Phillips, Alford, clerk. 4 Jun 1790

DD\X\SS/2/6 Residue of 500 years dwelling with garden and orchard - 3 acres, and a close of land known as "Hill" 2 acres. in trust Richard Periam Pratt, Glastonbury, gent., James Rocke, Glastonbury, esquire: William Nash, South Cadbury, clerk. (3 documents)  24 Mar; 25 Mar 1823

DD\BT/4/2/36 Lord Portman's land.


1) Samuel Powell


1) John Prince of Warminster [b. 1880 Warminster, s.o. Ann and Sidney Prince]

The Virtue Mary b. 1876 (Mar Q 5a/378 Sherborne)? In 1881 she had lived in Newland Sherborne with her same-named mother.



1) Elizabeth Rashley bur. 8 May 1763 South Barrow

2) William Rashley bur. 13 Jul 1763 [probable parents of the following William and John]

3) Solomon Rashley bur. 25 Dec 1763 South Barrow

4) William Raishley bur. 24 Jan 1784 South Barrow

5) John Raishley

A John Raishley witnessed a marriage in SB in Oct 1766.


1) Hannah Rallins m. 21 May 1781 South Barrow [James Blagdon, Nathaniel and Ann Parker] George Willis*


1) Wilfred Lawson Rawle farm lab b. 1883 Musbury, Devon, died 1 Jul 1916 in First World War

Appear on 1911 census in South Barrow. Wilfred was in the Somerset Light Infantry, a casualty of the Great War and his name appears on the plaque in the church. His name is also on the Thiepval Monument, Picardie, Somme.



1) William Rayment

A William and Mary were bearing children in Queen Camel before and around this time – related? See also (3)

2) William Rayment of Queen Camel [Chr. 7 Oct 1746 Queen camel s.o. John and Hannah Raymond]

3) James Raymond sawyer b. 1788 South Barrow bur. 14 Jan 1852 South Barrow aged 65 [a James was Chr. 28 feb 1790 Horsington, s.o. William and Mary Raymond]

On the 1841 census James and Francis had their first five children at home. In 1851 only the children Sarah to Fanny lived at home. John lodged with the Bowden family. In 1861 Frances (Fanny b. 1842) was a dairymaid at the Phillip's in SB. Frances (b. 1803) was a widow in 1861 living with daughter Emmly (b. 1841) an agricultural labourer but by 1871 lived alone on Parochial relief.

3a) Charles Raymond labourer, sawyer, Parish Clerk Chr. 31 Jul 1825 South Barrow bur. 5 Oct 1888 South Barrow aged 82 aged 63

In 1861 the Raymonds had brother-in-law Jesse Wake, his wife Mary and son William C. living with them. In 1881 they lived at New Buildings South Barrow Charles, Jane and daughter Harriet [missing on 1871 census]

In 1891 the widowed Jane lived at 2, Church Lane [next to Isaac Raymond and family] with daughter Eliza Ann – both laundresses and lodger John Travers who Eliza Ann eventually married.

In 1901 Jane lived with her grandson Thomas (b. 1882) carpenter son of George at Church Farm next to Samuel Raymond. Daughter Sarah Jane, a domestic cook, was visiting her sister Eliza Ann Travers in Sparkford at the 1911 census.

3a1) George Raymond carpenter Chr. 10 Nov 1850 South Barrow bur. 10 Aug 1917 South Barrow aged 66

In 1891 this family lived on Brickyard Hill. In 1911 George and Annie lived with De Courcey, Mabel and Annie, who was an elementary teacher. The couple had had six children but one had died. In the Kelly's Directory for 1935 Miss Mabel May Raymond was described as 'shopkeeper and Post Office'.

3b) John Raymond labourer Chr. 4 Apr 1830 South Barrow

4) Samuel Raymond railway labourer b. 1832 Sparkford bur. 7 Jul 1915 South Barrow aged 84

Samuel appears at the Royal Marine Barracks, East Stonehouse on the 1851 census. On the 1861 census Samuel lived with his wife and two daughters in South Barrow. An inquest was held over the death of Amelia in 1868 [Western Gazette 17 Apr 1868]. In 1871 they lived at Sparkford. Their property identified as Catnel Batch in 1881 and living with Raymond and his wife was widowed daughter Kate Hunt, Ellen, Matilda, James, Amelia and Eva plus Kate's daughter Flora Hunt b. 1880 South Barrow. In 1891 at the same address Samuel and wife lived with Ellen plus granddaughter Lillian Raymond b. 1882 South Barrow and nephew Samuel Budgell b. 1870 South Barrow. In 1901 at Church Farm Samuel and Elizabeth lived alone and were still there in 1911.

5) James Raymond sawyer b. 1818 Shepton Mallet bur. 4 Aug 1881 South Barrow aged 65 from Corton Denham

On the 1841 census James and Mary lived with thei eldest two daughters and the children of Mary's sister Elizabeth in Main Street, Babcary. [see under Pickford]

James was an agricultural labourer on the 1851 census, a sawyer on the 1861 census. In 1871 he lived with his wife plus Isaac, William G., Anna M and Sarah P. Edward Parker (24) was their lodger and married Anna Maria the next year. In 1881 this family lived at 1, Church lane South Barrow – James, Mary, daughter Sarah and grandsonWilliam C. b. 1878 South Barrow plus two lodgers. Herbert baker and Edward Trask (24).

In 1891 the widowed Mary lived with daughter Sarah Pickford Baker, her husband Herbert and their three children Edward, Frederick and Amey plus grandson William C. Raymond (b. 1878 Hardington)

5a) Isaac Millard Raymond labourer/sawyer Chr. 2 Apr 1848 South Barrow, of Ditcheat, bur. 10 Oct 1912 South Barrow aged 64

Isaac seems to have worked in Nottinghamshire together with his sister Anna Maria and her husband Edward Parker, both having children there in the early 1870's.

This family lived at 2, Church Lane South Barrow in 1881 – husband Isaac absent in 1881. Annie Maria was a glover. In 1891 Isaac and his wife lived with William, Ellen, Isaac and the younger children at No. 2 Church Lane [with Jane raymond and the Wake family]. In 1901 the family lived at St. Peters Church. The six oldest children had already left and Mabel was absent.

An Isaac Millard Raymond married 1907 (DecQ 5c/922 Frome) Rosina Sainsbury/Lily Margaret Newport

5a1) James Henry Raymond farm lab Chr. 7 Apr 1885 South Barrow

In 1911 James and Florence lived with sister-in-law Lily Hart b. 1896 Wales.

6) William John Raymond carter b. 1875 Mornham, Notts s.o. Isaac Raymond (sawyer)

Francis Annie had borne a child Alfred Henry Arthur Budgel Chr. 17 Feb 1893 South Barrow before her marriage to William Raymond. In 1901 this couple and son Reginald lived with farm bailiff Alfred Budgell at St. Peters Church.


1) Mark Reed miller of Coleford nr Bath s.o. William Reed, dairyman

No further trace – Mark poss. died, Ellen re-married?

2) Annie Maria Read b. 1842 South Barrow bur. 30 Mar 1908 South Barrow aged 66 [Oakley Chilthorne Dormer]

In 1901 Annie was a visitor at Hill Farm the home of the Davis family.


1) Stanley George Reakes listed as farmer at Parsonage Farm in Kelly's Directory of 1935.


1) John Rideout bur. 19 Jan 1729 South Barrow

2) James Rideout


1) Elizabeth (Betty) Ridford bur. 3 Feb 1799 South Barrow


1) James Ridward

2) Sarah Redward bur. 17 May 1733 South Barrow [wife of James?]



1) Ann Risel bur. 5 Sep 1774 South Barrow


1) John Rogers

2) John Rogers s.o. John and Anne bur. 15 Apr 1636 South Barrow [child of last?]

3) Mary Rogers d.o. John and Gartery bur. 19 May 1636 South Barrow

4) Richard Rogers bur. 7 May 1708 South Barrow

5) Mary Rogers bur. 9 May 1716 South Barrow

6) Mary Rogers bur. 11 May 1731 South Barrow

7) Richard Rogers bur. 7 Jan 1733 South Barrow

E 330/47 Grant of probate concerning the will of Richard Rogers of South Barrow, Som, yeoman, deceased, which is annexed (dated 1732 Sep 19), granting administration of the goods of Richard Rogers to Humphrey Rogers. 27 Dec 1742

8) Grace Rogers bur. 25 Feb 1733 South Barrow [one of the below?]

9) Humphry Rogers bur. 17 Mar 1729 South Barrow [snr]

10) William Roggers

11) Humphry Roggers junr bur. 28 Jan 1748 South Barrow

12) Humphry Roggers [same as (9) above?]

13) Mary Rogers widow bur. 11 May 1731 South Barrow

14) Sarah Rogers bur. 30 May 1777 South Barrow

15) Richard Rogers bur. 3 May 1781 South Barrow


1) Sarah Rose b. 1842 Gillingham, Dorset unmarried dairymaid at Silas Pickford's farm.


1) William Roy farm labourer b. 1860 Corton lodged in 1881 at 2, New Buildings with the Wakes.


James Sansom b. 1810 Queen Camel

In 1851/2 this couple lived at Hazelgrove, Queen Camel where James was a farmer and lime burner employing 9 labourers. He rented 5 acres in South Barrow from Captain P. Henry St. John Mildmay [of Hazelgrove] and one of his employees as a lime burner was his nephew Edward Sansom (b. 1818 Queen Camel) who appeared with him in Hazelgrove on the 1851 census. Capt. Mildmay had previously paid the rates himself on this piece of land up to April 1851.


1) Hannah Saunders b. 1828 Stockland, Devonshire, bur. 5 Dec 1903 South Barrow aged 75 [Woodside Farm, Sparkford]

In 1901 the widowed Hannah lived with her son Henry T. Saunders at Woodside farm.


1) George Shackle labourer b. 1831 Weston Bampfylde

In 1861 this family lived at Weston Bampfield – nfi. George and John Shacle of South Barrow summoned for trespassing in search of game [Western Gazette 29 Nov 1872]


1) Job Shave labourer s.o. David Shave [d. 1895 Surrey]

In 1861 Priscilla was a charwoman, husband absent, and living with sons John Wake b. 1848 South Barrow, Silas Wake b. 1848 South Barrow, and daughters Jane and William Shave. In 1861 a Job Shave b. 1830, Brandeston Somerset was a carter in Kingston Surrey (unmarried) – this latter is possibly the Job Sheaves in Chertsey Workhouse in 1891. In 1871 Priscilla lived in North Cadbury with son Frederick. In 1881 Ann Jane Shave pob Cerne Dorset was a servant in North Cadbury.

Priscilla married again in 1873 (Sep Q 5c/757 Wincanton) John Gulliford/Gulliver and in 1881 lived in Church Street with John Gulliver and her son Frederick Shave.


It should be possible to put this family's tree together but other documents required, particularly Wills.

1) Simon Sheene

2) Simon Shean

3) Robert Sheene

4) Richard Shean [bur. 31 Mar 1721 South Barrow]

5) Edward Shean [bur. 5 Mar 1712 South Barrow]

6) John Shean bur. 5 Mar 1695 South Barrow

7) Margaret Sheane bur. 17 Sep 1683 South Barrow (widow)

8) Joan Shean married 10 Apr 1694 South Barrow John Webb

9) Frances Shean bur. 26 Jul 1698 South Barrow (as a widow)

10) Thomas Shean [Senr. bur. 4 May 1729 South Barrow]

11) Thomas Sheane [bur. 8 May 1716 South Barrow]

12) William Shean [bur. 8 May 1718 South Barrow or the one bur. 19 Nov 1719 South Barrow? - one may be the son]

13) Richard Shean [bur. 23 Feb 1757 South Barrow]

A Thomas Chr. 4 Jul 1726 South Barrow s.o. ? and Mary Shean may be from this family. The Thomas bur. 17 Feb 1781 South Barrow?

14) Rose Shean bur. 24 Feb 1712 South Barrow

15) Susannah Shean bur. 28 Apr 1723 South Barrow

16) Rebecca Shean married 14 Feb 1722 (or 1728) Humphry Roggers

17) Elizabeth Sheane bur. 24 Oct 1731 South Barrow

18) Sary Shean d. 16 Mar, bur. 17 Mar 1758 South Barrow

19) Ann Shean bur. 17 Jan 1777 South Barrow

20) Anna Shean bur. 8 Feb 1781 South Barrow

21) William Shean [bur. 3 Jun 1773 South Barrow or 9 Jun 1772 South Barrow?]

22) Richard Shean bur. 7 Mar 1792 South Barrow

23) Mary Shean married 10 Aug 1764 South Barrow James Bartlett of Babcary [wit.Jonathan Shean, Sam. Bartlett]

24) John Shean married 25 Oct 1762 South Barrow Mary Marshall

25) Martha Shean married 18 Apr 1769 South Barrow William Raymond of Queen Camel [wit, John Raymond, Jonathan Shean]

26) Rebecca Shean married 10 Oct 1768 South Barrow William Wake [wit. James Wake Jonathan Shean]

27) Jonathan Sheane

28) Thomas Shean b. 1753 bur. 3 Jun 1837 South Barrow aged 84

In 1851 a Thomas Shean (b. 1796 from Castle Cary) and his sister Sara, b. 1791, married to Frederick Dyke lived in South Barrow, with a servant Anna Pickford b. 1833 South Barrow.

29) Simon Shean

30) Elizabeth Shean

31) Richard Shean

32) Richard Shean yeoman

See Salisbury and Winchester Journal 20 Jul 1807. A Sarah Shean b. 1818 South Barrow was a servant at East Hall Orpington at the house of George Fuller, a banker.


1) Christopher Shepard

2) Urbane Lot Shepherd b. 1863, miller of Modsomer Norton, s.o. Lot and Ann Shepherd

Urbane lived in 1871 with his parents at Lusty, Bruton. By 1901 he was living at 17, The Island, Midsomer Norton with his wife and son Laonard and in 1911 at Pen Mills, Sherborne Road, Yeovil. The couple had given birth to four children but one was deceased.

3) Maria Jane Shepherd b. 1866 d.o. George Shepherd, Western Bampfylde married 13 Jun 1889 South Barrow Albert Darch b. 1864 s.o. Robert Darch*

Sims – see Symes


1) Joseph Skinner bur. 19 Oct 1680


1) George Slade carpenter bur. 2 Oct 1798 South Barrow

1a) Richard Slade butcher Chr. 12 Apr 1761 South Barrow bur. 4 Apr 1823 South Barrow aged 62

In 1841 and 1851 this family appeared in Hutton, Winterstoke, Axbridge and Hutton is given as the children's place of birth.

1b) James Slade Chr. 1 May 1774 South Barrow


1) John Smart of Lovington


1) William Stacy married: 15 Oct 1617 South Barrow Isabell ...lott

2) Elizabeth Stacie married 17 Apr 1629 South Barrow Peter Uppill

3) Mary Stacy of Castle Cary married 8 Apr 1771 South Barrow John Raishley

4) Susannah Stacey widow of East Lydford married 11 Apr 1803 South Barrow William Bull widower

5) Henry Stacey ag lab b. 1838/43 Sandford Orcas d. 1913 (Mar Q 5c/563 Wincanton)

In 1891 this couple lived in Woodgate South Barrow and in 1901 appeared in Knap Cottage, Charlton Horethorne.


1) William John Stainer labourer [b. 1883 Dorchester?]

2) Frederick John Stainer of South Barrow

Linda lived with her parents at Camel Hill, Queen Camel in 1901


1) Thomas Standard


1) Mariah Stent [b. 1845 Yeovilton]

Frank Stent appears on the 1871 census living with Alfred Webb and family in South Barrow, as his nephew. Nfi His mother is possibly the daughter of James Stent living at Yeovilton in 1841? She was a domestic servant in Shepton Mallet in 1871.


1) Miriam Strickland labouring woman

Neither person traced further.

2) Rosina Mary Strickland b. 1877 Wimborne, Dorset, of Guttage St. Michael Married: 1897 (Sep Q 5a/467 Wimborne) Frederick Albert Frampton b. 1875 Gussage All Saints, Dorset, of South Barrow

Banns read in 1897 in South Barrow but no other obvious link.


1) Ann Stokes b. 1767 Castle Cary married 29 Jul 1792 South Barrow James Webb b. 1767 [wit William Corp, Richard Webb]*


1) Joseph Sugg labourer b. 1834 Charlton Adam

The marriage is possibly Mary Ann Raymond to Joseph [Ludgy – misread?] inWells (Jun Q 5c/1020 Wells).

The family appear on the 1861 census at Belmont Street, Yeovil and Frederick is stated to have been born at Wells. On the 1871 census the family lived at Wincanton Common. In 1881 Frederick was visiting an uncle in Islington and working as a labourer. On the 1881 census at Cucklington, Sarah's pob given as Cucklington



1) John Syms

In 1851 Silas Sims described as a coal haulier, lived at Horse Pond Square, Castle Cary with his widowed mother Ann who called herself a 'landed proprietor'. A young Ann Sims b. 1808 South Barrow was a servant to the Fenner family of Wales, Queen Camel in 1851. By 1861, and unmarried, Silas Syms aged 59 was living with his brother Stephen Syms (b. 1812 Galhampton) in Galhampton, North Cadbury.

2) Henry Symes b. 1796 bur. 27 Apr 1842 South Barrow aged 46

Appear on the 1841 census in South Barrow. Mary possibly married again after her husband's demise.


1) Thomas Tabor yeoman, employer b. 1839 North Barrow

In 1881 the family lived at Manor farm, North Barrow where Thomas farmed 450 acres with 9 men and 3 boys. By 1891 this family lived in Portman Cottages, Brickyard Hill. By 1901 the family lived at Barrow Farm, North Barrow.


1) Samuel Talbot smith and wheelwright b. 1798 South Barrow

On the 1851 census Samuel lived with his wife and two of his daughters at Sparkford.


1) Edward Tanner miller b. 1832 Sandford Orcas, Dorset

On the 1871 cenus at Yeovil [Northover Mill] Edward lived with his wife and six children, Henry being the last. The previous child John was also born in West Camel but Henry was possibly baptized in South Barrow because at the time Sarah's mother Mary and sister Albertina (Bush) lived in South Barrow. In 1881 the family lived in Northover Mills, Northover, Yeovil.


1) Joseph Henry Taylor joiner b. 1871 of St. John's Parish, Yeovil, s.o. Innkeeper Robert Taylor


1) Richard Thomas bur. 9 May 1694 South Barrow

2) Edith Thomas bur. 28 Aug 1698 South Barrow [wife of last?]

3) John Thomas b. 1771 Holton, bur. 5 Apr 1853 South Barrow aged 81

[The new baptism book starts with George in 1813 – possibly other children between 1802 and 1813?] On the 1851 census James and his wife Hester were dairy people at Old Fair Place, West Lydford. Charles was a farmer in Towns End, Tintinhull on the 1851 census with wife Sarah A. b. 1806 Sutton Montis. John Thomas and Eve appear together on the 1841 and 1851 census in South Barrow [latterly as paupers], with a Sarah Thomas lodging elsewhere in SB in 1841. See under Mills for Martha, widow of William in 1861.


1) Maurice George Thompson farmer b. 1878 Pensford, s.o. Edward and Julia Thompson, d. 1902 (Mar Q5c/326 Wincanton)

In 1901 Maurice lived with housekeeper Agnes Gaib b. 1875 Stone Easton and domestic Priscilla Williams b. 1866 Yate, Glos., at Church Farm. He died aged only 24.


1) Dorothy Tinney married 18 Dec 1682 South Barrow Robert Beltozer*

2) Henry Tiney bur. 31 Jan 1694 South Barrow

3) Elinor Tinney bur. 8 Jun 1698 South Barrow [wife of last?]

4) William Tinney bur. 25 Jun 1703 South Barrow

5) Jone Tinney widow bur. 30 Aug 1712 South Barrow


see Tutchens


The Toogood family of Sherborne owned the Tithes deriving from the South Barrow estate. “The living is a perpetual curacy, with a net income of £80, and in the patronage of Mrs. Toogood, to whom also belong the tithes, which have been commuted for £245.” [From the 1848 Topographical Dictionary of England] The latter is probably the widow Catherine Mary Toogood d. 1 Sep 1847 of Sherborne.

Sherborne House or Portman House was built in Palladian style 1720 – 26 by Henry Seymour Portman to designs by Benjamin Bastard. It was sold in 1799 to a wealthy farmer, James Toogood whose brother Charles inherited it in 1816 who then sold it to Edward Earl Digby.


1) Edward Trask b. 1857 Hardington

Edward lodged with the Raymonds at 1, Church Lane in 1881 [see also Herbert Baker]. In 1901 he was still single, a 'lunatic attendant' and boarding at Richmond Villa, Guildford Rd., Woking.


John Travis labourer b. 1870 Lovington s.o. Richard Travis, d. 13 Jan, bur. 17 Jan 1957 South Barrow aged 87

John lodged in 1891 with the widowed Jane Raymond at 2, Church Lane and eventually married her daughter. In 1901 they lived at Laurel Cottage, Sparkford where John (Travers) was a coal merchant's carter. They remained childless and in 1911 were visited by Sarah Jane Raymond (b. 1860 South Barrow) who was then a domestic cook.


1) William Trot bur. 12 Nov 1730 South Barrow [abode London?]


1) John Tucker b. 1811 South Cadbury

In 1851 this couple lived at Stoke House, North Cadbury with four daughters all born South or North Cadbury.


1) Joan Turner bur. Unc. 1680 South Barrow

2) William George Henry Turner of South Cadbury d. 1943 (Mar Q 5c/432 Wincanton)


1) John Tutchings

2) John Tutchens bur. 1 Aug 1798 South Barrow


1) Peter Uppill


1) Harry Vining labourer b. 1880 Wincanton, d. 1963

In 1911 the family lived at Cottons lane, Keinton Mandeville where Harry was a carter for a corn merchant.


Wacke, Wack, Wyke

DD\SF/3881 Containing answers of Henry Wyke to bill of complaint of Martin Sanford, 1621; draft and copy deeds, manors of West Lydford, North and South Barrow and Puriton, 1621-1660

1) John Wake bur. 9 Aug 1712 South Barrow

2) William Wake bur. 28 Dec 1728 South Barrow of Castle Cary

3) Thomas Wake the younger bur. 27 Jan 1776 South Barrow

4) William Wake

A Maria m. 21 Oct 1822 South Barrow William Pyne [wit. James Webb, Eliza Plucknett].

4a) William Wake b. 1771 bur. 29 Sep 1847 South Barrow aged 77

A granddaughter Ann Wake b. 1832 [father Jesse] on 1841 census whose mother was Mary who subsequently (circa 1834) married the widowed William Hayward (b. 1801 South Coker) – they all appear together on the 1851 census at Belmont Street, Yeovil.

An Elizabeth Wake married Joseph Dewdney on 27 Apr 1823 at Mudford but on the 1851 census she stated her dob was 1792 [her husband b. 1801].

4b) John Wake Chr. 12 Jan 1774 bur. 27 Dec 1846 South Barrow aged 72

Jehu Wake b. 1821 is on the 1841 census in South Barrow.

4b1) John Wake labourer Chr. 17 Feb 1799 [bur. 22 May 1871 South Barrow aged 69]

In 1851 in South Barrow called John 'Weak' and with son John b. 1841 Stoke Trister. Charlotte in 1851 lived with brother Charles Wake.

4b2) Jesse Wake labourer Chr. 17 Jun 1804 s.o. John and Edith Wake

Jesse was widowed by 1851 and still had all but his eldest daughter at home. In 1861 he was living with daughter Mary and her son at the home of his sister Jane Raymond and her husband Charles. In 1871 Samuel lodged with Robert Webb whose daughter Elizabeth he married that year.

4b2A) James Wake Ag lab Chr. 5 Oct 1828 South Barrow

In 1861 James, his wife and two children lived in South Barrow and his brother John (b. 1844) lived with them. Marriage not found. Western Gazette 25 May 1866 reported James' arrest under warrant for trespass on S. Bartlett's land..

4b2B) Samuel Wake labourer Chr. 2 Apr 1837 South Barrow bur. 24 May 1889 South Barrow aged 50

The Western Gazette 1 Aug 1879 reported a case concerning Charlotte Wake. In 1881 this family lived at 2, Laburnam Villa South Barrow. In 1891 the now widowed Elizabeth and her nine children lived in Bottom Hill. In 1901 the family lived at Hill Farm though the girls Charlotte, Edith, Frances and Harriet and son Charlie were absent. In 1911 just William, Robert, Samuel and Bertram lived with their mother.

4b2Bi) Robert Webb Wake labourer b. 1880 South Barrow

4b2C) John Wake Chr. 14 Jan 1844 South Barrow bur. 16 May 1925 South Barrow aged 82

In 1871 John and family lived with his brother George (38) who was ill with consumption and died shortly after the census. In 1881 the family lived at 2, New Buildings South Barrow plus lodger William Roy. In 1891 the census gives their address as 2, Church lane which they shared with the Raymond family and two more children had arrived though the three elder daughters had left. In 1901 at Church Farm John and Mary lived with Tom, William (railway plate layer), Elizabeth and John. In 1911 Louisa, William George, Elizabeth and John remained with their parents.

4b2Ci) Tom Wake railway platelayer Chr. 4 Jan 1874 South Barrow bur. 29 Oct 1966 South Barrow [Wake's Cottage]

This family first appear on the 1911 census

4b2Cii) William George Wake railway plate layer Chr. 15 Jul 1877 South Barrow, bur. 8 Nov 1935 South Barrow aged 60

4b2D) William Cullen Wake Chr. 29 Jul 1860 South Barrow, bur. 14 Oct 1901 South Barrow aged 41 [died Yeovil Hospital]

In 1871 Adelaide appeared in Corton Denham with her widowed mother Hannah, a glover, and in 1901 they appear there again together at the Rectory, Corton Denham where Adelaide was a domestic cook. The Western Gazett 28 Aug 1891 carried a notice that William C. Wake will not be responsible for any debts incurred b y Adelaide Wake. In 1901 William lived alone at Home Farm, Sparkford where he was a coal merchant's carter and he died later in the year.

4c) Thomas Wake labourer Chr. 7 May 1778 South Barrow [bur. 14 Dec 1845 South Barrow aged 72]

In Apr 1848 Thomas rented a house and an acre of land from Lord Portman and 3 acres from William Wake on which he paid a total of 6s 10d rates. In 1851 widow Ann, a shopkeeper, lived with son Silas and his wife and children in South Barrow. Uriah Wake of Alford lodged with them. See under Shave for Priscilla in 1861. Banns had been read in Dec 1844/Jan 1845 for a marriage with Silas Windsor - never carried out and in October 1848 a case was brought by her against Silas Pickford to show cause why he should not maintain her illegitimate child. [Sherborne Mercury 28 Oct 1848]

4c1) James Wake Chr. 26 Jan 1812 (8d) bur. 29 Mar 1835 aged 23

At the baptism of Mary Jane her mother, from Horsington was described as a widow woman – her husband having died 9 months previously.

4c2) Silas Wake labourer Chr. 7 Sep 1823 South Barrow bur. 18 Jan 1857 South Barrow aged 36

On 1851 census the family was living with Silas' mother Ann. In 1871 John lodged with George Windsor in SB. Eliza lived in South Cadbury as a laundress with Edwin, Ellen, Melina and Alice.

5) John Wacke bur. 1 Jul 1798 South Barrow

6) Ann Wake b. 1809 South Barrow m. 16 Mar 1837 South Barrow John Tucker b. 1811 South Cadbury [wit. George Newport, Mary Wake]

In 1851 this couple lived at Stoke House, North Cadbury with four daughters all born Sourth or North Cadbury. Ann may be a child of Mary Wake b. 1777?

7) Hannah Wake bur. 18 Mar 1837 South Barrow aged 31

8) Catherine Wake b. 1823 South Barrow

Catherine married John Laver (b. 1827 Pitcombe) in 1849 (DecQ 10/857 Wincanton) and in 1851 they lived at Hadspen, Pitcombe with their son William.

9) Bartholomew Wake solicitor Chr. 19 May 1794 North Barrow s.o. Thomas and Ann Wake

This person acquired 6 acres of land on which he paid rates in South Barrow from Sept 1853. A Cornelius Wake of North Barrow had been renting land to Catherine Phillips up to this time but his land seems to have been acquired by Lord Portman. Possibly related to this Bartholomew.

A Reginald Edgar Wake ran Wake's Services [motor transport] according to Kelley's Directory of 1935 tel. N. Cadbury 51


1) Thomas Walter farmer b. 1781 bur. 9 Mar 1853 South Barrow aged 71

Thomas witnessed a marriage in South Barrow in Aug 1848. In 1841 the couple lived in South Barrow with just Sarah. Thomas and Sarah absent from 1851 census.

2) Philip Walter dairyman b. 1816 bur. 1 Mar 1897 South Barrow aged 83 [from Sparkford]

In 1841 Louise and Philip lived together in South Barrow -could be brother and sister rather than man and wife. By 1851 Philip was married to Harriett and lived at Rectory Road, Trent with their two daughters. In 1861 Philip lived in SB with his wife and children plus dairymaid Frances Raymond (18).

3) Edward Walters labourer b. 1804 Puddimore

This family with six more chidren lived at Walter's farm, Upton Noble in 1841, together with Mary's mother Mary Paine b. 1784 Corton. They were still there in 1851.

3a) Philip Walter cowman Chr. 8 Jun 1845 Upton Noble

In 1871 this couple lived in South Barrow with two servants Sarah A. Burge (17) and William Dowman (19) a cowman. By 1881 they lived at the Dairy House, Nursling, Romsey, Hampshire with four daughters. By 1891 they lived at 3, Mildmay Tarrace, Marks Road, Romford, Essex with Adelaide and Mabel.

4) Jane Walters married 24 Jun 1845 South Barrow Thomas Avery [wit. John Avery, Thomas Walters] - nfi

Possibly the Jane Walters living with Thomas and Ann White in South Cary, Castle Cary on the 1841 census. Thomas is probably the son of John and Catherine Avery living at Dimmer, Castle Cary on the same census. nfi

5) Daniel Walter b. 1829 Castle Cary – on 1881 census at Parsonage Farm as servant to Elijah Pickford.


1) Tom David Ward road contractor b. 1866 Branscombe, Devon

In 1911 the couple, living in South Barrow, had been married 20 years but were childless. In 1901 Tom was working away from home as a gardener in Yeovil.



1) John Webb bur. 13 Nov 1750 South Barrow

1a) William Webb bur. 17 May 1781 South Barrow

2) James Webb Chr. 31 x 1765 South Barrow base born son of Ann Webb - who married 14 Oct 1766 South Barrow Gracious Levishot*

3) Luce Weeb bur. 17 Nov 1771 South Barrow

4) William Weeb [b. 1742, bur 8 Mar 1822 South Barrow aged 80 or William b. 1756 bur. 5 Feb 1823 South Barrow aged 67? [probably the latter] [son of (1a)?]

Sarah seems to be the Sarah Webb who married milkman James Jude at St. Leonards, Shoreditch in 1808 and they appear together on the 1851 census at 30, Queen Ann Street, Whitechapel, Tower Hamlets.

5) Emanuel Weeb b. 1736, bur. 20 May 1813 South Barrow aged 77 [of Lovington]

6) James Webb b. 1767, bur. 25 Feb 1828 South Barrow aged 61

A James? Webb aged 3 months bur. 5 Nov 1816 South Barrow – this family? On the 1841 census the widowed Ann lived alone with her unmarried sons Seth and John, and in 1851 as a pauper with just John.

7) William Webb labourer [Chr. 7 Nov 1802 South Barrow], bur. Nov 6 1874 South Barrow aged 76

In 1841 William and Mary had their six children at home. William was a widower by 1851 and had just Alfred, Samuel and Mary Ann at home. Richard was an outdoor servant in North Barrow. Richard married in 1857 and had nine children born in Walton, Wheathill, Babcary and East Lydford.

In 1861 he had Samuel and Mary Ann plus a child Walter not on the 1851 census. Lodging with Sarah Windsor was Silas Webb (b. 1837) and Walter Webb (b. 1839 South Barrow – must be Alfred?). A Walter aged 6 months was buried 22 Jan 1844 South Barrow and was certainly a child of this family.

In 1871 William lived alone

7a) Robert Webb labourer Chr. 24 Jun 1827 South Barrow, bur. 19 Nov 1896 South Barrow aged 69 [North Barrow]

In 1851 Robert his wife and two daughters lived together with Robert's brother William. In 1861 Robert was widowed and his eldest daughter called Emmey. In 1871 he had Emma A. and Elizabeth at home plus lodger Samuel Wake (31 who later in the year married Elizabeth. In 1881 living in Woodgate Robert lived with just daughter Emma Ann, a glover.

7b) Alfred Webb railway labourer Chr. 20 Jan 1839 South Barrow

In 1871 the family lived in South Barrow with nephew Frank and lodger Silas Webb (34). Western Gazette 23 May 1879 reported a non-payment case regarding Alfred who rented a cottage at £4 per annum, paid quarterly. This might explain why Alfed moved to Coxley with his large and growing family.

8) Elijah James Webb smith b. 1837 Stoke Lane, s.o. William Webb

Elijah was called just James on the censuses and in 1881 they lived at Critchill Turnpike Cottage, Frome.

Well – misreading for Webb on 1841 census


1) John Wesly


1) Elizabeth Westover b. 1807 Lytes Cary, bur. 15 Oct 1881 (Dec Q 5c/297 Wincanton) South Barrow aged 74 [entry 164].

Elizabeth was a widow living in Yeovil at the 1881 census with her sister/daughter the unmarried Elizabeth Gerrard b. 1831 Yeovil.


1) Thomas Andrews White Ag Lab Chr. 12 Dec 1816 Castle Cary s.o. John and Charity White

In 1851 the family lived in Yeovil Marsh with Thomas' father John but by 1861 the family had moved to South Barrow. By 1871 they were living at Queen Street Yeovil, but without John.

2) Harriet Elizabeth White Chr. 7 Nov 1886 South Barrow, d.o. Samuel and Elizabeth White, bur. 8 Jn 1927 South Barrow [abode Castle Cary – bur w'out C of E rites]

The wife of Edward C. White who she had married in 1918 (Sep Q 2b/1813 Christhurch)


Willes Willis

1) Edmund [Edward] Welsh

2) Robert Wills

3) Richard Wills

4) Hugh Wills the elder bur. 11 Jun 1681 South Barrow

5) Hugh Wills bur. 5 Jun 1713 South Barrow

6) Martha Wills base born d.o. Ellen Wills bur. 6 Nov 1681 South Barrow

7) Jane Wills married 29 May 1709 South Barrow William Chamberlain

8) Samson Wills bur. 26 Jan 1701 South Barrow [father of next? Not stated as a child]

9) Samson Wills [bur. 26 Mar 1721 South Barrow]

9a) Richard Wills Chr. 25 oct 1706 South Barrow [bur. 24 Oct 1733 South Barrow]

10) William Willis of Castle Cary married 11 Jan 1766 Ann Gardiner

11) George Wills

12) James Willis Chr. 19 Feb 1815 Weston Bampfield/Sparkford, s.o. William and Jane Willis [bur. 3 Apr 1875 Sparkford aged 60]

In 1861 the widowed James lived in Sparkford Road with four children from his first marriage. In 1871 James and Mary lived at Maggoty Batch, Sparkford with Mary's two children Bessie and Willian Cullen Wake plus Sara Willis from James' first marriage and Charlotte from his marriage to Mary. In addition Jesse Wake,Mary's father lived with them.

In 1881 the widowed Mary lived at Woodgate South Barrow with her son and three daughters and worked as a laundress. In 1891 Mary and son William Wake and daughter Amelia Ann Willis shared Pickfords Cottage, Woodgate with the Brine family. William was a coal merchant's carter at Home Farm, Sparkford in 1901.


1) Frederic Wilmott labourer Chr. 28 Jan 1883 Marston Bigot s.o. Joseph and Dorcas Wilmott

First appear on 1911 census in South Barrow.


1) Hugh [Hugonis] Wilson

2) Isabell Willsonne bur. 11 Aug 1608 South Barrow [probably wife of last]



1) Ann Windsor b. 1754 bur. 5 Nov 1837 South Barrow aged 83

Probable mother of Robert next

2) Robert Windsor b. 1776

2a) Thomas Winsor labourer, thatcher Chr. 13 Mar 1796 South Cadbury bur. 2 Mar 1844 South Barrow aged 43

Thomas, Sarah and five of their children appear on the 1841 census [Elizabeth absent] but by 1851 Sarah was a widow. In April 1848 she owned her cottage and garden and paid rates on it plus 15 perches of land rented from Lord Portman, total 4/2½d. Living with her were sons George (thatcher), Thomas and James (Ag labs) and Sarah. By 1861 she lived with just daughter Sarah. Silas didn't marry Priscilla Wake despite their seeming to have a child together and he then disappeared?*

2a1) George Ashford Windsor thatcher Chr. 22 Jul 1827 South Barrow bur. 17 Sep 1904 South Barrow aged 77

Appear as a couple on the 1861 census in South Barrow. In 1871 Emma was a glover and they had John Wake (26) as a lodger. In 1881 their address given as Woodgate. In 1891 George and wife lived in Woodgate still with their now-widowed daughter Amelia Downton and her two children. In 1901 at St. Peters Church the Windsors lived with Amelia and Olive. By 1911 it was just Emma and Amelia living together, both widows.

2a2) Thomas Windsor labourer, thatcher Chr. 21 Mar 1830 South Barrow bur. 28 May 1921 South Barrow aged 87

A son Robert Chr. 13 feb 1850 West Camel born to a Thomas and Mary may belong to this couple.

In 1871 the family lived in SB and in 1881 the house was identified as Braines House and Thomas was listed as a thatcher and spar maker, his wife a glover and at home were just James, Silas and Mary. In 1891 Thomas and Mary lived in Bottom Hill with James and granddaughters Amelia b. 1880 South Barrow (d.o. Job) and Mary E. Cottle b. 1883 South Barrow. Sials was charged with others of breakinga window at the property of Frederick Payne on 1 Nov 1883 [Western Gazette 30 Nov 1883].

2a2A) Job Brooks Win(d)sor labourer b. 1858 'Queen Camel', d. 1945 (Sep Q 5c/326 Wincanton) aged 87

In 1881 the family lived in Bottom Hill South Barrow. In 1891 Amelia stayed in Bottom Hill with her grandparents. Job and his wife lived in Church Lane with Sarah and Elizabeth. In 1901 Job was widowed and lived with Elizabeth and Tom at Manor Farm with boarder John Austin b. 1827. In 1911 Job now a shepherd, lived with Elizabeth and Tom at Rats Castle, Sparkford.

3) Frank Windsor gardener b. 1886 Queen Camel, s.o. Harry and Mary Jane Windsor d. 26 Nov, bur. 29 Nov 1941 aged 55 at Mid Knowle Cottage South Barrow

Before his marriage Frank still lived with his parents at High Street, Queen Camel and Elizabeth, a dressmaker, lived at Ham Door, Queen Camel with her parents. They had three children, Ruth, Florence and George.


1) Thomas Woodforde curate –

Thomas signed the Parish Registers from pre-1813 until December 1835. He died August 1836. Exeter Flying Post 11 Aug 1836. He was followed by Perp. Curate George Goodden until January 1866 and then curate A. J. Woodforde until February 1871.

2) Henry Woodford labourer b. 1830 Great Toller, Dorset, s.o. James and Lucy Woodford

In 1861 Henry was still married to Emma and lived with three children at Queen Camel. By 1871 he was living at Clive Farm, Babcary with wife Sarah and their three children plus Emily. Son Henry was a servant in Babcary. Sarah had already had an illegitimate child Mary Ann b. 1855 Queen Camel.


1) Arthur Wooldridge labourer b. 1873 East Garston, Newbury, s.o. Thomas and Hannah Wooldridge

In 1911 Arthur and family lived at 83 and 84 Kilver Street, Shepton Mallet as a dairy farm labourer. In 1901 he seems to have been a water supply manager at Great Faringdon. Three of his sons were triplets, though on the census he gives four the same year of birth. Emily's father was a hard stone cutter living in Charlton Mackrell.