1) Mr. Hackborna farmer who occupied common land on Kings Sedgemoor Ground belonging to Stephen Porter from 1801 – 1803/4.


(Hake - see also Hucker)

1) Humphrey Hacker [a Humphrey buried in Somerton 21 Jun 1758]

Humphrey provided bell ropes for the church in 1726/27. In 1731/36 Humphrey provided new ropes for all the bells in the church. In 1739/40, 1742/43 Humphrey was paid for more bell ropes. In 1743/44 the CW bought their bell ropes from a Mr. Fflower. In 1746/47, 48/49 they bought bell ropes from Humphrey again. An uncertain child of this couple Chr. in Jan 1737 Somerton.

[A Humphrey Hacker married a Mary Guppy of Somerton in Tintinhull on 5 Jan 1725 – a connection?]

2) John Hacker 'of Somerton' – same as John of 'Beaminster?

There could be two John's here, one from Somerton and one from Beaminster – The Ann married in Somerton could be widow of John, or daughter – the Beaminster Hacker/Hakes seem a later generation and unconnected?

John began paying rates in 1715 (OOP) and [or occupiers] paid until 1734. He seems to have been followed by William Oldish. In 1717 his rates paid along with those of Richard Holman. A John Hacker was paid for whitewashing the church in 1731-6. John was paid by the OOP in 1737/8 for his time in mixing two sacks of lime for the bridge. In Somerton a John Hacker was married to a Frances and having children in the 1720's see (5). In the 1730's and 1740's a John Hake and wife Mary were having children in Beaminster.

DD/S/BT/11/2/8 1] John Hake of Beaminster, Dorset, sackclothweaver and wife Anne 2] Thomas Pope of West Lydford Assignment in trust of cottage, 2a in Sower Down, and 32nd lott of moor, Butleigh. 1714

DD/S/BT/11/2/11 1] Thomas Pope 2] John Hake and wife Anne Fine on cottage and land in Butleigh. 1717 – 1718

DD/S/BT/21/3/2 Draft deed between John Hake of Beaminster, Dorset, sackcloth weaver and wife Anne and Thomas Pope of West Lydford concerning a cottage, 2a in Sower Down, and 32nd lott of moor, Butleigh. [The above two documents in an envelope with a loose seal] ND

DD/S/BT/11/2/32 John Hake of Beaminster's bond to keep covenants with William Oldish of Butleigh, tailor. 1739

DD/S/BT/14/2/23 1] John Hake of Beaminster, clothier 2] William Oldish of Butleigh, tailor Assignment of cottage in Butleigh. 1739-1740

3) Daniel Hacker [Chr. 6 Jun 1720 Somerton s.o. William and Sarah Hacker]

In 1759 a Daniel Hacker was paid for a bell rope (CW). This Daniel married a Catherine.

DD/S/BT/20/6/8 1] Christopher Wittick of London, sugar refiner and wife Phebe, daughter of William Hacker [and Elizabeth] of Somerton, roper, decd 2] Philip Peddle of Somerton, farmer and grazier Lease for 700 years of Stoney Shord (4a ar.) in Somerton. 1778

4) Sarah Hacker bur. 4 Apr 1772 Butleigh

In 1766 the OOP paid for a bedstead and other necessities for a Sarah Hu.... - see Hucker[age]

5) Frances Hacker married John Gare Butleigh 12 Nov 1749

Frances was Chr. 10 Apr 1720 Somerton d.o. John and Frances Hacker.

6) Thomas Harker [Chr. 4 Nov 1705 Somerton s.o. Thomas and Mary Hacker]

Thomas started paying rates in 1771 for 'part of Periams'. As Thomas Hawker, Thomas was listed as a ratepayer in 1772 when the John Rocke scheme for apprentices was drawn up. Sometimes listed as Hacker and lastly as Haker. He last paid rates in 1790/91. The Hoods acquired his property.

In March 1779 Ann received aid from the OOP concerning her 'lame knee'. In Aug 1787 she received 10 weeks assistance in her sickness. In October she received another 10 weeks and 3 bottles of Daffey's Lectery. [Daffy's Elixir was invented in Leicestershire by Thomas Daffy in 1647 – used for many illnesses but mainly stomach related – and remained in production until the late 19th century]. In Nov 1787 the OOP bought her a bottle of oil – she received aid in Nov – Dec 1787 and during 1788.

7) Thomas Hacker

Another possible Thomas – Chr. 21 Apr 1725. Uncertain origin for Elizabeth Bishop.

8) George Hacker bur. 5 May 1769 Butleigh

Several Georges born in Somerton 19 Jun 1715, 14 Feb 1718, 3 Dec 1743.

9) James Haker

In March 1830 a James Haker had his fees paid concerning Jane Willcox (OOP). Probably a doctor since the family Willcox was ill.


1) Charles Hackington servant

Fathered an illegitimate child, Edwin William Chr. 30 May 1830 Butleigh, by the servant Mary Bryant. # No person of this surname found but a game keeper Charles Fielding of Hackington, Kent was awarded a game certificate in 1810. Pseudonym for the father?


1) Noah Haddock b. 1854 (Dec Q 8c/373 Bury) Pilkington, Lancashire, store manager, s.o. Robert Haddock, d. 1926 (Jun Q 8c/528 Bury, Lancs) 81-102, 91-113, 01-135 PHOTO

Noah was the son of Robert Haddock, an engine driver at a cotton factory in Pilkington. At age 14 he was a grocers apprentice and he married Sarah in 1876 in Bury. She was the daughter of a grocer and had lived with her parents at 61, Stand Lane, Pilkington in 1871. The Co-op movement bought the shop at 13 High Street, Butleigh and with Robert Neville-Grenville as the President of the local committee they advertised in 1880 in the Co-op Society News for 'a thoroughly experienced married man to manage a village Co-operative Society store, to start at Lady Day next; he must be a churchman, and have an unimpeachable character'. Noah applied and was accepted as manager, taking up residence in the managers house next to the store. He was there with his wife and daughter for the censuses 18811901. Noah quickly became involved in local activities, playing cricket with the Butleigh team as early as 1882 [Western Gazette 7 Jul 1882]. Noah demonstrated his other talents several times by organising Maypole dancers in the 1890's and playing music himself. On 26th April 1887 he played music at the Glastonbury Town Hall entertainment and then ended the programme with 'God save the Queen'. He was the Hon.Sec. Of the Butleigh Annual Athletic Sports and Gala group which held its first Gala in 1892 and again ion 26 Jul 1893. His Maypole Dancers performed at the Glastonbury Fete held in the Abbey Grounds on 6 Aug 1894 [Bristol Mercury 8 Aug 1894]. In 1895 a Grand Fancy Fair & Rural Fete was to be held at Butleigh Court Gardens Tue & Wed 9 and 10th July. Noah was in charge.

Herbert Haddock (10), Noah's nephew (son of William & Mary Haddock) visited from Pilkington in 1891. Herbert went to Bristol where in 1901 he was in lodgings, a clerk to a Pension Office.

Both Noah and Bertha appeared in the Butleigh Revel of 1906. Noah was also responsible not only for training the dancers in the Revel but for acquiring, via the Co-operative society, all the old-fashioned sandals and shoes which were made especially at the Co-op wholesale works in Leicester.

In 1911 Noah, Sarah and Bertha still lived alone at the Co-op. Sarah died in 1915 aged 62. Kelly's directory of 1919 lists Noah as still being the manager of the Co-op. Noah later retired and returned to Pilkington with Bertha. The Western Gazette 22 May 1925 carries the announcement of the sale of their household furniture, bicycles and motor-cycle on 28th May 1925 on the premises of Mr. Haddock 'who has left the neighbourhood'.


1) Percy Lester Haggard b. 12 Aug 1883 (Sep Q 1a/291 Fulham) s.o. Frederick Yeates and Kate Julia Haggard

Percy lived with his parents and three younger sisters [Edith C, Kate M and Ethel G] at 13, Moore Park Road, Fulham in 1891. His father (b. 1858 Lambeth) was a map mounter. Percy is absent from the 1901 census, presumably at College studying Engineering. His parents and sisters lived at Onedge Lodge, Upper Bristol Road, Bath, his father having retired – and this must be how he met his first wife, also resident in Bath. His parents had a son Gordon b. 1898 in Bath. Percy is listed in 1905 as a Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers – a member since 1903 and address Onega Lodge, Bath. Edith and Kate, the elder two of Percy's sisters married in Bath and Ethel married later in 1920 in Brentford.

Percy was an Engineer Lieutenant in the Royal Navy Reserve (WO97 Chelsea ) in 1918.

Gertrude Lee was the daughter of a cardboard box maker whose company still exists today. Gertrude kept the name Haggard and was listed as such in December 1930 when she attended the funeral of Mrs. F. W. Lee at Locksbrook.

The Western Times 7 Nov 1910 reported: SOMERSET ASSIZES. Heartless Bigamist Sent to Prison. Somerset Assizes were continued at Taunton on Saturday, before Mr. Justice Eldon Bankes. Percy Lester Haggard, 25, engineer, pleaded guilty to having on the 4th May, 1910, feloniously married Mary Coles Maidnent at Holy Trinity Church, Paddingtou, his wife, Gertrude Geraldine, to whom he was married on the 20th August, 1904, .being then alive. He, however, pleaded not guilty to having during the months of January, February, March and April committed an offence with Annie Baulch, at Glastonbury, under the Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1885. Mr. B. R. Vachell prosecuted, with Mr. Howard, on behalf the Public Prosecutor, and Mr. F.E. Weatherly defended. It appeared from the statement of the prosecuting counsel that prisoner was in a fairly good social position. At the time of fthe alleged otfence he was a married man, living in London, away from his wife. The girl came from Butleigh, where her father was carter to Squire Neville Grenville. She went into service in Lennox-square, London, but in 1908 left and went as mother's help and waitress at the Phoenix Temperance Hotel, Paddington. Here she became acquainted with the prisoner, who proposed marriage to her. She refused at first, on account of the prisoner being far above her in social position, but she eventually consented. He said he wished the marriage to be a quiet one, without a great deal of fuss, and told her be knew a registry office at Neasden, London, where they could be married. On September 2nd prisoner and the girl met at Victoria Station, and went to a house which was fitted up as a registry office, where they went through a form of the marriage service. The wedding ring was duly placed on the young woman's finger, and a register, which she was told was her marriage certificate, was signed. The parties subsequently lived together as man and wife in London, Guildford, Birmingham, and Glastonbury. The marriage, however, proved to be a bogus one. In March the prosecutrix went to pay a visit to her grandmother at Shapwick, and when she returned the prisoner disappeared, leaving a message to the effect that he was gone to London, and would meet her again in Bristol. In the meantime the prisoner had married Miss Maidment, of Butleigh, who had followed him to London.—Evidence was given Miss Baulch, the prosecutrix, a tall, attractive-looking young woman, and others, including Alan St. John, director of the Electric Palace Theatres, London who stated that prisoner told him he had married the prosecutrix.—For the defence, prisoner gave evidence on oath, in the course of which he admitted that he suggested to the prosecutrix that they should .be married, as he had become very much attached to her. He denied, however, that when she went to Neasden they went through a form of marriage, but only to stay with him for three or four days at Pinner, where they passed as man and wife. He gave prosecutrix a ring at Victoria-street Station, but the one she was wearing that day was different both in shape and size. It was, however, quite true that he allowed her to call him husband. —The jury found the prisoner guilty.—His Lordship, before passing sentence, said no one could have listened to the story told in Court without feelings of the deepest indignation, and he could not see one redeeming feature in his conduct. He was then sentenced to a month's hard labour for the bigamy, and 18 months' hard labour for the offence against Annie Baulch, the sentences to run concurrently.

In 1911 Percy was an inmate of H. M. Prison, Corn Hill, Shepton Mallet as a result of his bigamy which was widely reported in the newspapers of the time. His parents had returned to Fulham, 3, Argyll Mansions, Hammersmith Rd, West Kensington – possibly as a result of the scandal. Interestingly, they had a visitor – Ada Constance West b. 1888 from Colorado Springs, USA. Percy had fled to the USA after leaving his first wife and was this young lady somehow connected to that visit? On leaving prison Percy married Mary Coles Maidment for a second time, in 1912.

No burial found for Percy but Mary Cole Haggard, his second wife died and her body was returned to Butleigh where she is buried. Percy's name occurs in respect of Liverpool Corporation Deeds, mortgages etc. concerning Liverpool property in 1921. His mother died in 1939 Brighton but the rest of the family seem to have disappeared along with Percy.

See also under Maidment and Baulch for more of this history – for more on the bigamy case see - REPORT

The case was reported as far as New Zealand and more detail appears in the report of the Hawera & Normanby Star, Vol. LX, 5 Jan 1911, p. 7. - REPORT 2



A) Margaret Haget is mentioned in the 1557 will of Philip Guppy.

1) John Haggatt

A John Haggatt Chr. 4 May 1643 in Bristol to a Richard Haggatt and Jane – related?

DD/S/BT/4/3/13-14 1] Thomas Symcockes, John Haggatt and Christopher Griffith of Bristol 2] Mary Butcher and Ralph Haine of Bristol, yeoman Grant in fee of Butleigh manor, endorsed with attornment of tenants. Another copy. 1651

2) Bernard Haggatt bur. 10 Apr 1764 Butleigh

In 1731 the OOP paid Bernard for the clerk Henry Popes rent (for 1730). In 1743 Bernard was Overseer for John Slade. In 1747 the OOP paid Bernard for carrying a load of wood to George Croft's. In 1737 9 weeks assistance given to Joan Haggot and she was paid for making head cloths for Ruth Polletts child. In 1737/8 she was first paid for keeping Mary Pollett (Ruth's child) – until 1739+. The child's shoes mended 1737 (in error called Mary Haggott's child). In 1751 Bernard carried the deal (wood) from Bridgwater during the re-building of the church roof. In 1759 Bernard paid window tax of 3/- on nine windows.

2a) John Haggot Chr. 7 Jan 1717 Butleigh

Not known what happened to this family. Many Haggetts lived in Somerton at this time.


(Haime – Hayme – Hames – see also Haines)

1) Thomas Haimes

Thomas appears paying rates jointly with [Thomas] Rowley in 1687. He appears again in the same property in 1694 paying rates but alone. Nfi – there were also Haymes in Baltonsborough at this time. A Thomas Haymes buried Jan 1697 Baltonsborough?

The Thomas Hayme of Barton St. David below was a generation earlier. This Thomas probably married Mary Cope 11 Mar 1680 Baltonsborough.

DD\BRIp/5 Moiety of mess. and 44a. of land variously called Daws, Dares, Balls or Oburns, 1597-1804,incl. abst.of title,1597-1680, with further rough notes to 1731, made c.1804, culminating in possession of George Tuson of Ilchester,gent.; marr.settlement of Thos. Atwater of Keinton Mandeville,husb.,and Margaret Hayme, dau. of Thos. Hayme of Barton St.David, husb., 1643; 1½a. in the East Field in a furlong called Siddowne, 1 beasts leaze in a common called Kington (Keinton) Combe, pt.of Keinton Farm, 8a. called Tuthills, 1659; exchange of 3a. of meadow in Horsy Mead in the North Furlong for 2 closes at Hoggets, Baltonsborough, 1659.

2) France Hamesreceived Rocke bequest money in 1705 – nfi – surname uncertain (Baines?)

3) Edward Haime appears in the churchwarden's accounts in 1702-3 when he was paid for killing two hedgehogs

4) Sarah Hayme? bur. 25 Jul 1731 Butleigh

5) Elizabeth Hayme bur. 29 May 1737 Butleigh

6) Richard Haime [Chr. 3 Oct 1689 Baltonsborough s.o. Thomas and Elizabeth Haimes]

7) John Hayme bur. 23 Jul 1754 Butleigh

8) Thomas Hayme [ A Thomas Haime was bur. 11 Apr 1747 Baltonsborough - connected?]

9) Thomas Hayme as last? [Thomas bur. 17 Jul 1775 Baltonsborough?]

A Jane Haime bur. 17 Jul 1795 Baltonsborough could be this wife.

DD\BRho/32 Land, orig. belonging to Haymes of Baltonsborough, passing ultimately to Allen of Compton Dundon. Copy wills, John James of Butleigh, 1724; Samuel James of East Harptree, gent., 1748; Jacob James of East Harptree, maltster, 1767 [related in some way?]

10) Thomas Hayme of West Lydford, as last?

OOP entry for 1756: 'paid for going to Bristol for Thomas Haimes', 'paid Mr. Hood for marrige of Thomas Haime - £1 13s 6d' and 'meat and drink for Haime and ye guard'. Obviously a shotgun marriage!

11) Charlotte Haime Chr. 25 Dec 1808 Butleigh d.o. James and Mary Haime

12) Ethel J. Haimes b. 1882 (Jun Q 5c/543 Wells) West Pennard, parlourmaid, d.o. John and Ellen Haimes 01-134

Ethel was parlour maid at the Vicarage in 1901. Ethel had lived with her parents in Newtown, West Pennard in 1891. Her father was a carpenter. She married Charles H. Lock in 1915 (Sep Q 5c/1049 Wells).

13) Leonard Bond Haimes


1) Ralph Haine

DD/S/BT/4/3/13-14 1] Thomas Symcockes, John Haggatt and Christopher Griffith of Bristol 2] Mary Butcher and Ralph Haine of Bristol, yeoman Grant in fee of Butleigh manor, endorsed with attornment of tenants. Another copy. 1651

2) John Haynes

The OOP paid the house rent for John Haynes in 1754. [the John Haime who died 1754, above?]

DD/S/BT/19/6/1-2 1] William Stroud of Somerton 2] James Grenville of Butleigh Lease for 21 years of Black Haynes (14a), Clasey's Close (7a), Copley (18a), Bolster wood (8a) and 40a in Butleigh West Field. Rent £8 10s. 1761

DD/S/BT/27/7/3 Part draft deed between John Sturge and wife Ann and others and John Haine of 13a at Brindham uppingstock, Glastonbury 1774

3) James Haines agricultural labourer

4) James Haines b. 1831 Martock, blacksmith 51-33

James lodged in Fore Street with Alexander Higgins in 1851. Nfi

Hake- see Hacker

Hallsee also Hole

1) Henry Hall b. 1808 Oxford, Chr. 29 Sep 1809 s.o. William and Elizabeth (nee Green) Hall , died 17 Nov 1862

Henry seems to have occupied Butleigh House for at least five years from 1829. The Bath Chronicle of 22 Jul 1830 reported that Henry Hall, gent., was to be a Lieutenant in the West Somerset Regiment of Yeomanry. In December 1830 he 'distributed a dozen fat sheep and an ox to the neighbouring poor to gladden them with a good Christmas Dinner and strengthen the existing ties of attachment to the worthy donor' – Bath Chronicle 30 Dec 1830. On 24 Feb 1831 the Bath Chronicle reported that 'The Taunton Troop of Yeomanry Cavalry were presented with a handsome dinner by their officers Capt. Pinney of Somerton House and Lieutenant Hall of Butleigh House at the Red Bull Inn Somerton.

In 1831 Henry appointed James Stubbs as gamekeeper for Butleigh and Compton Dundon. He appointed John Izzard gamekeeprer in Butleigh in 1832 [Bath Chron. 27 Sep 1832]. He was still in Butleigh in 1834 when he re-appointed John Izzard as gamekeeper (not a servant) [Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette 11 Sep 1834 and 11 Sep 1833]. Appears in hunting parties with Sir Alexander Hood. Henry became master of the Blackmoor Vale Foxhounds in succession to Mr. Portman. [The Sporting Magazine Vol. VIII second series No. 47 p. 422 - 1834]

There is the following connection to the Phipps family who occupied Butleigh Court from 1832 - 8. Thomas Henry Hele Phipps ' of Butleigh Court' married 22 Nov 1827 Bathwick, Hester Hall, only daughter of William Hall of Barton Abbey Oxfordshire [which he had acquired in 1822]. William owned the Swan Brewery in Oxford. Wiliam's son was this Henry Hall of Barton Abbey Oxfordshire. He was High Sheriff of Oxfordshire in 1850. He was styled Lord of the Manor of Steeple Barton and acquired the latter estate in 1846. The family's occupation of Butleigh Court probably brought him in proximity to the Hood family.

This is the Henry Hall of Langham Place and Holbrook House, Somerset who had three daughters and two sons, including a Horatio Nelson Hall in 1852.

DD/S/BT/27/3/4 & 28/8/19 - 1] Revd. George Neville Grenville of Hawarden, Flints 2] Henry Hall of Butleigh Draft lease of Butleigh House for five years, grape house, greenhouse, icehouse, stables, gardens, gravel walks, Cooks orchard (20, Beggars well (12a), Berril (11a), part of the Park, contents of house, (except steward's room, deed closet, a cellar and the stillroom cupboard etc), the books in the library and sporting rights. Rent £433. Date: 1829.


1) George Hallett b. 1859 (Jun Q 5c/530 Chard) Chaffcombe, carter, s.o. Robert and Mary Hallet, bur. 18 Nov 1936 Butleigh 81K-108, 91-119, 01-135

On the 1861 census George lived at Chaffcombe with his labourer father, mother and five siblings. In 1881 George was a carter lodging in Kingweston but by 1891 he was a general labourer lodging with Silas Higgins at 26, High Street, Butleigh. He married Kate in 1900 - she had been a servant at Pear Tree Cottage, North Cray, Bromley, Kent in 1891. By 1901 they lived in four rooms in the High Street. In 1911 George and son Robert lived at 2 Rood Cottages but Kate's name has been crossed out. A deceased child is also mentioned on the census. Living with them was a boarder John Evil Nicolson (76).

Kate died in 1920 and George (aged 61) married again in 1922, the widow of Henry Gillingham [they had married in 1911]. Mary had three children from her first marriage: Matilda b. 1912, Clifford H. b. 1915 and Henry G. Gillingham b. 1916. George's wife Mary died in childbirth in 1930, aged 42, and the stillborn child was buried with her in the same coffin. George died six years later in Quarry Road aged 86. Mr. Robert Hallett was renting 64, Butleigh at £10 per annum at the time of the 1947 estate sale, next door No. 63 was let to the Butleigh Co-op. At the sale 62, 63 and 64 were bought by Reginald Higgins. A picture of Robert (Bob) with a ploughing team of horses appears on p. 32 of “Somerset Voices”.

2) Henry John Hallet b. 23 Dec 1866 (Mar Q 5c/483 Langport) Fivehead, carter, s.o. Frederick and Mary Ann Hallett, d. 22 Apr, bur. 25 Apr 1942 Butleigh 01-139

Henry J. Hallet and his family lived at Broadmoor Farm by 1901 though their fourth child indicates that they had arrived in Butleigh before 1898. Henry had lived with his parents in Swell, near Crewkerne in 1871, his father was also a carter. Louisa had lived with her parents at 8, Sheep's Vale, East Coker where her father was an agricultural labourer. They married in 1890 and by 1891 they lived at Ash, Martock with Louisa's sister Susan Cox. In 1911 Henry and Louisa lived on Butleigh Hill in four rooms with children John, Fred, Nora, Edith, Eileen and Kathleen. Dorothy had died in infancy and wasn't included amongst their list of children 'born alive'.

Coldstream Guards Signaller Henry John married Lottie Powell, d.o. James Powell and Lucy Powell on 11 Nov 1919, St. Paul's, Salisbury. Edith Susan married quarryman Arthur Reginald Willcox in Butleigh on 2 Jan 1932 (Mar Q 5c/879 Wells). Marjorie Elizabeth aged 43 married butler Lawrence Douglas Nunn in Butleigh on 4 May 1934 (Jun Q 5c/963 Wells) and her sister Nora Louisa aged 40 married the widowed farmer Harry Pocock in Butleigh on 19 Feb 1941 (Mar Q 5c/1212 Wells). Charles Luke Hallet married Hilda Joan Carter.# Eileen Mary died at Woodlands, Keinton Mandeville.

3) Dr. Denys Bouhier Imbert Hallett b. 3 Oct 1887 (Dec Q 1b/7 Pancras, London) St. Pancras, London s.o. Forbes Hallett, bur. 6 May 1969 (Jun Q 7c/1188 Wells) Butleigh

Denys died at Wootton House. In 1911 he was a medical student living with his parents at 47, Gordon Square, London WC. His father was a barrister at law (retired). Denys became a radiologist and his professional qualifications were (MB, BCh Oxon, MRCS, LRCP, DMRE Camb). In 1936 he appeared at “The Haven”, Lonsdale Avenue, Margate as a radiologist.


[see Hatten]

1) Susan Halton b. 1875 Sandford, Devon, upper house maid 01W-140

Susan worked at Wootton House in 1901. Incorrect reading on census – should be Hatten.


1) Mr. George Hamilton b. 1697, d. 3 May 1775

Mr. Hamilton paid rates on South Moor land in 1725 (OOP), late Mr. Hamilton (CW). The land was retained by 'Mr. Hamilton' and let out to tenants until 1748 when Mr. Hamilton was named as George Hamilton Esq. He retained the land until 1759 then it passed to Caleb Dickinson Esq. George is the George Hamilton (1697- 3 May 1775) who was MP for Wells (1734-54). He married Bridget Coward in Oct 1719 by whom he had eleven children. The Hamilton's Southmoor land was mostly farmed by Richard Holman, often with various partners. George Hamilton was Churchwarden in 1745.

DD/DN/89 Various pieces of land in South Moor alias Alder Moor and Butleigh Moor (approx. 80a., abuttals and names of tenants and former tenants given), the property of the Hon. George Hamilton, purchased by Caleb Dickinson.. [Somerset Archive and Records, Dickinson Date: 1759.

2) Henry Hamilton b. 1865 (Dec Q 5c/584 Shepton Mallet) Pylle, gardener, coachman, d. 1939 Bath

Alice was a parlour maid at Whittington Rectory, Gloucs. in 1881. She married gardener, coachman Henry[ sometimes Harry] Hamilton in 1886 and they lived in 1891 at Pylle and later, by 1901, at West Tisbury, Wilts. Ada was an infant school teacher. Alice died after giving birth to her sixth child, Wilfrid Levi in 1904 at West Tisbury, dying in The Infirmary, Salisbury in 1905. In 1911 Harry lived with daughter Ada and two other children at 4, Park Cottages, Boreham, Warminster. Ada was a servant by 1911. Henry is absent from the 1871 and 1881 censuses.

Hamm - see Hann

Hamlet or Hammett

1) Mr. HamletButler at Butleigh Court in 1920's, had a speech impediment.


1) Richard Hammett b. 4 Sep 1774 Chr. 7 Apr 1783 Clutton, s.o. John and Hannah Hammett, Land Agent of Street, bur. 13 Apr 1847 (Jun Q 10/372 Wells) Street aged 79

Richard Hammett was appointed as a valuer in the 1827/8 assessment of the village survey. In 1841 he lived in Street with his wife Frances and two children. In February the year previously his house had been broken into and a large cheese stolen! [Bath Chronicle 9 Jul 1840]

Hammansee Hannam


1) James Hammond b. 1844 St. James', London, butler 71W-86

James worked at Wootton House in 1871. James seems to be the person born in 1849, son of James, a coachman, and Mary Hammond in St. James. If so, he eventually became a bailiff living at 44, Tamworth Rd., Elswick, Northumberland with a wife Eliza Spatchett (widow) b. 1839 Southampton.

2) E. Hammond of Gloucester bought Higher Hill Farm in August 1960 at auction from The Kincol Investment Co. Ltd [Messrs F. L. Hunt & Sons, Langport auctioneers] for £42,000. Farm comprised of farmhouse, two detatched cottages, farm buildings and 400 acres of arable and grazing land, the majority in a ring fence and including 45 acres of summer grazing. [Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser 20 Aug 1960]

Hanbury see Henbury


1) Thomas Hancock bur. 1690 Butleigh (OOP)

In 1688 the overseers recorded the burial of 'a child of Thomas Hancock'. In 1714 5s 5d was paid to 'Hancock for money charged on our tything for robbery' – possibly a child of Thomas? The marriage and children's births could fall in the PR gap if in Butleigh but Thomas birth would be elsewhere – Thomas Hanckock Chr. 28 May 1667 Glastonbury St. John s.o. George Hanckock

2) John Hancock

John paid 3 months and 2 weeks bastardy pay to the OOP in 1802 then a further 3 months that year. In 1803 he paid 3 months and in 1809 seven months. The recipient was Betty Pollett who received bastardy pay from July 1801 until Jan 1811 – for her child Ann Christened 21 Jun 1801 Butleigh. In April 1811 the OOP paid 12/- owed by John Hancock to Richard Hodges in bastardy pay for 1809. A candidate for this John would be the John Chr. 24 May 1778 Crowcombe illegitimate s.o. Elizabeth – he was the same age as Betty Pollett. [A John Hancock b. 1775 Westbury, Glos lived in Wells on the 1851 census ?]


[Ham, Hamer]

This name originally seems to have been Ham but appears to have become Hann by the 19th century.

1) William Hamappears in the will of John Gybbs in 1587 a widow Ham 'vidua Ham bodye' was buried 20 May 1584 Butleigh

2) John Ham [a John Chr. 17 Jul 1580 Baltonsborough] bur. 29 Aug 1636 Butleigh

This burial of this John and the next might be exchanged, in which case the widow Elizabeth could be wife of this John.

3) John Hamm bur. 19 Oct 1629 Butleigh

John paid £5, 5s Tithing on the Subsidy Roll of 1581. [SRS Vol. 88] Elizabeth Ham married Henry Poope Butleigh 25 Jan 1615 (Dwelly's PR). John donated 8d towards the building of Chelsea College in1617. see D/D/cta/H22 1638. He witnessed and appears in the will of Julyan Gibbs 1594

C 3/412/156 Short title: Pollard v Ham. Plaintiffs: Jane Pollard widow. Defendants: Elizabeth Ham widow and John Ham. Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset. Document type: bill, answer. 1630

C 6/1/177 Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings before 1714, Collins. Short title: Pollard v Hamer. Plaintiffs: William Pollard and another. Defendants: Elizabeth Hamer widow and others. Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset . Document type: plea. 1633

4) Andrew Ham

Andrew paid rates from 1673-8 – in 1683 his property was let as 'late Andrew Ham'. In the Overseers Accounts of 1700 there is mention of a George Ham legacy.

5) John Hann

In the Will of Richard Abbott (1656) he left £10 to his cousin Thamezin Abbott and a legacy to her daughter Agnes. In the 1670 Will of this daughter Agnes Abbott (spinster) she left £5 to Agnes daughter of her cousin Thamezin Hann noted as the daughter of John Hann on a receipt of 1681 in connection to the Will issued by Thomas Abbott executor of Agnes' will. Presumably Thameszin married John after 1656 and Agnes their daughter born before 1670. Related to Andrew above?

6) Thomas Hann

A Mr. Hann paid rates on part of late William Gathren's from 1753/4 – 1806. Often the ratepayer given as 'Thomas Hann or occupiers' [or 1777/8 Thomas Look occupier]. He was Overseer in 1780. Listed as ratepayer in the 1772 John Rocke Scheme. The sole Thomas Hann from this period was Chr. 31 Oct 1724 Chilthorne Domer, base born son of Susannah Hann. He married Betty Biggs 17 Dec1758 in Bruton, where he was eventually buried in 1812 aged 85. No children are recordd from this marriage. The Chilthorne Domer origin of Thomas may indicate a link with the next two Hanns and be a reason for their arrival in Butleigh where Thomas owned property. [P. J. Hann]

7) Henry Hann Chr. 18 Apr 1813 Butleigh illegit. s.o. Ann Hann

A correspondent, P. J.Hann, has informed me that he believes that Henry emigrated with other Hann family members from Montacute to North America – to Placentia Bay, Newfoundland. These other Hanns identified themselves as being from Montacute in their marriage records, and from their gravestones. Henry Hann was baptised in the Burin (Newfoundland) RC Parish records May 13, 1835. It was noted that he was an adult Protestant. Four days later, the same baptism register noted the baptism of John, son of Henry Hann and Johanna Whelan. A year later another son James was baptised. The correspondent is descended from the first son, John.

Tracing the origin of Ann Hann is proving problematic. She could be related to Bryer (next – who also probably came from Montacute) and even be his child, born Kingweston 1795, either before or just after his marriage – but no such baptism recorded there in either 1795 or 1796 [no baptisms at all recorded in the latter year]. She may be instead a niece – possibly Ann the daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Hann baptised in Chilthorne Domer in 1797. If the latter then she seems to have died in Chilthorne Domer and buried 5 Oct 1822 aged 26. A clue that this latter link may be correct is that Charles and Elizabeth had a son George Chr. 30 Jun 1811 Chilthorne Domer who married there 20 Aug 1833 one Mary Ann Little. Their first child was called Brian Chr. 25 May 1834 Chilthorne Domer. The forename Brian/Bryer etc. is only known from this latter person and the Butleigh Brian/Bryers below, strongly suggesting a family link.

There is no further record in Butleigh for either Henry or his mother and neither appears on the 1841 census.

8) Bryer Ham b. 1781 Somerset, painter, bur. 15 Dec 1849 (Dec Q 10/398 Wells) Butleigh aged 74 41-4

Bryer's birth not found but in view of his first son's forename he could be the uncertain Bar-- Chr. 21 Apr 1776 Montacute son of Reuben and Jane Hann.

Brier Hann appears in the OOP accounts in August 1805 when an order was issued for his examination. He was possibly from Kingweston where Ham/Hanns lived during this period. In March 1816 he was paid for his work done at Sealy's Row. In Sep 1818 Brier was paid for tiling the privy at the Poor House. He appears occasionally for similar work, i.e. white-washing in Sep 1830. Bryer Hann (60 - whose name is spelt Ham on the early Parish Records) and his wife Ann (60) lived with Elizabeth (35) and Susan (11) in Butleigh High Street in 1841. Elizabeth Hann, d.o. Bryer, married William Higgins on 7 Apr 1845 in Butleigh but died 10 Dec 1848 and her husband in 1859.#

Brian (Bryer) and Ann both died in 1849.

Susan Hann, (b. 1830), the illegitimate daughter of Jane, is found in the High Street, Glastonbury in 1851 living with her uncle John Bicknell Hann, a painter, and his wife Virtue Petvin (b. 1815 Street), a straw bonnet maker who he had married in Glastonbury on 22 Oct 1835. Virtue remained in Magdalen St., Glastonbury up to the 1881 census whereafter her husband John died in 1886 aged 77. Susan married watchman Thomas Hillsdon (b. 1827 Aylesbury, Bucks) in 1852 (Jun Q 2a/263 Bromley) and they lived in Shoreditch, London in 1861 with son Walter b. 1858 Deptford, Kent In 1881 she was widowed, but still in Shoreditch and still there in 1891

8a) John Bicknell Hann painter Chr. 21 Aug 1809 Butleigh, d. 1886 (Mar Q 5c/432 Wells)

Virtue was a straw bonnet maker when she married John and in 1851 they lived in the High Street, Glastonbury with four children and their niece Susan Ann Hann from Butleigh. Virtue remained in Magdalen St., Glastonbury up to the 1881 census, whereafter her husband John died in 1886 aged 77.

8b) Charles Hann Chr. 17 Aug 1811 Butleigh, mason, died 1869 (Dec Q 5c/306 Langport) 41K-20, 51K-43, 61K-68

Charles and Mary lived in Kingweston with four children by 1841, including Beriar b. 1840 - named after Charles' father. Matilda married labourer William Wills in 1856 (Dec Q 5c/1091 Wells) and in 1861 they lived at Chilkwell St., Glastonbury with five children - by 1881 they lived at Northload Bridge, Glastonbury. By 1911 the couple lived in two rooms of the Men's Almshouses, Glastonbury.

Sarah Ann married Tea Dealer William Bennett in 1864 (Sep Q 2c/263 Alresford) and by 1891 they lived at 111, Chapel Street, Edgley, Cheadle, Cheshire with three of their children.

9) George Hann Chr. 8 May 1864 (Jun Q 5c/498 Langport) Somerton, labourer, s.o. Joseph and Amelia Ann Hann 81-99

George lodged with Frederick Turner at Copley Cottage in 1881. He had lived with his parents at St. Clears, Somerton in 1871 - his father was a labourer born in Somerton. Nfi

10) Sidney Hann Chr. 13 May 1866 Butleigh, s.o. Charles and Jane Hann

Sidney's father was stated to be a labourer and since no Charles Hann can be found married to a Jane that fits the bill, it is possible that this was an illegitimate child of one of (8b) Charles's daughters. The birth wasn't registered, nor any death or other reference recorded.

11) Edward Tom Hann b. 1868 Sherborne, Dorset, d. 1897 Sherborne?

In 1891 Thomas and Florence lived with Ellie in Charlton, Shepton Mallet with nephew Francis Luffaw. After Thomas' 'death' Florence married dairyman Henry Parham and in 1901 Lily, now called Parham, lived with her grandmother Mary Cruze at 75, Cowl Street, Shepton Mallet. Her sister and parents are absent from the census. In 1911 Henry and Florence Parham lived in Upper Wimpson Farm. Wimpson Millbrook, Hampshire with Lily and three other children.


1) Morgan Hannam b. 1743, bur. 21 Feb 1819 Charlton Adam [The Morgan Hamman Chr. 1740 Kingweston s.o. John and Joan Hamman?]

A Morgan Hannam appears in the OOP accounts receiving assistance from July 1806 (10 weeks pay). He was paid monthly assistance until October 1814 then in June 1815 he was paid 21 weeks pay up to April 19th 1815. In August 1815 the OOP paid for a letter from Morgan and then made a journey to Norton Turnpike [expenses for a horse and person for a day and night] to see Morgan Hannam. In Jan 1816 Morgan Hannam was paid 23 weeks pay up to Sept 17th 1815. In March 1816 the OOP paid Morgan Hannam's bill at Philips Norton to Mr. Gray the Overseer there and the bill of 15/- for a man, horse and cart to go to Norton and bring Morgan home – plus 3 turnpikes, hay, bread, corn and beer etc 6/1d. The journey took 1 day 2 nights. From April 1816 Morgan received pay of 14/- per month until Feb 1819. In that month the OOP paid his funeral expenses of £1 8s 6d. There is no burial recorded in Butleigh but a Morgan Hannam buried 21 Feb 1819 at nearby Charlton Adam, aged 82 – i.e. born 1743 is almost certainly him.

It is not known why Morgan was regarded as a Butleigh resident but the name, especially the forename, seems to link this Morgan to a family with a common ancestor and this forename was used by several generations such as the grandfather, son and grandson living in Kington Magna in the 1700's. This branch of the family seems imperfectly recorded but an earlier Morgan Hannam Chr. 1690, s.o. John and Ursula (nee Board) Hannam was buried on 28 Dec 1731 in Charlton Mackrell. That Morgan's parents, John and Ursula had married in Charlton Mackrell on 24 Jan 1687 and John Hanam was buried in CM on 23 Aug 1731. A Mary Hannam was buried in Charlton on 8 Oct 1731. There ia a gap between these Charlton Morgans but a William Hannam of Huish married a Mary Castle of Ham in Charlton Mackrell on 26 Sep 1739 and he may be possibly the father of the later Morgan. Other related Charlton Adam burials are a Thomas Hanam bur. 27 Feb 1799 and Hannah Hannam bur. 1 May 1823 aged 90 [possibly Morgan's wife?]

A Morgan Hammon married Mary Reynolds 17 Aug 1713 Kingweston and had a son John Chr. 16 Jan 1715 Kingweston

2) David Hannam born 15 Sep1805 Fivehead-Magdalen, shoemaker, s.o. John and Luce (nee Gillet) Hannam

David was a shoemaker and in 1841 and 1851 the family lived together at Fivehead-Magdalen. 'In Fifehead Magdalen on the road from the Mill, near the Long House, was a farmhouse which stood well back from the road and had been the home of the Hannam family for more than a hundred years, having previously been in the occupation of members of the Gillett family. The farm had been a holding of forty acres and some of the Hannam family had been important enough to hold all the parish offices and to give their names to a number of the fields but in the 1830s the holding began to decrease in size. The farmhouse was divided to make a home for two Hannam families and when the patriarch Robert Hannam died in 1840, aged eighty, the property consisted of just the house, some outbuildings and two small fields. The house was then occupied, with their families, by David Hannam, a shoemaker, and Charles Hannam, an agricultural labourer. In 1861 David, now widowed lived in Kingston Magna with five of his children. In 1871 he lived with his brother Daniel, a farmer at Kington Magna.

2a) Martha Hannam/Hanham 1840 Fifehead-Magdalen, Dorset, dairymaid, d.o. David and Grace Hannam, bur. 13 Feb 1873 (Mar Q 5c/438 Wells) Butleigh 71W-87

In 1851 Martha had lived with her parents and sister Lucy and six other children at Fivehead-Magdalen. In 1861 she had been dairymaid to the Benjafield family in Motcombe, Dorset. Martha lived in 1871 with George Trim's family at Broadway Farm, Butleigh Wootton. He had also come from Shaftesbury, Dorset. His father was Thomas Trim who had married Mary Hannam in Kington Magna in the early 1800's and George Trim also married a Mary Hannam who is the sister of Martha and Lucy who came to, and were buried in Butleigh. At some time Martha found employment in Kingweston, probably after her sister Mary and family had left Broadway Farm.

2b) Lucy Hannam b. 3 Mar, Chr. 25 May 1851 Marnhull Fiffid, d.o. David and Grace Hannam, bur. 22 Apr 1870 (Jun Q 5c/319 Bridgwater) Butleigh

In 1851 Lucy and her sister Martha lived with their parents in Fivehead-Magdalen. In 1861 Lucy Hannam lived with her widowed father David and siblings in Kington Magna, Dorset. On their Butleigh tombstone it states:- “ Lucy beloved daughter of David Hannam who died [April] 1870 aged 19 years, also of Martha her sister who died Dec 7th 1872 aged 31, of Kingweston.

3) Ada Winifred Ridgley Hannam b. 5 Sep 1877 (Dec Q 5c/534 Wells) Glastonbury, d.o. Susannah Hannam 81W-105

Aged 4, Ada boarded with Jane Allen in Wootton Street in 1881. In 1891 she was a servant in Henstridge. On 5 Aug 1907 (Sep Q 5c/827 Wincanton) at the Weslyan Chapel, Milborne Port, Ada married William James Hillier (b. 1880 S. Cheriton) a carpenter from Horsington, of South Cheriton, s.o. James Hillier. On the 1911 census Ada was in Merthyr Guest Hospital, Abbas & Templecombe, and had already given birth to two children, still living. One of the children Kathleen (1), was at home with her father in South Cheriton. The other daughter Marjorie (b. 1908 Horsington) was staying with her paternal grandparents. Two more children, Sylvia (1914) and Winifred T. P. (1921) were born later.

Martha Hannam, (2a) above, had lived with the Trim family (wife Mary nee Hannam) in 1871 at Broadway Farm, Butleigh Wootton, next to the Allen family - and the Trim family subsequently moved to live in Henstridge by 1891. Ada was the illegitimate daughter of Mary/Martha/Lucy's sister Susannah born in St. Benedict St. Glastonbury – no father on the birth certificate. Susannah later married a Charles Collier in 1879. .


1) Thomas Hardingpaid rates 1674-8 (OOP)

2) Caroline Harding Chr. 31 Dec 1822 Puriton, ladies maid, d.o. William and Betsy Harding 51W-39

Caroline worked at Wootton House in 1851. She had lived with her parents in Burnham in 1841 and is possibly the Caroline Harding who married in 1859 (Mar Q 5c/1149 Bedminster).

3) William George Harding b. 1864, baker, d. 22 Mar, bur. 25 Mar 1949 (Mar Q 7c/317 Wells) Butleigh aged 85

William lived at 69 Butleigh, Barton Road, in 1930 when he placed an advert in the Western Daily Press (27 Mar 1930) ' Baker, pastrycook disengaged. Reference, distance no object. Part or whole time'. He was still there in 1947 [Estate sale] paying £5 per annum rent. His death recorded - Western Gazette 1 Apr 1949 – 'our dear father'. The death certificate might provide clues as to which William this was. The following eliminated;

William George Harding [b. 1866 Bigbury, Devon s.o. George and Maria Harding], baker, of 45 Coombe Street, Exeter who was declared bankrupt in May 1906 seemed a likely candidate. In 1891 a person of the same name in Exeter had been fined for selling coffee adulterated with chicory. In 1911 still at same address in Exeter with wife and five children. Unfortunately died in Exeter 1963 aged 97.

William George Harding Chr. 26 Jul 1863 Shepton Mallet s.o. servant Lucy Harding of Cowl Street, became a coal hewer in Glamorganshire - he died in 1933.

4) Raymond John Hardinge b. 4 May 1899 (Jun Q 11a/486 Pontypridd) bur. 20 Jun 1973 (Jun Q 7c/1287 Taunton) Butleigh lived on Barton Road.



1) Rebecca Hardinman b. 1827, Chr. 20 Feb 1829 Stratford on Avon, Warwicks., housekeeper, died 1898 (Mar Q 2a/30 Chertsey) 71-72

Rebecca worked at Butleigh Court in 1871. In 1861 Rebecca had been a housemaid at 32, Norfolk Street, Hanover Square, Westminster, home of Sarah Cohen. In 1881 she lived 'from friends and letting house' and resided at Sussex Villas, Weybridge, Surrey. She married John Harewood Lampard, a widower, in 1881 (Sep Q 2a/68 Chertsey, Surrey). He was a retired Civil Service pensioner (Dockyards).

Hares Hare

1) Mr. Joseph Hare apothecary bur 17 Apr 1760 Somerton]

A Mr. Hare was paid for what he sent to Mary Abbotts daughter in 1736.

DD/S/BT/28/7/2 1] Thomas Rooke of Somerton and Joseph Hare of Somerton, apothecary 2] Richard Guppy of Somerton and wife Jane 3] Mary Norton of Wells 4] Thomas Hughes of Wells Copy release in trust of 3 yards of arable at Gardners Bush in common field of Somerton early. 1736 [related?]

2) Mr. Hare of Somerton - a John and a Henry Hare postdate the apothecary Joseph (above) in Somerton in the 1760's

This person was paid £28 18 6d for three ton of lead for the church roof in 1750-1. In May 1763 the OOP paid Mr. Hare his bill for William Collins.

3) John Hares b. 1837 Croscombe, labourer 51-36 [probably the John Chr. 9 Aug 1835 Croscombe, s.o. John and Mary Ann Hares]

John lodged with William Pyke at Barton Stone in 1851 when just 14 years old. He married Keziah Perham in 1858 (Dec Q 5c/989 Shepton Mallet) and by 1861 they lived in Croscombe, Shepton Mallet. They are missing from intervening censuses, but by 1891 they both lived in Hackney, London and appear to have been childless.


see Hacker



A) John Harrismentioned in the will of Matthew Gregory 1550 and as John Harrys in the will of Robert Adams 1557.

1) Mr. Harriss's estate referred to from 1689 - occupied by Humphrey Callow. Possibly a corruption of Hayse?

2) Sergeant Harristhe OOP paid him £1 10s 0d in Dec 1803 for 12 days instructing of the 'volunteers'

3) Charles Harris b. 1836 Barnstable, Devon, gardener s.o. John Harris 61W-63

Charles lived with Charlotte and their first two children in Butleigh Wootton in 1861. The family moved to Monmouthshire by 1865 and in 1871 they lived at Llanfoist, Monmouthshire. By 1891 they had moved to Bower House, East Grinstead, Sussex, including both James and Alice [Harres]. All three, including the unmarried Alice, lived in "The Gardens", Hammerwood House, Forest Row, Sussex by 1901. In 1911 Charles and daughter Alice lived at Maindee, Portland Rd East Grinstead, though Alice was mysteriously ten years younger! James seems to have been buried 14 Jun 1927 Hollington, Sussex.

4) [John] Charles Harris b. 1862 (Mar Q5b/316 East Stonehouse) Stonehouse, Devon, gamekeeper, s.o. Mary Harris, died 12 Feb, bur. 16 Feb 1937 Butleigh 01-140

In 1871 Charles lived with his widowed mother at 28 Cambridge Rd., Stoke Damerel, Devon. After their marriage, Charles and Frances lived at Golden Lake Lodge, Cardinham, Cornwall in 1891 where Charles was a gamekeeper. In 1901 he followed his occupation in Butleigh and lived at Beggars Grave. The couple were still there in 1911 and Charles' wife called just 'Frances' – they state that they had had no children. Eliza Frances died at Keepers Cottage in 1935 and Charles died at Rawdens House, Wells in 1937. Charles died intestate and letters of administration were issued in 1938 to a William Frederick Harris and Selina Turner [Western Morning News 10 May 1938].

5) Matilda Harris b. 1834 'Butley' Butleigh, servant

Matilda lived in 1851 at 4, Tailors Court, St. John the Baptist, Bristol. Her employer was Richard Harris (56) a mail guard (b. 1795 Ascott Oxon) with wife Sarah (52). For the surname just 'ditto' given – possibly one of the Matildas b. c. 1833 in Butleigh, e.g. Matilda Hann or Matilda Hodges, both of whom married in the 1850's.

6) Jemima Harris Chr. 26 Dec1819 Doulting d.o. Thomas (labourer) and Sarah Harris 41W-15

Jemima was a servant to Charles Roop in Wootton in 1841. She married John Davis in Butleigh on 1 Apr 1848 (Jun Q 10/859 Wells) and the witness was Charlotte Harris. # Thomas, wife Sarah lived with daughter Charlotte lived at Doulting, Shepton Mallet in 1841 – they had a daughter Jemima Chr. 26 Dec 1819 Doulting.

7) Herman [Harman] King Harris b. 1812/5 Lawford, Essex, seafarer, s.o. Philip Harris (farmer) d. 1873 (Sep Q 4a/181 Tendring, Essex)

Hope lived in Butleigh with her parents before her marriage and then appeared in 1861 at Wignall Street, Lawford, Essex with two small children and 'man at sea'. Her husband was at home in Wignall Street in 1871 but Hope was widowed by 1881 and worked as a housekeeper.


1) Benjamin Harrison b. 1759, bur. 4 Apr 1820 Butleigh aged 61

Several Benjamin Harrisons lived in East Coker in the late 1700's

2) Robert Harrison

Robert had an order taken out against him at Wells in May 1779 for bastardy. The child was Robert Harrison Withers Chr. 27 Sep 1779 Butleigh, though Jane Withers had also a previous child. Jane b July 1778. Robert paid bastardy in Sep 1779 for 16 weeks pay. He paid a further 12 weeks pay in October 1779 and Jane and her child received pay from November. The OOP paid for the child's coffin in July 1781. This is almost certainly the Robert Harreson buried 17 Aug 1780 Baltonsborough.

DD/S/BT/14/1/9 1] Thomas Medlycot Riggs of Binfield, Berks and Catherine daughter and heir of John Webb decd 2] Alexius Clayton and Robert Harrison of Middle Temple Post nuptial marriage settlement of Thomas and Catherine comprising the manor and advowson of Butleigh and Whitley hundred. 1737 [no connection to this Robert Harrison]


1) Mark? Harte bur. 18 May 1597 Butleigh

2) Katherine Harte widow, bur. 24 Nov 1603 Butleigh

3) Alice Harte married Butleigh 8 Jan 1598 Noah Barnet#

4) Mary Harte married Butleigh 27 Apr 1598 Walter Bennet (Dwelly's PR) #

5) Thomas Harte bur. 16 Feb 1626 Butleigh

Thomas donated 6d towards the building of Chelsea College in 1617

6) John Harte [a John Harte was buried in Long Sutton 8 Jan 1764]

Bell worker – appears in the churchwarden's accounts 1688-1695 for work he carried out in the church, e.g. making a bell-wheel and bringing it from Long Sutton.

7) Mr. Hart of Huish

From 1796 Mr. Hart of Huish farmed the land belonging to Samuel Galton on the Kings Sedgemoor Ground. He was occupier until 1803 then in 1804 replaced by Aaron Wheller. [a John Hart of Huish Champflower was buried 25 Feb 1818 aged 73 in Huish – connected?]

8) Miss Hart of Butleigh – superintendent of the Red-Cross awarded a diploma [Western Daily Press 17 Mar 1919]


1) Bishop Hartnell b. 8 Mar, Chr. 1 Apr 1831 Wellington 'Butleigh', journeyman carpenter, s.o. James and Susan Hartnell

In 1851 Bishop lived with his parents in Tricky Warren, Churchstanton, Somerset. Bishop married Ann Lawton (b. 1838 Congleton, Ches.) in 1853 (Dec Q 5c/711 Wellington) and he farmed Court Farm, Church Stanton in 1861. By 1871 Bishop was just a labourer. Bishop and wife Ann lived in 1881 at Blagdon, Pitminster. In 1901 they lived next to Bishop's widowed sister-in-law Jane and also had his sister-in-law Mary Lawton living with them. On each census Bishop gave a different place of birth so Butleigh might not be accurate!

2) Matilda Hartnell b. 1882 Sampford Arundel, servant, d.o. Richard and Louisa Hartnell 01W-142

Matilda worked for Edwin Burnett, farmer, in Wootton, in 1901. Matilda's father was a mason and she had lived with her parents at Wykes Corner, Sampford Arundel in 1891.


1) Douglas Herman Hartry b. 29 Mar 1905 (Jun Q 5c/409 Wells) adopted son of Anna Maria Hartry, d. 1981 (Sep Q 23/1030 Mendip)

In 1911 Douglas lived at 186, High Street, Street where his mother ran a grocers shop with her two daughters..


1) Agnes Harvey b. 1756, bur. 30 Mar 1835 Butleigh aged 79

Possibly a married woman?

2) Amy Harvey b. 1790 Ditcheat, servant, bur. 14 Nov 1865 (Dec Q 5c/377 Wells) Butleigh 41-5, 61-56

An Amy Harvey baptized in Ditcheat in April 1808 was the base born child of Sophia Harvey – hardly this Amy, but no other Amy baptism recorded there – but an Amy was Chr. 19 Feb 1792 West Pennard d.o. Isaac and Grace Harvey.

In April 1816 Amy received OOP assistance – 6/6d. In May she was 'examined' and lodged at Mary Pike's house for 8 weeks. Her child was delivered and she received assistance – paid for in May 1816. She received assistance in the following months and in July 1816 a man fetched her bed and possessions with a horse and cart from Pennard. Amy occasionally appears receiving aid from the OOP thereafter. In July 1818 Amy's child was ill (OOP). In October 1818 Unity Burton (Britton) was paid for Amy's child (delivery?). Amy received assistance in this period 1818-1819 and she was bought a spinning turn made by William Higgins. Amy was again receiving assistance in 1821 and in June Mary Willcox delivered her baby and was attended by Rebecca Knowle [herself a mother of 3 illegitimate children]. The child died I Sep/Oct 1821 and the OOP bought the coffin in September. In November 1821 Amy was paid for attending Davis' wife. In July 1828 Amy was attended by Rebecca Knowle again and in Aug received aid in her distress as well as bastardy pay (for Hodges bastard). In August a summons was issued against William Hodges. In Jan 1829 OOP paid Amy Harvey for '2 bastards' [Barber and Hodges] and aid while she had 'no work'. From May 1829 she received aid just for son William but from August received bastardy pay for Barber, Hodges and Hutchings bastard (looking after the latter for Rebecca Knowles? - in September reverts to Rebecca receiving the bastardy pay from Hutchings).

Amy Harvey (50), unmarried, and her son William (12) lodged at No. 4, Sealy's Row in 1841 with Jane Talbot (30). Amy was in West Pennard in 1851 visiting Henry and Maria Clark (relatives?). William was found lodging with George Brice at 1, Fore Street, Butleigh in 1851. There may have been a family relationship with the Talbots since in 1861 Amy and William were found together again lodging with William Talbot. Amy died in 1865. William was a pauper in the Wells Union Workhouse in 1871 and died in 1873 aged 49.

2a) John Harvey Chr. 2 Jun 1816 Butleigh, farm labourer, father 'John Harvey' butcher, died 1869 (Mar Q 5c/451 Wells) 41W-15?

If the above marriage is correct, perhaps both parties gave false parentage – the only likley Mary Davis was Chr. 13 Apr 1823 Glastonbury St. John, d.o. Maria Davies.

The OOP bought John a pair of shoes in July 1832. The above John is probably the servant of that name who lodged with Nathaniel Look in Butleigh Wootton in 1841. John next lived in Somers Square, Glastonbury, in 1851, with his wife Mary Davis (b. 1823 Glastonbury) and cousins John and Caroline Davis plus grandmother Dianna Davis (79) who was a pauper. In 1861 John and Mary lived with just Maria (3) in Somers Square and John died in 1869 aged 52. In 1871 Mary was a widow boarding at Hill Head, a shoe binder. No trace of the young Maria. Nfi

2b) Edwin Harvey Chr. 5 Jun 1836 Butleigh, sawyer, illegitimate son of Elizabeth Harvey and farmer Edward Porch # 51-26, 61-58

Edwin's mother was probably the Elizabeth Harvey b. 1819, bur. 23 Mar 1847 (Mar Q 10/450 Wells) Butleigh who died in Well Union Workhouse. Edwin lodged with Richard Higgins [his grandfather] at 20 High Street in 1851. In 1860 he married Caroline Cox who in 1851 had lived with her parents in Townsend, Wells.

In 1861 they lived in Barton Stone. By 1871 they lived in Benedict Street, Glastonbury at which time they had three children, the first two of which had been born in Butleigh - They went on to have several more children.

In 1881 Edwin, a 'timber loader', lived in Benedict Street with wife and six of his children. By 1891 they lived at 10, Grope Lane, Glastonbury with two remaining children. Edwin was noted as being specifically a 'Railway' timber loader. In 1901 Edwin and Caroline lived alone at 44, Benedict Street, Glastonbury.

Frank joined the Army and in 1881 was at The Raglan Barracks, St. Aubyn, Devonport. He married Louisa Pavey in 1884 (Sep Q 5c/536 Taunton) and in 1891 they lived in Taunton. In 1901 he was at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Hound, Southamptonshire - listed as married, Corporal, RO. So. Reserve.

3) Joseph Harvey b. 1829 Frome Selwood, labourer, s.o. John and Joan Harvey [of Blatchbridge] 51-26

Joseph had lived with his parents [step-mother Elizabeth] in Frome Selwood in 1841, with sister Lydia [next] and five other siblings - his father was a farmer. Hannah had appeared with her parents in 1841 at Thornton le Moor, Lincoln but then moved to Butleigh with them when they occupied Bridge Farm. Joseph married Hannah in 1850 and they, and their son, lived next to the Broughtons in Bridge farm in 1851. No other census record found for Joseph. He could be the one Chr. 8 Mar 1828 at St. John, Frome, s.o. John Harvey - in which case his mother was Joan Hoddinott and the Elizabeth mentioned above may have been his father's second wife. This is most likely since John Hoddinot of Frome, farmer, lived and farmed in Butleigh during this period. This would account for Joseph's arrival in Butleigh. There is an error in the PR where James' baptism is recorded under Hannah and Joseph Broughton! The Harveys emigrated to Australia together with Hannah's brother Robert and family. They left aboard the “Anne Thompson” from Liverpool on 1 Sep 1852 arriving at Geelong on Christmas Day but unfortunately their son James died during the voyage. Joseph found work at Geelong but Hannah died there in 1853 and is buried at Barrabool.

4) Lydia Harvey Chr. 28 Sep 1837 Frome, d.o. John and Joan Harvey [of Blatchbridge] 51-35

Sister of Joseph above. Lydia lodged with John Hoddinot at Higher Rockes in 1851. Lydia Harvey possibly makes a temporary appearance in 1881 as Head of household (with lodgers) at 312 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton.

5) George Harvey b. 1858 (Mar Q 5c/608 Shepton Mallet) East Lydford, stone mason, illegitimate son of Susan Harvey, d. 1934 (Dec Q 5c/433 Wincanton)? 91-123

In 1871 George lived in East Lydford with his mother Susan (b. 1817 West Lydford) who was described then as an unmarried agricultural labourer, and pauper. In 1861 they had lived in East Lydford together with Susan's daughter Fanny (b. 1852, Shepton Mallet - married in 1878), and George's pob was then given as Shepton too. Susan, their mother, died in 1878 (Mar Q 5c/426 Shepton Mallet).

In 1881 George was a stone mason boarding in the High Street, Street and he married Louisa in 1883. She was from Butleigh as were all their children later. George (33) with wife Louisa (30) and children Fanny, Percival and Robert lived in four rooms in an undetermined place in Butleigh in 1891. George was summoned for assaulting Abram Napper of Butleigh on 28th March 1891 but the case was dismissed [Bristol Mercury 21 Apr 1891].

Percival died in 1891 aged 5 and Mabel in 1889 aged 3. Louisa, a dressmaker, and the remaining children are found in Sealy's Row in 1901 while her husband George was living with John and Fanny Porter (his sister) in West Lydford, where he was born. Florence died in 1893. In 1911 Louisa Jane lived at 34 Butleigh with dressmaking daughter Fanny and farm labouring sons Robert and Percival Joseph.


1) George Harwood Chr. 18 Feb 1810 Martock, s.o. John and Sarah Horwood, journeyman smith, died in 1851 (Jun Q 10/244 Chard)? 51-24

George may be the man married to Hannah who lived in Ilminster in 1841. Hannah died in 1848. He lodged with Jacob Blake in the High Street in 1851 and was listed as a widower.


1) William Andrew Haskell b. 14 June, Milton, Chr. 18 Jun 1891 (Mar Q 2b/647 Lymington) Butleigh, s.o. Edwin and Lucy Haskell

William was born in Milton, Clevedon where his father (b. 1862 Deny St. Andrew, Wilts) was a carter and he was presumably baptised in Butleigh during some temporary work period there. Two younger children were later born in Bagborough where the family are found in 1901 - Bagborough Lane, Evercreech. William married Sarah E. Trott in 1919 (Sep Q 5c/1059 Shepton Mallet).


1) Louisa Antonie Hassold Chr. 23 Feb 1870 (Mar Q 2a/234 Croydon) Penge, Surrey, children's governess, d.o. John Christopher and Antonie Hassold 91-123

Louisa's parents were born in Bavaria and Prussia but were naturalised Britons, and lived in England since before 1863, when their first child was born - John being a merchant. In 1881 there were seven children in all living at 47, Manor Park, Lee, London with their parents. Louisa was employed as children's governess at the Cottage Hospital in Butleigh in 1891. Louisa married Johann Schneckenbuhl in 1907 (Sep Q 3a/1495 Hitchin).



1) Roger Hatch

2) Thomas Hatch

Thomas paid rates from 1673 – 75. Nfi unless he is Thomas Hodge (12)

3) Elizabeth Hatch married Butleigh 22 Apr 1754 Stephen Holman#

Possible Elizabeth [if not a corruption of Hodge] is: Elizabeth Chr. 13 Oct 1720 West Pennard d.o. William Hatch,


1) Ann Hathspens married Butleigh 25 Apr 1672 John James#


1) Susan Hatten b. 1878 Sandford, Devon, upper house maid, d.o. Henry and Grace Hatten 01W-140

Susan worked at Wootton House in 1901. Incorrect name reading on census. Her father was an assistant overseer (Municipal) in 1881 and a cabinet maker in 1891. Susan was still single in 1911 working as a housemaid in Bonvile Park Rd, Winchester,


1) Edith Hatto b. 1870 Beenham, Norfolk, housemaid, d.o. Joseph and Ann Hatto 91W-117

Edith worked at Wootton House in 1891. In 1881 she lived with her parents in Beenham - her father being a stationary-engine driver. By 1901 she was a housemaid at Hinton House, Hinton Ampner, Hampshire.


1) Mary Elizabeth Hawke b. Jan 1871 (Mar Q 5c/529 Wincanton) Corton Denham, housemaid, d.o. Edward and Catherine Hawke 91-123

Mary was housemaid at Corville for Robert Neville-Grenville in 1891. In 1871 she had lived with her parents in Corton Street, Corton Denham where they were visiting Charles and Mary Fox (in-laws). Mary's father was a steward in the Royal Navy. In 1881 Edward Hawke was in the Fire Brigade and the family lived at 13, Broad Street, Ancoats, Manchester. Mary married Bertram Joy in 1900 (Sep Q 5c/715 Wincanton).

Hawker – see also Hacker

1) John Hawker of Somerton [probably Hacker viz]

John was paid by the OOP in 1737/8 for his time in mixing two sacks of lime for the bridge.

2) Arthur Hawker b. 1839 Low Ham, labourer 61W-65

In 1861 the couple lodged with Edward Mogg at Sedgemoor together with Eliza Hill, sister-in-law. By 1871 they lived in High Ham with five children and remained there up to the 1901 census. Mary Ann Hawker (b. 1863 Butleigh) married Francis Small (b. 1865 High Ham) in 1896 (Jun Q 5c/639 Langport) – gives pob as Butleigh on 1901 and 1911 censuses.


1) Mr. Hawkinssupplied the CW with three new books in 1752/3 - £3 4s 0d.

Mr. Hawkins paid rates on late Henry Gregory's house from 1749/50 - 1751/52. (OOP). The ironworker Henry Gregory buried 28 Aug 1743. Possibly a different person to the William Hawkins that follows [maybe one of the Hawkins in Somerton]

A William Hawkins buried Philip Huckerage in Feb 1767 and his expenses paid by the OOP. William Hawkins, who lived in Street, was also the father of the child Sarah buried 1769 in Butleigh (next).

2) Sarah Hawkins Chr. 11 May 1766 Street, bur. 27 Jan 1769 Butleigh d.o. William and Elizabeth Hawkins of Street

3) Mr. Hawkinsdoctor – in May 1814 he was paid £3 5s 6d for curing John Wilcox's hand and arm.

4) Samuel Hawkins of Kingweston [Chr. 14 Sep 1794 Street, s.o. William and Grace Hawkeins?]

No further trace of this couple nor Anne's origins.

5) Elizabeth Hawkins b. 1785 Street, housekeeper, bur. 4 Jan 1855 (Mar Q 5c/533 Wells) Butleigh 41W-17, 51W-40

Elizabeth never married and was housekeeper to John Newport on both 1841 and 1851 censuses. Probably the Betty Chr. 17 Nov 1782 Street d.o. William and Betty Hawkins – brother of Samuel (4) Job (9) and possible mother of Edmund next?

6) Edmund Hawkins b. 1822 Street, Chelsea Pensioner, s.o. 'John Hawkins', bur. 25 May 1910 (Jun Q 5c/287 Wells) Butleigh 71-84, 81-103, 91-127, 01-145

Edmund was a private in the Essex Regiment 44th and 56th foot from 2 Jun 1838 and abode given as Butleigh, Glastonbury, Somerset – aged 17 yrs 3 months. Suggests that Elizabeth (5) was his mother. John Newport never married and as a yeoman wouldn't have married his housekeeper – but maybe they had a son?

Betsy Withers appeared in Butleigh Wootton in 1841 with James Pollett and his wife Jane. In 1861 she had lived at 12, High Street Butleigh with James Pollet, now called her father-in-law (Step father). She married Edmund in 1861. At her marriage she gave her father's name as Henry Corp. Edmund gave his father as being John Hawkins but the only baptism found so far is for an Edmund Chr. 29 Sep 1822 is in Walton, baseborn son of Elizabeth Hawkins.

Edmund and Betsy lived in Water Lane in 1871 but Betsy died in 1880 aged 68. Edmund, then a labourer, lived alone in the New Road in 1881. Betsy had been 8 years older than Edmund and he then married Clara Wason, the widow of Walter Wason (of Watchwell) in 1886 and she was 12 years younger than him! They lived in Watchwell at the 1891 census with Claras youngest son John Wason and a visitor, Ann Walters (81) a widow living on Parochial relief.

At the time of the 1901 census they lived at Moorhouse and had Mary A. Heal (69) widow and sister-in-law of Clara staying with them plus Clara's grandson Walter Wason (7). Edmund died in 1910 aged 89. In 1911 Clara Hawkins lived at Moorhouse with her son John Wason.

Clara was the sister of Daniel Heal, Mary's husband.

7) Henry Hawkins b. 29 may 1818 Chr. 7 Jan 1822 Glastonbury St. John, s.o. John and Jane Hawkins, farmer, died 1892 (Dec Q 5c/315 Wells) 51W-41

At baptism Henry's parent's abode was North Load Street, Glastonbury. In 1851 Henry and Elizabeth with three of their children lived in Molton Street, Butleigh Wootton where he was a dairy-man and his wife a dairy-woman. By 1861 he was farming 145 acres at East Street, West Pennard with wife Elizabeth plus children Adria, Joseph, John and Ellen Kate. They were still there in 1871, Henry, Elizabeth and the three youngest children. For the 1851 census Eliza was a visitor to her grandfather Benjamin Jacob in Woodland, West pannard.

Eliza boarded with 'Professor' George Kirby at Roseville House, Lambrook Street, Glastonbury in 1861. It was an establishment for Young Ladies. In 1871 she was an assistant draper in Glastonbury High Street. Her sister Jane Hawkins boarded there too. Another sister Mary Ann [Marianne] was a visitor at the farm of Robert Creed (46) in South Town, West Pennard (1861). In 1881, called Annie, she lived with Ellen Kate and her father at Green Hill Far, 6, Worms Lane, Baltonsborough (next door to their brother John).

John lived in 1881 at 5, Worms Lane, Baltonsborough with his wife Annie Allen Coward (b. 1856 Pilton, d.o. John and Ann) - married 27 May 1880 (Jun Q 5c/821 Wells) West Pennard. He farmed 100 acres. In 1891 John farmed at Brick House Farm, West Pennard and was an agent for 'Harris & Co.". He and his wife Annie had 5 children with them. In 1911 they lived in Leigh on Mendip but John was a widower and only three of his five children were at home.

Joseph married Mary Jane Martin in West Pennard on 12 Feb 1877. In 1891 Joseph farmed at Main Road, West Pennard farm and was visited there by his two unmarried sisters, Annie and Kate, both housekeepers. He himself was widowed and had two sons and his father living with him. He was still there in 1911 and visited by Mary Ann and Eliza, his sisters.

Eliza still single, was a housekeeper to the Rev. J. D. Jones at Church End, Tempsford, Beds. in 1901. She was a visitor in 1911 at her brother Joseph's farm – Pennard farm, West Pennard, as was her sister Mary Ann Hawkins.

8) John Hawkins b. 1856 Middlesex, London, painter's apprentice 71-72

John lodged with John Richardson in the High Street in 1871. Not possible to identify with certainty which John who lived in London was this one.

9) Job Hawkins b. 1780 Butleigh, labourer [probably the Job Chr. 8 Oct 1780 Street, s.o. William and Betty Hawkins], bur. 7 Feb 1870 (Mar Q 5c/488 Wells) Butleigh 41W-15, 61W-65

Probable brother of Elizabeth (5). Job lived at Butleigh Wootton in 1841 with his wife Mary, who died in 1850. In 1851 Job was in Midsomer Norton with his nephew William Hawkins (b. 1800 Midsomer Norton) and wife Harriet, and their nephew William Maggs. In 1861 he was back in Butleigh Wootton aged 81, living with Edith Turner, his housekeeper.

10) Charles Hawkins b. 1838 St. Audries, groom, s.o. George and Mary Hawkins 61W-64

Charles was groom at Wootton House in 1861. His father was a labourer and he had lived with his parents at West Quantoxhead in 1841/51. By 1871 he was married to Eleanor and lived at Louth, Lincolnshire with two children, and remained there for the next two censuses.


1) M. A. Hawthorn b. 1847 London, governess 71-81

Miss Hawthorn lodged with Joseph Hickman at the Drapers Shop in 1871. Possibly Mary Ann Hawthorne, daughter of Josiah (Tea dealer) and Frances W. Hawthorne. She never married and on later censuses lived 'from her own means'.


[Hayden - Heyden]

1) Charles Hayden

It seems likely that Charles and most of the Haydens below are related.

2) David Hayden d. before 1786

2a) William Hayden b. 1735, shoemaker, bur. 27 Feb 1814 Butleigh aged 79

William was Overseer in 1762. In 1760 a William Hayden began paying rates on 'part of Thomas Periams' – he paid until 1774/75 after which it is mostly 'or occupiers'. Last mentioned in 1778 then becomes 'now Gilberts'.. In a list of commoners from 1779 who were to serve in rotation as Tythingmen, William Hayden was listed as 'for Diffords – Mr. Grenville'. A Mary Hayden attended John Gregory and his wife for 7 weeks in March 1771 (OOP). In April she was paid for looking after her mother for 5+ weeks. From March 1779 the OOP gave aid to William, his wife and children in their sickness (sometimes specifically to Mary Hayden up to her death [OOP paid for her coffin in Nov 1779] then just William and family). The OOP paid the rent for William Hayden in 1796 (half year) and 1805 – 14. In 1811 - 13 the OOP paid rent for William Hayden and daughter. In Jan 1784 3 yds dowlas bought for Hannah. There is the odd payment to Hannah and these become more frequent beginning in June 1787. The William Hayden who received relief from Sep 1794 – Jul 1795 must be this one. In June 1795 the OOP paid 2½ years interest on William Hayden's house. In July they paid Lord's rent on the house.

From July 1798 William Hayden received OOP money in his distress on a monthly basis which in April 1799 was noted as 'William Hayden and daughter' – this must be a different daughter than Hannah – see below. In Jan 1804 William was removed to another house. In July 1804 Betty Brooks was paid in part for the rent for William and daughter. Payments continued to William Hayden [&] daughter or just William Hayden up to his death in 1814 when the OOP paid for his funeral and coffin (called old William Hayden). Towards the end he had been cared for by John Rowley's wife. Hannah Hayden was buried at the OOP expense in June 1810. His 'daughter' {Ann] had died in 1813 and the OOP had paid for her coffin in Sept. 1813..

DD/S/BT/12/1/49 - 1] William Haydon of Butleigh, yeoman and wife Mary, widow and executrix of Thomas Periam the elder of Butleigh, blacksmith, decd 2] James Grenville Conveyance of 2a at Moor Mead and 1/2a part Diffords tenement in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, Date: 1770.

DD/S/BT/20/3/3-4 - 1] William Hayden of Butleigh son of David Hayden decd 2] Jonathan Hayden of Butleigh 3] Thomas Jeanes of Little Load, Long Sutton 4] George Harris the elder of Somerton, yeoman Assignment of mortgage of messuage and 34a at Coat, Martock.. [Somerset Archive Date: 1786.

2a1) William Heyden Chr. 19 Mar 1764 Butleigh bur. 19 Feb 1792 Butleigh

A William Hayden received 2/- in necessity in Dec 1778 – possibly this William. In Jan 1779 the OOP bought linsey coats for his two daughters. In the first half of 1779 the family received assistance in their sickness. Aid received regularly thereafter. There are references to 'William Haydens bill for shoes' in 1787. Two years of the 'Common Fine' paid to a William Hayden in Oct 1789. From Aug 1791 William was in receipt of assistance from the OOP. In Oct 1791 Mary Hayden was examined at Somerton and William Haydon junr. was also examined [misspelled Wheadon junior]. William received assistance in distress Nov/Dec 1791 and Jan 1792 carried off 'in a chaise' to Somerton and again in Feb for examination..

Not known who the Mary Hayden was – unless the widow of Charles buried in 1792? – Thomas' death may be related to the matter? From April/May 1796 Elener/Elner Hayden received OOP assistance – probably Helen. In March 1799 payments were made to Elener Martin Haydenan Elener Martin (who died 18 Dec 1801 – in which case it couldn't be Helen who died two years later) had been receiving payments alongside Elener Hayden and this may be a mistake, though from that time Elener Hayden disappears – until in Oct 1802 the OOP paid the expenses of carrying Elner Hayden to Bath 'Hostible' [Hospital]. The Overseer John Dyke paid the bill for Bath in May 1803 and the carriage of Elner to Street Inn – he also bought her a blanket. The OOP paid for her coffin in Sep 1803.

3) Joseph Hayden bur. 26 Apr 1793 Butleigh

This Joseph is probably related to the David above. Joseph received 2 shill. In his distress from the OOP in Feb 1763. In June 1769 he received further assistance and his rent paid. In July, Dec '69 and Jan, Feb 1770 he received further assistance and his rent paid in April. In April 1784 Bridget Look (Lucke) was paid for the 'cure' of An Haydens 'brest'. Joseph received his house rent and occasional aid from the OOP in 1791/2. The OOP paid for his wife's delivery in July 1765 and her attendance over the next two months.(by Ann Davis). In November they paid for a coffin for one of her children (not in PR). In April 1793 the OOP paid for Joseph's coffin. Ann paid in Jan 1794 for looking after William Hodges and wife. Ann Haydon was in receipt of regular aid in this period from March1794. In Jan 1796 a distress payment made to Joseph Hayden's wife. From April 1801 to March 1802 the payments were made to Ann Hayden of Compton. She was paid until March 1803 and in April the OOP paid William Sweet to make her a coffin and the sexton at Compton for burying her. A payment to 'old Ann Hayden' in March 1801 may be to another person?

4) Jonathan Hayden of Butleigh

Jonathan is probably also related to David above.

DD/S/BT/20/3/3-4 - 1] William Hayden of Butleigh son of David Hayden decd 2] Jonathan Hayden of Butleigh 3] Thomas Jeanes of Little Load, Long Sutton 4] George Harris the elder of Somerton, yeoman Assignment of mortgage of messuage and 34a at Coat, Martock.. [Somerset Archive Date: 1786.

5) James Hayden bur. Apr 1803

James travelled to the justices at Wells for the examination of Mary Larcombe in April/May 1777 (her child was fathered by William Hockey). He travelled to apprehend Edward Ashley in June 1777. James was Overseer in 1777 for Reverend Prat. James Hayden overseer for Mrs. Smithfield in 1783. In July 1783 he examined Edard Nutt/Naits and travelled to Merret (?) to appeal the order of removal of John Streate to Butleigh.

John Hayden was 'examined' in Feb 1803 and given assistance. He received more aid in March 1803 but the OOP paid for his burial in April 1803 [listed in OOP next to the burial of Ann Hayden [17 Mar 1803] in Compton Dundon].

5a) Stephen Haydon b. '1780', Chr. 9 Aug 1772 Butleigh, gardener [a Stephen Hayden married 1 Jan 1800 St. Cuthbert Wells Mary Ross]

Stephen was the 'grandfather' of either George Heale (b. 1806 Wells) or his wife Sarah (b. 1810 Wells) with whom he lived in 1851 in Priests Row, Wells. In 1841 he had been a labourer living alone. Probably the Stephen Hayden who died in 1858 (Mar Q 5c/498 Wells).


1) William Haysepaid rates from 1704 – 1723 (OOP/CW). Possibly the Mr. Hayse who paid rates on South Moor grounds in 1688.

2) Joseph Hayes bur. West Pennard 29 Jan 1788

The PR gap confusion means that one is uncertain whether Mary Eades was born pre – 1714 or could be the widow of William Eades and Chr. Mary Ayres Butleigh 18 Sep 1718. A Joseph Hayes was Chr. 16 Oct 1705 Staplegrove s.o. Francis and Joan Hayes but so far no other nearby Joseph baptism traced.

3) Sarah Hayes 'of Butleigh' married Richard Billin of Baltonsborough 13 May 1763 Butleigh Nfi

4) George Hayes b. 1806 Somerset, farmer, [died in 1841 (Jun Q 10/382 Wells)?] 41-11 [a George Chr. 2 Nov 1807 High Ham s.o. George and Maria Hayes?]

This family lived on Butleigh Hill in 1841 but thereafter there is absolutely no trace – emigrated? Georgenia must have been born just before or after her father's death, if the assumption is correct. At Henry and Charles' baptisms their fatherr's abode was given as Butleigh.

5) Mary Ann Hayes Chr. 29 Jan 1854 Meare, servant, d.o. James and Mary Ann Hayes 71-78

Mary worked at Lowe Rockes Farmhouse in 1871. In 1861 Mary appears with her parents in Meare - her father was a labourer. She probably married in the 1870's. The family abode was Westhay at Mary Ann's birth.

6) Jane Hayes Chr. 29 Jan 1859 Meare, d.o. Elias Giblett Hayes and Sarah Hayes 71W-84

Jane lived with her uncle Edward Mogg at Sedgemoor in 1871. Edward's wife was born Ruth Hayes (Chr. 29 Sep 1805 Meare, d.o. Elias and Hannah Hayes). In 1881 she lived in Bridgwater with her widowed aunt, Ruth Mogg (as companion) and they were still together in 1891, but at Ashcott.


1) William Hayles

The above family seem to relate to this marriage in Butleigh. A Susanna wife of William had died in Minehead in August 1715. Catherine died c. 1719 and William then married an Elizabeth and had more children. The Katherine burial may be a mistake for his wife rather than a daughter.

2) Mr. Hayle

Paid in part in March 1796 for William Lemon's broken leg. In Sep 1799 Mr. Hayle/Hayte paid for Stephen Hockey's wife's treatment.


see also Hurde

A) Thomas Hayward

Witnessed Butleigh wills in 1541 (John White) and possible husband of (3) and father of (1).

B) Robert Hawardappears in the will of John Astine 1570

1) Elizabeth Hayward married Butleigh 8 Feb 1588 John Baker#

2) William Hayward bur. 2 Feb 1594 Butleigh

William and Walter Hayward mentioned in the will of John Maister 1559

3) Joanna Hayward widow bur. 21 Apr 1599 Butleigh

4) Edward Hayward bur. 29 Nov 1623 Butleigh

Edward Hayward was in receipt of Poor relief in 1606, 1613 and 1614. A Katherine Hayward also was in receipt of relief in 1613 – his wife?

5) Elizabeth Hayward married Butleigh 16 Sep 1719 Richard Gale #

6) Michael Hayward bur. 20 Nov 1810 Butleigh

Michael was Overseer in 1769 – being unable to write he signed the accounts with a 'mark'. In Feb 1767 the OOP paid him for 24 loads of stone and their carriage. Daughter Elizabeth (Betty) married Henry Beaton of West Camel in Butleigh on 9 Nov 1795.#

DD/S/BT/12/1/35-6 1] Robert Cooper of Salisbury, linen draper and George Cooper of Freshford, clothier, trustees of Robert Hayward decd [of Freshford] 2] Catherine Howe of Bath, widow of William Howe of Bowlish decd 2] James Grenville of Butleigh Conveyance of Butleigh rectory, Shoares tenement, Hutchins (8a), 24a at West wood and Churchhouse, Butleigh. Part of a copy of the conveyance. 1767 [related? - seems unlikely Robert Hayward Chr. 16 Oct 1707 Freshford, s.o. Robert, married Hannah Gibbs on 2 Sep 1734 in Freshford, bur. 9 Sep 1760 Freshford]


1) Harriet Head b. 1815 Gorley, Hampshire, ladies maid 51-30

Unmarried, Harriet was a servant at the Vicarage in 1851. In 1841 a person of the same name, age and spelling (Harriot) had lived at Ringwood, Hampshire, and is almost certainly the same person.

2) Robert William Head b. 1825 Wadden, Wilts., coachman, s.o. Robert and Meriam Head 61W-65

Robert and Mary Ann were in Butleigh Wootton for the 1861 census with 9 month old Henry who was born there. In 1871 Mary Ann and four children (Henry, Agnes, Robert and Arthur) lodged in Lyndhurst, Hamps., while Robert was away working. Eliza was absent in '71 - the Amelia Head who married James Brinley Ware # in 1881 (Dec Q 2b/826 Portsea Island)? By 1901 Henry was an upholsterer, married to Matilda Gillard [1890 (Dec Q 2b/1208 Christchurch)] from Crewkerne and lived at 27, Collands Rd., Bournemouth with three children.


1) John Headford b. 1828 Charlinch, blacksmith, s.o John and Elizabeth Headford, died 1856 (Dec Q 6a/208 Clifton)?

In 1841 John had lived with his parents John and Elizabeth in Cannington where his father John was described as a 'Malster'. By 1851 he was a visitor and blacksmith staying in Long Sutton where Jemima lived with her parents. They married in 1851 and their son was born in 1853. In Charlinch in the early 1800's a Richard Headford, malster, was having children baptised but not a John. He smust be the John Hedford Chr. 9 Aug 1823 North Curry s.o. Malster John Hedford and wife Elizabeth.

William was orphaned soon after his birth and he surfaced living with his 'yeoman' grandfather John Headford in 1861 who ran the "Malt Shovel Inn", Cannington. For some reason his name was given on that census as John, not William. His mother was the Jemima Headford who died in 1855 and his father may be the John Headford who died in 1856.

William lodged at St. Mary St., Bridgwater in 1871. In 1881 he was a Railway Station Master living at Watling Street (Railway Station), Wilnecote, Warwickshire. He had married Ann Allsop (b. 1856 Gainsboro, Lincs.) in 1875 (Dec Q 7b/536 Nottingham). By 1891 he was the Station Master at Eccleshall Bierlow, Yorkshire. He lived at 2, Broadfield Park Rd., with his wife Annie and nephew George H. Tongue (11).


1) Elizabeth Heal b. 1762 Butleigh, widow, annuitant

Elizabeth lived in Bove Town, Glastonbury in 1851, with her grandchildren, Jane Hunt (23), Joseph (4) and Ann Hunt (2). The last two were probably great-grandchildren. Grandmother of Daniel Heal - see next? Possibly the Elizabeth Hale (75) living with Thomas and Jane Hodge in Baltonsborough in 1841.

DD/S/BT/2/13 Survey of the farm, c 900 a, let to John Heale with land use and rent. 1769 [unrelated?]

2) Mary Ann Heal b. 1832 Bristol, previously Franklin, bur. 4 Sep 1902 (Sep Q 5c/270 Wells) Butleigh 01-145

Mary Ann Heal, widow, was the sister in law of Clara Hawkins (widow of Walter Wason). Mary Ann was the widow of Daniel Heal, shoemaker (b. 1837 Glastonbury) and they had a daughter Emily Jane (b. 1863) who lived with them at 19, Denmark Street, St. Augustine, Bristol in 1881. Mary Ann and Daniel had married in 1862 (Jun 6a/150 Bristol). Daniel Heal was the son of Daniel (b. 1807 Glastonbury) and Elizabeth Heal (in Cinammon Lane in 1851) and he had a sister Clara b. 1833.

Mary Ann Franklin was possibly the daughter of James and Elizabeth Franklin who had lived in St. Augustine, Bristol in 1861, though her birth year was given then as 1829.

3) Thomas Heal Chr. 20 Mar 1835 Glastonbury, nurseryman, farmer, s.o. John and Maria Heal 81W-107 [d. 1922 (Jun Q 5c/526 Wells) aged 87]

Thomas appeared with his parents on the 1841 census in Glastonbury. In 1871 Thomas lived with his wife Ann and four children (including Sarah A. b. 1860 and George b. 1864) on the Old Wells Road, Glastonbury. In 1881 they lived in Looks Lane, Butleigh Wootton. By 1891 they had returned to the Old Wells Road, Glastonbury where they still were in 1901, with their two youngest children Annie and Beatrice. In 1911 Thomas and Annie were at 24a, Old Wells Rd., Glastonbury with grandchild Winnie (b. 1904).

Samuel became a railway packer and, married to Sarah Harris, lived in Edington 1891-1901. In 1901 Anna Maria was housekeeper at Brook Farm in Backwell. Of the other children nfi.

4) Jane Rood Heal [b. 1842 Butleigh] actually Chr. 8 May 1835 Glastonbury d.o. William (a farmer) and Elizabeth Heal

Jane's parents lived in Above Town, Glastonbury when she was born. She married farmer Emanuel Walton (b. 1838 Glastonbury) in 1860 (Mar Q Mar 5c/923 Wells) and lived in Glastonbury - though on the 1861 census her name is given as Julia. In 1881 when they retired and lived with Emanuel's widowed mother in Bove Town, Glastonbury, her name was then rightly given as Jane Rood Walton.


1) Richard Hearn

In the OOP accounts for 1733/34 7½d spent at the agreement with Richard Hearn to marry Hannah Sweet.# Hannah had been in receipt of OOP assistance since 1733. Both could have been born in Butleigh in the PR gap pre-1714


1) Thomas Hibberd Butleigh gamekeeper for Dean of Windsor 1836 [Bristol Mercury 17 Sep 1836]. Probably the Thomas Hibbard who died 1841 (Mar Q 11/38 Bath

2) Agnes Hebberd Chr. 23 Dec 1855 Binstead, Hants, housemaid, d.o. John and Eliza Hebberd, bur. 23 Sep 1926 Butleigh 01-134

In 1871 Agnes was in service at 10, Castle Street, Farnham, Surrey and in 1891 she was a housemaid at 29, Christchurch Rd., St. Faith, Winchester. She was single then and still so in 1901 when she served at Butleigh Court. She was still at Butleigh Court in 1911 as housemaid but her surname given as Hibbert.

3) Mary Eliza Hebberd b. 1884 (Dec Q 2a/155 Dorking) Betchworth, Surrey, housemaid, d.o. George [Chr. 9 Oct 1859 Binstead] and Jane E. Hebberd 01-134

Mary lived with her Police Constable father, and mother at Broom Park Cottage, Betchworth, Surrey in 1891. She was in service at Butleigh Court in 1901. She was the neice of Agnes above.


1) John Hebdiche bur. 16 Oct 1597 Butleigh

1x) Richard Hebdich (son of last?)

1a) Robert Hebditch Chr. 26 May 1588 Butleigh bur. 27 May 1657 Butleigh

A Robert received Poor relief in 1613 and 1614. An indenture of September 1639 [in DD/S/BT/5/6/20] between Robert Hebditch of Butleigh and his wife Elizabeth, Richard Mogg of Harrington, Robert Russe of Croscombe William Stocke of North Wootton and Matthew Kellway traces land back to the Peckham lease. Mentions Alice as John's first wife [needs transcription see under Talbot 5/6/20]

At Wells Sessions 1627 – 8 case ….contrary to the forme of the Statute made Anno quinto et sexto Edri sexti : Against Robte Hebditch of Butley, husband-man, and Peter Hodges of the same place, husbandman, for ingrossinge of a mowe of wheat contrary to the forme of the said Statute.

DD/S/BT/13/1/5 - 1] Robert Hebditch of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Thomas Steaney of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of part Peckham lease (1562) to George Rodney of a messuage and land, Butleigh. [DD/S/BT/13/1/5-10 tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT Date range: 1635 - 1636. 1] Robert Hebditch of Butleigh, yeoman and wife Elizabeth, Richard Mogg of Farrington, Robert Russe of Croscombe, clothier, William Stocke of North Wootton, husbandman, 2] John Hutton Assignment of part Peckham lease (1562) of 5.5a in Fishwell and 7a in Date: 1639.

DD/S/BT/25/1/2 - Proceedings in Hebditch v. Rugge, a case of alleged cattle stealing at Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1655.

DD/S/BT/6/6/1 - 1] Robert Hebditch and son Roger of Butleigh, husbandmen 2] Mary Fry the elder of Street, widow Assignment of 2a in Westwood, Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1562), with bond attached.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1648.

E 134/1654/Mich15 Robert Hebditch v. John Rock, clerk, Edwd. Shott, John Portch, Gideon Bertlet, Wm. Meade.: Manors of Butleigh, Eggarley, and Street, and a waste called Aldermore alias Southmore. Touching plaintiff's expenses in prosecuting a suit in London.: Somerset 1654

1a1?) Robert Hebdich

Jewers note: 33. John Jacklett and Dorothy Frie marr. 27 May 1641. (Mary Frye of Street widow. Will dated 10 March 1650 . To the parish church of Street 3s. 4d., and to the poor 3s. 4d. Son William Frye. Grandchild Mary Jacklett £20. Grandsons Thomas and John Jacklett 40s. each. A chattle lease of 1 acre 1 rood Meadow in Wottons Mead in Butleigh parish for 2000 years to daughter Mary Jackett during her widowhood, then to her son John Jacklett. Mary Masters 1s. Elizabeth White 1s. A lease of two acres of wood in Butleigh from Robert Hebditch for a great number of years, for the same purpose. Residuary legatee and executor daughter Dorothy Jacklett. Proved 10 Jan 1660. [SPRp.14]

2) Roger Hebdich (son of Robert)

Edith married Butleigh 22 Apr 1672 John Soomer #

3) Constance Hebditchrecorded in the OOP accounts for 1680 as looking after Sarah Holman's child, a boy, for whom two shirts were made and clothes mended. Nfi

4) Bridget Hebditch bur. 1724

Bridget and Constance were probably children or grandchildren of the previous family. Bridget was paid for the relief of Henry Homan and Sary Backhouse in 1683, 4 and 1685 in which year he died. In 1693 she was paid for dressing Elizabeth Masters leg for five weeks. In 1705 and '07 she received Rocke and Symcocke bequest money and in 1708 her rent in addition (and relief in her sickness). Bridget appears receiving cothes and relief yearly until 1724 when the Overseers paid for her shroud and coffin, digging the grave and ringing the bell.


1) George Helbern b. 1838 Charlton, farm servant 61W-63

George worked at Henry Maidment's farm in Wootton in 1861. Name misread on census – actually Hilborne #.


[Hillard, Hillyard, Hillier, Hilliar, Helliar, Helyar] see also Heyluer

1) John Hillarde bur. 3 Sep 1607 Butleigh

John received Poor relief in 1606. Margaret Hillard married Butleigh 3 Oct 1608 George Burdham # There are many Baltonsborough baptisms without parents names 1575 – 1586 that may be related to this extended family.

2) Daniel Hellier

3) Henry Helyar of East Coker, d. 18 Apr 1634, s.o. Archdeacon William Helyar of East Coker (had been chaplain to Queen Elizabeth, d. 1645 in his nineties)

Henry's eldest son and heir William raised troops at his own expence for the Royalist cause and subsequently had to pay a fine of £1522. He married Rachel the daughter of Sir Hugh Wyndham bart., of Pitsdon, Dorset.

3a) Richard Hellyer Chr. 5 Aug 1627 East Coker, matric. 1639, died 27 Feb 1683 (tomb inscription in Butleigh Church)

Richard was Overseer in 1671, churchwarden of Butleigh in 1678 and appears in the overseers/churchwarden's accounts between 1673 and 1684, having donated the account book to the churchwardens in 1675. He made a donation to St. Paul's Cathedral and he was described as a Gentleman. He paid rates on South Moor from 1673-78 and Butleigh from 1673 – 1683. From 1684 the rates were paid by Mistriss Edith Helyar. There is a tombstone in Butleigh church floor - his wife paid two year's rent for a woman's seat in the church 1687-8, a further year in 1688/9, and appears in the churchwarden's account up to 1693. She was Overseer of the Poor in 1691. An entry that Edith Heyat witnessed the Overseers Accounts in 1696 probably refers to this widow Richard – a misreading of Edith Helyar

Edith was paying rates up to 1700 but in 1701 the rates were paid by Mr. John Helyar (churchwarden in 1702) and thence up to 1713. John Helyar of Chard was Richard Hellyer's nephew – see her Will in which Edith mentions several kinsmen and women living in Yeovil and Wells with surnames Rushe, Conyers, Hulett, Read, Everton and Vivian.

DD/S/BT/6/7/2 - 1] Richard Helliar and wife Edith, executrix of Richard Billings decd 2] William Webb of Butleigh Assignment of a messuage late Dyer Symcockes and lands and Hutchings (8a) in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1671-1672.

Will of Richard Helyar of Butleigh, Somerset, gent. Admon June 3 1684 to his relict Edith Helyar.

Will of Edith Helyar DD/WHh/24 - (Formerly Billing) of Butleigh Co. Som., widow of Richard Helyar; 22 June, 1699. Probate 10 Dec. 1700.. [Somerset Archive and Records, HELYAR DOCUMENTS AND MUNIMENTS FROM COKER COURT] Date: 1700. PROB 11/458 – WILL of Edith Helyar Widow Butleigh, Somerset Date: 10 Dec 1700.

Abstract of Will dated 22 jun 1699 proved Dec 9 1700 by John Helyar. To be buried at Butleigh, near my husband Richard Helyar, gent. I was born at Baltonsborough. To the parish church 6/8d. Poor 40/-. My kinsman Mr. James Rush. Poor of Butleigh £10. Mrs. Christian Ryves, my late husband's niece. £10 for mourning. Richard Ryves, her brother, Mr. James Ruch £50 & his four daughters Ann or Agnes, Sarah, Honour & Mary £10 each at 21 or marriage. My kinswoman Mrs. Edith Conyers widow of Mr. Ralph Conyers late of Wells, £100. To Martha his daughter my wedding ring. My kinsfolk Mr. Samuel Rush, Alice wife of William Hulett of Yeovil, Andrew and James Everton, Mrs. Ann Read of Wells John Vivian of Yeovil. Mr. Richard Helyar youngest son of William Helyar, late of Coker, my husband's brother, the seal which was my husband's. My cousin Ann Martin wife of Thomas Martin, gent. & her son Peter Martin. My kinsman Mr. James Wells the elder of Yeovil. Thomas Rush the elder of Wells. All my lands &c to John Helyer of Chard, my husband's nephew, for ever, he to be Executor.

4) John Hellier

John was churchwarden in 1702 and overseer of the poor in 1704. He paid rates 1701 -13 in Butleigh [a John Helyar (same?) married a Christian Ryves - articles 3 Jun 1701 DD\WHh/98 Helyar docs]

5) Thomas Hellier bur. 16 Dec 1641 Butleigh

Thomas was a witness to the churchwarden's accounts 1701-2

6) Alice Hellyar married Butleigh 25 May 1672 Thomas Talbott#

7) James Helliar/Hillard born 1 Apr 1765 Ditcheat, s.o. James Hillard, labourer, Somerset, bur. 7 Jan 1858 Street aged 95 41-10

The OOP paid James's rent in 1796 – 1798, 1801, 02, 05, 1818. Assistance given to James and wife from Feb 1797. In April 1800 OOP assistance given to James Hellard's children and periodically to James thereafter. The OOP paid for Solomons coffin in 1801. A load of turf was carried to James in Dec 1815 and in Jan 1816 he received 6/- in his distress. In March 1817 the OOP paid assistance to James Hellard senior. In July/Aug 1830 James had no work and his wife was ill

From August 1835 Solomon was at Bridport and ill - and the OOP sent him assistance there. In Feb 1836 the OOP paid assistance to James and his wife, gave James 10/- towards his travel to Bridport and paid for taking Solomon to Bridgwater Infirmary and his lodging there. In Jul 1834 Ann Hellard was bought a pair of shoes (OOP).

In 1841 James Hillard lived with two of his sons in one part of the High Street (No. 13) while his son John and wife Mary lived separately in another part of the High Street (No. 21). John stayed in Butleigh in 1851 and was joined by his brother James while another brother Solomon married Edith Perry from Somerton in 1844 and was a Tailor and Draper living in Goswell Lane, Street by 1851. His father James lived with him.

Two James Hillards died in the 1850's, probably this father and son - one in 1856 (Mar Q 5c/397 Wells) – probably the father, and the other in 1858 (Mar Q 5c/504 Wells).

7a) John Hellard b. 1794 Butleigh, agricultural labourer, bur. 18 Dec 1871 (Dec Q 5c/418 Wells) Butleigh 41-11, 51-26, 61-50, 71-84

John appears in the OOP records in Feb 1813 when he received 2 guineas for the local (militia?). In 1841 John and Mary lived together at 21, High Street and in 1851 they were joined by John's brother James who was a 'road labourer'. James probably died in 1856 or '58 (see previous) - he disappears from the censuses. In 1861 John and Mary have Elizabeth Lye (b. 1784) lodging with them who died in 1867 (a sister?). #

Mary Hillard died in 1868 aged 73 and John went to live in Water Lane where he appeared 1871, the year he died, aged 78.

7b) Solomon Hillard Chr. 17 Feb 1808 Butleigh 41-10 tailor and draper, bur. 13 Jun 1874 (Jun Q 5c/393 Wells) Street

Solomon Hilliard served in 3rd Foot Guards and was discharged aged 26 [WO 97/178/2]. In June 1818 Solomon was ill and received 1/- from the OOP. Solomon lived with his wife, son James Elihu (b. 1848 Street) and father in Goswell Lane, Street in 1851. Solomon was at 9, Townsend, Street by 1861 with 2 children, James Eliker B. and Anna M. Hillard. In 1871 as a widower, he lived with his daughter-in-law Julia (b. 1848 Bridgwater) and grandson John (b. 1869). He died in 1874 aged '66'.

8) William Helliar

William was a tailor and in Oct 1789 made clothing for Edward Talbotts children.

9) John Hellyer

A John Helliar's bill was paid in Oct 1789. John occupied Sedgemoor Ground belonging to Late Betty Brook from 1805 – 1806 [same John?]. From1806/07 he was the owner and ratepayer on the ground and paid the rates until 1818. Lord Glastonbury then acquired his land. In 1819/20 a John Hellard/Hillard began paying rates in Butleigh and was probably the same person. He was there beyond 1827 and in that year besides his house owned late Comer's and a tenement in the street.

10) Reuben Charles Helyar Chr. 4 Jan 1835 Walcot, soldier, s.o. James and Matilda Helyar, died before 1861 [1858 Sep Q 2b/285 Fareham or 1861 Mar Q 5c/373 Yeovil?]

In 1841 Reuben lived with his parents, brother Alfred (3) and sister Isabella (1) in St. Peter, St. Paul, Bath. His father was a trunk maker. In 1851 they lived at 5, Union Passage St. Peter & St. Paul.

Emily, a widow at 22, lodged in 1861 with her daughter Fanny at 41/2 Sub Road, with her parents, - she was an 'attendant at the junior school'. She was there in 1871 but listed as Emily Davis, widow! Emily died in 1876 (as Hellier). Fanny Matilda Helyar married Henry George Webber in 1878 (Jun Q 5c/1068 Bath). Henry Webber was a music teacher born 1854 in Upton, Som. and in 1881 the couple lodged at 6, Cheltenham Street, Lyncombe and Widcombe, Bath. Nfi

11) Sarah M. Hillier b. 1872 Panborough, Som., barmaid 91-123

Sarah worked at the Rose & Portcullis in 1891. Nfi -unless she is the Elizabeth Sarah Hillier from Wells, born 1872 and who married in 1892 (Dec Q 5c/978 Wells). The only earlier census-recorded Sarah born in Panborough was a Sarah Vowels b. 1866 in Panborough.

Henbury – see Emmory


see Hurman

1) Mr. Herman (Hermon)

Occupied and farmed land on Sedgemoor Ground belonging to Mr. Atkins from 1819. In the OOP accounts for March 1834 is 'paid Mr. Welch for order of John Herriman' who may be the same person.


1) Thomas Hern born 6 Mar 1659 Butleigh illegitimate s.o. Frances Hern

A Frances had an illegitimate son [un-named] born 8 Oct 1656 Butleighbut surname reades Loules/Lovles?


1) Alfred Cyril Hervey M.A. b. 1848 (Jun Q 5/78 Cranbrook, Kent), s.o. Rev. Thomas Hervey

B.A. St. Peter's, Cambridge 1871, ordained 1872/3, M.A. 1874. Preferred to Butleigh February 1875. He was a student residing at Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire in 1871 and curate of Titchfield, Hampshire in 1881 [latterly married to Caroline Selina from Islington]. In 1886 rector of Hartley Mauditt.

Hewett Hewitt

1) Thomas Down Hewett b. 13 Feb, Chr. 14 Apr Glastonbury St. John, s,o, John and Ann Hewitt, shoemaker, died 1882 (Dec Q 5c/341 Wells) Hewitt

Eliza appears with Thomas and these three children in 1881 though she doesn't appear to have married him until after the census. Thomas was much older and died within a short while of the marriage. The children may have been his but Eva was born when Eliza was only 16 and after Thomas's death their mother retained her married name but the children reverted to their original surname of Buxton and in 1891 lived in three rooms at Teetotal Row, Street. In 1901 Eliza and her children (called boarders) lived at 19, Brutasche Terrace, Street where they were all in the shoe trade. In 1911 she lived with her daughter Mary Burrows and son-in-law Edward Burrows at No. 8, Beckery Terrace, Glastonbury.



1) Ann Hewlett/Hulett of Compton Dundon

OOP entry of March 1795 concerns a marriage on 3 Feb 1795 Compton Dundon of Ann Hewlett of Compton Dundon to a Silvester Lush of Yeovilton paid for by them (2 guineas to Mr. Wm. Periam) and Mr. William Eades expences of £2 19s 11d [these two gentlemen were the witnesses to the marriage]. This Silvester Lush may be the male b. 1772 Dorset who was transported to Tasmania. This latter Sylvester married 12 year old Ann Burrows, daughter of Ann Cole, in Tasmania 20 Dec 1812. Sylvester Lush seems to be a name connected with one family – A Sylvester, s.o. Sylvester Chr. 30 Jan 1742 Gillingham, Dorset was probably this Sylvester's grandfather.

There were two Ann's in Compton Dundon, one the same age as Silvester: Ann Hewlett Chr. 8 Mar 1772 Compton Dundon d.o. Abraham Hewlett junior and wife Mary who seems most likely but, in view of the age of his Tasmanian bride later, the Ann Howlett Chr. 4 Mar 1781 Compton Dundon d.o. John and Amy Howlett cannot be dismissed [no ages given at marriage nor relatives as witnesses]..

Sylvester Lush, a 38 year old ex-Calcutta convict, baptised on 20 March 1772, son of John Lush, at Gillingham, Dorsetshire. Lush was tried at the Dorset Spring Assizes on 18 March 1802 for stealing sheep, together with James Ware, from Edward Hawkins of Gillingham, yeoman.described as: Labourer, aged 28, of Cuckleton, near Wincanton, Somerset, married; 5' 7", brown hair, fair complexion, hazel eyes, lusty, old bruise on the left side under the jaw near ear. Literate. .He was sentenced to death, but, as usual it was commuted to transportation for life. Then following a time in the Dorchester County Goal spent making hats, but his behaviour was disorderly. He was transferred to the hulk “Captivity” at Portsmouth. He had been married, but his wife did not follow him. In December 1806 Lush was again charged with sheep stealing, still a capital offence. It was a wether valued at 2 pounds 10 shillings, belonging to John Downes of New Town. He was sent on the Estramina but escaped and returned to Hobart. The records do not reveal the outcome, so his defence must have been good, and he avoided punishment. In 1807 he was sent to Sydney for a trial on a charge of stealing a bullock with two other convicts, from Ann Peters, one of Tasmania's first women farmers, whose husband was assigned to her. He was the Hobart Musters of 1811, 1819, and 1823. He had been pardoned in January 1814, and it was made absolute soon afterwards. Lush received a 30 acre land grant from Governor Macquarie at Glenorchy adjoining farms owned by cousin James Austin and John Earle, who were transported for stealing honey and hives from their uncle in Somerset. The Lush family was on the northern side of the modern suburb of Austin's Ferry. In 1817he tendered to supply the Government Stores with 18 bushels of wheat. He was growing a variety of crops in 1819. He owned four mares, 50 ewes, and employed a government servant. He supplied wheat to the Commissariat, and was also a financial supporter of the Bible Society. Lush was a volatile character, often in trouble. He managed to keep out of trouble for a few years after 1807. He and Ann had at least four daughters, two of whom had probably died by 1824, when he indicated a willingness to pay 20 pounds towards the education of two daughters. In February 1822 Lush was charged with assaulting and beating up his wife, and was bound to keep the peace on bonds of 50 pounds and two of 25pounds. He transferred the farm to her name, and she left him later that year to live with John Vale, an assigned servant to George Evans, Deputy Surveyor. Lush did not accept this meekly, taking legal action, claiming that Ann had "absconded without provocation", and taken their 6 year old daughter with her. Lush arrived at Macquarie Harbour not long after a group of bushrangers, led by Matthew Brady, had escaped from the notorious prison. He had also been in goal in Hobart when the cannibal Alexander Pearce, another escapee from Macquarie Harbour, was executed. It must have been a frightening prospect for Lush to be plunged into the horrors of the most remote and degrading prison of the convict era. While Lush was there Edward Broughton and Matthew Maccavoy were hung in Hobart for axing to death three of their fellow prisoners who had attempted to escape roasting their flesh to sustain them in their escape through the impenetrable rain forest of the West Coast. Lush served five years at Macquarie Harbour, being "very well conducted". In 1828, when the census was taken of children, their young daughter, Ann Lush, then 13, was living at New Norfolk, and was not the object of charity, but was listed as an orphan, even though this was not true. The family had clearly disintegrated. A repentant Ann Lush petitioned for his return, which took place in 1829,when his good character allowed him to return to Hobart as a servant assigned to his wife. The land had been sold due to debt. He received his ticket of leave in 1832. In May 1839 a claim for a 32 acre land grant was registered in Sylvester's name on land that he was the original locatee, so he was still living at Glenorchy. Lush died and was buried on 17 July 1839 in St David's Graveyard, a free settler listed as being 76, although this doesn't tally with his presumed birth date. Source: Family Search Pedigree resource file

2) Elizabeth Hewlitt Chr. 7 Oct 1824 East Quantoxhead, servant, d.o. James and Anne Hewlett 41-10

Elizabeth was a servant lodging with John Wake in the High Street in 1841. Even though she was only 16 and John Wake was 35, they married in 1841 (Dec Q 10/709 Wells). # They lived in Church Street in 1851.



1) Thomas Heyluer b. 1837 Washfield, Devon

The family appear in 1871 at Blagrove Farm, Street. The parish in which Blagrove Farm was situated passed from Butleigh to Street Parish during this period. Mary Ann Hilliar was a servant to Alexander Higgins at Late Holmans Farm in 1881. She seems to have married in 1894 (Dec Q 5c/876 Wells). By 1891 Thomas and family lived at Marshall's Elm Farm, Street. No trace of Thomas senior or junior after that nor of Elizabeth.

1a) Robert Heyluer b. 1869 (Jun Q 5c/563 Wells) Blagrove Farm Cottages, Butleigh, Police Constable, s.o. Thomas and Elizabeth Heyluer, d. 1939 (Dec Q 5c/1108 Frome)

Emily appears with her widowed father at Tyning Hill, Tyning Bottom Row, Radstock on the 1881 and 1891 censuses.

In 1911 Robert (p.o.b. Butleigh) lived with wife and daughter Elsie at Beckington, near Bath. In 1871 Robert lived with his parents at Blagrove Farm cottages and in 1891 at Marshall's Elm, Street and his p.o.b. given as Street on both those occasions. [Laterly he was an under-gardener]. Absent from 1901 census, they had a second child. After 27 years service Robert was pensioned off in the Frome Division – his pay was £130 p.a. and his pension £86 13s 4d from 26th Jun 1919. [Western Daily Press 8 Apr 1919]


1) John Heywood b. 1840 (1842? Sep Q 10/67 Crediton) Oakford, Devon, agricultural labourer , s.o. William and Mary Heywood, d. 1911? 91W-116, 01-144 PHOTO

In 1841 John lived with his parents in East Mildon, Oakford, Devon where his father was a farmer. John had an older brother William and three sisters. In 1861 John lived with his parents at Great Norcott, Winsford where they farmed 307 acres. Florence Tapp lived with her parents at Yard, Nettlecombe in 1861 where her father farmed 200 acres. They married in 1862.

John Heywood was a successful farmer himself by 1871 farming 424 acres at Lower Norcott, Winsford, Somerset and with Florence had four children (Philip, Mary, John and Florence) plus five servants and two farm workers. By 1881, however, John was unemployed and lodging with his wife and last daughter, Ada at 'The Limes' in Ditchling, Sussex. His sons Philip and John were staying with their Tapp grandparents in Nettlecombe. Philip became a publican in London by 1891. In 1891 John and Florence lived at No. 27, Butleigh Wootton but Florence died in 1897 and John appeared living in four rooms at 42/3 Sub Road Butleigh by 1901. His single daughter Ada was looking after him - in 1891 she had been a stationer's assistant at No. 11, Glastonbury High Street. In 1906 John played the 'Hermit' in the Butleigh Revel and Ada also played a part. In 1911 John and daughter Ada lived at 55 Butleigh. John noted that he had 4 children still living but a fifth had died. Ada died in 1926 (Dec Q 5c/486 Wells).


See under Hebberd.


1) Esther (nee Collins) Hibble b. 1781 Butleigh wife of Joseph Hibble b. 1785 Sudbury, Suffolk

On 1851 census with son John at 16, Stanmore Street, St. Pancras, Marylebone. Married 6 Jul 1830 St. James Westminster. Hester Collins Chr. 7 Jan 1781 Butleigh d.o. James and Elizabeth Collins#


1) John George Hickley M.A. b. 1817 Portsmouth, vicar of Street and Walton, s.o. John Allon Hickley, d. 1905 (Mar Q 5c/482 Long Ashton, Som)

In 1834 John (postmaster of Merton College, Oxford) was elected Blount scholar of Trinity. Blount scholar of Trinity, Oxford, ordained priest Dec 1845. [Morning Post 22 Dec 1845]. batchelor of Divinity 1847. Benefice of Street-cum-Walton conferred upon John in August 1850. Sophia presumably died in childbirth, or shortly afterwards, soon followed by her son Arthur aged 2 years 2 months who was brought from Walton for burial.. The Rev. John Hickley married again in 1860 to Helen Wood from Cheshire, a young lady 20 years his junior, and remained vicar of Walton for over 30 more years. A new church was built at Walton in 1866 [Western gazette 4 May 1866] His daughter Mary of Woodcott, Ballfield Rd., Minehead died 10 Apr 1932 and left estate of £6,484 18s 2d, the bulk of which was to go towards erecting a church in Street to replace the temporary iron church there [C. of E.]. [Western Daily Press 20 Jun 1832]


1) Ann Hickling

In November 1783 the OOP records 'to ye charge of marrin John Periam and An Hickling with a licence and to ye charge of their examination and orders fro removal from Butleigh to Chilton [John Periam was of Chewton] and all other expenses attending' £4 18 6d. The marriage took place on 8 Nov 1783 Butleigh. See under Stickling


1) Henry Hickman b. 1810 Wichford, Warwicks [Bletchington, Oxon on 1851 census], gardener

On the 1851 census Henry and Diana lived at Tackley, Woodstock Oxfordshire with eight of their children. On the 1871 census Henry and Dina lived at Little Compton, Chipping Norton.

1a) Joseph Hickman b. 1832 Oxon, draper & grocer, bur. 6 Nov 1884 (Dec Q 5c/365 Wells) Butleigh 61-55, 71-81

In 1861 the Draper's Shop, 13 High Street was occupied by Joseph Hickman (29), draper and grocer, the son of Henry and Dinah Hickman who had lived at Deddington, Oxfordshire in 1841 (though father absent on census night). His brother Henry who appears with his parents at Tackley, Oxon in 1851, lodged with him as a gardener before migrating to Sydenham, Kent where he married a local girl. Frances Lloyd had appeared with her parents in Meifod, Llanfyllin, in 1841. Joseph had married Frances in Marcham in 1855 and their first child Edward Lloyd was born there in 1855. They had moved to Butleigh by 1858 when their daughter Charlotte was born, named after Joseph's sister. Fanny was born 1859 and Elizabeth in 1861. A J. Hickman witnessed a deed signed by Ralph Neville-Grenville, his brother Frederick and the Rt. Hon Archibald Stuart Wortley concerning the 'Butleigh buiding fund on 30th April 1861.

In 1871 Joseph Hickman (39) and Fanny (called Frances on census) had added two more children to their brood, Mary b. 1863 and Margaret Jane b. 1864. Joseph became a patient in the Somerset and Bath Lunatic Asylum in 1881 and died there in 1884. His wife had set up shop in the newly built 'Laurels' at the eastern end of the High Street and their son Edward took it over by 1891. Mrs. Hickman seems to have been a Weslyan Methodist and in Nov 1884 she arranged for a speaker from Bristol to give a service in Butleigh as part of the effort to pay off the Chapel's debt.

The Western Gazette reported 1 Oct 1880 that Mr. Hickman was granted a license to store petroleum, and his premises were also registered for the storage of gunpowder. - surprising in view of his incarceration in Bath Asylum some months later.

Frances moved to 7, Disraeli Rd., Putney, London where she ran a boarding house in 1891 but was absent from the 1901 census. In 1911 she was at Ham Street, Baltonsborough with her daughter Fannie. She died in 1915 aged 90. Her daughter Charlotte was a governess at a school at 141 Shardeloes Road, Deptford St. Paul, London in 1881. Fanny became a governess at Chapel Farm in Evercreech (1881-91) but as stated above, lived in Ham Street, Baltonsborough, with her mother in 1911. Lizzie Hickman was a drapers assistant in Ham Street Baltonsborough in 1891.

Mary in 1891 was a drapers housekeeper and lived at 44/42 High St., Putney, London. Mary Ford Hickman married Robert James Scriven in 1891 (Sep Q 1d/1280 Wandsworth) - they then lived in Glastonbury.

Lizzie Hickman married carpenter Samuel Herbert Griffin on 3 May 1892 (Jun Q 1d/1231 Wandsworth) at the Weslyan Church, Putney, and they lived in Baltonsborough. In 1911 they lived at Hillside, Baltonsborough with their two children. The other daughters of Joseph had presumably married too.

1a1) Edward Loyd Hickman b. 1856 Marcham, Berks, grocer, d. 1927 (Mar Q 6a/63 Bristol) 61-55, 71-81, 81-101, 91-120, 01-137

In 1891 Edward Lloyd Hickman (35) the son of Joseph Hickman who had run the shop in the West end of the High Street (No. 13a today) lived at the Laurels. By 1901 Edward and Margaret had two children. Margaret Eades' father was a blacksmith in Kingweston in 1871 but the family had lived in Barton St. David by 1881. The four still lived together in Butleigh in 1911. Hilda appeared in the Butleigh Revel of 1906. The Hilde F. E. Hickman who married Ronald Bennett in Bristol in 1920. Edward is listed in Kelly's Directory of 1919 as a shopkeeper in Butleigh but he and his family left Butleigh in 1919 - the Western Gazette 24 Oct 1919 advertised the sale of their surplus household furniture at 'Butleigh Stores' on Oct 25th as they were leaving the district.


1) Jane Hicks b. 1801 Somerset 41-9

Jane was left in charge of Butleigh House with two other servants in 1841, one whom was Ann Higgins (Higgins 2b) or possibly even Ann Higgins Oldish (see Higgins 1c) She is probably the Jane Hicks (b. Camborne, Cornwall) who married William Kelway in 1842 Mar (Q 10/755 Wells). #

2) James Hicks Chr. 16 Oct 1859 Loxton, farmer, s.o. John and Anne Hicks [abode Loxton Hamyard]

At the baptism of Henry James in 1884, his father's address was given in the PR as Compton Street, Butleigh. James was a gamekeeper in Batcombe in 1891. Their son Henry James was bur. 11 Jun 1890 (Jun Q 5c/347 Shepton Mallet) Batcombe, aged 6. Francis was still living with his parents in 1891 but is absent from the census in 1901. In 1901 Maude's father, a cowman, and mother lived in Church Street, Bathford. An Alice Maud Hicks married Ernest A. Stacey in 1909 (Jun Q 5c/1115 Bath). In 1911 James, now a market gardener, and Annie lived at Alma Cottage, Bathford – by themselves. Of their three children one had died by then. Henry James may be the horse cab driver at 26, station Street, Brighton in 1911 – no pob given and he was already a widower.

3) Charles Edward Hicks b. 1868 (Jun Q 5c/622 Axbridge) Weare, farmer, groom s.o. Charles and Ann Puddy Hicks [d. 1906 (Dec Q 1d/406 Wandsworth) aged 37?]

In 1891 Charles lived with his widowed mother and two younger siblings on their farm at Weare. After their marriage the couple went to live in Berry Hill, Winterbourne, Mangotsfield, Gloucs., where Charles was a colt trainer (groom) in 1901. In 1911 Reginald was living with his uncle and aunt William and Rosina Pearce at Pilning, Thornbury. With him were John H. Hicks b. 1896 Winterbourne and sister Marion A. Hicks b. 1904 Winterbourne – these last were probably Reginalds brother and sister, John having been left in 1901 with another relative, the widow Mary Hicks in Weare.


1) Mary Hide married Butleigh 22 Jul 1662 John Rayment the younger#

Surname could be phonetically Hiett – not found as Hide.


Heiatt - Hyett

It is not proven that there is a connection between Thomas Hyett son of Robert [who held estates in Street] and the Thomas and John Hiett of Street [in the 1600's] below, or to Richard Hiett of Butleigh. Because the Butleigh vicar John Radford didn't keep any baptism, marriage nor burial records during his tenure 1677 -1714 there are impossible gaps to fill in this genealogical data but the origin of the family seems to be the above named Street branch, using the same forenames and with dates that fit fairly perfectly, and so I am taking them as being the same family here. The Street family disappear as their namesakes appear in Butleigh and Kingweston and John Hiett is recorded as departing Butleigh for Pennsylvania and his in-laws the Smiths also disappear in 1699 – just as they too are recorded as travelling to America with a Quaker exodus including William Penn.

The construction below is very speculative and is being adjusted as new information comes to light. If the Thomas Hyett of 'Wotton' who married Alice Codrington is from Butleigh Wootton and not Wootton under Edge then his 'dates' would make him more likely to be the son of Robert than the Thomas father of John Chr. 22 Feb 1602 Street Holy Trinity whose father is unknown – though possibly Thomas son of Robert [his eldest daughter being an Alice].

A) Robert Hyett of Street d. 1559

Robert Hyett of Street was the son of Philip Hyett of Muchelney and [according to the Herald's visitation of Somerset 1573] he married Joan Balch and had sons Thomas and John, and daughters Jone and Mary. He acquired the Wootton estates in 1545 from Edward Carne. Robert married secondly Ann Court or Parrys in 1559 but died the same year. Thomas inherited the Street properties and conveyed them [see above] to Thomas Dyer. In 1566 Thomas had sold some of his estate in Butleigh to Richard Walton but reserved a life interest in the capital messuage and demesne, selling this interest to Andrew Dyer [whose son Edward sold it in 1613 – eventually it ended up in the hands of James Periam].

John Hyett of Street is mentioned as Overseer when referred to in the will of Roger Dovel dated 30 Jan 1571. [Jewer's notes] Probably the uncle of the Thomas next

* Abstract of John Balche of Horton Will: Dated 1 Apr 1536, proved 2 Sep 1552. To be buried in Ilminster Church. My daughters Ann, Alice and Agnes £10 at marriage. My son John £10. My sons Thomas and Anthony. My son George Balche, my heir, my bay gelding in Donyett Park. Residue to Isabel my wife. William Balche overseer.

1) Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Early Proceedings C/1282/24-26 Joan, executrix and late the wife of John WASON of East Pennard, v. Robert Hyett: Close of pasture in Baltonsborough of the demise of William Carrant, knight, and Elizabeth his mother, with reversion to defendant.: SOMERSET. Date: 1544 - 1551 [other files; E 150/946/9, WARD 7/102/186, C 142/119/167]

2) Letter Patent P27/25/28/14 Granting Robert Hyett, of Street, Somerset, gentleman, land near the Gryffithe (Gryffin?) in St. Clement's parish and a close near "le House" in St. Sepulchres formerly owned by Barnwell Priory with account of Barnwell property in St. Clement's parish Date: 1555

3) Online PROB 11/42B Will of Robert Hyett of Street, Somerset 1559 [rough transcription below – needs some work still]

Robbi Hyett

In the name of God amen, the XXVIth daye of May in the year of our \ Lorde God a thousande five hundred fiftie and nyne. I Robert Hyett of Streatt in the \ Countie of Somersett nowe being hole of mynde and memorye do make and ordeyne \ this my testament in maner and forme following; that is to saie I bequest my soule unto \ almightie God and to all the holye companye of Heaven and my bodie to be buryed in the \ Channcell of Streate Item I give to the mother churche of Wells xid And to the churche of Streate \ for my sepulture there tenne shillings Item I give to the poore folkes in Glastonburye there equally to \ be divided fourtie shillings Item to the parishe of Streate also to be divided as wel beforesaide thirtie \ shillings Item to the poor folks of Butleighe tenne shillings Item to the poor folks of Walton there to \ be divided as is beforesaide six shillings and eight pence. Item I give to my sonne Thomas Hyett \ my lease of yers which I have in ffee farme of one Agnes Rogers as doth apperteyne by one payne? \ of indentures and he to disceardye all maner and of claymes and sute as do apperteyne thereto Item \ more I give unto Thomas Hyett nynetene pounds whych Thomas Moryse muste paie and one called \ Raber whych also thre pounds six shillings and eight pence of John Roode de Galplane (?) due att \ Michaelmasse next [voin]ynge other thre pounds six shillings and eight pence that day twelve \ monthes and also thre pounds six shillings and eight pence twelve months after in full \ contentation of tenne pounds whych also other fourtie shillings of one Thomas Slade due at Easter laste \ also I give unto my sonne Thomas Hyett beforesaide all my kyne (cows) and sheepe upon the farm of \ great [ left blank ] upon Mendipe and I bounde hym to paie all such [duties] as I ought to paie \ for the same Also I give to Ambrose Gyott six pounds yearly to be payed quyetly out of my lande \ called Thorncoffyne or any other where in all my lands during his naturall life and after \ his decease to remaine to my heyres Item I give to Thomas Hyett one gilt belt [bell?] and a white \ belt with a falt and a [dosond] of [sponis] with maydens heads Also I give to my son Thomas Hyett \ all myne apparrell for my bodie to be divided by the discretion of my father in lawe Mr John \ Selwoode ~ with my [shirts (?) y being wrought with whyte and the other with blacke] Also I give \ unto hym one fether bed xxformed by the discretion of the oversears Also I give to Ambrose Gyott \ twentie marks in ready money and to Anne Gyott his sister also twenty marks in ready money \ and to John Gyott their brother other fourtie shillings which somes of money of money I will to be payed \ out of my lands by hands of Thomas Hyett and his heyrs at such time as shall be thought good \ by the oversears to the childrens [pxxsxts] Item more I give the same Ambrose Gyott one cowe \ and to his sister Anne Gyott one cowe to be paid to theym by my executours Item more I give \ to my shepurde Wake five pounde which I will my wife Anne to paie if he tarye till he be thirtie \ yeares of age in her s?vice And to evry one of my servantes (13)d a yere Item if yt happens Anne \ my wife to have any childe by me begotten ytt to have there rest[re] and five pounds thirteen shillings \ and foure pence of lawful money of Englande by myne executours to be paied and to be \ ordered and 'provided'? to John Selwood and Thomas Selwoode and they to see ytt ordered and paied / to the child according to theire discretion and theire executours or assynes. Also my will what \ Thomas my sonne shall not alyene nor sell any my landes from the issue (?) of my wife Anne upon her \ bodie by me begotten Item I will also that myne executours shall paie ffourtie poundes \ thirteen shillings and four pence to William Daye or John Daye oversears to Robert Daye and \ John Daye All the residue of my goodes movable and unmovable I give and bequeth to Anne \ Hyett my wife Whom I make my holle executrice and my oversears I do make Mr. John \ Selwoode Peter Brice William Balche and Thomas Selwoode and any of theym to have \ [vrb som & for them payment and herunto I make promiss Sir Hughe Paulett knight and he to \ have for his payment XXL In the presence and witness of Mr. John Selwood and Mr. Pete \ Brice William Daye Thomas Morrysse and Ambrose Gyott


a) Abbot of Glastonbury Richard Bere on his perambulation of 1503 met Peter Gyott (aged 30 or over), and Thomas Gyott (aged 20 or over) as well as John Rood senior and junior amongst the representatives of Street. A John Selwood is mentioned amongst the Abbot's sub-priors. These Gyotts must be related to Ambrose and his siblings. Teri Hiatt informs me that The Grange in Street was owned prior to the dissolution by Robert Hyett [Pardon Roll of 1548 – called farmer and gentleman] and the previous tenant had been Thomas Gyott.

b) Sir Hugh Paulet >1510 – 1573 of Hinton St. George, son of Amias Paulet and Laura Kellaway

c) Will of John Rode of Street, dated 12 Nov 1545. To be buried in the churchyard of S. Gelys in Street; to that church 3s. 4d., to the Cathedral 4d. Names sons JohnRobert and Barnard. Daughter Johan. Residuary legatee and executrix, wife  Johan. Witnesses, Sir Wyllyam CollynsWilliam Jonys, and William Rode. Proved at Wells 15 Jul 1546. [SPRp.4] Jewers Notes

d) William Balche Somerset Inquisition post mortem E 150/921/9 Date: 1533/4 and George Balche Inquisitions Post Mortem C 142/152/129 Date 1568/9, Court Wards WARD 7/11/97 Date 1568/9 and Exchequer E 150/953/1 Date 1568/9 plus Wadham v. Balche Court of Star Chamber STAC 5/W11/38 Date 1570/1 [and even more: concerning Ilminster, Drayton Martock properties]. Finally Will of Thomas Balche of Martock PROB 11/84/100 Date 22 Jun 1594, Will of George Balche of Ilminster PROB 11/51/305 Date 6 Aug 1569 Balche v Balche Nicholas Balche v John Balche property in Ilminster Somerset and Luppitt in Devon C 3/29/62 Date 1558-79

e) The Shepherd Wakeseveral Woke and Woake burials in early 1600 in Street probably refer to the same family.

f) John Selwoode, Somerset Chancery C 142/128/66 Inquisition Post Motrtem Date 1559/60 // C 142/114/61 Date 1557/8 and same date E 150/944/16 = Will of John Selwood Gentleman of Chard PROB 111/43/428 19 Jul 1560

4) Exchequer: Kings Remembrancer: Certificates of Residence E 115/196/22 Certificate of residence showing William Hyett to be liable for taxation in Somerset. (Details of which pouch this certificate was removed from are now lost.). Details Date: 1547 – 1685

5) Online Doc. PROB 11/57 Will of Willyam Hyett of Glastonbury 1575 [possible relative of Thomas Hyett in Street?]

B) Thomas Hyett

Chris Sidney has drawn my attention to the book from 1898, above, about the Codrington family. In it there now appears not only link to Butleigh 'Wotton' for this Thomas Hyett but also to nearby Lytes Cary plus a 'family' link to the early settlement of Virginia. The wealthy Kellway family of Butleigh must also be linked to the John Kellaway who was father-in-law to Thomas Codrington. [however, if Alice Codrington was born c. 1550 the Thomas Hyett of Wotton could be the father of this Thomas (?) and son of the Thomas in the above Chancery documents?]

Thomas Codrington [d. 1594] married Mary Kelway, b.c. 1535 d.o. John Kellewaye [b.c. 1480] and Joan Tregarthin [married Cullompton 1514] - [or the other daughter Mary d.o. John Kellaway and his first wife Elizabeth who d. 24 Jun 1512?]. They had two sons, Simon [b.c. 1554] and John, and two daughters, one of whom was Alice, who was wife of Thomas Hyett of Wotton [Butleigh Wootton? See p. 315/6]. A sister of Mary Kelway - Agnes Kelway, d.o. John Kelway, b.c. 1529 married Henry Lyte of Lytes Cary [1529 – 1607, the famous author of 'Niewe Herbal' of 1578]. Simon, the eldest son, was one of the adventurers of the foundation of the Colony of Virginia in which his son John was personally engaged. Florence Kelway b.c.1526 d.o. John and Joan Kellway married Richard Grenville of Stowe, ancestor of James Grenville of Butleigh.

Therefore, Agnes Lyte (nee Kelway) wife of the famous herbalist [with Butleigh links] was aunt to both Simon Codrington, one of the merchant adventurers and founder of the Colony of Virginia and seemingly also aunt to Alice Hiett (nee Codrington) of Wotton [Butleigh Wootton], great-grandmother of the John Hiett of Butleigh who emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1699.

1) Court of Chancery six clerks office Pleadings C 3/170/80 Short title: Symcockes v Hiet. Plaintiffs: Christopher Symcockes. Defendants: Thomas Heit. Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset 1558 - 1579

2) Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings C 3/81/90 Short title: Hiat v Lotteshame. Plaintiffs: Thomas Hiat . Defendants: William Lotteshame and another. Subject: property in Compton Dunden, Butleigh and other places (specified), Somerset . Document type: [pleadings]. . Short title: Hiat v Lotteshame. Date: 1558 - 1579

3) Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings C 3/189/42 Short title: Walton v Hyet. Plaintiffs: Richard Walton . Defendants: Thomas Hyet and others. Subject: property in Wootton etc, Somerset .. Date1558 - 1579

4) Court of Star Chamber: Proceedings Elizabeth I Addenda STAC 7/16/16 Plaintiff: Whyte, Thomas. Defendant: Thomas Hyet, James Younge, Stephen Gibbes, and Gregory Keysar. Place or Subject: Butleigh: Manor. County: Som .  Date: 1558 - 1603

5) Hyatt Family DD\S\ST/39 Letters patent to Edward Dyer, Andrew Dyer and Thomas Hiett granting licence to alienate to Thomas Dyer mansion house of Strete, lands called Grenegrove, Longegrove, Holtclose, Twenty Acres, Eighte Acres, Nyne Acres or Cookemansclose, Rusheclose, Prestmore, Prestmore, Blackgrove, Hownewood, Bulmede, Hundreth Acres in Lyault, Cresselonge Hedge in Southfilde, with woods etc. in Hethmore, Holtmore, Southmore alias Estmore, Hownewood, Estfeildes, Westfeilds, and other lands, all in Street, Cleese Close in Glastonbury, windmill and 3a. ground in Walton on Polden Hill in Street, 1572; copy compotus of Richard Compton, bailiff of Street, 1534-35 (incl. rent from Richard Hyett as tenant of mansion house); account book of work done for Mrs. Hyatt Sept. - Nov. 1837.  Date: 1572 – 1837

6) Kerne v. Hiatt, Guppy, Clapp and many others Kew STAC [StarChamber] 5/K10/33 date 1573

7) Walton v Simcocks & Hiett Kew STAC 5/W42/8 Date Eliz 8 ~ also Simcocks v Hiett STAC5/S40/23 Date 1588/9

9) Will of John Hiett of Stringston, Somerset PROB 11/82/48 Date 16 Feb 1593

1) Thomas Hiett [grandson of Robert?]

Besides Thomas a Nicholas Hiett living in Street fathered a Mary (Chr. 23 Sep 1608 Street) – Nicholas appears in Jewers Notes as son-in-law of Joane Brawdrip [Will of 6 Sep 1570 Street] – Nicholas buried 6 Oct 1610 Street. Edith and Elizabeth Hyett were left small legacies by 'cousin' Agnes Keene [Will 3 Jul 1635 Street] as was cousin Agnes Chard. John Hyett helped compile the inventory of Thomas Barry's will of 13 Aug 1631 Street. [all from Jewers Notes]. Possibly unconnected but a widow, Thomazin Hyte (?) married a Robert Walter in Butleigh on 31 Jan 1624.

1a) John Hiet [the John who was buried 3 Feb 1649 Street?]

Besides John an Alexander [bur. 5 Aug 1685] was fathering children in Street at this time and another Thomas [bur. 22 Mar 1688] and Mary (nee Peddle) Hiett : Alice Chr. 24 Mar 1674, Mary Chr. 25 Jun 1676 and a John Chr. 22 May 1677

1a1) John Heiatt [Chr. 18 Apr 1636 Street] d. Butleigh 1686?

John paid rates in Butleigh from 1681-6 when his property becomes 'late John Hieatt deceased' – see below.

1a2) Richard Hiett [Chr. 10 Jan 1640 Street s.o. John and Alice Hiet?], d. Butleigh 1686?

Richard was churchwarden in 1684-5 and paid rates from 1681-6. The Richard and George who received relief (+ stockings and shoes) in 1687 may have been his children (or John's). They received this relief again in 1688 and '89 in which latter year George was taken in by Robert Barnard and Richard by Edward Jacklett. In 1687 the rates were paid by John Hiett and his neighbour (looking after George) was Robert Barnard. From 1688 the rate was paid jointly by Robert Burnard and John Hiett until 1695 when it was just John Heiat again – up to 1700 when he emigrated to America. All this time the adjoining property was was 'late John Hiett deceased' [see (3)]. In 1703 Richard Heiatt becomes a rate payer – but on a different property and was there until 1707. Probably the Richard Hiatt who was in Kingweston in 1715.

In 1687 the Overseers 'charged for the relief of Richard Hieatte & George Hieatte £1 8s, paid for a peare of shoose for Richard Hieatte 1s 10d for a peare of stockens for George Hieatte 7d and a peare of drawers for Richard Hieatte 1s 4d. In 1688 they paid for britches, shoes, stockings and mending clothes of the Heyat children plus 53 weeks relief for Richard and George. In 1689 They paid Robert Barnard for George Heiates relife 1s 6d a weake for 50 weakes and Edward Jacklett for Richard Hieates relief 1s 6d a weake for 5 weakes.They also paid Thomas Jacklett £1 10s for clothes for Richard Hieatte when he was bound out to him. In 1690 the Overseers paid 45 weeks relief at 1s 6d per week for George Hiatt and bought him a pair of drawers for 2s 4d. See Overseers accounts p. 45 for the conditions of the Poor receiving relief – they had to wear clothes of a distinguishable type that bore two red letters PB either on their arms or backs, standing for Parish of Butleigh!

DD/S/BT/6/8/5 1] Richard Hiatt of Kingweston and wife Amy daughter of John Gregory decd 2] John Gregory of Butleigh, yeoman and son of John decd 3] John Reynolds the elder of Kingweston, yeoman Assignment of 1a at Nurslinge gate in the West field and 1a at north end Date: 1715.

1a2A) Richard Hiett [Chr. 1 Dec1667 Street], of Kingweston bur. Jun 1725 Kingweston

Information relating to DD/S/BT/6/8/5 1] Richard Hiatt of Kingweston and wife Amy daughter of John Gregory decd 2] John Gregory of Butleigh, yeoman and son of John decd 3] John Reynolds the elder of Kingweston, yeoman Assignment of 1a at Nurslinge gate in the West field and 1a at north end Date1715

DD///S/BT/6/8/4 1] Samuel Chapman of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Richard Hyatt of Kingweston, carpenter Assignment of 1a at Nurslinge gate in Butleigh West field.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS]  Date: 1706 - 1707

1a2B) John Hiett [Chr. 27 Apr 1676 Street, s.o. Richard Hiett] d.c. 1727 America

John Hiett, arrived in Bucks County, Pennsylvania in the autumn of 1699. On 11 April 1700 he purchased 300 acres of land (Bucks Co. Pennsylvania DB 3, page 27) from John Rowland for 350 p. (The foregoing deed is also mentioned in the 'Inventory of Church Archives, Pennsylvania - Friends' . ( In 1700, John Hiett bought 300 a. of John Rowland, a Quaker, who had given the land for the Watson Graveyard out of his tract previous to 1700. The land had been granted to John Rowland by William Penn in 1673. In 1702, John Hiett sold this 300 a. to Thomas Watson, tanner, for 400 p. (DB 3, p. 88) Deed book 4, p. 15, Bucks County: On April 22, 1706, John Hiett of the County of Bucks in ye province of Pensilvania Yeom'n - bought land granted and confirmed unto Andrew Ellet by patent under the hand of William Penn ".
John's wife was Mary Smith, the daughter of William and Grace Smith. William lived in Cecil County, Maryland, where on the 20th of May 1710 his will was proven.
Some 50 miles SW of Philadelphia in the north east corner of the State of Maryland, lies the county of Cecil. It was here, in Cecil Co., MD that William Smith wrote this will on the 20th of September 1708, it was proved the 20th of May 1710. He leaves to 2nd son John and heirs 1000 acres, dwelling plantation, to daughter Mary, wife of John Hayet, and granddaughter Hannah, daughter of son William personalty (Personal property) . Executors wife Grace, and son John. Teste: David Evans, William Smith 13:113. The name Hayet becomes Hiett in further court proceedings regarding this will.
Both, Hietts and Smiths families were members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Somersetshire, England. William Smith, the Quaker, bought a certificate to Philadelphia for himself and wife and family, dated 1699, from the Glastonbury Monthly Meeting in Somersetshire, England. It is quite possible, that our John Hiett, immigrant, came to America with his wife's family. William and John Smith, brothers of Mary (Smith-) Hiett, are probably the ancestors of the Smiths who settled in Virginia in the same community and at about the same time as did John Hiatt Jr. and his brother William Hiatt, sons of John and Mary Hiett. Mary Hyot was noted in the Falls Monthly Meeting in Bucks Co. PA, she was received on certificate the 7th of the 6th month in 1706.
The History of Bucks Co. Pennsylvania mentioned that the families of Roberts, Foulke, Gilbert, Nixon, Edwards and Hyatt were prominent among those who formed the early community, his was in early 1700's.
John Hiett is called a yeoman, in the early deeds of Bucks Co. A yeoman is a freeborn common man of the most respectable class, a freeholder. John is known to have resided in the town of Makefield in Bucks Co. at one time, it is possible that he was a merchant, by which means he acquired the 350 p. (over $1500) to make his first purchase of land in 1700. Andrew Ellet, from whom John Hiett purchased land, was a merchant. He is most probably identical with the John Hyatt who was a witness to the will of Thomas Masters of Philadelphia, Merchant, dated 4 Dec. 1723. Also he was a witness to a will of Abraham Bickley, a Quaker merchant from Burlington, New Jersey and Philadelphia, PA. ( Hiatt - Hiett, Genealogy and Family History, compiled and edited by William Petty Johnson, Payson , Utah )

DD/S/BT/5/7/4 1] John Hiett of Butleigh, yeoman and wife Mary 2] William Hopkins of Butleigh yeoman Assignment of Casway Close (2a) in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] 

DD/S/BT/6/8/3 1] John Hiett late of Butleigh but now of Pennsylvania, America and wife Mary 2] Henry Coate of Kingsbury, yeoman Mortgage of Hiett's messuage, 6a in the moor, Darksome (1/4a), 4a at East end by Barton river, 2a at Whitewell, 6a at Shilfehedge, 6a at Brownswell Date: 1700.

[Transcribed by Marty Hiatt, CG, August 2012. Obsolete letter forms such as the tailed s, and double f, were converted to modern usage. The tilde was not reproduced over the “con” ending which today would be “tion.”]

This Indenture, made the Thirtieth Day of April in the Twelfth Year of the Raign of King William the Third over England etc. Anoq Dm 1700 Between John Hiett late of Butleigh in the County of Somerset in the Kingdome of England But now of the Province of Pensilvania in America Yoman and Mary his wife of the one part and Henry Coate of Kingsbury in the Said County of Somerset Yoman of the Other part Witnesseth That the said John Hiett As well for and in Consideracon of Two hundred pounds of Lawfull mony of England To him in hand payd Before the Ensealing and Delivery hereof By the Said Henry Coate The Receipt whereof Hee the Said John Hiett Doth hereby Acknowledge: And thereof and of every part thereof Doth Acquitt and forever Discharge the Said Henry Coate his heirs Executors and Administrators by these presents As also for and in Consideracon of the Summ of Two hundred and Eleven pounds more of Like mony By the Said Henry Coate Secured To be payd to the Said John Hiett his Executors Administrators or Assigns within the Space of one month Next After the Said Henry Coates first and Next Arrivall in England. In manner following To witt one hundred and Sixty pounds thereof to Daniel Yeates his Executors or Assigns in Discharge of the Mortgage which he hath Upon the hereby granted premises and the Residue thereof to the Said John Hiets order And for Diverse other Good Causes and Consideracons him the Said John Hiet thereunto moveing Hath granted bargained Sold Aliened released and Confirmed And by these presents Doth grant Bargain Sell Alien release and Confirme unto the Said Henry Coates (in his Actuall Possession now being By Vertue of a bargain and Sale To him thereof made for one whole Year By Indenture bearing Date the Day before the Date hereof and by force of the Statue for Transferring Uses into Possession And to his heirs and Assigns All that messuage or Tenement where the Said John Hiet lately Dwelt And all outhouses Barns Stables Buildings yards Backsides orchards Gardens Curtilages and Appurtenances whatsoever there unto belonging Scituate and Being in the Parish of Butleigh Aforesaid And all and Singular those Several Closes or parcels of Land Commons meadow Pasture and Arrable hereafter Particularly menconed That is to Say Two Commons In the Moor Containing Six Acres Lying on the North Side of John Chefes Common one Acre and one Quarter of an Acre Called Darksome Joyning to Alishord four acres at the east end Joyning to Barton river Two acres at whitewell Joyning To Charles Strodes Land Six acres at Shilfehedge Joyning to Henry Popes land Six Acres at Brownswell Joyning to John Chefes Land one pasture Called Ragg Containing Two Acres Joyning to Widow Hilliars Land a Padick Containing Three Quarters of Acre Joyning to William Comers Orchard Forty Acres of Arrable land in the west field And thirty Seven Acres and one Quarter of an Acre of Arrable Land in the East Field Together with all the Said John Hiets Right in all the Commons Adjoyning or in any wise Belonging to the Hereby bargained premises All which Said Closes or parcels of Land being in all by Estimation one hundred and Eight Acres and one Quarter of and [sic] Acre Be the Same more or Less belong to or have been Usually occupyd with the Said Messuage or Tenement and are Situate lying and being in the Parish of Butleigh Aforesaid And now are or late were in the Tenure or Occupation of John Browning or his Assigns or under tenants And all and Singular ways waters Easements water Courses Fishings Fowlings Commons Comodities Priviledges and Advantages whatsoever to the Said Messuage or Tenement land and premises Belonging or in any wise Appertaining or therewith used occupied or Enjoyd reputed or taken as part parcel or member thereof And the Revercons and Remainders Rents and Profits of the Same And all Deeds Evidences and writeing Concerning the premises To have and to hold the said Messuage Lands Tenement And all other the Premisses herein mentioned or Intended to be hereby bargained and sold with their and every of their Appurtenances Unto the Said Henry Coate and his heirs To the Use of him the Said Henry Coate his Heirs and Assigns forever And the Said John Hiett for himself his heirs Executors and Administrators Doth Covenant and grant To and with the Said Henry Coate his heirs and Assigns by these presents in manner following To witt That he the Said John Hiett now is and Standeth Lawfully and Rightfully Seized of and in the Said Messuage or Tenement And all and Singular the Said Severall Closes or parcels of land and other the premises with their Appurtenances of a good Sure Perfect Absolute and Indefeaz[s]ible Estate in Fee Simple And now hath good Right full Power and Lawfull Authority to grant and Convey the Said Messuage Lands and premises with their appurtenances unto the Said Henry Coate his heirs and Assigns forever According to the Purport true Intent and meaning of these presents (the Above said Mortgage to the said Daniel Yeates onely Excepted) And that it shall and may be Lawfull To and for the Said Henry Coate his heirs Executors or Assigns To pay the Said Daniel Yeates his Executors Administrators or Assigns the Said one hundred and Sixty pounds in Discharge of the Said Mortgage And the Same shall be Allowed and Deducted out of the Last Payment of the Consideracon mony above mentioned And That from and after the Payment or Lawfull Tender of the Said one hundred Sixty pounds is made by the Said Henry Coate his heirs Executors or Assigns To the Said Daniel Yeats his Executors Administrators or Assigns According to the True meaning hereof and of the Parties hereunto. It also shall and may be Lawfull to and for the said Henry Coate his heirs & Assigns from tyme to tyme And at all tymes from thenceforth forever peaceably and Quietly To have Hold Possesse [sic] and Enjoy the Said Messuage Lands and premises herein before mentioned and Intended to be hereby granted with their Appurtenances without any Lawfull Lett Suite Trouble or Interuption of him the Said John Hiett his heirs or Assigns or any other person or persons whatsoever Freely Acquitted and Discharged of and from all manner of Incumbrances whatsoever Saveing the Rents and Services from henceforth To grow Due and Payable to the Lord or Lords of the Fee of the Premisses And that the Said John Hiett and the Said Mary his wife and their heirs shall and will at any tyme or Tymes hereafter Dureing the Space of Twenty Years Next Ensueing the Date hereof upon the request and at the Cost and Charges in the Law of the Said Henry Coate his heirs or Assigns make Doe Execute Acknowledge and suffer or Cause to be Done Executed Acknowledged Suffered All and Every Such further and other Act and Acts Conveyances and Assureances in the Law whatsoever for the further and better Conveying and Absolute Confirming and Assureing of the Said Messuage lands and premises hereby granted with their Appurtenances Unto the Said Henry Coate his heirs and Assigns forever Be itt by fine or Fines ^or otherwise Howsoever As by the Councill Learned in the Law of the Said Henry Coate his heirs or Assigns Shall be Reasonably Devised or required So as Such further Assureance Containe no further warranty than is herein Contained And so as the parties To make the Same Be not Compellable To travell Above Twenty Miles from the place or places of their usuall Abode for Doeing thereof And the Said John Hiett for him and his heirs The Said Messuage Lands And other the premises hereby granted with their Appurtenances unto the Said Henry Coate his heirs and assigns Against him the Said John Hiett and his heirs And Against all persons whatsoever Lawfully Claiming or to Claime By from or under him them or any of them Shall and will warrant and forever Defend by these presents In Witness whereof the Said parties to these presents Have Interchangeably Set their hands and Seals hereunto the Day and Year first

Above written

[Signed] John hiett M The mark of Mary Hiett

2) Joane Hiett

In 1680 a warrant was issued for Joanepossible wife or daughter of one of the above? A Joan Hewet was born 1 May 1655 Street d.o. Alexander and Jone Hewet, the latter also having a daughter Elizabeth Chr. 9 Dec 1649 Street. A Joan Huett was bur. 29 Nov 1686 Street.

3) Thomezin Hyte? Widow married Robert Walter 31 Jan 1624 Butleigh [? related]

4) Edith Heyat witnesses the Overseers Accounts in 1696 – widow of John (1a1)? Possible misreading of Edith Helyar?

5) Walter Hiett b. 1825 Taunton, tailor, s.o. James and Mary Hiett, died 1908 (Mar Q 5c/271 Langport) 01-22

Elizabeth Britton was the widow of William S. Britton. This couple lived at Rockwell [Brittons Court] in 1901. Walter was thrice married and his two previous marriages took place in Taunton in 1876 (Martha - who died in 1879) and 1880. Walter was the son of a tailor, James Hiett (b. 1796) and his wife Mary, and appeared with them in 1841. He appeared with his widowed father in 1851 and with two of his sisters (at 3, Murry's Court, Taunton) in 1861. In 1871 he lived with one of his sisters, Mary Tapper, and her daughter, at 5, Paynes Court. He seems to be missing from the censuses in 1881 and also 1891 when he was married to his second wife. He died in 1908 aged 81.


1) John Higden [bur. 18 Mar 1731 Street]

John paid rates jointly with Thomas Look on the property of the late George Hooper in 1715. A John Higdon, yeoman of Street was brother of James Higdon – see Jewers notes (Street Parish Registers) no. 100. Up to 1711 rates were paid on George Hooper's property by a Joan Look probably the widow Joan of Thomas Look who had died c. 1692. She may have married John Higden [in the PR gap up to 1714] and be the Joan Higden wife of John buried 9 Jul 1622 Street.

2) Robert Higdon Chr. 14 Jul 1872 (Sep Q 5c/531 Shepton Mallet) East Pennard, s.o. Charles and Eliza Higgdon, farm servant, died 1896 (Jun Q 5c/288 Shepton Mallet) 91-124

Robert was a labourer on the farm of Joseph Maidment, Lower Hill Farm in 1891. In 1881 he lived with his widowed mother Eliza and eight brothers at West Bradley, Lottisham. He died in 1896 aged just 23. The Higdons had been neighbours of the Maidments in Lottisham in 1881 and it is perhaps this connection that lead to his position in 1891.


Higginses became increasingly numerous during the 18th century to become the most common surname in Butleigh during the 19th. Unlike other families, comparatively few children died in infancy. See Tree A Higgens from West Lydford was forcibly removed from Butleigh, together with his wife, in 1714. (OOP).

Higginses became increasingly numerous during the 18th century to become the most common surname in Butleigh during the 19th. Unlike other families, comparatively few children died in infancy. See above tree. A Higgens from West Lydford was forcibly removed from Butleigh, together with his wife, in 1714. (OOP). This may be the Andrew Higgins of West Lydford who married Joan Raymond spinster of Butleigh on 6 Apr 1713 in Somerton.

Higgens families were even more numerous in neighbouring Baltonsborough before the ones in Butleigh. The earliest record there is the marriage of John Higgins to a Johann Wither in Baltonsborough on 10 Jun 1550 – the earliest baptism recorded there was a William Higgins Chr. 26 Aug 1638 s.o. John and Alice Higgins. Because of the PR gap 1677 – 1714 we have no knowledge of what was happening in Butleigh with the Higgins families at that time but it seems clear that many of the Baltonsborough Higgins had some influence and a re-creation of their dynasty there [up to c. 1750] might assist in ordering the early Butleigh Higginses. A few Higgins were also in Barton St. David and Compton Dundon during this period.

A) John Higgins bur. 18 Jan 1680 Baltonsborough [John senior]

The East Pennard couple disappear from there after 1632 and neither parent was buried there – these are the only John and Alice couples found, and this scenario seems very likely.

A1) William Higgins bur. 21 Apr 1717 Baltonsborough [as senior]

B) John Higgins [bur. 16 x 1707 Baltonsborough or bur. 17 Sep 1710 Baltonsborough – father & son?]?

B1) William Higgins Chr. 24 Jan 1664 Baltonsborough [bur. 2 Feb 1738 Baltonsborough]

The John Chr. 30 Mar 1692 Baltonsborough could be the father and founder of the Butleigh line – see (3) below. His half-brother Joseph might also have moved to Butleigh see (2). Not traced further in Baltonsborough. The forenames used by John for his children, such as the unusual Ambrose, suggest there is a strong link.

B1a) Samuel Higgins of Baltonsborough Chr. 24 Feb 1694 s.o. William and Sarah Higgins, bur. 13 Jul 1720 Baltonsborough

Brother of Thomas and William below.

B1b) William Higgins Chr. 25 Aug 1695 Baltonsborough s.o. William and Sarah Higgens [bur. 29 Apr 1746/ 16 Jan 1765 Baltonsborough ?]

A William s.o. William bur. 15 Nov 1723 Baltonsborough might be a child of this couple.

B1bi) John Higgins Chr. 11 Apr 1725 Baltonsborough

B1bia)? John Higgins

Far from certain if this is the same couple. See other Johns below. A son of this second marriage, Peter Higgins married Mary Gill (nee Slade) 26 Dec 1826 in Baltonsborough and they emigrated to New Zealand. Several children born in Baltonsborough from both these marriages, including an Ambrose (1773).

B1bii) William Higgins [bur. 16 Jan 1765 Baltonsborough?]

B1c) Thomas Higgens [Chr. 3 Apr 1698 Baltonsborough s.o. William and Sarah Higgins][bur. 21 Jan 1725 Baltonsborough/ 4 Dec 1731 Baltonsborough ?]

The above references to children is assuming that the Thomas and Mary having children there are this couple, which seems likely.

B1d) Ambrose Higgins Chr. 10 Feb 1704 Baltonsborough

B2) John Higgins [s.o. either William and Frances or John and Mary above in Baltonsborough?] [two John and Marys?] John the elder bur. 19 Nov 1749

B2a) John Higgins bur. 29 Aug 1787 Butleigh?

As with several families here – a couple fitting this bill were having children in Baltonsborough and 'John & Mary' seem fairly common – more than one couple with these names having children at the same time.

A John Higgins received aid in late 1787 and in Sep the OOP recorded they had received 7 peck of wheat in his wife's sickness. In the Oct accounts the OOP paid for John's burial.

C) Henry Higgins bur. 2 Feb 1713 Baltonsborough

C1) Henry Higgins bur. 28 Feb 1721 Baltonsborough?

This John is a strong contender to be the Butleigh John Higgins (3)

C1a) Henry Higgins [Chr. 25 Nov 1714 Baltonsborough, s.o. Henry and Anne?], bur. 17 Apr 1762 Baltonsborough ?]

D) Philip Higgins

E) John Higgins

1) Lydia Higgins married Butleigh 1 Jun 1731 John Jennings # [Chr. 18 May 1705 Ditcheat s.o. John Jennings?]

This couple lived in Ditcheat after their marriage. See under Jennings. Lydia may have been born in Butleigh during the PR gap.

2) Joseph Higgins [ Chr. 1 Nov 1718 Baltonsborough, s.o. William and Honour Higgins - or a Butleigh family Joseph lost in the pre -1714 PR gap?] - death?

A Sarah Higgins received OOP aid from Oct 1787 and had her rent paid by the OOP in 1788/89 -1807. In May 1788 the OOP paid for transporting her and her goods to Butleigh. When she received aid in May it referred to Sarah Higgins and children. In Feb 1800 Sarah Higgins children received dowlas. In May 1800 Sarah Higgins and children received 3/-. Sarah received payments from October to December 1800 and up to Oct 1801. She received occasional payments after that From Aug 1806 the payments made to Sarah Higgins daughter but in July 1806 rent paid for Sarah. In May 1807 Sarah Higgins rent for daughter was paid. From 1808 Sarah Higgins daughter had her rent paid by the OOP. In 1809 the (error?) entry reads Sarah & daughter. In Jan 1812 is an entry that the OOP paid for Sarah Higgins to visit her daughter at Bath – previously an Elizabeth or Betty had been ill and taken to Bath. In Feb 1813 Sarah received assistance and again in Aug 1815. In May 1826 Sarah Higgins was bought a spinning turn – the same Sarah? (See 14, 10 and 5x! - still work to do here). Sarah Higgins received 10/- monthly aid from Oct 1832 – Feb 1833.

From 1815 - 1827 Mary Higgins received her house rent from the OOP.

3) John Higgins of Butleigh, bur 16 Feb 1769 Butleigh

An Ambrose Higgins had married a Hester Martin in Baltonsborough on 26 Jul 1731 – in view of the forename he may have been a brother of John? This John, common ancestor of most of the subsequent Butleigh Higginses may have been the son of William and Sarah (B1) or the son of John and Mary Chr. 12 Oct 1718 Baltonsborough (B2) or the son of Henry and Ann, Chr. 26 Mar 1718 Baltonsborough (C1). These last three were probably related and are not definitely traced further in Baltonsborough. A pre 1714 Butleigh born John Higgins cannot be ruled out - but we see intermarriages in the early 1700's between people from the two villages. The Hester and Jacob children give a link to (B2) and Ambrose to (B1) and I think THAT is probably the family origin of this John.

A John Higgins was a carpenter working on the rebuilding of the church roof in 1750-51. A Jane Higgins received OOP assistance in distress in March, May, Jun 1770 then from September monthly until October 1790. She received rent in 1772 and 1773, 74. In June 1774 the OOP paid for 5 yards of dowlas for her children.

The mother of John (s.o. John) is not given in the PR but he is almost certainly of this family. He is probably the John who married Sarah Underwood in Butleigh on 10 May 1779 (see 5x above, 3b1 below, and 14). # [One correspondent has an Elizabeth Higgins b.c. 1765 of Butleigh, d.o. John and Jane (nee Persun) marrying Thomas Whitnell in Street on 2 Apr 1784 – which daughter could be a child of this family?]. Hester was apprenticed to James Grenville in 1772 under the 'John Rocke scheme'. (OOP)

A Henry Higgins was examined at Wells with Betty Clarke in Oct 1785. In October Henry and Betty and children were taken to Edington. The removal order was confirmed at Bridgwater in Dec 1785. [A Henry Higgins and Jane had several children in Edington 1788-99 – this would be the Henry Higgins of Butleigh who married Jane Collins in Street on 25 Jul 1785]

A Hester received assistance from the OOP from Sep 1781 – March 1782. Hester was paid for four weeks attendance on George Withers' wife in Oct 1793.

3a) William Higgins [Chr. 7 Aug 1745 Butleigh, s.o. John and Jane Higgins, bur. 13 Apr 1813 Butleigh] aged 70

William was the brother of Ambrose and these two lines are therefore related. A William Higgins received aid in April 1782. William received assistance for his family in sickness in Aug 1785. #

Elizabeth married John Oldish in Butleigh on 19 Aug 1805.# Susan(na) was an unmarried person, a labourer in 1841 and a Parish pauper out of the Union in 1851. She lived with Betsy Higgins in 1841 and they were probably cousins [her mother Mary Higgins had been cared for by Betsy Higgins from the late 1820's – possibly the same Mary who had cared for Elizabeth Hockey? - Betsy might also be Elizabeth Higgins, Susan's sister]. A Mary Higgins had a base born child in Aug/Sep 1793 (not in PR – the OOP paid the expenses thereof). Mary married James Bryant in Butleigh on 15 Apr 1800. #

3a1) William Higgins Chr. 15 Aug 1779 Butleigh, carpenter, bur. 20 Jul 1859 (Sep Q 5c/361 Wells) Butleigh 41-12, 51-30

This William seems most likely to be, as suggested, the son of Ambrose's brother, William, since this family remained in Butleigh but it cannot be discounted at present that he may be the William Chr. 29 Apr 1780 Butleigh to John and Sarah Higgins (see G above) - only further research and Wills may prove this. If the latter were the case then Williams mother was a Sarah Underwood and his son Alexander married a Sarah Underwood! A William was paid assistance in early 1801 and in May shoes for his daughter. In June and July 1805 the OOP paid William the Bounty money due to the wife and child of a volunteer. He appears several times in the OOP accounts making coffins. His wife was ill (pregnant?) in July 1818 and Dr. Bond's bill was paid by the OOP.

William and Betty Higgins lived alone in 1841 in Oddway and Betty died in 1844. William married again very soon after - to Elizabeth Hann - but this brief marriage seems to have ended in 1848 with the death of Elizabeth. The widowed William stayed at the "New Inn", Butleigh, on census night 1851 and died in 1859. The "New Inn" was run by his daughter Ann and her husband. Ann Higgins had married John Ford in Butleigh on 12 Apr 1832 # - before the 1841 census.

John Higgins doesn't appear in Butleigh on the censuses but in 1851 lived with his wife Frances (b. 1809 East Lydford) in East Lydford with their daughter Ann (b. 1831 E. Lydford). The parents remained there 1861 - 81 and John died in 1883 (Mar Q 5c/391 Shepton Mallet) aged 79.

Mary Higgins had married William Look in Butleigh on 15 Mar 1839. #

3a1A) Alexander Higgins Chr. 5 Aug 1816 Butleigh, carpenter, s.o. William and Elizabeth Higgins, farmer, died 1909 (Jun Q 4a/325 Rochford, Essex) 41-12, 51-33, 61-56, 71-77, 81-100

In 1841 the young couple lived in Oddway with their first child but by 1851 were living in Fore Street with all four. Alexander appears on the 1854 electoral register as occupier of land belonging to the Ho. Very Rev. Dean of Windsor. By 1861 the three oldest children were still with their parents in Fore Street but Amelia then married William Kelway in Butleigh on 17 May 1866 (Jun Q 5c/944 Wells).# William Kelway was a nurseryman and they lived in Gladioli Villa, Huish Episcopi in 1871 (son of the famous Kelway nursery family). In 1881 William Kelway was in Langport and was a nurseryman and seed merchant "employing 30 men, 10 boys and 10 women on 140 acres of land and in warehouses and hothouses". Amelia died in 1882 (Sep Q 5c/239 Langport). Alexander's son Edward married Emily Kelway in Butleigh on 17 May 1866. His wife Emily Kelway was the sister of his brother-in-law William Kelway who had married his sister Amelia on the same day in 1866. On the 1865 and 1876 electoral registers Alexander Higgins occupied house and lands in Butleigh Street [High Street] and Nodway etc.

In 1861 William junior was a draper's assistant in East Street, Bridport, Dorset (house of James Templeman) - by 1871 he had returned to Butleigh and is referred to as a widower. A William Higgins married Ann Cheeseman in 1869 (Jun Q Sherborne) and an Ann Higgins died in 1869 (Sep Q Sherborne) and this would seem to have been this wife. William is probably the one who died in 1892 (Mar Q 5c/412 Shepton Mallet) aged 46.

In 1871 Alexander and Sarah lived, as mentioned above, with their widowed son William in Farm House [Holmans] where Alexander farmed 86 acres (rising to 98 by 1881). Their eldest son, Alexander Underwood Higgins married Rosalie Angier Moffatt in 1869 (Dec Q 1d/819 Wandsworth) and was listed in 1871 as 'lodger for two nights' with his wife Rosalie at Terrell's House, Brook St., South Weald Essex. In 1881 he was listed as an architect (Architick!) and surveyor lodging at the New Inn, West Down, Devon while his wife and children remained at 6, Derby Villas, Malden Rd., Kingston on Thames, Surrey. In 1891 he and his wife Rosalie lived in "Park Hill", Westerham, Kent. Just up the road at Patients Farm were his parents Alexander (75) and wife Sarah (78). Robert and Rosalie had nine children.

Young Alexander appeared in 1901 at Lapwater Hall, Leigh on Sea, Essex with wife and children plus his widowed father Alexander (88). They may have moved there in 1892 since Sarah died there that year. Alexander snr died in 1909 aged 92.

3a1Ai) Edward Higgins Ch. 12 Nov 1843 (Dec Q 10/500 Wells) Butleigh , timber merchant 51-33, 61-56

Edward is missing from the 1871 census but in 1881 he lived in Chepstow Row, Christchurch, Monmouthshire. In 1891 he was a widower living at Little Portlands, Cudham Kent, a farmer with two sons, Edmund Frank and Windham Augustus plus daughter Constance Julia. Edward Frank married Lizzie Eleanor Dean in 1896 (Sep Q 2a/1289 Sevenoaks, Kent) and Constance married Charles Dean in 1895 (Dec Q 2a/1151 Malling, Kent). Both parents died in Kent.

3a1B) Frederick James Higgins Chr. 3 Jan 1820 Butleigh, sawyer, died 1884 (Dec Q 5c/370 Wells) 51-27

Frederick J. Higgins was missing in 1841 but became a sawyer and lived with his sister Mary Look in 1851. He married Amelia Grant from Butleigh in 1851 and they lived in Butleigh until about 1857 (first three children born there) after which they moved first to Street, then Glastonbury (by 1861). They were at 10, Victoria Buildings in 1871 and by then had six children with them. They were at Hill Head in 1881 but Frederick died in 1884 aged 64. The widowed Amelia lived at 16, Northload Street in 1891 with several daughters and grandchildren. In 1901 she was at 77, Northload Street with her daughter Annie who had married William Fowler. Amelia died in 1904 aged 75.

Of their children; William F. Higgins was a baker/servant in 1871 in Magdalen St., Glastonbury (home of Joseph England, Miller and baker) but married Charlotte Jones and lived at 5, Waterloo Place, York Rd., St. James & St. Paul's, Bristol by 1881. He was a china and glass dealer, and by 1891 they lived at "The Ferns" 12, Wellington Avenue, Bristol where they still were in 1901. They seem to have been childless.

Henry George lived with his parents until his thirties (as a sheepskin dyer) when he married Sarah A. Withers and they lived in 9, Manor Rd., Glastonbury (1891), by which time he was a Railway plate layer. They were in King Street, Glastonbury in 1901 but still childless.

Mary Ann was staying with her aunt, Ann Ford, in Butleigh in 1861 but was with her parents in Glastonbury 1871. Nfi.

In 1871 Susan lived with her grandmother Hannah Grant in Selley's Row but Hannah died in 1875 and there is nfi about what happened to Susan next. (not to be confused with the d.o. Samuel).

3a2) John Higgins Chr. 6 Mar 1785 Butleigh, labourer, s.o. William and Mary Higgins, bur. 19 Apr 1869 (Jun Q 5c/423 Wells) Butleigh 41-7, 51-32, 61-56

A John Higgins was paying rates in Butleigh from 1819/20 – to beyond 1827 – possiby this John ?

The couple appeared with son John in what was called Silver Street in 1841 and with daughter Ann Turner in 1851. Ann was possibly the servant at Butleigh House in 1841 and had married Charles Turner in Butleigh on 7 Apr 1845 (Jun Q 10/843 Wells). # In 1861 John and Sophia lived alone, possibly in the High Street? On the 1865 electoral register John Higgins owned the freehold house and garden at 'late Wilcox's in Butleigh Street' [High Street]. John died in 1868 aged 84 and in 1871 Sophia lived next door to the blacksmith Jacob Blake, two doors down from her son John. She lived there with her granddaughter Emily (10). Sophia died in 1877 aged 89.

The daughter Mary Sophia is probably the Mary (b. 1821 Butleigh) who lived in Southampton. In 1851 Mary, a dressmaker, was visiting George and Mary Iverney, master tailor, at 1, South Front, St. Mary, Southampton. In 1861 she was stated as b. 1821 boarding with George and Mary Ivirnay. In 1871 she was at 11, Lower Lyon Street, St. Mary, Southampton, a tailoress - visiting John and Frances Withy. In 1881 she was at Elm Cottage No. 2, Avenue Road and lodging with Eliza Scholfield. In 1891 she was at 60, High Street, Holy Rood, Southampton nurse - back with George Ivirney (the son). Apart from the connection to the Iverneys, there is no clue to why Mary was in Southampton - she never married. Mary died in 1900 (Jun Q 2c/2 Southampton).

3a2A) John Higgins Chr. 8 Feb 1818 Butleigh, sawyer, bur. 7 Jan 1890 Butleigh 41-7, 61-56, 71-80, 81-101

After appearing with his parents in 1841, John disappeared from the 1851 census to reappear only in 1861 already married to Sophia and with a 7 month old child Emily b. 1860 in Butleigh. Sophia was a 15 years old maidservant in Bicester on the 1841 census. A letter to Uriah Williams in Tasmania dated Oct 1855 sent from Butleigh states that John Higgins 'came home last Spring' [from Australia? - he seems to be be the 23 year old John Higgins who went out to Tasmania aboard the Arab with Uriah Williams in 1842. LETTER].

Their next appearance was at The Cottage in the High Street in 1871 together with the rest of their children. The first to leave home was Alice who became a servant at the Palace, Wells in 1881, home of Lady Patience Arthur Hervey (mother-in-law of Charles Hoare, the banker). In 1887 (Dec Q 1b/1099 Holborn) she married Albert Silcox and they ran "The Old Blue Anchor Inn" in Brook Street, Cannington. #

In 1881 John, now (63) and wife Sophia (56) still had Emily Sarah (20), Harry (17), Annie (16) and Mary (13) at home. Emily Sarah married Daniel Howells in Butleigh on 23 Sep 1886 (Sep Q 5c/756 Wells) and in 1891 they lived at Pembrey, Carmarthenshire with their three sons. # Ann Higgins died in 1890 (Dec Q 5c/369 Wells) aged 25. Mary (called Polly) became a nursemaid at Eaton Hall, Cheshire by 1891. She married Henry Shaddick (b. 1862) in 1893 (Dec Q 5c/625 Bridgwater) who worked for the Royal Household but he died in 1896 and in 1901 she lived in Belgravia as a widow with son Henry (b. 1896 Bridgwater). In 1911 she lived at 118, Lumley Bldg, St. George, Hanover Sq., with son Henry and daughter Marie Heeks Shaddick (b. 1902 illeg. Died 1920 aged 18) and nephew Ernest Silcox (b. 1895 Bridgwater). Mary Elizabeth (Polly) died in 1958.

John died in 1890 but the registration not found.

The widowed Sophia Higgins lived alone at 23 Butleigh High Street in 1891, a laundress. Next door lived her son Harry Higgins' wife and children (this and house 22b part of the same dwelling?). After Harry left for Nailsea/Wales Sophia went to live in Bridgwater with her daughter Alice and son-in-law Albert Silcox (Job master at a stables) where she appears on the 1901 census. She died there in 1905.

3a2Ai) Harry [James] Higgins Chr. 27 Dec 1863 (Dec Q 5c/606 Wells) Butleigh, traction engine driver 71-80, 81-102

Hilda Annie Hole had been a servant at 9, Lower Berkeley Street, Marylebone in 1881. She married Harry in 1888 and in 1891 as Annie Higgins (27) she lived in four rooms at 22 High Street [23, High Street on 1890 electoral register] with daughters Eveline Mary b and Alice. Her husband Harry, a traction engine driver, was elsewhere and can only be the James Higgins (b. 1864 Butleigh), Traction Engine Driver who was living in a caravan at Long Ashton on census night 1891. A Harry Higgins employed by Robert Neville-Grenville had a narrow escape in July 1882 when he jumped off some trucks attached to a traction engine descending Butleigh Wootton Hill and incurred some severe bruising. Almost certainly this Harry.

Shortly after the census the family moved to Nailsea where a third child, Rose b. 1892 was born and then to Ruabon where Olive was born in 1893. In 1901 they lived at 3, Bodyllton (Wymstay Park), Ruabon, Denbigh where Harry was still working as a traction engine driver. Hilda A. was a 'help' at the Mildmay Arms, Queen Camel in 1911.

3b) John Higgins

From Nov 1816 an Ann Higgins was in receipt of assistance – in Aug 1817 her goods were transported to Butleigh Wootton – she was paid until March 1825 when she was cared for by Jane Withers then James Blacker paid to bury her. The second marriage isn't found [possibly East Pennard?] but likely - see (4). Another possibility is the following - with no marriage involved: a Mary Higgins had a base born child in Aug/Sep 1793 (not in PR – the OOP paid the expenses thereof). Mary seems to be the daughter of John's brother William, and she later married James Bryant in Butleigh on 15 Apr 1800. #

However, a John Higgins was bur. 29 Aug 1787 Butleigh? See (B2a) above - A John Higgins received aid in late 1787 and in Sep the OOP recorded they had received 7 peck of wheat in his wife's sickness. In the Oct accounts the OOP paid for John's burial.

3c) Ambrose Higgins Chr. 2 Feb 1760 Butleigh, s.o. John and Jane Higgins, bur. 21 Aug 1831 Butleigh

Ambrose received 2 shirts from the OOP in Jan 1773. Ambrose was in receipt of OOP house rent from 1791 – 1820/21. In 1790 he began receiving OOP assistance. From 1822/23 - 1827+ the recipient is identified as Ambrose Higgins junior. In Oct 1795 the OOP paid for the coffin of one of Ambrose's children and in April 1800 for the coffin of another. Ambrose received occasional assistance in distress from the OOP from 1800. A payment made to his son in Sep 1805 and a bill from Mr. J. Bartlett in his regard in October. In May 1816 Ambrose received OOP assistance alongside his son Ambrose. Ambrose is listed as a cottager in the 1827/28 poor rate assessments and Sarah Sweet lived in the property too.

Elizabeth (Betty) Ann is listed as mother under names Betty or Ann, buried as Betty Ann. Betty Higgins (70) widow and James Higgins (50), stone cutter, lived at 20, High Street in 1841. James was her son and is described as unmarried in 1851 when he lodged with William Bond. He was still with William Bond and family in 1861 (at Curtis's) when he is described as 'uncle'. He died in 1870. His mother had died in 1845. Possibly the James Higgins of the 1854 electoral register with freehold house and garden in Butleigh High Street.

Betsy (Betty) Higgins was a relative of Susan, with whom she lived in 1841, and also a labourer. Though possibly a widowed sister-in-law rather than Ambrose's daughter, she could also have been the Betty Higgins Chr. 18 Feb 1787 Butleigh, d.o. John and Jane Higgins. She died in 1848 (Dec Q 10/331 Wells)

3c1) Ambrose Higgins Chr. 22 Oct. 1782/7 Butleigh, agricultural labourer, s.o. Ambrose and Ann Higgins, bur. 18 Oct 1859 (Dec Q 5c/403 Wells) Butleigh 41-11, 51-31

Ambrose had an illegitimate daughter, Sarah Knolles, born in 1810, d.o. Rebecca Nowel, who married Joseph Russell in 1833. # Ambrose was paying bastardy pay from March 1810 to March 1821 [Sarah gave her father's name as Ambrose Higgins at her second marriage to Charles Andow]. In April 1814 Ambrose was summonsed and brought before the justice at Somerton. Both Ambrose senior and junior received OOP assistance in May 1816. In Oct 1835 Ambrose' son was ill with a broken arm and received 4/6d from the OOP. In Oct 1835 the OOP paid assistance to Ambrose's son with a broken arm. They also paid ½ years rent for Ambrose to Mary Hodges.

In 1841 Ambrose lived in Water Lane with his wife and sons but by 1851 their sons had married and Ambrose and Sarah were alone. Ambrose died in 1859. In 1861 Sarah Higgins (68) lived with her now widowed son William (41). Sarah then lived with her niece Edith Wilcox by 1871 while William went to live in Butleigh Wootton with his new wife Elizabeth. Sarah died in 1872 aged 79. It is not known what happened to James - he is not the James born the same year who was a carpenter in Glastonbury (10). Anne Sophia was probably the Ann Higgins who married George Hilborne in 1845 (Dec Q 10/771 Wells).#

3c1A) John Higgins Chr. 24 Oct 1813 Butleigh, stableman, bur. 23 Jun 1893 (Jun Q 5c/329 Wells) Butleigh 41-11, 51-31, 61 - 60, 71-72, 81-94, 91-118

John Higgins, had lived with his parents in 1841 but married Mary Rose, a servant, in 1842. Probably this John Higgins cured of a stiff shoulder by taking the waters at Bath Hospital [Bath Cronicle 30 Apr 1846]. By 1851 John (30) and wife Mary (30) lived with their children Mary Ann (5) and James (1) in Water Lane. Mary Ann died in 1851. In 1861 John and Mary lived with James and Elizabeth in Water Lane but thereafter James left home.

Two Jameses were born in Butleigh in the same year - this one became a gardener and found employment outside Somerset while the other (son of Silas) stayed in Butleigh as a farm labourer. Mary died in 1867 aged 52. In 1871 John, as a widower, lived with his daughter Elizabeth in the High St.

In 1875 Elizabeth Ann married Caleb Higgins and in 1881 her father John lived together with them at 14, High Street. Caleb, Elizabeth and John Higgins moved to 19 High Street by 1891 where John died in 1893. #

3c1Ai) James Higgins Chr. 9 Oct 1849 (Jun Q 10/522 Wells) Butleigh, died 1911 (Mar Q 5c/334 Shepton Mallet) 51-31, 61-60 [PR Thomas & Mary]

James became a gardener and lodged at 1, Raybrook Cottage, Burnham, Bucks in 1871, and at Maesgwynne Lodge, Llanboidy, Carmarthen in 1881 - by which time he was married to Margaret Emma. By 1891 they had moved to Shepton Mallet together with his wife's niece, Edith Sevenoaks (18), and in 1901 they were at Longstock Park Gardens, living in four rooms. In 1911 they were at Horseshoes, Hazelmere, High Wycombe. James died in 1911 aged 63. They never had children.

3c1B) William Higgins Chr. 24 Oct 1819 Butleigh, farm servant, bur. 15 Apr 1884 (Jun Q 5c/383 Wells) Butleigh 41-11, 61-60, 71W-85, 81W-106

William lived with his parents in 1841 but was missing in 1851 during which period he married and was widowed - the situation he was in when living with his parents in 1861. He married Elizabeth Martin in 1861 and lived with her in Rowley Cottage between 1871 - 81. In that last decade he aged only one year and his wife seven, according to their census return! William died in 1884 aged 66 and Elizabeth married William Allen on 13 Sep 1886 (Sep Q 5c/755 Wells) Butleigh. #

3c1C) Thomas Higgins b. 1825 Butleigh, labourer, bur. 10 Dec 1890 (Dec Q 5c/373 Wells) Butleigh 41-12, 51-32, 61-48, 71-72, 81-94

Thomas appeared as a manservant in 1841. He married Sarah Green in 1846 and their first child Priscilla was born in 1848. In 1851 Thomas Higgins (26) with wife Sarah (25) and daughter Priscilla (3) lived in Water Lane. Thereafter they moved to 8, High Street where they are found in 1861. On that census Thomas (37) now a garden labourer, and wife Sarah lived with five children;

Priscilla married labourer Job Ford of West Pennard in Butleigh on 23 Apr 1867 (Jun Q 5c/875 Wells). # Several of their children later lived in Butleigh (see under Ford) and in 1911 Priscilla and Job still lived in West Pennard, at Woodlands. They had had eleven children.

Elizabeth Green Higgins married James Higgins in Butleigh on 31 Jan 1871 (Mar Q 5c/805 Wells); Eli was apprenticed to Mr. Richardson at No. 16 in 1871 and is probably the Eli Higgins, an unmarried private in the Raglan Barracks, St. Aubyn, Devon in 1881;

Mary Jane, who was a servant in 1871 to Jacob Blake at The Blacksmith's Shop, married a brickmaker Edwin Foster in 1877 (Dec Q 2b/822 Portsea Island) and they lived at 131, Somers Rd., Portsea, Portsmouth. In 1911 they lived at 10, Jessie Rd., Southsea, Portsmouth with three of their four children.

Boading with the family in 1861 was William Green (79), Sarah's father, who died in 1865.

In 1871 Thomas and wife Sarah lived with daughter Agnes (12) and Albert William only.

In 1881 Agnes was a visitor at 48 Tavistock Terrace, Islington and unemployed - the home of clerk Douglas William Quaife who she married in 1884 (Sep Q 1b/402 Islington). Agnes lived with her husband, three children and her mother-in-law at 139, Station Rd., Finchley in 1911.

In 1881 Albert William was a gardener in Hitcham, Bucks - nfi.

By 1881 Thomas (57) and wife Sarah (58) lived alone. Sarah died in 1882 and Thomas died in 1890. On the 1890 electoral register he was at 10, High Street.

3c2) Richard Hodges Higgins Chr. 17 Jul 1792 Butleigh, thatcher, s.o. Ambrose and Ann Higgins, bur. 21 Jun 1877 (Jun Q 5c/374 Shepton Mallet) Butleigh 41-9, 51-25, 61-58, 71-84

From July 1819 Richard Higgins illigitimate child received pay (child of Amy Harvey?). Richard was given a summons in August 1819. In March 1820 he was taken and put in gaol at Ilchester. In August he was examined by Mr. Welch. Another summons taken out against him in Nov 1820 and Jan 1821. From 1820 Richard Higgins paid 15 weeks bastardy pay to the OOP from May to August. In Feb 1821 has another summons and Dr. Colston ordered him relieved. In March 1821 the OOP paid for his examination at Somerton and travel to Bath concerning his case. Yet another summons in April. In May 1821 a special warrant was issued against him and assistance given to his wife – she received monthly assistance until Feb 1822. From 20th May to 26th Oct 1821 she was given room and lodged at Samuel Bulford's house (OOP Dec 1821). In 1826 bastardy pay received from Thomas and Susannah Higgins (for Richard?). Susan paid for caring for J. Fry from Oct, Nov 1827 – August 1828.

Richard Hodges Higgins lived in Compton Street in 1841 with his wife Susan and their six children; Samuel (15), Silas (13), Richard (10), Eliza (6), Sidney (4) and Susan (1). By 1851 the main family had moved to 20, Main Street Butleigh but Sidney, who was later to live in Compton Street again (and for the rest of his life) was to be found as Page to the squire, Ralph Neville, at Holmans.

1851 20, High Street - Richard (58) lived with his wife Susan and children Richard (19), Eliza (17), Susan (11) plus a lodger Edwin Harvey (14). Their son Richard jnr lodged with his older brother Silas Higgins in 1861 and their daughter Eliza married Elias Clark in Butleigh on 11 Dec 1851 (Dec Q 10/783 Wells) #.

In 1861 Richard Higgins (69) lived in the High Street with his wife Susan (66) and daughter Susan (21) plus a lodger James Castle (23). Susan Higgins died in 1870 aged 73. James Castle married Susan in Butleigh on 29 Feb 1862 (Mar Q 5c/877 Wells) and they lived at Baker's Grave in '71. #

Richard's son Richard lived in Benedict Street, Glastonbury in 1871 with his wife Eliza Wills [Married 1868 Sep Q 5c/517 Taunton, d.o. John and Ann Wills] and sons Albert and Arthur. The children lived with their grandparents John and Ann Wills in 1881 who then lived at 1, Chapel Street, Bristol. The parents disappear - nfi.

In 1871 Richard (78) lived alone in Water Lane. He seems to be the Richard Higgins who died in 1877, in Shepton Mallet, aged 84. and the death in Shepton suggests that he probably went to live with one of his children there.

3c2A) Samuel Higgins Chr. 16 Mar 1823 Butleigh, thatcher, bur. 6 Jul 1873 (Sep Q 5c/323 Wells) Butleigh 41-9, 61-51, 71-74

Samuel had married Louisa in 1848 and they appeared together in Compton Dundon on the 1851 census. They lived next door to James and Honour Edgar who may be her parents though an alternative could be William and Frances Edgar?

In 1861 Samuel (34) lived with his wife Louisa (31) and children Dinah, Agnes and William in Bethel Cottage on Oddway.

In 1871 the family lodged with Judith Perriam at Perriam's House in the High Street. Samuel died in 1873 aged 50 and in a very short space of time his widow had married George Linham and the couple moved to Goswell Lane, Street. George Linham was a stone cutter and Louisa became a butter dealer. George died in 1883 and Louisa then married Robert Baunton Hyde in 1884 but he also died - in 1887. She next married John Welchman in 1890, her fourth and last husband. In 1891 they lived in Teetotal Row - John was a carpenter and Louisa's name was spelt Laura on the census. In 1901 they lived at 52, West End (Louisa's name written Lusia on the census) with John now a road labourer aged 64 and Louisa a shopkeeper. Louisa died in 1908 aged 79.

After 1871 there is nfi on Dina but she seems to be the Dora who married railway porter William Alfred Broom (b. 1848 Cardiff) in 1878 (Dec Q 2b/1243 New Forest) and lived in South Stoneham Hamps, in 1881.

Agnes had married Henry Fairbrass (b. 1855 Kent) in 1879 (Dec Q 1a/884 Westminster). By 1881 Susan, a servant, was living at 20, Raywood Street, Battersea with her sister Agnes Fairbrass. In 1891 she was a housemaid at the Cocoa Tree Club, 64 St. James's Street, Westminster. Susan was pregnant at the time with her first child, Reuben James and by 1901 had two more children by his father, the coachman, later Inn keeper J. Reuben Hollingshead and they all appeared together on the 1901 census at Dilton Farm, Brockenhurst, Southampton. Susan died in Basingstoke on 4 Feb 1950.

William Higgins seems to be absent from the 1881/91 censuses (abroad?) but in 1901 surfaced in Islington at 29, Cheverton Road where his occupation was 'waiter and billiard marker'. He was married to a young lady Lillie b. 1874 Wilts and had two young children John (2) and Lily (1 month).

Julia was looking after Betsy Coombs in Oddway in 1871. By 1881 she lived in extensive servants lodgings at 57/8 St. James' St., Westminster where she is listed as a housemaid. She married Frederick Augustus Wheatley in 1882 (Mar Q 1a/650 Westminster).

3c2B) Silas Higgins Chr. 26 Jan 1827 Butleigh, thatcher, bur. 30 Aug 1902 (Sep Q 5c/270 Wells) Butleigh 41-9, 51-34, 61-59, 71-83, 81-95, 91-119, 01-136

Eliza Edgar was possibly the sister of the Louisa Edgar who had married Silas' brother Samuel. They also married in 1848. In 1851 Silas Higgins (24) lived with his wife Eliza (26) and son James Phelps at No. 2, "Court", next to the Globe Inn. Silas exhibited 'several common light field gates, made without saw or plane' at the Bath and West Agricultural Exhibition of 1862. [Western Daily Press 27 May 1862]

In 1861 Silas lived with Eliza (36) and children James (12), Christopher (7) and Clara (5) plus his brother Richard Higgins (31) somewhere close to Sub Road/Dumb Lane. By 1871, probably still at the same place, they had added Stephen to their family. Clara died in 1878 aged just 23. Silas was in charge of the bell-ringers at the marriage of the squire'soldest daughter in 1878.

In 1881 Silas may have been already at 26, High Street where he appears in 1890 [called 26, Curtis's on the electoral register], 1891/1901. He was living with wife Eliza (53) and son Christopher (27), an engine driver. James had married and lived in Selley's Row.

Stephen is found in 1881 (as was Caroline Stacey, also from Butleigh) # as a servant (he was a Page) at the house of Philip Charles Hardwick JP at Hereford Gardens, Bond St., Hanover Square, London. He was elevated to footman at Catmose House, Rutland in 1891 and then married Edith Louisa Watson. In 1901 he was the proprietor of the "Norfolk Hotel", 11/12 Langhorn Gardens, Folkestone, and had three children. In 1911 he was the steward of the Hythe Golf Club in Kent and they had four children living with them in the Club House. Stephen died aged 81 in 1945, Hastings, Sussex, his wife having died in 1936 there.

Christopher married in 1885 and lived at Oddway in 1891.

Silas lived with his wife Eliza and son James (42), also a thatcher, who was now a widower, at 26, High Street or probably at 26, Curtis's in 1891. They were at Curtis' on the 1895 electoral register. James Phelps Higgins married Mary Elizabeth Willis and went to live with her and her two daughters in Baltonsborough by 1901. Silas' wife Eliza died in 1895.

In 1901 Silas (74) lived at the High Street address with his son Christopher (49), a hurdle maker, who had returned from Oddway with his wife and youngest daughter Cecilia. Silas died in 1902 aged 74.

3c2Bi) James [Phelps] Higgins Chr. 17 Jun 1849, 1850 (Jun Q 10/521 Wells) Butleigh, labourer, [d. 1911 (Mar Q 5c/334 Shepton Mallet)] 51-34, 61-59, 71-78, 81-102, 91-119

In 1871 after their marriage, James and Elizabeth lived a few doors down from his mother in Selley's Row. In 1881 the couple seem to have lived at 26, High Street with their daughter Henrietta. Elizabeth died in 1890.

Henrietta became a servant in the household of Edward Rapson, Vicar of West Bradley and Lottisham by 1891. In 1901 she was a servant in Portsmouth, visiting Mary Topple (b. 1872 West Pennard) at 36, Hampton Street, Portsmouth. She married Charles Edward Cardinal in 1906 (Jun Q 2b/1102 Portsmouth) but in 1911 she was an inmate in Canterbury Union Workshouse (occup. Parlour maid) as was her husband, and probably their two children also.

Meanwhile James lived with his father Silas in 1891 until he remarried in 1892. His new bride, Mary Elizabeth Willis was a widow with two children and they all lived together in Baltonsborough by the 1901 census.

3c2Bii) Christopher Higgins Chr. 16 Oct 1853 (Sep Q 5c/578 Wells) Butleigh, engine driver, bur. 1 Oct 1934 Butleigh 61-59, 71-83, 81-95, 91-126, 01-136

After their marriage in 1885 the couple lived in Pouncy's Villa where they were at the time of the 1891 census. Christopher (39) lived there with his wife Sarah Ann (41) and children Clara, Ellen and Celia Fanny plus his sister-in-law Mary Eades (61). Christopher [described as hurdle maker] had the liquor licence of Mrs. Mary Merriott of Compton Dundon temporarily transferred to himself in May 1891 [Taunton Courier 27 May, Wells Journal 28 May 1891]. He lost the licence in August for having permitted drunkenness for which he was convicted.

Mary Eades returned to live at Pond Head by 1901 while Christopher. Sarah and Ce[ci]lia went to live at 26 High Street with Christopher's father Silas. Clara is found in 1901 as a domestic nurse in the house of a butcher in Paddington, London (178, Shirland Road). Ellen (Nellie) was unemployed, boarding in Bridgwater with her uncle James Pike (milkseller) and his wife Minnie (née Eades) - at 30, Taunton Road. In 1911 Clara was housekeeper to her aunt Mary Eades (81) at Pond Head 2 while her parents lived at Brickhill House with Ellen and Celia (an assistant teacher). On the 1914 electoral register they lived at The Tilery. Celia Fanny married postman Reginald Cooper in Butleigh on 15 Nov 1911 (Dec Q 5c/997 Wells). On the 1939 Register Reginald and Celia lived at 44, Victoria Grove, Shepton Mallet with three children. Clara lived next door at 43, Victoria Grove. Ellen in 1939 was housekeeper to solicitor Reginald T. Gould at 17, Blenheim House, Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury.

3c2C) Sidney Higgins Chr. 13 Mar 1836 Butleigh, sawyer, d. 13 Oct, bur. 17 Oct 1911 (Dec Q 5c/545 Wells) Butleigh 41-9, 51-35, 61-47, 71-71, 81-93, 91-114, 01-133

After his stint as Page to the squire Sidney married Eliza Brooks who in 1851 had lived with her widowed mother Eliza, a nurse, in Keinton. In 1861 they lodged with Charles Davis at 4, Compton Street with their two children; Alexander Brookes and Emily Rebecca. In 1871 Sydney having 'transferred' from lodging at No. 4 in 1861 was now at No. 6 and described as a 'portable engine driver'. Alexander was living with his grandfather Charles Davis but daughter Emily was still at home plus four new children In November 1875 Alexander severely lacerated his hand while working at the steam plough belonging to Mr. Neville-Grenville and two of his fingers had to be amputated. [Western Gazette 19 Nov 1875].

In 1881 Sidney was now a Traction Engine driver and besides Eliza, his wife, had Emily, Ann, Mary and Leona still at home plus two new additions; Gertrude and Sidney. Sidney appears on the 1885 electoral register in Butleigh at Compton Street. On the 1890 register he is at 5, Compton Street.

Alexander was lodging at Sundridge park, Bromley Kent in 1881, described as a gardener. He married Emily E. Beckwith (b. 1865 Kemington, Surrey) in 1885 (Sep Q 1d/313 St. Saviour, Southwark) and by 1891 they lived at Ashlyns Cottages, Berkhampstead with their three sons. They were still there in 1901, with yet more children. Their daughter May lived with her grandparents Sidney and Eliza in Butleigh in 1911. (see below)

Emily Rebecca married a wheelwright, Alfred Hill in Butleigh on 3 Nov 1884 (Dec Q 5c/939 Wells) and in 1891 they were found living in Mill Lane, Castle Cary with a son Leonard plus sister Gertrude Ellen Higgins (14) and lodger George Castle from Butleigh. # They had three more children in Castle Cary before moving to 241, High Street, Gt. Berkhampstead where they had another child Sam and a visit from Sidney G. Higgins (21). #

Constance - who was at school in Bickenhall, Taunton in 1881 became a cook in service in Ditcheat by 1891. She married Herbert John Roles in Butleigh on 25 Nov 1891 (Dec Q 5c/911 Wells) and in 1901 they lived at Evercreech Railway Junction Hotel where Herbert was the Innkeeper. # Gertrude (called her stepsister) lived with them as mother's help.

Ann is probably the laundress lodging at 50, Butleigh with Elizabeth Merriot # Mary Jane is listed in 1891 as a Nursemaid at Eaton Hall, Cheshire. Mary Jane Higgins married Edwin Meredith in 1892 (Sep Q 5c/797 Wells).and of their two daughters, one Evelyn Mary Meredith b. 31 Jul 1893 was, Chr. 10 Sep 1893 Butleigh Edwin was a butler from Amersham in Bucks. In 1911 they lived at Amersham, Bucks and the p.o.b. of Mary Jane is given as Butleigh but her daughter Evelyn as Amersham.

Leona Beatrice called Lena, was a kitchen maid at Buckland Court, Buckland Surrey in 1891. As Leona Beatrice Higgins she married a William Henry Noble in Hackney London in 1894 (Sep Q 1b/940 Hackney).

Gertrude Ellen stayed with sister Emily Hill in Castle Cary in 1891 but in 1901 was 'mother's help' to her 'stepsister' Constance Roles who was then married to Herbert. Gertrude married innkeeper Arthur George Rice (b. 1871) of 18, Market Place, Glastonbury in Butleigh on 26 Jan 1904 (Mar Q 5c/687 Wells). In 1911 they had three children with them.

In 1891 at No. 5, Compton Street Sydney is recorded as being a Stationary Engine driver and lived with his wife Eliza plus Mary Jane and Sidney and also had his granddaughter Constance visiting from Berkhamstead. She was the daughter of Alexander and Emily.

Sidney George Brooks Higgins became a carpenter in Gt. Berkhampstead, Herts in 1901 but died 6 Sep 1910 (Sep Q 5c/241 Wells) aged 31 and was buried on 10 Sep 1910 Butleigh.

His father Sidney, now aged 65 and still an engine driver, lived in Butleigh with just his wife and his granddaughter Kate Roles (Daughter of Constance - see above) aged 6. # In 1911 Sidney and Eliza lived with their granddaughter May [Florence May Higgins b. 1893 (Jun Q 3a/658 Berkhampstead, Herts, d.o. Alexander and Emily Higgins] at 5 Butleigh. Sidney died in 1911 aged 76 and Eliza died in 1912 aged 77.

3c3) Thomas Higgins Chr. 7 Aug 1796 Butleigh, bur. 30 Jun 1842 (Jun Q 10/348 Wells) Butleigh 41-5

A daughter Ann Higgins Oldish alias Riddock was as an illegitimate child of Jane's by Thomas - nfi unless she is the servant at Butleigh House in 1841 with Jane Hicks. In Feb 1813 Thomas received 2 guineas for serving in the local (militia). In Sep 1826 a summons was issued against Thomas Higgins in connection with the child Ann Higgins Oldish. Jane Riddock received bastardy pay until her marriage to the father.

In 1841 Thomas and family lived at No. 7, Sealys Row, High Street. Elizabeth Higgins, house servant, appears at Dinder Rectory in 1851 together with Elizabeth Davis from Butleigh. Elizabeth is possibly the Elizabeth Higgins b. Butleigh [1826/8] who married Simion Glover in 1855 (Dec Q 5c/811 Langport) who lived first in Kingsdon (1861) but later is found in London (1891/1901). In 1911 they lived at 135 Offred Rd., Bambridge, Islington with 2 of their four surviving children (of 6).

3c4) William Higgins Chr. 5 Apr 1801 Butleigh, labourer, bur. 11 Dec 1858 (Dec Q 5c/432 Wells) Butleigh 41-8, 51-32

The family lived in Fore Street? in 1841. William Higgins (39) and his wife Jane lived with Betsy (13), Charles (10), George (8), Elizabeth (6), Joseph (4) and Marina (2). Marina died in 1842. In 1851 William Higgins (50) farm labourer and his wife Jane lived in Fore Street with their five children; Betsy (24), George (19), Elizabeth (16), Joseph (14) and Martha b. 1842. William died in 1858. Possibly the William Higgins on the 1846-54 electoral register at 'Late Rock's'.

Charles was a farm worker staying at the house of Charles Strode in Water Lane before marrying Jane (3c4A). George married Ellen from Butleigh in 1854/5 and lived in Banbury Lane in 1861 (3c4B).

Joseph married Ann and lived in Street in 1871 (3c4C).

Martha became a servant in Street High Street in 1861, at the home of the draper John Coole. She married Thomas Norris in Butleigh on 21 Sep 1865 (Sep Q 5c/927 Wells). #

In 1861 Jane Higgins (61) widow, now lived with children Elizabeth, Joseph plus Matilda, her granddaughter (b. 1860, illegit. d.o. Elizabeth) who was probably sickly since she died in 1862.

By 1871 Jane Higgins (71) lived with her daughter Martha Norris, her husband Thomas and their children at 13, High Street, Butleigh. She was still there in 1881 but died in the following year, 1882, aged 82.

Elizabeth Ann, who had had an illegitimate child in 1860, married George Hodge in Butleigh on 14 May 1867 (Jun Q 5c/876 Wells) and lived in Water Lane before moving to Baltonsborough. #

3c4A) Charles Higgins Chr. 6 Jan 1829 Butleigh, farm servant, bur. 9 Jul 1864 (Sep Q 5c/379 Wells) Butleigh 41-8, 51-31, 61-60

After leaving home, Charles appears lodging with farmer Charles Strode and his wife in Water Lane in 1851. He married Eliza Jane, the daughter of a stone cutter, in 1852. The first three children's births are unregistered. In 1861 Charles Higgins (30) and his wife Jane (30) lived with children Caleb (8), Alfred (6), Marina (5), Walter (2) and Sarah Ann (15 months) next to Charles Strode in Water Lane. Charles died in 1864 and his widow is found with her children in Selley's Row in 1871.

Marina was a cook at Lansdown House, Clevedon in 1871 (as Marian) and in 1881 appears with her mother and three siblings at 2, Chapel Row, Baltonsborough. In 1891 she and her mother live there alone but in 1901 Eliza Jane (as she then called herself) lived with her daughter Sarah Bond and her family. She died in 1902. Marina married Albert Davies in 1894 (Sep Q 5c/773 Wells) # and lived in two rooms in the High Street in 1901. Sarah Ann was 'under housemaid' at Brymore House, Cannington in 1881 and she had married John Bond in 1885 (Dec Q 5c/907 Wells).

Fanny was in Baltonsborough with her mother in 1881 – she married Charles Rogers (b. 1858 Baltonsborough) in 1883 (Sep Q 5c/837 Wells) and appears with him in Baltonsborough in 1891 with the first four of their nine children, and again in 1901. (Not the Fanny Higgins who married Sidney Bush in 1892 (Dec Q 5c/953 Wells) and lived in Ham Street, Baltonsborough with her mother Mary Higgins).

3c4Ai) Caleb Higgins Chr. 24 Oct 1852 Butleigh, labourer and Sexton, bur. 13 Oct 1916 (Dec Q 5c/599 Wells) Butleigh 61-60, 71-78, 81-94, 91-118, 01-135 PHOTO

Caleb was still single and living with his widowed mother Jane in Sealy's Row in 1871. In 1869 at the Glastonbury Great Market he was awarded a prize for having raiswed 153 lambs from 108 ewes, as shepherd to mr. W. B. Knight. He then married Elizabeth Higgins in 1874 and their first child was born in 1880. In the Great Glastonbury Market of Dec 1878 he was awarded second prize of 15 shillings for 13 years labour on Mr. W. B. Knight's farm. In 1881 the family are found at 14 High St. living with Elizabeth's widowed father, John Higgins (67). Caleb and Elizabeth with their three children plus John Higgins moved to 19 High Street by 1891 where John died in 1893. On the 1890 electoral register it was called 19, Peckham Row.

In 1901 Caleb Higgins and Elizabeth had Margaret (18) and Louisa (11) plus a new child Joshua b. 1891 living with them. In 1911 at 19 Butleigh Caleb and Elizabeth just had Joshua with them – he was apprenticed to a carpenter. On the 1914 electoral register they lived at 19, Peckham Row.

Mary Ann was a cook in 1901 at St. Mary's Vicarage, St. Mary, Reading Berks the home of Rev. William Neville (b. 1851 Butleigh), s.o. William Frederick Neville, vicar of Butleigh, and his wife Muriel. She married railway signalman John Richard Griffiths in 1910 (Sep Q 8a/989 Wirral) and in 1911 they lived at 34, Wycliffe St. Rock Ferry, Birkenhead. Louisa was a servant in Charlton Marshall, Blandford in 1911

Margaret died aged 30 in Wells Union Workhouse in 1912. Caleb died in 1916.

3c4Aia) Joshua Higgins b. 12 Jun, Chr. 13 Jun 1891 (Sep Q 5c/488 Wells) Butleigh, wheelwright, d.18 Sep, bur 21 Sep 1957 Butleigh 01-135

On the 1939 Register Joshua lived at 19, Peckham Row with a child [record closed]. Mabel and Joshua were living at Silver Street, Barton St. David when they died. They had no children.

3c4Aii) Alfred Higgins Chr. 8 Aug 1854 Butleigh, labourer, steam roller driver, bur. 27 Oct 1920 Butleigh 61-60, 71-78, 91-125, 01-139

Alfred had lived with his widowed mother Jane at Selley's Row in 1871 and the family moved to 2 Chapel Row Baltonsborough by 1881. Fanny had lived with her family at 8, Butleigh Road, Baltonsborough in 1871. In 1881 Fanny (called Cullins on census) was a servant at the "Crown Hotel" in Glastonbury. Alfred married Fanny in 1881 and at first they lived in Baltonsborough. Alfred appears on the 1885 electoral register in Butleigh at Spring Gardens. Alfred (36) lived with his wife Fanny (33) and son Alfred Charles b. 1888 at Pond Head in 1891. [Spring gardens in 1892 and Pond Head on 1894 registers!] At Cannington in 1891 a Theodore Matthews aged 26 was run over by a traction engine and ploughing machine while acting as steerer. The Western Daily Press 13 Jun 1891 had reported that the engine belonged to Robert Neville-Grenville and that the driver was George Lock and Richard Lye the steersman – the latter having appeared the morning of the accident at Bridgwater before magistrate Rev. H. N. C. Ruddock and remanded for being drunk whilst in charge of the engine. [Taunton Courier 17 Jun 1891]. The inquest returned a verdict of “Accidental death” even though the above had been drinking, and that the error was on the part of Alfred Higgins in having allowed the deceased to temporarily steer the engine. [Royal Cornwall Gazette Thursday 18 Jun 1891].

They were still at Pond Head in 1901 plus three additional children, Hilda, Ernest and Wilfred. In 1911 Alfred and Fanny were still at Pond Head with Charles, Ernest and Wilfred plus two visitors, Mabel Smith (b. 1892 York) a housemaid and Mary Gadd (b. 1892 Coxley) a cook. On the 1914 electoral register Alfred Higgins lived at Wood Lane. Mabel married Alfred Charles Higgins the following year and Mary Gadd married Ernest Maxwell in 1913 (Dec Q 5c/1009 Wells) and they had a daughter Frances M. b. 1916 (Mar Q 5c/614 Wells) – Ernest died in 1920 aged just 26.

Hilda Edwina married groom Alfred George Sturmey of Sparkford in Butleigh on 12 Feb 1912 (Mar Q 5c/679 Wells). Wilfred Cecil married Dorothy Green in 1937 (Mar Q 5c/895 Wells).

3c4Aiia) Alfred Charles (Charlie) Higgins b. 3 Jun 1888 (Sep Q 5c/501 Wells) Baltonsborough, labourer, d. 1973 (Jun Q 7c/1368 Wells) 91-125, 01-139

Mabel appeared as a visitor at the home of Alfred and Fanny Higgins in 1911 and married their son Charles in 1912. The rest of her family in 1911 were living at 'Horse and Jockey Cottages' Coxley, Wells where her father was a Kennel Huntsman. Gordon Frederick died in 1939 aged just 17. Phyllis married and became Phyllis Cabble. [Philip Cabble d. 13 May 1997 (May 7263A/A06/274/597 Yeovil)] - see HH159A on grave map. Mabel and Charlie Higgins and other members of this family remembered. Gordon used to deliver butter and milk to the Court until his untimely death [after 3 years illness], then Leonard took it. Usually four pounds of butter every Tuesday and Thursday. They lived in Oddway Villa and appear there on the 1939 Register with several of their children plus Alice Smith b. 6 Jul 1867, Agnes Wynn b. 10 Nov 1908 [and another child] plus old age pensioner John Gordge b. 28 May 1854 [a labourer born Hambridge and previously living in Barton St. David].

Leonard E. Higgins married 1939 (Sep Q 2c/1561 Newbury) Eunice G. E. Woodham who was born 1917 (Mar Q 2c/441 Newbury) and buried 17 Oct 2012 Butleigh. Their daughter Della Ann Higgins born 1940 (Jun Q 2c/880 Newbury) married Norman A. Dykes on 3 Sep 1961 (Sep Q 7c/659 Wells) Butleigh and has been very helpful in Higgins research – she lives in Compton Dundon. Della lived at 74, Butleigh Hill when she married.

Golden wedding reported in the Taunton Courier 20 Jan 1962 [with photo] when living at Pouncey's Villa.

3c4Aiia1) Derek Ernest Higgins Chr. 26 Nov 1933 Butleigh

After their marriage they lived at Quarry Lane then in 1961 moved to Fountain Forestry [Beggars Grave] and in 1986 moved to 16, Butleigh Wootton.

3c4Aiii) Walter Higgins Chr. 15 Aug 1858 (Sep Q 5c/597 Wells) Butleigh, labourer, bur. 18 Feb 1927 Butleigh 61-60, 71-78, 91-120, 01-136

Living with his widowed mother in Selley's Row in 1871, Walter was still with her when she moved to 2, Chapel Row, Baltonsborough, where they are found in 1881. Sarah Purchase appears in 1881 as a servant at 'The Duke of Cornwall Hotel” on Stoke sub hambden. Her birth was possibly that in 1867 (Jun 5c/503 Yeovil) and she may be related to the Sarah Purchase born in Butleigh in 1830 # - an illegitimate daughter?

Walter, Sarah and children lived in a cottage between or part of 29 - 30 High Street in 1891-1901. On the 1901 - 1909 electoral registers at Kick's. Marriage not traced. Charles William died aged 1. On the 1911 census Walter, Sarah Herbert and Edith lived at 41 Butleigh and Herbert was a mason. On the 1914 electoral register they lived at 41, Butleigh. Edith died in a hospital in Oxford aged just 48.

3c4Aiiia) Herbert Walter Higgins stone mason b. 30 Jan 1889 Sep Q 5c/500 Wells) Baltonsborough, bur.3 Jun 1961 (Jun Q 7c/209 Taunton) Butleigh

This family appear at 2, Compton Street on the 1939 Register. The couple were still living at 2, Compton Street when they died. Margaret, a Civil Servant, married bank clerk Michael [of Barbican Hill, East Looe] and left to the Rural Life Museum a scrap book containing many photographs of the Butleigh Revel.

3c4B) George Higgins Chr. 11 Mar 1832 Butleigh, labourer, bur. 11 Mar 1882 (Mar Q 5c/377 Wells) Butleigh 41-8, 51-32, 61-52, 71-77, 81-97

George married Ellen Cook in 1854. Ellen (sometimes called Eleanor) had lived with her parents in Quarry Lane. In 1861 the couple appear in Banbury Lane with their first three children. George was sentenced to twenty days in prison for stealing a piece of wood from Ralph Neville-Grenville in 1861 [Wells Journal 9 Feb 1861]. Ellen was sentenced to a fortnight in prison at Somerton sessions in April 1863 for stealing a piece of mutton from James Weaver the butcher value 2s 6d. [Western Gazett 18 Apr 1863]

In 1871 the family were still on Butleigh Hill and two children had been added. Charles was born in 1865. By 1881 the family seemed to be living in a property adjoining Spring Gardens (occupied by Alfred Higgins). Their daughter Eliza b. 1856 was a servant in 1871 at Brooks Farm, Street - the home of Edward Clothier. Of Jane nfi, though she probably married. The Western Gazette reported 21 Oct 1881 that George was fined 2s by Wells Union School Attendance committee for not sending two of his children to school.

Fanny married farmer James Dallimore in 1886 (Jun Q 5c/877 Wells) and they lived at Hoares Close farm in St. Cuthbert, Wells in 1891 but moved to Spring Farm Litton, by 1901.

George died in 1882 aged 52. In 1891 Ellen appeared as a patient at the Somerset and Bath Asylum, Horrington, Wells and she died there in 1892 aged 63.

Young George appears at East Park, Kingweston as a boarder (Ag. Lab.) in 1891 and in Wyke Champflower in 1901, married to Charlotte (b. Charlton Musgrove). Charles and William lodged with John Matthews at 60 Barton Stone in 1891. No further information on these two. Mary Ann probably married - not traced.

Eliza married labourer William Close [William Frank Close Higgins on marriage record] in Butleigh on 10 Apr 1883 (Jun Q 5c/ 842 Wells) and in 1891 they lived in Tilham Street, Baltonsborough and Eliza had her daughter Mary (b. 1875 Butleigh) with her. Their oldest joint child, Fanny, was born b. 1884.[see under Close]

3c4C) Joseph Higgins Chr. 18 Sep 1836 Butleigh, labourer, died 1875 (Sep Q 5c/339 Wells) 41-8, 51-32, 61-55

In 1871 Joseph and Ann lived at Thirty Acres, Street with their two sons Giles William and Harry John who were both born in Butleigh. The Western Gazette 17 Jan 1873 reported the birth of a son on Jan 15th to Joseph Higgins of Butleigh Wootton. Joseph died in 1875 aged 40 and Ann died in 1879 aged 47. In 1881 Giles was an agricultural labourer at Sedgemoor, farmed by George Richards. He married Clara Jane Sargent from Cucklington in 1887 (Mar Q 5c/629 Wincanton) and by 1891 lived with her and their three children at Hardway Row, Whitehorse Common, South Brewham. In 1901 Giles lived at Weston Town, Wanstrow with Clara and six children. By 1911 they had had 10 children, 8 still living of which 4 still lived with them at Wanstrow.

Harry is the Henry, shoemaker, in Glaston Road, Street (1881). In 1891, called Harry J., he is a shoemaker at 10, Benedict Street living with his father-in-law John Miles - having married Hannah H. Miles (b. 1864 Glastonbury). They had two small daughters, Florence (2) and Rosa (1). By 1901 at the same address Harry and Hannah had five children and John Miles was still head of household (he was a Railway points gateman). By 1911 Harry had six children and was head of the household though John Miles was still alive and living with him at No. 10.

3c5) John Higgins Chr. 4 Mar 1804 Butleigh son of Ambrose and Jane Higgins, bur. 29 Jun 1834 Butleigh aged 30

Eleanor (30), a widow, lived at 22 High Street in 1841 with her sons Henry (8) and William (7) plus 'lodgers' amongst whom was; William Jones (25) carpenter b. Queen Camel, journeyman carpenter

In 1847 Eleanor married William Jones, the young carpenter who was her lodger! Eleanor's sister Ann Broom was shown as house proprietor (and sister-in-law of William) when they lived together in Cambridge St. Giles (1851). After William Higgins' death his mother became a 'College Servant'. Henry was listed in 1851 as a journeyman carpenter. Nfi

4) Thomas Higgins b. 1798 Butleigh Wootton, carpenter, bur. 25 May 1853 (Sep Q 5c/345 Wells) Butleigh 41W-17, 51W-41

This Thomas is probably the one Chr. 12 Nov 1794 Butleigh, s.o. John and Mary Higgins. See (3b) though no second marriage to a Mary found. Not a Butleigh or Baltonsborough marriage - posibly elsewhere - East Pennard or a missing record?

Thomas was married twice, first wife Mary, and a son James may be his in view of the latter's profession as carpenter.

In 1841 Thomas and Charlotte lived with just their son William in Butleigh Wootton. By 1851 William was in Butleigh, married to Fanny and Thomas and Charlotte lived in Garden Allottments, Butleigh Wootton with their daughter Jane and son-in-law Frederick Allen plus three children. Thomas died in 1853 and Charlotte was then found in 1861 in Butleigh living with her son William in Dumb Lane. In 1871 she was back in Wootton with her daughter Jane Allen who was still with her in 1881 after her daughter's husband Frederick Allen had died in 1873 (Mar Q 5c/439 Wells). Charlotte died in 1881 aged 89. Jane married Joseph Blacker of Butleigh # in Butleigh on 14 Jun 1883 (Jun Q 5c/842 Wells) but he died in 1887. She was at Court Lodge in 1891, a widow aged 70 on Parish Relief (she died in 1900 (Dec Q 5c/281 Wells), living with Annie Allen granddaughter aged 10, the daughter of William and Anna Allen of Butleigh Wootton. #

4a) James Higgins Chr. 1 Sep 1816 Butleigh Wootton, carpenter, butcher, s.o. Thomas and Mary Higgins, died 1886 (Jun Q 5c/386 Wells) aged 69

In 1851 and 1861 they lived in Magdalen St., Glastonbury, James at first was a carpenter then a butcher. In 1871 James was described as a cabinet maker. In 1881 he was a retired builder living with Jane at Magdalen St., Market House "Inn". His son William with wife Rebekah and two children also lived in the same building.

4b) William Higgins Chr. 1 Jan 1824 Butleigh, timber sawyer, s.o. Thomas (carpenter) and Charlotte Higgins, bur. 1 Apr 1895 (Mar Q 5c/429 Wells) Butleigh 41W-17, 51-33, 61-59, 71-84, 81-104, 91-122

In 1841 Fanny Rood lived in Street with her parents, her father being a farmer. She married William in 1846 and they appear together in Dumb Lane in 1851 with two children.

In 1861 William and Fanny (Frances), who was now a dressmaker, had four additional children as well as William's mother Charlotte (68) living with them. Charlotte returned to Butleigh Wootton later.

Jesse was a shop boy and Henry was now called Harry! Probably to provide income, at least two rooms in the house were let to two other families.

Caroline was visiting her aunt Harriet [née Allen] (b. 1842 Butleigh) in 1871, who had married Frances Collet (carpenter and grocer) and who lived in Coln St. Aldwin, Gloucs. # She married David Jones in Wales in 1880 (Mar Q 11a/445 Merthyr Tydfil) - he had been the schoolteacher in Butleigh - they both appeared together on the census there in 1881 at Butleigh schoolhouse in the High Street. #

By 1871 William and wife Frances had added three more to their previous total of children.

By 1881 William and Frances lived with just Frank, Charlotte and Albert. Their other children were elsewhere:-

Jane had died in 1872 (Sep Q 5c/349 Wells) aged 20.

William Higgins was a carpenter in 1881 lodging at Temperance Hotel, Bruton. In 1891, married to Frances, he was Publican of the Unicorn Inn in Frome. They were still there in 1901 with daughters Frances (15) and Mabel (9).

Frances in 1881 was ladies maid for an East India Merchant in Grosvenor Place, Knightsbridge - she married William Perry in Butleigh on 2 Jun 1884 (Jun Q 5c/939 Wells) - in 1901 the widowed Frances lived at 10, Orchard St., Frome with her mother Fanny, brother Frank and nephew Arthur. #

Charlotte married Edward Joseph Noble in 1888 (Jun Q 5c/829 Frome) and in 1891 they lived at 2, Hazel Villa, Butts Hill, Frome - Edward was a printer's reader. They were visited by Frances Perry (sister of Charlotte) and daughter Ethel. The Nobles lived at the same address in 1901 and by then had two children. A third child had died. In 1911 at the same address they had in additon a visitor – niece Mabel Annie Higgins (b. 1892 Frome).

Albert was probably the joiner who lodged with George Good in Western Way, Winsham in 1891 - nfi. Unless the Bert Higgins on the 1914 electoral register living at 8, Butleigh Wootton.

Frank in 1891 was a gardener lodging at the "Gun Inn", Dedham, Essex.

The 1891 census shows William Higgins plus Fanny and two grandchildren Arthur (13) and Frances (11) [children of Harry] living in Dumb Court. 47, Dumb Court according to the 1890 electoral register.

Jesse Higgins married Matilda Dennis and lived in Butleigh Wootton and in 1891 worked as a gardener in Frome.

William died in 1895. His widow Frances went to live in Frome with her daughter Frances Perry who was also widowed by then. Living with Frances in addition were; her brother Frank who, in 1901, was a cellarman at a brewery; and her nephew, Arthur Higgins (b. 1878 Glastonbury - son of Harry (9a2)), who was a gunner in the Royal Horse Artillery.

4b1) Jesse Rood Higgins Chr. 27 Feb 1848 (Mar Q 10/487 Wells) Butleigh, gardener, bur. 8 Feb 1911 (Mar Q 5c/337 Wells) Butleigh 51-33, 61-59, 71-84, 81W-106

Jesse lived with his parents in Dumb Lane until the 1870's. After marrying in 1876, Jesse lived in Butleigh Wootton in 1881 with his wife and children until moving to Beckington sometime before 1887. His daughter Rachel died there in 1887. In 1891 they lived at 12, Waterloo, Frome and in 1901 they were at Christ Church Street East, Frome. Jesse died in Wells Asylum in 1911 aged 64.

Jesse Matilda married 'overlooker' Edgar Samuel Rawlings in 1905 (Mar Q 5c/661 Frome) and in 1911 they lived at 35, North Rd., Huddersfield together with Matilda Higgins her mother and Agnes and Beatrice Higgins her sisters.

4b2) Henry Higgins Chr. 22 Sep 1850 (Dec Q 10/494 Wells - Harry) Butleigh 51-33 Harry - 61-59, 71-84, 81-101

Harry Higgins (30) carpenter, was christened Harry but on the '51 census his name was written Henry. In 1881 it was written Harrie. Harry had lived with his father William in St. James' Square in 1871 and married Phoebe Hunt in 1877.

On the 1881 census Harry lived with his wife Phoebe (34) and children Arthur Harry and Frances. Phoebe died in 1882 aged 32. The children went to live with their grandparents in Dumb Court (1891), about their father nothing more appears. No record of Henry/Harry after 1881.

In 1901 Arthur, who had joined the Royal Horse Artillery (Gunner) stayed with his Aunt, Frances Perry and grandmother Frances Higgins in Frome, at 10 Orchard Street. His sister Frances may be the Frances Higgins [transcribed as Wiggins!] b. 1876 Butleigh who was a maid at 37, Hyde Park Gate, Kensington in 1901. In 1909 (Jun Q 1d/1239 Wandsworth) Frances married Ettore Caviglioni a hotel stocktaker, born in Italy. In 1911 they lived at 68, Grandison Rd., Battersea with their 9 month old daughter Eda.

ADM 188/533/434 Arthur Harry Higgins Name Higgins Arthur Harry 353439 Butleigh, Somerset Date: 1876.

5) Charles Reakes Higgins b. 1861 Pylle, labourer, d. 1936 (Mar Q 5c/702 Bath) 91-121

Charles lived with his grandfather Edward Higgins at 23, Fosse Rd., Pylle in 1871. In 1881 he lived at Farge Well, East Pennard, with his brother James and family. Eliza was a servant at Sticklinch, West Pennard in 1881. On the 1889/90 electoral registers Charles lived at 49, Butleigh.

Charles (30), agricultural labourer, lived in Chapel Lane [No.49] in 1891 with his wife Eliza (30) and son George. The family had moved to Backwell, Long Ashton by 1901, where Charles (Charley) was a cattleman on a farm - but not before having Mabel, Beatrice and Rose, all born in Butleigh. They were still there in 1911 with George, Beatrice and Rose still at home. Mabel was in service at a boarding house, 4, Chesterfield Place, Weymouth.

6) William Higgins b. 29 Sep, Chr. 7 Dec 1834 Shepton Mallet [Canard's Grave], road contractor, s.o. James and Mary Higgins, died 26 Aug, bur 1 Sep 1900 (Sep Q 5c/278 Wells) Butleigh 71W-85, 81W-105, 91W-115

In 1851 William lived with his brothers James and John and widowed mother Mary (b. 1812? Mere, Wilts) at Town Lane, Shepton Mallet. His mother is described as a pauper and living with them was Mary Curtain (74) pauper and widow. Emma James had lived with her widowed mother Maria on Silver Street Hill, Shepton in 1851 and previously at Great Barton, Shepton in 1841.

William married Emma James in 1857 and by 1861, they lived at Cannards Grave with their first two children. William and Emma lived in Shepton Mallet until 1866/7 before moving to Butleigh Wootton by 1869. They appeared in 1871 in Butleigh Wootton with seven children.

By 1881 this had increased to ten, though Mary Maria had left home and was in service at 14, Elm Grove Road, Westbury on Trym, Gloucs. As Maria she married the carpenter Henry Hale [Heale] (b. 1858 Thornbury, Glos.) in Butleigh on 26 Jan 1884 (Mar Q 5c/779 Wells) and they lived in 1891 at 12, Muller Rd., Horfield, Gloucestershire with their two sons. Edmund James and William were charged with arson at the Police Court in Somerton Saturday 31st May 1884 together with Edwin Tucker. They had been drinking at the Rose & Portcullis and were said to have taken gates of various properties and used them to set the ice-house roof belonging to Robert Neville-Grenville alight. The penalty was up to 14 years servitude and in view of the circumstantial evidence the chairman dropped the charges. The Western Gazette reported on 12 May 1882 that William Higgins jun was awarded the contract to repair and maintain the Parish Roads and Somerton Road for a period of three years the contractor being William Higgins sen and Mr. H. Stevens. William appears on the 1885 electoral register in Butleigh Wootton at No. 8. Still at 8, Butleigh Wootton on the 1890 and 1901 registers.

By 1891 Jesse was added to the family but their son William had married Alice Mary Stevens (b. 1863 Butleigh Wootton) in Butleigh on 7 Apr 1885 (Jun Q 5c/901 Wells) and they now lived in Hind Hayes, Street with their son George W. (5) - William was a road contractor like his father. # By 1901 William had taken up farming and lived at Portway Farm, Street with children Alice and George. They still had George with them in 1911.

Frank seems to have become a groom and worked at 1, Christchurch Rd, Clifton Mews, Folkestone, Kent in 1891. By 1901 he was a coachman living in the coachhouse of Willesley House, Cranbrook Kent with his wife Marion Wicks (b. 1873 Folkestone – married 1899 Jun Q 1d/1243 Wandsworth) and daughter Lucy (9). In 1911 they were at Gemmings, Maidstone with their two surviving (of 3) children.

William died on 26 Aug 1900 and by 1901 Emma lived with her sons Giles, Harry and Jesse, next to Look's Farm in Butleigh Wootton. John, called Burt, was living on his own next to the Parish Reading Room and the other children had all left Wootton. Frederick was in Butleigh (next 5a) while George had married Jane from Winterborne, Dorset and now lived in his shop at 76, Denmark Rd., Longfleet, Dorset where he was a 'general dealer'. Charles still single and a carter, lodged with William and Jane Good at Railway Crossing, Lamyatt, Shepton Mallet in 1901. The same Charles Higgins b. 1872 (?) a jobbing gardener lived at Hill View, Sandford, Wareham in 1911 with wife Mary (b. 1872 Anderson, Dorset). A Charles Higgins (b. 1870 Butleigh) was a shepherd boarding at the Royal Oak Inn, Bruton in 1911.

Emma, their mother died on January 11th 1904 and is buried with her husband in Butleigh. John Burt married Lilly Norris Chr. 20 Jan 1878 (Mar Q 5c/531 Wells) Butleigh in Butleigh on 20 Oct 1904 (Dec Q 5c/991 Wells). # Giles and Jesse lived together at 8 Butleigh in 1911 but Giles died in 1929 aged 51 and was bur. 2 Jan 1930 Butleigh. On the 1914 electoral register both Bert (Burt?) and Giles Higgins lived at 8, Butleigh Wootton.

6a) Frederick Higgins Chr. 21 Nov 1862 (Dec Q 5c/577 Shepton Mallet), road labourer, died 30 Jun, bur. 3 Jul 1936 Butleigh 71W-85, 81W-105, 91W-116, 01-144

An outbreak of swine fever broke out at the premises of Frederick Higgins, haulier, in July 1887. [Western Gazette 15 July 1887]

Kate appeared with her parents at Kings Elm Field, Street in 1881 but in 1891 she was a housemaid living at 8, Cambridge Gate, St. Pancras, London. After living with his parents in Butleigh Wootton, Frederick, a road labourer, and his wife Kate, a laundress, lived first in Street where Joseph Frederick was born in 1893 and then Butleigh where Ellen Maria was born in 1898. They were still in Butleigh in 1911 living with Frank and Nellie. They had a visitor Ada Dawkins from Cambridge. An advert on 12 Dec 1924 in the Western Gazette gave notice of the sale on 17th Dec 1924 of all Frederick's machinery, goods and stock at Clematis House due to his retirement from business. Frederick died on 30 June 1936. PHOTO On the 1939 Register Kate as a widow lived at Clematis Cottage alone. Kate died on 31st October 1950 at Clematis House. Their son had died 4 Mar aged 25 in 1919. Ellen Maria married carrier James Baulch of Butleigh in Butleigh on 17 Apr 1922 (Jun Q 5c/1015 Wells). #

6b) Edmund James Higgins Chr. 7 Oct 1864 (Dec Q 5c/575 Shepton Mallet) Shepton Mallet , labourer/ road contractor, [d. 1941(Dec Q 11a/1063 East Glamorgan) 71W-85, 81W-105

Edmund James, labourer, married and lived with his wife at Keens Elm Lane Cottage, Street by 1891 with son William James. By 1901 the family lived at 12, Stone Hill, Street and Edmund (called Edward on the census) was a quarryman. They had three more children, Lily (9), Beatrice (6) and Ernest (1). In 1907 Sarah was involved in a fracas with the Nutt family of Stone Hill Street. Their daughter was living with her and on 28 Aug the Nutts appeared in Butleigh Wootton and carried out an assault on the Higgins and their house – they were bound over to keep the peace [Wells Journal 3 Oct 1907]

A Beatrice Ema Higgins aged 15 of Street was servant in 1911 at Broadway Lodge, Butleigh Wootton and is probably this Beatrice rather than the daughter of Charles Reakes Higgins (see 12). In 1911 Edmund and Sarah lived in Butleigh with sons Ernest and Alfred. On the 1914 electoral register they lived at 22, Butleigh Wootton.

On the 1939 Register Edmund J Higgins (b. 10 Sep 1864) is living with wife Sarah E. (b. 16 Sep 1869) at 10, Gas Street, Gelligaer, Glamorganshire.

6c) John Byrt Higgins b. Feb, Chr. 2 Apr 1871 (Mar Q 5c/600 John Byrt) Butleigh Wootton, gardener, d. 25 Sep, bur. 26 Sep 1925 (Sep Q 5c/428 Wells) Butleigh 71W-85, 81W-105, 91W-116, 01-146

John Byrt was called just Byrt and in 1911 lived at 8 Butleigh with Lily and Rose plus his mother-in-law Martha Norris. John Byrt died in 1925 in Baltonsborough.

6d) Jesse Higgins b. 5, Chr. 30 Nov 1882 (Dec Q 5c/519 Wells) Butleigh Wootton bur 12 Jul 1958 (Sep Q 7c/203 Wells) Butleigh 91W-116, 01W-142

In 1911 Jesse and Giles lived together at 8 Butleigh Wootton and described as 'road contractors' – they had a lodger in Ernest Birch. Jesse married Ada a parlour maid who was a 'visitor' at the home of Frederick and Kate Higgins in 1911. They married later that same year. On the 1914 electoral register Jesse lived at Oddway. Stanley J. Higgins was a patrol man of the Butleigh Auxiliary Unit Patrol during WW2.

On 1939 register Jesse a 'roadman' lived with Ada L who was a ' van driver, bread & groceries' and son Stanley a bricklayer and two younger children. Their address was given as Barton Road, Butleigh Hill.

An S. Higgins bought the 'infant school' [now No. 17 High Street) at sale of the Estate in Feb. 1947. - Stanley? Jesse rented No. 19 High Street at £5 p.a. at sale of the Estate in Feb. 1947. Water obtained from well. Reginald Higgins bought 62, 63 and 64 Butleigh [Oddway] for £560 at the 1947 Estate sale. Mrs. A. L. Higgins rented 68 Butleigh (lot 45) at £20 pe annum at the time of the 1947 sale. Jesse died at 65, Barton Road Ada at 62 Barton Road.

6dA) Alfred William Higgins b. 24 Dec 1911, Chr. 18 Feb 1912 (Mar Q 5c/753 Wells) Butleigh labourer

On the 1939 Register Alfred W. Higgins [b. 24 Nov 1911] general farm labourer was living with his wife Elizabeth A. b. 2 May 1913 and child at 60 Barton Stone. Elizabeth lived at. The Cottage, High Street when she died. In 1960 Alfred lived at The Cottage, Butleigh [Taunton Courier 29th March 1960].

6dAi) Ralph Higgins Chr. 24 Aug 1941 Butleigh

6dB) Reginald Giles Higgins b. 2 Mar, Chr. 30 Apr 1916 Butleigh bur. 18 Apr 1950 Butleigh

7) Sarah Higgins b. 1763 Somerset bur. 4 Dec. 1847 (Dec Q 10/311 Wells) Butleigh 41W-17

Sarah lodged with the Periams in 1841. This Sarah Higgins was 89 years old, b. '1771' on 1841 census. Probably Sarah Underwood, the widow of John Higgins. If the latter is true then she had two children - see (5x, 10).

From Nov 1816 an Ann Higgins was in receipt of assistance – in Aug 1817 her goods were transported to Butleigh Wootton – she was paid until March 1825 when she was cared for by Jane Withers then James Blacker paid to bury her.

8) Elizabeth Higgins b. 1832 Wells 51W-38

Elizabeth was a farm servant at Wootton Hill Farm in 1851. She doesn't seem to have married and as late as 1891 she is described as a charwoman living at Ham Street, Baltonsborough.

9) Ellen (Eleanor) Higgins b. 1837 Baltonsborough 51K-41

Ellen was a servant to William Tucker in Kingweston in 1851. Nfi [Eleanor Chr. 19 Apr 1835 Baltonsborough d.o. William and Mary Higgins?

10) Mary Higgins b. 1819 Butleigh [widow in 1851]

Presumably the death of Mary's husband caused their predicament - nfi, all are absent in 1841 and 1861. Possibly Glastonbury born, not actually Butleigh. They were all in Wells Union Workhouse in 1851

11) Henry Higgins b. 1862 Butleigh, servant [Henery]

Henry was a servant at a private house in Bruton in 1881. No other reference

12) Henry Higgins b. 1863 Butleigh, shoemaker

In 1881 Henry boarded with Hester Browning in Glaston Road, Street. No other reference.

13) George Higgins Wimbledon, servant, s.o. John Higgins (servant)

George was a widower when he married Ann Wellings.Nfi. In the Wells Journal of 26 Jun 1858 the names are given as George Sigers and Ann Willings. In the Shepton Mallet Journal of the 25th given surnames are Siggers and Willings!

14) William Higgins b. 1874 East Pennard, carter, groom, s.o. James and Eliza Higgins, died 10 Jul 1917 bur. East Pennard 01-139 PHOTO

William was the son of James and Eliza Higgins of East Pennard (and nephew of Charles above), a farm hand in East Pennard in 1891. At his marriage he was stated to be a groom residing in Salisbury. Bessie was in service at 46, Dorset Street, St. Marylebone, London in 1891 and gave her dob at marriage as being 1874. Her parents had moved to Butleigh prior to 1891. In 1901 William and Bessie lived in three rooms on Butleigh Hill.

The Wells Journal 19 Dec 1907 reported that Elizabeth Gregory, widow of Butleigh, and Bessie Higgins wife of William Higgins of Butleigh were summoned by Mr. R. Neville-Grenville [the chair of the magistrates at the County Petty Sessions that day] for feloniously stealing 44lbs of coal, value 9d, a fowl value 2s 6d and a quantity of corn value 1d on Dec 3rd 1907 at 4.15 p.m. - Mr. Robert Neville-Grenville of Butleigh Court said he knew defendants, who lived on his farm. On Tuesday...he was in the cart house on the Hill Farm, and saw Elizabeth Gregory leave the garden gate and go across the field in the direction of her house which was some 300 yards away. Witness thought she had something under her cloak and asked her what she had there. She replied “Nothing.” Witness lifted up her cloak and found on one arm the basket (produced) with a bag of coal in it. She said “Oh, I have borrowed some coal from my daughter” She had a bundle in her other arm wrapped up in a white cloth. Witness said “What is that?” and she said “That is my dirty clothes.” Witness looked at it and found a fowl inside. The fowl was warm and had evidently just been killed. Witness had similar fowls at his farm. Coal similar to that produced was also kept at the farm. He valued the fowl at 2s 6d. Witness took possession of the fowl and coal. The daughter Bessie Higgins who was close by the garden, then joined them, and witness said to her “What about this coal?”and she replied “I lent my mother some”. Witness said, “That is my coal and you had no right to lend it”. Higgins husband lived at the farm, and his wife (the defendant) was paid for looking after the fowls. She then said “Come here, and I will explain it to you”. Witness declined and said “I found you thieving, and that is an end of the matter. There can be no explanation.” Witness gave information to the police – Frederick James Evans, bailiff in the employ of the prosecutor, said he resided at Butleigh Farm. This occurred at Hill Farm. On Dec 3rd at 5.30 p.m. He went with P.C. Isaacs to Mrs. Gregory's place. They saw the defendant, who asked them inside. They told her the squire had sent them to make a search, and she allowed them to do so. They found 36lbs weight of coal in the coalhouse. Defendant did not try to conceal it. The coal (produced) was similar to that kept at the Hill Farm. They took possession of the coal – By the Chairman: This was steam coal, and not used by any other persons in Butleigh. - Witness added that Mrs. Gregory kept five fowls which were not the same as the one produced. P.C. Isaacs also gave evidence, and said that when they were proceeding to take the coal away from the house Mrs. Gregory said “ - - it all, leave us a bit to light the fire.” He also found a quantity of corn in a bowl and this defendant admitted taking from a bucket on the farm. Defendant elected to be dealt with summarily, and pleaded guilty. Mr. Neville-Grenville said he had nothing to say against the husband of Mrs. Higgins but he had suspected the woman. Since they had left his service the egg returns had greatly increased from 22 for the week ending Dec 7th to 96 for the week ending Dec 14th. He believed there had been wholesale robbery going on. The man received 15s a week, a house value 2s 6d coal 2s 6d and the wife had 2s 6d a week for looking after the poultry. The man also received harvest money and had no family and therefore there was no excuse for dishonesty. Mrs. Gregory was not in his employment but lived about 300 yards away. Mr. J. B. Clark who acted as chairman said they looked upon this as a very serious case. It was worse than an ordinary case of pilfering because it was a breach of trust. There were three distinct offences, taking three different things. Therefore it was a good deal worse than an ordinary case of pilfering of somebody who acting in the moment of temptation or hunger, took anything. They were very reluctant to send two women to prison but there seemed no other alternative, and the defendants must go to prison for 14 days each.

In 1911 they lived at 22, Town Lane, Shepton Mallet. They never had children.

15) The following not yet placed:

a) Eliza Higgins infant b. 1851 and bur. 7 Jul 1851 (Sep Q 10/371 Wells) Butleigh

b) William Charles Higgins b. 1892, bur. 6 May 1893 (Jun Q 5c/326 Wells) Butleigh

c) William Higgins b. 1810, bur. 20 Aug 1832 Butleigh aged 22 - probably son of William (3a)

16) Elizabeth Higgins b.c. 1765 Butleigh d.o. John and Jane (née Periam?) Higgins

Elizabeth married Thomas Whitnell (b. 5 Jan 1767 Ashcott) on 2 Apr 1784 in Street and they had eight children. Elizabeth was buried 17 Feb 1839 in Street.

17) Lawrence Read Colbourne Higgins J. P. Chr. 24 Jan 1849 (Mar Q 6/36 Bedford) Bedford, s.o. George and Caroline (nee Colbourne) Higgins (a Brewer), died 1930 (Jun Q 5c/491 Wells) aged 81

Aged 62, single and of independent means Lawrence occupied Wootton House in 1911 with 5 servants and had a boarder Sam Day (b. 1879 Walsall Wood, Staffs). He had taken over his father's brewing business (the Castle Brewery) and house (Castle Close, Bedford St. Paul). House and brewery occupied the site of Bedford castle – hence the name. The family acquired many public houses and also much property in Bedford. In 1902 the partnership with his brothers was dissolved, a Limited Company formed and Lawrence seems to have retired. Brewing ceased at Castle Lane on 5th October 1928. The site is now the home of the Bedford Museum.

Just before his death Lawrence placed an advert in the Western Gazette [14 Mar 1930] seeking an experienced housemaid (not under 25) willing to wait on table when required. He stated that he had five indoor servants including a butler.

In his will he left £48,773. £7000 and £200 a year for life went to Samuel Day of Great Missenden, Bucks. To his servant Blackmore, free of duties, if in his service at his death, his motor car and all spare parts, tools and accessories and £104 per annum for life. An annuity of £30 to his late house-keeper Emma Waby, £200 a year to his cousin Frances Ellen Piers, and the residue of the property to his brother Cecil Charles Norman Colbourne Higgins. All the furniture and effects [including valuable antiques and paintings – a catalogue was issued] in Wootton House belonging to Mr. Higgins were sold 1 – 3 July 1930 by Wainwrights & Heard of Shepton Mallet [Western Gazette 27 Jun 1930]

18) Ralph Henry Higgins b. 1895 Fulham, London, West Pennard, farmer, s.o. Ralph William and Alice Higgins, d. 1960 (Mar Q 7c/302 Wells)

At the birth of Pamela, Ralph's address was East St., West Pennard where his parents had farmed. They were still there in 1939 for the Register.

19) Dora Higgins b. 23 Nov 1925 of Street d. 18 Dec 1985 (Dec Q 1285/23/1193 Mendip) ashes bur. 30 Jan 1986 Butleigh. Married in 1945 surname Joyce?

20) William Higginsuncertain person – appears on the 1901 electoral register at 74, Butleigh Hill and by 1907 at Hill Farm.

21) Celia Jane Higgins b. 21 May 1947 Butleigh Hospital d.o. Redvers and Mollie (nee Bird) Higgins.


1) Kate Higgs b. 1895 (Jun Q 5c/485 Axbridge) Wedmore, servant, d. of William and Charlotte Higgs

In 1911 Kate was a general servant at the house of farmer James Burrough in Butleigh Wootton. She married Fred Fear in 1913 at Axbridge/Wedmore.



1) George Hilborne b. 1821 Barton St. David, carpenter, died 1892 (Mar Q 5c/317 Langport) s.o. George Hilborne and Miranda (nee Barber) Hilborne

This couple must have lived in Butleigh for a few years after their marriage before settling in Barton St. David where they appeared in 1851. In 1861 they were in Silver Street with five children but the eldest daughter Sarah was already in service as a nursemaid at the home of the dairyman Henry Pearce - at Hinton, Mudford. She is probably the Sarah Ann Holborn who died in 1861. William George married Lucy Parker in 1873 (Sep Q 5c/627 Langport) and a son of that marriage was Arthur Hilborne (2) next.

In 1871 George and Ann were at 16, Silver Street, Street with three children. They were still there in 1881. In 1891 George and Ann lived alone at 10, Silver Street, Barton St. David. By 1901 Ann was a widow living alone in three rooms.

2) Arthur Charles Hilborne b. 1882 (Jun Q 5c/408 Langport), carter, s.o. William George and Lucy Hilborne [an Arthur Charles Chr. 9 Jun 1878 Barton St. David s.o. William and Lucy]

In 1901 Blanche lived with her mother at Church Street, Upton Noble, Som., where her mother was a housekeeper. At the birth of Hubert she gave her maiden name as Pomeroy [the name of her step-father Daniel Pomeroy]. Arthur had lived in Barton St. David with his mother Lucy and stepfather Richard Barber in 1901. In 1911 Arthur and Blanche lived at Broadmoor, Butleigh with son Reginald and noted that they had had a further child which had died. On 3 Sep 1920 Arthur advertised in the Western Gazette for a housekeeper to help him with his three boys 12, 9 and 7. He was a widower. [no death traced for Blanche!]

3) Henry Edward Hilborne b. 1884 (Dec Q 5c/389 Langport) Barton St. David, died 1907 (Dec Q 5c/232 Langport)

On the 1911 census Elizabeth appears as a widow and servant [cook] at Butleigh Vicarage. Her husband had died aged just 23 and they had had one living child, George who lived with his grandparents, Charles and Hannah Vincent in Butleigh. Arthur George married Ethel B. M. Haggett in 1933 (Sep Q 5c/741 Bridgwater) and they had two children Valerie and Christine. Bessie seems to have re-married.

4) George Helbern Chr. 30 Jun 1839 Charlton Mackrell, farm servant, s.o. John and Mary Ann Hilborne 61W-63

George worked at Henry Maidment's farm in Wootton in 1861. Name misread on census – actually Hilborne. George was the eldest son of his labourer father and still at home in 1851. Married Mary Ann Close (b. 1841 Baltonsborough) in 1864 (Dec Q 5c/775 Langport) and by 1881 lived with their five children in East Pennard.


1) Edmund Hill bur. 22 Feb 1602 Butleigh

2) John Hill

A John and Margaret Hill had five children baptised in Milverton 1612 – 1625 – very good contenders to be this couple

3) John Hill bur. 4 Feb 1748 Butleigh

John was a rate payer in Butleigh from 1720 -1747. Thereafter rates paid by 'late John Hill' but in just one year, 1748/9 rates were paid by Thomas Vearing and William Hill before, in 1752, part of the property went to Stephen Periam.

4) Jon Hill

Jon/John was a vagrant that the OOP paid John Coombes to carry to Milborn Port in March 1777.

5) Abraham Hill sojourner, tailor

In January 1794 the OOP bought 3 yards of dowlas for Mary Rendall's boy [John Randell alias Oram] . In April 1794 there is a record in the OOP for ¾ yd of fustian for making Mary Randall's boy a pair of trousers – and clothing for Hannah Randall (Mary's sister?). In the same month they paid for warrants and oaths of Mary Randall and Abraham Hill, his arrest to Shepton Mallet and their marriage in Butleigh – cost £1 9s 0½d. In April and May 1794 the OOP gave aid to Mary Hill's boy. In Nov 1801 the OOP paid Abraham for making John Oram's clothing. Mary paid for attending on Mary Rowley in March 1804.

An Abraham Hill b. 1756 (d. 1842 (Dec Q 10/357 Wells) and wife Mary b. 1761 (died before 1851) lived in Bowling Green, Street on the 1841 census.

A Martha Hill b. 1795 Butleigh married stonecutter James Brown on 27 Oct 1818 at Holy Trinity, Street and appear with their son Samuel (b. 1824 Street) at Townsend, Street on the 1851 census. Probably a daughter of Abraham.

Elizabeth Hill married Joseph King (b. 1792 Street) in Street on 30 Nov 1818 and also lived at Bowling Green, Street in 1851 with three of their children plus a granddaughter. The widow (dob 1799 Butleigh) on the 1861 census, mother-in-law of William Sherwood and wife Eliza (b. 1826 Street) niece Annie Sugar (11). In 1871 boarding in Street with Mary Francis.

Nancy as Anne married 22 Oct 1833 Street widower Robert Marsh (b. 1801 Glastonbury) and in 1851 lived at East lane, Street with five Street born children.

6) John, Ben, James Hill

In Oct 1796 the OOP paid Mr. Hill for supporting James Ruddock's wife and child. In June 1797 he was paid for medicines and visiting Sarah Ruddock. In Aug another bill concerning Sarah Ruddock and child was paid. In Aug 1797 a bill paid to Mr. Ben Hill for Jane Colmer may be connected.

A James Hill given aid in Jan 1830 when ill (OOP).

7) James Hill b. 1853 Brixton Deverill, Wilts., gamekeeper, s.o. Theophilus and Elizabeth Hill 81-99, 91-127

In 1861 James lived with both his parents at Woodcombe, Brixton Deverill where his father was a labourer. In 1871 James lived with his widowed mother and siblings at High Road, Brixton Deverell and in 1881 lodged with Arthur Prince at Baker's Grave as under keeper. After marrying Frances in 1882 they had three sons who died in infancy before they had a daughter Alice in 1890. In 1891 they still lived at Beggars Grave where James was principal gamekeeper. He appeared in several court cases regarding poachers; The earliest case was when on 10 Feb 1878 he saw James Phillips of Glastonbury hunting with others on the land of George Nutt at Compton Dundon. In 1885 he reported Henry and James Govier of Street and James Philips of Glastonbury for poaching on Butleigh land, Western Gazette 14 Sep 1888 reported James as gamekeeper to Robert Nevuille-Grenville observing William Pike and Tom Hawkins of Street trespassing on his land in search of game. On Feb 14th 1892 he caught the notorious poacher Thomas Govier of Street who was subsequently fined £3. On Aug 14 1893 James witnessed James Coggan and Thomas Cullen of Compton Dundon trespassing on Robert Neville-Grenville's land and they were fined £2 each though Cullen served a month in prison in default. In Dec 3 1893 James, as gamekeeper to Robert Neville-Grenville witnessed Arthur Burge (alias Rawles), Frank Rogers and Charles Nurse, labourers of Butleigh trespassing in search of game on the squire's land – Rogers and Burge were fined £1 each at Somerton Petty Sessions [Taunton Courier 20 Dec 1893].

In 1901 James, Frances and Alice appear at "Dead Women", Whatley, Frome, where James was still a gamekeeper. In 1911 James, Frances and Alice were at 'Cumberwell. Bradford on Avon. Confusingly, Alice also appears as a boarder (Bonay embroiderer) at 26, Hebron Rd., Bedminster, Bristol in 1911. Alice never married and later lived at 1, Compton St., where she died in 1962.

8) Francis Rosina Hill b. 1886 (Jun Q 5c/533 Wells) Street, factory worker, d.o. Samuel and Elizabeth Hill 01-145

Francis lived with her parents in Cobden Terrace Street in 1881 where her father was a 'laster' at the Boot & shoe factory. Francis was aged 15 and herself a Boot factory worker when she became a patient at the Cottage Hospital on census night in 1901.

9) Clara Hill b. 1882 Wookey 91-127

Clara was a visitor at Long Grove Farm, Butleigh, and was probably related to Charlotte Pearce (née James), the wife of Henry J. Pearce, farmer, since she also was Wookey-born. Nfi #

10) Alfred Hill b. 1861 Galhampton, North Cadbury, wheelwright

In 1891 the family lived at Mill Lane, Castle Cary with Emily's sister Gertrude Ellen Higgins (14). In 1901 they lived at 242 High Street, Great Berkhampstead, Herts. with five children and Emily's brother Sidney G. Higgins (21) a carpenter. In 1908 Emily died and Alfred married shortly after – 1908 (Jun Q 3a/1385 St. Albans) to an Eliza Amie Parker (b. 1872 India) and in 1911 they lived at 46, Ellesmere Rd., Sunnyside, Berkhampstead with step-daughter Alice Roseina Parker (19). Leonard seems absent from 1911 census.

11) Sarah Hill b. 1842 Horrington, dairymaid 61W-64

Sarah worked on Charles Croom's farm in Wootton village in 1861. She had lived with 5 of her siblings in Pilton in 1851. Nfi

12) Eliza Hill b. 1844 Paradise, d.o. George and Harriet Hill 61W-65

Eliza appeared at Sedgmoor in 1861 when visiting her sister Sarah Hawker who lived there with her husband Arthur. By 1871 she was a housemaid at Binford Place, Bridgwater. Nfi

13) Florence E. Hill b. 1890 Highbridge, Somerset

In 1911 Florence was a domestic servant at Smithfield House, home of farmer George Burroughs. Same as next?

14) Mrs. Hill (family two) advertised for a cook-general and house parlourmaid in the Western Gazette 29 Aug 1919 – address 'The Chantry' Butleigh Wootton.

Hillard , Hilliar, Hilyard see Hellard


1) Mary Ann Hinch Chr. 23 Mar 1845 Peterborough, Northants, servant, d.o. Edwin and Elizabeth Hinch 81-94

1881 Mary worked at Butleigh Court. In 1851 she had lived with her parents in New Town, Peterborough where her father was a carpenter. In 1861 she lived with her widowed mother in Sawtry All Saints, Northants. In 1891 she was ladiesmaid at 2, Lyall Street, Belgrave, home of the Countess of Sefton and by 1901 she was the housekeeper there.

Hinessee for more details under Sweet

1) Henry Hines b. 1865? died Sudbury 1896?

On the 1891 census Jane lived alone at Mead, Street, where she was a trimmer in the boot factory, together with her son Henry. No trace of her husband. For later children from second marriage see under 15) John Sweet. John George Hines was killed in an accident at Burnham on Sea on a day's outing when run over by a bus on 21 Aug 1965.


1) Mary Hippesley widow, married Edward Knolls Butleigh 29 Apr 1616 (Dwelly's PR) #

2) John Hippesley b. 1846 North Wootton, apprentice plumber, s.o. Edward and Matilda Hippisley 61-59

John lived with Frederick Shore, plumber and his wife Ann in the High Street in 1861. Ann Shore was previously Ann Hippesley (Chr. 17 Jan 1836) of North Wootton and John was her brother - they had lived with their parents in North Wootton in 1851. Nfi .



1) John Hiscock b. 1796 Somerset, journeyman smith 41W-15

John worked with Jacob Blake in Wootton in 1841. Nfi


1) Mary Hitchins b. 1842 Lampeter, S. Wales, ladies maid 71-72

Mary served at Butleigh Court in 1871. Nfi


1) Joan Hoare of 'Butley' married John Burton # in East Pennard on 19 Jan 1760 (Phill.)

2) Charles Ashford Hoare Chr. 11 Jul 1828 Bruton, carpenter, s.o. William and Frances Hoare

Harriet was a laundress who lived with her widowed mother in Pitcombe in 1851. This couple married in Butleigh and in 1861 they lived in Shepton Montague with two young children. By 1871 they lived in Bruton.

3) William Hoare b. 1827 Bath, draper and grocer, died 1887 (Jun Q 5c/354 Wells). 81-101 [Chr. 27 Jun 1832 Bath St. Michael s.o. Victualler John and wife Sarah Hoare?]

William lived in the High Street at The Laurels in 1881. William had previously (1871) been a commercial clerk in Bourton, Dorset. He was living in Butleigh in 1878 and appeared in the case of embezzlement by William Silas Smith, clerk, of Baltonsborough at the County Petty Sessions. William had bought three cheeses at the stores of Messrsd Whitehead & Mullins for £6 14s 6d on 16 Jan 1878 and received a receipt for that amount – but the clerk had pocketed the money! [Western Gazette 12 Apr 1878] William died in 1887 and Jane returned to Dorset, where she had been born, to live with her sister Emma, who kept a boarding house in Lyme (Library Cottage No. 1). She died in 1910.


1) John Hobbes vicar of Butleigh 1451-1485 under the patronage of Glastonbury Abbey

DD/S/BT/2/1 - Compotus for Butleigh manor and rectory kept by John Hobbes, reeve. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1471 - 1472.

2) Philip Hobbs - witnessed the will of John Spurryer 1570

Probably the parents of (3 – 5) – but fall before the PR begins.

3) Alice Hobbes married Butleigh 20 Oct 1579 John Seymer #

4) Nicholas Hobbs bur. 1 Jun 1598 Butleigh (Dwelly's PR)

5) John Hobbes bur. 9 Sep 1610 Butleigh

Maria married Butleigh 29 Jul 1639 Edward Champen. # Avilie? May be the Dorothie who married William Atwool on Butleigh 26 Jun 1617

5a) John Hobbs d. bet. 1635-47

6) John Hobbes

7) Dorothy Hobbes married Butleigh 26 Jun 1617 William Atwool#

8) Thomas Hobbes died 1681

Thomas had worked for George Hooper and in 1680 must have had an accident. He was operated upon by Dr. Periam and the overseers bought him a new sheet. In 1681 he was given money for his relief and attendance in his sickness plus wood for heating. All to no avail – he died and was buried by the overseers in the same year.


1) Mary Elizabeth Hobson b. 9 Oct 1845, Chr. 29 May 1846 Ashbourne, Derbyshire, d.o. Robert and Eliza Hobson 71-79

Mary (23) was the niece of William Dyke (90) and acted as his housekeeper at Carvile House in 1871. In 1881 Mary lived with her parents in Wellington Shropshire. She was a teacher (governess) and her father was an Insurance agent. Her brother was a printer employing 11 people. She was looking after both her parents in 1891 and in 1901 was still caring for her widowed father.



1) John Hockey bur. 2 May 1725 Butleigh

John paid rates from 1696 – 99 after which he was replaced by Ann Hockey in 1700. In 1701 the property became 'late Hockey' and next door is 'late Jacklett' – then together 'late Thomas Jacklet & Hockey'. In 1707 this property then pays rates under Thomas Hockey until 1713, jointly with Ann Vagg from 1709. In 1715 a John and Henry Hockey both become ratepayers replacing, Thomas, in adjoining properties – possibly the sons of this John, and next to Ann Vagg. A Ruth Hockey was buried in Butleigh in 1690 (OOP). An unspecified 'Hockey' appears in the churchwarden's accounts for 1708 when paid for killing four hedgehogs.

DD/S/BT/6/2/5 - 1] John and Katherine Webb of Butleigh 2] John Hockey of Butleigh, yeoman Lease for lives of Cattwell (4a), Butleigh. Rent 1s.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1693.

1a) Henry Hockey (s)

Henry paid rates with John from 1715 in succession of Thomas Hockey. In 1756 John Hockey paid until 1758 then a Henry again. Henry last paid rates in1765. In 1766/7 'the late Henry Hockey' appears followed by Henry Hockey of Charlton. Henry paid rates until 1822/23 then it appears Richard Holman was occupier, last listed in 1824. In July 1821 Henry Hockey had received assistance from the OOP.

DD\BR\ho/8 Land, orig. belonging to Hockey of Charlton Mackrell. Will, Henry Hockey, yeo., 1767; admon. Thos. Hockey, 1826, both of Charlton Mackrell.

DD\R\lp/1 Two messuages, tenements, etc., incl. lands called Clover Close, Bean Close, Henley, Hither and Yonder Fishwell, Blondsley, Glovers, West Wood, The Common, Dunhill, Horsey, a sandpit at Whiteland Way, land at Hare Pits, Popes Cross, etc., 1744, 1752, 1759, latter also includes land in East and West Common and at Long Hill and Stone Pitts; 3a. called Fishwell, 1694, 1708, 1711, 1714; exchange of lands at High Street in West Field and at Southern Hill Cross and Kingweston Gate in East Field, 1770; meadow at Claps Corner formerly Colmers, land at Whethill and Foxhanger, Sour Down, Beanslades, 1796; Fishwell, Jackletts Woodclose and Turners Wood, 1787.
Copy will of Thomas Cook of St. Clements, London, dealer in bottles, 1802, pr. 1802; letters of admon. of
Hen. Hockey of Charlton Adam, 1820.

DD/S/BT/26/12/13 1] John Hockey of Charlton Mackrell, shopkeeper 2] John Hockey of Charlton Adam, innkeeper son of Henry decd 3] Thomas Kendin of Stapleton, Glos Draft mortgage of Wakemoor (15a)in Charlton Adam and Charlton Mackrell. 1833

1b) John Hockey

[There may be two families from here – one paying rates and one receiving OOP aid]. A John Hockey paid rates (above until 1758) and in 1719 a John moved and paid rates on a different property (to that shared with Henry and possibly that previously owned by the earlier John Hockey above) until 1736.

DD/S/BT/6/2/5 - 1] James Grenville 2] John Hockey of Butleigh, yeoman Lease for lives of a messuage and 1a and Worthy (1a), Butleigh. Rent 2s.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1743.

1c) John Hockey bur. 15 Jun 1806 Butleigh

A John paid rates on 'part of Cooks' from 1744 until 1806 (then late John). In a list of commoners of 1779 to serve in rotation as Tythingmen, John Hockey 'for Cookes' is first on the list. The John Hockey receiving relief from the OOP from March to Sep 1801 [different from the John whose children were receiving aid at the same time].

DD/S/BT/16/2/39 - 1] John Hockey of Butleigh, yeoman 2] James Grenville of Butleigh Surrender of allotment in King's Sedgemoor, Butleigh. [Above 3 documents tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1796.

2) John Hockey bur. 17 Aug 1765 Butleigh

John appears in the CW accounts 1748/9. He was a carpenter and in 1750-51 worked on the re-building of the church roof including the inside finish work. Worked on the bells in 1752/53 and made a chest for the church. In 1756/57 he presented the CW with a bill for £2 for work done and 18/7d for oil, colours and labour. Betty is probably the Elizabeth Hockey who married Jacob Sealy of Street on 29 Jul 1759 Street and after his death has a child Betty baptized in Butleigh – see under Sealy.

Ann Hockey is probably the girl who married Thomas Hodges Butleigh 21 Dec 1761.

2a) Thomas Hockey bur. 28 Feb 1791 Butleigh

The OOP paid house rent for Thomas Hockey in 1757/8, 1763. In 1762 Thomas was paid for 6 days work repairing the highways (OOP 1763). In April 1769 the family had the smallpox and were cared for 3 weeks by Susan Davis (OOP). Aid received from the OOP from Jan 1784 for Thomas to May. In June 1785 the OOP paid for 'the marying' of Thomas Hockeymust be the son – not in Butleigh PR.

In 1775 the OOP received' from Edward Ashley (of Taswick) to the 7th Feb 1775 for keeping his bastard by Jane Hockey. In April 1775 she received money is distress about her child. In September 1778 after many payments it was stated that 'this doth accomplish 7 year from the date of the order paid to Jane Hockey'. Mary married Butleigh 4 Nov 1776 John Davis. #

In April 1777 the OOP began pursuing Mary Larcomb about her illegitimate child [William Larcombe Chr 15 Sep 1777] and in October took her and William Hockey to Wells for examination. He began paying bastardy pay thereafter (Nov 1777) – until his death in 1778. The OOP paid bastardy pay to Mary up to April 1788. [or a different William Hockey?]. In May 1788 Thomas' goods (with those of Elizabeth, widow of John) were transported elsewhere – he also received assistance from then on. In April 1789 Thomas received assistance and the OOP must have sold some of his goods – they received £1 3s 2d for part of them. In March 1790 Bridget Look paid for curing Thomas' legs. The OOP paid for Thomas' coffin and burial in March 1791.

2a1) Stephen Hockey Chr. 27 Aug 1757 Butleigh, s.o. Thomas & Jane Hockey, bur. 18 Jan 1811 Butleigh

Stephen received rent from the OOP in 1783 and assistance several times. Stephen's parents had been in Butleigh since before 1748 when their first of eight children, Jane, was recorded as being Christened there. Stephen's mother Jane was bur. 19 Jun 1774 Butleigh. and father Thomas on 28 Feb 1791 Butleigh. In May 1787 Stephen began receiving assistance from the OOP. Stephen received OOP rent from 1791/2 until 1811 [in 1789 listed as paid to John Castle] then it went to his widow Honor. A Hockey girl, later called Elizabeth also received rent (see 2a2). For some reason the Honor Hockey payment linked to Jane Talbot – In 1812 then late Jane Talbot 1813. Honour was paid 2/- for looking after Joan Grant in Oct 1781. Mr. Hayle paid in Sep 1799 for treating Stephen's wife. Stephen occasionally received OOP assistance, cloth etc but mostly appears in the OOP accounts as sexton for burying people and often paid for ringing the bells at funerals. Payments made to Stephen's daughter in 1805. In March 1811 the OOP entry has Stephen Hockey coffin 16/-. Stephen Hockey's wife received OOP assistance from April 1811. Honor Hockey received assistance in April 1812. In Nov 1812 assistance was paid to Honor Hockey's daughter - A Hockey girl had her rent paid from 1812 (as did Honor Hockey) – looked after by Jane Gill. [see 2a2one Elizabeth/Betty or two there?] Honor received monthly assistance after her husband's death up to Oct 1833

A Charles Hockey received relief from the OOP from Oct 1826 when he was ill. In November the OOP paid for a journey to Taunton Hospital with him.

Honor lodged with John Davis and his wife Jane (her daughter?) in the High Street near Sealy's Row in 1841. A Jane Hockey also married John Davis in Butleigh on 27 May 1804 - probably a daughter of this couple. Honora married William Isaac in Butleigh on 15 Apr 1811. #

2a1A) William Hockey Chr. 18 Jan 1781 Butleigh, agricultural labourer, s.o. Stephen and Honora Hockey, bur. 20 Dec 1853 (Mar Q 5c/382 Wells) Butleigh 41-10, 51-27

In May 1805 the OOP paid the Bounty money allowed to his wife and child and a further bounty sum in June and July. A William Hockey had his rent paid by the OOP in 1812 – 1816. William Hockey's wife received assistance from April 1812. William also received assistance from the OOP in Feb 1816. In April 1816 Meriam Hockey received OOP assistance. In May 1817 the OOP paid Jane Gill for delivering William Hockey's wife. In Dec 1826 William was paid by the OOP for making out the Militia List. In Feb 1827 Eliza received pay in her 'illness'. Jane Gill was paid the same month for delivering her child. Eliza received bastardy pay thereafter. The father of the child was John Turner (see May 1831 OOP). In Dec Eliza Hockey of Wootton bought new shoes. In 1834 assistance paid to Meriam or Mary Ann Hockey of Wootton – could be the mother or the daughter.

This Hockey family lived in the High Street and seem to have been at either No. 12 or No. 14 - or possibly moved between these addresses between 1841-71. In 1841 William had lived there with his wife Miriam and children Joshua b. 1812, William b. 1817 and Maria b. 1827. A daughter Eliza had married Joshua Davis in Butleigh on 28 Jun 1838 (Jun Q 10/811 Wells) - this Eliza was almost certainly the mother of Maria b. 1827. #

Mary Ann married labourer Joseph Jeans (b. 1823 Long Sutton) in 1845 (Sep Q 10/625 Langport). #

In 1851 William and Miriam lived at the other end of the village at Oddway next to their son Joshua while William junior took over this house in the High Street. Miriam died in 1855 and William in 1853. In 1851 Maria was a housemaid at 15, Cavendish Square, Marylebone, London - home of Lady Frankland Russell. Maria married shepherd James Quarrington (b. 1801 Ellerborough, Bucks) in 1851 (Sep Q 6/585 Winslow, Bucks) and they lived in Buckinghamshire. Elizabeth married Charles Milton in Butleigh on 26 Apr 1841 (Jun Q 10/803 Wells), the brother of her brother Joseph's future wife Catherine. # On the PR record the names of the witness Charles, and father William Hockey, were exchanged.

2a1Ai) Joshua Hockey Chr. 17 Aug 1812 Butleigh, stone cutter & Parish Clerk, d. 11 Sep, bur. 13 Sep 1890 (Sep Q 5c/300 Wells) Butleigh 41-10, 51-27, 61-57, 71-80, 81-98

Catherine Milton lived with her widowed mother Mary and sister Elizabeth at Miltons Court, West Street, Bridgwater in 1841. She was a 40 year old spinster and schoolmistress when she married Joshua Hockey in 1842.

Joshua Hockey (39) and wife Catherine (53) with visitor John Hoddinott (3) lived in Oddway in 1851 in what was to become known as 'Hockey's Corner'. John Hoddinott appeared with his father John at Rockes Higher Farm in 1861. Joshua's parents lived next door.

In 1861 their abode was called on the census 'Hockey's Corner - Nodway School' and Joshua and Catherine had a visitor, Mary Tyack (25) from Bridgwater (a relative?). Joshua's brother Charles now occupied the house next door, vacated on the death of his parents. By 1871 Joshua (58) was now the Parish Clerk and a 'landowner'. Catherine died in 1874 aged 76. Charles still lived next door. Joshua married the widow Marina Pouncey (née Millard) in 1875 and they lived in Pouncey's Villa.

Pouncy's Villa is in Oddway next to Bethel Cottage and was built c. 1852 (date on gable) and occupied by Marina Pouncey from around 1871. In 1881 Joshua Hockey (68) and wife Marina (53) still lived in Pouncey's. Villa with Marina's sister Elizabeth Gilbert (62). Joshua was summoned for selling to P.C. James mustard adulterated with 10% wheated flour Jan 1883 – case was dismissed. [Western Gazette 19 Jan 1883]

Joshua died in 1890 (Sep Q 5c/300 Wells) and the house was empty for a time, Marina living elsewhere in Oddway.

She was followed in Pouncey's by Joanna Pouncey in 1897. Joanna E. Pouncy, of Evershot, was the great niece of Mary Pouncey and lived with her in Glastonbury in 1881 but by 1891 was back in Evershot and still there in 1901 - she probably rented out or had sold Pouncy's Villa.

In 1891 Marina Hockey (60) grocer, lived in three rooms in Oddway next door to her sister, also in three rooms, Elizabeth Gilbert (71). # She was still in Oddway in 1901 aged 78, and living with Elizabeth Gilbert (81). Marina died in 1905.

2a1Aii) Charles Hockey Chr. 25 Dec 1814 Butleigh, Post messenger, d. 8 Oct, bur. 14 Oct 1886 (Dec Q 5c/345 Wincanton?) Butleigh 41-13, 51-25, 61-57, 71-80, 81-96

Charles Hockey (25), labourer, lived with his wife Ellen (20) and children Mary (5), Emily (3), Charles (1) in Oddway in 1841 but by 1851 had moved to the Main Street, No. 18. It would seem that sometime after 1844 Charles moved to Cann near Shaftesbury in Dorset for a few years, where Miriam was born, before returning to Butleigh.

Mary appeared as a cook at Charlton Rectory in 1871, Charlton Mackrell - possibly the Mary Ann Hockway in Kingweston in 1861. She married Charles Atkins in 1873 (Mar Q 5c/627 Langport) and they lived at Bruton.

Emily became a housemaid at 26, Bow Street, Covent Garden by 1861 - nfi.

By 1861 the family had moved next to Charles' brother Joshua at 'Hockey's Corner' in Oddway. Charles was now a post messenger and his wife a laundress. Henry Hockey (18) lodged with William Look and died in 1863 in a tragic accident. He went fishing with rod and line in the Brue about 10.00am and around 1.00pm his hat was found floating in the water and his rod on the bank. He was prone to fits an it is thought he must have had one and fallen in the water where he drowned. [Wells Journal 13 Jun 1863]. Miriam married John Oldish Munday in Butleigh on 12 Oct 1869 (Dec Q 5c/911/941 Wells - Mundy)# and Fanny moved away and married John T. Broom. #

Charles jnr was absent from the 1861 census and may have been abroad or in the army? When he returned he was sick. Still in Oddway in 1871 Charles Hockey (56) late Post Office messenger lived with his wife Ellen (54) and son Charles (30). Charles was described on the census as 'Ill' and he died shortly afterward aged 30. In 1881 Charles (66) with wife Ellen (65) lived with daughter Fanny Broom (36) and grandchildren Fanny Broom (8) and Joshua (4 months). Fanny was married to John T. Broom and they lived at 62, Livingstone Rd., Battersea - John Broom stayed home with children Henry (10) and Charles (2) while his wife was visiting her parents.# The visit may have been due to her mother's illness and Ellen died in 1881. Charles died in 1886, seemingly in Winvanton - possibly he moved there to live near one of his daughters (would have to be Emily or Mary) - but see death of brother William next.

2a1Aiii) William Hockey Chr. 19 Aug 1817 Butleigh, agricultural labourer, died 1899 (Mar Q 5c/336 Wells) 41-10, 51-24, 61-48, 71-72

William married in 1847 and moved into High Street No. 12/14 where his parents and he had previously lived. In 1851 William (34) appeared with his with wife Rebecca (30) and son William. In 1861 William was now a gardener and still lived with Rebecca and son William, who has become an agricultural labourer. He took part in the Butleigh riot of 16th Oct 1866 [dispute between Ann Higgins and Pamela Willcox and Jane Higgins]. He is probably the William Hockey who was acting as a beater when accidentally shot in the back of the head by Captain Sandford on 21 Oct 1863 [Western Gazette 31 Oct 1863].

In 1871 William, Rebecca and William still lived together and both men were labourers. Rebecca died in 1872 aged 51 and William married the widow of Thomas Martin (d. 1872), Elizabeth Martin (b. 1822, d.o. John Davis) in 1872. In 1881 Elizabeth lived alone in Glastonbury while William was probably the W. Hockey in Somerset and Bath Lunatic Asylum, Wells in 1881. In 1891 Elizabeth was in Street with Ann Tinney lodging. Her husband William died in 1899.

By the next census, 1881 William junior lodged with Richard Walter at 'Late Keepers'. He is absent from the 1891 census and died unmarried in 1892 aged 45. He is probably the William Hockey who was involved in the accidental drowning of Richard John Austen Oram aged 17 in the River Bruw at Butleigh -a deep pool called 'Meetings'. [Western Gazette 17 Jul 1885]. William had tried to save him and was later recommended for his bravery.

2a1B) Stephen Hockey Chr. 20 Feb 1785 Butleigh, labourer, s.o. Stephen and Hannah Hockey, died in 1860 (Dec Q 5c/387 Wells)

Stephen junior's wife received militia Volunteer money from the OOP in June and July 1805. For October 1st 1815 there is an OOP entry for payment 'to the carriage of a load of turf for Stephen Hockey called the 2nd poor' – and again in Nov 1816. Stephen carried ten loads of turf for the OOP in Oct 1818.

The couple lived in Benedict Street, Glastonbury in 1851. Previously in 1841 they had lived in Glastonbury with four of their children and a few doors away was their son Stephen Hockey. Stephen married Ann Granfield (b. 1813 Westbury) on 22 May 1838 (Jun Q 10/809 Wells) and in 1851 they lived in Stonehill, Street with their five children. They emigrated to Wellington, New Zealand around 1854 where two more children were born. Ann died 17 Aug 1882 in Marlborough and Stephen died 14 Jul 1897 Blenheim, New Zealand.

It is possible that it was this Mary Ann Hockey who married Joseph Jeanes in 1845 (Sep Q 10/625 Langport) # Stephen died in 1860 and Catherine then lived in 1861 with her daughter Honor who had married William Henry Fox in 1847 (Jun Q 10/805 Wells) but he died and in 1866 (Dec Q 5c/979 Wells) she married William G. Clark. Catherine who still lived with her daughter in 1871 died in 1872 aged 90.

A Harreitt Hockey witnessed the marriage of Charlotte Hockey b. 1811 to James Edgar on 31 Aug 1825 Holy Trinity, Street. Charlotte Edgar gave her birthplace as Butleigh in 1851.

2a2) John Hockey Chr. 5 Jan 1760 Butleigh, buried May 1788

In Feb 1782 the OOP paid for Jean Withers to be examined at East Pennard and then for her and John Hockey 'ye younger' to be taken to Evercreech to obtain a bastardy order and second examination of Jean. The child Richard Withers was Chr. 22 Jan 1782. The OOP paid aid to John Hockey's child from Feb 1782 – 1796 and then onwards as John Hockey's son. John Hockey was paid assistance by the OOP several times in 1788 and in May they paid for his coffin. In May 1788 when this John died an Elizabeth Hockey's goods were transported elsewhere and she received relief until 1790 when they buried her (paid for in April) and relief was then paid only to John Hockey's children. The OOP paid for the delivery of her child in 1788 (in the May account and duplicated in June a/c). An Elizabeth Hockey had her rent paid in 1788/89, 1789/90, 1790/91 (see Aug '88, paid to Thomas Cook) then assistance paid to Elizabeth Hockey's children until Feb 1802 when one of the daughters was buried at the OOP expense (Anne). In May 1796 Hockey's son had been taken to the Crown Inn, Wells. Payments continued for Betty alone as 'John Hockey's daughter' An Elizabeth Hockey had her rent paid by the OOP from 1816. In June 1816 a horse and cart and a man were paid for by the OOP to take Elizabeth's goods to Compton Dundon. In Jan 1817 Elizabeths goods were fetched (back). She was looked after by Jane Gill from February. In Oct 1817 a horse and cart were sent to Butleigh Wootton to remove her and her goods (and Thomas Higgins repaired her spinning turn). From Nov 1817 she was looked after by Mary Higgins and in Nov. 1818 is clearly called Elizabeth, not Betty. Cared for by Jane Gill and in Jan 1818 Elizabeth had a child by Jane's son John Gill who thenceforward paid bastardy pay [Mr. Burge the surgeon paid for delivering the child – in Feb 1818]. In Feb 1818 Elizabeth Hockey [John Hockey's daughter] and John Gill were summoned and a justice meeting held for Elizabeth. She been in the care of John's mother for a year. John began paying bastardy pay in January 1818. John died in 1824 but bastardy paid by OOP up to May 1826. In March 1826 the OOP bought her daughter a pair of shoes. Elizabeth must have been an invalid in some way since she was was still receiving OOP assistance in 1836 when the record ends and was attended by Mary Higgins. [see 2a1 – one Elizabeth dealt with here or two?].

The child of Elizabeth, in Wootton, was often ill and receiving aid in the 1830's.

4) Thomas Hockey Chr. 25 Dec 1798 Butleigh, labourer, s.o. Stephen and Jane, died 1870 (Jun Q 5c/417 Wells)

A Thomas Hockey received his rent from the OOP in 1827. The OOP also paid Jane Gill for delivering his wife in Feb 1827 and his goods were transported to Butleigh in April 1827. Thomas was receiving aid from the OOP at this time while ill. In 1829 almost all the family seem to have been variously ill. In Feb 1830 the OOP paid James Blaker for his (burial) services for child Rhoda. Thomas was often in receipt of assistance in the 1830's. In April 1832 Thomas Hockey paid to lefe (leave) the house! His wife Ann may have been the Ann Hockey receiving aid from the OOP in 1835. Thomas appeared in Glastonbury on the 1841 and 1851 censuses - at Magdalen St. Matilda was called Pauper in '51. Kezia married Samuel Linham in 1852 (Mar Q 5c/903 Wells) and Rhoda married Eli Clothier in 1852 (Sep Q 5c/955 Wells). Eli and Rhoda emigrated to Australia on board the 'Blenheim' in 1857, Rhoda dying in Queensland on 6th June 1898.

In 1861 Thomas lived with his wife Ann plus Matilda and Kezia Linham and three Linham grandchildren in Cart Lane, Glastonbury. He died in 1870. By 1871 Rose Matilda was in the Wells Lunatic Asylum and died in 1873. [a Thomas Hockey married Anne Corpe in West Lydford 11 Jun 1822 - same?]

5) Ann Hockey b. 1799 Charlton Adam, [Chr. 19 Nov 1797 d.o. Thomas and Elizabeth Hockey] bur. 25 Feb 1876 Charlton Adam aged 77 [1875 (Mar Q 5c/336 Langport)] 51-24

An Ann Hockey appears in the OOP accounts in June 1813 receiving aid. In 1841 Ann had lived in Charlton Adam with three very young children while Mary was probably one of the young Hockey children in the High Ham Langport Union Workhouse. Ann Hockey (52), single, and her daughter Mary (15) were visitors at 13, High Street in 1851, the home of John Tripick (33), mason, and his wife Mary Ann. John and Mary Ann Tripick are absent from the 1861 census but appeared in Charlton Adam from 1871.

Ann Hockey who was born in Charlton Adam had returned there by 1861, living alone, but just two doors down from her brother William [Chr. 18 Oct 1804 Charlton Adam s.o. Thomas and Elizabeth Hockey]. In 1871 she lived with her brother William in Charlton Adam and died in 1875. Her daughter Mary probably married - nfi.

DD/S/BT/19/9/1 1] Mary Hockey of Cary Fitzpayne, Charlton Mackrell widow of John Hockey and children George, James and Jane 2] Elizabeth Hockey of Charlton Adam widow of Thomas Hockey decd and daughter Ann Hockey Deed of partition of Easterfield and Haywards, Charlton Adam with their great tithes. 1834

6) Marina Hockey b. 1809 Butleigh

Marina married stonecutter John Clothier at Holy Trinity in Street on 23 Apr 1829 and in 1851 they lived at Stonehill with six children all born in Street.

7) Mary Ann Hockey b. 1821 Somerset 41W-17

A Miriam later Mary Ann Hockey of Wootton was in receipt of OOP assistance from March 1834 – Jan 1836 (record end) – but this is more likely to be the daughter/wife of William Hockey (above) rather than this girl. Mary Ann lodged with Susan Higgins in Wootton Street in 1841. Nfi

8) George Hockey constable

George Hockey's name appears on a slip of paper in the OOP accounts dated June 23rd 1836. It is a receipt for the seven rates of £1 16s 3d per rate £12 13s 9d for County Stock


9) Joshua Hockey b. June 1850, bur. 7 Sep 1850 Butleigh


1) Simon Hoddinott of Kingweston [Chr. 22 Nov 1769 Frome s.o. James and Mary Hoddinott]?

If the above marriage is correct then Simon came from Marston Bigot, Frome.

From 1802 until 1814/15 Simon occupied and farmed the land on Southmoor Ground owned by William Dickinson, previously Clarkes. He was replaced by Lucas and Dyke. The children born before 1803 were all born in Marston Bigot, Frome.

2) John Hoddinott Chr. 25 Apr 1810 Frome s.o. Joseph and Hannah Hoddinott, farmer, churchwarden, bur. 21 Oct 1874 (Dec Q 5c/395 Wells) Butleigh agd 64 51-35, 61-57, 71-80

John Hoddinott had farmed at Frome Selwood in 1841. His first wife was Mira (Miriam) and of their children, Hannah b. 1832, Mary Ann b. 1838, Joseph b. 1840 and Richard b. 1842 were born in Frome while Samuel b. 1844, John b. 1847 and George b. 1849 were born in Butleigh. This must have been after the family had moved into Higher Rockes Farm. Possibly the birth of George caused problems and Mira died in 1849 with the birth of George being registered after her death. John then married Eliza Maidment in 1850 who, in 1841, had lived with her parents in West Bradley - her father was a farmer.

In 1851 John Hoddinott (37) and second wife Eliza (26) had two servants, Lydia Harvey (16) from Frome and Kelap Nicholson (16) from Keinton who worked in the house and on the farm respectively. Their son John was temporarily living in the village with Joshua Hockey. John's brother Henry farmed Lower Rockes' Farm. Hannah married a farmer, Thomas Singer, in 1853 in Bath (Dec Q 5c/1245) and they lived at Warminster Road, Berkley, Frome.

In 1861 John Hoddinott (45) and Eliza (35) lived with Mary A. (22), Joseph (20), Richard (18), Samuel (16), John (13), George (11), Francis b. 1854 and Georgiana Eliza b. 1855. An Eliza Hoddinot (b. 1855 Butleigh) widow, had three daughters in Hereford, Myra (b. 1882) Edith (b. 1884) and Winifred (b. 1886) and, unless this was Georgiana Eliza, it must have been the wife of George, John or Samuel. (a Samuel died in Hereford in 1889). Both John and Richard are also absent from the 1881 census – mother's maiden name not found. In March 1862 John Hoddinot lost a case in court against Joseph Sweet who had made a pair of shoes for 'a girl of very indifferent character' employed by John who then refused to pay for them. The verdict was that he should pay. [Wells Journal 8 Mar 1862].

In 1871 Richard farmed 235 acres at Norton, Herefordshire (Glebe Farm) with his brother John and sister Mary Ann. Mary Ann married farmer Peter Carter (s.o. William Carter Esq of Rudge House, Beckington) in Butleigh on 16 Apr 1861 (Jun Q 5c/993/933 Wells) but by 1871 was already widowed.

By 1871 John (62) was farming 280 acres at Higher Rockes with Eliza (45), Samuel (27), George (21), Frank (17) and Georgiana (15 - nfi). John died in 1874 aged 64. Eliza retired from farming and in 1881 lodged with Eliza Gilbert in Water Lane. Samuel is missing from the censuses after 1871. He may be the Samuel who died in 1889 (Mar Q 6a/44 Hereford) aged 44 which would suggest that after his father's death he may have gone to live with Richard. Frank (Francis) farmed 105 acres at Haviatt, Glastonbury in 1881 with wife Frances Penny [married 1876 Mar Q 5c/773 Wells) and son John (4). They were still there in 1891. By 1901 they had moved to Bowers Hill Farm, Badsey, Evesham, Worcs. In 1911 Frances with his wife and two of his three children farmed at Aston Magna, Moreton in Marsh, Warwicks.

In 1891 Eliza Hoddinott (60) widow was living on her own means, and alone - between No. 18 and the school in the High Street. She went to live with her son Francis who now farmed in Badsey, Worcestershire (1901) where she died in 1904 aged 78.

2a) Joseph Hoddinott Chr. 6 Oct 1839 St. John, Frome, farmer, bur. 18 Nov 1893 (Dec Q 5c/377 Wells) Butleigh 51-35, 61-57, 81-100, 91-120

Joseph married Eliza Creed in 1869 but the first registration may not have been valid since a second was recorded (Jun Q 5c/899 Wells)! There may have been a connection between Elizas family and Joseph's mother since a servant at West Pennard while Eliza lived there with her widowed father (farming 73 acres) was Betsey Maidment from Bradley. Joseph had farmed the Church Farm at Barton St. David with Eliza in 1871. By 1881 Joseph (38), with wife Eliza (38) farmed at Higher Rockes Farm but by 1891 they had transferred to Holman's Farm. In November 1891 Joseph was advertising in the Western Gazette a cure for Coathed sheep [proved since 1879]. Joseph died in 1893 and Eliza surprisingly became a servant making cheese on a farm in Kilmersdon (1901). The livestock from Holman's farm was auctioned off on Tuesday 19th December 1893 by Messrs. Laver & Son of Kingweston. [Western Gazette 165 Dec 1893]

2b) George Hoddinott Chr. 14 Oct 1849 (Dec Q 10/477 Wells) Butleigh, farmer, died 5 Apr, bur. 11 Apr 1887 (Jun Q 5c/353 Wells) Butleigh 51-35, 61-57, 71-80, 81-104

Anna Kate Biggin married George in 1880 and they farmed 220 acres at Lower Rockes Farm in 1881. Their son John was born in 1881 and the future must have seemed bright for George but he died on 5 April 1887 aged 37. The animals, crops and effects of the farm were auctioned off on 1st Dec 1887 [Western Gazette 25 Nov 1887] and Lower Rockes Farm was put out to let [Western Gazette Friday 2 Dec 1887]. His widow moved to Church Lane, East Lydford with her three children where she farmed (1891). George's widow was still in Lydford in 1901 farming Vicarage farm but Mabel Catherine was a boarder at 12, Canonbury Lane, Islington. In 1911 she was a drapers clerk at 1, Westgate St., Gloucester. The Western Gazette 1 Nov 1901 gave notice of a sale of furnishings on 2 Nov at Latchems Cottage, Butleigh where Mrs. G. Hoddinott was giving up housekeeping.

Phyllis was visiting her grandmother Ellen M. Biggin in South Cheriton Street, Horsington in 1891. Jessie Ellen married farmer Percy Robert Ings in 1906 (Dec Q 5c/861 Wincanton) and in 1911 lived at Bratton Farm, BrattonSeymour, Wincanton, with two children.. Phyllis married John Lovell Auston in 1908 (Dec Q 5c/887 Wincanton) and in 1911 live in South Chinton, Templecombe with their daughter Gwendolin (1). John lived with his widowed mother Ann Kate in South Cheriton, Templecombe in 1911 where he was a dairy farmer.

NOTE: An uncertain Jane Hoddinot of Butleigh mentioned in a court case in May 1881 about an unpaid bill [to Rawlings, a mason].

3) Henry Hoddinott Chr. 30 Jan 1825 Batcombe (Bruton), farmer, s.o. John and Maria (nee Butler) Hoddinot, bur. 13 Aug 1874 (Sep Q 5c/354 Wells) Butleigh aged 49 51-30, 61-54, 71-78

Elizabeth Richards had lived with her uncle Thomas in Gape Lane, Street, where he farmed 50 acres in 1851. A report of the marriage in the Bridgwater Times 2 Feb 1854 erroneously calls her Sarah [her sister b. 1827], d.o. the dec'd William Richards.

In 1851 Henry lived alone at Lower Rockes Farm in Compton Street farming 120 acres. He was described as a widower at his marriage to Elizabeth in 1854. By 1861 they had three children. Staying at the house were two relatives; Sarah Hoddinott (12), daughter of his brother George (b. 1821 Witham Friary) and her cousin Mary. Four children were born before 1867 and all of them died - Alice and Emily may have been twins being baptised just a month apart and dying together. In June 1864 Henry came to blows with his neighbours James and Caroline Connock whose cattle he tried to impound when he considered that they were on his property and damaging the river bank. He came off worse – Western gazette 18 June 1864.

In 1871 at the 'Farm House' Compton Street [same as Lower Rockes]. Henry and Elizabeth farmed 229 acres. They had a new child Emily and on census night a visitor, Thomas Richards (b. 1840 Queen Camel), Elizabeth's brother.

Their two sons William and Joseph appeared boarding at the Grammar School in Shepton Mallet in 1871. Then a tragedy strikes when little Emily died in 1872 (Jun Q 5c/401 Wells). Shortly afterwards Henry died in 1874 aged 49 which must have left the family in some straights.

Ellen Louisa then married in 1877 (Sep Q 5c/789 Wells) Robert Maidment, the son of Thomas Maidment, a dairyman of West Bradley. # In 1881 they can be found in Butleigh Wootton at Smithfield Farm. More tragedy struck when her mother Elizabeth died in 1879. William joined his sister at Smithfield farm in 1881 while Joseph became a clerk in Islington and by 1901 he was a Civil Servant, Surveyor for the Inland Revenue in London. He had married Jacqueline Helene Panchaud de Bottens in 1896 (Sep Q 1d/1867 Greenwich). In 1911 they lived at 6, Raynham Ave., Didsbury Manchester with their only child Yvonne Maud Helen (10).

Lower Rockes Farm was taken over by their cousin, George Hoddinot (2b).

DD/S/BT/27/4/36 - Information of Henry Hoddinott, yeoman, overseer of Butleigh concerning the relief of Caroline Barber a pauper.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1852.

4) Emma [nee Toogood] Hoddinot b. 1793 Mere, Wiltshire, widow, died Butleigh, buried 14 Mar 1873 (Mar Q 5c/441 Wells) Frome 71-80

Emma was d.o. William Toogood a farmer at Longleat at the time of her marriage. She married the widower James Hoddinott on 2 Jan 1840 in Frome. In 1841 and '51 Emma was living in Frome with her husband James (a publican in '41, at High Croft farm in '51) son of Joseph Hoddinott. In 1861, as a 'farmers widow' she was in Norton St. Philip visiting Maria Hoddinott, widow (b. 1801 Nunney). Emma lived alone in 1871 in Butleigh village. She died in 1873 aged 80. Her husband James was the older brother of John Hoddinott (2).

5) George Hoddinot [Chr. 2 Aug 1807 Keinton Mandeville, s.o. James and Sarah Hoddinott], d. 1883 (Jun Q 5c/298 Langport)

This couple lived at Somerton in 1841. In 1851 they lived at Street, Isle Brewers with six children. By 1861 George was farming 123 acres at Witcombe Martock with 7 men and 4 boys. In 1871 they still lived in Martock and in 1881 at 28, Queen St., Keinton Mandeville.


1) George Hodge [Chr. 28 Apr?] 1844 Baltonsborough, labourer, mason, s.o. Thomas Hodge (mason), d. 1918 (Mar Q 5c/629 Wells) 71-79