1) Caroline Frances Lackey Chr. 11 Mar 1849 (Mar Q 10/550 Wells) Butleigh d.o. Thomas and Catherine Lackey, died 1859 (Dec Q 11a/137 Cardiff).

In 1851 the family appeared in Bristol at 4, Trinity Street, and Thomas was described as a Chelsea Pensioner. By 1861 Caroline's father was a lodge keeper, (born in Ireland) and they lived in Castle Lodge, St. John, Cardiff. She died aged 10 in Cardiff. Thomas was still keeper at Cardiff Castle, North Lodge in 1881 - his wife Catherine had been born in Cardiff in 1829.


1) John Lake b. 1827 Somerton, [s.o. William and Mary Lake] apprentice 41-10 [d. 1899 (Mar Q 4b/101 Norwich) aged 70]

John Lake was apprenticed to Charles Dyer at 17, High Street in 1841. He migrated to Conisford, Norwich as a harness maker and married a local girl, Matilda Steel there in 1856 (May Q 4b/235 Norwich). He then remained there for the rest of his life.


1) Stephen Lakeman

Stephen occupied the land of John Lilly on the Kings Sedgemoor Ground in 1818 and 1819. A William Lakeman age 73 was buried 20 Jul 1833 Langport – possible relative [no Stephen traced].


1) Edward Buckton Lamb architect and builder b. 1806 s.o. James Lamb, d. 30 Aug 1869 London

An individual Gothic Revivalist, one of his most original designs was for Berkhamsted Town Hall. Declared bankrupt first in 1844 – Edward Buckton Lamb of Burton Crescent, Middlesex, was a controversial architect who carried out some interior work on Butleigh Court in the late 1850's, early 1860's. He designed the servant's extension to the Court, the stables, the Lodge and gateway, and a fountain at the old entrance to the Court [east of Bigg's Lane] which was later demolished due to an inadequate water supply. His work was preferred by Ralph Neville-Grenville to J. C. Buckler, the architect of the Court employed by Ralph's father, George Neville-Grenville. Lamb also made additions to the old Vicarage [now Butleigh House]. During his stay in Butleigh, Lamb visited Glastonbury where he made sketches of the ruined Abbey – (1) (2) (3)

Lamb finally bankrupted himself building 'the Plaisance' now called Fawkham manor, which he was forced to sell in 1868 [it is now a private hospital]. Pevsner called him “the most original though certainly not the most accomplished architect of his day”.


[Lamport, Lambert – see also Lymbrte]

1) Thomas Lampard of Butleigh [Thomas Lamperd bur. 5 Jun 1746 West Pennard?]

Thomas could be the Thomas Limbry Chr. 10 Jul 1717 Butleigh s.o. Thomas and Rebecca Limbry of Compton Dundon

In 1746/7 Widow Lampard had her house rent paid. In 1748/9 the OOP bought Thomas a coat. In 1750 a Thomas Lampert was bound apprentice to Thomas Periam (the elder) and Mary Lampert to the estate of Mrs. Katherine Howe – as poor children (CW), Sarah Lamberd had her house rent paid (OOP ). Mary is possibly the girl who married Joseph Dymock in Butleigh on 4 Jun 1764 #

2) James Lamberd b. 1804 Pennard, labourer, bur. 16 Jan 1869 (Mar Q 5c/449 Wells) Butleigh 41-9, 51-31, 61-60

This couple lived all their time together in Butleigh in Water Lane 1841 - 61 but after James' death in 1869 Ann went to the Asylum at Wells (1871) where she was described as a 'lunatic' and doing farm employment. In 1881 at the Union Workhouse, Glastonbury Road, she was listed as a laundress. She died in 1881.

3) John Lamport b. 1818 Somerton s.o. James Lampert, labourer, died 1913 (Dec Q 5c/526 Wells - Lamport)? 71-76

John and Hannah Lampert came from Langport Way, Somerton where they appeared on the 1861 census with six children. Previously, in 1851 they had lived in North Street Somerton under the surname Lampard. By 1871 they lived in Oddway. A John with dob as 1828 died in 1913 aged 85. Nfi

4) Sarah Ann Lambert b. 1872 (Sep Q 5c/554 Wells) Butleigh d.o. James and Elizabeth Lambert

Sarah lived at Northload Bridge Glastonbury with her parents in 1881. Her father (b. 1847 Somerton) was a labourer and his other children were born in Ashcott, Glastonbury or lastly Bath. A Sarah Lambert born 1872 died in 1885 aged 13 (Dec Q 5c/341 Wells) and might well be this girl.

5) James Lampert Chr. 14 Aug 1870 Compton Dundon, road labourer, s.o. William and Sarah Lambert, bur. 7 Jan 1953 (Mar Q 7c/322 Wells) Butleigh

A James b. 1867 Compton Dundon (servant aged 14 in Chilton Polden in 1881) seems to be this person. James rented 62 Butleigh (Barton Rd) for £7 per annum at the time of the Estate sale of Feb 1947 and his wife had died there. On the 1911 census they had lived in Compton Dundon with three children. James died at Woodlands, Butleigh.

5a) Charles Lampert Chr. 8 Jan 1899 (Sep Q 5c/339 Langport) Compton Dundon, labourer, s.o. James and Mabel Louise Lampert, d. 1963 (Jun Q 7c/242 Wells)


1) Edwin Mildred Lance M.A. Chr. 2 Mar 1862 (Mar Q 5c/437 Taunton) Thurlbear s.o. William Henry and Charlotte E. (nee Mildred) Lance, Reverend curate at Butleigh and Baltonsborough 1890 [Manchester Courier and Lancs General Advertiser 21 Oct 1890]

Gertrude Agnes Neville-Grenville's sister was Mary Elizabeth Portman who had married Rev. Charles Edward Lance on 5 Nov 1866 at Fort William Bengal. Their sister Emma Lucy had married Daniel Mildred. The three families were closely interlinked and heavily involved with the church. Charles Edward was buried 24th March 1916 at St. Mary's Church, Taunton and the Neville-Grenvilles attended

Edwin was educated at Winchester and Jesus College Cambridge and first appointments were at St. John's Holborn and St. Catherine's Nottingham. Edwin listed in the Western Gazette 21 Nov 1890 as preferment to the curacy of Butleigh-cum-Baltonsborough. Edwin appears on the 1891 census at the Vicarage, Church Lane, Baltonsborough – with his wife Mary. Listed in the Western Gazette 29 Jan 1892 as perpetual curate of Langport. In 1896 his preferment was as vicar at Pill. In 1901 he was vicar of Easton in Gordano aka St. George and lived in the vicarage with Mary and their two children. By 1911 he was in the vicarage Barrow Gurney.


1) John Lane

No certain Bridget in Butleigh but a Bridget Wythers had a base born child Mary Chr. 3 Jul 1743 in Baltonsborough.

2) Ann Lane [Chr. 1 Oct 1786 West Pennard, d.o. Ann Lane], died 1875 Jun Q 5c/321 Langport 41-8, 71K-89

Ann Lane appeared with her daughter and grandson in the High Street, lodging with John Turner in 1841. Emma married a shepherd, William Hilborne in 1847 (Dec Q 10/641 Langport) and they are found in Charlton Adam in 1851# and 1861. At the latter date they had three children with them plus mother Ann Lane and son Henry. Henry moved to Kingweston as a labourer and lived there with his grandmother in 1871 where she died in 1875 aged 99. Henry's mother had died two years earlier in 1873 aged 56.

2a) Henry Lane Chr. 16 Aug 1840 Butleigh, labourer, illegitimate s.o. Emma Lane, died 1918 (Jun Q 5c/408 Langport) 41-8, 71K-89, 81K-109, 91K-129, 01K-147

In 1851-61 Henry had lived with his mother and step-father in Charlton Adam. Henry had married Mary Ann (Marianne) in 1872, before the death of his mother and grandmother and on census night 1881, besides his two children, they had a visit from his wife's brother, James Green, in Kingweston, where they lived. James Green remained with the family in 1901. In 1911 Henry lived alone at East Park, Kingweston.

Marianne died in 1889. Arthur became a groom living in Childrey, Berks in 1901 while his brother Walter was a groom at Alford House, Somerset. Henry died in 1918 aged 77.

George Henry married Mary Ann Turner Chr. 28 Dec 1874 (Dec Q 5c/541 Wells) Butleigh in Butleigh on 6 Jun 1903 (Jun Q 5c/931 Wells) # In 1911 they lived in Rectory Cottage, Kingweston with Sarah Ann Turner, Mary Ann's mother.

3) William Lane Chr. 20 Sep 1801 Sidmouth, Devon, labourer, bur. 22 Apr 1865 (Jun Q 5c/388 Wells) Butleigh 41-11, 51-23, 61-60

William married the widow Mary Castle in 1829 - Mary was the widow of John Castle who she had married on 5 Sep 1804, and was born Mary May. They had had a daughter Elizabeth (Betsy) Castle Chr. 13 Sep 1818 Butleigh. As Mary Lane she received assistance from the OOP from April 1830 to June 1832 [same Mary Lane?]

In 1841 William and Mary lived in Compton Street (?) with William and Sarah Castle, brother and sister, two of Mary's children. In 1851 William and Mary lived together with Mary's daughter Betsy and her husband Robert Stride and their children. In 1861 they lived alone in Water Lane and died before the next census. William died in the Wells Union Workhouse.

4) Harriet Alice Lane b. 1863 Lydlinch, Dorset, cook , d.o. Theopholis and Charlotte Lane 91-123

In 1871 Harriet lived with her parents in 'The cottage in the Wood' at Lydlinch, Dorset where her father was gamekeeper. In 1881 Harriet served as a housemaid in Long Street, Sherborne, Dorset. Harriet was the cook at Corvyle in 1891. She married Frederick Hodges in 1891 (Dec Q 5a/521 Sturminster, Dorset). #


1) Mathew Lange s.o. Margaret Lange Chr. 8 Dec 1583 Butleigh

2) Mr. LangIn Jul 1817 the OOP sent John Cook to Wells after Mr. Lang.


1) Rev. Thomas Wall Langshaw Chr. 6 Jan 1807 St. James, Bristol, s.o. John and Susannah Langshaw, Rector of West Grinstead, d. 15 Mar 1889 (Mar Q 2b/199 Horsham) est Grinstead

Thomas was ordained on Sunday 9 Oct 1831 – B.A. of St. David's college Lampeter.

1a) Thomas Langshaw bChr. 16 Jul 1837 Petworth, Sussex, Rector of Silchester

In 1851 Thomas was at Christs Hospital, London. In 1861 he was a lodger at Treasury House Theological College, Chichester. In 1871 Thomas lived at Ash Cottage, Hodnet Shropshire. In 1881 the widower Thomas lived with his children and sister Mary Glubb Longshaw (b. 1860 West Grinstead, Sussex) at Silchester Rectory and he was still there in 1891 with Evelyn, Agnes and Lilian.

Evelyn's mother died c. 1879.In 1881/91 she lived with her father at 'the Cottage', Silchester, Hamps. where he was Rector. Evelyne was a niece of Dr. Knyvett at Butleigh hospital. Evelyne was visiting Dr. Knyvett and his sister at the Cottage Hospital on census night, 1901. She married John B. Goodrich in Basingstoke in 1910 (Dec Q 2c/523 Basingstoke).

Alice, her aunt, worked as matron at the Sir George Bowles Hospital and appears there in 1911 with Dr. Hugh Ferrers Knyvet as Superintendant.



1) Edward Larcombe, mason bur. 30 Mar 1729 Butleigh

Edward appears in churchwardens accounts 1675 when he carried planks to and mended Bollyters and Wallyeate bridges. He also mended 'the third bell royale'. He paid rates on land at South Moor in 1678. In 1685/6 the CW paid him for his work on the church bells and church. He was churchwarden and overseer of the poor in 1696. In 1701 the OOP record him taking an apprentice. By 1713 his situation had deteriorated since the OOP paid his rent and paid for attendance in his sickness plus he received both Rocke and Symcockes bequest money (for the poor). In 1714 he received rent, money and barley for his relief and Sarah received a new pair of shoes. In 1715 Edward received rent and money several times 'in his necessity', and 1716 his rent and a shirt. In 1715-16 (CW) his wife was paid for washing the surplices. Edward continued to receive rent and assistance past 1730+. In 1717 Sarah took the overseers to sessions and they appealed at Bridgwater about the outcome. In 1722 Edward and his family received relief in their sickness 'of ye smallpox' and Anne Callow was paid 1s for liquor, moving them! Edward seems to be linked to Eleanor Russell when rent was paid. Edward appears on a list of people receiving weekly relief in 1724 (6/-). In 1724 a coat was bought for Sarah and in 1725 Sarah and Edward both received shoes. In 1726 Sarah received 23 weeks relief for keeping Charles Burton's two children and she increasingly received 'changes' and shoes herself. She pas paid for attending Mary Perks in 1729. In 1729 the OOP paid for Edward's burial, coffin, ringing the bell, grave etc. plus beer and bread for those attending the wake.

2) Henry Larcomb bur. 21 Nov 1731 Butleigh

Henry occurs in the OOP accounts for 1725 when he was paid the house rent for Roger Davis and the cost of his washing. His coffin was paid for by the OOP (in 1732 accounts).

3) Elinor Larcomb bur. 5 Oct 1732 Butleigh

Elinor was paid in 1729 for attending Roger Davis in his sickness (OOP)

4) Andrew Larcom bur. 28 Aug 1775 Butleigh

An Elizabeth Larcomb was paid assistance by the OOP in 1741-2 and they paid for her to 'return home' – unlikely that it is this Elizabeth. In Jan 1766 the OOP paid Andrew half a year's rent for Betty David and several times thereafter. From May 1778 the OOP paid assistance to Betty/Elizabeth Larcomb in her sickness or necessity until her death.

DD/S/BT/7/2/12 1] James Grenville 2] Andrew Larcomb of Butleigh husbandman and wife Elizabeth Lease for lives of a messuage in Butleigh. Rent 1s.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1763.

5) Honor Larcombe bur. 21 Jan 1753 Butleigh

6) Mary Larcombe bur. 14 May 1784 Butleigh

A Mary Larkem had an illegitimate son Joseph Chr. 4 Feb 1769 Shepton Mallet – possibly this same mother?

In Sep 1774 the OOP paid for horse hire and expenses twice to Wells for examination of Mary Larcombe and for her removal. She was also paid in her necessity, horse hire and expenses to Shepton Mallet to deliver her of a son. In April 1777 Mary Larcombe was taken to the Justice and again in May to Wells for examination. In Oct 1777 the OOP paid for her lying in and horse hire twice to Wells with Mary and William Hockey. The father of Mary's child was William Hockey (Chr. 28 Jan 1752) – he paid bastardy pay from Dec 1777 until his untimely death in April 1778. Mary received assistance from Dec 1777. In June 1784 the OOP paid for a coffin for Mary and carrying her to church and paying sextons fees. Payments continued - to 'Mary Larcombe's bastard'. From Jan to March 1790 Hannah Dominy was paid for 'washing of William Larcomb'. Presumably because he was incapacitated?

7) John Larcombe [a John Larcombe married Mary Brown in Bicknoller on 7 Jul 1797, a John married Mary Dinning in Chard 24 Mar 1800 – no clue if either is this John]

A John Larcombe received assistance from Dec 1802 and rent from the OOP in 1803/4 [Larkin] and 1806/1807. In April 1803 the OOP paid John Larcombe's expenses to Bath [Hospital]. From May to August they paid assistance to John Larkin wife and children. In Aug 1803 the OOP also paid John Larkin's expenses from Bath Hospital. In October 1803 they paid for him to go to Dr. Shartman. John received assistance from Mar 1804 on a regular basis. Possibly the same person as next – though no burial found for Mary.

8) John Larcombe b. 1771, bur 26 Sep 1813 Butleigh

In May 1813 the OOP paid assistance to John Larcombe of Wootton. In May 1813 they also bought him port wine and the necessities ordered by the doctor. In June 1813 he received assistance twice (or two Johns) and again in July, August and September.


1) Edward John Leader b. 1878 (Dec Q 5c/527 Wells) Westhay, labourer, d. 1934 (Sep Q 5c/441 Wells)

The family lived at Ham Wall, Stileway, Meare in 1901 and then moved to Blagrove. On the 1911 census given as Leader – 1, Blagrove Cottages, Butleigh Road, Street. In 1935 William J. Larder of 2, Blagrove Cottages brought a case against Messrs Adams and Son of Blagrove Farm for £100 for the loss of his eye. On Jul 27 1934 he had been harvesting at Blagrove Farm when his eye was injured by the shot from a gun. The eye was removed at hospital where he remained for seven weeks before returning to work in the December. He intended to buy his own house with the compensation. [Western Daily Press 2 Oct 1935] Sarah Annie had lived and died in Butleigh Wootton.

1a) Francis 'Frank' Albert Larder b. 1905 (Sep Q 5c/427 Axbridge) Blagrove, Street, labourer, s.o. Edward John and Sarah Jane(nee Lucas) Larder, bur. 6 Nov 1964 (Dec Q 7c/204 Taunton) Butleigh

On Florence's gravestone there is also a memorial to her daughter Edna Irene (nee Larder) Griffin who died 5 Oct 1991 aged 60. Florence died at 16, Butleigh Wootton.

2) Gilbert Robert Larder labourer b. 25 Aug 1877, Chr. 1 Jan 1878 Wedmore, s.o. Joseph and Sarah Ann Larder, d. 19 Jan, bur. 26 Jan 1951 Witham Friary

The Larder family may have left Butleigh in September 1947 when they advertised in the Western gazette the sale of a Bedstead and Wardrobe – address 17, Butleigh Wootton.

Larkinsee Larcombe


1) Ann Latcham married John Latcham Butleigh 22 Nov 1762 #

2) Edwin Latcham b. 1849 (Mar Q 10/362 Axbridge) Wedmore, carpenter and wheelwright, s.o. Richard and Ann (nee Young) Latcham bur. 27 Nov 1934 Butleigh 81-101, 91-119, 01-136

Aged 2, Edwin was visiting his uncle Benjamin and aunt Jane Bayon in Wedmore in 1851, and in 1861 was with his maternal grandparents John and Ann Young in Chapel Allerton, Wedmore. His parents do not appear on any censuses. In 1871 he seems to be the single man lodging with John Jacob in Baltonsborough. He married Elizabeth Burge in 1873. His wife had been a servant at the Manor Farm, Abbas and Templecombe in 1871. She was the daughter of Ann Burge who was unmarried and had another child [Gustavus Chr. 30 Jun 1850 Baltonsborough]. In 1881 Edwin Latcham (32) Carpenter & Wheelwright lived at the 'Smithy' in High Street with his wife Elizabeth as well as her mother Ann Burge (55), # a 'widow' who had come with her from Baltonsborough, plus Jesse Bush his nephew b. 1877 (Mar Q 5c/546 Wells) son of John and Maria Bush in Baltonsborough. An apprentice Richard Ryall (18) boarded with them and they shared the dwelling with Harry Higgins and family. The Western gazette 24th March 1882 quotes that Edwin's tender to make coffins for the Board of Guardians [workhouse] was accepted. He also made carts as is evidenced by his advert in the Western gazette 5 Jun 1885 selling a Strong Spring Cart which could carry 15 cwt.

In 1891 Edwin lived with Elizabeth (41) and just their nephew Jesse Bush. By 1901 Edwin (51) and Elizabeth still lived with their nephew Jesse Bush, presumably their heir, plus Minnie Bush their niece. # Ann Dando (previously Burge)# aged 80, widow and called 'mother' lived with them and stayed with them until she died in 1906 (Mar Q 5c/327 Wells). In 1911 Edwin and Elizabeth lived alone at 28 Butleigh. Elizabeth died in 1913.

In the Western Gazette 17 Apr 1914 Edwin advertised a large iron-bound sea chest for sale and on 1st Jun married Kate Carpenter.



1) John Lavor bur. 28 Apr 1593 Butleigh

John paid £3, 3s Tithing on the Subsidy Roll of 1581. [SRS Vol. 88]

2) Ruth Laver b. 1796, bur. 25 Nov 1818 Butleigh aged 23

Ruth appears first in the OOP accounts for Aug, 1818 when she received assistance and monthly until December. In October they bought her a coverlet and blanket and in November Jane Gill was paid for having delivered her baby. In the last months she was ill and attended by Fanny Davis [and the OOP paid for house room and firing for her] but she died in the November. She was buried the same day her child was baptized and in January 1819 the OOP buried her child. Not known where she came from or her link to Butleigh. Only similar baptism is that of Ruth Laver Chr. 10 Aug 1794 base born daughter of the widow Mary Laver in South Cadbury.

3) Sarah Laver b. 1781 Somerset 41-12

Sarah lodged with Charles Richmond in Oddway in 1841 and may have died in 1850 (Dec Q 10/344 Wells).

4) Samuel Laver b. 1791 Lydford, labourer, bur. 23 Mar 1866 (Mar Q 5c/444 Wells) Butleigh 41-12, 51-27, 61-62

This couple lodged in Oddway in 1841 and 1851 at which latter date they were joined by Susan's mother Ann Loder. Susan Laver died in 1856 and her mother Ann Loder died in 1858 (Jun Q 5c/398 Wells). Samuel is next found in 1861 living at Copley Cottages where he died in 1866 (though he was brought from Wells Union Workhouse for burial). Living next door, with Thomas Rose, was Eli Laver in 1861 and previously in 1851 Sarah and Elizabeth Laver, all from Kingsdon - were they all related in some way? A Susan Crossman m. Samuel Lavour 10 May 1823 Ashcott.

5) Jabez Laver b. 26 Dec 1832 Kingsbury, s.o. John and Sarah Laver, stone mason, d. 1889 Parramatta NSW Australia 51-33

In 1851 Jabez lodged with Thomas Gare in Silver Street. Jabez was Chr. 14 Feb 1836 at Mr. Hardman's Chapel, Roundwell Independent, South Petherton After his marriage he had a son Jabez b. 1854 Bedminster and then the family emigrated to Parramatta, New South Wales where six more children were born. They left on the 'Kate' from Demgavin, Co. Derry, Ireland, which arrived in Australia on 4 Dec 1855.

6) Sarah Laver 1814 Kingsdon 51-37

In 1851 Sarah and Elizabeth (her daughter?) lodged at No. 2 Copley Cottage with Thomas Rose (41), Woodman. Sarah was a servant in Rectory House, Kingsdon in 1841 and was unmarried, and in 1861 she was a servant in Kingsdon House. In 1871 (on census night) she was visiting her brother Isaac in Kingsdon. Her 'daughter' Elizabeth, a glove maker, lodged with John William in Kingsdon in 1861. [An Isaac Laver had married Susanna Sansom on 26 Dec 1805 and these may be the parents of the Isaac and Sarah mentioned here?]

7) George L[e]aver b. 1840 (Jun Q 10/417 Langport) Kingsdon, shoemaker, s.o. John and Ann Laver 61-56

1861 George Laver (21) shoemaker, lived in the High Street. In 1841 he had lived in Kingsdon with his parents, his father being a labourer. He married Martha and by 1871 the family lived at 11, Thomas St., St. Georges, Russell Town, Gloucester. George died and Martha married Thomas Gregory in 1890 and lived with him in St. Georges, Bristol in 1891 with three of the children from her first marriage.

8) George Laver labourer

This George is difficult to identify with certainty. The closest is the George b. 1817 Muchelney, a gentleman's servant and coachman. His wife was Mary Betty b. 1814 Langport and in 1871 they lived in Langport with two sons (aged 13 and 16) and Mary's mother Kezia Betty. Nfi

9) Eli Laver b.1846 (Jun Q 10/455 Langport) Kingsdon, labourer 61-62

Eli Laver appears in 1851 aged 5 with his uncle Thomas Norris and wife Elizabeth in Kingsdon and in 1861 he lodged with Thomas Rose, woodsman at Copley Cottage in Butleigh Wood. Nfi

10) Samuel Laver b. 1768, s.o. John and Martha (née Hole) Laver, bur. 30 Jan (?) died January 19th 1832 (Will dated 27 Dec 1831, Probate. 21 May 1832)

Samuel's death at Sharpham Park Farm was reported in the "Bridgwater and Somerset Advertiser". The Bridgwater Herald has "30 Jan 1832 Laver S. aged 64 died Sharpham Park leaving a disconsolate wife and a large family to lament his death" He left lands and house etc. at Woolaston, North Cadbury to his wife. He lists his sons as Samuel and Robert (latter under 21). He mentions other children as: John, Frances, Ann, James, Edwin, Jane, Ann Gould and Mary Ann. Other stock etc. was to be sold in trust by relatives on behalf of the latter seven children - the relatives being Robert Laver of Sutton Montis (b. 1806 Woolston on 1841 census living with William b. 1811 and mother Ann b. 1786), Edmund Laver of Sutton Bingham (b. 1781 Woolston with wife Sarah and six adult children in 1841 - died 1865) and Samuel Laver of Ashcott.

Samuel junior died in 1841 and in his Will he left property to John Hole (in 1841 one b. 1806 in Mudford) in Mudford, William Coate (b. 1816, wife Mary) in Street, and his brothers John and James plus his sisters and younger brother Robert - plus the tenant of Sharpham Park, Thomas Hawkins. Amongst the sisters Mary Ann was mentioned twice.

DD\DP/91/2 1838-1843 Incl. correspondence re. 34ac. lands in Puriton and Bawdrip late of Francis Saunders, with valuation (1838); finances of Samuel Laver of Sharpham Park (d. 1841), byelaws of bank, running total accounts of all 24 branches (1842-43).

10a) Robert Laver b. 1828 Glastonbury/Sharpham Park, Chr. 15 Jan 1828 Walton, s.o. Samuel Laver, died 1913 (Jun Q 5c/611 Axbridge)

Robert seems to be at school at Stalbridge Dorset in 1841 (HO107/293 ED 2 folio 29 page 20). He married Anne Carver in 1850 and the witnesses were George Laver and Eleanor Carver. In 1851 they lived in Ashcott and were visited by Eleanor Carver a widow (b. 1811 Westbury).

In 1861 Robert, at Home Farm Kingweston, farmed 350 acres employing 9 men and 5 boys and listed his occupation as auctioneer and cattle dealer. By 1871 his acreage had increased to 500 acres and by 1881 increased further to 580 acres (employing 11 men and 4 boys). No acreage is stated in 1891 and Robert had his granddaughter Mariane Laver (b. 1875 Bradley) visiting them.

By 1901 Robert and Ann had moved to 15, King's Square, Bridgwater where they lived with their unmarried daughters Julia (45), Maude (43) and Beatrice (40). They were still there in 1911.

Of the sons, Edwin married Jessie Anne G. A. Peddle (b. 1848 Speckington) in Yeovil in 1873 (Mar Q 5c/713 Yeovil) and in 1881 lived at Edgarley with their five children (Robert, Marian, John G. Bertram and Ruth). In 1891 the children were Robert, John, Edwin, Wilfred, Irenie and Gwendoline and by 1901 Phyllis had been added.

John married Agnes Sarah Wainwright (b. 1870 Shepton Mallet) in 1890 (Jun Q 5c/834 Shepton Mallet) and in 1901 lived at Compton House, Pilton with their children Agnes, Arthur, Violet, Eleanor, Winifred and Victor.

Ernest died in 1893 (Jun Q 5c/327 Wells) aged just 27 but not before he had married Mary Jane E. Welchman in 1887 (Sep Q 5c/761 Shepton Mallet).

Eleanore married Pearce Llewellin Griffiths in 1873 (Sep Q 5c/651 Langport) and went to live in Wales - they had no children.

Blanche in 1891 was described as 'single' and living at Southtown, West Pennard with three children Dudley Robert b. 1887 (Dec Q 5c/506 Axbridge) in Burnham, Dorothy Mary b. 1889 (Mar Q 5c/495 Wells) in West Pennard and Evelyn Emily b. 1890 (Sep Q 5c/491 Wells) in West Pennard (acc. to Tony their parents Ernest and Marie were in Canada). In 1901 Blanche was living with a widow Marie Laver (b. 1864 Dorset, Lyme Regis) in Malvern and described as Sister-in-Law and the children Dorothy and Evelyn were credited to Marie (Dudley was at school in Bruton). Marie must be Ernest's widow and the paternity of the children can be checked from their birth certificates. Dudley is recorded later as going to Canada and also crossing the border into Winnipeg USA.

In 1911 Blanche was in Bridgwater and according to the electoral roll was in Butleigh in 1948 and died in 1953 (Jun Q 7c/217 Wells) at the Dower House, Butleigh (as did her sister Beatrice).

Robert appeared in Kelly's Directory of 1895 at Kingweston.

10a1) Edwin Laver b. 1851 (Jun Q 10/387 Bridgwater) Chr. 9 Jan 1852 Ashcott, farmer, died 26 Mar 1913 Evercreech (Mar Q 5c/595 Shepton Mallet) Will 19 May 1913 left £1075 15s 6d to wife Mary Elizabeth

Edwin lived in Kingweston with his parents but then farmed in Edgarley, Glastonbury between 1874 and 1913. Three of his children, Bertram, Ruth and Edwin died within two months in 1883 (death certificates will show if this was due to a contagious disease). Irene Victoria emigrated to Quebec, Canada on 22 Aug 1908 (22/8/08 Kensington 008-008 Quebec Ports T-4759). Marian Jessie married in London in 1904 (Sep Q 1a/657 Fulham). John George was a cattle dealer in Glastonbury in 1911 - he married Beatrice Mary Yearsley (b. 1875) on 19 Jun 1902 in Walthamstow (Jun Q 4a/289). They had three children: Edwin Robert b. 13 Jul 1903 Glastonbury, died 1984, Frederick John Wilfred b. 17 Mar 1906, died 1984 and Jessica Irene Mary.

Edwin Chichester served in the military in South Africa 1902-1905 (SAC 126 C2331 - record of conduct and service - unsuitable). He lived at 266 Furby Street, Winnipeg in 1918 and served in the Canadian Expeditionary Foce on 1 May 1918 (folio 2765192) - he was married to Gertrude Rose - they seem to have had no children.

10a2) John Laver born on 9 Sep 1854, Chr. 25 Dec 1854 in Ashcott, Somerset Died 26 Oct 1922 (Dec Q 5c/484 Shepton Mallet) buried 30 Oct 1922 in Pilton

John appeared on the census in 1861-81 in Kingsweston. then was in East Compton in 1895 (Kelly directory). Agnes lived with her parents at the Priory, in Shepton where her father was a Surveyor and Land agent. John appeared on the census in 1901-1911 in Pilton. He was an auctioneer in 1922 in Shepton Mallet. a partner with Wainwright, Laver & Crees Ltd He resided 41 High Street in 1922 in Shepton Mallet. He died on 26 Oct 1922 in Pilton. Shepton Mallet Journal 3 Nov 1922 page 5. He signed a will on 27 Mar 1923 in Wells. to Agnes Sarah Laver widow Effects £100. Agnes resided at 41 High Street Shepton Mallet in 1930 in Shepton Mallet (from electoral roll). Daughter Agnes Mary lived with her mother at 41 High Street Shepton Mallet in 1930 and still in Shepton Mallet in 1948 (from electoral rolls). She died in 1968 (Mar Q 7c/713 Wells).

Arthur John emigrated in Apr 1910 to Australia. (Moravian B fiche 802 page 004) arriving in Sydney 1 May 1910. He served in the military on 7 Sep 1914 in 13th Battalion, A Company AUS. (AUS 13 Bn Army Cpl 52). The Unit embarked from Melbourne, Victoria, on board Transport A38 Ulysses on 22 December 1914 Very few of the 13th Battalion survived. He died on 3 May 1915 in Galipolli. AUS War Memorial Roll of Honour. Memorial Details: 6. Lone Pine Memorial, Gallipoli Memorial Panel: 69.

Violet Anne married Percy William Bennett (Sep Q 5c/889 Shepton Mallet) - no children recorded.

Eleanor Wainwright married Leslie Atherford Payne 1919 (Jun Q 5c/1093 Shepton Mallet) - no children found.

Robert Ivey resided at 41 High Street Shepton Mallet in 1930 (electoral roll). He was at Motor Works Tedburn St Mary in 1940 (Somerset & W Dorset phone book). He resided Shepton Mallet in 1948 (electoral roll) and he resided 28 West Shepton in 1968 (Bristol phone book). He died in 1995 (Oct 1995 Mendip 13C/291).

10a2A) Victor Wyndham Laver b. 1898 (Mar Q 5c/436 Shepton Mallet) Pilton, d. 1955 (Jun Q 7c/210 Taunton) Butleigh

Victor became the principal tenant on the Kingweston Estate. He was also an auctioneer and estate agent. In 1947 he bought “Corvyle” on Wood Lane [now called the Dower House].

10a3) Ernest Robert Joseph George Laver Chr. 15 Jun 1866 Kingweston (Jun Q 5c/501 Langport), auctionerr and valuer, died 12 May 1893 West Pennard (Jun Q 5c/327 Wells) Will 7 Jun 1893 £1955 13 6d to wife.

Much of the Laver (9) information supplied courtesy of Howard Laver [much not Butleigh related apart from the present generation – for whom I looked into this genealogy!]


1) George Lavis b. 1843 (Sep Q 10/398 Langport) High Ham, carter, s.o. David and Emma Lavis 61W-65

George lived with his parents in Low Ham in 1851, his father was a carpenter, previously a shoemaker. In 1861 he worked on the farm at Sedgemoor belonging to Edward Mogg. The Western Gazette 25 Oct 1878 records a Band of Hope Entertainment given in the Bible Christian Chapel at High Ham when several converts to Temperance were made. Amongst those taking part about half the members were Lavis family. They continued for the next decade to provide musical entertainment at the High Ham chapel.

2) George Lavis Chr. 18 Jul 1852 (Sep Q 5c/438 Langport) Pitney, farm servant indoors, s.o. William and Charlotte Lavis 71W-86

In 1861 George had lived with his parents at Turnpike, Pitney, his father being a labourer. In 1871 he worked at the Farm House, Butleigh Wootton, for Charles Croom.


[Laurence, Lawrance]

1) Simon Lawrence b. 1841 [Stocklinch, s.o. Thomas and Elizabeth/Betsy Laurence], bur. 19 Nov 1868 (Dec Q 5c/383 Wells) Butleigh

Maria married Simon Lawrence in 1863 but he died when only 27 in 1868. Maria Lawrence (30) widow, then lived with her children William (7), Emily (6) and Charles (4) in Water Lane in 1871. Emily died in 1872 aged 8 and her mother Maria seems to have died in 1874 (Dec Q 5c/426 Clutton?).

William and Charles boarded together at 22, Clifton Rd., Wotton St. Mary, Glos. in 1881.William married Mary Simmonds in 1883 (Sep Q 6a/500 Gloucester) and became a boilermaker living at 8, Regent Street, Barton St. Mary, Glos. (1891). In 1901 he and Mary lived at 32, Clifton Rd., Gloucester with their two daughters.

Charles married Esther Wheeler in 1886 (Mar Q 6a/372 Gloucester) and is found in 1891, a blacksmith, at 17, Dainty Street, Barton St. Mary, Glos. with his wife and two sons.

2) John Lawrance b. 1831 Stocklinch, farm labourer, s.o. Thomas and Betsy Laurence

John had lived with his parents in Ottersay Stocklinch in 1841 and is almost certainly the brother of (1).

In 1861 John and Elizabeth lived in North Curry with two young children who had been born there. Charles (9) lived with his parents in Eastern Town, Hornblotton in 1871. His father from Stocklinch was a labourer - two younger children were born in Lottisham. In 1881 the family (mother absent) lived in Alford, Som. [name spelt Lawarance] Charles dob given as 1866 and brother William's pob given as Butleigh too.

In 1891 Charles lived in three rooms at Rodmead, Maiden Bradley, Wilts with his wife Louisa [Lousia Dawe m. 1885 Jun Q 5c/793 Wincanton] b. 1861 Alford, two children and a visitor, Elizabeth Green (24) from East Pennard. By 1901 Charles was a widower and lived with daughter Harriett (11) at Alford Fields, Alford. In 1909 (Jun Q 5c/799 Wincanton) he married Eunice Healey and they appear together in Alford in 1911.

3) Ann Lawrence b. 1851 Somerton 71-76

Ann was a servant at Thomas Cox's Inn in Barton Stone in 1871. Nfi A Sarah Ann Chr. 2 Jan 1853 Somerton d.o. Frederick and Elizabeth Laurence is the closest recorded Ann.

4) Samuel Laurence Chr. 7 Apr 1833 Merriott, Som., engine fitter, s.o. Jonas and Honor Lawrence, died 1889 (Sep Q 5c/229 Langport) 81-102 [Possibly the Samuel Chr. 7 Oct 1832 s.o. Richard and Eliza)

In 1871 Samuel [Lawrence] was married to Mary, and Mary Ellen was the youngest of their four children living with them in Merriott. He was an engineer at that time. Mary died in 1874 and Samuel married Harriet in 1876. In 1881 the family lived at No. 9, High Street next to the Vicarage. Samuel died in 1889. Nfi

5) T. Lawrence of Butleigh took out a patent for improvements to roofing-tiles 1884 [Exeter and Plymouth Gazette Daily Telegrams 18 Aug 1884]


1) Mary Leach spinster of Dinnington married Butleigh 13 May 1771 James Corp #

2) William Leach bur. 19 Jun 1802 Butleigh [a William Chr. 13 Jul 1755 Stogursey s.o. Nathaniel and Elizabeth Leach? - of Stolford]

Mary married James Collibear in Butleigh on 24 May 1803 after her husband's death and died in 1819. A Mary Leach married James Corp in Butleigh on 13 May 1771 – sister of William? #

3) Aida Lilian Leach b. 1897 d.o. William Henry Leach, married Butleigh 7 Dec 1929 Dr. Henry Edward Cullinan Aslett b. 1900 s.o. Edward Aslett of Sleaford Lincs.

Aida lived at Rowley, Butleigh when she married. She would seem to be the Ada Lilian Leach b. 1894 Morchard Bishop, Devon d.o. farmer William Henry (b. 1847) and Elizabeth Owen (b. 1850) Leach who lived at Lower Southcott Farm, Morchard Bishop in 1901. She was still there in 1911 and called Aida.

Leadersee Larder

Leaver - see Laver


1) Thomas Leein 1689 a warrant was taken out by the Overseers of the Poor in respect of a Thomas Leenfi.

2) Mabel Lee b. 1886 Bideford, Devon, d.o. John and Catherine Lee 01-138

In 1901 Mabel was a visitor at the house of Edmund Lye in Oddway. She lived with her parents at 51, Meddon Street, Bideford in 1891 - her father was a mason's labourer and her mother Catherine was Edmund Lye's daughter, who had been born in Ireland in 1855.

3) Marian M. Lee b. 1871 Somerton, housemaid, d.o. Thomas and Mary Ann Lee 91-123

Marian worked at the Cottage Hospital in 1891. She appeared in Somerton with her parents in 1871/81, in Kirkham St., - her father was a labourer. In 1901 she was a housemaid at 'Sadborow', Thorncombe, Dorset, the home of John Bragge JP, retired army captain.

4) James Lee Chr. 30 Jun 1839 Butleigh, labourer, s.o. Charles and Ann Lee.

James' father was a labourer b. 1814 Crewkerne. They had lived at Coombe, Sherborne Dorset in 1851 where his wife Ann (b. 1812 North Perrott) listed herself as 'widower' though living with Charles! Their children were born all over Dorset and Somerset. By 1861 the large family lived in West Street, Sydling St. Nicholas, Dorset where James worked as a carter on a farm. By 1881 James and his wife Sarah Ann Churchill (b. 1845 Athelhampton, Dorset) who he had married in 1864 (Mar Q 5a/523 Dorchester) lived with five children at Puddletown and by 1901 they lived with daughter Edith (14) in the Old Gate House, New Road, Charminster, Dorset.

5) Sybil Lee – uncertain - appears in a 'fancy' group photo with Daniel Mildred of the Butleigh Revel of 1906. PHOTO


1) Harriett Susanna Lelliott b. 1847 (Sep Q 19/489 Derby) Derby, cook, d.o. Henry and Harriet Lelliott 01-135

Harriett lived at 16, High Street in 1901 the home of her uncle John Errington and aunt Sarah (née Lelliot).# Her uncle died in 1902 and aunt in 1905. In 1881 she had been a general servant at 'Maud Villa', Hainault Rd., Leyton, Essex. In 1891 she had lived at 34, Daniels Road, Peckham, Camberwell with her parents. Her father was a painter. In 1911 she was a servant at Craignar, Higham Rd., Woodford Green, Essex (though stated to be 40 years old).


1) William Lemon b. 1766 Somerset, labourer, bur. 23 Jun 1846 (Jun Q 10/330 Wells) Butleigh 41-13

William received assistance from the OOP from Apr 1795 – seems that he was bought two candles, Samuel Coles went to Glastonbury to sleep by him and Jane Whitty looked after and washed him. Jane continued to care for him until July. In Apr 1796 the OOP paid Mr. Hayle in part for his treatment of William's broken leg. William received assistance fro the OOP in March 1830 and an order made for his removal. William and daughter Sarah lived on Butleigh Hill in 1841. His wife had died in 1830 aged 77 and his son James had died in 1828. William died in 1846 and his daughter Sarah died in 1850.

2) Elizabeth Lemon bur. 24 Sep 1794 Butleigh - possibly a first wife, sister or mother of William Lemon? A William Lowman b. 16 Jun 1770 Isle Brewers was the son of a William and Elizabeth (nee Brome) Lowman. A William Lemmon had married a Betty Bidwell on 17 Apr 1781 Wiveliscombe.

3) Thomas Lemonthis person 'of Bruton' mentioned in the OOP accounts for Oct 1778 is in fact Thomas Clements of Bruton. [Chimney Sweep] #

4) Thomas Lemon

Thomas' bill for ointment and other medications paid in June 1781.

5) Edwin Lemon farmer

The Wells Journal reported 15 Jan 1859 that the above had to pay Henry Reed for 8s wages. He also had to pay 4s 6d costs. Probably Edwin Leman (b. 1819 'Campton' Dorset) who was farming 290 acres at Keen Hall Farm, Keward, Wells in 1861. The same as Edwin Lemon b. 1816 at Over Compton, Dorset living with his father James Lemon in 1851.


The three Lester families listed here are all related – the common ancestor seems to be John Lester of West Bradley b.c. 1570/80 and the family remained in West Bradley until Richard Lester married Ann Marsh in St. John's, Glastonbury on 1 Nov 1782 and they had 10 children there. The family lived in the Old Wells Road cum Above Town until the late Victorian period when Jesse Lester Chr. 2 Aug 1863, married Elizabeth Ann Patch in 1891. They lived in Glastonbury but at variious addresses and in 1939 Jessie's son Reginald moved to Butleigh. Thus 12/14 generations of Lesters were all born within a few miles radius of Butleigh.

1) John Lester [Chr. 31 Mar 1796 St. John Glastonbury, s.o. Richard and Ann (nee Marsh) Lester]

Hannah arrived in Butleigh from Baltonsborough (1841 census), the widow of John Lester, stonemason, with two children, Mark and Lott. Hannah lodged with her children at Black Down House, the home of Frederick Craft, above Butleigh Hill in 1851. Hannah became a servant in Butleigh Wootton for Stephen Pollett before moving to Sealy's Row by 1871 where she lived alone until she died in 1877 aged 81. Her son Mark died in 1875 (Jun Q 5c/424 Wells). John Lester was the great uncle of the next.

2) Joseph Lester Chr. 14 Apr 1850 (Jun Q 10/513 Wells) St. Johns, Glastonbury/Butleigh, labourer, s.o. John and Elizabeth (nee Marshall) Lester

Joseph was born in Bove Town, Glastonbury, the elder brother of Jesse whose son Reginald (next) came to live in Butleigh later. In 1871 this young family lived in part of 1, Cherbury Place, Bedminster. Eliza died in 1875 aged 28. In earlier censuses Joseph's pob is given as Glastonbury. The marriage not traced - unless Eliza Blacker = Louisa Blake! [A Frank Joseph Lester married Louisa Blake in Portsea Island 1869 DecQ 2B/837). In 1891, as a widower, Joseph lived at 12, Old Wells Rd., Glastonbury with two of his brothers (including Jesse next) and his daughter Alice plus her illegitimate daughter Eliza b. 1888 (Jun Q 5c/476 Wells). By 1901 Alice had married John Davis, a mason's labourer, in Glastonbury. By then she had two more illegitimate children, Walter (9) and Amy (6).


1) Peter Leverage mentioned in the will of Johan Gregory 1550


1) Harriet [nee Ashford] Lewellyn Chr. 2 Nov 1862 Witham Friary d.o. George and Eliza Ashford, bur. 3 Nov 1950 (Dec Q 7c/254 Wells - Lewellen) Butleigh

Miss Lewellyn rented No. 52 Butleigh at £11 14s 0d per year from the Butleigh Court Estate according to the sale catalogue of Feb. 1947 and died there in 1950. She was the widow of Albert Lewellen, postman from London. In 1911 they had had three children aged 8 – 5, been married 9 years and lived at Maida Hill, Paddington.



1) Mary Lewesin 1686 Mary paid rates on a property that the next year had its rates paid by Stephen Symes and John Gregory.. Nfi

2) Robert Lewispaid rates on land for Samwayes in 1718

3) Hannah Lewis Chr. 29 May 1732 Butleigh as an adult

4) Sarah Lewis? bur. 20 Dec 1731 Butleigh

5) James Lewis of Shepton Mallet

James paid by the OOP in April 1810 for 'treating Elizabeth Williams' brest'. In Apr 1822 Dr. Lewes paid for treating George Groves and again in October.

6) John Lewis b. 1834 Butleigh, mail contractor

John boarded at "The Bunch of Grapes" Inn, Shepton Mallet in 1861. No other reference. In 1851 a James Lewis was an apprentice at London House (drapers), Shepton Mallet.



1) Samuel Harrison Lichfield b. 22 Dec 1796 Belper, s.o. Godfrey and Hannah Lichfield, farmers of Belper, d. between 1835-9

Samuel came originally from Belper in Derbyshire and was apprenticed in Clerkenwell, Middlesex where he presumably met Caroline 'in service'. Caroline's parents came from Heavitree and Upton Pine, Devon and she was one of eleven children. See Densham # for other members of the family in Butleigh.

Elizabeth was Christened in Holborn as well as Butleigh. Caroline married Benjamin Fussell in Bath in 1845 and emigrated to Australia.

Emily married William Howse of Bath in 1855 and died there in 1881. Caroline and Emily had been brought up by their aunt and uncles Harriet, Frederick and Daniel Densham in Bath. They came from Upton Pine in Devon. About Elizabethnfi.

1a) Edwin Lichfield Chr. 16 Aug 1829 Butleigh, farm labourer

Edwin seems to appear in 1841 living with the extensive Viner family (father an organist) in Madron, Cornwall. It is likely that both his parents had died and these were his mother's relatives. Her sister Emma Densham having married William L. Viner of Walcot in 1822. Edwin was a servant in Whitson, Monmouthshire in 1851 (dob 1831). He was a 'farm carter' at South Cwm, Panteg, Mon. lodging with Isaac and Hannah Davies - and still single at the 1861 census. On 19 May 1861 he married Hannah Hollifield in Llanhileth, Mon., Wales but she died in 1865. On 31 Jan 1869 he married Martha Sims (b. 1835 Clutton), in Twerton Bath, and they appear in 1871 [Litchfield] with a son Edwin who had been born in 1863 in Llanhileth. Edwin senior lived in 1881 at Rogers Moor, Penarth, Glam. with his young 24 year old 'wife' Eliza (Smith - b. 1857 Penarth) and two brothers in law having abandoned Martha who remained in Bath in 1881 dying only in 1891 there.


1) John Lilly Chr. 22 Jul 1747 from Parish Pedwell of Ashcott, malster, bur. 3 Jul 1821 High Ham St. Andrews

Married: [29 Jun 1768 Martock Susannah Pipe]

Child: 1) John Chr. 24 Jun 1770 Martock [m. 13 Sep 1798 Ashcott Maria Anstice][John Lilly married Elizabeth Andrews 11 Dec 1809 High Ham]

Mr. John Lilly paid rates on 26 acres in the Kings Sedgemoor from 1796 – post 1827. In the OOP record High Ham is placed next to his name. In 1819 the Sedgemoor Rhynes were cleaned and it is mentioned that Mr. Lilly's allotments were alongside the Drove. In 1821 called 'late John Lilly'. The John of Martock seems to have had a son John who moved to Ashcott then High Ham.

DD\BR\py/29 Lease for 1 year of land in Kings Sedgemoor by enclosure commissioners to John Lilly of Ashcott, maltster, 1795.

Limbry – see Lymbry


1) Ellen Linham Chr. 11 Aug 1878 (Sep Q 5c/526 Wells) Street, boot factory worker, the illegitimate d.o. Mary Jane Linham 01-145

In 1881 Ellen had lodged in the High Street, Street with her mother, a boot fitter at the house of George Genge, and is probably the Fanny E. Linham, nurse, working for Frederick Voake, butcher in the High Street, Street, in 1891. Ellen was a patient at the Cottage Hospital in 1901.

2) Frank Linham Chr. 28 Oct 1862 Street 'West Pennard', s.o. Jonathan and Ann Linham, skin factory operative, d. 1932 (Dec Q 5c/378 Bridgwater) 91W-115, 01W-142 PHOTO

Frank's father was a mason employing 2 men and a boy in 1861 and his wife a shopkeeper. Frank was their third son. In 1881 he lived in Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury. In 1891, after their marriage, Frank and family lived in Butleigh Wootton with his in-laws, John and Amelia Ann Perriam. Amelia died in 1896 and in 1901 Frank and Fanny lived with just her father.

Ethelind was a maid at 9, Queen's Gardens, Hove, Sussex in 1901, home of Walter Savill, ship owner. She married carriage builder Walter Pearce Ingram (b. 1880 Glastonbury) in Butleigh on 20 May 1907 (Jun Q 5c/948 Wells). Frank played Denulf, the swineherd, in the Butleigh Revel. In 1911 Frank and Fanny lived alone at 10 Butleigh Wootton. Frank's occupation described as 'sheepskin rug cutter' – Ethelind and Walter Ingram seem absent from the 1911 census. The John Linham of Street, labourer, fined 5s for being drunk and asleep beside a rick in Butleigh on 31st Aug 1894 must have been a relative on a visit. [Taunton Courier 12 Sep 1894]


1) John Linnon a painter, appears in the churchwardens accounts in 1704. A John Lintrin (?) who appears in 1712 (a tiler) may be the same person. Related to next?


1) Charles Lintrenin 1727 he plastered and whitewashed the church. [There was a Thomas Lintern, stonemason, of Keinton Mandeville c. 1802 who may be a descendant]

Litchfieldsee Lichfield


1) Walter Frederick Little Chr. 1 May 1859 (Mar Q 5c/512 Langport) Charlton Adam, stone mason, s.o. William and Lucy (née Cary) Little, bur. 4 Dec 1944 Butleigh 01-135 Photo

In 1901 Frederick Little (42) stonemason lived in four rooms in the High Street with his wife Sarah R. (43) and two children, Alexander and Ada. They had come from Peddles, Charlton Mackrell, where the two children had been born. Frederick was the youngest son (with three brothers and two sisters) of William Little, also a mason. In 1871 he lived with his widowed grandmother Sarah in Charlton Adam. He had been still unmarried in 1881 when living with his father. His father William had lived alone in Somerton in 1891 but died in 1895, presumably whilst living with his son in Butleigh, where he was then buried, on 11 Sep 1895 (Sep Q 5c/287 Wells) Butleigh aged 76. Frederick was the squire's mason and used to walk to Glastonbury Tor to do repairs on the tower (about 3 miles). Frederick would brew his own cider with Jesse Bush (of 31 Butleigh) who was an employee of Mr. Latcham (presently Forseys) who had a cider press. Margery and her friends Queenie Higgins and Betty Knight were allowed in the workshop, providing they were not making coffins. Mr. Latcham's employees Jesse Bush, 'Shadder' Davis and Josh Higgins would give the friends putty to play with which they used as plasticene.

In 1911 Frederick, Sarah and Alexander (carpenter) lived alone in three rooms at 18b Butleigh. Ada was a housemaid in Bradford Abbas in 1915. She became engaged (Nov 7 1917) to an Australian soldier, Donald Kirk, who was her first cousin through her mother's line (his mother Ruth was Sarah's sister who had emigrated in 1882). He was over in England after being twice wounded in France during 1917. He died of the 'flu on 9 November 1918 and thereafter Ada never married. Ada lived at Perriams (29, Butleigh) and was a parlourmaid at the Vicarage (Butleigh House) until she had to stay home to look after her her parents who died in 1933 and 1944 respectively. Her mother Sarah had an operation for gall stones 26 Apr 1933 but didn't recover and died 27 Apr at the Sir George Bowles Hospital, Butleigh. Frederick died on 29 Nov 1944 at 29 Butleigh. In the Butleigh Estate sale of 1947 the Wylie's bought the house No. 29 [where Ada was paying £35 p.a.] and paid Ada a sum of money to vacate which allowed her to move into 32, Butleigh, which she was then able to purchase. Ada died at the Priory Hospital, Wells on 20 Jun 1981. Frederick, Sarah and Alexander had appeared in the Butleigh Revel in 1906.

1a) Alexander Little b. 9 Jan 1888 (Mar Q 5c/386 Langport) Charlton Mackrell, d. 1927 (Sep Q 5c/400 Wells) 01-135

Alexander, a Tannery hand, married in 1916 and he and his wife lived in 'Classey's' on Barton Road (called “White Lawns” later) and had two children. Elsie May Ashford was the daughter of shepherd Frederick Ashford (b. 1857 Stourton Caundle, Dorset) and Eliza Ann Jeans b. 1860 Alweston Dorset. She had four older brothers, two younger brothers and a younger sister. The Little children went to school in Butleigh. Margery was taught by 'Polly' Baker (who lived in the High Street with Miss Nina Brown) and also Miss Rendall, Mr. Foster and a Mr. Clegg.


1) Samuel Lloyd b. 1852 St. Martins, Salop., harness maker, saddler

Eliza may be the Eliza James Smith living at Charlton Adam with her parents in 1851. In 1891 the family lived in Chirk, Denbigh, Wales with the above, plus three younger Chirk-born children. They were still there in 1901 when Laura was a shop assistant. In 1911 Laura was still single and assisting her father in his business – she, her parents and two siblings lived at Chirk, Oswestry, Shropshire. Her parents had had 9 children of whom 8 still lived.

2) Frederick James Lloyd F.C.S , F.I.C, Analytical Chemist Professor, b.1852 Sketty, Swansea, Glam, died 1923 Essex

Worked with Robert Neville-Grenville at Butleigh in perfecting cider making. Travelled together to France 17 – 20th Oct 1895 to visit Pomological Society of France exhibition where they were both awarded medals. Later address given as Muscovy House, London. In 1891 lived at 22, Wolseley Rd, Hornsey with wife Mabel, two daughters and a son - 1901 lived at 178, Stapleton Hall Rd, Hornsey, Middlesex, 1911 lived at 22, Lyndhurst Drive, Leyton, Essex. He was the agricultural analyst for Somerset in 1921 and his address given as 47, Fillebrook Road, Leytonstone, London 11 and his fee for analysis of samples 2s 6d per sample. Below is a bibliography of his papers taken from “Cider Sources: A Bibliography... ' by M. B. Quinion (1984) formerly of the Cider Museum.

During his chemical tests in Butleigh he stayed with Robert Neville-Grenville.

Lloyd, F.J. (1894) Observations on Cider-Making J. Bath & West Soc., Fourth Series, Vol. IV,

pp98-106 {:R639}

Lloyd, F.J. (1895) Researches Into the Science and Practice of Cider Making Cider, Vol. 1, No.

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[Reprint of his Letter published in the Times on 8th Sep. 1901, and of a leading article in the

paper that day commenting on it]

Lloyd, F.J. (1903) Investigations into the Manufacture of Cider. Report for 1902 J. Bath &

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Lloyd, F.J. (1903) Report on the Results of Investigations into Cider- Making, Carried out on

Behalf of the Bath & West and Southern Counties Society in the Years 1893-1902 H.M.S.O.,

Cmd. 1868, pp144 {:R582} Refers to RNG as the person who has done most in the UK to promote the cider industry – and gives an account of how they started. See http://www.archive.org/stream/reportonresultso00grearich#page/n15/mode/2up

Lloyd, F.J. (1904) Cider: Past, Present and Future J. Bath & West Soc., Fourth Series, Vol.

XIV, pp98-105 {:R611}

Lloyd, F.J. (1915) Recent Cider Exhibits J. Bath & West Soc., Fifth Series, Vol. IX, pp70-5



[Locke, Look]

1) Joseph Lock(e) b. 1816 London, shoemaker, s.o. Thomas and Nancy Locke, bur. 28 Oct 1899 (Dec Q 5c/347 Wells) Butleigh 41-6, 51-27, 61-53, 71-76, 81-96, 91-127 [name reads as Look on 1861 census]

Joseph's mother was Nancy Locke who died 11 Apr 1859 according to a family bible kept by Chris Locke. The bible reports that Joseph came to Butleigh in 1830 together with his cousin George Cox and that Joseph took out work from Clarks factory in 1846.

Joseph Lock(e) had lodged with Thomas Gare in 1841 in the High Street and married Jane Callow in 1845. Jane was absent from Butleigh in 1841, though the Callow family still lived there. Perhaps she was the servant at Chadwick St., in Goswell Street, Clerkenwell, Middlesex. In 1851 Joseph Locke (35), shoemaker, lodged with his wife Jane (36) and children George, Grace and infant Joseph with his in-laws John and Jane Callow in Oddway. Mother-in-law Jane Callow died in 1851 and her husband John Callow died in 1853 – they belonged to the Particular Baptist sect and were buried in their orchard.

In 1861 Joseph Look/Locke (47) and wife Jane (45) lived with children George (15), Grace (13), Joseph (10) plus Rhoda and John. Joseph (b. 1851) went to New Zealand on two occasions [November 1870 on the 'Charlottel Gladstone'and again in August 1875 on the 'Duke of Edinburgh' latterly together with Robert Look. He died in January 1902 and is buried at Lake Tekapo, Mackenzie County, Canterbury, New Zealand. He doesn't seem to have married.

By 1871 Joseph Locke (55) lived with wife Jane (54) and children George (25), Grace (23), Rhoda (17) and John (13). Jane died in 1874 (Jun Q 5c/392 Wells) and was buried in the orchard at Oddways alongside her Callow parents [one account gives d. 5 May buried 9 May] and later her son George. Young John became a Railway Clerk and in 1881 lodged in Walcot but the other members of the family remained in Oddway.

John Locke (b. 1857), (grandfather of Chris Locke), worked on the Somerset & Dorset Railway (including at Glastonbury Station) from 1872 -1881 and during his term he was involved with the well documented Radstock accident ( August 7th 1876). Chris Locke has the summons that John was sent as a witness to attend Taunton March Assizes on 9th March 1877 regarding the case against a Mr James Sleep for manslaughter who was on duty at the time. Chris thinks he was found guilty, sentenced to mercy and sent to prison for 12 months.. The Bath Chronicle for August 10th 1876 and Western Daily Press 13-16 March `877 refer. He eventually went to South Africa to work on the Cape Railways. He married  Alice Johanna Thompson in South Africa, had two children and returned to the UK and died in 1937 and is buried at Sidcup, Kent. His daughter Rhoda b. 1898 Cape Town married Herbert Banfield and it was with her that her cousin Winifred Locke (below) lived in Hove.

In 1881 Joseph Locke (66) lived with daughters Grace (34) and Rhoda (27). Grace died in 1887 and Joseph then lived with just Rhoda in Oddway in 1891. Joseph died in 1899 and by 1901 Rhoda lived there alone and was still there in 1911.

1a) George Locke b. 1844 (Dec Q 10/497 Wells - Look) Butleigh, shoemaker, d. 29 Feb 1932 (Mar Q 5c/639 Wells) buried in Oddway orchard 51-27, 61-53, 71-76, 81-96, 91-127, 01-138 PHOTO

In 1871 Sarah had lived with her widowed mother and sister at 25, High Street, Taunton - they had lived there since before 1841 - her father had been a carpenter. She married George Locke in 1871. In 1881 George (35) lived with wife Sarah (38) and son George Woodford next to his father in Oddway. Kate Webber (5) was visiting from Newhaven. Kate was related to Sarah - her father being an Innkeeper, John Webber from Monkton, whose wife Jane was Sarah's sister. In 1891 George (46) and Sarah (48) lived with George W. F. (18) and Winnifred Leah R. M. (8) By 1901 Winnifred was a servant at 13, East Reach, Taunton. The rest of the family remained in Oddway in 1901. George was probably the George Lock involved in the Fatal Accident at Cannington. Theodore Matthews aged 26 was run over by a traction engine and ploughing machine while acting as steerer. The blame was laid at the door of a Alfred Higgins who allowed him to carry out the dangerous job. Inquest at Cannington. [Royal Cornwall Gazette Thursday 18 Jun 1891]. The Western Daily Press 13 Jun 1891 had reported that the engine belonged to Robert Neville-Grenville and that the driver was George Lock and Richard Lye the steersman – the latter having appeared the morning of the accident at Bridgwater before magistrate Rev. H. N. C. Ruddock and remanded for being drunk whilst in charge of the engine. [Taunton Courier 17 Jun 1891]. The inquest returned a verdict of “Accidental death” even though the above had been drinking, and that the error was on the part of Alfred Higgins in having allowed the deceased to temporarily steer the engine.

In 1911 George and Sarah lived alone. Winifred was assistant to her cousin Rose's husband Thomas Harden at 'Maiden's Head' Hotel Uckfield, Sussex in 1911. Winnie Locke moved in later life to be with her cousin Rhoda Banfield (Locke) and is buried in Hove Sussex. She worked at one time in Butleigh Hospital. (Chris Locke – who still has her nurses uniform).

George worked for C & J Clark Ltd., for 71 years doing hand-sewing work on shoes. He reported in Clark's magazine of November 1926 that “an entry in a family Bible tells us that his father first took work out from Clark's factory in the year 1846. He himself started work under his father about 12 years later, or nearly seventy years ago.” He never worked in the factory itself.

1a1) George Woodford F. Locke b. 1874 (Jun Q 5c/568 Wells), d. 28 May, bur 31 May 1947 (Jun Q 7c/240 Wells) Butleigh

Emily was a home help in Ditcheat in 1901. In 1891 she had lived in East Lydford with her mother Sarah and step-father John Payne and family. The couple lived at Oddway. In 1911 George junior and Emily lived in 4 rooms in Oddway Road, George being a rural postman. They had no children.

2) Simon Lock b. 1838 (Dec Q 10/314 Bridgwater) Kingsbury, baker, s.o. Philip & Mary Lock of Kingsbury Episcopi 51-33

Simon was aged 13 when he lodged as an apprentice with Ann Sweet in Back Street in 1851. His father was a carpenter and they had lived in West Street, Kingsbury Episcopi in 1841. Two Simeon Locks died, one in 1857 and the other in 1861, both registered at Langport. He is probably one of these since he disappeared after 1851.

3) Harriet Locke b. 1832 Cirencester, Gloucs., parlour maid, d.o. Thomas and Ann Lock 61-55

Harriet worked at the Vicarage in 1861. In 1841 she had lived with her parents in 'The Backes', Cirencester where her father was a hallier (haulier?). In 1851 Harriet had been a nursemaid at 7, Pelham Crescent, Hastings, Sussex. In 1871 she was housemaid at Laverstoke House, Laverstoke, Hampshire, home of Lord Melville Portal JP. Nfi

4) George Lock [Locke] Chr. 13 Jun 1830 Meare abode Compton Dundon [Lyttleton 1861], labourer, s.o. Robert and [Mary-] Ann Lock

Mary Ann had a daughter baptized in Baltonsborough before her marriage but correctly identified her father as a basketmaker at her marriage though on censuses deducted a few years from her age. Parents may be the William Marsh who married Mary Selby 24 Dec 1821 Glastonbury St. John, or the widower William who married Mary Spurlock 1 Dec 1823 Glastonbury St. John. From 1823 – 1828 a William Marsh was witness at several Baltonsborough marriages. On the 1841 census William and Mary lived in Baltonsborough with nine children including Mary Ann [Marianne]. On the 1851 census, still in Baltonsborough, the previous nine children had left but two more added and his wife's dob/pob given as 1806 Compton Dundon.

George was still single at the 1851 census when he lived with his parents in Compton Dundon. This family were in Silver Street, Barton St. David in 1861 [misread as Cook] but had obviously lived in Butleigh for three of more years previously and were there again afterwards before appearing in Lytes Cary Cottages, Charlton Mackrell in 1871 - where they remained in 1881. Nfi

5) Lavinia Lock b. 1876 Butleigh d.o. Elizabeth Lock [a birth registered in Frome 1876 (Jun Q 5c/528 Frome) may be for this person?]

Lavinia and her 3 month old brother Luke (b. Gillingham Dorset) lived in Tomlin Lane, Gillingham in 1881 with their mother (b. 1856 Terrington, Norfolk) and mother-in-law Mary Grimes (62). Their father was absent.

6) Walter Lock Chr. 26 Sep 1824 Aller, labourer, s.o. James and Ann Lock, bur. 14 Apr 1896 (Jun Q 5c/297 Wells) Butleigh 61W-63, 71W-86, 81W-107, 91W-116

Walter and Mary lodged with her parents, John and Mary Periam, in Wootton in 1861. They had a dwelling to themselves by 1871. The Western Gazette of 7 Mar 1873 reported the case of Walter being assaulted by Charles and John Davis of Street. Walter had gone to Street on Monday Feb 24th and bought the two men a drink of cider at the Street Inn. After leaving Charles Davis knocked him to the ground whereupon they both beat him and stole his purse containing 2 half sovereigns and 7 shillings in silver. The boys then ran off. Sent for trial.

The couple remained in Butleigh Wootton 1881 - 1891, their dwelling being numbered No. 23 in the latter census. Walter died in 1896 aged 71 and Mary Ann, who spent her last years in Wells Lunatic Asylum, in 1898 aged 66.

7) James Lock b. 1840 Drayton, journeyman blacksmith, s.o. Vincent and Charlotte Lock 61W-65

James' parents lived in Aller in 1841. He lodged with William Blake in Wootton in 1861. He married Susan Percey (b. 1842 Walton) in 1862 (Sep Q 5c/907 Wells) and they lived in Walton by 1871 and for some years after, before moving to Aller (1881/91).

8) Mary Ann Lock b. 1868 Bath, servant 81W-107

Aged 13, Mary Ann worked at Nythe Farm, Sedgemoor n 1881. Nfi

9) Ernest Seppings Cardew Lock B.A. b. 8 Sep 1871 Headington, Oxford, s.o. Edward Seppings Lock, died 19 Jul 1935 (Sep Q 5c/451 Wells) buried West Pennard

In 1891 Ernest was still a pupil and lived with his widowed mother and siblings at 12, Mountlands, Taunton St. Mary. In March 1899 given the curacy of St. John's Glastonbury. In 1901 Ernest was living at Butt Close, Wells Road Glastonbury and appeared in the 1906 Butleigh Revel as a Prior. He was a curate at St. John's Glastonbury. In 1911 Ernest was the vicar of Chilton Polden, Bridgwater and lived in the vicarage with his housekeeper Mary Ann Gane (58) from West Bradley. Member of the Central Council of Bell Ringers and in 1905 a member of The Ancient Society of College Youths.

10) Ann Locke b. 1835, d. 2 Jun, bur. 7 Jun 1877 Butleigh

On the same memorial is Elizabeth Pitt, formerly of Windsor b. 1798, died 1874.# Ann was from Christchurch, Hants. An Ann Lock b. 1835 Devon lived in Christchurch in 1871, wife of William Lock (b. 1831 Devon) with three children. Possible maiden name Ann Blackmore. Another Ann [born Rachel Ann Simmons in Newbury, Berks 1832) lived on the Isle of White with husband Edmund Locke in 1871. Not known why buried with Elizabeth Pitt [a suicide] though her daughter Ann [b. 1826] also seems to have married a Frederick Locke in 1852.


A) Edward Lockier of Evercreech

1) Job Lockyer b. 1793 Chr. 26 May 1795 Bridgwater s.o. George and Sarah Lockyer, baker

Ann Lockyer was also the daughter of this couple and married Thomas Periam in 1840. # James, aged 12, lodged with Sarah Higgins in Wootton in 1841. He returned to his parents by 1851. His mother was buried in Butleigh and presumably was the grandmother of the Rebecca, (3) James Lockyer married 18 Jun 1853 (Jun Q 5c/726 Bridgwater) Mary Ann Brice but died in 1859 and Rebecca (next) was probably his daughter.

2) Elizabeth Lockyer Chr. 21 Jan 1841 Butleigh d.o. Ann Lockyer and Thomas Periam - see under Periam

3) Rebecca Lockyer b. 1855 (Dec Q 5c/397 Bridgwater) Bridgwater, bur. 25 Sep 1877 (Sep Q 5c/320 Wells) Butleigh 61W-64, 71W-87

Rebecca was the niece of the above mentioned Thomas and Ann Periam # and lived with them between 1861 and 1871 in Wootton. She died in 1877 aged 23.


1) Ann Loder b. 1770 Castle Cary, bur. 11 May 1858 (Jun Q 5c/398 Wells) Butleigh 51-27

Ann was the mother-in-law of Samuel Laver and she lived with him and Susan in Oddway in 1851. She may be the Ann Loder who had lived in 1841 with her daughter Elizabeth Lawrence (b. 1803) at Treddar No. 5, Golden Sq., St. James, London.


1) Thomas Lodge


1) Maria Lohse b. 1858, bur. 6 Feb 1891 (Mar Q 5c/431 Wells) Butleigh

The Mary Losh b. 1858 Liverpool, domestic Nurse maid on 1881 and 1891 census? In service at Woburn Abbey, home of 10th Duke of Bedford. More likely to be a foreign servant at Butleigh Court.


1) Mary London [Loudon?] bur. 6 May 1662 Butleigh

2) William Thomas London labourer [b. 1876 (Sep Q 5c/133 Truro) [an earlier William Thomas was b. 1864 Devon and a William T. b. 1865 Crediton, Devon]

William lived in Butleigh Wootton at the birth of his child. A Walter George J. London married a Sylvia M. Mitchell in Epping Essex in 1940.


1) Mr. Long of Butleigh

Mr. Long had a gelding stolen from him by John Wallis of Charlton Adam – committed to Ilchester Gaol to be tried at the next assizes [Sherborne Mercury 6 Jul, Bath Chronicle 9 Jul 1829]. Wallis was transported for life to Australia. Probably the John Wallis Chr. 31 Jan 1808 Charlton Adam s.o. William and Fanny Wallis.

2) Susanna Pidgion Long b. 1857 (Sep Q 5b/40 St. Thomas) Exmouth, Devon, servant, d.o. William and Martha White-Long 81-94

Susan served at Butleigh Court in 1881. In 1861 she had lived at Chapel St., Littleham, Exmouth, Devon with her parents - her father was a labourer. Nfi


[Locke, Luke, Looke]

1) William Look bur. 3 Nov 1587 Butleigh

Since Alice is identified as the wife of Thomas below (3), the widow Mary who died in 1612 was probably the wife of William. William paid 20s,Tithing on the Subsidy Roll of 1581. [SRS Vol. 88]. He witnessed wills in the 1560/70's as William Locke – of John Spurryer in 1570.

2) John Look [John Looke [?] bur. 2 Nov 1622 Butleigh ?]

The marriage surname which resembles Lyd in 1580 is not Look.

2a) Thomas Look Chr. 29 Dec 1588 Butleigh

3) Thomas Look bur. 10 Jul 1626 Butleigh

The child Joanne d.o. Thomas would only seem to fit this father – the cause of his wife's death?

Thomazina, Joanna, Margaret, John and Thomas who follow must be the children of this Thomas or William (probably his brother), but uncertain which.

A) Thomazina Look married Butleigh 30? Jun 1595 John French

B) Joanna Look married Butleigh 24 Sep 1607 John Seymer

C) Margaret Look married Butleigh 28 Jun 1611 John Hill

D) Richard Look bur. 1643 Butleigh

3a) William Look

A Joan(na) married Butleigh 22 Jun 1666 Joseph Strickling [Sticklinch]. William Looke listed as a commoner in a deed on 1672.

3b) Thomas Look Chr. 28 Jan 1598 Butleigh 'the elder' died 1673

Thomas paid rates in 1673 and in 1674 they were paid by his widow Frances until 1692. The rate record for 1693 is missing but this property was in the hands of William Look from 1694 – 1715, when he died. In 1674 part of the same or adjoining property had the rate paid by James Looke (no further mention) and this passed to Thomas in 1675.

DD/S/BT/13/1/6 - 1] Robert Hebditch of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Thomas Looke of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of La Biggs (4a) part Peckham lease (1562), Butleigh. [DD/S/BT/13/1/5-10 tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1645. DD/S/BT/13/1/7 - 1] John Clapp and son Roger of Butleigh, tailors 2] Thomas Looke the elder of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of 1a at Biggs, Butleigh. [DD/S/BT/13/1/5-10 tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1662.

3b1) Thomas Look Chr. 5 Mar 1635 Butleigh, ' senior' bur. 1692 Butleigh (OOP)

Probably the Thomas Look who was Overseer of the poor in 1664 and churchwarden in 1677 and later in 1693. He took an apprentice in 1677 and paid rates 1675-1694. [his neighbour was John Burdham up to 1683]. In 1695 the rates were paid by John and Jane Looke. In 1696 George Hooper 'for Looke' took over the premises until 1698 then it seems to have been omitted until 1702 when the rate was paid by George Hooper jointly with Joan Looke. In 1703 George Hoope stayed in the original property and Joane paid rates on a smaller property elsewhere in the village. In 1709 Jane/Joane returned nearer to the original property and paid the rates there until 1711

DD/S/BT/13/1/8 - 1] Humphrey Colmer the elder of Butleigh, yeoman and Mary Batt of Butleigh 2] Thomas Looke the younger of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of Broadmead (1a 1p), Butleigh. [DD/S/BT/13/1/5-10 tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT Date: 1667.

DD/S/BT/6/8/2 - 1] Thomas Looke of Butleigh, yeoman 2] James Chapman of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of 1a at Nurslinge gate in Butleigh West field.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1679 - 1680.

DD/S/BT/5/6/9 - 1] James Samson of Podimore Milton 2] Joan Looke of Butleigh Assignment of the 8th lot of Southmoor, Butleigh, in lieu of common belonging to a Peckham lease (1556). Rent 2s. [Tied together with DD/S/BT/5/6/10]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH Date: 1701. [this Joan?]

3b1A) Thomas Look of 'Butly' Chr. 9 Mar 1670 Butleigh, bur. 10 Nov 1741 Butleigh

Thomas paid rates from 1716 - 1741 then 'widow Look paid until 1754 (she also paid rates on 'part of Coxes' on Southmoor from 1742). Her sons John and Thomas then paid the rates jointly from1756 - 1771+. In the 1770's this John and Thomas were identified as 'of Wootton' They paid rates until 1785/6 when John was replaced by 'Jane daughter of late John' and in 1786 Thomas was also 'Late'. In 1788 it is Nathaniel and Jane for Thomas and John.

The Southmoor Lands paid rates in the name of (several) Thomas up to post 1827 – in the 1827/8 rate assessment his lands were on the Southmoor.

A Mary was bur. 31 May 1760 Butleigh - his wife, or child of the next Thomas? Thomas was High Constable for Whitley Hundred in 1727 in respect of his estate at Butleigh Wootton (Look's Lane). He was constable again in 1732 and sworn in at a Court held at the Pipers Inn in Ashcott on the 18th October. He also paid rates on South Moor land in 1720, 1724 and 1729-39 and then Mr. How paid the rate for 'late Look'! Thomas was churchwarden in 1724/5. The Thomas Look appearing in the OOP from 1737 paid for catching hedgehogs, sparrows, ferrets and foxes is probably the young Thomas.

Thomas Look's wife had a reputation as a 'healer' and in July 1738 (Money p. 375) she undertook to cure Robert Slade, the grandson of her relative, Mrs. Pope of East Lydford. Robert had a wound inhis leg which had become ' an ulcer or joynt of evil' in Cannon's words, that Mrs. Pope had spent a fortune with doctors and surgeons trying to cure – to no avail. Mrs. Look however had a much greater measure of success in the treatment.

John Cannon (Money p. 622) reported his sudden death In March 1741 Thomas had offered Mrs. Pope 30 acres of his land for sale but she declined it (Money p. 600). In October 1741 he had shared a mortgage with William Proves of Shepton for £50 to George Close of Baltonsborough (Money p. 617) secured on lands in a previous mortgage in which Mrs. Pope and John Hill of Wootton had been parties.

C 11/2287/43 Short title: Tyler v Maynard. Document type: Bill only. Plaintiffs: John Tyler, tailor of Walton, Somerset (son and heir of John Tyler, husbandman deceased, late of Walton), infant (by Thomas Looke, yeoman of Butleigh Wootten within Butleigh, Somerset). Defendants: John Maynard, Thomas Rood and Anne Rood his wife, Philip Tyler, Joan Tyler and Judith Tyler. 1716

DD/S/BT/11/2/25 - 1] Anne Bartlett of Bristol 2] Thomas Looke of Butleigh, yeoman 3] Anne Pope of Butleigh Assignment of term to attend the fee of the Common (3a), Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1735.

3b1Ai) Thomas Look Chr. 14 Feb 1716 Butleigh (of Wootton), bur. 16 Jan 1786 Butleigh

In 1749/50 Thomas Look's family were kept by Thomas Callow for 5 weeks (OOP), then Edmund Perry kept them for several months. In 1759 Thomas Look paid 10/- window tax on 14 windows. A Thomas Look received a bushel of wheat in Feb 1765 and had his rent paid from 1766. In Jan 1766 the family received a bushel of wheat from Stephen Holman (paid by OOP) and periodically afterwards. In Aug 1768 two shirts were made for his children and his wife paid in necessity in Aug and Sept. The family received assistance in Jan 1769.

Widow Look paid rates until 1754 (she also paid rates on 'part of Coxes' on Southmoor from 1742). Her sons John and Thomas then paid the rates jointly from1756 - 1771+. In the 1770's this John and Thomas were identified as 'of Wootton' They paid rates until 1785/6 when John was replaced by 'Jane daughter of late John' and in 1786 Nathaniel replaced Thomas.. From 1788 Thomas Look began paying rates on 'Late Withers' which had been William Withers of Butleigh 'or occupiers'. In 1799 Thomas' property was increased with the addition of George Coombes Footland and part William Rowling. Thomas paid the rates until 1802/3 after which the property passed to Lord Glastonbury. This Thomas is probably the same who paid rates on Southmoor ground [from 1796] in succession to his father and who, or a successor Thomas, was still paying rates on that ground in 1827/8 when the records end. He appears on the 1827/8 assessment paying rates on Southmoor.

A Betty Look married Michael Hayward in Butleigh on 4 May 1772. An Ann married Thomas Barber of Kingweston in Butleigh on 8 Feb 1773 Butleigh but an Ann Look also married John Turner in April 1792 – possible brother of the man that Martha married - Joseph Turner in Butleigh on 26 Mar 1792 [this latter scenario is most likely – the earlier Ann marriage being less likely?]. Thomas married Mary Tarzwell in Street 12 Feb 1782 and they had twelve children - he died 17 Dec 1827 in Glastonbury, leaving a Will witnessed by Nathaniel.

A part gravestone referring to Nathaniel's wife's death in 1844 has on the left side: “ … aged 36 years and likewise of Elizabeth their daughter who died the 19th of August 1780 aged 42 years” - a reference to this generation of Looks? Only an Elizabeth West was buried 20th August 1780.

A document dated 29 Jan 1766 in the Som. Rural Life Museum Glastonbury is an indenture exchanging land between Thomas and James Grenville.[3 acres in Common West field plus ½ acre in East field exchanged for 4 acres in Wootton]

3b1AiA) Nathaniel Look Chr. 7 Sep 1757 Butleigh, yeoman, s.o. Thomas & Martha (née Withers) Look, bur. 4 Sep 1843 (Sep Q 5c/320 Wells) Butleigh 41W-15

In July 1781 Nathaniel was chosen by lot to serve in the Somerset Militia and received 4 guineas. In Jun 1781 he was relieved by a William Norton taking his place and in Sep 1782 the OOP paid the Overseers in Bridgwater £6 12s 0d for the wife and children of Norton. From 1788 Nathaniel became ratepayer in succession to his father and paid until post 1827. He also paid rates from 1796 – post 1827 on the Kings Sedgemoor Ground and in addition occupied other commons in the Sedgemoor Grounds (e.g those of Thomas Winsor). Nathaniel was churchwarden in 1790 and an overseer of the Poor in 1809/10 and 1817. In the Feb 1828 Poor rates Nathaniel is listed as paying rates on South side of Commons in South Moor, Mrs. Hoods portion in moor, Newports and Down's.

The eldest child Nathaniel married Susanna Ash in Glastonbury on 22 Apr 1823 and died in Meare in 1870. On the 1841 and 1851 censuses in Meare they had four children (Nathaniel, John, Jane and Thomas) living with them. Susanna died in 1859 (Mar Q 5c/464 Wells) and Nathaniel then married Mary Bowring in 1860 (Mar Q 5c/917 Wells) # On the 1861 census Nathaniel and Mary farmed 160 acres at Meare with Nathaniel's youngest son Thomas and four men.

Ann, his sister married Thomas Williams in Butleigh on 27 Feb 1827 but he ran off to Australia c. 1842 with a Hannah Stickler and started a family there. Anna remained in England in Great Elm, Somerset with her four children.

In the Sherborne Mercury 23rd Sep1833 the sale of most of the lands occupied by Nathaniel Look in Butleigh Wootton were advertised.

Nathaniel and his wife Agness both died within a few years of the 1841 census, in Butleigh Wootton. On the gravestone the inscription reads '[Agnes wife of] Nathaniel Look who died 15th May 1844 in the 78th year of her age” in which case she would have been born 1766. A broken stone at the same site has ' who died Augst [x] 18xx aged 86' which must refer to Nathaniel. Another fragment seems to have' also xxxES wife' – the missing part of Agnes wife of from the first inscription. This shows that there was an inscription above it and another fragment still has 'his wife Mary who died 1xth August 1754' – no connection with the other fragments? - the only Mary buried August 1754 in the PR was Mary Hodges on 10 Aug and the next after that was another Mary Hodges 27 Sep 1754.

Sarah married Charles Bartlett (b. 1804 Wells) on 16 Jun 1845 (Jun Q 10/845 Wells) in Butleigh. They lived in Southover, Wells by 1851. Martha married Giles Frampton in Butleigh on 19 Feb 1822. # Hannah married widower Joseph White in Butleigh on 20 Oct 1836. # Mary married William Stitch of Lamyatt according to her father's Will. A Betsy Look (Betty) married Alex Bowring of Wells in Butleigh on 7 Apr 1834 – this was probably the brother of Mary Bowring who later married Nathaniel.

DD/S/BT/10/8/2 - 1] William Ryall, William Eades, Richard Holman, Nathaniel Look and Mary Newport of Butleigh, John Wheller of West Pennard, William Look of Butleigh, John Castle of Butleigh, glazier, Thomas Dominey of Butleigh Wootton, yeoman, William Callow of Butleigh Date: 1805.

3b1AiA1) Carey Look Chr. 6 Jan 1804 Butleigh Wootton , d. 5 Jun 1863 Butleigh (not in PR – reported Wells Journal 13 June) 41W-15, 51W-38, 61W-66

Carey Look lived at Hoopers Farm in 1851 and farmed 41 acres employing 1 man and two boys. He had a servant, his cousin, Sarah Sandy who remained with him after his marriage. He married Elizabeth in 1860 and in 1861 they lived at No. 40 Butleigh Wootton with their nine month old daughter. Carey died in 1863 and Elizabeth married Augustus White . # At first they lived in Wells but when the Whites moved to Cardiff, Jane, Mary Ann and Agnes went with them and appeared there in 1881. Jane married joiner George Pile in 1882 (Sep Q 11a/313 Newport M) and they lived at 43, Mackintosh Place, Roath, Cardiff in 1891. Mary Ann remained with the Whites in 1891 but by 1901 was a housekeeper to her sister Agnes who had married William Howard Parker in 1901 (Mar Q 11a/391 Cardiff) and who lived in 1901 at 82, Albany Rd., Roath with Annie White, another sister-in-law (half sister of Agnes) and two relatives of William Parker's.

3b1Aii) John Look Chr. 25 Mar 1717 Butleigh bur. 12 Apr. 1780 Butleigh

[Thomas paid rates from 1716 - 1741 then 'widow Look paid until 1754 (she also paid rates on 'part of Coxes' on Southmoor from 1742).] Her sons John and Thomas then paid the rates jointly from1756 - 1771+. In the 1770's this John and Thomas were identified as 'of Wootton' They paid rates until 1785/6 when John was replaced by 'Jane daughter of late John' [though 'or representatives' paid the rates from 1781].

A Hannah Look was 'examined' in Sep 1792 and a warrant issued to apprehend Thomas Thyeralso a summons issued to Ann Look [seems to be meant for the same person] to be examined as to her Parish.

A Hannah married Samuel Bulford in Butleigh on 27 Apr 1795. A Mary b. 1772 married Stephen Shutter in Baltonsborough 24 Feb 1811? See William (3b1A) above for rates paid by John and daughter Jane in Butleigh.

3b2) William Look bur. 21 Apr 1715 Butleigh

William Looke on the commoners list of 1672? The William paying rates from 1694-1715

In 1715 the OOP paid William Looke to relieve his grandson Thomas Looke 55 weeks at 1s a week. This may be the 'Looks' child receiving shoes, coat and breeches in 1717.

DD/S/BT/11/1/13-14 - 1] John Champneys the elder of Orchardleigh and John his son by wife Deborah Hippisley decd 2] John Sansome of Cary Fitzpaine and William Looke of Butleigh, yeomen 3] James Sansome, brother of John, and Thomas Looke, brother of William Conveyance in trust Date: 1672.

DD/S/BT/4/2/11 - 1] William Parker of Knoll, Long Sutton, husbandman 2] Matthew Collins of Butleigh, whitebaker Assignment of a house and 2.5a in Butleigh. Endorsed that Matthew Collins sold Austins Pits in East field to William Looke in 1695 for 4d rent. Tied to previous.. Date: 1677.

DD/S/BT/18/2/14 - 1] William Looke of Butleigh, husbandman 2] William Hodges of Street, husbandman Mortgage of 2.5a at Clayhill and Austins Pitts, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1712.

x) Robert Lookein 1717 Robert was bought a pair of stockings and shoes and bound as an apprentice to John Applin and taken to Glastonbury. [Son of Thomas, grandson of William?]. Possibly the same Robert Looke who the OOP paid 18 shillings to in 1751 for him and his family 'to go off'.

4) John Look

This son of John doesn't match the details of this marriage – product of an earlier marriage?

5) William Look bur. 7 May 1749 Butleigh

Margery Looke is listed as a daughter of Edward Pope, butcher (then in Ilchester prison DD/S/BT/7/3/9/ 1726/7) and seems to fit this wife of William. [HN] However, in 1727 a Margery Looke was receiving relief from the OOP for herself and her children. In 1728 a warrant was issued against William Looke and the next entry was more relief for Margery and her children. She received further relief that year too. From Dec 1764 to 1767 the OOP paid Margery in her distress.

In 1736 Mr. Look's wife was paid for ye cure of Thomas Paulet's leg (OOP) and in 1737 the OOP paid Ruth Pollet for William Look. William had fathered an illegitimate child, Mary Pollet Chr. 12 Dec 1731 by Ruth.

In 1735 and 1736 William Look was paying rates on a property 'Masters'' which was previously owned by Katherine Webb. It may be the same property that in 1743-1748 was paid rates on by Mr. Howe and called 'Cooks & Looks' . In 1750 it was late Mr. Howe, in 1751 Mrs. Catherine Howe paid for Looks Coppice A William was paying overseers rates from 1738 – 1749/50 [when he becomes the late William Look - listed as such until 1759] as neighbour of Thomas Periam, smith then Henry Periam junior. In 1760 he was followed by ratepayer William Look presumably his son.

DD/S/BT/12/1/22-3 - Annis, Betty and Ann are executrixes of Henry Pope the younger deed, executor of Henry Pope the elder decd 3] Charity Gitter of Woodland, Berks, Catherine Pinny of North Barrow, Elizabeth Pope and Margery Looke of Butleigh, Humphrey Meaker of Barton St. Date: 1759.

?DD/S/BT/9/4/1 - 1] Catherine Webb of Butleigh 2] William Looke of Butleigh, thatcher, Lease for lives of a cottage in Butleigh East field. Rent 2s.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1733

?5a) William Look [Chr. 9 Jan 1724 Butleigh]? bur. 8 Feb 1786 Butleigh

William Looke paid by the OOP in 1749/50 for thatching spars and stretchers. In 1752/3 he thatched the roof of the Poor House. In 1771 William thatched the Poor House and supplied ten rafters. Bridget delivered the child of Edward Lye in Feb 1783. In May '83 Bridget was paid for curing Mary Brice's child of 'Santander's Fire'.[St. Anthony's Fire – ergotism – gangrenous skin disease]. She delivered Eliz. Wilckence two children in Jan 1784 and in April 1784 cured An Haydens brest. She delivered Eliz. Davis the same month and in May William Hodges wife. In Feb '85 she cured Samuel Humphries hand. She appears many more times as a 'healer' or midwife [principal midwife in Butleigh]. A Bridget Look is mentioned in the OOP accounts 1799-1802.

A William Look began paying rates in 1760 as successor of the late William Look and paid as William (later senior) until 1768 when his wife paid the rates. In 1774/5 a William Look junior began paying rates on 'part of Edward Blenmans' and they both paid until 1790+. In 1788 only William senior or 'senior his wife' paid the rate.. From 1789 William Look senior is mostly called 'now Bridget' until 1806 (!) when she is referred to as 'Late' and then the property went to Lord Glastonbury. Bridget delivered Mary Periam in Dec 1780. In April 1781 William repaired the thatch on the Poor House at Butleigh. Bridget delivered several more children and in Nov. 1799 was paid for lodging Philip Avery for 9 weeks – she continued to give him lodging in 1800. After Bridget's death her house seems to have been kept by the Parish and in Oct 1802 the OOP paid 22 poor rates on the house.

An Amy Look/Luke married John Tottle in St. John's Glastonbury 6 Sep 1784 who might well be this Amy – but an Amy Look appears in the OOP accounts several times, mainly, as with most spinsters, for caring for sick or elderly people – such as Susan Cribb and her children in Nov 1803. A Mary Look b. 1765 married John Barber in Butleigh on 1 Jun 1790, d. 22 Dec 1828 who is probably this Mary.

DD/S/BT/10/8/2 1] William Ryall, William Eades, Richard Holman, Nathaniel Look and Mary Newport of Butleigh, John Wheller of West Pennard, William Look of Butleigh, John Castle of Butleigh, glazier, Thomas Dominey of Butleigh Wootton, yeoman, William Callow of Butleigh stonecutter and John Lucas of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Aaron Wheller of Butleigh, husbandman Lease for 500 years of allotments 45-52, 56, 58-9 in Kings Sedgemoor, Butleigh. 1805

5a1) William Look [Chr. 25 Nov 1750 Butleigh, s.o. William Looke and Bridget?] b. 1752, bur. 2 May 1830 Butleigh

In 1774/5 a William Look junior began paying rates on 'part of Edward Blenmans' and paid until 1827+. In 1783 the OOP paid his bill for 'batching and hogin ye poor house'. A William Look paid rates on the Kings Sedgemoor Ground from 1796 – 1827+. In the 1827/8 rate assessment he paid rates on his house and on the south side of the common. In 1819/20 he paid rates on 'Gully Close' in Butleigh.

In March 1778 Mary Bown was taken to Wells for examination together with William Look junior – and Mary brought before the justice. [no records of the child]. In Feb 1789 a summons was issued against William Look concerning Mary Periam's bastard. In May, June 1805 the OOP paid William junr's wife & child the bounty money [Volunteers]. He was also paid for the use of a horse for the Overseer to ride to Wells sessions. This, or one of the younger William Looks, was 'kept in hold' by William Higgins in Oct 1824.

Lucy married Daniel Drewer (b. 1823 Buckland St. Mary) in 1849 (Jun Q 1/37 St. George, Hanover Sq.) and they lived in 1851 in Kingsbury Episcopi and in 1861 in Kenton, Devonshire [husband Police Constable]. A son William James b. 1852 died in 1858. Lucy died in 1864 and Daniel in 1879.

Bridget married Joseph Howe.# Mary Ann married Vincent Millard (b. 1820 Cossington) in 1845 (Sep Q 10/503 Bridgwater) and they lived in Kingsbury Episcopi in 1851. She died in 1860 (Dec Q 5c/300 Langport). An autograph book belonging to Lucy Look passed through her sister Mary to her nephew Walter Millard and remains with the family. It contains poems signed by the authors, including one by Mary Look. BOOK

DD/S/BT/8/3/34-5 - 1] James Grenville 2] William Looke and wife Elizabeth Pair of fines on 5a in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1784.

5a1A) William Look b. 1804, Chr. 2 Jun 1805 Butleigh, gamekeeper, s.o. William and Ursula Look, d. 27 Sep, bur. 2 Oct 1884 (Dec Q 5c/369 Wells) Butleigh 41-4, 51-37, 61-61, 71-79, 81-99

This William may be the one rated for a cottage in the 1827/8 rate assessment – listed as '& another Curtis'

William and Grace lived at Copley in 1841 with their nephew Joseph Howe (4). # In 1851 they lived at Quarry House and were still there in 1861. In 1871 they lived in No. 3, Quarry House together with Elizabeth Blacker, their niece (15). # Grace died in 1878 aged 72 and William lived alone appearing so in 1881. He died in 1884 aged 80.

5a1B) Thomas Look Chr. 2 Nov 1806 Butleigh butcher, died 1880 (Dec Q 5c/273 Langport)

Thomas lived in Barton St. David in 1851. In 1861 he lived in Butleigh Road, Barton St. David and his wife was called Betsy (b. 1808 S. Brent - i.e. Betsy Ann - Betsy Ann Millard?). In 1871 Thomas lived at the Barton Congregational Chapel, Jarmany, Barton St. David and his wife was called Ann again. Thomas died in 1880. Betsy Ann lived with son James in 1891 at 1, Butleigh Rd, and she died in 1894 aged 87.

Thomas was a butcher who had boarded with Abigail Gould in Barton in 1881. In 1901 the bachelor James lived in two rooms in Barton, a general labourer and gave his pob as Butleigh.

Martha [Luke] worked for her uncle Vincent Millard, baker (widower) in East Lambrook, Kingsbury Episcopi in 1861. She married Frederick Davis in South Petherton on 10 Dec 1866 (Dec Q 5c/814 Yeovil) and they lived at Barton St. David – they were still there in 1901.

5a1C) John Look Chr. 16 Sep 1810 Butleigh, labourer, butcher, s.o. William and Ursula Look, , bur. 1 Oct 1896 (Sep Q 5c/296 Wells) Butleigh 41-12, 51-27, 61-52, 71-79, 81-100, 91-127

In 1841 John, a labourer, and Ann lived in Oddway with their daughter Susan. They were still there in 1851 with five additional children and a visitor Mary Vowels, a young (22) widow from West Pennard. # John had become a butcher. In 1861 John was a small farmer and had added three more children to his family, his eldest daughter Susanna had died in 1859. William married Anna Stride and lived as a gamekeeper in North Marston in 1871 but returned to Butleigh by 1881 (7a). Lucy Look aged 19 became a kitchen maid in Marston Rectory, Nunney in 1871. By 1881 she was working at 4, Bolton Gardens, Brompton, Kensington before returning to Butleigh in 1891 In Dec 1864 John Luke was fined 17s 6d including costs for letting his cattle stray on the highway [Sherborne Mercury 13 Dec 1864]

By 1871 John (61) lived with his wife Ann (58) and children Robert (23), Israel (21), Eliza (16), Fanny (13). Ann Look died in 1879 aged 67 and John lived with just Fanny in Oddway in 1881. Henrietta Fanny Look died of pneumonia in 1882 aged 25. Rose Eliza [Luke] became a parlour maid and cook. As Eliza she served at 45, Onslow Sq., St. Mary Abbotts, Brompton, Chelsea in 1881 - home of Robert Boyle Lieut. Col. of the Bengal Army and became his cook by 1891 at 6, Sumner Terrace, Brompton Kensington. Robert and Israel may well have emigrated – [see under Joseph Locke who emigrated in 1875 on the 'Duke of Edinburgh']. In 1891 John lived with his daughter Lucy Look. John died in 1896 aged 87 and Lucy married William Dunton the next year - 1897 (Jun Q 1a/196 Kensington, London). # Miss Lucy Look is listed as farmer in Kelly's 1897 Directory.

ADM [iralty] 188/541 Look Robert 357373 Butleigh, Somerset Date: 25 May 1882

5a1Ci) William Look Chr. 19 Sep 1841 (Sep Q 10/461 Wells) Butleigh, gamekeeper, d. 1921 (Mar Q 5c/427 Langport) 51-27, 61-52, 81-93, 91-114

After leaving Butleigh in the 1860's William surfaced in North Marston where by 1871 he was a gamekeeper. He married Annie Stride in 1870 - she had appeared as a servant in 1861 at Betsham Northend, Southfleet, Kent. After the birth of their fifth child they moved back to Butleigh where William was temporarily unemployed. They appeared at No. 3, Compton Street in 1881. By 1891 William was a labourer and his son William was carpenter's apprentice and Walter an agricultural labourer, but three more children had been added by then, all born in Butleigh; Robertjoined the Royal Navy 1898 [ADM 188/541/371]and in 1901 he was in the Royal Navy at Bermuda, a crewman on the 'Alert'. John - Robert's twin - was a butcher in Battersea, London in 1901. Harry - in 1901 he was a slaughterman in his brother Walter's shop in Street High Street (see below). In 1911 he was a soldier/patient in the West of England Sanatorium, Weston-super-Mare. He married Ellen Mary Rumsby in 1913, and became a publican at Pinkney, Cannington. By 1901 the other children were widely dispersed;

William Look jnr was in Ropley, Hampshire as a carpenter; Bessie was in Chelsea as ladies maid to the wife of John St. Loe Strachey, a Newspaper Proprietor (of the Spectator, father of John Strachey MP). Walter was a successful butcher in Street, married and employing his brother Harry above - see next. Fanny was in the Fever hospital, Islington in 1901 then married farm bailiff William Horace Salt but died on 3 Oct 1908 at Woodbine Villa, Barton St. David aged just 28 after confinement. William Look Snr and Anna moved to Butleigh Road, Barton St.David where they appeared on their own in 1901. No-one had replaced them at No. 3 by April 1901 and it was empty on census night. Bessie married gamekeeper William James Spearing at Barton St. David on 23 Aug 1902. Anna died of meningitis in 1908 at Woodbine Villa, Barton St. David.

In 1911 Harry was a soldier and patient in the Royal Sanatorium in Weston Super Mare. John Look was a valet to an American widow at 12 Sandringham Court, Maida Vale and his wife Lily Sythe M. Brough (b. 1883 Llandovery, Wales) was her maid. They had married in 1908 (Jun Q 1b/1067 St. Giles) and had a child. Robert (Robert John), a labourer in a chemical works, married Annie Bignell (b. 1884 Aylesbury, Bucks) in 1905 (Jun Q 1a/798 Chelsea)and in 1911 they lived at 57, Falcon Grove, Battersea with two of their children – a third, Bessie, had died. William senior lived alone in Barton St. David.

5a1Cia) Walter James Look Chr. 30 Jan 1876 (Mar Q 5c/529 Frome) Marston, butcher, d. 1963 (Sep Q 7c/227 Wells) 81-93, 91-114

In 1901 Walter lived at 99, High Street, Street with his brother Harry (16) as slaughterman. In 1916 as a soldier he had three of his children baptised in Butleigh. There are two entries in the Butleigh baptism register for Edward Frank and Frank but this could be a mistake and they may be just one person. The couple had at least 15 children in total. In 1911 Walter James and wife plus, at that time, 8 of their 9 children (one had died) lived at 99, High Street, Street.

5a1Cii) Thomas Look Chr. 25 Feb 1844 (Mar Q 10/521 Wells) Butleigh, labourer, bur. Dec 1924 Butleigh 51-27, 61-52, 71-74, 81-98, 91-126, 01-138

Thomas Looke (27) and wife Elizabeth (26) lived with daughter Susannah b. 1868, in Oddway in 1871. In 1891 Thomas lived with his wife and son William in Oddway but Susannah had left home and in 1898 (Mar Q 11a/341 Cardiff) married carpenter John Henry Stagg (b. 1873 Street) and they lived at 5, Victoria Buildings, High Street, Glastonbury in 1901 with son Louis (b. 1899 Street). In 1911 at the same address they had three sons and a daughter.[the Thomas Luke fined 12s and costs for fighting in the public streets with George Chamberlain of Glastonbury on 12th December 1864 after the Glastonbury Great Market – rivalry between Butleigh and Glastonbury lead to their 'champions' fighting it out!] Sherborne Mercury 20 Dec 1864.

In 1901 Thomas and Elizabeth were joined by William's wife and children. Elizabeth died in 1905 (Dec Q 5c/303 Wells) aged 61. Thomas lived alone in three rooms on the 1911 census.

5a1Ciia) William Israel Look Chr. 9 Aug 1874 (Sep Q 5c/568 Wells) Butleigh, labourer, d. 1958 (Mar Q 7c/108 Bridgwater) 81-98, 91-126, 01-138

William married Elizabeth in 1898 and they must have migrated to Wales where Amy was born before returning to Somerset (Kingweston). They lived with Thomas's parents in 1901. In 1911 William, his wife and seven children plus mother-in-law Anne Cullen lived in 3 rooms in Horse houses, Kingweston. Margaret (b. 1912) married Edward Davis of Butleigh in 1934.

5a1Ciii) John Perr(y) Look Chr. 12 Apr 1846 (Mar Q 10/536 Wells) Butleigh, labourer d. 1912 (Sep Q 5c/468 Shepton Mallet) 51-27, 61-52, 71-82

Sarah Jeffery appears on th 1861 census with widowed mother Amelia [nee Whitcomb] and brother George (b. 1851) in Compton Dundon. Father Joseph had died aged 36, buried 23 Apr 1852 Compton Dundon. Her parents had married 29 Aug 1842 in Compton Dundon [Joseph's father had the unusual name of Gracious!]

John christened as John Penn, married as John Perry, appeared in 1891 as John Berry Look. In view of the marriage date son William was possibly a child of Sarah before her marriage – her own baptism also not found. In 1871 John Looke and wife Sarah lived in Water Lane with son William. In 1881 they lived at Almsford with son [William] Joseph L. (b. 1866) and three children, Janetta, Robert and Stanley born in Lydford. They had a total of seven children in all. By 1891 the family lived at West Lydford, though by then John was widowed and in 1901 they were at Huxham, East Pennard and John was a cattleman. By 1911 his daughter Jeanetta had married John Champion and John who was on Parish Relief lived with them – in Huxham.

5a1D) Robert Look Chr. 22 Sep 1811 Butleigh, labourer 41-8

Robert lodged with Robert Stride in 1841. Anna, the daughter of Robert Stride, married William F. Look in 1870 and Robert was the brother of William's father John. Nfi

5a2) William Look Chr. 5 Apr 1779 Butleigh, agricultural labourer, illegitimate s.o. Bridget Look and William Grant, bur. 9 Jun 1850 (Jun Q 10/379 Wells) Butleigh? 41-4

Anne Arthur may be the Ann Chr. 13 Aug 1774 Babcary d.o. Soloman and Martha Arthur.

William's mother Bridget was Chr. 22 Oct 1754 Butleigh, d.o. William & Bridget Look. Bridget was examined in Wells about the father of her child in June 1779. She died in 1784 when William Grant started paying bastardy pay for him.. William Look (60) lived at Sealy's Row No. 6 in 1841 with his wife Ann (65) and daughters Ann (25) and Sarah (15). Ann died in 1844 and William died in 1850. Sarah seems to be the girl who was a cook at Dinder House, the home of James Curtis Somerville, in 1851. She may also be the Sarah Luke who married Edward Purchase in 1853 (Dec Q 5c/1135 Wells), though a Sarah Look did die in 1877 (Jun Q 5c/389 Wells) aged 56.#

Elizabeth Looke b. 1811 Butleigh is found retired, unmarried at Dunslew Rd., Steeple Barton, Oxon, in 1871.

5a2A) William Look Chr. 17 Aug 1806 Butleigh, wood sawyer, s.o. William Look, bur. 10 Jun 1887 (Jun Q 5c/356 Wells) Butleigh aged 81 41-10, 51-27, 61-52, 71-76, 81-96

In Dec 1830 William was paid for 30 rails and 24 bartes for Sealy's Row (together with Robert Stickfold) and putting them up. William, a sawyer, and wife Mary lived with their 9 months old daughter Elizabeth Ann in the High Street in 1841. In 1851 William (45) and Mary (43) lived with their children Elizabeth (10), William Frederick (7) Sarah Mary (3) plus Frederick J. Higgins (30) sawyer and brother-in-law.

The family were still in Oddway in 1861 except for Sarah who had died in 1855. Elizabeth Ann married Edwin Dabinett on 26 May 1864 (Jun Q 5c/999 Wells). #

William and Mary lived alone in Oddway by 1871. Their son William had become a Police Constable in Taunton in 1871 and married a widow, Henrietta Cheeseman and lived with her and her son in Glastonbury where he was by then a carpenter (1881). In 1891 they lived at 46, High St., Glastonbury with five children including a stepson, William Frederick Cheeseman. They had moved to 60, Bove Town, Glastonbury by 1901.

William and Mary were still in Oddway in 1881 but William died in 1887. Mary (Luke!) moved into Rocke Cottage where she lived on Parish Relief by 1891 and she died in Kingweston in December 1899 aged 92.

Uncertain Burials:

a) John bur. 26 Dec 1734 Butleigh

b) Emanuel bur. 12 Jun 1780 Butleigh

6) John Looke bur 5 May 1753 Butleigh? Or bur. 26 Dec 1734 Butleigh ?

Ellen is probably the Elinor Looke who married John Oldridge in Butleigh on 2 Mar 1756. A John Looke was treated by Dr. Fisher (pd by OOP) in 1720. In 1739 Ellen Looke was paid by the OOP while 'crippled in 12 weeks time'. A Helen Look was receiving OOP assistance in 1740/1. In 1741 this Helen was paid 'for assisting Margaret Chasey in her illness' before she died. In 1741/2, 43/4 she received further assistance in necessity and rent. Rent was paid to Elenor Look from 1745 – to post 1773+. In 1751 a doctor's bill was paid for her treatment. She received OOP assistance up to July 1775 and her death.

7) James Look Chr. 8 May 1749 Butleigh, bur. 6 Dec 1768 Butleigh illegit. s.o. Jane Look

Possibly the Jane Look who married William Periam in Butleigh on 16 Oct 1760?

9) Thomas Look b.c. 1730? [Thomas Luke bur. 6 Oct 1777 Butleigh]

From April 1769 Hester received assistance from the OOP and for regular periods thereafter .Robert was apprenticed to Mr. Thomas Goodson in 1772 under the 'John Rocke scheme'. (OOP). The Thomas Look and wife who had their rent paid by the OOP in1773/4? In Nov 1776 the OOP paid 'Hester ad Thomas Look' – mostly paid separately. The OOP paid for the attendance, coffin, digging the grave and carrying to church of Thomas in Oct 1777. From 1778 onwards Hester had her rent paid.

10) John Look/Luke buried 14 Sep 1792

Mary Abbot could be the woman who had an illegitimate child, James Rowley Abbot # in 1760. Possibly the illegitimate Mary Chr. 20 Jul 1735 Butleigh d.o. Mary.

This couple's marriage was paid for by the OOP in Mar 1764 - £2 15s 0d. John received assistance from the OOP in March 1772 in his sickness. In Dec 1773 a Mary Look received assistance in distress. John received assistance from Feb 1774. A John Look received rent from the OOP in 1775 and from 1779 onwards. In Jan 1782 he received assistance in his necessity and his wife in February and succeeding months. In the May 1782 OOP accounts appears' To horse hire and expense to Bridgwater to answer the complaint of Mary Look'. Mary Look received assistance in 1785. A Mary Look (not this one?) appeared on summons at Wells in Jan 1786, with Edward Periam. John Looks boy received assistance from Sep 1786. John received assistance in Jan 1787. In August 1792 the OOP bought him a waistcoat and a coffin [the Overseers sometimes bought new items of clothing for people about to die – most odd, even suspicious!] - burial costs appear in the Jan 1793 OOP account. Regular payments made to a Mary Look in the early 1800's and then in March 1807 – order and expenses to Somerton with Mary Look then carriage and expenses to Ashcott. This may be a different Mary since in April 1807 John Look's wife received assistance [but see the Johns below]. In Feb 1813 the OOP paid for the coffin, shroud and burying of Mary Look.

10a)? John Look b. 1771, bur. 2 Nov 1838 (Dec Q 10/325 Wells - Lock) Butleigh

Nfi on this person. Possibly the John Chr. 14 Oct 1775 Butleigh s.o. John and Mary Looke. Possibly the John who was paid by the OOP in May 1797 for sweeping chimneys. In receipt of assistance in June 1797. He was paid for sweeping chimneys again in Jan 1804. John Look and wife receiving assistance Jan 1804 could be this couple.

11) John Look bur. 15 Feb 1806 Butleigh

Possibly this John and Mary receiving assistance from Feb 1798. Assistance was paid until 1806 when it was paid to just his wife (widow). From Sep 1805 Joseph Periam's wife was paid regularly for attending John. In March 1806 the OOP paid for his coffin and carrying him to church. In 1811 his wife was named as Mary Look and last received pay in January 1813.

Other Look Marriage

E) Mary Look married Butleigh 2 Dec 1734 George Crate #

Other Look burials

a) Mary bur. 2 Apr 1804 Butleigh illegit. d.o. Mary Look

b) Elizabeth bur. 15 Apr 1808 Butleigh

12) John Look b. 1811 Butleigh, labourer 41-13, 51-30 [Chr. 4 Dec 1808 - s.o. William and Ann Look ?]

John and his wife, plus Harriet, lived at Eades Cottage on Butleigh Hill in 1841. They were still there in 1851 with their son John. In 1861 Elizabeth worked as a cook at Castle Hill, Hether Stowey - the home of Henry Sealy, magistrate. Her daughter Harriet was a servant at the house of Edward Sealy, magistrate, Henry Sealy's father, in Fryan Street, Bridgwater. Elizabeth was recorded then as being still married but there is no trace of John. Elizabeth died in 1872 aged 71. Harriett Stevens Look married Charles Darch in 1877 (Dec Q 6a/3 Bristol) and they lived in Woolavington where they had three children. John Stevens was a servant on the farm of Joseph Gilbert in Baltonsborough in 1861 and married Emma Blacker from Wells in 1868 (Sep Q 5c/805 Wells). They lived at 27, Union Street, St. Cuthbert, Wells in 1871 where John was a smith. In 1881 John was a coppersmith living in Nicholas Street, St. Nicholas, Bristol with his wife Emma a licensed victualler. In 1891 they lived at 46, Corn Road, All Saints, Bristol where John was described as smith and caretaker. In 1901 they were at 31, Clyde Road and John now a locksmith - they do not seem to have had any children. In 1911 John was a gas fitter and bell hanger – they lived at 28, Hawthorne St., Bristol.

13) William James Look Chr. 12 Feb 1837 Butleigh, s.o. Thomas and Elizabeth Look

William was the son of Thomas, a labourer from Barton St. David. See 8a2 for probable parents.

14) Fanny Look Chr. 12 Jul 1868 Butleigh, d.o. George and Elizabeth Look (see Cook (4))

George was a labourer but no further information found on this family. No recorded birth/death found. Seems to be a mistake for William and Elizabeth Cook's daughter Fanny?

15) Mary Look b. Nov 1841, bur. 5 Feb 1842 (Mar Q 10/381 Wells) Butleigh - nfi

16) Anna Looke (Locke?) b. 1825, d. 2 Jun, bur. 7 Jun 1877 (Jun Q 2b/379 Christchurch) Butleigh

This lady was resident in Christchurch, Hampshire at the time of her death. She was buried with Elizabeth Pitt who had died 16 Apr 1874 (of Windsor) who may have been her mother.

17) James Lookpaid by the OOP in May 1780 for work done on the Poor House at Wootton – Lock. In July 1784 the OOP paid James and his son for 4 days work at the Poor House in Wootton.


1) John Lord b. 1816 Somerset, smith 41-6

John lodged with John Day, blacksmith in the High Street in 1841. On the census the name could also be read Serel (Searle?). Nfi


1) Mary Sarah Lovelace b. 1890 North Wootton, Dorset, servant

Mary worked on Broadway Farm for Henry Swanton in 1911. Not found on other censuses unless she is the Mary Loveless d.o. Edward and Ellen living in Weymouth in 1891? No marriage traced.


1) William George Loveless Chr. 25 Jun 1851 Leigh, Dorset, labourer, s.o. Enos and Sarah Loveless, bur. 19 Jan 1931 Butleigh 01W-142

George and family lived in part of Wootton Lodge in 1901. In 1881 they had lived at Melbury Bubb, Dorset with their first four children, the oldest being Annie (b. 1874 Batcombe) but by 1891 they had moved to Folke. In 1911 William, Emily, William jnr, Frederick and Walter lived at 7 Butleigh Wootton. The two Williams were cowmen and the younger boys farm labourers. Fanny was a servant to a baker in 5, Sadler St., Wells in 1911.

Fanny married groom Charles Perkins Rayes in Butleigh on 13 May 1913 (Jun Q 5c/823 Wells). # Mabel married Albert Birch in 1914 (Jun Q 5c/1006 Wells) # and had their first child, Albert Charles christened on the same day as her illegitimate son William.

Walter married Alice Birch in 1920 (Jun Q 5c/1270 Wells) – she died at 30, Lower Raleigh near Wells and was buried 22 Jan 1953 Butleigh.

1a) William Thomas Loveless labourer b. 1881/9 Batcombe bur. 2 Nov 1948 (Dec Q 7c/220 Wells) 59/69 Butleigh though he died in Greenhill, Baltonsborough

2) Alice Loveless b. 1896, bur. 22 Jan 1953 (Mar Q 7c/309 Wells) Butleigh

Alice died at 30 Lower Raleigh, near Wells. The Alice b. 1896 (Sep Q 5c/462 Wells) d.o. James and Elizabeth Loveless?


1) Frances Lovles? had an illegitimate son [un-named] born 8 Oct 1656 Butleigh

A Frances Hern had an illegitimate son Thomas Hern born 6 Mar 1659 Butleigh same person?

2) Robert Lovell married: Butleigh 16 Feb 1625 Margaret Coxe Chr. 29 Jan 1604 Butleigh, d.o. Thomas and Alice Cockes #

3) James Lovel

James appears in the CW accounts for 1752/3 for killing 17 dozen sparrows. In 1754 he killed more sparrows.

4) Rachel Lovel bur. 28 Nov 1763 Butleigh

5) William Lovell junior

William occupied the land on the Kings Sedgemoor Ground owned by Rev'd Canon Gould from 1824 -1827+. Son of the William in the following notice? William paid rates in the 1827/8 assessment on property on the north side of the Commons (Goulds).

DD/S/BT/25/2/20 Amercement notice on William Lovell 1777

6) John Lovell [probably the John Lovell b. 1796 living in Street in 1841]

A John Lovell first appears in the OOP accounts in Oct 1823 and again in November. He paid bastardy pay in 1823 up to September, and doctors fees and in 1824 paid for one year Oct 1823-24 and then up to March 1827 [when record ends]. His child was Mary Ann Lovel Talbot Chr. 26 Jul 1823 Butleigh the daughter of Jane Talbot. Mary Ann Lovel Talbot had an illegitimate child in 1843 and then married the father, John Spurlock, naming her own father as John Lovel on her marriage record..

7) Benjamin Lovell b. 1825 Canford, Dorset, stone mason, died 1895 (Jun Q 5a/156 Blandford, Dorset) 51-33

Benjamin lodged with James Blacker in Dumb Lane in 1851. Benjamin became the landlord of the "Fleur de Lis" Inn in Blandford Forum by 1861, where he remained for the rest of his life. He married twice, first to Mary Ann Joy in 1854 (Jun Q 5a/507 Blandford) then Eliza Best in 1884 (Mar Q 5a/413 Poole).


1) Muriel Alice Lovering b. 17 Jan 1912, 2nd Housemaid at Butleigh Court in the 1930's, d. 2003 (Jan 7213/W38B/186/103 Mendip)

A Muriel A Attewell m. 1938 Ronald S Lovering (Mar Q 3a/519 Willesden Middlesex). For pictures see pp. 73/75 “Somerset Voices”.


(see also Lloyd, Lyde)

1) Richard Loyd of Walton Chr. 21 Aug 1738 Walton s.o. George and Anne Lyde bur. 20 Mar 1808 Walton

2) Grace Loyd Chr. 10 Feb 1724 Walton, d.o. George and Anne Lyde who married Jonathan Barber# in Butleigh in 1752 was Richard's sister.


1) Joane Lucas

Joane paid rates in 1681, the year before Richard (next) started paying rates, but they are probably connected. Joane paid until 1686, the year after Richard ceased paying – and she was then called 'widow'. In 1687 she is replaced it appears by Joane Pope (re-married?) though a William Lucas paid rates in 1687 -89 and then in the same property Richard Lucas until 1724.

2) Richard Lucas

Richard paid rates from 1682-5 – see (1). Followed by William Lucas and Richard Lucassons?

3) Jonas Lucas [same as next?]

4) John Lucas bur. 13 Jun 1760 or 6 Jan 1765 Baltonsborough [died before 1766]

In Baltonsborough an Elizabeth wife of John Lucas was buried 11 Sep 1749 – a possible first wife of John? [would have died in childbirth?]

John Squire ('late' by 1766) paid rates on a property which became split between 'Widoe Squire' and 'Widow Luckes/Lucas' in 1766/67. Betty Lucas paid rates on the latter property together with Richard Sheat from 1767/8. In 1769 Richard Sheat paid rates in succession to Widow Squire and Elizabeth Lucas for the other property. From 1771 Jonas Lucas paid rates on the latter property.

DD/S/BT/5/7/9 - 1] Mary Squier of Butleigh widow of John 2] Richard Sheate of Butleigh, yeoman and wife Mary daughter of John Squier by first wife Elizabeth Browning 3] Betty Lucas of Butleigh widow of John and daughter of John Squier and Elizabeth Browning Assignment Date: 1766.

DD/S/BT/8/5/4 - 1] Jonas, Robert and John Lucas sons of Betty Lucas (d.1769) 2] James Grenville Assignment of 2a wood ground part Burdham's tenement, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1793.

4a) Jonas Lucas Chr. 9 Jan 1752 Baltonsborough, bur. 5 May 1807 Butleigh

Jonas paid rates from 1771 until 1785 when the ratepayer was John and 1785/6 it was John Squire Lucas and Robert Lucas. They paid the rates until 1796/7. In 1796 and 1797 (only) Jonas farmed in the Kings Sedgemoor Ground land owned by John Lucas & William Callow. In 1806 Jonas farmed on Sedgemoor again and in Butleigh paid rates in 1806/7 and the rates paid by Jonas or 'Jonas Lucas or Joh Periam' up to 1809. In 1810 Uriah Lucas paid the rates. In March 1775 the OOP went to Somerton to get Jonas Lucas' bond. In May 1783 the OOP paid 10/8d to Jonas Luckes bastard 8 weeks pay. A further payment made in July and he was taken to East Pennard to attend the sessions [with Edward Nutt and Hester Strode). Jonas paid 13 weeks pay to the OOP in July. The OOP made regular payments to the child until July 1784. In July Jonas paid bastardy pay for 54 weeks up to July 4th 1784.

A John Lucas married Harriet Clarke in Butleigh on 28 Mar 1808. # In his Will Jonas sen. left his property (of the late John Squire), after the demise of his wife, to son Uriah on his paying £15 to his sister Betty and land at Fishwell plus Folly Orchard to son John on his paying Betty £5. Betty later probably married a butcher, Thomas Parker and their son was Jonas Lucas Parker butcher of Wells. Another son was Josiah Parker, also a butcher, who featured in The Times in 1857 when he was on trial for murdering his wife with a meat cleaver. He ended up in Broadmoor [see similar story of Charles Weaver some 40 years later]. The only mystery is that Elizabeth gave her p.o.b. as Baltonsborough on the 1851 census.

DD/S/BT/8/7/10-12 - 1] Jonas Lucas of Butleigh, butcher 2] Robert Lucas of Baltonsborough, woolcomber 3] John Squiar Lucas of Butleigh, yeoman 4] James Grenville of Butleigh Assignment of Ragg (3a), Butleigh. Enclosed 1702 lease by Henry Coate and Ann to John Squiar nd copy Date: 1797.

DD/S/BT/7/4/14 - 1] William and John Periam of Butleigh, yeomen, Jonas Lucas of Butleigh, yeoman and wife Elizabeth late widow of Richard Periam decd, John of Butleigh, yeoman and wife Jane Periam, Thomas Periam Withers of Butleigh yeoman devisee of Elizabeth Periam decd. Date: 1791.

IR 26/291/22 Will of Jonas Lucas Butleigh, Somerset.16 Apr 1805 Proved in the Court of Bath and Wells Date: 1808.

4a1) Uriah Lucas Chr. 15 May 1780 Butleigh, 'from Hornblotton', butcher, bur. 8 Aug 1825 Butleigh

Uriah was Overseer in 1809 and 1817. He occupied and farmed land on Sedgemoor from 1809 and paid rates in Butleigh from 1810. In 1811 he also paid rates on 'late Catherine Reynolds'. In 1811/12 a Jonas Lucas (meant for John?) began paying rates alongside Uriah. In 1813/14 the OOP names him as John Lucas [possibly John Squire Lucas?]. In 1817 just one person paid the rates – Uriah Lucas for late John Lucas.In 1819/20 Uriah Lucas was paying rates on Fishwell, late Colmers and the tenements in the street. Alongside him paying rates was Betty Lucas and others for Foley's Orchard. In 1826 – 7 [when records end] the rates were still being paid by Betty and those premises on which rates were paid by Uriah were occupied by William Dyke and J. Gilbert. In Sep 1805 the OOP paid to Uriah pay for Hugh Pike for 5 months. In Jun 1808 the OOP paid Uriah for Sarah Higgins son's shoes.

In 1821 Uriah Lucas paid bastardy pay [from 21 April to Oct 6th] and a further 6 months in 1821/2. Bastardy paid in 1822

DD/S/BT/13/3/8-9 - 1] Betty Lucas of Butleigh and Uriah Lucas of Butleigh, butcher 2] James, Baron Glastonbury Surrender of plot of ground at east end of their house with new stable. Assignment (1702) enclosed.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1810.

4a2) John Lucas Chr. 27 May 1783 Butleigh, pig butcher, bur. 24 May 1838 (Sep Q 10/300 Wells) Butleigh

In April 1810 the OOP paid John for beef for the Poor. In Dec 1821 the OOP paid for clothing for John Lucas' children. In May 1822 the OOP bought canvas for a bed-tie for John Lucas and in July a stump bedstead. In August they bought him a table and two stools. In the same month they also paid John Collins for lodging the family for 33 weeks.. In Sep 1822 Hannah was paid for looking after Thomas Periam's wife. In Feb 1826 John received 3 months and two weeks pay. John Lucas received rent from the OOP from 1822 – 1827+.

Hannah was a servant in 1841 living with John (Squire Lucas b. 1796) – her nephew. Elizabeth was a servant in Shepton Mallet in 1851. She was still there in 1861 (dob 1813) and 1871 (dob 1811) at Paul St., Shepton Mallet. She was still at the same address in 1881 (dob 1811) and died in 1889 (Sep Q 5c/285 Shepton Mallet).

4b) John Squire Lucas Chr. 25 Dec 1758 Baltonsborough, pig butcher, bur. 10 Apr 1841 (Jun Q 10/331 Wells) Butleigh

John Squire Lucas and Robert Lucas paid the rates from 1785 until 1796/7. Probably the John Lucas who owned some common on the King's Sedgemoor Ground from 1796 – post 1828 [record end] in partnership with William Callow [and initially farmed by Jonas Lucas 1796-7, then later Aaron Wheeler]. From 1806 the land was farmed by Jonas Lucas again then in 1808 by Uriah Lucas and after 1810 by various occupiers. John Squire Lucas appears as ratepayer on the 1827/8 rate assessment. The OOP paid rent for Edward Rowley to John Lucas in Oct 1804. In Jun 1805 his wife paid for attending Ed Rowley's daughter. In Dec 1820 the Overseers paid John to go to Taunton Hospital with John Fry, and for a horse. In Nov 1826 they paid for him to take Oram to Bath Hospital. In Aug 1834 he went twice to Bridgwater with Ann Bobbett.

The above tree is not proven yet, Betty and Ann (6) may be the children of another couple [Jonas and Elizabeth?}. The middle name suggests a possible link with the Squire family which lived in Butleigh in the first half of the 18th century.

John Squire jnr was described as Independent and lived with Hannah Lucas, a servant in 1841. He may have been the father of the Susan (b. 1821 Butleigh - d.o. of John, a butcher) who married Henry Newport and also the father of Jane, next. Ann and Betty lodged with Stephen Callow in the High Street in 1841. Relations? Nfi.

6) Jane Lucas b. 1821 Butleigh, d.o. John Lucas 41-4

Jane was a servant at Higher Rockes Farm in 1841. She married Butleigh born John Turner in Butleigh on 22 Apr 1845 (Jun Q 10/846 Wells) and they moved to Wiltshire. #

7) Eliza [nee Ryall] Lucas b. 1803 Wells/Butleigh, shopkeeper, school teacher, d.o. William and Susan Ryall 51-25

Eliza Lucas (47) lived at 19, Peckham Row, Main Street, with her daughter Susan Ryall Lucas (10). She was the daughter of James Grenville's bailiff in Butleigh. Her husband John was a druggist and they had married in March at Clifton in 1840 and lived together in 1841 in Clifton but he was absent in 1851. In 1861 Eliza(beth) and Susan appeared in Baltonsborough where the widowed Eliza was now a schoolmistress and Susan an assistant. Susan married in Oxford in 1861 (Dec Q 3a/996 Oxford).

10) Delilah Lucas b. 1822 Bristol, Cook 51-26

In 1851 Delilah Lucas (29) was a cook at Eades Farm. Delilah married Isaac Allen in Butleigh 23 Dec 1852 (Dec Q 5c/1058 Wells) #

11) George Curtis Lucas b. 1808 Baltonsborough [witness at marriage Jane Lucas {Chr. 5 Nov 1775 Balt.}?]

George may have been an illegitimate child fathered by one of the surnames he seems to have borne – Curtis/Tucker/Lucas. A George Lucas was b. 4 Nov, Chr. 2 Dec 1810 Bawdrip s.o. Hannah Lucas.

George Curtis Lucas described of Parish Butleigh at his marriage. This family emigrated to Wales and appear at 37, East Lane, Bedwellty, Tredegar, Abergavenny in 1851. Henry seems to be the Henry Tucker Lucas who died 1852 (Sep Q 11a/59 Abergavenny).

11a) William George Lucas Chr. 24 Apr 1833 Butleigh, haulier [d. 1900 (Mar Q 11a/109 Bedwelty) aged 64]

William and his wife Sarah appeared in 1871 at 7, East Lane, Tredegar with three children. In 1881 William (with pob Glastonbury) was a haulier living at 15, East Lane, Tredegar, Bedwellty, Mon. with wife Sarah and four children. His oldest daughter then was Elizabeth (20) born in Tredegar. William lived, in 1891, at 4, Forge Row, Tredegar, Bedwellty, Mon with his wife Sarah, son, daughter and son-in-law.

12) Ellen Lucas b. 1864 Norton Hanley, Wilts., servant 81-102

Ellen worked as kitchen maid at the Vicarage in 1881. Nfi

13) Mary Jennie Lucas b. 1861 Cardiff, Glamorgan [a Jennie Lucas b. 1861 died 1914 Uxbridge]

In 1911 three visitors to Charles Classey were the unmarried Elizabeth Lucas (b. 1851 [(Mar Q 8/133 Wareham)] Sydling, Dorset), her sister, 'widow' Mary Jennie Lucas and her son Edward Lucas b. 1901 Weston Shore, Somerset. In 1901 they had lived together at 2 Park Villas, Weston Super Mare – Elizabeth being of independent means. In 1891 at Cardiff Elizabeth lived with her mother Mary C. Lucas (b. 1820 Weymouth) and a sister Jeannie Lucas aged 32, school teacher and single, is almost certainly the above Jennie and indicates that she was in fact unmarried when she had Edward. In 1871 at West Wharf, Cardiff (St. Marys) was Richard Lucas b. 1822 Somerset and wife Mary (b. Dorset 1821) and daughters Sarah, Martha and Mary Jane (b. 1859 Glamorgan).

14) Lucy Lucas b. 1849, d. 8 Jul, bur. 11 Jul 1933 (Sep Q 5c/416 Wells) Butleigh

Lucy lived in Butleigh Wootton when she died. Possibly the Louisa b. 1850 (Jan Q 10/438 Langport) d.o. William and Elizabeth Lucas. Her father was a gardener and occasional footman and in 1851/61 they lived at Watley Hill, Langport. However, if this Louisa married then Lucy was probably married too – but no mention on her grave of husband or children.


1) Thomas Ludlow of Dinton and Baverstock, b. 1550, bur. 25 Nov 1607 Dinton

Gabriel's wife Phyllis left a will dated 12 Sep 1657, proved 18 Dec 1657. Gabriel and Roger's parents owned land in Butleigh.and they posibly lived in Butleigh for some years.

Will of Thomas Ludlow dated 19 Nov 1607 proved 8 Jun 1608 'Lands in Wootten & Butleigh, Somerset. My son Gabriel Ludlow. My daughter Ann, under 21. My house at Bakeley 1 & Warminster to my wife Jane, Exix. My trusty friend Sir Gabriel Pyle, Kn l , my brother in law [he was knighted at Salisbury in 1607].

PR has 'Chr. 5 Oct 1596 Frances d.o. Elizabeth of Isabella Fforest born Wootton in home of Thomas Ludloe'


A) 'Old Luff' – OOP reports in 1733 'paid for attendance about old Luff'.

1) Thomas Luff b. 1804 Emborough, coal miner, died 22 Oct 1853, reg. 1854 (Mar Q 5c/415 Shepton Mallet) Bodden, Doulting

Thomas was killed by a wagon and an inquest was held 23 Feb 1854 at Castle Cary. DOC As a result of the accident the Luff family split up with some of the children moving to Wales to live with other family members.

1a) Theophilus Luff Chr. 26 Feb 1837 Doulting, agricultural labourer, s.o. Thomas and Ann Luff, bur. 27 Jan 1922 Butleigh 61-56, 71-75, 81-98, 91-123, 01-144

Theophilus and his brothers Charles and Thomas lived with their parents and siblings at Bodden, Doulting in 1851. In 1857 Theophilus married Susan Oram and arrived in Butleigh probably with his brothers Thomas (2) and Charles (who in 1861 worked in Butleigh Wootton (3)). Theophilus Luff (24) and his wife Susan (23) appeared with daughter Elizabeth Ann (2), living with Susan's mother Elizabeth Oram (68) widow and laundress in the High Street in 1861. Previously Elizabeth Oram and her daughter had lived at Pond Head in 1851 and they are all found there again in 1871 but with the addition of a son William.

In 1881 at Pond Head were Theophilus (44) with wife Susan (44), son William (15) and grandson Eli Charles plus Elizabeth Oram, mother-in-law (84). Elizabeth Oram is the Betsy who died, and was bur. on 11 Jan 1887 Butleigh aged 92. Eli (Henry Charles in PR) was the child of Elizabeth who in 1881 is found living as the wife of Henry Holbrook, a labourer from Berkeley, Gloucs, at Hook Street, Hamfallow, Berkeley - with a daughter Dulcenia aged 1. In fact Elizabeth and Henry didn't marry until 6 Mar 1883 (Mar Q 5c/794 Shepton Mallet) at the Weslyan Chapel, Shepton Mallet. Theophilus was a jobbing gardener.

Theophilus, wife Susan with sons William and Eli went to live at 59 Barton Stone in 1891. In 1901 Theophilus and wife Susan lived at Rocke Cottage in the High Street.

Eli, called Henry Eli Charles Luff, died in 1898 - aged 24, though another Eli C. Luff from 'Somerset' became a coal miner in Eglwysilan, Glamorgan and appeared there in 1901 with a wife Eliza Jane and two children. Theophilus and Susan lived in three rooms at 52 Butleigh in 1911.

1a1) William Luff Chr. 24 Dec 1866 (Mar Q 5c/662 Wells) Butleigh, agricultural labourer, bur. 18 Jan 1911 (Dec Q 5c/546 Wells) Butleigh 71-75, 81-98, 91-123, 01-137

Kate had lived with her mother in the High Street in 1881/1891. After their marriage, William and Kate lived in Pound Cottage (?) in the High Street by 1901. In 1911 they were still childless and living in two rooms. Kate was a charwoman. Her gravestone states that she was 'a true friend to the church'.

1b) Thomas Luff Chr. 12 Jun 1842 Deverell [Doulting], labourer, s.o. Thomas and Ann Luff 61-47

Thomas lodged with Frederick Craft in Compton Street in 1861.The birthplace given on the census doesn't exist and Thomas was the brother of Theophilus. In 1871 he was to be found in Chelynch, Doulting with his wife Elizabeth (b. 1849 Paulerbury Kent) and 10 month old daughter Rosa. Their next move was around 1876 to Aberystruth, Mon., Wales where they lived at 14, Church Road in 1881 and Thomas was an 'underground roadman'. They returned to Somerset by 1887 when a daughter was born in Wells and in 1891 they lived at Broom Close Cottages, Wells with Thomas a labourer. Work must have been hard to find and for a while they lived in Cadbury, where a son Alexander was born in 1892 but by 1901 they were back in Wales - at 23, Scott Row, Tstradyfodwg, Glam. where Thomas was a surface labourer in a coal mine and one son was a coal hewer and another a hewer's help.

1c) Charles Luff Chr. 18 Oct 1846 Doulting, farm servant, s.o. Thomas and Ann Luff 61W-65

Charles was only 13 when he worked for dairyman George James in Wootton in 1861. In 1851 he had lived in Bodden, Doulting with his parents and brothers Thomas and Theophilus. By 1871 he was back in Bodden, Doulting, living with his sister Elizabeth and her husband William Whittaker and his profession was 'carter'. Nfi

1d)? John Luff [see Theophilus Luff above]

Western Gazette 29 May 1874 reported that Guardians of the Wells Union Workhouse summoned John Luff of Butleigh to recover £2 10s incurred in supporting his daughter who is still chargeable to the Union under the following circumstances. Defendant's daughter came home from serviece enceinte (pregnant). By a rule adopted in the village a girl is not allowed to remain in the place under such circumstances and defendant had to choose between giving up his cottage and preventing his daughter remaining there. Under these circumstances the relieving officer was applied to and he gave an order for the workhouse. Defendant said he could not pay. Through the intervention of the Bench complainants offered to forego further proceedings in the matter if defendant would pay 12 s and the cost and take his daughter out of the workhouse. This he declined and an order was made to compel payment of the full amount. Not certain who this John could be. A John b. 1827 was in Glamorganshire in 1871 and may have moved to Butleigh then returned after this incident. The latter had two daughters Catherine b. 1861 was the eldest and Clara b. 1867 too young to be the girl involved here. Seems unlikely - but Eli Charles Luff b. 1874 (Jun Q 5c/562 Wells) is the only child that fits the bill and he was the illegitimate child of Elizabeth Luff, daughter of Theophilus Luff above – perhaps Theophilus called himself John?


1) William LuggA warrant was issued by the OOP in 1704 to have William removed from the Parish for causing a disturbance (with others). Most likely a misspelling of Luck/Look/Lock.



1) Thomas Luke bur. 6 Oct 1777 Butleigh - see Lucas (3) for comment

2) John Luke b. 1853 Butleigh, apprentice blacksmith

John lodged with Henry Blacker in St. Cuthbert's St., Wells in 1861. The only registered birth under this name was in 1851 (March Q 10/481 Shepton Mallet). Nfi and no Look candidate.


1) Kat[herine] Lune of Butley married John Colmer # in Somerton on 21 Nov 1722 (Phill.)


1) Francis Lunn b. 1795 Lincolnshire, s.o. Griggs Lunn, died 4 Aug, bur. 15 Aug 1839 (Sep Q 10/291 Wells) Butleigh

Elizabeth had married the vicar of Butleigh Francis Lunn in 1837 but he died on 4 Aug 1839. Thereafter she lived at Wootton House until her death.

Francis achieved a BA from St. John's college Cambridge in 1818 and an MA in 1821 and presented with his 'living' at Butleigh by the Rev. G. Neville-Grenville in 1828 [Bath Chronicle 25 Sep 1828]. Between 1823 and 1829 Francis Lunn corresponded with the astronomer and mathematician John Herschel. On 14 June 1838 he put a notice in the Bath Chronicle stating that he and George Neville-Grenville being authorized agents of Titheowners within Butleigh whose interest is not less than one fourth part of the whole value of the tithes 'call a parochial meeting of Landowners and tithe owners for the purpose of making an agreement for the general communtation of tithes within the said Parish. Meeting to be held at house of Mr. William White on Monday 2nd July 1838. He repeated this on 11 Apr and 2nd Jul 1839. On his untimely death the Bury and Norwich Post [4 Sep 1839] reported that he was 'not more highly honoured for the extraordinary extent of his attainments, than beloved for his virtues'. Letter to George Neville-Grenville

DD/S/BT/13/3/35 - 1] Revd. Francis Lunn of Butleigh 2] Revd. George Neville Grenville of Butleigh 3] Hugh, Earl Fortescue of Castle hill, Devon and son George 4] Henry Karslake of St. James's, Westminster Assignment of terms in trust to attend the inheritance of Whites Date: 1838.

Survey book of Butleigh parish [1828 – re- D. Atkinson's map] giving field names, owners, occupiers, acreage, valuation, titheable value of tithe free lands, rateable value and marginal notes both contemporary and later. Numeration is probably pre-inclosure and Sedgemoor is numbered separately. There are separate lists of modus lands, Old farm [demesne] lands, vicarial glebe, South Moor and Old Commons 1676 inclosures, woods and new plantations and Grenville lands in Baltonsborough, also an 1869 agreement to purchase a house. At the front of the volume is a pencil plan of a house, and lists of old tenements with their 1834? tenants and the contents of 10 deed boxes are pasted in. Loose at end of volume survey of the Home farm and proposed rearrangement (nd), note of contents of deed boxes, letter from F. Lunn to [Grenville] concerning the purchase of three fields (1833), memo concerning right of road at Nodway (1863), letter from James Welsh to R. N. Grenville concerning a lease (1865), two small plans of fields in [Compton Dundon?], note on Davis's cottages. List of Grenville and Hood lands possibly for an exchange, plan of fields by river [Brue] and note offering to drain and let 26 a for one year (1869).

PROB 11/1917/274 Will of Reverend Francis Lunn Clerk, Master of Arts, Vicar Butleigh , Somerset Date: 1839.


1) Silvester Lush of Yeovilton

OOP entry of March 1795 concerns a marriage to Ann Hewlett/Hulett of Compton Dundon [married 3 Feb 1795 Compton Dundon] paid for by them (2 guineas to Mr. Periam) and Mr. William Eades expenses of £2 19s 11d. An unusual name but a Sylvester Lush was Chr. 30 Jan 1742 Gillingham, Dorset s.o. Sylvester Lush. See under Ann Hewlett for the full story and account of Sylvester Lush's later life in Australia.


1) George Fownes Luttrell JP b. 27 Sep 1826 Kilve, magistrate, s.o. Francis Fownes Luttrell and Emma Louise [nee Drewe] Luttrell, d. 24 May 1910 (Jun Q 5c/171 Williton) [Obit in Western Times 27 May 1910]

Anne Elizabeth, described as baronets daughter and sister-in-law, lived at St. Audries House, West Quantoxhead in 1851 with Isabel Acland Hood (18), baronet's wife, and her father-in-law Perigrine P.F.P. Acland. In 1841 she had lived at Compton Pauncefoot with her parents and sisters. After their marriage George Luttrell and Elizabeth may have lived in Butleigh Wootton for some time as is evidenced by the two children Christened there. By 1861 they lived in Kilton, Somerset where George was a magistrate. In that year he was elevated to captain from Lieutenant of the Stogursey or 11th Somerset Company of Volunteer Rifle Corps. By 1871 they lived at Dunster Castle and George was deputy Lieutenant and landowner. In February 1875 a warrant was issued for the arrest of George Fownes Luttrell, High Sherrif of thre County, for having unlawfully stopped up Deans Lane, Dunster.

George was in Dunster Castle in 1881 and their son Alexander was listed as a Lieut. in the Grenadier Guards, active list. In 1891 Alexander lived at the Court House, East Quantoxhead with his wife Alice E. Ferguson (b. 1862 London) and two small children. Alice's sister Edith I. M. Ferguson (26) lived with them. Alexander and Alice had married in 1886 (Jun Q 1a/794 St. George, Hanover Square). Mary (37), giving her birthplace as Butleigh Wootton, lived in 1891 with her father and two younger siblings at Dunster Castle. The coachman at the castle was Richard Birch (28) from Butleigh. #

Alexander Fownes Luttrell lived at the Court House, East Quantoxhead at the 1911 census with four servants. His wife and children were elsewhere. His mother Anne lived with her daughter Beatrice in nearby Dunster Castle with seven servants. Dunster Castle and estates were sold on 12 Aug 1949 by Geoffrey Luttrell, Alexander's son. The Luttrells had acquired the estate in 1374 from the Mohuns.Alexander had served with the Grenadier Guards in the Sudan in 1885. He left £428,853 6s 3d gross estate in his will.

Will of George Fownes Luttrell: Mr. George Fovnes Luttrell, D.L., J.P., of Dunster Castle, Dunster, Somerset, a great lover of sport, and Master of the West Somerset Foxhounds left estate valued at £426,580 gross, with net personalty £14,367. left his son, Alexander Fownes Luttrell, the ILuttrell diamonds, his foxhounds and other dogs, deer and his furniture and effects at Dunster Castle. He left to his daughter, Mary Luttrell, £5,000, she being otherwise partly provided for, and he stated that he had provided for his son Hugh Courtenay (M.P. for Tavistock Divisiou), having had regard to the wish expressed in the will of his (the testator's) late brother, Edward Luttrell, in making such provision, and he left to his son Claude Mohun £3,000, having also made provision for him during his lifetime. Testator left £350 per annum for the benefit of his son Edward Fownes Luttrell, £7,000 to his daughter Beatrice Fownes Luttrell, and also stated that his wife was provided for by settlement. He left £100 to his servant George Patfield, and one year's wages to each of his other servants of two years' service. The residue of his estate he left his son Alexander Fownes Luttrell.

Will of Alexander Fownes Luttrell: 1945 Capt. A. F. LUTTRELL. D.L., late Grenadier Guards, of Dunster Castle. Dunster, and Court House. East Quantoxhead. left £428.853 gross, with net personaltv £30.771 (duty paid. £10,463). Probate has been granted to his son. Geoffrey Fownes Luttrell. of Dunster Castle, Dunster, and Sir John Heathcoat- Amory. of Knightshayes Court, Tiverton. He left £200 each to Catherine Fownes Luttrell, Louisa Fownes Reid, and Margery Luttrell: £300 to Mrs. Dickinson; small legacies, and the residue to his son, Geoffrey.


1) John Luxton b. 1811 Brushford, Devon, blacksmith [Chr. 21 Oct 1811 Topsham s.o. John and Mary Luxton?]

In 1861 John and Mary Ann lived with four of their children, excluding Salome, at 217 Upper Mann St., Toxteth Park, Liverpool. Her birth probably represented just a temporary sojourn in Butleigh in 1852/3. The first letter of the surname in the register is uncertain and the name could be Buxton but the facts do not fit the people of that name in the village.

LydLyte but also see Loyd


1) Joanna Lye married Butleigh 3 May 1613 Richard Bartlett #

2) Elizabeth Lye married Butleigh 30 Jun 1628 Timothy Jill?

The surname of the husband may be a corruption of Jewell or Jolly/Jelly?

3) Thomas Lye bur. 24 Mar 1793 Butleigh (a son of next? A Thomas Lye was Chr. 20 Jul 1748 Crewkerne s.o. Edward, brother of Edward b. 1748))

4) Edward Lye b. 1748, bur. 22 Jan 1824 Butleigh

The Lye family seem particularly numerous in Crewkerne in thisn period and an Edward was Chr. 16 Mar 1745 Crewkerne s.o. Edward Lye. No obvious connection found.

Elizabeth Abbot was the eldest daughter of James and Mary Abbot who had married in Butleigh on 29 Jun 1745. Edward received assistance in necessity from the OOP in Jan 1782 and periodically thereafter. Edward Lye received rent from the OOP from 1782 [in Jan 1783 paid to Amy Hood) up to 1820 (then called Edw. Lye senior), 1823, 1824. In Feb 1783 Bridget Look helped deliver Edward's wife of a child and Edward and wife received assistance for some months afterwards. Edward was paid several times for his labouring work on the highways. Bridget Look again delivered a child of Elizabeth Lye in July 1790. In April/May Han Pollett paid for attending Elizabeth and washing for Edward. Bridget Look delivered Elizabeth of another child in Mar 1793. Mary Nord paid for looking after Betty for four weeks in March/April 1793 and sexton paid for burying the child [not recorded in PR] – they paid for the coffin in May. In Oct 1796 the OOP paid for a loin of mutton for Ed Lye's children. The OOP received £1 10s 0d from Edward for house rent in March 1804. Betty Lye received OOP assistance from May 1805. In Oct 1806 Eliz. Lye was examined and an order made for he removal by horse and cart to East Pennard. In Jul 1816 the OOP paid assistance to Edmund Lye senior [confusion between Edward and Edmund?]. In 1820 and 1821 Edward's rent was paid. In 1824 Betty Lye received OOP assistance and in March 1824 the OOP paid for both of their coffins. Charles was ill and received assistance from May to Dec 1826 and from Jan 1827

It isn't certain what happened to all these Lye offspring since only Richard seems to have stayed or died in Butleigh. A Thomas of the correct age (45) lived with a wife Susanna (35) in East Street, Martock in 1841 and a William of the correct age at Ston Easton in 1841 but no proof that they were from this family. Mary married George Langford on 11 Feb 1811 at Midsomer Norton and appears there with him on the 1841 and 1851 censuses, widowed by 1861. She died and was buried 18 Dec 1866 at Midsomer Norton.

A James Lye was transported for life in 1837 [18th March aboard the “Mangles” to New South Wales] for stealing a horse from David Churchill (viz.) in Butleigh on 18th June 1836. At that Crown Court practically all convicted felons were transported.

4a) Edmund Lye b. 1780 Butleigh, gamekeeper, labourer, bur. 8 Jun 1855 (Jun Q 5c/418 Wells) Butleigh 41-3, 51-36

Though his baptism isn't registered in Butleigh, Edmund was possibly the son of Edward and Elizabeth Lye. Edmund was paid assistance by the OOP in 1813, 14, 15 and assistance (and a rug) for his wife in 1815. In Jan 1816 the OOP paid for 1½ hundred of bricks and a man to carry them for Edmund Lye's oven and hearth. In Feb they paid for paviers for gutters and sinks for him. In May 1817 Jane Gill delivered a child of Nancy Lye. She was then looked after by Elizabeth Williams. In June 1831 Edmund was paid for 'throwing 32 rope of ditch in Sedgemoor New Rhyne at 7d' (a rope).

On Thursday 8th September 1831, in honour of the Coronation of King William IV an entertainment was given by Sir Alexander Hood of Wootton House. As the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazetter reported on 15 Sep 1831 “An accident of a melancholy nature threw a gloom over the latter part of the day Some veterans wearing medals were placed to work the cannon and in firing the Royal salute, at the 7th discharge, Edmund Lye, a brave Waterloo hero, received terrible concussion by the explosion of the cartridge in ramming it down. Both arms and hands were dreadfully shattered as to render necessary the removal the left arm high up under the shoulder, and the right below the elbow, this was skilfully effected by Mr. Bond, aided by Mr. Valentine; his sufferings were borne with extraordinary fortitude, and hopes remain of his recovery. We are authorised to state, that subscription is opened to aid in his support, that Richard Holman, Esq. of Butleigh, will receive and apply it.

Sarah Lye received assistance from Jan 1835. Edmund and Ann lived with two of their children at Windmill in 1841. Ann died in 1847 and Edmund lodged with William Pyke at Barton Stone by 1851. He died in 1855. His daughter Sarah had married William Pike in Butleigh on 2 Jan 1840 (Mar Q 10/731 Wells). # Hannah married William Castle in Butleigh on 9 May 1842 (Jun Q 10/787 Wells). # Charles lived at No. 6, Sealy's Row in 1851. Elizabeth was a housemaid at the drapers, 'London House', High Street, Glastonbury in 1851. She married James Blenkinsopp in 1853 (Mar Q 1a/221 Chelsea) In 1861 she appeared in Baltonsborough as a cook, married but husband elsewhere. In 1871 as Elizth she appeared married to James (b. 1832 Carlisle) at 2, Spa Cottage, Clerkenwell. She died in 1877.

Mary Ann married Joseph Croft in Butleigh on 24 Dec 1845 (Dec Q 10/773 Wells). #

4a1) Richard Lye Chr. 27 Oct 1805 Butleigh, labourer and stone cutter, s.o. Edmund and Ann Lye, bur. 23 Dec 1870 (Dec Q 5c/428 Wells) Butleigh 41-8, 51-37, 61-51

Harriet was probably the base born daughter of Betty Chr. 24 Jun 1810 Barton St. David.

In 1841 the family lived in the High Street? but by 1851 are found at No. 2, Quarry House. Eliza married Joseph Russell in Butleigh on 3 Nov 1851 (Dec Q 10/783 Wells) but is the Eliza Russell who then died in 1853 (Mar Q 5c/479 Wells).# Charlotte married Edmund Arthur # in 1856 (Jun Q 5c/995 Wells) but he died in 1859 (Dec Q 5c/405 Wells) and she then married James Richards in 1866 (Mar Q 5c/887 Wells) # - Charlotte herself died in 1878 (Dec Q 5c/372 Wells) aged 44. Mary Ann married Thomas Vincent in 1859 (Dec Q 5c/1083 Wells) and they lived at Bakers Grave. # Elizabeth Lye became a house servant in Church Street, Burnham in 1861 and married Thomas Look in 1868 (Jun Q 5c/901 Wells). # The Wells Journal 20 Apr 1861 notes that at the Wells County Court Richard was ordered to pay £2 1s 10d to his creditor Henry Thomas Silcox. In 1861 Richard Lye and the rest of his family were in Oddway where Richard died in 1867. Harriet went to live with her daughter Charlotte Richards and son William, in Oddway in 1871 while Benjamin had married and lived at Pond Head.

In 1881 Harriet and son William lived together in Quarry Lane two doors down from her other son Benjamin who also lived in Quarry Lane at that time. Elizabeth died in 1887. William never married and lived alone in two rooms in Bethel Cottage 1891 - 1901 dying in Wells Union Workhouse in 1910 (Jun Q 5c/279 Wells), bur 6 Apr Butleigh. William was found guilty of being drunk in charge of his donkey and cart in Street on 22nd Jan 1890. He pleaded guilty and was lat off by paying the cost of the summons. [Western Gazette 14 Feb 1890]

4a1A) Benjamin Lye Chr. 24 Oct 1841 (Dec Q 10/478 Wells) Butleigh, labourer, bur. 16 Nov 1903 (Dec Q 5c/296 Wells) Butleigh 51-37, 61-51, 71-75, 81-99, 91-124

Benjamin was the son of Richard Lye, a stone cutter living in Oddway (1861). He married Mary Stevens, a glover, in 1864 and they are found with their daughters Frances Ann and Harriet Ann at Pond Head in 1871. In 1881 they lived in Quarry Lane. The Western Gazette reported 26 Aug 1881 that Benjamin was summoned for being drunk and incapable on Hill Head on the night of 20th August 1881 and fined 5s and 5s 6d costs. He was summonsed for not sending his children to school in October 1883 but the case was dismissed [Western Gazette 19 Oct 1883] – possibly his wife was ill at this time. Mary died in Dec 1883

In March 1887 and again in November 1890 Benjamin (of Quarry Lane, Butleigh) was fined 2s for not sending his children to school and Benjamin himself was in the Cottage Hospital on census night in 1891 leaving John, Alice and Fanny looking after themselves. In 1901 Benjamin was living at Princess Street, Burnham with his daughter Alice and son-in-law Henry Sweet, a master Sweep. Benjamin died in 1903 aged 62. Frances Ann is missing from the census in 1881 but in 1891 was a servant at 3,4 Julia Terrace, Burnham and she married Henry Edward West in 1898 (Mar Q 5c/747 Wells) and they lived in Water Lane by 1901. #

Harriet, a laundress, was staying with her uncle Benjamin Kerton and wife Hannah at Rock Cottage, Burnham in 1891 [together with another niece, Beatrice Stevens aged 4]. She was the Harriet Hannah Lye who married Henry Sweet in 1895 (Sep Q 5c/843 Wells). Harriet died in 1897 and then her sister Alice married her brother-in-law, master sweep Henry Sweet in 1898 (Dec Q 5c/1003 Axbridge) and in 1901 they lived at Princess Street, Burnham with 10 month old son Henry and Alice's father Benjamin Lye (59). #

John Steven Lye was a gamekeeper boarding at Broadwater Farm, Framlingham, Suffolk in 1901. He married Susan Ellen Rayner in 1903 (Dec Q 4a/1929 Samford) and in 1911 they lived with their three children in The Heath, Tattingstone, Ipswich.

Fanny was a housemaid at 26, Leinster Sq., Paddington in 1901. In 1905 (Jun Q 5c/1027 Axbridge) she married postman James Henry Davis and in 1911 they lived at Berrow, Burnham with their daughter Queenie (another child had died)..

4a2) James Lye Chr. 23 Aug 1807 Butleigh, labourer, d. 31 Aug, bur. 5 Sep 1863 (Sep Q 5c/410 Wells) Butleigh 41-14, 51-25, 61-51

Jane Leversuch/Jeffery was witness at the marriage. James and Elizabeth lived with their first two children at Keepers Lodge/Moorhouse in 1841. Edward died in 1843 (Mar Q 10/382 Wells). In 1851 James and Elizabeth had three daughters added to the surviving George. James moved to Broadmoor Cottage by 1861 where he died in 1863.

George is absent from most censuses and may have died but one the right age and Somerset born, a carpenter, surfaced in Bromley Kent in 1901. Ann married labourer Tom Woodland in Butleigh on 24 Jan 1861 (Mar Q 5c/883 Wells) and in 1861 they appear at Welton Hill, Midsomer Norton where Tom was a coal miner. # By 1891 they lived at 1, Hundry Terrace, Llanwonno, Glam. where Tom was a miner and Ann a dressmaker - they had three children.

In 1871 at 18, High Street Elizabeth Lye (58) widow, dressmaker, lived with her daughter Ruth (26) and mother Mary Jeffery (76).

Ruth married George Turner in 1873 (Jun Q 5c/1019 Wells). # Elizabeth is found next living alone in Sealy's Row (1881). In 1891 she lived with her daughter Ruth Turner in Water Lane where she died in 1895 (Dec Q 5c/326 Wells) aged 84.

4a3) Charles Lye b. 1810 Butleigh, labourer, bur. 16 May 1862 (Jun Q 5c/397 Wells) Butleigh 41-3, 51-35, 61-58

Charles received assistance in Dec 1830. In 1841 Charles lived with his parents at 'Windmill'. In 1851 Mary was acting as nurse to the Dyer family at 17, High Street whilst her husband Charles lived at 6, Sealy's Row in the High Street. In 1861 Charles Lye (51) and his wife Mary Ann (51) lived in Barton Stone. Charles Lye died in 1862 and Mary Ann died in 1867 aged 57. They appear to have had no children.

4a4) Edmund Lye Chr. 11 May 1817 Butleigh, Army pensioner, bur. 26 Mar 1904 (Mar Q 5c/351 Wells) Butleigh 61-52, 71-74, 81-98, 91-126, 01-138

Edmund had joined the army and must have met and married his wife around 1852 whilst serving in Ireland and his subsequent children were born there. He must have arrived back in Butleigh in 1860 and settled at Pond Head at the time of the 1861 census. His son Edward was convicted of killing a pheasant on the land of Mr.Hoddinott in Butleigh on 1st Sep 1864 where he had been keeping sheep for the latter. He was fined 10s with costs [Wells Journal 17 Sep 1864] In 1871 Edmund was a labourer and four more children had been born since the previous census. Elizabeth (16) in 1881 was a servant in John Waterman's grocery shop in Baltonsborough. In 1891 she was a cook at Lower Hinton, Catherington, Hampshire. She later married Herbert Nudds of Billericay, Essex and it was her daughter Lizzie Nudds who visited Edmund in 1901. #

In 1881 Edmund Lye (61) listed as Army pensioner, lived with his wife Ellen (46) and children Richard (20), James (18), Mary Jane (15), Alice (12), Ellen (10) and George (6). Edward/Edmund is absent in 1881/91 but may be the person living as a bricklayer/labourer at 1 House, 8 Court, Hawley Croft, West Sheffield (in three rooms) with his wife Ann (from Lancashire) and three sons (all b. Yorkshire). Rather interestingly, George was living in a caravan on Park Road, Shepton Mallet in 1891 - a 'Cleaner & attendant on Steam Roller'. James Lye was fined 7s for riding a cart without reins at the Somerton Petty Sessions on Nov 5th 1883.

Edmund and Ellen plus Richard stayed in three rooms in Oddway in 1891 but James seems to have married a girl, Jessie, from Axminster, Devon and gone to live in Barry, Glamorgan (pob Glastonbury - 1901). Richard Lye was the steersman of the ploughing engine belonging to Robert Neville Grenville involved in the accident that killed Theodore Matthews on 11 Jun 1891. Richard had appeared before the Rev. H. N. C. Roddock, one the county magistrates, at Bridgwater, the same morning, and remanded on a charge of being drunk whilst in charge of the engine. The blame was eventually laid at the door of one Alfred Higgins for allowing Matthews to ride and steer the plough. [Western Daily Press 13 Jun 1891]

Mary Jane became a parlourmaid in St. Luke's Home, Tormoham, Torquay, Devon (1891) while her sister Alice was cook there and Nellie (Ellen) was a nursemaid. Mary Jane moved on by 1901 to be housekeeper at the Rectory, Shepton Beauchamp, and Ellen returned to her parents in Butleigh. Ellen, her mother, died in 1901. In 1911 Mary Jane was housekeeper at Shepton Beauchamp Rectory, Seavington, Som.

Alice married Edward Greenwood (b. 1869 Hebden Bridge, Yorks) in 1894 (Dec Q 5a/35 Highworth, Wilts.) and they lived in St. Mary Within, Carlisle, Cumberland 1901. In 1911 they lived at 69, Forshaw St., Barrow-in-Furness with their four surviving (of 5) children. Edward was a clothier manager.

In 1901 Edmund, now a widower, lived with his children Richard, George and Ellen plus two visitors, Mabel Lee from Devon and Lizzie Nudds b. 1892 (Jun Q 4a/480 Billericay - Elizabeth Ellen) from Billericay. Edmund Lye died in 1904 (Mar Q 5c/351 Wells).

In 1911 Richard, his brother George (engine driver) and sister Ellen lived together at Higher Farm together with niece Elizabeth Nudds (18) who was a dressmaker.

Richard died aged 64 and was bur. 24 Jan 1923 Butleigh and sister Ellen died aged 56 and was bur. 21 May 1929 Butleigh then George died aged 54 in 1930 and was bur. 6 Jul Butleigh.

4b) Richard Lye Chr. 11 Feb 1783 Butleigh, labourer, s.o. Edward and Elizabeth, bur. 23 Jun 1848 (Jun Q 10/370 Wells) Butleigh 41W-16

In June 1824 Richard was paid rent by the OOP on behalf of John Fry. In May 1832 Richard Lye (this one?) was examined. The OOP paid assistance monthly thereafter.

The family lived in Wootton in 1841 and were still there in 1851 after Richard's death and his son's marriage, living with the widowed 'Betsy'. By 1861 Betsy was a lodger in Water Lane, Butleigh, with John Hellard - until she died in 1867 aged 84. # The pob differs between the 1851 and 61 census but since no Elizabeth death traced in the 1850's it seems most likely that this is the same person. There is a memorial stone to Richard in the churchyard.

WO 97/473/87 Royal Hospital Chelsea– Richard Lye Born Butleigh, Somerset Served in 28th Foot Regiment Discharged aged 37 28th Foot: Kah - McH Date range: 1805 - 1818.

WO 121/194/512 – Richard Lye Born Butleigh, Somerset Served in 3rd Royal Veteran Battalion; 28th Foot Regiment Discharged aged 39 after 16 years of service Residence or place where pension paid stated in document. See film image 686 Date: 1820.

4b1) Frederick Lye b. 1823 Butleigh, carpenter 41W-16, 51W-39

The family appeared on the 1851 census with Frederick's mother but thereafter emigrated to Australia. Other children were Ellen and Emily. Elizabeth's father Jacob Blake set up a dissenting Particular Baptist Chapel in Butleigh and her brother Thomas emigrated to Iowa and founded the town of Blakeville. #

5) Samuel Lye [a Samuel Lee Chr. 15 Feb 1766 Broomfield?]

A Samuel Lee and Ann had two sons:- John in April 1805 and Joseph in 1808 in Broomfield ?

6) Harriet Lye b. 1816 Somerset 41-4

Harriet lodged with Bryer Hann in 1841 and may have been related to him? Nfi unless Hannah (4-4).

7) Richard Charles Lye b. Jul, bur. 5 Dec 1872 (Dec Q 5c/382 Wells) Butleigh - son of Benjamin?


Limbry, Lymbrte, Lambert

A) Thomas Lymbrte of Compton Dundon d. 1527

Will of Nov 4th 1527 Thomas Lymbrye to be buried in the churchyard of St. Andrew of Compton Dunden. Cathedral church of Wells 12/. To St. Andrew of Compton Dunden a cow, the secund best. To the church of Walton 6s. Sd. To the church of Strete 6s. Sd. To the church of Butley 6s. 8d. To the church of Borton [Barton] 3s 4d. To the church of Kynweston y. 4/. To the church of Kynton y. 4.d. To each of my spiritual sons a sheep. John Lymbry my son, the best apparel of my body, viz. : togam tunicam cum manicis 1 et deploidem, and 20 marcs, 6 silver spoons, a fetherbed after the death of my wife. Thomas L. my nephew and godson a certain wagon (plaustrum) after the death of my wife. John Hurde my best tunic " cum manicis” William L. another tunic. Richard Hurde £6 5s. 4d. Residue : Joan my wife (executrix). Witnesses : Sir John Benet curate there, John Hurde, John Lymbry. Proved July 2nd, 1528.

1) John Lymbury [Chr. 11 Oct 1629 Compton Dundon s.o. David and Anne Lymbry?]

1a) John Limbry of Compton Dundon b. 1682, d. 4 Feb 1758 Comtpn Dundon [Cannon 336]

1a1) John Limbery

Sequence above uncertain: The Lymbery Tombs in Compton Dundon are to a David Lymbry whose wife Ann died 5 Feb 1671, John and Susanna Limbery whose son John died 4 Feb 1758 (aged 76) whose wife Mary died 28 Aug 1721 aged 37. Ann, wife of a John who died 18 Dec 1754, John who died 13 Dec 1737 aged 26 – and William and Mary, children of John and Mary. [a John Lymbery married Susanna Jeanes in Street 29 Oct 1674]

John succeeded James Peddell and started paying rates in 1696 - 1729+. In 1728 he also paid rates on South Moor land – for late Maynard. In 1729 he took Charles Burton as apprentice. The OOP rate records are missing from 1728 due to torn pages [in 1736 John Lymbry paid rates on a different property – the young John? - also recorded that in 1737 John refused to pay his rates and again in 1738/9 on Maynards ground] but by 1738 there seem to be two John Lymbrys who had acquired the adjoining properties previously Coombes and Maynards. John Lymbry was Overseer in 1754/5. John Limbry was a lawyer and in the 1740's a W. Lembury, probably a son or other relative, witnessed the Overseer accounts.

By 1738/9 the properties belonged to John Lymbry and widow Mrs. Agnes Lymbry Later the propertied were split with John having Jarvices and Coombes and Agnes having Allets fields and Maynards and both having land in Southmoor. In 1744 Agnes' properties were acquired by Emanuel Ewens. It may be that Agnes married Emanuel since in the CW rates it became Mrs. Emanuel Ewens who paid rates on the Butleigh properties while Mr. Ewens paid on the Southmoor grounds. In the OOP rates of the same time both were paid by Mr. Ewens. John added Warburton commons to his properties in 1751 but in 1758 his properties went to John Goodson and John Coombs. John Cannon reports (p.657 Money) that Agnes caught smallpox [27 Aug 1742]. There are two Limbry chest monuments in St. Andrews churchyard, Compton Dundon to these John Limberys. PHOTO.

A Mary Limbery of Compton Dundon married John Goodson of Baltonsborough on 12 Jan 1758 - witness Catherine Coombs.

DD/S/BT/12/1/15-16 1] William Warbutton of Beercrocombe, carpenter 2] John Limbry of Compton Dundon Lease and release of the Common (3a), Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1751.

DD/S/BT/12/1/17 1] Giles Vinnicott of Greinton, yeoman, executor of John perry decd 2] William Warbutton the elder of Beercrocombe, carpenter 3] Joan Semer of Butleigh 4] John Limbry of Compton Dundon 5] William Rood the elder of Street and John Rock of Butleigh, yeomen Assignment of term to attend the fee of the Common (3a), Butleigh. 1751

DD/S/BT/4/4/15 1] George Reynolds of Kingsdon, yeoman and wife Catherine daughter of John Coombe decd and next of kin to her aunt Ann Limbery decd, executrix of John Limbery decd husband of Ann and administratrix of her grandfather John Coombe decd 2] John Coombe of Butleigh, yeoman, brother of Catherine 3] Col. Richard Grenville of Butleigh Assignment of 3a in Allermoor and 2a at Westwood part of Peckham lease (1562) of Chambers tenement, Butleigh Wootton. 1779

2) Thomas Limbry Chr. 10 Jul 1717 Butleigh s.o. Thomas and Rebecca Limbry of Compton Dundon


The first known Lyte [means Little] of Lytes Cary was William Le Lyte in 'Kari' a tenant of the Gurney family in 1286, a sergeant-at-arms of Edward I, who died 1316 His grandson Peter is thought to have built the chapel at Cary in 1343 when the chantry was transferred from Tuckerscary to Lytes Cary. Peter's son Edmund carried out a pedigree of the family which was seen and used by Thomas Lyte in the 1600's. One of Edmund's sons, Peter, seems to have fought at Agincourt and Edmund's grandson Thomas, who succeeded about 1453 who re-built the Hall. Thomas was succeeded by his son John around 1469. John Lytes son Thomas married the heiress of John Drew and at his death in 1523 owned 4,000 acres, 300 of which were at Lytes Cary – his sons are (1) and (2) below.

A) John Lyte b. c. 1380 of Lytes Cary, d. 1453

1) Anthony Lyte b.c. 1522, s.o. Thomas and Margery (nee Drew) Lyte, d. 28 Jan 1580 Greenwich

Brother of John Lyte (next) and g-g-grandson of the John Lyte above. Tavistock March 1551; Member of Queen Elizabeth’s chamber in 1558; gent. usher by 1563; commr. sewers, Kent 1568; escheator, Devon and Cornwall 1571-2; died 28 January 1580 bur. at Greenwich. Administration granted 29 January 1580, to Bridget Smyth alias Lyte, niece. 

DD/S/BT/27/2/2 Copy lease of Butleigh demesnes to Anthony Lyte. 1552 also DD/S/BT/26/1/1-2 1552

For biography see: www.historyofparliamentonline.org/volume/1509-1558/member/lyte-anthony-1522-80

2) John Lyte b. 1498 s.o. Thomas and Margery (nee Drew) Lyte, died 28 Jul 1568 London, bur. 30Th July at St. Botolph without Aldersgate

John's father had married the heiress of John Drew of Bridgwater and when he died in 1523 owned 4,000 acres including 300 at Lytes Cary. John enhanced the manor house at Lytes Cary and his armorial bearings depicted the Swan of the Lytes with the shield of the Horseys. He left Lytes Cary to his son in 1558 and retired first to Sherborne then London where he died.

The Horsey's may have owned property in Butleigh and for centuries thereafter there was a field there called 'Horsey's' though, in fact, 'the field called Horsi' is mentioned in a deed of c. 1300 when a Butleigh rector, Henry Hussey relinquished his right to it to the Abbot of Glastonbury. In 1543 John had bought certain lands at Butleigh and Babcary from John Fulbrooke gentleman, but seems to have sold some of these lands some time later, the naming of the field, if it was indeed his, may date from that time.

John had a brother William [known as 'Black Will'] who married Dorothy Kellaway d.o. Sir John Kellaway of Rockhampton in 1537, widow of Juhn Buller of Wode.

abstract DD\X\LY/3/6 P. 5. Notes on Lyte genealogy concerning John Lyte, student of the Temple, London, 1536, Henry his son, admitted to Clifford's Inn, and Thomas his grandson, admitted to Clifford's Inn and the Middle Temple.
'Remembrances taken out of a controversye in the Chancerye between John Lyte, esq., and his brother William of Lilsdon (Lillesdon in North Curry) about the farm of Tucks Cary', date 7 Ed.VI (1553).
William Lyte was called 'Black Will' by his father; about 40 years before this a grant was surrendered by Richard Pylman in the hands of the Lord Nicholas St.Loe, and the farm was taken by Thos.Lyte, esq. on lease. During the minority of Sir John, son of Nicholas St.Loe, the Earl of Northumberland had the rents in wardship.
Other tenants of Tucks Cary included Richard Hunt and his son, John Hunt the younger, and Marjorye, wid. of Thos.Lyte who held the farm during her widowhood; she re-married about 2¼ years after Thos. died.

2x) John Lyd

A daughter Phillipa Chr. 19 Aug 1580 Butleigh father's name unreadable in PR but surname reading Lyd must be related in some way – see under Look.

2a) Henry Lyte b. 1529? d. 16 Oct 1607 Lytes Cary

Henry studied in Oxford around 1546 but doesn't seem to have taken a degree. His father made the manor of Lytes Cary over to him in 1558 and he managed it until his father's death in 1568. In 1576 his stepmother brought a writ of dower against him. He seems to have served as sheriff or under-sheriff of Somerset during the reign of Mary I and possibly upto 1559 during Elizabeth's reign.

Henry wrote the Niewe Herball in 1578, a translation from a French version of the work Cruydeboeck by Rembert Dodoens (Antwerp 1564) – the first comprehensive work in English to list every plant. “Henry's own personal copy of the French version of Dodeons, translated by Charles Lecluse, is in the British Library. Covered in notes in his tiny, immaculate hand, it feels like the closest we can get to hearing Henry speak for himself. His voice is in these notes – observations of local Somerset plants and plants seen in other men’s gardens, cross-references with points of interest gathered from other herbalists – Mattioli, Turner. There are smudges, doodles, marginalia. At the back are assorted notes about the estate, a recipe for horse medicine.” Jane Borodale – who has written a historical novel 'The Knot' based upon Henry's life and his writing of the Herball.

Henry also wrote a book “The Light of Britaynewhich was presented to Elizabeth I on the day when she gave thanksgiving in state at St. Paul's Cathedral for the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

Agnes Kellaway was aunt to Simon Codrington who was one of the merchant adventurers who founded Virginia and aunt to Alice Codrington who married Thomas Hyett of Wotton [grandfather? of the John Hiett of Butleigh who emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1699].

2a1) Thomas Lyte b. 17 Apr 1568, bur. 19 Sep 1638 Charlton Mackrell

Thomas wrote a pedigree for James I and the king gave him the Lytes Jewel [a portrait miniature of himself by Hilliard] in return. Full account of his life in the DNB

DD\X\LY/1-3 Documents relating to the Lyte family of Lytes Cary, Charlton Mackrell 1) Compiled in the reign of Chas.I by Thomas Lyte of Lytescary. 130-160. 2) Compiled by Thomas Lyte showing all descendants of whatever name, of his grandfather and grandmother. 3) The Commonplace Book of Thomas Lyte (c. 1568-1638)

2a1A) Henry Lyte Chr. 17 Mar 1597 Charlton Mackrell, d. 1666 CM

2a1Ai) Henry Lyte bapt at Weston Birt 28 April 1625, grandson of Thomas (2a1), bur. 22 Feb 1711 Charlton Mackrell

Lieut-Colonel Henry Lyte of Lytes Cary, in Charlton Mackrell; named trustee in will of his brother-in-law, John Browne, 20 January 1657; bur. at Charlton Mackrell 22 February 1711. Will dated 10 March 1707.

DD/S/BT/28/8/2 1] James Webb of Butleigh and all the tenants and commoners [named]2] Sir Edward Phelips of Montacute kt, William Helyar of Coker, Edward Berkeley of Pill and Henry Lyte of Lytes Cary. Copy conveyance in trust of shares in 220a in Southmoor, Butleigh. Map of the allotments attached. 1676

2x1) John Lyte b. 1666, bur. 20 May1698 Charlton Mackrell

A Constance [b. 1660?] was bur. 23 Feb 1704 Charlton Mackrell

CHARLTON MACKRELL, ETC. deeds  DD\DN/48  1690-1732 12 docts. Contents: Tucks Cary Farm [including references to arable in the West, North and South Fields].
Deed of 1690 is settlement after the marriage of John Lyte and Elizabeth, dau. of Thos. Cooper of Sherborne.

2x1a) Thomas Lyte Chr. 6 Sep 1694 Charlton Mackrell, attorney bur. 11 Sep 1761 Charlton Mackrell [or the Thomas above?]

By 1740 he left part of the property at Lytes Cary to trustees to manage to pay off his debts from the rents. In 1748 he made over the estate to his son John who mortgaged it to Francis Fane of Brympton who then sold it in 1755 to Thomas Lockyer of Ilchester. In 1770 the latter leased the north part of the house for 20 years and by 1810 it was reported that the building to the right of the porch had been destroyed and a farmhouse built on the site. The who property was sold in 1801 to William Dickinson of Kingweston. In 1907 it was acquired by Sir Walter Jenner son of the physician Sir William Jenner who renovated the property and built a fourth side to the courtyard and laid out a topiary garden. In his Will he left the property to the National Trust.