Eades is a fairly common surname in the 1700's, mainly due to two couples, both named William and Mary who had at least 14 children between them. I shall attempt to sort this surname out once I can find some relevant Wills.

1) Margaret Eades married Butleigh 27 Nov 1623 John Baker #

2) Henry Eates (?) - paid rates in 1689 on land previously owned by John Cooke – in 1691 rates paid by Alice Yeates (probably his wife – see under Yeates).

3) Martha Eades of Baltonsborough married Butleigh 2 April 1716 John Collens of Baltonsborough#

No sign of either John Collins nor Martha Eades in Baltonsborough before their marriage and both may have been Butleigh born – but falling into the 1677-1714 PR gap. A William Eedes was in Baltonsborough in 1720 when a child was born, wife Alice.

4) William Edes

It wasn't clear in the PR - William may have been baptised or buried on that date, 1737 - a child of this couple? These Williams need sorting – see 3+3x for Ayres connection

5) William Eads/Yeads - the William bur. 4 Dec 1790 Butleigh

See under Yeads – probably the same couple. In 1760 the OOP paid a William Eade's rent (£1). John Eades of Butleigh married Hester Hayes of Baltonsborough on 27 Nov 1771.

5+5x) William Eades [a William b. 1748, bur. 9 Jan 1821 Butleigh (73), another b. 1751 bur. 20 Jun 1818 Butleigh (67)] [another William b. 1753 died 31 Dec 1826, aged 73?].

one Mary, b. 1754, wife of William died 24 Dec, bur. 30 Dec 1785 Butleigh [this Mary had a daughter Rebecca who died in infancy according to her gravestone. Her husband b. 1753 died Dec 31st 1826 aged 73 – must be Mary Watts since Mary Callow outlived her husband)

A William Eades was Overseer in 1775. In a deed of 1779 (CW accts.) William Eades was to serve as Tything man in rotation – for 'Brownings'. In fact from 1777/8 the rates for late Thomas, Mary and William Brownings properties (3 in all) were paid by William Eades [or occupiers]. In 1786 William additionally started paying rates on 'late James Ayers' property. He is called 'mason – later stone cutter' – to distinguish him from the William with 3 properties aforementioned? In 1790/1 Whitefield was added to the properties of the first William. A William Eades was Overseer for his own estate in 1805 and 1812. This situation continued until 1818/19 when the 'stonecutter's' property was changed to 'John and William Eades. This was still the case in 1827. [Overseerr, landowner was probably (2) below, while this family were the stone cutters).

March/April 1776 William Eades a) paid by OOP for disbursing warrants for orders and examinations, b) for hauling loads of stone lime to Butleigh Wootton Poor house c) for going to apprehend Edward Ashley (not pid his bastardy pay). He received the pay from Ashley and paid it to John Periam Sep 1776 and in October their expenses for travelling to Bridgwater were paid by the OOP. William Eades paid by the OOP in April 1779 for a journey to Bridgwater. Paid in Sep 1780 for 4 doz reeds for the Poor House at Wootton. In Oct 1796 a William paid for 81 reed sheaves by the OOP. In July 1800 the OOP paid William Eades £1 6s 0d for bringing 26 sacks of potatoes from Castle Cary and 2/6d for measuring them out. This could be the mason Eades who who supplied stones for the Poor House in Jan 1804. A William Eades was paid for 'gouts and work done at Sealys Row' in March 1816.Jan 1817 OOP paid for 7 loads of stone s for Sealy's Row. In Mar 1819 the OOP paid William Eades the foreman. John & William Eades supplied stone for Sealys Row in Nov. 1821. William Eades for stone to repair the walls at Talbots in Sep 1829. In March 1832 paid for paving the walks at the poor house. Sep 1834 paving Sweets house.

A William Eades chosen by lot in August 1781 to go into the Somerset Militia (paid £4 4s). In Dec 1782 a William received 8/- in necessity. Again in Jan to June 1783. In June the OOP paid £1 10s to the Westonzoyland Overseers for a substutute for William Eades in the Somerset Militia for 15 weeks. In June and July 1784 Willia received further payments in necessity.

Two families are involved here; a William Eades married Mary Callow 23 Jul 1772 Butleigh # and William Eades married Mary Watts 17 Apr 1774. The one who married the Mary who died in 1785 himself died in 1826 – see above. The first William's children in 1824 were William, Mary Tucker, Elizabeth Goodson, Ann Barnes, Jane Golledge and Catherine Avery.

An Edmund Eades who died aged 3, from Glastonbury, buried 5 Aug 1815 Butleigh may have been a child of one of the above?

DD/S/BT/10/3/2 1] William Eades of Butleigh, yeoman, John Tucker of Butleigh, yeoman and wife Mary, Elizabeth Goodson of Butleigh, James Barnes of Butleigh and wife Ann, John Golledge of East Pennard, yeoman and wife Jane, John Avery of Butleigh. cordwainer and wife Catherine. (William, Mary, Elizabeth, Ann, Jane and Catherine are children of William Eades decd) 2] James, Baron Glastonbury Assignment of Breach (20a), Butleigh. [Above two documents tied together] dated 1824

DD/S/BT/6/7/6 - 1] William Eades of Butleigh, yeoman, and wife Mary [Callow] and Thomas Cooke aged 16 2] William Holman of Butleigh, yeoman Partition of an estate by assignment of a house, High Croft (4a), Breach (20a), Heal (16a) and Wheatland (3.5a) to William and Mary Date: 1773. The John burials could apply to several of the Johns. Betty may be the Elizabeth who married John Plucknett of Barton St. David in Butleigh on 14 Jun 1798. Possible to identify them from their Wills?

DD/BR/ho/25 - New erected' house, divided in three (1777) and land in West Field, orig. belonging to Ayres of Butleigh. Wills, James Ayres of Butleigh, carpenter, 1778, and William Eades of Butleigh, 1819.[Somerset Archive and Records, DEEDS OF THE NEVILLE...] Date range: 1777 - 1840.

DD/BR/ho/27 - Houses and land, leased by Wm. {William?} Coombs of Butleigh, yeo., for 299 years (original lease 1786). Copy will, Wm. Eades of Butleigh, mason, 1814; admon. Mary Coombs of Butleigh, 1841.. [Somerset Archive and Records, DEEDS OF THE NEVILLE... Date range: 1814-1842.

DD/S/BT/26/3/9 - Legal opinion on Butleigh estate of William Eades in right of his wife Mary [Callow]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1804.

Mary jnr married William Coombs in Butleigh on 4 Jul 1839 (Sep Q 10/623 Wells). She died in 1841 (Sep Q 10/311 Wells). #

5a) John Eades Chr. 29 Mar 1789 Butleigh, stone cutter, s.o. William and Mary, bur 26 Apr 1842 (Jun Q 10/344 Wells) Butleigh 41-3

John Eades married Elizabeth Dauncey on 11 July 1825 The family appeared first in Quarry Lane in 1841. They lived there with James, Charles, Jane, Emma, (died 1883) and David. John and Elizabeth had two more children, David (b. 1840) and Isabella. The child David John christened in 1842, is probably the same child as that born in 1840 but called John on later censuses when the family had moved to Water Lane.

One child absent from the censuses in Butleigh was Mary Ann (but see 41-4) who married James Vinen, verger of Wells Cathedral, in 1855 (Sep Q 5c/877 Wells) and who appeared on the 1861 census in Wells with her husband, and in 1891-1901 as a widow - and in 1891 together with her sister Isabella who was still single. In 1851 the widowed Betsy was a charwoman living in Water Lane with six of her children;

James [Watts] Walter Eades 21, brickmaker – The Wells Journal Saturday 9 Oct 1852 reported that James stole some game from the larder of the Dean of Windsor and sold it to James Sims a haggler of Compton. They were both arrested and sent for trial. The Sherborne Mercury 26 Oct 1852 reported that Sims was found not guilty but James Eades sentenced to six months imprisonment.

Charles Eades - 16. In 1861 he was in Farnborough, in the District Military Prison, North Camp, Aldershot. He must have then moved (with the army?) to Ireland where he married, since in 1881 he appears with wife Mary Ann (b. Ireland), daughter Emma Jane (11 ¾, b. Ireland) daughter Maude (9 ¼ - b. Kent) and son Charles (1) in Hulme, Manchester where he was then a farrier. In 1901 he was a labourer in a foundry, living at 5, Primrose St., Hulme with his wife Mary and son Charles (21).

Jane-Ann Eades, 13. By 1861 she was a cook and her sister Isabella a housemaid at Welham, Shepton Montague, home of Charles Fink, vicar of Shepton. In 1871 she returned to Butleigh and lived with her mother. In 1881 she was cook to Alderman George Sully of Mt. Radford Hill, Wembdon, Som., and in 1891 the cook at the 'Abbey' Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury, home of James Austin. In 1901 she was visiting her sisters Isabella and Mary Vinen at Vicars Close, Wells. She died in 1911 (Mar Q 5c/344 Wells) aged 73.

Emma, 10 - was an 'imbecile' from birth and remained with her mother in Butleigh all her life - she died aged 44 in 1883. She temporarily stayed with nurse Hannah Folley in 1861 when her mother was in Wells.

John, (8) remained in Butleigh until post 1861 (lodging at 74, Compton Street). He seems to have joined the army like his brother and is probably the John Eades (of Butley), 44 Staff sergeant, collar maker (Army Service Corps), married to Eliza (of Wilts) at Southill Barracks in Chatham in 1891 He was a 'marker at Bisley Butts', Horsell, Surrey by 1901, living at 2, Prospect Place with his wife.

Isabella, 7 - in 1861, was a servant with her sister Jane Ann (above) in Shepton Montague. In 1871 she was a nurse and visitor at 3, West Hill Street, Brighton, Sussex. In 1881 she was ladies maid to the wife of the Canon of Peterborough, Marsham Argles J.P., Northants. In 1891 she lived at 12 Vicars Close with her sister the widowed Mary A. Vinen, a Theological boarding house keeper. In 1901 they were both still there but joined also by Jane. Isabella Eades and Mary Ann Vinen were still at 12 Vicars Close in 1911 with 2 Theological students boarding.

In 1861 Betsy was visiting her daughter Mary A. Viner and husband James (Verger of the Cathedral) at 15, Close Hall, Wells.

In 1871 she was living with her unemployed (cook) daughter Jane Ann (36), still single, and Emma. Betsy and Emma remained in Butleigh in 1881 a few doors away from their previous dwelling. Emma died in 1883 and Betsy died in 1887 aged 87.

5b) William Eades Chr. 9 Dec 1790 Butleigh, stone cutter, s.o. William and Mary Eades, bur. 23 Nov 1865 (Dec Q 5c/378 Wells) Butleigh 41-14, 51-31, 61-59

William Eades junior, stonecutter paid bastardy pay in March 1810 and from then on, most probably this William. He paid 1815 and a years pay due March 25th 1816 – then to Dec 1816. William was summoned in Mar 1817 and again in July and Sep. He paid bastardy until April 1820. He received a summons in July 1820, 1821. Probably the father of John Sealey Eades below (8). William Eades lodged in Barton Stone in 1841, in Church Street in 1851 and No. 41/2 [Sub Road] in 1861

5b?) William Eades [he died before 1861? - wife stated she was widowed by then] - same person as last?

Elizabeth the mother, surfaced in Bathgate St., The Abbey, Bath with her daughters Ann and a Harriet (b. 1835 Butleigh) in 1841. Elizabeth next lived with her daughter Harriett, a milliner, in Clifton, Glos., in 1851. An Ann (b. 1817 Butleigh) married Philip Vaughan in 1842 (Dec Q 11/179 Bristol) and this is probably the Ann and Philip Vaughan who lived at 7, Queen Street, Bristol St. Michael in 1851. By 1861 Ann stated she was widowed and lived with her daughter Ann Vaughan at Rowhamsterry, Clifton. Mary (b. 1823) was the cook at Lyatt Villa, Dinder in 1851. William was absent on all the censuses where his wife appears. Daughter Elizabeth married Joseph Richards Butleigh 24 Feb 1846 (Mar Q 10/813 Wells) and was buried in Butleigh.

5b1) William Eades Chr. 21 Jun 1818 Butleigh, stone cutter 41-10

William Eades lodged with William Knight in 1841 in the High Street. He appears at Marshall's Elm, Street, in 1851 living with his wife Elizabeth and son Morgan.

In 1861 he was at Twerton, Bath with Morgan (b. 1850 Street), William (8 b. Paiston?), Theodosia (7), Henrietta (3). By 1871 they had moved to Walcot where Elizabeth died. William married Hephzibah Sarah Arthurs in 1873 (Sep Q 5c/1069 Bath) and by 1881 they lived in 14, Charlotte Street, Walton.

6) William Eades Chr. 25 Jan 1783 Butleigh, farmer, s.o. William and Mary Eades, bur. 9 Aug 1842 (Sep Q 10/328 Wells) Butleigh 41-13

William appears owning land and paying rates at King Sedgemoor Ground in 1796. Overseer in 1804. From 1807 William Eades additionally farmed land on Sedgemoor belonging to other owners [e.g. Jane Hodges 1807/8, 1809 - 14 the Callow brothers (specified as Wm Eades junioralso occupied the Old Blacksmiths in Butleigh owned byWilliam Callow), 1816 - 25 George Grant, then William Grant, 1817 Mrs. Rood] He was Overseer OP in 1823 for Mrs. Hood. In the rate assessment of 1827/28 the land listed for William Eades was; Mrs. Roods S. side common, Mrs. Hoods,ditto north side common, his own, south common moor and Mr. Grants in North side common. The witness to the wedding in 1815 was James Rood and Mary Rood may have been his daughter or niece. See Rood (11) for possible family/land link.

This branch of the family lived at Roods Farm, Butleigh Hill, in 1841. William, a widower, lived there with five of his children and after his death in 1842 the property associated with the farm was registered to his three eldest sons on the Tithe map of 1844. Harriet was absent from the 1841 census.

John succeeded to the farm while Thomas and Frederick lodged with William Coombs in the village. In 1851 John Eades (34) farmed 139 acres and lived with his sister Harriet (33) and brother Richard (32). William and Frederick appear as creditors of Frederick John Meears, beerhousekeeper of Butleigh, and an indenture of 24 Jan 1854 transferred his property to them. [Wells Journal 4 Feb 1854]

Harriet went to live with her brother Thomas in Woolavington in 1861 (farming 150 acres). In 1871 Thomas lived there with his wife Sophia and two sons. He had married Sophia Warren in 1865 (Dec Q 5c/819 Langport). By 1881 he was farming 220 acres in, and living at 22 Weston Zoyland. Thomas Eades died in 1891 (Mar Q 5c/317 Bridgwater) aged 70 and his wife in 1899.

Harriett (unmarried - 52) lived at 11, Castle Street, Keinton Mandeville with a widow, Caroline Perry in 1871. After she died in 1880 she was buried in Butleigh. Frederick farmed 120 acre at Park Farm (1b) in 1861. Both Elizabeth and her sister Harriet are buried in Butleigh churchyard.

Richard married Mary Ann Tucker in 1852 (Jun Q 5c/785 Langport) and they went to Charlton Mackrell where he farmed 268 acres. Mary Ann was the daughter of William Tucker of Butleigh and in 1851 had lived at Kingweston. In 1871 Richard farmed 271 acres at West Charlton Farm, Charlton Mackrell but died in 1875 and was buried in Butleigh churchyard. # Mary Ann died on the 4th January 1900 and is buried with her husband in Butleigh.

Elizabeth married Joseph Richards (b. 1811 Westbury) in 1846 (Mar Q 10/813 Wells) and in 1861 they farmed at Hampreston, Hamps., with their four children. By 1871 she was widowed and had taken a housekeepers job at Woolavington where her brother Thomas lived. #

DD/S/BT/26/3/12-16 - Draft will of William Eades of Butleigh, yeoman. Papers relating to his estate formerly Thomas Browning and copy of Thomas Browning's will (1760).. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1842.

DD/S/BT/25/14/22-3 - 1] Richard Eades of Butleigh 2] Ralph Thompson of Somerton 3] John, Thomas and Frederick Eades of Butleigh 4] Harriet and Elizabeth Eades 5] James Culverwell of Wedmore and Thomas Culverwell of Durleigh 6] Richard Anstice of Bridgwater Draft assignment Date: 1844.

6a) John Eades b. 1816, Chr. 12 Jan 1817 Butleigh, farmer, died 1903 (Jun Q 5c/229 Langport) 41-13, 51-30, 61-53

Lucy King lived with her siblings [William aged 15, Louisa 11 and June aged 3] at Witcomb Farm, Corton Denham in 1841 and in 1851 they were at Ship House farm, Eastrip. Their mother had died aged 38 in 1839 and their yeoman father aged 44 in 1841. Brother William ran the farm aged just 15 from 1841! Lucy married John Eades in 1859. In 1861 they lived at Roods Farm called on the census 'Horsepool Street' with James. Two more children were born in Butleigh before the family moved to Lower Lytes Cary Farm, Charlton Mackrell (1871) where three more children were born. In 1871 Emily (9) was a visitor at the home of William Frampton in Northover, Som. but also included by her parents on the census in Lytes Cary - she died in 1880 aged 18. John farmed 218 acres at Lytes Cary and lived there until he died in 1903, and his wife Lucy in 1905. In 1901 they had still had four unmarried children at home over the age of 23.

6b) Richard Eades Chr. 30 Aug 1818 Butleigh, d. 25 Nov, bur. 30 Nov 1875 (Dec Q 5c/304 Langport) Butleigh 41-13, 51-30

Mary Ann died in Bridgwater but was buried in Butleigh and is mentioned on Richard's gravestone. In 1861 the couple lived at 'Farm House' Charlton Mackrell with servant Jane Jeffery. Jane was still with them in 1871 when they were visited by nephew Frederick Richards (17) and niece Fanny E. Richards (10) from Dorset. Richard farmed 271 acres at West Charlton Farm with 9 men and 5 boys. Mary Ann appears with her second husband in Bridgwater in 1891.

6c) Frederick Eades Chr. 12 Jan 1823 Butleigh, farmer, died 1907 (Jun Q 5c/230 Bridgwater) 41-13, 51-27, 61-50

In 1863, Frederick married Sarah Ann who had been lodging with him in 1861. After Richard had been born in Butleigh they went to live in West Street, Woolavington where in 1871 Frederick described himself as a retired farmer. Sarah died in 1872 aged 39 and their son Richard seems to be the one who died in 1878 (Mar Q 5c/455 Axbridge) aged 13. Frederick farmed in Moorlinch-Stawell in 1881 while Matilda went to boarding school in Bridgwater and in 1891 he lodged at Cossington while Matilda stayed with relatives in Weston Zoyland. Frederick died in 1907 aged 85.

7) William Eades Chr. 18 Aug 1805 Butleigh, stone engraver, illegit. son of Sarah Eades (d.o. William and Mary), died 12 Feb, bur. 17 Jan 1885 (Mar Q 5c/423 Wells) Butleigh 41-10, 51-34, 61-58, 71-84, 81-103

The couple lived at 18, High Street in 1841 before moving to The Court (Back Street) 1851 where they lived with their son William. The age of this William varies on the two censuses and it is possible that the one on the 1841 census was not a son - he is possibly the William Eades (25) born Butleigh - a drapers Assistant in Yeovil High Street (with Eliza Crocker) in 1861. This age would fit the earlier William and since no death is traced it may be that the 1851 census gives the wrong age for the same William.

In 1871 they lived in Water Lane, a grandson Richard William Eades born in Cattistock, Dorset, lived with William and Ann (and remains in Butleigh – 1881). His father was their son William jnr who had mariied Emma Tucker in 1861 (Dec Q 5a/731 Dorchester), and who lived in Cattistock (according to burial entry in PR). His death shortly after the birth of his son accounts for Richard's arrival in Butleigh. Morris' Directory of 1872 lists William Eades stone cutter, assistant overseer and collector of rates and taxes.

In 1881 William Eades (76) and wife Ann (72), still lived with grandson Richard William (18) but now in New Road. William died in 1885 aged 81 and Ann possibly in 1889 in Bridgwater. Richard Will[iam] Eades married Anna Maria from Axminster, Devon and they are found with two children at Stone Farm House, Kingston near Taunton in 1891.

8) John Sealey Eades Chr. 28 Jan 1810 Butleigh illegit. s.o. Fanny Sealy, stone cutter, bur. 6 Jan 1857 (Mar Q 5c/437 Wells) Butleigh 41-6, 51-28

John Sealey Eades appears in Parish Records as John Sealey alias Eades or just John Sealey (Seeley).

In 1841 John Eades (30) wife Martha (26) and Eliza (8), John (6), Elizabeth (4) and Sarah (2) plus James Wheeler (9) lived in the High Street. Their eldest daughter Mary was a servant in the home of Robert Cornish in 1841 (dob. given as 1826 - but see 2a-2, 2b-6). Sarah died in 1844 (Jun Q 10/349 Wells). James Wheeler, Martha's nephew, became a servant at the Perriam's farm in Butleigh Wootton by 1851.

In 1851 the family are found at Pond Head. John S. Eades and Martha appear on the 1841 census living next to Martha's mother, Ellen/Eleanor Wheeler (same address?). New additions to the family were James b. 1842, Elias b. 1844, Henry b. 1848 and Sarah Ann b. 1850. John and Martha had another daughter Fanny in 1853 and then John Eades died in 1857. Mary, the eldest daughter was a servant at 11, Mall, Clifton, Bristol in 1851, the home of Alderman William Wyld. She returned to Butleigh by 1861 and never married. She was bur. 5 Oct 1912 (Dec Q 5c/533 Wells) Butleigh

Eliza married James Barnett of Butleigh in Butleigh on 14 Apr 1857 (Jun Q 5c/1004 Wells).#

James boarded at 2, Tailor Court, Taunton in 1861, as a mason. Henry died in 1856. John disappeared after 1851, but see (12). Elizabeth married James Brice in Butleigh on 13 Nov 1856 (Dec Q 5c/1081 Wells).#

In 1861 at Pond Head Ellen Wheeler (80) widow lived with her widowed daughter Martha Eades, a shoe binder, and her children Mary (31), Elias (17), Sarah A. (11) and Fanny (8) with a visitor John Faircloth (4). Ellen Wheeler died in 1862 (Mar Q 5c/435 Wells). Elias left Butleigh and worked on the railways. He married Ann Jolley in 1864 (Jun Q 1a/202 Kensington). In 1871 he lived at 5, Brittania Terrace, Paddington with his wife Ann and their two daughters. In 1891 and 1901 he was a Railway Inspector at Paddington, 34, Fermoy Road. latterly with three children and his wife was then Mary Sarah Johnson who he had married in 1890 (Jun 1d/1408 Camberwell). He died in 1901 (Jun Q 1a/21 Paddington).

In 1871 Martha (58), still a shoe binder, lived with her daughters Mary (38), Sarah Ann (21) and Fanny (18). In 1881 Martha, now (69) lived with, besides Mary (49), Sarah Ann (31) and Fanny (28) her granddaughter Minnie Mary b. 1874 - Sarah Ann's illegitimate daughter. Sarah Ann married Christopher Higgins in Butleigh on 7 May 1885 (Jun Q 5c/902 Wells) and they lived in Oddway in 1891 with Mary, her older sister. # In 1891 Martha (81) lived at Pond Head with her daughter Fanny (38) but died that year. Minnie lived in the High Street with her cousin Fanny Ryall. Fanny married William Turner in Butleigh on 25 Aug 1892 (Sep Q 5c/797 Wells) and they lived in four rooms in Pond Head in 1901, next to her sister Mary.# Minnie married in Butleigh 1899 as Minnie Mary E. Eades - (Sep Q 5c/847 Wells) to milkseller James Pike - and they went to live in Bridgwater. # In 1901 Mary, a bread maker aged 70, lived in three rooms at Pond Head. In 1911 Mary lived at 2 Pond Head with her neice Clara Higgins (b. 22 Mar, Chr. 16 May 1886 (Jun Q 5c/534 Wells) Butleigh). Mary died in 1912 (Dec Q 5c/533 Wells) aged 83.

9) Elizabeth Eades b. 1825 Charlton Mackrell 01-136

Elizabeth lived on her own means in four rooms at 30, High Street in 1901. She was a widow but no certain trace of her previous life on earlier censuses - she may have married an 'Eades' post 1891.

10) Edmund Eades [b. 1754 Glastonbury, bur. 6 Nov 1834 Butleigh?]

Parish marriage record says husband Edward? An Edmund Eades was churchwarden in 1782 and Overseer in 1791, 1795 and 1801 [for James Grenville]. In 1801 Edmund farmed land on Southmoor Ground (late Burtons 10 acres) belonging to William Dickenson Esq. In March 1795 the OOP paid bills to Edmund and William Eades for loads of coal. In May 1796 Edmund was paid for spending 3 days in Wells during the case of Turner's bastardy. In October 1796 he was paid for supporting Turner's children while Turner was in gaol.

10a) Edmund Eades Chr. 14 Jun 1787 Butleigh, farmer, bur. 31 Jul 1843 (Sep Q 10/274 Shepton Mallet) Butleigh

In 1841 Edmund and Sarah lived together in Pilton where he was an Inn keeper. In 1843 [Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette 11 May 1843] Edmund was granted a Game Certificate. As a widow Sarah lived with her sister-in-law Phillis (nee Moody) (b. 1779 East Pennard) who had married her brother James Reynolds (7a) - they lived at Barton St. David in 1851. Both Edmund and Sarah were buried in Butleigh.

10b) Richard Eades Chr. 21 Jun 1794 Butleigh, gardener, s.o. Edmund and Elizabeth Eades, died 1869 (Jun Q 11a/155 Cardiff)

In 1841 Richard and Mary still lived in Glastonbury [High Street] with their four children and he called himself 'Yeoman', latterly living at Haveatt. By 1851 they had migrated to Wales and lived at Blackweir, St. John, Cardiff, Wales. Their son Frederick was an ironmonger's assistant. In 1861 Richard and Mary still lived at the same address and Frederick who was by then married, and a fireman, still lived with them.

10c) Stephen Eades Chr. 13 Jan 1797 Butleigh, farmer of 34 acres, s.o. Edmund and Elizabeth Eades, died 3 Feb 1871 (Mar Q 5c/437 Wells) North Wootton

In Bristol Mercury 14 Sep 1833, 16 Sep 1837 Stephen of North Wootton awarded a Game Certificate [£3 13s 6d]. Still on the Game List 22 Sep 1847 [Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser]. In 1841 Stephen and wife Elizabeth Porch (b. 2 Dec 1795 N. Wootton, d.o. Richard and Mary Porch, married 10 Apr 1820 N. Wootton – Elizabeth died 21 Nov 1878 NW) lived at North Wootton with their sons Stephen Porch [Chr. 12 Jun 1827 NW] and Thomas [Chr. 21 Dec 1828 NW]. They were still there in 1851 with Thomas, when Stephen's pob was given as N. Wootton. In 1861 Stephen (now pob Butleigh) still lived with Thomas and daughter-in-law Matilda. Thomas had married Matilda Masters in Bristol on 10 Apr 1856 but they seem to have been childless. Thomas died 1904 in Bristol.

10d) Thomas Eades Chr. 12 Sep 1800 Butleigh, gamekeeper, died 1868 (Dec Q 5c/337 Wincanton) 41K-18

This may be the Thomas Eades servant referred to in OOP accounts April 1812 (Mr. Bonds bill £3 – for taking him as apprentice?).

Thomas and Mary were in Kingweston in 1841. By 1851 the couple lived in Sparkford and by 1861 Thomas was a farm bailiff and he and Mary Ann were visitors at the farm of George and Elizabeth Tutton in Silver Street, Cheddar.

11) Sarah Eades b. 1814 Butleigh

Sarah married Frederick Burrow in 1844 (Dec Q 11/191 Bristol), an artist in stained glass. They lived first in London and then Westmorland.

12) John Eades [Edes] b. 1834 s.o. Elizabeth Eades and Robert Hawkins, died 1866 (Sep Q 5c/279 Langport) aged 32

A John Eades b. 1834, illegitimate son of Elizabeth Eades (b. 1815 Trent, Som.) found in 1851 in Somerton and in 1861 in Long Sutton Rd., Somerton with mother Betsy who had now married John Cranton (who witnessed John and Ann's marriage). On marriage certificate John Eades' father give as Robert Hawkins. In the register at St. Michael Somerton a bapt. 9 Feb 1834 for base born child but mother given as Rachael Eades.

In 1871 James appears at 'Vicarage', Compton Dundon with his grandparents Francis and Charlotte Wilton while his widowed mother, aged 31, lodged with the Lampord family, also in 'Vicarage', Compton Dundon. In 1881 Ann was living with her parents Francis and Charlotte but also with an illegitimate daughter Ellen born 1872 in Compton Dundon.

12a) James Eades b. 1865 (Dec Q 5c/469 Langport) Somerton, labourer, died 1895 (Mar Q 5c/427 Wells)

In 1871 James appears at the Vicarage, Compton Dundon with his grandparents Francis and Charlotte Wilton.

In 1891 Beatrice lived with her parents in Compton Street, Compton Dundon, her father was a a labourer born in Somerton and her mother came from Street. Her father died in 1895 aged just 29. By 1901 her mother Emily had moved to Wraxall, Street where she and her four children lived in four rooms - she was a shoe binder. The only record for a William birth is in 1892 (Jun Q 5c/475 Wells). In 1911 the widowed Emily lived at 2 Brutasche Terrace, Grange Rd., Street with her youngest three children. Beatrice married platelayer Gilbert Lee in 1906 (Dec Q 5c/978 Wells) and they lived with their son Leonard next to Beatrice's mother at 3, Brutasche Terrace in 1911.


A) Joseph Earlle witnessed a marriage in Butleigh on 13 Aug 1763 [of Thomas Crib of Barton St. David] Joseph had married Mary Crib on 2 Jan 1759 in Barton St. David.

1) Betty Earl

In Sep 1785 Betty received 1/6d in distress from the OOP - 'house bound'? A Betty Earl was Chr. Oct 1762 in Barton St. David d.o. John and Grace – aunt of Richard Earl (3).

2) Thomas Earl b. 1813, bur. 24 Nov 1822 Butleigh aged 9

The funeral of Thomas Earl was paid for by the OOP in Dec 1822. The Bath Chronicle reported the inquest on 12 Nov 1822 – Thomas..was keeping birds from a field of newly sown wheat when it is supposed that he must have climbed a crab tree for recreation, but the branches being slippery, he fell, and his carter's frock becoming entangled, he was suspended by the collar of it round the neck, and was found in that situation dead. Verdict – accidental.

3) Richard Earl Chr. 17 May 1804 Barton St. David, s.o. Thomas and Hannah Earl. bur 10 Apr 1831 Butleigh aged 26

Richard and probably Thomas above were both children of Thomas and Hannah Earl of Barton St. David. A Thomas Earl aged 40 [Chr. 2 Feb 1772 Barton s.o. John and Grace Earle] was bur. 15 Nov 1812 Barton St. David and widow Hannah [b. 1771] married 16 Jun 1817 William Peram [Periam] of Butleigh. This would explain why Thomas junior was in Butleigh – the lack of a baptism may be due to his being born posthumous to Hannah's husband Thomas' death.

4) William Earl Chr. 21 Nov 1813 West Pennard, butcher, s.o. Peter and Ann Earl

In 1851 the family lived at East Street West Pennard. William was a butcher. In 1861 they lived at New Town West Pennard and Elizabeth was absent. A 9 month old Jane bur. 18 Apr 1847 West Pennard was probably another child of this family.

4a) Richard Earl Chr. 3 Jan 1841 West Pennard, butcher, dealer, s.o. William and Sarah Earl 71-76

Jane married butcher John Whiting Weaver in 1873 (Dec Q 5c/1023 Wells) and thereafter they lived in Street. # In 1861 Richard was unmarried and lived at New Town, West Pennard with his father William, a butcher, and mother Sarah. He married Charlotte in 1862. Richard (30), a dealer, lived on Butleigh Hill in 1871 with his wife Charlotte (30) together with their daughters Lilly (Lillie) b. 1865, Ann b. 1870 plus Richard's sister Jane (20). An earlier Ann born 1865 (Jun Q 5c/647 Wells) was also their child. Another child, William who was born in West Pennard in 1872 but Christened in Butleigh. In Morris' Directory of 1872 Richard was listed as a farmer and pig dealer. In a County Court case reported in the Western Gazette 10 Jan 1879 Richard Earle a dealer of Butleigh owed £2 16s to William Nutt of Compton Dundon and had promised to pay on several occasions – Judgement was for Mr. Nutt. In 1881 they all lived in the "Half Moon Inn", West St., Somerton where Richard Earle was the Innkeeper.

5) John Earl b. 1810 Barton St. David, s.o. Thomas and Hannah Earl, labourer, died 1883 (Dec Q 5c/339 Wells - Earle) 41W-17, 51W-40, 61W-63, 71W-87, 81W-106

John Earle of Butleigh was cured of psoriasis by taking the waters at Bath according to the Bath Chronilce & Weekly Gazette of Thursday 15th December 1836.

In 1841 John and Ann lived in Wootton Street with lodgers and in 1851 they had mother-in-law Ann Periam (b. 1772 Sutton Montis) and a visitor Mary Ann Earl staying with them. Anna Higdon married Thomas Earl of Barton St. David in Sutton Montis on 5 Dec 1797 and they had several children in Barton [see above] before Thomas died in 1812 and Anna/Hannah married William Perriam of Butleigh in 1817.

By 1861 John and Ann still had Ann Periam with them (pob for John was then given as Compton) but by 1871 they had only a lodger. Ann may be the Hannah Perriam who died in 1862 (Dec Q 5c/406 Wells)? By 1881 John was alone and described as an 'imbecile'. Mary Ann was the daughter of George and Elizabeth Earl . The Western Gazette of 11 Mar 1881 recorded the case that John Earle being an 'imbecile' was to be taken into the Workhouse despite possessing between £30 and £40. .

6) Joseph Earl b. 1844 West Pennard, [s.o. Joseph and Matilda Earl?], labourer, d. 1916 (Jun Q 5c/549 Wells)

The family lived at Newtown, West Pennard. In 1911 the parents recorded that they had had 9 children but 2 had died.

6a) Frederick Earl b. 1874 (Sep Q 5c/574 Wells) West Pennard, labourer, s.o. Joseph and Ellen Earl

In 1891 Frederick lived with his parents and five siblings in four rooms at Patch Work House, West Pennard. Elizabeth was the oldest child of her parents, who lived in Sutton Veney in 1881 (her mother's birthplace), but the rest of the family later moved to Butleigh before 1901. # In 1891 Elizabeth was in service at Brick House Farm, West Pennard. After their marriage Frederick and Elizabeth lived at Newtown, West Pennard and by occupation Frederick was a 'plate layer'. By 1911 they lived at Pilton with their two children.


(Eastman – Easement - Estmond)

1) Thomas Estmond Gent Chr. 13 Sep 1581 Chardstock s.o. Thomas Estmond [bur. 1 Apr 1607 Chardstock], buried 17 Jul 1648 Chardstock

Chardstock had a Nicholas Estmond Gent. fathering children in the early 1600's – his wife Barbara bur. 28 Sep 1604. The Estmonds lived at Lodge on the borders of the Parishes of Wambrook and Chardstock.

DD/S/BT/5/1/2 Assignment of Peckham lease (1562) of a messuage and 12a meadow, 30a pasture, 60a arable and 3a wood in Butleigh as settlement on the marriage of Thomas Estmond of Butleigh and Dorothy Bowditch of Chardstock. 1630/1

DD/S/BT/5/1/4 Thomas Estmond's bond to perform covenants with William Michael and John Gaylard of Long Sutton 1633

DD/S/BT/5/3/1 1) Thomas Estmond of Butleigh, 2) William Michael and John Gaylard of Long Sutton, Yeomen, Assignment of a Peckham lease (1562) of a messuage and 1a, 17a 1p in closes, 9a newly inclosed and 4.5 a in East field, Butleigh. Rent 16s. Endorsed Gould 1758. 1633

DD/S/BT/5/4/1 1] Thomas Estmond of Butleigh and wife Dorothy 2] Thomas Wilton of Butleigh, yeomen Assignment of 4.5a arable in the common fields of Butleigh part Peckham lease (1562). 1633

DD/S/BT/6/1/1 1] Thomas Estmond of Butleigh and wife Dorothy 2] Richard Abbot of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of a Peckham lease (1562) of 4.5 a in West field, Butleigh. Rent 6d. Endorsed Look 1803. 1633

DD/S/BT/5/1/3 1] John Bowditch of Chardstock 2] Thomas Estmond late of Butleigh Quitclaim to a messuage and land in Butleigh. Endorsed Look 1803. 1633

DD/S/BT/12/1/1 - 1] Thomas Estmond of Butleigh and William Wooll or Atwooll of Butleigh, tanner 2] Jonathan Fox of Kingweston, husbandman Assignment of 3a arable on Southernhill, Butleigh part Peckham lease (1562). [Tied together with DD/S/BT/12/1/2-4]. [Somerset Archive Date: 1634.

DD/S/BT/5/3/2 - 1] Dorothy Estmond of Chestocke, Dors and son Thomas Estmond 2] William Attwooll of Kingweston Assignment of 1.5a inclosed in East field, Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1562). Rent 1s. Endorsed Gould 1758.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT Date: 1649.

DD/S/BT/4/5/9 - 1] Dorothy Eastment of Chardstock widow of Thomas Eastment 2] Thomas Symcockes Quitclaim to the Lawn next the Wall yeate, Butleigh exchanged for woods plot.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1648 - 1649.

2) Richard Easement [bur. 3 Aug 1715 Barton St. David]

A warrant was issued in 1691 against Richard by the OOP and in 1692 a warrant for disturbance against Joane Easement.

3) Thomas Eastment [of Charlton Mackrell? Chr. 2 May 1727 s.o. Thomas and Susannah Eastment?] d. 1771/2?

In April 1763 there was a flurry of entries in the OOP accounts concerning Thomas and his wife. Firstly came assistance, then ½ bushel of wheat and £1 11 6d for redeeming their goods for rent and carrying the goods from Charlton to Butleigh. A Thomas Pride was paid for redeeming the goods. Counsellor Gould was asked his opinion about removing Thomas Eastment and payments made also to Counsellor Popham, attorney Mr. Toller and the court cryer plus the expenses of two days at sessions and keeping Eastment there two days. The OOP also paid Susan Kelway for lodging house room and fire for the family for three weeks (6/-). An additional payment was made to Mrs. Eastment and in May 1762 the family received assistance during her 'lying in' and in June she was delivered of a child. Payments continued in June and July for 'tendering' to Eastment's wife. The OOP paid for two coffins and the sexton to bury them [a later payment was made in September for the same event]. In 1763 the OOP paid for Thomas Eastment's wife's 'lying in'. In June 1764 the OOP paid for a coffin for Thomas Eastment's child.

In 1763 Thomas Eastment had his rent paid by the OOP and again in 1768. In Nov 1765 and Jan 1766 he received assistance from the OOP 'in distress'. In April 1767 Thomas received relief for his wife and again in October in her sickness. In Feb 1769 the OOP paid for 'a fee counsel against Eastment'. In May - June '69 Eastment's wife received aid in her sickness. The OOP paid John Jones (Joans) for his charges regarding the Eastments in June '69. Thomas and family received aid in July - December 1769. The family received aid Jan 1770 until March and in that month a warrant was taken out by the OOP. In April payment went to the family plus to Eastment's wife in distress. In June 1770 the OOP paid for two men over three days expenses to bring Thomas Eastment to justice.

Payment continued monthly and in July Stephen Vearing was paid for looking after Thomas Eastment. In September 1770 the OOP paid for the children's clothing. In April 1771 the OOP bought Jane a new turn and paid other charges in her distress. In August 1771 payments made for Eastment's boy for coat and britches and to Jane in distress. In November and December 1771 the family still received monthly payments with additional aid to Jane in her distress/sickness. In August 1772 the monthly payment made to 'Thomas Eastment family' but from September onwards the payments made solely to Jane Eastment. These payments made monthly until May 1776. A payment made in March 1777 for a dowlas in her distress and then monthly payments 'in her distress'. In August 1777 payment made to her child in sickness. In Feb 1778 payment 'to the ridin & horse for Jean Easment'. The last payment to Jean was in August 1778 but payments were made to her 'boy' in May, June, July and September. In Nov 1778, after her marriage, Thomas Easment was made an apprentice to Thomas Lemon of Bruton (must be her husband Thomas Clements who seems to have been a chimney sweeperviz). There is a Jane Clements b. 1725 buried 28 Oct 1789 Bruton [described as 'poor'] and a Thomas Clement b. 1717 buried 31 Oct 1784 Bruton also described as 'poor'.

Son John Eastment was apprenticed to James Grenville in 1772 as part of the 'John Rocke scheme' (OOP). In the 1773/4 accounts reference made to apprentice payments from 29 May 1772 to 3rd Apr 1774. In 1772/3 the OOP paid house rent for Jane Eastment suggesting that her husband had died. In 1773 - 75 rent payments made to the Eastment 'family' (OOP). In 1776 payment made to Jane Eastment. On her marriage to the widowed Bruton chimney-sweep, Thomas Clements, Jane removed herself thence and bore a child, Daniel, in Feb 1779. John Eastment received assistance from the OOP in April 1785. By 1801 John had also moved to Bruton and the OOP paid him £2 5s 6d, probably for his rent. In April 1801 they sent him a further 10/6d 'towards house rent'. He received 5/- assistance in Aug 1801. In August 1805 he received 10/6 assistance. In March 1814 one years rent paid for John Eastment of Frome (mistake for his brother?). He is probably the John Eastment (76) in The Hospital, Hugh Sexey Esq., Bruton in 1841. He died 17 Nov 1843 (Dec Q 10/397 Wincanton) aged 78. A John Eastment had married Christian Gray on 22 Sep 1789 Bruton (b. 1767, bur. 21 Nov 1823 Bruton) A John Eastment b. 20 Aug 1800, Chr. 1 Feb 1801, living at Parkers Barton , High Street, Bruton in 1851, a chimney Sweep was his son.

Thomas Eastment The OOP paid Thomas Eastment from Bruton 10/6d in Dec 1797 and £1 1s in Jan 1798. On the 25th Jan 1800 they paid for a letter from Thomas in Heyford,near Frome. On 2nd Feb 1800 the OOP paid Thomas 'from Frome' 17/6d and in March that year his house rent (£1 6s 0d. In July 1800 they recorded receiving a letter from him. In Dec 1800 they bought him 13 yds of dowlas. In Feb 1802 they paid to receive a letter from Thomas and again in March. In July they paid for a further letter from him in Frome. On the 6th June 1803 the OOP paid to John Stevens the house rent for three years and 9 weeks for Thomas Eastment (from 29 Mar 1800). A letter from Thomas in Frome was received in December 1803. In March 1805 Thomas' house rent paid by the OOP. In March 1806 Mr. Holman paid John Stevens of Frome Thomas' house rent for 63 weeks [and also William Wheeler's widow Ann who lived in Frome]. In March 1810 OOP paid 5/- for Thomas Eastment and family. Oct 1810 received aid in distress. Feb 1811 family rec'd assistance. April 1813 Eastments at Frome received 33 weeks pay. 29 Mar 1818 payment to Thomas Eastment of Frome. Thomas received 11 weeks pay in Jan 1819 (to cover to June 30th 1818). Thomas of Frome received assistance in Jan 1820. Further payment in Feb. In Dec 1824 a payment was made to Thomas. Nfi on Thomas but a John Eastment who lived at Edgeles Lane, Frome in 1841 may be Thomas' son.

4) Betty Eastment died 1838?

In Dec 1827 there is an OOP record of 3/- paid for carrying Betty Eastment to Somerton. Mary Barber was paid for providing three weeks food and residence. In Feb 1828 there is a record of the OOP paying Betty £1 4s 0d prior to the delivery of her child and 14/- for two weeks since her delivery. The father of her child was called Cresswell as mentioned in a payment to Betty in April 1833. In March 1828 Betty was paid for two weeks and Mary Barber paid again for taking her up to the 18th March (2 weeks). In April Mary Barber received £1 9s 0d in respect of her midwifery with Betty. In Apr 1828 the OOP paid for two orders of Bastardy for Betty Eastment and Betty received one months pay of 14/-. Betty received assistance from May to Sep 1828 from the OOP. In April 1829 she received assistance in addition to pay of £2 18s 0d. She received 8/- twice in May 1829, 8/- in July In 1830 she was paid from Aug 1829 to May 1830 (£4). In Dec 1830 she was paid from May to December. The fact that she wasn't paid monthly suggests that she was living elsewhere (Bridgwater). In Sept 1831 she was paid from Dec 1830 – Sep '31. In November she was paid 'in distress' and also up to Dec 17th '31. She was paid in Distress again in December.

On 22 Nov 1831 in Butleigh Betty married labourer Tom Bailey Fry. I think this person must be related to the John Fry who the OOP paid for his clothes and conveyance to Bridgwater in July 1828 [no other Frys appear in the OOP records in this period] and paid again in Oct 1828, Feb 1829. He was paid for two days work in Butleigh in July 1830. The odd thing is that the Overseer continued to use Betty's maiden name when sending her assistance . In fact the OOP records end in Feb 1836 but up to December 1835 the Overseer records payments to her [as Betty Eastment]. John Fry must have been in Butleigh occasionally as there is mention of him in Sep 1832 (ill), Dec 1832 (received hessian and sheeting for a bed), Jan 1833 (assistance 4/-), Feb 1834 (ill), Sep 1834 (ill), Oct 1834 (ill), March 1835 (no work). If John and Tom Bailey are one and the same then maybe he returned to Bridgwater and in May 1835 the OOP account actually specifies that it cost 2/6d to send Betty her money). A Mary Fry buried 29 Apr 1828 Butleigh (aged 28) may have been John/Tom Fry's first wife.

Sarah appeared in Wells Union Workhouse aged 14 in 1841 and died there. Perhaps Betty had died prior to 1841, leaving her daughter in the Workhouse since her step-father couldn't/wouldn't keep her? A Betty Fry died in Bridgwater in 1838 (Dec Q 10/231 ). Not know what happened to Tom Bailey Fry/John Fry.

5) William Eastment b. 1891 Yeovil Vagg, Som., labourer, s.o. Frederick and Eliza Eastment, d. 1951 (Dec Q 6a/460 Poole)

In 1911 William lived in Blandford with his parents and siblings. Lily's mother had married Edward Courtney from Wareham (b. 1871) and at this time in Butleigh was Walter Trave Courtney (b. 1890) from Wareham – a possible reason why this couple came to Butleigh? A total of eleven children recorded for this couple between 1913 and 1936, mostly in Dorset and the last four in Wareham. Norah married Albert J. Bennett in 1947 (Sep Q 6a/531 Windsor)


1a) John Easton b. 1828 Taunton, stonemason, s.o. William and Elizabeth Easton 51-23

John was probably one of the masons building Butleigh Court and lodged at Parsonage House in 1841. He was the son of a gardener. Nfi

2a) Mary Ann Easton b. 1826 Axminster, Devon, housemaid, d.o. William and Mary Easton 51-30

Mary was serving at the Vicarage in 1851. She had lived with her parents in the Close of St. Peter's Cathedral, Exeter in 1841. Nfi


1) Mrs. Eathertonin 1696 a warrant was taken out by the OOP against Mrs. Eatherton – nfi Probably Etherton or Atherton.

Eavell - Evill



1) Job Ebsworth Chr. 20 Dec 1818 Tormarton, Gloucester, labourer, s.o. Robert and Harriet Ebsworth, bur. 22 Dec 1892 (Dec Q 5c/324 Wells) Butleigh 91-113

This couple appeared, married, on the 1851 census in Acton Turville, Gloucester with daughter Jane (2 months).

1a) William Ebsworth b. 1852 (Dec Q 6a/135 Chipping Sodbury) Tormarton, Gloucester, butler, s.o. Job and Mary Ann Ebsworth, bur. 18 Feb 1899 (Mar Q 5c/339 Wells) Butleigh 91-113

In 1861 William lived with his parents Job and Mary Ann Ebsworth and sister Jane in Tormarton. In 1881 William was a Beer House keeper living in Ham Cope Street, St. Pancras, Marylebone with his wife Catherine - his mother also lived with him and was described as a widow! William must have moved to Butleigh in 1885 and a child was born then which died a few years later. In 1891 they all lived at No. 11, High Street and William was a butler. His wife Catherine died aged 39, possibly in childbirth, bearing, or shortly after bearing, Herbert in 1891. The infant Herbert aged just 1 month was sent in 1891 to Tamworth, Staffs. to be looked after by James Riley (42) and his wife Catherine.

William's father Job died in 1892 aged 74 and William himself in 1899 aged 46. Mary Ann was left to bring up her grandchildren, living in four rooms in the High Street in 1901. Louisa worked as a kitchen maid at the Court and Thomas was a servant (baker) at Holmans. Herbert played Thomas Horne, Abbot Whiting's adopted son, in the Butleigh Revel of 1906 and Tom played a bearer. Sisters Alice, Ellen and Louise also played parts – see photos above. In 1911 Mary Ann (84) lived with her children Thomas Henry, Frances Ellen and Herbert at 14 Butleigh. Thomas was a baker, Frances a housemaid and Herbert an apprentice coach painter at a carriage and motor works. Louisa (a housekeeper) was a patient in the Cottage Hospital on census night. In 1919 she was a Red-Cross nurse.

Mary Ann died in 1916 aged 89. Thomas Henry married Ethel Bradden in 1912 (next) and they had two sons but Francis Ellen married a soldier, Robert Scotchings in Butleigh on 26 April 1917 (Sep Q 5c/741 Wells).

1a1) Thomas Henry Ebsworth b. 3 Jan 1884 Mar Q 1d/554 Lambeth) Stockwell, London, d. Jun Q 22/1362 Weston-Super-Mare) 91-113, 01-137

At the baptism of their second son they gave their address as 37, Cotham Hill, Bristol.


1) George Edgarpaid 1/- in 1748/9 for killing a fox. May be the George Edgar bur. 2 Aug 1763 in Compton Dundon.

2) William Edgar b. 1828 Compton, Chr. 28 Apr 1830 s.o. Wm & Francis or Chr. 19 Mar 1826 s.o. Willliam and Mary?] labourer 61W-64

William was a servant in Compton Dundon in 1841 and a labourer there in 1851 with the Pullman family. Emily was a glover and her father a smith. They married in 1853. This family arrived in Butleigh Wootton before 1856 and by 1869 Emily had died aged just 36. Drusilla (11) was a visitor with the Gooden family in Compton Dundon in 1871 and Frederick was an apprentice shoemaker boarding at Rock Hill Road, North Curry. In 1871 Charles was a servant at Ivythorn Farmhouse, Walton but Susan Mary may have died [the 'infant' Susan buried in 1861?]. The other children then disappear - nfi. What happened to William – possibly died [a William b. 1827 died 1896 (Jun Q 5c/297 Wells) but could be the next?] - a William died in 1864 in Keynsham (Mar Q 5c/635 Keynsham)? Sydney aged just 8 was in the Langport Union Workhouse in 1871.

3) William Edgar b. 1828 Glastonbury

A William appears in 1871 in Glastonbury living with his father James Edgar (b. 1802 Street) a farmer, and mother Charlotte (nee Hockey b. 1811 Butleigh) – parents had married 31 Aug 1825 Street.. This William is described as married but there is no wife. Charlotte had various dobs between 1800 and 1811 on the 1851 - 1891 census. From 1881 she was widowed and lived in Street.


1) Edwin Edmunds b. 1818 Yeovil, carpenter 51-23

Edwin was one of the workers hired to work on the construction of the Court and lodged at Parsonage House in 1851. In 1861 he is found in Litton Road, Gillingham, living with his brother Charles and family, working as a groom. In 1881 he appeared in Mere, Wilts., as unemployed, and died there in 1885.


1) Catherine Edwards married Butleigh 20 Jul 1630 Philip Cox Chr. 16 Feb 1606 Butleigh #

2) Joseph Edwards

Edward paid rates in 1684 and 1685 but in 1686 – 1689 the rates were paid by Elizabeth who in 1690 was 'the late Elizabeth Edwards' and in 1696 the property was 'late Edwards common' going to Thomas Pope in 1701.

3) Martha Edwards married Butleigh 6 Jan 1758 Richard Loyd [Lyde] #

Without further clues, this could be one of several Martha Edwards i.e. Chr. 16 Mar 1728 High Ham – needs further research.

4) Florence Edwards bur. 30 Nov 1776 Butleigh

Florence appears receiving assistance from the OOP in August 1767 and monthly thereafter (4/- becoming 6/-) until her death. In Dec 1768 William Masters' wife was paid for attending Florence. She required three weeks attendance in May '69. The last OOP payment recorded in Feb 1777 as was the cost of her coffin.

DD/S/BT/12/1/20 - 1] William Warbutton of Beercrocombe, wheelwright and carpenter and Florence Edwards of Butleigh 2] Thomas Periam of Butleigh Wootton, yeoman Assignment of Moore mead (2a 1p) in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1754.

5) Charles Edwards


Child: 1) b. c. 1771? William miller of Ilchester m. 27 May 1790 Compton Dundon Grace Hodges of Street

Charles paid OOP rates on 'late Hooper's coppice' in 1796. After a year's gap the rates were paid in 1797/98 by William Edward and he continued to pay the rate until 1802 after which the coppice belonged to Lord Glastonbury. In Feb 1802 the OOP paid for a letter from Charles 'clark of the Peace'.

A William and Grace Edwards in Ilchester had a son John Manners Chr. 4 Apr 1803 Ilchester. They were probably the above couple and had their first child Thomas Chr. 27 Feb 1791 Compton Dundon and their last ther Dinah Chr. 12 Apr 1801 after which they must have moved to Ilchester.

DD/S/BT/10/3/8-10 1] William Edwards of Ilchester, miller eldest son of Charles decd, and wife Grace 2] Robert Bennett of Glastonbury, yeoman and wife Betty, Thomas Brook of Glastonbury and wife Ann, John Marsh of Glastonbury and wife Mary, Edith Durston of Glastonbury. (Betty, Anne Mary and Edith are daughters and coheirs of James Edwards decd) 3] James, Baron Glastonbury Covenant to levy a fine on 6a coppice in Butleigh. Pair of fines enclosed. [Above 8 documents tied together] 1802

6) George Edwards of Kingweston

7) Mr. Edwards of Street - mentioned in OOP account March 1835 for carrying the goods of James Rowley of Butleigh from Bristol.

8) John Edwards b. 1830 Ilchester, stonemason [Chr. 28 Aug 1829 Ilchester s.o. Daniel and Sarah Edwards?] 51-27

John probably came to Butleigh to work on the Court construction and they lived in Oddway in 1851. Susan came from Kingsdon, Somerton and they had a child Fanny H. there in 1851 but her mother Susan died in 1854. John then married Frances M. Edwards and a child Charles was born in 1860 at Pound Street, Kingsdon. Annie stayed with her grandmother Hannah Reynolds at the Post Office in Kingsdon in 1861. She was still there in 1871 but married George H. Perrott in 1876 (Jun Q 5c/615 Langport) and they then lived in Kingsdon.

Eglinton & Heales

1) Listed in Kelly's Directory of 1939 as physicians and surgeons who attended at Butleigh Mondays and Fridays.


1) Ellen Maria Eldridge b. 1873 Icklesham, Sussex, d.o. William and Sarah Eldridge

In 1911 Ellen was a servant at the Corner House in Butleigh, home of Katharena Wainwright.


1) Dorothie Elkins d.o. George Elkins bur. 10 Jan 1589 Butleigh


1) William Ellin [meant for Allen?] - mentioned in will of Matthew Gregory 1550.


1) Gilbert Ellis bur. 30 Oct 1612 Butleigh

2) Robert Ellis bur. 31 Dec 1609 Butleigh

3) Robert Ellis [son of last?] bur. 6 Sep 1639 Butleigh

Robert received Poor relief in 1613, 1614 and 1616.

4) George Ellis bur. 28 Aug 1638 Butleigh

Nfi – a George Ellis was married 6 Jul 1607 Leigh upon Mendip to a Margerie Gent – but no obvious connection.



1) Joseph Emmory/Henbury

The above wife could be Mary Chr. 13 Jun 1738 Butleigh d.o. Henry and Jane Gregory, who had an illegitimate child Mary Chr. 6 Jan 1757 Butleigh. Is this Mary child burial the same child?

There are several possible Josephs – one of the nearest geographically is Joseph Hembery Chr. 3 May 1701 Somerton.

Not related?: An Eliza Emery b. 1779 Butley Somerset was head of household living in 1851 at Paulton. Possible wife of John? A John and Elizabeth Emery having children in Paulton from c. 1820

DD/S/BT/10/3/1 - 1] Joseph Emmory of Butleigh, husbandman and wife Mary [Gregory] 2] Thomas Browning of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Richard and William Holman of Butleigh, yeomen Assignment in trust of 2.5a arable in fields, moiety of 12a at east end, Breach (20a and 4a), Butleigh. Date: 1757.

2) Julia Emery [Juliana] Chr. 18 Nov 1855 Butleigh, d.o. George and Hannah Davis, bur. 24 Jul 1911 (Sep Q 5c/574 Wells) Butleigh 01-136 # PHOTO

Julia Davis married John Emery in 1882 (Jun Q 2b/1017 Christchurch) and after the birth of Louisa, John died in 1887 (Mar Q 2c/50 Romsey) aged 28. Louisa then lived with her grandmother Hannah Davis at (24) High Street in 1891. Louisa's mother Julia was already widowed and acting as housekeeper to John Krost, postmaster at Ower, Eling, Hamps. in 1891. She joined her daughter and mother in 1901 and died in 1911.

3) Sarah Emery b. 1806 Somerset, servant 41W-17

Sarah was a servant lodging with Jane Gill in 1841 in Wootton. Possibly related to the Sarah Emery who married Frederick Buxton# Butleigh 21 Nov 1842 (Dec Q 10/731 Wells).


1) Marie L. Emmerich b. 1872 Frankfurt, Germany, ladies maid, bur. 12 Jul 1901 (Sep Q 283 Wells) Butleigh 01-134

Marie served at Butleigh Vicarage in 1901. In 1891 she had lived and worked at 28, Kensington Court, London. The Coventry Evening Telegraph of 12 July 1901 reported:

STABBED WITH HER SCISSORS. At Butleigh, near Somerton, a lady's maid named Marie Emmerich, about 30, employed at the vicarage in the service of the Rev. G. Berkeley, was found dead with a pair of scissors driven into her heart. At the inquest it appeared from evidence that deceased had intended leaving her situation next month for Pretoria to be married. On Wednesday afternoon deceased received a letter and after reading it she never spoke to anyone. No traces of the letter could be found. The verdict returned was that deceased committed suicide whilst temporarily insane.”


1) Mary England b. 1823 Ashcott, servant, died 1897 (Jun Q 5c/246 Langport) 91-127

Mary was a widow of 68 when she served at Moorhouse the house of George Turner in 1891. She had been married to George England (b. Walton 1825) an agricultural labourer. In 1861 - 81 they had lived in Compton Dundon. She died in 1897 aged 71.

2) Emily Ann England b. 1860 Clyst Yydon, Devon, housemaid, d.o. Joseph and Louisa England 91-115

Emily worked at Butleigh Court in 1891. In 1871 she had lived with her parents at Maypowders, Clyst Hydon, Devon. She married in 1898 (Jun Q 5b/83 St. Thomas, Devon).

3) Herbert England b. 1876 (Jun Q 5c/578 Wells), s.o. Joseph and Emily England, d. 1954 (Sep Q 7c/285 Weston-Super-Mare) aged 78?

At the Armory Glastonbury in 1881 Joseph England was a miller and baker employing 7 men and 2 boys. He lived there with three sons and three daughters, including Herbert. On the 1891 census Herbert is absent though his family were still at 23, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury; his widowed mother Emily, two brothers and two sisters. Herbert England was a miller and baker living at The Armory and 23, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury in 1901 with his mother Emily (b. 1840 Meare) and sister Emily. In 1911 he was still at the Armory, still a batchelor, with his mother Emily and sister Emily (b. 1877 Glastonbury). Herbert lived at Corvyle acc. to Kelly's Directories of 1935 and 1939. His son Peter England who was severely handicapped, died in 1940 while the family were still living at Corvyle. By August 1941 the family had left Corvyle because a Carole Jane Murphy was born there then and the Murphys thereafter advertised for alternative accommodation in both the Bath Chronicle and Western Gazette whilst still living there in November 1941. Emily married N. Petherton farmer Geoffrey Edwin George Wills in Butleigh on 8 Nov 1941.(Dec Q 5c/1405 Wells). Husband Geoffrey then died in Newton Abbott in 1945 and Emily married Cypriot Nicholas Michael Lysandrides the same quarter that her husband died. Two daughters were born during the second marriage, the first in March quarter 1945 also.


1) Charles English [Rev.] MA b. 1810 Shaftesbury, Dorset, s.o. John and Matilda (nee Marshall) English, died 31 May, bur. 23 Jul 1867 Sydenham 41-7

Described as BA clerk in 1841 when he lived in the High Street he was the Rev. Charles English from Kent. Charles attended Trinity College at the age of 19 on 20 May 1829 and obtained a BA in 1833 and an MA in 1841. He was Ordained deacon (Norwich) 8 Jun 1834 and as a priest in 1835. Letter to George Neville-Grenville He completed the returns for the Bishop's Transcripts for Butleigh in 1833 - 36 and became the Curate of Butleigh in 1841 – Dec 30th 1841. When he left Butleigh the villagers presented him with a silver tea and coffee service [Sherborne Mercury 17 Jan 1842, Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 26 Feb 1842].

He was curate of of Hayborne Staffs, in 1843 and second Curate in charge of St. Bartholomews Sydenham 1843-67. He was the first vicar of St Bartholomew’s church, Sydenham1854–1867. There is a brass plaque in St. Bartholomew's Church, Sydenham, Kent, commemorating his 23 years service there. He died on 31st May 1867 in Sydenham. He was followed in St. Bartholomew's by Augustus Legge MA 1867 – 1879, the last of the three sons of the Earl of Dartmouth to be vicar there [from 1797 – 1891] – and brother of Charlotte Legge, wife of George Neville-Grenville of Butleigh.


1) John Thomas Errington Chr. 30 Dec 1827 Old, Northampton, butler, bur. 11 Mar 1902 (Mar Q 5c/366 Wells) Butleigh 71-72, 81-94, 91-113, 01-135

Sarah was a servant in Streatham, Surrey in 1851 while John Errington was a shoe maker in Northampton. Both are absent from the 1861 census. Sarah married John Errington in 1862. In 1871 Sarah Errington dressmaker (40) from Sussex lived with her son Tom in Compton Street. Her husband Tom (or sometimes John) was the butler at Butleigh Court and lived in there in 1871.

By 1881 John Errington, butler, lived in Compton Street together with his wife Sarah and son Tom (18), who was now an engine fitter. By 1891 John was retired and living with Sarah at 16, High Street. In 1901 John and Sarah still inhabited No. 16, High Street, with Harriet Lelliot (50), # their niece as cook. John died in 1902 and Sarah died in 1905. Of Tom - the only candidate found is a Thomas W. Errington, tinsmith, living at 3, Bank Buildings, St. Clements Hastings, Sussex in 1891, with wife Charlotte and three small children.


1) Charles Escole b. 1817 Broadcliffe, Devon, butler 61W-63.

The butler at Wootton House in 1861. Nfi - possibly Ercole. No similar name on 1851 census. Broadclist/Broadclyst Devon baptisms might hold a clue. e.g. Charles Stark Chr. 9 Dec 1817 [married living in London in 1871]

Estmond see Eastment


1) George Eston married Butleigh 19 Oct 1592 Matilda Colens

A George Eston was buried 5 Dec 1637 Somerton.

Euellsee Evill


1) Hester Evans

James Death paid bastardy of £25 on 18th May 1814 to OOP – this relinquished him of any future charge regarding the child of Hester Evans whose child he acknowledged was his. Hester received assistance from the OOP in Nov. 1814 and 8 weeks pay. She received pay from Dec 1814 onwards until Feb 1827. In Apr 1828 the OOP paid 'to Mr. E. Callow for Betty Evans 1 years bastardy pay at 1s per week (£2 12s 0d)

2) William George Evans b. 1860 (Dec Q 5c/566 Wells), farmer from Glastonbury, s.o. William George and Sarah Evans d. 1909 (Sep Q 7b/339 Ashbourne, Derbyshire)

In 1861 William lived with his parents and five siblings at Northover, Glastonbury where his father, a cattle dealer, farmed 150 acres. After their marriage this couple lived in Billington, Beds. in 1891 and later ran the "Izaak Walton Hotel" Ilam, Staffs in 1901.

3) Frederick James Evans b. 1859 Truro, Cornwall, Farm bailiff, s.o. John and Mary Evans, d. 1934 (Jun Q 5c/475 Wells)

In 1901 Frederick and Elsie lived with five of their children at Bodmin, Cornwall. In 1911 they noted that they had had 8 children, 6 still living.

The family must have arrived in Butleigh before 1909 when Mary married Arthur Coates. In 1911 the family lived in 10 rooms at 'The Grange' Butleigh [Old Parsonage]. Frederick was farm bailiff, his wife a dairy worker as were Nellie and Lillian while Dora was a shorthand clerk in a lace factory. Dora married William H. Lang in 1915 (Jun Q 5c/1059 Wells), Lilian married Percy R Cox in 1915 (Jun Q 5c/1059 Wells) and Mariah married Harold W. Gooden in 1920 (Jun Q 5c/1215 Wells). Frederick was listed as farm bailiff to RNG in the 1919 Kelly's Directory. In the Western Gazette 2 Jul 1920 Evans of Park Farm was selling Rhode Island Red cockerels for stock.


1) George Everdell [b. 1732, died 1819 churchwarden of St. John's Glastonbury]

The following entries appear in the OOP accounts; Nov. 1796 paid Mr. Everdel for the 'rodded' money to Bruton (8/-), Nov 1797 paid Mr. Everdel the ardit money for Bruton (8/-), 4th Oct 1798 paid Mr. Everdal the arditt money (8/-), 28th Oct 1799 paid Mr. Everdal arditt money (5/-). 3rd Oct 1800 Mr. Everdel orditt money, Nov 1801 Mr. Everdel audit money, Nov 1802 Mr. Everdell audit money, Nov 1803 Mr. Everdell audett money, Nov 1804 Mr. Everdell ordett money, Nov 1805 Mr. Everdell audit money, Feb 1808 Mr. Everdle audit money (9/-), Feb 1809 Mr. Everdell audit money, Feb 1810 Mr. Everdell audit money, May 1811 Mr. Everdell audit money. Paid Jun 1812 George Everdell for Butleigh Drift (draft – 8/6d).

DD/S/BT/16/2/15 1] Hester Everdell (nee Somers) of Lambrook street, Glastonbury, widow of Samuel Everdell, James Sheppard and wife Margaret [Everdell], Hester and Hannah Everdell, Samuel Everdell, woolcomber (died 23 Apr 1842) and Thomas Everdell, labourer, children of Samuel and Hester 2] Charles Winter of Taunton Conveyance of common rights in Glastonbury. 1780

DD/S/BT/16/2/27 1] John Roach and John Everdell churchwardens of St. John's Glastonbury (John mistake for George?) 2] Charles Winter Lease for lives of parish allotments in the moors, Glastonbury Rent 1s. Seal of St. John's Glastonbury affixed. 1784

2) John Everdell b. 1795 Walton, s.o. John and Theophilia (nee Withey) Walton, died 11 March 1874, buried 17 March in Walton

John Everdell first appears in the OOP accounts in September 1814 when, by order of Lord Glastonbury and Mr. Gould two riders were sent to Walton with a summons for him. John Everdell began paying bastardy pay (38 weeks at 2/- p.w.) in 1815 up to the Sep. He appeared in the OOP accounts in April 1815 when a summons was taken out against him and again in May 1816 when a summons was issued at Somerton against him. In August 1816 a further summons was taken out and again in Jan 1817. A summons was issued in July 1820 and another in Jan 1821. He was arrested in March 1821. Another summons issued in Dec 1821. No more payments seem to have been received until he appears paying in Sep 1822 and again in November 1822 (for several years backpay).

The child he fathered in 1814 seems to be John Periam Chr. 26 Feb 1815 Butleigh, son of Ann Periam (see (43/46) Periam. In September 1814 Ann was removed from Butleigh to Draycott to have her examined in her parish (Somerton) and her examination coincides with that of John Everdell. Another journey is mentioned to Cheddar Beer Turnpike with Ann in the September and possibly the reason why the payments from John Everdell stopped was because of her eventual removal to another parish where he would have then made payments. The only other mention in the OOP accounts of an Ann Periam was in June 1815 when they paid her to have the use of her house for inoculating 58 children against the Cow Pox. A better explanation is that she is the Ann Periam Chr. 8 May 1791 Butleigh d.o. Thomas and Rachel Periam and the same Ann who married William Wheeler on 1 Dec 1817 Butleigh . This would explain why the OOP stopped chasing John Everdell for bastardy pay in 1817. They may have resumed collection in 1822 if his son John was put with another family and no longer seen as the responsibility of his step-father. John Periam seems to be absent from the 1841 census but lived the rest of his life in Butleigh after appearing on the 1851 census there.

Two John Everdells appear on the 1841 census in Walton (Street) – one b. '1771' (Chr. 23 Mar 1767 s.o. John? who married Theophilia Withey in Walton 31 Mar 1788) and his son b. 1795/6 - both were agricultural labourers. The younger John married a Hannah in 1822. A brother of this John, called William, emigrated to Canada circa 1822.


1) William Everett of Horningsham, Wilts, clothier [William Everett b. 21 Jun 1773 Heytesbury, s.o. William (& Miriom) b.15 Jan 1741 Heytesbury s.o. William and Alice Everett]

William Everett appears as a land owner paying rates on Kings Sedgemoor Ground in 1796/7. He remained ratepayer until 1813/14 though his land was occupied by various farmers during that period. William Everett owned a large woolen mill and blanket factory and William snr built Holywell House, Horningsham c. 1750. William Everett snr died 1788, will proved 1792. There is a family vault at Horniingsham church where are buried the Rev. William Everett (d. 1828) and family.

They were members of the famous banking family of Heytesbury [Everett, Thring & Co.].

DD/S/BT/14/2/48 1] Robert Henning of Woodsford Castle, Dors., and Thomas Cook of Curry Rivel, innholder 2] William Everett of Horningsham, Wilts, clothier Lease for a year of a messuage and 2a called Sansoms, 2a 3r meadow, 6a and 4a at Harepitts, 8a at East End and the Common (3a), Butleigh. 1791

DD/S/BT/13/2/7 1] Robert Henning of Woodsford Castle, Dors. 2] Thomas Cook of Curry Rivel, innholder, and wife Jane 3] William Everett of Horningsham, Wilts, clothier Mortgage of a messuage and 2a called Sansoms, 2a 3r meadow, 6a and 4a at Harepitts, 8a at East End and the Common (3a), Butleigh. 1791

DD/S/BT/13/2/4-5 1] William Everett the younger of Horningsham, Wilts, clothier 2] Mary Meares of Frome Selwood Mortgage of a messuage and 2a called Sansoms, 2a 3r meadow, 6a and 4a at Harepitts, 8a at East End and the Common (3a), Butleigh. 1791

DD/S/BT/13/3/6 1] William Everett of Horningsham, Wilts, clothier 2] Mary Meares of Frome Selwood 3] Jane Cook of Lambeth, widow of Thomas Cook of Butleigh and Msex, bottle dealer 4] Robert Meares of Hackney, Msex 5] James, Baron Glastonbury Release and reconveyance of allotments in Kings Sedgemoor, Butleigh. 1803


(Euell, Eavell etc)

1) John Eavell/Evill d. 1721?

John paid rates from 1709 until 1721 and then the rate was paid by Jerome from 1722, presumably his son.

1a) Jerome Evill b. 1693, d. 7 Feb bur. 11 Feb 1748 Kingweston

Jerome paid CW rates from 1714/15 and OOP rates from 1722 until 1747 [in 1730 CW noted as Jerom Euill 'for John Pitchers and himself'] but in '48 was 'the late Jerome' and in 1749/50 rates were paid by Mrs Mary Evil or in1751 the rates were paid by widow Evill. In 1752 she was the 'late Mrs. Evill' (CW, 1753/4 in OOP). The property remained thus until 1762/3 (CW) and 1766 (OOP) when John Evill paid the rate until 1827/8+.. In 1767 Mr. John Evills bill for 'lin(en)cloth' was paid by the OOP and again in 1768. On a few accounts he is referred to as John Evill gent. In 1777/8 the rates were paid by John Evill or Solomon Reynolds, occupier.

John Evill is listed twice in Wells as a bookseller when he took out insurance – for £700 in 1777 and £1000 in 1786. There is also a record c. 1770 of 'Evill's circulating Library' in Wells. In Kingweston churchyard was a headstone to Jerome Evill.

Possibly related is the Keinton Mandeville Evil family – a John and Mary Evil had children; John Chr. 5 Apr 1755, Henry Chr. 17 Jun 1756 and Jerom Chr. 16 Jun 1760.

DD/S/BT/12/1/32 1] John Evill of Kingweston, linman, devisee of father Jerom Evill decd 2] James Grenville Deed of exchange of arable in Butleigh fields.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1764.

DD\DN/30 Leases by John Evill of Wells, bookseller, of 4 pieces of land (24a.) to Caleb and Wm. {William?} Dickinson.. [Somerset Archive and Records, Dickinson Mss] Date range: 1767 - 1789.


1) William Ewens died 1589

See Somerset Wills ed. Brown vi, 64.

1a) William Ewens bur. 3 Nov 1625 Butleigh [or the William bur. 29 Aug 1625 Butleigh]

See under John Rocke for case heard in the 'Court of Star Chamber: Proceedings, Elizabeth I STAC 5/K14/27' when John Rocke and Edward Knolles of Little Hempston sought redress from William Ewens, William and Philip Guppy and John Williams and others concerning the appropriation of land in Butleigh and assault. John Ewens also mentioned, who had married Margaret Guppy.

William donated 1/- towards the erection of Chelsea College in 1617. January Sessions, Wells 1620 - “After hearing of a cause of bastardy now in difference between Mr. Will. Ewens of Butleigh, and the parishioners of the same, it is ordered that Mr. Ewens do pay one-half of the cost of maintenance of the child and the inhabitants of Butleigh the other half, until Charity Lovedon, the mother, be found out and apprehended, whereby farther examination and order may be taken therein”. Further offspring are the William (d. 1674) and Anne who married John Browning. [need to see Wills]. Dorothea married John Smith.#

PROB 11/148/691 Will of William Ewens Gentleman Butleigh, Somerset Date: 1 May 1626.

DD/S/BT/4/2/7 - 1] Richard King of Butleigh, husbandman 2] Nathaniel Lockyer of Kingweston, yeoman Lease for 2,000 years of 3a arable in Butleigh fields part of 13a bought from John Smith of Broadwindsor, Dors., and wife Dorothy, daughter and coheir of William Ewens. Date: 1664.

DD/S/BT/13/1/1 - Note of division of land in Butleigh between the coheirs of William Ewens. [DD/S/BT/13/1/1-4 tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1625. William Ewens deceased 1674 DD\AHW/3/1 (SRO)

C 3/268/24 Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings, Series II, Elizabeth I to Interregnum. Short title: Ewens v Ewens. Plaintiffs: John Ewens . Defendants: William Ewens and another. Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset . Document type: two bills, answer, replication. 1605

2) John Ewens church warden in 1627, bur. 7 Apr 1636 Butleigh

Margaret Ewens married Thomas Goare Butleigh 22 Sep 1634 [see under Gare]. John received Poor relief in 1606. Maria Ewens bur. 7 Apr 1636 Butleigh is called the daughter 'of John'. See above William Ewens and under John Rocke for case heard in the 'Court of Star Chamber: Proceedings, Elizabeth I STAC 5/K14/27' when John Rocke and Edward Knolles of Little Hempston sought redress from William Ewens, William and Philip Guppy and John Williams and others concerning the appropriation of land in Butleigh and assault.

2a) Edmund Ewens bur. 4 Jun 1631 Butleigh

Margery married Butleigh 10 Oct 1663 Christopher Osborne#

2b) John Ewens Chr. 8 Nov 1602 Butleigh died before 1655

PROB 11/265 Will of Margarett Euwins Widow Butleigh, Somerset Date: 1657;

In the name of God Amen, The seventeenth day of December in the yeare of our Lord God 1655 Margarett Euwins of Wootton in the parish of Butleigh in the county of Somersett widdow being sick of body but thanks be to God of perfect remembrance doe ordaine and make this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge Ffirst I give and bequeath my soule unto Almighty God And my body to be buried in the churchyard of Butleigh aforesaid. Item I give to the church of Butleigh aforesaid five shillings. Item I give to the widdow Sill one shilling & Item I give to my sonne William Champion my bedsteed within the chamber doorr & within the hall and my bed and bedsteed in the chamber and foure pewter dishes Item I give to my sonne William Champion's wife one coffer which is in the kitchin chamber Item I give unto my grandchild James Withers fforty shillings to be paid to him when he is one and twenty yeares of age by my executor. Item I give to my grandchild Richard Withers twenty shillings to be paid to him when he is one and twenty yeares of age by my executor but if either of themdoe dye before they be one and twenty yeares of age his legacie shall remaine to him that is then living but if they dye both of them before they be one and twenty yeares of age then there is none to be paid. Item all the rest and residue of my goods not yett given and unbequeathed I also give and bequeath unto my daughter Joane Champion whom I doe make my whole and sole executor & my funeral discharged and my debts paid In witness whereof I have to this my last will and testament sett my hand and seale the day and yeare first above written The signe and seale of Margarett Euwins signed sealed and delivered in the presence of us William Turner the marke of Gilbert Wooll Tho Attwooll. The Will was proved at London the thirteenth day of June in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred fifty seven before the Judges for Probate of wills and granting administration lawfully authorized by the oathes of Joane Champion the daughter of the said deceased and sole executrix named in the said will to whom was committed administration of all and singular the goods chattles and debts of the said deceased shee the said Joane Champion being first sworne in due forme of law by vertue of a commission well and hereby to administer the same.

2c) Edward Ewens (poss. confusion with Edmund) bur. 21 Jul 1666 Butleigh

2c1) Edward/Edmund Ewens Chr. 20 Jun 1641 Butleigh

Edward appears on the 1672 list of commoners and paid rates from 1673 – 1692 (1693 lost from records).

3) Radolph Ewens

4) Judith Euens married Henry Pope of Butleigh in Somerton on 10 Feb 1708 (Phill.)

5) Emanuel Ewens

In Compton Dundon an Emmanuel Ewens married to Agnes had a son Emmanuel Chr. Dec 1749 and daughter Mary Chr. 18 Aug 1751, daughterAgnes Chr. 17 Sep 1744 and daughter Ann Chr. 4 Oct 1747. The son Emmanuel Ewens married Rebecca Brewer on 17 Jun 1770 in Compton Dundon and daughter Ann married Joseph Gooden on 7 May 1770 Compton Dundon.

In 1744 (CW) Emanuel began paying rates on land in the Southmoor Grounds. At the same time a Mrs. Emanuel Ewens (but Mr. in the OOP) began paying rates on Allets Field and Maynards in Butleigh (CW though given as Emanuel in the OOP). In 1743/4 the all three properties had been in the possession of Mrs. Agnes Lymbry (of Compton) and it would seem that she may have married Emanuel Ewens. The neighbouring properties in 1743 and post 1744 were in the possession of John Lymbry. In 1747 all three properties (2 in Butleigh and one in Southmoor) had rates paid on them by Emanuel Ewens alone. In 1763 Emanuel Ewens was an Overseer. From 1765/66 the 10 acres in Southmoor seem to have had their rates paid by Mrs. Ewens though Emanuel paid on the two properties in Butleigh. In 1766 Mrs. Ewens also paid the rates on Marnards. In 1770 all three properties changed hands – to Thomas Goodson and Maynards and the Southmoor Grounds were noted as 'late Mrs. Ewens'. In Nov 1772 the OOP paid Ann Davis' house rent to Emanuel. In June 1804 the OOP paid William Sweets bill (carriage?) for a Mrs. Ewingprobably Mrs. Ewens. In Feb 1807 the OOP paid William Callow for 'righting Mary Ewens house'.

In 1819 a house called 'Ewens' had the rent paid by the OOP [used for the poor]

6) Elizabeth Ewens b. 1796 Ireland, servant 41W-16 A servant at Wootton House in 1841. Nfi


1) Mary Exon

In March 1815 the OOP paid 10/- for 3 orders for an examination of Mary Axon. 9/- was paid for a rug for her and 5/- for a journey and expences to Somerton. In August 1815 the OOP paid for the hauling in a horse and cart of Mary Axon's bed and bedstead, and Mary received 2/6d. In Sept. 1815 she received 6/4d and 6/- in November. In the December she received 3/6d and Unity Burton was paid 6d a week for lodging Mary for 5 weeks. In Jan. 1816 Mary received 3/- from the OOP and Unity Burton was paid for 6 more weeks for her lodging – in February it was 1/- and 2/- respectively. Eliza married Cornelius Castle in Butleigh on 20 Aug 1833. # Her mother Mary may have married James Craft in Butleigh on 13 May 1817.# She is recorded as the grandmother of Eliza's children.

Eyressee Ayres