1) Walter Pacy of Wootton

C241/130/102 Debtor: Walter Pacy of Wootton in the parish of Butleigh [Buddokle] [Whitley Hundred] next to Glastonbury [Bulstone Hundred] in Somerset.Creditor: Geoffrey de Eltham, and Alexander de Ripley. Amount: £36. Before whom: Walter Turk, Mayor of London; Thomas de Colle, Clerk. When taken: 20/10/1350 First term: 05/06/1351 Last term: 05/06/1351 Writ to: Sheriff of Somerset Sent by: Andrew Aubrey, Mayor of London; Thomas de Colle, Clerk. Endorsement: Som's' Coram Justic' de Banco in Octab' sc'i Mich'is retorn'.


1) Agnes Page married Butleigh 8 Jul 1593 John Marten #

2) William Page b. 1872 (Mar Q 5a/297 Poole) Poole, Dorset, blacksmith - shoeworker, s.o. Richard Page (Master mariner) and Elizabeth.

In 1881 William lived with his parents in Barbers Piles, Dorset where his father was described as a 'Marine'.

Fanny was a servant at the house of James Pursey, builder and grocer, in the High Street, Street in 1891 and married black/white-smith William Page, who lodged in Wilfred Terrace, Street, the following year. They then lived at 20, Laura Terrace, Street with their son Arthur and daughter Lilian - and William's occupation was then described as - 'boot & shoe edge setter'. The four were at the same address in 1911 and Arthur was now a clerk in the boot factory.


1) Edwin Pagett Chr. 9 Dec 1855 St. Mark, Birmingham, Warwickshire, ironplate worker, s.o. Edwin and Anne Pagett, bur. 24 Sep 1938 (Sep Q 5c/391 Wells) Butleigh

Alma lived at the Chantry, Butleigh Wootton at the time of her death. The couple had had six children when they lived in Birmingham, all still alive in 1911,.


[see also Payne]

1) Stephen Paine mason

Stephen appears in the churchwardens accounts in 1680 for his work with stone and lime. In the Overseers of the Poor accounts he is mentioned in regard to a warrant and order taken out about him. Nfi

2) Mary Painthe OOP paid for her shroud in 1741 and coffin 1741/2.

3) Widow Elizabeth Pain of Glastonbury – the Betty Payne bur 20 Jan 1778 Glastonbury St. John?

From June 1768 the OOP sent money to the Widow Pain and child in Glastonbury. The payments continued to the widow until March 1780 (in her sickness) then stopped. Her forename given in Oct 1772.

This is probably the Elizabeth Payne and husband John of 'Botley' who had Richard Chr. 7 Apr 1756 Glastonbury St. John (bur. 21 April 1756, abode Botley), the same John and Betty having Hester Chr. 11 Dec 1757 Glastonbury St. John. A John Pain had married Betty Allwood 9 Jul 1755 at St. John's Glastonbury.

4) Hannah Paine bur. 3 Jun 1792 Butleigh

5) George Paine bur. 16 Jun 1793 Butleigh (related to George next? child or a parent?)

6) George Pain (St. Cuthberts, Wells)

A George Payne was summonsed in March 1792. (OOP) In Dec 1797 a George Pain had an order made against him [the OOP mentions his expense at Kingweston – in the same context?] – regarding Rebecca Rowley with whom he had an illegitimate child born Nov. 1797. In 1798 he paid five months bastardy pay and the cost of Rebecca's 'lying in'. The last payment to the child was in Nov 1799 and in December the OOP paid for William Periam going to Taunton after George Pain and paid for bread and cheese whilst 'keeping him in hold'. A Richard Rowley was buried 24 Nov 1799 Butleighpossibly the child? The OOP paid for the burial of his child in Dec 1799. In 1818/19 George Pain began paying rates on the property of 'late James Rowley' [father of Rebecca].

7) George Pain sojourner [same as last?]

8) Ann Pane b. 1823 Somerset 41-9

Ann lodged with James Lampert in Water Lane in 1841. The other lodger at the same time was John Penny (70) who died in 1842 (Dec Q 10/357 Wells). Nfi


1) Cuthbert Paisley b. 1894 (Dec Q 10b/331 Hexham), s.o. Samuel Paisley, buried 18 Oct 1963 (Mar Q 9c/1113 Coventry) Butleigh

Cuthbert did military service between 1918 and 1921. Sydney lived at Corner House when she died but death registered in Coventry and her husband Cuthbert also died in Coventry. In 1901 Cuthbert had lived at 50, Nansen Street Jarrow where his father was a Turner and engine fitter. Cuthbert and Sydney had four children.


1) John Palfrey b. 1849 Whimpel, Devon, s.o. John and Mary Palfrey 61-62

In 1861 John was visiting George Bampfield, also from Devon, who lived at Brick Kiln Cottage with his wife Ann. In 1851 John had appeared as a pauper at the St. Thomas Union Workhouse in Exeter with an unmarried Charlotte Palfrey aged 23 (also b. Whimple). By 1871 he was a Constable and at the Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth.


1) Stephen Pallmerine b. 1875 (Dec Q 5c/516 Wells) Chr. 9 Jan 1876 Butleigh s.o. George and Sarah Pallmerine

Stephen's father was a groom in 1875. In 1881 he was a coachman and the family lived at 8, Elvaston Mews, Kensington Town, London. Stephen's birthplace was stated then as Middlesex. His father George was born in 1840 in Kent and mother Sarah in 1842 Bremerton, Staffs. George died in 1882 (Jun Q 2a/156 Croydon) aged 42. Stephen's parents had been called George and Sarah Pallmerent and on the 1871 census his name is given as Palmerino! George's widow Sarah remained in Croydon in 1901 with three of their daughters. A Stephen Pallmerine married in 1907 (Jun Q 4a/1428 Cosford, Suffolk) and died 1956 (Jun Q 4a/371 Brentwood) aged 80.



A) John I. Palmer of Butleigh [taken from History of Parliament online]

Palmer represented variously Bridgwater, Bath and Wells in parliament between 1377 and 1394 offering his services for free. He was a practising lawyer who seems to have lived for some time in Butleigh.

1) Joane Palmerdied before 1709?

In 1700 the OOP paid for a house-room and lodgings for Joane plus other related charges. In 1709 the young Rachell received relief from the OOP and she was apprenticed to Edward Chaplin. The OOP had to pay for someone to travel to Wells to arrange the indentures about this.

2) Jane Palmer of Kingsbury – in May 1816 the OOP issued a summons against her.

3) Thomas Palmer b. 27 Jan, Chr. 27 May 1832 Stoke under Ham [Stoke sub Hamdon], stonemason, s.o. Samuel and Elizabeth Palmer 51-26

In 1841 Thomas lived with his parents in Whirley Gog Lane, Stoke under Hamdon (as it was then called) where his father was a leather parer and his mother a glove sewer. Thomas lodged with Thomas Periam in 1851 at Perriams in the High Street. In 1861, as a builder, Thomas lodged in Orchard Street, Weston Super Mare. Thereafter he must have joined the Royal Artillery. In 1871 Thomas was a soldier R. A. living with his wife Mary (b. 1831) at 6, South Wing, Rochester Buildings, St. John Westminster. Mary presumably died because by 1881 Thomas lived with his new wife Madeline, 19 years his junior, at High Way, Stoke sub Hambdon - he was a letter carrier by then.

4) John Palmer b. 1797 Butleigh, labourer, died 1871-4 (three possible John Palmer deaths of right age)

This couple lived in Cossington in 1851. In 1861 they were still there but John's wife was called Betty. In 1871 they were at Cossington and John's wife (78) was then called Elizabeth.

5) Matilda [nee Green] Palmer Chr. 29 Oct 1822 Butleigh (d.o. William and Ann Green) #

Matilda Green married Samuel Palmer in 1843 (Dec Q 11/192 Bristol) and they lived in Martock. In 1851 she was a visitor with son Samuel (aged 1) at Kingsdon to the Coles family [Caroline Coles, née Green was b. 1819 Butleigh - her sister]. She also had a daughter Ellen (b. 1851 Martock) who was still with her when she remarried after her husband's death. Samuel Palmer (born circa 1826) had lived with his parents Samuel and Margaret in Martock in 1841 and he is probably the Samuel Palmer who died in 1858 (Dec Q 5c/368 Yeovil). Matilda married the widowed farmer of 100 acres John Sherring (b. 1799 Bradford Abbas) in 1859 (Jun Q 6a/144 Bristol) and lived with him at Bradford Abbas by 1861, together with a new daughter born in 1860.

6) John Palmer b. 1821, Chr. 25Apr 1822 Drayton s.o. Joel and Maryann Palmer, died 1849 (Mar Q 10/297 Langport).

John was one of eight children living with his labourer father Joel and mother Maryann in Drayton in 1841. He married Mary Davis in 1848 and a few months later their daughter was born. He died aged 27 before his daughter was a year old. Mary then returned to live with her father John Davis at Riggs House in Fore Street, Butleigh until her marriage to the widowed William Broughton in 1855. # Mary's daughter Jane Palmer died in 1859 aged just 11.

Before her marriage to William Broughton Mary Palmer had two more, illegitimate, children:

Of Stephen there is no other record under this surname but see under Broughton where he took the name of his probable father. #


1) George Panter of St. Dunstans, East London

John Rocke Panter & Co. were vinegar makers in Houlton, Street Bristol in 1830. Richard Panter (65) appears on the 1851 census in Clifton, Bristol as 'vinegar maker', wife Jane aged 48 born Bristol

DD/S/BT/26/11/22 1] James Rocke of Bristol 2] John Pinney of Bristol and Somerton Early Copy mortgage of the Parkes, Glastonbury. 1809 25/1/23 Copy assignment of mortgage of James Rocke's estate in Glastonbury 1810

DD\\X\SS/2/6 Residue of 500 years dwelling with garden and orchard - 3 acres, and a close of land known as "Hill" 2 acres. in trust Richard Periam Pratt, Glastonbury, gent., James Rocke, Glastonbury, esquire: William Nash, South Cadbury, clerk. (3 documents) 1823

DD/S/BT/25/12/6-9Copies of an Act for vesting the estates of James Rocke of Bristol decd and sale particular of Rocke estate in Butleigh, Street and Baltonsborough. 1828

DD/S/BT/13/3/31-2 - 1] John Rocke Panter of Bristol 2] Revd Peter Lewis Parfitt of Westbury and Samuel Prat of Glastonbury, trustees for estates of James Rocke decd Lease and release of 3a in South Moor, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1830.

DD/S/BT/26/12/29 Part of a chancery suit Batten v Parfitt concerning a mortgage of property of James Rocke in Glastonbury wm 1845 25/12/14 Opinion on a case involving unsecured creditors of James Rocke decd. 1845

DD/\SAS\C/795/SE/7 Glastonbury (site of Abbey) Indemnity and Contract: Geo. Cox of Fifehead(co.Dorset), esq., to Jas. Rocke of Bristol, esq., re conveyance by Rich.Hart Davis of Clifton(co.Glos.), esq., to Jas. Rocke: of the site of the dissolved monastery of Glastonbury, etc. [20ff] Apr.1808 Butleigh, Street, Baltonsborough Particulars and Conditions of Sale of the estates of Jas. Rocke, esq., decd., in Butleigh, Street and Baltonsbury: to be sold at White Hart Inn, Glastonbury. [10ff] 5 Nov.1828 Butleigh, etc. Schedule of deeds re Rocke estates in Bristol, Butleigh, Glastonbury, Street, Baltonsborough, 1631-1834. [6ff] w/m 1837 Glastonbury Notice of sale by auction at the White Hart Inn, Glastonbury, of the Vineyards and Reed Mead on S.side of Weary-all-Hill in the united pars. of St.John the Baptist and St. Benedict, part of the demesnes of the ancient abbey of Glastonbury. [2 printed ff.] 18 July 1848



1) Lily Parham b. 1890 (Jun Q 5c/481 Wells – Lily Ethel Hann) Butleigh Wootton, d.o. Henry and Florence Parham [Lily Ethel Hann b. 1890 (Jun Q 5c/481 Wells) d.o. Thomas and Florence Hann]

Lily appears in 1901 with her grandmother Mary Cruze (Creege? - b. 1847 Shepton Mallet), in Shepton. In 1911 Lily lived with her parents and siblings at Upper Wimpson Farm. Wimpson Millbrook, Hampshire where her father was a dairyman. Henry Parham had married Florence Matilda Hann in 1898 (Sep Q 5c/811 Shepton Mallet). Lily was the child of Florence and her first husband Edward Thomas Hann # [Ellie on 1891 census born 'Battley' Somerset]. Possibly the Lily Parham who married John T. Chappell in 1929 (Sep Q 2b/1450 Portsmouth) or one of the Lily Hanns married around 1915.


1) Egidus Parker

Egidius is the latin form of Giles and appears in documents of this time.

2) William Parker

3) Mary Parker bur. 15 Apr 1733 Butleigh

A Mary Parker appears in 1693 when the Overseers of the Poor paid for her relief for 6 weeks and bought her coal – and they had to hire a horse [to bring her from elsewhere?]. From 1694 she received a full years relief and in 1696 it mentions her child for the first time. She received relief up to 1698. From 1706 she began to receive each year money from the Rocke and/or Symcockes bequests (for the poor). In 1712 the OOP paid for a 'change' for her [of clothes]. In 1715 and '16 her rent was paid and a further change of clothes received. Her rent was paid in1717, 1719-24. In 1727 she received 7 weeks relief and firewood and in 1728 55 weeks relief and firewood, and again a year's relief each year 1729 – 33.

4) John Parker of Compton Dundon bur. 17 May 1747 Butleigh

In 1742 the OOP paid for a coat and waistcoat for John Parcker. He was bought a pair of shoes in 1746/7.

5) John Parker Chr. 28 Apr 1733 Butleigh illeg. s.o. Mary Parker

6) Mary Parker married Butleigh 12 Jun 1753 John Corp #

7) George Parker

8) Joseph Parker [Chr. 22 Dec 1725 Glastonbury St. John s.o. William and Elizabeth Parker?] bur. 22 Apr 1753 Baltonsborough

Jane Davidge was probably from elsewhere – one was Chr. 5 Nov 1725 Castle Cary d.o. Joseph and Mary Davidge and another at Rode Chr. 18 Jan 1720 d.o. Henry and Mary Davidge.

9) William Parker

10) John Parker b. 30 Nov 1811, Chr. 15 Mar 1812 Wheathill, labourer, s.o. Thomas and Maria Parker 61-50

Elizabeth Petty had been a servant in Butleigh in 1841 on the farm of George Hayes. She married John Parker of Wheathill in 1846 and in 1851 John and Elizabeth had lived at Barton St. David. They then lived in the High Street, Butleigh by 1861 but thereafter - nfi.

11) Robert William Parker b. 1815 Bristol

Robert was a superintendant at Bristol Soap works. Marriage not certain and maiden name of Sarah not proven. In 1861 Sarah gave her pob as Bath and 1871 as Barton.

12) Sidney Parker farmer, b. 1839 Barton St. David, s.o. Uriah and Frances Parker

Sidney appears with his parents on censuses up to 1861 but is missing in 1871 and onwards. The marriage also noted in the Western Gazette 23 Jul 1875. Emigrated? A Sydney Parker [of Waterslade Lane, Somerton] fined for allowing a horse and donkey to stray on the highway at Somerton on the night of August 12th 1892 [Western Gazette 26 Aug 1892] would seem to be his nephew.

13) Nelson Hugh Parker b. 1905 (Dec Q 5c/303 Langport) Barton St. David, labourer, s.o. William Henry and Alice C. Parker, d. 7 May 1987 Butleigh

Nelson and Olive passed away on the same day according to their memorial stone in the churchyard. Nelson's sister had married Reginald Masters and also lived in Butleigh. Address was 41 Butleigh.


1) Edmund Parkes

Edmund was Overseer for Lord Glastonbury's estate in 1807.



1) John Parratt


1) Richard Parsons

2) William ParsonsCounty Official who collected the County Stock money in July 1800 from the OOP

3) Robert Palmer Parsons b. 1829 Butleigh, Chr. 28 Jan 1829 St. Cuthbert's Wells, s.o. William and Elizabeth Parsons, Hemp & Flax agent, commission agent, died 1897 (Dec Q 4a/178 West Ham)

Wells Journal 1 Apr 1854: Friday: Robert Palmer Parsons was brought up this day and sentenced to eighteen month's hard labour, which his Lordship had reduced to that period from one of the females not having complained of his conduct.

In 1861 Robert and his wife Sophia lived with two children at East Lambrook (son Charles b. August 1858), Kingsbury Episcopi. By 1871 they had moved to 79, Albert Rd., Hackney and by 1881 to 11 Corn Rd., Hackney. Robert and his wife Sophia lived at 129, Cassland Road, Hackney, London in 1891.

4) James Parsons coal haulier b. 1817 Wells

This couple lived in Southover, Wells in 1851 and Jane is probably the daughter of William and Jane Allen (mother Jane was also a coal haulier in Southover in 1851). There is a marriage St. Cuthberts Wells 9 Dec 1839 between James Parsons s.o. George Parsons and Jane Allen d.o. William Allen.

5) Ernest Parsons Chr. 18 Sep 1870 West Bradley, labourer, s.o. Frank and Ann Parsons 91-121

In 1881 Ernest lived with his parents in Scots Cottage, Lottisham. He lodged with Charles Higgins at 49, Butleigh (Chapel Lane) in 1891 but seems absent from the census in 1901.

6) James Parsons b. 1875 Baltonsborough, baker, s.o. Robert and Emma Parsons 91-121

In 1881 James lived with his parents in Church Lane, Baltonsborough where his father was a labourer and his mother a cook at St. Ann's School. He lodged with Henry Silcox in 1891. His brother George Parsons b. 1872 Baltonsborough was a servant at the Mansion House, Kingweston in the same year. In 1901 James had become a Police Constable and boarded in Winsford near Dulverton.


1) Annie Partridge b. 1896, bur. 16 Jan 1952 (Mar Q 7c/279 Wells) Butleigh

When Annie died her address given as 'The Manor house' Butleigh Wootton. Died in Butleigh Hospital.


1) Margaret Pasmore married Butleigh 10 Jun 1578 Thomas Cook #


1) Major Donald Robertson Paton b. 1872 St. Giles, Edinburgh, Scotland, s.o. Joseph Noel and Margaret [nee Ferrier] Paton, died at Wootton House 28 Dec 1946, bur. 1 Jan 1947 Butleigh [see Grave Memorials]

Donald was the eighth of nine children. His father was a portrait painter and knighted by Queen Victoria in 1866 and awarded the title “Queen's limner for Scotland'. He had painted the royal family in 1863. In 1891 Donald lodged in Paddington as a 2nd Lieut. 4th Batt. Manchester Regiment. He was a Captain during the Boer War 1899-1902. He was mentioned in the Pall Mall Gazette 24 Oct 1899 as having been severely wounded. The bullet wound was to his thigh during the battle of Elands Laggte. His wife Susie had lived with her widowed father in Folkestone in 1901 – he was the director of a brewery. In 1911 their two girls appear living at 31 Augusta Gardens with their grandfather William White Flint and attended by Annie Duggan, governess. The parents are absent from the census – probably abroad. Between 1912 and 1924 the family lived at Chipley Park, Nynehead.

In 1931/2 Donald occupied Sedgehill Manor, Shaftesbury. Mrs. Paton was President of the women's section of the Butleigh British legion in November 1934. Donald rented Wootton House in 1935 (Kelly's) but is also mentioned on the gravestone as a friend of Annie Duggan [Servant, nurse, governess] who died there in 1940. On 9 May 1935, while living at Butleigh Wootton, Donald embarked at Avonmouth on the ship “Ariguani”bound for Kingston Jamaica. The following year on 8 May 1936 he sailed on the “Orbita” from Liverpool to Bermuda [the ship sailed on to Valparaiso]. In Kelly's Directory of 1939 listed at Wootton House.

Susie Mary was living at Butleigh Wootton House in September 1947 when she advertised for a gardener but her address at death was Ashwick Court, near Bath. She was a shareholder in the Manchester Ship Canal Company and her husband Donald was a shareholder of the Great Western Railway (1918 – resident of Somerset). Joy married Lt. Col. Reginald Joseph Cooke-Hurle (RA) on 29 Dec 1928 (Dec Q 5a/488 Tisbury) in Wiltshire [one child, Joseph Robertson Cooke-Hurle b. 3 Nov 1930 Paddington, d. 20 Apr 2007] and Marion married Capt. Edward Ernest. 'Ned' Stenhouse in Butleigh on 8 Sep 1934 (Sep Q 5c/965 Wells) [one child].

Susia was living at Ashwick Court near Bath but is recorded as having died at Bath Workhouse, Batheaston!


1) Ann Patton bur. 29 Jan 1607 Butleigh

2) Agnes Patten wife of John bur. 10 Sep 1624 Butleigh

3) Thomas Patten b. 1814 Norton [sub Hampdon], Som., freestone mason, s.o. Thomas and Mary Patten, bur. 26 Oct 1859 (Dec Q 5c/418 Axbridge) Butleigh 51-34 #

Virtue married firstly Joseph Blacker and appeared with him in 1841 in the High Street. Joseph died in 1843 and Virtue then married George Baker who died in 1850. She became the innkeeper of "The Globe Inn" where a lodger in 1851 was Thomas Patten, a widower. Virtue married him in 1851 but he died in 1859, probably whilst working as a mason in Weston Super Mare (PR burial record). Thomas Patten had lived in Broadmead Lane, Norton sub Hambdon in 1841 with his parents where he had been a stone cutter and his father a labourer. He is probably the Thomas Patten who first married in 1843 (Sep Q 10/792 Yeovil) but this wife had died by 1851. By 1861 Virtue lived with her daughter and son-in-law Henry Acreman at "The Crown Inn", Leigh, Gloucester. By 1871 she had returned to Butleigh and lived with her brother James Sealy. She died in 1876 aged 81.


1) Samuel Paull of Castle Cary [Chr. 1 Apr 1798 Merriott, s.o. Samuel and Mary Paul?]

Hired by the OOP to survey Butleigh in 1827/7 and make a map and Terrier of all the lands and estates. The original map is with Dorothy Atkinson, Butleigh Court Lodge.

MAP\DD\S\BT\C/174/31 Farms in parishes of Butleigh and Baltonsborough. S. Paull, surveyor, [...] Castle Cary. 12.2" to 1 mile. O.S. sheet 63,NE (mainly) Scattered fields (56) from the R. Brue in the N. to Wickham's Cross in the S., mainly in Butleigh and around the village itself, with a few fields in Baltonsborough near the Brue. Book of reference not yet [...] found Two farmsteads [Rocks Higher and Lower Farms] included, but not named. Names of adjacent owners. Sites of Vicarage and Grenville's mansion shown. Map rolled 1827

2) John Paul b. 1811 Yeoman 41W-16

John lived in Butleigh Wootton in 1841 having arrived presumably from Ireland where his daughter Ann had been born in 1838. Living with them was Martha Vincent, also from Ireland and she was possibly his wife's sister. Nfi though a Martha Paul married in 1879 (Jun Q 5c/834 Wells) - possibly to the Butleigh born William George White. Not confirmed. #


1) PauleyIn 1774 the OOP paid for several visits to Bristol concerning this individual and bringing him/her to justice. [see Oct 1774] Nfi.


[see Pollett]

Payne – see also Paine

1) George Payne bChr. 10 Oct 1799 Taunton s.o. George and Hannah Payne, stone cutter

After their move to Paul Street,Taunton Frances died, almost certainly as a result of giving birth to her namesake daughter. In 1841 George Payne , mason lived in Taunton with wife Hannah (b. 1811 Pitminster) and his mother Hannah Payne plus daughters Charlotte (14, born Pitminster – sic!), Caroline (12), Maria (2) and son William Francis (2 months, b. Taunton).

2) Caroline Payne b. 1835 Butleigh, silk winder

Unmarried, Caroline lodged in Tancred St., Taunton in 1861. Nfi -could be the daughter of (1)

3) Norris Payne b. 1844 Wistow, Huntingdonshire, coachman, s.o. Thomas Payne (shepherd) 71-80

In 1871 the couple were found living in the High Street (No. 23?). In 1881 he and Elizabeth were found at Lassington Court Stables, Glos. He was a coachman there too, and they had no children. By 1901 they were living at Highnam Court Stables.

4) Martha Mary Victoria Payne b. 1887 (Jun Q 5c/334 Langport) Foddington, Babcary, cook, d.o. Richard and Ellen Payne. In 1913 (Sep Q 5c/701 Langport) she married William H. Barrington

Her father was a labourer and in 1901 aged 14 she was a servant in Bridgwater. In 1911 Martha was cook at Corvyle to the three Mac Andrew sisters.


1) Thomas Paxton

John Meade bailiff is probably the John Meade married to Judith bearing children in Street in the 1650's.

DD/S/BT/22/4/1 John Meade of Street's appointment as bailiff of Thomas Paxton's estate in Butleigh, Glastonbury and Street with list of rents due 1682


1) Thomas Pearse

In Aug 1801 Thomas was paid by the OOP to carry Richard Wheeler to Shepton Mallet. Same person as next?

2) Thomas Pearce b. 1756, bur. 8 May 1831 Butleigh - nfi

3) Ann wife of Thomas Pearce bur. 22 Dec 1809 Butleigh

4) Rachel Peares

In May 1810 Rachel's bill for treating John Withers' hand was paid by the OOP.

5) William Pike Pearce Chr. 13 Dec 1828 Starcross, Devon, bricklayer, s.o. James and Susanna Pearce 51-23

William lodged at Parsonage House in 1851 but by 1861 had married Mary, a seamstress from Swansea and they lived in West Street, Bridgwater.

6) Harriet E. Pearce b. 1839 Dolgelly, Merion. Wales 71-81

Harriet was a visitor to William S. Britton in Water Lane in 1871. She was married but nfi from the census however a child was baptised - Tom Pearce, to Thomas and Harriet Pearce with the father described as an ironmonger from Ellesmere, Shropshire. It seems possible that this Harriet was the mother of the child and that he, Tom, might be the same person as the next.

7) Tom Pearce b. 1869 Liverpool, Lancashire 71-82

Tom Pearce was aged only 2 when boarding in Butleigh with Edward Mundy in 1871. By 1901 Tom had married and lived in Redditch, Worcester, as a cab driver.

8) Henry John Pearce b. 1858 Frith, farmer, s.o. George and Elizabeth Pearce 91-127

In 1891 Henry and Charlotte lived on Long Grove Farm, which must have been near Long Grove reservoir, and had a young visitor - Clara Hill (9). In 1881 Henry had lived with his parents at Ditcheat on a farm of 165 acres and Charlotte with hers on a farm of 56 acres at Henton, Wookey. Not on 1901 census. Clara may have been the daughter of a sister-in-law. Probably the J. Pearce selling two mows of oat straw for sale in the Western Gazette 18 Dec 1891.

9) Margaret Pearce b. 1831, d. 20 May, bur. 31 May 1865 (Jun Q 5c/397 Wells) Butleigh

A servant of this age and name b. Crewkerne worked in Bridgwater in 1851, single, but called Jewett in 1861. - nfi

10) William Pearce b. 1859 Newbury, farmer, s.o. Thomas Pearce, farmer [d. 1947 (Jun Q 7b/544 Thornbury)

The Killen family had moved to Butleigh by 1881 when Rebecca's mother ran the Rose and Portcullis Inn. Nfi

11) William Pearce b. 1841 Tywerdreth, Cornwall, workhouse master, Sherborne, s.o. Edward Holman, d. 1916 (Sep Q 5a/343 Sherborne)

In 1891 William and his first wife Mary lived at the Union Workhouse, Sherborne where he was master and she the matron. Elizabeth was the wife of John James Prince (b. 1852 Mildenhall, Suffolk), also a workhouse master and in 1891 they ran the Pewsey Union Workhouse, Wilts with her as Matron. John James died in 1899 (Mar Q 5a/104 Pewsey) and William's wife probably the same year. Of similar age and occupation they probably knew each other socially before their partner's decease. After their marriage William retired as master, and Elizabeth as matron, and they went to live at 8, Pier Terrace, West Bay, Bridport, Dorset [1901 census]. In 1911 Elizabeth was living with her unmarried sister Sarah Ann Cross (59) at Burgess Lane, Baltonsborough. William her husband lived at Yetminster, Sherborne and was 'Ass. Overseer and clerk to Parish Council Yetminster and rate collector Poor Law Pensioner'.


(see Perks)


1) Sir Edward/Edmund Peckham of Denham, Bucks., 1495 – 1564, cofferer to Henry VIII, master of the Mint.

Sir Edward was granted the manor of Butleigh in 1554 but sold it in 1563 to John Robinson, who sold it in 1564 to Henry Billingsley, a London haberdasher. In 1569 Billingsley sold it to Christopher Symcox. Sir Edward Peckham's son Henry was involved in the Throckmorton or Dudley conspiracy of 1555. In 1531 Denham Great Park was leased to Sir Edward Denham who built his house Denham Place there. The Peckham estates in Buckinghamshire were seized by the Crown for debts in 1596.

TH/VOL/11 Bath respecting the gift to a benefice: London, 26 May, 1554. f.198. 33. Sir Edmund Pekham, asking Sir John to search among the muniments in his keeping "which wer the late Duke of Somerset's" concerning the Manor of Budeleighe Co. Somerset "nyghe to the Date range: 1542 - 1557. Thynne papers held at Longleat.

DD/S/BT/25/14/1 & 25/12/1 - Copy grant of Butleigh manor to Sir Edward Peckham.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1554.

DD/S/BT/14/1/1 1] Sir Edmund Peckham and son George 2] Christopher Symcockes of Butleigh Lease for 299 years of the capital messuage and demesnes (340a) of Butleigh, 220a of pasture, Harller Hawes (41a) and the Park or Budleigh Bare (80a). Rent £11 3s 4d. 1561

DD/S/BT/3/14/1-2 - Kerslake's survey of Peckham leases in Butleigh with introduction explaining their history and schedule of leases recorded in 1740 marriage settlement The survey gives dates, lessees, description, rent and subsequent descent of the leaseholds where known. Date: 1832.


1) Mary Peden b.23 Jan 1834, Chr. 2 Mar, Kirkwall and St. Ola, Orkney Islands, ladies maid, d.o. George Peden and Mary Shearer 61W-64

Mary worked at Wootton House in 1861. Nfi


A) Philip Peddle

DD/S/BT/27/3/7 1] Philip Peddle 2] [?], administrator of goods of Philip Peddle decd 3] [?] Grenville 4] [?] Draft release of 8a arable in Butleigh West field. 1534 - 1928

1) Widow Peddel

In 1674 widow Peddel paid rates and the adjoining property paid rates jointly under the names Edward Sindercome and John Peddel and this was also the case in 1675. In 1676 James replaced Widow Peddel and the two Peddels remained next to each other until 1678 [records absent thereafter for a few years]. In 1683 only James' name is given but in 1684 John Peddel and Edward Sindercome reappear until 1685. After that John Peddel is replaced by John Raindell. James continued to pay rates until 1694.

2) Robert Peddle bur. 20 Apr 1728 Hurcott, Somerton

In 1702 a Robert Peddel started to pay rates [on a different property to (1)] and continued to do so until 1727. In 1728 he was the late Robert and was followed by 'widow' Peddel. In 1739 the widow was replaced by Philip Peddle who paid rates up to 1785/6. He was then the 'late Philip Peddle' but from 1788 Mr. Philip Peddle again. This latter Philip must be the next generation again, and he paid rates beyond 1827. In the rate assessment of 1827/8 he paid rates on a fairly small property in Butleigh.

There are many Butleigh Papers on Peddell's of Somerton with other forenames, and also from Hurcott.

DD/S/BT/28/8/26 Copy administration (1828) of goods of Philip Peddle of Somerton, decd granted to his widow Maria wm 1848.

DD/S/BT/27/3/7 1] Philip Peddle 2] [?], administrator of goods of Philip Peddle decd 3] [?] Grenville 4] [?] Draft release of 8a arable in Butleigh West field. 183[?]

3) Amos Pedwell b. 1822 [Chr. 12 Sep 1824 s.o. Richard and Hannah Peddell] Walton, Somerset, mason, died 1899 (Dec Q 5c/313 Wincanton) 41-11

4) Alias Pedwell b. 1826 Walton, Somerset, master's boy, died 1908 (Sep Q 2b/270 Hampshire) 41-11

These two (brothers – cousins?), Amos and Alias lodged with Eleanor Higgins in the High Street in 1841. Amos lodged at Axbridge in 1851 and thereafter lived in Bruton. Silas (Elias, Alias - a speech impediment?) a shoemaker, lived at 6, Tuckers Court, St. Philip & Jacob, Bristol. In 1891, a confectioner, he lived in Portsea, Hamps, giving his name as Elias (the name he was buried with). An Elias Peddle was Chr. 5 Aug 1821 Walton, s.o. Joseph & Honor Peddle.


1) Edmund Peel 'b. 1819 Somerset' [b. 29 Nov 1817 Accrington, Chr. 19 Jan 1818 Altham, Lancashire] priest, s.o. Robert and Anne Peel, d. 10 Nov 1877 Bristol

In 1849 Edmund was curate of Compton Dando then presented with the perpetual curacy of West Pennard by the Bishop of Bath and Wells [Bath Chronicle 8 Mar 1849]. In 1851 Edmund was vicar of Wargrave, Wokinghan, Berks and, though Frances was not at home on census day, amongst the six servants was Eliza Webber of Butleigh aged 20, ladies maid. In 1861 Edmund was vicar of Baldon Foot in Lancashire but they lived in St. Michael's House, Littlemore St. Mary, Oxfordshire. They were visited by Georgeina (sic!) Peel, Frances' sister. George was a pupil at St. Faith, Winchester, Hampshire in 1871 while his parents appear on the 1871 census at Northfield, Orchard Neville with Frances Catherine's mother Charlotte N. Grenville. George lived in Coombe Street, Bruton with his widowed mother Frances in 1881 where he was described as a 'timber merchant'. The widowed Frances was still there in 1891 but George had by mow married Rosamond N. Peel and they lived with her. In Sep 1901 the Bath Chronicle reported that Frances' labourer George Reakes had been with her for well over 20 years.

Oddly, the Western Daily Press 16 Apr 1883 recorded the Rev. Edmund Peel, late curate of Maresfield Uckfield arriving at Horfield Rectory and taking the services [Possibly the Rev. Edmund Peel who was formerly incumbent in Darling Downs Australia?].

DD/S/BT/26/15/19-20 - Letter and account for Peel family trust, in envelope.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1879.

DD/S/BT/26/1/59 - Letter concerning Peel trust.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1883.

1a) George Neville Peel b. 11 Oct at Abbey House, Glastonbury, Chr. 12 Nov 1854 (Dec Q 5c/571 Wells) Butleigh d. 25 Dec 1925 [or 1921 (Dec Q 1B/135 Pancras, London)?]

George graduated with an M.A. From Magdalene College Cambridge in 1880 [Pall Mall Gazette 16 Apr 1880]. At a Levee held on 30 March 1897 at St. James' Palace George was presented to the Duke of York by Mr. Mervyn (Lloyd) Peel. [London Standard 31 Mar 1897] By 1901, now a factory owner, George and Rosamond lived with their two children in Chelsea, London. In 1911 he is described as a 'manufacturer of collapsible tubes and sprinkler stoppers caps' and they lived at 229, Gloucester Terrace, Paddington. Even though both their children married, neither of them seems to have had any children themselves.


1) William Penfold Chr. 14 Jul 1805 Newdigate, Surrey, Superintendant of draining, s.o. James and Jemima Penfold 51-23

William Penfold must have arrived with his family in Butleigh before 1847 since his youngest child, George was born there then. His oldest child Thomas married a local girl, Jane Craft in 1849 and they lived at Oddway while his daughter Ann married Jane Craft's brother George. In 1851 William lived at 7, Compton Street. William and the family returned to Surrey, Nutfield by 1861, though the eldest son James went on to Reigate. Only the family of Frederick Penfold, son of William's son Thomas remained in Butleigh. George married Eliza Cook in 1867 (Sep Q 2a/241 Reigate) and lived at Nutfield, Surrey where he was a labourer. In 1891 - 1901 they lived with their children at 25, Hanover St., Kentish Town, St. Pancras, London. In 1911 they lived at 16, Grafton Cresc., Kentish Town.

1a) Thomas Penfold Chr. 4 Oct 1829 Capel, Surrey, shepherd, died 1872 (Jun Q 2a/79 Reigate) 51-28, 61-54

Thomas married Jane Craft in 1849 and in 1851 they lived in Oddway with their 9 month old son. Thomas next appeared as a shepherd at Gibs Cottage on Butleigh Hill in 1861 with his extended family. After having seven children in 12 years, his wife Jane Penfold died in 1862. Mary Ann Penfold appeared on the 1871 census (as visitor of Benjamin Lye at Pond Head) but most of the rest of the family were missing, though Frederick does appear in Butleigh from 1881 onwards. Mary Ann is possibly the Ann Penfold (b. 1854 Butleigh) who married copper smelter John Williams (b. 1856 Swansea) in 1876 (Dec Q 11a/429 Cardiff) and they lived at 10, Agate St., Roath, Cardiff Glam., in 1881. George Thomas appeared, described as a carman, in 1891 at 4, Devonshire Terrace, Greenwich West. He married Elizabeth Charman (b. 1857 Charlwood, Surrey) in 1890 (Jun Q 1d/1638 Lewisham). Thomas snr married Eliza Cox in 1862 and may then have returned to Surrey where a Thomas Penfold b. 1829 died in 1872 aged 43. This would seem to be confirmed by the death of his daughter Lavinia there in 1865. Julia married labourer Richard Holmwood (b. 1845 Charlwood, Surrey) in 1872 (Dec Q 2a/238 Reigate) and they lived in Ifield Sussex in 1881 at Worth, Sussex. An Edward Penfold (b. 1860) may be Edwin who lived in 1891 at Tatton Cottage, Worth Sussex. He was married to Mary (b. 1861 Devon) [Mary Jane Moran in 1888 (Jun 2a/268 Reigate)?] and was a sawmill labourer. They had a daughter Mabel (2).

1a1) Frederick Penfold Chr. 23 Jul 1850 (Jun Q 10/521 Wells) Butleigh, bur. 2 Jun 1925 Butleigh 51-28, 61-54, 61-61 (twice?), 81-99, 91-119, 01-135

After their marriage in 1880, the couple lived in Moorhouse in 1881. In 1891 Frederick (38), shepherd, lived in two rooms at 21, High Street with his wife Agnes (33) a laundress. They were still there, childless in 1901.

In 1911 they had two nieces staying with them, in their three rooms, Margaret (8) and Mary (7) Talbot the daughters of Frank and Elizabeth Talbot.

2) James Penfold b. 1857 Butleigh, labourer

James lodged at Williams Row No. 4, Horley, Surrey in 1881. Nfi unless this was another alias of Edwin above.


[see also Perry]

1) John Penny b. 1737, bur. 18 Feb 1824 Butleigh

John was bought a (sh)ovel by the OOP in April 1784 and relief was paid for his wife in her sickness. In May 1784 John's wife received relief in her lying in. In Oct 1791 the OOP paid James Russell's bill concerning John's daughterthey also paid the bills of Messrs Huson and Welchman in the same connection. In Dec 1800 the OOP paid William £5 for serving in the Militia.Betty Penny received relief in Mar 1819. From May 1820 the OOP paid relief to John and Betty Penny up to Feb 1824 then paid to just Betty until July 1824.

1a) John Penny Chr. 22 Jun 1773 Butleigh, s.o. John and Elizabeth Penny, bur. 24 Nov 1842 (Dec Q 10/357 Wells) Butleigh 41-9

John junior was in receipt of OOP relief from Dec 1800 and had his rent paid by the OOP in 1802. In April 1801 the OOP aid for a woman to attend his wife. In 1804 the OOP paid his house rent. In Nov 1805 John Penney wife and children received relief but John Penny children from December. In Nov 1807 this was specifically John Penney's two children. Payments continued until May 1811. A John Pinny was paid relief by the OOP in Dec 1817 because he had 'no work.

John's daughter Mary married Stephen Cook in Butleigh on 20 Jan 1824. # Anne married James Lampert in Butleigh on 14 May 1832. John Penny lodged with James Lampert in Water Lane in 1841. A fellow lodger was Ann Paine (18) who may have been a relative?

1b)? James Penney b. 1780, bur. 18 Feb 1837 Butleigh

James was paid 8 guineas in Oct 1803 by the OOP for his service in the Royal 5th Regiment. James became a ratepayer in 1819/20 and was still paying in 1827/8 when the records ended – in the 1827 rate assessment he paid rates on his own cottage.

2) Hugh Penny b. 1754, bur. 27 Oct 1820 Butleigh [John Chr. 25 Nov 1753 Barton St. David s.o. John and Mary Peny?]

Hugh was poor and from 1794 the OOP regularly paid his rent up to 1820. He was also paid for the use of his barn in storing turves in 1795. In 1820/21 Sarah Penney had her rent paid by the OOP - up to 1824/25. In March 1800 Bridget Look helped deliver Hugh's wife of a child. In April 1801 the OOP paid for linsey and dowlas for his 'maid'. In Feb 1817 Hugh and wife received relief from the OOP in illness. In Nov 1820 the OOP paid for an inquest on Hugh's death, his coffin and burial. Relief paid to Sarah Penny from Dec 1820. Sarah Penny was still receiving relief in 1836 when the records end - and lastly she is described as of Wells.

Jane married Charles Strode in Butleigh on 13 Oct 1806 # and Amey married Thomas Gooden (Gooding) a sojourner, in Butleigh on 29 Jul 1816. [in Jan 1817 Thomas Gooden was examined by Mr. Welch]

3) John Penny of Butleigh b. 1793, bur. 17 May 1819 Charlton Mackrell aged 27.

He is the John Penney who occupied and farmed the Kings Sedgemoor Land of Mr. John Moore from 1818 to 1819 and then it was farmed by Mrs. Penny from 1820 – 24 then taken over by George Tucker. John was Overseer in 1819 for Lord Glastonbury's estate.

A John Penny s.o. John and Ann was b. 6 Feb, Chr. 4 Apr 1790 Charlton Mackrell.

4) Elizabeth Penny [buried on 21 Aug 1799 Butleigh?]

In July 1799 the OOP paid for an order to remove an Elizabeth Penny to her parish of St. Johns in Glastonbury. She was given relief and a horse and cart paid to carry her there. An Elizabeth Penny who was buried on 21 Aug 1799 Butleigh is probably this person - who died in childbirth? Jane married William Higgins in Butleigh on 1 May 1826. #

5) Elizabeth Penny [b. 1796 Butleigh]

A summons was issued for B(etty) Penney in April 1821. An order for her removal was issued in May and she was taken to Walton. The Elizabeth Penny who married widower John Rendall in Butleigh on 14 Nov 1824?

6) William Penny b. 1800, bur. 14 Jun 1827 Butleigh

In 1822 the OOP received 18/4½d for house rent from William Penny and rent payments thereafter [from another Parish?]

7) Robert Penney of Lincolns Inn, London

A Mr. Penney paid rates from 1777 to 1781/2 on property 'late Captain Stroud' Not certain who this was but in 1803 Robert Penney paid rates on two properties, including 'Thomas Allen wood ground'. In 1803/4 the principal property had rates paid by Mrs. Penney 'occupier Thomas Johnson'. The occupier changes several times but Robert and Mrs. Penney were still paying rates in 1827/8 when the records end.

A Charles Strode married a Jane Penny in Butleigh in 1806 and a Frances Penney also owned land in Butleigh and Compton until 1802 – possible connection?

In Oct 1818 there is an OOP entry: £2 16s 6½d for one year's poor rate due to Butleigh Parish on Mr. Peney's estate at Compton.

DD/S/BT/19/10/11-25 Abstract of title (1760-1829) to the capital messuage and lands of Compton Dundon wm 1848. Enclosed memorandum concerning leaseholds bought by Revd. George Neville Grenville from Robert Penny in 1829, reference to Penny's estate and correspondence and papers (1857-64). 1829

8) Edmund Ernest Penny cordwainer of 'Butleigh' Chr. 15 Jul 1860 Pilton, s.o. Edmund and Martha Penny

Edmund Ernest is found on the censuses as Ernest and in 1881 he was at the Somerset and Bath Lunatic Asylum, Wells St Cuthbert Out serving as an attendant. In 1891 the couple lived with Ernest's parents at Bread Street Pilton with daughter.


1) William Pepperell b. 1817 Sidmouth, Devon, bur. 23 Mar 1889 (Mar Q 5c/347 Wells) Butleigh 81-97

In 1881 William Pepperell (64), farmer, lived with his wife Mary (66), son Henry John (32) and daughter Mary Jane (25) at Reynolds, Butleigh Hill. In 1871 William and family had lived in Ashcott with his mother-in-law Mary Day. Mary died in 1885 and William died in 1889. Mary Jane married farmer Alfred William Macer (b. 1859 Sidbury, Devon) in Butleigh on 19 Feb 1884 (Mar Q 5c/779 Wells). # Unfortunately Mary Jane died the next year, in 1885 (Mar Q 5b/21 Honiton) aged just 30. Alfred married again before 1891 - see Macer. In 1891 Henry Pepperell (42), accountant, lived alone in the property, with just a housekeeper and temporary visitor on census night. Henry, called Harry, is listed as farmer in the 1889 Kelly's Directory. In Feb 1889 Henry had applied for a housekeeper [at once] in the Western Gazette 29th March and then again in 1891 [6 Feb]. Henry died in 1907 (Dec Q 5c/294 Wells).


1) Elizabeth Perkins b. 1785 Curry Mallet, labourer's wife, d. 15 Jul, bur. 21 Jul 1870 (Sep Q 5c/391 Wells) Butleigh 61W-63

On the 1841 census Elizabeth's husband was shown as John Perkins, moulder - he died in 1851 (Mar Q 10/344 Taunton). In 1851 she lived at Wilking's Buildings, Taunton St. James with her three unmarried daughters, including Rachel. Rachel married Simion Stevens # and Elizabeth lived with them in Butleigh in 1861. She died in 1870 aged 84. On the PR at burial she was called Jane though Elizabeth on registration.

2) Charles Perkins b. 1875 (Dec Q 6c/355 Evesham) Bretforton, Worcs., gamekeeper, s.o. Israel and Ann Perkins, died 27 Jul, bur. 30 Jul 1949 Butleigh

This family lived in four rooms in Quarry Lane, Butleigh Rd., Glastonbury in 1911. In 1901 the newly married couple and new born son Basil had lived with Charles parents and Charles was a 'market gardener's labourer'. Florence's father was a basket maker in Calne and in 1891 she had been a servant at Betwy Court, Cirencester. The family left Butleigh but Charles' remains were returned to be buried here.

3) Charles E. Perkins b. 1856 Reverend of Butleigh, second son of Thomas and Anne T. Perkins of Willesborough, Kent

Charles was the son of a wealthy farmer. At the census in 1881 he lodged in St. Paul's district, Bristol. He was described as 'of Butleigh' at the time of his marriage and in 1891 he was vicar of St. Matthias' in Bristol and lived there with wife and two spinster sister-in-laws. His cook was a Nellie Cottle from Baltonsborough.

4) Whitfield Perkins b. 1850 Shaftesbury, Dorset, surgeon M.R.C.S.E., second son of J. R. Perkins of Birdbush, Salisbury

Whitfield Perkins lived at Northfleet, Kent in 1881 though at his marriage described as 'of Glastonbury'. The Western Gazette reported 6 May 1881 that Whitfield was appointed Glastonbury Town medical officer at a fee of £20 per annum in May 1881. He was working at Butleigh Hospital in 1883 [Western Gazette 23 Nov 1883 – reporting accident to William Henry Look]. Mr. Perkins was still the medical officer at Butleigh Hospital in June 1885 when he had three pigs which came down with swine fever, two of which died and the other slaughtered. [Western Gazette 19 Jun 1885]. He was a member of the Glastonbury 'Pilgrim's Lodge' of Free Masons. He was the first medical officer of the Butleigh Hospital in 1883 and retired in 1886 to be replaced by Dr. W. A. S.Gillespie.

On 2nd Nov 1883 he had advertised in the Western Gazette for cook (plain) wages £16 yet on the 16th November a cook (palin) P.B. Initials was seeking employment from the Perkins address!

In July 1890, after his time at Butleigh/Glastonbury Whitfield Perkins moved to Endellion, Port Isaac, Cornwall with his daughter where he became the Admiralty surgeon. [Hampshire Telegraph 26 Jul 1890]. The Wrexham Advertiser reported on 15 Aug 1896 a case reported by Dr. Perkins of an eighteen month old fair haired boy dying as a result of sunstroke.

5) Hilda May Perkins b. 1874 (Sep Q 5c/560 Wells) Wookey, teacher, died unmarried in 1962 (Dec Q 7c/260 Wells)PHOTO

Hilda played Queen of the Wastelands in the Butleigh Revel of 1906. She was the daughter of Magistrate for the County of Somerset Col. Alfred Thrale and Mary Perkins (b. 1849 Madras) who lived at Eastcott House, Wookey in 1881, 99, Sydney Place, Bath in 1891 - 1901 and back in Eastcourt, Wookey, Wells in 1911.

Hilda was involved in musical entertainments long before the Revel but thereafter became also a lifelong thespian. As late as 1939 she was presenter/director of the Wookey Play Actors when they enacted 'The Gaolbird' at the Somerset Rural Community Council's Village Drama Festival. [Western Daily Press 2 Mar 1939]. Her father, who died in 1934 [Somerset's oldest Freemason] had also been a fine amateur actor in aid of charities at the Bath Theatre Royal. Hilda organized carnivals in Wookey besides plays and during the first World War had played violin and piano in many concerts in the Wells area.


( Pearkes)

1) John Pearkes senior bur. 1686

In 1675 Joane Perks was paid £5 12s for her relief by the Overseers of the Poor and money given for a smock. John was in receipt of 12/- relief from the OOP in 1680 and this was increased to £1 18s 3d in 1681. In '83 he was bought a waistcoat and in '83 a shirt (+ years relief). In 1685 he was called 'senior' and received a years relief and a coat and in 1686 after two weeks relief and bread he was bought a shroud and buried by the Overseers.

1a) John Perks jun bur. 1711 Butleigh (OOP)

. In 1685 John received relief plus coal and wood and in 1686 relief for himself and his wife in their sickness. In 1687 his wife died and was buried by the overseers - pd [10s 9d] for intendance of Jo. Pirckes wife in time of her sicknesse unto Rose Abbott 1s 6d & for wood 2d & for drincke 1s & for bread and cheese 2s 7d & for a shroud 3s 6d & for ringing the bell 1s & for makeing the grave for Pirkes wife 4s. Money was also paid for the relief of John and his remaining family. In 1688 relief was paid to John plus bread from the Symcockes bequest and coats made for sons John and Richard. In 1689 and '90 John received beef from the Symcockes bequest. In '91 he received money from Symcockes plus OOP relief and clothes for himself and his sons. His wife mentioned in 1692 when she was bought a coat. In 1693 relief was paid for John, his wife and family in their sickness (also received Symcockes money). In 1694 relief paid for John and wife and linen, caps and apron for their children. More money received in their sickness and his wife died buried by the OOP. Barbara Symcockes was paid for looking after the children for three weeks. She cared for them the whole of 1695 and the OOP also bought them shoes and stockings. John was paid in his sickness and Edmund Callow paid for rebuilding part of his house. In 1696 Barbara Symcockes was paid for looking after two children (boy and girl) and clothes were bought for them plus coats for Johns two 'bigger' boys. John's house was re-thatched. In 1697 there were more clothes bought for the children and particular mention of Richard. In 1698 Philip Avery looked after the children and James was apprenticed to William Smith (Churchwarden). Relief paid to Richard and John the younger. The father John received relief several times and a new pair of breeches.1699 they received more relief, were sick [attended by Charity Crossman] In 1699 Joan received relief and in 1700 in addition stockings, shoes. Coat and waistcoat. The same again in 1701 plus shoes, apron two caps, stockings and a whitell. In 1700 father and sons seem to have become infected since they received relief in their sickness and lameness and needed salve for their legs [plus the usual clothes, shoes etc.] In 1702 Richard was buried by the overseers. John senior continued to receive relief [and the odd house repairs] until his death in 1711.

1a1) John Perks bur. 19 Sep 1728 Butleigh

John appears in the churchwarden's accounts in 1708 when he killed a polecat for 4d. In 1721 John received money in his sickness and a change. In 1722 he, his wife and child all received a change. In 1728 John received heating wood from the OOP plus bushels of wheat and barley and money in his sickness and need. In 1728 the OOP paid for his coffin and grave and ringing the bell. His wife Mary received yearly relief but also died and was buried at the expense of the parish. Her clothes were washed and bread, butter, brandy and tobacco given to the women who stretched her out. Two changes were paid for, for her daughter. A place called Perks Acre is mentioned in document of 1773 - DD/S/BT/13/1/14-5


[Perham, Perriam]

1) James Perram b. 1810 Butleigh, cordwainer (originally Perriam?)

James, a widower, lived in 1851 at Chalwell, Clutton with his two sons, Charles (8) and Esau (6), both Clutton-born. In 1861 he lived with Esau at Cholwell Bridge, Cameley.

Perren - Perrin

1) William Perren b. 1796 Coate Somerset, corn merchant d. 1872 Penhow, Newport

William Perren sold the whole contents of his farm at Butleigh by auction on Saturday 19th May 1836 as he was quitting farming. [Sherborne Mercury Monday 14 Mar 1836]

Edward W. lived at 7, Reperra Street, St. Woollos, Mon. with his parents in 1851. All three had moved to Mickleton, Gloucs, by 1861 and William was a corn merchant while Edward was a professor of music. By 1871 they were back in St. Woollos, at 9, Bridge Street. William, the father, was now a stay and straw merchant - Edward was still a music professor. In 1891, at 20, Bridge Street, St. Woollos Edward and wife Elizabeth (b. 1844 Exmouth, Devon) lived with Edward's widowed mother Elizabeth.

2) Francis Perren Chr. 28 May 1815 High Ham, carpenter, s.o. John and Mary Perrin, d. 1870 (Jun Q 5c/365 Yeovil)

Francis was the three years old son of Francis Perren, a carpenter, and Elizabeth (née Pope). They lived in Fore Street, Babcary in 1861 with the above children plus Elizabeth's 71 year old widowed mother Hannah (a former shopkeeper, b. 1790 Somerton). Only Francis Edmund was born in Butleigh though two of his siblings were Christened there. The family stayed in Butleigh for a short while only, between 1854 and 1860.

Young Francis Edmund was the Edmund Perren (b. 1858 Long Sutton) visiting farmer Alfred Stuckey and his wife Sophia Perren (b. 1843 Long Sutton) in Yatton in 1871. Nfi on Francis Edmund but in 1871 John lived with his sisters Eliza and Hannah (b. 1861) and their widowed mother Elizabeth (a grocer) in Chilthorne Domer. Eliza married a fish salesman from Derby, John Goss in 1884 (Jun Q 5c/1254 Bedminster) and they lived in Exeter by 1886. John married Elizabeth second daughter of James Jones, shipwright, Bufferland, Pembroke Dock, South Wales at Yeovil Registry Office by licence on 28 Nov 1874.


[Periam, Perram, Perham, Peram]

Periam was by far the commonest surname in Butleigh up to 1818. It is surprising that so few survived into the 19th century. The one line that achieved most affluence, through advantageous marriages, is listed as below but it too ended when the male heir died in infancy and the sole heiress, Elizabeth, married into the Hood family, whose heirs then succeeded to the Butleigh Wootton estate. The spelling of the surname varies in the records and both Perram and Perham seem to be variants of the same name. In the PR Periam (with single 'r') is the commonest form. A great deal of research is needed to sort the genealogy of this family. GB/NNAF/F8I560 - Perriam family of Butleigh Wootton - misc Somerset (Butleigh Wootton) deeds and papers Date range: 1500-1830.

The most confusing problem is sorting out the Johns and Jameses. Here is the record from the Overseers of the Poor – the 'sequences' in the lists being significant.. In 1672 on the Commoners list there are John Periam Esq, John Periam tanner and John Periam yeoman and a James Periam. In 1673 those paying rates are: (a) in a group Zachary Periam, James Periam senior (with land also in South Moor), James Periam Junior and John Periam then (b) a John Periam with William Willcocks. This situation remains exactly the same until 1685 when John from the group (a) is placed elsewhere and from '83 the South Moor lands are in the name of James junior. In 1686 John Periam from group (a) is called senior [Zachary has now disappeared/died].

This is where the tragedy of the non-existant Parish Recrds 1677 – 1714 play a part – the equivalent of 1½ generations of births, deaths and marriages which an their absence play havoc with any attempt to link the 17th and 18th century records.

In 1694 from group (a) John is now joint ratepayer with John Meade and then absent in 1695 [probably the one receiving Parish relief from '98?]. In 1703 the John Periam paying his rate with a Willcox now pays it with John Willcox.. Some records are absent but in 1714/5 this last John Periam is replaced with Jane Periam [next to John Willcox] and the two Jameses in group (a) are now joined by Dr James Periam and a James Periam for late Thos Jacklett (either a fourth James or one of the other three]. In 1716 Jane is still (b) while group (a) now has Jameses sen, jun and Dr. plus William for part Christopher Pope. 1717 is ditto. In 1718 Dr. Periam is between James sen and jun and additionally he is listed 'for Jackletts' suggesting that William (still there in addition but separately) is related to him? No change in 1719 nor in 1720 but there is an additional James Periam jun 'for late John Pope' between group (a) and Jane (b).

In 1722 the group (a) is now Late James Periam sen, Dr. James Periam, James Periam jun, John Periam jun, Thomas Periam & late Wm Meade, Zachary Periam and William Periam then James Periam for late John Pope and finally Jane Periam! The OOP list for 1723 is James sen [has James jun has now become sen!?], Dr. James, John jun, Thomas sen, Zachary, William then Jane – - a James Periam jun now appears elsewhere near the head of the rates list]. The churchwardens list for 1723 omits Jane and she is also absent in 1724 from the OOP list. In 1725 John Periam tanner now appears as last of the group James sen, Dr. James, John jun, Thomas, Zachary and William. By 1728 Dr. Periam is replace by James Periam mercer and Thomas by widow Mary.and in 1729 James Periam mercer becomes Thomas Periam mercer and John Periam is Doctor. And John Periam tanner replaced by John jun. In 1731 Thomas mercer is deceased and in 1732 replaced by a John jun while the previous John jun is now just John. In 1734 John jun (replacing the mercer) is jointly joined by Jane and Mary. To be continued! At the moment there is insufficient material transcribed to make the necessary links and identify who was who – the Wills especially need transcribing and other Periam Papers including, hopefully, the Periam diary in the Acland-Hood family possession.

At the poorer end of the scale several Periams are hard to place – the Joane (see below) carried off to Portsea with her four children in 1717, the Mary (1721) who had a warrant issued for her removal:

A) Austin Perin

There is a 150 year gap after this Baltonsborough family and the next Periams appearing there – and the family in the 1730's have different names to the Butleigh group – i.e. Richard with wife Joan [who had several children, most of whom died young]

1) Cecilia Periam wife of John bur. 18 Feb 1591 Butleigh

2) Elizabeth Periam married Butleigh 19 Jan 1628 Till? Pilton

3) Thamesin Periam bur. 9 May 1634 Butleigh [in Dwelly given epithet widow, not so in PR]

Thamezine donated 6d towards the building of Chelsea College in 1617.

4) John Peryam, chirurgeon bur. 30 Nov 1612 Butleigh?

4a?) John Periam bur. 5 Jul 1640 Butleigh

If this John is the son of John (4) then Thomas b. 1610 would probably be his brother rather than his son, unless he married aged 16! John donated 6d towards the building of Chelsea College 1617. A William died in 1690 (OOP) – there are few William's – this one may have been the father of the later William below.

See Will - PROB 11/255/295 Peryam John Will of John Peryam Husbandman Butleigh, Somerset Date: 1656. - Admon June 23, 1656 to his son James of goods unadmn by Agnes Periam....

See also - Deeds DD\BR\ho/14 Periam, John sen., of Butleigh.. Probate will [Somerset Archive and Records, DEEDS OF THE NEVILLE...] Date range: 1670 - 1835.

4a1) John Periam [Chr. Oct 1620 Butleigh]?

A child William Chr. 10 Jul 1652 Butleigh may be a posthumous son of John? only Susanna is given as the parent – unless it is a different Susanna with an illegitimate child.

See PROB 11/255/295 Will of John Peryam husbandman of Butleigh 21 May 1656

4a1A)? John Periam 'the tanner' bur. 25 Aug 1728 Butleigh

The last four children have just John named as parent and some are probably be the children of another John. John was churchwarden in 1700 and appears in their accounts 1684-1711 – also called junior? John Periam tanner appears on the 1672 commoners list – next to John Periam yeoman. He paid rates with the epithet 'the tanner' only from 1725 – 1728. In 1673-5 a John Periam supplied leather for the bells (CW). The John paying rates from 1673 – 95, latterly with John Meade?

DD/S/BT/14/2/15-16 Indentures of apprenticeship between Thomas Periam son of John of Butleigh Wootton, tanner and Thomas Periam of Butleigh, blacksmith. Counterpart. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1725.

DD/S/BT/14/2/17-18 - Original will and inventory of John Periam the elder of Butleigh Wootton, tanner. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1728.

DD/S/BT/7/7/18 1] Sir Berkeley Lucy of St. Martin in the Fields, Bt., devisee of Dame Rebecca Lytton, Robert Apreece of Washingley Hunts and wife Sarah executrix of Elizabeth Ellys 2] John Forster of Castle Yard, London and devisee of Elizabeth Ellys and administrator of Rebecca Hussey (Sarah, Elizabeth and Rebecca were the only children and heirs of Sir Thomas Hussey, devisee of Dame Rebecca Lytton), Elizabeth Raynsford of Whitton, Msex, executrix and devisee of Rebecca, Viscountess Falkland, executrix of Anthony, Viscount Falkland a devisee of Dame Rebecca Lytton, and Philip Bass of London, merchant tailor 2] Thomas Cartwright of Aynho, N'hants 3] Richard Browne of Castle Yard, Holborn 4] James Periam of Butleigh gent and John Smithfield of Butleigh yeoman 5] John Periam of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of Butleigh rectory, messuage, 61a and Hutchins (8a), and Churchhouse, Butleigh. 1727

4a2) James Periam 'the younger' Chr. 27 Apr 1622 Butleigh, d. 1681 [father of James 'the elder']

a James Periam was Overseer in 1654, 55. When a James the 'younger' becomes the 'elder' is uncertain – see below. A William appears in the churchwardens accounts between 1699 and 1713. He supplied leather to the church. Rebecca is mentioned in 1682 after the burial of her husband in the church (cost 6s 8d).

NOTE In the Will of John Periam of Milverton [died 19 Sep 1711 aged 54 buried Milverton Church - Collinson] buried 26 Sep 1711 the following is mentioned: [£10 to Poor of Milverton as his wife directs] and the like sum of ten pound unto the poor people of Butley and Wootton to be given and distributed amongst such of them as my brother [James] shall direct within one week next after my internment. [to daughters Mary, Sarah and Betty Periam two thousand pounds each (a huge sum) on reaching the age of twenty – from his farm called Hill Farm and lands – should they have died the £6,000 to go to his sons John and Zacharia] - To his son John the farm and messuage called Syndercombe Farm and a Mill, dwelling house and meadow at Clatworthy lands and his manor at Bishops Lydeard.... to my son Zacharia messuages lying at Pawlett and Stretshill now in the possession of James Squire and tenement called White Ball .. and lands in Milverton and Sandford Arundell.. for 99 years [all the children seem unmarried] … to his wife as long as she remain unmarried.. his mansion house and lands at Lowneshay and Kingsham.. tenements at Cotelhurston purchased from Lord Stawell. To my brother ten pounds which he owes me and ten guineas besides and unto his said son John £20 at 16 and his other children £5 apiece at 16.and whereas there is due and owing unto me by Mortgage of Lands in Butley Parish aforesaid from Thomas Cooke of Wootton aforesaid, my brother-in-law (a lowd base fellow) the sum of two hundred pounds principal money and above £50 for the interest thereof . I doe hereby give and bequeath unto my said brother James Periam and to his son James Periam the said sum of £200 ….the whole interest remaining thereof now due to the use of Rebecca my sister and wife of the said Cooke to be raised by sale or mortgage of the mortgaged lands the interest thereof I give unto my said sister during her life the same to be so paid to her as her said husband may have no share or benefit thereby and after her death the said one hundred pounds and the whole interest of the said two hundred pounds now due I doe give unto the children of my sister Rebecca to be paid unto them share and share alike within one year after my said sisters death. And as to fifty pounds more of the said two hundred pounds my will is my said brother James and the said James Periam his son shall put out the same at interest and the interest thereof shall pay yearly unto my sister Agnes during her life. … £50 residue of the £200 unto my nephew John son of my brother James at 18. To James Periam my kinsman and sometime servant £20 - I give unto my ever honoured master John Sanford and to his Lady , my said trustees, unto my mother-in-law and unto my uncle Gardner and to my esteemed friend Mr. John Gardner at Barr each a mourning ring value of a guinea.......

John Periam

A Zacharia Periam Esq was bur 29 May 1738 Milverton. In Milvertonn James and Mary Periam buried a son in 1712 and another son William in 1717 – another son William Chr. 15 May 1720 and then wife Mary buried 24 Feb 1723. In various Peerage genealogies referring to daughter Sarah's marriage her father's 'descent from Sir William Periam, Knt, Lord chief Baron of Elizabeth I's exchequer' is given – see his brother James below.

John Periam of Milverton

5) Zachary Periam died 1675?

NOTE: In 1673 Zachary lived next to two James Periams (sen & jun) and a John. One Zacharias was wealthy and paid rates 1673-1685 – probably this father. He was Overseer of the Poor in 1659 and 1674 and paid rent on South Moor grounds in 1678 when called 'senior'.

Bridget Periam was buried in 1709 Butleigh (OOP) – this must be the one who was taken by horse to the justices in 1700 to swear an oath (OOP). In 1702 Dr. Periam was paid for curing her legs. In 1705 she received Rocke legacy money. In 1707 Dr. Periam was again paid for curing her in her sickness. Most entries for Bridget see entries in the same year for Zachary and they seem to be linked – see next. A Frances was buried 1690 and another in '91 Butleigh (OOP) and a warrant was issued for another Frances in 1696. This latter was probably the mother of the illegitimate Robert Chr. * * 1695 in Baltonsborough, who went on to marry there.

5a) James Periam 'the elder' bur. 21 Oct 1721 Butleigh

A James was Overseer in 1666 and 1672. A Mary bur. 13 Apr 1722 Butleigh, as wife of James, may have been the wife of James 'the elder'. James called junior was churchwarden in 1681 and 1686 and it was presumably his son James who was churchwarden in 1708-10. The two James' appear in the churchwardens accounts from 1681-1711 and the later one was responsible for killing 17 polecats. The James on the commoners list of 1672. This James paid rates as James senior until 1722 when he became 'the late James Periam senior'.

5a1) James Periam 'of Edington' b. 1669, d. 1 Apr, bur. 8 Apr 1731 Butleigh Esquire

Joan Pope was heiress to an extensive estate in Butleigh Wootton. James built Wootton House in 1722. His son John, according to the latter's diary (Synge) was born 'the very hour King George landed in England'. This James paid the rates as James Periam junior from 1723 until 1732 being followed by his son John. Abebooks had a book 'Poems on Several Occasions' by Lady Mary Lee Chudleigh 1722 signed on the front endpaper 'Eliz Periam, my brothers present, Wootton 23 May 1747'.

The box tomb next to the Hood tomb in the churchyard has an inscription on the west end which seems to read ...Joane the wife of James Periam departed this life …. the 29th 1722. This would seem to confirm the identification. A brass plaque of later date added to the tomb has; John Pope (son of John Pope) bur. 18th January 1712, John Pope 27th May 1720, Joan wife of James Periam 29th October 1722.

DD/S/BT/7/3/7 - 1] Joan Difford of Butleigh widow of Joseph Difford 2] James Periam the younger of Butleigh Wootton, gent, John Smithfield the elder of Butleigh, yeoman and Anne Vagg of Butleigh widow of John Vagg 3] Anne Pope of Butleigh Assignment of Moormeade close Date: 1723.

C 11/2285/71 Description: Short title: Moxham v Hamilton. Document type: Bill only. Plaintiffs: William Moxham, yeoman of Street, Somerset, James Perriam junior, gent of Butleigh, Somerset and James Slade, yeoman of West Pennard, Somerset and others (commoners entitled to common lands in St John the Baptist Glastonbury, Somerset). Defendants: George Hamilton, William Deirs, Claver Morris, Davidge Gould, John Strachey, Thomas Coward, Joseph Brown, Richard Coomes, Christopher Keen, Marshall Bridges, William Hill, William Salmon and Thomas Nicholls. 1722

C 11/538/30 Perriam v Grenville. Document type: Two bills and five demurrers. Plaintiffs: James Perriam, Thomas Callow, Edward Callow, William Looke, Richard Corpe junior, William Curtis senior, William Curtis junior, John Mallens, Zachariah Periam and Barnard Haggett, yeoman of Butleigh,Somerset tenants of part of the estate of John Webb, esq deceased. Defendants: James Grenville esq, Thomas Rooke and James Webb. Date of bill (or first document): 1739 1740

5a1A) John Periam b. 20 Apr., Chr. 21 Sep 1714 Butleigh, d. 29 Dec 1788, bur. 7 Jan 1789 Butleigh SWORD

According to the Rev. E. F. Synge [Butleigh, 1000 years of a Somerset Parish] John's diary tells how he nearly died of smallpox when he was at Somerton School in 1725 and his mother did die, perhaps from nursing him. He was only 17 when his father died leaving the estate in the hands of trustees who sent him first to Oxford and then to the Middle Temple to study law in Mr. Gould's chambers. There he became ill and determined to return to a sober and quiet country life.

In 1767 John made improvements to his house in preparation for the wedding to his cousin Agnes Smithfield and by 1771 he was able to state that all his debts had been paid off and that he owned nothing. The Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette 24 Sep 1789 lists Richard Bowne as gamekeeper to Agnes Periam, widow. With his son dying in infancy John's heir was his daughter Elizabeth who was only 18 when her father died. She then married Captain Alexander Hood in 1792 and the main Periam line in Butleigh came to an end. Agnes' death reported in the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette 28th March 1799.

In the church is a white marble memorial tablet on the East Wall which reads ‘Sacred to the memory of John Periam of Wootton House and late member of Exeter College Oxford to which his ancestors were considerable benefactors also a student of the Middle Temple who died Dec 29 1788 aged 74 Piety, Affection and Virtue/ armed with a highly cultivated mind/ adorned the Character of this excellent Christian. ‘The sweet remembrance of thy duty/ shall flourish when he sleeps unduly. PHOTO

*The following listed amongst the acquisitions of the Somerset Heritage Centre for 2014 - Hood family, Viscounts Bridport: corresp, diaries and papers incl memoirs of John Periam of Butleigh Wootton 1791, pattern book 1675, recipe book, file of letters written by Horatio Nelson 1795-1800, with covering letters, a letter from the Duke of Wellington 1836, and a signed poem from the Poet Laureate Southey 1827 (A\DXD)

For a fuller account of John Periam see the Rev. Synge's booklet

A brass plaque that came with John Periam's dress sword of c. 1750 [son of James] states that the family is 'descended from Sir William Periam Knt Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer - time of Queen Elizabeth, benefactor of Exeter College, Oxford'. This claim first mentioned on the above memorial tablet and then in print in regard to John Periam of Milverton [in Debretts Peerage 1819], whose daughter Sarah married Thomas Lethbridge.The link to Sir William Periam, benefactor of Exeter College, claimed by the family, is probably fictitious since he only had daughters but a link may still exist from that family since the following Periams also studied at Exeter College. [The Milverton branch of the Periams all studied at St. John's College] Somehow, the link was transferred from the Milton Periams to the Butleigh Wootton Periams when Burkes/Debretts were giving the genealogical history of Sir Alexander Hood.

Periam, John. s. James, of Wootton, Somerset, gent Exeter Coll., matric. 19 April, 1732, aged 17. This John

Periam, John, s. John, of Butleigh Wootton, Somer- set, pleb. Exeter Coll., matric. 8 May, 1739, aged 18. Which John is this?

DD/S/BT/11/2/27 - 1] John Periam of Butleigh, son of James decd 2] William Howe of Shepton Mallet Confirmation deed of Butleigh rectory on repayment of mortgage sum.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1735.

DD/S/BT/12/1/6 - 1] John Periam of Butleigh Wootton grandson and heir of John Pope decd 2] William Curtis the younger and elder of Butleigh, yeomen Release of 15a of arable in Butleigh fields.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1744.

D/S/BT/6/9/19 - 1] John Periam of Butleigh Wootton, son of James decd 2] Ann Hodges of Butleigh Confirmation of assignment of 3yds at Worthy and 2a in Longhill in Butleigh. [Tied together with DD/S/BT/6/9/18 and 6/9/20-21]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT Date: 1746.

DD/S/BT/8/6/3 - 1] James Grenville of Butleigh 2] John Periam of Butleigh Wootton and wife Agnes Smithfield, Ursula, Mary and Sarah Smithfield of Butleigh Wootton Exchange of lands in Butleigh fields for 9a in Toghill's wood.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH Date: 1782.

5b) Zacharias Periam Chr. 19 Jan 1671 Butleigh bur. 18 Sep 1715 Butleigh

Zachary appears in the churchwardens accounts in 1704 when he received payment for killing a hedgehog. Zachary/Zacharias appears in the OOP accounts in 1702 when he received relief for himself and his family and in 1703 received the rent for his house for the previous year. In 1704 Zachary received house rent and Symcockes money and a Zachary senior (the same) received a coat. In 1705 and '06 he received Rocke and Symcockes bequest money and in the latter year also rent. Ditto 1707 and '08 – in latter year also paid for making clothes for the poor [a tailor?]. Ditto 1709, 10 in the latter specified as Zachary the elder. Zachary's house rent paid 1711-16.

5b1) Zachary Periam bur. 15 Aug 1757 Butleigh (?)

Zachary started paying rates in 1722 and did so until 1740. The Zachary buried 1732 may be a son. In 1729 the OOP paid Zachary Periam taylor to relieve him in sickness. They also paid for firewood, shoes, changes and breeches plus a sheet – and paid his house rent. They paid his house rent again in 1730. Zachary was Overseer in 1734. He must be the Zachary who tried to get John Cannon to forge deeds concerning his father-in-law's estate in Feb 1737 (Money p. 284).

6) Joane Periam

In 1717 Joane and three of her four children received shoes, lodging food etc for three months while a case was made for taking her and the children to Portsea, which eventually happened. Possibly a widow – of Zachary d. 1715?

7) Thomas Periam blacksmith [died 1729?]

A Thomas is mentioned in 1707 when the OOP paid expenses concerning him. In 1712 he started paying rates and in 1715 was called a smith – he also paid rates in South Moor in 1713-15. He was overseer of the Poor in 1717. He continued paying rates from 1716 – 1722 and identified as smith when in 1723 a second Thomas Periam started paying rates (he was a mercer and died in 1731 – OOP). Thomas Periam smith last appeared in 1729, when he was an overseer of the poor.

8) Thomas Periam Mr. shopkeeper, bur. 23 Mar 1731 Butleigh

A Thomas paid rates from 1723 until 1725 [Thomas senior, churchwarden in 1723-4]. A Thomas, mercer paid rates 1729 - 31 and prior to him as rate payer were Dr. James Periam and James Periam mercer [1726-8].

9) John Periam (same as 11a?)

In Kingweston, a John and Ann had a daughter Margaret Chr. 17 Apr 1726. An Ann Periam married Thomas Callow on 19 Apr 1762 in Butleigh who could be this Ann, or the Ann who married Jonathan Underwood Butleigh 23 Dec 1754 #

10) Stephen Periam (?) misread name?

A John Periam paid rates jointly from 1703 with William Willcox and from 1703 with John Willcox until 1714/5 when replaced by Jane Periam.

11) James Periam senr bur. 18 Nov 1725 Butleigh

This must be the surgeon Dr. Periam who paid rates from 1714 – 1724 - uncertain but see above. The Parish record has Jane wife of James buried 1722, however, a Jane paid rates from 1714-22 in succession to a John Periam (paying rates with William then John Willcox) and this Jane would seem to fit that bill? In 1729 the OOP paid Mr. James Periam for Jane Periam going to Langport with William Attwooll's wife. Joyce wife of Mr. James Periam buried 24 Mar 1731 may be his wife.

DD/S/BT/4/5/44 - 1] John Webb 2] James Periam of Butleigh, surgeon Lease for lives of Rowley house, Woodsplot (4a), 4a lately inclosed in Westwood, Rowley (10a), Oldburye (20a), 15a in closes in West field, Butleigh. Rent £1 5s.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH Date range: 1711 - 1712.

11a?) John Periam 'Mr. John Periam' bur. 18 Oct 1732 Butleigh

Dr. John Periam paid rates from 1729 – 1733. A son of Dr. James Periam who paid rates 1714-24? He was paid by the OOP in 1729 for dressing the leg of Charles Burton's boy.

12) William Periam died 1741?

Son of the William son of John above? William was churchwarden in 1719 and overseer of the Poor in 1721. A William had apprentices Madeline Ball and Sarah Gane bound to him in 1711. He paid rates from 1714/5 – 1741. The deaths of children called William are speculative, the last one may be the child born 1723. July 2 1738 John Canon and his son went to Wootton where they were entertained by William Money p. 374) and picked up some gossip. On 28 July 1738 William Periam was called upon by John Cannon (Money p. 382) who was owed 12 shillings for William's boy's schooling – which he didn't pay but promised the next day.

Besides this possible marriage, other Butleigh people born in the PR gap 1677-1714 married in Baltonsborough. A Jane Periam of Butleigh married 16 May 1744 John Higgens of Butleigh in Baltonsborough and an unrecorded Rebecca Periam, of Butleigh, her sister?, married 29 Sep 1743 William Collins of Butleigh in Baltonsborough]

DD\DN/25 Periam Wm. Probate of will of of Wootton in Butleigh, carpenter, 1742

13) James Periam - see burials

This James (or the next?) maybe the one who in 1723 (when the latter died) changed to James senior and paid rates into the 1740's.

C 11/538/30 Perriam v Grenville. Document type: Two bills and five demurrers. Plaintiffs: James Perriam, Thomas Callow, Edward Callow, William Looke, Richard Corpe junior, William Curtis senior, William Curtis junior, John Mallens, Zachariah Periam and Barnard Haggett, yeoman of Butleigh,Somerset tenants of part of the estate of John Webb, esq deceased. Defendants: James Grenville esq, Thomas Rooke and James Webb. Date of bill (or first document): 1739 1740 (?)

14) James Periam - see burials

15) Thomas Periam bur. 10 Jan 1756 Butleigh?

A Thomas Periam paid rates on South Moor lands from 1713 – 1719 [see 7 and 8 above]

DD/S/BT/7/4/9 - 1] William Periam of Butleigh, labourer 2] John, Richard, Elizabeth and Jane Periam, brothers and sisters of William General release.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1765.

DD/S/BT/13/1/14-5 - 1] John, Richard and Elizabeth Periam of Butleigh 2] James Grenville of Butleigh Assignment of Perk's Acre, 1/2a by Longrove, 1a at Long Forward, 1a at Voxhanger and 3a at Copleigh, Butleigh. Legal bill enclosed.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH Date: 1773.

17) James Periam - see burials below [bur. 27 Mar 1747 Butleigh?]

18) James Periam - see burials

19) James Periam bur. 23 Jan 1771 Butleigh

Margaret Periam began receiving first wheat then relief from Nov 1772 and payments made to her until Nov 1779 then 'Margaret Periam and family' until April 1780.

20) Edward Periam bur 14 May 1769 Butleigh [An Edward was buried in Butleigh on 18th October 1786 – same?]

An Edward Periam was apprenticed to the 'late Mr. Cox and others' in 1772 under the John Rocke scheme. (OOP). In May 1769 the OOP paid for Edward's shroud and coffin. The OOP began paying relief to Edward Periam's wife [and one child for some years], then Jane, from his death up to March 1776 when they paid Edward Rowley for ringing the bell and digging her grave. In Aug 1778 the OOP paid relief to Mary Periam daughter of Edward Periam with a bad arm.

An Edward Periam was summonsed to Wells in Jan 1786 with a Mary Look.

21) Thomas Periam, bur. 20 May 1760 Butleigh? or 23 Mar 1787?

In the 1781 period a Thomas Periam senior received relief from the OOP and in Nov 1781 a Jane Periam junior had a change of dowlas – suggests that the parents were still living at that time? The OOP paid for the coffin for Jane Periam in Aug 1820.

DD/S/BT/11/2/9-10 1] Thomas Blinman of Butleigh, clothier 2] Nicholas Hickes of Bristol 3] Hugh Levett of Bristol, merchant and John Bartlett of Bristol, mercer 4] Thomas Periam of Butleigh, blacksmith 5] Henry Pope the elder of Butleigh, yeoman Lease and release of Barecroft (5 yds), 3 yds arable in Harepitts lower furlong and 1/2a in the upper furlong and 3 yds in Beanslade, Butleigh. 1716

DD/S/BT/12/1/22-23 1] Thomas Periam the elder of Butleigh, blacksmith, devisee of Henry Pope the younger decd 2] William Wilcox of West Lydford, yeoman and wife Annis, Thomas Gilbert the younger of Butleigh, joiner, and wife Betty, John Wilcox of Glastonbury hosier and Ann. Date: 1759. This Thomas? Boyd's Marriages lists a Thomas Periam marrying a Jane Rock in 1725 in Bath & Wells Diocese

Uncertain burials

1722 25 Nov

Periam Elizabeth

1725 18 Jan

Periam Thomas

1728 25 Aug

Periam John

1728 31 Aug

Periam Jane

1729 2 Mar

Periam Elizabeth

1731 7 Feb

Periam John

1731 24 Mar

Periam Joyce wife of Mr. James

1731 8 Apr

Periam James

1742 22 Apr

Periam William – DD/DN/25 - Probate of will of Wm. {William?} Periam of Wootton in Butleigh, carpenter, 1742

1742 2 Oct

Periam Mary

1743 20 May

Periam Amey/Anne, wife of Thomas

1743 20 Feb

Periam John s.o. James

1747 27 Mar

Periam James

1748 7 Sep

Periam James

1754 14 Jul

Periam James s.o. James [possibly a birth]

1761 30 May

Periam Ann

1763 15 May

Periam George

1763 6 Nov

Periam Betty

1765 27 Mar

Periam James

1765 3 Jun

Periam Ann, wife of John

1772 13 May

Periam Elizabeth

1773 9 Sep

Periam Mary

1775 20 Jun

Periam Jane

1777 24 Feb

Periam James of Wootton

1778 30 Apr

Periam John

1780 15 May

Periam Mary – the OOP paid for her burial in Jun 1780

1780 13 Jun

Periam Thomas

1780 16 Jun

Periam Ann

22) Thomas Periam bur. 14 May 1779 Butleigh? or 1780 (burials above)

A Thomas Periams daughter was buried Nov 1782 – coffin paid by the OOP.

In Jun 1785 the OOP issued a warrant obtained at Wells against Thomas Periam after examining Ann Underwood and the birth of her daughter Ann Underwood Chr. 1 May 1785 Butleigh.

23) George Perriam bur. 21 May 1779 Butleigh (?)

George received asistance in Jan 1765 and his wife in her sickness in Feb. George received several payments in assistance and in Nov 1765 the OOP paid for the coffin and burial of his wife. The widow Elizabeth Westcombe was paid to assist the family from 1766 until August 1769. In March 1769 the OOP paid for the coffin and shroud of George's son John.

24) Zachary Perriam bur. 23 Dec 1801 Butleigh

In Nov 1762 Zachary received 4/9d in his distress – in Dec he received money and wheat. Zachary had his rent paid by the OOP in 1764, 65 etc. In 1769 the family contracted smallpox in the outbreak and received OOP assistance. In Sep 1777 the OOP paid for the coffin carrying to churhc and burying of Betty Periam. Zachary received rent again 1800 – 1802. The OOP paid for Zachary's coffin and burial in Dec 1801. Up to this that and subsequently the OOP was also making regular monthly payments to Zachary Periam's boy though this was changed to 'grandson' by Feb 1802..

25) John Perriam (see other John and Mary below) son of William Periam (12)? d. 1837

Ann married James Cook Butleigh 20 May 1788 # Will of John Periam 31 Mar 1837 - Beneficiaries sister Ann widow of James Cook, brother Thomas Periam, sister Ann Cook, brother Thomas Periam,  executors John Callow and William Coombs.

26) William Periam

27) William Periam

28) John Periam [Chr. 21 Nov 1734 Butleigh s.o. Thomas and Anne Periam?] bur. 7 May 1777 Butleigh (?)

Before their marriage a James Periam and Ann Latcham had an illegitimate daughter: Sarah Latcham Chr. 21 Nov 1762 Butleigh, bur. 24 Mar 1764 Butleigh The witness to John's marriage was James Periam!

?? A John Periam and family received monthly relief from May 1775. John died and was buried by the OOP who paid for his coffin in May 1777. His wife Ann then received relief monthly for herself and family up to June 1786. In Apr 1778 her rent was paid and the OOP noted she lived in Wootton.

DD\BR\lp/2 Periam John Copy will of of Butleigh, yeo., 1800; burial certificate of Wm. Periam Date range: 1651 - 1838. [check for links]

28a) Matthew Periam Chr. 12 Jun 1774 Butleigh

28a1) George Perham Chr. 25 Dec 1810 Butleigh Wootton, coal haulier

George lived at Temple Cloud, Cameley with his wife Elizabeth Mead (b. 1820 Beaminster) in 1851 and 1861 They were still in Cameley in 1871. They had married in 1847 (Jun Q 10/613 Chard)? The Perham (Perram) spelling links him to James on p. 285 and suggests that this is a distinct family.

29) Richard Periam bur. 29 Apr 1776 Butleigh

DD/S/BT/7/4/11 - Letters of administration for the property of Richard Periam of Butleigh granted to his widow Elizabeth.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1777.

DD/S/BT/7/4/14 - 1] William and John Periam of Butleigh, yeomen, Jonas Lucas of Butleigh, yeoman and wife Elizabeth late widow of Richard Periam decd, John of Butleigh, yeoman and wife Jane Periam, Thomas Periam Withers of Butleigh yeoman devisee of Elizabeth Periam decd. Date: 1791.

31) John Periam [b. 1746, bur. 22 Apr 1837 Butleigh?]

32) William Periam b. 1747? bur. 8 Jun 1815 Butleigh?

At burial Judith lived at Compton Dundon. Her daughter Elizabeth married Robert Napper (b. 1788 Compton Dundon, shoemaker) in Butleigh on 21 Nov 1811 and it is possible that she was living with them when she died.

DD/BR/lp/2 - Copy Will of John Periam of Butleigh, yeo., 1800; burial certificate of Wm. Periam of Butleigh, aged 68, 1815.

33) William Periam

This wedding was paid for (£1 9s 6d) by the OOP after a licence and court charges were paid in Wells. Then an order for removal was made against the couple. One OOP charge was for attendance by a guard! The couple had had an illegitimate child, Jane Barber Chr. 26 Dec 1763 Butleigh which who was cared for by the OOP. Ann [called Barber in the OOP accounts] died in Aug/Sep 1774.

34) Thomas Periam

Rachel had her daughter Ann delivered by Rachel Look in Feb 1791. In Aug 1802 the OOP gave relief to Rachel Periam and daughter. The OOP paid for the coffin for son John's burial in March 1803. Rachel the daughter married John Quick in Glastonbury on 3 Jun 1802. In April 1806 there is a record for Oct 27th 1805 in OOP accounts stating that a Thomas Periam paid 2 months bastardy pay [poss. not this Thomas]. In Feb 1816 the OOP paid relief to Rachel Periam. The OOP paid for Rachel's burial in Mar 1820. The OOP paid for the coffin of Thomas junior in Jul 1831.[Thomas Periam's wife received relief Aug 1831 – wife of Thomas junior]

Ann is probably the girl who had an illegitimate child (by John Everdell?) and who later married William Wheeler in Butleigh 1 Dec 1817. John Everdell paid bastardy pay for just one year (1815) and the OOP chased him for payment until 1817 then stopped. He was chased for payments in 1820 and 1821 and made back payments in 1822.

Betty Periam may be the Betty Pariham appearing on the 1841 census with a Richard Pariham (b. 1809) at Clivy, Westbury, Dilton and who died in Warminster in 1848.

Richard Periam appears as an ostler married to Emma (b. 1813 Westbury) in 1851 at East Street, Warminster with six daughters, born in Wilts or Glos.

WO 97/685/28 Thomas Parriam of Butleigh served in 55th Foot Regiment, discharged aged 47 [son Thomas?]

35) James Periam

36) John Periam of Chewton [Mendip]

In Nov 1783 the OOP paid £4 18s 6d for the charge of marrying this couple with a licence and to the charge of their examination and order for removal from Butleigh to Chilton. In Oct 1786 the OOP sent 1/- to Ann, John Periam's widow at Wootton – not necessarily this couple.

37) Joseph Periam bur 18 Jan 1789 Butleigh

Possibly the Joseph Periam who was on the rotation list as Tythingman for 1779 – for 'Guppies'. In Oct 1779 the OOP paid him 19/6d which he was short in collecting his tythes. Joseph Periam's wife received relief in 1787 – 7 and in March 1787 the OOP paid for the coffin and burial of their child. In Nov 1788 the OOP paid for his wife's attendance during her lying in. The Joseph Periam who died in Jan 1789 is the husband and the funeral was paid for by the OOP though a Matthew White reimbursed the Parish for the sums they had expended (£1 18s 0d). The child must have died too – no record. Payments continued from the OOP to Joseph Periam's wife. Payment in April 1806 of 1/6 and 3 yds of dowlas for her son.

38) John Periam

39) John Periam (see A25 and (1) below)

40) William Periam [Chr. 7 Jan 1781 illegit. s.o. Mary Periam and Edward Wilkins?]

A William Periam was paid 8 guineas in Aug 1803 by the OOP 'allowed by Act of Parliament for Militia men'. A William Periam paid bastardy pay of 7 months in 1809 and pay was made to a child from Feb 1806 to April 1816 [child William Eades?]. In Feb 1806 the OOP attended a justice meeting with the Betty Periam at New Inn. The William Periam, wife and child receiving relief from the OOP in 1806? In Aug 1807 the OOP paid Jane Gill for delivering William's wife of a baby. In the Nov 1809 OOP account there is reference to a fine levied on a William Periam's account and Mr. Welch (County officer) handed over £18 19s 0d [from £20?].

In Jun 1814 the OOP paid relief to William Periam's bastard and secondly to Mary Periam's wife. A William Periam carpenter paid rates on a property until 1819 when he became 'late William' then in 1822/23 William Periam, late William Periam. [check the references to collecting Wm Periam's money - e.g. Dec 1814 'journey to Cheapstable to receive Wm Periam's money']. In May 1816 the OOP paid for the burial of the wife of William Periam.

In Jul 1816 the OOP paid 'William Periam for going to Somerton to be examined when he was enrolled into the militia'.

41) John Periam

Hester/Heptha may be the person who married William Turner in Butleigh on 9 Apr 1798 - as a widow - but no John death 1792-8? A Hester Periam had an illegitimate child by John Goddard who began paying bastardy pay in Oct 1801.

Other Baptisms

Elizabeth Chr. 24 Mar 1777 Butleigh illeg. d.o. Elizabeth [the Elizabeth Perriam who married Joseph Crouch (b. 1779 Compton Dundon) 3 Apr 1803 St. John Glastonbury? See 1851 census]

William Chr. 7 Jan 1781 Butleigh illeg. d.o. Mary fathered by Edward Wilkins # (40)?

An uncertain William Periam of Butleigh married spinster Mary Penny in Lovington on 31 May 1803.

Mary received regular relief payments after the birth of her child and bastardy pay until Oct 1787.

Jane Chr. 4 Dec 1785 Butleigh illeg. d.o. Mary, bur 25 Dec 1785 Butleigh

Ann Chr. 4 Dec 1785 Butleigh illeg. d.o. Mary, bur. 8 Jan 1786 Butleigh

Mary was attended in her lying in in Nov 1785 by Mary Rendel and Bridget Look delivered the twins. In Feb 1786 the OOP paid for burying two of Mary's children. In March 1789 a William Look was issued with a summons concerning Mary Periam and the OOP paid for a horse to take her to Somerton for examination.

Child: b. Nov 1795 to Mary Periam – delivered by Bridget Look – paid by OOP in Dec 1795.

A William Turner was paying bastardy pay from Dec 1795 for a child by a Mary Periam. In April 1796 the OOP paid the expenses for taking William to Ivelchester Gaol. In May 1796 the OOP paid Mary Periam, Judith Pollet and Hockey's son three days at the Crown Inn, Wells at the session in a case of bastardy of Turners.

Thomas Chr. 17 Apr 1786 Butleigh illeg. d.o. Joan

The Joan Periam receiving relief from the OOP in Aug 1815?

Elizabeth Chr. 4 May 1802 Butleigh illeg. d.o.Mary

Other later Burials

1782 15 Nov

Periam Elizabeth

1783 22 Aug

Periam Elizabeth

1786 18 Oct

Periam Edward paid for by OOP who sent for the coroner

1787 23 Mar

Periam Thomas

1788 2 Oct

Periam Florence

1789 7 Jan

Periam John Esq

1789 20 Jan

Periam Jean

1791 1 May

Periam Richard

1793 13 Sep

Periam Ann

1794 14 May

Periam William

1795 30 Aug

Periam Jane buried by the OOP

1797 2 Mar

Periam Mary

1798 2 May

Periam Jane

1800 5 May

Periam John

1803 20 Jan

Periam Ann

1807 17 Jun

Periam William

1811 18 Jan

Periam Mary

1821 27 Apr

Periam Jasman aged 70 - b. 1751

1822 3 Jan

Periam Ann aged 70 – b. 1752

1823 28 Apr

Periam Ann aged 68 - b. 1755

1826 12 Sep

Periam Mary aged 74 - b. 1752 buried by the OOP

1833 6 Oct

Periam Florence aged 40 - b. 1793

1835 31 Aug

Periam Mary aged 17 - b. 1818 buried by the OOP

42) John Periam widower

DD/S/BT/13/3/4 - 1] William Periam 2] Thomasin Periam of Butleigh, widow of John Periam 3] James, Baron Glastonbury 4] Gen. Rich {Richard?} Grenville Release of Pharswood (6a) arable in Butleigh fields with assignment of term to attend the inheritance. [Above 4 documents Date: 1803.

43) Thomas Periam

There are several Thomas Periam candidates and several Ann Underwoods who could be this couple. Since most couples married in their early twenties, the most likely are the Thomas Chr. 24 Sep 1764 Butleigh s.o. James and Elizabeth Periam and the Ann shown above (who had an illegitimate child Ann born and died 1785). However, the only Thomas burial post 1790 that might be this Thomas is for the Thomas Chr. 13 Jan 1750 Butleigh s.o. Jane and Thomas Periam who was bur. 13 Oct 1833 Butleigh aged 84. In which case his wife may have been the Ann Underwood Chr. 7 Nov 1756 Butleigh d.o. John & Judith Underwood (bur. 28 Apr 1823 Butleigh).

Rebecca married baker Job Lockyer (b. 1803 Bridgwater) and on the 1841-1861 censuses they lived at Cannington. Rebecca died aged 83 in 1869. # Thomas is probably be the one (7) below since he married an Ann Lockyer who seems to be the sister of the Job above.

44) Thomas Periam, pensioner

In Sep 1821 a Catherine Periam received relief. The same as the Kitty receiving relief in 1833? In Oct 1833 relief paid to Kitty Periam's daughter. This person (Kitty,Citty) appears in Nov 1834 receiving assistance from the OOP and in December received a blanket. In Feb 1835 she was paid for 'doing for Ann Davis'. In March 1835 she cared for Ann until her death that month. In May 1835 she looked after Ann Davis' boys.

Sarah Perham married the labourer Emanuel Jarman, b. 1829, s.o. William and Jane Jarman, in Butleigh on 29 Oct 1850 (Dec Q 10/787 Wells) and they thereafter lived at Barton St. David.

The daughter Rachel married John Hodges in Butleigh on 15 Dec 1851 (Dec Q 10/784 Wells) - she had appeared as a servant in Benedict Street, Glastonbury in 1841. #

45) Thomas Periam Chr. 17 Apr 1786 Butleigh, Chelsea Pensioner, illegitimate s.o. William May (butcher) and Joan Periam, bur. 3 Feb 1855 (Mar Q 5c/536 Wells) Butleigh 41-11, 51-26

This is probably the Thomas Perram who served in the 40th Foot Regiment and was discharged aged 37 [WO 119/63/451].

Thomas paid rates on his own cottage in the rate assessment of 1827/8. This family lived in 1841 at 29, High Street, Perriams House also called Abbotts in 1861. It was occupied by the Underwood family 1805 - 39. Thomas lived there with his wife Judith and her brother Edward Underwood from Middlezoy. On their wedding certificate Thomas' father is given as William May, a butcher - and Thomas' profession was Private in the 55th Regiment. Judith was the sister of Sarah Underwood who had married Alexander Higgins of Butleigh, three months earlier.

In 1851 Thomas (65), Judith (60) and Edward Underwood (50, single) were joined by sister-in-law Ann Periam, widow (72). Ann was a widow and presumably had married a brother of Thomas Perriam.

In 1861 Judith Periam (72), widow, still lived with her brother Edward Underwood (60) who later died in 1870 (Dec Q 5c/411 Wells). In 1871 Judith (83) shared her house with the family of Samuel Higgins (44) and wife Louise (40) plus four children. It was around this time, 1873, that the house was renovated and divided. Judith died in 1875.

46) John Periam Chr. 26 Feb 1815 Butleigh, agricultural labourer, carter, illegitimate son of Ann Periam, d. 14 Feb., bur. 18 Feb 1902 (Mar Q 5c/365 Wells) Butleigh 51-29, 61W-64, 71W-85, 81W-105, 91W-115, 01W-142

A John Perram served in the 9th Foot Regiment and was discharged aged 45. Chelsea Pensioner. WO 97/1-1271.

John's mother was possibly the Ann d.o. Thomas and Rachel (34). In 1841 Amelia lived with her parents and two brothers in Lovington – her father was an agricultural labourer. At the baptism of George their abode was given as Lottisham. [FreeReg has mother as Mary Anne]. Amelias brother William Cook [Chr. 20 Jul 1828 Lovington] married in 1852 and by 1866 was living in Butleigh with his family.#

A John Everdell first appears in the OOP accounts in September 1814 when, by order of Lord Glastonbury and Mr. Gould two riders were sent to Walton with a summons for him. John Everdell began paying bastardy pay (38 weeks at 2/- p.w.) in 1815 up to the Sep. He appeared in the OOP accounts in April 1815 when a summons was taken out against him and again in May 1816 when a summons was issued at Somerton against him. In August 1816 a further summons was taken out and again in Jan 1817. No more payments seem to have been received until he appears paying again in Sep 1822 and again in November 1822. The child he fathered in 1814 seems to be this John Periam Chr. 26 Feb 1815 Butleigh, son of Ann Periam (see (46) Periam. In September 1814 Ann was removed from Butleigh to Draycott to have her examined in her parish (Somerton) and her examination coincides with that of John Everdell. Another journey is mentioned to Cheddar Beer Turnpike with Ann in the September and possibly the reason why the payments from John Everdell stopped was because of her eventual removal to another parish where he would have then made payments. The only other mention in the OOP accounts of an Ann Periam was in June 1815 when they paid her to have the use of her house for inoculating 58 children against the Cow Pox.

An explanation is that she is the Ann Periam Chr. 8 May 1791 Butleigh d.o. Thomas and Rachel Periam and the same Ann who married William Wheeler on 1 Dec 1817 Butleigh . This would explain why the OOP stopped chasing John Everdell for bastardy pay in 1817. They may have resumed collection in 1822 if his son John was put with another family and no longer seen as the responsibility of his step-father. John Periam seems to be absent from the 1841 census but lived the rest of his life in Butleigh after appearing on the 1851 census there. At his marriage John gave his father as William Perrem dec'd to cover his illegitimate status.

In 1851 John Periam (36) lived with wife Amelia (30) and son George b. 1843 at Hoods Cottages. By 1861 they had lived in Lovington, where Fanny was born, and then moved to Butleigh Wootton where they remained.

George married Amelia Ann Rogers on 2 Aug 1873 at Bath and after having three children are found at 1 Dallas Rd., Lewisham Kent in 1881 (surnamed Perrin) where the family remained well into the next century . Fanny Ann placed an advert in the Bath Chronicle 18 Aug 1881 seeking work as a needlewoman (aged 24!). She married Frank Linham in Butleigh on 15 Aug 1882 (Sep Q 5c/763 Wells) and they continued to live at Butleigh Wootton (at No. 10). #

47) Thomas Periam b. 1817 Shepton Mallet, died 1879 (Sep Q 5c/310 Wells - Perham) 61-59, 71W-87

Thomas was a widower lodging with John Hodges at 41/2 Dumb Lane/Sub Road in 1861. In 1871 he lodged in Butleigh Wootton where he died in 1879 aged 64. This must be the Thomas Periam who was fined £2 10s including costs for selling a quart of cider to Elizabeth Withers and given one month to pay [Western gazette 12 jan 1866].

48) Thomas Perriam b. 1801 Butleigh Wootton, yeoman, bur. 16 Nov 1867 (Dec Q 5c/368 Wells) Butleigh 41W-17, 51W-40, 61W-64

Thomas and his young wife Ann had their only child just six months before the 1841 census in Butleigh Wootton and before their marriage was legitimately carried out. A previous marriage certificate was found to be illegal according to an Act of Parliament. Brother James Lockyer was a visitor. #

By 1851 Thomas was farming 25 acres but in 1861 is listed as just a labourer. He and Ann were visited by their niece Rebecca Lockyer from Bridgwater. Thomas died in 1867 aged '78' which accords with the age he gave at the 1861 census. Probably the Thomas Periam fined £2 10s plus costs for selling Elizabeth Withers a quart of cider in 1866 [Western Gazette 12 Jan 1866].

In 1871 the widowed Ann lived with her niece Rebecca who was then aged 15. By 1881 Ann was on her own and 'disabled' - she died in 1886. Elizabeth Ann became a servant and in 1871 was in service at Townsend Villas, Richmond Surrrey [Perrin]. She married Samuel Mark John Bennett in 1871 (Jun Q 2a/445 Richmond, Surrey) but he died in 1884 in Richmond and by 1891 Elizabeth was a widow and servant working in Clifton. Their only child Frances Bennett (b. 1874 Richmond) remained with her Bennett grandparents in Richmond in 1891 and in 1899 she married Horace Lide Punnett in Richmond.

49) William Perriam Chr. 7 Jan 1781 Butleigh, illegitimate son of Mary Periam, bur. 26 May 1849 (Jun Q 10/366 Wells) Butleigh 41W-16

This couple appear together on the
1841 census but then William died in 1849. Hannah died in 1862. She is the Anna Periam (b. 1772 Sutton Montis) who appears with her daughter Ann (b. 1797) and husband John Earl in Butleigh in 1851-61.#

50) John Perriam b. 1803 Butleigh, labourer, bur. 11 Sep 1865 (Sep Q 5c/359 Wells) Butleigh 41W-16, 51W-40, 61W-63

This John Perriam could be the John s.o. William and Betty Periam Chr. 26 Jan 1806 Butleigh.

In 1841 John lived with his wife and child Mary Ann plus the several children of Stephen and Grace Withers. By 1851 the Withers children had left, but a visitor, Elizabeth Pollett, may have been a Withers relative [see #].

Mary Ann married Walter Lock (b. 1825 Aller) in 1853 (Sep Q 5c/941 Wells) and in 1861 the two couples lived together in Butleigh Wootton. John died in 1865 and Mary in 1867. #

51) John Periam, labourer, alias John Turner, illegitimate son of Mary Williams

This family can be found under Turner. # John also used the alias Williams. He was the illegitimate son of Mary Williams and presumably his father was either a Periam or a Turner. The above children were baptised under the surname Periam but his other five children under the surname Turner. A John Periam was awarded a 1st prize of £2 for 39¾ years service on the farm of Mr. Charles Maidment at the Glastonbury Great Market [Western Gazette 13 Dec 1878].

52) James Periam b. 1810 Plymouth, Devon, pensioner, bur. 11 Jun 1851 (Jun Q 10/371 Wells) Butleigh 51-30

James Periam (41) and wife Elizabeth (38) lived with daughter Elizabeth in Eades Cottage, Butleigh Hill in 1851. Nfi - the parents must have worked in Ireland for a while, where Elizabeth was born, but after James' death in 1851 there is no trace of either of the Elizabeths.

53) William Periam Baltonsborough [Chr. 9 Aug 1781 Baltonsborough, s.o. Thomas and Jane Periam?]

In Feb 1814 the OOP paid for a journey to Somerton to attend a justice meeting about William Periam of Balsbury and he was committed to Ilchester Prison – the father of 'William Periam's bastard'? This may be the William married to Betty having children in Baltonsborough from 1806.

54) Ann Periam

In Sep 1814 the OOP paid for a journey to Somerton with Ann Periam to have her examined – they paid Mr. Welch for two orders of removal from Butleigh to Draycott. They paid for a horse and cart to Cheddar Beer turnpike with Ann. In June 1815 the OOP paid for use of Ann Periam's house to have 58 children inoculated in the Cow Pox.

Other Periam Wills etc needing research:

DD/S/BT/14/2/47 - Copy will of Joseph Periam of Butleigh, yeoman.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1788.

A Joseph Periam of Butleigh, yeoman, married Elizabeth Chalker in Barton St. David on 28 Mar 1758.

DD/S/BT/14/2/54 - Copy will Sarah Periam of Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1832.

DD/S/BT/14/2/55 - Copy will Thomas Periam of Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1833


A) Maria Petti married Butleigh 3 Aug 1592 Philip Creese [YS - I read bride's surname as Potts]

1) Flora Petty married Butleigh 10 May 1593 Richard Grafton #

2) William Petty [Perry?] bur 28 Sep 1592 Butleigh

3) Maria Petty married Butleigh Mar/Apr 1616 Richard Banbury #

4) Harry Petty b. 1757, bur. 22 Oct 1829 Butleigh

In the rate assessment of 1827 a Henry Petty [Harry] paid rates on a cottage in Butleigh. In Oct 1829 Harry and wife were both ill. Ann Petty (70) lived with her lodger Honor Webber (30) - her daughter? in Quarry Lane in 1841. An Honora Pike Chr. 22 Mar 1807 was the daughter of Robert and Ann Pike and may be this person. Ann Pike, widowed c. 1810 [for the second time) married Harry Petty in 1821 and her daughter married someone called Webber if this hypothesis is to hold true. She had paid rates as Ann Pike then in 1822/23 the rates were paid by Ann Petty late Pike. [mistake for Webber? An Honora Pike married a George Webber in Westbury on Trym Glos. On 2 Jan 1837 – in 1851 this person was a widow in Bristol]

Ann Petty, a nurse and widow was possibly related by marriage to Charles Petty (below) living in Dumb Lane in 1851. Ann had moved to Barton Stone by that date and died in 1858. She was the mother of the unmarried Martha Pike (b. 1811) with whom she lived in 1851. #

3) Charles Petty Chr. 2 Jun 1789 High Ham, labourer, s.o. Henry and Mary Petty, bur. 19 Mar 1865 (Mar Q 5c/485 Wells) Butleigh 51-37, 61-59

Charles Petty (62) labourer, and wife Elizabeth (50) plus lodgers John & Robert Masters, James Trollope, Thomas Davis, George Cave lived in Dumb Lane in 1851. John Masters stayed with the Pettys until the next census but his son Robert went labouring elsewhere (West Bradley in 1881). In 1861 Charles and his wife Elizabeth still had John Masters boarding with them. Elizabeth died in 1863 and Charles died in 1865 after a stroke [inquest in Wells Journal 25 Mar 1865]. He lived next door to John Hodges who found him, and opposite to widow Elizabeth Blacker.

4) Elizabeth Petty Chr. 1 Feb 1824 Charlton Adam d.o. Jesse and Elizabeth Petty, Somerset, servant 41-12

Elizabeth served at the house of farmer George Hayes in 1841 and married John Parker (b. 1816 Wheatall) in 1846 (Dec Q 10/767 Wells) # (61-50).


1) John Phelps of Meare [Chr. 15 Apr 1770 Priddy s.o. Thomas and Catherine Phelps]?

In 1812 and 1813 a John Philips occupied and farmed land on the Kings Sedgemoor belonging to James Rocke. Possibly this same person.

2) Thomas Herbert Phelps b. 1861 of Tibberton, d. 23 Nov 1938 (Dec Q 5c/438 Wells)

Thomas was a Hay and Corn Merchant and in 1901 the family still lived at Lower Farm, Tibberton but by 1911 they lived at 30, Wells Road, Glastonbury. Of their four children one had died. At his death William was an estate agent and valuer and left gross estate of £5,858 13s 1d.

2a) Lionel Alan Phelps b. 24 Oct 1897 (Dec Q 6a/246 Newent) Titherton Gloucester, d. 19 Jun, bur. 24 Jun 1990 (Jan 23/1267/190 Mendip) Butleigh

Brother of next [Misread on gravestone as Allen Joel Phelps]. In 1911 he was at school in Weston-super-Mare – Lewesham House, Landemann Circus.

2b) Reginald Guy Phelps b. 16 Sep 1901 (Dec Q 6a/303 Newent) Titherton, Gloucestershire, s.o. Thomas Herbert and Florence Ada Phelps, d. 19 Jun, bur. 24 Jun 1985 (Jun 23/1217/685 Mendip) Butleigh

The only Florence death is Florence May b. 24 Mar 1904, d. 1997 (Jan 3211A/A26C/097/197 Slough).

3) Ernest Laurence Phelps b. 29 Jun 1912 (Sep Q 11a/1746 MerthyrTydfil), d. Nov 1994 Uttlesford, Essex

Ran Butleigh Post Office 1973 - 1982


1) Richard Phillips widower, gent


1) Thomas Henry Hele Phipps JP, Sheriff of Wilts., b. 30 Nov 1777 of Leighton House and Charlford, Wilts s.o. Thomas Hele and Penelope (nee Clutterbuck) Phipps, d. 7 Aug 1841 aged 63 at Leighton House, Wilts

Other recorded births and burials at Leighton House are: Mary b. 1811, bur. 13 Mar 1813, Charles b. 1813 buried 29 Jun 1813 Richard Leckonby Phipps lived at Charlton House, Somerset. In 1830 Philip, the eighth son, aged just 15, was sent to Rio de Janeiro with £20 in his pocket to seek his fortune – became a coffee merchant in Brazil and later MP for Westbury [and g-grandfather of Joyce Grenfell!]. Emma visited Eccleston in 1854 to see her mother's birthplace and fell in love with it – not leaving until her death. She had Leckonby Cottage built after the designs of Charles Hansom of Clifton.

1a) Thomas Henry Hele Phipps b. 15 Mar 1800 Westbury, d. 4 Apr, buried 10 Apr 1847 Leighton House, Wilts

Thomas Henry Hele Phipps of Butleigh Court, Glastonbury​ [Listed as such in Burke's Commoners 1838 plus Parliamentary records for 1832 – the year he was elected for Westbury, address Butleigh Court] Some records of his marriage give Thomas' abode as Leighton House, Wilts. In Sep 1831 he had put his name to a petition for the passing of the Reform Bill. Thomas had had a stroke and paralytic seizure a few years before his actual death. Thomas and Hester had a son Thomas Henry Leckonby Phipps who purchased a position as ensign in 1848 from the 28th Foot. He married 14 Jun 1859 in Chelsea his cousin Jacintha Penelope Phipps. He died without issue, the Chalford and Westbury estates then passed to his uncle John Lewis Phipps.

A letter written to Miss [Emma?] Phipps at Butleigh Court by her mother from Westbury dated 24 Aug 1830 seems to be earliest definite record of their inhabiting Butleigh Court. LETTER He possibly only rented part of the Court since both he and Ralph Neville Grenville appear as of Butleigh in the 'Game Lists' of 1833. Called 'of Leighton House' post 1835. He is recorded as being sworn in at Wells Quarter Sessions on 23 Mar 1840. In 1841 Thomas and Hester plus William and Wilton appear at Leighton House, Westbury.

This would seem to indicate a strong link to the Henry Hall # who leased Butleigh Court in 1829 for 5 years (below). Henry Hall might have been the brother of Hester's father William Hall who owned the Swan Brewery in Oxford and who bought the Barton Abbey estate in 1822. Another link is that Hester's brother Henry b. 1822 married 18 Apr 1837 Catherine Louisa Hood b. 25 Mar 1818, d.o. Samuel Hood 2nd Lord Bridport and Charlotte Mary Nelson, Duchess di Bronte, d. 6 Oct 1893.

DD/S/BT/27/3/4 & 28/8/19 - 1] Revd. George Neville Grenville of Hawarden, Flints 2] Henry Hall of Butleigh Draft lease of Butleigh House for five years, grape house, greenhouse, icehouse, stables, gardens, gravel walks, Cooks orchard (20, Beggars well (12a), Berril (11a), part of the Park, contents Date: 1829.


1) Frederick William Pickard b. 1869 (Jun Q 10b/607 East Ward) Appleby, Westmorland, estate clerk, s.o. Frederick and Emma Pickard, died 1910 (Mar Q 7b/481 Bakewell)

In 1881 Frederick lived with his parents in Castle Lodge, Appleby, Westmorland where his father was a groom. In 1891 he boarded in Alder Cottages, Hothfield, Kent where he was estate clerk in an agent's office. In 1901 Frederick and Mary lived at Butts Road, Bakewell, Derbys. where he was Estate clerk to the County Council. A Mary Pickard died in Bakewell, Derbyshire in 1955 aged 92 who is probably this Mary.

Pickesee Pike


1) William Pickford b. 1672 Compton Dundon d. 29 Aug 1763 aged 91 [taken from tomb picture]

William's father was probably the Robert Pickford b. 1644 who died 22 Apr 1714 and who is buried in the neighbouring grave in Compton Dundon.

2) John Pickford

In 1782/3 the overseers paid £1 12s 0d 'for two warants horshiar [horse hire] and expences for to aprehend John Pickford and for the maring of John Pickford and his wife'. Difficult to understand what was going on here unless John had taken up with another Butleigh girl – no marriage traced but a John and Ann were having children in Glastonbury after the date of Ann's burial, besides the one above.


[Picke? -Pyke]

A) John Pike/Picke died between 1680 and 1691

John was Overseer in 1668 (Picke). John donated money to the building of St. Pauls Cathedral in 1680 according to the churchwarden's accounts – he paid rates in Butleigh from 1773-1701 and on South Moor grounds from 1678-98. A Dorothy Picke was buried in 1691. In 1702 Jacob Gibbs paid rates on the property.

B) Hugh Pike d. Feb 1806 [poss. The Hugh Piake Chr. 2 Feb 1743 East Lydford s.o. Robert Piake?]

Hugh Pike received relief from June 1794 and rent from the OOP in 1801 – 1803 (Hugh Pike and wife). In July 1796 the OOP paid the Overseer in Wells for the keep of Hugh. They paid Mr. Pulsford for setting Hugh's thigh and attending him. From 1797 the OOP paid relief to Hugh Pike and wife – until Feb 1803. In Feb 1803 the OOP paid for the burial of Hugh Pike's wife. They then paid relief solely to Hugh until Feb 1806. The OOP paid for his burial (in Wells?) in Feb 1806 'as per bill'. From June payments were made to Hugh Pike's wife. In 1807 the OOP paid rent for Pikes widow and she was paid until 1809/10. In Jan 1813 there is a payment to Hugh Pike's wife. In March 1813 she seems to be the person called Mary Pike receiving relief. This must be the Mary Pike of Wells receiving relief in 1814. In Aug 1815 Mary's goods were hauled to Sealy's Row [Poor house]. Later a Robert Pike of Wells also received relief [possibly left Butleigh in 1813 and returned by 1815]. In 1817 Mary was still receiving relief but called 'of Wells'. Pikes also lived in Kingweston at this same time.

A Sarah Pike married Hugh Penny in Butleigh in 1781, probably a sister of the Hugh senior above.

DD\SAS\C/795/SE/24 Will of Benjamin Pulsford of the City of Wells, surgeon, 13 Nov.1782 referring to son Wm. and James, and his death in Sept.1784, leaving son Wm. P. surviving (died 1798), whose eld. s. and heir was Wm. P. (aged about 21 in 1808). [4 ff] circa 1816

1) Robert Pike Chr. 13 Jun 1777 Bleadon, Somerset, agricultural labourer, bur. 6 Apr 1844 (Jun Q 10/347 Wells) Butleigh 41-4

Robert Pike and family received relief from the OOP in Dec 1810. In Sep 1812 relief (and 60 lb of flock) given to Robing Pike. In October 1812 they paid for Robert's lodging [at Jane Gill's] and a pair of shoes for his son. In Dec they also bought him other essentials – bed rug, iron crock, brown sheeting. A Robert Pike of Wells received relief. In Dec 1815 they paid him in his distress and paid for the carriage of his goods from Wells. In Jan 1816 Robert was living at Sealy's Row. He received regular relief from the OOP. In Aug 1820 the OOP paid for the delivery of Agnes' child. In Jan 1829 the OOP paid Robert relief because he had a 'bad hand'. In Jan 1831 a Robert Pike was examined and an order for removal made. In August, October Robert received 'pension money' and relief when ill. In Nov 1833 Mr. Welch made an order and went to Wootton to meet Robert Pike [father or son?] and he was carried to Wells by horse and cart.

In 1841 Robert Pike (60) lived at No. 2, Sealys Row with his wife Agness (55) and children Hugh (16) James (15) and Sarah (15). Robert died in 1844. Sarah married Henry Wilcox in Butleigh 23 Nov 1846 (Dec Q 10/767 Wells) # and went to live in Oddway and Agness lived with them there [in 1851 - 1861] until her death in 1868. Hugh married and went to live at No. 5 Quarry House.

1a) Robert Pyke Chr. 6 Jan 1805, Ugborough [Modbury], Devon, labourer, died 1854 41-9, 51-37

In Aug 1832 Robert was paid for whitewashing at Wootton for three days. In August Mr. Bond treated him for a broken collar bone and a truss was made for him. From Sep he received relief. In July 1833 Agnes received relief when ill. Mr. Bond attended Robert Pike junior in Oct 1833.Robert Pike (35) and wife Eliza (25) lived with daughter Ann (2) somewhere near Water Lane in 1841. They had married in 1840. If Eliza was the d.o. Charles and Fanny Davis (b. 1811 Butleigh) – then she was the mother of an illegitimate child, Henry b. 1834, by Frederick Green.# Eliza died in 1849. In 1851 the widowed Robert lived with his brother Huw at No. 5 Quarry House. Nfi on Ann but she may have died (one registered at Langport in 1853). Two Robert Pikes died in 1854 (Mar Q 6c/423 & Sep Q 5c/340 Wells). Probably this Robert Pike 'aged about 50, of Butleigh' who was arrested for having stolen a desk containing 7 shillings and two books from the premises of Mr. R. Clements of Southover, beerhousekeeper. [7 May 1853 – see Wells Journal 14th May]. He was sent for trial.

1b) William Pike Chr. 18 Apr 1813 Butleigh, labourer, s.o. Robert Pike, bur. 23 Dec 1865 (Dec Q 5c/379 Wells) Butleigh 41-5, 51-36, 61-58

In 1841 William Pike/Pyke (25) and wife Sarah (25) lived in the High Street. They had married in 1840. By 1851 they lived at Barton Stone and William (37) and Sarah (36) now had two children, Edmund and Jehu Jesse. The Pikes stayed in Barton Stone in 1861 by which time they had added Eliza to their family. Sarah Pike died in 1869 aged 57. William Pike died in 1865 aged '54'.

Edmund found employment by 1861 as a servant at the "Prebendal", home of the vicar of Aylesbury, Bucks., but became a police constable by 1871 and lived at London Street Station, St. Giles, Reading. He married Fanny Eyles in 1872 (Jun Q 2c/643 Reading). By 1881 they lived at 4, Boults Walk, St. Giles, Reading - with four children, and he was still a constable. By 1891 he had moved to Caversham Oxfordshire (as his brother Jehu moved in the reverse direction!) where he became churchyard curator and lived at churchyard House with his wife and five children. They were still there in 1901.

Jehu (often given as John on the censuses - as at his baptism) became an apprentice carpenter at the home of William Bennett and his wife Mary (born Maria Richards, Butleigh #), at Lansdown House, Clevedon - where Marina Higgins (15) was the cook. # He later married Phoebe Slaughter in 1874 (Dec Q 2c/381 Hartley Wintney, Hamps) and they lived in Caversham, Oxfordshire (1881) then 41, Spring Grove, Reading (1891) where he was a carpenter, with four children - and now listed as John.

Eliza was a servant in the home of Charles Griffin, grocer & butcher of High Street, Glastonbury in 1871 and in 1878 she married Richard Howells Rowley (Jun Q 1d/776 Wandsworth). In 1881 her husband was a coachman and they appeared at 3, Morton Mews, Brompton, Kensington. In 1891 Eliza lived alone at 112, Walton St., Chelsea but in 1901 they were both at 12, Jacobs Well Mews, St. Marylebone - childless.

1c) Hugh (Hew) Pike Chr. 13 Aug 1820 Butleigh, labourer, bur. 24 May 1901 (Jun Q 5c/310 Wells) Butleigh 41-4, 51-37, 61-61, 71-83, 81-103, 91-122, 01-144

Hugh had lived with his parents at 2, Sealy's Row in 1841 and married Sophia Wilcox from the village in 1846. By 1851 they lived in Quarry House No. 5 :- Hew Pyke (30) farm labourer, with his wife Sophia and children Ann, James and Elias plus Hugh's widowed brother Robert (45) - (1a). They remained at this address in 1861 with the addition of two more children; Eleanor and George.

By 1871 Hugh (50) and wife Sophia (49) lived with Ann (23) and George (11) in [Sub Road - uncertain] while James, Elias and Eleanor were in service in different parts of the village. At the Glastonbury Great Market in December 1878 Hugh won 1st prize if £1 for rearing 95 lambs from 57 ewes as shepherd to Mr. Alexander Higgins. [Western Gazette 13 Dec 1878]. In 1881 Hugh (59) with wife Sophia (58) and son George (21) now had their grandson William Higgins Pike living with them (the child of Eleanor). Ann married Alfred Andrews in Butleigh on 28 Nov 1872. #

Eleanor was a servant at Pembroke Lodge, London Road, Hampton, Middlesex in 1881 - she married carman John Peacock in 1890 (Jun Q 2a/548 Kingston) and they lived in Kingston on Thames. In 1911 they lived at 10, Willoughby Rd., Kingston with two children.

By 1891 Hugh was living on Parish relied, as was Sophia, and they still had their grandson William with them - living in three rooms next to No. 43. They were still there, minus William, in 1901 with their son Elias living next door at No. 43. William had joined the Army, aged 19, in 1894 (the 5th Lancers) and signed on for 8 years - his occupation on enlistment was 'gardener'. Hugh died in 1901 aged 82 and Sophia died in 1908.

1cai) William Higgins Pike b. 1875 (Sep Q 5c/531 Wells) Glastonbury Chr. 3 Oct 1875 Butleigh [Company sergeant major d. 1916 Somerset Light Infantry?]

In 1901 Ethel had been a parlour maid in Branksome, Dorset. On the 1911 census William appears as William Pike with three children living in two rooms at 40 Butleigh with occupation soldier, staff sergeant India, unattached list – army school of cookery, Poona, India. He noted that he and Ethel had had four children but one had died.

1c1) James Pike Chr. 30 Jul 1848 (Sep Q 10/496 Wells) Butleigh, gardener, bur. 2 Apr 1914 (Mar Q 5c/636 Wells) Butleigh 51-37, 61-61, 71-83, 91-119, 01-140

James was a farm boy when he lived with his parents and in 1871 when he lodged with John Curtis at No. 42, he was a gardener. He married Mary in 1872 before moving to Glastonbury around 1874 where they had Beatrice, Florence and Sophia Alice - all appeared in Benedict Street on the 1881 census By 1891 they were back in Butleigh and lived at 21 High Street. James (42), labourer, lived there in three rooms with his wife Mary (40) a laundress, and their children Florence (13) and Alice (10). Beatrice was a patient at St. Raphael's Home, Higher Lyncombe Rd., Tormoham, Torquay in 1891. It was a convalescent home and several Butleigh people were in the adjoining St. Luke's Home as servants (e.g. Mary, Alice and Nellie Lye). # Beatrice was back in Butleigh with her parents by 1901.

James reverted to being a gardener (he was now paralysed - after a stroke?) and lived in Wood Lane in 1901 with just his wife Mary and daughters Beatrice (26), a cook, and Florence (23), a laundress like her mother.

Sophia Alice was a housemaid at the vicarage in Leigh-on-Mendip in 1901. She married Fred Rossiter (b. 1881 Leigh) a plate maker of Leigh on Mendip in Butleigh on 23 Feb 1903 (Mar Q 5c/725 Wells) and they lived in Leigh St., Leigh on Mendip in 1911 with two of their children. Her sister Florence married plate maker Wyndham Rossiter (b. 1884), his brother in Butleigh on 25 May 1908 (Jun Q 5c/987 Wells) and they also lived in Leigh St. in 1911 – without children – Wyndham was a hurdle maker.

In 1911 James and Mary lived at 21 Butleigh with daughter Beatrice and grandson Arthur Rossiter (b. 1904 Leigh on Mendip). Mary died in 1913 aged 62 and James died in Wells Union Workhouse in 1914 aged 65. Beatrice died in Butleigh Hospital.

1c2) Elias Pike Chr. 3 May 1850 (Mar Q 10/515 Wells) Butleigh, labourer, bur. 29 Apr 1922 Butleigh 51-37, 61-61, 71-80, 81-98, 91-113, 01-144

Elias lodged with James Craft in Oddway in 1871 and was a general labourer. Lydia (name misspelled as Goenter) appeared with her parents at Main Street Cottage, Walton in 1871 - listed as a farmers servant.

They married in 1874 and after the birth of Edith in 1877 lived for a few years in Street before returning to Butleigh. They were there in 1881 at Pond Head :- Elias Pike (30) with wife Lydia (27) and children Edith, Ellen and John Hugh. In 1883 when Sophie was born their address was given as Moorhouse. They moved to No. 9 High Street by the 1891 census: Elias Pike (40) with wife Lydia (40) and six children; John Hugh (11) plus five new children; Sophie, Emily, George, Alfred and Frank. John, who was an under gardener in 1891 lived in Chippenham in 1901, as a general labourer. Sophie seems to have been a patient in an institution in Bodmin, Cornwall (not specified). Emily was a kitchenmaid at "Culverdine", a large house at Tolland, Hamps. Young Frank was boarded out with George Turner at Moorhouse for some reason.

Elias Pike's daughter Edith Pike was servant at Bridge Farm in 1891 and she married Sidney Small in 1896 (Jun Q 5c/925 Wells) - they lived in Butleigh Wootton by 1901. # Lydia died in 1895 and in 1901 the widower Elias Pike (50), then a gardeners labourer, lived with his son George (14) in a property along the present Sub Road. George married Bertha Ann Charlton in 1905. Elias lived alone in 1911.

Alfred a chauffeur, married Elsie May Ashmore in 1908 (Sep Q 6d/1123 Solihull) and in 1911 they lived in Mill Lane, Sanford St. Martin, Oxford with their son Wilfred.

Frank, a soldier, married Winifred Laura Jane Williams in Butleigh on 26 Feb 1919 (Mar Q 5c/749 Wells). Mr. F. Pike rented No. 13 High Street at £3 10s 0d p.a. at sale of the Estate in Feb. 1947. Water obtained from communal well at No. 11. Winifred died 29 Jul, bur 2 Aug 1966 Butleigh aged 72.

1c2A) George Pike b. 3 Apr, Chr. 22 May 1887 (Jun Q 5c/624 Wells) Butleigh shepherd 91-113, 01-144 01-144 PHOTO

George and family lived in four rooms at 3 Butleigh (Compton St.) in 1911. Their first child had died before the census. It appears that George absconded to Bristol abandoning his family. Mrs. Bertha Pike rented No. 21, Butleigh High Street at £11 4s 0d p.a. at sale of the Estate in Feb. 1947. Water obtained from well shared with No. 19. She also rented No. 44 Butleigh [St. James' sq] at £3 per year. The adjoining properties Nos. 43, 45 and 46 were empty in 1947. No. 44 was bought by a Mr. Spiller for £95. Bertha died in Butleigh Hospital

1c2Ai) Maurice Gilbert Pike b. 22 Sep, Chr.1 Dec 1912 (Dec Q 5c/712 Wells) Butleigh d. 1960 (Dec Q 6b/29 Aldershot) PHOTO

Maurice lived at 16, High Street. His son Peter reports that his father met his future bride in 1937 in Farnborough, Hants, while he was serving at Aldershot in the Horse Artillery. After the War Maurice and family returned to Butleigh.

1c3) George Pike Chr. 20 Sep 1859 (Sep Q 5c/399 Wells) Butleigh, agricultural labourer, bur. 29 Jan 1933 (Mar Q 5c/661 Wells) Butleigh 61-61, 71-83, 81-103, 91-121, 01-143

In 1871 Mary Ann Williams lived with her parents and grandmother at Polecleves, Bickleigh, Devon and in 1881 she was a servant at "Wescott", Burlescombe Rd, Burlescombe, Devon. She married George Pike in 1885. In 1891 they lived at 42 Dumb Lane/Sub Road with son Harry b. 1887. By the 1901 census their surviving children were Harry, Louis and Alice. Louis was a casualty in WWI. Still at 42 Butleigh in 1911 George and Mary Ann lived in four rooms with Harry, Louis and Ellen. Mr. H. Pike rented No. 42 Butleigh at the time of the Estate sale of Feb. 1947 for £3 5s 0d per annum – water obtained from a well.

2) Robert Pike of Kingweston, bur. 1 Dec 1810 Butleigh

The OOP paid towards the delivering of Robert's wife in April 1805. This Robert isn't the same as (1) - their children overlap. This Robert on his marriage was described as a sojourner or temporary resident. In June 1798 the OOP started making payments to Ann Pike and children [Sarah and Helen Hodges?] and paid until Oct 1802. Ann Petty was the mother of Martha Pike (next). In Dec 1810 the OOP paid relief for Ann Pike and children and frequently thereafter. An Ann Pyke began paying rates on a Butleigh property in 1818/19 to 1827+. In 1823 she was called called Ann Petty late Pike.see under Ann Petty. In Jan 1823 Honor Pike began receiving OOP relief [in April called Ann Petty's daughter]. An Honour Pike of Butleigh married a George Webber of Clifton at Westbury-on-Trym on Jan 2nd 1837.

3) Martha Pike b. 1811 Butleigh, d.o. Mary Ann [Pike] Petty, bur. 3 Jul 1858 (Sep Q 5c/353 Wells) Butleigh 51-36

Martha lived with her widowed mother Ann Petty in Barton Stone in 1851 and died, unmarried, in 1858, her mother having died in 1852.

4) Edmund Pike - died 1837 (Sep Q 10/277 Frome)?

4a) James Pike b. 1825 Butleigh, labourer, s.o. Edmund Pike, d. 22 Feb, bur. 1 Mar 1899 (Mar Q 5c/340 Wells) Butleigh aged 76 [41-4]?, 51-27, 61-53, 71-71, 81-100, 91-123

In 1851 James had lodged with Samuel Laver in Oddway. Anna had lived with her mother in Cleveland Row, Ilchester in 1841. They married in 1855 and appeared in Barton Stone in 1861 :- James Pike (38) with wife Anna (35) and daughter Thursa b. 1858. The daughter's name is variously Theresa, Thursa and Thirza. Living next door were Agnes Pike and her daughter Sarah Wilcox. One would assume that James was the son of Robert and Agnes's (Chr. 4 May 1823) # but in the PR at his marriage he stated his father was Edmund! The Pikes were in No. 4, Compton Street by 1871 with an additional daughter Emma, but returned to Barton Stone by 1881.

James was involved in a riotous disturbance in Butleigh in 1866 involving Robert Gilbert, Edward Gillam, William Hockey, Israel Look, John Burch, Levi Gillam and John Talbot, all of Butleigh labourers and concerned an assault by Pamela Willcox and Jane Higgins of Butleigh against Ann Higgins [Western Gazette 26 Oct 1866].

Thirza married Edwin Tucker of Butleigh on 7 Jan 1886 (Mar Q 5c/727 Wells). In 1891 they lived in Butleigh Wootton where by 1901 they had four children. # In 1891 Emma was housemaid to a retired Captain - Henry Phelps R.N. in Castle Cary. As Emma Jane she married haulier Herbert Osborne in 1899 (Jun Q 5c/967 Wells). In 1911 they lived in Piltown, West Pennard with their 5 surviving (of 6) children.

James Pike (69) and wife Hannah lived at No. 57 in 1891. In December 1893 at the Glastonbury Great Market James received a premium of £2 10s for 51 years service for Robert Neville-Grenville. James died in 1899 and Anna [Hannah} went to live with her daughter Emma Jane and son-in-law Herbert Osborne at Railway Crossing, West Pennard (1901).

In 1911 Anna lived with daughter Thirza Tucker at 24 Butleigh Wootton. She died in 1914 aged 85.

5) Martha Pike Chr. 2 Apr 1775 Kingweston, d.o. William and Martha Cannon, servant, bur. 9 May 1851 Butleigh 41-9, 51-25

The widowed Martha Pike was a servant at the home of John Cannon in Compton Street in 1841 and both John Cannon and Martha lodged with Charles Davis in the High Street in 1851. Martha Cannon had married William Barber in Kingweston 2 Jan 1804 and after his death [bur. 13 Nov 1834 Kingweston] married a widower William Pike (s.o. Jonas) in Kingweston 25 Jun 1838, who subsequently died aged 83 and was buried 25 Jan 1839 Kingweston.

6) Charles Pike Chr. 16 Aug 1846 Greinton, s.o. John and Phoebe Pike 61-54

Charles lived with his parents in Greinton in 1851, his father was a labourer. Aged 15 he was a farm servant at Hill Farm in 1861. Charles married Anna Maria Clist and in 1871 they lived with her parents at 1, Haberlos Place, St. Philip, Bristol. They remained in Bristol for all subsequent censuses.

7) Ann Pike b. 1824 Butleigh?

Ann married James Chase in 1853 (Sep Q 1c/770 Whitechapel). An Ann Chase married to James, in the Army, appears at Kensington St. Mary Abbott in 1861. The same person? An Ann Pike was Chr. 8 Nov 1827 in Kingweston.

8) Eliza Pike b. 1844, bur. 13 Jan 1850 Butleigh - a daughter of William (1b)?

9) James Pike Chr. 1 Jun 1873 Whitestaunton, gardener, milkseller, s.o. James (a coachman) and Mary Pike

In 1881 the Pike family lived at Whitestaunton near Chard. James' father was a labourer at that time. By 1891 James was a gardener working at Dalham Hall, Dalham Suffolk. After their marriage James and Minnie went to live in three rooms at 30, Taunton Road Bridgwater together with James' brother George (31) a gardener, and Nellie Higgins (b. 1887 Butleigh) # - Minnie's half sister, d.o. Christopher Higgins and Sarah Ann Eades. In 1911 Minnie and James lived at the Gardeners Cottage, Bathealton, Wiveliscombe.

10) Mr. M. Pike rented No. 16 High Street at £7 16s 0d p.a. As sub-tenant of Mr. L. Maunder at sale of the Estate in Feb. 1947. Water obtained from well.

Pillardsee Pittard


1) Till Pilton


1) Nicholas Pimfeder


1) Thomas Piney (Pirry?)


1) Dr. T. H. A. Pinniger M.B., B.Ch. (Bris), M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.

Dr. Pinniger was chairman of the House Committee of Butleigh Hospital and attended the ceremony when the Nurses Home was ceremonially opened on 4th August 1949..


1) John Pyper of Butleigh - Will of 14 May 1547 – PROB 11/31/514

September 17th 1546, John Pyper of Butleigh, diocese of Bath & Wells. My body to be buried in the churchyard of St. Leonarde of Butleigh. To the mother church of Wells 4d. To the Brotherhed of the benefactors of the church of Butleigh a kow. Residue: to John Scott the elder of Butleigh, my executor. Witnesses: Sir John Dowle, John Burdham, William Gibbes. Proved May 14th 1547

Pirry - Perrey

1) Thomas Pyrrie Will 30 Jan 1559, pr. 14 Mar 1559 [Somerset Record Society (SRS) volume 62]

All the above mentioned in his Will plus an Edward Pyrrie. Witnesses Robert Gybbes and Thomas Jones. An Elizabeth Pirey is mentioned in the will of Avice Kytes in 1555. Thomas and Philip Pery mentioned in the 1557 will of Robert Adams.

1a) Philip Pirry bur. 13 Oct 1578 Butleigh?

2) Mary Pirry married Butleigh 26 Jun 1580 Robert Fathers

3) Elinora Pirry married Butleigh 27 May 1583 Walentius Dawe

In Ilchester St. Mary Major a daughter of Valentine Dawe, Susanna, was Chr. 28 Oct 1595 – probably this couple.

4) Margaret Pirry married Butleigh 12 Jul 1584 Thomas She...yer?

5) Joanna Pirry married Butleigh 27 Oct 1587 John Tucker

6) Alicia Pirry married Butleigh 28 Apr 1588 John Hobbes #

7) Margery Pirry married Butleigh 5 Jul 1593 John Bartlett #

8) Joanne Pirry married Butleigh 14 Nov 1594 Peter Reeves

This couple seem to have lived in Street. Walter Chr. 2 Feb 1602 Street, William Chr. 5 Jul 1606 Street, sons of Peter Reeves.

9) Margery Pirry married Butleigh 30 Sep 1605 Francis Walton/Walter

10) George Pirry

An Agnes Pirry received Poor relief 1606 – 1616 and may have been the widow of George (having a daughter Agnes). George is mentioned in the will of Johan Gregory 1550

11) Mathew Pirry bur. 5 Aug 1604 Butleigh

12) Stephen Pirry

A Joanna Pirry married John Burnard Butleigh 28 Nov 1610 #

13) Jeanne Pirry widow bur. 2 Apr 1598 Butleigh

14) Elizabeth Pirry widow bur. 19 Jul 1603 Butleigh

15) Margaret Perry widow bur. 18 Aug 1613 Butleigh

Margaret Perie paid £9, 9s Tithing on the Subsidy Roll of 1581. [SRS Vol. 88]. Wife of Philip or Stephen Perry?

16) Joanna Pirry widow bur, 4 Jul 1621 Butleigh

17) The Joan Pirry who received Poor relief in 1616?

18) John Pirry called 'Magor' bur. 13 Apr 1616 Butleigh

One of the John Pirrys receiving Poor relief 1613/1614. A John Perye paid £3, 3s Tithing on the Subsidy Roll of 1581. [SRS Vol. 88]

19) Philip Pirry

The burials of 1 and 4 may refer to children of son 1) Philip donated 1/- towards the building of Chelsea College in 1617

Exchequer E134/9Chas1/Mich8 - Phillip Perry, William Perry. v. William Noy (Attorney-General), James Levingstone, Thos. Pawlett, Andrew Whittington, Thomas Brooke, John Gutch, Wm. Dowthwaite.: Manor and vicarage of Butleigh, and the moor called "South Moor" or "Aller Moor" belonging Date range: 1633 - 1634.

20) John Pirry [same as Magor above?]

A John and a John son of John received Poor relief between 1606 and 1616.

21) Thomas Pirry

A Walter Perry was Overseer in 1656.

22) Christopher Pirry

23) Anna Pirry married Butleigh 21 Apr 1623 John Cox #

24) Margaret Pirry married Butleigh 18 Apr 1655 Philip Avery

25) John Pirry husband of Margaret bur. 6 May 1668 Butleigh ['the elder' bur. 29 Mar 1668 Butleigh]

26) John Pirry 'magor' 'the younger' bur. 7 Jan 1668 Butleigh

A John Pery was Overseer in 1668. Banns were read in March 1655 between Margaret Perry and Philip Avery in Butleigh.

DD/S/BT/6/5/1 1] John Champneys of Orchardleigh and wife Deborah Hippisley., Edward Hippisley of Chewton Mendip and Thomas Hippisley of Camerton 2] John Perrie of Butleigh, yeomen Bargain and sale of Horses (6a) part Guppies farm, Butleigh Endorsed Look 1803 as are the other deeds in this bundle. 1647

27) Thomasin Pirry wife of John bur. 15 Aug 1667 Butleigh

28) William Pirry [Will] bur. 27 Dec 1668 Butleigh

William Pery was Overseer in 1658.

DD/S/BT/7/4/1 - 1] William Perry of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Richard Goefree the younger of Ashcott, yeoman Assignment of Broade Moore (3a), Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1666 - 1667.

29) William Pirry

30) Walter Pirry

31) Walter Pirry bur. 19 Jun 1658 Butleigh [same as 30, second marriage?]

DD/S/BT/4/5/4 - 1] Thomas Symcockes 2] Walter Perry of Butleigh Wootton, husbandman Lease for lives of Moorehill (4a), Pilpates (5a) by Street brook, 6a in Wootton West field, Butleigh. Rent 3s.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1645 - 1646.

PROB 11/291/389 - Will of Walter Perrey Husbandman Butleigh, Somerset Date: 28 May 1659.

32) Edmund Perry bur. 13 Nov 1770 Butleigh

In 1743-44 the churchwardens paid Edw (Edm?) Perry for killing one hedgehog. A William Pery was also paid for killing hedgehogs in the same period – a brother? A Thomas Perry was paid his bill for writing 'ye Lord's prayer, ye Cread and ten Commandments'. Edw. Perry received money for killing sparrows in 1744-45. In 1749/50 Edmund was paid for keeping Thomas Look's family. In 1750-51 during the rebuilding of the church Edmund was paid for cleaning the lasts and 2 days work.

Edmund must have travelled where work took him and in August 1766 an OOP entry reads '£1 16s 4½d to Edmund Perry's wife and children ye letters & postage &c to Portsmouth'. In Nov/Dec 1770 the OOP paid for Edmund's coffin and four men to carry him to church. His wife seems to have remained in Bristol and in Feb 1773 the OOP sent 10/6 to pay her rent there.

In 1776 the OOP paid the charge of Elizabeth Perry (and John Callow's family in Bristol) in sickness. Did Elizabeth marry a John Callow? An Elizabeth Callow was buried on 2 Aug 1801 Butleigh.

DD/S/BT/9/3/2 - 1] Mary Sheat of Butleigh, widow of Richard 2] Edmund Perry of Butleigh, cooper Assignment of middle part of a tenement used as a shop, barn and gatehouse in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1747 - 1748.

DD/S/BT/9/3/3 - 1] Edmund Perry of Butleigh, cooper 2] Ann Sever of Wells Mortgage of middle part of a tenement used as a shop, barn and gatehouse in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1748.

DD/S/BT/9/3/5 - 1] Ann Sever of Wells, widow 2] Edmund Perry of Butleigh, cooper 3] Revd Samuel Hood of Butleigh Assignment of mortgage of middle part of a tenement used as a shop, barn and gatehouse in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS Date: 1759.

33) John Perry

DD/S/BT/11/2/34 1] Thomas Merriott of Glastonbury and wife Hannah formerly widow of William Moxham, James Clothier of Street, yeoman and James Salter the younger of Podimore, yeoman, surviving executors of William Moxham decd 2] William Warbutton of Butleigh Wootton, carpenter, executor of Ann Pope decd 3] John Perry of Glastonbury, yeoman Mortgage of the Common (3a), Butleigh. 1741

34) William Perry [b. 1820 Wincanton?, Govt. servant, died 1888 (Dec Q 5c/299 Shepton Mallet)?]

In 1891 the widowed Frances and daughter Ethel were visiting Frances' married sister Charlotte Rood Noble and her husband Edward J. at 2, Hazel Villa, Butts Hill, Frome. In 1901 Frances lived with her widowed mother Frances Higgins (72) plus her brother Frank and nephew Arthur at 10, Orchard St., Street. Her husband had been in 'Government Service'. In 1911, widowed, Frances lived with her widowed mother-in-law Eliza Perry (91) at 68, Grandison Rd., Battersea. An Ethel Perry married in 1911 (Sep Q 5c/901 Wells).


1) John Pitcher paid rates in 1730 (OOP)

Several John Pitchers lived in South Petherton at this time. Possibly the John s.o. John Chr. 16 May 1692 South Petherton

DD\BR\IP/1 Lands in Butleigh, pt. of a farm called Guppies incl. the farm-house, arable land at Catwel Stile in the South Field of Wootton, land in Rug Furlong, Pitchers Furlong, Castlewell and Woodsplott, 1725, 1732;

DD/S/BT/9/4/13-14 1] James Grenville 2] Helena Pitcher of South Petherton Lease for lives of a messuage and 3a late Christopher Symcockes, Porters hill (8a) and 5a ar. part Morehouse, Butleigh. Rent 6s 6d. With counterpart.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT Date: 1750.



1) Alice Pytman married Butleigh 2 Jun 1600 John Baker #

2) Alice Pilman married Butleigh 1 Dec 1632 Thomas Stase [Stacey}#

3) William Pitman of Butleigh, bur. 1 Oct 1788 Butleigh

William Pitman supplied 1340 faggotts for the Butleigh poor in 1773/4. In Oct 1781 the OOP paid him rent for John Martin. He supplied wheat to Thomas Periam in 1781 (in Dec 1782 OOP a/c). In 1784 he was elected to act as Churchwarden for James Grenville.

A William & Elizabeth bur. 11 Apr 1777 Butleigh, possibly twins (?) were probably of this family. Eleanor Chr. 10 Sep 1788 Butleigh, married James Churches/Churchouse in Meare on 2 Sep 1811 and appeared in Godney in 1841 with six children and as a widow and schoolmistress in Wookey with two daughters (born in Meare) in 1851.

4) Thomas Pitman b. 1791 Somerset, stone mason, died 1843 (Sep Q 10/317 Wells) 41-10

Thomas lodged with William Look in the High Street in 1841 but died in 1843. Thomas may be the son b. 1783 of William and Elizabeth Pitman?

5) Sidney G. Pitman b. 1857 Westonzoyland, servant, s.o. William and Hannah Pitman 71W-84

Sidney aged 14 worked for Edward Mogg at Sedgemoor Farm in 1871. He later married Eliza Ann Merrick b. 1859 Moorlinch and lived in Moorlinch with her up to the century's end, with several children.

6) Edward Pitman Chr. 18 Oct 1814 East Lydford, s.o. Richard and Christabella Pitman, died 1891 (Mar Q 5c/379 Yeovil)

In 1841 Edward was an agricultural labourer living with his brother Richard and sister Jane, parents presumably deceased. Sarah lived in West Camel with her parents (father Ag. Lab.) and she worked as a glover - she had three younger brothers living at home with her in 1841. Edward and Sarah married later the same year.

In 1851 Edward farmed 20 acres and was also a labourer for others. By 1861 his land had increased to 30 acres and his children doubled in number. By 1871 his acreage was 24 but he had added another child - though four of the older ones had left home by then. In 1881 he had 27 acres and employed his son.

Jane Ashford Pitman married Frederick Moore b. 1842 (Sep. Q 10/505 Yeovil) Podimore in 1865 (Jun Q 5c/941 Yeovil) and they lived in Butleigh from c. 1885 onwards.

7) Harold Arthur Pitman b. 1895, Chauffeur, gardener youngest son of John Pitman, d. 28 Aug, bur. 31 Aug 1949 (Sep 7c/209 Wells) Butleigh

Harold of Butleigh Wootton, came from Semley, Wiltshire, and was a member of the British legion.


1) Robert Fowler Pitt b. 20 Nov 1793, Chr. 5 Jan 1794 St. Luke, Chelsea, London, s.o. Malachi and Mary Pitt

In 1841 the family lived at Bier Lane, Clewer New Windsor. In 1851 Elizabeth and husband Robert F. (coal porter) lived with George (15 – assistant schoolmaster) and Elizabeth (20) and William (17) in Eton. In 1841 in Bier Lane, Clewer, New Windsor. Robert and Elizabeth had two older children: Ann and Thomas. An Ann Pitt married Frederick Locke in 1852 (Sep Q 3a/467 Eton). Robert as a mail clerk appeared as a witness in the trial of the 'Great Western mail robbery of 24 Jan 1849. [Morning Post 24 Mar 1849]

The Western Gazette of 24 Apr 1874 published the result of an inquest into the suicide of Elizabeth who hung herself from a beam in her house. She was found by her daughter-in-law and Dr. Bright said he had been treating her for nervous depression for some time. Elizabeth is buried with Anne Locke of Christchurch Hants who died 2 Jun 1877 aged 52. Connection to the above uncertain..

1a) George Pitt b. 1836 Windsor, Bucks, National (Parochial – Morris' Directory 1872) School master, 61-49, 71-73

George Pitt and Eliza lived at No. 18, High Street between 1861 and 1871 with children Edith and Frederick together with Elizabeth, George's mother. In Morris' Directory of 1872 Eliza was decribed as school mistress. Frederick Pitt died aged 12 in 1873 Dec Q 5c/357 Wells) and his grandmother Elizabeth Pitt died in 1874 aged 76. Elizabeth Pitt was buried with Ann Lockie [Locke, Look].

The Pitts may have left soon after and by 1881 George was a schoolmaster in Marcham, Bucks living with Eliza and Edith Annie. George died and by 1891 Eliza was a schoolmistress in Watchfield, Berks. Edith still lived with her but was unemployed. In 1901 Eliza and Edith still lived together in Watchfield. By 1911 they were still in Watchfield, Shrivenham, Berks.


1) John Pittard

John Pittard's wife received relief in Jan 1814. In the same month the OOP paid Mr. Conway for drawing John Pittard's examination & order & oath – and the keeper of the Bridewell [prison] of Shepton Mallet for attendance of John Pittard to Wells. They also paid post-chaise, turnpikes and driver and other expenses keeping John Pittard and the keeper twice. In Feb the OOP paid for two journeys to Shepton and Somerton about the John Pittard affair.

John Pittard and wife Matilda had a daughter Sarah Chr.7 Jan 1810 Somerton. She was one of their nine children between 1805 to 1828, all born Somerton – seems improbable that the Somerton John Pittard and this John are the same? Except that the two following people were all related to him – all children of plasterers in Somerton.

In Nov 1824 a Sarah Pillard/Pittard received relief when ill. This is possibly the daughter of John Pittard of Somerton who died 13 Jun 1853. As the Wells Journal reported: Melancholy Occurrence. —On Monday morning last, Mr. John Pittard, late plasterer and lime-burner of this town, was found dead in a well, adjoining his house. It is supposed he fell in in a fit, as the body was found standing upright in the water, and nearly up to his eyes; there was no appearance of struggling, as his hat was on. and not even his hair wetted. The deceased's father was drowned some years ago; and also his own eldest son was found dead in a limekiln; and also one of his daughters was burnt to death in his own limekiln. The body is waiting the Coroner's jury to sit upon it. (sic!)

2) Jane Pittard Chr. 17 Dec 1837 Somerton, servant, d.o. Samuel and Mary Pittard 61-48

In 1841 Jane had lived with her parents in Water Lane, Somerton, next door to William and Phoebe Pittard. Jane (23) appeared at 17 High Street in 1861 with Charles Dyer, described as a visitor. In 1871 she was a nurse living in Llanychaiarn, Cardiganshire but thereafter returned to Somerton and in 1901, still single at 63, lived with her sister, also unmarried, and widowed mother Mary in West Street.

3) Tristham Pittard Chr. 3 May 1848 (Jun Q 10/458 Langport) Somerton, servant, s.o. William and Phoebe Pittard 61-53

Tristham lived at Pye Corner, Somerton with his parents in 1851. He was a servant at "New Inn" in 1861 - a cousin of Jane Pittard. In 1871 he was at the Royal Marine Barracks, Alverstoke and still there in 1881, a sergeant, but married to Mary from Kingsdon, and with two children. By 1901 he was a Naval pensioner at 19, Richmond Rd., Alverstoke.


1) John Plucknet of Barton St. David

A William Plucknett who married in 1799 in Barton St. David came from East Pennard parish

2) Sarah Plucknet Chr. 4 Oct 1807, bur. same day Butleigh illegit. d.o. Elizabeth Plucknet


1) Samuel Plumley Chr. 23 Nov 1873 North Wootton, farm labourer, s.o. Thomas and Charlotte Plumley, died 26 May, bur. 29 May 1943 (Jun Q 5c/411 Wells) Butleigh

Samuel and his brother George were boarders in North Wootton in 1891. At their marriage his partner was named as Lily Augusta E. Hole In 1911 he and Elizabeth lived at East Pennard with their four children. Samuel later farmed Park Farm (Kelly's 1935 and 1939). Harry Plumley died aged 65, at Park Farm. At the 1947 estate sale Harry was renting Park Farm for £114 5s 0d per annum. After Harry's death the Farm became a nursing home, “Parkfields”, notorious for the murder of a few of its residents by the manager Rachel Baker in the first decade of the 2000's.


1) Henry James Pockett b. 12 Mar 1908 (Jun Q 5c/319 Langport), lorry driver, s.o. Richard Thomas Pockett, d. 1981 (Jun Q 23/1125 Mendip)

At their marriage Henry was described as a coal merchant of Charlton Mackrell.


1) Harry Pocock b. 1880 Spaxton, Som., farmer, s.o. Charles William Pocock, d. 1949 (Jun Q 7c/188 Taunton)

The Western Gazette 3 Jun 1949 advertised the sale of 'one of the best managed and most valuable mixed farms in the Vale of Taunton known as Lower Marsh Farm, Kingston - the estate of Mr. Harry Pocock, deceased. Nora died at Woodlands, Barton Road, Keinton Mandeville


1) John Pogger b. 1831 Curry Rivel, carpenter 51W-39

John arrived in Butleigh Wootton with his friend William Stacey from Curry Rivel to work as apprentices for Joseph Grant on Glastonbury Road, where they appeared in 1851. The name may have been misheard - only a John Hodge was born in Curry Rivel in 1831.


1) [Walter] John Pole b. 1876 (Sep Q 5c/510 Wells) Baltonsborough, farm servant, s.o. George and Eliza Pole 91-114

Walter John Pole and his parents lived in East Knoyle, Wiltshire in 1881, at Longmarsh No. 1, where John's father was a labourer. John (14) served at Lower Rockes Farm in 1891. In 1896 he joined the army for 12 years and stated that his profession was 'butcher'.


A) William Pollard

C 3/412/156 Short title: Pollard v Ham. Plaintiffs: Jane Pollard widow. Defendants: Elizabeth Ham widow and John Ham. Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset. Document type: bill, answer. 1630

C 6/1/177 Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings before 1714, Collins. Short title: Pollard v Hamer. Plaintiffs: William Pollard and another. Defendants: Elizabeth Hamer widow and others. Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset . Document type: plea. 1633

1) James Pollard

2) George Fawcett Pollard b. 30 May 1901 (Sep Q 9B/117 Bradford), d. 1990 (Jul 23/1233/790 Taunton Deane) [s.o. Richard and Fanny Pollard] Butleigh

The couple came from Bradford, Yorkshire


[Pawlett, Powlet, Poulett, Paulet, Pallet]

Pollets formed a substantial part of the 18th century population of Butleigh with 38 baptisms taking place between 1739 and 1809.

1) Mathew Powlett

2) John Pawlett

3) Thomas Paulett

The will of his wife suggests that Thomas was probably previously married and that he had a daughter Hester by her.

Exchequer E134/9 Chas I - Phillip Perry, William Perry. v. William Noy (Attorney-General), James Levingstone, Thos. Pawlett, Andrew Whittington, Thomas Brooke, John Gutch, Wm. Dowthwaite.: Manor and vicarage of Butleigh, and the moor called "South Moor" or "Aller Moor" belonging Date range: 1633 - 1634.

PROB11/167 Will of Elenor Paulett Widow Melplash, Dorset. Date: 1635. Related?

DD/S/BT/17/3/2/ 1] James Levingston 2] Sir Edward Rodney of Stoke Rodney kt and Thomas Powlett of Melplash, Dors Bargain and sale of 220a in Southmoor.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1635.

DD/S/BT/6/2/1/ 1] Thomas Powlett of Melplash, Dorset and wife Alice 2] Thomas Symcockes of Butleigh son of Alice and Christopher Coward of Cutterne Mills Assignment of Moorhouse messuage, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1637.

DD/S/BT/6/5/2 - 1] Alice Powlet and Thomas Symcockes of Butleigh 2] Thomas Abbott of Butleigh Bond for quiet possession of land exchanged in Butleigh East field.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1649. DD/S/BT/4/3/17 - 1] Thomas Symcockes and wife Dorothy, his mother Alice, widow of Thomas Pawlett 2] Mary Butcher 3] John Webb of St. Martin in the Fields Grant in fee of Butleigh manor and advowson, and Whitley hundred, with attached schedule of leases. Consideration £8, Date: 1653.

DD/S/BT/6/7/1 - 1] Alice Powlet and Thomas Symcockes of Butleigh 2] Robert Meller of little Bredy Demise for 4,000 years of a messuage late Dyer Symcockes and 61a and Hutchings (8a) in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1654 - 1655.

PROB 11/261 - Will of Alice Pawlett Widow Butleigh, Somerset. Date: 1657.

Alice Pawlett of Butleigh in the County of Somersett widdow being sick and weake of body but of good and perfect memorie Upon the seaventh day of August in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred fiftie and sixe made this her nuncupative will in manner and forme followinge: Imprimis Shee gave unto the parish church of Butleigh twenty shillings. Item shee gave unto Hester Pawlett her daughter-in-law One hundred pounds to be paid by her executors. Item shee gave unto her servant maides twenty shillings a peece Item shee gave unto her daughter Symcocke the choice of anie jewell she had Item the next choice of all her jewells she gave unto Mary Symcockes the oldest daughter of her sonne Thomas Symcockes Item the third choice of her jewells she gave unto her god daughter Dorothy Symcockes Item shee gave her wedding ringe to her grandchild Thomas Symcocks All the rest of her goods chattles creditts not given and bequeathed her debst paid her funeralls discharged she gave and bequeathed unto Thomas Symcockes her only sonne whom she made her full and whole executor of this her last will and testament. I do acknowledge this to be the last will and testament of Alice Pawlett my mother deceased Tho: Symcocks. Witnesses to this Nuncupative will John Rocke clerke, Susan Billings, John Paulett the marke of Mary Ffuntaine.

This Will was proved at London the fourteenth day of the month of Ffebruarie in the yeare of our Lord God according to the computation of the Church of England one thousand sixhundred fifty six before the judges for probate of Wills and granting administrations lawfully authorized by the oath of Thomas Symcocks the naturall and lawfull sonne of the said deceased and sole executor named in this her last will and testament to whom was committed administration of all and singular the goods chattles and debts of the said deceased Hee the said Thomas Symcocks being first sworne in the forme of lawe by vertue of a commission well and truly to administer the same.

4) Elinore Pawlett married Butleigh 2 Oct 1632 William Edmunds

5) George Poulett

In 1673 a widow Pollet paid rates in Butleigh (OOP) – could be Maria.

6) John Pollet bur. 1699 Butleigh

In 1691 and '93 a John received money from the Symcockes bequest and in 1697 the OOP paid for a coat and britches for him. In 1698 the OOP paid for a shroud, ringing the bell and burial of his wife. In 1699 after relief in his sickness and payments for clothes, the OOP paid for a shroud and his burial. The John who witnessed Alice Pawletts will?

6a) Thomas Pollet Chr. 25 May 1668 Butleigh, bur. 21 Mar 1715 Butleigh

Thomas received money for his relief in 1699 plus two pair of shoes. In 1700 he received relief (and Symcockes money) for himself and family plus a coat and a coat and shoes for his child. In 1702 he rec'd two years rent and in '03 rent and clothes for his children. In 1705 he received rent and relief in his wife's sickness. In 1705 he rec'd Rocke bequest money and in '06 the same plus house rent and Symcockes bequest money. Ditto 1707, '08 and '09 with the children receiving clothes in the latter year. Ditto 1710 and '11 though this last year saw him 'in need'. Much the same in 1712, 13 and 14 with his 'maid' receiving a coat in the latter year. A Dorothy who received four yards of shag in 1711 may be Thomas's daughter. Thomas was buried in 1715 and shroud, burial and wake paid for by the OOP. A Jone Pawlett who received rent and clothes in 1716 may be Thomas's widow or daughter. In 1717 she received 2 aprons. 2 coats and a 'manto' and a change s well as her rent. In 1717 Dorothy received a 'turn' and Polletts boy received a pair of breeches. In 1719 Dorothy received 1s to relieve her sickness. In 1722 Dorothy's house rent was paid. Nfi.

6b) John Pollet bur. 23 May 1739 Butleigh

John received house rent from the OOP in 1705. A coat and a pair of britches made for him in 1715 - Possibly son of Thomas and not John. From 1737/8 Mary received rent and assistance. In 1741 Mary Pollet received relief and as Widow Pollet received the £3 10s 'that was gave her last Ester'. In 1747/8 John Vagg made shoes for her boys. Called Mary Pollett senior in 1752/3 She received rent and other items from 1741 – Jun 1763 and then only John Pollet received rent. John began receiving rent from 1756-57. Elizabeth seems to have wed David Walton Butleigh 26 Feb 1745.

In 1756-57 the OOP paid £1 2s 11d the charges for Eliz. Pollett (unsure who this is)

6b1) John Pollet bur. Jan/Feb 1769 Butleigh?

John Pollet had his house rent paid in 1765/66. In Feb 1769 John Pollets family caught the smallpox and received assistance and 'John Pollett funeral and other expenses'. James and Thomas Pollett of Wootton also died in Jan 1769 – but John's burial not in PR. In March 1769 assistance paid to John Pollett family. In May 1773 Mary received relief from the OOP in her necessity.

Betty may be the Elizabeth Pollets who married John Hockey in Butleigh on 25 Dec 1781. A Jane married Jonathan Whitcombe of Comton Dundon in Butleigh on 22 May 1780.

6b1A) John Pollet [b. 1749 bur. 20 Aug 1813 Butleigh aged 67?]

In July 1780 John was selected to serve in the Militia but he was substituted by John Mitchell of Glastonbury and the latter was paid £5 4s 0d for 52 weeks service. A John Pollett junior was examined by the OOP in East Pennard in July 1782. In Aug 1782 John was summoned again to East Pennard to be examined [with John Talbot]. John Pollet junior's wife received relief and attendance in her sickness in April 1784. A John junior received rent from the OOP in 1799, 1802. In 1812 two Johns received rent, one in Butleigh and one in Street – this is the former. In July 1785 the OOP paid for John's wife's delivery.

The father of the child by Betty/Elizabeth was John Hancocks who paid bastardy pay from July 1801. In the early 1800s and in 1813 one or more John Pollets received rent from the OOP [in 1813 one is specified as being of Street – see (15) below. In Sep 1813 the OOP paid for the coffin of John Pollett. Betty Pollet was paid for looking after her mother in 1814. A Jane Pollet had her rent paid by the OOP in 1815., 1817.

6b3) Thomas Pollet Chr. 16 Dec 1731 Butleigh, [bur. 31 Jan 1769 Butleigh ['of Wootton' – like his brother James?]

One Mary, wife of Thomas was bur. 1757 (see (8)). In 1757/58 the OOP paid Dr. Goodson's bill regarding Mary Pollett's daughter (Hannah?) - could be Mary (6b). From June 1762 Thomas' children received aid monthly up to April 1764. In 1769 payments were made to Thomas Pollet's daughter, and 'keeping Pollets daughter'. In April 1770 Hannah was bought a turn and in 1772 the OOP paid for two shifts and a gown for Hannah. From Nov 1772 she received regular relief. In May 1773 Jane Periam was paid for 'cleansing' her.

In March 1781 Hannah was examined in Est Pennard. In June 1781 a William Davis was summoned to East Pennard to answer a charge of bastardy in the case of Hannah Pollett [son William Pollett]. This William Davis paid bastardy pay from then on. In July 1785 the OOP paid 'William Davis bastard' and more payments from then on.

In Feb 1790 the OOP bought parts for a bed tie for Hannah and in March she needed attending by Mary Periam and was in receipt of relief. From July 1793 Israel Wilcox was paying bastardy pay and stopped when the child died in March 1794. The OOP paid for the coffin and burial of Mary d.o. Hannah in March 1794. Hannah was in receipt of relief from the OOP up to her death in 1808 – her coffin and burial paid for by the OOP.

Thomas (junior) was apprenticed to James Grenville Esq in 1772 under the 'John Rocke scheme'. (OOP) – a William Paulet was apprenticed to S. Holman at the same time. In Feb 1769 a Thomas Pollet family received assistance in the smallpox. In March 1769 Thomas Pollett's wife received attendance. In April 1769 Judith and family received assistance and then her goods were hauled off to Langport. Payments still made to Judith and family in May, June 1769 and following months up to May 1776.. In August 1769 they paid for her expenses in 'lying in' [having a child] – doesn't appear in PR. In Feb 1771 the OOP paid the surgeon at Langport for the cure of Judith Polletts foot. Jude Pollets son was bought a coat, britches and dowlas in 1776 by the OOP. May 1776 seems to be the last time Judith Pollet received relief. In Jan 1782 Jud Pollets boy given a dowlas shirt. From 1784 the rent was paid for Judith Pollett. From Feb 1790 Judy Pollet reappears in the OOP accounts in receipt of relief in 'her sickness' and was tended by Hester Periam. In May 1793 the OOP paid to have her goods hauled from Somerton to Wootton. In April 1798 her goods were removed again at the OOP expense. In 1801/2 she required attendance and a nurse. In May 1802 they paid to have her goods removed from Wootton to Mr. Gregory at Barton – at the cost of a horse, cart and man. In December they paid for bringing her back to Butleigh and burying her. In Feb 1803 they paid her landlord Mr. Gregory in Barton and brought back her belongings by horse and cart.

7) Ruth Pollet bur. 12 Mar 1737 Butleigh

In 1733 the OOP paid for a warrant and taking of Ruth Pollett. The next item was for a warrant and arrest of Thomas Pollett. In 1734 Ruth was paid for attending Joan Pope and her house rent paid. In 1735 she was paid for attending Rose Abbott. In 1735 her rent was paid. In 1737 Ruth Pollett was paid by the OOP for Will Look and Mary Pope was paid for keeping Ruth Pollett's child. Ruth's landlord was William Hodges and her rent was paid to him. The OOP paid for Ruth's coffin, ringing the bell. Making her grave [and having cider, bread, cheese and brandy]. John Stock (Stokes) and Mrs. Periam were paid to make Ruth's child some new clothes (1737) and Joan Hagget made her a headcloth and other things. In 1737/8 Joan Haggot was paid for keeping Mary Poulet one month and this could to be the wife of Thomas or Widow of John but no mention of Ruth Pollets child but in 1738 Joan Haggott paid for keeping Ruth Polletts child which suggests the child was called Mary. The child received a new pair of shoes in 1738 from John Squier. In 1739 she was still in the care of Joan Haggott and was re-outfitted with clothes and shoes. In 1739 a pair of indentures was paid for Polletts daughter by the OOP. In Oct 1739 the OOP paid farmer Thomas Withers for clothes for Mary the base daughter of Ruth Pawlet to whom she was bound as apprentice.

8) Thomas Pollet

A Thomas Pollet was issued with a warrant in 1735-36 and arrested. [see (7) in connection with Ruth Pollett?]. In 1735 a Thomas Pollett received assistance in his lameness and in 1736 his house rent was paid (to Henry Callow – OOP). In 1736 two entries refer to his lameness and Mr. Look's wife 'for the cure of his leg'. In 1737 his rent was paid. In 1738 Thomas Pollett's children received assistance. Thomas was also given wheat and money to buy his children (plural) bread. In 1738/9 Thomas' rent paid again. Mary was paid during her 'lying in' at several times. Ticking for a bed for Thomas' family was also paid in 1739.

In 1740 Thomas Pollett's family received assistance in distress and in 1741 was living at Philip Avery's house. In 1741/2 a Thomas Pollett was carried to prison – the OOP paid for horse hire. In 1752-53 Thomas (jun) was apprenticed to James Withers. In Dec 1762 the OOP paid for a warrant for Thomas' wife. In March a warrant was issued for 'the taking of Thomas Pollett' and paid 'expenses in going to Curry Malet in the complant of Thomas Pollett's wife'. In June 1763 Thomas was again apprehended and carried to the justice and afterwards to Shepton [prison]. In Sep 1766 a Thomas Polett paid for his labour by the OOP. A Thomas Pollets family received assistance Feb and Mar 1769 in the smallpox outbreak – this Thomas?

A Thomas Pollett had a warrant issued against him regarding the illegitimate child of Ann Underwood [child Ann Chr. 1 May 1785 Butleigh] in Jun 1785 – this Thomas junior? - the child died in August 1785.

9) Henry Pollet

A child of a Henry Pollet was buried and paid for by the OOP in Feb 1786 [probably not this Henry]

10) James Pollet bur. 24 Jan 1769 Butleigh of Wootton [very likely the James Chr. 1 Jun 1728 Butleigh s.o. John and Mary Pollet?]

In 1766 James several times received assistance from the OOP in his distress. In Jul 1766 the OOP paid for assistance to James wife then a shroud and burying of her child. In Apr 1768 a Mary Pollett was 'examined' [about the father of her child] by the OOP and in September they paid for the delivery of her child. In July the OOP called her Moll Pollett when Edward Periams maid attended her during her lying in. The OOP bought he salve in Oct 1768. A Mary Paulet/Pollet married William Burch in Butleigh on 13 Apr 1774 which may be the daughter here. # In Feb 1769 the OOP paid for James Pollets shroud. From then on Sarah Pollet and family received assistance monthly until May 1772. Irregular payments in distress occur from Nov 1772 and resumed more regularly in June 1775 after her sickness. In 1774 several payments made regarding her daughter [for clothing]. In Aug 1777 the OOP bought her child a canvas shirt. Regular relief continued from the OOP – in Jan 1781 the OOP paid for horse hire to go to Bridgwater in answer to a complaint from Sarah Pollett. Sarah received regular monthly relief from the OOP up to her death and that was paid for by them too, and her coffin.

11) Joseph Pollet

12) John Pollet [bur. 23 Jun 1805 Butleigh]

The OOP paid for Elizabeth's coffin in Aug 1772. The John Pollet senior having his rent paid in1784? In May 1802 the OOP paid for removing a John Pollet from Compton. In 1805 the OOP paid for a nurse for a John Pollet and in July 1805 paid for his coffin and carrying him to his grave. Elizabeth junior may have been the mother of (14). There was a justice meeting with a Betty Pollet in Sep 1808 (OOP). In March 1811 the OOP paid John's son John relief.

12a) John Pollett b. 1776 Butleigh, labourer, bur. 2 Apr 1860 (Jun Q 5c/427 Wells) Butleigh

Could be the John Chr. 7 Mar 1772 Butleigh, s.o. John and Elizabeth Pollet or the John Chr. 25 Dec 1780 Butleigh s.o. John and Jane Pollet. In Feb 1811 John Pollet's wife received relief. In 1812 two Johns received rent, one in Butleigh and one in Street – this is the latter. He received rent in most years up to 1820/21.

A John Pollett was examined before Mr. Mavele in Jan 1814. (OOP). In Nov 1820 relief was paid to Pollet's wife in Street and then in that month 'in part for a coffin & bury Polletts wife'. John must have either remarried or Hepsebah was the wife of a different John? Payments of relief made to John Pollett of Street from then. See (15)

John lodged alone in Street in 1841. He was a widower and lodged at Townend, Street in 1851. He could also be the John who had married Hepsebah. They had a daughter and a son. This John died in the Wells Union Workhouse in 1860.

13) James Pollet [Chr. 29 Apr 1757 Butleigh, s.o. John & Mary Pollet?], bur. 1 Jan 1797 Butleigh

In Nov 1781 the OOP paid John Prickett of Glastonbury to serve in the Militia in place of James Pollet, for which he was paid £4 10s 0d. In April 1793 the OOP paid the sexton for burying a child of James Pollett. James Pollet was a regular receiver of OOP relief in the 1790's up to Jan 1797 after which it was paid to 'James Pollet's children'. In Jan 1797 the OOP bought James Pollet's son a 'kettle smock'. Jane occasionally received relief from 1800. In Feb 1811 John, James' son received relief.

James's father John had married Mary Williams in Butleigh on 8 Jun 1747 and they had five children besides James including Elizabeth, the probable mother of (2) below.

13a) James Pollet Chr. 20 Apr 1783 Butleigh, labourer, s.o. James and Jane Pollet, bur. 15 Feb 1868 (Mar Q 5c/409 Wells) Butleigh 41W-16, 51-24, 61-48

In the rate assessment of 1827 James paid rates on a cottage in Butleigh. James [Pawlet at marriage] appeared on the census in 1841 in Butleigh Wootton with his wife Jane who died in 1849. The Stephen Pollet appearing with him then was probably his brother. There was also a Betsy Withers b. 1812 who in 1851 still lived with him and was described as his 'daughter', but was actually the illegitimate daughter of his wife.# Also living with him in both 1841 and 1851 was the widow Mary Rowley (b. 1768) who by 1851 was blind. She was probably a relative and subsequently died in 1855 (Sep Q 5c/330 Wells). In 1861 James lived in the High Street (No. 15?) with his daughter-in-law Elizabeth Withers (47). Elizabeth married Edmund Hawkins in 1861 and James died in 1868 aged 87.

13b) George Pawlett Chr, 5 Jul 1788 Butleigh, pauper, labourer, s.o. James and Jane Pollet, d. 29 Jun at Glastonbury, bur. 5 Jul 1860 (Sep Q 5c/331 Wells - Pollett) Butleigh

George lived with his children and brother Stephen at Hill Head, Glastonbury in 1851 - Stephen was married. Possibly the George who in 1841 was married to Elizabeth. Stephen may be the person (next) who appeared in Butleigh Wootton in 1841 and again in 1861.

13c) Stephen Pollett Chr. 16 Jan 1791 Butleigh, s.o. James Pollett, bur. 28 Apr 1864 Butleigh 41W-16, 61W-64

Stephen lived with James (10a) in Butleigh in 1841 and again but alone in 1861, next to Butleigh Wootton school. In 1851 he seems to be the Stephen Pawlett living with his married brother George in Hill Head Glastonbury. Stephen was listed there as 'married'. Nfi

14) Elizabeth Pollett Chr. 21 Jun 1801 Butleigh, Glastonbury, illegit. d.o. Elizabeth Pollet, bur. & Apr 1877 (Jun Q 5c/389 Wells) Butleigh

41W-18, 51W-40

The mother of this Elizabeth was probably the Elizabeth Chr. 17 Aug 1778 Butleigh d.o. John and Jane Pollet, the sister of James (1) above. The younger Elizabeth Pollett was unmarried and lodged with Frederick Allen in Butleigh Wootton in 1841 and was a farmer's servant visiting Thomas Perriam in 1851. Elizabeth was still unmarried and a servant in Magadalen St., Glastonbury 1861. She is also possibly the Elizabeth, unmarried, aged 70 'born Butleigh Wootton' receiving Parish Relief in St. Benedict, Glastonbury in 1871 who died in 1877 (Jun Q 5c/389 Wells).

15) Elizabeth Pollet b. 1812 Butleigh, bur. 14 Apr 1857 (Jun Q 5c/386 Wells) Butleigh

In April 1829 OOP relief payments made to Betty Pollett (Street). In Nov 1833 she was called Elizabeth Pollet of Street. [there is some possible confusion with these John// Elizabeth Pollets] References in Dec 1833 to Pollards daughter lodging in Street probably refer to Pollet's daughter. In Feb 1834 Elizabeth Pollet was examined and in April Pollet's daughters bastard began to receive pay. Elizabeth Pollett b. 1811 was in Wells Workhouse in 1841 with three children: Thomas b. 1834, Eliza b. 1836 and Frances b. 1839. Thomas lodged in Wrington, Som. in 1851 (a shoemaker) and died in Wells Union Workhouse in 1852. Elizabeth may be the Eliza Chr. 1809, d.o. John and Hepsebah Pollet (above).

1ohn Hurnerman fis probably the John Horniman who was buried 30 May 1852 aged 84 at Blackford near Wedmore. He had a wife Mary and son James born 1801 and is the only likely contender in Somerset. On the 1851 census called Hurniman and born 1771 Chedzoy, he was a pauper.

16) John Pollett b. 1791 Butleigh Wootton, labourer, died 1855 (Sep Q 5c/349 Clutton)

John and Ann lived in Cameley in 1841/51. John seems to have died in 1855 and Ann in 1856. He may be the John Chr. 11 Sep 1785 Butleigh, s.o. James and Jane Pollett.

17) Mary Pollett of Street

Appears in the OOP account June 1813 for paying midwife. A child Robert Chr. 20 Jun 1813 Street s.o. John and Mary Pollett



1) Daniel Pomeroy Chr. 3 Feb 1847 Beaminster, Dorset farm labourer, s.o. Henry and Susanna (nee Hoare) Pomeroy, bur. 21 Nov 1912 (Dec Q 5c/537 Wells) Butleigh

On the 1891 census Daniel married, lived with his son Reginald with housekeeper and widow Rebecca, her children Blanche and Bertie. Blanche seems to be the child Christened 29 Jan 1892 in Broadwinsor with father's name given as George Trenchard, while no father's name given for Bertie's Christening nor that of Henry, neither of the latter births being registered. No George Trenchard traced that fits the bill as husband but a George Trenchard born 1815 lived at the farm House, Broadwindsor in 1871, wife Elizabeth. On 1871 and 1861 census Rebecca's father George (born 1822) lived at Crewkerne, Somerset – maybe she falsified the father's name at the Christening to give an aura of legitimacy?

On the 1901 census he was a cowman living at Upton Noble and described as a widower and living with Rebecca Trenchard described as a widow and housekeeper, with Blanche and Henry plus son Reginald. The only Rebecca Trenchard found of this age was unmarried. Daniel, Rebecca and son Henry lived at 62 Oddway in 1911 which he described as '2 up and 2 down' (i.e. 4 rooms). Reginald Pomeroy was a 25 year old Coal miner (belt boy) in Kilmersdon, Somerset in 1911. Blanche married Arthur Charles Hilborne in 1907 (Mar Q 5c/589 Langport) and in 1911 they lived at Broadmoor, Butleigh with a son Reginald (b. 1908).

1a) Henry Trenchard Pomeroy b. 1895 Drimpston, Chr. 30 Jan 1895 Broadwinsor, Dorset, labourer [mother Rebecca/Belachah Trenchard]

The family were somewhat peripatetic and around 1920 left Butleigh for Birmingham


1) Magdalena Poole bur. 26 Dec 1641 Butleigh

2) Moses Pool

A possible daughter might be the Elizabeth Pool who married William Curtis in Butleigh on 29 Sep 1766.


A) George Poorlman? - witnessed the Churchwarden's accounts 1679/80

1) John Poolman b. 1876 (Jun Q 5a/163 Warminster) Bugley, Wilts, farm servant 91-114

In 1881 John was a 'visitor' aged 4 at Jasamin Cottage, Bugley, home of Alfred Daniels. John (14) served at Lower Rockes Farm in 1891. Nfi

2) Elizabeth Poolman b. 1835 Compton Dundon, servant, d.o. John and Anna Poolman 51W-40

Elizabeth worked for Thomas Perriam in Butleigh Wootton in 1851. Nfi

3) George Poolman b. 1855 (Mar Q 5a/151 Warminster) Chitterne Wilts., farm carter, s.o. Daniel and Hannah Poolman 01W-141

In 1901 this family lived in four rooms at Butleigh Wootton. They had previously lived in Sutton Veney where their first child Elizabeth had been born - she married Frederick Earl in Butleigh in 1898. # They later moved to Ashcott then East Street, West Pennard. George's father Daniel (b. 1820 Chitterne All Saints) lived with them but died before the census - bur. 29 Mar 1900 (Mar Q 5c/427 Wells) Butleigh. He had been a patient in Warminster Cottage Hospital in 1891. In 1901 Blanche was a servant in East Pennard to the Creed family. A George Daniel Poolman who was bur. 12 May 1902 Butleigh aged 20 was possibly the eldest son, called William George on the census. In 1911 George and Harriett lived at Stratton-on-the-Fosse with their daughter Blanche.


Several Popes connected with the PR gap 1677-1714 appear in the churchwardens accounts but cannot be satisfactorily placed, such as Benjamin (1680) and Charles (1680). In the commoners list of 1672 is a property listed as Popes of Lydford – which property was acquired by John Pope of Butleigh in 1692 and remained in the family until 1819.

1) Philip Pope l Will of 3 Oct 1545 pr. 11 Nov 1545 [Somerset Record Society (SRS) volume 62]

Will witnessed by Sir John Dowle, Robert Gosamer and John Burddan. Agnes paid £6, 6s Tithing on the Subsidy Roll of 1581. [SRS Vol. 88]

2) Elizabeth Poope married Butleigh 3 May 1596 Richard Arnold #

3) Grace Poope bur. 15 Jun 1600 Butleigh

4) Margaret Pope married Butleigh 1 May 1629 Richard Abbot #

5) Joanne Pope illegit. [Spurria] d.o. Maria Chr. 24 Feb 1621 Butleigh

6) John Pope bur. 28 Jun 1604 Butleigh

Florence married Butleigh 19 Jan 1608 Egidus Parker and Margaret married 12 May 1614 Richard Abbott.

6a) Lawrence Pope Chr. 3 Dec 1579 Butleigh

An Alice Pope married Butleigh 13 Apr 1630 William Pirry and a Katherine Pope married Butleigh 8 May 1630 Edward Ewens. Possibly members of this or previous family.

6b) Roger Poope Chr. 28 Sep 1583 Butleigh

Roger donated 1/- towards the building of Chelsea College in 1617

6c) Henry Poope Chr. 8 Apr 1593 Butleigh 'the elder' bur. 5 Oct 1672 Butleigh

A page is cut in the PR but a child Chr. 9 Mar 1617 Butleigh may belong to this couple – or possibly Roger Pope. A Henry Poope donated 1/- towards the building of Chelsea College in 1617. Henry Pope of the 1672 commoners list is this one or the next. Athomas Pope married Mary Wooten in Street on 7 Apr 1645 – this Thomas?

When re-building the Pope box tomb in Butleigh graveyard in 2013 the masons found it filled with many broken fragments of earlier tombs. One of these reads: “Here resteth the body of Thomas Pope who deceased this life the 2 Day of April 1679 Awake thou that sleep [.st] and arise from the [ground and?] Christ shall [gi]ve thee lite”. This Thomas could be this son of Henry or even the son of Lawrence (6a).

6c1) Henry Pope of Butleigh 'the younger' – died before 1681.

Henrys appear in the wardens accounts 1673-1708. Henry paid rates from 1673 – 1681 and from 1682 Agnis paid the rates until 1692. Henry took an apprentice in 1678 [Thomas Ball]. In 1694 Henry & Thomas Pope paid the rate on this property jointly and did so until 1727. In 1728 only Henry paid the rate – and did so until 1747, becoming late in 1748. In 1731 the Henry Pope seems identified by an initial 'R' – sign that one died and another succeeded?. In 1717 Henry received rent for keeping Humphrey Callow. A Henry Pope was Overseer in 1663 (after a Bridget Pope in 1662) and a Henry was churchwarden in 1703 – see also 7 below

DD/S/BT/7/8/1 - 1] James Sansome of Podimore Milton 2] Agnes Pope of Butleigh Assignment of Brodmore (1a1p), Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1556). Rent 1s.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1681.

6a1A?) Henry Pope senior bur. 28 Apr 1729 Butleigh

In 1694 Henry & Thomas Pope paid the rate on this property jointly and did so until 1727. In 1728 only Henry paid the rate [must be THIS Henry?] A Henry then paid until 1747, becoming late in 1748 which must be Henry junior, his son.

DD/S/BT/7/8/6 - Probate of will (17 Apr 1729) of Henry Pope the elder of Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1730.

In the name of God Amen The seventeenth day of April in the second year of the reign of our Sovereigne Lord George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland King defender of the faith & Anno 1729 Henry Pope of the parish of Butleigh in the County of Somerset yeoman being weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory thanks be to God therefore do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament revoking all former Wills and Testamants by me hereafter made and declare this to be my last Will and Testament in manner and form following ffirst and principally I recommend my soul to Almighty God that gave it me hopeing and assuredly believing through the only merrits of Jesus Christ my saviour to receive full pardon and fforgiveness of all my sins and my body to the earth whereof it was made to be buried in such devout and Christian manner as to my executor hereinafter named shall be thought meet and convenient and as touching such worldly estate and substance as the Lord in his mercy hath been pleased to bestoe upon me my will and desire in showing ..nto be held and enjoyed by the persons hereafter named that I shall give the same unto and no otherwise Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Agnis Pope the summe of five hundred pounds of good and lawful money of Great Britain to be paid her when she attain the age of one and twenty years by my executor out of my lands and inheritance and leasehold estate I do bind all my lands and leasehold estate for the sure and true payment of this summe of five hundred pounds to my daughter Agnis Pope at the time before mentioned and I also give and bequeath unto my daughter Agnis Pope the summe of twenty five pounds of lawful money of Great Britain to be paid her by my executor yearly and every year until she shall attain to the full age of one and twenty years for the maintenance in manner following (that is to say) six pounds and five shillings every quarter after my decease. ALSO I give and bequeath unto my daughter Agnis Pope the summe of ten pounds lawful money of Great Britain to be paid her nine months after my decease by my executor Item I give and devise all my lands inheritance in Butleigh and elsewhere with the writings thereof unto my son Henry Pope and his heirs and assignes for ever Item I also give all my leasehold estates in Butleigh and elsewhere with all the writeings thereof unto my son Henry Pope his executors actors and assignes for and during all the terms and estates which I have in the same Item all the rest of my goods and chattles ready money bills bonds mortgages and all other my substance whoever not before given I give unto my son Henry Pope his executors actors and assignes for ever upon condition he shall pay all my just debts legacies dishcarge my ffuneral expences and I make him my whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament In witness whereof I the said Henry Pope the Elder have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written Henry Pope signed sealed published and declared by the testator to be his last will and testament in the presence of us John Gregory Thomas Pope Christian Pope

DD/S/BT/7/3/2 1] Briant Pope of Street, cordwainer 2] Henry Pope of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of two half acres at Southern Hill in Butleigh. Endorsed Gilbert 1783 as are most deeds in this bundle. 1698

DD/S/BT/6/5/20-22 - 1] John Helyar of Yeately, Hants., and wife Christian 2] William Day of Somerton and John Fisher of Somerton, apothecary 3] Revd Francis Martin of South Cadbury, John Pope and Henry Talbot of Butleigh Wootton, Charles Strode and William Browning of Butleigh, Date: 1706.

DD/S/BT/8/4-5 - 1] John Webb of Butleigh, son and heir of James decd and Katherine Webb, widow of James 2] James Medlycott master in Chancery and Thomas Medlycott of Westminster 3] Henry Pope of Butleigh, yeoman 4] John Pope the elder of Butleigh, yeoman Lease and release Date: 1710.

DD/S/BT/11/2/9-10 1] Thomas Blinman of Butleigh, clothier 2] Nicholas Hickes of Bristol 3] Hugh Levett of Bristol, merchant and John Bartlett of Bristol, mercer 4] Thomas Periam of Butleigh, blacksmith 5] Henry Pope the elder of Butleigh, yeoman Lease and release of Barecroft (5 yds), 3 yds arable in Harepitts lower furlong and 1/2a in the upper furlong and 3 yds in Beanslade, Butleigh. 1716

DD/S/BT/7/6/8 1] John Biddell of Melbury Sampford, Dors and wife Anne Leversedge 2] Peter Crossman of Hurcott, yeoman and Edward Pope of Butleigh, butcher 3] Henry Pope of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of mortgage 12a in Butleigh West wood. Attached agreement between Edward Pope and daughters Mary, Christian and Anne, and Henry Pope concerning the mortgage (1725). 1722

DD/S/BT/2/20 Draft assignment of mortgage term in meadow in Butmore, Baltonsborough by Thomas Pope of West Lydford to Henry Pope of Butleigh Mortgagor John Cannon of West Lydford. 1723

DD/S/BT/6/6/7 1] Samuel Sweet the elder of Butleigh carpenter 2] Henry Pope the elder of Butleigh, yeoman 3] William Gattren of Butleigh Wootton, yeoman Assignment of 3a arable in Westwood, Butleigh. 1724

DD/S/BT/7/6/10 1] Charles, Edward, Charity, Mary, Katherine and Elizabeth Pope, Margery Looke, Christian, Anne and Grace Pope, children of Edward Pope of Butleigh, butcher 2] Henry Pope younger son of Henry the elder of Butleigh, yeoman Lease for a year of 12a wood in Butleigh. 1726-1727

6a1Ai) Henry Pope bur. 28 Jan 1748 Butleigh [see (14) also]

Henry paid rates from 1728 – 48 (then the late Henry up to1749). From 1738 he paid rates on 'late Diffords'. In 1742 additional property - Edward Popes copse' – had rates paid on it. In 1749/50 Mrs. Pope paid the rates until 1759 when 'or occupiers' was added. In 1759/60 Mr. Thomas Gilbert (son in law) paid the rates on part of the property and William Willcox on another. Another part went to William Hayden. From 1761 Mrs. Pope paid rates for part of Thomas Periams only [called Betty in 1767 or the 'widow Pope' in 1771]. In 1771/2 'widow Pope for her late father's'. She last paid rates in 1777/8 and then John Willcox paid rates in 1778 on Mrs. Pope's Mead.

DD/S/BT/7/8/2 - 1] Thomas Pope the elder of West Lydford, yeoman and wife Elizabeth, Thomas Pope the younger son of Thomas 2] Henry Pope son and heir of Henry the elder of Butleigh decd Assignment of Staddlecombe (6a), 2a arable and Brodmore (1a1p), Butleigh. [Both above Date: 1731.

DD/S/BT/8/1/6 1] Richard Toghill of Butleigh, yeoman 2] John Vagg of Butleigh, yeoman 3] Henry Pope of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of 1a arable in Butleigh East field, part Peckham lease (1562). 1738

DD/S/BT/7/8/8 - Letters of administration with will (1747) annexed of Henry Pope of Butleigh.. Date range: 1748 - 1749.

Will 14th Nov 1747 addition 21 Feb 1748. Gods will be done! The last will and testament of me Henry Pope of Butleigh in the County of Somerset yeoman (being of sound and disposing mind and memory is as follows Ffirst I give all my household goods unto my wife Elizabeth and my three daughters Annis Betty and Anne to be divided equally between them by my Trustees. herein after named Also I give all my livestock corn hay corn in ground and my plough tackle and utensills in husbandry unto my father-in-law Thomas Periam to be by him sold as soon as conveniently may be after my death for the payment of all my just debts and funeral expenses and Thomas Periam and his if the same shall not be sufficient for payment thereof Then and not otherwise do I hereby give and devise unto my said father-in-law ….......exec..and administer.my house and backside late.Beovill's in Butleigh of wherein Thomas Callow now dwelleth and my coppise or wood called or known by the name of Pope's Coppice IN TRUST to sell the same or such of them or any part or parts thereof shall be suffice to pay such of my debts as shall remain unpaid after my said livestock corn hay corn in ground and plough tackle and utensills in husbandry shall be sold and disposed of and the overplus of this money arising.by sale of the said house & backside & coppise after my said debts shall be fully paid and satisfyed I give unto my executrixes herein after named to be by them received as part of my residuary.effects. Also I give and devise unto my daughters Annis Pope Betty Pope and Anne Pope all my messuages lands and tenements and heridaments whatsoever situate lying and …...etc etc. in the year 14 Nov 1747 Signed Thomas Hooper, Mary Toghill ,Tho. Rocke. Proved 23 Aug 1759 – refers to death of Henry on 21st Feb 1748 and Thomas Periam being Guardian

DD/S/BT/7/8/11 - Probate of will (1747) of Henry Pope of Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 23 Aug 1759.

DD/S/BT/12/1/22-3 1] Thomas Periam the elder of Butleigh, blacksmith, devisee of Henry Pope the younger decd 2] William Wilcox of West Lydford, yeoman and wife Annis, Thomas Gilbert the younger of Butleigh, joiner, and wife Betty, John Wilcox of Glastonbury hosier and Ann. Annis, Betty and Ann are executrixes of Henry Pope the younger deed, executor of Henry Pope the elder decd 1759

DD/S/BT/7/6/12 1] William Wilcox of West Lydford, yeoman and wife Annis, Thomas Gilbert the younger of Butleigh, joiner, and wife Betty, John Wilcox of Glastonbury hosier and Ann. Annis, Betty and Ann are executrixes of Henry Pope the younger decd, executor of Henry Pope the elder decd 2] Charity Gitter of Woodland, Berks, Catherine Pinny of North Barrow, Elizabeth Pope and Margery Looke of Butleigh, Humphrey Meaker of Barton St. David husbandman and wife Charity, Isaac Lester of West Pennard, husbandman and wife Grace, James Grove of Butleigh, labourer, son and heir of Ann Grove decd widow of James Grove decd. Charity, Catherine, Elizabeth, Margery, Christian, Grace, Anne with Charles Pope are the children of Edward Pope the elder of Butleigh, butcher decd who were living at his death 3] James Grenville of Butleigh 4] George Grenville his brother Assignment of term in trust to attend the fee of 7/8 of Pope's coppice in Butleigh West wood. 1759

DD/S/BT/7/8/9-10 - 1] Thomas Gilbert the younger of Butleigh and wife Betty, daughter of Henry Pope decd 2] Thomas Gilbert of Butleigh father of Thomas Lease and release of one third of a messuage and 91a, Broadmoor (1a 1yd, 4a), two closes called Staddlecombe (7a), Horses Date range: 1758 - 1759.

DD/S/BT/7/8/12-13 - 1] Thomas Gilbert the elder of Glastonbury, carpenter, Thomas Gilbert the younger of Butleigh and wife Betty, John Willcox the younger of Glastonbury stockingmaker and wife Ann and William Willcox of West Lydford and wife Agnis (Betty, Ann and Agnis are daughters and coheirs of Henry Pope decd) 1760

DD/S/BT/7/8/14 1] Thomas Gilbert the elder of Glastonbury, carpenter, Thomas Gilbert the younger of Butleigh and wife Betty, John Willcox the younger of Glastonbury stockingmaker and wife Ann and William Willcox of West Lydford and wife Agnis (Betty, Ann and Agnis are daughters and coheirs of Henry Pope decd) 2] John Strode of Glastonbury, stockingmaker and Henry Wilcox, shopkeeper Assignment of leaseholds in trust for Thomas Gilbert the younger including messuage, Broad Close (4a), 1.5a in New Mead, 1a in the East field, 1/2a in the West field at Sower down and half acre in the same at Bean Slade, Broadmoor (2a 1p, 4a), Eeastend (1a), Staddlecombe (6a) and 2a adjoining, Common Drove (1yd), 1a in Hare Pitts furlong in East field, 2a in West field, Butleigh. 1760

DD/S/BT/24/4/2 - Details of Pope family of Butleigh in dispute over a coppice. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1758.

6a1Aii) Thomas Pope of Butleigh Hill (younger brother of Henry Pope) d. 8 Sep 1731 Lydford

Thomas Pope was churchwarden in 1701. Apart from the Thomas Pope paying rates 1694-1727 jointly with Henry, A Thomas paid rates on another property in Butleigh from 1717 and also began paying rates on South Moor land. The latter rate was paid sporadically (i.e. next in 1720, 22-24, 27) but the Butleigh Rate was paid until 1731. In 1728 (CW) an adjoining rate paid by Thomas Pope for Turkrushing (with X by name = not resident in Butleigh). In 1732 the two properties had their rates paid by Elizabeth Pope widow and she paid until 1754 (though Turkrushing disappeared after 1738). In 1744 she is called Mrs. Elizabeth Pope widow 'of Lydford'. Elizabeth was Overseer in 1737/38.

Elizabeth's brother Richard had died of the smallpox and Elizabeth inherited both her parents estate and sisters' estates. Her husband, according to John Cannon, was 'a man of middling fortune but very honest, industrious and prosperous'. She was also the executrix to Mr. Robert Walter from whom she received £5 – 6,000. Elizabeth was the aunt of Agnes Lymbry in Compton Dundon# She was also the benefactor of John Cannon. In 1779 her property appears on the list of people supposed to provide a Tythingman, chosen in rotation.

DD/S/BT/11/2/11 - 1] Thomas Pope 2] John Hake and wife Anne Fine on cottage and land in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1717-1718.

DD/S/BT/7/8/2 1] Thomas Pope the elder of West Lydford, yeoman and wife Elizabeth, Thomas Pope the younger son of Thomas 2] Henry Pope son and heir of Henry the elder of Butleigh decd Assignment of Staddlecombe (6a), 2a arable and Brodmore (1a1p), Butleigh. [Both above deed tied together and endorsed Gilbert 1783 as are most deeds in this bundle] 1731

DD/S/BT/8/1/3 1] Edward Whippy of Street, carpenter and wife Sarah, Thomas Pope of Street, husbandman and son of Christopher deed 2] Henry Pope the elder of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of 1a in the East field at Stones Bush, ½a in the West field at Sower down and half acre in the same at Bean Slade, Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1556). Date: 1727 [relationship?]

DD/S/BT/7/3/8 Letters of administration of the property of William Pope of Butleigh decd granted to nephew Thomas Pope and Edward Whippie husband of niece Sarah.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1726.

6a1Aiii) Edward Pope butcher, ?bur. 21 Mar 1744 Butleigh

Edward Pope appears in the churchwardens accounts 1698-1714+ and was paid for killing in that period 86 dozen sparrows, 9 dozen rooks and 1 polecat. In 1700-3, '05-09, Edward received Symcockes and/or Rocke bequest money (for the poor) and in that latter year received relief and his wife's funeral paid for by the OOP. In 1710 he received Rocke money and in 1711 a Mary Pope was paid for looking after his children for 20 weeks and Christopher Pope was paid to bring them wood. In 1712 the children also received 24 weeks relief money and one of his daughters was bound out as an apprentice. In 1713 Edward again received charity money (this time from the Webb fine). To continue. In 1719 Edward's daughter received a pair of shoes from the OOP. From 1726 to 1741 an Edward Pope paid rates adjoining the Periams {with widow Ann Pope also next to them 1725-1740). Edward Pope's copse went to his brother Henry in 1742 (he then paid rates on it). In the CW accounts for 1724-5 he is called the sexton. In 1740 he made the grave for John Roley.

In Daniel Defoe's book of his travels he mentions a letter from Hu Ash of Bruton which refers to the Tempest of 1703. “There has been a strange thing at Butly, eight miles from Brewton which was thought to be Witchcraft, where a great many unusual things happened to one Pope and his family especially to a Boy, that was his son, that having lain several hours dead, when he came to himself, he told his father, and several of his neighbours, strange stories of his being carried away by some of his neighbours that have been counted wicked persons; the things have been so strangely related that thousands of people have gone to see and hear it; it lasted about a year or more; but since the Storm I have inquired of the neighbours how it was, and they tell me, that since the late tempest of wind the house and people have been quiet; for its generally said, that ther was some Conjuration in quieting of that house. If you have a desire to inquire further of it, for there were such things happened in that time which is seldom heard of. Your humble servant, Hu: Ash, Brewton. Our town of Butly lyes in such a place that no post house is in a great many miles of it, or you should hear oftner. [doesn't necessarily refer to this Pope family]

DD/S/BT/7/3/9 - 1] Charles, Edward, Charity, Mary, Katherine and Elizabeth Pope, Margery Looke, Christian, Ann and Grace Pope children of Edward Pope of Butleigh, butcher, now in Ilchester prison at the suit of Andrew Guy of Huntspill grazier 2] Henry Pope the younger Date range: 1726 - 1727.

DD/S/BT/12/1/22-3 3] Charity Gitter of Woodland, Berks, Catherine Pinny of North Barrow, Elizabeth Pope and Margery Looke of Butleigh, Humphrey Meaker of Barton St. David husbandman and wife Christian, Isaac Lester of West Pennard, husbandman and wife Grace, James Grove of Butleigh, labourer, son and heir of Ann Grove decd widow of James Grove decd. Charity, Catherine, Elizabeth, Margery, Christian, Grace, Anne with Charles Pope were the children of Edward Pope the elder of Butleigh, butcher decd who were living at his death 1759

DD/S/BT/14/3/26-7 1] James Grenville 2] Humphrey Meaker and wife Christian, Isaac Lester and wife Grace Pair of fines on a share of wood in Butleigh. 1759

6a1Aiiia) Charles Pope

The Mary buried in 1741 had her coffin paid for by the OOP – could be the wife of Henry Pope (14)

7) Briant Poope bur. 16 Mar 1627 Butleigh

Briant donated 1/- towards the building of Chelsea College in 1617 – he appears on the commoners list of 1672. A William Pope married 13 May 1623 Compton Dundon a Mary Wootonrelated? They had a daughter Luce Chr. 5 Oct 1636 there.

1] Thomas Symcockes 2] Margery Pope of Butleigh, widow of Briant Pope, and her son Christopher Pope and his wife Charity Lease for lives of a messuage and 7a, 4.5a in Budleigh mead, 2.5a in Inner Horsies, 1a 1p in Broadmoore, 1.5a at Parcke corner, 6a Date range: 1645 - 1646.

7a) Christopher Pope Chr. 6 Jun 1596 Butleigh, died in or before 1673

A Christopher Pope was churchwarden in 1673-5 and appears on the commoners list of 1672. He was an overseer in 1674 and 1675 while from April 1673 Charity Pope was a ratepayer and widow. This means that we are dealing with two Christophers (father and son?). Charity made a contribution to the building of St. Pauls in 1680. They were both ratepayers in 1681 – 91 but Charity, widow, died in 1690 and her tenement was rated 'late Charity Pope' until 1699 and in 1700 seems to have come into the hands of a Henry Pope who held it in 1701 [not '02], 1703 - 4. Christopher Pope [the younger] paid 9s in rates in 1678 for widow Wallis' tenement but in 1681 moved to a nearby property and in 1694 paid rates on an entirely different property. He paid rates until 1713

The siblings Christopher, Richard and Charity mentioned below may be other offspring of this family. Charity Crossman is mentioned in 1699 in the overseers accounts when she looked after the sick John Pirkes for two weeks..

DD/S/BT/7/6/1 - 1] Christopher Pope of Butleigh, husbandman 2] Giles Strangways of Charlton Adam Mortgage of 12a in Butleigh West wood. Endorsed with note of payments due 1698-9.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1671.

DD/S/BT/7/6/2 - 1] Christopher Pope of Butleigh Wootton, yeoman 2] Anne Leversedge of Melbury Sampford, Dors Mortgage of 12a in Butleigh West wood. Attached account with John Biddell husband of Anne Leversedge 1712. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS Date: 1697.

DD/S/BT/7/6/4 - 1] William Periam of Butleigh, carpenter 2] Peter Crossman of Hurcott, Somerton, husbandman and wife Charity residuary legatee of her brother Christopher Pope decd Assignment of 12a in Butleigh West wood.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT Date range: 1713 - 1714.

DD/S/BT/7/6/3 - Extract of Will of Christopher Pope leaving his brother Richard Pope of Bristol, who died soon after, and sister Charity Crossman his wood in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1713.

DD/S/BT/8/1/3 1] Edward Whippy of Street, carpenter and wife Sarah, Thomas Pope of Street, husbandman and son of Christopher deed 2] Henry Pope the elder of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of 1a in the East field at Stones Bush, ½a in the West field at Sower down and half acre in the same at Bean Slade, Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1556). Date: 1727

DD/S/BT/7/3/8 Letters of administration of the property of William Pope of Butleigh decd granted to nephew Thomas Pope and Edward Whippie husband of niece Sarah.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1726.

7b) Briant Pope

8) Bryant Pope 'the younger' died 1684

Briant was a carpenter and appears in the churchwardens accounts in 1686. He paid rates from 1672-83, the late Briant Pope in1684. The property was let from 1684 until 1698 when it was occupied by Thomas Abbott. In the meantime widow Joane was renting rooms from James Periam and the overseers paid the rent. In 1687-9 she paid rates (next to John Pope). This seems to have been in succession to a Thomas Pope junior [1685-6].

In 1698 the OOP paid her for attending, washing and laying out Rowley's wife before burial. In 1700 she received Symcockes money (for the poor). She received Symcockes and/or Rocke money from 1705 – 13 – in the latter year: paid Joane Pope for keeping of Eliz: Popes child 50 weeks 24 weeks at 1s 1d ob a weeke 26 weekes at 1s 6d a weeke & for making of clothes 1s in all £3 7s' and in 1715 'paid Joane Pope widdow to releive her 1s and 10s to rescue her goods being seized and for knitting of stockings and mending of shoes 7d and for a gown and making 4s 8d and for a paire of shoes 1s 7d and for a coate and change 2s 6d for Eliz: Popes child in all'.

DD/S/BT/7/3/2 - 1] Briant Pope of Street, cordwainer 2] Henry Pope of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of two half acres at Southern Hill in Butleigh. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1698.

DD/S/BT/24/6/2 - Copy will (1738) of Ann Pope of Butleigh Wootton, proved 1740. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1740.

9) John Pope died c. 1678?

Eggabod or Icebod Pope was bound out as an apprentice to John Pope in 1689 (OOP). John Pope paid rates in 1673 in Butleigh and John Pope junior in South Moor grounds. They paid these rates until '76 when both were called junior. In 1677 and 78 John Pope the elder was in receipt of Parish relief.

From 1680 two Johns paying rates in South Moor. In 1684 John paid jointly with Florence Pope (next) in Butleigh. A John was churchwarden in 1683 and the wardens accounts mention Johns from 1678-1710 which may not be all the same person. From 1698 a second John Pope paid rates (at a different property). John paid rates until 1721.

9a) John Pope bur. 27 May 1720 Butleigh (churchyard inscr.)

This may be the John Pope (of Butleigh Wootton) who acquired a property in West Lydford in 1692 which remained in the family until 1819. It was claimed by James Periam in 1788 and he appointed a gamekeeper there.

One of the Mary burials a – c below, may be the wife of John. A John was churchwarden in 1717. This is probably the John who paid rates on a Butleigh property 1698-1720 – late John in 1721. The property was taken over by James Periam jun. But in 1725 - 40 the rate was paid by Ann Pope widow. From 1741 the rate paid by the 'occupiers of Anne Pope until 1751 then disappeared. William Warburton had begun paying rates on part of her property from 1741.

C 5/106/51 Short title: Pope v Combe. Plaintiffs: John Pope and others. Defendants: John Combe. Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset. Document type: bill, answer. 1693

DD/S/BT/6/5/20-22 1] John Helyar of Yeately, Hants., and wife Christian 2] William Day of Somerton and John Fisher of Somerton, apothecary 3] Revd Francis Martin of South Cadbury, John Pope and Henry Talbot of Butleigh Wootton, Charles Strode and William Browning of Butleigh, yeomen, Thomas Samm of Butleigh, whitebaker, John James and James Chapman of Butleigh yeomen, Samuel Sweet of Butleigh carpenter, Humphrey Colmer and John Kelway of Butleigh, yeomen, Joan Difford of Butleigh, John Vagg of Butleigh, husbandman and Edmund Callow of Butleigh, mason Covenant to levy a fine on a house and 1a, Beggars Well (4a), Fishwell (5.5a), Broadmead (2a), 3a in West Wood, the 41st and 42nd lotts (6a) in Southmoor, Langley (9a) and 9a in the fields of Butleigh. Enclosed assignments of lotts in Southmoor by the Chancellor family and others to Richard Helyar of Butleigh in 1674 and 1678. 1706

DD/S/BT/7/3/7 1] Joan Difford of Butleigh widow of Joseph Difford 2] James Periam the younger of Butleigh Wootton, gent, John Smithfield the elder of Butleigh, yeoman and Anne Vagg of Butleigh widow of John Vagg 3] Anne Pope of Butleigh Assignment of Moormeade close and 1a at Lower Barehill, Butleigh. 1723 (?)

DD/S/BT/11/2/25 1] Anne Bartlett of Bristol 2] Thomas Looke of Butleigh, yeoman 3] Anne Pope of Butleigh Assignment of term to attend the fee of the Common (3a), Butleigh. 1735 [see also 11/2/23-4] [see also 11/2/26]

DD/S/BT/24/6/2 Copy will (1738) of Ann Pope of Butleigh Wootton, proved 1740.

DD/S/BT/11/2/34 1] Thomas Merriott of Glastonbury and wife Hannah formerly widow of William Moxham, James Clothier of Street, yeoman and James Salter the younger of Podimore, yeoman, surviving executors of William Moxham decd 2] William Warbutton of Butleigh Wootton, carpenter, executor of Ann Pope decd 3] John Perry of Glastonbury, yeoman Mortgage of the Common (3a), Butleigh. 1741

10) Thomas Pope died 1679

A Thomas Pope was Overseer in 1670. Thomas paid rates from 1673-79 ['80 missing]. Florence must be the Florare Pope who made a donation towards the building of St. Paul's in 1680. She supplied wood to Marlin Ball in 1680 and from 1681-1686 paid rates on the property previously listed under Thomas – and from 1684 paid the rate jointly with John Pope. Daughter Florence married William Kelway 15 Jan 1681 Butleigh.

11) Thomas Pope died bef. 1688

Thomas Pope the elder was Overseer in 1651-2 and churchwarden in 1685 – same as next?

DD/S/BT/11/1/25 - Draft assignment of meadow in Butleigh by Joan Pope, daughter of Thomas Pope of Butleigh Wootton decd, to her brother John to take effect on her dying without issue.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1688.

12) Thomas Pope (same as last?)

13) Christopher Pope died 1711-22

Not the same as the Christopher above. In 1674/5 a Christopher Pope was Overseer. In 1697- a Christopher (must be a poorer second Christopher?) received relief from the OOP - . In 1699 Christopher was named in a nomination warrant by the OOP. Christopher Pope was in receipt of 2s 6d from the Dyer Symcockes legacy which would indicate that he was one of the 'poore'. In 1700 the OOP paid for a shroud for his child. In 1703 Christopher Pope's wife received 2s 6d. In 1705 he received money from the John Rocke bequest to the poor, and again in 1707 and both charities in 1708. In 1705 the OOP laid out 1s 8d in expenses at Somerton about him. In 1709 1s was given towards the relief of Christopher Pope's wife and Rocke's money to Christopher. In 1710 the overseers 'paid Christopher Pope and his familey in sicknes pd for a peare of shoose for Christopher Pope 2s 10d wood 4s all is £2 2s 10d' plus 1s from the Rocke charity. In 1711 the overseers paid for the 'curing of Christopher Pope's wife's eye'. A Christopher was paid for getting and carrying wood to Edward Pope's children. In 1722 Christopher Pope's widow received money in her sickness.

Uncertain burials

a) Mary widow bur. 13 Mar 1715 Butleigh

b) Mary bur. 26 Dec 1717 Butleigh

c) Mary bur. 29 Mar 1719 Butleigh

In 1719 a Mary had her hip set by Dr. Periam and was paid relief in her sickness several times (OOP) this person?

d) William bur. 14 Apr 1727 Butleigh

? DD/S/BT/7/3/8 - Letters of administration of the property of William Pope of Butleigh decd granted to nephew Thomas Pope and Edward Whippie husband of niece Sarah. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1726.

14) Henry Pope clerk, bur. 5 May 1744 Butleigh

Henry clerk. Not certain which Henry paying rates where - In 1718-20 Henry Pope paid rates for late [Thomas] Abbotts (OOP), while in 1721 Thomas Pope paid for late Abbott 11s 5d (OOP). This was next to the property where the rate was paid jointly by Henry and Thomas. In 1729 both Mary Pope clerk and Henry Pope clerk received money or wheat in their need from the OOP and a change made for Henry Pope's boy. His rent was also paid -in arrears. In 1730 he and his wife received further money from the OOP in his need, her sickness. A Mary Pope received assistance several times in 1741/2 from the OOP. The OOP bought a coffin for a Mary Pope in 1741/2 (but see (6a1Aiiia)). The OOP paid for the shroud of Henry Pope in 1744.

Annis may be the Agnes Pope who married: Butleigh 23 Dec 1755 Benjamin Wilcox of Glastonbury?

A Henry Pope appears [for Mr. Grenville] on a list of 1779 of men to serve in rotation as Tythingmen.

15) Ellizabeth Pope

In 1716 the OOP paid for shoes and a coat for her child. In 1718 the child received a change , new shoes and shoes repaired and new shoes again in 1719. In 1720 Dr. Periam treated her child's eyes and the child received the annual change and new shoes (she must have been heavy on shoes because they also had to be mended again) plus a coat. In 1722 and 1723 the child received a year's relief plus shoes and a change. In 1725 Elizabeth's child received a further years relief. – further payments made – in 1733 paid for firing and other necessities.

More Uncertain burials

g) Rachel illegit. d.o. Mary Pope bur. 10 Oct 1736 Butleigh

h) Jone bur. 30 Nov 1740 Butleigh

A Joane Pope received money from the OOP in 1719-20. She received a gown, petticoat and change from the OOP in 1722. In 1723 she received a change, shoes and rent (indicates she was an adult). In 1724 she was called 'Barber' Joane and received shoes, rent and money in her necessity. In 1725 a gown, coat and a change and money in her sickness plus rent. In 1726 she received a year's relief in addition to her rent and up to 1739 continued to have her rent paid [to William Hodges – see 1737] and receive relief, clothes etc. In 1740/1 Joane Pope was attended by James Oldish's wife and Joane Pope! The OOP paid for candles, brandy, bread, her coffin and shroud, ringing the bell, carrying her to church and burying her. [a widow? The wife of Bryant Pope would have been around 96 if it had been her!]

i) Elizabeth bur. 25 Apr 1778 Butleigh

j) Elizabeth bur. 9 Apr 1779 Butleigh

16) Frank Pope Chr. 1Apr 1866 (Mar Q 5c/522 Langport) Kingweston, shepherd, s.o. George Pope and Sarah Pope d. 21 Oct bur. 25 Oct 1944 Butleigh

Frank's parent first appeared in Kingweston on the 1861 census – his father came from Shapwick and his mother from Stowell. Frank was one of at least 8 children. In 1911 after their marriage Frank and Sarah Jane lived in Kingweston with sons Arthur George and Charles Percival. Frank died at 61, Butleigh and Sarah Jane at Kingsland, Butleigh. Arthur was affianced to a Miss Alice Gifford (aged 24) of Pennard and 5 May 1930 she and Arthur went for a motor-cycle ride. She left him near Butleigh to walk home and went missing. Nearly 50 villagers made a search for her but she was found drowned in a pool near Kingston, four miles away. She had recently been ill with influenza. At the inquest a verdict of suicide during temporary insanity' was passed [Nottingham Evening Post 8 May 1930].

16a) Arthur George Pope b. 20 Mar 1908 (Jun Q 5c/320 Langport), s.o. Frank and Sarah Jane Pope, d. 29 Jun 1995 Butleigh

This must be the Arthur Pope of Butleigh whose fiancé was Alice Gifford (24) who committed suicide by drowning in a pond at Ilchester in 1930. [Hull Daily Mail 7 and 8 May 1930]. She had been out on a cylcle ride with Arthur who left her to walk about two miles back home – she waved to him and wasn't seen again. It appears that she had recently been suffering from insomnia after a bout of influenza. The pond was next to the road where she was left.

16b) Charles Percival Pope b. 5 Jan 1910 (Mar Q 5c/295 Langport) Kingweston, farm labourer, s.o. Frank and Sarah Jane (nee Dimmick) Pope, d. 30 Nov, bur. 8 Dec 1984 (Nov 22/837/1184 Bristol) Butleigh

Charles' mother was born in Butleigh. Charles' father Frank was awarded 10s in Dec 1884 for serving for 5¾ years on the farm of Mr. R. Laver. [Glastonbury Great Market]. He had also won prizes for his vegetables and flowers at the Pitney Flower Show of August 1895. Charles died at 91, Kingland.

17) Arthur Hamilton Pope b. 4 Feb 1884 (Mar Q 5a/238 Sturminster) farmer, s.o. Robert and Alice M. Pope, d. 1974 (Jun Q 23/0498 North Dorset)

At Dennis' baptism the address of the family given as Shillingstone, Dorset. Arthur's father had been a Railway labourer in 1891.


1) Counsellor Pophamadjudicated at Sessions in the case of removal of Thomas Eastment in May 1763. Pophams of Bridgwater?


1) Francis Pople

Possibly the Francis Pople Chr. 4 Jul 1720 Street s.o. John and Joan Pople alias Kirby.

2) John Pople attorney

In March 1788 the OOP received the bastardy pay of Joseph Godfrey via John Pople.


1) Edward Porch b. 1781 Wells s.o. William Porch, fathered a child Edwin Chr. 5 Jun 1836 Butleigh by Elizabeth Harvey.

Edward was married to Sarah West [1 Jan 1810 Glastonbury] on the 1841 census but she died and he married in Glastonbury on 4 Oct 1842 (Dec Q 10/737 Wells) widow Hannah Hodges b. 1793 d.o. George Homan. In 1851 they lived at Old Rd Wells with their grandson Henry Hodges b. 1835 Glastonbury. Edward died in 1867.


1) Stephen Porter

Stephen Porter acquired the Sedgemoor Ground of William Ryall in 1801 and paid rates until 1806/7.

2) Henry Porter b. 1823 Over Stowey, gamekeeper 61-62 [Chr. 6 Feb 1820 s.o. William & Martha Porter?]

This family lived at Over Stowey in 1851 where Henry was under gamekeeper and his wife a dress maker. They moved to and lived at Bakers Grave by 1861. He was assessed as a servant gamekeeper at Butleigh in October 1858 – at £1 7s 6d. By 1871 Henry was a licensed Victualler and ran the "Dolphin Inn" at Binford Place, Bridgwater. By 1881 Henry's occupation was once more that of gamekeeper and he, Jane and Elizabeth, lived at West Cranmore.

3) Elizabeth Porter Chr. 2 Jun 1833 Baltonsborough, servant, d.o. John and Mary Porter 51W-38

Elizabeth worked for Ann Bartlett at Rowley Farm in 1851. Possibly the Elizabeth who married in 1860 (Jun Q 5c/1070 Wells).

4) John Porter b. 1842 St. Mary Cray, Kent, bootmaker, s.o. James and Jane Porter

James had lived in Cray Street, St. Mary Cray, in 1861 with his parents - his father was a shoemaker. After his marriage the family lived in 1871 at 13, Church Street, Woolwich Dockyard. In 1881 they lived at 20, Church Street and Jemima Curtiss, Sarah's sister, lived with them. According to the census Harry Strode was born in Woolwich Kent as were their first three children. They still lived at 14, Kidd St., Woolwich in 1901 when Sarah's mother Elizabeth Curtis, widowed, sick, and a retired nurse, appeared there as a visitor. Harry Strode married Alice Husbands in 1903 (Dec Q 1d/2062 Woolwich) and they lived in 1911 at 14a, McLeod Rd., Plumstead, Kent with four children.


1) Henry Fitzhardinge Berkeley Portman b. 23 Jan, Chr. 25 Jan 1811 Bryanston, Dorset, s.o. Edward and Lucy (nee Whitby) Portman, d. 6 Mar, bur. 10 Mar 1893 (Mar Q 5c/248 Taunton) PHOTO

Henry F. B. Portman attended Magdalen College Oxford, matric. 1857; B.A. 1863. The College has a photograph of him in the Album [94/173] of Herbert Henry Gilbert (b. 1840)

Entry from Post Office Directory 1875: THURLBEAR is a parish in the Western Division of the country, a hundred of North Curry, Taunton Union and County Court district, rural deanery and Archdeaconry of Taunton, and diocese of Bath and Wells, situated on the turnpike Road from Taunton to Chard, about three and a half miles south east from Taunton. The Church of St Thomas is an ancient stone structure, in the Norman style, consisting of chancel, nave, aisles, and perpendicular tower with 4 bell: there are some good at stained windows. The register dates from about the beginning of the 17th century. The living is a rectory, yearly value £136, with residence and about 28 acres of glebe, in the gift of Viscount Portman, and held by the Reverend Fitzhardinge Berkeley Portman, M A, of all Souls College Oxford who resides at Staple Fitzpaine; the Reverend William H Lance, of King's College London is in sole charge. A handsome school-house was erected in 1872 for the parishes of Stoke St Mary and Thurlbear. Viscount Portman is Lord of the manor and sole landowner.

In 1871 Fitzharding Portman and wife Frances lived at the Manor House, Staple Fitzpaine and with them on census day were daughters Mary E. Lance [with husband Charles and son Philip], Emma L. Mildred [with daughters Frances and Allen] plus Catherine, Gertrude, Reginald and Mabel Portman. The brother of Charles Lance was James Dupree Lance [b. 28 Jan 1829] who with his brother Henry Porcher Lance became prominent landholders in New Zealand and were visited there in 1895 by Daniel Mildred.#

2) Frances Catherine Portman b. 9 Aug 1880 Decorah, Iowa, USA, d.o. Reginald and Carrie Portman 01-134

Catherine stayed at Butleigh Court in 1901. Catherine was the niece of Gertrude Agnes Portman, the wife of the squire, Robert Neville-Grenville. # She had a brother John Fitzharding Berkeley Portman b. 6 Nov 1885 Decorah, Winneshiek, Iowa.


1) John Potter

In 1702 John had a warrant issued concerning his boys. In 1704 Sara received relief. In 1704 she was lame and needed the attention of Doctor Periam as well as relief. Ditto in 1705. In 1706 she also received wood, a blanket and shoes as well as relief for her child. She was still sick in 1707 when she received a coat and apron as well as her relief. In 1708 she received relief for herself and her boy and was paid by the OOP forwashing and tending to Dorothy Atwool. She received relief again in 1709 and 1710 and received britches and clothes for her son. In 1711 James received relief on his own account. They were both supplied with a pair of shoes. Nfi


1) John Potenger Vicar of Butleigh 1675-77 patron William Westly, b. 1642 s.o. Thomas Pottinger of Martock.

Studied at New College, Oxford and matriculated 11 Sep 1661 aged 19. Canon of Wells 1669, rector of Croscombe 1669. He paid rates in 1676 and 1677 and first witnessed the Churchwardens accounts in 1675/6. See London Marriage Licences ed. Foster for more. [the John Pottinger who married Ann Fox in Kingsbury Episcopi in 1701 – she was buried 27 Jun 1751 Martock, abode Cote?]


1) Robert Pouncey saddler b. 1796, bur. 28 Dec 1842 (Dec Q 10 358 Wells) St. John Glastonbury

In 1841 Mary lived with her husband in the High Street Glastonbury but in 1861 she is found at 32, cambridge St., St. Georges Hannover Square Westrminster with her widowed brother Robert Cleall and her medical student son Robert Cleall Pouncy. Mary had lived in 1861 and 1871 in Glastonbury with her widowed sister Elizabeth Willcox (b. 1784) who was buried in Butleigh in 1877. # She lived at 'The Armory', Magdalene St., Glastonbury in 1881 and her profession was 'retired saddler'. She was Dr. Robert Cleall Pouncey's mother.

1a) Robert Cleal Pouncey/Pouncy b. 22 Feb 1826 Glastonbury, Surgeon M.R.C.S. General Practitioner, d. 28 May, bur. 16 Jun 1865 (Jun Q 5c/398 Wells) Butleigh 61-55

Robert lodged in Cork Street, Frome aged 15 in 1841. In 1861 Marina (32), grocer, lived with her mother Maria Millard (70), widow. Marina married the doctor, Robert Cleall Pouncy in 1861 and they lived in Pouncy's Villa, but Robert Pouncey died in 1865. Marina still lived in the Villa in 1871 and in 1875 she married Joshua Hockey - they remained in the villa until 1890. # Robert died of 'dropsy'.

There is a record of a Robert Cleall Pouncy Chr. 17 Oct 1828 Evershot, Dorset s.o. John and Joanna Pouncy.


1) Phoebe Pound b. 1833 Castle Cary, bur. 22 Feb 1902 (Mar Q 5c/365 Wells) Butleigh 01-144

Phoebe was the widowed mother-in-law of Harry Bowditch and lived with him and her daughter Charlotte Bowditch in Dumb Lane in 1901. #

In 1861 Phoebe had lived with her husband Thomas, a blacksmith, in Ditcheat village with their three children (including twins). By 1871 they had removed to Towns End, Castle Cary and had seven children with them including Charlotte. Thomas was noted as an artisan blacksmith. In 1881 they were at 5, Woodcock Street, Castle Cary and in 1891 back at Towns End. Thomas had died in 1896 (Jun Q 5c/265 Wincanton).


1) John Powell Chr. 29 May 1803 Ereswell, Suffolk, gamekeeper, d. 3 Apr, bur. 7 Apr 1862 (Jun Q 5c/395 Wells) Butleigh 41-3, 51-37, 61-57

John Powell (35) lived with his wife Mary (25) and three sons Simon (4), Thomas (2) and Henry b. 1841 at Copley House in 1841. In 1841 October he was assessed as a servant gamekeeper for the Dean of Windsor. In 1843 Mary died and John married Jane from Lower Wallop (Nether Wallop). In September 1842, 1844 he was assessed as a 'servant gamekeeper at £1 7s 6d at Butleigh Court acting for 'Hon Grenville, Rev. John Grenville and the Earl iof Ilchester – for Butleigh'.

Simon was absent in 1851 but a boy of his age from Herts., was Page to George Neville-Grenville, squire of Butleigh, living at Adelaide House, Hastings - nfi. In 1851 besides Thomas and Henry, John and Jane had three new children living with them. Then Jane died in 1856 (4th January acc. to gravestone?). In 1861 the widowed John lived in the High Street with sons John Loney (11) and Charles (7). John died in 1862. Jane became a pupil at the Industrial School, Chardstock, Dorset in 1861, and a housemaid at Whatley Rectory in 1871. In 1871 Charles lodged with James Craft in Nodway and was boarding with John Matthews in Barton Stone, in 1881. He died aged 31 in 1885. Henry was a footman at 4, Queensgate Terrace, Kensington Town, London in 1871. Of the other children - nfi.



1) John Poyntinge buried 1689 Butleigh (OOP) as Poynton

John was Overseer in 1667. John paid rates from 1673-8 [1679-82 missing]. He paid rates in South Moor grounds 1673-7. In 1686 a John Poynton paid rates in what was probably the same property (a son?) and did so until 1690. Next in the property were Henry Gatherin and Joane Smith.


1) Mary Prankard of Glastonbury bur. 5 May 1767 Butleigh


1) Richard Prat Rector of Glastonbury, Vicar of Butleigh Wootton 1769 - 16 Mar 1778 patron James Grenville, s.o. Dr. John Prat serjeant-at-law, grandson of Dr. Prat, Dean of Rochester.

The Revd Mr. Prat paid rates from 1746/7 [on the vicarage and on his own estate] until 1789 then the 'Reverend' was dropped and rates paid as Mr. Richard Pratt until 1817. A Mr. Prat was paid by the OOP for selling the business of Ferdinand Seymour.

Richard Prat jun was vicar of Littleham and Exmouth for 27 years and the only surviving son of Richard Pratt vicar of Butleigh. His son, Richard Periam Prat was b. 28 Nov 1789 [Chr. 15 Aug 1791 Ottery St Mary] and he married Eliza Bond [b. 24 Jan 1788 Glastonbury] at Greinton on 5 Feb 1816 and after two daughters, they had a son Richard b. 1819 Glastonbury, as a result of whose birth his mother died on 27 Sep 1819 Glastonbury [see below]. Richard Periam Prat also had a brother Samuel [Chr. 12 Dec 1792 Ottery St.Mary]. Samuel Prat became a lawyer in Glastonbury where Richard Periam Prat also built two prestigious houses – Chalice House and Blenheim House. In Pigots Directory of 1822 the two Prat sons, Richard Periam and Samuel were listed as attorneys in Chilkwell Street. Richard Periam Pratt absconded to Canada together with his brother Samuel in 1840 after having been declared bankrupt. Richard Periam Prat died in Nantes on 7 Feb 1863.

On the 851 census Newtown, Newbury, Berks – the unmarried Richard Prat [Chr. 1 Sep 1819 St. Johns, Glastonbury, s.o. Richard Periam Prat, attorney at Law at Market Place, and Eliza, was listed as curate of Newtown. In 1861 he was at Red Lane, Todber, curate of Stour Provost and Todber, Dorset, and still unmarried. In 1871 he was still a lodger in Todber but died in 1875.

D/S/BT/10/5/4-5 1] Revd. Richard Pratt of Glastonbury, vicar of Butleigh 2] James Grenville Deed of exchange of land in the arable fields of Butleigh. Bond enclosed. 1770

DD/SAS/C/795/SE/6 - etc. [1 parchmt.] 29 Sep.1781 Butleigh, Glastonbury, etc. Mortgage for £300: Chas. {Charles?} Biggs of Bath, gent., and Rich. Prat of Glastonbury, clerk, and wife Jane (dau. and next of kin of John Periam of Butleigh, gent., decd.) to Wm. Clothier of Dymmer in Castle Cary, gent: 2 parcels in Southmoore als Aldermoore in Butleigh, allotted in lieu of 3 rights of common; parcel in same allotted in lieu of 1 right of common; close in Wootten in Butleigh; mess. in Pennard near Clarton; two pieces of new inclosed common in St.John the Baptist, Glaston. [2 parchments] 6, 7 Aug. 1759 Butleigh, West Pennard, Glastonbury Mortgage for £300: Rich.Prat and w. Jane to Chas.Biggs: [as in preceding mortgage]. [1 parchment] 7 Mar. 1748/9 ..Prat Copy of Will of Jane Prat of Glastonbury, spr. [1 f] 12 Dec. 1818

DD/S/BT/13/3/24-5 1] William Curtis, Hannah Curtis and George Coombs of Butleigh, labourer 2] Richard Periam Prat of Glastonbury Mortgage of two messuages at Nodway, Bolster corner (2a) and Whitewell (3a.), Butleigh. Enclosed promissory note. 1822

DD\\X\SS/2/6 Residue of 500 years dwelling with garden and orchard - 3 acres, and a close of land known as "Hill" 2 acres. in trust Richard Periam Pratt, Glastonbury, gent., James Rocke, Glastonbury, esquire: William Nash, South Cadbury, clerk. (3 documents) 1823

DD/S/BT/14/2/57 1] John Bond of Glastonbury 2] Richard Periam Prat of Glastonbury Agreement to sell two tenements in Butleigh. 1834

DD/S/BT/21/1/22 1] Lewis Parfit of Westbury and Samuel Prat of Glastonbury 2] Revd George Neville of Hill Street, Berkeley Square, Msex Bond of indemnity concerning land in Clayhill, Butleigh. 1834 [Richard Periam Pratt and his brother Samuel went bankrupt over the Glastonbury Canal scheme and absconded to Canada in 1840 with some of the borough's money]


1) Thomas Victor Prescott b. 1 Nov 1902, d. 6 Aug 1991 (Aug 23/1505/891 Yeovil) Butleigh

This couple married twice, once in 1923 and again in 1927. It is probably this couple that occupied Butleigh House up to May 1941 when they then advertised for an unfurnished house in Wincanton district. Thereafter Butleigh House seems to have been let out. [Western Gazette 16 May 1941 - see Bates]. At Lily's death their address was The Prescott's, Barton Road.


1) William Preston b. 1885 (Jun Q 8e/718 Garstang) Winmarleigh, Lancs, gardener, s.o. William and Ellen Preston

In 1911 William occupied three rooms at 10 Butleigh together with a boarder, Charles Henry Knight (18). Unless he was a casualty of WWI, William doesn't seem to have died in Somerset.


1) John Miller Price b. 1843 (Mar Q 19/327 Wirral, Cheshire) Willaston, s.o. James Price d. 10 Jan, bur. 14 Jan 1928 (Mar Q 5c/521 Wells) Butleigh

This couple lived in Butleigh Wootton and a grave memorial gives their dates. In 1901 John and Matilda had moved from Cheshire to work at Llanfair Farm, Llanfairpwyngyll (Anglesey) where John was farm bailiff and they lived there with just their son John Herbert Price on census night. In 1911 They lived at Three Cross, Wimborne, Dorset with daughter Ethel. This was obviously where their son met his bride – see next.

1a) John Herbert Price b. 13 Jul 1885 (Sep Q 8a/379 Chester) Lache Farm, Chester, Cheshire, farmer, d. 1971 (Jun Q 7a/1269 Honiton)

In 1911 the couple lived at Ashcott, Somerset. By 1919 the family lived at Higher Hill Farm, Butleigh Hill but must have arrived by 1917 since John advertised in the Western Gazette [20 Apr 1917] for a labourer at Higher Hill Farm. Another advert in the Western Gazette 19 Jul 1918 sought a nursery governess for September for three children. Their son Richard was buried in Butleigh in December 1918, though John's mother who died in 1917 isn't recorded as being buried in Butleigh (in the PR).


1) John Prickett of Glastonbury

In Nov 1781 the OOP paid John Prickett of Glastonbury to serve in the Militia in place of James Pollet, for which he was paid £4 10s 0d. In the same month a warrant was issued at Wells for his examination and answer the complaint of the Overseers of Glastonbury.


1) Thomas Pride

In 1758 the OOP paid his bill of 11/6d. In May 1763 he was paid by the OOP to redeem Eastment's goods for rent and carrying the said goods from Charlton to Butleigh.


1) Thomas Priestwitnessed and appears in the will of Simon Bordome in 1569.


1) Annie Elizabeth Priestly b. 1887 (Mar Q 7a/422a Boston) South Carlton, Lincolnshire, parlour maid, d.o. John and Ann Priestly

In 1911 Annie worked at Wootton House for Fanny Hood of Avalon. Her father was a farm labourer.


1) Arthur Prince Chr. 29 Nov 1829 Gunville Park, Dorset, gamekeeper, s.o. Arthur and Leah Prince, bur. 29 Nov 1910 (Dec Q 5c/295 Wells) Butleigh 81-99, 91-127, 01-140 PHOTO

In 1861 Arthur lived with his sister Sarah and children Arthur and Edith at Weeting Bromehill, Norfolk. On census night his wife Amelia was visiting another gamekeeper, John Warham, and family, at Sherborne Castle Lodge. John, from Gunville (where Arthur's first two children were born), and his wife had just had a baby and perhaps that was the reason for the visit. Amelia died in 1863, in the month her daughter Margaret Amelia was born. In 1871 the widowed Arthur, with his sister Sarah as housekeeper lived at Lillington, Dorset.

In 1875 Arthur married a widow, Sarah Warburton, in Hackney London (see under Warburton). In 1881 Arthur, wife Sarah and Arthur's son Arthur (23) plus Sarah's son Frederick Warburton (11) lived together at Bakers Grave. One child born in Butleigh had died - Henry Philip b. and d. 1879. On 21 Sep 1888 the Western Gazette reported a Police Court case brought against a notorious bad character from Glastonbury, James Govier, a shoemaker and recently released from prison. He was seen by Arthur the head gamekeeper in Butleigh Woods with two other with bags used for picking nuts. Govier assaulted Arthur Prince and pushed him out of the woods. He was sentenced to two months hard labour.

By 1891 they were at Copley where Arthur (60) was now the woodman. Their two young daughters Ethel and Maud were visiting Edwin Latcham at 28, High Street on the 1891 census night. By 1901 Arthur (70) was now the 'fishkeeper' and had returned to Bakers Grave. He and Sarah plus their daughters Maud (19) post office clerk and Ethel (17) now lived together. Arthur played King Henry I in the Butleigh Revel. P

Arthur died in 1910 and Sarah, who appears on the 1911 census at Fishponds with her daughter Ethel (occupation caretaker of fishponds) died in1911. Ethel lived at Oddway when she died.

Alfred Arthur married Harriet Puttimore (b. 1856 Netherbury Dorset) in 1892 (Dec Q 5c/843 Wincanton) and in 1901 they lived together in Mill Lane, Lovington. In 1911 they lived at Park Cottages, Mere, Wilts – they never had any children.

Emily Maud was a grocers shop assistant and on census night 1911 visited friends in Shepton Mallet. She married the baker Alexander C. A. Classey in Butleigh on 22 Oct 1917 - they latterly lived in Portishead but Emily was bur. 17 Jan 1979 Butleigh. #


1) Alfred Pritchard b. 1872 Tarrington, Hereford, footman, s.o. Edward and Frances Pritchard 91-115

In 1881 Alfred lived with his parents in Higham, Tarrington where his father was a mason. He served and 'lived in' at Butleigh Court in 1891. Nfi


1) Daniel Prowles b. 1813 Closworth, labourer, died 1880 (Jun Q 5a/233 Sherborne)

Daniel and Harriet were in Longburton in 1841 with just their daughter Jane - presumably Ann and Eleanor had died shortly after birth. In 1851 the couple were with daughters Jane and Triphaner, and had a visitor, Sarah Abbott, Harriet's sister. In 1861 Daniel and Harriet lived in Folke, Dorset with only their daughter Jane.

Pullen -Pulling

This family fall into the 1677 -1714 PR gap but have strong links to Baltonsborough which help sort their genealogy out

A) Willliam Pulling bur. 18 Mar 1733 Baltonsborough

This William must have married another Anne who as a widow was buried 4 Apr 1734 Baltonsborough

1) William Pulling bur. 26 Apr 1717 Baltonsborough – junior

William Pulling was paid £3 16s 0d by the Churchwardens in 1714-15 [not stated what for but must be his salary]. In 1715 the Churchwardens accounts have William Pulling 'his salary and for mending the surplices 2 shillings' – total £3 18s 0d. In 1717 the CW has 'the widow Pullin for her husband's clerkship'.

1a) William Pullen Chr. 14 Jul 1717 Baltonsborough s.o. William and Sarah Pullen, bur. 3 Jan 1776 Baltonsborough

William Pulling senior was churchwarden in Baltonsborough 1754 – 1776 and his son William 1778 – 1792.

A Hester Pullen who married William Atwool in Butleigh on 4 Dec 1734 was probably related to William.


1) William Pulsford d. 1798

Mr. Pulsford, surgeon, set the thigh of Hugh Pike in Oct 1796. (OOP). He was resident in Wells. He seems to have been related to the Lucas Pulsford next and came from Wellington.

DD\SAS\C/795/SE/24 Will of Benjamin Pulsford of the City of Wells, surgeon, 13 Nov.1782 referring to son Wm. and James, and his death in Sept.1784, leaving son Wm. P.surviving (died 1798), whose eld. s. and heir was Wm. P.(aged about 21 in 1808). [4 ff] circa 1816

2) Lucas Pulsford Chr. 11 Jun 1762 Wellington s.o. Lucas Pulsford, bur. 10 Jul 1819 Wells

The Rev. C. H. Pulsford signed the OOP accounts in 1822/23 and performed burials in Butleigh in 1813 and marriages in 1822. The Bath Chronicle, 6 Apr 1826, reported that he was elected canon residentiary on 5th April that year. The Bath Chronicle reported on 26 Oct 1826 that the Canon's house was broken into a few nights before and the Canon discovered the thief running off with a quantity of silver plate. The thief made his escape after shutting the door in the face of the Canon. He was also Vicar of Burnham from 1827. He achieved an M.A. From Catherine College, Cambridge, in 1827.

PROB 11/1944 Will of Reverend Charles Pulsford, Clerk of Wells 8 Apr 1841


1) Thomasina Puppyn illegit. d.o. Maria Chr. 1 Mar 1587 Butleigh


1) Joseph Purchase b. 1862 West Coker, labourer, s.o. Elizabeth Purchase, bur. 1 Oct 1902 (Dec Q 5c/295 Wells) 01-144

In 1871 Joseph and his mother were paupers in Yeovil Workhouse. In 1891, Joseph, Mary Ann and Edward were at Burnett's Lane, Baltonsborough. By 1901 Joseph (39) lived with his wife Mary A. (39) and sons Edward T. (14) and William Albion b. 1892 at Barton Stone [No. 59]. Joseph died in Wells Asylum in 1902. In 1911 Mary Ann lived at 59 Butleigh with a boarder William James Appleby (27).

1a) Edward Thomas Purchase b. 1887 (Jun Q 5c/521 Wells) Baltonsborough, d. 1942 (Dec Q 5c/350 Bridgwater) 01-144

In 1911 this family lived at 25 Butleigh Wootton.

2) Sarah Purchase (née Luke/Look) b. 1830 Butleigh, unmarried cook, died 1899 (Mar Q 5c/380 Bath)

Sarah Luke [Look] had married coachman Edward Purchase (b. 1821 Wallstock, Dorset) in 1853 (Dec Q 5c/1135 Wells). In 1861 she had worked at Dinder House, Dinder where she stated that she was married. Sarah worked at Newbury House, Kilmersdon in 1871 and in 1891 they ran the "Anchor Inn" in Combe Hay (though her age was mistaken). Sarah was probably the d.o. William and Ann Look, Chr. 23 Jan 1823 Butleigh. #



1) William Purnell b. 1851 Stoke Hants, Itchen, (Alresford), gardener

This family appeared first at 101, Dulwich Road, in Brixton in 1891 (Parnell) with Dora and Frank, then in Wandsworth in 1901 with Nellie, Eva and Hilda (5 months b. Wandsworth). In 1892 William's address was given as Railton Road, London. Nfi - there were several potential Alices in Butleigh who could be this wife.

In 1911 Alice Mary was widowed and lived at 11, Hafer Rd., Battersea with her four above children including Frank who was a Press photographer and Nellie a theatre clerk.


1) Lucey Pusey b. 1889 Paddington, London, d.o. Edward B. and Catherine Pusey 01-134

In 1891 Lucy had lived with her parents at 26, Sussex Gardens, Paddington. Her father was a retired Captain of the Royal Navy. Aged 12, Lucy boarded at the Vicarage in 1901.