Arthur Jewers Annotations & Footnotes,

Street Parish Registers & Bishops Transcripts

for Christenings, Marriages and Burials.


The earliest existing volume of Registers consists of eleven leaves (twenty-two pages) of vellum, without any cover. It is in some places very much obliterated and quite illegible, and has in blank places been scribbled on. For the most part this portion has been carefully kept, each page being divided by lines into two columns and spaces to keep the christenings, marriages and burials apart. The following is a transcript  with such abbreviations as do not affect the substance, for instance, the omission of “was baptized,” “was buried,” and the like, with contractions of “s.” for “son,” “da.” for “daughter,” “w.” for “wife,” etc. The wills of all persons designated of “Street” in the Wells Probate Registry are noted more or less fully; all genealogical information is given, with the name of any lands mentioned, and occasionally the names of articles as indicative of the habits of the time. One leaf is loose and dates nearly forty years earlier than the rest of the volume. A few notes have been added where such seemed advisable.

Our thanks are due to the Rev. George Beilly, M.A., the Rector, for permission to transcribe and print the following. [SPRp.1]


1. Richard Grimster mar. Joane Withie, widow 16 Apr 1599. (Wythie or Withy.) John Wythie of Street, will dated 28 Jan 1546. To be buried in the churchyard of St. Gyles at Street. To the cross light there 4 pence. To the high altar there 11 pence. To the church of Dynd: (Dinder) a ewe and a lamb. To the Cathederal 4 pence. Sons: William, John, and Richard Wythie Daughters: Margaret, Margery, and Johane Wythie. Residuary legatee and executor wife Johane Wythie. Witnesses Sir John Halsey, “my gostly fader”, William Rowde, and Humphrey King. Proved at Wells 3 May 1547.) [SPRp.1]


2. Frances Whittington esquire mar. Alice March 30 Apr 1599. (He d. 24 Oct 1605.) A pedigree of this family of Whittington is given in the Hearld’s Visitation 1620 (Harl. Soc. Vol. 11. p. 117, 180. [SPRp.1]


3. John Frie mar. Susan Hillerd 1 Oct 1599. (The will of John Frie, of Street, dated 2 April 1568, desires to be buried in the churchyard of Street. Names son John Frie; son William Frie; John Tutton of Glastonbury; and Peter Wests. Residue to wife Johanne. Proved 8 June 1569.  [SPRp.1]


4. Joane bur. 2 Aug 1623. w. of Thomas Chappell (Thomas Chappell of Street husbandman. Will dated 2 Aug 1623. To the church of Street 12d, to the poor of that parish 12d. Sister Dorothy Stacie. Sister Alice Chappell. Wife Elizabeth Chappell residuary legatee and executrix. Proved at Wells 27th Aug. 1623. Total of Inventory £90 15s. 6d.) [SPRp.2]


5. Katherine, da. of Mr. Henry Whittington, Ch. 2 June 1600. (She was the daughter of Henry Whittington by Philippa, daughter of John Preston of Crickett S. Thomas, and is named in the Visitation as being then aged twenty-three years, which agrees with this date.) [SPRp.2]


6. John Grimsted bur. 9 Sep 1600. This is clearly “Grimsted,” and in the two entries above are “Grimster” distinctly. (The will Robert Grimsteede of Street, husbandman,  dated 26 Sept. 1608, and proved at Wells 9 Nov 1608. He directs to be buried in the churchyard of Street, to which he gives twelve pence. And to the poor of the parish 6s. 8d. To Alice “my now wife” half of the tenement in which they live the other half moiety to his son Richard. Son Walter; Daughters Cecily and Agnes. Daughter Edith wife of John Roode. Margaret Hucker three shillings. Wife Alice residuary legatee and executrix. Neighbours John Meade and John Bolls overseers. Witnesess, Henry Pyke, minister, Arthur Gundry, John Meade, John Bolls.) [SPRp.2]


7. George Swath alias Fulston, bur. 10 Feb 1600. (The widow of this George made her will 25 Jan 1608 as Johane Fullstone alias Swath widow. Names, Johane Walter, dau. Margaret Walter of Street, a bed bedstead &c. and 50s. by her grandfather’s request at his death. Thomas son of the said Margaret Walter 30s. by his grandfather’s will. Brother Robert Keene executor. Witnesess: Mr. Henry Peeke and Robert Pirry. Proved at Wells 20 Aug 1609.) [SPRp.2]


8. Katherine da. of John Frie, Ch. __ Sep 1601. (The will of Susanna Fry of Street, widow, dated 1 June 1626. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. Mentions Matthew Pollet’s four children of Walton. Thomas, Robert and George sons of George Burdman of Butleigh. Richard Frye’s seven children of Street. Daughter Katherine Fry residuary legatee and executrix. Wit.: Thomas Closse and William (W.R.) Roode. Proved 11 Oct 1626.) [SPRp.2]


9. Annes, dau. of Bartholomew Guppy, Ch. 13 Mar 1602. (The will of Bartholomew Guppy of Street husbandman dated 10 Jan 1623. mentions, to the church of Street 2s.; dau. Mary Stower of Street; dau. Joane Parker w. of Matthew Parker of Street; dau. Agnes Withie w. of William Withie of Northover in Glastonbury; dau. Audrie Guppie under 21. Tristram Gundry. George Parker and Alice Parker son and dau. of Joane Parker. Andrew Parker. Andrew Northerne of Bristol “my kinsman”. Servant Walter Reeves. Wife Eleanor Guppy residuary legatee and executrix. Friends Richard Ridewood of Ditcheat and Matthew Parker overseers. Proved at Wells 20 Mar 1623. [SPRp.3]


10. Mr. Francis Whittington and Anne Bisse, mar. 22 June 1602. (Who this Anne Bliss was does not at present appear. See also note 2.) [SPRp.3]


11. Mr. John Wats & Mrs. Margaret Dyer, mar. 18 Jul 1602. (This Mr. John Wats does not appear in the pedigree of Watts in the 1620 Visitation of Somerset. Attached to the will of Christopher Coward, of Ditcheat, dated 1698, is a seal of arms, (arg) on a mount a tree (all ppr) over all on a fess (az.) three crescents (of the first). Above the shield A. W. Watts, Mrs Margaret Dyer was no doubt one of the two daughters of Thomas Dyer, of Street, gent. and Margaret his wife, daughter of Robert (not John as in the Visitation) Parrys, late of Charle, gent. mentioned, as having survived their mother, on a brass in Street Church.) [SPRp.3]


12. Thomas Jones, bur. 10 Sep 1602. (This Thomas Jones is no doubt the grandson mentioned in the will of William Jones of Street, husbandman, dated 29 Dec 1565. To the Cathederal 4d. To the poor of Street, 2s. Mentions, Robert Berte and his son John Berte; Alice Edwards; Richard Cozens, owes testator money; to William Jones son of Robert Jones, a coffer, &c., 31s. 8d. in the hands of Sir Robert Adams (? priest. Robert Adams instituted to Elme in 1565. vide Weaver’s Somerset Incumbents,) and 15s. received from Mr. William Marshall. Residue to be divided between Thomas, William, Marian and Elizabeth Jones, children of the above Robert Jones, deceased, son of the testator. Horse bought of p’son Huntington (John Huntington instituted to Sampford Bret in 1560, vide Weaver’s Somerset Incumbents), for the above Thomas Jones. Proved 16 Jan. 1565.) [SPRp.3-4]


13. ____ Pittard, bur. 23 Feb 1602. (Hugh Pittard of Street, will dated 6 Dec 1610. To be buried in the churchyard of Street; to the poor of that parish 12d. Son Matthew Pittard. Dau. Joane Pittard. Dau. Margaret Pittard. Son Robert Pittard, the lease of the ground called Roughclose by estimation four acres. Robert “son of my son Robert Pittard.” Bartholomew Guppie and John Keene the younger overseers. Wife Agnes Pittard, residuary legatee and executrix. Inventory L113 5s. Proved at Wells 19 Jan 1610.

The following is probably the will of the father of the above Hugh:- dated 20 Mar. 1546. Thomas Pytterd, to be buried in the churchyard of “S. Gyld of Street”. To that church 12d., to the High Altar 4d. Son Hugh Pyttard; Dau. Lucy (?) Dau. An. Residuary legatee and executrix, wife Richard (sic). Prov. at Glastonbury 14 May 1547. [SPRp.4]


14. ____ of Henry Whittington gent., bur. 1 Jan 1602.

____ Whittington gent. Died 23 Mar 1602.

This Henry Whittington is the son and heir of Francis mentioned in note 2 (1500), but the name of the child who was buried is quite gone. His own burial is the next entry but one, the date being that of his death, and agrees with the date given in the Herald’s Visitation. He married Philippa, daughter of John Preston, of Cricket S. Thomas, by whom he had issue Dorothy, named in the will of her grandfather, John Preston, dated 1588, married John Lancaster of Milverton; Bridget, Married Christopher Brodripp (according to the Visitation; in the Register of S John’s Glastonbury, we find the baptism Jane, daughter of William Brodripp, gent. 1 Nov. 1617, and her burial on 18th March following, as also several of the Preston family); Catherine, whose baptism is given above; John, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Wyatt, of Bristol, merchant; Andrew, s. and h., of Ivy Thorne, who married and left issue; Thomas; Henry; and Humphrey.) [SPRp.4]


15. Roger son of John Roode, Ch. 31 Mar 1603. (Will of John Rode of Street, dated 12 Nov 1545. To be buried in the churchyard of S. Gelys in Street; to that church 3s. 4d., to the Cathedral 4d. Names sons John, Robert and Barnard. Daughter Johan. Residuary legatee and executrix, wife Johan. Witnesses, Sir Wyllyam Collyns, William Jonys, and William Rode. Proved at Wells 15 Jul 1546. [SPRp.4]


The will of one of the witnesses Sir Willyam Collens may as well be given here – William Collyns, priest, p’son of Strete and Walton. Will dated 21 Jan. 1549, being sick, &c. To be buried near unto the church porch of Strete, evyn before my doore. To the poorman’s box 20d, at Strete and also at Walton. To the repair of the parish ways a quarter of dredge and two bushels of wheat. To the almshouse of Glastonbury for the pore, two bushels of wheat. To the High Rod a quarter of dredge and two bushels of wheat. To Richard Cosynes one bushel of wheat, two bushels of malt, and 20d. To Agnes Gromys one bushel of dredge. John Chedman one bushel of wheat. To Richard Collyns my brother’s son half of my wheaten mowe in the barton. To my sister Johnanne a quarter of wheat and a quarter of dredge. To Agnes “my sister,” a featherbed with that belongeth to the same, the sheets excepted, the coffer by the bedside with its contents and a chaffer. John Pawle of Bradley two bushels of wheat and a sake of dredge. John Marten 12d. Residuary legatee and executors brother William and sister Agnes. Robert Hyat and Richard Cosyns to be admitted to have the oversight ‘that the disposal of my goods may be to the honour of God and the welth of my soule.’ Witnesses, William Montagew p’son, and Richard Collyns. [SPRp.4-5]


16. Mary dau. of Alexander Drier gent. Ch. 23 Jan 1603. (Mary dau. of Alexander Dier gent. born Januari 21 betwene the houres of 11 and twelve in the forenoone, and baptized.)  [SPRp.5]


16. Alexander Drier gent. and Katherine Thornburgh mar. 24 May 1603. (This Alexander Dyer is mentioned with his wife in the Heralds’ Visitation 1623, as the son of Thomas Dyer of Street and Margaret Parrys his wife. His wife is given as a daughter of John Thornborow of Shadisden, by whom he had issue three sons and five daughters according to the Visitation, of whom Mary was one. Thomas Dyer, gent., probably a brother of this Alexander, was churchwarden of Street in 1603.

In the will of Thomas Bragge, of Moreland, in Weston Zoyland, dated 23 Jan. 1571, he mentions a lease or agreement dated 16 Dec. 13th Q. Eliz.: to which Thomas Dyer, gent., Richard Dyer, Esq., and Edward Dyer, Esq. were parties.

Elizabeth Dyer of Ivythorne, in Street, will dated 10 Oct. 1681. Names, brother Stephen Dyer, a messuage tenements and 24 acres of land in Stogursey leased for 99 years, to be divided between Edward Cooper, ‘my sister’s son,” and Frances daughter of Gerard Newcourt of Ivythorne, gent. Executors Gerard Newcourt and Thomas Harris of Glastonbury, gent. Proved at Wells 18 March 1681. Seal, shield helmet mantling, arms, en a fess betw, three boars heads couped, a lion pass. Crest, a boar’s head as in arms. Gough. This seal was a kind of office property, belonging to a family of Gough in the neighbourhood, but frequently used for wills, &c.) [SPRp.5]


17. __ Alice w. of Francis Whittington esquire, bur. 1603. This Alice has been referred to in note 2 (1599) [SPRp.5]


We may here mention the will of a Richard Whittington, of Long Ashton, husbandman, which is dated 23 Aug. 1545. He desires to be buried in the churchyard of Long Ashton. Gives to the Cathederal church of S. Andrew Wells 4d. To the High Altar of Long Ashton 8d., and to every Altar in the said church 11d. To the light beame there one bushel of wheat. Names Johan Longe the elder, John Longe Thomas Longe, Richard Longe, Agnes Longe, Johan Longe the younger. Land to Johane Phillips the elder and to William Nosse. Mr. John Smith of Bristol merchant and Thomas Evered overseers.

Witnesses Sir John Rowithe Vicar of Long Ashton Sir Henry Howe clerk and others.

Mr. John Smith to have a covered weyne with the wheels, two yoke and two yoke chains, and a sullowe with the yeega are and two draiggs. [SPRp.5]


18. __ Jone w. of John Reeves bur 1603. (Walter Reeves the younger of Street, husbandman, will dated 1 Jan 1635. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. Names, brothers Leonard Reeves, & William Reeves, and sister Katherine Reeves, all 20s. each before the 24th of June next. The said Katherine to have a cow but her father to have the milk during his life. Mother-in-law Mary Reeves. Father Peter Reeves residuary legatee and executor. The following are owing to him, from Stephen Stiverd and Christopher Stiverd £5 6s. 8d. from Edward Hull £5, from John Make the elder 4s. 6d., and from John Martin of Burnham 13s. The testator owes, to Tristram Gundry £2 16s., to his sister Katherine Reeves 15s. in payment of which he gives her the 20s above; to Mr. Taylor 10s.6d.; to Benjamin Marshall 6s. Total of Inv. £16 1s. 8d. Prov. at Wells 30 Feb. 1635.) [SPRp.6]


19. Appointment of Walter Raleigh of Fardell to the church …”Upon the xxiii day of October Anno Dno Walter Ralegh instituted into the p’sonage of Streate to be toke quiet and peaceable possession of the church of Streate aforesaid, with all the right members & appertenances thereto belonging in the presence of …”


(This Walter Raleigh was the second son of Sir Carew Raleigh, of Fardell, co. Devon, and of Downton, in the county of Wilts., and a nephew of the renowned courtier Sir Walter Raleigh.) [..continues on with his genealogy and pedigree from the Visitation.]



20. Elizabeth dau. of Gregory Amosse and Alice his wife, ch. 25 Sep 1636 (This Gregory is probably the son named in the will of Robert Amosse of Street. He names sons Gregory, William and Robert. Daughter Joan, to each of whom he gives a cow which he describes, the daughter having a red cow called Cherry, and a two-year-old heifer. Wife Elizabeth residuary legatee and executrix. Overseers Thomas Roode and Matthew Parker of Street. Proved at Wells 23 July 1607.) [SPRp.8]


21. Margaret Gundrey bur 10 May 1636. ( The will of Margaret Gundrey of Street, spinster, dated 19 April 1636. Desires to be buried in the churchyard of Street, to the poor of which parish 10s. Mentions, Brother Tristram Gundrey; sister Alice Gundrey; John Gundrey “my unclet”, and his sons John, Giles and Tristram. Margaret Gundrey and Alice Gundrey daughters of Abraham Gundrey. Residuary legatee and executor brother Arthur Gundrey. Overseers Abraham Gundrey and Matthew Stower. Total of inventory L77 10s. Proved 19 May 1636. There is a note appended of money owed testrix by the following; John Powel, Roger Clapp, Edward Clapp, Robert Rood, William Amosse, Alexander Withie, John Chappell, “upon speciality”, Abraham Gundrey, Matthew Stower, Arthur Gundrey. [SPRp.9]


22. Robert Keene bur. 2 Sep. 1636. (This Robert Keene will describes him as of Street husbandman. In it he names; Cousin Mary Fry; Isabell Pearse; Matthew Kellway; William Waters; John Williams, senior; Alice Sergeant; Morris Smith; Brother Philip Keene and his two children; Brother John Keene; Brother James Keene 40s. at 21; servant Margerie Fry by the hand of Robert Batt 40s., for her use until 21, then for her two sisters Agathie and Susan; “my man Alexander Huit” a russet coat; Cousin Agnes Barrowe 20s., and her daughter Agnes Barrowe “my bible”; “my minister” Mr. Thomas Closse 10s.; Edward Taylor; John Clipper; Richard Squire and his sister; Thomas “my godson”; godson Joseph James; goddaughter Abigail Parker; Joseph Batt; Bridget Parker. Residue to wife Marion Keene who is executrix. Proved at Wells 2 Sep 1636. Inventory L125 3s. 4d.) [SPRp.9]


(We do not find recorded the burial of Agnes Keene, sister of the above, but her will which follows shows that she died the year before her brother Robert. The will of Agnes Keene of Street, spinster dated 3 July 1635. Desires to be buried in the churchyard of Street, to the poor of which parish 10s. Brother James Keene L14 and certain horses, he then under age. Brother Robert Keene 10s. and Marian his wife 10s. Brother Philip Keene 30s. John Keene son of Brother Philip Keene, and to his child unborn. To Mr. Thomas Closse 6s. 8d. Brother John Keene; Margaret wife of Brother Philip; Sister Alice; Margaret Roode; Alice Roode; goddaughter Agnes Barrowe; Agnes Barrowe the elder; Aunt Westlake; Cousin Agnes Chard; John Roode and William Roode; Edith Hyett and Elizabeth Hyett; Sarah Browne; Anna Batt and Mary Batt; Margery Fry; Mr. Timothy Batt; Tristram Gundry; John Lyde, all small legacies. Executor legatee Brother John Keene. Proved at Wells 13 Feb 1635. [SPRp.9]


23. Elizabeth White, widow bur. 4 Feb. 1636. (Will dated 24 April 1636. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. Son John White and his three children. Elizabeth Joanes als Jaclet. Edith Joanes als Jaclet. Proved 16 Jan. 1637.) [SPRp.9]


24. Tristram Gundry bur. 27 Sep. 1637. (Will of Tristram Gundry. Unfortnately about one-third of the sheet on which this will is written has been eaten away from the upper left hand corner, which leaves many relationships uncertain, and there are a great many mentioned. To the poor of Street 10s. Names, John Stower; Uncle John Gundry; Bartholomew Stower; Matthew Stower; late sister Margaret Gundry; sister Mary Stower; Thomas Stower; Elizabeth Gundry; Uncle William Roode; Aunt Eleanor Roode; Aunt Audrey Roode; John, William, Margaret and Alice Roode children of Daniel Roode of Street; Roger Roode son of Robert Roode; Margaret Gundry dau. of Abraham Gundry; Father Richard Gundry, “a gold ring he gave my mother Mary”; sister Alice Gundry, deceased; children of John Coward senior, my ____; Robert Coward; aunt Hester Mosse; Joane Parker, my aunt; Edith Parker, dau. of Aunt Joane Parker; Aunt Agnes Withie, and her dau. Mary Withie; Uncle William Withie, “my great Bible”; Cousin Katherine Burt; John Keene; “my book which is Mr. Dirkes work”; James Keene; Timothy, Jasper, Anna and Mary Batt children of Robert Batt; Alexander Hulett; Christopher Stivord; Richard Fry; Edith Liett; Sarah Browne; Agnes Barree, widow; Johane Helliar, widow; Thomas Helliar; John Maynard, junior; Thomas Pope; Henry Rush. Brother Arthur Gundry residuary legatee and executor. Proved at Wells 30 Oct 1637. [SPRp.10]


The following is the will of the husband of one of the legatees named in the above will:- Thomas Barry of Street husbandman will dated 13 Aug. 1631. Desires to be buried in the church of Street. Names his dau. Agnes a brass pot and 12d. Residue to wife Agnes Barry. Witnesses Thomas Closse, minister, and John Leram. Inventory taken by Daniel Roode, William Roode, Thomas Pope and John Hyett, on 20 Aug 1631. Proved at Wells 6 Oct 1631. [SPRp.10]


25. Mary dau. of Robert Batt bur. 30 May 1638. (Agnes Batt of Street widow. Will dated 15 Dec 1634. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. Names, daughter-in-law Sarah Batt; Timothy Batt; Anna Batt; Mary Batt; Jasper Batt; Son Robert Batt; John Lide; Residue to Jasper Batt who is named executor. Overseers Robert Keene and Robert Batt. Witnesses, Thomas Closse, Elizabeth Batt, “and others”. Proved at Wells by Jasper Batt 7 Sep 1635.


The following cannot be the husband of the above surely, though the name of the relict is Agnes. John Batt, senior of Street husbandman; will dated 6 May 1569. To be buried in the churchyard of Street, names, son John Batte, daughters Elizabeth Faith and Margaret. Residuary legatee and executor, his wife Agnes. Proved 10 Oct 1569. [SPRp.11]


26. Roger Chaplen bur. 30 Sep 1638. (Will of Roger Chaplen of Street, dated 12 Aug 1638. Daughter Margaret to have the shop and the chamber which she now occupies, a sheet, with two shirts, a jerkin, and doublet for her husband. Daughter Mary Reeves what is in her husband’s hands, and a shirt, pair of breeches, and jerkin, for her husband. Daughter Mary Norman a bed and bedding, four platters, a brass candlestick, croche and a shirt with hand bands. Son Philip Chaplen residuary legatee and executor. Proved at Wells 12 March 1638. Witnesses George Stower John Davis. [SPRp.11]


27. George son of Phillibert Withie and Susanna his wife; ch 12 May 1639. (Elizabeth Withie of Street widow, will dated 2 Jan 1615. To the poor of Street 10s. To the Cathederal church of Wells 12d. Three daughters Francis, Katherine and Elizabeth Withie, £200 to be equally divided between them at twenty-one. Thomas Durston of Cattcott to be guardian of Francis. Mrs. Deyer of Street (if it please her) to be guardian of Katherine. John Marnard and Joane his wife to be guardians of Elizabeth. Son Phillibert Withie, £20 at twenty-one, my brother William Roe to be his guardian. Son George Withie £80 at twenty-one, my Father Thomas Roe to be his guardian. Brothers William and Thomas Roe. John Durston son of Thomas Durston. Thomas, William and Giles Durston. Sarah and Gertrude daughters of William Roe. Brother-in-law William Withie 20s. and 20s. more from Joane Grimstead now in her hand; to the said Joane Grimstead a petticoat now at the dyers. Sister Joane Durston. “Good wright friend Mrs. Serieaunt.” Brothers-in-law John and Alexander Withie. Edith Jeanes wife of Andrew Jeanes. Father Thomas Roe residuary legatee and executor. Overseers Brother-in-law Thomas Durston and Brothers William and Thomas Roe. Proved at Wells 26 Jan 1615. [SPRp.11-12]


28. Robert Paddocke and Alice Roode marr. 3 Oct 1639. (John Paddocke of Strete, will dated 3 Aug 1550. To be buried in the churchyard of Strete. Dau. Jone, a mare and a acre and a half of dreadyg corn. William Moare three shepe. Residuary legatee and executrix wife Elizabeth. Proved at Wells 13 Sep. 1550. [SPRp.12]


29. William son of William Lyde bur. 7 June 1639. (Margaret Reeves of Street widow. Will dated 17 Aug 1615. To be buried in the churchyard of Street, to the poor of which parish 4s. and to the church 5s. To the church of Walton 5s. To Edith Goe feather bed, bolster, pair of blankets, pair of sheets, coverlet, and bedstead on which I lie, and other goods. To Mary Goe, a small canvass sheet. “a dowlesse sheet with a huckaseame in the middest,” &c. John Clapp son of Dorothy Goe, and Roger Clapp son of the said Dorothy. Elizabeth wife of Stephen Marnerd; John Lyde my brother’s son; William Lyde, elder brother of the last; Mary Lyde; Grace Lyde; Elizabeth Lyde. William Goe residuary legatee and executor. Total of Inv. £62-8-4. Prov. At Wells 12 Oct 1615. [SPRp.13]


30. Elizabeth Roode widow bur. 28 July 1640. (To be buried in the churchyard of Street. Names, dau. Alice Coward, John, Robert, Agnes, and Elizabeth Coward sons and daughters of the said Alice Coward. John Coward father of the said children. Grandson John Coward son of the said Alice, a close of six acres called Stockew and two acres of arable lying without Lye. Dau. Elizabeth Symmons and her son John Symmons. Son-in law John Roode. Richard, George, Robert, John, Elizabeth and Rebecca Roode sons and daughters of the said John Roode. John Spratt. Agnes Bryant. Daughter-in-law Susanna Grimsteed; Robert, Richard, Philip, Elizabeth and Eleanor Grimsteed of the said Susanna Grimsteed. Son-in-law Roger Roode and his sons Roger and William. Sarah Scott. Mary Robbins. To the parish of Street 6s. 8d. Residuary legatee and executor George Roode. Total of Inv. £360-13-2. Prov. At Wells 18 Dec 1643. [SPRp.13]


31. John Slade the elder bur. 2 Nov 1640. (John Slade of Street husbandman. Will dated 1 May 1633. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. Names, sons Bartholomew, John, Thomas and Samuel Slade. Dau. Johan Sidley alias Warre, one acre of arable land in Street bought of Andrew Whittington Esquire. Residue to w. Johane Slade who is to be executrix. Dennis Barnard of Butleigh and s. John Slade overseers. Witnesses Matthew Parker. Thomas (X) Wootton, junr. Rosimond (R) Meade. Proved by Johane Slade the relict 25 Aug 1640. (X, and R, their mark.) [SPRp.13]


32. Daniel Roode one of the churchwardens 1640. (Will of Edith Roode of Street widow, dated 2 June 1628. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. To buy the book of Martyrs for the church of Street 5s. to be paid when the said books are bought. To the poor of Street 10s. Son John Roode. Son Thomas Roode and his two children. Son-in-law John Browne. John, Richard, James William and Sarah children of the said John Brown. To the said Sarah Brown, £15, best petticoat red under petticoat, best smock, best hat, and two white whittles. Son-in-law Giles Groomes; dau. Mary Groomes and her six children, two of whom Annie and Elizabeth to have certain articles extra. Son William Roode. Son Daniel Roode an acre of wheat, a pair of blankets and second best coverlet. The four children of the said Daniel, of whom Alice to get the second best smock and a “p’t’lett” extra; and Margaret the second best petticoat and red whittle. William Amosse. To Joan Simes “my milking whittle.” Alice Chipp, an old coat and a peck of wheat. Son William Roode to be residuary legatee and executor. Total of Inventory £87-0-4. Prov. At Wells 16 Oct 1628. [SPRp.13]


33. John Jacklett and Dorothy Frie marr. 27 May 1641. (Mary Frye of Street widow. Will dated 10 March 1650 . To the parish church of Street 3s. 4d., and to the poor 3s. 4d. Son William Frye. Grandchild Mary Jacklett £20. Grandsons Thomas and John Jacklett 40s. each. A chattle lease of 1 acre 1 rood Meadow in Wottons Mead in Butleigh parish for 2000 years to daughter Mary Jackett during her widowhood, then to her son John Jacklett. Mary Masters 1s. Elizabeth White 1s. A lease of two acres of wood in Butleigh from Robert Hebditch for a great number of years, for the same purpose. Residuary legatee and executor daughter Dorothy Jacklett. Proved 10 Jan 1660. [SPRp.14]


34. Henry Clothier and Elizabeth Gundry marr. 30 Sep 1641. (Henry Clothier of Street yeoman. Will dated 20th Nov. 1682. Kinsman John Gundry a pasture close called Hunt in Glastonbury. Brother-in-law Arthur Thomas of Barrow, his wife and children. Margaret Goodridge for the use of Joan Goodridge sister of the said John Gundry. The wife of Arthur Gundry of Street. To the poor of Street £6. To the poor friends meeting of Street £10-10-0. Brother Abraham Gundry. Brother Henry Clothier. Eleanor Gundry. Wife Ann Gundry. Prov. 23 Sep.1682. Total of inventory £328-18-4. [SPRp.14]


35. Alexander Withie bur. 6 April 1641. (Alexander Withie of Street husbandman. Will dated 4 April 1641. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. Names sons Alexander and John Withy,daughters Elizabeth and Joane Withy. Wife Ann Withy residuary legatee and executrix. Witnesses John Maynard junr., &c. Pro. 2 Jun 1641. [SPRp.14]


36. Agnes Sherwood alias Robbins bur 12 Apr 1641. (Thomas Sherwood of Street, will dated 10 July 1558. Desires to be buried in the churchyard of Street; to that church 12 pence; to the Cathedral church of Wells 4 pence. To son John, “a wean and the wheales.” The three children of the said John, namely Mark, John and Robert. Daughter-in-law Alice Sherwood. Residue to son Christopher Sherwood. Proved 26 April 1559.


Alice Sherwood of Street. Will dated 3 May 1564. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. To sister Annis, a mantle, smocke, kercheve and an apron of Lindsey wolsie. Cousin Annys Revys. Sister Mary at Glastonbury a black frock with black chamlette bodyes. Alice Duke. John Rayves and his wife. Johan Clothier. Residuary legatee and executor son Mark. Witnesses William Enggull, clerk, Alexander Rayves, and Edmund West. Alexander Reyves guardian to son. Proved 16 Jan. 1565. [SPRp.14]


37. George Stower and Christian Roode mar. 22 April 1642. (George Stower of Street blacksmith; will dated 14 April 1643. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. To wife Christian Stower, a pig, a bed filled with horn dust, one yellow blankett, one white blanket, a coffer with a til, use of other articles in the kitchen, two bessteads, use of outhouses, during widowhood. Brother Matthew Stower. Thomas and John sons of brother Thomas Stower. Sister Margaret Peddle, widow. Mary and Alice daus. of brother Richard Stower. Matthew son of brother Matthew Stower, a chest. John son of brother Matthew Stower a coffer with lock and key. Abraham and Bartholomew, sons of the said Matthew, and Mary dau. of same Matthew. Elizabeth Crane. Father John Stower deceased, will dated 13 Dec 1621, and Joane his wife. John son of brother Richard Stower. Agnes, wife of brother Thomas Stower. Witnesses, John Davis, John X Symes, William Meade (a fine signature). Prov. At Wells 27th Sept. 1643.


Thomas Stower, will dated 7 Aug 1 and 2 Philip and Mary. To be buried in the churchyard of Street to which church 3s. 4d. To the Cathedral 4 pence. Sons John Walter, Philip and William. Walter Burges of Glastonbury. Wife Johan to be residuary legatee and executrix. Witnesses Sir Andrew Marshall, curate, John Kene, Thomas Cromes, Thomas Withey. Proved in Wells Cathedral 2 Oct 1557. [SPRp.15]


38. John Jeanes and Susanna Coward mar. 12 May 1642. (The will of Robert Coward of Street husbandman dated 20 May 1648. Mentions the six children of Alice Coward of Street widow £6 each. The three children of John Jeanes of Street £4 each. The three children of John Man of Bradley £4 each. William Pavy son of “my sister Rebecca Pavy of Mark.” Sister Gillen (Julian) and sister Susan. Residue to John Jeanes, and sister Rebecca Pavy of Mark. Witnesses. Thomas Crooke, clerk, and Richard Edwards, senior. Proved 9 Aug 1648.


The will of Tristram Coward of Street. Dated 14 Sep 1591. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. To five of Andrew Coward’s youngest children, viz. Edward Coward, Bess Coward, Robert Coward, Catherine Coward and Joan Coward. To poor of Glastonbury 13s. 4d. and to the poor of Street 10s. Sister Julian and her three children. Godson Robin Robbins; Godson Thomas Walter; Goddaughter Christian Robins. To the church of Street 3s. 4d. Margaret wife of Andrew Coward. Residue to mother Joan Coward. Overseers Arthur Gundry and William Hatch. Witnesses, Thomas Kelway, Thomas Walter, John Reeves. Proved at Wells 28 Nov 1591. [SPRp.15]


39. Philip Hopkins bur. 15 Aug 1644. (Will of Philip Hopkins, carpenter of Street, dated 10 Aug 1644. Leaves to his son John Hopkins, all his working tools &c. Residue to w. Christian Hopkins and she to be executrix. Witnesses. William Meade and Mary (x) Fry. Proved at Wells 22 Feb. 1644. [SPRp.16]


40. Philip Rood bur. 26 Dec. 1644. (The will of this Philip Roode was proved at Wells 22 Jan 1644 by Roger Roode. It is nuncupative, and styles him late of Street deceased, it further states that it was made about Shrovetide in 1643, when the said Philip Roode was about to go as a soldier, in the presence of Abraham Frie and Henry Frie both of Street. He confirmed the same by word of mouth in the presence of Hugh Crane of Street. By this will he gave all he possessed to his brother Roger Roode. Peter Glasbrooke declares that the said witnesses had been examined as to the truth of the same.

    The above Philip Roode and Roger Roode would appear to be sons of Roger Roode whose name does not occur in the Register, but whose will was proved at Wells 22 Jan 1644 by Roger Roode the surviving executor. In it he calls himself Roger Roode of Street husbandman and dates it 23 May 1643. He desires to be buried in the churchyard of Street. Names, son-in-law Peter Sheppard, grandson Peter Sheppard, dau. Mary Roode, Alice Cozens, “my old servant.” To son Daniel Roode 1s., to son Roger Roode, one close in Lower Houndwood. 4 ½ acre arable lying below Standle. ½ acre on Standale, ½ acre arable at Double wall in the lower furlong. ½ an acre at Cockroade being my wester half, and 3 ½ acres in Overbrooke, 1 acre in Fostway, and ½ acre at Beggar’s bush, ½ acre at Gosslade, 1 acre at Marshalls elme 2 acres at Counsom close, ½ acre at Lyholt lane, ½ acre and a perch at Keenes elme 1 acre at Rodwell, ½ acre at Portway furlong, and ½ acre on Waxhill. To son Philip Roode 6 acres in Weriall Park, 2 ½ acres in Lower Houndwood, 3 acres without Abraham Scott’s house, 2 acres at Gaston, 1 acre in Standle, 1 acre at Double wall, ½ acre at Long Furlong head ½ acre in Midfield, ½ acre at Fostway “being my easter half acre there,” ½ acre on the west of Richard Grimstead’s 5 yeards, ½ acre at Cockroade, “being my easter half there,” 1 acre at Fostway, “being my wester half there,” 1 acre at Cross lane hedge. To my said two sons Roger and Philip two closes of meadow estimated at three acres called Birde Benery, with four acres of arable land. The said two sons Roger and Philip Roode residuary legatees and executors. Witnesses, Henry Fry and William Roode. [SPRp.16]


41. Burial of Joanna Symes is not recorded. ( The burial of the Joanna Symes whose will follows, is not on record. Joanna Symes of Street, will dated 18 Dec. 1643. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. S. John Symes, Elizabeth Symes dau. of s. John Symes. The second dau. of the said John, also his third dau.; John s. of the said John Symes. The youngest child of the said “John Symes my son.” Hester w. of William Amosse. Robert Helliar and Mary Helliar children of the said Hester Amosse. Residuary legatee and executor William Amosse. Prov. At Wells 28 March 1646. [SPRp.17]


42. John Coward bur. 7 Oct. 1647. The nuncupative will of John Coward the younger late of Street husbandman, who died 27 Aug 1647, was proved at Wells 4 March 1647-8. It mentions his four elder children. John, Robert, Agnes and Elizabeth, and his other three children, William, Tristram, and Mary Coward. Wife Alice Coward residuary legatee and executrix. In the presence of William Meade (a good signature), William Amosse (a cross), and John Peryon. Proved 4 March 1657-8. Inv. £206. [SPRp.18]


43. Francis s. of Andrew Grimsted (see 1643) ch; 22 July 1649. (Andrew Grimsted of Street. To wife 20s. William Withey 10s. to the poor 20s. Resuduary legatee and executor his son Thomas Grimsted. Will dated 28 Aug 1671. No date of proof. [SPRp.19]


44. Nicholas s. of John Jeanes ch:1 Jan 1651. (John Jeanes the elder of Street tailer, will dated 17 Nov. 1677. Mentions, son John Jeanes, farming utensils plough horses etc. Son Nicholas Jeanes £10 if he lives to come back to England, also property in Street in the possession of Dorothy Fisher, widow, if not then an interest in it to the wife of the said Nicholas. Daughter Susannah wife of John Lymbery. Daughter Joane and her husband. Kinswoman Sarah Jeanes and her late father Nicholas Jeanes. My wife Susannah. No date of proof. Inventory dated 28 Nov 1677. Total £320-1-8. [SPRp.20]


45. John Huntilye otherwes Pathriacke bur 5 Apr 1654. (The will of Thomas Limbrie of Street husbandman, dated 16 Nov. 1609. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. Names his son-in-law John Huntley, to have five ridges of wheat growing in “my piece of wheat at Hill.” Daughters Eleanor Limbrie, Alice Limbrie, Edith King wife of Humphrey King, and her two children. Thomas Huntley son of the said John Huntley. Son Bennet Limbrie. Wife Joane Limbrie residuary legatee and executrix. Overseers John Stower and John Groomes. Witnesses George Withie John Stower, and John Groomes. Proved at Wells 5 Dec. 1609.

The will of Joane Limbrie of Street, widow, dated 10 Feb 1609. Desires to be buried in the churchyard of Street. Names her son-in-law John Huntley; Daughters Eleanor Limbrie, Alice Limbrie, Edith King wife of Humphrey King. Residue to son Bennet Limbrie who is to be executor. Witnesses. John Stower, John Huntley, Thomas Courte. Proved at Wells 5 July 1609. [SPRp.22]


46. Edith Rood w. of Daniel Rood bur Dec. 1659. (Daniel Roode of Street husbandman. Will da. first day of fifth month called July 1659. See note 47. [SPRp.25]


47. The following will proves the loss of the entry of Burial.

Daniel Roode of Street, husb; will dated 1st of fifth month called July, 1659. Wife Edith the best cow but two, if only two the she is to have the worst of them. If the testator dies between the 25th of the first month called March and the 29th of the seventh month called September, his widow to be provided with meat and drink by his executor for nine months after his decease, and she is to have the use of the best bed and its furniture for life if she remain a widow. Son William Roode £20 and his sons George and Joseph £4 each. Joane dau. of the said William £5. John and Alice Parsons, son and daughter of testator’s dau. Alice Parsons £50 at 21, and if she dies before that age, the said £50 to be divided between Robert and Joane Puddeck, children of the said dau. Alice Parsons. John Roode, son of testator’s son John Roode, all testator’s land in Baltonsbourough to him and his heirs. William, son of testator’s son William 1s. John and James Keene 3s. 4d. each. Residuary legatee son John Roode. Proved 1 Dec 1660. Inv: £112-8-4. (Seal a demi-lion issuing from a wreath or wavy bar.) Inventory dated 21 Nov 1659. [SPRp.25]


48. Robert James bur. 4 May 1660. (Robert James of Street yeoman. Will dated 1 May 1660. Eldest son Roger James his wife and children 12 pence each. Son Robert his wife and children 12 pence each. Son Thomas James his wife and children. Son-in-law John Emes his wife and children. Son John James his wife and children. Residuary legatee and executors his wife Mary James and son Joseph James. The said Mary, being very old and weak, resigns in favour of her son the said Joseph James. Proved 20 June 1661. [SPRp.26]


49. John Wilkins bur. 14 Nov 1660. (John Wilkins of Street, husb.: Will dated 9 April 1660. To be buried in Street churchyard. Wife Jane Wilkins best bedstead and furniture thereof. Son John Wilkins a dwelling house, ground and 3 acres of land called Lyoult. Dau. Margaret March. Dau. Katherine Wilkins. Dau. Magdalene. Dau. Jone. Wife executrix. Proved 30 Nov 1660. [SPRp.26]


50. Elizabeth dau. of John Reeves & Elizabeth his w. ch: 4 (?) April 1661. (Amy Reeves of Street spinster. Will dated 12 Jan. 1672. Elizabeth dau. of John Holloway £3. feather bed &c. &c. Hester wife of the said John Holloway. Tamsen wife of Alexander Taylor. Brother John Reeves. Joane dau. of the said John Reeves. Elizabeth dau. of the said John Reeves. Matthew dau. (?) of the said John Reeves. Residue to sister Esther Reeves. No proof or inventory. [SPRp.26]


51. John Rood bur. 22 Sep. 1661. (John Roode of Street late deceased. Will nuncupative dated 20 March 1661. Spoken in December last. Dau. Elizabeth Gosemoor. Dau. Rebecca Roode. Son George Roode. Son Robert Roode to be executor. Proved 22 March 1661. [SPRp.26]


52. Rebecca Rood bur. 30 Jan. 1661. (Rebecca Roode late of Street spinster. No will, only inventory dated 14 March 1661. Will proved by brother George Roode 22 March 1661. [SPRp.26]


53. Roger Rood senior, bur. 24 July 1662. (Roger Roode the elder of Street yeoman. Will dated 14 July 1662. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. Son Roger £10. Grandsons John and Timothy Roode sons of the said Roger, the son. Three leases one of Husseyes land, another of Mr. Whittington’s land late in possession of Thomas Roode, and another of Mr. Whittington’s land in Blagrove. Dau.-in-law Elizabeth Groomes. Sister’s son William Coward £5. Son William Roode residuary legatee and executor. Dau.-in-law, son Roger’s wife a bed lately belonging to John Symes. Proved 30 July 1662. Inventory total £284-10-3. [SPRp.27]


54. Thomas Prigg, bur. 3 May 1663. (Thomas Prigg, late of Street, husb.: (nuncupative will). Son Thomas Prigg a chattle lease. Dau. Hester Prigg 1/-. Residue to be divided between testator’s other children, viz. Mary, Edward, Edmund Helliar, Joane and Charles Prigg, his three sons and two dau. Proved 4 July 1663. Inventory £193-17-8. [SPRp.27]


55. Thomas Rood, bur. 17 May 1663. (Thomas Roode of Street husb.: Will dated 9 May 1663. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. Son-in-law Thomas Elsandar (i.e. Alexander) 5/-., and Mary his wife testator’s dau. 5/-. Sister Elizabeth Senior 2/6. Sister Margery Kinge 2/6. Apprentice Frances Bradrip 5/- within a month of her coming of age. Wife residuary legatee and executrix. Proved 25 May 1663. [SPRp.27]


56. Ann Rood, widow, bur. 16 Jul 1663. (Ann Roode of Street widow. Will dated 29 June 1663. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. Son John Roode, Grimsteed’s lease and £80. Son James Roode 7 acres and £80. Residuary legatee and executor Daniel Roode. Overseers father-in-law John Champion, Thomas Comer, Arthur Gundry, and William Meade. Proved 12th Dec 1663. Total inventory £321-3-3. [SPRp.27]


57. John Daves (Davies), bur 20 Dec. 1663. (This will shows that an entry is lost. Mary Sherwood of Street spinster, will nuncupative dated 21 Feb 1662. Mary Tucker dau. of Bartholomew Tucker. Residue to Agnes Sherwood alias Robins dau. of testator’s brother. Prov. 28 April 1663 by Mary Sherwood alias Robins. Inv. £6-14-8. [SPRp.28]


58. License by Bishop of Bath and Wells, 8 Feb. 1713, for Edward Carley of Street, husbandman and Ann Huett, spinster, aged 20, no parents living, of Long Ashton, to marry at Street or Walton. [SPRp.28]


59. William Crane bur. 8 April 1667. (William Crane of Street, husb: Will dated 31 March 1667. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. John Ham the younger 10/- and a sheep. John Ham the elder 5/-. Residuary legatee and executrix dau. Susan. Thomas Comer and William Roode Junr overseers. Proved 24 April 1667. [SPRp.29]


60. Edward s. of Edward Whippy, Ch. 13 Jan 1670. (Edward Whippey, the elder of Street, husbandman. Will dated 3 Jan. 1667. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. Son Edward Whippey, household goods and to be executor. Wife to have the use of part of the dwelling house with the said son Edward, and to discharge a motherly part to him. Friends William Fry and Richard Perrye overseers. Seal, a bird rising with letters R. P. No date of proof or inventory, total of latter, £72-4. [SPRp.30]


61. John s. of John Roode & Elizabeth his w. ch: 1 Nov. 1671. (This John Roode evidently died in 1673 from the following will, but there are no burials recorded for 1673.

     John Roode of Street, husbandman. Will dated 20 Oct. 1673. Son John Roode. Wife Elizabeth Roode. See note 63.) [SPRp.30]


62.  (Amy Reeves of Street spinster. See note 50.) [SPRp.31]


63. John Roode of Street, husbandman. Will dated 20 Oct 1673. Leaves all to his s. John Roode but testator’s wife Elizabeth Roode to have the use of it for her widowhood. John Maynard and Nicholas Roode overseers to see testator’s child honestly and faithfully dealt with. Total of Inventory £12-3-4. Prov: 18 Dec 1673. [SPRp.31]


64. Joane Barnard bur. 26 Feb. 1675. (Joan Barnard of Street, will nuncupative, on or about 24 Feb. 1675. Names brother Robert Elise (Ellis) and his three children; sister Agnes Rendle, all to have 6d each. Residue to sister Francis Martin. Inventory dated 28 Feb. 1675, total £5-3-4. No date of proof.) [SPRp.32]

65. Year 1678. William Fry of Street, yeomam, will dated 7 Aug. 1678. Names Cousin Mary Chaunt; Cousen William Doman of Aller; Cousen Dorothy Sawsur of Othery, Cousen Thomas Jackett of Wooten in Butleigh is to be residuary legatee and executor. Inventory dated 1 Sept. 1678, total £87-12. (Here we have evidence of the omission of one burial.) [SPRp.33]


End of Arthur Jewers Footnotes, Vol. I,

Street Parish Register: Christenings, Marriages and Burials.



Start of Arthur Jewers Footnotes, Vol. I,

Baptism, Street Parish Registers, Bishop’s Transcripts.




            The following are from the Bishop’s Transcripts of the Register of Street, remaining in the Bishop’s Registry, they are here inserted for the sake of convenience before proceeding with the next volume of the Register. It is so seldom that the Transcript and the Register both exist and agree that it has been considered best to print the whole of the transcripts found. Only two years show much repetition and in these two it has appeared advisable to give both in full that the variations may be readily seen, rather than by introducing such variations either in brackets or in footnotes. By this addition several missing years of the Register are supplied, though at the same time the very imperfect state of the transcripts is made manifest by the small number of years found there, but these additions will show that, notwithstanding their imperfect condition, the printing of these transcripts would be most useful and interesting, while the advantage would be made still more striking in the case of parishes whose registers do not exist prior to the latter part of the seventeenth century, or later. [SPRp.33]


66. John s. of William Crane bur. 12 April 1663. (William Crane of Street, husbandman. Will da. 31 March 1667. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. To John Ham the younger 10/- and a sheep. John the elder 5/-. Residuary legatee and executrix da. Susan Crane. Thomas Comer and William Roode, Junior, overseers. Inv. Dated 7 April 1667; total £178-18-10. [SPRp.41]


(The returns to the Bishop’s Registry being very imperfect, will account for the omission of several years in the above, and for their not being continued further; the next existing return belonging to the following century is too late to be worth printing here.)



The following, which have not been definitely connected with any person named in the Register, complete all the wills that have been noted of persons styled of Street in the Wells Probate Registry down to about 1680.


John Sherwyn of Street, will dated Nov. 1552. To Thomas Kinge, John Egedman, Robert Berd, John Cox, John Warwick and William Walter, each a peck of wheat. Julyan Sherwyn to be residuary legatee and executrix. Witnesses, S. Stephens, Christopher Garnett clerk, John Kyne, John Warn &c. Proved at Wells 12 Nov. 1552. [SPRp.41]



John Stone of Street. Will dated 12 June 1570. To be buried in the Churchyard of Street. To the Cathederal 4d. To the church of Street 4d. To the poor of that parish 12d. Two sons George and Matthew Stone then unmarried. Owes to Robert Stone of Shapwick 9s. 4d. Proved 28 June 1570. [SPRp.42]



Joane Brawdrip of Street, widow. Will dated 6 Sept. 1570. To the poor of Glastonbury 8d. To the Cathederal 4d. Residuary legatee and executor son-in-law Nicholas Hiett. No date of proof. [SPRp.42]



Joane Hutchins of Street, widow. Will dated 26 Nov. 1570. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. To the poor of Street 40s. John Kene the younger, Ursula Kene. Johane Swarthe and her children. Residuary legatee and executor John Mitchell. Overseers, William Hatch and John Kene. Proved 21 Feb. 1570-1. [SPRp.42]



Thomas Willes of Street deceased, nuncupative will dated 17 Jan. 1596-7. Edith Humphrie his wife’s dau.; son Richard Willes; dau. Alice Willes, all 40s. each, to be paid on the Feast of the Purification of the Virgin Mary 1599. Wife Malie Willes, to have the use and occupation of a close of arable land called Duke’s close during widowhood, remainder of the term of lease, if any, to testators two children Richard and Alice above named. Proved 25 July 1597. [SPRp.42]



Edmund West of Street. Will dated 12 Dec. 1587. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. To the poor of that parish 6d. Son John West, three oxen, weyne with the wheels and one gelding. Wife. Dau. Annes, a great chest and four bushels of wheat. Dau. Ursula one bushell of wheat. Dau. Elizabeth one steer and a heifer. William son of William 40s. Emett Brodryber, to the rest of Anthony Brodryber’s children. Son John to be residuary legatee and executor. Overseers William Marshall and Arthur Gundry. Witness, John Mearke clerk. Proved 20 Jan. 1587-8. [SPRp.42]



John Bourd, husbandman of Street, will dated 16 Dec. 1543. To be buried in the churchyard of Street; to the High Alter of that church 4d. “for forgotten tythes or oblations, or withholdyn, if any such be 16d.” Son Richard. Wife Johane. Witnesses, William Hutchins, curate; John Ward, John Brumpton, husbandmen. Prov. at Glastonbury 20 Feb. 1545. [SPRp.42]



John Bayly of Strete. Will dated 11 Sept. 1545, 37 H. 8. To be buried in the churchyard of S. Geld of Strete. To the church of Strete 3s. 4d. Dau, Barbara Wyngod a heifer. John Wyngod, a young grey mare. Bartholomew Batt a sokynge horse colt. To Margaret Bat, a platter. Residuary legatee and executor wife Isabell. Witnesses, John House, “my ghostly Father,” Thomas Sherweld, John Kyne & John Sherynge. Proved at Glastonbury 9 Jan. 1545-6. [SPRp.42]



William Clyfford of Street, dated 30 April 1545. To be buried in the churchyard of Strete. To maintain the light before the high cross 11d. Richard Hyll a mare. Residuary legatee and executors, wife Johane Clyfford and son Henry. Witnesses, William Howchynse, Thomas Towlle and Thomas Petard. [SPRp.42]



Walter Rowde of Street. Will dated 17 Jan. 1546. To be bur. in the churchyard of S. Gyld at Street. To the high cross light there 12d. To the High alter 4d. Son John. Dau. Isabell. Godson John Sherwood. William Row a violet coat. Residuary legatee and executrix wife Johan. Witnesses, Sir John Halsey “my gostly Father”,” Humphrey Sherwood, John Kyne, John Batt, &c. Proved at Wells 4 May 1547. [SPRp.42]



William Whorwode, of Street. Will dated 9 Jan. 1546. To be buried in the churchyard of S. Gelds of Street. Son Robert a pair of wheels. Residuary legatee and executrix wife Johane Whorwode. Proved at Glastonbury 14 May 1547. [SPRp.42-43]



Isabell Hill of Street, widow. Will dated 2 Jan. 1570. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. To the Cathederal Church 12d. To the two almshouses in Glastonbury a peck of wheat each. To the poor of Street, that is to say, Thomas Kynge, Robert Berd, Richard Cozens & Robert Weast, 4d. each. Also to Alice Edwards, and Johane Brimbton two poor widows 2d. Johane Wyngord widow, best petticoat. Servant George Whit. Dau. Dorothy Hill, “my weyne, wheales, yoke, iron ropes, dragges and all other furniture belonginge to the same.” Sullow with all that thereunto belongeth, and her father’s coffer and chair. Dau. Isabell. Dau. Edith Hill, Henry Sheater and Joane Sheater “my dau.” Joane Sheater dau. of Henry Sheater, and his three other children. George Jonson, curate 12d. Residuary legatee and executrix Edith Hill. Proved 1 May 1570, by Markes Boole of Street husb: and Henry Sheater of Meare overseers of the will. [SPRp.43]



Thomas Wythie of Street. Will dated 20 April 1599. To be buried in the churchyard. To the Cathederal of Wells 4 pence. Mentions, John Payne, John Withye, William White, Richard Withy. Sister Jone; Ambrose Wythie “my child”; wife Jone and child unborn. Prov. 3 June 1559. [SPRp.43]



Jone Borde of Street. Will dated 19 June 1559. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. To the church of S. Andrew, Wells, 2 pence, to the church of Street 4 pence. To the Highway 4 pence. Sons John and Richard. Proved 6 July 1559. [SPRp.43]



Agnes Batt of Street. Will dated 10 May 1571. To son John Batt, one acre of wheat, two and a half acres of Pent Corn. Son John Batt’s children. Daughter Florence Batt. Margaret Pytman, my daughter and her children. Daughter Faith Batt. Jone Wingord. Residuary legatee and executrix, daughter Elizabeth Batt. Proved 22 May 1571. [SPRp.43]



Roger Dovell of Street. Will dated 30 Jan 1571. To be bur. In the churchyard of Street. To Thomas Lyde a load of hay. Mentions Robert West, Richard Cussens, Robert, Philip, my man. Residue to wife Ellin remainder to Marke Bould and his children. Overseers John Coward senior and John Hyett. Proved 11 Feb. 1571. [SPRp.43]



John Bragge of Street, husbandman. Will dated 21 April 1569. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. To the Cathedral church 2 pence. To the poor box 6 pence. John Neall the elder to have a heifer and a great coffer, after the death of testator’s wife. Names son John Bragge; John Withie and his wife of Northover; John, Richard, and Alice Bonde children of John Bonde of Tellihouse; Alice Neall; Margaret daughter of George Parker “and my granddaughter”; John Neale the younger; Lore Swarthe, “my servant”; wife Katherine; John Neale the elder to have land lying in Allington and in Marsed vale in the parish of Whitechurch. To the poor of Street, that is to say, to Robert Weste, Richard Cosins, Robert Beard, John Reves, junr., Agnes Neale, John Winyard, Alice Edwards, and Alice Marmadink a peck of wheat after harvest. Residue to son John Bragge and wife Katherine. Witnesses, George Johnson, curate; William Hatche; Walter Bennett. Proved 4 May 1569. [SPRp.43]



John Serverd of Street,husbandman. Will dated 14 Feb. 1561. To the poor box 4 pence. Residuary legatee and executrix wife Alice. Witnesses, Mr. John Northbroke, clerk; Alexander Ryves and William Clothier. Proved at Wells 7 Oct. 1565. [SPRp.43]



The connection of the Tho. Rood below will be seen on p. 10, (will of Tristram Gundry).  [SPRp.43]

Thomas Rood of Glastonbury co. Somerset, Inholder. Will da. 28 Feb.1670. Bur. in Churchyard of S. John, Glastonbury; s. Alexander Rood; s. Gundry Rood; s. James Rood; s. Joseph Rood; eldest s. Thomas Rood; s. Benjamin; da. Frances Plenty; da. Elizabeth Denham, w. of Thomas Denham. Rent of messuage in High St. Glastonbury. Da. Jane Fry; Moses s. of Thomas Rood; Ann & Frances Rood, daus. of said Tho. Rood; grandson William, s. of William Plenty; granddaus. Mary & Margaret Plenty, daus. of William Plenty. Residuary legatee & executrix, wife Joan Rood. Proved 20 Sept. 1671. (P.C.C. Duke) [SPRp.44]



A very careful inspection of the original Register with a strong glass in a bright light, and comparing entry by entry, have produced the following.





p. 1.     1599. Second entry. For Frances read Francis, and for Alice March read Alice Moore.

p. 2.     1600. Marriages. For Balaester read Balchester.

p. 2.     1601. Second entry. Add Guppy after Bartholomew; and in the next entry read Ruth for Katherine.

p. 3.     1601. Marriages. For Gundridge read Gundrie; and in the next line put Roode for Reede.

p. 3.     1602. Christenings. In the last entry read Agnes for Annes.

p. 5.     1603. Burials. For Warke read Woake.

p. 5.     The Burials commencing Henry s. of Roger Serle and ending with Rachael w. of Thomas Roode, have been misplaced, they belong to 1601.

p. 8.     Fifth line from the top. Read John s. of Matthew Kellaway and Elizabeth his w., and the next entry should be Alice da. of William Meade and Annie his w.

p. 9.     The brackets in the second line are not needed. In the fourth line put Oct. instead of March; and in the next entry substitute Richard for Arthur. Among the Burials, on the same page, for Matthew Batt read Matthew Kellway. For the Churchwardens read Abraham Gundry and John Coward in place of those on p.9.

p.10.    Make the third entry readArthur son of Abraham ….”

p.11.    Complete the second entry asWilliam Meade”; and among the Burials for Kemread Kember.

p.14.    1641. Second entry. For Mary read Margaret; in the third entry below, for Henry Mead readWilliam Mead and Annie his w.”; and for the next entry readJoan da. of Andrew Grimster.”

p.14.    Marriages. In the first entry. ForCattonreadEaston”; in the sixth, for Mary read Margaret. In the next entry add “Nov.,” and for Foxwell readFoxcraft”; in the last entry, for Henry substitute Humphrey.

p.15.    1642. Christenings. In the third entry. Read Susanna in place of Johanna; in the next, add Robert s.; and the next entry should beGeorge s. of Bartho.; while the next entry but one, should readJasper Batt” and not Joseph Scott. The last entry should read Matthew Kellway, not William Kellaway.

p.16.    Second entry. Read Giles Randell and Sarah Rush. It may be observed here that the surnames Randell and Raynols seem to have been considered the same, for this Giles is repeatedly written both ways, indeed, this page offers examples.

p.16.    Burials. Sept. 25. For Giles read Robert. Dec 1, in place of “right” put Jasper Batt. Jan. 1, read John Trewayes, that is, it looks more like John than Mary, but the traces are very slight. There are no signs of Marriages or Burials for 1643, although there is a third of the column blank.

p.16.    1644. Christenings. Third entry, for Daine readDavis.”

p.16.    1644. Marriages. For Peenes read Reeves.

p.16.    Burials. Sept. 3. For Stott read Scott.



That a portion of the Register is missing from the end as well as from the commencement of the fragment from which that part of the Register already given was copied, is evident from the note of purchase in the next volume. This volume is of vellum, in good condition, with these notices on the seventh and eighth pages.

This book was bought in the year of our Lord 1685 by John Godwin and Thomas Jeanes, being then Churchwardens, and cost 9 shillings and 6 pence;” and “The Register Booke for the parish of Streate bought by John Godwin and Thomas James Churchwardens for the year of our Lord 1685 and cost nyne shillings and six pence.” On these two pages are several irregular entries of Baptisms, which are here entered under their proper years, but marked * to distinguish them. There is also this notice, “Joseph Sealy began to execute the office of a parish clark in the parish and parish church of Streat in ye year of our Lord 1728.” The following note among the Burials shows when he gave up the office, “Be it Remembered this sixth day of August 1779 that Joseph Sealy this day resigned the office of Clerk which he has served above Fifty years, being now infirm and incapable of going out of his house & I have this day likewise appointed Esau Sealy (his son) Clerk in his stead. W. Baily, Rector.” The burial of Joseph Sealy is recorded on 30 Aug. 1783.


The first four pages of this volume contain Marriages from 1703 to 1755, followed by two blank pages. The Baptisms continue until the end of 1812, leaving only a small part of the last page unoccupied. The other volume, which is of paper, contains Burials from 1682 to 1812, but only about one-third the book is filled. That it is a copy of an older book is proved by the entry on the first page, “May ye 6 1758 Thos Tothill bought this book.” Both volumes are fairly written and have, in the earlier volume, from 1718 for the most part, and in the later book all through, the surname of each entry written in a space to the left hand.



End of Arthur Jewers Footnotes, Vol. I,

Baptism, Street Parish Registers, Bishop’s Transcripts.



Start of Arthur Jewers Footnotes for Vol. II,

Baptisms, Street Parish Register.


67. John s. of John & Mary Godwin, bapt. 9 Feb. 1681. * (Licence granted 1 Feb. 1680, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for John Godwyne of Street, yeoman. And Mary Groomes of the same place, spinster aged 17, with no parents, to marry at S. John Glastonbury, or Greinton.) [SPRp.45]


On the first two pages are thirteen irregular entries, with notes already mentioned. These entries are here put in their proper places, and thus marked *. [SPRp.45]


68. Year 1682 footnote. (John Chilcott of Street, aged 30, and Margery King of S. John’s, Glastonbury, spinster, aged 27. Neither have parents living. Licence granted by the Bishop of Bath and Wells dated 18 June 1681, for them to marry at S. John’s, Glastonbury, or Pill.) [SPRp.45]


69. John s. of John & Joan Janes, bapt. 13 Jan 1684, born Jan 8 being Thursday and baptized 13th being Tuesday. * (Licence granted by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, 10 Feb. 1680-1, for John Jeanes of Street, yeom., aged 33, and Joane Rood of the same, sp., aged 22. Father and mother consent. To marry at S. Cuthbert’s, Wells.) [SPRp.45]


70. James s. of Robert & Mary Coward, bapt. 18 Sept. 1685. (Licence granted 17 Jan. 1676-7, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for Robert Coward of Street, husbandman, aged 40, and Mary Helliar, aged 27, whose mother consents, to marry at S. Cuthbert’s, Wells, or S. John’s, Glastonbury. They were married at S. Cuthbert’s 17 Jan 1676-7 as appears by the Register of that church.) [SPRp.45]


71. Martha da. of John & Bridget Blaiden, bapt. 6 March 1688. (James Court of Street, victualler, and Martha Blangdon of the same parish, spinster, aged 20, had a licence granted 28 Sept. 1707, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for them to marry at Street or West Pennard.) [SPRp.46]


72. James s. of William & Mary Buxton, bapt. 25 Nov 1689. (Licence granted 1 Aug. 1713, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for Jame Buckstone of Street, husbandman, and Eleanor Tucker of the same place, spinster, aged 26, whose mother consents, to marry at Street or S. Cuthbert’s.) [SPRp.46]


73. Hannah da. of Robert & Ann Tucker, bapt. 22 May 1701. (John Uphill of S. John, Glastonbury, yeoman, and Hannah Tucker of Street, spinster, aged 24, whose father and mother consented, had a licence granted to them by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, dated 10 Feb. 1724, to marry at S. Cuthbert’s, Wells. For his second marriage see bapt. 1740.) [SPRp.48]


74. Daniel s. of William & Honour Rood, bapt. 27 Dec. 1703. (Licence issued by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, 31 June 1701, to William Roode of Street, yeoman, and Honor Champion of Panborough, in Wedmore, spinster, aged 19, whose father consents, to marry. General licence.) [SPRp.48]


75. Anne da. of William & Ann Ham, bapt. 17 April 1704. (Licence granted 24 June 1727, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for Robert Fletcher of Walton, yeoman, and Ann Ham of Street, spinster, aged 23, whose father and mother consent, to marry at the Cathederal, Wells.) [SPRp.48]


76. John s. of Nicholas & Margaret Jeanes, bapt. 15 Aug. 1705. (Licence granted by the Bishop of Bath and Wells 5 July 1703, for Nicholas Jeanes of Street, husbandman, and Margaret Weeks, of the same, sp., aged 21, whose friends consent; to marry at Keighton Mandeville, Street, West Camel, or Barton David.) [SPRp.49]


77. Year 1706. (Licence granted 18 Sept. 1706, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for Thomas Ivyleaf of Street, husbandman, and Mary Hooper of the same place, spinster, aged 30, whose mother consents, to marry at S. Cuthbert’s. Wells.) [SPRp.49]


78. Year 1706. (Licence granted 7 Oct. 1706, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, to John Sturges of Street and Barbara Trevillian, spinster, to marry at Bridgewater. Bondman, Abraham Sturges of Street, husbandman.) [SPRp.49]


79. Sarah & Joan Daggery (sic), bapt. 6 April 1707. Francis Palmer of Walton, yeoman, and Sarah Daggery of Street, spinster, had a licence from the Bishop of Bath and Wells, dated 21 Feb. 1726 to marry at Cossington, Woolavington, or Bridgewater. [SPRp.49]


80. Hannah da. of Tristram & Anna Coward, bapt. 29 June 1708. (Licence granted 10 Sept. 1726, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for George Bragg of Street, yeoman, and Ann Coward of the same place, spinster, aged 18, to marry at Street, Murlinch, or Mear.) [SPRp.49]


81. Elizabeth da. of Thomas & Mary Bodman, bapt. 19 Aug. 1708. (Licence granted 26 May 1702, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for Thomas Bodman of Street, and Mary Pawlett of Walton, spinster, aged 28, with consent of her father and mother, to marry at Street, Walton, or Compton Dundon.) [SPRp.49]


82. William s. of Alexander & Susanna Walker, bapt. 27 April 1709. (Licence granted 23 Aug. 1718, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for Alexander Walker of Street and Jane Downe of Glastonbury, wid.) [SPRp.50]


83. Richard s. of Richard & Anne Herod, bapt. 1 Nov. 1709. (Herod and Herrard are forms of the name Horwood.) [SPRp.50]


84. Frances da. of Thomas & Joan Withy, bapt. 12 Aug 1711. (Thomas Withy of Street, yeoman, and Elizabeth Withers of Shapwick, spinster, aged 33, to marry at Shapwick, Greinton, or Walton. Licence dated 18 Dec. 1686, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells.) [SPRp.50]


85. Frances da. of Thomas & Joan Withy, bapt. 12 Aug 1711. (Licence granted 29 Oct. 1708, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, to Thomas Withy of Street, yeoman, and Jane Champion of Meare, spinster, aged 28, with no parents living, to marry at Street, Mear or Glastonbury. Bondsman, Thomas Champion, brother of the said Jane.)  [SPRp.50]


86. Thomas s. of George & Elizabeth Rood, bapt. 3 May 1713. (Licence granted 22 Jan. 1705-6, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, to George Rood of Street, husbandman, and Elizabeth Millard of the same place, spinster, aged 22, whose mother consents, to marry at S. Cuthbert’s, Wells. Married at S. Cuthbert’s 22 Jan. 1705-6, vide Par. Reg.) [SPRp.50]


87. Hannah da. of Joseph & Mary Rood, bapt. 6 Aug. 1713. (Licence granted 2 Oct 1708, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for Joseph Rood of Street, yeoman, and Mary Paddick of the same, spinster, aged 22, whose father consents, to marry at Street, Walton, or Glastonbury.) [SPRp.51]


88. Annie da. of William & Joan Roode, bapt. 7 Dec. 1713. (Licence granted 4 Feb. 1712, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for William Rood of Street, yeoman, and Joan Rood of the same place, spinster, aged 24, whose mother consents, to marry at S. Cuthbert’s, Wells.) [SPRp.51]


89. Joan da. of Thomas & Elizabeth Cousins, bapt. 3 Oct 1714. (Licence granted 21 Aug. 1645, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, to Thomas Cozens of Street, baker, and Joan Turner, widow, of S. Benedict, Glastonbury. General licence to marry.) [SPRp.51]


90. Anne da. of Hezekiah & Eleanor Bennet, bapt. 3 Jan. 1716. (Licence granted 6 Feb. 1715-6, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for Hezekiah Bennett of Street, yeoman, and Eleanor Fisher of Glastonbury, spinster, aged 24, whose mother consents, to marry at Glastonbury or S. Cuthbert’s.) [SPRp.52]


91. John s. of John & Joan Gosmore, bapt. 26 March 1720. (Licence granted 3 Oct. 1714, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for John Gosmore of Street, and Joan How of the same place, spinster, aged 23, no parents living, to marry at Street or Walton.) [SPRp.53]


92. Edward s. of George & Charity Wetherall, bapt. 7 May 1721. (Licence granted 19 Aug. 1720, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for George Wetherall of Street, tailor, and Charity Ham of the same place. Spinster, aged 25, to marry at Street or King Weston.) [SPRp.53]


93. Jane da. of John & Jane Peryam, bapt. 28 March 1723. (Licence granted by the Bishop of Bath and Wells 19 April 1722, for John Perriam of Street, and Joan Plumly of Cheddar, wid., to marry.) [SPRp.53]


94. John s. of John & Jane Higdon, bapt. 28 Dec. 1724. (Licence granted 17 Feb 1723, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for the marriage of John Higdon of Street, and Jane Cook of Wooky, spinster.) [SPRp.54]


95. Betty da. of John & Jane Tucker, bapt. 7 Feb. 1727. (Licence granted at Wells, 25 May 1747, for John King of Edgarley, in S. John’s, Glastonbury, batchelor, and Betty Tucker of Street, spinster, to marry at Walton. Huish, or Street.)  [SPRp.54]


96. Betty da. of John & Jane Tucker, bapt. 7 Feb. 1727.  (Licence granted, 19 Feb. 1725, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, to John Tucker of Street, yeoman, and Jane Moxham of the same place, spinster, to marry at Street, Walton, or Wells.) [SPRp.54]


97. Timothy s. of John & Joan Uphill, bapt. 7 Dec. 1740. (Licence granted 28 Nov. 1739, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, to John Uphill of Street, widower, and Joan Randell of the same place, spinster, to marry at Shapwick, Street, or Walton. For his first marriage see 1701.) [SPRp.58]


98. Aquilla da. of Edward & Aquilla Herod, bapt. 8 June 1755. (Licence granted 23 Jan 1755, at Wells, for Edward Herord of Street, husbandman, widower, and Aquilla Belling of Mear, spinster, to marry at Mear.) [SPRp.61]


End of Arthur Jewers Footnotes for Vol. I,

Baptisms, Street Parish Register.



Start of Arthur Jewers Footnotes for Vol. II,

Marriages, Street Parish Register


99. James Rood & Elizabeth Brice, marr. 25 April 1703. (Licence granted 17 April 1703, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, to James Roode of Street, yeoman, and Elizabeth Brice of North Petherton, spinster, aged 23. To Marry at North Petherton.) [SPRp.61]


100. James Higgins (sic) & Hannah Morse, marr. 1 Nov. 1703. (Licence granted 30 Oct. 1703, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, to James Higdon (sic) of Street, husbandman, and Hannah Morse of the same place, spinster, no parents living, to marry at Street, Walton, Butleigh, or Ashcott. Bondsman, John Higdon of Street, yeoman, brother of the said James.) [SPRp.61]


101. Tristram Gundry & Mary Talbot, marr. June 1704. (Licence granted 14 June 1704, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, to Tristram Gundry of Street, husbandman, and Mary Talbot of S. John’s, Glastonbury, spinster, 34, to marry at the Cathederal, Wells.) [SPRp.61]


102. Daniel Rood & Eleanor Tucker, marr. _ ___, 1706. (Licence granted 7 Oct. 1706, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for Daniel Rood of Street, yeoman, and Eleanor Tucker of the same parish, spinster, aged 45, to marry at S. Cuthbert’s, or the Cathederal, Wells. [SPRp.61]


103. Year 1712-13. (Mar. lic. From Bishop of Bath and Wells for John Maynard of Street, yeom., and Sarah Hodges of Charlton Adam, wid., aged 50, to marry at Street, Charlton Adam or Babcary. Dated 11 April 1713. [SPRp.62]


104. Year 1722. (31 March 1722. Licence from the Bishop of Bath and Wells for William Moxham of Street, yeoman, and Hannah Merret of Glastonbury, spinster, to marry at (blank). [SPRp.62]

            19 April 1722. John Periam of Street, yeoman, and Joan Plumly of Cheddar, wid. Lic. From the Bishop of Bath and Wells, to marry at (blank).) [SPRp.62]


105. Year 1725. (Licence granted 8 May 1725, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, to Robert Harman of Walton, yeoman, and Joan Maynard of Street, spinster, aged 27, to marry at Street, Walton, Ashcot, or Murlinch.) [SPRp.62]

            10 June 1725. Licence from the Bishop of Bath and Wells for the marriage of John Smith of Bristol, and Catherine Milburn of Street, at Pill or the Cathederal (? If Street in Pill is not intended). [SPRp.62]


106. Year 1725. Mr. Francis Whitehed of Bull Place & Mrs. Sarah Rooke of Ivythorne. By Lic. (Licence granted 11 Aug. 1725, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for the marriage of ……. Whitehead of Peddie, in par. of Ashcott, and …….. Rook of Ivythorne, in the par. of Street, spinster.) [SPRp.62]


107. Year 1726. (10 Sept. 1726. Licence from the Bishop of Bath and Wells for George Bragg of Street, yeoman, and Ann Coward of the same place, to marry at Murlinch or Meare.

28 Jan 1726. (Licence from the Bishop of Bath and Wells for Robert Chant of Chilthorne Dormer, yeoman, and Martha Rogers of Street, spinster aged 21, her mother consenting, to marry at Chilthorne Dormer.

21 Feb. 1726. Licence from the Bishop of Bath and Wells for Francis Palmer of Walton, yeoman, and Sarah Dagery of Street, spinster, to marry at Cossington, Woolavington, or Bridgewater.) [SPRp.63]


108. Year 1727. (24 June 1727. Licence from the Bishop of Bath and Wells for Robert Fletcher of Walton, yeoman, and Ann Hamm of Street, spinster, aged 23, whose parents consent, to marry at the Cathederal, Wells.) [SPRp.63]


109. Thomas Tottle & Mary Maynard, marr. 21 Jan. 1745. (Licence granted 18 Jan. 1745, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, to Thomas Tothill of Alford, yeoman, batchelor, aged 21 and upwards, and Mary Maynard of Street, spinster, aged 21. To marry at Street.) [SPRp.64]


110. Edward Witherall of this parish & Jane Everdell of S. Benedict, marr. By Lic. At Huish, 19 Dec. 1748. (Licence granted 11 Dec. 1748 at Wells, for Edward Witherall of Street, yeoman, widower, and Jane Everton (sic) of Glastonbury, spinster, to marry at Huish.) [SPRp.64]


111. Year 1749. (Licence granted at Wells, 28 June 1749, for John Crossman of Street, yeoman, batchelor, and Jane Maynard of the same place, spinster, to marry at Street, the Cathedral, Wells, or Huish.) [SPRp.64]


112. Year 1754. (Licence granted at Wells 12 April 1754, for John Styles of Street, batchelor, and Mary Thomas of Wells, spinster, to marry at S. Cuthbert’s, Wells.) [SPRp.64]


113. Year 1754. (Licence granted at Wells 12 Sept. 1754, for Henry Parker of Street, widower, and Elizabeth Uphill of S. John’s, Glastonbury, spinster, to marry at S. John’s, Glastonbury.) [SPRp.64]


114. William Pople & Mary Baily both of this parish, marr. __ ___ By Lic. (Licence granted 21 Dec. 1754 at Wells, for William Pople of Street, blacksmith, bachelor, and Mary Baily of the same parish, spinster, to marry at Street. [SPRp.65]


End of Arthur Jewers Footnotes for Vol. II,

Marriages, Street Parish Register



Start of Arthur Jewers Footnotes for Vol. II,

Burials, Street Parish Register


115. Nov. 5 1683 bur. Alice Rood. (William Roode, the elder, of Street, yeoman. Will dated 22 Oct. 1680. To s. William Roode, plough harness, furnace, tablebords and frames, bed with bedstead and its furniture in the inner chamber next Jeane’s backside, but testator’s wife to have the use of them for life. Son John Roode and his heirs all lands of testator whose executrix is to have the profits of them for her life; and if the said John dies without issue then the land to go to the aforesaid William and his heirs, but to pay son Joseph £10. To said s. Joseph Rood £40. Dau. Joan Roode two pieces of ground in Pick’s close in the manor of Walton, but testator’s wife to have the profits for her life. Residuary legatee and executrix wife Alice Roode. Proved at Wells 2 June 1681 by Alice Roode, widow. Total of inventory, £182-3-4.) [SPRp.65]


Thomas Rood of Walton, Innholder. Will dated 18 Oct 1733. Dau. Elizabeth Rood to have the messuages with all its appurtenances in which testator lives at Walton. Dau. Joan Rood to have the messuage, &c, in S. John’s Glastonbury, with its rights in Southmoor alias Aldermoor. Wife Susannah to have the stock of beer, ale, and cider. Residue to friends Richard Godwin of Street, yeoman, and Thomas Maynard of Street, yeom., in trust, to sell it and use the proceeds for the benefit of testator’s daus. Until they are 21 years old. Proved 14 Oct 1731, by Thomas Maynard, one of the executors. [SPRp.65]


116. John Marnard bur. 28 Aug 1685. (John Marnard of Street, yeoman. Will dated 1 Jan. 1684. He is sick. Mentions, Richard, Robert, George, and Ann Marnard, sons and da. of his brother Robert Marnard, deceased, they to have  £50 each at 21. To John Roode a bond or bill for £32 due from his mother. Brother Thomas Maynard the best mare, after the heriots are taken, and four acres at Readmead for the term of the lease, and £10, also to the said Thomas and his heirs forever the land in Butleigh bought by testator from Zachary Peryam, and the wheat mow near against the Highway. To Thomas Marnerd, son of said brother Thomas, and to his heirs for ever lands in Mear. To William Howe and Robert Pearce £3 each. To Robert Slade the money he owes to testator. To the poor of Street, £5. To John Marnard, son of testator’s brother Robert Marnard, and his heirs for ever land in Southmoor bought of Mr. Douthwaite. Residuary legatee and executor, kinsman John Marnard. Prov. at Wells 31 Oct. 1685 by executor. Total of inventory £859-9-0.) [SPRp.66]


117. Year 1689 footnote: - Thomas Marnard, the elder, of Street, yeoman. Will dated 24 March 1688-9. Is sick. To John Gundrie and Joane, his sister, 1/- each. To John Maynard, Richard Marnard, Ann Marnard, George Marnard, Robert Marnard, and John Roode of Walton, 1/- each. To s. Thomas Marnard and his heirs all testator’s lands forever. Residuary legatee and executor s. Thomas Marnard. Overseers s. John Marnard and Nicholas Hulett. Proved at Wells 7 Dec. 1689. Total of inventory, £143-0-0. The inventory is here given at length as it offers points of interest, giving as it does the various rooms and their contents separately. Inventory of the goods of Thomas Marnard, deceased, taken 1 April 1689. Wearing apparel, £5. Two chattle leases, £10. Ruther cattle, £39. Horne beasts, £17-10-0. Sheepe, £9-3-4. Two pigs, £2-10-0. Wheate in the backside and ground, £14-0-0. Beans and pease upon the ground, house, and backside, £7-6-8. Barley in the house and sowed, £2-0-0. Profits of copyhold until Michaelmas next, £6-0-0. Plough harness, £6-0-0. Wood, £1. Three fletches of bacon, £2-0-0. Pewter and brass, £3-0-0. Barrells and other timber vessels, £2-10-0. In the kitchen a table bord and frame, a joint furme, a joint stoole, six chaires and a paire of grates, £1-6-0. In the parlor, a featherbed, bedstead, curtains and vallens, with furniture, £5-13-4; a table bord, with frame, and three chaires, 10/-. In the parlor chamber, a bed bedstead and furniture, a chest and two coffers, £3-0-0. In the hall chamber, a bed bedstead with the furniture, £1-10-0. In the mault and other things forgotten £2-0-0. [SPRp.67]


118. John Rood bur. 29 May 1689. (John Roode, the younger, of Street, yeoman. Will dated 11 May 1689. Is weak. To brother William Roode 1/-. Brother Joseph Roode £10, and to his children £5 between them. Residuary legatee and executor John Jeanes, son of testator;s sister. Overseer, brother-in-law John Jeanes. Proved at Wells 29 May 1689. Total of inventory, £48-18-9d.) [SPRp.67]


119. William Mead bur. 31 Dec. 1691. (William Mead of Street, yeoman. Will dated 15 Nov. 1688. Son John Mead £5. Testator’s grandson William Mead, son of the said s. John Mead, £5. To Mary Rood, da. of the said John Mead, and granddau. To testator, £5. Dau. Judith Bartlet £5, and to her son William Bartlett, testator’s grandson, £5. Joseph Bartlett, son of the said Judith and grandson of testator, £5. Dau. Hannah Rood £5. James Rood, s. of the said Hannah, and grandson of testator, £5. Joan Paddocke, dau. of testator’s granddau. Mary Paddocke, late deceased, £10 at 21 or marriage. Mary Paddocke, da. of testator’s grandda. Mary Paddock, £10 at 21 or marriage. John Mead, “my servant,” £5. To the poor of Street £2 to be distributed by s. John Mead. Son-in-law John Rood. Residuary legatee and executor Joseph Rood, s. of Nicholas Rood, by testator’s dau. Hannah. Proved at Wells 9 Feb 1688. Total of inventory, £170-14-8. Seal – On a wreath a lozenge shaped cushion tasseled, and charged with a horse’s head. This was the seal of Timothy Redman, Vicar of Street, and a witness to the will.) [SPRp.67-68]


120. Year 1692 footnote: - Henry Reeves of Street, husbandman. Will dated 18 Jan. 1691. Kinsmen, William Daggery, the younger, of Street, 1/-; William Broddrip 10/-; William Reeves, £5; Jane, w. of Edward Whippey, 10/-; Cousin John Hach 1/-; Anthony Broddrip 1/-; Mary, w. of Robert Flecker, 1/-, and her child Mary Keene, 50/-, to be put out to profit by her Aunt Emme Reeves. Kinswoman Emme Reeves a half headed bedstead, and other articles, and she to be residuary legatee and executrix, with John and Peter Reeves. Inventory dated 11 May 1692, total amount £129-7-10. Proved 17 May 1692. [SPRp.68]


121. Bridgett Stower bur. 13 July 1693. (Licence granted by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, 14 Feb. 1682, for John Stower of Street, husbandman, and Bridget Parker of the same place, spinster, aged 46, to marry at Wells.) [SPRp.68]


122. Year 1695 footnote: - John Meade of Street, yeoman. Will dated 21 Jan. 1692. Wife Judith two best beds and their furniture, £20 a year out of ground in Southmoor otherwise Aldermoor, late in the possession of Thomas James, and James Periam, both deceased, for life. To the six children of testator’s da., Mary Roode, £50 each at 21. Son-in-law William Roode to have the remainder of the lease of four acres in Lower Houswood, now in his possession. To the said da. Mary Rood £20. To Edward Cullen the money he owes the testator. Residuary legatee and executor son William Meade. Proved at Wells 30 April 1695. Total of inventory £411-5-0.) [SPRp.68]


122. Year 1695 footnote: - James Williams of Street, husbandman. Will da. 11 March 1696-7. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. To youngest s. Thomas Williams testator’s dwelling house for the term of the lease, and if he dies before his brother John, then said son John should have it. Da. Jane Williams 1/-. Residuary legatee and executor wife Martha Williams. Proved 23 March 1699; Martha Williams the wife being also dead, admon. Granted to Tristram Gundry of Street yeom., and John Roode of Street, yeom., during the minority of the son Thomas Williams. [SPRp.68]


123. Hannah Roode bur. 8 Jan. 1698. (A marriage licence was granted 28 Jan. 1681, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, to John Roode of Street, yeoman, and Hannah Roode of the same place, widow, to marry at High Ham, Aller, or Martock.) [SPRp.69]


124. George Roode bur. 1 April 1699. (George Roode of Street, yeom.. Will dated 25 March 1701-2. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. To Walter Godfrey and Sarah his w., twelve acres of wheat on the ground at Hillclose; dau. Ann Roode £90; s. George Roode freehold estate in East Charlton, with the deeds, to him and his heirs, with the leasehold in Paradise in the town of Glastonbury, late held by Isaac Courte; s. William Roode leaseholds in Street, and he is to be residuary legatee and executor. Kinsmen, John Reed of Coly, Joseph Roode of Street, and Thomas Clarke of Ashcott, overseers, until the executor is of full age. Inventory, 2 April 1702, total £565-15-0. Proved 13 Nov. 1703.) [SPRp.69]


125. Anne dau. of George Rood bur. 30 Sept. 1699. (Ann Roode of Street, spinster. Will dated 3 April 1702. Kinsmen, John Roode and Joseph Roode, to be trustees of what testator’s father left her, to divide it between her brothers and sister, George, William Roode, and Sarah, wife of Walter Godfrey of Ashcott. Proved 13 Nov. 1703.)


126. Jane w. of Tristram Gundry bur. 14 Dec. 1702. (Licence granted 15 Oct. 1686, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, to John Gundry of Street, and Joanna Clothier of Burnham to marry.) [SPRp.69]


127. Mr. Jerrard Newcourt bur. 24 March 1703. (P.C.C. (Ash 152) Will of Jerrard Newcourt of  Ivythorne, in the parish of Street, co. Somerset, gent., dated 17 March 1703-4. To be interred at the discretion of execx. In my Father’s inclosed burying place in the Church yard of Somerton. Unto my brother Richd. Newcourt £20 to buy him a mourning Suit. Unto my sister Spicer the like sum of £20. Unto my Cozen James Newcourt my best suit of cloathes & £20. Unto John Newcourt, junr., my kinsman, £50. Unto Thomas Draper £10. Unto my loveing friend and Neighbour John Strode of Compton Dunden, all the determinable terme and Interest which I have to come in Okey Close in the parish of Butleigh, and two of the best trees growing on Ivythorne ffarme, and which I have the power to fell and cut downe pursuant to the bargaine or agreement I made with my Cozen Rooke. Unto Mrs. Elizabeth Collier £10. Unto Mr. John Isham, who drew my Will, £5. I remit and give unto William Foster the sume of £50, being the moiety of £100 which now remaine due unto me of his purchase money for the Estate he bought of me in Aller. Unto Mr. Pitt, Vicar of Compton dundon, £5. Unto the Cathedrall Church of Wells £10. Unto Mr. Redman, Minister of Walton, Mr. Colmer, Minr. Of Babcary, Mr. Wren, Minr. of Somerton, and to Mr. Carter, Minister of Charleton, 20 shillings apiece to buy mourning Rings. Unto poor of Somerton £10, of Walton, Aller, Streete, & Compton Dundon, £5. £100 in trust to buy 10 coats yearly for 10 poor persons of p’sh of Somerton. Whereas I have a debt of £400 due to me from Mr. Thomas Rooke and Sarah his wife, by Mortgage on Ivythorne ffarme, I give same, if ever it shall become payable, to the Church of Somerton for the erecting an Organ there. After death of my dear wife, I give unto the Ministers of the severall parishes of Somerton, Walton, Babcary, and Charleton, and to the Churchwardens and Overseers of the poor of sd parish of Somerton all my Lands in the Towne and Parish of Somerton aforesaid, In trust towards maintenance of an Organist in Somerton. Rest of goods unto my dear and loveing wife, whom I make my sole execx. In case sd wife happen to dye of the distemper whereof I am now ill. Then I give unto her Bro. and Sister Taylor £100 apiece. Residue of my goods I give to my Relations to be distributed amongst them as the Law directs. (Signed, Jer. Newcourt.) Witns. I. Tayler, Anne Prew, J. Isham. Pd. P.C.C. 20 July 1704, by Mary Newcourt, the relict and execx.


1632, Nov. 12. Roger Newcourt of Cothelston, co. Somerset, gent., batchelor, aged 35, and Alice Tomes, sp. Aged about 20, da. of James Tomes of Bishop’s Lydeard, yeom., who consents. To marry at Cothelston or Bishop’s Lydeard. (Vide  Mar.Lic. Faculty Office Archbishop of Canterbury. Harl. Soc. Publ.)


This Roger was with little doubt the Roger, s. of Philip Newcourt of Tiverton, co. Devon, bapt. 16 Jan 1595-6, his mother being Mary, da. of John Tucker, and grandson of John Newcourt of Pickwell, by Mary, da. of Edmund Parker of North Moulton, co. Devon, and relict of George Hext, by which last she was mother of Sir Edward Hext of Nether Ham, in High Ham, which is only a few miles from Ivythorne.) [SPRp.69-70]


128. Jasper Batt of Street, yeoman. Will dated 13th of the month called Aug. 1702. To wife Thomasine Batt all real estate for life, with the goods that were hers before marriage, the new Bible, great looking glass, spice box, &c. Granddau. Edith Dinham best bed with its furniture. Elizabeth Parsons a bed. Dau. Elizabeth Baker a watch. Dau. Edith Watts the bedstead in the hall chamber, a great chest with the bedstead in the little parlour. Son-in-law Edward Watts the rest of the lumber not mentioned. Granddau. Sarah Button a chest of drawers. Granddau. Elizabeth Button “a chest with one drawer in him.” Grandson William Lawrence a clock. Grandson Joseph Lawrence a jack. All these bequests not to take effect until after the death of testator’s wife. “To be buried in the ground of the people of God called Quakers.” Wife to be executrix. Proved 21 Nov. 1706. The said Thomasine Batt, the relict, was not residuary legatee, and being since dead, further administration was claimed by Elizabeth Maynard, with Edward Watts of Taunton, who has equal right, and to whom the said Elizabeth Maynard resigns her right, which was granted 13 Aug. 1726. [SPRp.70]


129. Thomasine Batt of Street, widow. Will dated 5th of the 7th month called Sept. 1707. To be buried with the people called Quakers. Brother Henry Persons a piece of old gold of the value of 20/- and upwards. Kinsmen Henry and Thomas, sons of said brother Henry Persons, £5 each. Kinsw. Mary Hawkins, da. of William Persons £5. Kinsw. Thomasine Persons £5. William Dibsdale’s two sons, William and Robert Dibsdale, 20/- each. Grace Burt of Northover, 5/-. To poor friends 10/-. Residuary legatee and executrix, Elizabeth Persons, dau. of William Persons, brother of testatrix. Prov. 14 Oct 1707, by Elizabeth Persons, the executrix.) [SPRp.71-2]


130. William Rood, senior, at Townsend, bur. 21 Feb. 1709. (William Roode, the elder, of Street, yeoman. Will dated 4 Jan. 1708-9. To s. William Roode and his heirs lands in Street and elsewhere. To s. John Rood £7 per ann out of the said lands. Dau. Joan five acres of meadow in Bride in the parish of S. Benedict, Glastonbury. Dau. Judith Mores £5. Dau. Mary Rowley £5. Residuary legatee and executrix wife Mary Roode. Inventory, dated 22 Feb. 1708-9; total £128-1-0. Proved 25 Feb. 1708-9.) [SPRp.71]


131. William Rood bur. 22 Nov. 1711. (William Roode, the elder, of Street, yeom. Will dated 24 May 1711. To s. Timothy Roode all testator’s lands of inheritance in Street, Egerley, and South Moor, for ever, but w. Eleanor to have one-third for life. To dau. Alice Roode £50 to be paid her by s. Timothy, when she is 21 years old. Dau. Alice to be executrix. Prov. 29 July 1711.) [SPRp.72]


132. Daniel Rood bur 23 Nov. 1711. (Daniel Rood of Street, yeoman. Will dated 30 Oct. 1711. Granddau. Hannah Tucker £10, now in the hands of her father Robert Tucker, at 21. Grandchildren John and Grace Bush £5 each at 21, which money is now in the hands of their father John Bush. Grandson John Tucker, bed bedsted, &c. Granddau. Honour Roode a great crock in a year’s time. Dau. Grace Bush 21/-. Residuary legatee and executrix w. Eleanor Roode. Prov. 6 Dec 1711.) [SPRp.72]


133. Anne da. of Mr. Thomas Rook bur. 2 Aug 1712. (Licence granted 1 April 1727, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for Thomas Rooke of Somerton, gent., and Priscilla Norton of Wells, gentw., to marry at S. Cuthbert’s, Wells.)


134. Anne da. of Mr. Thomas Rook bur. 2 Aug 1712. (The following will, though it appears, so far as can be seen, to have no connection with the above family beyond the name, yet appears sufficiently interesting to insert here. Joane Rooke of Pitney, sp. Will dated 30 Jan. 1661-2. To be buried in the churchyard of Huish. Mentions Thomas Griffyn, the elder, Anne Bryant, wid., the widow Elizabeth Griffyn, and the widow Judith Welch, four poor people of Pitney, 2/- each. Kinsman John Grenter of Muchelney, 20/-, Kinsmen Elisha Grenter and Robert Grenter, sons of the said John Grenter. Kinswoman Dina, w. of Thomas Pirgine of Muchelney 5/- each. Thomas Ellis, William Oram, and Thomas Deenes, three grandchildren, 5/- each. Benjamin and Samuel Bernard two sons of my master, £5 each. Richard Bernard, another son of said master, £3 at 21. Mistress Mrs. Dorothy Bernard my two pewter dishes & 5/-, with my best sheet, Dorothy Bernard, the younger dau. of  said mistress, to have the sheet after her mother’s death. Hester and Mary Benard, two other daughters of said Mistress Dorothy Bernard, 5/- each. Goddau. Joan Willard third best flannel garments. Residuary legatee and executor, testator’s fellow servant and friend, John Catell. Codicil 4 Dec. 1662, the said Richard Bernard to have £5 instead of  £3. Proved 3 Jan 1662-3. Total of inventory, £56-9-8.) [SPRp.72]


135. Anne Reeves bur. 17 Sept. 1717. (Ann Reeves of Street, widow. Will dated 15 Jan. 1715-16. Cousin John Witherall of Curry Yeovill. 1/-. Cousin Elizabeth Dyer of Glastonbury, a rug lined and all wearing apparel both linen and woolen, except two whittels, one stammel whittel and the older a white whittel. Mary dau. of the said Elizabeth Dyer a great brass kettle and a pewter platter. Ann Dyer sister the said Mary Dyer a bed and bedstead with its furnishing. Cousin John Witherall s. of Edward Witherall deceased, a lease of 1 ½ acres in Street for his life, remainder to his brother George Witherall if he survives. The said John and George Witherall to be residuary legatees and executors at the age of twenty-three years respectively, until then James Clothier of Street, to be trustee. Inventory, 4 Sept. 1719. Total, £17-13-8. Prov: 14 Nov. 1719. [SPRp.73]


136. Sarah Mainard (signature, Maynard) of Street. Will dated 18 Nov. 1717. To husband John Maynard, gent., 20/- and a gold ring. To grandson William Bush, and granddaughters Elizabeth and Mary Bush. John Maynard and Joane Maynard, son-in-law and da.-in-law (i.e. step s. & da., see bapt. of Joan in 1695), each £5. To brother Joseph Strode 20/- a year on the feast of S. Michael for his life. Grandson John Bush £275 in a year, whereof the £150 and interest due from him to testatrix’ husband on a bond, to be part. The said John Bush to be sole executor. Proved at Wells 15 April 1718. [SPRp.73]


137. John Maynard of Street, yeoman, and Sarah Hodges of Charlton Adam, wid., aged 50, to marry at Street, Charlton Adam, or Babcary. Licence granted by the Bishop of Bath and Wells 11 April 1712. [SPRp.73]


138. Ralph Rogers bur. 30 Nov. 1719. (From the date of the will and of the probate of it, the entry in the register must be misplaced.

Ralph Rogers of Street, husbandman. Will dated 28 May 1720. Makes his will being sick and weak. To wife Emm Rogers, dwelling, garden, &c., with the garden plot belonging formerly to John Diment’s house, extending down to the drove, for life, then to s. Ralph Rogers. Sons John Rogers and Samuel Rogers; three da’s Joan, Ann, Martha Rogers to have the house, &c., if their brother Ralph dies without issue. Da. Francis 1/-. Son John 1/-. Son Samuel 1/-. Residuary legatee and executrix Emm Rogers. Proved at Wells 10 Jun2 1721. Total of inventory, £17-15-0.)  [SPRp.74]


139 & 140. John Maynard, Senior bur. 13 Dec 1721. [These footnotes by Arthur Jewers are both attached to this burial entry in the Register.]


139. Thomas Maynard of Street, yeoman. (Will dated 4 July 1720. To Rachel da, of John Rood of Cole, gent., three acres of meadow in Pressmoor, eight acres three yards in the common fields of Street, & part of Hewlett’s tenement, John Rood junior s. son of the said John Rood land in Furlong above Leigh, and more lands at Fossway hedge, Gould, Slades, Cockrode, Portway and at Brooks. To kinsman John Maynard the younger and his heirs forever lands in Mear, testator’s wife Elizabeth Maynard to have the profits for life. To Thomas, Joan, & Margaret Jefferie son and daūs of John Jefferie of Henley in High Ham, yeoman, £20 each. To Thomas, Richard and Robert Maynard, sons of kinsman Richard Maynard of Walton, yeoman, £5 each. Ann Stower of S. John’s, Glastonbury, £5. Friends George Osmond, John Tucker of Glastonbury, Edward Champion and Robert Champion Compton Dundon, £1 each. Mary dau. John Rood the elder, of Cole. 23/-. To the poor of Street £5. All lands not above bequeathed to wife Elizabeth Maynard, for life, and after her death to Joane Maynard da. of kinsman John Maynard the elder, of Street, yeoman, consisting of Eastland close, four acres of ground, a house with orchard and garden. Testator’s newly enclosed land called Coles laines and Backlands containing about eleven acres to kinsman John Maynard the younger. Other lands containing about seven acres with three acres called Beagroves to trusty friends Mr. John Godwin, James Clothier, and Arthur Gundry all of Street, in trust for the benefit of the poor called Quakers inhabiting within Somersetshire. Dwelling house and land called Closemead and Eastmead to kinsman John Maynard the elder. Residuary legatee and executrix wife Elizabeth Maynard. Proved at Wells by the executrix named in the will on 5 April 1721.)



140. John Mainard the elder, of Street, yeoman. (Will dated 21 June 1721. To dau. Joan Mainard for ever ten acres of meadow or pasture land called New Cutts formerly part of South Moor in the parish of Butleigh, three acres of pasturage in Wootton in Butleigh, £240 including £5 and interest given her by testator’s late w., and sundry articles of furniture. Brother Robert Mainard 40/- yearly. To the poor of Street £4. Residuary legatee and executor testator’s son John Mainard. Proved at Wells 8 Dec. 1722. Total of inventory, £1144-17-11.) [SPRp.74-75]


141. Mary Rood of Townsend, bur. 26 Aug.1727. (Mary Rood of Street, widow. Will dated 24 Aug. 1726. Son-in-law Thomas Mores 20/-. Grandsons William and John Mores 20/- each. Son-in-law Robert Rowley and testator’s dau. Mary Rowley each 20/- and their children Aben, John and Arthur Rowley 20/- each. And to Frances Rowley 20/- and a gold signet ring. Elizabeth Rowley 20/-. Great-grandchildren William Rowley and Mary Rowley son and dau. of John Rowley 10/- each. Margaret Collins and her two daūs Judith and Grace Collins 10/- each. Grandson William Rood all indoor goods after the death of his father and mother. Grandson John Rood two silver spoons. Granddau. Judith Rood a feather bed, bedstead and their furniture and a gold ring. Residuary legatee and executor son-in-law William Rood. Proved 14 Sept. 1728. [SPRp.76-77]


142. Hannah Banks, wid. Bur. 28 Aug. 1727. (Hannah Banks, of Street ,wid. Will dated 22 Dec 1725. Kinsman John Godwin of Street, gent., £140 now in his hands, and the furniture in testatrix’ house at Mear. Kinsman Richard Godwin £20. Kinswoman Hannah Godwin £20. Granddaūs Elizabeth, Sarah, and Jane Hopkins £5 each at 21. To the women called Quakers who hold their quarterly meeting in and for Somersetshire £10 to be put out at interest for poor women of the said meeting. Friends John Everett, Thomas Harvey, Benjamin Holmes, Edward Champion and Robert Coward 20/- each. Kinswoman Elizabeth Broome of Curry Mallet 40/-. Kinsman Robert Rowley the elder of Mear 40/-. Kinsman Thomas Rowley the elder of Wedmore 20/-. “To my tenant William Giblett” and to Mary Stoward 20/- each. Margaret Osmand, and Mary Bishop 10/- each. Poor of Mear 20/-, poor of S. John’s Glastonbury 20/-, and the poor of Street 20/-. Residuary legatee and executor sister Mary Godwin of Street, wid. Proved 8 Jan. 1727-8. [SPRp.76]


143. Edward Buxstone, senior bur. 27 March 1728. (Edward Buxstone, senior, of Street, yeoman. Will dated 9th day of the 12th month called February 1727. Three married daughters of testator, namely, Sussanah Cuffe, Jane Writh and Frances Williams each 1/-. Jane Writh’s four children 20/- each; s. Edward Buxstone £40. Dau. Grace Buxstone £40. Wife Sarah Buxstone £8 yearly. Residuary legatee and executor s. William Buxstone. Proved 23 July 1728.) [SPRp.76]


144. William Moxham, senior, bur. 28 May 1729. (William Moxham of Street, yeoman. Will da. 2 May 1729. Da. Jane w. of John Tucker of Street, yeoman, £200; the said John Tucker to settle his lands in trust for the use of himself, his wife and their heirs. To John Merritt of S. Benedict parish Glastonbury, woolcomber, and John Blackmore of the parish of S. John. Glastonbury, sadler, in trust a house with its appurtenances in S. John’s, Glastonbury, and a house &c. next to Mr. John Mainard’s in Street, also arable land in the West fields of  Street, except a parcel of ground called Standwell, for the use of testator’s dau. Jane and her heirs, with remainder to testator’s son William Moxham, also a messuage and land held for the life of Mary Rowley alias Roely of Mear. Testator’s sister Mary, wife of John Hole, late of Stone in East Pennard, yeoman, to have £10 yearly after the said John Hole has fooled and squandered away what he has sold his land for. To the poor of W. Lidford £5. Grandson William Moxham and granddaughters Mary, Honour and Sarah Moxham £100 each at 21 or marriage. House testator dwells in with its appurtenances and land called Blagrove or Blackgrove, in Street, to son-in-law John Tucker and John Blackmore in trust for son William Moxham and his heirs. Residuary legatee and executor said son William Moxham. Prov. at Wells 7 Nov. 1730.) [SPRp.77]


145. John Maynard, junior bur. 4 Aug 1732. (John Maynard of Street, gent. Will dated 17 May 1732. To cousin Robert Maynard of Walton, yeoman, son of testator’s uncle Richard Maynard and his heirs for ever Messuages with garden, orchard, and land called the Home tenement in the occupation of cousin Elizabeth Maynard widow. To kinswomen Joan Day and Margaret Weech £10 each. Kinswoman Joan Windsor da. of Hugh Windsor £20. Kinswoman Ann Ham and her three sons John, Thomas and George Windsor £3 each. Kinsman John s. of Thomas Maynard of Walton aforesaid, a messuage &c. called Pitman’s tenement, with a close called East lane close. Kinsmen Thomas and James Jeffery £10 each. Kinswoman Ann Ham da. of the said Ann Ham £10. Uncle Robert Maynard £10-8 per annum. Uncle John Sturridge of Ditcheat £4 per annum, and aunt Joan Sturridge the same. Kinsman John Rood of Cole and his sisters Mary Amor and Rachell Rood  £2-2-0 each. Servant Elizabeth Beadon £10. Hugh Wills and William Garland 40/- each. Forgives John Norton what is due from him. To William Rood and Richard Godwin 21/- each, and they to be overseers of this will. Cousin Robert Maynard household goods in the house occupied by Elizabeth Maynard after her death. Residuary legatee and executor Thomas Maynard of Walton aforesaid. Proved at Wells 27 Nov. 1732. Seal, a ship of three masts.) [SPRp.78]


146. Elizabeth Maynard bur 17 Aug. 1732. (Elizabeth Maynard of Street, widow. Will da. 9 day of sixth month, called Aug. 1732. Sister Mary Hawkins and sister Thomasine Miller £5. Kinsman Thomas Hawkins and kinswoman Ann Bond £5 each. Kinsman Robert Dibsdale and servant Mary Seymour £2-2-0 each. Friends Arthur Gundry and his brother Robert Gundry 10/-. Kinsman Thomas Hawkins a silver tankard and largest pewter platter, and a clock and its case. Kinswoman Elizabeth Woodbourne, a silver spoon marked JBT. Residuary legatee and executrix kinswoman Elizabeth Hawkins of Bristol. Witnesses Mary Maynard, Joan Day, and Richard Godwin. Prov. at Wells 17 March 1732-3.) [SPRp.78]


147. William Moxham bur. By the Quakers, 3 Sept. 1733. (Licence granted 31 March 1722, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for William Moxham of Street, yeoman, and Hannah Merrett of Glastonbury, spinster, to marry.) [SPRp.78]


148. Thomas Pope bur. 9 Nov 1734. (Thomas Pope of Street, yeoman. Will dated 1 Nov 1734. Sisters Jane and Ann £3 each. Wife Alice to be executrix. Prov. at Wells 8 Jan 1734-5.) [SPRp.79]


149. Licence granted by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, 19 Oct. 1706, for William Pople of Street, blacksmith, and Elizabeth Weatherly of the same place, widow, to marry at S. Cuthbert’s, Wells. [SPRp.79]


150. Eleanor Rood bur. 22 May 1735. (Eleanor Rood of Street, wid. Will dated 18 March 1733. To Kinswoman Jane Tucker da. of kinsman John Tucker a gold ring and silver spoon. Betty da, of the said John Tucker, best gold ring, best standell coat and one silver spoon. Kinswoman Elizabeth w. of Thomas Gatehouse £5. Jane w. of John Tucker a gold ring and gown. Kinswoman Grace Lutt a gold ring. Poor of Street 50/-. Kinsman John Tucker of Crosscombe yeom. £40, and £10 for his sister Mary w. of Samuel Blinman of Crosscombe, to be paid as she needs it. Kinswoman Hannah w. of John Uphill; Ann da. of John and Hannah Uphill £40. Robert s. of John and Hannah Uphill. To the said Hannah Uphill leasehold containing about 4 acres in Presmoor in the parish of S. John’s Glastonbury for her life. Said kinsman John Tucker to have all messuages, lands, tenements & c. and to be residuary legatee and executor. Prov: 29 May 1736. Seal. Oval with shield helmet and mantling. Arms. (Or) on a fess (Gn.) three plates, and in chief a greyhound courrant Az. Crest. A tortoise (Vert) resting thereon a fleur de-lis (Or). (Hayne of Fryer Waddon, co. Dors. Granted in 1607.) This appears to have belonged to one of the officials.) [SPRp.79]


151. John Bennett, senior bur. 10 May 1736. (John Bennett of Street on or about 6 May 1736 made his will nuncup; in the time of his last sickness in the presence of Martha Sydlin als Warren and Joan Roe who attended him, by which he left all that he possesses to his wife except £5 which he gives to his eldest son John, that is if his wife can save that for him after she has bred up the younger children for she is a lame woman; and he died the day following. Proved 30 June 1736 by Martha Bennett the relict.) [SPRp.79]


152. James Baily bur. 10 Oct 1739. (James Baly of Street, mason. Will dated 12 Sept. 1739. The trustees named in the deed or deeds of settlement made on his marriages with Mary Haydon, his first wife, are during the minority of testator’s da. Mary Baly, by his first wife, to pay yearly by quarterly payments to testator’s now wife Ursula the rents of his lands and tenements in Street and Glastonbury except such as by the same deeds are formerly those of Tristram Gundry deceased, and lately purchased of Arthur Gundry deceased to da. Nancy Bayly and her heirs, but wife Ursula to have the interest for life unless she marries again. All other lands in Street to w. Ursula and her heirs, after paying what is due to son-in-law John Pope which he had from his late father William Pope, “my said wife Ursula’s former husband.” Wife Ursula to be residuary legatee and executrix. Proved 22 Oct. 1739. (The seal has, a demi lion issuing from a crest coronet ; this is the crest of Long, probably a seal left in the solicitor’s office, and not in way connected with the testator.)) [SPRp.80]


153. Licence granted at Wells 20 Aug. 1747, for William Daggory of Street, yeoman, widower, and Susannah Bracher of South Cadbury, spinster, to marry at Sparkford or South Cadbury. [SPRp.81]


154. Licence granted 22 Jan.1745, at Wells, for Richard Crane of Street, yeoman widower, and Frances Williams of the same place, to marry at Street or Walton. [SPRp.81]


End of Arthur Jewers Footnotes for Vol. II,

Burials, Street Parish Register