1) Emily Babb b. 1863 (Sep Q 5c/380 Williton), bur. 17 Mar 1864 (Mar Q 5c/506 Wells) Butleigh

Only a copy of the birth certificate will show who were the parents of this child. A Thomas and Mary Babb lived in Williton in 1881. There were several Babb families in Wilton (12 miles SE of Williton, on outskirts of Taunton) having children at this time. Another possibility is a child of James Babb and Maria Hole of Pitminster? – see also Sarah Hole.

Backe see Beake


Sometimes spelt Bakehouse or variants, this family seem to have been in receipt of relief from the overseers of the poor from when the accounts begin until 1715. They seemed to receive not just relief but house rent, clothes and other apparel and necessities – and son William appears only when he causes trouble. Mary and Bridget often received money to relieve their sickness – no doubt due to their poverty.

1) John Backhouse bur. 5 Jul 1662 Butleigh

If the North Wootton marriage refers to this family then Mary could be the Mary Hebditch Chr. 3 Feb 1605 Butleigh d.o. Richard and Maria Hebditch.

Mary was in receipt of relief from 1673 until her death in 1700 (shroud and burial paid for by the overseers). In 1675, she also received house rent, a bed and clothes and her son William must have been a nuisance since an order was paid for his removal (OOP). A further warrant was issued for William in 1676. In 1680 Mary's landlord is shown as Richard Gattern, and she earned some money from the overseers by attending Sara Holman in her sickness. In 1696 the overseers laid out £1 19s 5d in charges concerning William Backhouse that year.

Bridget was in receipt of relief from 1677 until 1719/20. Her house rent was paid in 1677 suggesting that she was already an adult.

1a) John Backhouse Chr. 31 Jan 1641 Butleigh d. 1681

John appears in the Overseers accounts from 1674 (when he was paid for going to Street) until 1681. In 1676 he received relief and in 1681 the overseers paid for a shroud for his wife and wood and candles for him in his sickness, then a shroud for him too. Sara and Ann began receiving relief from 1681 (coats were bought for them) and were both presumably the orphaned daughters. Ann received relief up to 1687 (being cared for by Ann Samwayes) and, Sara after a gap 1684 – 92, from 1693 – 7 when she was taken before the court and examined. She appears briefly again in 1706 when she received 1 shilling from the Rocke bequest. Both Ann and Sara probably married or died before 1715 when the Parish records resume.


1) Richard Badger

No clue as to where this Richard Badger came from, but a Richard Badger was Chr. 13 Jul 1589 Backwell [7 miles SW of Bristol], s.o. Morrice Badger and the latter was probably the son of another Richard Badger b. 1569 in Backwell.

2) Catherine Badger married Butleigh 23 Jun 1664 David Warner #

Catherine was probably a daughter of Richard and Frances above – there is a small PR gap 1643 – 1646.

3) Elizabeth Ann Badger (née Talbot) Chr. 6 Jul 1834 West Pennard, d.o. Thomas and Sarah Talbot 91-124

Elizabeth A. Badger, sister of Alfred Talbot, shopkeeper in West Bradley, appears in 1891 visiting Joseph Maidment at Lower Farm, Butleigh Hill. She was a widow of independent means. The Maidments had been neighbours of the Talbots in West Bradley in the 1870s. In 1871, aged 36, and still unmarried, she was housekeeper to the Rev. George Percy Badger, (55) widower (C. of E.) at 21, Leamington Rd Villas, Paddington. They married in 1871 (Dec Q 6a/291 Clifton) - George died in 1888 (Mar Q 1a/27 Paddington) aged 73. In 1881 Elizabeth visited her brother in West Bradley. Nfi


1) Richard Auguste Baes musician b. 1787 St. Giles, d. 1857 (Sep Q 1b/247 St. Giles)

Ann appears on the 1841 census alone at St. Pancras and died in 1855 at St. Giles. Richard and Jane appear on the 1851 census at 1, Lascelles Court, St. Giles in the Fields, Finsbury. No marriage is recorded nor a death for Jane with the surname Baes. No obvious Jane baptism 1783/5 in Butleigh fits.A Jane Pitman Chr. 22 Apr 1786 Butleigh is the nearest.


1) William Bagwell of Widworthy Devon [b. circa 2 Jun 1718 Widworthy?]

Ann first appears in the Overseers accounts in September 1762 when she received 3/- assistance. She was then paid varying amounts monthly. A question arose as to her origins and in June 1764 the Overseers paid Mr. Hood to examine the registers to find her birth [certainly absent from the surviving records today as Withers – must be pre 1715 and the PR gap]. In 1764/5 the Overseers paid out £4 12s 6d in expenses 'concerning Anne Bagwell' – in Oct 1764 they sent someone to Widworthy to check her history and a horse was hired to go to Taunton Sessions about the case. In December 1764 she was taken to Somerton and Wells, accompanied by Mary Squires. The Overseers paid for Anne's shroud in February 1769 and, in March, her coffin and the sexton was paid for burying her.

It would seem that Ann qualified as a Butleigh born person and an Ann Higgins who married William Withers 18 Jun 1724 Butleigh and who had daughters Sarah, Ann and Mary born in Baltonsborough 1727 – 1732 may be this person if she was widowed? Otherwise she may have qualified if born before 1714 when no records were kept!

Devon Record Office 365A/PO 49 Ann Bagwell wife of William from Butleigh, Somerset 1764

281M/T1094 20 March 1793 Lease for 99 years or 3 lives 1. Sir John William de la Pole of Shute 2. Charles White of Widworthy, yeoman Messuage, heretofore in possession of Robert Carman, then William Bagwell, and close called Beast Lease containing 1 acre in Lucehayne, Date: 1793.

1a) Mary Bagwell married Edward Rowley Butleigh 6 Jun 1761 - most probably the above daughter of (1) #


1) Agneta Bayley married John Hobbes Butleigh 8 Nov 1584

2) William Bayley senior bur. 18 Nov 1600 Butleigh

2a) Zarobabel Bayley Chr. 20 Jul 1588 Butleigh

3) Philip Bayley

3a) Philip Bayley Chr. 21 Aug 1608 Butleigh

4) John Bailey

The Overseers paid John Bailly for his hours, two day and a night, plus meat and drink during the court case appeal at Bridgwater in 1731.

5) Mary Bayly

The Overseers paid Mary for half of the year's rent of Henry Pope in 1731. Possibly wife of (4).

6) Jane Bayley Chr. 28 Nov 1744 Butleigh illegit. daughter of Christine Bailey and Samuel (Sweet?)

Jane married Moses Scribben of Compton Dundon in Butleigh on 18 Jun 1760. Her daughter must have been abandoned by Jane/Joan since from July 1762 the daughter received assistance from the OOP as Joan Bayley's child, Bayley's daughter etc until July 1771. In August 1771 the OOP bought her a new gown [possibly preparatory to going into service] – then Nfi. It is possible in view of her being called 'child' that this may be another child of Joan [in the 1760's sometimes payment to Joan Bayley's childrenunusual to be paid up to the age of 20. [May be two Janes here – unless the earlier Jane was baptised as a teenager]

7) John Baily Chr. 31 Mar 1816 High Ham, s.o. James and Jemima Bailey, journeyman wheelwright, d. 20 Aug 1854 at sea 51-24

John Baily and family were at 15, High Street (Main Street) Butleigh in 1851. John Baily had married Anna in 1841 and they lived in Glastonbury (1841 census w'out children) where they had three children before moving to Butleigh where Kate was born in 1849. An infant Annie Bailey bur. 31 Oct 1848 Butleigh (Dec Q 10/323 Wells) was probably a child of this family. A son George was born in 1852 but died shortly after baptism (Mar Q 5c/447 Wells). A daughter was born the following year but then the family emigrated. John Bailey aged 33 of Butleigh Somerset died at sea (of organic disease) on August 20th 1854 on board the “Thetiswhich left Plymouth 21 May 1854 and arrived at Port Adelaide on 31 Aug 1854. On board were Anna, James, John, Kate and Mary.

8) Rose Anna [Rowena] Bailey Chr. 27 Dec 1835 Charlton Mackrell, house servant, daughter of John and Maria Bailey 61-61

Rose Anna was a servant at Corville House, the home of William Dyke in 1861. In 1841 she had lived with her parents and three brothers, Thomas, William and John, in Charlton Mackrell. In 1871 she was 34, unmarried and living with her parents and now using the forename Rowena that she was baptized with. She died in 1875 (Mar Q 5c/371 Langport).

9) Albert James Bailey b. 1869 Siddlesham, Sussex, porter, s.o. Joel and Ann Bailey

In 1871 Albert lived with parents in Back Street, Fordingbridge - his father was a miller but died in 1873. In 1881 Albert lived with his widowed mother Ann, still in Back Street, Fordingbridge. By 1891 Albert was a warehouseman living with his step-father in Mill Place, Fordingbridge. Ellen was a cook in Salisbury in 1891. After their marriage Albert and Ellen lived in Green Law, Fordingbridge, Hamps - and were still there in 1901. In 1911 they were still in Fordingbridge but with two additional children born there, Lily Beatrice (b. 1902) and Edward James (b. 1907).

10) Hannah Bailey b. 1818 Butleigh m. 13 Nov 1835 Long Sutton George Baker

Hannah wife of George Baker (b. 1817 Aller) lived in Long Sutton in 1851, eldest child b. 1837. Her pob given as Kingsdon [Langport] 1891. Probably the Hannah Chr. 16 Feb 1812 Kingsdon d.o. George and Mabel Bailey


1) J. Baines - appeared in the trial of Francis in April 1811. (OOP)


1) John Baker bur. 6 Jan 1627 Butleigh

John was in receipt of Poor relief 1606 – 1614.

1a) John Baker Chr. 24 Dec 1602 Butleigh

2) James Baker

A warrant was taken out by the Overseers of the Poor in 1676 against James Baker – nfi and possibly not a Butleigh inhabitant.

3) Timothy Baker Chr. 24 May 1751 East Brent s.o. William and Elizabeth Baker , buried on 1 May 1829 Butleigh

A John Jones of Shapwick married an Elizabeth Gallard in Butleigh on 24 Aug 1750 and may be the more likely parent of this Jane.

Timothy received 2/6 in his necessity in Jan1784 (OOP). He received three pecks of wheat in March 1785 and received assistance for several months afterwards. Timothy as is shown in the documents below was a tenant since 1783 but in 1819/20 he started paying rates on his own property – 4/3d (34 rates). The record only extends to 1828 but he presumably paid until his death. (OOP). The OOP accounts for June 25 1787 refers to house rent for late Comers' house paid to Thomas Baker due for three years past Lady Day where Samuel Ford lives. Not known who Thomas is and unlikely to be a mistake for Timothy.

[A Mary Baker 'cured' the heads of Edward Lye and children in Dec 1796 – possibly a wife of a William since in May 1798.the OOP paid William Baker for taking John Davis' children to have their heads 'cured'. Not known if living in Butleigh or elsewhere. Mary Baker paid again in Oct 1799 for her head cure – this time on John Davis' three children. A William Baker was paid his shoe bill by the OOP in April 1801.]

In Oct 1814 the OOP paid for a journey to Somerton to a justice meeting with Jane. In Jan 1815 Jane received 14 weeks assistance. Not certain who this Jane could be – Timothy's daughter Jane had died in 1802, his wife in 1804 – not the same as Mary since the OOP paid them at the same time in their records sometimes. Obviously, like Mary, she was unmarried and received bastardy pay from 1814. Doesn't appear on PR.

In December 1814 the OOP went to Somerton again to get Mary Baker to swear who was the father of her child. Child Jane shown here as daughter of Mary above. Mary received 8 weeks pay in Feb 1815 from the OOP. In April 1815 both Jane and Mary received further pay from the OOP and thereafter. Mary and Jane received assistance up to 1820 when in November they received a letter from Jane and in December from Maryfrom London. In May 1821 Jane was paid 25 weeks pay and in June Mary received 9 months pay. In Dec 1821 Jane received 29 weeks bastardy pay. In May 1822 she received 20 weeks bastardy pay and the OOP paid for a justice meeting regarding her child. The last Bastardy payments to Jane were made in 1825. A John Steelman of South Brent # was examined in Somerton in Dec 1814 as was Mary Baker and is the probable father.

Catherine married Stephen Hockey in Butleigh on 11 Feb 1805. # A Sarah bur. 8 Sep 1805 Butleigh was an illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth - the Betty above? An Elizabeth from Butleigh b. 1777 married a Cox and had children in Meare - see 1851 census – John Giblett Cox married 30 Jul 1809 Meare Elizabeth Baker.

DD/S/BT/13/1/17-18 - 1] Charles, Edward, William and John Strode of Butleigh, yeoman 2] James Grenville Surrender of Py Closes (5a) in Butleigh West field. Enclosed attornment (1783) of Timothy Baker tenant of 3a at the head of Sower Down near the mill. [The above 3 documents Date: 1783]

3a) George Baker Chr. 29 Sep 1779 Butleigh Somerset, agricultural labourer, bur. 23 Nov 1850 (Dec Q 10/344 Wells) Butleigh 41-6

George's property was assessed in 1827 and the rateable value was £13 5 8d on which a rate of 10d in the pound was paid. George appears in two documents of 1839 regarding a house in Baltonsborough. George Baker had lived alone in the High Street in 1841. His father Timothy had died in Butleigh in 1829 aged 81. He married the widow Virtue Blacker in 1845 but died in 1850. # She took out a lease on the Globe Inn, Butleigh in April 1851 in the name Virtue Baker.

DD/S/BT/25/12/12 Abstract of title (1798-1826) of George Baker and others to a house in Baltonsborough.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1839.

3b) Joseph Baker Chr. 19 Aug 1792 Butleigh carpenter

Joseph lived at 2, Union Place, Radipole Dorset with wife Sarah (b. Broadway, Dorset, m. c. 1830) and six sons in 1851 (all born Broadway). They were still there in 1861 and 1871. In 1881 Joseph was a widower living at 2, Union Place, Radipole, with his unmarried daughter Elizabeth (59).

3c) Elizabeth Baker b. 1781, bur. 9 Jul 1839 Butleigh (Sep Q 10/284 Wells) may have been the wife of George?.

An Elizabeth from Butleigh [Chr. 13 Oct 1777 Butleigh d.o. Timothy and Jane] married a Cox and had children in Meare - see 1851 census – John Giblett Cox married 30 Jul 1809 Meare Elizabeth Baker. See above

4) David William Baker b. 1839 Hythe, Hants (Dec Q 8/179 New Forest), gardener, s.o. William, a shoemaker, and Jane Baker 81-99, 91-118

David appeared with just his parents at Hythe, Fawley in 1841, and in 1851 with an older brother, Andrew, plus his grandmother Martha Wyatt (b. 1778) a widow. By 1861 David was a gardener at Newlands, Millbrook, Hamps., while Julia was a servant at 21, Upper Phillimore Place, Kensington Town, Middlesex. They married in 1868 in Wimbledon and the couple had their first child there before they moved to Sindlesham House, Hurst, in Berkshire (1871) where a daughter Marian was born. In 1881 David Baker was the gardener at the Court and lived with his family at the cottage called Court Gardens and lodging with them was an under gardener, Frederick Rose. In 1891 the couple lived alone at Court Gardens. William's whereabouts in 1891 are uncertain but Marian was a dressmaker in Milsom St., Bath. In 1901 David and Julia lived with Marian (then 29) in Northleigh Cottage, Colehill, Dorset.

5) Charles Baker lime burner labourer b. 1817 Butleigh

On the 1851 census Charles lived alone at Beard Hill, Shepton Mallet but stated he was married. Several possible candidates for this Charles.

6) Charles Baker b. 1830 Butleigh, gardener, died 1877 (Sep Q 5c/315 Wells)

Charles lived with wife Jane (b. 1830 Wells) and daughter Clara Sophia (b. 1863 Wells) at 61a, St. Thomas St., Out St. Cuthberts, Wells in 1871. Nfi

7) Caroline Baker b. 1830 Butleigh, unmarried, cook

Caroline was a patient at the County Lunatic Asylum, Wells between 1871 and 1901. She may have been born in Wells since only once does she give her birthplace as Butleigh. She seems to have died in 1914 aged 82 (Mar Q 5c/627 Wells).

8) John Baker smith b. 1801, bur. 18 Sep 1870 Charlton Adam aged 69

Elizabeth was baptized again in Barton on 22 Jan 1826 [abode given as Butleigh and father occupation smith]. This may be the Elizabeth Baker who was a servant in Kingweston in 1841. She married William Jeanes 19 Jul 1848 (Jun Q 10/713 Langport) barton St. David and they then lived at Barton St. David. # John and Elizabeth had two children born in Charlton Adam.

William appears with father, stepmother, brother James, half sisters Juliana and Louisa and step-brother Stephen in Charlton Adam in 1841. Nfi

9) Sarah Ann Baker b. 20 Mar1866 (Jun Q 5c/549 Yeovil), Chr. 21 Sep 1871 South Petherton, schoolteacher, daughter of Mary Baker (b. 1831/3). Died 15th April, bur. 16 May 1949 Butleigh 01-136 PHOTO

At her Christening Sarah's mother Mary was noted as being a glover, living at Yeabridge. In 1871 Sarah appeared with her grandfather John Baker (b. 1803) plus his unmarried daughter Mary (b. 1833) and another 'grandchild' Amelia (b. 1853) in South Petherton. In 1881 Mary, a grocer, and daughter Sarah lived alone at Yeabridge, S. Petherton. In 1891 Sarah was teaching at the local school and living with her mother Mary, of independent means, still in South Petherton. Sarah then appears in Butleigh High Street in 1901 sharing accommodation with her fellow school teacher Nina Brown # who was six years older. They were still there in 1911. They are buried in the same grave in Butleigh churchyard, Nina having survived her partner by a further year. Sarah played the part of the Taunton schoolmistress who presented Monmouth with a bible in the "Butleigh Revel". P1, P2

10) NOTE: A Joseph Baker was fined 2s 6d in Dec 1888 for not sending his children regularly to school. At the moment this Joseph unidentified, unless parent of the next?

11) Sarah Annie Baker b. 1874 South Cadbury, 'of Horwood' Wincanton, d.o. Joseph and Jane Baker

Sarah was working at Rowley Farm Butleigh when made pregnant by Thomas Turner of Butleigh Wootton who also worked there. She was not yet 16 when the child was born. The Western Gazette 1 Nov 1889 reported that she had been confined to the Workhouse, Wells and that Turner was made to pay 1s 6d per week plus 10s 6d costs. In 1891 she lived with her parents and son at Compton Pauncefoot. Ernest was still with his grandparents in 1901. His mother had married John Clothier in Compton Pauncefoot on 5 Apr 1893 (Jun Q 5c/805 Wincanton). In 1911 John and Sarah Clothier with 'brother-in-law' Ernest Baker lived at Knowle Mere, Wilts where John was a cowman and Ernest a carter on a farm.

Balchsee also Baulch

1) Robert Balch/Balsh Esq. [of St. Audries] d. 22 May 1779 Bridgewater

Robert paid rates in Butleigh from 1750/51 -1763/4. Several earlier Butleigh Overseers accounts (e.g. 1731-4) were signed and allowed by George Balch and both George and Robert Balchs were wealthy contemporary inhabitants (merchants) of Bridgwater. In 1764 Robert was due to be an Overseer but John Bishop served in his stead. In 1763 Robert Balch of Bridgwater bought St. Audries, West Quantoxhead estate for £13,662. Sir Peregrine Acland of Fairfield acquired the estate in 1836 and through his family's marital link to the Hood family a connection with Butleigh was maintained.

Balfordsee Bulford, Balesee Beale


In Baltonsborough a Boole family date back to the earliest records in 1539.

A) Margareta Boole m. Butleigh 2 Jul 1593 Johes Masters [see also Bayley]

1) Hugh Ball (Baull) bur. 27 Sep 1667 Butleigh

A Susanna Boole married Thomas Kellwaye 22 Jan 1626 Butleigh – same family?

1a) Hugh Ball buried 1677 Butleigh (OOP)

Hugh received relief in 1674 but died in 1677 (shroud paid for by Overseers). The previous year a Joane Ball was buried and this may have been a daughter of Marlen who must have been his second wife, mother of John and Alce. In 1678 she received temporary relief for herself plus Thomas and Alce. Three Ball children were apprenticed out in 1678: Thomas went to Henry Pope, Hugh went to Thomas Jacklett and Alce went to James Peryam. .John Ball is briefly mentioned in 1692 when a warrant was taken out against him. Madlen appears receiving relief, rent, clothes etc. continuously from 1685 to her death in 1714.

Thomas had a son Thomas because in 1709 the overseers bought him clothes, in 1711 the elder Thomas received 12 weeks relief, 24 weeks in 1712 and in 1712 his son Thomas was apprenticed to Christopher Slade. No further mention.

2) William Balle alias Marke

x) Uncertain Ball ? Died 1717?

A Henry Ball signed the overseers accounts in 1718. A Martin Ball was buried 6 Dec 1714 Butleigh – possible fathers of the following.

In 1717 the overseers paid for the keep (39 weeks) of Balls three children and paid Balls wife 'at her going off & before'. The children were supplied with shoes and clothes. Daughter Sarah was indentured to Widow Abbott. Two aprons bought suggest that they were all girls. In 1719 the two remaining girls received gowns, coats, shoes etc. A pair of shoes was bought for Elinor Ball in 1720 [and a years relief for the children] and in 1721 the overseers paid for ' a paire of shoes for Balls widdow 2s 6d a new gown & making 9s 4d a paire of hosen 1s gave her money severall times to relieve her 3s 4d a sheete & a blankett a pillo & making 10s 7d ½ a new bedstead cord & matt 11s 8d a new turn & carring of her goods 12s 6d and for 3 weeks diett washing & lodging at Henry Callows & things to anoint her 14s 6d in all - £3 5s 5½d'. In 1722 Elinor received a year's relief [£2 3s], rent, a gown, coat and two changes. In the same year a Margarett Ball received 4s 6d in 'her necessity' and the OOP also paid for a pair of shoes for 'Balls child'. Elinor received relief for the years 1723 – 25. Nfi.

3) Thomas Ballspaid 8/- for repairing the gate against Peddle Drove, Sedgemoor in 1818. (OOP) - nfi

4) Cyril Turner Ball b. 1885 (Dec Q 9c/639 Rotherham) s.o. Edwin and Sarah Ball, died 21 Sep 1954 bur. 24 Sep 1954 (Sep Q 7c/218 Wells) Butleigh

Cyril's father was a company secretary in Rotherham and in 1901 Cyril was a commercial clerk. By 1911 Cyril had married Bessie C. M. Hobbs and they lived with his parents in Compton Dundon where his father was now a grocer and egg poultry dealer. Mrs. Ball advertised in the Western Gazette [27 Jan 1922] for a 14-16 year old girl helper at Harepits – home and fair wages given. In September 1923 Ball of Harepits Farm, Butleigh placed an advert seeking a boy to help on small farm, milking etc. On 10 Apr 1931 in the Western Gazette he was advertising four bee stocks for sale and haves at 45s each. In Kelly's Directory of 1935 he lived at Harepits and Kelly's 1939; his telephone number was Balt. 55, at Harepits Farm.

At the time of the 1947 estate sale Cyril rented 'Park Buildings' at £150 per annum. Cyril lived at Roods Farm Butleigh at the time of his death. Cyril was hon. Sec of the British Legion. [gravestone misread or error Cecil for Cyril]. Bessie died in Bridgwater.


[Balsam – possibly Bulson?]

1) George Balsom b. 1829 North Petherton, farm labourer, s.o. John Balsam, died 22 Dec 1855 (Dec Q 5c/372 Wells) Street 51W-40

In 1851 George lodged with Elizabeth Gill in Wootton Street. He married Caroline Newport in 1851 but died in 1855, some months after their only daughter had died. Since neither was buried in Butleigh they presumably lived outside the village at the time. Caroline was a widow aged 33 living at 5, Godswell Lane, Street in 1861. She married the blind widower John Turner on 8 Feb 1866 and they thereafter lived in Butleigh Wootton. The Western Gazette of 16 Feb 1866 noted that at their marriage the couple had a combined aged of one hundred and four.


1) Elias Bampfield attorney of Langport b. 1720, bur. 13 Apr 1802 Langport aged 82

An attorney who acted on behalf of Mr. Periam in 1766 and who acted on behalf of the Overseers in 1769. They paid £15 15s 1d to remove the Clothier family# and bring them to Keinton (Mandeville) and Mr. Bampfield's bill was £7 11s 11d. The case was heard over three days at Wells sessions. In April 1773 the OOP paid him 3/6d 'for the Parish'. Elias Bampfield of Langport worked as legal scrivener for Caleb Dickinson of Kingweston in this period and was Commissioner in Bankruptcies in 1800. He was also steward for the Countess of Northampton's estate at Long Sutton.

2) George Bamfield b. 1817 Salcombe Regis, Devon, brick and tile manufacturer, 51-37, 61-62

George and Ann lived at the Butleigh Hill Tilery in 1851 where George was in charge of 15 brick making labourers. They had their niece Mary Ann Capron (b. 1844) # living with them - she ended up as a servant, like most girls - in Wotton, Surrey (1881). In 1861 the couple had another visitor, John Palfrey (b. 1849) from Whimpel, Devon and he may also have been a relative. In 1862 his 'sister' Tryphena married Robert Churchill# in Butleigh.

George is not traced in 1841. He is also missing in 1871 but by 1881 George was a labourer living in 48, Cranmer St., Scotland, Liverpool with just his wife. In 1866 [Western Gazette 5 Jan 1866] he is recorded as having passed a Tape Worm 50 feet long on the 1st Jan 1865 by taking one dose of Mrs. Collmer's Worm medicine (Advert). In another version it stated that he had suffered for 7 years and the cure took just two doses over an hour and a half.


1) Richard Banbury bur. 10 Jan 1658 Butleigh

2) Richard Banbury (same as last, or first child?)

2a?) Richard Banbury thatcher, bur. 15 Nov 1732 Butleigh

A warrant was taken out in 1700 'for Richard Banbury apprentice' (OOP) and in 1709 another warrant, probably regarding relief of Rachel Palmer.(indentured at Wells). Richard seems to have been reluctant to carry out his responsibilities and again in 1715 four warrants were taken out to get him to maintain 'Rowleys children', for which he received £2 13s 4d in maintenance. This Richard is recorded as having killed 3 polecats in 1711 for which he received one shilling. He was paid for three bell-ropes in 1718/19 (CW). A piece of land known as 'Banbury furlong' sold in 1848 is probably named after this family.

DD/S/BT/8/1/1 - 1] Richard Banbury of Butleigh, husbandman 2] John Burnard 'meaniour' of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of two half acres at Southeren Hill, Butleigh West field. Endorsed Gilbert 1783 as are most deeds in this bundle. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH] Date: 1701. DD/S/BT/6/2/6 - 1] John Webb of Butleigh 2] Richard Banbury of Butleigh, thatcher Lease for lives of old orchard in West field where a cottage formerly stood, Butleigh. Rent 1s.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1710. A field was called Banbury Furlong as late as 1848, probably after ownership by this family.

3) Elizabeth Bunbury bur. 7 Apr 1750 Butleigh

Elizabeth appears in the OOP accounts in the sixth and seventh month of 1740's accounts when she received a total of 4 shillings 'in her necessity'. She was then put on relief and up to March 1741 received 23 weeks relief. Elizabeth received further relief in 1741/2. In 1745 the OOP paid Mrs. Elizabeth Periam for making her new clothes, a gown, coat and under waistcoat.

4) Thomas Banbury died Sherborne, bur. 21 Feb 1755 Butleigh

Thomas was a servant of Lord Hood and was shooting crows. He snapped his gun three times without it going off but soon after mounting an hedge and reaching the butt-end to another person it went off, shooting him through the neck and he died on the spot. [Derby Mercury 7 Mar 1755]

5) Mary Jane Banbury b. 1854 (Mar Q 5c/487 Langport) Butleigh, d.o. James and Sarah Banbury

Mary Jane lived with Sarah, her mother, and siblings in South Street, Crewkerne in 1861. Her stonemason father was working away from home at the census date. Sarah, widowed, moved to London by 1871 with Mary whose pob was then given as Sherborne. Nfi


1) Mary Banton widow

Based upon her position in the rates list (OOP) Mary took over the property of either Edmund Holle or John Seamer (of Barton). She paid rates to the overseers from 1684-1699. Her neighbour seems to have been Thomas Sam and from 1694 they paid their rate together. Mary may have died in 1699 because from 1700 the rates were paid solely by Thomas Sam. The PR gap 1677 – 1714 leaves us no further record.

However, there was a Thomas Banton living in Baltonsborough in the middle 1600's. Name originally Benton/Baynton or possibly Barton? A Mary Banton was buried in West Camel in 1702.


1) Joseph Banwell Chr. 22 Nov 1863, Litton (near Wells), innkeeper, s.o. James Banwell and Matilda Banwell

Joseph was one of three sons (but not a brother of the next). Charlotte married Innkeeper Joseph in 1888 and by 1891 they ran the "Puriton Inn", Puriton, and had a daughter Nellie (1). They were still there in 1901. In 1911 Joseph was a farmer and the couple lived at Sherborne Farm, Litton, Bath with their three children.

2) Albert Banwell b. January 1871 Westonzoyland (Dec Q 5c/398 Bridgwater), son of James and Matilda Banwell 91-119

Albert was three months old at the 1871 census, his father listed as farmer and both parents born Wedmore. His mother died in 1880 and in 1881 he is found living with his grandparents Stephen (b. 1801) and Mary (b. 1811) Banwell at Heath House, Wedmore. Albert was a carpenter's apprentice in 1891 lodging with Edwin Latcham, carpenter, in the High Street, Butleigh. Not found in 1901 but by 1911 had married Kate Davidge (b. 1867 Somerset) and was a coal hewer in Pontypridd.


1) Joan Pope Barber received 6d from the Rocke bequest in 1711. Nfi

2) George Barberin 1731 the Overseers paid for his time, meat and drink spent over two days and a night in a court case at Bridgwater.

3) James Barber bur. 19 Oct 1794 Butleigh [s.o. Thomas and Ann below?]

4) Jonathan Barber bur. 25 Feb 1772 Butleigh

Jonathan received a bushel of wheat fro the OOP in Dec 1765. In Feb and March 176 he received further assistance. In 1766 and several times thereafter his assistance was 'in his sickness'. In March 1769 his family caught the 'smallpox' (OOP) and young William died – the sexton paid by OOP in March plus the cost of his coffin and shroud. In Jan/Feb 1770 the OOP made payments to 'Barber's wife' and Sept – Dec she was in further distress. In Feb 1771 the Overseers paid 10½d in expences going to the Justices in Langport against Jonathan. In March 1771 the Overseerrs paid for the coffin, shroud, ringing the bell and digging the grave for Jonathan Barber's wife. The OOP had paid Jonathan's house rent in 1762/3 - 71/2 but after his demise in 1772/3 it was paid in 73/4 to 'the Barber family'. The OOP paid 10/- in March 1772 towards his coffin, grave and ringing the bell.

George was apprenticed under the 'John Rocke scheme' to Richard Holman in 1772. (OOP). In Nov 1774 Thoms Gill was paid for keeping 'Barber's boy' – OOP.

4a) John Barber Chr. 15 Mar 1755 Butleigh, bur 17 Nov Butleigh 1828 aged 72

Mary Barber appears a few times caring for various women and in Apr 1828 it was specifically for her midwifery skill (5/-) as well as nursing (20/-) and pay.(4/- per week). Sarah was ill in Jan 1829 and received 15/- from the OOP.

[A John Barber was examined at Wells in Oct 1791. In Jan 1801 assistance was rendered to John Barber – 10/-, and 11/- in February and March. Rent was also paid for Mary Barber in Feb 1800. In March 1801 Mary also cured S[usan]. Crib of 'the itch'. Mary Barber was paid for one month + 5 weeks lodging of Susan Cribb in Nov 1803. (OOP). Mary Barber was receiving OOP pay in Jan 1817.]

4a1) William Barber Chr. 13 Jan 1793 Butleigh, labourer, s.o. John and Mary Barber, bur. 20 Mar 1869 Butleigh 41-12, 51-27, 61-51

William's father John was described as of St. Cuthbert's, Wells when he married Mary Look in Butleigh on 1 Jun 1790. His mother Mary was possibly the Mary Look Chr. 25 Dec 1766 Butleigh, d.o. William and Bridget Look. They had both died in 1828. In Feb 1830 William and wife paid 6/- for 'waishen' [washing]. In 1834 William then Hannah were paid for looking after Pollard's daughter. (OOP)

William and family lived in Oddway in 1841 - 51, as did his son Daniel who later married and lived at No. 1 Dumb Lane. No further information on his son William but a William Barber died in 1848 who may be his son and account for his absence but he could also be the William Barber aged 21who emigrated to Australia leaving London 7 Nov 1841 aboard the vesselArab’ arriving in Launceston on 31 March 1842.along with John Higgins, Thomas Vearing and the Williams family, all from Butleigh..

Bridget Barber; On her marriage certificate to James Blacker in Butleigh 17 Oct 1837 (Dec Q 10/701 Wells) no father was stated. #[41-10] After James' death in 1842 she Married II: 1848 (Dec Q 10/811 Wells) William Windsor. # She died 1877 (Sep Q 5c/323 Wells).

Sarah married gamekeeper William Reakes in 1843 (Mar Q 10/663 Shepton Mallet) and Hannah went with her. # Benjamin died in 1851. In 1861 William and Hannah shared their dwelling in Oddway with their son James and his wife Selina. Hannah died in 1865 and William in 1869

DD/S/BT/27/6/6 Agreement between Revd George Neville Grenville and William Barber of Butleigh, labourer for letting a cottage in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1837.

4a1A) Daniel Barber Chr. 25 Jan 1822 Butleigh, labourer, bur. 27 Aug 1912 (Sep Q 5c/485 Wells) Butleigh 41-12, 51-37, 61-59, 71-83, 81-104, 91-122, 01-143

Daniel was the probable father of the illegitimate Angelina Wilcox (b. 1842) and she claimed him as such on her marriage in 1858. # Daniel and Ann lived at No. 1 Dumb Lane from 1851. Ann Talbot is probably the girl who lodged with Charles Davis at Moorhouse in 1841. They were blessed with nine daughters and several of these married, but not all. Their only son Daniel died in childhood aged 5 in 1879 (Jun Q 5c/405 Wells). Mary married James Pike in Butleigh on 31 Oct 1872 (Dec Q 5c/977 Wells) and they went to live in Glastonbury. # Sarah Maidment married collier Edwin Taylor in Butleigh on 15 Apr 1880 (Jun Q 5c/803 Wells) and they went to live in Midsomer Norton. In 1911 they were visited by niece Annie Cullen. Margaret in 1881 was a servant in Chirk, Denbighshire but in 1891 returned home to live with her parents, and like her sister Ada, followed her mother's profession of laundress. Alice (J) was a visitor in 1891 at 27, Brandon Street, Clapham. She is the Alice Jane Barber b. 1863 who married GPO sorter George Pitt Budden (b. 1867 Cuckfold, Sussex) in 1891 (Jun Q 1d/861 Wandsworth) and they lived in Islington from 1893. In 1911 at 2 Mountfort House, Barnsbury, Islington they lived with their two surviving children (of 4).

At the Glastonbury Great Market of Dec 1873 Daniel was awarded £1 for having brought up six children without parochial relief. [Western Gazette 12 Dec 1873]. In 1883 Daniel was employed by Mr. Knight, farmer, when he saw two poachers who were subsequently fined. [Western Gazette 28 Sep 1883]

Hannah Maria in 1891 was boarding in Canton, Cardiff, still unmarried. Ellen was a housemaid in 1881 and 1891 at Amberd House in Pitminster, Somerset. She worked at More Place, Betchworth Surrey in 1901 and Thornbury Castle, Glos. in 1911. In 1901 Daniel Barber, by then a pauper aged 78, lived at No. 46 Dumb Lane alone with his wife Ann (72), and they were still there in 1911. Their daughter Margaret was now living in Oddway with her sister Ada who had married Henry Cullen in Butleigh on 18 May 1891 (Jun Q 5c/815 Wells). # Margaret married labourer Frederick Harvey Moore b. 1877 (Sep Q 5c/461 Yeovil) Podimore, in Butleigh on 8 Jun 1908 (Jun Q 5c/987 Wells). #

On the 1911 census Daniel and Ann lived alone in 4 rooms at 46 Butleigh. Daniel died in 1912 aged 89 and Ann in Midsomer Norton in 1916, aged 84

4a1B) James Barber Chr. 12 Mar 1827 Butleigh, garden labourer, bur. 7 Jul 1904 (Sep Q 5c/259 Wells) Butleigh 41-12, 51-27, 61-51, 71-81, 81-102, 91-121

James appears winning a prize at the Glastonbury Great Market in Dec 1846 for producing the most honey from stocks of bees between 1st May and 1st October that year. (Bath Chronicle 24 Dec 1846] Selina Male, a glover, had appeared with her parents in Kingsbury Episcopi in 1841 and at Hidon, district Barrington, Somerset in 1851, aged 19. James married Selina in 1859 and her full name may be Elizabeth Selina since in the next census, 1861, she uses the name Elizabeth (and she is younger!). The only other possibility is that Selina died [a Selina Barber death recorded in 1864 in Shepton Mallet] and James remarried - but no trace of a marriage found - both 'wives' born in Barrington. After leaving his parents house in Dumb Lane in 1861, the couple lived (1871) next to Hickman's Drapers Shop (?) in Butleigh, then in the High Street (1881) and finally in two rooms at 37, Water Lane in 1891. Elizabeth died in that year, aged 61. The next step for James was the inevitable transfer to the District Wells Union Workhouse where he appeared in 1901 - he died there in 1904 aged 76.

4a2) James Barber Chr. 7 Jul 1805 Butleigh, s.o. John and Mary Barber, stone cutter, died 1886 (Jun Q 5c/300 Langport)

James lived with his wife and five children in Long Sutton in 1851. John's birthplace was given then as Long Sutton. James, widowed, lodged with his son John in Long Sutton in 1861, pob Butleigh. Ann Burt Wood (15) from Butleigh was a companion lodger. # By 1871 James lodged alone in High Ham. By 1881 James was a pauper in Langport Union Workhouse, High Ham.

John, a mason, married Emma (b. 1851 Weston Super Mare) and moved to 43, Montagne St., St. James, Bristol by 1871, with pob given as Long Sutton. They were in 29, Alfred St., Weston Super Mare in 1881 with daughter Mary (14).

5) John Barber sojourner - the John bur. 12 Jul 1807 Butleigh? but see Johns below

This Mary Barber is possibly the one who married John Rowley in Butleigh on 13 Apr 1792.

6) Jane Barber Chr. 26 Dec 1763 Butleigh illegit. daughter of Ann Barber (d. Aug/Sep 1774)

Ann received 3/- in her distress from the Overseers in Nov. 1765. She received more money at times in distress e.g. Nov 1767. In April Ann's house rent was paid. The OOP paid 1/- to Ann Barber's child in distress in Jan 1772. In August 1772 the Overseers examined Ann Barber under oath and issued a warrant for the arrest of William Periam.# Payments made to Ann Barber's child in 1772/3. In August 1772 the OOP forced marriage on the couple. This wedding on 5 Aug 1772 in Butleigh was paid for (£1 9s 6d) by the OOP after a licence and court charges were paid in Wells. Then an order for removal was made against the couple.

In 1773 the OOP paid for a jacket, two shifts, a coat and an apron for Jane. Payments were made thenceforth to Jane. In Sept 1774 the OOP paid 4/6d to Betty Grant for her expences concerning [the death of] Ann Barber and 8/- to William Periam for her coffin.

7) Thomas Barber of Kingweston bur. 28 Dec 1811 Kingweston aged 69

Thomas is mentioned in Nov 1773 when the Overseers issued a warrant for his examination. He underwent a further examination in July 1785. (OOP) Elizabeth (d. 1868 Wincanton) married James Cannon of Kingweston on 7 Jul 1807 in Kingweston. They lived in Pitminster in 1851 but had many children in Kingweston.

7a) Stephen Barber Chr. 8 Mar 1789 Butleigh, mason, s.o. Thomas and Anne Barber, bur. 25 Nov 1873 (Dec Q 5c/273 Langport) Kingweston 41K-20, 51K-42, 61K-67

Stephen's father Thomas was noted as coming from Kingweston when he married Ann Look in Butleigh on 8 Feb 1773. Stephen lived in Kingweston with his wife for the censuses of 1841-61. In 1871 he lived with his son Charles Barber b. 1818 and son's wife Ann (b. 1820 Butleigh) at Barton St. David

7a1) William Barber Chr. 20 Apr 1816 Kingweston, mason 41K-20

William and Emma appear in Martin Street, Street in 1851 with two children, Sarah (2) and Albert (1) born Keinton. They thereafter remained in Street.

7a2) Charles Barber Chr. 20 Jul 1818 Kingweston Kingweston, stone mason, bur. 4 Jan 1881 (Mar Q 5c/321 Langport) Barton St. David

Charles and Ann lived at Keinton Mandeville in 1861 with their children, all born in Barton St. David. In 1871 they lived at 13, Mill Road, Barton St. David with Charles's father Stephen. Stephen died in 1873, Ann in 1877 and Charles in 1881.

8) John Barber [bur. 12 Jul 1807 Butleigh?]

A Joice Barber was paid for 8 weeks lodging of S. Crib in Oct 1803. A Barber family (this one?) received 4/- in their distress in Dec 1800 and were 'carried away' in January 1801 [Back to Wells?]. A John Barber mason b. 1790 Butleigh appears in Kingsdon in 1851 as a lodger (married but alone).

9) John Barber b. 1786 Butleigh, Somerset, butcher 41-7 possibly son of Thomas and Ann (7) bur. 9 Nov 1852 Keinton Mandeville aged 67

A John Barber first paid bastardy pay in July 1816 and monthly thereafter. But he didn't keep up the payments always and summons were issued. The mother was Amy Harvey and the child John Harvey Chr. 2 Jun 1816 Butleigh. In June 1817 the OOP paid the expenses at Street when John Barber was served with a warrant John paid Bastardy Pay from Feb 3 1817 (OOP) to Jun 30 1817 - £3 2 0d. In 1819 he paid £1 bastardy pay. In 1819/20 John started paying rates on Windmill House1/5d, must have been a very small property. He paid upto 1828 when the records end. The John and family who were ill in Feb 1830 (OOP). He had married in 1819 and the witness was Henry Vickery.

John and Elizabeth lived in Butleigh High Street in 1841 but by the next census are found in Keinton Mandeville (1851) as Inn Keepers at the "3 Old Castles", Castle Street with daughters Harriott (b. 1827) and Susanna (b. 1832). John and his children were Butleigh born but his wife Elizabeth came from Lymington.

Their son John was an unmarried groom who lived in Steeple Barton, Oxon, in 1851. John, then as a coachman married Mary Thick (b. 1819 Charlton Musgrove) in 1851 (Dec Q 16/317 Woodstock). By 1861 John jr lived with his wife Mary at Steeple Barton. They were still there in 1871/81. John died in 1882 (Jun Q 3a/433 Woodstock)

In 1841 Harriet was a servant at West Shepton, Shepton Mallet. In 1861 she was a dressmaker living with her illegitimate son William (2) in Grove Lane, Wells.

Sophia (dob given as late as 1831) served at the home of James Ricks in George Lane, Bridgwater in 1851 [Barker]. She served in Broad Street, Somerton 1861 and, still unmarried, worked at the "Crown Inn", Market Place, Glastonbury in 1871. She died in 1888 (Dec Q 5c/304 Wells) aged '69'.

Caroline is the C. Barber b. 1825 Butleigh, unmarried female servant 'lunatic' in Bath Lunatic Asylum, Wells in 1881. She died in 1887 (Dec Q 5c/313 Wells). There are several records referring to her being a charge on the Parish (dated 1852).

DD/S/BT/24/12/33 Complaint that Caroline Barber has become chargeable to Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1852.

A Harriet Barber, but b. '1838' Butleigh, married smith James Green (b. 1841 Bishops Lydeard) in 1861 (Dec Q 5c/1087 Wells) and lived at Bishops Hull in 1881. They had a son Harry b. 1862 Wells. This seems to be the same person.

John snr died in 1852. Mary Ann married George Chalker (b. 1818) a widowed stone mason in 1849 (Mar Q 11/5/Bath), and in 1851 they lived in Queen Street, Keinton Mandeville. By 1861 her now-widowed mother Elizabeth lived with them and their five children. The Chalkers remained in Keinton past the 1901 census Mary Ann appearing as a widow on the 1911 census. Elizabeth died in 1877 aged '77'.

Susan probably married after 1851, when she was a barmaid in her father's Inn, - to Samuel Humphries in 1852 (Mar Q 5c/693 Langport)?.

10) William Stephen Barber b. 1895 North Wootton, mason, s.o. Frank Barber, bur. 10 Jul 1929 (Sep Q 5c/441 Wells) Butleigh

William's widowed father Frank, was a stone mason born in Canton, Cardiff and in 1911 they lived in Blind Lane, Barton St. David together with widowed grandmother Martha Barber (b. 1841 Hornblotton). Muriel married Corporal AMPC Douglas Ernest Osmund of 51, Bere Lane, Glastonbury in Butleigh on 12 Oct 1940 and in 1946, when Douglas returned from the army set up home in Glastonbury. Douglas became personnel manager at Morlands Tannery, Glastonbury and Mayor of the town. They had no children.

In Feb 1947 Agnes rented 15, High Street at £8 9s 0d p.a. at sale of the Estate. Water was obtained from a well at No. 16. Address Water Lane at Audrey's marriage.

11) Joseph Barber listed in Kelly's Directory 1939 as Blacksmith of Butleigh Wootton.


1) Samuel Barford buried 21 Nov 1802 Butleigh (child) s.o. Samuel and Hannah Barford [see Bulford]


1) Sophia Barker b. 1825 Butleigh unmarried servant in George Lane, Bridgwater in 1851 See Sophia Barber Chr. 22 Sep 1822 Butleigh above.


1) Richard Barller Chr. 29 Jun 1622 Butleigh s.o. Thomas Barller (Dwelly's PR). Barler is a fairly common name in Shepton Mallet at this time.


[see under Barnett]


The origins of this family unfortunately fall in the PR gap of 1677 – 1714. Outside Butleigh, Barns families, including a few Roberts, lived in Publow at this time.

1) Robert Barns bur. 1691 Butleigh (OOP)

The Robert who died in 1691 may be the father of the following Robert though the Mary mentioned in 1683/4 may be the older Robert's wife. In 1683 Mary received coal and relief for her and her children and the same again in 1684 (but wood instead of coal). In 1690 Robert Bearanor received 6d in money from the Dyer bequest. In 1700 the overseers paid for the relief of Barnes (Barnces) boy and for a coat for Barnes (Barance) children (childer).

1a) Robert Barnes died 1710?

A Robert (presumably son) received Symcockes legacy money in 1701, 02, 03, 04, 05 ['old Barnes'] plus Rocke money, 06 (Rocke & Symcocke money), '07 (both) and a warrant was taken out against him, '08 (both), '09 (Rocke), 1710. After this there is no more mention of Robert and Mary takes his place receiving Rocke bequest money in 1711. In 1712 she received 28 weeks relief plus house rent and heating. In 1713, 14 and 15, 17 she received a years relief, rent and clothes and in 1718 received four weeks relief and the cost of her coffin.[could be Robert's mother?]

1b) John Barns bur. 17 Dec 1727 Butleigh

John Barances wife was paid for caring for Mary Backhouse in her sickness in 1699. 'Young Barnes received Symcockes legacy money in 1704 – John?, and as John received Rocke legacy money in 1705. In the last year his wife also received 3s for the relief of his family in trouble. In 1706 John received both Rocke and Symcockes money as well as relief money from the overseers for his sick children. In 1707 he received Rocke & Symcocke money, 08 (both), 09 (Rocke), 10, 11, 13..

1c) Richard Barns bur. 12 Nov 1727 Butleigh

Richard received in his sickness in 1719, a bed, blanket, rug and a 'turn'. In 1720 he received shoes, a coat and his house rent paid. His rent was paid again in 1721 and 22 [when his wife was also mentioned]. The OOP also paid for a coffin for his child in 1720/1 [Mary]. In 1723 it was 'Richard Barnes and family' who had their rent paid. His rent was paid in the ensuing years and in 1725and 1726 he received relief in his sickness. This relief was paid several times in 1727 and a coat was bought for both Richard and his son – and wood for heating. Mention was also made of changes for his two children being paid by the OOP. In 1727/8, the year he died, the OOP paid for heating and 'Gave Richard Barns at several times to relieve him and family in sickness and his wives lying in and for the hire of a horse and man to goe to Shepton Mallet after a midwife and carring home'. So Hannah was pregnant at the time and it was she who received the relief for 23 weeks. Samuel Sweet was paid 2s for a turn for Barnes boy and 11s for a coffin for Barns and his child [OOP also 'paid for shroud making the grave ringing the bell and affidavid for Richard Barns and his daughter Mary 9s 6d']. Edith Underwood was paid 1s for washing Richard's wife's clothes. In 1729 Hannah received a years relief plus wood for heating and extra money (and a peck of wheat) when she was sick. Her rent was also paid and a pair of shoes made for her boy. She received a further 27 weeks relief in 1728/9 and the Overseers account for 1731 notes 4 weeks relief paid and rent paid to Mr. Young. Since Hannah married in 1730 these references must refer to the previous year's accounts.

In 1735 George was placed out as an apprentice to Mr. Rocke and received 32 weeks relief at 9d a week. He appears several times in 1743/4 for killing vermin (CW).

2) Elinor Barns married Edward Callow 29 Dec 1727 Butleigh # [probable daughter of 1b, born in the PR gap 1677-1714]

3) Stephen Barns was paid by the churchwardens in 1735/6 in part for John Groves expenses concerning Eleanor Callow (2)possibly her brother?

4) Joan Barnes bur. 17 Sep 1727 Butleigh sister of John, Robert and Richard or a child of one of them – or wife of Robert?

5) Robert Barnes of Butleigh, abstract of Will 13 Jul 1811 IR 26/291/495

6) Edmund Barnes widower from Babcary

An Edmund Barnes in Babcary had a wife Elizabeth who seems to have been buried there on 9 Dec 1801. An Edmund and Jane had several children born in Babcary before and after 1807 but that may be Edmund's son in view of Jane's age.

A Jane Withers had married widower William Hodges on 1 Jan 1794 Butleigh and he is probably the William who was bur. 14 May 1804 Butleigh making Jane his widow. This Jane had paid rates in her surname Hodges (as late William or occupiers) until 1814 when she paid the rates as 'Jane Hodges now Barnes'. By the 1820's she was paying rates on her original property, a common with others and a cottage in the High Street and still as 'Jane Hodges now Barnes'. In 1814 she had aslo started paying rates as Jane Hodges on land in Sedgemoor Grounds but listed them as occupied by J. Barnes! By the 1820's Jane Barnes was listed as the ratepayer and Charles Strode was the occupier. [no records after 1828]. Mrs. Barnes' property was assessed in 1827 and the rateable value was £19 16 2d on which she paid a rate of 10d in the pound, and again in 1828.. The OOP paid Lord's rent on her property in 1826 - 31.

7) Reuben Barnes b. 1803, farmer, bur. 23 Jan 1837 Butleigh

A Mary Barnes b. 1777, bur. 7 Sep 1840 (Sep Q 10/315 Wells) Butleigh may have been related to Reuben - his mother possibly?

7a) Joseph Barnes Chr. 25 Oct 1835 Butleigh, bombardier R. A., s.o. Reuben and Mary Barnes, died 1891 (Mar Q 1d/850 Woolwich)

Joseph first appears on the 1851 census when he lodged with the Cleal family in Mermaid Cottages in Netherbury, Dorset (name misread as Barnet and age as 8]. On the 1871 census Joseph lived with his wife Amelia S. (b. 1843, Dover, Kent) at 19, Ogilby St., Woolwich Dockyard with son Joseph (2). In 1881 Joseph is described as an 'outdoor officer of H.M. Customs' and lived with Amelia and three daughters at 26, Frances St., Woolwich. After Joseph's death in 1891 his widow Amelia is found at 30, Engineer Road, Woolwich.

8) Sarah Barnes b.1825 Chideock, Dorset, housemaid, daughter of Kinor Barnes? 51-26

Sarah was reportedly unmarried when she served as a housemaid at Eades Farm in 1851. The only other Sarah Barnes appearing on censuses, born Chideock (1821) is the wife of Robert Barnes, born Chideock (1822) who may have been Sarah's brother. Sarah probably married shortly after the 1851 census. Nfi

Barnard -Barnett

[Burnard - Burnet]

In the earlier Parish records Barnard/Burnard and Barnet both occur but there are inconsistencies in the spelling both on the censuses and later records. Possible confusion with Bennet also.

1) Alice Burnard married Butleigh 11 Nov 1597 Thomas Cockes #

2) Elizabeth Barnard married Butleigh 14 Jun 1604 Robert Clarke #

3) Robert Burnard - ?bur 15 Apr 1656 Butleigh

4) Richard Burnard bur. 3 Jun 1599

Richard paid £3, 3s Tithing on the Subsidy Roll of 1581. [SRS Vol. 88]. Richard Barnard 'and his three children' mentioned in the will of Edith Burdome 28 Sep 1571, also Isabell Barnard [wife of Richard?]

4a) Dennis Burnard [Chr. 12 Oct 1583 Butleigh ?] bur. 28 Mar 1669 Butleigh

A Margaret Burnard married John Fry in Butleigh on 30 Aug 1638.

Street P R, Jewers Note 31. John Slade the elder bur. 2 Nov 1640. (John Slade of Street husbandman. Will dated 1 May 1633. To be buried in the churchyard of Street. Names, sons Bartholomew, John, Thomas and Samuel Slade. Dau. Johan Sidley alias Warre, one acre of arable land in Street bought of Andrew Whittington Esquire. Residue to w. Johane Slade who is to be executrix. Dennis Barnard of Butleigh and s. John Slade overseers. Witnesses Matthew Parker. Thomas (X) Wootton, junr. Rosimond (R) Meade. Proved by Johane Slade the relict 25 Aug 1640. (X, and R, their mark.) [SPRp.13]

5) Dennis Burnardprobable son of the last, bur. 12 May 1676 Butleigh

6) Edward Burnard bur. Mar/Apr 1639 Butleigh

This child may be the Maria who married John James in Butleigh on 25 Jun 1640 #

7) William Burnard - bur. 11 Nov 1615 Butleigh (Dwelly's PR)

8) John? Burnard of Baltonsborough [bur. 21 Aug 1638 Baltonsborough]

A Catherine Burnard bur. 14 Oct 1664 Butleigh may be related? A John s.o. John was Chr. 4 May 1616 Baltonsborough

9) John Burnard

10) Michael Burnard (?) 'the elder' bur 21 Sep 1663 Butleigh

An uncertain Dorothie Chr. 30 Nov 1627 Butleigh d.o. Matthew/Michael? Burnet/Barrett

11) John Burnard bur.1691 Butleigh (OOP)

A John Burnet was buried in 1691 which may be this Johnthough it could also be the next one.

12) John Burnard buried 1712 Butleigh?

A child Thomas s.o. John bur. 30 Sep 1655 Butleigh may belong to this family. Joane was paid in 1673 for taking in one of George Crate's children. John was probably the John Barnard who received relief in 1678 and 1681 in his sickness. In 1683 he received money from the William Kelway fine. In 1684 he again received relief from the Overseers. In 1689 he received beef as part of the Symcockes bequest and again in 1690 but in money. 1693 – received Symcockes money, 1694 – coroner's inquest concerning death of John's son, 1700 and 1703 [called 'senior'] Symcockes money. In 1705, 6, 7 he received relief in his sickness and 1708 Rocke bequest money, 1709 Rocke & Symcockes money, 1710 (ditto), 1711 (Rockes). In 1712 the overseers paid 5s for a shroud, 1s 4d for brandy (for the wake), and 2s for making his grave and ringing the bell.

DD/S/BT/7/1/5 - 1] William Courtis of Butleigh, husbandman and son William 2] John Burnard of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of 1a in Foxhanger in Butleigh East field part Peckham lease (1556). Rent 4d.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1679.

DD/S/BT/8/1/1 - 1] Richard Banbury of Butleigh, husbandman 2] John Burnard 'meaniour' of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of two half acres at Southeren Hill, Butleigh West field. Endorsed Gilbert 1783 as are most deeds in this bundle. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH Date: 1701.

12a) John Barnard bur. 8 Apr 1744 Butleigh – the Overseers of the Poor record paying for a shroud for John Barnard in 1744.

13) Robert Burnard

Robert Barnard occurs in the Churchwarden's accounts between 1685 and 1711 as church cleaner, and having killed 3 polecats. He was Overseer of the poor in 1689 standing in for John Heiate – a neighbour. He paid no rate that year but was paid for looking after the child Elner Russell and also George Heiate. Robert was rate payer from 1681 and from 1690 - 4 occupied Heiates house. No further record.

A John Barnard also appeared in 1698 as having killed a polecat. Another Barnard probably related to Robert or William next is Edward who worked with leather 1693-1706 and who also killed 3 polecats.

14) Edward Burnard

Edward was paid for taking in Elner Russell between 1680 and 1684 – worked with leather on church repairs 1693-1706..

15) William Burnard

William appears in the churchwardens accounts in 1699 when he killed a polecat and received 4d. A Sarah Burnett who may be his wife supplied leather to the church in 1702 according to the same accounts – suggesting perhaps that William had died by then? His wife's maiden surname possibly Sticklinch?

16) Jesse Burnet widow bur. 30 Apr 1718 Butleigh

Jesse may have been the widow of Robert (13). She received Rocke bequest money in 1708, 09 and 1710 – and 7 shillings in the latter year for relief and doctoring. She received more Rocke money in 1711 and 1713.

17) Lucy Barnard bur. 9 Jan 1728 Butleigh

Lucy or Luce, was paid for looking after Edward Davis' child and also had her rent paid in 1698. In 1699 her rent was paid by the overseers and Davis' child died. In 1700 she received rent and 'relief for her family'.In 1701 it was the same but specified that she had two children. Ditto 1702 and in 1703 a Thomas was apprenticed to Henry Pope who may have been one of her children (her rent was paid again that year). Her rent was paid in 1704 and she received Symcockes or Rockes bequest money (or both) between 1705 and 08. Absent from the overseers accounts in 1709 she received bequest money in 1710. In 1711 she received money to 'relieve her necessity' and her rent was paid from 1712-14 plus the odd money from one of the charitable bequests. In 1723 the OOP paid for a coat for her. In 1725 materials were bought to make her a coat and gown. In 1727 her rent was paid and she received a years relief and wood. In 1728 she received relief, wood and a sheet. Mary received rent and relief in 1729

18) Justine Burnard died 1719

Justine received Webb bequest money in 1713 and then must have had an accident since she received money in her lameness and sickness several times in 1714 and from then upto 1716 received rent and relief (landlord James Oldish). She received money again in 1718 and then four weeks more, then the Overseers paid 10s for her coffin. Still recorded as receiving rent in 1719/20.

19) Hannah bur. 15 Apr 1733 Butleigh

20a) Ann Burnard died 1727

An Ann Burnard appeared in 1722 receiving relief in her sickness, having her house rent paid and her goods transferred to a different dwelling. In 1723 she received 1s in her necessity and a 'bean helm'. In 1724 and 1725 her rent was paid and she was given money in her sickness. In 1727 her rent was paid but also a shroud was bought and she was buried by the OOP.

20b) Mary Burnet/Barnard bur. 5 Oct 1735 Butleigh

A Mary Burnard is referred to in 1714 in the OOP accounts when a warrant was taken out for an order about her (?). In1719 the OOP paid 1s to relieve her and in 1720 paid 5s towards her house rent the previous year. They also paid her rent in 1720, 25 weeks relief and 3s 4d to relieve her. A warrant was also taken out about her case. From 1721 - 27 she received rent and/or a full year's relief. In 1727 she also received a whittle, neck cloth, coat and 4 yards of material. In 1728 she received wood, coal, bean straw, a coat and shoes in addition to relief and rent. In 1729 to 1731 she rec'd wood in addition to rent and relief plus extra in sickness and in 1731 for the relief of her children. Her rent was paid to Mr. Young for her occupation of late Symcoxs house. In 1732 wood and rent were paid for plus an under waistcoat. The last rent and relief payments were made in 1734 and 1735 up to her death.

20c) Ann Barnardin 1742/3 an Ann was paid by the churchwardens for mending the surplices. In April 1770 an Ann Barnot received 1/- in distress. In April 1772 the OOP paid for her coffin.

21) Joseph Barnard sojourner bur. 24 Jul 1769 Butleigh

Some possible misreadings of the mothers name in PR. Daughter Amy married Edward Cary of Barton St. David in Barton on 18 May 1775, witness Josh Difford.

22) Robert Barnet/Bernard bur. 4 Jan 1730 Butleigh

Robert appears in the OOP accounts in 1729 receiving a bushel of barley 'in his necessity'. In 1730 the OOP gave him half a bushel each of wheat and barley in his sickness then paid for his shroud, coffin grave plus 1s 6d to his wife in her necessity and paid her rent.

23) Robert Barnard Chr. 3 Feb 1744 Butleigh son of John Barnard and ?, bur. 27 Feb 1811 Butleigh

Robert's Will simply leaves the residue of his estate, £200, to his sons James and William

DD/BR\ho/18 - 2 mess., orig. belonging to Barnet of Butleigh. Probate Will, Robert Barnet of Butleigh, stone-cutter.. [Somerset Archive and Records, DEEDS OF THE NEVILLE...] Date range: 1811-1837.

IR 26/291 Will of Robert Barnes [mistake for Barnet] Butleigh, Somerset . Proved in the Court of Bath and Wells – entry 542 Date: 13 Jul 1811

21a) James Barnet Chr. 4 Jun 1772 Butleigh? stone cutter, bur. 3 Jan 1844 (Mar Q 10/407 Wells) Butleigh 41-12

James paid rates on two properties from 1819/20 - 28, a smaller one identified as 'House by Oldish's'. His brother William began paying rates at the same time. From 1820 the house next to Oldish'd had rates paid in James' name but 'now Thomas Rowley' until 1822/3 when it became 'now William Tucker'. James' property was assessed in 1827 and the rateable value was £4 11 8d on which a rate of 10d in the pound was paid, and again in 1828.

James and his three daughters lived at Oddway in 1841. Mary married Josiah Craft # in Butleigh on 4 Jul 1842 and Rebecca Barnett married William Hockey in Butleigh on 31 Dec 1847 (Mar Q 10/691 Wells) #. Elizabeth lived with her sister Mary Craft and her husband Josiah in Oddway in 1851. Elizabeth Barnard is on no further census and could be the one who died in 1856 (Mar Q 5c/313 Langport). However, in 1861 Elizabeth Barnet is an unmarried housekeeper, Butleigh born, aged 49, at the home of William Creed, Kingweston. In 1871 she is a servant, and relation, in the home of Josiah and Mary Craft at their farm in Oddway. It is very likely that this is the same person. This last Elizabeth died 1875 (Jun Q 5c/422 Wells) aged 63 and was buried 24 Apr Butleigh as Elizabeth Barnard!

DD/S/BT/10/3/2 1] William Eades of Butleigh, yeoman, John Tucker of Butleigh, yeoman and wife Mary, Elizabeth Goodson of Butleigh, James Barnes of Butleigh and wife Ann, John Golledge of East Pennard, yeoman and wife Jane, John Avery of Butleigh. cordwainer and wife Catherine. (William, Mary, Elizabeth, Ann, Jane and Catherine are children of William Eades decd) 2] James, Baron Glastonbury Assignment of Breach (20a), Butleigh. [Above two documents tied together] dated 1824

23b) William Barnett [Barnard] Chr. 16 Oct 1777 Butleigh stone cutter, died 1846 (Dec Q 10/335 Langport)

Possibly the William Barnard paying rates 'for late Ann Vagg' in 1815-16. (OOP). In March 1816 he was paid by the OOP 'for the turf house'. In 1819/20, alongside James Barnett, he started paying rates (possibly for half a property since they paid the same amounts). The (OOP) record ends in 1828 and the family must have moved to Somerton after that date. William's property was assessed in 1827 and the rateable value was £3 17 11d o which a rate of 10d in the pound was paid and again in 1828.

This family lived in West Street, Somerton in 1841. Charlotte, a glover, appears 1851 living with her then-widowed mother Mary in Bartlett Building, Somerton plus brothers Joseph, James and a niece, Susan Green (b. 1847 Babcary). On that census the surname was written Barnard. Sarah also a glover married 23 Apr 1848 Somerton Samuel Rapson son of John Williams and they appear on the 1851 census there. She died and was buried 22 Oct 1855 Somerton and Samuel married a Theresa with whom he appears on the 1861 census..

In 1861 Charlotte was a servant at 12, Hindson Rd., Islington East, Middlesex. She married the widower William Culli[ng]ford in 1870 (Sep Q 5c/643 Langport) and they lived in Somerton.

DD/S/BT/14/2/52 1] Ann Corbaz of Butleigh daughter of John Vagg decd 2] William Burnett of Butleigh, stonecutter Assignment of Scrubbetts (4a) and 2a in Berrell, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1813.

23b1) James Barnett b. 1835 Somerton, labourer, bur. 1 Nov 1884 (Dec Q 5c/370 Wells) Butleigh [61-54] 71-71, 81-104

James had lived with his widowed mother Mary in Bartlett Building, Somerton, in 1841 and 1851. Eliza was still living with her parents at Pond Head in 1851. James and Eliza first appear together in 1861 (with the surname given on the census as Barnard) living in one of Hood's Buildings on Butleigh Hill, called 'Horse Pool Street'. In 1871 they are in Compton Street with their daughter Fanny. In 1881 they were all in Dumb Lane.

James died in 1884 (Dec Q 5c/370 Wells), the year before his daughter Fanny married Richard Ryall 1885 (Sep Q 5c/805 Wells). #

Eliza, working as a shoe-binder, appears in 1891 living alone in the High Street in a dwelling adjoining or part of No. 21. She was still there (in four rooms) in 1901 and died in 1905.

24) William Burnett/Burnard bur. 3 Mar 1739 Butleigh

A coat was bought by the Overseers for William in 1746/7. His rent was paid in 1750/51, 51 (paid to Edward Blenman), 51/2, 52/3 (and his goods hauled to another place with those of Edw. Blenman), 53/4, 54/5. In the latter year he also had a coat made for him by James Collins (OOP).

25) Thomas Barnet bur. 11 Dec 1766 Butleigh

Thomas received 10 shillings from the Overseers in June 1762 towards the burial of his wife Edith. (OOP). From Feb. 1764 until Dec 1766 the OOP gave assistance to Thomas, finally in his sickness. In Jan 1767 accounts they paid Thoms Barnet at his death. His surname often had appeared as Barnard in the accounts.

26) George Barnard/Barnett

This person occurs in the OOP accounts for rates collected on Sedgemoor Grounds in 1808/9 and 1809 occupying and farming the land belonging to William Grant. In 1808 he is Barnard and 1809 Barnett!

27) Nebuchadnezzar Barnett b. 1844 Ham, servant 61W-65

Nebuchadnezzar worked on Sedgemoor Farm in 1861 but despite his interesting forename there is no further information about him. A Naboth Barrett b. 1844 Westport, married an Emma Talbot in 1864 (Dec Q 5c/781 Langport) and appeared in Curry Rivel in 1871 - the same person ?



1) Elnora Barratt married Butleigh 21 May 1584 William Dobyn#

2) William Barrett bur. 7 Sep 1589 Butleigh

William mentioned in the will of Robert Adams of 1557. An Agnes Barret occurs in the will of Philip Guppy 1557.

3) John Barratt

A Jane Barratt receiving Poor relief 1606 – 1613 may well be the widow of John.

4) Margaret Chr. 24 Aug 1617 Butleigh d.o. Ursula Barrett [probably no connection but an Ursula Barrett was Chr. 12 Sep 1589 Barwick]

5) John Barret married Dorothy Scott Butleigh 12 Aug 1622 (Dwelly's PR) see Skott #

6) Elizabeth bur. 10 Sep 1638 Butleigh (wife of John?)

7) John Barratt – ?bur. 20 Dec 1640 Butleigh

8) Ambrose Barratt b. 23 Feb 1805, Chr. 14 Apr West Lydford, s.o. Robert and Margaret Barratt, carpenter, died 25 Aug 1875 Angaston, South Australia

Ann and Robert, as children, boarded with William and Elizabeth Champery in Butleigh High Street in 1841. They were the children of Ambrose (a carpenter) and Mary Barratt of West Lydford (1851). The Barratts had three other children and maybe the older two were sent away for a while to give their mother time to cope? Not known if there is a connection to the Champerys. The family then emigrated to Australia on the 'China' from Plymouth on July 19th 1852.

9) John Barrett Chr. 27 Jun 1830 Barrington, Somerset, s.o. Joseph and Anna Barratt [abode Nyden], died 1879 (Jun Q 5c/309 Langport)

Sarah was the wife of John Barrett b. 1830 and they lived at Westport, Isle Brewers, Somerset in 1861. Sarah and five of their children moved to Butleigh after 1869 appearing on the 1871 census in Oddway. Her husband John had appeared as an unmarried lodger in Hambridge, Curry Rivel (Westport) in 1851 and their marriage must have taken place in that year. John is missing from the 1871 census. Sarah died in 1874 aged 44 and John Barrett in 1879 aged 50. The family circumstances must have further deteriorated - Thomas ended up in Langport Workhouse by 1881 but of the other children there is no trace.

10) Rev. James Salter Barrett b. 1849 (Dec Q 4/54 Camberwell) Peckham, Surrey, son of Joseph Barrett (bookseller) and Love Barrett, died 1913 Brighton. 91-114

The Reverend Barrett was a visitor at the Vicarage, Butleigh during the absence of William Neville, the vicar of Butleigh (vicar since 1882). In 1851 he had lived with his parents in Lewisham, Kent, and in 1861 he was found at 2/4, Place, Brighton where he went to school. In 1871 he lodged at 18, Mostyn Road, Kennington 2nd, Lambeth where he was a Solicitor's articled clerk. He was senior curate in Bathwick for four years up to January 1891. After his ordination and visit to Butleigh he served in Bath and Claverton and in 1900 went to Verwood and West Moors, Dorset. Ihe appeared in 1901, in West Parley, Dorset with his wife Mary and two daughters. His daughter Marianne had been born at Parkstone, Dorset in 1875. The Rev. Barrett left estate valued at £1,300 5s 9d [Western Gazette 30 May 1913]


1) Rhoda Mary Barrington b. 1890 (Sep Q 5c/371 Langport) Babcary, Som., servant, d.o. Benjamin William and Rhoda (nee Sperring) Barrington

Rhoda was under-housemaid at Wootton House in 1911. Her father was a baker in Babcary and she appears with her parents on the 1891 and 1901 censuses. She married a Robert Hampson.


1) William Barry b. 1830 Butleigh? Chr. 11 Jul 1830 Ansford, farm labourer, s.o. James and Sarah Barry

William appeared in 1841 in Ansford with his parents and he worked on the farm of John Mullins in Ansford, Somerset in 1851. On that census his pob was given as Butleigh but on later censuses he gave it as Ansford. In 1861 he appeared in Castle Cary married to a local girl Sarah (28) and they had three children. They remained in Castle Cary for several subsequent censuses.

2) James Barry b. 1831 Bath, carpenters apprentice 51-33

In 1851 James lodged with Alexander Higgins in Fore Street. Probably the John James Barry, printer who lived in Walcot in 1871 with his wife Elizabeth (b. 1832 Bath). Nfi.

3) Leonard George Barry

G. Barry rented pasture land and an orchard from the Butleigh Court Estate (see Lots 61, 62 of the Sale catalogue 1947). 'The Rose & Portcullis Inn'.


A) Julyan Bartlett - appears in the will of Julyan Gibbs 1594

1) Joanna Bartlett married Butleigh 29 Oct 1590 Richard Gardener

2) William Bartlett bur. 1 May 1587 Butleigh

A William was in receipt of Poor relief in 1606 – possible son of this William? [A William Bartlett was Chr. 3 Jan 1549 in Baltonsborough and another on 18 Sep 1568.]

3) Richard Bartlett [a Richard twin of a John, was Chr. 11 May 1540 Baltonsborough, s.o. John Bartlett] bur. 3 Feb 1605 Butleigh

4) John Bartlett [a John, twin of a Richard (above) was Chr. 11 May 1540 Baltonsborough, s.o. John Bartlett]

5) Henry Bartlett?

6) Thomas Bartlett ? [A Thomas Bartlett was Chr. 1 May 1573 in Baltonsborough]

7) Edward Bartlett bur. Oct 1632 Butleigh

8) Richard Bartlett

9) John Bartlett

10) Joseph Bartlett died 1690

Joseph was a ratepayer (OOP) from 1673 until 1690, being referred to as 'the late Joseph Bartlett' in 1691.

11) William Bartlett

William paid rates jointly with David Masters in 1699. In 1700 they were paid by Rebecca Bartlett 1700 in her own name, in 1701 and 2 jointly with David Masters and 1703-6 in her own name again. This family is probably not related to Joseph Bartlett since his lands were still identified separately elsewhere in the village. In 1724/25 his 'bill' was paid by the CW and in 1725/26 for his work about the church.

12) John Bartlett

A Rebecca Gregory, wife of William was bur. 4 Apr 1726 - possible parents of this Rebecca?

13) Mary Bartlett

Mary had a warrant taken out against her, horse hire paid with expenses, to take her to have an oath sworn, a copy of which was obtained for one shilling in 1699. A relative of William (10)?

14) William Bartlet

In 1729/30 the Churchwardens paid William for tiling and plastering about the church and in1740/1 paid him for six days tiling. In 1744/5 he was paid for cleaning the church. In 1750/1 William was paid by the CW for tiling and sealing the church roof. In December he was paid for pointing the outside of the church and sealing the inside.

15) Simon Bartlett

A Simon Bartlett was paid for 24 pounds of soda at 10p a pound in 1740/1 - William's brother? (CW). In 1741/2 he was paid for painting the gallery and pews in the church and in 1742/3 for soldering the lead in the church. In june 1750/1 he was paid (with John Castle) for taking old lead from the church roof and putting lead on the tower in July. In December he was paid for painting the church and 'wire' and other works.

16) Thomas Bartlett smith

Thomas appears just once, in 1683, when he paid rates on land in South Moor – possibly a resident of Glastonbury

17) Henry Bartlett

Henry Bartlett ran Hill Farm and Lower Hill Farm in 1793. He was Overseer of the poor for Lord Glastonbury in 1799/1800, 1805 and again in 1813. Henry paid rent for the 'Little Drove' on Sedgemoor from 1797 – 1813 [8/- p.a. In 1805].

DD/S/BT/26/2/18-19 - Agreement between James Grenville and Henry Bartlett for lease of Butleigh Old farm and demesne and memorandum of plot of land belonging to the farm (1794). [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1793.

18) Michael Bartlett widower of Middlezoy bur. 12 Jun 1823 Middlezoy aged 79

19) Elizabeth Bartlett of Lydford bur. 3 May 1800 Butleigh

20) Daniel Bartlett Chr. 28 Nov 1787 Babcary, farmer, s.o. William and Mary Bartlett, died 10 Mar 1851 (Mar Q 10/381 Wells) 41-4

A Daniel C. Bartlett farmed 27 acres of Southmoor owned by William Dickenson Esq from 1814/15 until post 1828. He also farmed 5 acres of Lord Grenville, later George Neville-Grenville's land on Sedgemoor from 1814 until post 1828 (last date record in OOP). He was Overseer in 1817, 1820, 1826 and 1833. In 1826 and 1827 he paid rates on Lower Drove. Daniels property was assessed in 1827 and the rateable value was £349 11 7d on which he paid a rate of £14 11 3d (10d in the pound). The witnesses to the marriage were William Bartlett and Charles Maidment.

This couple lived in 1841 at Corville with four servants including Mary Jacobs, Ann's niece. # Daniel died in March 1851 at Rowley Farm and in 1851 his wife Ann was the head at Rowley Farm, Butleigh Wootton with her niece Mary Jacobs (25) who had been listed as a servant in 1841. Perhaps it was while the house was empty after Daniel's death that George Golledge entered it and stole 60 lbs of butter and other articles for which he received fifteen months in prison. [Bristol Mercury 5 Apr 1851]

Ann later (1871) went to live with her nephew Daniel Jacob (b. 1824 West Pennard s.o. Benjamin) in Baltonsborough and died there in 1890 at the ripe old age of 94 [Alsia Maidment m. Benjamin Jacobs 7 May 1816 Baltonsborough]

21) George Bartlett b. 1811 shoemaker, died 1844 (Sep Q 10/319 Wells) 41-10

George and family are found in the High Street (No. 13a or nearby) in 1841. George died in 1844, and in 1851 his wife Sarah and children are found at No. 2 Fore Street. Young Sarah married Isaac Cook in 1858 (Dec 5c/1043 Wells) and they appear together with daughter Agnes (1) and mother Sarah at 8, High Street, Street in 1861. Sarah aged 65 in 1871 is living with her widowed son-in-law Isaac Cook in Street, Sarah jnr having died in 1863 (Dec Q 5c/451 Wells). Sarah Bartlett died in 1875/6 (2 possible deaths).

A Joseph Bartlett death is recorded in 1857 (Mar Q 5c/439 Wells) - otherwise nfi.

Mary Ann married Robert Chambers in 1852 (Jun Q 5c/1081 Wells). # This was possibly the Robert Chambers from Frome who lodged in Barton Stone in 1851 but who may then have died in 1854 - nfi.

22) John Bartlett Chr. 21 Mar 1851 Somerton , son of James and Ann Bartlett 71-77

On the 1851 census Mary Ann lived with her 32 year old mother Eliza, a glover, and her widowed 73 year old grandmother Jane Ridley (b. West Harptree). The grandmother is described as a pauper and Mary Ann as 'Bastard'. In 1861 John lived with his widowed father James, and three siblings, in 'Behind Berry', Somerton. He married Mary Ann Ridley in 1870. They lived on Butleigh Hill in 1871 probably at Hoods Cottages. Thereafter they moved to Sparkford where a daughter Ethel was born in 1887 and then in 1888 to Cardiff. John became a Limestone quarryman in Llanwenarth Ultra, Monmouthshire (1891) and in 1901 the couple lived at 203 Railway St., Roarth, East Cardiff with their daughter Ethel (14) and son John (13).

DD/S/BT/20/7/29 Gutch of Kettering, Northants, banker 4] James Bartlett of Somerton 5] Richard Welsh of Somerton 6] James Welsh of Somerton Draft release in fee and assignment of term to attend the inheritance of Chap's close, Somerton.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH Date: 1829.

23) Emmeline Bartlett b. 1871 (Sep Q 5c/551 Wells - Emma Lena) Butleigh

Emmeline was a visitor in 1881 at 6, Park Lane, Barton St. David, home of the unmarried Eliza Ridley (63). In 1891 she was called Emma Lena and was cook at 17, Richmond Street, Ashton Under Lyne, Lancs. The Ridley connection suggests that she was the daughter of John and Mary (22).

24) Beatrice Sarah Bartlett b. Jan, Chr. 23 Apr 1871 Butleigh (Mar Q 5c/459 Langport), d.o. James & Mary Ann Bartlett

Beatrice was the daughter of labourer James Bartlett of Somerton and he gives that town as her birthplace when including her on the 1871 census. Mary Ann was his second wife and of the six children living with them in 1871 probably only the youngest three were hers. John (8) was Beatrice's half brother. In 1891 Beatrice was a servant at 9, Spencer Rd., Acton Middlesex. She married in 1898 (Mar Q 1a/332 Fulham) Edward Gee

25) James Bartlett [Barkett] b. 1844 (Mar Q 10/321 Wells?) Butleigh, scholar

James boarded in Charlton Adam at the home of Thomas Moody, Schoolmaster, in 1851. No further trace - possibly died young.

26) Eliza Bartlett b. 1831 Somerset 41W-17

Aged just 10, Eliza lived with James Knight, thatcher, in Butleigh Wootton, in 1841. Daughter of Michael and Eliza Bartlett of Compton Dundon Chr. 24 Jun 1832?

27) Sarah [nee Look] Bartlett Chr. 8 Apr 1806 Butleigh Wootton had married Charles Bartlett on 16 Jun 1845 (Jun Q 10/845 Wells) in Butleigh.

Sarah appears with her husband and son Edwin Look Bartlett b. 1846 (Dec Q 10/507 Wells) Wells on the 1851 census at Southover, St. Cuthbert, Wells. In 1861 she was living, single, with Edwin but at Stileway, Meare and described as 'proprietor of houses'. Both had disappeared by the 1871 census it seems.

28) William James Bartlett listed in Kelly's Directory 1939 as smallholder Butleigh Wootton.

Possibly the William James b. 1869, d. 1960 (Jun Q 7c/258 Wells)? Or one born 1888?

Barton (see also Burton)

1) Henry Barton bur. 29 Mar 1594 Butleigh

2) Joanne Barton married Richard Crane/Oram? in Butleigh on 19 Aug 1594 (widow of last?) Surname read by YS as Barter


1) Sir Richard Dawson Bates, 1st Baronet, OBE, JP, DL b. 23 November 1876 Strandtown, Belfast s.o. Richard Dawson Bates, solicitor and Clerk of the Crown, and Mary Dill, d. 10 June 1949 (Jun Q 7c/246 Wells) Butleigh bur. Northern Ireland.

Jessie appeared on the 1901 census at Bonville, Cunniesburn Rd., Glasgow Maryhill where her father was listed as a wholesale stationer.

Richard, also known as Sir Dawson Bates (as knight bachelor), was an Ulster Unionist Party member of the Northern Ireland House of Commons. His father's father, John Bates (d. 1855) had been a minor figure in the Conservative Party in Belfast, before his duties were discharged on a Chancery Court ruling of maladministration.

Richard Bates was educated at Coleraine Academical Institution. Studying at Queen's College, Belfast, became a solicitor in 1900, in 1908 founding a firm with his uncle - E and R. D. Bates. In 1906 he was appointed Secretary of the Ulster Unionist Council. During this time, he was instrumental in the events of Ulster Day and in the formation of the UVF, organised the Larne gun-running and supported the formation of the Ulster Unionist Labour Association to counter socialism. He toured Northern Ireland, working hard to build up the Unionist Party.

Bates stood down as Secretary on his election to Stormont in 1921, where he represented first East Belfast and later Belfast Victoria. In the government of Sir James Craig he was the first Minister for Home Affairs and a member of the Privy Council of Northern Ireland. He introduced the Civil Authorities (Special Powers) Act, but opposed the Ulster Protestant Association. Under his administration, he was accused of gerrymandering, and of intervening to ensure that prison sentences were not imposed on Protestants who attacked Catholics. Bates was also a Deputy Lord Lieutenant of County Down.

He was appointed OBE in 1919, Knight Bachelor in 1921 and was made a Baronet of Magherabuoy, near Portrush, in County Londonderry on 7 June 1937. In his retirement strained financial circumstances and security (he constantly required a police escort) led him to rent Butleigh House from 1946. It was here he died in 1949; Sir Dawson's body was flown back to Ulster for burial at Ballywillan Church of Ireland. His widow lived on in Butleigh House until her death and then from 1972 Butleigh House was rented out to Millfield School as a boarding House until 1983.

In 1941 Butleigh House had been advertised as a 'Guest House' standing in 3½ acres, all conveniences, good catering – terms from 3½ guineas. [Western Gazette 30 May 1941] and up to May 1941 was occupied by the Prescotts.(viz.).

Letter from Winifred [Bates, Butleigh] to Ed Rolfe, dated December 21, 1939. Rolfe [1909 – 1954] was a poet and journalist who began publishing newspaper artitcles attacking Nazism in 1934. He was the Lincoln Battalion's poet laureate and the American poet who did the most sustained work on the Spanish Civil War. UIUC Rare Book &​ Special Collections Library 2-20-02 16 History - SCW Rolfe R1-246


1) Robert Bath b. 1876 Glastonbury, lawyer, s.o. Thomas Stokes and Annie Bath, d. 1948 (Jun Q 7c/205 Wells) aged 72, or 1958 (Mar Q 7c/311 Wells) aged 82 P P2

In 1901 Robert, a solicitor's clerk lived with his parent at 'The Hollies' in Bove Town, Glastonbury. He played the part of Monmouth in the Butleigh Revel and also a prominent part in the future life of Glastonbury. On 22 Jun 1901 he had welcomed the Prince and Princess of Wales to Glastonbury. He married Mabel Carew Lyons from London on 21 Apr 1903 (Jun Q 5c/940 Wells) at St. Benedicts, and was a practising solicitor at St. Edmunds Lodge, Glastonbury in 1911. He was Mayor of Glastonbury in 1908 (during the Royal visit to open Glastonbury Abbey), 1919, 1930 and 1934. During WWII he was a Major and acted for the Ministry of Labour sentencing conscientious objectors and dealing with civil cases. Major Robert Bath MC TD was the treasurer of the Wells Division Conservative and Unionist Association.


1) Christopher Batt

Probably unrelated but a Christopher Batt married a Dorothy Wyseman on 6 Sep 1591 in Barwick and another Christopher married an Elizabetha Abbett on 25 Aug 1582 Buckland St. Mary.

2) John Batt

There could be more than one John involved here. The Mary mentioned in the next doxuments is either the above daughter or a different family.

C 6/203/72 Short title: Rocke v Jacklett. Plaintiffs: John Rocke and John Rush. Defendants: Edward Jacklett, Mary Batt and Gilbert Wooll. Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset.Document type: two bills, two answers. 1657

DD/S/BT/13/1/8 - 1] Humphrey Colmer the elder of Butleigh, yeoman and Mary Batt of Butleigh 2] Thomas Looke the younger of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of Broadmead (1a 1p), Butleigh. [DD/S/BT/13/1/5-10 tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT Date: 1667.

3) William Butt

DD\SE/48/2 - Acknowledgment by Wm. Butt of Butleigh, gent., and wife Hester that they have received from Edith Billing of Butleigh, spinster, £20 for the security of which they have given: a jewel, 3 diamond rings, a great stone ring, 2 signet rings, 2 wedding rings and 2 other rings, a watch, a picture of the King in gold, 17 silver spoons, a silver dish, a silver wine bowl, 2 silver plates, "a tymber dish tipt with silver", and an "arras coverlead lying at the house of John Perry the elder". Date: 1648. Visitors of Hugh Sexeys Hospital Bruton papers

DD\SE/48/9 Accounts betwixt But & Mr Simcocks Giving "Mr Symcocks Demands" referring to mortgage of Kingweston Farm, Halfpenny and Longclose rent, money paid by Simcock to Billing for redemption of Butt's plate etc., and allowances for various purchases made by Mr. Butt; referring to period 1650-1657.

4) Miss Batt schoolteacher of Bishop Sutton

Hester left Bishop Sutton in August 1939 after 32 years teaching to take up a position in Butleigh [Western Daily Press 4 Aug 1939]. This is probably Emily Batt b. 1877 Ramsgate, who appears as assistant schoolteacher at Bishops Sutton on the 1911 census, boarding with the Steele family.


[see also Balch]

1) James Baulch Chr. 3 Aug 1834 Long Sutton, Upton, agricultural labourer, son of John and Sarah Baulch, bur. 29 Nov 1878 (Dec Q 5c/371 Wells - Balch) Butleigh 61-54, 71-77

In 1851 James lived at Rowley Street, Long Sutton with his parents. He married Angelina Wilcox in 1858 when she was aged only 15, and by 1861 they lived at Gibs Cottage with their two young children. A son Charles was born in 1862 but died in 1862. In 1866 at the December Glastonbury Great Market James received a £1 19s prize for 15 years and 9 months service on Messrs J. and J. Gare's farm.

In 1871 they were joined by Angelina's grandmother, Ann Wilcox, who died in 1878 (Mar Q 5c/437 Wells) aged 91. James also died in 1878 aged just 44. By 1881 Angelina lived with just her son William while her daughter Mary was now a housemaid in 'White Knobbs House', Godstone Rd., Caterham, Surrey. Two visitors were Ellen Towning (27) a dressmaker and Ellen Richards (23). William Baulch married Ellen Richards in 1881. Mary (b. 1860) married carrier Harry Tom Sandiford in 1883 (Jun Q 2a/284 Godstone). In 1911 they lived at Heath Lodge, Caterham, Surrey with 7 of their eight surviving (of 9) children.

Angelina married George Wall in Butleigh on 20 Jul 1886 (Sep Q 5c/755 Wells). Mary Baulch (b. 1882) appears in 1891 with Annie (Angelina) and George Wall, her grandparents at Shapwick. George Wall died in 1899 (Jun Q 5c/245 Bridgwater). By 1901 Annie was now called Angelina again and she still lived at Main Street, Shapwick with granddaughter Mary Baulch (18). Mary married (see below) and her grandmother was still with her in 1911.

Note: Baulch isn't such a common surname and a Moses Baulch and wife Martha had a daughter Annie Jane b. 5 Feb 1867 at Butleigh Hills, Tasmania – interesting if a connection could be made. Even earlier an Ann was born to Enoch and Anna Baulch on 2 Jul 1849 in Cessy, Tasmania [d. 19 Aug 1944 Corowa, NSW].

1a) William Baulch b. 1858 Upton (Sep Q 5c/601 Wells) Chr. 26 Sep Butleigh agricultural labourer, carter. Bur. 4 Apr 1918 (Mar Q 5c/632 Wells) Butleigh 61-54, 71-77, 81-97, 91-125, 01-139

Rhoda Ellen Richards appeared as just Ellen, a servant at John Gare's farm in 1871 and a visitor with the Baulch family in 1881 (above). She and William married in 1881 and they moved into 77, Butleigh Hill (Hoods Cottages) where by 1891 they occupied four rooms - daughter Mary was absent from the census visiting her grandparents. A registration for an Elizabeth Baulch birth appears in Bedfordshire - 1885 (Dec Q 3b/489 Wellingborough) but seems odd for this couple - but no such person lived in the county thereafter, so this might be correct. William was awarded 15s premium at the Glastonbury Great Fair of 1888 for 17½ years service on the farm of Mr. R. Neville Grenville. William had an outbreak of swine fever reported on his farm at Butleigh Hill in August 1890. The couple were still on Butleigh Hill in 1901. Annie, only 12, was a servant in Water Lane in 1901 and there in 1910.

Elizabeth [Boulch] is found in 1901 as a kitchen maid at 18, Lennox Gardens, Chelsea - home of William J. Maitland, Deputy Governor of the Indian Railways. William Maitland's wife was Agnes M. (née Neville), daughter of the Butleigh squire, and at the 1901 census the Maitlands had a visitor - Margaret Neville (19) from New Zealand.

Mary married in 1904 (Mar Q 5c/507 Bridgwater) Francis Henry G. Cox and in 1911 she lived in Shapwick with her two children plus her grandmother Angelina Wall (b. 1842 Butleigh) – her husband was absent.

On the 1911 census William and Ellen lived on Butleigh Hill with son James who was a baker's apprentice [at the Co-op] and 8 month-old granddaughter Mabel. In 1911 her mother Annie was a cook at 34, Harcourt Terrace, Kensington. Annie had been tricked by a Percy Lester Haggard (b. 12 Aug 1883 Fulham) into a fake marriage in Neasden in 1909 whilst she was working at a Temperance Hotel in Paddington. She and her 'husband' arrived in Butleigh in early 1910 and because there was insufficient room at her parents house they rented rooms next door at Lower Hill Farm with John Maidment and his sister Mary. Annie became pregnant. John Maidment died in the March making his 34 year old sister his heir. Haggard made a name for himself in the area giving entertainments and borrowing money from people who considered him a gentleman. He then ran away with the eight years older Mary Maidment and married her on May 4th 1910 (Jun Q 1a/105 Paddington). Unfortunately he was already married having gone through the ceremony in 1904 with the wealthy Gertrude Geraldine Lee in 1904 (Sep Q 2c/511 Basingstoke) and they had had a child Dorris Eugene Haggard b. 1906 (Sep Q 5c/489 Bath). Annie had her baby in August 1910.

Haggard and Mary returned to Butleigh later in the year where they were spotted and Haggard arrested and tried for not paying his wife's maintenance (which he'd agreed to in 1909) and then for bigamy. He was sentenced to 19 months hard labour in prison (in 1911 appeared in Shepton Mallet prison) but on his release married Mary Maidment again in 1912 (Jun Q 3a/341 Brentford). Of the 19 months sentence one month was for bigamy and 18 for his treatment of Annie Baulch. See Western Times 7 Nov 1910.

1a1) James Baulch b. 1 Jun, Chr. 17 Jul 1895 (Sep Q 5c/466 Wells) Butleigh carrier 01-139 [d. 1958 Lancaster?]

Jamie played a part in the Butleigh Revel. He appears in Kelly's Directory of 1935 as motor carrier in Butleigh and in 1939 Kelly's Tel. No. Balt. 33.

Bawdensee Bowden


1) John Bayliss Church chancellor – though not of Butleigh, he checked the churchwarden's accounts of 1687 when they overspent.


1) Joshua Beach lawyer, bur. 1 Nov 1723 Somerton

In 1712 drew up several special warrants for the Overseers – not a Butleigh resident

2) P.M. E. Beach of Butleigh, Merchant Seaman R625199 record 6 Jul 1930 [BT 372/1816/68]

Beake/Beck – sometimes Backe

1) Philip Beck

Glazier who worked on Butleigh church in 1687, 9 and 1693 according to the churchwarden's accounts. Possibly not from Butleigh himself. Two Philip Becks lived in Glastonbury during this period – one married 1683 to a Rebecca Wordall and another married 1686 to an Ann Sturton

2) George Beake Chr. 3 Dec 1797 Weston Zoyland, Somerset, thatcher, s.o. William and Hannah Beake

In 1851 Sarah Backe was a servant in the Dairy House, Butleigh, home of Richard Wilton, dairyman. Her surname was actually Beake. George and Ann Beake had six children living with them in 1841 besides Sarah, and several other Beakes worked in Westonzoyland e.g a Jane Beaki (b. 1829), servant, a Hannah Beake (b. 1826), servant, James Beake (b. 1820) servant. Sarah was absent in 1861-71 but in 1881 appeared in Westonzoyland, as a charwoman (unmarried), boarding with Elizabeth Bawdon. In 1891 she was described as a widowed mother (son William) aged 68, a housekeeper, living near Bath - at Walcot.


[Beel, - poss. Bell, Baily, Ball or Bale]

1) John Beale - in 1698 a warrant was taken out by the overseers to hire men to 'take' this person, who was probably not a Butleigh resident.

2) Thomas Beale labourer b. 1798 Butleigh, d. 1892 (Dec Q 5c/313 Wells) aged 95

In 1851 this couple lived at Back Lane, Out Parish of St. Cuthbert, Wells with their grandson Edwin Parker b. 1846 Barton St. David – Thomas gives his pob as Butleigh. On the 1861 census Thomas Bale b. 1797 Kingston is a widower living with the Parker family in Southover, Wells. By 1871 he had married Elizabeth (b. 1829) and had two young sons – still living at Southover. By the 1891 census he is widowed again but living with his son Thomas's family in Wells – his pob given as Kingsdon.

Beele is a very common surname in Kingsdon since the 16th century and Thomas was probably born there, but the records for the late 1700's not yet transcribed. Presumably he worked in Butleigh at some time before 1851 and probably related to John Beel next.

3) John Beel b. 12 Jun 1815, Chr. 30 Jul 1815 Kingsdon, blacksmith, s.o. Robert and Ann (nee Vincent) Beel 51-29

John appears in Kingsdon with his wife and children in 1841. Robert Beel (b. 1793) and his wife Ann lived nearby who were his parents. Not found on later censuses. In 1851 they lived at Pond Head. The fact that Emily and Eliza appear on the 1841 census suggests that the birth dates given there are correct, but these children may have died? An Emily Beel birth is recorded at Langport in 1843 (Sep Q 10/406) which could be the child above. No trace after 1851.

Bearancesee under Barnes

Beard – see Board


1) Sarah Beaton married James Pollet in Butleigh on 14 Oct 1746

James Pollet is the one bur. 24 Jan 1769 'of Wootton' and they had several children in Butleigh see (10). He could also be the James Chr. 1 Jun 1728 Butleigh s.o. John and Mary Pollet?

2) Henry Beaton b. 1766, West Camel [bur 21 Mar 1840 (Mar Q 10/426 Yeovil) West Camel aged 74]

In 1851 the widowed Elizabeth lived in West Camel with her son Henry (54) and daughter Anne (42) - she was a Beer House Keeper.


1) Joseph Beauchamp b. 1763, bur. 3 Apr 1835 Butleigh

No further information on this person, though a Joseph Beauchamp married [6 Jul 1786 Frome] to a Jane Davis lived in Frome in this period.


1) Olga Mary A. Beaufort b. 1885 (Sep Q 2a/102 Farnham) Camberley, Surrey, d. 1961 (Mar Q 7a/600 Newton Abbot) aged 75 01-134

Olga was a pupil boarding at the Vicarage in 1901. Previously she boarded at "Heathridge" with her brother Francis Hugh Beaufort (7) in 1891 - presumably their parents were either dead or abroad. Francis was at Wellington College, Crowthorne, Berks in 1901. Francis seems to have married a Charlotte Hope in Northumberland in 1913. In 1911 Olga was a patient in a nursing home, 2, Causton Rd., Highgate.

In Charlton Kent, 1891, a Florence M. Beaufort, born India was staying with her parents Matilda and Lewis Innes - the latter was a retired High Court Judge from Madras. With her was her daughter Ella M. Beaufort (8) - possibly the same family?


see Bevill

Beck/Boakesee Beake


1) Rev. Arthur Edwin Becket Hon. C.F. b. 1860 (Mar Q 5c/739 Bath) s.o. Edwin and Elizabeth Becket, died 6th August 1934 (Sep Q 5c/442 Wells) Butleigh aged 74 [plaque in Church – see Memorials]

Arthur's father was an upholsterer at 24, Daniel Street, Bathwick, Bath in1861. Arthur described himself as unmarried in 1911 when a vicar in Lincs. Had been ordained by a letter Domissory from the Lord Bishop of Colombo in 1887. First posting to the curacy of St. Saviour, Leeds earlier that year.

Vicar of Butleigh from 1919 - 1934, lived in the vicarage (appears thus in 1935 Kelly's) - patron Robert Nevlle Grenville. He had been chaplain to the community of St. Thomas and of Oxford Prison. According to Wesley Adams of Holman's the Reverend 'Joe' Becket was a 'rather a stern old chap with long flowing white hair down to his shoulders, fingers and hair stained yellow with nicotine from many years of smoking'. He left estate of the gross value of £4, 037 with net personalty of £3,998. [Western Morning News 26 Sep 1934]


1) John Beer b. 1852 Buckland Milton, Devon, agricultural labourer 01-134

John and his Cornish wife Harriet (59) lived in three rooms at 10, High Street, Butleigh in 1901. They came to Butleigh from St. Paul's in Bristol (1891) where John had been a Commercial Traveller. Before that, in 1881, they had lived at 69, Grosvenor Road St. Pauls where John had been a warehouseman in an Oil & colours house.

Belgin [see Bulgin]

Bell (see Ball)

1) David Bell bur. 6 Apr 1764 Butleigh

David Bell was a rate payer from 1728 – 1764. In 1767 the rate payer was Mrs. Bell and after being vacant for some years the property was occupied by Mr. Thomas Rood. Probably David was the Mr. Bell whose tailoring bill was paid by the Overseers for clothing the poor in 1753/4. He was an Overseer of the Poor in 1753/4. Elizabeth his wife was probably the daughter of Henry and Elinor Talbot – see will of Henry Talbot 1715.



1) Selina Bencough b. 1856 (Jun Q 11b/179 Presteigne) Pembridge, Hereford, cook, d.o. Walter and Jane Bengough, died 1915 (Jun Q 6a/603 Hereford) aged 59 91W-117

Selina was cook at Wootton House in 1891. Her surname on all other censuses is given as Bengough. She was a servant at Garden House, Woodmington, Sarnesfield, Hereford in 1871 and laundress at 48, Mount Vernon St., (House of Mercy) in West Derby, Liverpool in 1881. In 1901 she was cook at Chestall House, Cannock, Staffs.


[see also Rendle]

1) John Weeks Bendall b. 1843 (Sep Q 10/493 Wells) Wells, carpenter, s.o. William and Ann Bendall

In 1871 Annie lived with her parents in Wells and her pob then was given as West Pennard, as it also was in 1881. In 1891 Annie worked as a cook at 7, High Street, Huckeys Bank, St. Cuthbert, Wells when her pob was given as Butleigh. Lillian was the second child of the carpenter John Bendall and lived with him, Anne and the rest of the family at 4, Thomas St., Wells in 1881. The couple had 10 children in all. In 1891 Lillian was a nursemaid at Norton House, Norton St. Philip.

Annie married groom William Lethbridge in 1894 (Jun Q 5c/867 Wells) and they lived in Kenton, Devon then Lillian married Frederick Drewitt in 1894 (Dec Q 5c/881 Wells) and they lived in Norton St. Philip. By 1911 Frederick and Lillian lived in East Cranmore with their two children and where Frederick was an estate painter.


1) Richard Benyeappears in the will of John White 1540


A) John Bennet mentioned in the will of Philip Guppy 1557

1) Walter Bennet married Mary Harte Butleigh 27 Apr 1598 (Dwelly's PR)

Two Walters were having children post 1598, one in Castle Cary, one in Crewkerne.

2) Noah Bennet

See (1)possible two bothers married two sisters? Noah is a common forename for Bennets – a Noah son of John was Chr. in Glastonbury in 1597.

3) Maria Bennett married 17 Nov 1603 Butleigh Nicholas Spurrier #

4) Joanna Bennett married Butleigh 8 Oct 1632 John Barnard #

5) William Bennet bur. 23 Jun 1672 Butleigh

The two marriages are based on the reading by Dwelly in the BT of the mother of Richard/Noah being Jane – the only other mention of the mother is Agnes for 1 and 2.

DD/S/BT/4/4/4 - 1] William Bennett of Butleigh Wootton, husbandman, 2] William Champion the same Assignment of lease (1651) for lives by Thomas Symcockes of Upper Close of Peirce Sugg (6a) in Butleigh Wootton. Rent 2d.

6) William Bennett 'the younger'

William was an Overseer of the Poor in 1695. In 1697 William received 8 weeks poor relief from the overseers and in 1698 a full year's relief. There is no further mention of William but in 1702 there was obviously a court case held twice in Wells sessions concerning John Davis and Bennet and the result seems to have been that money was paid for 'keping' Bennet's wife and then carrying her to Hunspell [Huntspill]. One possibility is that William died and Davis wanted to recover his property and have William's wife removed to her place of birth?

7) Hannah Bennet married Richard Corpe in Butleigh on 16 Nov 1723 #

8) Jane Bennett married Thomas Gale in Butleigh on 14 Feb 1748 #

The Bennet family of Butleigh fall into the Parish Record gap but it is possible that Hannah Bennet was a daughter of Noah Bennet, or a brother of his post 1674, and that Jane was the daughter of a son of the next generation, as was probably William next?

9) William Bennet

William and wife received 5/- in necessity from the OOP in Feb 1784 - in March the 'Bennit' family were carried to Street. This was possibly the William Bennet Chr. 18 Feb 1739 Street s.o. William and Joan Bennet. This William seems to have married either Hannah Gollop on 5 Jan 1779 children: Thomas Bartlett Chr. 5 Jan 1780 s.o. Hannah, Hannah Chr. 5 Jan 1783 d.o. Hannah or Diana Gillard on 17 Apr 1781 – Children: Diana Chr. 6 Jun 1784, William Chr. 13 Jun 1784, William Chr. 28 Aug 1785, Thomas Chr. 9 Jul 1786 and Diana Chr. 8 Feb 1789 – all in Street. I suspect that it was Hannah and her children that were with this William in Butleigh.

10) William Bennet

This William was a property owner and in Nov 1801 the OOP paid him ¾ year's house rent for John Street.

11) Anne M. Bennett b. 1861 Axminster, Devonshire, parlour maid. 81-100

There is no further information found on this young, single, servant who worked for Robert Neville, the Squire, during the period while the latter lived at Wood Lane (Corville) in 1881.

12) Annie E. Bennett b. 1866/8 Devizes, Wilts, nurse. 91-118

Annie served as nurse to Ethelreda Stopford at the Corner House, High Street, Butleigh in 1891. Mrs. Stopford, whose husband was away in the Royal Navy had two young children to care for. She is possibly the Ann Elizabeth Bennett of Devizes who in 1871 lived in London Road., St. James, Devizes, with her siblings and mother Jane (who had married as second husband William Smart, a groom). In 1881 she had been a servant at 5, Arthur Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham - home of Christopher H. Haynes, banker. In 1897 (Mar Q 5a/137 Devizes) she married Butleigh-born Frederick Castle, the illegitimate child of Annie Castle, and they lived at 2, Priory Road, Wells with Frederick's mother (1901).#

13) Nicholas Bennett b. 1845 (Sep Q 10/387 Langport) Compton Dundon, labourer, s.o. William and Catherine Bennett 61W-63

Nicholas lodged with Joshua Andow in 1861 in Wootton Village. He had lived with his parents in Compton in 1851 - his father was a labourer. Nfi


1) Joseph Benskin b. 1815 Barking, Essex, innkeeper, died 30 Oct 1877 (Dec Q 3a/232 Watford) aged 63

Joseph described himself as an Innkeeper at the baptism of his son Charles in Butleigh. By 1861 he was landlord of the 'Queens Royal Hotel', Railway Station, Swindon Wiltshire. At this latter date they had three daughters, aged one to fifteen, living with them, but Charles was absent, boarding as a pupil at school in Puriton, Wilts. Charles is then absent from all censuses but a Charles b. 1854 (Jun Q 1b/105 St. Pancras) died in 1905 (Mar Q 1b/272 Hackney). Joseph and Maria appear in 1871 in the High Street Watford where he is a 'common brewer' employing 16 men and two boys. Daughter Ann Elizabeth b. 1846 Bermondsey, Surrey lived with them. In 1891 Charles Benskin b. 1854 London living on his own means boarded at Thorncliff, Watford and must be this Charles [unmarried]. In his will Joseph left personal estate sworn as being under £80,000.


1) Rev. George William Berkeley b. 1845 (Mar Q XII/169 Maldon) Southminster, Essex, clergyman, son of George Campion Berkeley and Caroline Albinia Berkeley, d. 1925 (Jun Q 5a/226 Wimborne). 01-134 P

George Berkeley seems to have run the vicarage as a school and his wife placed adverts in the Morning Post [London] from January 1893 seeking little girls aged six to eight to educate with her own – governess and children's maid in house. In 1901, there were six boarders from all parts of the country aged 12 - 15, plus two older visitors who may have been governesses and seven servants.

In 1851 George had lived with his parents in Southminster, Essex. In 1871 he was a Lay reader in Mine St., St. Olave, Exeter, Devon, ordained as Deacon in June 1871 at Truro, 1874 assistant curate at Heavitree, 1875 minister at All Hallows, Southwalk, and on the 1881 and '91 censuses he was at 47, Nelson Square, Southwark as Vicar of All Hallows where he had taken up the post in 1875. By 1892, under the patronage of the squire, he became the Vicar of Butleigh and remained so until 1912/3. A note in one of the Overseers of the Poor accounts (now in SRO) states that the Rev. Berkeley received of C. Dyer two ancient Overseers books – Apr 14th 1896. A tragedy occurred at the vicarage in July 1901 when one of the ladies maids [Marie Emmerich]# committed suicide by stabbing herself to the heart with a pair of scissors. [Gloucester Citizen 12 Jul 1901].

The Rev. G. W. Berkeley played St. Joseph of Arimathæa in the Butleigh Revel and his daughter Mary, who produced the book of the Revel, played Morgan Le Fay. The reverend Berkeley retired from Butleigh in December 1912. All four members of the family appear on the 1911 census in Butleigh vicarage with Ernest described as a student surveyor. They had a 26 year old widow from the village, Elizabeth Hilborne as a servant. In the church is a brass shield in thanksgiving for the safe return of John from the War of 1914-1919. He is mentioned on passenger lists coming from the USA (New York) arriving 11 Dec 1928 and 18 Mar 1934 at Southampton. In 1923 Mary wrote an article “Beliefs regarding death” in the journal “FolkloreVol.34, No. 2, June 30th 1923 pp.164/6. In the article she refers to a plate of salt being placed on the breast of Mary Anne Talbot a parishioner of Butleigh who died in February 1898. The latter's daughter stated that it was “to scare the Devil away”. In the article Mary also reported that “Another strange superstition concerning death, still prevalent among the people of Burleigh (sic!), is that the striking of the church clock during the singing of a hymn foretold a death within the week. Folklore art.

In the early 1950's J.E.L. Berkeley and Miss Mary A. Berkeley lived near each other in the Southampton area – he at Amesbury and she at Cranborne Wimborne (adjacent numbers in the telephone book!). A John E. L. Berkeley married an Elizabeth Wort in Salisbury, Wilts in 1915 (Jun Q 5a/501 Salisbury). No children came of the marriage.


1) Richard Berser, clerk witnessed several Butleigh wills in the 1550's e.g. that of Robert Adams 1557


1) Mary Ann Besly Chr. 15 Jul 1804 Butleigh daughter of John and Hannah Besly, bur. 1 Aug 1804 Butleigh

Neither John nor Hannah appear on the 1841 census and Besly is predominantly a Devon surname. The only Besly on the 1841 census is a 9 year old orphan Mariah b. 1832, residing in Water Lane, Wells, with the Huish family [died 1841]. Probably a different spelling of the surname – a Hannah Besley b. 1788 d. 1871 (Mar Q 5c/438 Wells) could well be the above Hannah. In 1841 a Hannah Besley, washerwoman aged 50, was in Wellington Workhouse with her four children but this is probably a different person [husband William on 1861 census).


1) Henry George Bethell Chr. 30 Jan 1850 (Mar Q 10/511 Wells) St. John's, Glastonbury, farmer and oldest son of William Henry and Mary Bethell of Edgarley 91-114

By 1890 'Rock's Lower Farm' was acquired by Henry George Bethell of Glastonbury and in February of that year an outbreak of sheep scab was reported there. He had previously farmed 94 acres at Edgarley, Glastonbury and may have had a family relationship to Ellen Louise Maidment (née Hoddinott), the previous owner of Lower Rockes, since his wife was Sarah A. Maidment (of Edgarley). On census night they had a visitor Ethel Butt (12) plus the three male farm servants and a dairymaid who lived with them. In 1895 Henry advertised in the Western Gazett for a 'carter wanted at once – Good ploughman with character'. In Nov. 1895 he was also selling ferrets (white or polecat) for sale at 3s each. Henry appears as a farmer in the 1897 Kelly's Directory.In the Western Gazette 16 Nov 1900 the stock of Lower Rockes Farm were noted to be sold by auction on 27th Nov as Mr. H. G. Bethell was quitting.

By 1901 Henry Bethell had returned to Glastonbury where he lived and farmed in Bove Town. His daughter Florence married David Walter Davies in Butleigh on 22 Jan 1901 (Mar Q 5c/673 Wells). # By 1911 Henry George Bethell was a cowman at the Dairy, Woolverstone Park, Ipswich.


1) Jane Betty b. 1850 (Dec Q 10/417 Langport - Jane Rachel) Langport, daughter of William and Ann Betty of Langport. 71-72

Jane appeared on the 'Hill' Langport, with her parents in 1851 (her father was a smith) and at Butleigh Court in 1871 where she was a ladies maid. She probably continued in service elsewhere (her sister Margaret was a servant in Marylebone in 1881) and married William John Dyer in 1874 (Sep Q 5c/613 Langport). See under Dyer and their move to London. #



1) Henry George Bevan Chr. 26 Feb 1860 Croscombe, boot & shoe maker, s.o. Walter and Elizabeth Bevan

In 1881 Henry lodged with William Britton, wood carver, in Brittons Court (Rockwell Villa). Henry G. Beaven appeared as Henry Bevan in 1871 living with his parents Walter and Elizabeth in Chilkwell Street, in St. John Baptist district Wells. His father was a Leather Draper and Innkeeper ("Plume of Feathers" Inn). In 1891 he lived with Annie and four children plus his mother in 19, Compton Street, St. Pancras, London - as a bootmaker. Henry and Annie were at 10, Adams St., St. Marylebone with their four children in 1911.


1) Henry Bevell

Henry was in receipt of Poor relief in 1606, 1613 and 1614.

2) Edward Beovell [Chr. 10 Jul 1575 Baltonsborough?]

DD/S/BT/5/2/1 1] Edward Bevill of Butleigh, yeoman 2] John Hutton of Kingweston, yeoman Assignment of part Peckham lease (1556) of 3a at Muncton Hill and 1/2a in the East field, Butleigh. Endorsed Sampson 1760. 1632

DD/S/BT/5/2/2 1] Edward Bevill 2] John Hutton Assignment of part Peckham lease (1556) of 8a 3yds in the East field, Butleigh. Endorsed Sampson 1760. 1632

DD/S/BT/5/5/1 1] Edward Bevill of Butleigh, yeoman 2] John Hutton of Kingweston, yeoman Assignment of part Peckham lease (1556) of 4.5a in the West field, Butleigh. Endorsed Sampson 1760. 1634-1635

2a) James Beavel

James was in receipt of relief and house rent from the Overseers of the Poor from 1673, when records began, until 1678. He was sick in 1676 – and probably died in 1678. His landlady was Joan Chancellor to whom his rent was paid in 1673. Several Beavell families existed in Baltonsborough.

3) Maria Bovell alias West alias Barrow

Beavill and Barrow families lived in Baltonsborough – e.g. Hercules Barrowe Chr. 10 Jan 1563.


1) Ann Bicknell of Long Sutton

Ann received 6/6d and 2/- from the OOP in May 1814. The OOP also paid for a horse and cart to carry her home to Long Sutton. An Ann Bicknell b. 23 Sep 1792, Chr. 27 Jul 1794 Long Sutton, d.o. John and Ann Bicknell is probably this person. If so she was buried 17 mar 1816 Long Sutton aged 23.



1) Kate Bedding b. 1871 (Mar Q 2c/201 Basingstoke) Silchester, Berks., kitchenmaid, d.o. laundress Mary Bedding 91W-117

Kate lived with her widowed mother in 1881 but worked at Wootton House in 1891. She married licensed victualler Walter A. Brown in 1894 (Sep Q 1d/879 Lambeth) and in 1901 they appeared as 'visitors' in West Brighton, Sussex.


1) William Biddle, farmer, b. 1851 (Mar Q 11/506 Thornbury) Oldbury on Severn, Gloucs., s.o. Hugh and Mary A. (nee Rugman) Biddle, died 1906 (Sep Q 11a/3 Chepstow)

In 1881 William's land was listed as 290 acres which he worked with 5 men. His wife was born in Cloford, Somerset where in 1851 she lived with her parents and three brothers - her father was a gamekeeper. They lived in East Cranmore in 1871 where her father was still a gamekeeper. By 1871 her father was a farmer of 120 acres living at Hanley Farm, Tidenham, Gloucs.

1a) William Frederick Biddle b. 1877 (Dec Q 11a/9 Chepstow) St. Arvans s.o. William and Sarah Biddle, died 1 Oct, bur. 5 Oct 1940 (Dec Q 5c/1177 Wells) Butleigh

William 'Fred' lived with his parents at the Laurels, St. Arvans in 1881-1901. He married the daughter of a farmer from Chapel Farm, Penhow, Monmouth, Wales in 1905. In 1911 they lived at Penterry Farm, Chepstow, Mon. They later left and for a while he farmed in Tintern then West Pennard. Thereafter he tenanted Court Farm, Butleigh (called Home Farm in 1917) where he also acted as the squire's bailiff [bailiff in August 1914 when the saw-shed caught fire]. In 1922 he advertised in the Western Gazette 15 Sep 1922 for a cheese maker for 'Butleigh Court Dairy'.

He later went to West Pennard (Sticklinch). again before returning to Butleigh and occupying Houndswood in Water Lane. In 1940 (Dec Q 5c/1638 Wells)


1) Alfred John [Lord Stamfordham] Bigge GCB GCVO GCIE KCSI KCMG ISO PC b. 18 Jun 1849 s.o. Rev. John Frederick (vicar of Stamfordham) and Caroline Mary (nee Ellison) Bigge, died 31 Mar 1931

Dundee Courier and Advertiser of 26 Feb 1930 records that he had been in Royal service for 50 years. As Captain Arthur Bigge of the Royal Artillery he fought in the Zulu War becoming Aide-de-Camp to Sir Evelyn Wood. “When the Prince Imperial, son of Napoleon III and the Empress Eugenie died during the African campaign he was deputed to accompany the body of the Prince home, and came to Balmoral, where the Empress was staying with Queen Victoria. The Queen was favourably impressed with the young man and he was offered a post as one of her Grooms-in-Waiting. - Within a year of entering the Royal Service he was made the Queen's Equerry-in-Ordinary and Assistant Private Secretary under the late Sir Henry Ponsonby, and on the death of Sir Henry in 1895 he succeeded him as Her Majesty's principal Secretary. The Queen died six years later, and as Sir Arthur Bigge, he became Private Secretary to the present King, then Prince of Wales, and has remained with him in that position ever since.

He was obliged to undergo the ordeal of announcing to Queen Victoria his engagement (to the minister of Butleigh's daughter, Miss Constance Neville). The Queen was never very eager to see the members of her household marry. It was explained to Her Majesty that the young lady was a grand-daughter of a former Dean of Windsor, one of the most favoured of Royal Chaplains, and Miss Neville was summoned to Court. The Queen was immediately struck by an extraordinary likeness [which incidentally, none of the family had ever remarked] between the young lady and her late grandfather, and vouchsafed her gracious approval to the engagement.

It was Bigge who advised the King, George V, to change the family surname from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor, to deny Tsar Nicholas II and his family asylum, and who interpreted the King's response of 'Bugger Bognor' as assent to the renaming of Bognor as Bognor Regis.

1a) John Neville Bigge b. 14 Oct 1887 London Army Lieutenant. Killed in action in France 15 May 1915, as captain K.R. Rifle Corp Vol. 0.2. 96 – on Butleigh Memorial, only son of Sir Arthur Bigge, Lord Stamfordham

In 1891 appears with mother Constance [nee Neville] and sisters Margaret and Victoria. at St. James Palace [surname Bigge] plus aunt Grace Neville. In 1901 he was at Eton [Evelyn's] and went on to the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. He was page to Queen Victoria 1899 – 1904. In 1911 appears at St. James Palace with sister Margaret and six servants. Also listed as - 4th Battalion: The King's Royal Rifle Corps, 1st Royal Dragoons, 1st Kings own Lancaster Regiment, Chakrat. In 1913 he was appointed ADC to the Governor General of the Sudan. On the outbreak of war was nominated to the command of the 3rd cavalry division of the Expeditionary force. Promoted to Captain on 15th March 1915 he returned to regimental duty with the 1st Battalion Kings Royal Rifle Corp. On the occasion of the night attack at Festubert, France, on 15th May he was wounded in the leg but refused assistance from one of his men telling the rifleman to go on. He was never seen again. He was the first Butleigh casualty of WWI and a peal of bells was rung out on the centenary to commemorate the event at St. Leonard's Church. He is remembered on Le Touret Memorial near Bethune. De Ruvigny's Roll of Honour p.1,p33 and Butleigh 'News & Views' Jun 2015.


1) Kate Biggin b. 1852 (Jun Q 5c/613 Shepton Mallet - Dyke), d. 26 Apr bur. 31 Apr 1944 (Jun Q 5c/435 Wells) Butleigh

Kate was the mother of Eveline next and she died at 28, High Street, the home also of Eveline. [misread as Ruth on PR]. The notice in the Western Gazette 4 May 1945 was from Edward, Cis, Reg and Elsie.

2) Eveline Annie Biggin b. 1891 (Jun Q 5c/456 Wincanton) Charlton Musgrove d.o. William and Kate (nee Dyke) Biggin, d. 1968 (Mar Q 7c/23 Bridport)

(Miss) Eveline was a music teacher and lived at 28 High Street according to the 1935 Kellys Directory. Her father had been farm bailiff living at Ham St. Baltonsborough in 1911. Her successful pupils in piano were listed in the Bath Chronicle [4 Jan 1936].



1) Robert Baber Biggs Chr. 7 Jun 1824 Frome Selwood, stone mason, son of James and Martha. Died 1898 (Jun Q 5c/279 Frome) 51-23

Robert Begs (spelling on '51 census - really Biggs) lodged in Parsonage Farm (Home Farm) in 1851 - used then as a lodging house. One of the many masons imported to build the Court. Robert had married a Frome girl, Ann, in 1842 and in 1861 they lived at Tower Hill, Stroud, Gloucestershire where Robert practised his trade. After 1871 they returned to Frome and lived in Lower Keyford - Ann was described as an invalid - she died in 1871. Robert married Sarah in 1875 and in 1891 they lived at 21, Lower Keyford, Frome. Robert died aged 74.


(Billing - see also under Bulgin)

1) Richard Billing Chr. 8 Nov 1584 Baltonsborough, s.o. Roger Billing and his second wife Edith Colburn, died Butleigh 17 Jul 1662, bur. Baltonsborough same day

Richard was churchwarden in Baltonsborough in 1628. Edith seems to have been his only child and married the wealthy Richard Helyar when aged 44 and died childless making many bequests in her Will. Their house was still called 'Billings' in the 1672 commoners list.

DD/SE/48/2 - Acknowledgment by Wm. Butt of Butleigh, gent., and wife Hester that they have received from Edith Billing of Butleigh, spinster, £20 for the security of which they have given: a jewel, 3 diamond rings, a great stone ring, 2 signet rings, 2 wedding rings and 2 other rings, a watch, a picture of the King in gold, 17 silver spoons, a silver dish, a silver wine bowl, 2 silver plates, "a tymber dish tipt with silver", and an "arras coverlead lying at the house of John Perry the elder". Date: 1648.

PROB 11/309 Will of Richard Billinge Yeoman Butleigh, Somerset . Will of Richard Billinge Yeoman Butleigh, Somerset Date: 1662.

DD/S/BT/6/7/2 - 1] Richard Helliar and wife Edith, executrix of Richard Billings decd 2] William Webb of Butleigh Assignment of a messuage late Dyer Symcockes and lands and Hutchings (8a) in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1671-1672. [Billings is listed amongst the commoners dwellings of 1672]

2) Richard Billin Chr. 2 Aug 1739 Baltonsborough s.o. William and Hester Billing

The marriage usually takes place in the bride's village and above are a couple who married in Butleigh 19 Aug 1743 who could well be her parents. Only one other possible candidate with this name and correct period for the bride would be Sarah Hayes d.o. James Chr. 26 Dec1739 Bishop's Ludyeard but there is no obvious connection.

3) Frank Richard Billing b. 1853 (Mar Q 5c/638 Wells) Baltonsborough, [as Frank Richard Billin] labourer, s.o. Jane Billin, died 28 Oct 1929 (Dec Q 5c/472 Wells) Butleigh

In 1871 Tabitha lived at Tolpuddle with her 28 year old widowed mother Harriet and sister Mary (7). Her mother married a Thomas Sargent, with whom they lived in 1881. Frank is found in 1861 living with his unmarried mother Jane Billin and three younger children at the home of widower George Hickland at Lottisham, Ditcheat. She was the housekeeper and presumably the children were his. Frank was described, aged 8, as a bird keeper.

This couple appear in Butleigh on the 1911 census and stated that they were childless. At their marriage Frank was surnamed Billon.

4) John Billing b. 1859 Baltonsborough, farm labourer died aged '100' bur. 7 Nov 1952 (Dec Q 7c/256 Wells) Butleigh

In 1911 the family lived at Polsham, Wells.


1) Henry Billingsley

DD/S/BT/25/7/2 1] Henry Billingsley and wife Elizabeth 2] John Robinson and wife Martha Copy fine on Butleigh manor. 1564

DD/S/BT/25/7/3 1] Christopher Symcockes and wife Mary 2] Henry Billingsley and wife Elizabeth Copy fine on Butleigh manor.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] 1569


1) John Bingham b. 1791 Temple, Bristol, pork butcher, died 1870 (Mar Q 5c/626 Bedminster)

Elizabeth Sweet had appeared as a servant in Butleigh in 1841 and as a housekeeper in Westbury on Trym in 1851 - to John Bingham (retired pork dealer) - at 26, Clarence Place. They married in 1851.

Elizabeth Bingham appeared as a two year old child visiting her grandparents Joseph and Ann Sweet in 1861. She was listed twice and also appeared at 17 Weaver Buildings, Bedminster, home of her parents, in 1861, together with her mother Elizabeth and father John Bingham plus siblings William (5), and Louisa (5 months).

John Bingham died in 1870 aged 82. Elizabeth Bingham then appeared in 1871 as a widow at 32, Richmond Street, Bedminster, with son William (a sailor) and daughter Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Bingham jnr married Edward Colston Smith in 1877 (Sep Q 6a/289 Barton Regis). Her pob being Butleigh may be an enumerator's mistake.

Elizabeth Bingham snr had married a commission agent, Edward Burnell Sherrin in 1876 and in 1881 they lived at 2, Albert Place, Easton Row, Bristol St. George where they were visited by Elizabeth's nephew Henry Sweet (29) and grandson John B. Smith (2). In 1891, at 69 Pennywell Rd., Bristol they had living with them William Bingham (35) still single, plus the widowed Elizabeth Smith and her son John B. Smith (12). On the 1911 census Elizabeth (b. 1824) lived with her son William Bingham at 8 Bishop Road, Bishopston, Bristol.

Edward Burnell Sherrin died in 1901 (Dec Q 6a/135 Bristol) and Elizabeth in 1911 aged 87.


[Burch, Burge]

A) James Birch

A James Birch was buried in March 1792 (coffin paid for by the OOP). No indication that this was a child – either an adult or possibly the No. 6 child of William next.

1) William Burch [Craft] Chr. 13 Jun 1745 Butleigh, s.o. Betsy Craft and William Birch

A James had died as a child, bur. 9 Jan 1785 Butleigh, parents listed as paupers. In 1782 the Overseers paid half a year's rent for William (in 1773 account). In December 1781 Mary Birch received assistance from the OOP. In Jan 1782 the OOP payment was to William Berch and family in necessity. In Oct 1783 William received 13/- in his sickness. In the Dec he received assistance for having 'no work. In April 1785 Edward Roly was paid 2/- for burying a child of William Birch. In Oct 1786 Jane Periam was paid for curing Burch's leg of scale (1/-).. Mary Burche received assistance in Oct 1797 and periodically thereafter. William Burch was also in receipt of assistance periodically and sometimes paid for work – e.g. 1/-d 'for sweeping John Look and other chimleys [chimnies]' in Jan 1802 (OOP) and 5/- for 'digging out the foundations of the Poor House' in Oct 1803. Williams son received a 'round frock' from the OOP in March 1801 and 'Wm Burch's boy' and William himself received dowlas for clothing in April 1805. The last mention of William in the OOP accounts seems to occur in Oct 1807.

In Dec 1816 Mary Burch senior received assistance

1a) Ann Birch b. 1784 Butleigh, buried 15 May 1851 (Jun Q 10/511 Wells) Butleigh

Ann appears several times in the OOP accounts in 1806 receiving assistance and in October 1806 Henry Rays had an order of Bastardy put on him and also paid 10/- towards her lying in. The OOP paid assistance to Ann Burch for her children in Feb. 1813. Ann may have been the sister of Grace (1b) since both were listed similarly as 'Burge' in the Workhouse death record. In Aug 1817 Jane Gill delivered Ann Burch of a baby. (OOP) Expenses paid for her examination at Somerton in Sep 1817 and James Grove started paying Bastardy pay in the October. In Dec 1828 Ann and Grace were paid together by the OOP and at various times later – often when they had no work. Ann was an inmate of the Union Workhouse, Wells, in 1851.

1a1) James Birch b. 1818 Butleigh, labourer, s.o. James Grove (according to the PR at his marriage), bur. 29 Jul 1887 (Sep Q 5c/307 Wells) Butleigh 51-35, 61-60, 71-82, 81-101 #

James Birch and Betsy Hodges had married in 1846. Betsy had appeared with her widowed father Richard Hodges in Butleigh in 1841 and a William aged one month appears on that census - he was her illegitimate son and he appeared as such on the 1851 census (and later reverted to his birth name of Hodges). Another child, Jane, also predated their marriage. James himself was absent from the census in 1841.

They appear as a couple with a total of five children at 6, Sealy's Row in 1851. Living with them was an older William Birch (b. 1811) who was probably James's brother (4). William was also absent from the 1841 census but he and James may be the sons of James Birch (b. 1796) and Mary (b. 1806) - (2). A daughter Mary born in 1854 died in 1857. In 1861 James and Betsy lived in Water Lane (surname spelled Burch) and four additional children resided with them. Another daughter Mary was born in 1862 but died in 1864. Their son James went to Butleigh Wootton and died there in 1882 aged 30.

The other children were with their parents in Butleigh in 1871, including William Hodges, Betsy's illegitimate son who had reverted to his birth name. The births of James and Francis do not seem to be recorded and Francis may in fact be 'Francis Edward' since a child Edward appears in 1881 when Francis 'disappears'. Jane Birch married Charles Davis in Butleigh on 10 Aug 1863 (Sep Q 5c/940 Wells). # She gave her father's name as James 'Hodges' at marriage. Henry never married and he lived with his mother until his death in 1901.

In 1881 James is found in the High Street (at the Laurels?). William Hodges died in 1872 aged 31. Kate is listed as a daughter in 1881 but granddaughter in 1891. She was the daughter of the unmarried Annie, a laundress. James senior died in 1887. James junior who had lodged at Rowley Cottage, Butleigh Wootton, in 1871 may have been ill when he returned home in 1881 since he died in 1882 aged 30. Edward (Francis) disappears from the censuses but may be the Edward bur. 25 Nov 1916 (Dec Q 5c/591 Wells) Butleigh aged 55. (but see below)

Albert Birch appears in 1901 as labourer lodging at 20, Abercynon Rd. Llanwonno (Rhondda) - the Alfred of 1891? [Albert and Alfred often seem to be interchangeable on the censuses!] - see (6) below.

Charlie married Emily - (3a). In 1891 Betsy Burch (74) widow, laundress, lived in or next to the Laurels, with son Henry (42), daughter Annie (40), both single, and granddaughter Kate (19). Kate married William Luff in 1895 (Jun Q 5c/903 Wells). # Betsy, Henry and Annie moved to some unidentified part of Butleigh village by 1901. Henry died first, in 1901 and Betsy died in 1903, in Wells Union Workhouse.

1a1A) John Birch Chr. 10 Aug 1846 (Jun Q 10/527 Wells) Butleigh, coal trimmer 51-35, 61-60, 71-82 #

Annie Carey [Cary] had lived with her parents in Butleigh Wootton in 1861 and 1871 and married John in 1877. In 1881 John appeared at 50, Bedford Sq., Cardiff, with Anne plus their oldest child Bessie (3) who had been born there. John's brother Frank, though also listed in Butleigh, was boarding next door in Cardiff, with Anne's parents. In 1891 John shared the property with Jacob Carey, his father-in-law and his son Edward Carey (b. 1857 Butleigh). # John (coal trimmer) and Annie appear at 73, Mackintosh Place, Roath, East Cardiff in 1901 with five sons (oldest 19) all born in Cardiff (they had seven children in all). Bessie married steam hammer forgeman David Benyon.

1a1B) Charles Birch Chr. 24 Jun 1860 (Jun Q 5c/632 Wells) Butleigh, labourer, son of James and Betsy Birch 61-61, 71-82, 81-101, 01W-142

Charles married Emily in 1888 and they had two children in Butleigh, Albert b. 1888 and Louisa b. 1889 before they went to live at 825, Portman Cottages, North Barrow (1891) from where his wife had originated. In April 1889 Emily and an unmarried Annie Birch were summoned for stealing branches of an elm tree on 23rd March from Robert Neville Grenville but the charges were dropped. [Western Gazette 19 Apr 1889]

By 1901 they lived back in Butleigh Wootton and had added four more children, all born there, and three subsequent children were added post 1901. On the 1911 census at 9 Butleigh Wootton [4 rooms] Charles and Emily lived with 7 of their children but Ernest lodged next door at No. 8 with Giles and Jesse Higgins. Louisa was a housemaid at Portledge Fairy Cross, Bideford, Devon...

Ethel married William Webber (b. 31 Jul 1905 Wiveliscombe) in Street on 5 Nov 1927. Alice died at 30, Lower Raleigh near Wells and was buried 22 Jan 1953 (Mar Q 7c/309 Wells) Butleigh.

1a1Bi) Albert Charles Birch b. 12 Nov 1888 (Dec Q 5c/502 Wells) Chr. 4 Mar 1895 Butleigh labourer, 01W-142, bur. 11 Apr 1962 (Jun Q 7c/231 Wells) Butleigh.

Mabel had son William before marrying Albert but had both sons baptised on the same day, after her marriage. Albert was a serving soldier in WWI [reported wounded in October 1917], a farm labourer afterwards. [on gravestone] d. 26 Dec 1981. Frank Ernest married the 17 year old Eleanor Margaret Pittard in Butleigh on 6 Jul 1940. She was the daughter of Reginald Oram Pittard of 17, Etsome Terrace, Somerton. The couple seem to have had a considerable number of children. A Frank John Birch b. 1917 died 26 Dec 1981 and bur. Butleigh is the same as Frank Ernest – gravestone NN265 but not recorded in PR. A Timothy John Birch b. 1973, d. 14 Jan 2003 Butleigh must be a relative.

1b) Grace Birch Chr. 17 Nov 1780 Butleigh agricultural labourer, bur. 27 Apr 1849 (Jun Q 10/371 Wells) Butleigh 41-5

In April 1805 Grace received assistance from the OOP and periodically afterwards. In May 1810 the OOP paid for 'beer and attending Justice meeting with Grace Burch'. Jane Gill was paid for helping deliver her child in June 1810 and William Isaac was made to pay towards her lying in and bastardy pay thereafter. Grace received the bastardy pay from July 1810 until Jan 1822. Grace was ill in Jan 1817 (OOP). In Dec 1819 and Feb 1820 Grace and Mary Burch [her mother?] received assistance together from the OOP. In Dec 1828 Ann and Grace were paid together by the OOP and often so thereafter. In 1832 Grace and son are mentioned and Oct 1832 it was Grace and Will who received assistance in their illness.

Grace lodged with Robert Stidfold at 8, Sealy's Row in 1841. Next door were James and Mary Birch (4). Grace was an agricultural labourer and when she died was living in Wells Union Workhouse - as was Ann Birch [both called Burge on death certificates] - If they were related then James (2) was their brother.

1ba) William Birch b. 1810 Butleigh, labourer, died 1879 (Dec Q 5c/349 Wells) 51-35, 61-50

William seems to be absent from the 1841 census. He may have been the William who received 6d when ill from the OOP in Aug 1826. William never married and lodged first in 1851 with James Birch in Sealy's Row [his half-brother?] then in 1861 with John Parker in the High Street. In 1871 he was in the Wells Union Workhouse as a pauper inmate.

2) Mary Burch

Mary Burch received a blanket, and blankets for her children, in Dec 1811 - unlikely to be the Mary wife of William above who would be too old to have 'children'. Mary and her children received blankets in Dec 1811 (OOP).

3) James Birch b. '1796' labourer, died 1843 (Jun Q 10/352 Wells) bur. 22 May 1843 Butleigh 41-5

James and Mary lived in the High Street (next to Sealy's Row) in 1841. They had Edwin Castle (7) living with them. No further definite trace of Mary but she could be the one who married William Hodges in Butleigh on 18 June 1844. #

4) William Birch b. 1781 Butleigh, labourer, died 1853 (Jun Q 5c/435 Shepton Mallet)

William lived in East Lydford in 1851 with his wife Harriett (b. 1798 Queen Camel) and son James (b. 1825 Sutton Montis). Harriet as a widow and pauper lived in East Lydford in 1871 (with granddaughter Harriet Richards (b. 1864 Castle Cary), and died in 1872 (Jun Q 5c/384 Shepton Mallet).

5) John Birch Chr. 10 Dec 1843 Compton Dundon, s.o. John and Jane Birch, labourer, d. 3 Feb, bur. 8 Feb 1887 (Mar Q 5c/412 Wells) Butleigh 71W-87, 81W-106

Both John and Emma were witnesses to the marriage on 20 Jul 1863 Butleigh of Emma's mother Sarah to Charles Andow. In 1871 John and Emma lived with son Richard, born the year before they married, in Butleigh Wootton. They lived alone in 1881 and John died in 1887 at Butleigh Wootton aged 42. Emma may have remarried – nfi unless she was an Emma Jane and as such mother of (7) below – not on 1891 census.

5a) Albert Richard Russell Birch Chr. 14 Sep 1862 Butleigh Wootton, groom 71W-87

In 1881 Richard [Burk] lodged as a groom at the "Bell Inn", Glastonbury. In 1891 Richard, a coachman, and wife Susan lived at Castle Stables, Dunster and were still there in 1901. In 1911 they appear at Mill Cottage, Pendoylan, Pontyclun with their three children.

6) Alfred Birch b. 1863 Butleigh, a coal miner

Alfred lodged at 14, Union St., Ystradyfodwg, Glam. in 1891. Probably Albert, s.o. James and Elizabeth Birch. [Albert Birch d. 1948 (Dec Q 8a/340 Aled, Denbigh) aged 83 ?] - an Albert d. 1931 (Sep Q 5c/459 Axbridge) aged 67.

7) Robert Birch Chr. 10 Nov 1867 Butleigh Wootton, labourer, s.o. John and Jane Birch

No further trace unless Jane was a PR mistake for 'Emma' and Robert was also a son of (5).

8) Edward Burch b. 1868 Butleigh

This person is on the 1911 census at Durslade Farm, Bruton working for Mrs. Jackson. Uncertain but see the above Edward.1a1 (6).


1) Clifford Charles Bird b. March, Chr. 26 Jun 1870 (Jun Q 5c/605 Wells), Butleigh s.o. Charles and Mary Bird

Clifford and parents lived in 1871 in Wellington Place, Bridgwater. His father was a carpenter (b. 1842 Torrington, Devon) and mother b. 1845 Westonzoyland. By 1881 they had moved to Westonzoyland but by 1891 Clifford and his parents had returned to Bridgwater and were found at 46, Devonshire St.

Clifford married Florence Amelia Croker (b. 1877 Bridgwater) in 1900 (Sep Q 5c/569 Bridgwater) and they lived by 1901 at 1, Southgate Avenue, Old Taunton Rd., Bridgwater. In 1911 the address given as 2, Southgate Avenue and they had two children – Clifford was a builder.



1) George Birkett b. 1820 Flawborough, Nottingham, son of George and Elizabeth Birkett. 51-29, 61-57

George Birkett was the son of George and Elizabeth Birkett of Flawborough, farmers, and had a brother William and three sisters, Elizabeth, Francis and Mary. In 1851 he acted as Bailiff for the Dean of Windsor and managed Hill Farm, Butleigh and its 700 acres, with 13 men and 10 boys. His sister Fanny (b. 1828) acted as his housekeeper. George married in 1853 and in 1861 he and his wife lived in the High Street, managing a farm of 140 acres. The couple then separated (probably after Dec 1863) and lived apart for the rest of their lives. The cause was probably George's bankruptcy declared Dec. 31st 1861 – trustees John Hoddinott and William Bartlett Knight, farmers of Butleigh [Perry's Bankrupt Gazette 1 Feb 1862].

By 1871 George had returned to his birthplace, Flawborough in Notts and lived with his widowed mother and sister Elizabeth Mansell, farming 175 acres. In 1881 his mother was 87 and George lived with her, his son George and his sister, now remarried as Elizabeth Ward. In 1871 Emma was at Ebbw Place, Coedkernew, Duffryn, Mon. living with William, George, Ewald, Frances and a new daughter Emma Ada (b. Bassaleg 1963 - Dec Q 11a/188 Newport M). In 1881 Emma was at Bassaleg Village, Graig, Mon. with William, Ewald and Emma Ada. Emma variously gives her birthplace as Alrewas, Lichfield and Edingail Staffs.

In 1891 William Birkett, now an accountant, lived with his brother Ewald (bank cashier) and sister Emma, all three unmarried, in Bassaleg. In 1901 William was married to Ada Ellen (b. 1867 Penalt) and lived at Bryn Rhos, Graig, Mon. with their five children (all aged under 10). By 1911 William was a highway surveyor and another child added to the family. George jnr, farmer, was living at Flawborough in 1891 with his widowed aunt Elizabeth Ward (69).

2) Fanny Birkett b. 1828 Flawborough, Notts., housekeeper, d.o. George and Elizabeth Birkett 51-29

Fanny was the sister of George Birkett and acted as his housekeeper in 1851, before his marriage. Nfi

Birt see Burt



1) Henry Besgrove

Henry was paid for killing 3 badgers in 1715/16 (CW) A Henry Besgrove Chr. 20 Jul 167(8) Kingweston seems the likely candidate. The latter's wife Elizabeth was buried 19 Jan 1718 and Henry himself may be the Henry bur. 9 May 1736 Muchelney.


1) John Bishop bur. 21 Feb 1725 Butleigh

John occurs in the churchwardens accounts in 1705 when he killed a polecat and in 1711 when he killed a hedgehog. A John Bishop paid rates to the Overseers from 1701-1722 as neighbour of John Brown. He was an Overseer of the Poor in 1715 and again in 1719 [for Late Cormishes]. Possibly the father of the John Bishop paying rates at a different place in the rates list from 1723 – 1766, and also of some of the following Bishops.

DD/S/BT4/5/31 - 1] Katherine Webb and son John 2] John Bishop of Butleigh, yeoman Lease for lives of 1a near Splotts house and 1a at Sower Down in West field, Butleigh. Rent 6d.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1693 – 1694.

DD/S/BT/12/1/27-8] James Bishop of Worle 2] James Grenville of Butleigh 3] Revd Samuel Hood of Butleigh Assignment in trust of a messuage and 1a south of Cinclers Lane, 6a arable in Butleigh fields and a cottage at Nodway. Enclosed assignment (1765) by John Bishop of Butleigh, yeoman, and his sons James and William to John Rock of Butleigh, yeoman, of 8.5a arable in Butleigh. Date: 1762.

2) John Bishop bur. 8 Feb 1766 Butleigh [son of (1)?]

Probably the John [son of (1)?] who paid rates from 1723 – 1765 . In 1758 and 1760 a Mr. Bishop paid rates on a different property (of the same rateable value) and this was then acquired by James Grenville. John was an Overseer in 1764 [for Rober Balch's estate]. In 1766 his property was rated as ' the late John Bishop' and in 176/7 James Grenville paid rates on ' part of Bishop's by his death'. Son John paid 4d by the CW for killing a polecat in 1742/43

Mary Bishop is mentioned in April 1769 when her 'boy' caught 'smallpox' (OOP). In Feb 1777 the OOP paid for dowliss for him.

3) Elizabeth Bishop of Butleigh married Thomas Hacker in Somerton on 12 Oct 1758 (Phill.) [daughter of last?]

4) William Bishop [bur. 16 May 1836 Long Load aged 57 – too young? Probably the William Bishop bur. 3 Dec 1805 Martock – late farmer]

This may be the same William Bishop who occupied the land belonging to John Castle on the Kings Sedgemoor Grounds in 1808. An Ann Bishop married a William Mitchell on 5 Aug 1805 in Long Load Chapelry, Martock.

DD/S/BT/20/6/23-4 1] Richard Richardson, Francis Edwards Whalley and Thomas Davis, Somerton and Compton Dundon Inclosure Commissioners 2] James Garland of Long Sutton, yeoman Lease for a year of c 15a in Kingsmoor. Enclosed notes on lease of William Bishop of Load, Martock and John Harris's waste in Kingsmoor. 1800

5) George Bishop Chr. 15 oct 1824 Martock, journeyman carpenter, s.o. Matthew and Ann Bishop, 71-80

George, on his own, lodged with William L. Stacy at the Carpenter's Shop, Butleigh in 1871. He was married but his wife and previous or later whereabouts are unknown.

6) Eliza Bishop b. 1849 Butleigh, single, silk winder

Eliza lodged in Church Street, Croscombe in 1871. She may be the Eliza Bishop Chr. 3 Mar 1852 (Mar Q 5c/636 Wells) Glastonbury – d.o. haberdasher Joseph Bishop. An Eliza Bishop married Arthur Demaine Slade in 1881 (Sep Q 5c/779 Wells) but both disappear and there is nfi.

7) Horace Bishop b. 1869 Blandford, Dorset, groom, died 1898 (Jun Q 5c/197 Wellington)? 91W-117

Horace worked at Wootton House in 1891. Despite the birthplace on this census, only one Horace Bishop occurs on the other censuses - Horace Lane Bishop b. 1870 Wellington, s.o. William and Mary Bishop. Horace died aged 28 in 1898.


1) Thomas Blacke appears in the churchwarden's accounts in 1703 when he killed a polecat and received 4d.


A) Henry Blacker bur. 12 Apr 1693 Kingweston

1) Henry Blacker bur. 31 Jul 1757 Kingweston

A Betty Blacker from Lottisham buried 9 Apr 1793 Kingweston aged 86 was probably the above James' wife rather than his sister. A Henry Blacker received assistance from the Butleigh OOP - In Nov 1774 the OOP paid 4/6d to him and his family in distress.

1a) John Blacker [of Kingweston] Chr. 15 Dec 1723 Kingweston, s.o. Henry and Mary Blacker bur. 13 August 1796 Kingweston aged 73

A John was paid by the churchwardens in 1742/3 for 2 dozen sparrow heads. The first mention of the Blackers receiving relief was in 1761 when the OOP paid Dr. Tyler for 'Blacker's child'. Sometime before April 1762 the OOP paid a guinea (£1 1s) to the Blacker family in their distress. The OOP paid part of his rent in 1763. In 1768 the OOP paid John 'by Solomon Reynolds' 2/-d. In 1768 the OOP paid his full rent and again in 1771/2, 72/3, 73/4, 74/5, 78. In the accounts for 1788/9, 89/90 the Vestry allowed rent for John Blacker. He received rent until 1796 [his death] and from then it was received by Mary Blacker 1797, 1798, 99, 1800, 01 then in 1802/3 it was Mary Blacker and Thomas Dinnis, thereafter Thomas Dinis and others. The Overseers had paid money to John in distress and for assistance from 1762 until August 1796 then in September the assistance went to Mary and they paid for a coffin for John. In December 1765 and Jan 1766 they had noted that it was John Blacker 'of Kingweston' who received assistance. In Dec 1800 the OOP paid for 'bringing back' Mary Blacker – not stated where from. In Feb 1803 the OOP paid for Mary Blacker's coffin.

A Susannah Blacker received assistance from the OOP in Sept 1806 and is probably the daughter of John and Mary Blacker. In Oct 1808 called Susey Blacker, she received £2 assistance – a large sum.

1a1) James Blacker Chr. 18 May 1748 Kingweston s.o. John and Mary 'Blacker' - uncertain

On his wedding James' parish given as 'Kingsburton'. No death record found for James Blacker but Hannah must have moved to Butleigh after 1800 and at burial her age was given as 82 but 92 on her death certificate (dated two days later!). Only Joseph seem to have survived to appear on the 1841 census, though Jane was still alive then.

1a1A) John Blacker Chr. 3 Jul 1785 Kingweston, s.o. James and Hannah Blacker, bur. 28 Jan 1835 Butleigh

John Blacker receiving house rent from the OOP in 1819 - 1827+ is presumably this John. John's cottage was assessed in 1827 and the rateable value was £5 10 0d on which he paid a rate of 10d in the pound and again in 1828 – but he shared the rate and cottage with '2 others'. Part of John's cottage was let to the Overseers who credited him the rate of £3. In Jan 1821 the Overseers paid for a horse to take 'Blacker's son' to Taunton hospital – the Samuel who died in August? Stephen went to Batch Hospital in 1837 suffering with psoriasis - discharged as cured 2nd May that year – expences paid by the OOP in June.

Mary is the mother-in-law (b. 1789 Glastonbury) found living with daughter Mary (b. 1808 Glastonbury) and her fishmonger husband George Bailey (b. 1813 Cirencester Glos.) in Lichfield Street, Wolverhampton, Staffs. They had a son Frederick (b. 1839 London) and in 1871 widowed Mary was a fishmonger/poulterer in West Derby Rd., Liverpool. She died in 1875 in Wolverhampton. Elizabeth seems to have been baptised twice and thereafter nfi.

John married Ann Francis (b. 1817 Wells) on 17 Dec 1840 Fisherton Anger, and they had four children. In 1861 they had lived in Croydon. Ann died 25 Jun 1869 in Kensington. The widowed John – called Joseph on the census (!) lived at 147, Praed Street, Paddington in 1871 with his son John (b. 1857 Norwood, Surrey) and John died in 1875 (Dec Q 1a/11 Kensington)? Of their children; Sarah Jane (b. 1841 Shepton Mallet) married Samuel Richard Rush on 23 Dec 1862 All Saints, Upper Norwood, Surrey and they had four children; Ann (Chr 8 Nov 1842 Wells) married William Shadbolt (Chr. 24 Jul 1842 Datchworth, Herts) and they had three children born Penge, one born at sea (the family emigrated to Sydney, NSW on MV Samuel Plimsoll on 1 Feb 1874) and five born in Dubbo, NSW where Ann d. 7 Jul 1895. Another daughter Martha Elizabeth (Eliza) b. 1849 (Mar Q 14/593 Sleaford, Lincs) married twice - Peter Ames on 4 Aug 1867 (died of Typhus 19 Oct 1867) and James Addicott (b. Milverton) in 1869 (Sep Q 1a/247 Kensngton) with whom she had two children. Other children were son George b. 1845 Somerset and a daughter Elizabeth b. 1859 Lincolnshire.

1a1Ai) Emanuel Blacker Chr. 21 Aug 1821 Butleigh, stone cutter, labourer, d. 1879 (Mar Q 5c/435 Shepton Mallet)

In 1841 Frances lived with her parents in the Post Office, West Lydford and Emanuel Blacker lodged next door in the High Street with his brother Stephen. Stephen was in Bath hospital in 1837 with psoriasis - discharged as cured 2nd May that year. Emanuel and wife Frances/Fanny lived in West Lydford in 1851 with son Stephen (Chr. 10 Mar 1844) West Lydford) and daughters Mary (b. 1847) and Sarah Jane (b. 1849 Lydford). A son John Chr. 23 Apr 1843 had died in infancy the same year. In 1861 and 1871 they were in the High Street, W. Lydford, and Emanuel was a miller's carter and the daughter still living with them then was Sarah Jane. Emanuel died in 1879 aged 57. Sarah Jane married Charles Russell (b. 1847 West Lydford) on 14 Apr 1873 and there were five children from the marriage. Stephen Blacker (b. 1844) married Martha Hadley on 22 Oct 1865 St. John's Wolverhampton and there were three or four children before Martha died in 1877 and Stephen married Sarah Sayce in 1878 in Wolverhampton.

1a1B) Joseph Blacker b. & Chr. 12 Jul 1795 Kingweston, s.o. James and Hannah Blacker, labourer, died in 1843 (Sep Q 10/317 Wells - consumption), bur. 14 Jul 1843 Butleigh 41-7

Joseph was one of those in receipt of 2 guineas from the OOP in Feb 1813. Virtue was paid in Jan 1826 for looking after Jane Wilcox. The family must have been rather poor at this time since in the 1829/30 period Virtue was occasionally in receipt of OOP assistance. In April 1831 the OOP reported the burial of a son of Joseph for which they paid for the coffin – none of the baptised children fit the bill. In Sep 1831 Dr. Bonds bill for delivering Joseph's child (Amelia) was paid – 10/6d.

Joseph and Virtue lived in the High Street in 1841 but Joseph died in 1843. The widowed Virtue was the landlady at the Globe Inn, living with son Alfred in 1851. Charles Blacker married Phoebe Harvey in 1842 and lived at No. 1 Back Street in 1851. Amelia Jane married Henry Acreman in Butleigh on 11 Dec 1849 (Dec Q 10/775 Wells).# Virtue married a widower, George Baker in 1845 but he died in 1850 and she reverted to her previous name.#

As Virtue Baker she took out a lease on “The Globe Inn” Butleigh for 21 years from the 25th March 1851 at £37 per year from The Hon. and very Rev. George Neville Grenville. This included 'the unfinished house or room, and stable, barn or cyder house and the orchard thereto belonging... together with the use of the apple mill and an apple press. Virtue signed the lease herself. By 1858 the Globe was occupied by James Weaver and up for sale.

A lodger at the Globe Inn in 1851 was Thomas Patten (37) widower and Virtue Blacker married him in 1851 but he also died soon after, in 1851 (Sep Q 10/275 Langport).#. Virtue lived in 1861 together with Henry Acreman (her son in law) at the "Crown Inn", Leigh, Gloucs. Virtue died in 1876 aged 81.

Alfred is found next (1861) at 8, Hannoly Street, Cardiff as a ships carpenter, married to Harriett from Othery, Som. By 1871 he was an auctioneer and they lived at Maugham Terrace, Penarth. In 1881 he was a Furniture remover and, still childless, they lived at 4, Soton Road, Kensington Town, London. Thereafter they returned to Somerset and in 1891 Alfred was a wood carver and they lived in Fore Street, North Petherton. Their peripatetic life continued and in 1901 they were back in Wales at 157, Kings Road, Canton, Cardiff and Alfred was an upholsterer, working from home. He died in 1904 (Sep Q 11a/212 Cardiff).

1a1Bi) Charles Blacker Chr. 13 Aug 1820 Butleigh, labourer, bur. 4 Feb 1891 (Mar Q 5c/431 Wells) Butleigh aged 69. 41-7, 51-34, 61-58, 71-82, 81-103

Phoebe Harvey appeared as a servant girl lodging with John Gould in East Lydford in 1841. Charles and Phoebe married in 1842 and in 1851 were found living at No. 1 Back Street, Butleigh. In 1861 they lived in the High Street. The Wells Journal 31 Dec 1864 and Sherborne Mercury 3 Jan 1865 reported a case of assault when Charles and his mother were returning from the Glastonbury Great Market on the 12th Dec 1864 a John Coombes from Glastonbury set upon Charles close to Hillhead knocked him down and knocked two teeth out. Coombes fined 10s and 10s 6d costs, or 14 days imprisonment. By 1871 Charles and Phoebe had just their last five children living with them. Emily had married George Henry Fowen in Butleigh on 8 Jun 1865 (Jun Q 5c/1083 Wells). #

James was absent in '71 but seems to be the Charles (postboy) who appeared in Mill Lane, Glastonbury with his wife Mary Jane Hancock (mar. 1867 Wells) and two children Rose (aged 3) and Mary J. (aged 1) plus a visitor Jane Blacker (b. 1857 Butleigh) - his sister. This Jane seems to be the one who was a servant in Kingston on Thames in 1881. In 1881 James/Charles and Mary Jane lived at 10, Emily Row, Eglwysilan, Pontypridd, Wales where he was a Posting Cabman - they had Rosa (b. 1868 Glastonbury) and Jesse (b. 1871 Glastonbury) and Alice (5) and Edward James (2) both born Rhydygwin, Glam. with them. In 1891 they were at 3, Bridge Court, Llanwonno, Glam.

Eliza married Joshua Whitcombe and the banns were called in Butleigh Wootton but they didn't marry there. They had two children, one of which died in infancy. Eliza died 27 Dec 1880 Barton Regis.

Elizabeth Ann married William Benson on 17 Jan 1871 (Jun Q 11a/385 Cardiff) and had four children. William died on 18 Jul 1876 at cardiff and she married George Wembridge (b. 1854 Chard) in 1880 (Sep Q 11a/377 Cardiff) and in 1881 Albert Talbot from Butleigh lodged with them. They had a daughter Florence (b. 1882) and her mother Elizabeth died 17 May 1918 Cardiff.

Theresa was a servant in 1871 in Marylebone at the home of Edward Wilkinson, Brass Founder Master - she married labourer John Thomas Foster in 1873 (Mar Q 1a/339 Chelsea) and they lived at 26, Earls Court Road. They had three children: John, Charles and William.

Virtue was a kitchen maid at the home of William L. Christie JP DL of Glynde Bourne House, Glynde, Sussex in 1871 - she married stonemason Emmanuel Burridge (b. 27 Oct 1828 Abbots Kerswell, Devon) in 1873 (Mar Q 5c/1049 Bedminster) and went to live in Tormohan, Devon. After Emmanuel's death in 1897 she married William Tubb (b. 1852 Rotherwick, Hants) in 1899 (Sep Q 5b/255 Newton Abbot) and lived at Abbots Kerswell, Devon.

Jane was a dressmaker in 1871 visiting Charles Blacker (b. Butleigh 1844 - a Postboy, see James above) and family in Mill Lane, Glastonbury. She married John Kift on 23 Dec 1876 (Dec Q 11a/482 Cardiff). They had three children, two of which died in infancy.

In 1881 Charles and Phoebe lived in New Road with just Clara. Clara married Edmund Arthur in Butleigh on 10 Feb 1885 (Mar Q 5c/737 Wells). #

Matilda died in 1881 aged 18 then her mother Phoebe died in 1886 and father Charles four years later.

In 1881 Robert Harvey Blacker was boarding at 109, Severn Road, Llandaff, as a plasterer. In 1891 he was at 16, Pembroke Road, Canton, Cardiff, married (1884) to Ellen Sharp (b. 27 Jan 1858 Cardiff) and with three children. In 1901 they were at 16B Clive Rd., Canton, with four children and Robert was a successful builder – he built Butleigh Avenue, Cardiff with 25 houses between 1932 and 1949 amongst his other properties. Photo

Fanny married Frederick Vincent on 19 Jun 1878 (Jun Q 5c/855 Wells). #

In 1881 Charles jnr (b. 1859) lived at 4, Agate St., Roath, Glamorgan with his cousin Eliza Craft. This was the home of his uncle Joseph Blacker and wife Eliza (both born 1826 Butleigh). Charles married Jespina [Jesteena] Morgan on 25 Nov 1882 (Dec Q 11a/416 Cardiff) and by 1891, with a daughter Lilian (2), lived at 43, Queen Street, Neath, Glamorgan. Charles was a sub manager in the Surrey machine trade. In 1901 with 'Jesteina' and daughter Lilian they lived at 46, Conway Rd., Canton, Glam. and he was listed then as a builder (at one stage with his brother Robert) – he was bur. 9 Jan 1929.

1a1Bii) Joseph Blacker Chr. 5 Nov 1826 Butleigh, labourer, bur. 6 Jul 1892 Cathays (Sep Q 11a/131 Cardiff) 41W-17, 51-34, 61-58

Joseph was a servant at the home of Joseph White in Butleigh Wootton in 1841. He married Eliza in 1848 but they don't seem to have had any children. In 1851 they lived in Back Street and in 1861 in High Street.

Joseph (34) and Eliza (34) were found in 1871 living at 2, Maria Street, St. Mary, Cardiff together with their niece Eliza Craft (b. 1864). Joseph was a mattress maker. In 1881 they were at 4, Agate Street, Roath, Cardiff and had been joined by Charles Blacker their nephew (s.o. Charles) from Butleigh (aged 20), a gardener. Joseph died in 1892 aged 65. Eliza Blacker was still in Roath in 1901 living with a nephew Charles West and his wife Beatrice. She died in 1907.

2) James Blacker b. 1789 Butleigh, gardener, d. 24 Feb 1860 (Mar Q 5c/476 Wells) 41-6, 51-33

James was born in 'Butleigh' in 1789 according to the 1851 census and doesn't appear amongst the Kingweston baptisms – it would also be a tight squeeze fitting him between the other children of James and Hannah there. A James Blacker Chr. 7 Feb 1791 Curry Rivel, s.o. James and Mary Blacker would fit, but needs further research – could possibly have been an illegitimate child of one of the Kingweston Blackers. He is probably the James whose was included in the rate assessment of 1828 as receiving £1 credit to the Parish. (OOP) He had also received 2 guineas from the OOP in Feb 1813. James Blacker appears twice in 1822 in regard to funerals – as sexton? James received a blanket and took William Davis as a lodger in March 1823. (OOP). He also was paid several times for burying people in 1823 – 4. In Oct 1828 the OOP paid for James Blacker's daughter's coffin. In 1833 the vicar and witnesses to the Overseers accounts reprimanded James for receiving payments from the Overseer to which he was not entitled.

On the 1841 census James appears with his wife Elizabeth plus the last four children above in High Street. His daughter Elizabeth married Thomas Andrews in Butleigh on 14 May 1849 (Jun Q 10/811 Wells) and they lived in Dumb Lane. # Son James married Bridget Barber 17 Oct 1837 but he died in 1842. In 1851 the parents plus the two youngest children appeared also in Dumb Lane.

Charles had joined the Army and in 1851 is found at 'Clarence and Forehouse Barracks', Porstsmouth. He married Jane White (b. 1829 Wells) on 29 Sep 1856. He became a paper finisher and they had a daughter Clara Selina (Chr. 25 Dec 1862 Wells - d. 11 May 1879 of meningitis). Charles died 6 Jun 1873 and at the Coroner's inquest his unexplained death was caused by "Visitation of God"!

James died in Feb 1860 and Edward, who had been living in the High Street in 1851 (with his wife Ann) then moved into Dumb Lane sometime after. Jane married gardener James Nicholas [Nicholls] on 8 Dec 1859 (Dec Q 5c/1082 Wells) # and later went to live in Overleigh, Street.

Of Frederick - nfi but he possibly joined the Navy.

Elizabeth Blacker (68) as a widow was found living in the village (New Road?) in 1861 with her granddaughter Martha (8) from Hertford - see (1b4-3). In 1871 Elizabeth lived alone and was described as a 'poor person'. She was still there in 1881 and died in 1886 aged 93. She must be the 'Fanny Blacker' aged over 80 living alone whose house was flooded in the great storm of 18th May 1878 and rescued by W. J. Taylor, a neighbour. [Western Gazette 24 May 1878]

2a) James Blacker Chr. 11 Aug 1814 Butleigh, labourer, died 5 Apr 1842 Butleigh (Jun Q 10/343 Wells) 41-10

When Bridget married James, no name was given for her father which usually indicates he was either dead or she was illegitimate, though in her case he was very much alive. When she later married William Windsor she gave the fictitious name of 'William Blacker' for her father instead of William Barber. James lived at 16, High Street in 1841 with his wife Bridget and two children. After his death in 1842 Bridget married William Windsor and moved with him into Compton Street (q.v.) by 1851 with her then three children. She was succeeded at the address in High Street by Edward Blacker (1b5) who was James' younger brother. Henry James Blacker died but Samuel became a student at Culham Training College, Berks. (1861) then a school teacher, first in Bloxham, Oxford (1871). He next lived at 2, Lion Terrace, Wandsworth with his wife Emma Jolly who he had married in 1875 (Mar Q 4a/617 Thingoe, Suffolk) and their three children plus three pupils (1881). In 1891 he was at 122 Trinity Rd., Wandsworth but by 1901 he was a widower (Emma d. 20 Nov 1899 West Stow) and had moved two doors down to 118 with his three daughters. In 1911 he boarded at 33, Nottingham Road, Wandsworth, London. He died 9 Feb 1920 at Bramblemoor Littleham, near Exmouth in Devon.

William joined the Army and as a Private was, in 1861, at Woolwich Dockyard, Royal Marine Barracks.* He married Margaret Ann Skettles (Chr. 11 Aug 1844 Bexley) on 26 May 1867 Chertsey then went to London where in 1871 he became a seed sorter in a warehouse (Covent Garden), and in 1891 was a labourer in Clapham. By 1901 he was a labourer with the L&SW Railway and lived at Battersea. They had eight children. He died 27 Feb 1906 Westminster Hospital.

*ADM157/1110 Admiralty Royal Marines - Folios 32-33. William Blacker, born: Butleigh, Glastonbury, Somerset; Age at attestation: 18; Attested: Woolwich; Joined in: 1860; Discharge reason: Invalided; Discharge year: 1862.

2b) Henry Blacker Chr. 22 Mar 1818 Butleigh, whitesmith, died 22 Sep 1893 (Sep Q 5c/333 Wells) at the Alms Houses

Henry and Louisa lived in Saint Cuthbert St., Wells in 1851 with three children. They were still there in 1861. Louisa died and Henry married Emma. They lived in Wells in 1871 and were visited by Henry's nephew Frank Andrews (b. 1854 Butleigh) #. In 1881 he lived at 25, Union St., Wells with Emma and five children plus sister in law Mary Thresher (29). Emma died in 1882 (Mar Q 5c/369 Wells) and Henry married a third time, to widow and nurse Jane Hardwick. By 1891 he had moved next door with his new wife. He died in 1893 aged 76.

2c) Joseph Blacker Chr. 29 Aug 1819 Butleigh, sawyer, sexton, bur. 25 Aug 1887 (Sep Q 5c/297 Shepton Mallet) Butleigh 41-5, 51-31, 61-55, 71-81, 81-102

In 1841 Joseph and Kezia lived in the High Street close to Sealy's Row but in 1851 their address was given as Fore Street. In 1861 Joseph Blacker and Kezia lived in the Eastern end of the High Street. On census night they also lived with their oldest daughter Susan (18) a laundress, Henry (12) an agricultural labourer, and two young children, Sidney b. 1854 and Frederick b. 1858. By 1871 Joseph Blacker had taken on the duties of sexton and he and Kezia lived with just their sons Henry, Sidney and Frederick. Susan was a laundry maid at Castle Hill House, Filleigh, Devon - the home of the Earl, Hugh Fostiscue, Lieut. for Devon (1871). She married railwayman William Jenkins (b. 1849 Chislehampton, Devon) in 1874, S. Molton. He became a stationmaster and they lived in Kimberworth, Yorkshire in 1881 but by 1901 they managed the Foundry Arms, Bandwell Road, Sheffield. .

Henry was also recorded in 1871 as being a visitor (and carpenter) in Church Street, Croscombe, at the home of George Edward Baker. In 1881 Joseph Blacker and Kezia lived alone but were visited by their grandson Harry J. Blacker from Croscombe (son of Henry). Their son Henry (4a) was a porter and, married and lived in Bedminster, Bristol. Frederick was still single, a servant gardener in Hendon, Middlesex (1881), and by 1891 had married Sarah (b. 1851 Clapham) and lived at Lanarth Lodge, Hendon.

Sidney, married Rachel Lloyd on 2 Jul 1876 Clifton (had so Percival b. 1877 Barton Regis) but she died in 1879 - he then married Ann Collins (b. 1849 Ilfracombe) on 2 Jun 1880 (Jun Q 6a/298 Barton Regis) and they lived at 6, Thorndale, Clifton, Bristol in 1881 but she died 1888 - no children. He married Ann Langley 14 Jan 1891 and they lived at 3, Ambra Terrace, Clifton in 1891. A son Sydney Harold was born 1895. He was still a gardener in Clifton, Bristol in 1901 and 1911 and died 1934 at Long Ashton.

Frederick married Sarah Perry (nee Kirby) on 23 Aug 1880 Hampstead - they had no children. He died 30 Jul 1894 at 16, Tapster Street, Middlesex.

Kezia died in 1882 and Joseph married her sister-in-law Jane Allen, the widow of Frederick Allen. # Joseph died in 1887. At Court Lodge in 1891, Jane Blacker, widow aged 70, lived on Parish Relief assisted by Annie Allen her granddaughter aged 10 (b. 1880 Sep Q 5c/524 Wells), # the daughter of William and Anna Allen of Butleigh Wootton. Jane died in 1900.

2c1) Henry Blacker Chr. 13 Aug 1848 (Sep Q 10/496 Wells) Butleigh, carpenter, 51-31, 61-55, 71-81

Henry was listed on the census twice in 1871, not only in Butleigh but also recorded in 1871 as being a visitor (and carpenter) in Church Street, Croscombe, at the home of George Edward Baker. Harry J. was born in Croscombe about then. Also visiting George Baker at the time was Eliza Bishop (b. 1848 Butleigh) #. Henry lost his wife and second son within a few days of each other in 1875 and in 1879 he married again. In 1881 Harry (also called Henry) lived with his grandparents Joseph and Kezia Blacker (4). His father Henry and wife Jane were found in 1881 at 40, Greenbank Rd., Bedminster, Bristol with his father's occupation given as a 'deal porter' and Jane a tailoress. In 1891 Henry and Jane lived with son Joseph H. Blacker (b. 1871 Bristol St. Pauls = Joseph Henry). In 1901 they lived again with their now widowed stepson George Richards, in Bedminster.

2d) William Blacker Chr. 23 Nov 1823 Butleigh, servant, later police constable, d. 1889 (Sep Q 2a/178 Kingston Surrey) 41K-18, 61-58

William Blacker (37) lived in Kingweston in 1841 (as a servant in Kingweston House) and was a house servant in Cowbridge, Hertford St. Andrew, Herts in 1851. He married there but his wife died around 1859. Based on her birthplace, Martha must have been his child. In 1851 Martha was 5 months old living with her mother Martha Blacker (29 married - a Buss maker) and a Walter Aldridge Blacker (7 - months?) in George Street, Bengeo, Herts. Her father was absent at the time. Martha's mother had come from Surrey and her father and sister lived there in 1871 so perhaps she is the Martha Elizabeth who married there in 1867 (Sep Q 2a/376 Croydon). William returned to Butleigh and lodged with Thomas Andrews in Oddway in 1861 with his two children William Henry (9) - and Jane (1). In 1871 he appeared, with daughter Jane, in Esher, Surrey as a grocer married to Sarah Goodchild from Wiltshire. In 1881 William's occupation was wood-dealer and daughter Jane was a housemaid at "Strathyham", Ewell Rd., Kingston on Thames. The son William's fate is uncertain but he may be the coal-miner in Llanhilleth, Monmouthshire in 1891.

2e) Edward Blacker Chr. 11 Sep 1825 Butleigh, labourer, bur. 5 May 1871 (Jun Q 5c/390 Wells) Butleigh 41-6, 51-24, 61-59, 71-74

In 1851 Edward Blacker (25) and his wife Ann (25) appear as neighbours of Charles Dyer in Main Street living there with their son Walter and Ann's father John Oldis (67). John Oldis died 1855 (Jun Q 5c/418 Wells - Oldist). Edward was the son of James Blacker and born in the village. Edward Blacker and family had moved to Dumb Lane by 1861 where they followed James Blacker junior.

Walter joined the army and is found at North Barracks, Walmer, Kent as a private in 1871. By 1891 he was a Warrant Officer in the Royal Marines married to Amelia Sarah Redsull (b. 13 Aug 1858 Deal, Kent - married 23 Aug 1883 Sep Q 2a/1425 Eastry) and lived at the Royal Marine Barracks, East Stonehouse, Devon. In 1901 Walter and Amelia lived at 1, Waterloo Rd., Gillingham, Kent with three children. Walter was then a quarter master of the Royal Marines. Walter died 10 Aug 1904 Gosport and Amelia on 6 Dec 1947 Gosport. Of their three children; Walter (b. 26 May 1884 Walmer, Kent) was lost at sea on HMS Good Hope at the battle of Coronel - he left a wife (Gertrude Ida Brown, m. 5 Oct 1909) and two children; Harold Arthur (b. 1885, Deal) a soldier who married 9 Oct 1922 Portsmouth to Ellen Butcher (b. 25 Dec 1899 Portsmouth) and they had five children - Harold died 30 Apr 1945 Gosport; Maud Marion (b. 1887 Deal) married soldier Walter Aran Holder - no children.

Matilda aged 9 lived with her grandmother Elizabeth Oldis. Elizabeth had lived in Dumb Lane next door to James Blacker in 1851 - she died in 1872. Matilda became a servant in the house of Dr. J. C. Harris MD of 2, Park View Villas, Croydon, in 1871. She married Private of the 10th Hussars Edward Toon on 31 Oct 1871 (Dec Q 2a/315 Croydon) and in 1873 they sailed to India on HMS Jumna. A daughter Emily was b.c. 1876 at Muttra and another Ellen Louisa at Rawalpindi in 1879. Edward died 11 Nov 1879 (bur. 12th) of dysentery and Matilda returned home with the children. Ellen died of measles 1 Apr 1880 at Burford, Oxon. In 1881 Matilda was a servant in Staines, Middlesex. In 1891 she and Emily worked in Egham Surrey. By 1901 Matilda was a cook in Heston, Middlesex. In 1911, calling herself Grace Toon she was of 'no occupation' living at 11, Railway Terr., Thorpe Rd., Egham. Only one of her children was still alive.

After his wife Ann's death in 1864 Edward and son Arthur moved to the High Street (1871).

His daughter Elizabeth acted as a servant to her uncle and aunt, William and Grace Look, in Quarry Lane (1871). She married George Wright (b. 1855 Warfield, Berks) on 26 Dec 1877 (Dec Q 1d/312 St. Saviour Southwark) and who lived thereafter in Egham, Surrey. They had a son George b. 1884, a carpenter, who appeared with them on the 1911 census at 'Avalon' Runnemede Rd., Egham. George later lived some years in Canada.

Edward Blacker died in 1871 aged 46.

Ellen was a servant at Parsonage Farm, Butleigh in 1871 and was the cook at Manor Lodge, Egham Surrey in 1881. She then became cook at Arundel House, Twickenham, Middlesex by 1891. The next year she married the German confectioner & tobacconist Joseph Hensch (b. 1847 Germany) on 7 Sep 1892 (Sep Q 3a/223 Brentford) and they lived in 135, High Street, New Brentford Middlesex. They had an only son, Walter George (b. 6 Jul 1893 Brentford). In 1911 they had moved to 107 High Street, Brentford (name reads Heusch) and Ellen died 8 May 1944 Redhill County Hospital after a fall at home.

Arthur joined the Royal Navy on 17 may 1878 and is found in 1881 aboard the Iron Duke as 'stoker'. He spent several periods in prison for disciplinary reasons (Carnarvon Gaol 21 day, Bodmin gaol 42 day, Lewes gaol 42 days plus shorter periods in cells). By 16 May 1890 he was a leading stoker and received a good conduct medal, just after his marriage on 13 Jan 1890 at Chatham to Elizabeth Buck and birth of a son, Arthur Edward, a few months later on 20 Jun 1890 Chatham. He joined HMS Swift on 1 Jan 1891 and died 26 Oct 1891 at Shanghai of fever and exhaustion. His son became a bandsman in the Gordon Highlanders, was awarded the DCM in WWI and died 21 Nov 1936 at Kaduna, Nigeria of Blackwater fever

3) Thomas Blacker

Thomas was paid 3/- by the OOP in Dec 1785. Doesn't seem to be a Kingweston Blacker – presumably a sojourner passing through?

4) Joseph/John Blacker b. 1816 Butleigh, horse keeper see (1a1A) under son John


1) B. Blackmore of Wootton Houseadvertised the sale of cockrels in the Western Gazette 5 Sep 1919. Presumably a servant.


1) William Blackwood of St. Marylebone, b. 1786, d. 1842 (Mar Q 1/18 St. George Hanover Sq)

This lady was the mother of the Rev. William F. Neville's wife Fanny (born Blackwood) and her death registered in London. She appears on the 1841 census when she lived at 68 Eaton Place, Westminster with her husband William Blackwood and daughter Fanny. # On the 1851 census she was a widow, alone at 23, Chesham St, Hanover Sq


1) Mr. Blake of Glastonbury – bought 37 cwt of old lead from the church on August 14th 1750.

2) Robert Blake [a Robert Blake, adult, was bur. 5 May 1765 Glastonbury]

Robert received 10/- in his necessity from the OOP in May 1773. In 1773/4 Thomas Barnaby received £2 18 0d from the OOP for Robert Blake's bastard. This was Robert Blake Withers Chr. 20 Aug 1759 Butleigh illegit. s.o Mary Withers.

3) Jacob Blake b. 29 Nov 1805 Chr. 4 Feb 1806, Compton Dundon, smith, s.o. Thomas and Hannah (née Bartlett) Blake, died. 15 Dec 1881 (Dec Q 5c/321 Wells), bur. 21 Dec Butleigh 41W-15, 51-24, 61-56, 71-80, 81-95

Jacob, a smith, and Charlotte appear in 1841 at Butleigh Wootton with their first seven children. Thomas married Isabella Tucker in Butleigh on 14 Mar 1850 (Mar Q 10/743 Wells) - in 1841 she had lived in Butleigh with her parents. # Emigrated to Iowa USA. By 1851 Jacob and Charlotte lived in the west end of the High Street, then called Church Street, and Jacob, who was by then a master smith, employed 4 men. Of the children the three youngest were with Jacob in 1861 but William had married and lived as a smith in Butleigh Wootton. Thomas, Mary Ann, John and James and Ann all emigrated to the USA.

Elizabeth married Frederick Lye of Wootton in 1847 (Dec Q 10/782 Wells). #

Hannah married stonemason William Chambers in 1852 (Dec Q 5c/1081 Wells) later having six children and they lived mostly in Frome. #

In 1871 Jacob and Mary lived with just a servant at 27 (or 29) High Street. In the Western Gazette 26 Sep 1879 Jacob put his house to let 'comfortable house, outbuildings, good garden and above four acres of orchard and pasture land. In 1880 Jacob was advertising hurdles for sale. [Western Gazette 17 Sep 1880].

In 1881, probably at a different abode in the High Street, they again lived alone with just a servant. Jacob died aged 76 in 1881 and Charlotte must have moved to live with one of her children (Cardiff according to the PR burials) and died in 1883. The Western Gazette 23 Dec 1881 announced the auction of the late Jacob's household furniture, prime hay etc at Butleigh.

After Jacob's death a legal case was brought by Stuckley's banking Company against William Blake executor de son tort of Jacob deceased. The claim was £31 13s 3d amount due on the deceased's current account. There was another case in which the same question arose and it was agreed that the verdict in one should be the verdict in the other. Mr. Bulleid [Bank's lawyer] in stating the case said that in February last Jacob Blake an ironmonger of Butleigh died and in the following month the son instructed a Mr. Knight, an auctioneer, to sell his father's effects. The sale took place and the money was paid over to the defendant in the present case. It appeared that there was a Will in which the deceased had appointed his wife executrix, but that will had never been proved – Mr. Bulleid quoted cases in support of his claim that the defendant was executor de son tort but Mr. Morris on the other hand contended that the defendant was only an agent. His Honour held that the defendant had not acted as executor de son tort and gave a verdict for the defendant at the same time advising that the will should be proved as soon as convenient.

3a) William Blake b. 1 Oct, Chr. 9 Dec 1833 Butleigh, son of Jacob, died 1901 (Jun Q 11a/233 Cardiff) 41W-15, 51-24, 61W-65

William married Susannah in 1855 and by 1861 they had moved to Butleigh Wootton from Butleigh with William working as a smith, like his father. By 1871 William had become the publican of 'The Talbot Arms Inn' at 47, St. Mary's Street, Cardiff. In 1881 he was listed as a 'Cab proprietor' and lived at 3, Blake's Terrace, Cardiff. See previous for the legal case regarding the will of his father. By 1891 his country roots had taken him over and he became a farmer at Cogan Hall Farm (Sally Road) Cogan, Glamorgan (with Agnes, William and Arthur). He and Susannah had retired by 1901 and lived at Sidely Rd., St. Andrews, Glam. where he died in 1901 aged 64. Susannah died in 1904 aged 67.

George Blake is found in 1871 as a schoolboy at 'The Iviers', Long Ashton. In 1879 (Jun Q 11a/287 Cardiff) he married the elegantly named Euphrasia Alice Fewings. By 1881 George was a publican living at 47, Holmesdale St., Lower Grangetown, Cardiff - they had one child - Ivor George (1). In 1891 George's profession was 'Beer House Keeper' and his children had increased to six. He died in 1896 (Mar Q 11a/213 Cardiff) aged only 39.

Hannah Broughton Blake married the general victualler David Charles John in 1878 (Dec Q 11a/310 Cardiff) and they then lived in Cardiff St. Mary where their first child born was the delightfully named Lily Orynthia born 4 Oct 1879 (Dec Q 11a/257 Cardiff). Hannah died in 1904 (Dec Q 11a/451 Bridgend) aged just 46.

Fanny was a pupil at the school, Westbury on Trym, in 1871. She married Edward J. Jones in 1877 (Dec Q 11a/327 Cardiff) and thereafter lived in Cardiff St. John.

Agnes Mary Blake married Thomas James Griffiths in 1893 (Dec Q 11a/562 Cardiff) but by 1901, widowed, lived with her four year old daughter Elsie in two rooms at 37, Ferry Rd., Canton, Cardiff.

3b) Samuel Blake b. 1848 (Dec Q 10/445 Wells) Butleigh, blacksmith 51-24, 61-56, 71-82

Mary Ann Mundy was the daughter of John and Jean Mundy of Reads Cottage, Somerton (1841). The next door neighbours of Samuel and Mary Blake in 1871 were the Mundy family from Ditcheat who may be relations. [see under Mundys #]

Samuel was Butleigh born and the son of the blacksmith Jacob Blake. He had married Mary in 1867 and with his wife and two children lived in Water Lane by 1871. A son John died shortly after birth in 1873 (Dec Q 5c/358 Wells). Samuel sold the blacksmith's shop to Colston Dunkerton. In the Western Gazette of 18 June 1880 under 'Liquidations by Arrangement' Samuel was listed as late of Butleigh, now of Christina Street, Cardiff, publican.

By 1881 the family were living at the "Six Bells" 19 Christine St, Cardiff where Samuel was a 'Pub House keeper'. In 1891 Samuel was again a blacksmith and they lived at 29, Lombard St., Merthyr Dovan, Glam. The Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser reported 26 Jan 1898 that Samuel, 49, on bail, kept the Swan public house in Eastbrook and was charged with having received a bag of wheat the property of Alfred Morgan Suen on 29th Oct 1897 knowing it to have been stolen. He received three months imprisonment with hard labour.

By 1901 the family had moved to Bristol and lived at 48, Thornleigh Rd., Ashley where Samuel was listed as a greengrocer. Probably the Samuel who died in 1919 (Dec Q 6a/197 Bristol).

Their son George Blake, married Annie [Wilkins?] (b. 1866 Morvill, Pembroke) in 1890 (Jun Q 11a/1222 Swansea?) and appears with her in 1891 at 15, Harvey Street, Cadoxton Juxta Barry, Glam., with son Jacob (3), working as a stationary engine driver. In 1901 he was in Heysham, Lancs. at Dalton Rd., no occupation given, and with two sons Jacob and Charlie.

Kate married George Clifford in 1886 (Mar Q 11a/421 Cardiff) and in 1891 they lived in Brook Terrace, Cadoxton Juxta, Barry, Glamorgan with four month old William. By 1901 they lived in Bristol.

Alice Maud married William King in 1888 (Dec Q 11a/374c Cardiff) and lived in Cadoxton Juxta, Barry. Beatrice was with her parents in 1881 but may be the Beatrice who died in 1885 (Jun Q 11a/176 Cardiff) aged 10.

4) Philip Blake b. 1801 Compton Dundon, s.o. John Blake [Chr. 19 Mar 1797 Compton Dundon s.o. John and Mary Blake]

Philip was in Caundle Stourton in 1841 with his wife Edith and daughter Elizabeth, plus a son William. By 1851 he lived there with just his children. He married Hester in Butleigh in 1851. She may have been a cousin. Philip must have died in the 1850's because in 1861 Hester Blake was 'mother-in-law and widow living with her stepdaughter Elizabeth Blake (40 unmarried) in Caundle Stourton, Dorset.


1) Humphrey Blanckard [probably buried Butleigh in the 1677 – 1714 PR Gap]

Probably the Humphrey Blanchett who married Alice Samways at Wookey on 13 May 1652 both of Parish Burtle? = Butley? A Thomas Blanchard married 12 jun 1687 in Bath, to Mary Spink [the only other Thomas Blanchard I have found!].


1) Elizabeth Blenkinsop b. 1825, bur. 26 Sep 1877 (Sep Q 5c/326 Wells) Butleigh

Elizabeth appears as a married servant, a cook, on the 1861 census in Baltonsborough, to the Rev. Samuel Bowles. Nfi



Elizabeth Curtis had two children; Chr. 1768 and 1771 both surnamed Blenman. Jane Ayres had three children Chr. 1763, 1765 and 1771 surnamed Blenman. All these children died in infancy plus a sixth.

1) Thomas Blenman clothier, died 1719 ?

A Thomas Blinman of Durleigh [misreading of Butleigh?] married Eliz. Elliot in Goathurst on 5 Nov 1696.

Thomas was a ratepayer from 1699 to 1719, Overseer of the Poor in 1706, and was immediately followed by Edward, presumably his son. Elizabeth Blenman must be the person who married John Bown Butleigh 18 Apr 1720. See (2) and (3) below who were both Christened as adults, on 7 May 1727 – related to this exact family?

DD/S/BT/20/5/1 - 1] Thomas Blenman of Butleigh, clothier, 2] Nicholas Hickes of Bristol, 3] Hugh Levett of Bristol, merchant and John Bartlett of Bristol, mercer, 4] Henry Pope the elder, yeoman, 5] John Will the elder of Kingweston, mason Assignment of Barecroft (4a) at Eastmead, Lane Close (1a) by the river and 3 yds arable at Staddlecombe in West field, Butleigh. Date: 1716

C 11/2226/34 Short title: Blynman v Hicks. Document type: Bill and answer. Plaintiffs: Thomas Blynman, clothier of Butleigh, Somerset. Defendants: Nicholas Hicks, esq and Stephen Slade. 1720

1a) Edward Blenman b. c. 1696? [Christened as adult 21 Dec 1716 Butleigh] bur. 10 Mar 1764/5 Butleigh

Edward was a ratepayer from 1718 together with Joane and next to his father Thomas. In 1719 he paid rates jointly with Henry Callow and did so until 1722 then paid them on his own until 1751/2, the year of his wife's death? In 1750-1 Edward's rates remained unpaid to the CW at year's end. In 1752 the OOP paid for two coats and a shift for Amy. In 1752/3 Edward had his rent paid and goods hauled to a new address. His rent was paid by the Overseers of the Poor until 1764 and then in 1764/5 they paid the rent for Joan Blenman [a daughter or second wife? In April 1765 the OOP paid for Edward's coffin and gave Joan Blenman and her son 3/9d. In May and June 1765 Susannah Gregory was paid for attending Joan's son and Joan received money in her necessity. Joan received money in her distress from the Overseers on a regular basis.

Joan/Jane's rent was still being paid in 1778 and she then lived with the Bown family [Elizabeth Blenman had married John Bown – see (1)]. She is listed together with Jane Colmer in 1800 when receiving assistance. The overseers paid her a motnly allowance until November 1801. In the December of 1801 the OOP paid for her coffin.

1a1) Edward Blinman Chr. 10 Jun 1719 Butleigh, bur. 11 Apr 1772 Butleigh

In 1754 Edward was paid by the Overseers for killing a polecat. The Edward who was Overseer of the Poor in 1758 was probably this one since his father was a recipient. In 1766 Edward paid rates jointly with Philip Avery (OOP) but from April and November 1767 accounts he was listed separately, though next to the Averys – and was probably the father of Jane Ayres illegitimate children born in 1763, 66 and 1771. Edward paid the rates on his property until his death. In 1770 Edward paid two rates, as previously for part of Avery's and also for part of Sarah Kelways. This latter was taken over by Mr. Moore in 1771. Edward paid rates in 1772 but then rates were also paid that year 'by the executors of the Late Edward Blenman'. In 1774/5 William Look took over part of his property.

DD/S/BT/8/3/12 1] Joseph Greenham of Chiselborough 2] Philip Avery of Butleigh 3] Edward Blinman of Butleigh 4] John Castle of Butleigh, glazier Assignment of mortgage term on Browns well (6a), Shelfhedge (6a), 1a arable adjoining Stones piece, 2a by highway from New Date: 1766.

DD/S/BT/8/3/15-33 1] Edward Blinman of Butleigh yeoman 2] Edward Parfitt of Wells Mortgage of Brownswell (6a), Shelfhedge (6a), Dosthill (2.5a), Longhill (5a), 1a at Dosthill, and 2a in Butleigh West Field. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1770.

DD/S/BT/8/3/15-33 Longhill (5a), 1a at Dosthill, and 2a in Butleigh West Field. With copy will of Thomas Avery of Butleigh (1743), copy deeds (1766), legal bills, memoranda, receipts, extract of the will of Edward Blinman of Butleigh (1772) and vouchers.. [Somerset Archive Date: 1784.

The following are the burials recorded 1768 - 1773 in Butleigh under this surname – sired by Edward Blenman? Jane Ayres {who married James Andrews in 1770] also had the following children Edward Blenman Chr. 29 May 1765 Butleigh buried as Edward Eyres in 1785, and Elizabeth Blenman Chr. 3 Jun 1771Butleigh. Jane and her husband James Andrews occupied the Blenman property after Edward Blenman's death. In Jul 1778 Jane Hodges was paid for [looking after?] the 'Blenman bastard'.

1768 14 5

Blenman Jane d.o. Jane Ayres [Chr. 13 Feb 1763]

1769 20 5

Blenman Elizabeth BB d.o. Elizabeth Curtis

1773 9 9

Blenman Edward BB s.o. Elizabeth Curtis

The following adults were Christened in Butleigh: Hannah and Mary on 7 May 1727. Possibly children of Thomas or Edward (1a)?

2) Mary Blenman Chr. 7 May 1727 Butleigh, married John Martin in Butleigh on 28 Sep 1734

Mary was paid by the OOP for tending Mary Pope in 1732.

3) Hannah Blenman Chr. 7 May 1727 Butleigh, buried 8 May 1740 Butleigh.

In 1736 the Overseers paid for Hannah to be brought from Bath and paid her for her relief, heating and rent. The Overseers also paid for her return to Bath and her relief there. In 1737 and 1738 her rent was paid again and she was bought wood for heating – she lived with John Bown [as did Joan Blenman – see (1) above]. In 1738 the OOP also bought her dowlas (calico), a sheet and bolster cloth. In 1739 her rent was paid and she was bought another sheet. Her rent was paid up to her death and she received payments in her necessity and a 'change'. A payment made in 1741 for 'moving Hannah Blenman' must have been related to her burial.


1) Edward Blore b. 13 Sep 1787 Derby (or Edinburgh), artist and architecht, son of Thomas Blore, d. 4 Sep 1879

Edward Blore was a 19th century British landscape and architectural artist, architect and antiquary. Blore is most notable for his completion of John Nash's design of Buckingham Palace, following Nash's dismissal. He designed the family pew in St. Leonard's Church, Butleigh for the Rev. George Neville-Grenville in 1828. A drawing of the pew appears in a letter he wrote to the Rev.Nevuille-Grenville who resided at Hawarden in the 1820's. RIBA 67712 and 67715 show the letter and a drawing of the pew from the front. The letter included his estimate of £440 for works to be executed. He also submitted sketch designs for rebuilding Butleigh Court [RIBA 67713 and 67714] which were never executed and a further sketch ofor the stables [RIBA 68044] also never executed.


(see under Whatton)


1) John Board married Butleigh 23 Nov 1728 Johanna Giles#

2) Samuel Beard [a Samuel Beard Chr. 23 Aug 1734 Wayford, s.o. Henry and Elizabeth Beard, abode Closet, only contender so far]

3) Vile Board b. 1791, [s.o. Vile and Sarah (nee Peddle) Board?], died 1851 (Mar Q 10/324 Langport)

Vile mentioned first in the OOP accounts in Feb 1817 when paid his expenses at Somerton. He supplied the reeds for thatching Talbot's house in March 1817. He was Overseer in 1819. Appears several times as witness to OOP accounts. Adverts in several papers in September 1828 refer to the sale of a desirable farm in Butleigh with new built farmhouse and over 96 acres in the occupation of Vile Board. Vile Board lived in Charlton Village, Charlton Adam in 1841 with his wife and a servant. An earlier Vile Board [obviously a family name] was Chr. 1 Apr 1741 Somerton s.o. John and Susanna Board – possibly the one referred to first in the papers below. He and his wife Sarah [married 1768] had several children in the 1770's baptised in Somerton. That Vile Board died and was bur. 27 Mar 1807 Somerton aged 66 (address given as Lytes Cary). In 1827 Vile Board and Harriot Chant witnessed a marriage between a James Walton and Sarah Hoddinot in Somerton. Viles property was assessed in 1827 and the rateable value was £288 4s 10d on which he paid a rate of 10d in the pound. In September 1829 the OOP paid Mr. Board for wine and cheese for the Perambulation. On Wednesday the 5th November 1828 the late James Rocke's Farm and 96 acres in Butleigh occupied by Mr. Vile Board was auctioned off at the White Hart Inn, Glastonbury. A close of arable land called Long Gaston in Butleigh occupied by Vile was also auctioned, alongside several acres in Baltonsborough.

In 1851 Vile Board Walton b. 5 Aug 1809, Chr. 20 Jan 1810 Somerton, s.o. William and Jane Walton, [Innkeeper, Maltster, Auctioneer and farmer of 208 acres employing 15 labourers] lived in Broad Street, Somerton and Mary Board b. 1782 Somerton, widow stayed with them as visitor. In 1861 Mary Board lived in West Street, Somerton with her niece Ann Chant (b. 1835 Kingsdon). They were still there in 1871 plus James Knox grandson and four Boarders from the Cossens family.

A Vile Board Chr. 10 Oct 1819 in Charlton Mackrell, s.o. John and Esther Board must be related.

DD/S/BT/20/6/15 1] Vile Board Lytes Cary, Charlton Mackrell, yeoman 2] William Haggett of Somerton, yeoman 3] Robert Gooden of Somerton, innholder Assignment of 2.5a in Barpool, Somerton.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS]  Date: 1795

DD/S/BT/27/8/39 1] William Hagett Richards of Axminster, Devon and John Nicholetts of South Petherton trustees of William Cole Wood decd 2] Revd William Wood of Harley Street, Msex and John Wood of Inwood Lodge, Henstridge, executors 3] Vile Board Walton of Somerton innholder Draft assignment of land in Kings Sedgemoor, Somerton. 1848

DD/S/BT/26/12/31 1] Vile Board Walton of Somerton innholder 2] William Hungerford Morris Colston of West Lydford Draft mortgage of allotments in Kings Sedgemoor, Somerton.1848

DD/S/BT/26/12/39 1] Vile Board Walton of Somerton innholder 2] George Holland of Somerton, yeoman Draft assignment of land in Kings Sedgemoor, Somerton.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGHCOURT PAPERS]  1857

DD/S/BT/26/12/44-5 1] Vile Board Walton of Somerton innholder 2] Levi Pittard of Somerton, yeoman Draft assignment of land in Kings Sedgemoor, Somerton, with sketch plan. 1860

4) Sarah Board b. 1821, Somerset 41-4

Sarah was a servant at Corville in 1841 and is probably the Sarah Board born at Batcombe who lived the rest of her life there. She was absent from Batcombe in 1841 but in 1851 she was back with her parents, Richard and Ann Board at Kale Street, Batcombe, where her father was described as a pauper. Sarah was a laundress all her life and never married (though called 'widow' aged 68 in 1891!).


[Boblett, Bobbitt]

1) Thomas Boblett b. 1785 Butleigh, Chelsea Pensioner, died 1862 (Mar Q 5c/431 Wells) [bur. Lunatic asylum East Horrington 14 Mar 1862 aged 74]

Thomas lived in Benedict St., Glastonbury in 1861. He was married. A Thomas Bobbett married in 1844 (Jun Q 10/861 Wells) [Hester Laver b. 1805 Glastonbury]. In 1861 Hester Bobbett, married, lodged alone in Cart Lane, Glastonbury. She was still there in 1871 but widowed.

2) Ann Bobbet

The OOP paid for expenses at Somerton, an order for removal and the cost of John Squire Lucas taking Ann Bobbet twice to Bridgwater 1834.

3) Henry John Bobbett b. 1882 Corton Denham/Sutton Montis, cowman, s.o. George Bobbet, bur. 21 Mar 1964 (Mar Q 7c/302 Wells) Butleigh

Henry John or John Henry is elusive to find on any census. One John, s.o. George and Maria lived at Meare in 1891 – a Weare Bible Christian Circuit baptism 22 May 1881 at Bleadney Chapel – father George, a labourer, mother Maria Bobbett. On the 1911 census in Crannell Cottage near Wells is Henry John Bobbett (b. 1879 Henton, Som.) with wife Blanche (26) and five children – Kate (9), Alice (8), Edward (4) Harry (2) and Geoffrey (8 months ) the last three born Coxley.

Henry was a widower when he married Rose Mary. They died at 16 High Street, Butleigh. He qualified for a Chelsea Pension having joined on 1 Nov 1898 Prince Albert's Somersetshire Light Infantry.


1) Samuel Boldfordin March 1819 the OOP paid Samuel for providing house room and attendance to May Coombes.


(Bonn, Bound, Bown)

1) John Bond/George Bond Dr.

The first mention of Dr. Bond in the OOP accounts occurred in March 1792 when he was paid half a year's salary (£4). Dr. Bond was paid every six months and 6 guineas became the regular payment. Occasional special payments were made: June 1803 – 'for two bottles of Reainis syrup for Jane Colmer at 13/- per bottle'. In August 1815 Dr. Bond made a journey to Glastonbury to have the Parish children innoculated against the Cowpox against the order of Mr. Gould.

In 1820: 'George Bond agrees for himself and father to attend the Poor of Butleigh for the sum of £12 12 0 which is to include all medical cases & casualties to attend all Midwiffery cases for half a guinea each - and we the undersigned agree to make Messrs Bond a present for their extra attendance in amputating limbs and compound fractures.' In March 1826 Dr. Bond was paid 7 guineas for amputating Thomas Sealy's thigh. In September 1825 he amputated William Riddock's foot (2 guineas).

John Bond surgeon was mayor of Glastonbury from Michaelmas 1817 – 1818. In Pigots directory of 1822 under surgeons in Glastonbury there is 'John Bond and son , High Street.

George Bond surgeon was Deputy Mayor of Glastonbury from Dec 27th 1827 until Michaelmas 1828 then Mayor until Michaelmas 1829. [A William Bond vet and surgeon lived in Baltonsborough in the 1840's]

2) John Bond b. 1742, bur. 17 Dec 1788 West Lydford aged 46

John Bond was the subject of an examination and warrant in Wells in March 1784 and subsequent removal with his family from Butleigh to West Lydford. (OOP)

3) William Bond b. 1814 [Chr. 11 Oct 1811 Glastonbury St. John, s.o. John and Sarah Bond?] Glastonbury, stone cutter, bur. 25 May 1888 (Jun Q 5c/352 Wells) Butleigh 41-12, 51-28, 61-51, 71-75, 81-98

In 1841 William Bond (37) and his wife Mary are found in Oddway and stayed there all their lives. In 1851 'Uncle' James Higgins (60) unmarried was listed as their lodger and was still there in 1861 - he died in 1870 (Dec Q 5c/429 Wells) aged 85. The family were at "Curtis's" in 1861 - but this may be the same address in Oddway/Barton Road? Frederick Bond became a shoemaker boarding with James Nutt, tailor in Street High Street in 1861. Sarah Jane was a servant in 1861 in Water Barrow, Street (to Celia Clothier) but reappears in Butleigh in 1871. William's wife Mary died. in 1865.

In 1871 Fanny was a servant in the house of James Phillips, a "Manchester Warehouseman" at Addiscombe Rd., Croydon, London and in 1881 she was a parlourmaid at Howden House, at Tiverton, Devon - home of John Hamilton JP. She married James Jones in 1883 (Jun Q 5c/991 Bath) and they lived at Lyncombe & Widcombe.

No further information on Ellen Bond. William (b. 1842) must have joined the Navy and is found in 1891 at Roundswell, Tawstock, Devon as a Naval Pensioner, married to Mary Ann (b. 1846 Bideford, Devon) and with 4 children - later he was proprietor of the "Lamb & Flag" Inn at Swimbridge (1901).

Sarah Jane Bond married William Stone in 1874 (Dec Q 5c/658 Langport) and they lived in Barton St. David.

William snr was still in Oddway in 1881 when he is described as a Lime Burner. William died in 1888 aged 77. John, for whom no baptism entry exists in the PR, married and appeared at 12, High Street in 1891 (1a).

Grace ended up in the Wells Union Workhouse in 1891 but was later a domestic servant at 38, Old Wells Road, Glastonbury in 1901 (home of John Francis, a haulier) where she was accompanied by Frederick Bond (b. 1883/6 Butleigh) - her son. He too was in the Workhouse in 1891- see below. Grace aged 49 married 36 year old farm labourer Samuel Lawrence in 1910 (Dec Q 5c/1046 Wells) and they lived at Northload Bridge, Glastonbury.

William junior surfaces on the 19o1 census at Barnstaple Devon as an Innkeeper and in 1911 living with his wife Mary Ann and stating that they had had eight children of whom one had died. His occupation was retired Naval Mariner.

3a) John Oldish Bond b. 1853 (Jun Q 5c/631 Wells) Butleigh, engine driver (road roller) 61-51, 71-75, 81-98, 91-113, 01-134

John appeared at Somerton Petty Sessions in November 1880 charged with Frederick Buxton of night poaching on land belonging to Ralph Neville-Grenvuille on October 18th at 11.00pm. They were in possession of a hare caught with a wire. Buxton didn't appear and was said to have joined the army.

1891 John Bond (39) engine driver (Road roller) and wife Sarah (31), who he had married in 1885, lived with their with son Albert Victor in Water Lane, in 4 rooms. They had a lodger, William Mortimer (60) an engine fitter. In 1901 John Bond, Sarah and son Albert lived with Sarah's mother Eliza Jane Higgins (69) a monthly sick nurse. # Eliza, who had previously appeared (1861) in Butleigh with her husband Charles, was a laundress in Baltonsborough in 1891, living with her daughter Marina. Eliza died in 1902 (Dec Q 5c/307 Wells). On the 1911 census John and Albert lived alone at 79, Quarry Lane. John was a general labourer and Albert a baker. Sarah was visiting Charles and Fanny Rogers in Baltonsborough on census night.

Albert Victor died aged 31 in 1918 and has a military headstone – M2/054834 Private Royal Army Service Corps..

3b) Grace Bond Chr. 15 Jun 1856 Jun Q 5c/647 Wells) Butleigh 61-51, 71-75, 81-98 [d. 1916 (Dec Q 5c/596 Wells) aged 54?]

Grace seems to have had a series of children and in 1891 appears at the Wells Union Workhouse with son Frederick and daughter Mary. Frederick is probably the Frederick Lye Bond registered 1883 (Dec Q 5c/505 Wells). He appears as a hauliers carter with Grace Bond (b. Butleigh), who was unmarried, in 1901 at the home of John Francis, haulier, at 38, Old Wells Road, Glastonbury. Presumably his father was a member of the Lye family in Butleigh.

4) Mary Bond b. 1824 Stoke St. Mary, Som., nurse, d.o. Samuel Bond 61-55

In 1861 Mary lodged with the Rev. William F. Neville at the Parsonage where she helped his wife Fanny with her youngest child Francis. She married the widowed publican Joseph Chick (b. 1811 Crewkerne) in Butleigh on 2 Sep 1868 (Sep Q 5c/783 Wells) and they lived at the "Crown and Tower" in Taunton in 1871.

5) Louise Charlotte Bond b. 1866 (Dec Q 1a/279 St. Geo. Hanover Sq) London, d.o. Nathaniel and Lady Selina (nee Scott, d.o. 2nd Earl Eldon) Bond, d. 1963 (Sep Q 6b/92 Bournemouth) 01-145

In 1871 the parents lived at Hamilton Place, St. George Hanover Square, London. Extremely wealthy from both sides of the marriage they had eleven children. Lady Selina Scott's grandfather had been Lord Chancellor of England. These three sisters lived at Corvyle in 1901. All of independent means. Rachel had married Capt. Paul Warner Bush# R.N. in 1900 and they had a child baptised in Butleigh in June 1901 - probably the reason for their visit to Butleigh. In 1911 Leonora and Louisa lived with their brothers Gerald (a land agent), Claud and Walter de Gray Bond at East Holme, Wareham, Dorset.

4) William Bond b. 1855 Butleigh

In 1911 this person boarded at Picton, Chester, Cheshire as a retired person. Not certain who this can be – not William Bond (1842). Not found on other censuses.

5) John Bond labourer b. 1782 Glastonbury

In 1851 both these people were paupers and lived with their son Edward Bond (b. 1816 Glastonbury) in Benedict Road, Glastonbury.


1) Arthur Ernest Booker b. 1893 (Sep Q 5a/133 Bradford upon Avon) Winsley, Wilts, houseboy

Arthur worked at Butleigh Court in 1911. In 1901 he had lived with his widowed mother Harriet and grandfather John Jones in Winsley.


1) Mary Ann Boon b. 1824, from Bridgwater, died 4 Jan, bur. 9 Jan 1900 (Mar Q 5c/312 Bridgwater) Butleigh

Mary Ann is the Mary Ann Eades, widow, (b. 1824 Ash) married 27 Jun 1878 Somerton, to farmer Joseph Boon (b. 1808 Chedzoy) who lived in Bridgwater in 1891. Mary buried in Butleigh because her first husband Richard Eades born in Butleigh.


1) John Bosgreve bur. 20 May 1589 Butleigh

No other links found but for contemporaries; a Jone Bosgrave, widow, married a James Rawlins on 1 Feb 1607 Babcary. An Alice Bosgrove married Roger Dennys on 13 Nov 1591 at Kingsdon and an earlier Alice Besgrove married a Steven Betford [alias Purbick] at Long Sutton on 14 oct 1560. The commonest place in Prs for baptisms is Pitcombe including a John Chr. 3 Jun 1548.

Bovell/Boavel/Beavel see Bevell


1) Mr. Bawden of Shapwick

Mr. Bawden provided turf to the OOP in Feb 1786. Probably Robert Bawden who married Hannah Hull in Shapwick 3 Nov 1789 and having children there in the 1790's. Probable son of Esau Bawden who died in 1777 in Shapwick.

2) Mary Martin Bowden b. 1856 (Dec Q 5c/522 Wincanton) Queen Camel, d.o. John Bowden 71-76

Mary was the daughter of an agricultural labourer. She lived with her mother Honor and four sisters in Weston Bampfylde, Som., in 1861 and in 1871 was a servant to the farmer George Gare, Hill Farm on Butleigh Hill. She moved on to become the cook at "Mayfield Villa", Lee, Christchurch, London in 1881. In 1890 she married (Sep Q 5c/667 Yeovil) James Thomas Hill.


1) Harry Bowditch b. 1868 (Jun Q 5c/535 Wincanton) Castle Cary, son of Robert and Jane Bowditch, [estate] plumber and painter, bur. 27 Jun 1911 (Jun Q 6a/40 Bristol) Butleigh 91-121, 01-143

Agnes Amelia married William S. Barber of Barton St. David in Butleigh on 21 Jul 1919 (Sep Q 5c/1067). Agnes' daughter Muriel Barber, who married Corporal Douglas E. Osmond in Butleigh on 12 Oct 1940, informed me in 1991 that her grandfather Harry Bowditch, had worked for the squire Robert Neville-Grenville as a painter and decorator on the squire's estate. She told me that he had installed the water-closets in the Court and that he was an outspoken character. Most people curtseyed or bowed to the squire but Harry wouldn't and wouldn't allow his daughter to do so. On one occasion when out with a friend the squire passed by and the friend curtseyed but Agnes didn't. The squire commanded her to curtsey and she said to him “my father has told me never to stoop where there is nothing to pick up”. “Who is your father?” asked the Squire - “Harry Bowditch” she replied. “Oh! Well! You're a chip off the old block!” he said and rode on.


1) Henry Bowers a travelling hawker

Fined for allowing his five horses to stray on the highway on March 10th 1892 – fined 7s 6d at the Somerton Petty Sessions in March 1892 – his wife paid the fine.



1) William Bowring bur. 20 Sep 1812 Butleigh

3) Mary Bowring b. 1779, bur. 20 Jan 1822 Butleigh aged 43

4) Benjamin Bowering b. 1771 outside Somerset, sojourner, farmer, from Polsham, bur. 22 May 1844 (June Q 10/357 Wells) Butleigh

Benjamin arrived in Butleigh and is mentioned in January 1797 when he received £5 as a result of having been chosen by ballot to serve in the militia. He married Mary in 1800 and also started paying rates in 1800-1801 on a property 'late John Talbot'. On 25th Mar 1800 he was witness to the wedding in Butleigh of Edith Dyke to Robert Tarzwell of Street – she was Mary Dyke's sister and Robert Tarzwell was witness to Benjamin's wedding. A James Dyke witnessed another marriage in Butleigh on the same day. Other Dyke weddings in Butleigh were: Hester Dyke 25 Mar 1806 to Charles Richmond# of Shepton Mallet [bur. 30 Apr 1836 Butleigh aged 52] and Elizabeth Dyke 9 Apr 1806 to William Green of Pilton. A Mary Bowering aged 43 who was bur. 20 Jan 1822 Butleigh may have been Benjamin's sister.

Benjamin was probably farming in his own right (not as a labourer) but was also possibly engaged by the Hood family since in 1801 he signed the document (OOP) employing George Chant of Somerton as a doctor for the poor of Butleigh, on behalf of Mrs. Hood. He was elected Overseer in 1810. In 1811 he received expenses for attending the trial of Francis. Benjamin paid rates on his property until 1823/4 but in 1824 the rates were paid by Mrs. Hood and on March 17th 1825 Benjamin was elected to serve as Overseer on behalf of Mrs. Hood's estate. Benjamin's property was assessed in 1827 and the rateable value was £273 18 1d on which he paid a rate of 10d in the pound.

Benjamin and Mary lived in Polsham, Wells in 1841 with their children John, Mary, Fanny, Benjamin and grandson Edwin. In 1851 widow Mary lived at Polsham with sons John and Alex and daughter Mary only.

Mary, retired, lived with daughter Mary and Nathaniel Look (b. 1794 Edgarley) in Meare in 1861. Mary senior was born in South Brent according to the 1851 census and West Pennard according to the 1871 census - when she lived in Polsham, Wells with her son Alexander. She died in 1871 aged 97. Alexander had married Betsey Look # and they appeared together in 1841 in Biddisham, near Wedmore.

Fanny appeared in Wells with her parents in 1841. She married farmer John Burridge in 1843 (Mar Q 10/764 Wells) and they lived at Biddisham where he was a substantial farmer. In 1871 they lived in the Manor house, Loxton and in 1881 at Shire Newton Farm, Monmouthshire.

4a) Alexander Bowring Chr. 1 Jan 1809 Butleigh Wootton Butleigh, farmer, died 1872 (Jun Q 5c/392 Wells)

In 1841 Alexander appeared in Biddisham with his wife Betsey (uncertain who her parents were - sister of Nathaniel?) and seems to be the same as the Alexander appearing in Wells at Polsham in 1851, with his mother Mary. On marriage to Betsey he was described as of 'St. Cuthbert's, Wells'. Alexander was a farmer of 250 acres at Polsham, Wells in 1861. His wife was then Mary Ann Sheppard who he had married in 1852. They were still there in 1871, and still with his mother - aged 97.

4b) Benjamin Bowering Chr. 11 Aug 1815 Butleigh Wootton, farmer

In 1841 Benjamin lived with his parents in Wells. At the same place in Wells, in 1841, lived Richard and Mary Frith and their children including a Mary Ann. In 1842 (Mar Q 10/753 Wells) he married Mary Ann Frith (b. 1818 Polsham, Wells) and by 1851 he and Mary farmed 106 acres at Plash House, Weare and had two daughters, Martha Ruth (5) and Mary Ruth (1). Benjamin farmed 85 acres at Weare in 1861 with wife Mary Ann and five children. By 1871 they still had five unmarried children at home.

4c) Edwin Bowring Chr. 9 Nov 1827 Butleigh, 'Colonist from Australia', illegitimate son of Mary Bowring, died 1897 (Mar Q 2b/198 Steyning) aged 69 [Will on line – left £75,806 0s 3d Probate 7 May to Emily Stuart Bowring]

Edwin was the illegitimate son of Mary (b. 1805) who later married Nathaniel Look in 1860 #. Mary and Edwin appear on the 1841 census with her parents at Polsham, Wells. Edwin left from London on the Tasmania arriving at Hobart on New Year's eve 1842 as a cabin passenger, just 15 years of age.

Edwin became overseer on the Archer property, Panshanger at Longford, Tasmania, and also leased the nearby property, Brambletye. In 1852 Edwin Bowring Esq of Brambletye House, Hobart, Van Diemans Land put notices of local births in 'The Courier'. His first wife, Elizabeth, died aged 21 after less than two months of marriage, as the result of a fall from a horse and she was described as a farmer's wife. The death certificate was issued at Evandale, which is near Longdale but even nearer to Launceston. She was buried at Campbell Town.

Edwin then married Emily Cowie (from a family of sketchers and artists) in 1854 and she drew many views of Panshanger while her husband was managing it in 1853-55, and she made equally competent large pencil drawings of their own property at the same time. Emily's father Robert Cowie (b. 4 Dec 1802 London) had emigrated to Hobart on the 'Sarah' arriving on 13 Jun 1828 and being wealthy was given 1,200 acres at St. Paul's River near Avoca which he named Brookstead. In Tasmania he married Juliana Luthman, the daughter of Abraham Luthman of the Donegal Regiment of Foot, who was of Swedish extraction. Robert spoke seven languages and was a wealthy man. His daughter Emma [von Stieglitz] was an accomplished sketcher a generation before her niece took up the hobby.

In 1861 Edwin Bowring was purchasing land between Ballarat and Melbourne in Crown Land sales. In 1851 gold had been discovered near Ballarat and the 'Gold Rush' began with 10,000 miners appearing in the first year. In 1863-64 the Bowrings were on Lyne Station, near Branxholme, Victoria, resulting in further sketches from Emily: Trap Scoria, Lyne (1864) is an example. After leaving Lyne the Bowrings lived in Britain, spending some time in Ireland with Emily's sister Mary and her husband, Charles Nichols. Edwin and Emily lived at 64, Leinster Sq., Paddington in 1871. In 1881 they lived at 6, Second Avenue, Hove Sussex from 'Houses and dividends' and had a nephew from Launceston, Tasmania with them – Joseph C. Nichols, an undergraduate at Cambridge. By 1891 they were still at No. 6 and calling themselves 'Gentleman' and 'Lady'! Edwin Bowring died 15 Feb 1897 at his residence 6, Second Avenue, Hove, West Brighton. Emily died whilst living with her sister Mary Maud Nichols in Ireland in 1912. A book 'Sketches in early Tasmania and Victoria by Emily Bowring' was written by Karl R. von Stieglitz in 1966, great-nephew of Emily's aunt, Emma von Stieglitz, daughter of George Cowie. PHOTO


A) General Sir George Bowles b. 1787, s.o. W. Bowles, Heale House, Wilts., d. 21 May 1876 Berkeley Square, London

Sir George fought at Waterloo with the Coldstream Guards, with whom he served from 1804 to 1843. He then became Military Secretary to the Duke of Richmond in Canada, Deputy Adjutant-General in the West Indies, Colonel in the 1st West India Regiment and Comptroller of the Viceregal Household in Dublin. By 1845 he was master of the Queen's Household and six years afterwards appointed Lieutenant of the Tower of London and awarded the K.C.B. He received the G.C.B. In 1873. He died aged 89 in May 1876 and left in his will £14,000 for what came to be designated 'The Sir George Bowles Charity' – Butleigh Hospital. He was cousin to Julia Roberta Neville-Grenville and a brass plaque commemmorated his bequest in the hospital hall. See – 'Butleigh Hospital, the first 100 years' by Joy Burden.

DD/S/BT//24/7/42 Will (1871) with letters of administration annexed of General Sir George Bowles of Mayfair listing his personal estate and legacies and leaving residue to Mrs Fowler for charitable purposes, administration granted to Julia wife of Ralph Neville Grenville, Sir George's sister Ann Fowler being a lunatic. 1871-76 [see Deeds of Hospital ground purchase 1881 in my possession]

1) Henry Bowles b. 1862 Low Ham, s.o. Henry and Ann Bowles 91-119

Henry was a general labourer who lodged at 26, High Street in 1891. In 1871 he lived with his parents in Compton Dundon and that is then given as his birthplace on the census, though his mother came from Low Ham. In 1881, still in Compton Dundon, his father and seven siblings gave Compton as birthplaces but Henry and his mother as High Ham! He called himself Henry Bowles Cullen [the name his birth was registered under] in 1891 when he married Ada Barber in Butleigh on 18 May. [see under Cullen #]


1) William Bowley widower [almost certainly meant to be Rowleysee Rowley 6a and 10]


(Bound is an earlier form)

1) Thomas Bown s.o. Thomas and Elizabeth Bown bur. 6 Aug 1732 Butleigh

The origins of this family begin in Butleigh in the PRGap of 1677-1714 but the name Bown seems absent from all Somerset records pre-1700.

2) John Bown bur. 27 Apr 1765 Butleigh

A John Bound received a bushel and 2 pecks of barley from the OOP in 1741 and had his rent paid. In March-Oct 1741 John's house rent was paid, his doctor's bill (Dr. Champeny Rocke) and he received 6 month's relief. In 1741/2 the churchwardens paid him for a day and a half's work. In 1744/5 the CW paid a John for killing hedgehogs – his son? In August 1751 John was paid by the CW for labouring work and in October for clearing away rubbish. In 1751/2 the OOP paid John Bown's bill (not stated what for though it could be for the next item – digging). The CWpaid him for killing 54 sparrows in 1752/3. House rent paid in 1757/8, 58/9, 59/60, 60, 61/2, 62/3, 63, 64. The OOP paid monthly assistance (8/- - 10/-) from 1762 until April 1765 – in that month they paid for his shroud (6d).

In 1765 the OOP paid the house rent for Elizabeth Bown and daughter. In April 1765 Amy received 6/- from the OOP in assistance but from May they paid 10/- to Elizabeth Bown and daughter. In 1765 she was called Betty when her rent was paid. In 1767 the rent was paid for Betty and daughter plus Jane (no surname but Blenman illegit. dau. Jane Ayres). From June 1768 – May 1769 Elizabeth also looked after her son Edward's two children – thereafter she received assistance for herself alone. In Sep '69 she was again paid for looking after Edward's two daughters as well as receiving assistance herself [until her death]. In 1768, 69, 1770 rent paid for Betty and daughter(s). In Apr 1771 the OOP paid for Elizabeth's goods to be taken to John Ayers house and I April 1772 they were taken to 'another house'. In 1772 rent was paid for Betty and daughter but in April 1773 the OOP paid for a coffin for Elizabeth Bown. A part of the 1772 rent paid appears in the 1773 accounts. In 1773, 74/5, 75/6, 76/7, 77/8 the house rent was paid for the 'Bown family' plus Joan Blenman who lived with them. After Elizabeth's death the OOP paid assistance for Edward's two daughters – then to Amy to look after them (see 1b). The OOP seems to distinguish between Elizabeth and a Betty Bown in 1770 – possibly the the latter is the wife of Richard (2) below?

2a) Edward Bown (Bound) Chr. 21 Aug 1725 Butleigh, bur. 9 Aug 1769 Butleigh

Edward paid by the CW in 1742/43 for 11 dozen sparrow heads and 1743/4 for 7 hedgehogs. This Edward's name misread in the PR (Phillimore) as Brown - he is almost certainly the Edward B(r)own who married Anne Palmer in High Ham on 8 Jul 1756. Edward received 1/- in his distress from the OOP in Feb 1764 and a bushell of wheat in the April, June and December. He had his rent paid by the OOP in 1766. In Feb 1769 the family caught 'smallpox' and received assistance from th OOP for two weeks. In Jan 1770 Mary Bown received 1/- from the OOP in her distress and 2/3 in March. In 1773/4 the rent was paid for a Mary Bown – this could be Edward's widow (if she didn't marry Henry Wilcox) but see also burial iv below. In May 1771 the overseers paid for a pair of shoes for Mary Bown's boy – must be Jacob. In March 1778 the Overseers paid for Mary to be examined at Wells and a warrant issued for William Look jnr [presumably a child born from him out of wedlock].

Charlotte and Atalanta must have been incapable in some way (Down's ?) since after their father's death they were looked after first by their grandmother Elizabeth then aunt Amysee next - both dying at an early age. Payments made by the OOP to Mary Bown in 1797 and in July 1798 the OOP paid Jacob for his mother. A Mary Bishop [b. 1733 above] is mentioned in April 1769 when her 'boy' caught 'smallpox' (OOP). In Feb 1777 the OOP paid for dowliss for him. Possibly this same Mary?

An uncertain Mary Bown married Henry Wilcox in Butleigh on 17 Apr 1770.

2b) Amy Bown Chr. 9 Jan 1736 Butleigh buried 28 July 1813 Butleigh

Amy was first mentioned in the OOP accounts in Oct 1764 when she received 5/- in her sickness and again in December. In January - April 1765 she again received assistance. In 1774 'the remainder' of Amy Bown's house rent was paid. She received various payments from the OOP and in April 1775 they moved her goods to a new address. She appears frequently receiving payments in distress and in May 1778 she was taken to the doctor. In Nov 1778 Amy was paid for looking after Charlet (Charlotte) and Lenty/Lanthey (Atalanta) Bown – her brother Edward's daughters [they received assistance singly in Jul 1778]. They both died in 1779 - Atalanta in Jan aged 18 (OOP paid for coffin and burial) and Charlotte in Feb aged 20 (OOP paid for coffin etc.).

In 1778 her house rent was paid again and the Vestry allowed her rent to be paid in 1788/9, 89/90 and so on until 1797/8 when she was listed with Thomas Crib as receiving rent [She was moved in with him in Sept 1797 – OOP] – then singly from 1800 – 1803 when she last received rent. She died aged 72 (!) in 1813. In the last months of her life Betty Selwood was paid for attending to her and the OOP paid for her burial (2/6d in August 1813). In the Bishops Transcripts her name given as Brown.

Uncertain Burials

i) John Bown bur. 25 Sep 1756 Butleigh (see above)

ii) John Bown bur. 6 Apr 1774 Butleigh

iii) Grace Bown bur. 10 Mar 1788 Butleigh

Grace received 1/- from the OOP in her necessity in May 1780 and several times thereafter. In Jan 1785 she received 3 yards of dowlas.

iv) Richard Bown b. 1751, died Glastonbury, bur. 23 Nov 1825 Butleigh [probably a son rather than the father, next]

3) Richard Bown

In 1759 Window Tax was collected from the ratepayers and Richard was included and paid 3 shillings for nine windows. In 1766 and 67 Richard was elected churchwarden. Elizabeth may be the Betty Bown of Butleigh Wootton who married Thomas Withey on 6 Aug 1778 in Street, Holy Trinity.

4) Mary Bown b. 1834 Butleigh, servant, died 1891 (Mar Q 5c/421 Wells)

Mary lived in Wells District Union Workhouse in 1861. A John Bown b. 1795 from Wookey is also in the workhouse - her father? In 1881 she was still in the Workhouse, unmarried and a farm worker. The allocation of Butleigh as a birthplace by the Workhouse may not always be accurate though in this case she gave it on both 1861 and 1881 censuses.

In 1851 a namesake b. Wells lived with her mother Elizabeth, a washerwoman, widow b. 1781 in Tucker Street - the same person? In 1841 a Mary Bown had lived in Wells with her mother Charlotte. These are the only Mary Bowns on the census in Wells, and both of the same age! A further Mary Bown was buried aged 6 months on 4 Feb 1837 Butleigh.

5) Ada. F. Bown b. 21 Feb 1872 Evercreech, housekeeper, d.o. Thomas and Arabella Bown 01W-143

Ada worked at Rowley's Farm, Wootton in 1901. In 1881 she lived with her dairyman father and mother in Mudford, Yeovil but by 1891 was a nurse working at the Royal United Hospital, Wrington Bath.


1) William Henry Box b. 1854 Chester, Clerk in Holy Orders, s.o. Stephen Thomas and Hannah Box, d. 1944 (Sep Q 2b/145 Uckfield, Sussex) PHOTO

William lived with his parents in Southgate Street, St. Oswald, Chester in 1861 where his father was a gas fitter employing 7 men and 15 boys. He and his brother Henry and Charles were prosecuted at the Chester Magistrates Court 20 Dec 1879 with causing gross cruelty to a cat but let off due to conflicting evidence. [Manchester Courier and Lancs. General Advertise 27 Dec 1879] By 1881 William was a bookkeeper, still living with his parents. In 1891 he was a schoolmaster at Kings College, Taunton but also already a'clerk in Holy Orders'. He was admitted to Holy Orders as a priest on 12th June 1892 at Wells. In 1893 William was licenced to be a curate at Caynham and in 1895 William was preferred to the Rectory of Puckington.

Mabel was the sister of Gertrude Agnes Portman (b. 1850) the wife of Robert Neville-Grenville of Butleigh Court. Before her marriage she lived with her parents in the Manor House at Staple Fitzpaine, Somerset where her father was Rector and in 1891 at Orchard House, Orchard Portman, Taunton. After their marriage the couple lived in 69, Lansdowne St., Hove Sussex where William was then a full-time clergyman (C. of E.). In 1911 William and Mabel lived at Barcombe Villa, Haywards Rd., Haywards Heath, Cuckfield, Sussex. They never had children.


1) Lucy Ann Boyce b. 1871 (Mar Q 5c/527 Wincanton) Castle Cary, d.o. Albert and Ann Boyce. 91-115

Lucy was a housemaid at Butleigh Court in 1891. In 1881 she had lived with her parents in 2, Boltons Court, St. Thomas Street, Wells. Her father was a mason. She married gamekeeper Richard James Richards of Butleigh in 1893 (Mar Q 5c/707 Wells) and in 1901 they lived at Tollard Park, Tollard Royal, Wiltshire with their two daughters. #

2) Henry Leslie Boyce b. 1874, d. 24 Oct 1918 (Dec Q 5c/759 Wells) bur. 30 Oct 1918 Butleigh

Probably the Henry Leslie Boyce b. 25 Apr 1872 Barbados, Chr. 14 Jun 1872 St. Michael, Barbados, s.o. Samuel and Mary Hester Pinder Boyce. If so, Henry had a younger sister Miriam Alberta Boyce Chr. 24 May 1879. Samuel Boyce had married Mary Hester Pinder on 29 Aug 1871 Barbados.

Henry Leslie married in 1895 (Dec Q 2c/72 Southampton) Rosa Anna [Rosana] Butt b. 1871 (Sep Q 5c/494 Wincanton)? In 1901 they lived at 374, Sherrard Road, East Ham, Essex where Henry was a carpenter, his wife a dressmaker, born Somerset. In 1911 they lived at 128, Woodland Road, Ilford, Romford, Essex where Henry is called an 'Iron and metal merchant, employer'. They noted that they had had two children but both had died.

Rosana is probably the Rosanna Butt Chr. 13 Aug 1871 St. Andrews, Stoke Trister d.o. labourer Charles Butt and wife Martha. If so she had six or seven brothers and sisters. [Stoke Trister, and Horsington-Wincanton]. No obvious link to any of the Butts of Butleigh and no explanation why Henry would be buried here other than that he may have died at the Cottage Hospital.

The headstone in Butleigh graveyard states: British West Indies Regiment 4952 Private. He was rather old to volunteer for the forces and aged 44 when he died, probably of the flu? Large numbers of West Indians campaigned to be able to fight for the Empire but the War Office tried to prevent them. Eventually the WO formed the British West Indies Regiment on 26 Oct 1915 eventually composed of 11 battalions – 397 officers and 15,204 men. Henry must have been unusual in being a resident of the UK and a British Subject [on 1911 census]. By 1918 some of the BWIR mutinied at Taranto because of their treatment by white officers – some 4,000 were then shipped to Cuba where most died in exile. See https://libcom.org/history/british-west-indies-regiment-mutiny-1918


1) John Joseph Bradden b. 1866 St. Pancras, London, school teacher and organist, d. 1939 (Jun Q 5c/607 Bathavon) PHOTO

John Bradden became school master in Butleigh in 1903 and helped produce the Butleigh Revel - he was church organist and choirmaster. His daughter Violet played Ethelfleda in the Peace of Wedmore scene. All four Braddens appear at the schoolhouse in Butleigh on the 1911 census (for which John was the enumerator) and Violet is listed as 'monitress' in her father's elementary school. Ethel Mary Bradden married Thomas Henry Ebsworth in Butleigh on 9 Dec 1912 (Dec Q 5c/1077 Wells). # Kelly's Directory of 1914 lists John as master of the Elementray School with 65 students. Violet married John H. West in 1926 (Dec Q 5c/1291 Keynsham). Ruth E. West daughter of Violet and John married Alan Bevan in 1952 and kindly allowed reproduction of her grandfather's photographs for the Revel section of this site.

The Western Morning News 18 Nov 1926 reported: Gifts to Head Master.—On his retirement from head mastership of Butleigh School, Somerset, Mr. John J. Bradden, formerly on the staff of Brixham Furzham Council School, has been presented with a replica of a Glastonbury bowl, hand wrought in hammered copper, the gift of the scholars; a chair from Butleigh parishioners; and a 14-day clock in oak case from Butleigh branch of the British Legion. Mrs. Bradden was presented with a linen afternoon tea cloth


1) Alexander Bradley of Butleigh

DDSH 6/1 {Lancs. Record Office] Feoffment: William Reede of Lodyngton, co. Glocestre, esq., to Jasper Worth of Ceterington, esq., Peter Dale, Edward Newton, John Davenport, and Alexander Bradley of Butleigh, husbandmen -- properties in Butleigh, Foxwyse, Newton, Mottrom Andrewe, Bollyngton, Smethwicke, Sale, Macclesfeld, Leehall, Prestburye, Chorley, Warford, and Raynowe, co. Chester 22 Oct 1560 -


1) Emily Maud Bradshaw b. 1865 St. John, Barbados, West Indies 01-145

In 1901 Emily was a Hospital Nurse at Butleigh Hospital. In 1891 she had been a nurse at the District General Hospital, Seaborough, Gloucestershire (aged 26). She was a British Subject and her absence before 1891 may suggest that she arrived in England from Barbados sometime in the 1880's. An Emily Bradshaw was born on 10 Apr 1864 Barbados, mother Quasheba who could be this lady. On 3 Apr 1911 she was a passenger on the 'Thames', a mail steamer that sailed from Southampton to New York and the West Indies.



1) Henry Brain b. 1841 Keinton Mandeville, farm labourer, son of John and Charlotte Brain of Barton St. David, bur. 18 Mar 1916 (Mar Q 5c/642 Wells) Butleigh 71-75, 81-96, 91-119, 01-136

In 1861 after their marriage Henry and Ann lived with Henry's parents in Barton St. David - Ann's age given as 20 at the time. Ann seems to be the daughter of John and Ann Davis. In 1871 Henry and family lived at Pond Head but the family moved to No. 35 Cornishes by 1881. Henry was a farm labourer and his wife a laundress. The Western Gazette reported 21 Oct 1881 that Henry was fined 2s by the Wells Union School Attendance Committee for not sending two of his children to school. In 1891 Henry and Ann lived in four rooms at 25, High Street with their youngest daughter plus lodger Jane Knight (86) widow, living on her own means.

Frank was absent from home in 1891 but appears in 1901 as a footman at the house of William Peel MP in 18, Arlington Street, Knightsbridge. He married Ellen Short and in 1911 they lived at 26, Seymour Place, Marylebone with their son Arthur (3) – Frank was a butler. On 27 Apr 1912 they had their son Jack Brain (born 30 Nov 1911) baptised in Butleigh.

Eli married and lived in Perriams. (1a).

Charlotte married Innkeeper Joseph Banwell in Butleigh on 17 Jul 1888 (Sep Q 5c/777 Wells) and in 1891 they ran the "Puriton Inn", Puriton, and had a daughter Nellie (1). They were still there in 1901. By 1901 Henry Braine and Ann lived alone and Ann then died in 1906 leaving only Henry to appear on the 1911 census – he died in 1916.

Josiah is found in 1901 at Puriton, married to Theodosia Jane Meaker (1898 Dec Q 5c/685 Bridgwater) and with a one year old daughter Olive - he was a carter in the Cement Works.

Harry was a servant aged 12 at the Hall, Yoxall, Staffordshire in 1891. A drayman, he married Frances Hook in 1900 (Sep Q 2a/498 Croydon) and by 1901 lived with his in-laws at Selsdon Park Cottage, Sanderstead, Surrey.

Mabel is also found on the 1901 census working as a housemaid in Knightsbridge and living with an army of servants in Princes' Gardens, Westminster . Mabel Louise married local boy and carpenter Jesse Henry Bush b. 1877 (Mar Q 5c/546 Wells) Baltonsborough in Butleigh on 28 Jan 1907 (Mar Q 5c/749 Wells). #

1a) Eli Henry John Brain b.1861 (Jun Q 5c/507 Langport) Butleigh, turner and fitter of road engines, bur. 25 Feb 1904 (Mar Q 5c/349 Wells) Butleigh 71-75, 81-96, 91-118, 01-136

Eli received £1 18s premium at the Glastonbury Great Market of Dec 1888 for 13¾ years labour on Mr. R. Neville-Grenville's farm.

Eli Brain married Mary Turner in 1884 and they went to live in Perriams Cottage in the High Street. At the Glastonbury Christmas Market of 188 he was awarded £1 10s for 13 ¾ years labour on the farm of R. Neville Grenville. By 1891 they were living in four rooms at 18, High Street, Butleigh [Perriam's Cottage] with Ann Turner (65) widowed mother-in-law and William Turner (39) unmarried brother of Mary, also an engine driver (Road roller). The birth of their daughter Winifred isn't registered in Somerset but seems to appear in Wellingborough in 1892 (Mar Q 3b/479 Wellingborough). Perhaps he was working there at the time and was visited by his wife late in her pregnancy? An E.B. of Butleigh advertised in the Exeter Flying Post 25 Apr 1891 for a situation - “accustomed to drive engine or steam roller, do most repairs, lay and joint water main, thirteen years experience” which could have been Eli. Mrs. Mary Brain is listed in the 1897 Kelly's Directory as a dress maker.

They next moved to 22 High Street by 1901 where Eli lived with his wife Mary (39) a dressmaker, their nine year old daughter Winifred and his mother-in-law Ann Turner (75) a widow living on her own means. Both Eli and his mother-in-law died in 1904 - Ann Turner dying in early January and Eli in February. In 1911 just Mary and her daughter Winifred appeared on the census in Butleigh at No. 44, Mary as a dressmaker and Winifred a housemaid. A Winifred M. Braine married Arthur A Miller 1912 (Jun Q 2b/1517 Christchurch) – this latter couple had three children. A Mary J Brain died 1933 (Mar Q 2b/1335 Christchurch) aged 71

2) Mary Ann Brain b. 1836 Barton 51-24

Mary Ann was a servant living in at 11, High Street in 1851, the home of John Wake, Stone mason. Nfi – two Mary Ann baptisms in Barton St. David – one 19 Oct 1828 and the other 25 Dec 1840.


1) John Haselden Brettell b. 1833 Chelsea, Middlesex Engineer R.N., s.o. John and Mary Charlotte (nee Haselden) Brettell, d. 24 Mar 1893 (Mar Q 2a/208 Croydon) Egmont Lodge, Anerley, London

At the birth of Hilda in 1882 John was described as Chief Engineer, Royal Navy H.M.S. Dreadnought. A notice in the Western Gazette Friday 21 Jun 1895 from Mrs. Brettell stated “Wanted, within easy distance of Butleigh, to place three school girls, daughters of a deceased Officer, as paying guests in the family of Clergyman or other suitable position, for month, from end of July”. In 1901 at Sidcot School, Winscombe appear Ethel Constance Haselden Brettell – Teacher of Gymnastics and her sister Rhoda Edith Lillian a pupil at the school. In 1911 Mother and three daughters lived at 30, Nottingham Place, Marylebone W and Ethel was a 'Medical and educationall gymnast', Kathleen a certificated midwife and Rhoda a medical and educational gymnast. They had two servants. Mrs. Brettell stated that she'd had six children but just these three surviving.


1) James Brewer

A James was County Officer who collected the County Stock from the Overseers – first appears in the OOP accounts in May 1802. In April 1806 the OOP paid him £6 9 6½d to be given to Mr. Stone as a fine the Parish had to apy for not supplying a militia man as they were legally obliged to do.

James appears from 1817/18 paying the rates for Mrs. Penny as occupier. James' property was assessed in 1827 and the rateable value was £15 2 8d on which he paid a rate of 10d in the pound and again in 1828.


1) Ellen Brewster b. 1831 Lincolnshire, housemaid. [b. 20 Aug 1829 Market Rasen, d.o. George and Mary Brewster ?] 61W-63

In 1851 Ellen had been a house servant in Market Rasen, Lincs. and in 1861 she worked at Wootton House. Nfi.


A) Richard Brice [of Baltonsborough?]

Richard was paid for bell ropes and 6 'hits' in 1724/25 and 2 bell ropes and matting around the communion table in 1725-26. [Mary wife of Richard bur. 27 Jan 1745 Baltonsborough, Richard buried 26 Sep 1731 Baltonsborough - their son Richard Chr. 24 May 1719 is probably the Richard bur. 12 Apr 1752 Baltonsborough]

Hester Brice Chr. 15 Jan 1694 Baltonsborough d.o. Richard and Elizabeth Brice married Butleigh 30 May 1728 John Kibbol

1) Robert Brice of Baltonsborough bur. 4 Jul 1762 Baltonsborough

Some land in Butleigh was held by A Thomas Brice of Baltonsborough who died before 1746 [the Thomas bur. 14 Feb 1740 Baltonsborough]. “Benjamin Chaddock of Batcombe, brewer, formerly mercer, son of Mary Chaddock decd sister and heir of Thomas Brice decd - date 1746

DD/S/BT/8/7/16 1] Joan James of Butleigh 2] Thomas Brice of Baltonsborough Mortgage of 3a in Southmoor, Henly (3a) and Darksham (1a), Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1731.

DD/S/BT/8/1/4 1] Joan James of Butleigh 2] Thomas Brice of Baltonsborough, yeoman 3] Henry Pope the elder of Butleigh hill, yeoman Assignment of Eastend (1a), Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1557). [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1734.

DD/S/BT/8/7/17 1] Joan James of Butleigh 2] Thomas Brice 3] John Smithfield of Butleigh Wootton, yeoman Assignment of mortgage of 3a in Southmoor, Henly (3a) and Darksham (1a), Butleigh [DD/S/BT/8/7/15-19 tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT Date: 1736.

2) John Brice [ Chr.19 Jul 1698 Baltonsborough s.o. Edward and Ann Brice?] bur. 28 Aug 1760 Baltonsborough

John paid for killing a hedgehog in 1742/3.

4) Mary Brice married William Withers in Butleigh on 12 Dec 1739

5) Edward Brice [of West Pennard?] [an Edward bur. 6 Sep 1757 Baltonsborough, another 3 Jun 1769 Baltonsborough]]

6) William Bricepaid by the churchwardens for killing sparrows in 1743/4

7) James Brice bur. 20 Jan 1768 Butleigh [the James Brice Chr. 25 May 1735 s.o. Mary Brice, base born - ?]

Mary is probably the Mary Collins Chr. 1 Jul 1744 Butleigh d.o. William and Rebecca Collins who had an illegitimate child Jane Chr. 9 Mar 1763 Butleigha warrant was taken out against Mary Collins in October 1762. Mary Collins was given medicine (paid for by the OOP) in 1763.

The OOP paid the house rent for James Beries in 1764/5 and 65/6. In March 1765 they supplied him with 1½ bushells of wheat. In April they paid for a horse to take him to see the doctor and again in June and July. In 1766 James' rent was paid again. In the following months James received more distress money and doctor's attention. In March 1766 the OOP paid for assistance during his wife's 'lying in' and subsequent birth. The OOP paid for him to see a doctor in Dorset in Oct 1766 (two days horse hire). In 1767 besides his rent the OOP paid for medicines and attendance from Mr. Clark. He is referred to once as James Brice in Holm. The OOP accounts for March 1768 have the cost of his shroud, coffin, laying him out, taking him to church and sexton's fees.

In 1768, 69, 70, 71/2, 72 the rent was paid for Mary Brice. She also received assistance from 1768 for herself and her three [see May 1768] children. In 1774/5, 75/6, 76/7, 77/8, 78/9 the rent was paid for Mary plus others (probably several unrelated females living at the same address). In Jun 1776 the OOP paid for some dowlas for Mary Brier/Brice. The Vestry allowed the rent again in 1788/9, 89/90 (specifies & family). In April 1770 the OOP paid £1 for Mary Brice 'lying in' and in May for Diana Strode attending upon her. [child of the mother or possibly the daughter?]. In 1772 two children were apprenticed out under the 'John Rocke scheme' who seem to be from this family – James Brice to James Grenville and Mary to Mr. John Rocke. (OOP). In Sep 1784 the OOP paid for a change for Mary Brice's two children. From 1790 until 1794/5 the house rent was paid then again in 1807 – 1810. Mary received two payments in 1796 then not again until 1800 and maybe the fact that Ann below seems to disappear about the same time suggests that they temporarily left Butleigh? Mary Brice's daughters received assistance in May 1799. In 1800 and later, payments were sometimes made to 'Mary Brice's daughter, or 'Ann Brice'. In May 1800 Mary received part rent and the many payments thereafter until her death. Mary and Ann both received assistance in 1805. Jane Gill helped in the July with delivering Ann's baby and an order was taken out on Wm Davis – James Briant and Brier Hann were also examined – in relation to her child? Mary Brice was buried in 1816 aged '72'. The OOP paid for her coffin and burial.

Grace was buried in Jun 1780 and the OOP paid for her coffin in the July. In May 1783 Bridget Look was paid for curing Mary's child of St. Anthony's fire. An Ann Brice started to receive assistance from July 1794 until May 1795 – same as parent of next?. Ann Brice received payments from the OOP in Jan – March 1809 and again occasionally insubsequent years. In April 1812 Jane Gill was paid for delivering Ann of a child – which must be the Richard above. In June 1812 the OOP received from Richard Hodges £1 11s 6d for Ann Brice's bastard to May 19th. Ann was paid in Feb 1815 for looking after her mother for 4 weeks. In April she was paid for looking after her mother again – her mother died 1816. In Jun 1819 Ann's son was ill.

DD/S/BT/27/3/13 Letter concerning Brice family will and mortgage.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1853. (?)

8) George Brice Chr. 19 Aug 1804 Butleigh, illegitimate son of Ann Brice, bur. 24 Jul 1886 (Sep Q 5c/251 Bridgwater) Butleigh 41-9, 51-32, 61-55, 71-84, 81-95

Besides George, Ann Brice had another illegitimate son, Richard about whom Nfi. George and his wife received 4/- from the OOP in Jan 1833 when ill. In 1841 George Brice (35) lived with his wife Ann (45), daughter Mary (9) and lodgers Jane Davis (50) and son William (23). In 1851 George and Ann lived at No. 1 Fore Street with visitor Jane Davis (60) # - under Parish Relief, and lodgers William Davis (30) and Edward Davis (10) plus William Harvey (22). Jane Davis died in 1859 (Jun Q 5c/412 Wells). The William Davis b. 1811 seems to have married and moved to Walton (wife Eliza) where he appears in 1851 with three children born there - the Edward here must be their son. The William Davis here in 1851, unless he is listed twice, is therefore uncertain. Mary Brice was a servant in Water Lane to James Gilbert. In 1861 George Brice (55) wife Ann (68) and daughter Mary (29) lived with lodger Edward Davis (20) and his wife Mary (20). George is later called 'grandfather' and so Edward must have been the son of another child of his.

George Brice and Ann were in Water Lane in 1871. Ann died in 1872 aged 79 and George is found living with his grandson Edward Davis in the High Street in 1881. His daughter Mary married labourer Benjamin Lock in 1864 (Dec Q 5c/753 Bridgwater) and they lived in Shapwick 1871 - 1881.

George Brice died in 1886 aged 85, maybe while visiting his daughter? Mary and Benjamin moved to Lime Kiln Road, Kinson, Dorset by 1891. In 1901 Mary Locke lived as a widow with her son William Locke at Avenue Road, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset.

9) James Brice Chr. 10 Aug 1834 Barton St. David, shoemaker, s.o. John and Ann Brice #

John appeared with his parents in Barton in 1851. With his wife Elizabeth he lived in 1861 at 6, Godswell Bldg., Street with their son Henry J. (Chr. 25 Dec 1857 (Dec Q 5c/573 Wells) Barton St. David). Elizabeth may be the one who died in 1861 (Dec Q 5c/397 Wells). In 1871 living at Eugene St. Bristol with wife Drusilla. In 1881 in Barton St. David and 1891 at 32, Water Street, St. Pauls, Bristol as a widower. Henry was a servant in 1881.


1) Matthew Brickdale justice, of Court House, West Monckton, draft will of 1789

Mathew signed the OOP accounts as accurate together with George Crossman in 1792. In his Will he made his wife Elizabeth and son John as executors. Money was also left to his daughters including Elizabeth, wife of Rev. George Crossman. John Brickdale (b.c. 1760) lived at Combe Flory.


1) William Byrdge mentioned in the will of Philip Guppy 1557 after Agnes Knowles

2) William Bridge - owned property in Butleigh in 1675 and he or the occupier was required to pay a rate – no further mention.

Brier – see Brice



1) Henry Brimble b. 1840 Staple Fitzpaine, police constable, died 1902 (Mar Q 5c/283 Langport) 71-75

In 1861 Henry was a Police Constable and lodged in the Market place, Somerton with the Superintendent of Police, Stephen Sheppard. After their marriage this couple lived in Nodway, Butleigh in 1871. The children may have been twins, but John (2) was absent, visiting his uncle John Baker (b. 1829 S. Petherton), farmer, and his wife Elizabeth, at Hall's Farm, Aller in 1871. He died in 1875 aged 6. P. C. Brimble remained in Butleigh until early 1878 then was transferred to North Curry. He was presented with a handsome inkstand. [Western Gazette 17 May 1878]

In 1881 their daughter Gertrude Ellen is found in Beer, Aller, Langport with her uncle William White, a Dairyman. Her parents also lived in Aller in 1881, in South Street - Henry being a 'Superannuated Police Constable'. In 1891 Gertrude visited her uncle William Brimble, a house decorator, at 8, Margarets Place, Walcot near Bath. Her profession is given as milliner. In 1901 she was back in Aller, still single, and living with her now widowed father Henry who was a farmer - they lived on Helyars Farm. Henry died in 1902 aged 61. Gertrude went to live with her cousin William White and his mother Mary Ann White in Aller in 1911.


The surname of this family initially appears as Bruton in most of the Parish Records but occasionally as Burton, Briton, Brettan, Beretton etc. finally as Britton

1) Joseph Britton, labourer b. 1778 [no name Chr. 29 Apr 1781?], s.o. Joseph and Elizabeth Britton of Kingsdon, buried 22 Apr 1826 Butleigh

Before marriage Unity had had an illegitimate child Thomas Davis b. 1798 and she had been taken to Somerton to swear to the name of the father (April '98) – the father was Thomas Stroud and he began paying bastardy pay from November that year. As Unity Davis she had received aid from the OOP as early as Jan 1796. In 1810 and 1811 she is recorded as attending her mother, the last time in March 1811 when her mother died.

Unity Beretton first appears receiving assistance (8/-) from the OOP in her married name in January 1808 and as 'Unity Burton and child' in the February and from then on. The explanation for the absence of her new husband Joseph appears in the OOP accounts for April 1808 – he was paid £13 13s 0d Bounty money for serving in the First Somerset Militia. Unity received 8/- per month thereafter.(OOP). In 1808 – April 1811 [her mother was buried 11 Mar 1811 Butleigh ) she was also paid regularly for looking after her mother. From 1809 Uniy also took in lodgers or acted as carer for sick members in the village – see Oct and Nov 1809 OOP. In April and May 1810 Unity was attended by a nurse and in June received 13/- for herself and child. By 1812 Unity was called Brittin. Unity Burton had her rent allowed by the OOP in 1814. In Nov. 1817 the OOP paid assistance for Joseph Burton's wife and in Dec for Joseph in distress and Rebecca Knowles for looking after 'his wife'. The family seem to have been sick or in distress in 1818 and in Feb Stephen Hockey was paid for having buried their child. Unity or Joseph appear a few times in the following years (in the OOP accounts) and in Feb. 1825 Joseph received 2/- because the children were ill and James Blacker buried one of them (2/6d) – surname Burtenmust be Elizabeth. In the same month Mr. Cullibear repaired the roof of the Britton house – the probable cause of their illness in winter 1824/5! Unity was a carer for Hannah Cullen for much of 1825/6. In April/May 1826 the Overseers paid assistance to Joseph then for digging his grave and buying his coffin. Unity received 12/- per month from the OOP thereafter. This sum was reduced to 8/- during 1827. In April 1834 the OOP paid for removing Unity's goods to a new address.

Unity lived in Britton's Court with her son William at the census time in 1841 and remained there until her death in 1845. Her daughter Harriet, was a servant cook in Shepton Mallet in 1851 but then became the second wife of Daniel Blinman Norman (b. 1816 Shepton Mallet) who she married in 1851 (Dec Q 10/687 Shepton Mallet) and they lived at Yeovil.

# At burial Joseph was stated to be aged 7 - which must be a clerical mistake.

1a) William Smith Britton Chr. 16 Aug 1807 Butleigh Butleigh, postman then woodcarver. bur. 26 Mar 1895 (Jun Q 5c/353 Wells) Butleigh 41-7, 51-33, 61-60, 71-81, 81-103, 91-121

William and family were at No. 2 Britton's Court in 1851 and probably were there in 1841 though the address was not specified on the census. A child not in Brittons Court in 1841 was Susan Britton born 1836 who was staying with the family of John and Hannah Vincent (b. 1811) in Street in 1841 but who appears with her parents in 1851. The unusual name Sebra appears in the Vincent family too since a child of that name is listed aged 7 months on the 1841 census in Street. On the censuses the name is spelt variously Selva, Sebra and Zebra and even Seaborough in Butleigh PR (a 1778 marriage). Another child absent from the censuses was Charles b. 1840 who died in infancy. In 1851 William first mentions his carving skills and he presented some of his work at the Great Exhibition in London [stand 220 Carved chair plus rustic flower basket] - and evidence of his skill still exists in Brittons Court (Rockwell Villa) today [carved architrave with date and his initials]. He exhibited at several later shows, garden seats and vases made from knots of oak trees.

Of his other children; Joseph a National scholar in '51 had died in 1852. Susan was the cook at Babington House (Mansion) Babington, near Frome, in 1861. Edwin b. 1847 was a student in 1861 and Charles b. 1845 was a gardener in Butleigh. William Stephen appeared in 1861, single, and boarding in the Public House in South Dalton, Yorkshire, then in 1871, as a 'stone carver' married to Frances (b. 1839 Shepton Mallet), living in Wood Street, St. Ebbe, Oxford. He died in 1873, without issue. By 1861 William and Zebra had had three more children; Fanny, Alfred and Lucy. Their daughter Sarah-Ann appeared as a servant in the house of Golden Common Church, Twyford, Hamps. in 1861. On 21 May 1863 (Jun Q 5c/994 Wells) in Butleigh she married Samuel A'Court a blacksmith. # They then emigrated to New Zealand on the "Accrington" on 18 Jun 1863 together with her brother Charles and sister Susan. Fanny, Alfred Henry, Edwin and Lucy followed them out on the "Merope" on 29 Jul 1870. At the Glastonbury Great market of December 1865 William Smith Britton was awarded £1 1st prize as the 25th premium.

By 1861 Sidney John had appeared as John and by 1871 was a schoolmaster boarding at 43, High Street, Oxford. In 1881 he was found in Stratford under Castle in Wilts, married to Ada Dyer (b. 1844 Butleigh) who he had wed in Butleigh on 23 Aug 1874 (Sep Q 5c/849 Wells). He was an elementary schoolmaster in 1891 in Salisbury, and then by 1901 Sidney was a headmaster in Milford. # By 1901 Sydney became the sole member of the Britton family to survive in England, all the others having died or emigrated. In 1911 Sydney and Adah lived at 22, Park St. Salisbury (still an elementary school-master) with their two daughters Evelyn Margaret (27) and Annie Sebra (22).

Zebra died in 1870 after falling backwards down the stairs [died 29 days later] and on the 1871 census William lived alone with his youngest daughter Lucy (listed though she had actually emigrated to New Zealand!). Later that year he married again, to Elizabeth Woodford who was his junior by 30 years (the same age as his oldest daughter!). In 1875 at the Glastonbury Flower Show he exhibited a Rustic Summer House. In 1877 there was a problem with potato disease in the county and William found a solution which was mentioned in the Western gazette 15 Feb 1878 when the newspaper was requested to ask him for his remedy. The remedy is given in the Western Gazette 8 Mar 1878. The Western Gazette refers to an open air service held on the lawn at Rockwell Villa on the 8th August 1880 conducted by the Rev. W. C. Willoughby of Spring Hill College, Birmingham – there was a very large audience. In 1881 and 1891 (in Rockwell Villa) William and Elizabeth lived alone, apart from a lodger, until William's death in 1895. His widow Elizabeth then married Walter Hiett in 1897 (Mar Q 5c/723 Wells). Britton Photos P1, P2

2) George Britton b. 1849 Olveston, Gloucester, butler, son of Edward and Emma Britton. 81-102

In 1861 George lived with his parents in Aust Tything, Henbury, Glos., his father was a labourer. In 1871 he was a footman at Clyro Court, Radnorshire - home of Walter Baskerville. George was the Butler to the Rev. W. F. Neville, vicar of Butleigh in 1881 and lived in at the Vicarage. Nfi


1) Mr. [Edmund] Broderipof Edgarley, Glastonbury. Churchwardens paid him for a book in 1744/5.



1) Robert Brook [a Robert Brooke Chr. 14 Mar 1677 West Pennard?]

Robert Brock is almost certainly the same person, who appears in the churchwardens accounts in 1704 for killing a hedgehog and receiving payment. In 1710 he was fined 10 shillings for swearing! The money was shared between Frances James, Zachary Periam and Sarah Gane.

2) John Brooks [grocer/baker?] bur. 16 Jan 1781 Butleigh

John started paying rates in Butleigh in 1753/4 and was an Overseer of the Poor in 1756 and churchwarden in 1761. In 1762/3 the Churchwardens paid John for killing vermin. In 1763 the Overseers paid him for supplying cheese and butter for Thomas Eastment's wife during her 'lying in'. In May 1773 the OOP paid him for supplying bread to the Fidhole family. John paid the rates until his death and in 1781 they were paid by 'John Brooks or widdow'. A list of commoners houses to serve as Tythingmen dated 1779 lists John Brooks for John James's.

In 1784 the rate was paid by Elizabeth Brooks his widow, mostly called Betty thereafter. In Nov 1800 the OOP paid 4/-, Betty Davis' debt to Betty Brooks. In July 1804 she received part house rent for William Hayden and his daughter. Betty paid the rates until her death and then they were paid thereafter by William Grant – 'late Betty Brooks'. In 1796/7 when Sedgemoor commons were allocated to Butleigh Betty had an acre until her death after which John Hellyer occupied it. In Oct 1804 the OOP paid the poor rates for Betty Brooks' property.

In May 1795 the OOP paid Bety Brooks interest on Wiliam Hayden's house.

DD/S/BT/12/1/19 1] Richard Corpe the elder of Butleigh, yeoman 2] John Brooke of Keinton Mandeville, mason Assignment of a messuage and croft (1a), 13a 3yds arable in Butleigh fields and 2a in West wood.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1752.

DD/S/BT/12/1/24 1] Joseph Cary of Shepton Mallet, clothier 2] John Brooke of Keinton Mandeville, mason 3] Richard Corpe the elder of Butleigh, yeoman 4] James Grenville of Butleigh Assignment of 12a 3yds arable in Butleigh fields and 2a in West wood.. [Somerset Archive Date: 1761. (same person as above?)

DD/S/BT/14/2/32 - Copy will (1777) John Brooks of Butleigh, stonemason, proved 1782.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1782.

3) Herbert John Brooks b. 1847 Glastonbury, Draper, d. 1934 (Sep 5c/442 Wells)

Herbert's business was at 35, High Street, Glastonbury. He played the Clerk in the trial of Abbot Whyting in the 'Revel', 1906 P


see under Im Thurn also Clarke

1) Enriqueta Bokenham Brooking b. 1889 d.o. George Edward Billing Brooking and Elena Victoria Bokenham, d. 1978

Married I: Edward P. Turner in 1912 (Dec Q 1a/1056) - was widowed and then married again in Butleigh on 7 Sep 1918 (Sep Q 5c/855 Wells) to Henry Trevelyan Thomas an Admiralty Administrator, s.o. Jabez Bryan Thomas [had two sons Ralph Brooking and David T.]. Enriqueta was sister of Ysabel Anita Brooking who married Conrad Donald Everard Im Thurn [buried bur. 19 Mar 1930 Butleigh], and sister of Lilian Genevieve Brooking who had married Major Hugh Bryan Clark and lived at Butleigh House, Butleigh.


1) John Thomas Broom b. 21 Nov 1846 Egham, railway porter, s.o. Samuel and Harriet Broom. Died 1916 (Sep Q 1d/494 Wandsworth).

Fanny and two of her children (Fanny and Joshua) visited her parents in 1881 at 8, High Street, Butleigh. Fanny was married to John T. Broom and they lived at 62, Livingstone Rd., Battersea - John stayed home with their children Henry (10) and Charles (2) while his wife was visiting her parents. The visit may have been due to her mother's illness and Ellen Hockey died in 1881 (Sep Q 5c/295 Wells). The Brooms were still at the same address in Battersea in 1891. Four of their children were baptised in Butleigh but Harry died young.. Henry John, a venetian blind maker married Lottie Crate in 1897 (Mar Q 1d/644 Wandsworth) and they had 9 children, but he died young aged 46. Richard married Ada and in 1911, a signalman, lived with her at 46, Bridgeman, Brentford, with 5 children.


1) Thomas Broughton b. 2 Nov 1789 Middle Rasen, Lincoln, farmer, son of Thomas and Mary (née England) Broughton. Died 26 May 1859 (Jun Q 5c/414 Wells) bur. 1 Jun Butleigh 51-26

In 1841 Susanna and five of her children are found in Brauncewell-with-Dunsby. Her husband Thomas lived with their daughter Hannah in Thornton le Moor, Market Rasen, as an agricultural labourer.

Thomas (60) lived at Bridge Farm, High Street in 1851 together with his wife Susanna (50) and four of their children, all born in Lincolnshire. He farmed 65 acres. In the village was Mary, wife of his son William, and their children. His daughter Hannah married Joseph Harvey in Butleigh on 24 Sep 1850 (Sep Q 10/675 Wells) and they lodged with Thomas in 1851. # Another daughter Susanna married William Blake of Butleigh in 1855 (Dec Q 5c/1049 Wells). Thomas died in 1859 and Susanna is found in 1861 living with three of her children in Butleigh Wootton, where she died in 1868. Their son Thomas doesn't appear in Butleigh on the census because he had moved to Street. Joseph was with his mother in Butleigh Wootton in 1861 but in 1871 appeared lodging at the 'Hearts of Oak' Inn in Glastonbury where he was an engine driver. In 1881 he lodged at the 'London Inn' in Northload Street, Glastonbury and was a saw mill engine driver. He died in 1888 (Dec Q 5c/310 Wells) aged 54. Stephen married Mary Ann Perry (b. 1842 Walton) in 1863 (Mar Q 5c/903 Wells) and in 1871 they lived at Asney, Walton with their three children. His brother George lived with him (both were boot riveters) and also a nephew from Lincoln, John Broughton (b. 1857). 1881 saw Stephen and family in Orchard Row, Street, now with six children and George, his brother was a carpenter. By 1891 Stephen had moved to Teetotal Row, Street and George had married and gone back to Butleigh Wootton. Stephen and Mary Ann next appear in Lavernock, Cogan, Glam. Wales (5, Lavernock Road) where Stephen was a general labourer - four of his children moved there with him.

1a) Robert Broughton Chr. 9 Oct 1823 Barton-upon-Humber, Brauncewell, Lincs, s.o. Thomas and Susanna (née Lewty) Broughton

In 1841 Robert still lived with his father Thomas Broughton in Brauncewell. In 1851 Mary Broughton (28) with children Susanna (5), Edward Butler Broughton (3), James (2) and [Jane] (under 1 month) lived with nurse Elizabeth Turner (wife of the next-door neighbour) in Butleigh High Street. She was married but her husband Robert was elsewhere. Robert, Mary and the three surviving children sailed for Australia from Liverpool on the ship “Anne Thompson” on 1 Sep 1852 as assisted immigrants and arrived in Geelong, Australia on Christmas Day 25 Dec1852. They went to work for a Mt. Hopper at Barrabool Hills for a 6 month term being paid the sum of £53 with rations. Six further children were subsequently born in Australia. Robert died aged 83 and his wife Mary aged 84. Susanna married Samuel Danger on 22 Apr 1867 at Christs Church Geelong but her husband died aged 37 and most of her children from diptheria. Susanna died 9 Mar 1917. Edward Butler married Rebecca Smart on 3 May 1869 at Geelong and they had eleven children. Edward died 19 Feb 1913. James married Eliza Louise Hooper in 1881 in Geelong and they had six children. He died in 1832 aged 84. Australian information courtesy of Jean Broughton.

1b) William Broughton Chr. 12 Oct 1828 Brauncewell, died 1897 (Jun Q 5c/318 Wells) 61-51

William had a child, Stephen, born in 1854 which predates his marriage to the widow Mary Palmer in 1855 - the child was Chr. 24 May 1854 Butleigh as Stephen Palmer and called Base Born.

In 1861 William Broughton (Ag Lab, then dyer) and Mary (shoebinder) appear with this Stephen plus Hannah and Jane P. in West End, Street and with Susanna in 1871 but in 1881 with an older Jane (born in 1851). A George Marsh was visiting - the future husband of the younger Jane. Jane Palmer Broughton married George Henry Marsh in 1883 (Jun Q 5c/861 Wells) and as Jane Palmer Marsh died in 1895 (Sep Q 5c/287 Wells) aged 34. They had lived in the High Street, Street in 1891 and had two children, Frank and Maude. On January 8th 1866 the Magistrates at Somerton fined William Broughton £1 or 14 days for being in possession of poaching instruments in the Parish of Butleigh..

William and Mary were also in the High Street, Street in 1891. William's daughter Susan married Henry Gregory, an insurance agent. William died in 1897 and Mary lived in one room at 188, High Street, Street in 1901, next door to her son Stephen.

Stephen with wife Emily (b. 1866 Reading, Berks) had lived in Teetotal Row, Street, in 1891, next to George Broughton (b. 1854 Sleaford Lincs) his cousin, son of a Thomas and Mary Broughton (next). In 1901 Stephen he lived at 186, High Street, Street (Hartry's Yard) with Emily and two children. He was a boot-last maker. In 1911 they lived at 46, Cranhill Rd., Street with their two sons (all in shoe manufacturing).

1c) Thomas Broughton Chr. 3 Mar 1833 Brauncewell, Lincs, engineer at shoe factory, died 1910 (Mar Q 5c/321 Wells) aged 74

Thomas doesn't appear in Butleigh on any census but must have been there at sometime after arriving with his parents. Mary appears in 1861 with Thomas at 21 High Street, Street, plus sons George, John W. and Stephen. Mary died in 1866 and thereafter Thomas married Isabella and had five more children in Street - he lived at Orchard Row in 1881 - as did his brother Stephen. In 1901 he lived in 20, Cobden Terrace, Wilfred Road (Clark's Shoe company houses). The Stephen b. 1859 gives his pob as Mells, Millsdown and/or Wells and was married to Jane and lived in Street.

1d) George Broughton b. 1844 Brauncewell, Lincs, carpenter, bur. 5 Apr 1916 (Jun Q 5c/546 Wells) Butleigh 51-26, 61W-65, 91W-116, 01W-142

Aged 17 in 1861, George was a carpenter, and lived with his mother in Butleigh Wootton. George then went to live with his brother Stephen in Street (see above). In 1871 Eliza had lived with her parents in Butleigh, and had had an illegitimate child, Anne, in 1875. In 1881 Eliza was a servant in 6, Southfield Road, Westbury on Trim, Bristol. The couple married in 1885 and went to live in Butleigh Wootton [ No. 28] where they both appear on the census in 1911 - both died in 1916.

1x) Joseph Broughton

This is obviously an error in the Parish Record - intended for Hannah Broughton and Joseph Harvey. # They emigrated to Australia on the same ship as Robert above.


The Browns paying rates in Butleigh in the 17th and 18th centuries seem to be the family in Compton Dundon but the genealogy is a bit confused and needs sorting out.

1) John Browne

John a ratepayer from 1673 – 1677 and Abraham paid the rate in 1678 and from then until 1713. Abraham was followed by John (presumably his son) who paid the rate from 1715 – 1751/2. Probably the Abraham who married in Compton Dundon in 1668 [restt of record lost]

1a) Abraham Brown [bur. 12 Dec 1709 Compton Dundon]

Abraham paid the rates 1678-1713 and was followed by John. An Abraham was paid 12/-d for tiles and 6/8d for their carriage in 1724/25 (CW).

1b) John Brown [Chr. 12 * 1697 s.o. John and Eliza or Chr. 17 Aug 1708 s.o. John and Jane Brown, bur. 16 Dec 1751 Compton Dundon?]

On June 24th 1751 John was paid for supplying lime for work on the church (CW) and again on August 1st. John became 'the late John Browne' between September 1751 and April 1752. He was not buried in Butleigh and may be the John Browne of Compton Dundon mentioned in the document below. In 1766/7 the rates on the property were paid by Elizabeth Brown until 1768 and then in 1768/8 by James Brown. James paid the rates until 1774. In 1774/5 the rates were paid by Joseph Symmons 'for Browns' .In 1771/2 the Overseers paid the rent for a James Brown at Glastonbury [see (3). In 1775/6 the term 'late Browns' was used when Joseph Symmon(d)s paid the rates. In 1777 a Mr. Brown occupied the property of George Willcox and also the property of 'late David Bells' – not known if there is any connection with this Brown family and in both places he was replaced by a John Colmer within the year.

DD/S/BT/7/2/4 1] John Webb 2] John Browne of Compton Dundon, yeoman Lease for lives of Pyleshill (3a) where a house formerly stood in Butleigh. Rent 1s 8d.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1710. (?)

DD/S/BT/9/4/6 1] James Grenville 2] John Browne of Compton Dundon, mason Lease for lives of Pyleshill (3a) where a house formerly stood in Butleigh. Rent 1s 8d.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1742.

2) Hugh Brown - The 'Proctor' Brown who was paid for drawing up a list of people refusing to pay their rates in 1725/26, 27/28 – drew a presentiment for the CW

3) James Brown 'of Glastonbury' bur. 14 May 1794 Butleigh

A James Brown was paid by the CW for killing a hedgehog in 1742/3. Possibly there is a father and son? e.g. in April and May 1763 2/6d in distress paid to 'James Brown farther' [father or a further payment – probably the former]. Feb 1767 James Brown of Glaston received 1/- from the OOP. In April 1771 the overseers paid 2/- to James Brown in Glaston in his distress and in May 1/- to Brown's wife of Glastonbury. In Nov 1772 2/- paid to James Brown of Glaston. Payments seem to be made sometimes to james and sometimes to James' wife. In April 1776 the OOP paid for a journey to Bridgwater with James Brown – from then on the OOP mostly seem to have paid his wife assistance and rent.

The OOP paid house rent for a James Brown in 1774. In 1778 his rent was paid and he was noted as 'of Glaston'. Mentioned again in 1788/9, 89/90, 90 and finally in 1791 when Vestry allowed his rent again. In March 1792 James' goods were brought from Glastonbury and in Jan 1794 the OOP paid for the coffin, burial etc. of Hannah. The OOP paid for attendance on James until he too died and the OOP paid for his burial in April 1794. A payment in Nov 1796 to Mary Brown may be an error for Mary Bown?

4) Joseph Brown [a son of John or son of Abraham above?]

4) Eleanor Brown bur. 5 Sep 1784 Butleigh (child) d.o. Charles and Mary Brown

6) John Brown County officer who received the Stock contribution of rates – see Jan 1799 OOP. John Brown of Edgarley?

7) Charles Brown

From 1804 until 1811 Mr. Charles Brown occupied and farmed the 5 acres of land on Sedgemoor Grounds belonging to Mr. John Lilly. In 1812 the occupier was Richard Cusway. [connection to previous entry?]. In April 1814 a Henry Brown pd £2 10 2d to the OOP 'which he had in stock on the Sedgemoor Act'. Presumably the successor of Charles Brown.

8) Robert Brown

9) Mary A. Brown b. 1829 London, Middlesex, school mistress 51-27

Mary visited Eades Farm, Butleigh in 1851. Nfi - probably married soon after.

10) James Brown b. 1856 Portash, New Brunswick 71-72

In 1871 aged 15 James was a visitor at Butleigh Court, listed after the servants. nfi

11) Mary J. Brown b. 1874 Low Ham 91-121

In 1891 Mary was a servant at Higher Rockes Farm, Butleigh. Nfi

12) Nina Elizabeth Smith Johnson Brown b. 1862 Middlesex, London, schoolteacher, d. 20 Oct 1950, bur. 2 Nov Butleigh 91-120, 01-136 P

Nina was a pupil teacher Nina E. J. Brown boarded at Holman's Farm in 1891 as school governess. In 1901 she shared her rooms with her fellow teacher Sarah Baker (33) from Petherton – they were both still there in 1911. Nina was the head teacher and Sarah the assistant. Her pupils sometimes called Miss Brown 'sniffer' Brown. There is an excellent photo of Nina on p. 104 of 'The Butleigh Revel'. These two ladies followed the same occupations, shared the same rooms and were even buried in the same grave - Sarah d. 15 April 1944, Nina died on the 20th October 1950 at 141, Chesterfield Road, Bristol. At the sale of the Butleigh Court Estate in Feb. 1947 Nina rented No. 22, High Street, Butleigh at £6 5s 0d p.a. Water was obtained from a well by a pump in the kitchen.

In 1881 Nina had been a pupil teacher at Saint Michael's Industrial Training School, Wantage, Berks. while Sarah Baker was living with her mother Mary, a widow, in South Petherton, whilst teaching at the local school.

The only prior Nina E. Brown birth appearing on a database so far, was born in Nottingham in 1866 (Jun 7b/225 Nottingham). At burial her name reads as Nina Edgeworth Smith Johnson Brown.

13) Mary Brown b. 1835 Butleigh, unmarried servant in Wells Union Workhouse in 1871 - nfi

14) Josiah Willey Brown b. 1843 (Sep Q 10/297 Langport) Kingsbury, carter, s.o. William and Jean Brown 71W-84

The newly married Josiah and Frances lived on Sedgemoor Farm, Wootton in 1871. Josiah had lived with his parents in Kingsbury on the 1851 and 1861 censuses. After having a son Francis (b. 1877 High Ham) Frances died and Josiah then lived in High Ham with his sister Joan as housekeeper, appearing together in 1881.

15) William Brown b. May, buried 7 Sep 1844 (Sep Q 10/321 Wells) Butleigh

William was an infant, possibly illegitimate, born in Wells Union Workhouse and brought to Butleigh for burial.

16) Reginald William George Brown b. 1900 (Dec Q 5c/334 Langport) Compton, s.o. Albert H. and Hannah Brown, bur. 16 Dec 1941 Butleigh

Reginald lived with his parents at Moor Drove, Compton Dundon in 1900 and also there in 1911. At their marriage the couple lived at 3, Compton Street Butleigh. Reginald was in the boot and shoe trade by then. Reginald W Brown is listed as a private in the Middlesex regiment (6213464) who died in 1941 (Vol 7, p. 122).

17) Margery Brownsee under Alexander Little.

18) James Brown stonecutter b. 1797 Street

Appear on the 1841 census at Quarry lane, Street and on the 1851 census at Townsend, Street with just son Samuel.


1) William Browning

2) John Browning bur. 1683 Butleigh (OOP) [almost certainly son of the latter couple]

'Brownings' was listed in 1672 amongst the commoners dwellings. In 1683 the Overseers recorded the death of Dorothy Browning's father and the goods given to her by her parents which were then sold. There was no change in the Overseers list of ratepayers 1682, 3, 4 with 'John Browning' remaining ratepayer but this must have included the change from father to son? A house called Sinklers was part of the share of Anne, wife of John Browning in 1674

rec’d of John Browning Dorythy Browning goods given by her father & mother. Two gold rings, two selver rings, two selver spounes, one pin, one five shilling pice, one pewter dish, one selver bottin, one selver tothpickar, one selver thembell, one flamell rohittill, one whit penked hollon wascote, foure hollen last hancachars, one hollon apron, one dowles apron, one peare of whit dramy flyes, one black capp, one nick cloth, one yeard of lace, two samplers , three lace dresens, a peare of hancoses, one hollon cap, one fustin cap, one chrisning sute sute, one (st)amell robe with a binden lace, one rid robe with three laces, one plaine gengarline robe, one grine lenrie woollcie robe with two laces, two hatts, one fether bed and a bedsted matt and a corde and a fether bolster, one sheete, one cofferled one blankett, coffer, one selver wyar fower pounds of lam to one turn (?). The sums received follow this entry – see OOP accounts.

The John Browning who acquired the Christening suit was presumably Dorothy's brother. This tree and scenario is speculative so far. Dorothy had various clothes etc. bought for her in 1683 and she was cared for by Thomas Cooke but she died in 1684 [it was mentioned in 1673 that she needed dressings and ointments for her legs and had to be carried to Wootton and in 1684 was sick] and the rest of her parents goods were sold off to pay for the funeral.

DD/S/BT/13/1/1-2 Note of division of land in Butleigh between the coheirs of William Ewens. [DD/S/BT/13/1/1-4 tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1625.

C 6/150pt2/93 Short title: Squibb v Gonge. Plaintiffs: Robert Squibb. Defendants: Richard Gonge, Dorothy Gonge his wife , John Browneing, Anne Browneing his wife , John Smith, Dorothy Smith his wife and others. Subject: property in Butleigh, and East Pennard, Somerset. Document type: answer only. 1655

2a) John Browning died 1707/8

John called 'senior' appears between 1688 and 1707 in the churchwardens accounts, being warden in 1689, 1706 and 1707. He was overseer of the poor in 1692. He also received payment during that period for killing a polecat and eight hedgehogs. From 1695 he paid the rates jointly with Gousney from his wife's family, though no rate paid 1697. By 1708 he was 'the late John Browning' and next to his place in the rates list was William Browning who had appeared paying rates on his own account in 1707. An Elizabeth Browning [his widow?] married Philip Avery in Butleigh on 8 Dec 1709. # Another Elizabeth married John Squiar in 1715 (see next). Elizabeth may be have been a sister of William and Thomas next? Need to see Thomas' Will.

DD/\BR\ho/19 Marriage settlement, John Squiar, jun., of Butleigh and Elizabeth Browning, 1715. BUTLEIGH DEEDS

DD/S/BT/5/7/9/ - 1] Mary Squier of Butleigh widow of John 2] Richard Sheate of Butleigh, yeoman and wife Mary daughter of John Squier by first wife Elizabeth Browning 3] Betty Lucas of Butleigh widow of John and daughter of John Squier and Elizabeth Browning Assignment Date: 1766.

2a1) William Browning bur. 8 Feb 1757 Butleigh

William appears in the churchwardens accounts for 1710 when he killed a polecat. He was a ratepayer from 1707 and in 1709 and 1710 jointly with John. The unoccupied 'late John Browning' property (1707/8) was probably now his as it disappears from the rate list – possibly on the remarriage of Elizabeth, his mother? By 1711 John was replaced by Mary who was probably his widow – though possibly a sister? They continued to pay rates jointly from 1711 until 1728 when they are joined by Thomas Browning -until 1731. William was an Overseer of the Poor in 1720 and 1749. In 1732 Mary was absent (had died) and just William and Thomas paid the rate (jointly). They paid jointly until 1738/9 after which they were listed separately. He paid until 1756/7 when he became 'the late William Browning'. In 1741 William was paid rent by the OOP for Mary Roley who was on relief.

DD/S/BT/6/5/20-22 1] John Helyar of Yeately, Hants., and wife Christian 2] William Day of Somerton and John Fisher of Somerton, apothecary 3] Revd Francis Martin of South Cadbury, John Pope and Henry Talbot of Butleigh Wootton, Charles Strode and William Browning of Butleigh, Date: 1706.

DD/S/BT/4/5/40 - 1] John Webb 2] William Browning of Butleigh, yeoman Lease for lives of Charlhurne (4a) at Copley, Butleigh. Rent 1s 6d.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1710.

2a2) Thomas Browning bur. 15 Jul 1762 Butleigh

Thomas Brownings son paid in 1737/9 for killing a hedgehog (CW).

Thomas paid rates from 1728 jointly with William and Mary Browning and from 1732 jointly with just William (see previous). Thomas was churchwarden in 1729. In 1730 and 1732 Thomas in addition paid rates with Susan Kelway on another property (mostly just her name appears). In 1734 Thomas took Jane Gregory as an apprentice (OOP). In 1736 he received from the Overseers rent for James Oldish. In 1738, besides the joint property held with William, Thomas paid rates on a property previously 'Samson and Abbott's'. From 1738/9 they paid rates separately, but next to each other in the list. Thomas was an Overseer of the Poor in 1738 and again in 1759. In 1739 Thomas paid rates again additionally with Susan(nah) Kelway and also 1741/2. Thomas paid the rates until 1762 after which it was listed as 'late Thomas Browning'. In 1764/5 between the rates paid for Late Thomas and Late William Browining appears Mary Browning widow. Since William had died in 1757, this was probably Thomas' widow. The properties of Thomas and William remained rated as of 'the Late..' and only Mary paid rates – until 1771/2 when she became 'the late Mary Browning'. Since she isn't buried in Butleigh she may have rented out the properties and died elsewhere. The rates were paid by the occupiers thereafter with Caleb Dickinson taking Thomas' part in 1774/5 and William Eades taking over all three in 1777/8. Thomas appears in the Churchwardens accounts for killing vermin (1740's) and in 1747/8 for hauling tiles to put on the church roof.

John Cannon (Money pp. 600, 603/4) mentions that Sir Samuel Newman Bt. Leased 20 acres in Street to Thomas for 99 years, or his and his wife Mary's lives. Yearly rent was 20 shillings payable quarterly, obligation £480, condition £240 being the fine payable.

DD/S/BT/9/4/15-16 1] James Grenville 2] Thomas Browning of Butleigh, yeoman Lease for lives of 4a in Butleigh fields. Rent 6d. With counterpart.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1752.

DD/S/BT/9/4/21-22 1] James Grenville 2] Thomas Browning of Butleigh, yeoman Lease for lives of Whiteland (5a), 1a at Harepitts, 1a above the way to Kingweston and 2a at Southernhill in Butleigh fields. Rent 2s 6d. With receipt (1769) endorsed with a sketch of the strips Date: 1755.

DD/S/BT/12/1/3 1] John Fox of North Cadbury, husbandman, administrator of his father Richard Fox of Baltonsborough decd 2] Thomas Browning of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of 3a arable on Southernhill, Butleigh. [Tied together with DD/S/BT/12/1/1-2 and DD/S/BT/12/1/4]. [Somerset Date: 1756.

DD/S/BT/10/3/1 - 1] Joseph Emmory of Butleigh, husbandman and wife Mary [Gregory] 2] Thomas Browning of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Richard and William Holman of Butleigh, yeomen Assignment in trust of 2.5a arable in fields, moiety of 12a at east end, Breach (20a and 4a), Butleigh. Date: 1757.

DD/S/BT/26/3/12-16 - Draft will of William Eades of Butleigh, yeoman. Papers relating to his estate formerly Thomas Browning and copy of Thomas Browning's Will (1760).. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1842. Also DD/S/BT/13/1/32 – for Will.

DD/S/BT/26/3/2 Copy will Thomas Browning of Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1762.

4) Barnett Browning b. 1839 (Sep Q 10/488 Williton) Alford/Holford, Som., blacksmith, son of John and Elizabeth Browning, died 1912 (Mar Q 5c/457 Bridgwater) aged 73 61-53

Barnett lodged with William Look in Oddway in 1861. In 1841 he had appeared with his parents, father a blacksmith, in Holford. He appeared next with his brother John at Nether Stowey in 1871 then married Mary Venn there in 1872 (Sep Q 5c/499 Williton). His occupation is described as baker and farrier. The couple seem to have remained childless. .


1) Henry Brownsell b. 1856 (Jun Q 5c/645 Wells) Meare, s.o. William Brownsell, d. 7 Mar 1883 (Mar Q 9c/403 Rotherham) interred St. Margarets, Swinton, Yorkshire

On the 1891 census Alice and her sister Elizabeth lived at Cumberland House, Main Road, West Pennard with their Baker grandparents. John Baker seems to have died in 1896.

On their tombstone in Butleigh it is recorded that Henry died aged 28 in a tragic accident and was interred at St. Margarets, Swinton, Yorks. The stone was erected by their children.

Annie's end was even more tragic – she became the housekeeper to the butcher James Weaver and his son Charles after her husband's death [probably in response to the advert James Weaver put in the Western Gazette 14 Apr 1893 for someone to do housework and cooking but aged 30+]. James's wife had become insane and eventually died in December 1897. The son Charles seemed to suffer increasingly from the same affliction and his father began attempts to get his son committed to an asylum in Wells. With this in mind he asked a friend, William Killen, proprietor of the Rose and Portcullis Inn, to look after his son while he left to sort the matter out. This was on the 15th April 1898. Killen left the house for a short while but rushed back with a neighbour, Mr. Cox, on hearing screaming. The doors were locked against them but they broke one down with a hammer only to find that Charles Weaver was sitting on Anne Brownsell repeatedly stabbing her with a small table knife. He had previously imagined that she was trying to poison him. As Killen wrestled Charles off Mrs. Brownsell she uttered the words “Oh my dear” but before Dr. Knyvett from the Butleigh Hospital arrived she had expired. She had numerous cuts including one to the main artery in her neck and three fingers had been almost severed. Charles Weaver was declared insane at his trial and served the rest of his life in custody, dying in 1915. [see under Weaver]

On the gravestone is the sentence: On that happy Easter morning all the graves their dead restore Father, Sister, child and Mother meet once more

Elizabeth Ann appears on the 1901 census at 16, Westmoreland Place West, Lyncombe, Bath living with her uncle Edward Brownsell (b. 1858 Meare) and his family. She seems to have married Ernest Bindon in Taunton in 1908.


1) Emma M. Brunton b. 1869 Norfolk, Attenborough, cook housekeeper, d.o. Alfred and Mary Brunton 01W-140

Emma had lived with her parents in Attenborough in 1871 but by the 1881 census they had moved to Hasting, St. Leonards, Surrey. Her father was a caretaker. She worked at Wootton House in 1901.


1) James Bryant b. 1771, shepherd, bur. 15 Oct 1848 (Dec Q 10/291 Taunton) Combe Florey – abode Bishops Lydeard