Oborn [Oborne]

1) William Oborn Chr. 1 Jul 1807 Keinton Mandeville, teazel grower, s.o. Henry and Hester Oborn, d. 1882 (Sep Q 5c/237 Langport) 51-33

This family with both children appear on the 1841 census at Platt Street, West Bradley. William and family without Herbert lived in Back Street, Butleigh in 1851. Henry seems to have died in 1856 and his mother Elizabeth in 1857. William married Charlotte the next year. William then appears in Keinton Mandeville in 1861 as a teazle merchant with wife Charlotte. In 1871 they lived at 5, Queen Street, Keinton and William was a gardener. In 1878 William Oborne was elected overseer for Barton St. David at Somerton Petty Sessions 1Apr 1878. In 1881 he was a widower, retired farmer, living at 33, High Street, Keinton-Mandeville.


1) Bella Ogilvie b. 1879 North Leith, Scotland, kitchenmaid, d.o. William and Barbara Ogilvie of Leith? 01W-140

Bella worked at Wootton House in 1901. Nfi


1) Maria Louisa Old b. 1861 (Sep Q 5a/348 Dorchester) Glanville Wootton, Dorset, housekeeper, d.o. John and Ellen Old, died 1908 (Jun Q 5a/213 Sherborne) 91-124

Up to the 1881 census Maria had lived with her parents at Buckland Newton, Dorset. Her father was a small farmer. Maria was a visitor at the home of John Pepperell, accountant, on Butleigh Hill in 1891. In 1901 she was the matron of St. Johns Almshouse, Sherborne, Dorset. She died in 1908 aged 46.


1) A. Oldham (late 2nd D.G's and Inniskilling Dragoons) [Arthur Oldham b. 1882, d. 1962 (Sep Q 7c/216 Wells)?]

Wrote a letter published in the Western Gazette 10 Sep 1943 complaining about the rationing of petrol and described Butleigh as a place without gas, electricity where people “would find that he [the addressee] wanted a lot of things and would be glad of permission to go shopping with his own car. He said he was a time-serving soldier in the South African War and re-enlisted and went all through the last war – so that it can't be said he hadn't done his bit. A Herbert Arthur Oldham was born 1882 in Mauritius [GRO Army Birth Indices p.1099] but at least 10 other Arthur Oldhams born in England 1881/2.


[Oldis - Oldist – Oldess - Oldedge]

1) James Oldish bur. 26 Jan 1746 Butleigh junior [James senior d. 1742? - not in PR]

There are two James's here (senior and junior) rather than a second marriage, but this could be a likely scenario. Then again, the 'younger' James could have married again – see (8)

A James Oldish received rent from the OOP in 1716 for Justine Burnard. In 1719 Mary received money in her sickness and 30 weeks relief at 6d a week (OOP). In 1720 she received a years relief and in 1721 her house rent. In 1722 she received 23 weeks relief, house rent and care from Dr. Periam. The OOP paid for horse hire to go to Bridgwater about James Olddes [he must have been working away from home]. In 1728 James received 10 pecks of barley to relieve him. In 1729 he received one and a half a bushels, 3 peck of wheat and money while his wife 1s to relieve her in her sickness. He later received half a bushel each of wheat and barley. James' house rent was paid in 1730 and 1731 (to Mr. Hood). James house rent paid in 1734. James Oldish jun paid 2/6d by the OOP in 1737 and James Oldish sen paid 'at several times to relieve him'. Additional payment made by the OOP to James Oldish and James Oldish senior (next to each other) to relieve them. In 1739/40 James Oldish's wife tended Joan Pope. Senior and Junior both received assistance in 1740. James Oldish housed by William Hodges in 1741.Both James' in receipt of house rent in 1741/2 then 'senior' no longer appears. House rent paid to a James then until 1746.. In 1746 the OOP buried James Oldish and paid 1shilling to Mary Davis about it. The OOP then paid Mary Oldess to buy wood [confirming that she was the wife of the James who died 1746?]. Her rent was paid until 1766 then paid to a Thomas Oldish. The OOP paid for Mary in 'sickness and death' in Jan then burial in Feb 1767.

A James Oldish paid for his work on the highways in 1763. A Betty Oldish paid by the OOP when sick in March 1769 - Elizabeth had her rent paid from 1772 and she also received relief from Jan 1772 up to her death. Her coffin paid for by the OOP in Sep 1787 [Betty Oldiss]

A Jane Oldish married sojourner James Ruddock from Holcombe in Butleigh on 21 Jan 1762 and is probably a daughter of James Oldish.

1a) Thomas Oldish 'Chr. 25 Aug 1717 Butleigh', s.o. James and Jesse Oldish, bur. 29 Mar 1789 Butleigh

Thomas had his rent paid 1756-57, '72 (OOP). In Oct 1766 Thomas received ½ bushel of wheat from the OOP in his sickness. Again in April '68 the OOP gave him assistance in his sickness. In June 1769 the OOP paid assistance to Thomas Oldedge in Biggs Lane. A Thomas Oldedge was paid by the OOP to dig 5 rope of rhyne at Moorhouse in Aug 1769.

An Ann Oldish married William Coombes in Butleigh on 8 Jul 1771 - could also be d.o. William (2). # An Ann Oldish married Stephen Veiring 6 Sep 1784 (he was b. 1751). The OOP paid for Thomas Oldish's coffin in April 1789.

1b) John Oldish bur. 10 Mar 1797 Butleigh

In early Jan 1797 the OOP paid relief to John Oldish and in late Jan 1797 the OOP paid relief to John Oldish's wife. In March payments made to John Oldish and wife but in April to Elenor Oldish. The OOP paid for John's coffin and burial in March 1797. Eleanor received rent from the OOP from 1798.

In 1800 the OOP paid the rent for Hannah Oldish. Hannah Oldish married John Kelway 4 May 1802 Butleigh. #

1c) William Oldish 'Chr. 18 Jul 1738 Butleigh? s.o. James and Mary Oldish' bur. 11 Mar 1779 Butleigh

William appears of the list of Tythingmen to serve in rotation for 1779. William started paying rates in 1771/2 and in 1779/80 they were paid by Love Oldish. She paid until 1805 – her death. From Feb 1785 Love began receiving assistance, wheat from the OOP. Her coffin and burial paid for by the OOP in March 1805.

2) William Oldish of Butleigh, senior, bur. 31 Jan 1781 Butleigh

William paid rates on a property previously rated to John Hake from 1739. In 1769 a second William Oldish (Oldedge) began paying rates – in 1771/2 the former identified as 'senior' and the latter 'junior'. See (7) William senior continued to pay the rates until 1780 – in 1781 and later he is the 'Late William Oldish' – 'or widow'.From 1783 - 1787 rates paid by Ann Oldish then property acquired by James Grenville. Ann Oldish received relief in 1781 and onwards and in Jan '82 received 2/6d for the cure of Hannah Dominey's knee.

In 1790/91 an Ann Oldish paid rates for less than a year – uncertain who this might be. Not related to William junior (?)

William was paid for keeping Trevice in 1751-52, 52-53 (called Trivier), 1753-54. A Mary Oldess married Stephen Callow in Butleigh on 11 Jan 1762. #

DD/S/BT/14/2/23 - 1] John Hake of Beaminster, clothier 2] William Oldish of Butleigh, tailor Assignment of cottage in Butleigh.. Date range: 1739-1740.

DD/S/BT/11/2/32 John Hake of Beaminster's bond to keep covenants with William Oldish of Butleigh, tailor. 1739

DD/S/BT/14/2/42 William Oldess Probate of will (1777) of of Butleigh, tailor.. Date: 1787. (this William?)

3) James Oldish Chr. 22 Jan 1762 Butleigh illegit. s.o. Jane Oldish

4) Hugh Oldish Chr. 14 Aug 1768 Butleigh, bur. 21 Mar 1770 Butleigh illegit. s.o. Ann Oldish (d.o. Thomas or William above)

In August 1768 the OOP paid for Ann to be examined [as to the father of her child].

5) James Oldish bur. 7 Feb 1792 Butleigh

James' wife received relief in Sep 1774 and on up to May 1775. From April 1792 Grace Oldish began receiving monthly relief from the OOP. She received this until her death, the last payment recorded in January 1814. In Feb 1813 a Thomas Oldish received 2 guineas for the local [militia service?] from the OOP.

William Oldis bur. 18 Feb 1840 (Mar Q 10/379 Wells) Butleigh - no age given - was probably this son (2) of James. He died in mysterious circumstances and was interred at 11 o'clock at night without any funeral service after a Coroner's Writ and verdict of 'Felocide' [Suicide].

DD\BRho/6 Cottage N. of Nodway, leased to Oldish of Butleigh, 1771, surrendered to Grenville, 1827. Admon. James Oldish of Butleigh, 1827. [this James?]

5a) John Oldis Chr. 18 Mar 1781 Butleigh, thatcher, bur. 11 Jun 1855 (Jun Q 5c/418 Wells) Butleigh 41-4, 51-24

In June, July 1804 John was paid for thatching the Poor House and again in July 1807 and Nov 1809. John and James Oldish began paying rates on a cottage in 1818/19 and were still paying in 1827+. In Aug 1824 John laid up 10 sheaves of reeds plus spars for John Willcox and Edmund Lye's house.

Elizabeth could be the Betty Higgins Chr. 28 Dec 1783 Butleigh, d.o. Ambrose and Ann or the Betty Higgins Chr. 18 Feb 1787 Butleigh, d.o. John and Jane Higgins or even the Elizabeth Chr. 4 Apr 1782 Butleigh d.o. William and Mary. John helped repair Mary Hodges house in 1909 and the OOP paid his bill.

Daughter Grace had an illegitimate daughter Ann in 1824, she married William Look in 1826. # Other children who died in infancy probably belonged to this family; John in 1814 and James in 1819 aged 2. Ellen (Eleanor) married Charles Hockey in Butleigh on 8 Mar 1836. # Mary married William Bond in Butleigh on 1 Jun 1837. # In 1841 John and Elizabeth lived at Barton Stone with their daughters Maria and Elizabeth. Maria married Edward Munday in 1841 (Dec Q 10/709 Wells) and they lived in Glastonbury. # Their daughter Ann was absent from the census but married Edward Blacker in 1848 (Jun Q 10/860 Wells). #

In 1851 John lodged with Edward Blacker in the High Street (where he died in 1855) while his wife and daughter Elizabeth were 'visiting' William Higgins in Dumb Lane. John is probably the Mr. Oldis who had an accident with a chaff cutting machine – reported in the Bridgwater Times of 5 Jan 1854. The older Elizabeth, now a washerwoman, then moved to No. 8 High Street in 1861 (she was listed as if in a separate dwelling but she may have really shared No. 8, having just a room or two) where she lived with her granddaughter Matilda Blacker. Her daughter Elizabeth is almost certainly the one that had died in 1856 aged '30'. Elizabeth lived with her grandson John Mundy in 1871 and died in 1872 while Matilda Blacker became a servant in the house of Dr. J. C. Harris MD of 2, Park View Villas, Croydon, in 1871.

When, as grandmother, Elizabeth was staying with John Mundy in 1871, her age was given as 60/66 but no other record of an Elizabeth of this age exists. It is probable that she is the same as the one b. 1784 - in which case she would have been 86, not 66. At burial she was stated to be 88 (i.e. born 1873/4).

5b) James Oldis Chr. 20 Apr 1783 Butleigh, labourer, s.o. James and Grace Oldish, bur. 10 Mar 1853 (Mar Q 5c/481 Wells - Oldist) Butleigh 41-4, 51-29

John and James Oldish began paying rates on a cottage in 1818/19. - 1827+. In 1833 the vicar and witnesses to the Overseers accounts reprimanded James for receiving payments from the Overseer to which he was not entitled. In 1841 James (55) with wife Mary (40) and children Thomas (15), Sarah (10), Mary (10) and James (3) lived in Sealy's Row No. 3. Daughter Jane [Oldest/Oldish] had married James Tucker in 1843 (Jun Q 10/831 Wells) and lived in Glastonbury in 1851 with three children. Probably the Jane Oldish who had been a servant to Mary Stone in Glastonbury in 1841. Sarah may have also married - not traced.

An account of the state of the peasantry in Somerset described the condition of labourers on the estate of an Honourable and Reverend Aristocrat in the Leeds Times [10 Jan 1846] – two cases taken at random; 'Charles Vincent works for the Hon. and Rev. George Neville-Grenville; has a wife and four small children, has 8s per week, has but one bed and scarcely any furniture in the house; a steady and industrious man. 'James Oldis works for the above G. N. Grenville; has an unhealthy wife and family; his labour is getting done, has 7s per week, a steady and industrious man.

In 1851 James, Mary and daughter Mary are found at 'Pond Head'. Thomas, a labourer, lodged with Levi Gilham and James jnr became a servant to George Birkett, both at Hill Farm. His father James died in 1853.

James jnr married Mary Ann Stokes, from Shepton Mallet in 1859 (Dec Q 5c/1068 Shepton Mallet). By 1861 he lived, as a journeyman cordwainer, in Shepton Mallet. In 1871 James jnr and Mary Ann lived at 25, Regent Terrace, St. Philip, Bristol with two sons William and Henry and they remained in Bristol for the censuses 1881 - 1901. James was still in Bristol in 1911 aged 76, with spinster daughter Annie (39) and grandson Henry James Bilson Oldis (8). He died in 1935 and would have been 97 but someone confused his birth with the earlier James b. 1833 and in the Bath Chronicle [14 Mar 1936] he was listed as being 102 years old at death. The Western daily Press 10 Apr 1933 reported: PHOTO

HONOUR FOR BRISTOL CENTENARIAN. Royal Congratulations and Civic Visit. One of the manv things by which James Oldis, a Somerset man, who lives at Tewkesbury Road. St. Werburgh's, Bristol, will remember his hundredth birthday, is that he had so many visitors that he was unable to get out for his customary two hours' walk in the morning. He celebrated his century on Saturday when, in addition to receiving congratulations from the King and Queen, he received a visit from the Lord Mayor of Bristol, Mr T. J. Wise, as president of the Society oi Somerset Folk in Bristol, who presented him with replica of King Alfred's Jewel. on his being made a life-member of the Somerset Society. Mr Irving .the secretary of the Society who accompanied the Lord Mayor, also handed Mr Oldis an envelope the contents of which will probably be used purchase some " zummerzet zider— real old stuff, for which Mr Oldis has a preference. Born in Butleigh, near Glastonbury, Mr Oldis started life on a farm but until he gave up business recently he was a boot repairer and included the great W. G. Grace as one his customers. He has survived all his children save one. Mr Oldis retains nearly all his faculties and his memory concerning his early life is most vivid. He still attends to his garden and only last Friday was tying up his roses, while he invariably goes for a two hour walk every day and believes in fresh fruit, hot water and salt as aids to good health. He includes a banana in his daily diet and takes salt night and morning learning the use of the latter from his late Medical Officer of Health for Bristol, lDr. Davies, who maintained that if people only knew the value or salt more would use it. A birthday cake with ten candles on it (one for every ten years of his life) was one of the main objects ol interest to visitors Saturday and at a party given in Mr Oldis's honour in the evening. Friday he received a wallet containing a sum of money from friends at St. Andrew's Park where he is a frequent visitor.

In 1861 Mary (67) widow lived in the High Street again with son Thomas (32) and grandson William [Henry] Ford (4) and his father, lodger George Ford (30). George Ford and Thomas Oldis had previously lodged together in 1851. George Ford married Mary Oldis jnr in 1856 (Dec Q 5c/1081 Wells). Mary Ford was with their other two children in Barton Road on census night. # Mary Oldish's son Thomas died in 1862 (Jun Q 5c/395 Wells).

In 1871 and 1881 Mary Oldis(h) lived together with her friend Mary Gossmore, also a widow. Mary Oldis died in 1884 aged 89 and her friend Mary Gosmore died in 1885 aged 96. #

5b1) John Oldis Chr. 16 Aug 1824 Butleigh, labourer, s.o. James Oldis, died 1866 (Sep Q 5c/362 Wells) 41-7, 51-27

In 1841 John aged 15 had lodged with Emma Gillet in the High Street and married Elizabeth Trickey in 1850. Elizabeth had lived with her widowed mother Sarah, a glover, in Glastonbury in 1841.

In 1851 John and Elizabeth lodged in Oddway with James Craft. By 1861 they lived in Northload Street, Glastonbury where their children Charlotte and Sarah were born. John died in 1866 and Elizabeth in 1868 aged 41. In 1871 Ellen and Charles lived with their aunt Hannah Heal in Glastonbury.

Charles married Elizabeth King (b. 1845 Glastonbury) in 1875 (Mar Q 5c/804 Wells) but she died in 1888 (Jun Q 5c/350 Wells). Elizabeth had 'committed suicide under distressing circumstances' according to the Western Gazette [20 Apr 1888]. She had complained of pecuniary troubles for some time and purchased a packet of corrosive sublimate from Tucker's the chemist after signing the poisons book. She drank it in some tea and died ingrat agony at 4 o'clock in the morning. She had told neighbours that she was tired of life, her husband and children. The inquest declared her temporarily insane.

The widowed Charles, a brickworks labourer, appeared in 1891 living in four rooms at 6, Bove Town, Glastonbury - called Chapel "Brethren", with children William (10) and daughter Kate Emily (8). He married Fanny Lamport in 1895 (Jun Q 5c/905 Wells) and they lived at 4, Bove Town, Glastonbury but Charles died in 1899 (Sep Q 5c/305 Wells) aged 48 and Fanny appeared there, a grocer, with Emily in 1901. Ellen married firstly groom William Dalton (b. 1844 Paddington) and in 1891 appeared in St. Giles, London. After his death she married coachman William Dyer (b. 1851 Islington) in 1898 (Jun Q 1b/522 Islington) and they appeared in 1901 in St. Giles Fields where they were visited by nephew William Oldis (b. 1881 Glastonbury). She was widowed by 1911 and lived at 56 Wells Rd., Glastonbury where she acted as foster mother to children supplied by the Church of England (3 of them in 1911).

6) William Oldish

The burial of Martha may or may not be of this child – a Martha Oldish of c. 1771 married Richard Wheller 5 Apr 1791 in Butleigh. The burial may be of an older Martha. A Mary Oldish received relief in May – July 1789. A William and Mary Olidge had a son William in Shepton Mallet in 1789 – possibly the same family?

7) Edward Oldish junior [possibly misread James Oldish]

In Feb 1786 the OOP paid relief to Edward.

8) James Oldish bur. 24 Mar 1793 Butleigh

A James Oldish junior received relief in April 1786 and mostly monthly thereafter until March 1793. The OOP paid for his burial.

9) John Oldish bur. 17 Jun 1793 Butleigh

A John Oldish received assistance from the OOP in April 1770.

10) Ann Higgins Oldish alias Riddock Chr. 6 Aug 1826 Butleigh illegit. d.o. Jane Oldish (b. 1806) alias Riddock and Thomas Higgins who eventually married 15 Jan 1827.


1) Lily O'Neil b. 1888 (Dec Q 11a/770 Swansea) Swansea, Glamorganshire, nurse

Lily was the hospital nurse at the Cottage Hospital in 1911. Nfi

2) Robert Gordon Brabazon O'Neil-Roe OBE b. 15 Dec 1911 Ludhiana, India, s.o. Lt. Col. Charles Douglas Roe DSO OBE (1882 – 1960), d. 30 Oct 1997 Butleigh Hospital


Baltonsborough Parish Records predate the Butleigh ones and the first baptism there is of a Wilyam Orum Chr. 18th x 1539 followed by a Johann Chr. 6 Jan 1542/3 d.o. Richard Orum – Richard had a son Richard Chr. 14 Nov 1565. The William below seems to provide the link to Butleigh, and thereafter Orum/Oram/Orms disappear from Baltonsborough – presumably to Butleigh. The latest burial in Baltonsborough was of Johann on 26 Mar 1597.

1) Thomas Orum

Joanna married Butleigh 15 April 1613 Nimrod Marke and Margery married Butleigh 27 Oct 1623 Edward Abbott #

2) William Orum [Chr. 18 x 1539 baltonsborough], bur. 20 Dec 1587 Baltonsborough

Richard Sowte was Vicar of Butleigh 1575-1577 under the patronage of Christopher Symcockes

2a) Humphrey Oram [Chr. 3 Aug 1578 Baltonsborough] s.o. William Oram

William Oram had acquired part of the Baltonsborough Manor in 1585 [the other part going to John Grimstead] and sometime prior to 1610 William's son Humphrey inherited it. They sold it to Thomas Wadley in 1612.

3) William Orum

4) John Oram

5) John Oram

In Sep 1787 the OOP issued a warrant against John Oram and paid for horse hire to ride to Walton and Somerton with Mary Rendel to swear under examination about John Oram. In Dec 1787 the OOP sent Henry Sporlick to North Wootton and Bath to apprehend John Oram then again to Bristol and Bath. From May 1794 a John Oram received relief from the OOP but this is clearly his son since shortly afterwards it is to 'John Oram's Bastard'. The last payment was made to simply 'Oram's bastard' in October 1801.

5a) John Randall alias Oram Chr. 9 Dec 1787 Butleigh [Reynolds], stone cutter, s.o. Mary Rendell and John Oram bur. 21 Mar 1846 (Mar Q 10/359 Wells) Butleigh [aged 69!]

See under Randell for John's mother Mary Rendell and his birth – and also for her marriage in 1794 to Abraham Hill. He lived with his mother and step-father but chose at some time in his teens to assume his natural father's surname.

In January 1794 the OOP bought 3 yards of dowlas for Mary Rendall's boy [John Randell alias Oram] . In April 1794 there is a record in the OOP for ¾ yd of fustian for making Mary Randall's boy a pair of trousers – and clothing for Hannah Randall (Mary's sister?). In the same month they paid for warrants and oaths of Mary Randall and Abraham Hill, his arrest to Shepton Mallet and their marriage in Butleigh – cost £1 9s 0½d. In April and May 1794 the OOP gave aid to Mary Hill's boy. In Nov 1801 the OOP paid Abraham for making John Oram's clothing. See above – the OOP paid bastardy pay for John until Oct 1801.

Relief paid to John Rendell in March 1805 is probably to this John. In March 1805 the OOP paid for John Rendel from Street with a cart & horse. In April 1805 a payment of 2/- was made to John Oram! John Oram received relief for himself, wife and children in May 1812 and had his rent paid by the OOP in June 1812. Priscilla was probably a daughter of this couple. In March 1813 relief and attendance given to 'Oram's wife' and in April for delivering her and relief to Oram, wife and child. In August 1813 an arrest warrant was issued against John Oram. In Sep 1813 George Scott's bill for taking him was paid – and John paid bastardy pay the first time that month – then not again – the child may have died. Oram's wife received relief from then. In Sep 1815 the OOP paid Mary Williams to look after Oram's wife. In Sep 1816 John was living with John Castle. In May 1818 an arrest warrant was issued against John. In July 1818 the OOP paid for the delivery of his daughter and again in Dec 1820. Coffin paid for by the OOP in May 1821 for Oram child. In Nov 1823 the OOP paid for Ann's burial after an illness. In April 1824 the OOP paid for the burying of another child of John Oram.

John used both surnames during his marriages. His second to Elizabeth Penny was as John Rendell. She was described as a sojourner and may not be the daughter of a Butleigh Penny. In Oct 1826 rhe OOP paid for 'things' for Oram's daughter. In June John was ill and the OOP bought him a bottle of 'Blatmans drops'. In Feb 1830 Priscilla received relief in distress and Betsey in illness. George and James had no work in Feb 1830. In Mar 1834 the OOP paid for the burial of Oram's daughter (Priscilla). A blanket given to a Pircella Oram in Dec 1834 is odd. In May 1835 Martha received assistance from the OOP. In Jan 1836 Mrs. Coombs cared for Martha.

Sophia was a servant (kitchenmaid) in Wells in 1841. In 1851 Sophia worked at Wells Palace in the Liberty of St. Andrew, Wells. She married widower and labourer Jacob Trollop in Butleigh on 30 Nov 1858 (Dec Q 5c/1011 Wells), giving her father's name as John, and they then lived in Horningsham, Wilts until 1891 and thereafter Sophia was a widow. The Sarah b. 1825 died aged 16 and the birth of a Sarah the next year suggests she was also a daughter of this family - the later Sarah also died young, aged 18! In 1841 Elizabeth and her husband John were in Wells Union Workhouse with Eli, Susan and Charles - plus another daughter Louisa b. 1831. George, Elizabeth and Richard Rendal lived in West Pennard with the Tibbotts. John was a stone cutter and he died in 1846.

In 1851 Elizabeth Oram (51) widow lived at Pond Head with Richard (22), Eli (16) Susan (14), Charles D. (12) and Sarah. Louisa married William Masters in 1851 (Dec Q 5c/1057 Wells). # Eli appeared in 1861 on Butleigh Hill, while Charles was at Barton Stone. Susan married Theophilus Luff in 1857 and lived on Butleigh Hill (Pond Head ?) with her mother Eliza as lodger in 1861. # They were still together in 1871 and 1881 until Elizabeth died in 1887 aged 92 (assuming that Elizabeth is the Betsy Oram who died then).

Richard, unmarried, lodged in Pylle in 1861 and was a dock labourer in 1871 living at New Town, Burnham.

5a1) George Oram alias Rendel Chr. 12 Nov 1815 Butleigh, labourer, s.o. John and Ann Oram

In Feb 1830 George Oram was out of work. In 1841 Sarah had lived with her parents in Woodland, West Pennard with George Rendal as a lodger. George Oram [misread Crane on FMP], Sarah and the above first three children lived at South Town, West Pennard, with mother, Mary Tibbotts (66 b. Wilts) widow (of William who was bur. 15 Aug 1850 WP), in 1851. Two other infants buried with surname Oram were Elizabeth 1845 and Thomas 1848 who may be of this family. Sarah died 1851 and George, (using same alias as his father) married Kezia Dunkerton in 1852. Kezia Rendall died in 1874 (Dec Q 5c/397 Wells). See under Rendall.

5a2) Eli Oram Chr. 17 Nov 1833 Butleigh, labourer, died 18 Oct, bur. 25 Oct 1872, 1873 (Dec Q 5c/355 Wells) Butleigh 51-28, 71-77

Eli appeared in 1851 at Pond Head with his widowed mother Elizabeth. He was missing in 1861 but married Elizabeth Wheeler in 1868. His son William Loyd was born out of wedlock as William Loyd Wheeler, Chr. 24 Aug 1865 Butleigh. In 1871 Eli and family lived at Hoods Cottages on Butleigh Hill. Eli died in 1872 and by the next census, 1881, Elizabeth with their two sons was in Water Lane. Richard died on Sunday 12th July 1885 aged 17 – he drowned while swimming in the river Brue. His friend William Hockey tried to save him but failed. [Western Gazette 17 Jul 1885]

In 1891 Elizabeth and William lived at No. 53 Butleigh. In 1901 Elizabeth (70) lived in four rooms on her own. She died in 1910 aged 78.

William was an engine driver and still single at 32 when he was 'found sleeping in van' on census night 1901, at Tine Mead Farm, Witham Priory, Som. He married Alice Bush in 1910 (Jun Q 5c/813 Frome) and in 1911 they lived in Beckington, Bath.

5a3) Charles D. Oram Chr. 21 Apr 1839 Butleigh, labourer, bur. 6 Jan 1913 (Mar Q 5c/613 Wells) Butleigh 51-28, 61-58, 71-83, 81-93, 91-126, 01-143

Charles had lived with his parents at Pond Head in 1851. Jane Batson had lived with her parents in West Pennard in 1841, her father a labourer. In 1851 she was absent from the census. Charles married Jane in 1859. In 1861 Charles (22) lived at Oddway with his wife Jane (25) and son William John. In 1871 Charles (31) and Jane (35) lived with William (10), Sidney (5) Sarah A. (3) and Stella Louisa b. Jan 1871, who died in 1872. A second child called Stella was born in 1876.

In 1881 Charles (39) and his wife Jane and their five children lived at No. 7, Compton Street. In 1891 they lived in Oddway with just their youngest boy Sidney and girl Stella.

William, who was an attendant at Wells Lunatic Asylum married Marianne Wright (d.o. James Wright, a horse dealer) in Butleigh on 26 Apr 1886 (Jun Q 5c/853 Wells) but died in Dec 1887 whilst still at the Asylum..

Sarah Ann (called Annie) was a cook in 1891 at the rectory in Fawley, Hampshire. Charles' wife Jane died in 1892.

Alice Louisa married Henry James Moore in Butleigh on 27 Jun 1895 (Jun Q 5c/873 Wells). #

Stella was a general servant at 255, Balham High Rd., Streatham, London in 1901 and at 20, Church Rd., Barnes, Surrey in 1911.

In 1901 Charles lived in Dumb Court with his second wife Dinah Wilcox who he had married in 1895 plus his unmarried son Sydney. Charles and Dinah lived at 47 Butleigh on the 1911 census and had Thomas Hodges as a boarder.

Sydney married Sarah Florence Paul (b. 1863 Curry Mallet), in 1903 (Dec Q 5c/689 Langport) and on the 1911 census they lived at 61 Butleigh in three rooms. His wife Sarah Florence died 20 Jun 1923 Butleigh aged 61. She was the daughter of Edmund and Honour Paul and a her father was a farm labourer. She was a 40 year old spinster at marriage, three years older than her husband. In 1906 Sarah had played 'The Lady of the Lake' in the Butleigh Revel of 1906. PHOTO

Charles died in 1913, Dinah in 1934 and Sydney, at 35, Cornish Cottages, in 1952.

6) Richard Oram

In May 1824 a Richard Oram received relief from the OOP. In July 1824 he was ill and received more relief. Probably died before 1841 [not on any census]

7) George Oram Chr. 12 Mar 1837 High Ham, servant, s.o. William and Ann Oram 51W-41

George was a servant to Thomas Windsor at Sedgemoor Farm in 1851. He didn't marry and lived at Broadacre Grove, High Ham, farming four acres in 1881 and was a labourer by 1901.


1) Jane Orchard

Jane paid rates from 1711 to 1720. Nfi



1) Christopher Orsbourne bur. 1685/6 Butleigh (OOP)

In 1676 the OOP paid for the shroud for Christopher Osbourne's wife. In 1681 he received relief in his sickness, and a pair of 'lynings'. In 1682 Ann Sammwayes was paid for transporting his goods and Richard Hiett for looking after him in his sickness. In 1684 in addition to relief he received money for 'feasicke (physic) ountment and letting blood'. He isn't mentioned in 1684-5 but in 1686 'pd for a shroud for Chrostoph Osburne 5s & for strip in of him 1s & for making the grave 1s and for caring him to church 2s and for beeare at the time 1s & for ringing the bells 1s & for affidavy 6d'. No mention of the child who must have died earlier.

2) Agnes Osborne b. 1877 Butleigh, shoe factory hand

Agnes boarded at 73, West End, Street in 1901 with Thomas and Phyllis Nutt. An enumerator's mistake for Agnes Osmund ((2a(2) below) - the Nutts were her grandparents.



1) Emily Osmond b. 1837 Butleigh, d.o. Ann Osmond (b. 1804 East Chinnock)?

In 1841 an Emily Osmond lived at Burton Lane, East Coker with grandparents Thomas and Fanny Symes plus the Chester family children. Emily lived with her grandparents Thomas and Frances Sims in Burton Lane, East Coker in 1851, also there was the unmarried Ann Osmond. In 1855 (Mar Q 5c/731 Yeovil) she married Philip Daw and they lived at Alverstoke. Thomas and Frances Sims were having children from 1813 and Ann may have been Frances child from before a marriage.

2) James Osmond b. 1817, Chr. 19 Apr 1818 Piddletrenthide, Dorset, s.o. James and Rachel Osmant, d. 1867 (Dec Q 5c/367 Wells)

2a) John Traves Osmond [Asmond] Chr. 21 May 1854 Butleigh, shoe and boot finisher, s.o. James and [Sarah]? Osmond

John Traves was the son of the shepherd James Osmond and Phillis and they lived at Walton in 1861. In 1871 John, a shoemaker, lived with his widowed mother, Phillis, a laundress, at Ford Stream, Street. Mary Jane Balsom missing in 1861, was a servant in Glastonbury in 1871 (pob then given as Glastonbury). Phillis married Thomas Nutt of Street in 1872. By 1881 John had married Mary and lived with her and their two children at 102, Cabot Street, St. Paul In, Bristol. At least four more children were born in Bristol. In 1891 Agnes (14) was visiting her grandparents Thomas (68) and Phillis Nutt (68) in West End, Street. Her grandfather was a quarryman. Her parents also lived in West End, Street, in 1891, and daughter Mary Ann was a 'shoe trimmer'. By 1901 the family had moved into 2, Houndswood Terrace, Street while Agnes remained with her grandparents (see Osborne, above).

In 1911 Agnes was a bookkeeper and lived with parents John and Mary Jane and 3 brothers at 2, Houndswood Terrace, Street.

3) Douglas Ernest Osmond b. 6 Nov 1918 (Dec Q 5c/568 Wells), Corporal AMPC, s.o. Ernest Christopher and Anne Osmond, d. 2004 (November Truro, Cornwall)

Douglas' address in 1940 was 51, Bere Lane Glastonbury. Douglas was Mayor of Glastonbury in 1962.



1) Percy Reginald Otridge b. Mar 1890 (Mar Q 5a/131 Bradford-on-Avon), s.o. Jesse Webb and Ellen (nee Thornton) Otridge, photographer, d. 3 Feb, bur. 7 Feb 1940 Butleigh

In 1901 Percy lived with his grandparents in Bradford on Avon. In 1911 he lived with his father Jesse in Bedwellty – he was an Iron worker then. Percy lived on Barton Road when he died. In the 1920's he was boarding with Alexander Little and family. In 1927 Alexander became depressed and committed suicide by drowning himself in Butleigh Fishponds. An inquest was held at the house and reported in the local paper on July 8th. Two lodgers at the house were the photographer Percy Otridge (who was deaf) and Leonard Tucker. Otridge took the photograph of the squire which appears with his obituary. It seems that he had a car and used to treat the Little children to outings. The suicide note from Alexander stated that his wife was entirely blameless and that he was depressed through having failed to meet his ambitions. Some people in the village, particularly his wife Elsie's sister Ada were convinced Percy had had an affair with Elsie. This was totally foundless. Percy (described as photographer of Butleigh) appeared as a witness in a dangerous driving case against another driver on the Wells Glastonbury road in 1935 [Bath Chron. 21 Sep 1935].

It seems that Percy had a son Reginald W. Otridge b. 1914 Bedwellty, Mon. [married 1941 (Bristol, a Dorothy M. Wilkins daughter Hazel J b. 1947 m. 1974 Bath, Paul Hosford – 3 children all Bath, Benjamin Alex, Tamsin J [m. Lee D Allen] and Lara J.). In 1923 the Secretary of the Village Hall Management Committee, Corton Denham was a Mr. P. Otridge and at that year's Carnival and Fete in September a prize went to young Reggie Otridge – same family? Mr. and Mrs. P. Otridge appear again at the Carnival in 1924.


1) Emily Otton b. 1872 Barton St. David, servant 91-118

Emily aged 12 was in service at the home of Charles Dyer, Saddler at 17, High Street in 1891. No Emily evident from Barton in 1901 but there is Emma Otton, Chr. 25 Dec 1861, d.o. Richard and Mary Otton, there. However, an Emily Otton married at Langport in 1908. Probably christened at the Congregational Church at Barton St. David – Ottons were members.

2) Ernest Richard G. Otton b. 6 Oct 1892 (Dec Q 5c/364 Langport) Aller, butcher, s.o. Frank and Lucy Otton d. 1969 (Jun Q 7c/1179 Wells)

Ernest rented the butcher's shop (lot 60) also called 'Sweets' at £43 per annum at the time of the 1947 estate sale. In 1901 he lived in Aller with his parents, his father being a carpenter. In 1911 he was an assistant butcher at 12, Market Place, Glastonbury [Mr. Dowdney]. Stanley married in 1941 (next) and Nora married Victor J. K. Wilcox in 1944.


1) Richard Hawkens Ottway b. Dec 1806, Chr. 30 Jan 1807 Crewkerne, s.o. John and Sarah Ottway, d. 1871 (Sep Q 2b/15 Hastings, Sussex) aged 64

Ottway appeared in a nororious 'Breach of Promise of Marriage' case reported in the Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette 12 Mar 1829. He had been seeing and corresponding with a Miss Martha Foot, daughter of William Foot, a farmer of Charlton since 1825. Her father had died on 23 Jul 1823 and she was looking after the younger five children of the family together with her elder brother. Ottway was a coachbuilder in Salisbury.and most of his letters to Martha were sent from Bath but one was sent from Butleigh on 9 Jul 1827. Martha learned of Ottway's subsequent marriage to Elizabeth Wing in 18 Aug 1828, Salisbury, St. Martin, from the newspapers. He was fined £100 by the court. Presumably the Richard Ottway, coachbuilder of New Canal Street, St. Thomas, Salisbury (1851 census) born 1829 was the result of this marriage [died 1899 aged 69 in Poplar, London – Richard Hawkins Ottway]. Richard was declared bankrupt in 1829, New Sarum. His wife Elizabeth died in 1839 and he re-married in 1840, to Emily Anne Skrine. He is the Richard Hawkins Ottway who appeared in 1851 at 25, Spencer Street, Islington described as an unmarried lodger, then aged, 64, stone merchant living at Lambeth, London in 1871 with a 25 year old wife Maria [nee Eggleton – married 1861] and six months old son Harry.


1) Thomas Owen bur. 2 Aug 1666 Butleigh

The 'Owens children' first appear in the OOP accounts in 1673 when they had shirt, smock and clothes made for them and shoes repaired. In 1674 they received relief and the boy received shirt, shoes 2 pair of stockings and 2 yards of cloth while the maid received thread and canvas to make two smocks. In 1675 James Adams was paid for looking after the children, they were bought shoes and Dorothy was apprenticed to Thomas Cooke while Charles was apprenticed and aparelled by William Webb. Only Dorothy reappears in the OOP accounts – in 1683 when a warrant was taken out against he for disturbance. Nfi. Probably not the same family as the Ewens.


1) Charles Herbert Oxon b. 1886 Middlesborough, Yorks, chauffeur, s.o. William and Florence Ada Oxon, d. 1958 (Jun Q 9c/883 Stratford on Avon ) aged 72

In 1911 Charles lodged at 18 Butleigh Wootton with Amos Webb. He must have been the chauffeur to either Lawrence Higgins or Fanny Hood at Wootton House. He married in Lewisham in 1921, a Miss Ivy M. Brown.