1) Mathilda M. A. Kaiser b. 1881 Germany 01-134

In 1898 Mathilda won a prize for mathematics at Penarth Intermediate School for Girls. Prize presented by Lord Windsor. Mathilda was a German subject and a visitor at the Vicarage in 1901 - possibly as a governess? Nfi but I have a postcard sent from Butleigh Vicarage in 1903, addressed to a Madame Desmonts, 64, Rue de Sèvres, Paris informing her of the sender's plans to travel via Cannon Street and then Bruxelles to a Frau von Sydow, Crossue Strasse, Frankfurt an Oder which could be from Mathilde or a similar governess/pupil working at the Vicarage. PC


1) Joseph Keen apothecary of St. James's Middlesex, d. 1735 [bur. Paddington Church]

DD/S/BT/6/5/27 1] James Hopkins of Glastonbury and wife Elizabeth, daughter of George Burdham 2] William Luke of Lyons Inn, Msex and Joseph Keen of St. James's, Msex, apothecary 3] Thomas Hopkins of Glastonbury, yeoman and William Hopkins of Glastonbury, mercer Deed to lead to uses of a fine and recovery of Horses (6a), Butleigh. 1721

DD/S/BT/21/3/4-6 1] William Lite and Joseph Keen 2] James Hopkins and Elizabeth his wife Pair of fines on land in Butleigh, and a recovery. 1721

2) Robert Keen b. 15 Jun, Chr. 25 Dec 1811 Meare, farmer, s.o. James and Ann Keen [d. 1890 (Mar Q 5c/401 Wells) aged 80]

In November 1857 Robert Keen of Meare was summoned to shew cause why he should not contribute towards the support of the illegitimate child of Elizabeth Gooding of which he was the putative father – ordered to pay 2s 6d per week plus £2 costs.

Sarah Ann was the half sister of William Tutton (b. 1842 Butleigh) whose mother Sarah Kelway had married Richard Lockyer Tutton on 26 Apr 1838 in Wells but he died in Butleigh in 1842. They lived at Oxenpylle, Meare in 1861. Sarah Ann married John Giblet Burnett in 1868 (Mar Q 5c/803 Wells). John Burnett died in 1874 (Mar Q 5c/437 Wells) and in 1891, widowed, Sarah lived at 79, Wells Road, Glastonbury with son John Burnett (18) and her mother Sarah Keen. Sarah Keen died in 1893 aged 85.

Robert seems to have had little regard for the law and appears in several court cases for theft or not keeping contracts/paying wages in the 1850's and 1860's – later examples; Robert was summoned for stealing posts and rails at Meare in 1861 [Taunton Courier 26 Jun 1861]. The Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser 16 Feb 1870 carried an advert for the sale of Heath View House, Meare with 50 acres being sold by Robert Keen who was retiring from business.In April 1880 Robert was summoned for cutting the river bank of the Brue at Meare. Returning from Wells in 1 May 1880 his horse fell and rolled on him causing serious injury to Robert. [Wester Gazette 7 May 1880]. In 1882 Robert was again summoned for cutting a neighbour's river bank. In 1883 Robert was charged with Richard Keen with stealing stones, wire fencing and hurdles from Joseph England, miller of Glastonbury.Case was dismissed. [Western Gazette 6 Jul 1883]. The Western Gazette 18 Jan 1884 had carried an advert offering the farm with about 60 acres, one mile from Shapwick to let.

Keepingsee Kippen

Kelly – see under next


Callow, Calloway and Kelway seem to have the same origin - from Osbern de Cailly born circa 1025 in Cailly, Rouen, France. All three forms are found in Butleigh. The Overseers of the Poor often mistakenly spelt the name Kelly.

1) John Kelway bur. 10 Dec 1626 Butleigh

John could be Butleigh born, before the Parish records began – but could also be from elsewhere – e.g. John Kelway Chr. 13 Jul 1559 Kingsdon s.o. William Kelway. Joanna married Butleigh 19 Jun 1620 John Rayment. Thomas Kelway married Joane Collins # on 26 Jun 1634 in High Ham.

DD/S/BT/5/6/1 1] William Kipping of Butleigh, parchment maker 2] Thomas Kellway of Butleigh, husbandman and Joan Collins of Henley in High Ham Assignment of 1a by the 'gurle' on Southernhill in Butleigh West field part Peckham lease (1562).. [Somerset Archive and Records, Date: 1634.

1a) Mathew Kelway Chr. 28 May 1592 Butleigh bur. 15 Oct 1654 Butleigh 1652 Will

A Mathewe Kelway of Yeovil married a Jane Thorne in Stoke sub Hamdon on 10 Sep 1615.

Will - Matthew Kelway of Butley, being sick of body, made bequests to his children: dau. Elinor; son, John; dau. Mary; dau. Joane; son, Thomas. Will Eleanor of Butley left bequests to dau ??grandchild John Kelway; grandchild Joane Kellway; grandchild Mary Kellway; grandchild Thomas Kelway (s/o John Kelway); son, John Kelway. Witnesses John Rayment and Grace Kelway.

Under [Talbot] DD/S/BT/5/6/20 Indenture of 1659 between Eleanor Kellway of Butleigh widow and Thomas Helliar of Ivelchester gent & Merriot of Littleton widow of the one part and John Kellway of Butleigh yeoman son of the said Eleanor of the other part etc etc.

1a1) John Kelway d. 1690 [will 27 Feb 1690]

John was churchwarden in 1676 [and possibly the Overseer in 1658 – but see 1b) and the John appearing in the churchwarden's accounts 1673-1682 (e.g. in 1681 he supplied a piece of timber for the church bell-cage). He was Overseer of the Poor in 1678 and on the commoners list of 1672. John paid the rates from 1672 – 1693 then Joan and John paid rates jointly 1694-6. In 1697 the rates on their property was paid jointly by Thomas and William Kelway who paid then thus until 1720 when they were paid by John and William Kelway and from 1721 William Kelway alone. From 1697 John paid rates on a separate Butleigh property in his own sole name. In South Moor John Kelway paid rates from 1681 – 1724 and presumably in 1696 the father was replaced by his eldest son.

DD/S/BT/5/6/20 Talbot

27 Feb 1690 copy of Will of John Kellway of Butleigh yeoman on parchment of that date with inventory & probate annexe whereby he gave to John Kellway his eldest son after the decease of his wife all that ground called or known by the name of Newmead by csl 6 acres also 3 acres at Colos cross one acre at Wootton mead & one acre & half at Laughly Sherd for all the residues & remaining part of 200 four score & 19 years subject to the payment of £40 to his daughter Joan Kellway To Thomas Kellway his second son his thern dwellinghouse orchard backside once acre at Hobs dore the common in the moor 12 acres at stone pitts one acre & 3 yard at Loughill 3 acres at Clayhall 3 yards at Dallaham 3 acrs at Wood after the decease of his wife for the residue and remaining part of 200 four score & 19 years subject to the payment of £70 to his 3 daughters Joan Mary and Elizabeth in a manner theein mentioned. And to William youngets son after his said wives decease Bevills backside 2 acres at Parkgate 2 acre & a yard at Whiteland 5 yard at s.... on the East acres at Stones pitts. And appointed his wife Joan & son John his full & whole executors

DD/S/BT/5/6/8 - 1] Joan Kelway the elder of Butleigh 2] John Kelway of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of two closes at Berrell (7a), Butleigh, part of Peckham lease (1562).. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1696.

DD/S/BT/6/5/20-22 - yeomen, Thomas Samm of Butleigh, whitebaker, John James and James Chapman of Butleigh yeomen, Samuel Sweet of Butleigh carpenter, Humphrey Colmer and John Kelway of Butleigh, yeomen, Joan Difford of Butleigh, John Vagg of Butleigh, husbandman and Edmund Callow of Butleigh, mason. Covenant to levy a fine on a house and 1a, Beggars Well (4a), Fishwell (5.5a), Broadmead (2a), 3a in West Wood, the 41st and 42nd lotts (6a) in Southmoor, Langley (9a) and 9a in the fields of Butleigh. Enclosed assignments of lotts in Southmoor by the Chancellor family and others to Richard Helyar of Butleigh in 1674 and 1678. Date: 1706.

1a1A? John Kellway Chr. 29 Feb 1664 Butleigh bur. 1 Sep 1728 Butleigh

John was churchwarden in 1695 appearing in the churchwarden's account until 1713+. A John Kelly was a witness to the churchwarden's accounts in 1704 but he may have been this John Kellway. He paid rates from 1694 – 1723 then in 1725-7 in adjoining places on the rates list are John Kelway senior and junior (the latter presumably his son). In 1728 the rates were paid by John junior on a different property. But John senior died and in 1729 Sarah and John paid the rate jointly on the original property only and did so until 1732. Sarah Kelway was an Overseer in 1737.

Indenture 7 May 1725 between John Kellway the Elder of Butleigh yeoman and Sarah his wife John Kellway the younger son of the said John Kellway and Ann his wife daughter of John Smithfield the elder deceased of the one part and John Smithfield of the same place baker and Edward Smithfield the elder of Mark Yeovil

a copy of the Will 19th Aug 1728 of John Kellway of Butleigh yeoman on parchment of that date with the probate annexed Whereby (amongst other things) he gave to his son John Kellway all his pastures grounds called Blidsley [Blodesly 7 acres] for & during all the lower and estates he has in the same and over acre & half of area land lying at Laugly …...& immediately after the decease of his wife ….. and bequeathed to his wife Sarah Kellway.

3 Jun 1749 Copy of the Will of Sarah Kellway of Butleigh widow on parchment of that date with the probate annexed Whereby (amongs other things) she gave her granddaughter Eleanor Talbot all that her tenement there late in the possession of her daughter-in-law Ann Kelway deceased for and during all the term & inh ? She had in the same Also that her close of meadows called Black Thorne during the term she had in the same subject to the payment of £20 a year to her the said Sarah Kellway sister Grace Vering during her life All the rest of her lands leases chattles bills nonds & all other her substances whatever not before given she gave & bequested to her said Granddaughter Eleanor Talbot her Est. & forever....

1a1Ai) John Kelway [ d. Butleigh 16 Aug 1733?]

See DD/S/BT/5/6/20 Talbot for indenture of March 1706 between John and John and Christian Helyar and refs to William Strode the younger son of Wm Strode the Elder deceased. Another indenture of 7 Feb 1725 between John and Ann plus her father John Smithfield and Edward Smithfield the elder of Marck Yeovil.

In 1731 John Kelway was involved in a legal case at Bridgwater concerning an appeal against him, John Weekes and James Periam by the Overseers.

In 1734 the rates were paid by Sarah and Ann. Henry Talbott and Ann paid the rates, next to Sarah in '35 but in '36 Ann (widow) and Sarah were paying paying rates jointly until 1742 and then both were 'late Ann and late Sarah Kelway' (CW) though OOP has 'occupiers' for Ann but not Sarah. In 1743/4 the OOP has them both as 'late' and then Henry Talbott pays the rates [he married Sarah]. In 1745 part of Ann Kelways property was acquired by Mrs. Smithfield who thenceforward paid the rates on that part.

DD/S/BT/7/4/2 - 1] William Gregory of Butleigh, husbandman 2] James and Emmanuel Cooke of Butleigh, husbandmen sons of Thomas 3] John Kellway the younger Assignment of Frames Croft (5a) and Littlefield (5a) in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT Date range: 1726 - 1727.

DD/S/BT/7/4/6 - 1] Henry Talbot of Butleigh Wootton, yeoman and wife Sarah sister of John Kelway the younger decd 2] Joseph Periam of Butleigh, yeoman, executor of Mary Cooke and administrator of James Cooke 2] Thomas Periam of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of Frames Date: 1744.

1a1B) Thomas Kelway Chr. 4 Mar 1673 Butleigh, bur. 26 Mar 1719 Butleigh

Thomas was overseer of the Poor in 1710. He paid rates jointly with his brother William 1697-1719.

1a1x) William Kelway

1a1C) William Kelway Chr. 9 Oct 1676 Butleigh (surname Calaway)? d. 1725

This William was churchwarden in 1708. A William Kelway of Barton David was fined in 1683 by the Butleigh overseers for burying his wife in linen – possibly this William? Overseer of the Poor in 1710 and 1717. William paid rates jointly with his brother 1697-1725 – in 1726 he was 'the late William Kelway'. Susanna paid the rates in1728 but from 1729 paid them jointly with Thos. Browning 1731-34, Susanna was paying rates then up to her death in 1768 after which it was 'late Susannah Kelway' then the property split between Periam and James Ayres in 1773. In April 1763 Susan was paid for offering lodging room and 'fireing' to the Eastment family for three weeks.

DD/S/BT/7/4/5 - 1] James Ayers of Butleigh, carpenter and wife Mary 2] Susannah Kelway of Butleigh widow of William decd 3] James Ayers of Butleigh the younger, carpenter Assignment of 1/2a at Longrow, 3yds in Clayhill, 1a at Stonepitts, 1/2a at Windmill toot furlong, Date: 1741.

1a2) Thomas Kelway bur. 2 Jan 1672 Butleigh

There may be more than one Thomas here.

DD/S/BT/5/6/1 - 1] William Kipping of Butleigh, parchment maker 2] Thomas Kellway of Butleigh, husbandman and Joan Collins of Henley in High Ham Assignment of 1a by the 'gurle' on Southernhill in Butleigh West field part Peckham lease (1562).. [Somerset Archive and Records, Date: 1634.

DD/S/BT/5/7/2 - 1] Henry Edwards of Okeford Fitzpaine, Dors 2] Thomas Kellway of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of 5yds in Butleigh West field. Rent 4d. [Tied together with DD/S/BT/5/7/1 and 5/7/3]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1649.

2) Giles Kelway

Gyles Kelway tailor, made clothes for the poor in 1694 and paid £3 5s 5¼d by the OOP. In 1690 the Overseers paid 13 shillings for three warrants and expences for the removal of a Thomas Davis and Francis [Frances] Zalway [Kelway?].

Several Giles Kelways in Baltonsborough: burials - bur. 14 Jun 1655 Baltonsborough, bur. 17 Jan 1694 Baltonsborough, bur. 27 Oct 1694 Baltonsborough and bur. 2 Apr 1719 Baltonsborough. No East Pennard baptisms – Edith = Judith?

3) John Kelway b. 1745, bur. 2 Nov 1817 Butleigh [John Kelly]

John Kelley received assistance from the OOP from July 1792 onwards. John Kelley had his rent paid by the OOP in 1796, 1806/7 – 1811. In 1807/8 and 1811 the name was given as Kellway. In Oct 1792 the OOP paid for a 'capital operation on Mary Kelly's leg'. Mary rceived assistance several times before the OOP paid for her coffin in May 1796. In May 1800 John Kellway went to Castle Cary and bought potatoes for the OOP. John received aid in Mar 1804 and at odd periods – name resembles Hellaway in March 1810. Regular payments made from 1810 and in Jan 1811 Hannah received assistance too. From then assistance paid to John Kellway and wife. In Feb 1816 both John and Hannah were ill and received assistance. In Sep 1817 both John and Hannah were ill again and receiving assistance as well as attendance from Unity Britton. In Nov 1817 the OOP paid for John Kelly's coffin. Hannah received assistance regularly from Dec 1817 to her death. Between 1820 – 1825 Hannah had her rent paid by the OOP. The OOP paid for her burial in April 1835. As Hannah Oldish she had had an illegit. Child, Maria, in 1775. She is probably the Ann Chr. 3 Jan 1748 Butleigh d.o.Thomas and Ann Oldish.

4) Ann Kelly

From Oct 1834 an Ann Kelly began receiving assistance from the OOP. She seems to be an actual Kelly and was the mother of the illegitimate James Kelly Davis Chr. 23 Nov 1834 Butleighfathered by James Davis. In Dec 1834 she was looked after by Hannah Barber for a month. In Aug 1835 she was 'examined'.

5) William Kelway b. 22 Jul 1783 Marston Magna, gardener, s.o. Thomas and Susanna (nee Sheppard) Kelway, d. 31 Jul, bur. 3 Aug 1867 (Sep Q 5c/346 Wells) Butleigh 41-6, 61-56

William was head gardener to Major Thomas Clerk of WestholmeHouse, Shepton Mallet by 1815 then later at Hatch Court and afterwards for John Tudway MP before arriving at Butleigh to work for George Neville-Grenville.

William's first wife died in her 60th year on the 15th May 1839. William lived with his daughter Mary in Vicarage House in 1841 after which William married Jane Hicks in 1842 and his daughter Mary married James Godfrey Gilbert in 1843 (Jun Q 10/824 Wells). # His second wife, Jane Hicks was probably the person who was a servant looking after Butleigh House in 1841. #

William and Jane were in Huish Episcopi in 1851 with their grandson William G. Tutton (b. 1842 Butleigh) where he set up a gardening business, but by 1861 he had retires and lived in Butleigh once more, in the High Street. William died in 1867 and Jane then lodged in 1871 in Water Lane with Betsy Gilbert the second wife of her step-daughter's husband. Mary had died in Butleigh in 1857, bur. 16 Mar. Jane seems to have died in 1888. William Tutton was the son of Sarah Kelway (b. 1809 Butleigh) who had married first Richard Tutton in 1838 (died 1842) then Robert Keen in 1845. #

John Kelway, an engineer employing 7 men and boys, married Louisa Knight (b. Wells) in 1845 (Sep Q 10/748 Wells) and they appeared in 1861 and with four children at Chamberlain Street, Wells. John was still at 2, Chamberlain Street in 1881, a widower and he died in 1887 (Sep Q 5c/301 Wells).

5a) James Kelway b. 2 Nov at Westholme, Pilton, Chr. 3 Dec 1815 Pilton, gardener, died 17 May 1899 (Jun Q 5c/252 Langport) Gladioli Villa, Huish

James trained under his father and was entering flower competitions at Glastonbury as early as 1830. He lived at Ashwell Lodge cottage during his time as head gardener at Dillington House but by 1850 had founded the Nurseries at Huish Episcopi near Lagport and by 1861 had taken over his father's business in Huish Episcopi and was followed there by his son William. William married Amelia Higgins in Butleigh on 17 May 1866 and his sister Emily married Amelia's brother Edward on the same day.# In 1867 he built a house in the grounds of the nursery, called Gladioli Villa (now called Wearne Lodge). His second wife was a 40 years old spinster bookseller who in 1911 still lived in Gladioli Villa, Langport with her unmarried sister Anne Warren (74). The Warrens had previously been printers of Kelways seed catalogue (1872).

A window in St. Mary Church, Huish Episcopi by Edward Burne-Jones depicting the adoration of the Magi is dedicated to James Kelway d. 1899. James was churchwarden for 33 years and raised funds to restore and completely reseat the church. For portraits of the family see 'Kelways Glorious' pub. 2011 by Janet Seaton – an excellent booklet on the History of the Kelway Nurseries.

5a1) William Kelway b. 25 Oct 1839 Ilminster, died 28 Jan 1933 (Mar Q 5c/524 Langport) Langport

William Kelway was a nurseryman and he and Amelia lived in Gladioli Villa, Huish Episcopi in 1871. In 1881 he was in Langport and was a nurseryman and seed merchant "employing 30 men, 10 boys and 10 women on 140 acres of land and in warehouses and hothouses". By 1891 William had moved back to Huish Episcopi, to a house he built, named Brooklands, where he remained. He was then listed as Seed Merchant and later as 'Seed Plant and Bulb Grower'. In 1901, Leonard, his son, was also listed as 'Seed Plant and Bulb Grower' while james and Ella, his wife, lived at Wearne Wych, High Ham and James described as seed merchant. In 1911 William described himself as a 'Peony hybridiser', was a widower and lived with his spinster daughter Agnes Mary at Brooklands, Langport. In 1889 Kelways won a gold medal for 'general excellence of gladiolus and other exhibits' at the Paris Exposition and in later years won many further awards in the Americas as well as England.

The First World War saw a decline in the Kelways business alongside the decline in Stately residences and depleted staff. The difficulties persisted after the War and William and his son James dissolved their partnership in 1924 with James carrying on alone until February 1933 when he was declared bankrupt. The company was acquired by John Owen Lloyd who retained James as manager until his death.


1) Arthur George Keys b. 5 May 1886 (Jun Q 5c/540 Wells) Baltonsborough, Page, s.o. George and Lydia Keys, d. 1977 (Mar Q 23/0849 Poole) 01-134

Arthur was Page to the Rev. Berkeley at the Vicarage in 1901. In 1891 he had lived at Gatehouse, Baltonsborough in four rooms with his parents - his father was the Water bailiff. In 1911 he lived with his widowed mother at Mill St., Baltonsborough and was a farm labourer.

Kibbol (see Cabble)


1) William Kick b. 1822 Glastonbury [Chr. 5 Apr 1819 Othery], cordwainer - draper & grocer, s.o. Thomas [& Anne] Kick, died 6 Aug 1900 (Sep Q 3a/157 Hendon) bur. Barton St. David 51-33, 61-56, 71-79

William Kick was the son of the widowed Thomas Kick of Glastonbury (1841 census, but born West Pennard acc. to 1861 census) who died in 1872. On February 23rd 1840, as an adult, he was baptised in Butleigh church. He married Ann Sealy in Bridgwater in 1847. Ann had lived with her parents in Butleigh since before 1841. None of his children were C of E baptised in Butleigh. William, his wife Ann and four of their children were buried or commemorated at the Ebenezer Chapel, Barton St. David.

In 1851 William Kick (29) cordwainer lived with his wife Ann (22) and son Thomas (10 months old) in Back Street. Their daughter Elizabeth Sealy Kick (3) was staying with Ann's parents - James and Love Sealy at No. 2, Meeting House.

By 1861 William Kick (30) was now a 'draper & grocer' living with wife Ann plus daughter Elizabeth (13), Thomas (10), Delilah (8), Sidney (5), Albion (3 ) and Julia (11 months). They lived next to (or with?) James and Love Sealy. William sometimes had to take his customers to court for unpaid bills – Wells Journal records 20 Jul 1861 that the court found in his favour for 13s 11d against one Blandford.

Son Thomas died in 1865 and daughter Elizabeth aged 20 in 1868. A child Thomas Edwin was born in 1866 and died in 1867.

In 1871 at the General Shop [High Street?] William Kick (49) lived with his children Delilah (18), Albion (13), Julia (10), William (8) and Ebenezer (6). Julia died aged 11 in 1871 and another child, Francis was born and died in 1872 (all recorded at the Ebenezer Chapel, Barton St. David). In early February 1873 William chaired a meeting at the Butleigh Chapel when a Temperance tea meeting was held and nearly 20 persons signed the pledge. [Western Gazette 7 Feb 1873]. A concert of sacred music was performed at Barton St. David Congregational Chapel on 2nd Jan 1878 with Rev. W. Kick opening the prayers, Sidney Kick playing harmonium and the following amongst the participants: Miss R. Otton, Miss E. Parker, Miss M. Eades, Miss Annie Kick, Mr. Albert Kick, Mr. Albert Kick, Mr. Albion Kick, Mr. Classey and Mr. A. Creed. Western Gazette 4 Jan 1878]. A new school and classrooms were opened in Barton St. David in connection with the Congregational Chapel on 7 May 1879 by Mr. James Clark of Street and Pastor William Kick read the accounts showing that the gross expenditure had been £210. [Western Gazette 16 May 1879]. The local newspapers reported many Congregational meetings, Temperance meetings and concerts concerning the Kicks in the 1870s and 1880s.

Ann Kick (Hick on the 1871 census) appears as shopkeeper and grocers wife visiting 48 Ryall Street, Hulme, Manchester together with her son Sidney (Postal telegraphist) and daughter Henrietta. The address belonged to Charles Samuel Eades (27) of Egham, Surrey, a telegraphist. #

Deliah [of Barton St. David] married widower Henry Green on Dec 25th 1878 at the Congregational Church, Somerton [by the Rev. A. Braine assisted by Rev. W. Kick].

William appears in 1881 at 60, The Manor, Nether Stowey with sons Sidney (35), William (18) and Henrietta b. 1868 - he was then an 'Independent Minister'. William's wife Ann was a visitor in 1881 at the home of her daughter Delilah who was now married to Henry Green (a baker) living at 11, Mill Rd., Barton St. David. Delilah Green and her family lived at Dredstone Farm, Barton St. David in 1891. # Albion appears as a Theological Student at the College of Frederick Gotch at Stokes Croft, St. Paul's Bristol in 1881. The daughter Henrietta Anne was born in 1868 but was absent from the 1871 census. She married Thomas William Idle in 1890 (Jun Q 3a/286 Hendon) and they lived in Willesden, Middlesex (near her parents). In 1901 Henrietta, Thomas and daughter Genevieve lived at Ventnor, Isle of White.

Ebenezer (as Edwin E.) appears as a draper's apprentice in Somerton in 1881, at the Market Place, shop of Henry Watts. The Western Gazette 23 Sep 1887 advertised the auction on the 27th September of the stock in trade of drapery, ready mades, hardware, fixtures, scales, household furniture, pianoforte, feather beds and effects of Mr. Ebenezer Kick who was leaving the neighbourhood. In 1891 Edwin and his wife Kate (b. 1864 Nether Stowey) had lived at 7, Bellgrove Terrace, Hendon when Edwin was an outfitter. By 1901 they lived at Holford House, Friern Barnet, Middlesex with three children and Edwin was a Stable Jobmaster. Edwin and William listed on 1891/1901 censuses under the surname Kirke. In 1911 Edwin lived at Novelside Peppard, Henley on Thames with Kate and three sons.

In 1891 William (senior) and wife Ann lived at 16, Station Road, Willesden where he was listed as a retired Congregational Minister (misread as Kirk). William died in 1900 and in 1901 Annie lived at 17, John's Avenue, Hendon Middlesex with son-in-law John Brandon and his wife Muriel (misread as Hick on census). She died in 1916.

Sidney lived in 1891 at 87, St. Johns Hill, West Battersea with his wife Susan Berry (b. 1855 Baltonsborough), who he had married in 1882 (Jun Q 5c/596 Bridgwater), and three children. He was a printer, bookseller and stationer. In 1901 Sidney, Susan and sos Edward and Llewellyn lived in Foots Cray, Bromley, Kent. The spelling of the name changed to Kiek for this branch of the family between the birth of Sydney's son Llewellyn in 1887 and the latter's marriage in 1910. Photo

In 1891 son William Kirke and wife Alice Maud Parnell (b. 1865 Islington) lived at 62, Catford Hill, Lewisham when William was a clothing manufacturer. They had married in 1890 (Sep Q 1d/1623 Greenwich). By 1901 they lived in two rooms at 51, Brockley Rd., St. Pauls, Deptford, London and William was a Hosiery warehouseman. They remained childless and in 1911 lived at 6, Glenhouse Rd., Eltham.

Albion [Kirke] had married Elizabeth A. Austin and in 1891 lived at Wadhurst, Sussex with his wife, son Horace (7) and mother-in-law Elizabeth Austin (54). In 1901, a clergyman, he lived with Elizabeth and two servants at 29, Stamford Ave., Preston, Brighton, Sussex. In 1911 he was at Loxton Rectory, Somerset with his wife and two servants.


1) Richard Kidgall married Butleigh 3 Jul 1584 Joanna C....ford


1) John Killen Chr. 25 Aug 1811 Farrington Gurney, farmer, s.o. Henry and Hannah Killen, died 1874 (Dec Q 5c/421 Clutton)

In 1851 John and Susanna were farming at Farmborough with three daughters - missing in 1861, they surfaced in 1871 at Black Nest Farm, Temple Cloud, Cameley with their last six children. John died in 1874 aged 63. In 1881 his widow Susanna Killen (60) was farming 11 acres with Susan Ann (15) and granddaughters Evangeline Chalker (10) and Mary Chalker (4) from Keinton. The contents of Lower Farm were sold by auction on Tuesday 3rd Feb 1885. [Western Gazette 30 Jan 1885]

In 1891 Susanna (71) was living on her own means with daughter Susan Ann (25) and granddaughter Alice Mary in four rooms (at 'LaurelCottage, Sub Road?). Susanna died in 1898 aged 79 at Laurel Cottage [widow of late John Killen of Black Nest farm, Cameley). Daughter Rebecca Rosanna married farmer William Pearce from Newbury in Butleigh on 17 Apr 1888 (Jun Q 5c/907 Wells). # Ann had married John Chalker # and they were the parents of Evangeline and Maud Mary Chalker (above). Susan Ann (Annie) married Charles Edward Hicks (s.o. Late Charles Hicks of Alston Sutton) in Butleigh on 9 April 1891 (Jun Q 5c/815 Wells) and went to live in Mangotsfield, Glos., where Charles was a Colt trainer. #

Alice Mary Killen went to live with her brother John who was the innkeeper at the Rose & Portcullis (1901).

1a) William Henry Killen Chr. 10 Feb 1855 (Mar Q 5c/649 Clutton) Farmborough, farmer and cattle dealer, d. 21 Aug, bur. 25 Aug 1934 (Sep Q 5c/443 Wells) Butleigh 91-123, 01-133

William, who had lived with his parents until his father's death, married Eliza Hunt in 1877. On 4 Jun 1880 a farm house and lands occupied by tenant Mr. Henry Killen was advertised for auction on the following Monday 14th in the Western Gazette. In Oct 1880 the license for the Rose and Portcullis was temporarily transferred from Tom Cox to W. H. Killen and in December 1880 the licence for the Rose and Portcullis was transferred from Mr. Tom Cox to Mr. W. H. Killen. In 1881, whilst William's mother and wife had moved to Butleigh. William was visiting his father-in-law James Hunt at Church Farm, Cameley. (next to Black Nest Farm which was now run by an Aaron Young). Eliza Ann Killen (27) with son John James (2) and daughter Alice Mary (7 months) lived at the Rose and Portcullis, next door to her mother-in-law Susanna. William made a nuisance of himself by barracking the speakers at a Liberal Party meeting held in the school-room on 3rd Oct 1885 [lent by Rev. Wm Neville] in support of the candidacy of Mr. Henry Hobhouse. His was the only dissenting voice and was largely due to his questions about Sunday opening of Public Houses – he was laughed down and retreated.

In 1891 William H. Killen (37) Innkeeper lived with his wife Eliza and children John J. (11), Albert T. (9), Amy R. (6), Ina G. (3) and William S. (10 months). Eliza died on 11th September 1898 aged 46. William was a witness in the murder case in Butleigh of 1898, when Mrs. Brownsell was killed by Charles Weaver (viz). He heard the victim's screams and saw her being murdered through the window and broke down the cottage door to gain entry.

William married again in 1900 to the widow, Mary M. S. Bethell and they went to live in Lower Rocke's Farm, Compton Street where they appeared on the census of 1901. The Rose & Portcullis was thereafter run by William's children. In 1891 Mary Bethell had lived with her husband George at Laverley House, West Pennard. Ina never married and died in the Royal Infirmary, Bristol but bur. 17 Dec 1956 Butleigh. Her sister Alice also remained a spinster and died in 1962 at Downside, Dundry. Amy, also a spinster, was bur. 18 Oct 1978 Butleigh aged 94. In 1901 John Killen (22), licensed victualler, son of William, lived with his sisters Alice M., Amy R. (16), Stanley W. (11) and Victor H. (7) at the Rose & Portcullis. Albert became a 'Cheesemonger' and in 1901 boarded at 27, Rathcoole Parade, Tottenham Lane, Hornsey, Middlesex but was a casualty in WWI. He died of a fever in 21st General Hospital, Alexandria, Egypt and is buried in Hadra churchyard, Alexandria [as a private- Western Gazette 1 Nov 1918]. Several Killen family member took part in the Butleigh Revel - Victor played Cedric, the Page.

At Lower Rockes in 1911 William Henry and wife Mary lived with Ina, Stanley and Victor. John James farmed Rood Farm with his sister Alice as housekeeper and his brother Albert lived there too but worked as a butcher William advertised a dairy farm at West Pennard for sale in the Western Gazette 13 Aug 1920. William died in 1934 left gross estate valued at £10,200 12s 4d with net personalty £7,937 18s 11d. He was called 'The father of Glastonbury Auctions' being the first seller when the auction was established. He had retired to Coombe House where he died. Alice Mary died at Downside, Dundry.

John James later farmed Lower Rockes according to Kelly's Directory of 1935 and 1939 and died in 1963 at Cedar Lodge, Charlton Adam. William Stanley farmed Rood Farm according to Kelly's of 1935 and 1939. At the Feb. 1947 sale of the Butleigh Court estate the following properties were let to John Killen No. 3 Compton Street at £7 16s 0d per annum Water supplied by the estate from tap shared with No. 4; No. 5 Compton St., at £7 16s 0d p.a; No. 6 Compton Street at £13 6s 0d. His main domicile was Home or Parsonage Farm which he rented for £64 8s 0d p.a. and opposite it 'Lower Rockes Farm' on which he paid rent of £150 19s 0d.


Kimber – Cimber - Kembar

1) Michael Kimbar

Michael was in receipt of Poor relief in 1606 – 1614. Son John may have married Eleanor and had children Mary, Michael, Robert and Alice in Street

2) William Kymbar [YS reades Reynoldes?]

3) John Kimber

The above baptism took place in Baltonsborough but the abode of the couple was given as Butleigh with a note 'Born at Butleigh the 4th'? Probably this John. John received Symcockes legacy money in 1700. In 1703 he was attended by Rose Abbot in his sickness and in '04 received Symcockes money again and in '05 Rocke money. In 1707-9 he received both - nfi


1) William Kyng bur. 27 Apr 1622 Butleigh

William received Poor relief in 1613

2) Richard King

3) Richard King [a Richard was bur. 19 Apr 1676 Chedzoy]

In Chedzoy are generations of Richards; Chr. 5 Jul 1567, Chr. 16 Sep 1596 s.o. Richard, Chr. 20 Jan s.o. John, Chr. 20 Aug 1626 s.o. Richard. There was a Margaret Wooll in Butleigh d.o. William Atwool [Chr. 25 Apr 1592] but she seems to have married Thomas Arnold Butleigh 29 Nov 1621?

4) Richard King d. 1672/3?

This could be a second marriage of (3)?

Jeane must be the 'widow King' who received relief from the Overseers in 1673-6/7. In the latter year she was attended by Mary Rayment 'in her sickness' and then died. OOP

DD/S/BT/4/2/7 - 1] Richard King of Butleigh, husbandman 2] Nathaniel Lockyer of Kingweston, yeoman Lease for 2,000 years of 3a arable in Butleigh fields part of 13a bought from John Smith of Broadwindsor, Dors., and wife Dorothy, daughter and coheir of William Ewens. Date: 1664.

DD/S/BT/4/2/10 - 1] Richard King of Butleigh, husbandman 2] William Parker of Knoll, Long Sutton, husbandman Assignment of 1.5a in Austins Pits in East field, 1/2a on High St., 1/2a under mill hedge in West field and house lately erected in place of a stable at the end Date: 1672.

DD/S/BT/4/2/12 1] Matthew Collins of Butleigh, baker 2] William Stock of Butleigh, tailor Assignment of a house and plot north of Nodway on the east of the West field in Butleigh, late Richard King's. Tied to previous.1702

5) Elizabeth King married William Corpe Butleigh 18 Oct 1726 #

6) Elizabeth King married John Randel Butleigh 3 Jul 1731

7) Charles King

Charles was probably sexton and in 1739 'buried' Grace Atwell.. (OOP)

8) Anne King bur. 12 Aug 1754 Butleigh

9) Elizabeth King sojourner [d.o. John and Mary King Chr. 2 Jan 1754 Glastonbury St. Benedicts?]

In Oct 1766 the OOP paid for an order and examination against Elizabeth King to remove her to St. John's Glastonbury. She obviously returned because in Feb 1772 the OOP paid the expenses of going to Wells 'about Eliz. King'. In March 1772 they paid for her 'lying in'.

10) William King of Walton

William King occupied the land on Kings Sedgemoor Ground belonging to Mr. Jarman from 1804 and farmed land there belonging to different owners until sometime after 1828. In 1823/4 a William King junior paid rates as owner in the Kings Sedgemoor. In the 1827/8 rate assessment William paid rates on two properties including on the south side of the Commons (late Callows).

11) Miss King of Butleigh seeking employment, management of a large dairy as Cheddar cheese-maker [Western Gazette 24 Apr 1896]


1) Ernest Isaac Kingsbury Chr. 12 Sep 1875 (Sep Q 5c/526 Wells) Butleigh, s.o. Isaac and Sarah Kingsbury, d. 1932 (Mar Q 5b/120 Exeter) aged 56

Isaac Kingsbury was head keeper at Butleigh Court in 1875 when he placed an advert in the Western Gazette 31 December offering a reward for the return of a lost liver and white coloured spaniel bitch. Ernest's father was a gamekeeper from Whitchurch Dorset and in 1881 they had lived in Keeper's Cottage, Clatworthy, Somerset. Ernest was the fourth of five sons, the first three born in Wiltshire and the last in Clatworthy. In 1891 the family lived at Great Torrington, Devon where Isaac ran the "Setting Sun" at 24, Cornmarket Street. Isaac died in Torrington in 1895 and by 1901 Sarah lived at 12 Lime Grove, Bideford, Devon with her two sons Robert (30) a grocer's clerk and Ernest, a waiter in an Inn. Sarah died in Bideford in 1933 aged 94.


1) William Kingson of Taunton bur. 29 Jan 1738 Butleigh

In the entries of the accounts for the Overseers of the Poor for February 1738 there is: “pd 1s Henry Callow and others for sitting up with a chimney sweeper at John Diffords stall, and pd 1s 6d for liquor and stretching him out when dead and pd 6s Mrs. Periam for six yards of flannen at 10d p yard to bury the said chimney sweeper inn. The overseers also paid 4s 6d to ring the bell, dig his grave and carry him to church – plus make out an affidavit. This must have been a terrible tragedy with the sweeper either getting stuck in the chimney or falling from it. We know that this is he since this burial is the only one at the time that concerns a non-Butleigh person. In the records for Taunton St. James a marriage is recorded for William Kingston to an Elizabeth Wey on 7 Aug 1720 and it is almost certainly the same person. In the Taunton records there seems to be just one family with this surname – and William would seem to have been the son of Thomas Kingston (who married Mary Wytch on 3 Feb 1703).


(Kipping, Keeping)

1) John Kyppyn bur. 3 Aug 1621 Butleigh

John Kyppin donated 9d towards the building of Chelsea College in 1617. The following areprobably children of this couple.

2) Judith Kyppin married Butleigh 17 Jan 1622 Henry Andrews #

3) Dorothy Kippen married Butleigh 3 Feb 1626 Thomas Look #

4) William Kippen parchment maker, bur. 2 Jan 1641 Butleigh

Agnes bur. 6 May 1630 Butleigh may be a child of this family? Joanne married Butleigh18 Jun 1664 Briant Pope

DD/S/BT/5/6/1 - 1] William Kipping of Butleigh, parchment maker 2] Thomas Kellway of Butleigh, husbandman and Joan Collins of Henley in High Ham Assignment of 1a by the 'gurle' on Southernhill in Butleigh West field part Peckham lease (1562). [Somerset Archive and Records, Date: 1634.]

BOND IN £10 DD\SE/48/1 Thos. Symcocks of Littlebridge (co. Dorset), esq., Thos. Samwaies of Butleigh, farmer, and Wm. Kippin of same, parchment-maker, to Wm. Woodhouse, vicar of Butleigh; for the payment of £52 8s.. [Somerset Archive Date range: 1638 - 1639.

DD/S/BT/4/3/8  1] Thomas Symcockes 2] Sir John Meller of Little Bredy, Dors., kt, his son and heir Robert, Wolley Meller of Upcerne, Dors., and William Coward of Wells Grant for lives of Barbara Keeping's messuage, water grist mill and 3a, Katherine Symcockes' s messuage and 36a, Thomas Samwayes's messuage and 70a, a messuage and 70a late Joan Callow decd, the Churchhouse, a messuage late Joan Sutton decd, Tillye Walton's messuage, Rowley messuage and 70a, Joan Seymor's messuage and 18a and a messuage and 40a in Water lane, Butleigh trust to raise £1,500 for Thomas's younger children. 1641

PROB 11/187 - Will of William Kippin Parchment Maker Butleigh, Somerset Date: 25 Nov 1641.

4a) William Kippin Chr. 11 Dec 1631 Butleigh bur. 30 Oct 1672Butleigh

William was Overseer in 1670 (Keeping). William must have paid rates on South Moor which his wife took over in 1673 and paid until 1675 but in 1676 the rates were paid by John Meade 'for late William Kiping'. Grace paid the Butleigh rates from 1673 until 1702 after which the property was rated to John Sheate & Gregory. Sarah married John Gregory.#

DD/S/BT/7/8/3 1] John Gregory of Butleigh, husbandman and wife Sarah, daughter of William Keeping the younger of Butleigh and wife Grace decd 2] Henry Pope of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of Broadmoor (4a), Butleigh part Peckham lease (1562). Rent 5s.. [Somerset Archive Date: 1703.


1) Frances A. Kirton b. 1870 Butleigh

Frances was the niece of Benjamin Kirton (b. 1847 Burnham) and lived with him and his wife Annie (b. 1847 Kingweston) at Rock Cottage, Burnham in 1881. Nfi


1) Katherine Knapp d.o. Henry Knapp Chr. Jun 1584 Butleigh

Possibly a spelling of Napper, a known surname in surrounding villages?

2) John H. Knapp b. 1920 (Mar Q 7b/832 Nottingham), mother Griffin, bur. 4 Apr 2014 Butleigh



A) Thomas Knight bellfounder – mentioned in the churchwarden's accounts of 1695

In 1694/5 he cast the 4th bell and added 347 lbs of new metal to the bell. He is possibly the father of the Sara (?) Knight who married John Corp in Butleigh on 29 Sep (?) 1733 #

B) Love Knight married Butleigh 29 Sep 1733 John Corp#

C) Mr. Night

The County Official to whom the OOP paid the County Stock money in July 1805 and March 1806. In Dec 1816 payment was made to Mr. George Night's wife. In Jan 1817 relief was made to George Knight and Mr. Welch paid for his examination.

DD/S/BT/19/7/6 1] Thomas Strangways Horner, sheriff of Somerset 2] John Knight of Charlton Adam, yeoman Assignment of 2a arable in Catcott North field, 9a inclosed arable beside Moorlinch road, cottage with 1.5a turbary, and 4a allotment in Sedgemoor. (1 doc.) 1810 [related?]

1) William Hillbourne Knight Chr. 2 Oct 1804 Martock, s.o. Robetrt and Mary Knight, tailor, d. 20 Mar, bur. 28 Mar 1863 (Mar Q 5c/515 Wells) Butleigh 41-10, 51-32, 61-56

William Knight (35) tailor, lived in 1841 in the High Street with wife Jane and children Mary (9), Eliza (6), Harry/Henry (3) and Emily (1).

Mary was a servant in Pewsham, Wilts (Buckhill Cottage) in 1851 - she never married and in 1871 - 1881 was housekeeper at Upp Hall Mansion, Braughing, Herts. She was the mother of the illegitimate Gertrude who died in infancy. Mary died in 1886 whilst living in Braughing but was buried in Butleigh.

Emily may have died - nfi. The rest of the family appeared at No. 3 Fore Street in 1851.

Henry disappeared from the censuses and William could be the butler, William G. Knight, living at 42, Hill Street, St. George, Hanover Square in 1871 described as from 'Budleigh'.

In 1861 William (55) and wife Jane (55) with daughter Elizabeth (15) lodged with John Higgins in the High Street. William Knight died in 1863.

Elizabeth married a gardener, Francis Field in 1868 (Jun Q 2a/55 Guildford) in Surrey. They had four children and were still together in 1901, in Shalford, Surrey. In 1911 the widowed Elizabeth lived with her daughter Elsie and son-in-law William Shurlock (a coal merchant) at Albury Heath, Guildford.

In 1871 Eliza was a housemaid at 69, Brook Street, Hanover Square, London, home of Kickman Hodgson MP an E. India Merchant. She is probably the Eliza Knight who married cab man William Read (b. 1851 New Romney, Kent) in 1877 (Mar Q 1a/450 St. George Hanover Square) and who lived in St. Georges in 1881, later moving to Bridgwater with son Harry (b. 1879 Pimlico). She gives her dob as 1842, 45 and 49 (and pob Butleigh) on different censuses. In 1911 Eliza and William were the proprietors of the Railway Hotel, Bridgwater.

In 1871 Jane as a widow appeared with her brother James Coombes (b. Butleigh 1812) at the Porters Lodge, Bowood House, Bowood, Wilts. #

In 1881 she was found back in Butleigh lodging with William George Reynolds (43) plasterer, and his wife Caroline at 16 High Street. In 1891 Jane Knight (86) living on her own means lodged with Henry Brain (54) Agricultural Labourer - she died in 1892 aged 91 in Wells Union Workhouse.

2) Louisa Knight b. 1855 London 61-51

Louisa was the niece of John and Susan Seymour and was visiting them at Barton Road in 1861. Nfi

3) William Bartlett Knight Chr. 9 Jan 1812 baltonsborough 'Babcary', farmer, s.o. Robert and Sarah Knight, d. 2 Aug, bur. 6 Aug 1886 (Sep Q 5c/320 Wells) Butleigh 41-4, 51W-39, 61W-62, 71W-84, 81W-104

William Knight and family were previously at Back Street Farm, Butleigh Wootton (1851), when Hannah's mother Molly Toop lived with them, and moved into Rowley Farm by 1861. # The farm had been unoccupied in 1841 though registered to Daniel Bartlett in 1844, and in 1851 it was occupied by Ann Bartlett. Judging from his middle name, William was a relative when he acquired the property. He was a servant to Daniel Bartlett in 1841. He lived there in 1861 aged (43), with wife Hannah Payne (43) and children Mary Ann, Martha Payne, Hester Troop, Sarah Bartlett, Clara Elizabeth, William Daniel, Samuel James, Eliza Hannah and Lena Sophia.

In 1871 William B. Knight (56) farmed 400 acres and lived with wife Hannah (51) and children Mary Jane (23), Martha (22), Hester (21), Sarah (19), Daniel (18), Eliza (13), Lena (12), Robert Charles and Richard Payne.

Mary Ann married the widower and farmer Henry Keen of Stileway (b. 1838 Meare) in Butleigh on 7 Apr 1874 (Jun Q 5c/983 Wells). They lived in Meare and in 1891 had seven children. In 1911 they lived at Stanley House, 67, Bath Rd., Bristol with four unmarried children.

William Daniel (Daniel from 1871 on censuses, or just Dan) lived at Craddock's Farm, Babcary in 1881 with his sisters Martha (as housekeeper) and Eliza. An auctioneer and valuer by profession, he lived in 1891 in part of Manor Farm, Keinton Mandeville. William Daniel married young Clara Brain (b. 1873 Carton, Som.) in 1895 (Dec Q 5c/821 Wincanton) and they lived together in 1901 and 1911 (childless) but Clara died on 3rd Feb 1915 (Mar Q 5c/574 Langport) and was buried in Butleigh on 6 Feb 1915 and William died later on 30 Sep 1915 (Dec Q 5c/433 Langport) - bur. 4 Oct Butleigh..

In 1871 Samuel was a pupil at school 48, East St., Taunton. Samuel married Lavinia Mary A. Smith from Bristol in 1882 (Jun Q 5c/1089 Keynsham) and farmed at Walnut Farm, Dundry, Bedminster by 1891 - they had four children. They were still there with two of their children in 1901. They were still at East Dundry in 1911 with three of their four adult children plus three servants.

In 1881 William (69) still lived with wife Hannah (68) and children Sarah (27), Samuel (24), Lena (20), Robert (19) and Richard (17). Samuel James Knight married Lavinia Mary Ann Smith d.o. Late Richard Smith of Gothic Villa, Brislington on 20 April 1882 at Brislington Church.

On 4th July 1883 a William Andrews employed by W. B. Knight had a terrible accident. Descending Blagrove Hill with a wagon drawn by four horses he dismounted to put on a 'drag' but fell. The horses started and the wagon ran over and mutilated him, head and body. He was attended by Mr. W. Perkins of Glastonbury, but to no avail. On 27 March 1884 someone set fire to a rick of clover hay at Rowley Farm belonging to William – a loss of £60. William Bartlett Knight died in 1886. Funeral reported in the Bristol Mercury 9 Aug 1886.

Eliza Hannah married William Geo. Evans (b. 1861 Glastonbury) in 1889 (Sep Q 5c/791 Wells) and lived in Billington, Beds. in 1891 and ran the "Izaak Walton Hotel" Ilam, Staffs in 1901. # In 1911 she was widowed and ran the hotel with her daughter Daisy Constance (20) while her son Robert (11) was still a schoolboy (a third child not home). She had eight staff to help her and had one boarder, the geologist Robert Cattley from Leeds University.

In 1891 the widowed Hannah Payne Knight (72) lived with Sarah Bartlett Knight (38), Lena S. (30), Robert (28) and Richard P. (26). Hannah died in 1892 and Robert Charles took over and is listed as the farmer in Kelly's 1897 Directory.

At the late age of 46, the spinster Sarah B. Knight married Charles Benjamin Croom in 1898 (Mar Q 5c/747 Wells) and they farmed at Woodlands in West Pennard. #

Martha P. became a companion and lived with Mary Betton in 1891 at 8, Albert Buildings, Weston Super Mare. She married John Frazer in 1892 (Mar Q 5c/822 Axbridge) but was widowed by 1901 In 1911 calling herself Mary she lived alone at 33, Severn Ave., Weston Super Mare.

Lena went to live with her widowed sister Martha P. Frazer who lived, on her own means, at Villa Rosa in Weston-Super-Mare (1901). In 1911 and still single she lived with a 'help' at 7, Alma Rd., Clifton, Bristol.

Another sister Hester Troop (b. 1860) married farmer Hungerford John Appleby Clapp * (b. 1856, s.o. John) in Butleigh on 19 Mar 1878 (Mar Q 5c/732 Wells) and lived variously at Keynsham, Baltonsborough, and is found in 1901 living with her sister Lena at Weston Super Mare together with her husband. Some of their sons remained as farmers in Baltonsborough. In 1911 Hester and her husband lived at Burlington House, Milton Rd., Weston super Mare with one of their six (of 7) surviving children, Gladys (17).

Richard Payne married Clara Elizabeth [Brimble] Smith [d.o. James Brimble] from Whitchurch on 21 May 1895 (Jun Q 5c/1203 Bedminster) St Luke's church, Bedminster, and in 1901 they farmed at Bridge Farm, Whitchurch, Keynsham Sanitary. By 1911 they had two sons and a daughter living with them.

Rowley Farm was taken over before the 1901 census by the still single Robert Charles Knight (38). He was still there in 1911 with two servants. In 1906 he played several parts in the Butleigh Revel. A notice in the Western Gazette 7 Nov 1919 advertised his selling all his stock at Rowley Farm as he was retiring from business and leaving. He died in Baltonsborough in 1943.

4) Aaron Knight Chr. 17 Nov 1839 Shermanbury, Sussex, licensed victualer, s.o. William and Sarah Knight, d. 1872 (Jun Q 4a/12 West Ham, Essex) aged 33

In 1871 the family lived at 1 & 2 Half Moon Street - the "Half Moon Brewery", Walcot, Bath. Living in was mother-in-law Sarah Ashley (62) a widow and Robert Ashley (38) an unmarried relative - both b. Weybridge, Surrey. In 1881 Sarah Ashley, nurse, lived at 16, Snow Hill, Walcot and both her granddaughters Alice and Harriett were with her. In 1891 Sarah Ashley [Ashby] lived with just Alice at 111, Delaford Rd., Rotherhithe, London. Harriet was a Parlourmaid at Beckenham, Kent.

Alice Emily married plumber William John Miell in 1894 (Jun Q 1a/445 Fulham) and they lived at 12, Addison Rd., Bromley, Kent. Harriet married gardener John Henry J. Nason in 1896 (Jun Q 1d/1793 Lewisham) and in 1911 they lived at Potash Cottages, Sandon, Chelmsford, Essex with 5 children (a sixth had died).

5) George Knight b. 1786 Somerset, labourer, bur. 5 Feb 1849 (Mar Q 10/360 Wells) Butleigh 41W-16 [George s.o. George and Martha Knight Chr. 3 Mar 1784 Bridgwater?]

At his marriage George was called a sojourner and Ann a widow. Her husband James Vile had died in 1804 leaving her with two daughters..# George was sent for examination in Jan 1817 before Mr. Welch at Somerton. George received assistance in Jan 1817 and rent from the OOP in 1817 – 1822. In Dec 1821 he began to receive assistance again – in Jan 1822 he and his wife were both ill and for some month were cared for by Hannah Davis. In 1826 George was ill and his rent was paid by the OOP (to Benjamin Bowring)..

Ann and her daughter Ann were both servants who worked at Wootton House in 1841.George died in 1849. Samuel married Mary Lee in Bath in 1832 and James is probably the one (5) above. Martha had married coachman Ephraim Marsh (b. 1811 Glastonbury) on 1 Mar 1836 St. Swithins, Walcot Bath (witnesses Samuel and Mary Knight) and they had 9 children before Martha died (5 Feb 1862 Clifton, bur. 9 Feb Whiteshill, Stroud) and Ephraim married again in 1863. In 1851 Martha and Ephraim had lived at Trowbridge with their eldest son being Edward who had been born in 1837 at Wells. Charlotte married Samuel Fry in Butleigh on 3 Sep 1844 (Sep Q 10/705 Wells) # and her brother George married in 1845 (next). Ann married printer Charles Henry Mallard (b. 1822 Gloucester) in 1847 (Mar Q 11/340 Gloucester).

5a) James Knight b. 1810 Butleigh Wootton, gardener, [probably the son of George (5)], d. 26 May, bur. 31 May 1862 (Jun Q 5c/398 Wells) Butleigh 41W-17, 51W-40, 61W-64

In 1841 James was a gardener but by 1851 was a general servant then in 1861 a gardener again. By the latter date he lived with just his wife and Elizabeth his youngest child. He died in 1862.

Harriett became a nurse at 17, Putney Hill, Putney, Surrey in 1861. It seems that she married her first cousin Edward Marsh the son of her father's sister Martha and husband Ephraim. She died of childbed fever following the birth of her son James Edward in 1870 and her husband re-married.

James jnr married Harriett Raines (b. 1841 Abbotts Leigh) in 1863 (Sep Q 5c/1147 Bedminster)? and in 1871 was a gardener living at Beach Cottage, at Portishead and by 1881 was head gardener at Leigh Court gardens, Leigh Court, Abbots Leigh, Somerset. By 1891 James was a widower running the "White Hart Inn" at Puxton Somerset with his son Frederick (b. 1865 Glamorgan).

Frederick was a footman at Dinder House, Dinder in 1861, married school mistress Elizabeth Williams (b. 1841 Mells) in 1871 (Jun Q 5a/323 Bradford Upon Avon) and then they lived at Dulcote, Wells (Frederick as a butler) in 1871 with 3 month old Florence Elizabeth. They remained there by 1901 with two unmarried daughters - Florence (29) and Gertrude (26). In 1911 Frederick was a widower living at Dulcote, still with Florence and Gertrude.

Elizabeth married Stephen Holmes in 1866 (Sep Q 1a/1020 Marylebone). This couple lived first in Horncastle, Lincolnshire, where Stephen was a joiner (1871). They moved to Pancras (1881) then Hornsey (1891) where they had a son Francis. By 1901 Elizabeth was a florist living alone in Chichester.

In 1871 Caroline lived alone as 'a former laundress'. She was alone too in 1881 and 1891, in two rooms at 26 Wootton Village. She died in 1895

5b) George Knight Chr. 15 Sep 1816 Butleigh, sawyer, died 8 Jan , bur. 10 Jan 1872 Melbourne 41W-16, 51W-39

Mary Wall was a servant at Staplegrove Rectory at the time of their marriage. In 1851 George and family lived in Wootton Street with a niece, Mary Ann Craft as nursemaid, Fanny being only four months old. George and family emigrated to Australia on the “Castilian” which left Liverpool on 11 Mar 1857 arriving Melbourne 10 Jun 1857. They later lived and farmed at “Belle Vue”, Pascoe Vale. Ellen married Frederick John Morgan in 1872 in Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia and died in Glenroy there on 7 Oct 1937. Alice Mary died 1944 in Mooney Ponds, Victoria and John Franklin died 1932 Royal Park Victoria.

6) Walter Knight b. 1860 (Jun Q 5c/401 Wellington, Som) Milverton, agricultural labourer

In 1901 Walter and family lived at Cleanmoor, Milverton, Somerset. Charles, a dairyman appear as an 18 year old gardener lodging with William Preston at 10 Butleigh in 1911.

6a) Charles Henry Knight b. 21 Jul 1892 (sic!), Reg. 1893 (Sep Q 5c/293 Wellington Som) Milverton, d. 1972 (Sep Q 7c/1174 Taunton)

Knolles (Knowles)

see also Nowell

1) John Knolls

John Knolles appears in the will of John Acowrte 1568 and witnessed the will of John Astine in 1570. An Agnes Knowles is mentioned in the 1557 will of Philip Guppy – John's wife? Philip Guppy's wife in his will is called Mary but he states that his first wife's son is John Knowles.

1a) Mathew Knolls [d. 23 Feb 1614?]

Matthew paid £3, 3s Tithing on the Subsidy Roll of 1581. [SRS Vol. 88] The Knollys family owned the St. Clare estates in Butleigh from 1547 and Edward Knollys (d. 1571) left it to another Edward who sold it in 1589. Whether the Knollys and Knolles are the same family needs verifying. Alice married Butleigh 27 Apr 1598 William Callow #

For an early record of the Knollys ownership of land in Butleigh see the case of Court of Star Chamber: Proceedings, Elizabeth I STAC 5/K14/27 - Knolles and Rocke v. Ewyn, Guppy and others. This was Edward Knolles of Little Hempston, Devon and John Rocke of Butleigh concerning land in Butleigh and an assault – see under Rocke.

PROB 11/123/94 Will of Mathew Knolls Yeoman Butleigh, Somerset Date: 23 Feb 1614.

In the name of God Amen, the fyveth day of October in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand sixe hundred and eighte. Mathew Knolls late of Butleigh in the Countie of Somerset yeoman the unprofitable servant of God weake in body but stronge in spirite doe willinglye and with a ffree harte render and give agayne unto the hands of my Lord God and creator my spiritt which he of his fatherlye goodness gave unto me when he firste fashinoed me in my mothers wombe making me a livinge and a reasonable creation with my doubtinge but that for his infinite merrits sett forth in the previous bloude of his derely beloved sonne Jesus Christ our onely Saviour and Redeemer he will receave my soule into his glorie and place it in the company of the heavenly Anngells and blessed sayntes. And as concerning my bodye xxx with a good will and free harte I give it over commending it to the earth whereof it came nothinge doubting but according to the article of my faite at the greate daye of the generall reformation when wee shall approve before the judgement state state of Christ I shall rceceave the same agayne by the mightie power of God where with he is able to subdue all things to him selff not a corruptible, mortall, weake and vyle body as it is nowe, but an uncorruptible immortall stronge and perfect bodye in all poynts like unto the glorious bodye of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christe,

Item, I give and bequeath to St. Andrews church in Welles 16d. Item I give and bequeath towards the reparons of the churche of Budeleighe aforesaid 6s 6d Item I give and bequeath towards the reparations of the churche of Southbrynt 6s 6d Item I give and bequeath towards the relieffe of the poore dwelling and inhabitinge in the pishe of Budeleighe aforesaid tenne shillinges to be distributed amongst them by Mr. Thomas Rocke clerke vicar of Budeleigh aforesaid and my brother Roger Knolls. Item I give and bequeath towards the relieffe of the poore dwelling and inhabitinge in the pish of Southbrente tenne shillings to be distributed amongst them by Lewes Locke and Nicholas Dallye. Item I give and bequeath towards the reliefe of the poore dwelling and inhabitinge in the Towne of Glaston twentie shillings to be distributed amongst them by my said brother Roger Knolls and Henry Wrynckmore moreover touching my children albeit I am fully pleaded that God according to his promyse wilbe a father unto them, and if they lyve in his feare he will not see them lacke yet synce the lamm of God and nature require that I sholde gave a reasonable care of him And forasmuch as I gave by former conveyance under my hande and seale grannted and conveyed to Walter Knolls my eldest sonne my tenement in Budeleigh aforesaid together with all the landes meadowes pastures commons feedings woods underwoods with all and singular the appurtenance for certen yeares yett to come yf he the said Walter and Margaret his wyfe for longe shall happen to lyve And because I an desirous that the said tente and other the premisses with their appurtenances shall contynewe and abide in the name and bloude of me the said Mathew during the yeares expressed in the originall lease I doe by this my last will and testament give and bequeath to the yssue male of the said Walter Knolls my said sonne the residue of all the yeares undetermyned and remayning unexpired at the deathes of the said Walter and Margarett his nowe wyffe of the said tenement landes meadowes and pastures and other the premisses together with the originall lease And for defaulte of such issue to John Knolls my third sonne and to the issue male of his bodyw, And for defaulte of such issue to Edward Knolls my second sonne and to the issue male of his body, And for defaulte of such issue th Roger Knolles my brother and to the issue male of his bodye duringe the contunuance of the said originall lease. And whereas by this my last will and testament I have devised given and bequeathed my said tenement landes meadows pastures, woodes, underwoodes commons feedings with all and singulartheir appurtenances in Budeleighe aforesaid to the issue male of Walter Knolls John and Edward Knolls my said sonnes. And the Roger Knolls my brother and to the issue males of their bodies ymediately after the deathes or other the determinations of the estates of the said Walter and Margarett his nowe wiffe to the end and purpose that the said tenement and all other the premisses may contynne in the name and bloude of me the said Mathew as abovesaid during the continuance of the originall deede or and least to me my executors and assignes grannted and devysed as by the same deede or least allwayes to be seene more at large appeareth And not have my bequeathed devised given disposed lymited or appoynted any legacie or bequeste to the female children of the said Walter John and Edward departing this lyfe without issue male I doe by this my last will and testament give and bequeath devise dispose lymitt and appoynt unto the women children or woman child of my said sonne Walter dying and departinge this lyfe without issue male the somme of LXXX £ to be paid unto such women children or woman child of the said Walter by John Knolls my said sonne within one yeare then next followinge the deathes or other the determinations of the estates of the said Walter and Margarett his nowe wyfe And if it happen the said John Knolls to depart this lyfe without issue male of his body lawfully begotten then my will and purpose is that Edward Knolls my said sonne or his issue male shall paye the said somme of ffoure score poundes in manner and forme above said to the daughter or daughters of the said Walter yf he shall have any yf not to the daughter or daughters of the said John by equal portions And yf the said Edward shall departe this life without issue male of his body lawfully begotten that then Roger Knolls my said brother or his issue male shall paye the said somme of ffour score poundes at the tyme before lymyted to such daughters or daughter of the said Walter yf he shall have any yf not then to such daughters or daughter of John Knolls my sid sonne yf he shall have any yf not then to such daughters or daughter of the siad Edward yf he shall have any (yf not) then to the issue female of the said Roger for ever.

Item I give and bequeath to Edward Knolles my sayde sonne the somme of tenn poundes to be paid unto him by my executors within one yeare next after my decease. Item I give and bequeath to Osmonde Knolls, Mathew Knolls Dorathie Knolls and Joane Knolls the children of Roger Knolls my said brother tenn poundes a peace each to every of them X£. Item I give and bequeath to Stephen Callowe Timothy Callowe John Callow and Joane Callow the children of William Callow by Alice Callow my daughter tenn pounds a peace to be paide unto them at such tyme and tymes as the said children shall attayne and come to the age of eighteene yeares . Item I give and bequeath to Joane Knolls the daughter of John Knolls my brother tenn poundes to be paid unto her when she shall come to the age of eighteen yeares, Item I give and bequeath to Thomas Knolls the son of the said John Knolls sixe poundes thirteene shillings and foure pence to be paid unto him when he comes to the age of eighteene yeares. Item I give and bequeath as part and parcell of a stocke towards the reparations and maytenance of the crosse in Glaston latelye buylte and newly crocted twentie shillings allways to be imployed and the use thereof to be bestowed uppon reparations of the same from tyme to tyme for ever. Item I give and bequest to Roger Knolls my brother my beste sute of apparrell throughout Item I give and bequeath to William Stroude my brother Roger's manne one doublett one jerkin one paire of hose one paire of stockins and one paire of shooes. Item I give and bequeath to everie one of my godchildren three shillings and ffoure pence a peece Item I give and bequeath to everie one of the children of Thomas Cocks vizt Grace William Phillipp and Margarett twentie shillings a peece Item I give and bequeath to Roger Burdde and Margarett Burdde my sisters children twenty shillings a peece. And whereas I have by this my last will and testament given and bequeathed diverse and sundry legacies and bequests for to them given and bequested shalbe imployed by my executors hereafter named to their best profitt and advantadge the employment thereof to begynne at such tyme or tymes after my decease as shalbe thought fitt and expedient by my executors hereafter named. The residewe of all my goods chattells and creditts unbequwathed and not given my legacies and debts paid and ffuneralls discharged. I give and bequeath to Walter Knolls my sonne whome I make my sole and onely executor to see this my last will and testament accordinge to my true meaninge performed and donne utterly revoking old nichillating (?) and making voyde all and all mannner of former willes and every legacie and bequest in every and either of them specified and conteyned from the begyninge of the world until the day of the date of those presents.. And for the better pformance and execution thereof I make constitute and ordeyne my lovinge ffreinde........[blank]...........to be my executors to whom I give for their paynes takings …..[blank] .. a peece These being witnesses Thomas Rocke clerke, Roger Knolls

Probatum fuit testamentum etc….London...Doctore Smergato venerabilis...Vicesmo tertio die monsis ffebruary Anno Domm ...millesimo sexentesimo decimo tertio [23 Feb 1613] Walteri Knolls ..

DD/S/BT/25/6/4 1] Sir Edmund Peckham and son George 2] Matthew son of John Knolls of Butleigh Copy lease for 299 years of a tenement and 28a arable, 9.5a meadow and pasture and 3a in West wood, Butleigh. Rent 19s 2d.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS Date: 1562.

1a1) Walter Knolles bur. 22 Jun 1614 Butleigh

The Rushe family were very prosperous and several left wills. Agatha Rush married Thomas Rocke in Butleigh on 15 Jun 1598 and her relatives John and Walter Rush appointed her son as vicar in 1642

DD/S/BT/4/4/1 1] Richard Goodcole and his wife Margery, daughter of William Strode the eldest, decd 2] Thomas Rushe of Baltonsborough, yeoman Assignment of Margery's Peckham lease (1562) of Chambers house and 3 a at Wootton, 3 a at Langland, 2a west of Langland lane, Date: 1605.

Online Doc PROB 11/273 Will of Walter Rush Yeoman Baltonsborough, Somerset . Date: 1658.

Will of Walter Knolls, Butleigh, Somerset, 1614, PROB/11/124

In the name of God Amen The xviijth day of Maye in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and Fowerteene I Walter Knolls of Budeleighe being sicke of bodie but perfect of mynde and memorie I thanke my God for the same doe make and ordeyne this my last will and Testament in manner and forme following videlt, First I give and bequeath my soule to Almightie God my maker and Redeemer, and my bodie to the earth to be buried in the parish church of South Brente by my Father Mathew Knolls, Item I give and bequeath to my eldest sonne John Knolls the whole terme of my lease of my house After the decease of Margarett my wife which is my dwelling ^house in Budeleighe aforesaid. Provided always that my will is that the entaylemente which my Father Mathewe Knolls hath made in his last will and Testament shall remayne and stande in force accordinge as he hath appointed in ^his said will, Itm I give and bequeath to my said sonne John one feather bedd with his furniture and one dustbed with his furniture one wayne and one paire of Iron bound wheeles belonging to the same the Iron Ropes and all the plough harnes And also one Coverled which was bought att the buriall of my said Father Mathewe Knolls, Itm my will is that my said wife shall have the use occupacon of the said beds and the furnitures the said wayne and wheeles and plough harnes And said Coverled maynteyninge the same sufficientlie soe longe as she shall remayne widdowe Itm whereas Mathewe Knolls my said Father in his last will did give and bequeath to my said sonne John one younge mare which was solde for iijli vjs iiijd, I doe give and bequeath thereunto Tenn pounds of lawfull money of England to make the said some of iijli vjs viijd Twelve markes of currant Englishe money unto my said sonne John. Itm I give and bequeath more to my said sonne John Three brasse potts and Three brasse panes which my said wyffe shall have the use and occupacon thereof during her said widowhood. Itm I give and bequeath unto Mathewe Knolls my second sonne one hundred pounds of currant English money to be employed to the best use and profitt for him to begynn at the end of one yeare next after my decease by my Overseers, Also my will is that the saide some of Twentie markes before given to my sonne John shalle likewise employed to the best use for him by my said Overseers to begynne at the end of one yeare, Item I give and bequeath to the Childe which my said wyffe is great wthall nowe yf it doe come to lyffe into the worlde the some of Fortie poundes of currant English money to be likewise employed to the best use and benefit for the said Child by my Overseers to begynne at the end of one yeare nexte after my decease as aforesaid, Itm my will is further that yf my said sonne Mathewe happen to dye, before he come to the age of Fyfteene yeeres that then his said Stocke shall remayne to my said Childe which my said wife is nowe greate withall if it be borne with lyfe and doe live soe longe, And yf it shall happen ^that the said Childe to bearinge be borne wth lyfe, And after that happen to dye before it come to the age of Fifteene yeares being a manchild that then his said Stocke shall remayne to my said sonne Mathewe to be likewise employed to his beste use by my overseers, And beinge a woman^child yf it happen to dye before it come to the age of one and Twentie yeares or be married that then likewise her said Stocke shall remayne to the use and benefit of my said sonne Mathewe, Itm my will is further that the legacies which my Father hath given in his last will shall be paide according to his will by my Executors, Also my will is further that whereas there is already given at the decease of my Father the some of vijli to the poore of Sowthbrente in the behalf of my Father to make that Tenn Poundes to the use of the said poore of Southebrente, Itm I give to the poore of Budeleighe xxs to be distributed at the discretion of the overseers and Churchwardens there, All the rest of my goodes moveable and unmoveable not yet given nor bequeathed I give and bequeath to Margarett my saide wyffe whom I doe make and ordeyne my whole and sole Executrix. Also I doe request and Appoyte my well beloved friends Walter Rushe my brother in law and John Knolls my Brother to be my overseers to see all the things conteyned in this my will pformed Accordinge to my will, these being witnesses heare under written John Earle Walter Rushe John Knolls.

Probatum fuit Testamentum suprascriptum apud London coram venerabili viro Domino Johani Benet milite legum Doctore curie prerogativie Cantuariense magro custode s?me commissario legitime constituto decimo septimo die mensis Septembris Anno domini millesimo sexcentesimo decimo quarto [17 Sep 1614] iuramento Margrette Knolls Relicte dicti defuncti et Executricis in eodem Testamento nominat cin coinssa fuit Administraro bonorum Jurium et Creditorum dicti defuncti de bene et fideliter Administraniv s[u]p[er]? ad sancta dei Evangelia vigore Comissionis in ea parte als Emanat Jurat. [Transcription courtesy Dr. D. Brook]

1a2) Edward Knolls bur. 18 Sep 1638 Butleigh

Edward Knolle donated 8d towards the building of Chelsea College in 1617

1b) Roger Knolles bur. 7 Apr 1610 Glastonbury St. John

The last two children seem to have been baptised posthumously!

PROB 11/279 Will of Roger Knowles Husbandman Glastonbury, Somerset . Date: 1658.

PROB 11/278 Will of Mathewe or Mathew Knowles Husbandman Shepton Mallet, Somerset . Date: 1658.

1c) John Knolles bur. 6 Aug 1636 Butleigh

Joanna married Butleigh 27 Nov 1632 Walter Pirry

2) Maria Knolles widow bur. 12 Jan 1591 Butleigh [wife of Philip?]

3) Maria Knolles bur. 10 Mar 1602 Butleigh

4) Joanna Knolles (Doona ? (1b)) wife of ?? bur. 21 Dec 1602 Butleigh


1a) Hugh Ferrers Knyvett b. 1843 (Jun Q 6/266 Windsor) Windsor, Berkshire, Medical Superintendent, s.o. Charles William and Julia Knyvett, d. 1923 (Mar Q 5B/22 Honiton) 01-145

1b) Harriet Emily Knyvett b. Dec 1849 (Dec Q 24/471 Malton), Chr. 6 Jan 1850 West Heslerton, Yorkshire, d.o. Charles William and Julia Knyvett, d. 1921 (Sep Q 3A/663 St. Albans) 01-145

Hugh Ferrers Knyvett was the Medical Superintendent at the Cottage Hospital in 1901 and lived there with his spinster sister Harriet. In 1881 he had lived at 5, Manor Terrace, Beddington, Surrey where his father was described as 'Rector West Heslerton, York' and Hugh was a 'Medical Student "Guy's"'. In 1861 Harriet was found as a student at St. Mary's Hall, the Park, Brighton. They seem to be absent from all other censuses. Their father Charles died in 1881 (Dec Q 2a/152 Croydon). On the 15th April 1898 Dr. Knyvett was called to attend the severely injured Mrs. Anne Brownsell who had been stabbed by Charles Weaver (viz) but she was dead by the time he arrived.

On the 1911 census Hugh and Harriet ran the hospital with a matron Alice Lyne Langshaw (a relation – her mother was nee Knyvett)), nurse Lily O'Neil and two servants. There were 5 patients on census night. The Knyvetts left in the summer of 1913 and in the Western Gazette 18 Jul 1913 Dr. Knyvett advertised the sale of his modern and antique furniture on July 23rd.


1) William Kytts Will 23 May 1542, proved 14 Dec 1542 [Somerset Record Society (SRS) volume 62]

Witnesses to the Will: Sir John Dowle, John Stote and John Gybbes. A Will of Thomas Rytts 14 Sep 1546 proved 9 Dec1546 is probably of the son Thomas Kytts, wife Hanis (?). The will of Avice mentions George Arunall [Arundel] Margaret and William Sket, Johan Doll, Elizabeth Rogers, Elizabeth Pirey, John Assten, Elizabeth Tenyngs and John Collens. Witness John Riches, curate, Thomas Pery and Thomas Jarman.