1) Harry Jackson, motor driver

The likely father is the Henry Jackson (b. 1875 Ireland) chauffeur, married to Matilda (b. 1873 Ireland) who in 1911 had two children surviving but no Robert – he must have been one of the three children (of five) who had died by 1911. Probably the Robert George Jackson 'b. 1906' who died 1910 (Jun Q 1d/462 Greenwich). In 1911 these parents lived at 15, Berkeley Mews, St. Marylebone. A Robert George Jackson aged 2 died in 1907 in Sussex and another aged 5 in 1910 in Greenwich.


The early Jacklett and Jones family are often referred to as 'alias' each other, and to try and make sense of them see under Jones


1) William Jacobs [bur. 9 Jan 1785 Baltonsborough?]

2) Esau Jacobs Chr. 7 Aug 1796 Baltonsborough, s.o. Benjamin and Mary Jacobs, died 5 Feb 1881 (Mar Q 5c/421 Wells) 41-9

In 1841 Esau Jacobs 40, farmer and his wife Grace with children Elijah, Alfred, Elizabeth and Sarah lived at Parsonage Farm [Court/Home Farm] in Compton Street. Esau is confirmed as the occupant on the Tithe map of 1844 in being at Court Farm. Grace died in 1848 and Esau went to live in Pilton (1851). He married Fanny Brown in 1852 and they are found together in Street in 1871. Esau and Fanny both died in 1881.

Elijah seems to be the person b. Hornblotton who farmed 87 acres in Sutton Montis in 1851, married to Ann Haine (Chr. 2 Jun 1824 Edgarley, d.o. Thomas Haine - married 26 May 1846 (Jun Q 10/825 Wells) West Pennard) and whose first sons (of nine children) Frederick and Jacob Haine were born in Baltonsborough. In 1851 Frederick stayed with his grandmother Ann Haine (b. 1787 Glastonbury) at West Pennard. In 1861 he farmed 150 acres at Yeovilton. Alfred is absent from the censuses. Elizabeth married Robert Churchouse in 1848 (Mar Q 10/779 Wells)

4) Mary Jacobs b. 1826 Pennard [Chr. 26 Mar 1826 d.o. Benjamin and Adria Jacobs?] 41-4, 51W-38

Mary was a servant at the home of Daniel Bartlett at Corville in 1841. may be a relative of Esau and Grace. If so, then the Jacobs were related to Ann Bartlett who occupied Rowley Farm (Butleigh Wootton) in 1851 since Mary Jacobs stayed with her and is listed as her niece. She may also be the Mary Ann Jacobs b. Baltonsborough who was housekeeper at 17, High Street, St. Lawrence, Southampton in 1871. #

5) Ernest Augustus Jacob b. 1854 (Mar Q 5c/631 Wells) Baltonsborough, Public House manager, s.o. Thomas and Hester Jacob, d. 1907 (Jun Q 6a/60 Bristol)

Ernest appeared in 1861 boarding at the schoolhouse in Baltonsborough with his brother John. In 1871 the two lived with their parents in West Town Baltonsborough where his father farmed 90 acres. Emma Weaver had lived in Butleigh High Street and appeared there on the Butleigh censuses for 1861/71. She married Ernest in 1879. In 1881 they are found living at 3, Mill Street, Baltonsborough where Ernest was renting cows and selling milk'. In the Bristol Mercury 20 Jul 1887 there is notice that Ernest Augustus Jacob of Butleigh, formerly innkeeper now out of business was to appear at a first meeting Jul 28th Official Receiver's Bristol, public examination August 9 Wells Town Hall. The Bristol Mercury of 29th July added that he lately resided at the Albert Inn, Street, now of Butleigh and showed that he owed creditors a total of £231 0s 6d. He blamed bad trade and heavy expenses and the Official Receiver commented that he had kept no accounts and had been continually losing money at the Albert Inn. He had previously failed in 1880 paying only 1s in the £1. He had had all his effect seized and sold under a distress for rent including furniture which Ernest had alleged was the property of his father-in-law.

In 1891 Ernest ran the "Rising Sun" in Stanton Drew, Som., and must have only recently arrived there from Butleigh. By 1901 they had moved to 93, Thomas St., St. Mary Redcliffe, Bristol where Ernest was a Broker's bailiff and Emma a grocer. Percival and William were both called 'motormen'. By 1911 bus driver Percival headed the family and his mother Emma was a widow living with him plus his grandfather James Weaver.

William Thomas was still single in 1911, working for the tramways, and lodged at 2, Springfields valley, London Rd., St. Leonards on Sea, Hastings. Eva might be the barmaid working at the Ship Hotel, West St., Banwell, Weston super Mare in 1911, though she gives her p.o.b. as Pensford, Som.


1) Edward Jakeman b. 1857 (Mar Q 3a/542 Bicester) Chesterton, Oxon, farm manager, s.o. Isaac and Sophia [Letitia?] Jakeman, d. 1933 (Sep Q 2c/167 Petersfield, Hamps) 01-133

In 1881 Ada Cave had lived with her brother and sister at the farm house, Merton, Oxford where her brother George farmed 353 acres. She married Edward Jakeman later in 1881. In 1901 the Jakeman family lived at Parsonage Farm and Edward managed the estate. On 6 April 1900 in the Western Gazette they advertised for a general servant in the farm house. Edward and Ada had come from Bicester, Kings End, Oxfordshire where Edward had been an estate manager (Bignell Estate) in 1891. In Kelly's Directory of 1902 Edward is listed as farm bailiff to Robert Neville-Grenville. In 1911 they are found at Bakers, Halse, Taunton where Edward was the Farm bailiff.


A) Frances James? married Butleigh 22 Mar 1619 Thomas Burdham #

1) Christopher James died 1675

Christopher appears on the list of commoners for 1672 – together with Henry and John. He paid rates 1673-5 and was 'the late Christopher' in 1677 when his property was taken over by Richard Hellyer. OOP

2) Henry James died 1683/4

Henry was on the commoners list for 1672 and paid rates from 1673 – 1683 being 'the late Henry' in 1685. He was Overseer in 1673. In 1678 he had paid rates jointly with John James in South Moor and they were still doing so in 1681 -3 but in 1684, after Henry's death the rates were paid by John James junior & Margaret James. In 1685 John James junior paid the South Moor rates until 1695 after which date the epithet is dropped. OOP

2a?) John James junior [born post 1642 or conflated with 3a?]

This John, called junior, paid rates from 1681-98. He paid rates in South Moor 1684-1708 and was Overseer of the Poor 1682 and churchwarden in 1689.

3) John James

In 1680 a warrant was taken out by the OOP concerning a Mary James.

DD/S/BT/4/5/2 - 1] Thomas Symcockes of Butleigh 2] John James of Butleigh, husbandman Lease for lives of Woolswood (5a), Butleigh. Rent 2s and suit of court.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1642.

3a) John James senior Chr.16 May 1641 Butleigh, bur. 10 Nv 1724 Butleigh

John James appears on the list of commoners in 1672. He paid rates from 1673 until 1725 then in 1726 the rate was paid by Joane James and John Mores [his grandson] and in 1727 by John Mores and John Weekes. He was churchwarden in 1715 and overseer of the poor in 1720. In 1700 James had an apprentice (the OOP paid him £1 10s 0d).

In 1733 rates paid by Mr. Samuel James and, adjoining, Joane James. In 1736 Jone James seems to have been at a different property, separated from that of Sam James. Joane paid rates up to 1741 according to the OOP – Samuel James paid rates up to 1751/2.

DD/S/BT/6/5/20-22 - yeomen, Thomas Samm of Butleigh, whitebaker, John James and James Chapman of Butleigh yeomen, Samuel Sweet of Butleigh carpenter, Humphrey Colmer and John Kelway of Butleigh, yeomen, Joan Difford of Butleigh, John Vagg of Butleigh, husbandman and Edmund Date: 1706.

DD/S/BT/5/6/11 1] John Helyar of Yeatly, Hants., and wife Christian, William Helyar of East Coker 2] John James of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of 4.5a pasture at Outer Horses, Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1562).. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS Date: 1706.

DD/S/BT/14/2/12 1] John James of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Humphrey Colmer the elder, white baker Assignment of bakehouse converted to dwelling in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1720.

DD/BR/ho/32 - Land, orig. belonging to Haymes of Baltonsborough, passing ultimately to Allen of Compton Dundon. Copy wills, John James of Butleigh, 1724; Samuel James of East Harptree, gent., 1748; Jacob James of East Harptree, maltster, 1767..

DD/S/BT/5/6/12 1] John More of Butleigh, grandson of John James decd 2] Dame Edith Phelips of Montacute 3] John Weekes of Butleigh, yeoman and Edward Slade of Wells, grocer Assignment of mortgaged 4.5a pasture at Outer Horses, Bean Horses and Bolster (9a) and 3a of inclosed Date range: 1726 - 1727.

DD/S/BT/11/2/16 - 1] Joan James of Butleigh, widow of John James and William Stock 2] William Strode of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of a messuage north of Nodway, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1727.

DD/S/BT/8/7/17 1] Joan James of Butleigh 2] Thomas Brice 3] John Smithfield of Butleigh Wootton, yeoman Assignment of mortgage of 3a in Southmoor, Henly (3a) and Darksham (1a), Butleigh [DD/S/BT/8/7/15-19 tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT Date: 1736.

3x) Samuel James of East Harptree

In 1733 rates paid by Mr. Samuel James and, adjoining, Joane James. In 1736 Jone James seems to have been at a different property, separated from that of Sam James. Joane paid rates up to 1741 according to the OOP – Samuel James paid rates up to 1751/2. In Street a Joan James of East Harptree was buried 26 Apr 1727.

See (3a). A Samuel s.o. Samuel James bur. East Harptree 15/16 Aug 1751 but the Samuel bur. 2 Feb 1748 seems to be more likely? A probable son of John James.

DD/BR/ho/32 - Land, orig. belonging to Haymes of Baltonsborough, passing ultimately to Allen of Compton Dundon. Copy wills, John James of Butleigh, 1724; Samuel James of East Harptree, gent., 1748; Jacob James of East Harptree, maltster, 1767..

4) Ursula James wife of John bur. 23 May 1667 Butleigh (uncertain which John)

5) Joseph James died 1683/4

Joseph paid rates from 1677-1683 and was followed by John James of Street in 1684 then the property was 'the late Joseph James' from 1685, sometimes late Joseph James of Street.. A Joseph James married Margaret King in Street on 2 Apr 1663.

6) Thomas James of Street, bur. 15 Dec 1726 Street

The OOP records 1726/7 'pd towards the charges about the death of Thomas James of Street in watchers of the corps one night meat drink bringing down the corps to the Whit Horse Inn coroners fees beere ale and syder drunk by the coroner and jury in all, £1 18s 11d'. Possibly the Thomas s.o. Thomas and Margery Chr. 31 Jul 1662 Street?

7) George James

George paid rates in 1707 and 1708. OOP – nfi.

8) Frances James

In 1704 the OOP paid 2 shillings to carry Frances James' boy out of the Parish to Ditcheat. Frances must have remained because in 1711-17> they were paying her house rent plus shoes. She also received Rocke and Symcockes bequest money (for the poor) at several times. In 1718 she received a gown an a change (OOP). She was paid for washing Sarah Gane when the latter was sick. In 1719 she received wood, a coat and house rent. In 1720 she received a year's relief and house rent. In 1721 there was some case concerning the prosecution (?) of Frances by Alexander Day. From 1722-1730+ Frances received relief each year and rent from the OOP plus occasional shoes, clothes or wood etc. In 1731 she received 55 weeks relief and was bought a 'change'.

9) Mary James Chr. 17 Jul 1831 Pamphill, Dorset, nurse, d.o. Stephen and Ann James 51-30

In 1841 Mary lived at Wimborne Minster with her parents and grandmother Sarah James. Mary James worked at the Vicarage in the High Street in 1851. She probably married before the next census.

10) Elizabeth James b. 1840 Charlton Adam, Servant, d.o. Charles and Elizabeth James 61-54

Elizabeth worked at Lower Hill Farm in 1861. In 1851 she had lived with her parents in Charlton Adam where her father was a labourer.

11) Giles James b. 1845 Allowenshay, Som., constable, [d. 1917 (Sep Q 6a/33 Bristol) aged 72] 81-101, 91-126

In 1871 Giles, a member of the Somerset Constabulary, lived in Long St., High Ham with his wife Matilda and children Fanny and Charles. Matilda died in 1872 aged 37 and Giles married Margaret in 1874. In 1881 Giles (36) and his wife Margaret (37) lived in Butleigh with their children Fanny Jane (13), Charles W. (11), Elizabeth A. (9), Ida A. (5), Lucy A. (3) and Florence Matilda (b. Butleigh 1879). Their son Charles may be the domestic servant lodging in 39, Charles St., Mayfair in 1891. [a daughter b. 19 July 1888 at Butleigh Wootton to a Mr. James may be this couple]. In the 1880's P.C. Giles James name appears in several newspaper reports about minor criminal cases in the Butleigh area – he seemed particularly fond of apprehending tramps, people sleeping rough and drunks. He also appears winning prizes in Flower Shows. He was badly assaulted in the riot in Glastonbury during a Liberal Meeting [Western Gazette 20 Dec 1889].

In 1891 the family lived at No. 66 Oddway. Giles (46) lived with his wife Margaret (47) plus children Elizabeth A. (19), Ida Anna (15), Lucy A. (13), Florence M. (11) and Mary Louisa (b. 1882). Giles retired to Claverhain Rd., Yatton by 1901 with his wife plus Mary Louisa, who was a school teacher by then. In 1911 Giles was again a widower and lived with daughters Florence and Mary Louisa in Claverham Rd., Yatton,. Giles name often appears in cases brought before the Somerton Petty Sessions.

Elizabeth A. was a 'general help' at Clay Hill Farm, Cannington in 1901 and Florence was an elementary school teacher boarding in Avon Mill Lane, Keynsham (home of Samuel Grimes, grocer's assistant). Fanny Jane married Henry Thomas a widower and stonemason in Butleigh on 28 Jul 1891 (Sep Q 5c/741 Wells).#

Ida Anna married clerk Edward Wallace Gregory ( b. 1875 Claverham) in 1898 (Sep Q 5c/1173 Bedminster). Florence seems to have married in 1911 (Dec Q 5c/1387 Long Ashton).

12) George James b. 1827 Binegar, Railway pointsman, s.o. Thomas and Ann James 61W-65

George was a dairyman in Butleigh Wootton in 1861 with his wife and first five children. By 1871 the family lived in Northload Bridge, Glastonbury. The older boys were general labourers. In 1881 John and Edward still lived with their parents at Northload Bridge while Sarah was a servant in the house of farmer Robert Hunt in Bove Town, Glastonbury. In 1901 Sarah was a servant at "West-Ville", Beckford, Gloucs. And in 1911 a cook at Crowley House, Bury Cross, Alverstoke, Hamps.

Ann was visiting her grandparents Thomas James (61) and Ann (61) in Gurney Slade village, Ashwick in 1861. She married railway guard Edmund Heard (b. 1856 Oakford Devon) in 1883 (Dec Q 7b/558 Nottingham) and they lived in Walsall foreign, Staffs in 1891. In 1911 Annie, widowed, lived at 3, Arundel St., Walsall with her two unmarried daughters.

Edward in 1901 was a railway carpenter's labourer and lived in four rooms at Northload Bridge, Glastonbury with his wife Emma Jane Martin (b. 1858 Devon) who he had married in 1882 (Dec Q 5c/1006 Wells), plus five children and his brother Albert Ernest (33) a groom. In 1911 Edward is found as a visitor at 5, Prospect Place, Highbridge (fellow railway company worker).

13) William George James b. 1853 Galhampton baker, 'of Butleigh', s.o. Robert (a driver) and Jane James

At the time of his wedding William's Parish was given as Butleigh. In 1881 he and his family lived at 2, Middle Furlong, Baltonsborough. In 1861 William lived with his parents and three siblings at Gallhampton, North Cadbury. By 1891 the family lived at Parbrook, West Bradley

14) Frank James b. 1858 Taunton gardener

Elsie lived in 1901 with her parents and four siblings at Quaperlake St., Bruton. Her father was a gardener and before Elsie's birth had worked in Shapwick but by 1891 was at this address in Bruton. Elsie seems to be the cook in service at 24, New Park Rd., Bournemouth in 1911. Western Gazette 27 Jul 1888 states Elsie was born at Butleigh Wootton.

15) John James b. 1801 Taunton, servant, gardener

In 1841 the family lived in Reckleford, Yeovil and Ellen had an older sister Mary. By 1851 they lived at Cherry orchard, Hackney Middlesex where Ellen is also described as having been born at Redlands, Gloucestershire.


A) Thomas Jarmanwitnessed Butleigh will of Avice Kytes in 1555

1) Emanuel Jarman b. 1771, sojourner, d. Keinton Mandeville, bur. 9 Apr 1837 Barton St. David

From 1796 – 1805/6 a 'Jarman' paid rates on Kings Sedgemoor Ground – no forename given – the occupiers varied.

William Jarman, a gardener, living in Barton St. David in 1841 (aged 41) with wife Jane and three children, Mary Ann, Elizabeth and Emanuel, seems to be the William above. In 1861 he worked as a gardener in Edington and gave his pob as Butleigh. His son Emanuel Jarman (b. 1829, s.o. William and Jane) married Sarah Periam of Butleigh in 1850.# George married Mary Bryan in Barton on 24 Jan 1832. Emanuel married Sarah and lived in Street [children baptised in Barton St. David]. The Mary Jarman next may have been a sister since her husband was a gardener and they migrated to Edington as well.

2) Mary Jarman b. 1797 Butleigh [d. 1806 (Mar Q 5c/326 Bridgwater) aged 76]?

Mary married 26 Apr 1820 Somerton Thomas Stower of Charlton Mackrell (b. 1799 Charlton) and they had three daughters, Elizabeth, Harriet and Ann. In 1841 they had lived with daughter Harriet [Chr. 20 Apr 1823 Charlton Mackrell] at Edington, Moorlinch [Stoward on census]. As a widow of gardener Thomas [died 1847 (Mar Q10/309 Bridgwater - Storey)] she lived Edington in 1851, and in 1871 with nephew (Brake) and niece (Hurley).

3) George William Jarman b. 1874 (Sep Q 5c/408 Wells) Bridgwater, candle manufacturer, s.o. Charles and Mary Jane Jarman.

George's father was a Tallow Chandler and farmer of 69 acres in 1881. He had three sisters. Absent from the 1891 census. In 1901 Fanny Jarman lived at No. 1, Northfield, Bridgwater with her candle manufacturing husband and one-year old son George.


Jervice, Jarviss

1) Morish Jarvice

Uncertain forename – paid rates from 1674-8 then from 1683 – 1716 and then (hard to distinguish whether Mr. or Mistress) up to 1737 after which it was late Jarvices and then John Lymbry of Compton Dundon. Not a common name – a Maurice Jarvais Chr. 30 Jun 1718 North Cadbury s.o. Maurice Jarvais. show its use in this area during this period and a Mary Jervis Chr, 12 Sep 1691 Doulting d.o. Morris Jervis.

DD\SAS\C/795/SE/125/5 Butleigh Sketch plan of 'Jervises Hills' in the par. of Butleigh. [Paper doct.] 1810

2) David Jarviss

David paid rates on 'late Ralph's' from 1815, called 'late Diffords' and 'Fishwell' from 1817 – 1823 (latterly with occupier J. Connock).

A David Jarvis of Stoke Trister married a Mary Higgins at East Lydford on 2 April 1812 [witness William Higgins]. A David Jarvis was Chr. 10 Oct 1779 Doulting s.o. John and Sarah Harvis – link to the last family? Possibly this same David Jarvis, now of West Lydford, married Susan Tucker in Somerton on 7 Aug 1821 [Witnesses Mathew and Jane Day]. A David aged 53 was buried 16 Dec 1834 in Wincanton.

Jeans Jeannes


1) Joseph Jeans Chr. 2 Jun 1822 Long Sutton, labourer s.o. William and Maria Jeanes 51-27

Joseph Jeans (27) and wife Mary A. (45) lived with children William and Anna Maria in Oddway in 1851. Mary and the children were born in Butleigh but Joseph came from Long Sutton and returned there with his family by 1861. They were still there in 1871 though William had left and seems to be boarding at the Farm House, Long Sutton with John and Ann Wool – thereafter nfi. Maria married Thomas Callow in 1873 (Dec Q 5c/811 Langport). #

2) William Jeanes b. 1829 Mudford, agricultural labourer d. 1895 (Mar Q 5c/427 Wells) aged 66

This may be the Elizabeth Baker who was a servant in Kingweston in 1841. From 1851, this family lived at Barton, in 1861 address given there as Keinton Road. In 1881 William was a widower living alone at 8, Butleigh Rd., Barton St David.

3) Thomas Jeanes b. 1831 Long Sutton [Chr. 21 May 1826 s.o. Henry and Hariot Jeanes?], servant 51W-41

Thomas worked at No. 1, Sedgemoor Farm for Edward Mogg in 1851. In 1861 he lived at Wearne with Ann and their two children. By 1871 Thomas and wife Ann lived at Wagg, Huish Episcopi with three children and were still there in 1881.

4) George Jeans b. 1829 Clapham, Surrey 51-23

George lodged with William Windsor in Compton Street (No. 6) in 1851. He married Eliza Reed (b. 1829 Glastonbury) in 1851 (Sep Q 10/693 Wells) and by 1861 they lived with their daughter Emily in Glastonbury, where he was a mason. In 1871 they lived at 105 Columbia Square, Hackney Road, Bethnal Green, London.

5) Walter John Jeanes b. 1884 (Sep Q 5c/378 Bridgwater) Ashcott, carter [Walter John Jeynes d. 1960 (Sep Q 9a/15 Hereford) aged 75?]

In 1911 Walter, Mary and their young daughter Dorothy lived in four rooms at 27, Butleigh Wootton together with their nephew George Tucker (b. 1898 (Mar Q 5c/322 Bridgwater) Charlynch, s.o. James and Angelina Tucker) who worked as a plough boy.


1) Mary Jeffery/Leversuch b. 1795 Baltonsborough, bur. 15 Feb. 1873 (Dec Q 5c/359 Wells) Butleigh 51-25, 71-72

In 1841 Mary lived with Emanuel Jeffery [wife Mary], carpenter aged 91, in Baltonsborough who was presumably her father or father-in-law. In 1851 and again in 1871 she lived with her daughter (granddaughter on 1871 census) Elizabeth Lye - at Keepers Lodge. She was missing in 1861. She was described as both unmarried and 'widow'. In Baltonsborough there was a family Jeffery alias Levensuch and an Emanuel Jeffery/Levensuch Chr. 10 Sep 1786 [Leversuch – s.o. Emanuel and Mary] was bur. there 28 Feb 1867. An older Emanuel witnessed several Baltonsborough marriages in the 1780's. The younger Emanuel is probably the person Emanuel Leversuch who married Mary Nush (?) of West Pennard in Baltonsborough on 8 Dec 1806. This Mary is most likely the daughter of Emanuel [the elder] and Mary Chr. 25 Dec 1794 – as Leversuch – and Elizabeth her illegitimate child. In PR records the alias read as either Leversuch or Levensuch.

2) Matilda Jeffery/Leversuch Chr. 24 Aug 1834 Baltonsborough, d.o. William and Pruella Jeffery [alias Levensuch] 51-25

Matilda was a servant at Moorhouse in 1851. She was with her parents in Baltonsborough in 1841. Nfi

3) John Jeffery/Levensuch Chr. 4 Apr 1830 [Levensuch] Baltonsborough, Police constable, s.o. Gracious and Jane Jeffery (died Mar 1848)

Charlotte had lived with her parents in Compton Dundon in 1841 and 1851. Her sister Caroline Martin was in service in Butleigh in 1841 and sister Elizabeth in 1851, and her parents appeared there in 1861.

After their marriage the couple lived in 'Instreet No. 13', Witham Friary with four children. In 1871 the family lived in Kilmington Lodge, Kilmington in 1871 - with five children.

4) William Jeffery b. 1834 Brighton, Suffolk, whitesmith from London

In 1871 the family lived at 62, Cleveland St., St. Pancras, Tottenham Court, London and had a visitor, Eliza Talbot (b. 1859 Butleigh, d.o. James, her neice).

5) Eliza Jeffery (Jefferies) b. 1820, bur. 19 Nov 1840 (Dec Q 10/324 Wells) Butleigh a sojourner - nfi

6) R. S. Jefferies Merchant Seaman R767439 on register 19 Jun 1945 [BT 372/2449/83]


1) James Jelly Chr. 5 Jun 1784 Frome, St. John, clothier, s.o. James and Jane Jelly of Frome Selwood

In 1818 the family lived at Gentle Street, Frome as did James' brother William.. In 1841 Maria was a widow and lived in Frome with Hester Cox. Her sister Hannah had married William Jelly of Frome, (James' probable brother) in Butleigh on 19 Aug 1819, with James as a witness. In 1851 she lived in Barton St. David with Thomas Gould, her nephew, and was his housekeeper. A nephew of Thomas Gould, Charles dauncey b. 1836 Barton St. David, also was there in 1851. A James Jelly born 1812 Frome, probable son of James (b. 1784) lived in Barton St. David and in 1851 was an Innkeeper married to a girl from Street.

In 1861 Maria was in Gentle Street, Frome with her unmarried daughter Ann (42) and son John (38) both of whom had been born in Frome.

1a) John Jelly Chr. 20 Apr 1816 Frome, pedlar, rag gatherer, died 1887 (Mar Q 5a/58 Marlborough)

This seems to be the John Jelly appearing in Frome in 1841 and giving pob in 1851 and 1861 as Frome. John lived at the "Coach & Horses", Bath Road, Marlborough in 1871 (pob Butleigh) with his wife Mary (b. 1823 Badbury, Wilts). In 1881 he gave his pob as Butleigh again when he lived at Five Alls Terrace, Marlborough with Mary (dob 1811) - he was by then a coal merchant and his wife a pedlar.

2) William Jelly Chr. 1 Mar 1795 Frome St. John the Baptist, clothier, s.o. James and Jane Jelly

Brother of James.In 1841 the widowed William lived with seven of his children (the oldest Elizabeth b. 1819) in Marston Back Lane, Frome Selwood. A Hannah who d. 1841 (Mar Q 10/270 Frome) may have been a daughter of this couple?


1) William Jenkinns

Child: John bur. 2 Oct 1587 Butleigh

2) Joanna Jenkins bur. 9 Jun 1606 Butleigh


1) John Jennings [Chr. 18 May 1705 Ditcheat s.o. John Jennings?] bur. 10 Sep 1766 Ditcheat [?]

2) Henry Jennings b. 14 Sep 1805, Chr. 6 Oct St. Mary, Marylebone, schoolmaster, printer, s.o. Richard and Mary Jennings

In 1827 Henry engraved a version of the Lord's Prayer which depicts Butleigh Church before the Neville and Hood additions were constructed. Lords Prayer

In 1851 this family had lived at Hinton & Whistley, Berks where Henry was a schoolmaster and Maria a 'servant' at home. In 1851 Emma was a servant at Twyford, Hinton & Whistley, in the home of Leonard Rudd, the Curate of St. Mary's. In 1861 Maria was still at home with her parents. In 1871 this family lived in the High Street Hurst, Berks. The father was an unemployed printer and Maria was a laundress. By 1891 Emma, single, was a servant at Highwood House, Hendon, Middlesex (though 'sick') while her sister Maria lived at 11, Waterloo Place, Newbury Berks with her brother Richard (61), a grocer's porter. In 1901 Emma still lived with her brother Richard, at 3, Brighton Terrace, Newbury - and he was still working as a porter aged 70!


1) Mr. JethauerMr. Ryall paid his bill in Feb 1810.


1) Timothy Jill married Butleigh 30 Jun 1628 Elizabeth Lye [PR error for Gill?]


A) Thomas Johnsonwitnessed the will of Edith Seymer in 1566

1) Thomas Johnson of Shapwick, soapboiler and tallow chandler

In 1743 Thomas began paying rates in succession to Edward Chaplen – up to 1747/48 after which he is the 'late Mr. Johnson'. This remained the case until 1767 when Elizabeth Johnson 'or occupiers' pay the rates, sometimes Mrs. Johnson. In 1779 Elizabeth Johnson, widow, paid the rates, then from 1779/80 the property belonged to James Grenville. From 1776 the occupier of Elizabeth's estate was John Periam, yeoman and he acted as Overseer on her behalf. [no BMD found in Shapwick]. The son Thomas may be the person who occupied the property belonging to Mrs. Penney from 1803.

On 18 Jul 1784 a Thomas an an Elizabeth, both children of. Thomas and Ann Johnson were christened in Shapwick – three other children also recorded for this couple.

DD/S/BT/9/4/2-3 1] James Grenville of Butleigh 2] Thomas Johnson of Shapwick, soapboiler and tallow chandler Lease in reversion of Moorhouse and 1a, the Common (3a), 6a by house, Newmead (2a), Broadmead (1a), 3yds at Blackthorne, Voley (1a), 2a at Bolster corner in West field, 2a at Sower Down in West field, and 2.5a and 3yds in the East field, Butleigh. Rent 11s. With counterpart. 1740

DD/S/BT/9/4/30 1] James Grenville 2] Elizabeth Johnson widow of Thomas Johnson of Shapwick, Thomas Johnson son of Thomas and Edward Dawbin Agreement to surrender a lease. 1780

2) Humphrey Jensson (Johnson?)

In 1752/3 the OOP paid Mr. Rocke for making the lease for Humphrey Jensson's house.

3) Charlotte Johnson

In July 1808 the OOP paid relief to Charlotte and Betty Penny for lodging and boarding them.

4) Edwin Johnson b. 1836 St. George, Middlesex, Queen's messenger, s.o. James and Eliza Johnson [d. 1884 (Jun Q 1a/327 St. Geo.Hanover Sq) aged 47?]

Edwin was a Queen's Messenger from London. In 1881 he and Sarah lived at 27, Parliament Street, Westminster, where Sarah's sister Annie and brother William lived with them. The family seem absent from the 1891 census. In 1901 a Lilian Johnson b. 1874 was a domestic servant, lunatic, at Somerset & Bath Pauper Lunatic Asylum, St. Cuthberts, Wells – not necessarily this Lilian.

Jones (1)

A) Inigo Jones 1573-1650 architect

John Aubrey visited John Webb at Butleigh Court, who was the recipient of Inigo Jones' drawings, and commented upon his friend's drawing of topographical works.

lnigo Jones wrote a bookk on Stonehenge, published John Webb, his executor, who livedd at Butleigh. The book has the title page: "A Vindication Stonehenge restored: in which the Orders and Rules of Architecture observed by the Ancient Romans are discussed. Together with the Customs and Manners several Nations of the World in matters of Building of greatest Antiquity. Also Historical Narration of memorable actions the in England. John Webb, of Butleigh, in the county of Somerset, Esq. London: Printed by R. Davenport for Tho. Bassett, and are to be sold at his shop under S. Dunstan's Church in Fleet Street. MDCLXV." The book is dedicated to Charles II, and the dedication is dated "Butleigh, May, 1664."

DD/S/BT/21/7/1 - General pardon granted to Inigo Jones. Part great seal.. [Som.Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1625 - 1626.

DD/S/BT/21/7/2 - Probate of Will (1650) of Inigo Jones of St Martin in the Fields, Surveyor of Works to the King and Queen, aged 77.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1650.

WILL OF INIGO JONES. In the name of God Amen. I Jones of the parish of Saint Martin-in-the-Fields in tbe county of Midd's Surveyor of the Works to the late King and Queen's Mat's aged seaventy seaven yeares being perfect health of mind but weak in body doe make and ordeine this last Will and Testament in manner and forme following that is to say - ln primus I commend my soule to Almighty God hoping by the death and passion of my Saviour Christ Jesus to have remission of my sinnes and attaine unto eternall life My body to the earth to be buried in the church of St. Bennett Paule's Wharfe, London For the expences of my funerall I doe appoint one hundred pounds and for the erecting of monument in memory of me to be made of white marble and sett upp in the church aforesaid I doe likewise appoint one hundred pounds Item I give and bequeath to Richard Gammon of the parrish of St Mary Savoy in the county of Midd's aforesaid who married Elizabeth Jones my kinswoman, the some of five hundred pounds and the half of my wearing apparell Item I give and bequeath to Mary Wagstaffe my kinswoman the some of one hundred pounds to be reserved the hands of my Executor hereafter named or Richard Gammon aforesaid to be bestowed as they shall thinke fitt for her preferment either by marriage or otherwise Item I give and bequeath one hundred pounds to be equally divided amongst the five children of the said Mary Wagstaffe which she had by Henry Wagstaffe deceased her late husband to be bestowed for their preferment as shall be thought best fitt by my Executor and Richard Gammon aforesaid And in case any of the said children die before their portion of the said one hundred pounds be disbursed then the part and portion of the child so dying to be equally divided towards the advancement of the other which survive Item I give and bequeath vnto John Damford the parrish of St Martin in the Fields Carpenter the some of one hundred pounds Item I give and bequeath vnto Stephen Page for his faithful service one hundred pounds Item I give and bequeath vnto Ann Webb kinswoman the some of two thousand pounds to be laid out for a jointure for her by my Executor within one yeare after the proving of this my Will Item I give and bequeath to the five children of Executor by the said Ann Webb one thousand pounds Item for all the debt which is due and owing to me for my entertainement and service to the late King and Queene I do thereof bequeath vnto Henry Wicks Esquier Paymaster of the Works the some of fifty pounds to be paid within one month after the said debt shall be' received and the remainder be equally divided between my Executor and Richard Gammon aforesaid Item I give and bequeath vnto the poore of St. Martin's parrish the some of ten pounds to be paid within one month after the proving of this my Will. Item give and bequeath unto the poore of St. Bennett's parish aforesaid the some of ten pounds to be paid within one month after the proving this my Will Lastly I do hereby make ordeine and appoint John Webb of the parrish of St. Martin in the Fields in the County of Midd. (who married Ann Jones my kinswoman) the sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament and Henry Cogan of the said parrish Esquier and Henry Browne of the parrish of St. Mary Savoy aforesaid Esquier to be the Overseers of this my last Will And for their care and paines therein I do hereby bequeath ten pounds apiece to each of them And I doe hereby alsoe make void and of none effect all former wills acts or deeds whatsoever and doe by theis presents declare this to be my last Will and Testament In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and scale the two-and-twentieth day of July Anno Dni one thousand six hundred and fifty – INIGO JONES Signed sealed and delivered by the said Inigo Jones and by him published and declared to be his last Will and Testament in the presence of Henry Browne, H. Cogan, William Bell, William Gape and Godfrey Austinson.

Wee the Keepers of the Liberty of England authority of Parliament do hereby make knowne and give notice vnto all people That upon the four-and-tw entieth day of August in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and fiftie two and before Sir Nathaniel Brent Knt. D'tor of Lawes and Master or Keeper of the Prerogative Court authorized The last will and testament of Inigo Jones of the parish of Martin's-in-the-Fields in the county of Middlesex deceased having at the tyme of his life and death goods ch'ells and debts in several iurisdicons sufficient in this behalfe to found the jurisdicon the Prerogative Court wch will to those presents annexed in commonforme proved approved and sufficient And administracon all and singular the goods ch'ells and debts wch any manner of way concerned the said deceased or his said will is granted and comitted John Webbe the sole and only executor named in the said will hee having first taken oath (as the Act of Court appears) well and truly to administer the same goods ch'tells and debts And to make or cause to be made a true and p'fect Inventory of all and singular the goods ch'tells and debts of the said deceased w'ch shall or may come to his hands possession or knowledge and exhibitt the same as alsoe a faithful acco'pt in and concerning hys administracon vnto ye s'd Prerogative Court when ye shall be assigned or lawfullie called soe to doe w'ch touchinge an Inventory he was presently assigned to performe at or before the last session of Michaelmas terme nexte ensuinge Witness the said Sr Nicholas Brent att London the daie and yeare above menconed. By decree Michael Oldsworth, Regr.[Taken from the original probate (on parchment) in the Butleigh Court Papers]

DD/S/BT/5/5/2 - Certificate that the Will of Inigo Jones was proved on 24 August 1652 by his executor John Webb and that its validity was upheld against the claims of the next of kin Margaret Wagstaffe or Jones, Elizabeth Gammon or Jones and Anne Allot or Dixon.. [Somerset Date: 22 Jul 1653.]

The Keepers of the Liberties of England by authority of Parliament To all to whome these present letters testimoniall shall come, or whome those things hereunder mentioned doo or may any manner of may comonne greeting Wee the keepers of the liberty of England aforesaid doo signifie and make knowne to all and every of you by these presents that having diligently surveyed the registrie of the court for probate of wills and grantinge adams We doo amongst the recordes there faithfully kept, and performed, cleerely find that uppon the four and twentieth day of August in the yeare of our Lord One Thousand six hundred fifty five before the late Sr Nathaniell Brout knight late judge of the late Prorogative court the last will & testament of Inigo Jones late of the Parish of Martins in ye Field in ye County of Midd deceased was proved in due forme of lawe by the oath of John Webb executor of ye said will And probate of ye said will then yssued forth in ye name of ye said John Webb executor aforesaid. And wee likewise find that upon ye three and twentieth day of May in the yeare of Our Lord One Thousand six hundred fifty three before John Ffountaine Thomas Manby, Josias Berners, Charles George Corke, John Rushworth and Sammell Moyer Esquire judges amongst others for probate of wills and granting administracions appointed by act of Parliament entituled an act for probate of wills and granting administracions a diffinitive sentence was given & promulgated for ye validitie and consumacion of ye said last will & testament of the said Inigo Jones deceased The tenor of which said sentence followes in these following wordes that is to say The three and twentieth day of May in the yeare of Our Lord God One Thousand six hundred fifty three before John Ffountaine Thomas Manby, Josias Berners, Charles George Corke, John Rushworth and Sammell Moyer Esquire judges amongst others appointed by act of Parliament for probate of wills and granting administracions acer some testamentary cause was brought to hearing promoted by John Webb executor of the last will & testament of Inigo Jones late whilst he lived of ye Parish of Martins in ye Field in ye County of Midd. Esquire deceased Concerning ye proving of ye said last will and testament of witnesses And Margarett Wagstaffe als Jones, Elizabeth Gammon als Jones, and Anne Allot or Dixon ye neeces & next of kindred to the said deceased in special and all others having, or intending to have any right, title or interest in ye goods chattles and debts of ye said deceased in generall the parties agt whom the said buisines was promoted lately depending before Sir Nathaniell Brent in ye said act of Parliament ….ed at the time of his decease wherein witnessed had bin examined & published and ye …......................................judge And Robert Cooke Thomas Marr as proctors and Ivor Mason as advocate appeared for ye said executor and John Clement appearing for ye said Margarett Wagstaffe als Jones, Elizabeth Gammon als Jones, and Anne Allot or Dixon in special and all others in generall heretofore legally cited and not appearing but contumaciouslyy absenting themselves And ye said judges upon reading ye deposicions of ye said witnesses examined for proofe of ye said last will and due consideracion had of ye same and none of ye said parties (excepting Margaret Wagstaffe) appearing, doe judge them every one of them to be contumacious And finally decree pronounce & declare that ye said Inigo Jones whilst he lived being of perfect mind & memory did make publish & declare his last will & testament in writing exhibited unto ye late prorogation court and alleaged before ye said Sir Nathaniell Brent then judge of ye said court since deceased And that in ye said last will & testament he did nominate & appoint ye said John Webb his executor And did will bequeath & dispose of all things concerning his estate at in or by ye said will contained and expressed And we do further pronounce declare & adiudge yt ye same last will and testament of ye late said deceased oughtto stand & be of full force & effect etc etc etc.

DD/S/BT/21/7/5 - List of material relating to Inigo Jones in the possession of Ralph Neville Grenville including a pocket book found when Butleigh House was demolished and a facsimile of a sketchbook in the possession of the Duke of Devonshire.[appear in sale catalogue of 1946 and now in Somerset Record Office]

DD/S/BT/21/7/4 1] Henry Fane of Bradford, Dors. and Inigo Jones of Bristol, later of Soho 2] Jas Grenville and Richard Gould, devisees of William Ekins Peirs of Wookey decd Quitclaim to a cottage in West Bradley late of William Peirs of Baltonsborough decd. 1776

Jones & Jacklet (2)

A) Edmund Jacklett

Catherine Hodges is a daughter of Edward Jacklet mentioned in the will of Johan Gregory 1550. Edmund/Edward Jacklett?

DD/S/BT/25/5/3 - 1] Sir Edmund Peckham and son George 2] Joan Jacklett daughter of Edmund Jacklett Copy lease for 299 years of a tenement, New Mead (2a), 2.5-a close adjoining, Biggs (4a), Brymsyate (5a), 3a arable in East field and 7a in West field and 2a in West wood, Date: 1562.

1) Thomas Jones bur. 28 Apr 1587 Butleigh

Probably the Thomas Jones who witnessed the Butleigh wills of Robert Adams 1557, Thomas Pyrrie in 1559 and John Astine in 1570. The wife Joanne may be the daughter of Edmund Jacklett.

1a) Thomas Jones

Edith Jacklett married Butleigh 24 Jan 1641 William Sticker.

1a1?) John Jacklett [s.o. John and Mary (nee Fry) Jacklett] or John Chr. 3 Oct 1619 Butleigh and widowed Mary the [second?] wife of Thomas?

Mary married Butleigh 30 Dec 1673 Robert Chant. In the will mentioned below it refers to Dorothy marrying John Jacklett but also daughter Mary Jacklett [Mary Chr. 21 Apr 1605 Street d.o. William Fry]

Jewers note: 33. John Jacklett and Dorothy Frie marr. 27 May 1641. (Mary Frye of Street widow. Will dated 10 March 1650 . To the parish church of Street 3s. 4d., and to the poor 3s. 4d. Son William Frye. Grandchild Mary Jacklett £20. Grandsons Thomas and John Jacklett 40s. each. A chattle lease of 1 acre 1 rood Meadow in Wottons Mead in Butleigh parish for 2000 years to daughter Mary Jacklett during her widowhood, then to her son John Jacklett. Mary Masters 1s. Elizabeth White 1s. A lease of two acres of wood in Butleigh from Robert Hebditch for a great number of years, for the same purpose. Residuary legatee and executor daughter Dorothy Jacklett. Proved 10 Jan 1660. [SPRp.14]

1a1A) Thomas Jacklett [Chr. 9 Jul 1642 Butleigh?] blacksmith/carpenter died 1700

Probably the son of John. In 1673/75 paid for work on repairing Bollter's and Wall Yeates bridges. He was churchwarden in 1673 and Overseer of the Poor in 1682 (called senior – while junior was churchwarden). He appears in the churchwarden's accounts 1672-82 [in 1680 paid 2d towards the building of St. Paul's Cathedral'] and paid rates 1673 – 1700 [was 'late' in 1701]. From 1702 the property was 'late Thomas Jacklet & Hockey', in 1709 becoming Thomas Hockey & John Vagg.

Jewers note: 65. Year 1678. William Fry of Street, yeomam, will dated 7 Aug. 1678. Names Cousin Mary Chaunt; Cousen William Doman of Aller; Cousen Dorothy Sawsur of Othery, Cousen Thomas Jacklett of Wooten in Butleigh is to be residuary legatee and executor. Inventory dated 1 Sept. 1678, total £87-12. (Here we have evidence of the omission of one burial.) [SPRp.33] Uncertain which Thomas this could be

2) Edward Jones alias Jacklett bur. 12 Feb 1592 Butleigh

Maria married Butleigh 26 Apr 1604 Richard Hebditch. Edward Jacklett alias Johanes [Jones] witnessed the will of Edith Seymer in 1566. Edward Jacklett mentioned in the will of Johan Gregory 1550 and his daughter Katherine Hodges [same Edward?]. The Agneta buried 1621 is called widow Jones/Jacklett and is unlikely to be the wife of Edward, the son, next.

2a) Edward Jones Chr. 3 Jan 1585 Butleigh 'the elder'? bur. 9 Mar 1658 Butleigh ?

1627-8 Wells sessions a case was brought against William Jackett of Butley and Valentine Clapp under 5 Elizabeth, 5 Edward VI

1638 Edward was - 'a common badger or kidder to buy wheat or other grain for bread.

Agnes Jacklett married 19 Jan 1635 East Pennard Walter Wilton. Margaret Jacklett married Butleigh 5 Feb 1655 Robert Gosmore of West Lydford. #

C 6/203/72 Short title: Rocke v Jacklett. Plaintiffs: John Rocke and John Rush. Defendants: Edward Jacklett, Mary Batt and Gilbert Wooll. Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset.Document type: two bills, two answers. 1657

2a1) Edward Jacklett/Jones [Chr. 22 Jan 1615 Butleigh] died 1705

Edward was churchwarden in 1684. He was rate payer from 1673 to 1705 ('late' in 1706). In 1686 he took in the pauper Elner Russell and in 1687 in addition the pauper Alice Manfell. In '88 he still had Elner Russel and in 1689 he clothed Elizabeth Clapp and took in Richard Hiett. In 1691 and '92 he had Elner Russell (probably every year – the name of the carer not always specified] and the Howe children. He took in Alice Grimes in 1703 an '04 but died the next year. Ann was overseer of the Poor in 1713 and rate payer in 1714/15. She left her estate to Thomas, son of her brother Richard Abbott.

DD/S/BT/6/6/5 1] John Gregory of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Esther Sam of Butleigh, widow of Thomas Sam, whitebaker Assignment of Jacklett's 2a and Turner's 2a in Westwood, Butleigh. 1710/2

2a2) Thomas Jacklett [Chr. 3 Nov 1616 Butleigh s.o. Thomas and Agnes Jones/Jacklett?] smith, lived at Rowley c. 1653, bur. 28 Dec 1663 Butleigh

DD/S/BT/6/2/4 - 1] John Adams the elder of Butleigh, husbandman 2] Thomas Jacklett of Butleigh, blacksmith Assignment of 1651 lease of 1a inclosed in Butleigh West field.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1662. This Thomas or next?

B) Thomas Jacklett bur. 5 Dec 1672 Butleigh [contemporary of last Thomas]

Thomas paid rates 1672/3 and was then followed as rate payer by 'Widow Rose Jacklet' who paid the rate until 1690/1 [in latter year listed jointly with Humphry Adams]. The property was 'late Rose Jacklett' for the next twenty years and then disappeared. No heir? In 1682 Elizabeth was paid to make an affidavit for the burial of Mary Manfill. (OOP). Thomas was Overseer in 1664.

DD/S/BT/4/2/5 1] Thomas Symcockes, lord of Butleigh manor and others 2] Thomas Jacklett the younger of Butleigh, blacksmith Lease for lives of 3-a close at Biggs, 6a arable at Wickhams Cross in West field and 1a at Bearehill part Callow's tenement, Butleigh. Rent 2s.. Date range: 1647-1648.

DD/S/BT/5/6/5 - 1] Thomas Jacklett or Jones of Butleigh, husbandman 2] George Burdham of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of Biggs (6.5a 1p), Butleigh, part of Peckham lease (1562). [Tied together with DD/S/BT/5/6/6 and 5/6/7]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH Date: 1670.

C) Thomas Jacklett junior died 1708

Probably a contemporary and cousin rather than a son of Thomas (B). This Thomas was churchwarden in 1682 and Overseer of the Poor in 1693. He paid rates from 1673 – 1708 after which the property was rated 'late Thomas Jacklett'. In 1689 The Overseers paid Robert Barnard for George Heiates relife 1s 6d a weake for 50 weakes and Edward Jacklett for Richard Hieates relief 1s 6d a weake for 5 weakes. They also paid Thomas Jacklett £1 10s for clothes for Richard Hieatte when he was bound out to him – probably this Thomas.

E) Grace Jacklett buried 1689 Butleigh (OOP)

In 1690 the OOP records “laid out in horsehyar and exspences for ryding after the crownes and exspences for the Jurie aboute the death of Grace Jacklett.

3) John Jones victualler [widower [no age given] John bur. 31 Jan 1786 Shapwick?]

This John is possibly related to the next and his wife probably a second wife. Their burials could apply to the John and Betty next, but if they are related (uncle and nephew?) this arrangement seems more likely]. In Shapwick a John was having children by a wife Mary until 1747 then in 1754 John had a daughter Jane by wife Betty and further children by her until 1766. They had a son Edward Chr. 13 Jul 1762 Shapwick – possibly (3)? - forename misread?.

DD/S/BT/11/2/29 - 1] John Jones of Butleigh, victualler 2] William Francis of Somerton, innkeeper Mortgage of a messuage and 1/2a in Butleigh. [Above 2 documents tied together].. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1773.

4) John Jones of Shapwick, miller [Chr. 15 Mar 1739/40 Shapwick, s.o. Richard and Jane Jones?][John bur. 29 Jan 1813 Walton aged 74?]

From 1778 John Jones paid rates on property [shared?] with Edward Talbott. His name last appears with Edward's in 1782.

John Jones was paid for looking after Mary Fidhole for 11 days in July 1771 and in August 1771 William Isaacs charges concerning John. In March 1772 this or the last John was paid 3/- for lodging Hester Craft and family. In Aug 1772 the OOP paid the Overseer for bringing this person to Langport. In Feb 1773 he was brought to Langport to face charges again. This was about his illegitimate child Elizabeth (b. 1773) by Jane Colmer. Betty Jones received aid for her family for three weeks in Dec 1773. Warrant and examination paid for for John Jones in Feb 1774. In April 1774 the OOP paid assistance to Jane Far Colmer for her child to that date. In May 1774 Jones paid 6 weeks arrears in bastardy pay and in 1775 the OOP received £4 11s 0d from John Jones in respect of his bastard. Probably this John who served as Tythingman in 1779.

It seems probable that the John who married and lived at Walton was this John's son and therefore the John Jones b. 1739 who died in Walton in 1813 is probably this John rather than the John buried in Shapwick. The Elizabeth buried in 1822 Walton would therefore be Betty his wife [though an Elizabeth aged 84 was also buried in 1819!].

DD/S/BT/12/1/30 - 1] Thomas Gilbert the younger of Glastonbury, carpenter 2] James Grenville 3] Revd Samuel Hood 4] John Jones of Butleigh, miller Assignment of Callow's messuage and 1/2a in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1764.

DD/S/BT/13/1/24 - 1] James Board of Ilchester, yeoman 2] Edward Talbot the elder of Butleigh, yeoman 3] John Jones of Shapwick, miller 4] James Grenville of Butleigh Assignment of Callow's messuage and lands in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS Date: 1781.

5a?) John Jones b. 1770 [ Chr. 4 Aug 1773 Butleigh] Butleigh, agricultural labourer buried 15 Apr 1854 (Jun Q 5c/385 Wells) Walton.

Ann's abode at marriage was Glastonbury. This couple lived in Walton in 1841 and at Barracks, Walton in 1851. If the above genealogy is correct then John's father came from Shapwick.

6) Richard Jones [abode at marriage, Chilcompton] a Richard Chr. 25 Jun 1772 Walcot, s.o. Isaac and Elizabeth?

Mary Champion may be related to the William Champeny b. 1781 Wedmore [whose daughter Ann married into the Ryall [Ralls?] family and emigrated to America]. A Mary Champion Chr. 29 Apr 1767 Wedmore d.o. Stephen and Mary Champion of Blackford.

7) William Jones b. 1816 Queen Camel Somerset, Carpenter 41-11

William lodged with Eleanor Higgins (nee Broom, Chr. 25 May 1806 Willand Devon) widow of John Higgins, in the High Street in 1841. # He married her in 1847 (Jun Q 14/16 Cambridge). Eleanor's sister Ann Broom is shown as House proprietor (and sister-in-law of William) when they lived together in Cambridge St. Giles (1851) with step-son Henry J. Higgins.

8) James Jones

It was illegal for a man in the local militia to then join the army, simply because he liked it. James Jones of Butleigh belonged to the 2nd Somerset militia and was sentenced by the Somerton magistrates to six months imprisonment, in default of payment of a fine of £20 imposed for having enlisted in the Royal Marines. [Bath Chronicle 28 Apr 1853]

9) Isaac Anis Jones Chr. 18 Feb 1834 Meare, servant, s.o. Charles and Charity Jones 51-25

Isaac worked for James Fry at Moorhouse in 1851. In 1841 he had lived with his parents in Meare where his father farmed. By 1861 he had returned to Meare and married Emma (b. 1840 West Pennard) in 1860 (Sep Q 5c/901 Wells) who already had a child by someone else. They remained in Meare.

10) George Jones b. 1838 Feltham, labourer 51-30

George worked for Henry Hoddinott at Lower Rockes Farm in Compton Street in 1851. Feltham is near Taunton but no other record surfaces for George there.

11) David Frederick Jones b. 1855 Brecknock, Breconshire, teacher, s.o. John and Margaret Jones 81-95

In 1871 David lived with his parents in 21 Pembroke Place, Aberdare where his father was a tailor and David a pupil teacher. He married Kate Higgins in Wales in 1880. In 1881 David was the teacher in the elementary school in Butleigh and they lived at the schoolhouse in the High Street. Their son Frederick was born in Butleigh before they moved to Clutton. In 1891 and 1901 they lived at the School House, Pentyrch, Glamorgan. Frederick still lived with his parents in 1901 plus his sister May and two younger sisters, and his father's widowed mother Margaret.

The baptism of Margaret May is registered to Daniel Frederick Jones, a certified teacher, and Catherine Jones!

12) Harry Maurice Jones b. 1877 (Mar Q 5c/409 Langport) Charlton Adam, engine fitter, s.o. Henry and Fanny Jones 91-119

Harry lived with his uncle and aunt, Henry and Annie Trippeck at 29, High Street in 1891. He had lived with his parents at Folly Farm, Charlton Adam in 1881. In 1901 he was a Sergeant A.O.C. on H.M. Canute and boarded at 305, Fawcett Road, Portsmouth.

13) Henryetta Jones b. 1852 (Sep Q 5c/578 Wells) Butleigh d.o. James and Matilda Jones

Henrietta's father was a mason and in 1851 they had lived at Barton St. David and moved to Taunton by 1856. Presumably spent a few years in Butleigh during the construction of Butleigh Court. By 1861 they lived at Foundry Sq., Taunton.

14) Charles Jones b. 1882, Solicitors clerk from Staines, s.o. Henry Jones

At the baptism Charles' abode was given as Egham, Surrey. The family may have moved away – in 1912 and 1913 two daughters (Dorcas and Gladys) born to a Jones (mother Dyer) in Malmesbury Wiltshire.

14) Eveline Jones b. 1886 (Sep Q 5c/396 Langport) Charlton Mackrell d.o. Thomas and Eva Jones PHOTO

Played a part in the Butleigh Revel of 1906 and corresponded with sister Lizzie Jones on Revel postcards. Her parents ran the Post Office in Charlton Mackrell in 1901 and her father was described as a carpenter in 1911 at Ilchester Road, Charlton Mackrell. She married Edwin Jones in 1919.

15) Sydney Rosser Jones Reverend b. 1890 (Mar Q 11a/567 Merthyr Tydfil), d. 26 Apr 1956 (Jun Q 7c/247 Wells) Butleigh

Vicar in Butleigh from 1938 to 1956. Listed in Kelly's Directory of 1939 at the Vicarage.


1) Ellen Joy b. 1871 Sparkford, cook, d.o. Simon and Mary Joy 91-114

In 1881 Ellen had lived with her parents in Sparkford. Her father was a coal merchant's clerk, who died in 1887. She was the cook at The Vicarage in 1891 and is the Harriett Ellen Joy who married the coachman Frank Davis in 1893 (Sep Q 5c/765 Wincanton) and who went to live in Woodcock St., Castle Cary where they appeared in 1901 with three children, all born in Evercreech. #

2) George William Joy b. 1866 Broughton, Oxon, waiter, s.o. George Henry and Mary Joy

In 1871 the Joy family lived in Beech Hill, Berkshire where George's father was a servant.

Matilda Norris became a nursemaid at Shirburn Castle, Oxfordshire in 1891 but in 1900 married waiter George Joy and lived with him and his parents in St. Lawrence, Reading, Berks. At the baptism of Thomas, George's profession was stated to be 'packer'. George was a seedsmans packer in 1911 and he, Matilda their son, parents and a sister lived at 7, Vachel Rd., Reading.


A) A John Joyce witnessed several Butleigh wills, e.g. John Gregory 2 Oct 1550 and an Agnes Joyce was referred to as kinswoman in the will of Johan Gregory 1550.

1) John Joyce died before 1621

John was in receipt of Poor relief in 1613 and 1614.

2) John Joyce b. 1875 (Sep Q 5a/253 Wimborne) Greenclose, Dorset, labourer, s.o. George Joyce, Shepherd and wife Penninah

John had lived with his parents in Higher Street, Morden Dorset in 1881 and in 1891 his family were at Spetisbury where John was classed as an agricultural labourer.

Florence May became a nurse maid at 49, Main Street, Walton in 1891. She married 'watercress labourer' John Joyce of Almer, Dorset in 1900 and they lived in Doddings Cottage, Bere Regis, Dorset. By 1911 they had three children living with them. Lewis married Hilda A. Battrick in 1924 (Jun Q 5c/713 Wareham) and they had four children, Sylvia, Kenneth, Beryl and Evelyn.