1) Stanley Ernest Hyde Rabbage b. 1874 Linkinhorne, Cornwall, slaughterman, s.o. William and Catherine Rabbage, d. 1 Dec, bur. 6 Dec 1944 (Dec Q 5c/431 Wells) Butleigh

Stanley was a butcher listed in the 1935 and 1939 Kelly's Directories at 'Sweets' Chapel Lane. In 1881 as Ernest Stanly he lived with his parents and three siblings at Stacombe Farm, Moreton Hampstead, Devonshire [father farmed 1865 acres]. In 1891 he boarded at 12, Bove Town, Glastonbury. In 1911 he was visiting his brother Frederick Hyde Rabbage at Townsend, Curry Rivel. He married as Ernest S. H. Rabbage in 1911 at Wincanton but in 1937 was widowed and married again, in Butleigh. In 1911 Euphemia was a servant at Park Farm, Evercreech. Euphemia is buried with her sister Amy Jane Skardon (nee Dando). No children recorded from either marriage.


1) John Radford vicar of Butleigh from 2 Jul 1677, bur. 4 Sep 1714 Butleigh

Matriculated Exeter College, Oxford 29 Mar 1656, B.A. From Hart Hall 1660, rector of West Itchenor, Sussex 1676 and vicar of Butleigh from 2 Jul 1677. Recorded as vicar of Butleigh and minister in Baltonsborough [1698]. Didn't keep a single record of any baptisms, marriages nor burial during his time in office and made no Bishop's transcripts.

My original entry was accidentally deleted – In 1676-7 the vicar was John Potenger patron William Westly of Wells – related to John Westley husband of Mary Webb, d.o. James Webb b. 1641, son of John Webb, and sister of Elizabeth Webb wife of John Radford.

2) Francis Raddford Chr. 5 Jun 1808 Otterford, s.o. Henry and Betty Radford, agric. labourer, farm bailiff, d. 29 Jan, bur. 4 Feb 1882 (Mar Q 5c/374 Wells) Butleigh 81-100

In March 1841 Ann White lived with her mother and two brothers at East Street, West Lydford. In 1861 Frances Radford lived with his wife, four youngest children and mother-in-law Mary White (b. 1786 Alford) at 38 and 39 the Mead, Ilchester. Francis Radford (70) lived in 1881 in Oddway with wife Ann (66). The couple had previously lived in Babcary (1871) with two of their sons. Francis died in 1882 and Ann died in 1883.

2a) James Radford Chr. 29 Jun 1856 (Sep Q 5c/497 Yeovil) Ilchester, d. Bristol 1917

In 1871 Amelia lived with her thatcher father and a brother and sister at Kingsbury Episcopi. Francis died a few months after his birth in 1879 at Bethel Cottage. His father James placed an advert in the Western Gazette 15 Oct 1880 seeking a situation as harness maker. By 1881 James, a saddler, and Amelia lived in Gillingham, Dorset, with a new 8 month old baby boy called Frank who had been born there. By 1891 they lived in Marsh Common, East Orchard, Shaftesbury, Dorset and by 1901 they lived at 14, Charlton Street, Bristol where James was now a harness maker. Something must have happened thereafter – James appears as lodger in the Overseer Lodging House, 8 & 9 Reverors, Bristol and Florence ended up in 1911 in the Bristol Guardians of the Poor Children's Home. Of the others – nfi.



1) Annie James Radnedge Chr. 22 May 1858 (Jun Q 5c/632 Shepton Mallet) Pylle, cook, d.o. William and Hannah Rednedge 81-100

Annie (21) was in service to Robert Neville at Corville in 1881. As Hannah she had lived with her parents at 24/5 Fosse Road, Pylle in 1871 - her father was a carpenter. She married the Butleigh born carpenter, Francis John Turner in Butleigh on 1 Jun 1882 (Jun Q 5c/847 Wells) and in 1891 they lived at 48, Northload St., Glastonbury with four children and their niece Lily L. Gregory (14). By 1901 they had moved - to 21, Northload Street. #


1) Ann Raills bur. 25 Apr 1723 Butleigh

Raiment (see Rayment/Raymond)


1) Sarah Ralls Chr. 31 Dec 1843 Street, governess, d.o. Joseph and Sophia Ralls 61-55

In 1851 Sarah lived with her parents at Leigh, Street where her father farmed 12 acres. Sarah (16) lodged in Lower Rockes Farm with Henry Hoddinott in 1861. She had returned to her parents by 1871 and married the older farmer John Gare (b. 1825 Pitney) in 1876 (Mar Q 5c/772 Wells). # In 1891 they lived at Rayanards, Westonzoyland and had two children. By 1901 Sarah was widowed and lived comfortably at 3, Frederick Place, Clifton, Bristol with her son Reginald.


1) Mr. Francis Ralph of Walcot b. 1747, bur. 11 Aug 1818 Bathampton

Francis appears to have married 28 Mar 1780 Bath Abbey one Betty Balne. On 24 Mar 1801 at Bath St. Michael he married Jane Thatcher. Francis Ralph started paying rates on 'late James Withers' in 1801. In 1802 he added 'late Diffords' and 'George Coombes Fishwell'. He paid the rates until 1815 when they were paid by Mr. Jerviss 'Late Ralph' but in 1816 his name given again then in 1817 the rates paid by Mr. Ralph now William Dyke. A Francis Ralph of Walcot, Bath was Chr. 9 Feb 1757 s.o. Francis and Frances Ralph – same?

In Aug 1806 Mr. Ralph was paid his expenses by the OOP for twice visiting Bristol with Culling's boy [once with horse, once with horse and gig] – see Ralph Culling of Shapwick.


[Ramzey, Romsey]

1) Mary (nee Wheller) Ramsey Chr. 8 Aug 1779 Butleigh, d.o. John and Sarah Wheller

Mary married John Ramsey (b. 4 Aug 1771 West Pennard) in Priddy on 6 Apr 1817 and she was the widow living with her daughter Mary (b. 1811) in West Pennard in 1841 and living as a widow and 'occupier of houses' with son John (b. 1817 West Pennard) in Newtown West Pennard in 1851. Her husband had died on 8 Dec 1838 West Pennard and Mary died on 31 Dec 1853 West Pennard. They had three daughters besides their son, John, the latter emigrating to North Dakota.

2) Sidney Ramsey b. 1811 East Brent, Somerset [died Clifton 1867 aged 58?]

In 1841 Sidney, a labourer, and Sarah lived in Hillhead, Glastonbury with daughter Ann (8) son Charles (6) and daughter Eliza (4). The family are absent from the 1851 census, possibly in the Workhouse after Sarah's death? Other members of the family absent thereafter though Charlotte seems to have married in 1856. By 1861 Sydney was a widower lodging in Southover, Wells and Charles was a footman, still single, working in Usk, Monmouth, Wales. In 1861 (Mar Q 5c/901 Wells) a Charles Ramsey/Rumsey married either Emma Fry or Mary Ann Groves . nfi


(Raindell, often Rendell)

1) Thomas Raindell [an unc. Randall bur. 19 Jun 1687 Baltonsborough] A Thomas bur. 20 Apr 1707 Baltonsborough

Thomas paid rates on land on South Moor jointly with Annie Francis from 1683-5. Father of next? A widow Joan Randoll bur. 24 Feb 1723 Baltonsborough.

2) John Randell of Baltonsborough [Chr. 27 Dec 1680 Baltonsborough, s.o. Thomas and Joane Rayndle, bur. 13 Dec 1747 Baltonsborough [Rendel]

No Ann Burnett appears in the Baltonsborough register though a John Burnett was baptised in 1698 – however, a damaged entry for an –n Chr. 1 Nov 1682 to Thomas and Judith [Garett?] could be Ann?

A John Randall is mentioned in the churchwarden's accounts in 1688/9. He paid rates in Butleigh from 1686 jointly with Edward Sindercombe until 1695 [seems thereafter to be the property of 'the late Bartholomew Stephens']. John received 6 weeks assistance from the OOP in 1737 in his sickness. A Joane Periam was paid in 1737 for 'Raindles cure'. A further payment made in 1737 to Joane Periam for 'curing' John.

4) Mary Randellin 1692 the OOP issued a warrant of disturbance against her – nfi.

5) William Raindolin 1747/48 the CW paid William for 'three hundred and half for tile for the church'.

6) John Randal of Barton St. David Chr. 20 Jan 1733, s.o. John and Sarah, bur. 28 Jan 1797 Barton St. David

A Mary tended Mary Periam when she was bearing twins in Nov 1785. The daughter is Mary Randel who married Abraham Hill# Butleigh 28 Mar 1794

8) Richard Randell/Rendell bur. 19 Dec 1790 Butleigh [a Richard Randle Chr. 25 Jun 1735 Barton St. David, s.o. Richard and Jone Randle]

Richard's house rent paid regularly from 1765/66 onwards up to his death and he also received regular relief from the OOP. In May 1773 the OOP paid for assistance in his wife's 'lying in'. From 1790/91 the rent paid for 'his family'. In March 1780 the OOP paid relief to Richard's wife who was 'lame' and thereafter. Elizabeth noted as buried with surname Reynolds (mistake?), wife of Richard - no Richard Reynolds in Butleigh. Raindell and Reynold often confused in PR. The OOP note that in June 1781 they paid for Elizabeth Rendel's coffin and carrying her to church. In Jan 1788 the OOP paid for 'two days work for a man and plough for hauling Edward Talbots household goods and Richard Rendell – to the poor house [which needed a new lock and key]. Richard's coffin paid for by the OOP in Jan 1791.

Linsey bought for Han Rendell in Jan 1791 and she received relief thereafter and earned small amounts in return for 'attending' other people in need. In April 1794 the OOP bought clothing for Hannah then nfi

8a) Mary Rendle Chr. 24 Jul 1764 Butleigh

In 1772 Mary child was apprenticed out to James Grenville under the 'John Rocke scheme' (OOP). She is probably the Mary Rendall who had to swear under examination that John Oram was the father of her child. She was examined at Walton and Somerton. In Nov 1787 the Overseers sent Henry Spurlick to Bristol, Bath and North Wooton to try and apprehend John Oram. Relief was paid to Mary Rendel. In Jan 1788 the OOP paid for the delivery by Bridget Look of Mary's child. In March 1790 a warrant was taken out at Wells against Mary.

In April 1794 the OOP bought a pair of trousers for Mary's boy then a warrant for Mary and Abraham Hill who was arrested and taken to Shepton Mallet then Mary was married to Abraham at the OOP expense [£1 9s 0½d] on 29 Apr 1794 Butleigh.

8a1) John Rendell alias Oram Chr. 9 Dec 1787 Butleigh [Reynolds] widower

See under Oram. Relief paid to John Rendell in March 1805 is probably to this John. In March 1805 the OOP pid for John Rendel from Street with a cart & horse.

8a1A) George Rendal Chr. 12 Nov 1815 Butleigh, labourer, [s.o. John Oram alias Rendall and Ann - (5a1)], d. 1885 (Dec Q 5c/285 Yeovil)

In Feb 1830 George Oram was out of work. In 1841 George lived in West Pennard with his sister Elizabeth and brother Richard (13) lodging with William and Mary Tibbotts, and their daughter Sarah. No baptism nor marriage surfaced yet for Sarah. George as George Oram lived in West Pennard in 1851 with the first three of the above children and his wife Sarah Tibbotts, who died that year, # George Rendal [Bendal] lived in South Town, West Pennard in 1861 with wife Kerza and seven children. Kesia [Kevia] Dunkerton had been a servant in Pil Town West Pennard in 1851 and she had married George Rendle [Rendl] in 1852 . A child Charles bur 28 Mar 1857 West Pennard was probably their child. In 1871 George and Kezia still lived in West Pennard with just two children. George's pob was then given as West Pennard. Kezia d. in 1874.

12) Thomas Rendell b. 1824 Guernsey s.o. James Rendell, gardener

Thomas and his wife lived in Butleigh for a few years before settling in West Town, Baltonsborough, where they appeared in 1851. Mary Jane's uncle John Tucker (Chr. 22 May 1774 Baltonsborough) lived with them there. The son Henry would appear to be the illegitimate child of Mary. See under Henry Tucker Chr. 18 Oct 1835 Butleigh, grandson of Mary Tucker (3) - son of Mary Ann Tucker and Joshua Sealey. # In 1861 the family, with two more additions, lived in Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury. Nfi – emigrated?

13) Leonard Frank Rendall b. 17 Feb 1895 (Mar Q 5c/439 Wincanton) Compton Pauncefoot, s.o. John and Augusta (nee Newport) Rendall, bur. 23 Feb 1979 Butleigh

In 1901 and 1911 Leonard lived with his parents (father a shepherd) at Compton Pauncefoot. Agnes lived at 15 Butleigh Wootton at the time of her death [in Priory Hospital, Wells].


1) Thomas Rapper

Thomas was a poor boy who was carried by horse to Gregory Stoke in 1713 (OOP). Surname probably Roper – a Mary Roper was buried 4 Feb 1732 in Stoke St. Gregory.


1) Thomas Rawling of Wellington

There was an extensive Rawlings family in Wellington in the 18th century.

2) Sam Rawlings of St. James, Bristol [a Samuel Rawlins m. 29 Mar 1768 Walcot St. Swithin, Bath an Elizabeth North – possibly unrelated]

3) Eleanor Rawlings bur. 11 Sep 1805 Butleigh

4) James Rawlings b. 1842 Barton St. David, [s.o. James and Frances Rawlings?] labourer, died 1894 (Sep Q 5c/213 Langport).

Charlotte Rawling (62) widow of Henry West, with sons Charles West (28) and George (19) plus daughter Elizabeth (18) lived in four rooms in Barton Stone in 1901. Charlotte's second husband James Rawling had died in 1894. In 1891 they had lived at Orchard Row, Street where James was a farm servant and Charlotte a charwoman. The children Charles and Sarah were the products of Charlotte's previous marriage to Henry West in 1869 (Sep Q 5c/661 Langport) who died in 1876 (Mar Q 5c/336 Langport) aged 36. Charlotte Barber had been servant at 8, Manchester Terrace, St. Marys, Islington, London in 1861, prior to her first marriage.

Beatrice married William Charles Vincent in 1897 (Dec Q 5c/950 Wells). #

George was 'crippled from birth' and worked as a shepherd. Another son Henry Edward West married Francis Ann Lye in Butleigh on 31 Jan 1898 (Mar Q 5c/747) #. In 1911 Charlotte lived with her son George (see below). For more on Charles West see under West.

4a) Edward George Rawlings Chr. 23 Oct 1882 Barton St. David, skin dresser, d. 1935 (Dec Q 5c/512 Wells) 01-144

In 1911 George and wife lived at Restmore Cottages with his widowed mother Charlotte and 6 month old daughter Francis.

5) John Rawlings b. 1827 Somerset, plasterers apprentice. 41-4

John lodged with Bryer Hann in Butleigh village in 1841. Nfi


[Rays – Rose - Roe]

1) Edith Rayes bur. 21 Dec 1598 Butleigh

2) Mary Raye(s)

In March 1783 the OOP paid 3 guineas caution money for her entrance to Bath Hospital. In July 1783 they paid her 2 guineas in her necessity and received back the 3 guineas caution money. In Dec 1783 she received relief. In July 1784 she received 21 weeks pay. Odd payments made by the OOP, March 1785. Quite possibly the Mary Rose who married George Summers in Butleigh 10 Mar 1800.

3) Henry Rays

Henry fathered the illegitimate child of Ann Burch in May 1806 (OOP). A summons issued against him by the OOP in Sep and Oct 1806. An order of bastardy made against him in the latter month and he made his first payment of 10/-. A summons and arrest warrant issued against him in Nov 1809. In March 1813 the OOP buried 'Rays bastard' – paid for in May.

4) James Rayes [sometimes Rose] b. 1825 Podimore, farm servant, bur. 19 Aug 1887 (Sep Q 5c/309 Wells) Butleigh 71W-86, 81W-105

In Transcriptions of Barton Registers Rayes misread as Rose [see also Rose for related family, John and Mary?].

James married Elizabeth in 1853 and by 1861 they were living in Silver Street, Barton St. David with their first three children. Sarah Ann left to be kitchen maid at the Rectory, Hornblotton by 1871. The rest of the family appeared in Butleigh Wootton village by 1871. In 1881 James lived in Back Lane, Wootton with Elizabeth and daughter Mary plus granddaughter Anne who was the illegitimate daughter of Eliza.

Sarah married coachman Charles H. White in Butleigh on 17 Oct 1876 (Dec Q 5c/947 Wells) and went to live in Bishop Sutton where they had four children. By 1901 they lived in Bristol where Charles was a van man. John married Emily Stevens in 1876 and lived elsewhere in Butleigh Wootton. # Emily was bur. 28 Jul 1947 Butleigh.

Eliza appeared in 1881 as a servant at 4, Southfield Rd., Westbury on Trim in 1881 and married George Broughton in 1885 (Sep Q 5c/828 Wells). # After James' death in 1887 aged 60, Elizabeth lived with Eliza and George Broughton at 28 Wootton (1891) while Annie became a servant at Broadway Farm. By 1901 Eliza and George Broughton shared three rooms in Wootton with both mother Elizabeth and niece Fanny [credited here as daughter of John Rayes]. Elizabeth died in 1902 aged 71.

4a) John William Rayes b. 21 Apr 1853 Jun Q 5c/487 Langport) Barton St. David, labourer, bur. 20 Jul 1918 (Sep Q 5c/473 Wells) Butleigh 71W-86, 81W-105, 91W-116, 01W-142

Emily lived in Butleigh Wootton at the Blacksmith's Shop with her parents in 1861-71. After their marriage in 1876 John and Emily are found in Butleigh Wootton in 1881 with their first three children. In 1891 John and family lived at No. 5 next to his father-in-law Simeon Stevens at No. 6 where his son George also lived as an apprentice smith. In 1901 John and Emily lived with four of their sons in four rooms, a door away from his mother Elizabeth, Fanny and the Broughtons, and next door to Henry John Stevens retired builder, his wife's uncle.

Ethel Laura found employment as a servant on Coxley by 1901 and married carpenter Edward William Lintell in 1905 (Jun Q 5c/939 Wells). In 1911 they lived at Woodlands, West Pennard with three children and Edward's mother.

Basil married Caroline King in 1905 (Jun Q 1d/878 Wandsworth) and in 1911 they had moved in next door at 4, Butleigh Wootton with Basil's grand-uncle Henry John Stevens. Alfred married Beatrice Wall in 1908 (Mar Q 5c/769 Wells). In 1911 Alfred lived with Beatrice at 1, Glaston Road, Street.

In 1911 John and Emily lived at 6 Butleigh Wootton in four rooms with Charles (postboy), Herbert (carter) and Fanny (housemaid).

In 1911 Basil and his wife Caroline lived at 4 Butleigh Wooton with their grand-uncle John Henry Stevens.

Herbert Stanley married Jane Allen in Butleigh on 9 Feb 1912 (Dec Q 5c/997 Wells) and his son John emigrated to NSW Australia. His furniture was sold 23 Nov 1921 prior to his emigration [Western Gazette 4 Nov 1921].. Fanny Celia married Sidney R. Baker in 1921 (Mar Q 5c/922 Wells). Charles Perkins married Fanny Annie Loveless in Butleigh on 13 Mar 1913 (Jun Q 5c/823 Wells) - this Fanny died in 1934 aged 49, bur. 22 Oct 1934 Butleigh. #

4a1) George Stevens Rayes Chr. 25 Jun 1876 (Jun Q 5c/578 Wells) Butleigh Wootton d. 1957 (Dec Q 7c/2 Bath) 81W-105

George became a stationary engine driver and married Kate in 1896 - they lived at No. 3, Pottery Cottages, Wells Road, Glastonbury in 1901. In 1891 Kate had been working as a cook at 11, High Street, Wells where her employer was the confectioner William Wickender. In 1911 they lived at Evercreech and had eight children. Matilda was visiting her aunt and uncle Henry and Sarah Bigden at 'Avalon' Salterns Rd. Parkstone Dorset on census night in 1911 together with her grandmother Annie Pike and two of Annies children.. George was still a stationary engine driver – at a brick works.

4b) Frederick Rose Chr. 13 Jun 1864 Barton St. David, under gardener, s.o. James and Elizabeth Rose 81-99

James lived with his parents at 2, Ottons Yard, Barton St. David in 1871. He lodged and worked at Court Gardens in 1881. In 1891 he was a footman and visitor at 44, Lockington Road, East Battersea. By 1901 he had married Elizabeth from Scotland and was a butler living in the Garden House, Porters lane, Ridge, Hertfordshire.


1) Margery Rayment married: Butleigh 20 Jan 1581 Richard Parsons

2) John Rayment [the John Raymond Chr. 26 Mar 1586 Charlton Mackrell, s.o. Robert Raymond?]

2a) John Rayment Chr. 5 Aug 1620 Butleigh 'the younger', died 1684

John paid rates from 1673-1681. He was Overseer in 1656 and in 1684 he would have been an Overseer again but Thomas Hodges served in place of 'the Late John Rayment'. Mary is mentioned as having attended the widow King in her sickness in 1676 and '77. In 1683 she received money from the Kelway fine. In 1686 she cared for the sick Gill family and their rent was paid to her. In 1688 she received Symcockes bequest money and in 1690 rceived it in the form of beef. In 1693 she received money again. In 1699 she was paid for attending the Gosmer family. She received further money or relief in 1706, 08, 10 and 1717 (= rent in latter year). (OOP) Margaret Rayment received Symcockes bequest money in 1711. In 17

EXCHEQUER E134/23 & 24 Chas 2/Hil23 - Richard Cabell, Richd. Helyar, John Rock, clerk, John Norton, Robt. Talbott, John Raymond, John Chasey. v. Sir Thomas Mack-worth, Bart., John Webb, Richard Tomlyns, Gawen Lowry.: Manors of Butley, Street, and Glastonbury, and the moore or waste ground Date range: 1671 - 1673. Appears on the 1672 list of commoners.

2a1) John Raymond Chr. 3 Jun 1667 Butleigh ?

In 1700 John received relief in his family's sickness. In 1702 he was paid to go to the court sessions at Wells. In 1705-8 he rec'd Rocke and/or Symcockes bequest money. He may have died then because in 1709 Sara Rayment received relief (and wood) for herself and her children. In 1710 and '11 her rent was paid and a pair of shoes bought for her son. Dr. Periam also cured her children. In 1712 she received a years relief, relief in her sickness and clothes/shoes for her boy and maid. She received rent and relief in 1713 and in her sickness, There is no mention of her in 1714 or 15 and she may have died – in which case the Sarah bur. 1730 may be the wife of her son? A John Rayment received Symcockes money in 1713. He re-appeared in 1730 when the OOP paid his house rent. In 1733 he received 6 weeks relief and two years house rent - the rent paid until 1735. In 1733 Joan Rayment was paid relief in her necessity. In 1735 the OOP paid for Joan Rayments coffin. John Raymond received assistance, rent in 1739 – 47/8.

2) Joan Raymond of Butleigh married Andrew Higgins of West Lydford in Somerton 6 Apr 1713 (Phill.)


(Reason, Raison)

1) James Rayson Chr. 25 May 1847 [(Mar Q 10/433 Langport)] [Barrington] Curry Rivel/Isle Brewers, carter, son of John and Mary Raison, bur. 16 Sep 1915 (Sep Q 5c/477 Wells) Butleigh

In 1871 the couple lived at Somerton with daughter Elizabeth (aged 9 months). In 1891 they were at Bincham, Long Sutton with children Emily Jane (19), Ann (13) and William George (10) plus parents John (85) and Mary Raison (87) In 1901 they lived at West Mudford, Yeovil. In 1911 the couple lived at Knole, Long Sutton as separately did William who had married in 1902. They had had six children. Susan died at 92, Butleigh. Her daughter Emily died at 90, Kingsland.



1) John Reade

The will of Edith Seymer April 13th 1566 mentions John Reade's wife and two children.

2) William Rede Will 24 Oct 1558 pr. 14 Mar 1559 [Somerset Record Society (SRS) volume 62]

All above mentioned in the Will, witnessed by William Bucke and Robert Hobbes. Margaret paid £3, 3s Tithing on the Subsidy Roll of 1581. [SRS Vol. 88]

1a) William Reed

Agnes married Thomas Dyer b. c. 1612/13 Shepton Mallet who died 4 Nov 1676 Suffolk, Massachusetts aged 64. Had son Joseph Dyer b. 6 Nov 1653 Weymouth, Norfolk Mass. - died 12 Oct 1704 aged 50.

2) Robert Read b. 1805 Yetminster, Dorset, blacksmith 51W-39

This couple lived on Glastonbury Road, Butleigh Wootton, next to the Grant family, in 1851. They are probably the couple who were in Knighton Street, Durweston, Dorset in 1841 with children William and Mary. Nfi

3) John Read b. 1806 Martock, farmer, died 1882 (Dec Q 5c/339 Wells) 81W-107

John farmed 10 acres at Nythe Farm, Sedgemoor in 1881. John died in 1882 aged 76 and Mary next appeared in 1891 as a housekeeper in Middlezoy.



1) William Reakes b. 1815 Evercreech, gamekeeper, [Chr. 27 Dec1816 Evercreech s.o. George and Eliza?], d. 1853 (Dec Q 5c/379 Shepton Mallet)?

William and Sarah lived at Ditcheat Hill, Ditcheat in 1851. William died in 1853. Sarah lived with her son John and four other younger children (all b. Ditcheat) in Folley, Ditcheat in 1861. In 1871 she still lived at Folly, Ditcheat, with daughter Mary Jane (21).

Mary Jane married James Phelps in 1871 (Jun Q 5c/889 Shepton Mallet) but died in 1875 (Dec Q 5c/377 Shepton Mallet) and Sarah thereafter lived by 1881 with her son William (26 - crippled from birth) and widowed son-in-law James Phelps (33) and his children - plus nephew Paul E. Windsor (26) from Butleigh. # They were all still together in 1891. Anna may have married in 1870 (Mar Q 5c/804 Wells). Sarah's sister Bridget Barber had married William Windsor and it was her son, Paul Edgar Windsor, who visited them in 1891. Nfi on John but two persons of that name died in 1861, '62 in Shepton Mallet district.

2) Christina Mary Reakes b. 1892 (Mar Q 5c/474 Wells) West Pennard, housemaid, d.o. Thomas and Emily Reakes

In 1911 Christine worked at Corvyle the home of the three Mac Andrew sisters. Her father was a plate layer.


[Riddick, Ruddock, Ryddock]

1) Jonas Ruddock b. 1738, sojourner, bur. 1 Jun 1788 Holcombe aged 50

In Sept 1766 the OOP paid 2/- to Jane Ruddock's boy at Holcomb [Holcombe near Shepton Mallet]. A Hepseba Riddeck married John Pollet (b. 1785) in Butleigh on 2 May 1808

2) James/Jonas Riddick labourer, of Holcombe b. 1759, bur. 3 Jul 1834 Butleigh [Ruddock]

Sarah received relief from the OOP from Feb 1791. Sarah Ruddock was lodged with William Sweet for 5 weeks – paid for by the OOP in March 1791. In May 1791 the OOP paid for another 6 weeks lodging and paid Bridget Look for delivering her of a child. She then lodged with Love Oldish for two weeks who also looked after her. In July the OOP paid rent to Love Oldish for lodging Sarah. A Jane Oldis alias Riddock had an illegitimate child Ann Higgins Oldish alias Riddock in 1826 then married Thomas Higgins (b. 1796) in Butleigh on 15 Jan 1827 - connection? Daughter of Jonas's son Jonas? Sarah received relief until Sep 1794 and then the OOP noted that William Periam 'took James Reddick' for 2 guineas and the Parish received three guineas from James for the use of the Parish. In Nov 1794 the OOP paid Mr. Welch and William Sweet's expenses taking James to Shepton Gaol. In March 1795 he was home because the OOP paid him relief. In June 1795 the OOP paid the Overseers expenses of 5/- for Jonas Ruddock and paid Sarah Ruddock 4/-. Sarah received 2/6 in relief in July. In Sept - October 1795 they paid her five shillings then four weeks pay of 4/-. She received relief in distress in Jan 1796 and from then on. In Oct 1796 Mr. Hill was paid for supporting James Ruddock's wife and child. In Jan 1797 they paid Jonas Ruddock £9 for 40 weeks arrears an Sarah £1 16s 0d up to 9 Jan 1797. Sarah received further relief in 1797.

In August 1797 the OOP paid Mr. Hill's bill for Sarah Rudduck and child and the bill for horse and cart to bring her and two children home to Butleigh Parish. The assistance from the OOP thereafter is only to Sarah Ruddock's children. In Feb 1798 the OOP paid for the coffin of Sarah's daughter and from March 1798 only Sarah Ruddock's boy received relief. In June 1799 Sarah Ruddock's boy received 4½ yds dowlas and other material plus a carter's smock from the OOP. He was paid relief until April 1803 – a Mrs. Weadon had card for him in Dec 1799. In Feb 1800 Sarah's son began receiving relief. Over the next few years he seems to have lodged with several different people – such as Mrs. Weadon and Eliza Davis. From August 1807 James received relief from the OOP and in July 1810 the family were kept by Richard Wheeler. In Dec 1810 payments made to James' children and bed cord and mat bought for them. Most subsequent payments made to 'James Riddick's wife'.

In 1811 James Riddick and family received rent from the OOP. A Susannah Ruddock b. 1811 was bur. 29 Apr 1830 Butleigh and is possibly another daughter or a different name for Leah? By May 1812 payments made to James Riddicks wife and child. In Sep 1812 a separate [ayment made to James Riddick and Ann Ford paid for [looking after] Riddicks children. In March 1814 James' wife required further attendance and assistance in her distress. In Nov 1814 the OOP paid relief to Leah Ruddock. In Jan 1815 the OOP paid Rebecca Knowles for looking after James Ruddock's wife. In April 1816 Jane Gill was paid for delivering another child of James' wife. In May 1817 the OOP refer to Mr. Holman paying Riddick in Somerton. From Aug 1817 the OOP paid relief to James Riddick's daughter. In Sep 1818 Pike's wife paid for looking after Leah Reddick and Jane Gill [for delivering her]. In Jul 1819 4 yds of serge for a coat bought for James' daughter and a bond. In Oct 1819 the OOP paid for Reddick's child's coffin. In Aug 1821 Reddicks goods were transferred to Wootton and the windows of the house repaired. In Jun 1823 the OOP paid Mary Castle to attend Leah and paid for a quarter of oatmeal 2 quart of porter 1 lb of sugar and 1 lb of beef. A pair of boots bought for Joseph in Sep 1823. The OOP paid for the burial and coffin of Leah in Jan 1824. In Sep 1824 James is also called Jonah when the OOP paid him relief when ill and Jonas in October.

In Jan, Feb 1830 a Susan Ridock received relief when ill. Related? In April 1830 Joseph and William Ridock were ill. In May 1830 Susan and Mary were ill and Hannah Stichfold was brought in by the OOP to clean and attend to the family. In June Joseph, William and Mary Riddock were ill as was Hannah Stichfold – the OOP paid for Susan Riddocks grave. James received 1/- from the OOP when ill in April 1834. In July 1834 he was attended by Kitty Periam and then his grave and burial expenses paid by the OOP.

2a) William Reddick 'b. 1817' Butleigh Chr. 3 Mar 1814 Butleigh, butler, died 1863 (Jun Q 1a/74 Kensington)?

In Sep 1826 the OOP paid Mr. Bond for amputating William's foot. Probably the butler William Reddick b. 1811 'Barking' Somerset, living at Vale of Health, Hampstead, Middlesex in 1851 married to Elizabeth (b. 1812 St. Pancras). William, worked at Sutton Place, Sutton at Hone, Kent in 1861 while his wife Elizabeth lived with two children, Elizabeth and William in Paddington Street, Marylebone (her husband was away). By 1871 this Elizabeth, a school mistress, was a widow - and died in 1889.

3) Jane Riddick alias Oldish, fathered by James Riddick? [see above – daughter of Jonas and Rachel Chr. 29 Aug 1802 Holcombe?]

The mother of Ann Higgins Oldishsee above. In May 1826 Jane Reddick received relief and attendance and the OOP paid Mr. Churchill for baby linen, two blankets and a sheet for Jane. She received relief thereafter. In June Jane went before Mr. Welch for examination and a petticoat and wrapper bought for her daughter.


1) William Ryves Will c. 1566 date illegible [SRS Vol. 62]

Children William, Richard and daughter Johan. Witness William Strowde. William Reves paid £5, 5s Tithing on the Subsidy Roll of 1581. [SRS Vol. 88]

2) Flora Reeve d.o. Helen Reeve Chr. 4 Jul 1588 Butleigh

3) William Reeve bur. 23 Jun 1589 Butleigh

4) Margaret Roove bur. 14 Nov 1598 Butleigh

5 Peter Roove/Reeve

A Joannne Rooves/Reeves was in receipt of Poor relief in 1613.

6) William Roove

7) Maria Roove married Butleigh 3 Jun 1624 Edward Nowell

8) Susanna Reeves of Glastonbury

This girl drowned in the Parish and the overseers paid for her shroud and other charges for burial. Buried 16 Jul 1726 Butleigh. She is possibly the Susanna Reeve Chr. 28 Feb 1711 Wedmore whose parents William and Susanna lived at Blackford, 14 km west of Glastonbury.

9) Richard Reeves

10) Mary A. Reeves b. 1847 Baltonsborough, d.o. John and Agnes Reeves 61-47

Mary (14) was a visitor at Parsonage Farm in 1861 where her sister Julia and husband James Mullins lived. In 1851 she lived with her parents in Baltonsborough where her father was a farmer at Scots Bank. Nfi.

11) William Reeves b. 1867 Congresbury, servant 81-94 [b. 1865 - Mar Q 5c/812 Bedminster?]

Aged 14, William served at Butleigh Court in 1881. Nfi though possibly the son of Theodore (a servant) and Anna Maria Reeves living in St. James & St. Paul, Bristol in 1871.

Rendell [see under Randall]

Reynolds see also Randell

Y. Scrivener reads William Reynoldes (?) as father in Butleigh 1610 – I read Kymbar

1) John Reynolds

A John Reynolds in Kingweston married to Mary had a son John Chr. 16 Nov 1674

DD/S/BT/6/8/1 1] William Atwell of Butleigh husbandman 2] Peter Abbot of Butleigh husbandman Assignment of 2a at Austin pitts, Butleigh. Endorsed with 1683 assignment to John Reynolds. 1656 [Probably the John buried 19 Jun 1701 Kingweston or 14 Jul 1711 Kingweston or 11 Oct 1716 Kingweston?]

2) Thomas Reynolds (Royndel). [Thomas Chr. 14th x 1674 Kingweston s.o. Thomas and Ursula Reynolds?] – [another Thomas Chr. 5 Jan 1714 Kingweston s.o. Thomas and Elizabeth Reynolds] A Thomas married Elizabeth Beerman in Kingweston 9 Jun 1709 [the younger of the above] died 1746 [two Thomas' were buried in Kingweston in 1746, one in August and one in November]

From 1743 Thomas paid rates on parts of Cornishes and Park Yeat and Yeats & Abbotts and was a ratepayer until 1746. In 1747/8 William Holman acted as Overseer for 'the widow Reynolds estate'.

DD/S/BT/6/8/5 1] Richard Hiatt of Kingweston and wife Amy daughter of John Gregory decd 2] John Gregory of Butleigh, yeoman and son of John decd 3] John Reynolds the elder of Kingweston, yeoman Assignment of 1a at Nurslinge gate in the West field and 1a at north end Date: 1715. [Father?]

DD/S/BT/9/4/8-9 1] James Grenville 2] Thomas Reynolds of Kingweston, yeoman Lease for lives of a messuage and 1.5a, Common (3a), 10.5a in Butleigh West field, 2a 3 yds in the East field, Horses (1.5a), Footland (3 1/4;a), Copley (3a, 3a) and Parks gate (2a). Rent 16s Date: 1743.

3) Solomon Reynolds [Chr. Oct 1724 Kingweston s.o. Samuel and Rose Reynolds?], died/moved 1784/5

Thomas Rainolds paid the rates until 1746 and then the property was 'the late Thomas Rainolds' until 1763 when Solomon started paying the rates. In 1779 Catherine Colmer and Solomon paid rates independently but from 1780 Solomon paid the rates and rates were paid also by 'late Catherine his wife'. In 1785 this changed to John [for late Solomon – (3a)?] plus Catherine widow. In 1796 John Reynolds 'for late Solomon' disappears and only Catherine paid the rates. She last paid the rates in 1808/9. On the Kings Sedgemoor the rates were paid by Catherine from 1796 – 1810/11.

In Nov 1777 the OOP paid for horse hire to go to Wells for a warrant for Solomon Reynolds. A Solomon Reynolds was Overseer in 1778. The OOP paid him £1 9s 3d in Feb 1768. Solomon's name appears on a list of 1779 containing the names of men to serve in rotation as Tythingmen.

DD/S/BT/17/6/12 - 1] Thomas Hodges of Butleigh, yeoman, grandson and devisee of Richard Toghill decd and Stephen Holman of Butleigh, farmer and grazier brother and heir of Richard decd 2] Solomon Reynolds of Butleigh, yeoman Mortgage of Southmoor (3a) and Newditch (2a), Date: 1777

DD/S/BT/17/6/15-6 - 1] Solomon Reynolds of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Stephen Holman of Butleigh, yeoman 3] Thomas Hodges of Butleigh, labourer 4] James Grenville of Butleigh Lease and release of Southmoor (3a) and Newditch (2a), Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH Date: 1782.

DD/S/BT/9/1/15 - Solomon Reynolds of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of mortgage of Hayes grounds, Butleigh. 1778

IR 26/289 Administration letter of Catherine Reynolds Butleigh, Somerset . Proved in the Court of Bath and Wells. Date: 7 Mar 1809.

3a) John Reynolds senior, Chr. 28 Apr 1732 Kingweston s.o. Samuel and Rose Reynolds, bur. 7 Mar 1796 Kingweston aged 65

In South Moor from 1779 Caleb Dickinson paid rates together with John Reynolds senior and John Reynolds junior and William Reynolds. Thereafter just 'or occupiers' named. See next for William and John. Caleb Dickinson lived in Kingweston as did a William Reynolds. John Reynolds was Overseer for Mr. Rocke's estate in 1790, 1795, 1800 and 1806 [latter two years may be his son?]

A John Reynolds of Kingweston married Frances Ford there on 22 Jan 1761.

4) George Reynolds of Kingsdon

George began paying rates on part of John Coombs property (late Lymbry) in 1773/4 He paid until 1779/80 after which William Reynolds paid the rates (on part Coombs). In 1785/86 the ratepayer for 'part Coombes' became John Reynolds junior. John Reynolds was still paying the rate in 1828 when on the rates assessment he is shown as ratepayer on his house and also 'Evil's'. James Grenville seems to have acquired most of George's property in 1779/80.

DD/S/BT/4/4/8 1] John Coombe of Butleigh, yeoman 2] George Reynolds of Kingsdon, yeoman Assignment of Chalwell (2a) part of Peckham lease (1555/6) of a house and land at Wootton, and the house and 3a, Longland (3a), a pasture at Westwood and 3a in lieu of common rights part of lease (1562) of Chambers house and lands. 1772

DD/S/BT/4/4/9-14 Abstract of George Reynolds title to estate in Butleigh Wootton with notes on descent of Chalwell, land tax, rates. 1779

DD/S/BT/4/4/15 1] George Reynolds of Kingsdon, yeoman and wife Catherine daughter of John Coombe decd and next of kin to her aunt Ann Limbery decd, executrix of John Limbery decd husband of Ann and administratrix of her grandfather John Coombe decd 2] John Coombe of Butleigh, yeoman, brother of Catherine 3] Col. Richard Grenville of Butleigh Assignment of 3a in Allermoor and 2a at Westwood part of Peckham lease (1562) of Chambers tenement, Butleigh Wootton. 1779

5) John Reynolds b. 1755, bur. 28 Nov 1830 Butleigh

In 1785/86 the ratepayer for 'part Coombes' was John Reynolds junior. John Reynolds was still paying the rate in 1828 when on the rates assessment he is shown as ratepayer on his house and also 'Evil's'. This John? In Sep 1804 the OOP paid John for 3 doz and half of reed for the Poor House. In April 1808 the OOP paid 13 guineas to a John Reynolds for serving in the First Somerset Militia.

Martha, a schoolmistress, married William Grandon of Berrow in Butleigh on 3 Jul 1810. They lived in Berrow in 1841 and had a son Joseph b. 1829 there. William Grandon died in 1851. As a widow, Martha lived in Burnham in 1851 and died 1857 (Jun Q 5c/402 Axbridge).

6) Thomas Reynolds of Kingweston [Chr. 12 Mar 1772 Kingweston s.o. John and Frances Reynolds?]

7a) James Reynolds of Butleigh married Phillis Moody in East Pennard on 15 Feb 1802

7b) Sarah Reynolds b. 1788 Butleigh brother of James (7a) married Butleigh 17 Aug 1807 Edmund Eades#

Not the same as next since Phyllis Moody and her sister-in-law, the widowed Sarah Eades, lived together at Barton St. David in 1851. Asarah Reynolds was Chr. 16 mar 1777 Compton Dundon d.o. Giles and Mary Reynolds – a possibility?

7c) James Reynolds of Butleigh married Mary Moody in East Pennard on 5 Aug 1811

A James Reynolds was Overseer in 1813. A James Reynolds [with a John Reynolds] farmed land on the Kings Sedgemoor belonging to Mr. John Rocke from 1806 until 1812. In April 1814 the OOP received £2 8s 0d from James Reynolds in bastardy pay. In Jan 1817 James was paid by the OOP for hauling stones to the Poor House, late Sealy's.

7d) James Reynolds of Kingweston [James Reynolds Chr.12 Jun 1780 Kingweston s.o. John and Sarah Reynolds?]

James Reyonolds: Chr. 29 Dec 1757 s.o. William and Martha Reynolds. A John Chanceller of West Lydford married a Frances Reynolds in Kingweston on 7 May 1791 – probably related. A James and Betty had children in Street from 1806 – 1816 which may be this family.

8) William Reynolds b. 1794 Butleigh, joiner, Parish clerk, bur. 15 Feb 1868 (Mar Q 5c/409 Wells) Butleigh 41-13, 51-30, 61-53

The William Reynolds paying rates on a cottage (Grenvilles) in Butlegh at the rate assessment of 1827? In 1841 William Reynolds (45), joiner, lived with his wife Elizabeth and children Sarah (20), William (15), Samuel (9) and Henry (7) on Butleigh Hill, probably at Harepits Cottage which is where they were in 1851. Their son William became a schoolmaster and lived in the High Street in 1851.

Samuel became a teacher in Gt. Strickland, Westmoreland (1851) then married Mary Rudd there in 1856 (Sep Q 10b/603 East Ward, Westmorland) and from 1861 was a National schoolteacher in Earl Shilton, Leics. In 1871 he and his wife Mary had four children in Earl Shilton. The family were still living in Earl Shilton High Street in 1881. In 1901 Samuel and Mary were at 41, High Street, Earl Shilton with daughter Ann (42) and a visitor, the watercolourist Henry R. Steer (42).

Sarah married piano tuner Henry Steer (b. 1822 Lanninghill, Berks) in 1852 (Sep Q 1a/324 St. George, Hanover Sq.) and they then lived in Islington St. Mary, London. Sarah was still in Islington in 1911, at 45, Canonbury Square, with spinster daughter Ellen (57) and piano tuner son Edward (51). She was actually 95.

At Harepits Cottage in 1851, William and Elizabeth lived with just son Henry (17). By 1861 they were listed as living alone in Hill Cottage, which may be the same place. William died in 1868 and Elizabeth is mentioned on a gravestone as 'being interred at Earl Shilton' aged 79..

Henry became a 'pianoforte tuner' and lodged in Saffron Hill, Finsbury, Middlesex in 1861. He married Elizabeth Coningsby (b. 1838 Hackney) in 1861 (Dec Q 1b/513 Hackney), a school mistress and became a piano maker, living in 1871 at St. Stephens School, Hayes Place, Islington East and visited by their nephew Ralph Reynolds (b. 1852 Butleigh), s.o. William (1b). In 1881 they were at 2, Somerfield Rd., Hornsey, Finsbury and still there in 1891 when they had another nephew living with them - William H. Reynolds, born Leicestershire

DD/S/BT/25/1/4 - Agreement by William Callow and wife Ann to perform covenants with William Reynolds on moiety of tenement in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1818.

8a) William Jordan Reynolds Chr. 18 Aug 1822 Butleigh, railway clerk, died 1875 (Mar Q 5a/285 Weymouth)

William married Elizabeth in 1851 and after the birth of their first two children in Butleigh they had moved to Chippenham by 1861, living with Elizabeth's mother, also called Elizabeth (b. 1784 Scotland) who was a 'proprietor of houses'. Ralph visited his uncle Henry in Islington in 1871 and became a bankers clerk there by 1881. He married Elizabeth Stephenson in 1884 (Jun Q 1b/390 Islington). In 1891-1901 he was a bank manager in Winshill, Staffordshire (widowed, with two daughters - who lodged with their great-aunt, Jane Stephenson in 1891).

In 1871 William, Elizabeth and the younger children lived at 3, Lenox Street, Melcombe Regis, Weymouth, Dorset where William was stationmaster. William died in 1875 and Elizabeth and son Francis lived at "The Old Bank", Portland, Dorset in 1881 where Francis was a bank manager. Francis married Emily Maud Winham (b. 1868 Sunderland) in 1888 (Jun Q 10a/732 Sunderland) and by 1901 they lived at "The Moorings" Bournemouth and Francis was still a bank manager. His mother Elizabeth had died in 1895 aged 73. On the 1911 census Francis was boarding at Welford Lodge, Bournemouth Rd., Parkstone Poole while his wife Emily lived with her brother, a Coal Company manager, in Portland, Dorset. They had had two children but only one, William Leonard Eliot, survived, and in 1911 he was a medical student boarding in Lewisham, London, aged 21.

9) William Reynolds [b. 1769 West Pennard, bur. 9 Sep 1848 (Sep Q 10/260 Shepton Mallet) Butleigh - or the son of (4)?]

A William was buried in Butleigh, aged 79 but had died in West Pennard according to the PR – see also (10) below

9a) Solomon Reynolds dairy man, b. 1803 Chr. 26 Sep 1819 Butleigh, labourer, died 1887 (Sep Q 5c/300 Shepton Mallet)

Solomon, son of William and Ann seems to be the same as this Solomon and his late baptism, together with his siblings may reflect that several families around this time 'were accepted into the church' as a family.

Solomon must have just arrived in Barton St. David before the family appeared on the 1851 census. In 1841 he had lived at Stickle Ball, West Pennard with Charlotte and William. In 1861 they lived at West Lydford where Solomon was a dairyman. Charlotte died in 1868 and Solomon took a new young wife, Jane Day in 1869 and by 1871 they lived at Lydford Rd., West Lydford, where he gave his pob as Barton St. David. By 1881 the couple had a son James (9) and Solomon's pob was once more given as Butleigh. He died in 1887 aged 76.

10) William Reynolds dissenting minister – 'of Butleigh' d. 15 Dec, bur. 19 Dec 1834 Barton St. David [Ebenezer Chapel]

No further information on William [of the Will below] but see (9). William Reynolds became the pastor at the Ebenezer Independent Chapel, Barton St. Davis, by 1809 until his death on 15th Dec 1834. Sarah married James Spirlick on 30 Apr 1820 Butleigh witnesses her sister Mary and John Ford. Mary might have married William Chalker in Keinton Mandeville on 10 Jul 1823.

Will: William Reynolds, late of the parish Barton St David , in the said county Dissenting Minister, who died on or about the 19th of December 1834 . Those appearing ( this day March 21st 1835) in the Diocese of Bath and  Wells furthermore in the consistorial Deceased Episcopal Court of Wells, in order to administer to the Rev William Reynolds will , is two sons William Reynolds of the parish Low Ham in the county of Somerset, Gentleman and his brother John Reynolds of the out parish of St Cuthbert in Wells , in the said county , Gentleman; the administers of the last will and testament of the Rev William Reynolds. John Reyonlds (son) joint administrator.

11) Henry Reynolds b. 1815 Street, plasterer and tiler, bur. 28 Dec 1899 (Dec Q 5c/351 Wells) Butleigh 41-13, 51-28, 61-52, 71-75, 81-97, 91-125

In 1841 Henry (36) with wife Sarah (35) and children William G. (13), Ann (12), Asenath (11), Amely (9), Anna (6), Jemima (3), Samuel (1) and Ellenor Withers, mother-in-law (56) lived somewhere in Oddway and were still there in 1851. By 1861 Ellenor Withers lived in the High Street (Sealy's Row?) while Henry and family had moved to Banbury Lane (Spring Gardens) where Henry (50) lived with his wife Sarah (44) and children Emily (19), Jemima (14), Samuel (12), Rhoda (10).

Asenath was absent in 1861 but married Sidney Marshall in Bristol in 1873 (Dec Q 6a/188 Bristol). Ann was found working in Street at the shoe factory and boarding in the High Street with 'Lena' (b. 1840 Butleigh) and 'Eliza' (b. 1845 Butleigh) Reynolds. Lena (nfi) might be Asenath and Eliza (nfi) = Hannah?. Ann is possibly the Ann Reynolds who married the carpenter Daniel Sellick who lived in Butleigh for a short while. #

Sarah died in 1865. In 1871 Henry lived with just Anna and Rhoda in Oddway (could still be Banbury Lane). In 1871 Emily was an unmarried machinist boarding at North Gate, Bridgwater together with her sister Jemima, a dressmaker. Jemima died in 1875 aged 27. Emily seems to be the Emily 'b. 1850 Butleigh' who married Henry Cooper (b. 1852 Bridgwater) in 1875 (Jun Q 5c/ 562 Bridgwater) who lived in Bridgwater - perhaps she altered her age to be closer to that of her husband. When she died in 1905 (Jun Q 5c/229 Bridgwater) she was '59'.

According to the Western Gazette 3 Oct 1879 Henry fell asleep in the road, drunk, on 10th Sep 1879 about 11.00pm. The Rev. Brymer was driving between Kingweston and Charlton from Butleigh whe the horse of his carriage shied and he saw something in the road. He felt a jerk and heard a scream and when he got out saw that he had driven over Henry.

By 1881 Henry (68) lived on Butleigh Hill with daughter Anna (30) and son Samuel (28). In 1881 his daughter Rhoda, a ladysmaid, (already deducting years from her actual age) was visiting her sister Asenath and her husband Sydney Marshall (brushmaker) in Portsea, Hamps. Samuel is absent from the 1871 census. The Western Gazette reported 24th June 1887 a case where Joseph Connock, butcher, assaulted Henry Reynolds a plasterer of Butleigh. On the 10th June night Reynolds found Connock and the latter's man beating Reynolds mule. Connock, it was alleged, on Reynolds coming up, swore at the latter, and struck him across the head and shoulders with a stick, For the defence it was alleged that Reynold's mule was vicious and had kicked Connock severely and it was further alleged that Samuel Reynolds [Henry's son] struck Connock two or three times. Connock was fined 2s 6d and 6s costs. Counterclaim against Samuel Reynolds for assault was dropped. Luckily he wasn't injured and crawled into the carriage and the Rev. instead of driving him home drove him to the policeman. He was fined 7s 6d. [Christian charity for you!]

In 1891 Henry (78) lived with Anna (Hannah) (38), Samuel (34) and Rhoda (30). After Henry died in 1899 the three siblings stayed together and appeared so on the 1901 census and 1911 census – at Spring Gardens.. Samuel died in 1916. In 1911 Asenath Marshall widow lived with her son Arthur and his wife at 78, Margate Rd., Southsea, Portsmouth.

11a) William George Reynolds Chr. 2 Jul 1837 Butleigh, plasterer, bur. 14 Dec 1911 (Dec Q 5c/549 Wells) Butleigh 41-13, 51-28, 81-94, 91-122, 01-139

In 1881 William George Reynolds (43) plasterer lived with his wife Caroline (42) at No. 16, High Street sharing the property with Jane Knight (75) widow of William Knight. William had appeared on the '41 and '51 censuses with his father. Missing in 1861, he surfaced in 1871 in Portishead aged 34 with a 25 years old wife Eliza, born in Evercreech. He was described as a plasterer and she a 'journeyman carpenter'! Eliza died in 1875 aged just 29 and William married Caroline Millard back in Butleigh in 1876. In 1891 they were at 53 Butleigh but by 1901 had returned to Oddway.

In 1911 their address is given as Bethel Cottage and they lived alone. William died in 1911 and Caroline in 1915.

12) Alice Cornelia [Camelia] Reynolds Chr. 17 Jul 1868 (Jun Q 5c/464 Langport) Barton St. David, d.o. Henry and Sarah Reynolds 71-75

Alice was visiting her grandparents, James Dunton, the bailiff, and his wife Mary in 1871. # She was the daughter of their daughter Sarah Dunton who had married Henry Reynolds. Her father was a postmaster, born in West Pennard. Alice was a dressmaker in 1891, still living with her parents in Barton St. David at the Post Office. She married William Henry Parker in 1896 (Sep Q 5c/605 Langport).

13) George Reynolds Chr. 25 Dec 1817 Barton St. David/ Butleigh, cordwainer s.o. Thomas and Rebecca Reynolds, died 1891 (Jun Q 5c/287 Langport)

George lived with his family in Barton St. David in 1851. He employed 2 apprentices. In 1861 and on later censuses he gave his pob as Barton. He died in 1891 aged 73 and his wife in 1904 aged 88.

14) Ann Reynolds b. 1756, bur. 2 Jan 1823 Butleigh aged 67 – wife of William (7)?

15) John Reynold of Barton

The OOP paid his wife for 12 weeks and his child three weeks when John substituted for Thomas Vearing in Jan 1799. In Feb he received a further 5 weeks pay for his wife and child.

16) Harriet Reynolds Chr. 25 Nov 1818 Butleigh illegit. d.o. Mary Reynolds

17) John Reynolds b. 1799, bur. 15 Jun 1817 Butleigh aged 18 (son of (3)?)

18) Elizabeth Reynolds b. 1815, bur. 9 May 1831 Butleigh from Glastonbury (d.o. (8)?)

19) Fanny Lizzie Reynolds b. 1874 [Street, d.o. Joseph and Elizabeth Reynolds, domestic servant,?] bur. 15 Dec 1942 (Dec Q 5c/450 Wells) Butleigh

[In 1911 appeared at 1, the Square, Somerton Rd., Street.] She had lived in Butleigh Wootton but died at Rawden House, Wells.


1) John Rice of Bridgwater

Not connected – but in Feb 1801 the OOP paid for a letter from Bridgwater about Rice.

2a) Edith Rice b. 1891 (Sep Q 5c/490 Wells) Street, d.o. Henry and Annie Rice 01W-141

2b) Frank Rice b. 1886 (Jun Q 5c/533 Wells) Street, labourer, s.o. Henry and Annie Rice 01W-141

Edith and Frank boarded and worked for Amos Webb in Butleigh Wootton in 1901. Frank had lived with his shoe-finisher father and family in Cobden Terrace, Street in 1891. The parents died in their thirties; Henry Rice died in 1891 (Jun Q 5c/372 Wells) and Annie in 1896 (Sep Q 5c/294 Wells) and the surviving children were orphaned and left in some hardship.

In 1911 Frank, Alice and their first two children lived in 3 rooms at 15 Butleigh Wootton.


1) John Rich b. 1810 Butleigh, shoemaker, died 1873 (Mar Q 5c/428 Wells)

In 1841 and 1851 John's wife was called Maria and they lived at Northload Street, latterly with six children. John's pob was given as Glastonbury in 1851. Maria died in 1858 and John married Miranda in 1859. They lived at Hill Head, Glastonbury with John and Emma in 1861. In 1871 when he was widowed and living in Benedict Street, Glastonbury with just his daughter Emma, he gave his pob as Bath!


1) John Richs curate – witnessed the will of Avice Kytes in 1555 (possibly John Rocke?)


1) Thomas Richards

The offspring of this family migrated south with William appearing in Shapwick in 1824 and the others here seemingly in Butleigh no earlier than 1834. No certain burials for Thomas and his wife Maria though a Thomas buried 6 Jan 1837 Street aged 69 would fit.

1a) Sarah Richards b. 16 Dec 1798, Chr. 16 Apr 1799 Westbury, shopkeeper, d.o. Thomas and Maria Richards, bur. 1 Nov 1861 (Dec Q 5c/396 Wells) Butleigh 41-13, 51-31, 61-48

1b) Thomas Richards Chr. 31 Dec 1807 Westbury, farmer, s.o. Thomas and Maria Richards, d. 1865 (Mar Q 5c/482 Wells)?

Mary Walton was a widow when she married (witness Caroline Green) – she had married John Walton in Street on 24 Feb 1831 but he had died aged 37 at Compton Dundon, buried Street 29 Nov 1834. Her parents had married in Butleigh on 25 Mar 1800. Thomas was the brother of Sarah and Joseph, and his daughter Keturah worked for her aunt Sarah in 1861. She married in 1866 (Dec Q 5c/1261 Bedminster). Emily was with her parents in Gape Lane, Street, from 1851 - 61 and possibly is the Emily who married dairyman Frank Rood in 1864 (Jun Q 5c/1013 Wells) – but he died in 1864 (Sep Q 5c/384 Wells). Emily then married in 1865 (Sep Q 5c/1191 Bedminster). Emma married in 1865 (Jun Q 6a/205 Clifton) James Syms Talbot [he died in Bedminster in 1869). Emma Talbot (wid.) and two sons lived with her mother and Robert in Bedminster in 1871. Thomas b. 1840 Queen Camel visited Henry Hoddinott at Lower Rockes Farm in 1871.

1c) Joseph Richards Chr. 12 Apr 1811 Westbury, Farmer, s.o. Thomas and Maria Richards 41-13

Sarah and Joseph (and Thomas (1c)) were siblings of the William Richards b. 1804, bur. 20 Feb 1837 Butleigh (2). In 1841 Joseph Richards (25) lived with son Joseph (7) and sister Sarah (40) at Lower Hill Farm [Gilberts Farm] and he was noted as the owner in 1844 (Tithe Map). Joseph (1b) was probably the person (son of Thomas) who married the housekeeper, Elizabeth Eades in 1846 (Mar Q 10/813 Wells) and in 1851 farmed 130 acres in Piddletrenthide, Dorset. # They had a son Richard Rood Richards (b. 1848 Evercreech). In 1861 their enlarged family lived in Parley Rd., Hampreston, Hamps. By 1871 Elizabeth was widowed and appeared at the Farm House, Huntspill, Woolavington as a housekeeper. She remained there in 1881 when she was stated to be single, and in Church Street, Woolavington in 1891. Elizabeth (aged 68) died in Woolavington on 19th Jan 1893 (Mar Q 5c/291 Bridgwater) and was buried 24 Jan 1893 Butleigh. She was buried with her sister Harriet Eades who died at Somerton 30 Sep 1830. [Daughters of William and Mary (nee Rood) Eades].#

Joseph's sister Sarah bought a shop in Fore Street where she was found in 1851 living with her nephew Joseph (17) and a niece Maria (14). Maria was the daughter of Lucy Richards (b. circa 1806) found at Barton St. David in 1841. No further trace of her mother.

Sarah may have sold the Fore Street shop to Joseph Hickman but in 1861 she was still a shopkeeper living with her niece, next to Charles Dyer at No. 17 High Street. She has another niece with her too - Kitty (16). Sarah died in 1861. Joseph became a baker in Martock where he married a local girl.

Maria married builder William H. Bennett of Portishead in Butleigh on 11 Jan 1866 (Mar Q 5c/857 Wells) and went to live at Clevedon (where Marion Higgins was her cook and Jehu Pike, also from Butleigh, was her servant).

2) William Richards yeoman b. 1802/4 [s.o. Thomas and Maria Richards? Or Robert & Fanny of High Ham?], d. 16 Feb, bur. 20 Feb 1837 Butleigh aged 33

At their marriage, William's abode was given as Shapwick. In 1841 Lucy and Maria lodged with Elizabeth and Aaron Indoe at Barton St. David and Joseph lodged with an aunt, Sarah Richards (above) in Butleigh. Aaron's wife Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Richards and had married in Butleigh in 1838. Joseph and Maria then lived with their aunt Sarah Richards (above ) by 1851. Her mother had either re-married or died (no trace). Joseph married Ellen Palmer (b. 1836 Martock) and they appear in 1861 in Martock with their first child Harry Walker Richards and mother-in-law Margaret Palmer (aged 64). In 1891 they were still in Martock with three of their mature children. Joseph died in 1899 (Mar Q 5c/307 Wincanton). Maria married William Henry Bennett, builder, s.o. William Bennett of Portishead on Jan 11th 1866 (Mar Q 5c/857 Wells) in Butleigh.

3) James Richards Chr. 14 Dec 1830 High Ham, labourer, illeg. s.o. Martha Hill (?), bur. 20 Jul 1895 (Sep Q 5c/286 Wells) Butleigh 51-28, 61-62, 71-76, 81-96, 91-126

In 1851 James Richards (22) lodged with George Craft (53) at Broadmoor Farm and in 1861 was still with George Craft, but at Quarry Lane Cottages. James married the widow Charlotte Arthur in 1866. Charlotte Lye had previously married Edmund Arthur in 1856 (Jun Q 5c/995 Wells) but he died in 1859 (Dec Q 5c/405 Wells). They had lived at Water Lane and she came with two children, Eliza and Edmund.

In 1871 James (38) lived with his wife Charlotte (36) and their children Mary Ann and Richard James plus Eliza Arthur (12) daughter-in-law and Edmund Arthur (10) son-in-law. Also living with them were Harriet Lye (64) widow, mother-in-law and William Lye (34) brother-in-law.

Unfortunately Charlotte died in 1878 aged 44 and by 1881 James lived with just his three children in Oddway. Of Charlotte's children by her first marriage, Eliza died in 1880 (Sep Q 5c/357 Wells) and Edmund became an apprentice shoemaker in Orchard Row, Street (with George Griffin) in 1881. He returned to Butleigh, married, in 1891. Charlotte's mother and brother Harriet and William Lye lived in Quarry Lane in 1881.

James' daughter Mary married Frederick Witcombe in Butleigh on 28 Jul 1890 (Sep Q 5c/785 Wells) and she and her husband shared four rooms in Oddway with James in 1891. James died in 1895. #

Young Richard boarded with Mary Mogg in Kingweston in 1891 - as an under gamekeeper. He married Lucy Ann Boyce from Castle Cary in 1893 (Mar Q 5c/707 Wells) and in 1901 they lived with two daughters at Tollard Park, Tollard Royal, Wiltshire with Richard as gamekeeper. # In 1911 he lived with his daughter Winifred at Keeper's Cottage, Wellesbourne, Warwick.

George became a steamroller driver and lodged in the Old Turnpike House, Closworth near Yeovil in 1891 - nfi.

4) Charles Richardoccupier of the lands of Mrs. Mary Slade and proposed as Overseer in 1776

5) Ellen Richards b. 1858 Pitney, servant, d.o. John Richards 71-77, 81-97

Ellen was a servant at Higher Hill Farm in 1871, and she was visiting Angelina Baulch in 1881. She married Angelina's son William Baulch in Butleigh on 17 May 1881. #

6) Frederick Richards b. 1854 Butleigh, boarded at Farm House, Moorlinch in 1881 [Fredk] - nfi.

7) Elizabeth Richards b. 1873 (Mar Q 5c/441 Langport) Butleigh

Elizabeth was a servant in High Street, Street, in 1891 and by a process of elimination seems to be the d.o. Edward ad Ellen Richards living in Long Sutton in 1881 when her pob was given then as Charlton.

8) George Richards St. Peters, Pimlico, servant, s.o. John Richards

This couple married in Butleigh in 1845 but are difficult to trace. A Harriett Williams, b. 1824, d.o. Thomas was in Luxborough in 1841.

9) Louisa Richards b. 1824, bur. 10 Feb 1844 (Mar Q 10/409 Wells) Butleigh

The only Louisa in Somerset b. 1824 on the 1841 census was the d.o. Thomas and Eliza at Huish Episcopi. Nfi


1) John Richardson Chr. 24 Jan 1831 Horncastle, Lincoln, painter, s.o. Edward and Ann Richardson 71-72

In 1841 John had lived with his parents in Horncastle and in 1851 with his uncle Alexander Mc Minn (from Ireland) and aunt Esther in Clerkenwell. After marrying Marianne (Mary Ann) they lived in St. Pancras, London before moving to Butleigh. John Richardson (40) painter and his wife Marianne (38) plus their two daughters Alice b. 1858 and Eleanor b. 1861 lived at 16, High Street in 1871 with Eli Higgins (17) a Butleigh born apprentice. In the Western Times 10 Jun 1876 John advertised for 'good plain painters'. They moved on to Tormoham in Devon by 1881 where John became a lodging house keeper.


1) Edward Richfield b. 1831 Butleigh, haulier

In 1891 Edward lodged alone at 49, Salop. Street, Penarth, Glam. He was married. No other trace.



1) Charles Richman b. 22 Nov 1791, Chr. 31 Jan 1792 Shepton Mallet, s.o. Daniel and Sarah Richman, labourer, bur. 30 Aug 1852 (Dec Q 5c/396 Wells) Butleigh 41-12, 51-27

Charles Richmond (60) and his wife Ann (79) lived in Oddway in 1841/51, formerly with Ann Laver and latterly with James Gane (50) and his wife Ann (46) as lodgers. Ann Richmond died in 1851 and Charles died in 1852 after which the Ganes took over the property.

2) Sarah Richmond Chr. 30 Jul 1814 Shepton Mallet workhouse, illegit. d.o. Elizabeth Richmond, bur. 7 Sep 1839 Butleigh (Sep Q 10/291 Wells - Richards) registered as coming from Shepton Mallet.

3) Mr. RichmondCo-op manager in 1930's


1) Charles Rickets

A Charles Rickets (Chr. 4 Aug 1749 Thorne Coffin as Richetson?) of Thorne Coffin married an Elizabeth Hutchinson of Charlton Mackrell in Charlton on 11 May 1774 - a connection? He died in 1836 at Thorne Coffin aged 87 (abode Yeovil Marsh) – no children recorded there. Of the next generation – a James Recketts of Ansford married 25 Feb 1808 at Ditcheat a Sabarah Rogers.

Ridoe/Riddick/Ruddocksee Reddick


1) Anne Ridewood b. 1837 Wells, governess, d.o. William and Mary A. Ridewood 61W-62

Anne's father was a smith and in 1841/51 they lived in East Horrington, Wells. She worked with the Knight children at Rowley Farm, Butleigh Wootton in 1861. She married schoolmaster George Edward Wicks in 1868 (Sep Q 5c/795 Wells) and they lived at California, Sampford Spinney, Devon where they were both teachers.


1) Mary Ridler b. 1845 West Porlock, nurse (SMS) 81W-105

In 1871 Mary had lived in Old Cleeve with her labourer husband William and 8 month old son Tom. She lodged with the Stephens family in Wootton in 1881. By 1891 she was widowed and worked as a servant at the Dunster and Minehead Village Hospital, Dunster.

Ridout - Rideout

1) Levi Ridout Chr. 13 Feb 1831 Charlton Horethorne, Dorset, thatcher, s.o. Thomas and Elizabeth Ridout, d. 1913 (Mar Q 5c/487 Langport)

In 1871 Levi and Mary lived at Martock with six children. By 1881 Levi had re-married but Henry still lived with him at their farm at Downhead, West Camel. Henry married in 1886 (Sep Q 5c/782 Wells).

2) Harry Charles Ridout b. 14 Dec 1890, bur. 11 Feb 1974 (Mar Q 7c/1388 Taunton) Butleigh

Harry died at Grenville Close. A Harry C. married Constance L. Winnington in 1915 Stafford (d. 1918) and in 1947 with same name a Jeannie Wakeman in Lichfield. In 1947 another Harry C. married Marjorie Anderson in Wincanton.

RoachRoch – Rush - Rocke

1) John Roachpaid rates 1729, 30 [Chr. 27 Dec 1701 West Pennard s.o. Thomas and Sarah Roach]

Above are three of the six children of this couple. John had a brother Thomas Chr. 9 Jul 1704 and the Sheate link below may have been through his side of the family?

C 11/2250/51 Short title: Roach v Gregory. Document type: Bill and answer. Plaintiffs: John Roach, husbandman of West Pennard, Somerset (nephew and executor of John Sheat, yeoman deceased late of Butleigh, Somerset). Defendants: John Gregory and Sarah Gregory his wife and Richard Sheat. Date of bill (or first document): 1729


1) Benjamin Eades Roberts b. 1816 St. Luke's Middlesex, Chr. 15 Aug 1826 Butleigh s.o. Joseph and Joyce Roberts.

Joseph was a braid manufacturer from Clerkenwell, London. A Joyce Roberts died in London in 1834. Benjamin married on 20 Nov 1840 (Dec Q 11/390 Clifton) St. Andrews, Mary Virtue Pain b. 1822, d.o. Benjamin Pain. They appear on the 1851 census at 2, Lower Nelson Place, Clifton with four children, a neice and two apprentice blind-makers.

2) Nehemiah Walter Roberts b. 1 Aug, Chr. 16 Oct 1887 (Sep Q 5c/505 Wells) Butleigh s.o. Alban Edwin (b. 1867 Stock Gaylard) and Alice Elizabeth (née Marsh) Roberts (b. 1868 Barley, Hants) , d. 1965 (Mar Q 9b/79 Burton upon Trent)

In 1901 Nehemiah lived with his parents and five siblings at Blackson Farm, Stock Gaylard, Lydlinch, Dorset. His parents had married in 1887 (Mar Q 5a/349 Sturminster). Alban's father John had been a butler in Stock Gaylard in 1871 (mother Mary Ann). Albin lived in Longborough Gloucestershire from 1890 until 1893 then Donnington until 1897. In 1901 he called himself a farmer (absent from census in 1891) – the stay in Butleigh must have been brief. Nehemiah married Christina Huddleston at Wymondham, Leicestershire on 11 Aug 1915 (Sep Q 7a/957 Melton Mowbray) and they had three children, Norah, John and Peter.


1) Alfred Robertshaw manager of the Co-op 1935 (Kelly's) [b. 1903, d. 1966 (Dec Q 2c/704 Rother Valley)?]

In 1929 Alfred was manager of the Minehead and District Co-operative Society, Quirke Street when it was broken into on 8 Oct by three boys who stole biscuits, chocolate and some cash. [Western Morning Press 15 Oct 1929]. He took over the Butleigh Co-op around 1933 and listed in Kelly's Directory there in 1935 and 1939 tel. 48. Alfred was probably transferred back to Yorkshire around 1954 after his time in Butleigh.


1) George Robins

2) Thomas Robins

Thomas Robins witnessed OOP accounts (e.g. 1740, 41). In 1741 he carried William Attwooll and family to Longport. In 1746 he indicted Street people about their highways (OOP) and also paid Mr. Howe's rates short. In 1750-51 the CW paid Mr. Robins eight years arrears of church rates 'for ye tenement'. He was Overseer in 1753 for Mr. Howe.

Possible marriage: Thomas Robens to Dorothy Golsbry 20 Oct 1733 Pitcombe,

3) Eyles (Alice?) Robins bur. 29 Mar 1754 Butleigh


1) John Robinson

DD/S/BT/25/7/1 1] Sir Edmund Peckham and son George 2] John Robinson of London Copy conveyance of Butleigh manor. 1562

DD/S/BT/25/7/2 1] Henry Billingsley and wife Elizabeth 2] John Robinson and wife Martha Copy fine on Butleigh manor. 1564

2) Elizabeth Robinson b. 1866 Butleigh

In 1901 Elizabeth gave her pob as Butleigh though in 1891 she gave it as Bristol. She married Frank Lang (b. 1868 Plymouth) in 1889 (Jun Q 5b/514 Plymouth) and they lived at Clevedon. In 1911 they lived at 'Avalon', Old St., Clevedon where they noted they had had a child but it had died.

Rock(e) Roche

(see Som. & Dorset N&Q iii. 164)

A) John Roche weaver

A John Richs curate witnessed the will of Avice Kytes in 1555 – possibly the same or related person? A Johan Roche (Joan) appeared in the will of Johan Gregory in 1550. See reference below for widow Mary Roche

John appears in a case heard in the 'Court of Star Chamber: Proceedings, Elizabeth I STAC 5/K14/27 1558 - 1603' when he and Edward Knolles of Little Hempston sought redress from William Ewens, William and Philip Guppy and John Williams and others concerning the appropriation of land in Butleigh and assault. The following is a transcription made in April 2012 by Dr. Diane Brook from digital images of the original two sheets.;

To the Queenes most Excellent Highnes

Most hommble wisse showithe and complanithe to your excellent highnes your power and dalye(?) orators Edward Knolles of little hempston in the countey of deven gent and John Roche of butle in the Countey of Som'sett wever that Wheras the said Edward Knolles one of your said orators was lawfully seised by good and susfir(?) conveanne in the Lawe in his demeasne as of fee of and in one Mesuage And xx acres of lande medowe and pasture w'th thappurtancs sett linyge and beinge in butle aforeseid and so seised about the feast of Saint Michell last past did demysse and leese the same Messuage and other the p'misses to the said John Roche one other of your said orators to have and to hold the same the to the said John Roche at the wille of the said Edward Knolles and the said John Roche Reservinge suche yerly rent for the same as was then ag[reed] bytwune your said orators biforne(?) wherof the said John Roche was lawfully possessed of the said p'misses w'th thapp'tenncs accordingly and the issue and p'fits therof did quietly p'ceyve(?) and take untill the tenthe day of aprill last past at whiche tyme one John Will'ms phileppe guppy will'm guppy will'm ewin of Butle aforsaid will'm [blank] and John ewin of dichet in the said countey of somm'seit did at butle aforsaid unlawfully assemble them together w'th unlawfull wapons that is to sey Swerds bills staves and other unlawfull wepons and pecis of d[ ] and then and ther did unlawfully and Riottously w'th force and armes and unlawfully wepons as is aforsaid enter into the seid mesuage and other of the p'misses w'th theapp'tanncs apon the p[osse]ssions of the Seid John Roche one of your said orators and apon the seasine freholde and inheritannce of the said Edward Knowlls in the said p'misses w'th theapp'tanncs the said John Roche one of your said orators and his Wif and childeren then beinge in the said mesuage or howsse and then and ther the said Riottesse p'sons w'th like force and armes did violentlye take the said John Roche and did stratly deteinge and hold him w'th force and stronghead in suche sort and fas'one as the said John Roche could not move or stire him selfe but as they did stire and thruste him to and fro at ther plesure and manassid and thretneid him to comyt him incontenently to the gaell in the seid countey of somm'seit and then and ther w'th like force [inserted above the line '&'] armes in cruell manor and sort did not onlye thrust ca[st] out and expell the said John Roche his said wif and childrene owt of the said mesuage or howsse and other the said p'misses and From the possession therof in suche sort and fasione as the said w[i]f was put in suche fere and dred that she was by measnes therof in daunger and perell of deathe but also then and ther w'th lyke force and armes expelled put fourthe and deisseasid the sede Edward Knolls one other of the said orators of his inheritannce and frehold in the said p'misses and not so contentid but myndinge utterly to impowvrishe and undoe the said John Roche your said orator then usinge and occupinge the crafte and occupac'on of a wever in the said howsse or mesuage havinge little or no goods cattells or substannce but suche inst instruments and other things as did apperteinge or concerne his said occupacone did then and ther w'th like force and armes take five pair of loumes vij sleis one pece of wollen clothe conteininge xvj eles of the valewe of xxxs one other pece of wollon cloithe conteninge xiiij ells of the valewe of xxs or mor one brasine pott price ixs xij pounde of yerine(?) price xvijs and certeine other goods and housholde stuffe of the said John Roche your said power orator then beinge in the said housse or mesuage and the said goods and catells and other houshole stuff aforseid did then carey and convey a way and the same and ev'y p'cell therof ev' sithens haith detenid and kepte and will in no wiesse Redelyver the same to the said J'hon Roche yo' said [inserted above the line 'orato''] althoughe he haithe div's(?) and soundrey tymes Requiried Redliv'y of the same of the said Riottous p'sons and ev'y of them sithen the said takinge therof by reason wherof the said John Roche your said power orator could not at any tyme sithens occupye or exercisse his said occupacon or craft of wevinge beinge his only trade and crafte to atteinge and his gitte his lyvinge for the mainten'nce of his said power wif childeringe and as as aforseid nor was able to bye or borowghe any other instraments for his said occupacon by reason he was spoillid by the said Rioutous p'sons famylye by Reason of the lacke of the said lommes sleies and other instruments concerninge his said occupacon taken awey and yeit deteined and cattells and houshold stuffe as is also aforallegid to the utter undoinge of ye said John Roche yo' said power orator his said wiff and childerine In consideracon wherof pleasith yt your highnes the p'misses considerid to grant your moist gracious Writ of subpena to be directid to the said John Will'm & phillepp guppy will'm guppy will'm ewin will'm [blank] and John ewin comannding them and ev'y of theym at suche day and place under suche pane as therin by your highnes shalbe lymytid and apponteid p'sonally to appere before your highnes most honorable Counsell in your courte graces moist honarable Courte of Stare Chamber at westm' then and ther to make Annswer to the p'misses and further to stond to suche order and directione as shalbe taken by the said honorable Courte therin and your said orators shall dayly pray for the p'servacon of yo'r Rioll estate in honor Longe to continuew

Moray [different hand]

[Page 2]

The Annswer of Phelypp Guppy Will'm Guppy Wyll'm Ewyn & John

Ewyn to the byll of complaynt of Edwarde Knolles et John Roche

The sayd defendants sayen & ev'y of them sayth that the sayd byll of complaynt ys untrue & uncerten [inserted above the line '& insuffycyant'] in the lawe tobe Annswer unto & the matt's theryn all of untruyth & devysed onely of malys to thentente to putt the sayd defendants to t[ folded here] vexacon & loss of ther goods & for no other cause & the matt's in the sayd byll of complaynt specyfied yf they wer true as they be not yt ar they matt's determynable at the comon lawe of thys realm & not yn thys honorable courte where unto the sayd defendants praye to be p'myttyd wyth ther reasonable costs Chargs(?) & expencs yn thys behalf sustayned nev'theles yf the sayd defend's defendeants shalbe by thys [folded here] [h]onorable court compellyd to make any ferther annswer then for annswere they sayn & ev'y of them sayth that as to any ryott Routt(?) unlawfull assemble or any other Acte or Acts yn the sayd byll of compla[ folded here] [ inserted above the line 'eyshed'(?)] or supposyd to be don contrary to the Quenes peace the sayd defendants sayn ev'y of them sayth that [ inserted above the line 'they'] & ev'y of them be not therof Gyltye as [ inserted above the line 'to'] the rsydue of the matt's in the sayd bill of complaynt specyfyed the sayd [folded here] [d]efendants sayn & ev'y of them sayth that longe tyme before the sayd Edwarde knolles yn the sayd byll of complaynt specyfyed any thyng hadde yn the sayd messuage lande & other the p'mysses yn the sayd byll [folded here] [o]f complaynt specyfyed one Mary Tucke of Lubpyt yn the countye of Devon wydowe Daughter & one of the heyres of Rob'te Canon was seysed of the sayd messuage lande & other the p'mysses yn the sayd byll of complaynt [folded here] [sp]ecyfyed yn her demeane as of Fee & the sayd [inserted above the line 'Mary'] Tucke so beyng of the p'mysses seysed dyd dymyse & lett all & syngler the sayd messuage lande & other the p'mysses yn the sayd byll of complaynt specyfyed unto one Tho [folded here] [ma]s Howue [may be Howne?] & Rychard Howue son of the sayd Thomas Howue to have & to hold all and syng'ler the p'mysses wyth thapp'aten'nces unto the sayd Thomas Howue and Rychard Howue for tine of ther lyves by force wher of the [folded here][say]d Thomas Howue & Richarde Howue wer of the p'mysses seysed yn ther demeane as of Frehold And they sobeyng of the p'mysses seysed the sayd Thomas Howue dyed after Whose decesse all & sing'ler the [fold here] p'mysses survyned(?) & came unto the sayd Rychard Howue [inserted above the line 'by'] the survyn'd(?) force wherof the sayd Rychard Howue was therof sole seysed yn his demeane as of Frehold And the sayd Rychard Howue so beyng of th[e] [folded here] p'mysses seysed dyd dymyse & lease all & syng'ler the p'mysses with thapp'tennces unto the sayd John Ewyn one of the sayd defendants to have & to hold all & sing'ler the p'mysses wyth theapp'tanncs unto the sayd a [fold here] [Jo]hn Ewyn for & duryng the lyf of the sayd Rychard Howue whiche sayd Rychard Howue ys it yn plene lyf at Eynder [Dinder?] yn the Countie of Som'set by force wherof the sayd John Ewyn was & it ys therof seysed in his demeane as of Freehold duryng the lyf of the sayd Richard Howue by force wherof he recsyvyth & tatkyth the p'fytts therof as lawfull ys for hym to do wyth out that that the sayd Edward Knolles yn the sayd byll of complaynt specyfyed was lawfully seysed yn hys demeane as of fee of And in the sayd messuage lande & other the p'mysses yn the sayd byll of complaynt specyfyed and [inserted above the line 'or'] that the Edwarde Knolles dyd dymse or lawfully could demyse the sayd messuage & other the p'mysses yn the sayd byll of complaynt specyfyed unto the sayd John Roche yn man' & forme as yn the sayd byll of complaynt ys untruely alleged or that by force of any suche demyse the sayd John Roche was lawfully possessyd of the p'mysses or the yssues or p'fytts therof dyd take by force of any suche lese yn man' & forme as yn the sayd byll of complaynt ys untrewly alleged and wythout that that the sayd John Wyllyam Phelypp Guppy Wyll'm Guppy Will'm Ewyn & John Ewyn unlawfully Assemblyng themselfes as together or wyth unlawfull wepons or peacis of defence dyd unlawfully or Ryottuosly wyth force & armes entryd into the sayd messuage or other the p'mysses apon the possessyon of the sayd John Roche or Apon the freehold or Enherytannce of the sayd Edward knolles yn man' & forme as yn the sayd byll of complaynt ys untruely Alleged And wythout that that the sayd defendants or any of them wyth lyke force & Armes dyd vyolently take the sayd John Roche & dyd Straytly hold hym wyth lyke Force or dyd mannyshe or threyten hym to comytte hym intontynently to the Gaole yn the sayd countye of Som'set yn man' & forme as yn the sayd byll of complaynt ys untruely Alleged or dyd then & ther wyth lyk force & armes yn Cruyll man' thrust cast or Expell the sayd John Roche hys wyff & chyldryn of the sayd messuage & howse or by reason therof the wyff of the sayd Roche was putt yn danger & peryll of deth yn man' & forme as yn the sayd byll of complaynt ys untruely alleged And wythout that that the sayd defendants or Any of them dyd dysseyse the sayd Edwarde knolles of his Enherytannce or Freehold of the p'mysses yn man' & forme as yn the sayd byll of complaynt ys untruely alleged And wythout that that the sayd defendants or Any of them meanyng utt'ly to Enpov'yshe or undoo the sayd John Roche wyth lyke Force & Armes tok too peare of lomes seven slees of [inserted above the line 'one'] peace of wollyng Clothe conteyning sexten ells of the value of xxxti shelyngs one other peace of woullyng clothe conteyning xiiij elles of the value of twentye shelyngs one brasyn pott of the pryce of ixs (d?) yn man' & forme as yn the sayd byll of complaynt ys untruely alleged but the [inserted above the line 'And'(?)] defendants sayn & ev'y of them sayth that the sayd John Roche one of the sayd complayn'nts wrongfully dyd take one Geldyng beyng of the goodes & cattalls of the sayd John Ewyn Wher uppon the sayd John Ewyn dyd opteyne & gett a p'cept of delyv'annce of John pearse bayly1 of or Sov'ayn lady the Quene of here lyb'te wythyn the twelf hydes of Glaston dyputyd(?) [inserted above the line 'hom(?) ys suffyiyent and legyt(?) the'?] unto the bayly of or sayd Sov'aign lady the Quene of all here lande yn the Countie of Som'set to the late monastery of Glaston belongyng And also unto the bayly of the hundrede of whytlegh apon whiche p'cept one John Cope bayly of the hundrede of Whytlegh Aforesayd dyd certyfye that the sayd horse was eloyned3 to places unknowen where uppon the sayd John Ewyn dyd opteyne wythyn the same liberte a Wythername2 dyrectyd unto one John Wylton depute unto the sayd John Cope bayly of the hundryde of Whytlegh aforesayd to take yn wythername as apoche(?) goods & cattall of the sayd John Roche & them to detayne & kepe untyll he could delyv' the sayd horse unto the sayd John Ewyn by force of whiche p'cept & [inserted above the line 'of'] Wythername the sayd John Wylton resortyd unto the sayd place in the sayd byll of complaynt specyfyed & desyred the sayd Guppy beyng constable of the hundred ther to go thether wyth hym to se the Quenes peace to be kept whiche he dyd Accordynyly whiche sayd John Wylton by force of the sayd p'cepte of Wythername dyd ther take peacebly & quyetly too pere of lomes Foure Slees one Crasyn(?) pott beyng of noe great value & them doth deteyne & kepe untyll the sayd John Roche do delyv' the sayd horse the whiche yf he would delyv' the sayd horse the sayd John Wylton ys redy to delyv' the sayd stuff before mencyoned [inserted above the line 'bu hym'(?)] And wyth out that that the sayd defendants or any of them dyd take Awaye any other goods or cattells other then certen yearne beyng uppon the lomes whiche the sayd John Wylton ys redy to delyv' at all tymes and without that that any other thyngs yn the sayd byll of complaynt specyfyd mat'yall to be annswere unto & not yn ther annswere suffycyently trav'syd & denyed or confessed(?) and avoyd avoyded ys true all whiche matt's the sayd defendants are redy to veryfye & p've as this honorable Courte shall awarde & pray to be dysmyssed out of the same wyth wyth ther reasonable costs chargs & Expens yn tsn'(?) behalf susteyned

Sture(?) [different hand]


Court of Chancery Six Clerks Office C 3/151/47 Short title: Roche v Carante. Plaintiffs: Mary Roche widow. Defendants: Leonard Carante and others. Subject: property in Butleigh, Street and Compton Dunden, Somerset. Document type: [pleadings]. 1558 - 1579

A) Philip Rocke bur. 20 May 1581 Butleigh

1) Thomas Rocke clerk, bur. 31 May 1633 Butleigh

Thomas Rocke became vicar in Butleigh in 1577 and remained there until 1633 (EFS). Butleigh House was built for him in 1584 by Christopher Symcocks, the Lord of the Manor and his patron. He kept the first Parish Registers - dating from 1578. His daughter Elizabeth was bur. 23 Nov 1631 just two days before her niece of the same name. Margaret married Butleigh 7 Jun 1621 Henry Drewe Gent. Thomas donated 6/8d towards the building of Chelsea Theological College in 1617. He witnessed the will of Mathew Knolls in 1608.

An Olive? Rock married Butleigh 9 Aug 1623 Thomas Rawling of Wellington, possibly a child of this Thomas Rocke?

PROB 11/164 - Will of Thomas Rocke Clerk, Vicar Butleigh, Somerset Date: 1633. Will proved 3 Jul 1633 [Year Books i. 233]

Will of William Smyth of Wells, co. Somst., cloth worker. (Dat. 19 Mar. 1619-20.) Bur. in chyd. of St. Cuthbert, Wells; Ch., almshou. and poor of Wells; Rd. Collins; Rd. and Thos. Smith, sons of bro. Rd. Smith; chn. of bro. -in-law John Grafton; chn. of bro.-in-law John Mouncke; Thos. Rocke of Butleigh, the yr., his fath., my cos., Mr. Thos. Rocke; Wm. Codd; godsons Phil. Isaack and David Isaack; cos. Margery Lovell; Alice Woodwards dau. of Rd. Wood- ward; poor of Bishop Froome, co. Heref., and of Strotten, co. Heref.; bro. George Smyth; cos. Mabell, her bros. and sists.; Robt. Woodward; Mary Grafton; godsons Ulisses Taunton ad Thos. Sherborne; goddau. Cicilie Lewce; my tent, at St. Jones Bridge, Wells; Wm. Woodward; Extx: wife Kath- erine; Overs: Mr. Thos. Cowarde and Mr. Thos. Rocke the eld. \jio sig^ Wits: Nicholas Coxe, Gilbert Atwood, Robert Gradbere (mark), John Coxe. (Pr. 5 May 1620.)

1a) John Rocke b. 28 Jul, Chr. 6 Aug 1599 Butleigh d. 1675/82?

A possible child, called Richard, was born in May 1643 (or 8) surname not 100% certain Rocke.

B.A. from All Souls' Coll. 13 July, 1619; M.A. from Brasenose Coll. 3 July, 1622, rector of Tenby, co. Pembroke, 1624, and of Butleigh, Somerset, 1642; See Foster's Index Eccl. Vicar from 1642, in 1650 “sequestered for delinquency" - neglected the Parish records. Replaced during the Commonwealth but restored in 1662, surviving until 1675. At this time the Parish account books began - the Overseers of the Poor in 1673 and the Churchwardens accounts 1675. His patrons were John and Walter Rush. A John paid rates from 1673-82 and was the late John Rocke in 1683 – this or the next one? The property was rated 'the occupiers of the land the late John Rocke minister' from 1683-93. A Henry Rocke was buried by the OOP in 1681 who paid for his shroud and laying out – must have been poor – a brother of John or elderly relative?

Joan daughter of John married Butleigh 12 Jun 1662 Thomas Hooper. An Edith Rocke married Butleigh 4 Feb 1668 Thomas Melliar. A Mary Rocke married John Chasey Butleigh 30 Jun 1667 – daughter?#

Exchequer E134/1653/Mich5 - John Rocke v. Grace Samways, widow: Vicarage of Budeleigh alias Butleigh, and the lands of Thos. Samwayes (defendant's late husband), lying in Butleigh. Tithes.: Somerset . John Rocke v. Grace Samways, widow: Vicarage of Budeleigh alias Butleigh, and Date: 1653

Exchequer E134/1654/Mich 15 Robert Hebditch v. John Rock, clerk, Edwd. Shott, John Portch, Gideon Bertlet, Wm. Meade.: Manors of Butleigh, Eggarley, and Street, and a waste called Aldermore alias Southmore. Touching plaintiff's expenses in prosecuting a suit in London.: Somerset Date: 1654.

C 6/203/72 Short title: Rocke v Jacklett. Plaintiffs: John Rocke and John Rush. Defendants: Edward Jacklett, Mary Batt and Gilbert Wooll. Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset.Document type: two bills, two answers. 1657

DD/S/BT/6/9/16-17 1] Revd John Rocke of Butleigh 2] Thomas Looke of Butleigh, yeoman Feoffment of Guppies farm, Butleigh. Endorsed with sale of land to Anne Pope and cottage called the Bakehouse to William Hodges 1735. With copy.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH Date: 1669.

DD/S/BT/11/1/18 1] Revd John Rocke, vicar of Burtleigh 2] Ann Webb, widow of John Webb, lord of Butleigh manor Agreement concerning tithes.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1674.

1a1) John Rocke John Chr. 27 Dec 1641 Butleigh d. 1699?

Sacerd. Christ Church, matric. 22 Aug., 1661, aged 19; B.A. 23 Feb., 1665-6, M.A. 1669, rector of West Bagborough, Somerset, 1672. See Al. West. 153; & Foster's Index Eccl. This could be the John who paid rates from 1694 onwards. But there is no break in Johns paying rates from 1694 until the late 1700's. The father of (2)? In 1700 is mentioned 'received of John Rocke, interest of Mr. Rocke's legacy' suggesting that his father had died the year before? The Rocke legacy bequest begins to be regularly distributed in the following years. However, a John Rocke legacy was mentioned in 1677

1b) Thomas Rock bur. 17 Mar 1638 Butleigh

PROB 11/176 - Will of Thomas Rock or Rocke Gentleman Butleigh, Somerset Date: 1638.

C 5/413/49 Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings before 1714, Bridges. Short title: Rocke v Fudge. Plaintiffs: Thomas Rocke. Defendants: William Fudge. Subject: personal estate of the deceased Thomas Rocke of Butleigh, Somerset. Document type: bill, answer. 1653

PROB 11/252 - Will of Thomas Rocke Gentleman Butleigh, Somerset Date: 26 Jan 1656. (?)

2) John Rocke b. 1670/80?, senior, bur. 13 Apr 1749 Butleigh

John was High Constable for Whitley Hundred in 1727. Possible errors here. The John Rocke mentioned on the churchwardens accounts 1699-1710 and who was churchwarden in 1700 may be this John. Churchwarden in 1734. The John Rocke's boys mentioned 1699 – 1711 may include the John (2a) that follows. 'Mr. John Rocke gent' listed as ratepayer continuously from 1699 – 1749 then son John onwards (no break).

In Ashcott Church is a tablet with the legend; John Beadon died 28 June 1764 aged 50 years// Here lies the remains of Sarah, daughter of the Reverend Ja. Rocke late vicar of this place, relict of the said John Beadon and wife of Thomas Jones of Edington 'Philomath' who died 30 Oct 1780 in her 57th year of her age – the said James Rocke died 13th June 1764 aged 68.Mar his wife died the 16th aged 50 and were both buried on one day. Joanna their daughter (relict of George Durston) died 30th April 1804 aged 71. Elizabeth his wife died 19th May 1783 aged 36. [linked to the Butleigh Rocke family?]

DD/BR/ho/26 - 2 mess. called (i) Gibeses (1558) and (ii) Steynings (1698), orig. leased for 299 years by Sir Edmund Peckham: (i) mess. 'which one John Gibbis now holdeth' to Katherine Brown, 1558; (ii) to George Steninge, 1562; subsequently passing to Rocke and Baker families of Butleigh. Marriage settlement, John Rocke, jun., of Catcott, gent., and Jane Champeny of Wedmore, 1698.

DD/S/BT/27/2/6 - 1] John Rocke of Butleigh and wife Jane and Hester Blake of Aisholt 2] Richard Togwell of Butleigh, yeoman Bargain and sale of 1/2a meadow at Donnell and 62nd lott (3a) at Strodes bridge, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS Date: 1701.

DD/S/BT/8/2/2 - 1] John Slade of Butleigh, mercer 2] John Rocke and John Kelway of Butleigh Assignment in trust of Dunhill and Hobbses Hill (3a), Burdham's tenement, cottage and smith's forge in Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1556).. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH Date: 1704.

DD/S/BT/9/2/1 - 1] John Rocke the elder of Butleigh 2] William Hodges of Butleigh, yeoman Feoffment of Fishwell (5a) and 1a 3yds arable at Mounshill, Butleigh. Endorsed Look 1803 as are most deeds in this bundle. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS Date: 1726.

2a) John Rock b. 1708, Sheriff, churchwarden (1763-9), d. 8 Jan 1796 Butleigh

John may have married twice. The Thomas-6 and Thomas & Sarah burials are not proven children of John - they could be another family with Thomas dying first and Sarah dying with child nine months later? Need to consult Will below. Mary Rocke married Butleigh 30 Jun 1667 John Chasey, Jane married George Panter of St. Dunstans, East London in Butleigh on 31 May 1773. # William was John's third son and inherited the estate (the first and second - James?- having pre-deceased their father). The fourth son, ninth child, was James who was in business in Bristol as a merchant and who died in 1827 leaving enormous debts which lost the family their Butleigh properties. His son John was however financed to become educated and founded the solicitors 'Gould & Swayne'.

From 1749 the rates were paid by John Rocke plus from1757 rates were also paid by John Rocke 'for his son's common' [connected to the Thomas who died 1756 – see Will below?]. John Rocke proposed a scheme in 1772 which he put before the Vestry on the 29th April 1772 which was to 'provide for the immediate reliefe of the orphans & children of the poor, which lies at present a great burthen on the parish - and to prevent further disputes' – every ratepayer was assessed and obliged to take on one of the poor 'apprentices' in turn on a rotation based on their contribution. The scheme was somewhat disputed and details can be found on pages 292-310 and 518-520 in the Overseers account books. Mr. Rocke's name appears on a list of 1779 of men to serve in rotation as a Tythingman. In fact his name appears three times – the other two for properties called 'Billings' and 'Burdhams'.

In 1770 John Rocke paid rates on his own property and additionally Mrs. Slades Hills (Scotts) and to this was added in 1773/74 part of John Stocks. This was further enhanced in 1780/81 when he also paid rates on part of Emanuel Cooks and in 1789/90 he added part of Edward Strode's. In 1791 he added part of John Curtis's and in 1795/96 added part of Coombs. From 1796 the rates were paid by William Rocke on all these properties. In 1803/04 William added Cooks Common to his properties and in 1804, his year of death, William Moxhams'. From 1804 (Sedgemoor) and 1805 (Butleigh) rates on all these properties were paid by James Rocke his heir. By 1826 the properties on which he paid rates additionally included George Pain's - missing in 1827), Goodson's Common and Wickham's Cross. He died in 1828 and the estate was dispersed. James had been the nephew of William Moxham and Blagrove Farm had come from his estate – it was bought by Sir Alexander Hood from the trustees after his death.

C 11/817/21 Short title: Holloway v Benger. Document type: Bill and answer. Plaintiffs: Richard Holloway the elder, gent of Marden, Wiltshire, Richard Holloway the younger, William Holloway, Sarah Holloway and Elizabeth Holloway (children of said Richard Holloway the elder) infants (by their said father), Richard Holloway, linen draper of London (son of William Holloway, yeoman deceased late of Marden), John Drewett, yeoman of Wiltshire and Margery Drewett his wife, John Rocke, gent of Butleigh, Somerset and Mary Rocke his wife, William Moxham, distiller of Bristol, Hannah Moxham, Sarah Moxham, John Moxham and Joseph Moxham, infants (by Thomas Merriott, gent of Glastonbury, Somerset), (said Mary Rocke, William Moxham, Hannah Moxham, Sarah Moxham, John Moxham and Joseph Moxham are the children of William Moxham, deceased), Betty Tucker, Jane Tucker, John Tucker, Mary Tucker, Ann Tucker and Hannah Tucker (children of John Tucker, yeoman of Street, Somerset and Jane Tucker his wife), infants (by their said father), James Phelps, yeoman of Barton St David, Somerset (father and administrator of Mary Phelps, spinster deceased) and Elizabeth Phelps (another daughter of said James Phelps) infant (by her said father). Defendants: Mary Benger and William Holloway. 1745

DD/S/BT/2/19/9 - Rental and account book for the manor and farm including payments for building and agricultural work, kept by John Rocke for James Grenville.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1757 - 1759.

DD/S/BT/12/1/27-8 1] James Bishop of Worle 2] James Grenville of Butleigh 3] Revd Samuel Hood of Butleigh Assignment in trust of a messuage and 1a south of Cinclers Lane, 6a arable in Butleigh fields and a cottage at Nodway. Enclosed assignment (1765) by John Bishop of Butleigh, yeoman, and his sons James and William to John Rock of Butleigh, yeoman, of 8.5a arable in Butleigh. 1762

DD/S/BT/10/4/2 1] James Withers of Butleigh, yeoman and wife Elizabeth daughter of William Hodges and Ann decd and sister of William Hodges decd 2] John Moore of West Coker and John Rock of Butleigh Assignment in trust of 41st and 42nd lotts (6a) in Southmoor and 3a in West Wood in Butleigh. 1765

DD/S/BT/25/4/16 List of exchanges in Butleigh between James \Grenville and John Rocke. 1767

DD/S/BT/10/4/3 1] James Withers of Butleigh, yeoman and wife Elizabeth daughter of William Hodges and Ann decd and sister of William Hodges decd 2] John Moore of West Coker and John Rock of Butleigh Appointment in trust of 41st and 42nd lotts (6a) in Southmoor and 3a in West Wood, 10 3/4a in common fields, two half acres in the West field, Ashmead Brook (12a), Fishwell (3a) and Little Furlong (1/2a) in Butleigh. 1769

DD/S/BT/10/4/4 1] Ann Raymond of Sock, Mudford 2] James Withers of Butleigh, yeoman and wife Elizabeth daughter of William Hodges and Ann decd and sister of William Hodges decd, their son William Hodges Withers, John Moore of West Coker and John Rock of Butleigh 3] James Grenville of Butleigh 4] Thomas Gould of Wells Assignment of 41st and 42nd lotts (6a) in Southmoor, 1a in Little Furlong, Harepitts (2a), 3/4a under Down, 3/4a in Long Gaston, 3/4a in Mountshill, 1/2a in Petty Gaston, 3.5a in Whitland, 1/2a in Longhill and 1/2a in Sugg, Ashmead Brook (12a), Fishwell (3)0 and Little Furlong (1/2a) in Butleigh. 1769

DD/S/BT/12/1/40 1] John Rocke of Butleigh 2] James Grenville of Butleigh 3] Thomas Blackmore of Briggins, Hunsdon, Herts 4] Thomas Gould of Wells Release to exchange arable in Butleigh fields. 1769

DD/S/BT/12/1/42 1] James Grenville and sons James and Richard 2] John Rocke Draft deed to lead to uses of a fine on Gibb's tenement, site of Steynings messuage, Goose orchards, two commons (6a), Knowle's or Helyar's tenement and lands in Butleigh. 1769

DD/S/BT/12/1/48 1] James Grenville and sons James and Richard 2] John Rocke of Butleigh Deed to declare uses of a fine on Gibb's tenement, site of Steynings messuage, Goose orchards, two commons (6a), Knowle's or Helyar's tenement and many inclosed arable lands in Butleigh. 1770

DD/S/BT/5/6/36-7 1] Revd. Samuel Hood of Thorncomb, Devon and John Rocke of Butleigh 2] Henry Talbott Moore and John Moore of Wells, Sarah Moore of High Ham 2] James Grenville Assignment of a messuage and 3a, Vering's Paddock, Mead (6a), Coles's Cross (3a), 1a 3yds in West field, Sugg (1a), 3a 3yds in East field, 1a at Heale, 3a 1yd in the West field, Blodley (7a) and Longhill (8a), Butleigh. With bond. 1770

DD/S/BT/13/1/11 1] James Grenville and sons James and Richard 2] John Rocke of Butleigh Copy deed to lead to uses of a fine on Gibb's tenement, site of Steynings messuage, Goose orchards, two commons (6a), Knowle's or Helyar's tenement and many inclosed arable lands in Butleigh. 1770 [Also 13/1/12]

DD/S/BT/28/1/4 - Letter on behalf of Mr Rocke of Butleigh's application to serve as steward to Mrs Craddock in place of William Melliar decd.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1772.

DD/S/BT/13/1 1] Elizabeth Clark of Exeter 2 John Rocke of Butleigh 3] James Grenville of Butleigh Lease and release of 14a near Kingweston Elm and Beggars Well (15a), Butleigh. 1777

DD\YB/108 Release of 71a. of land at South Moor or Aldermoore and 20a. of land in Street, together with 10a. of land in Butleigh and Street by Sir Jas. Langham of Cottesbrook, co.Northants.,bart., to Wm.Rocke in trust for Wm.Moxham, distiller, both of Bristol. 1778

DD/S/BT/6/9/27-8 1] Margaret Mines of Yeovil 2] William Hodges Withers of Butleigh yeoman, only son of James Withers of Butleigh, yeoman decd 3] John Rocke of Butleigh, gent 4] John Horner of Castle Cary, yeoman Lease and release of Bloudsley (2a) and assignment of Gardners Close, Whitland (1a) and Bolster (2a). [Items DD/S/BT/6/9/22-30 tied together] 1778

DD/S/BT/8/4/10-11 1] Thomas Hodges of Butleigh and wife Anne 2] John Rocke of Butleigh and John Gill of Somerton, cabinetmaker 3] James Grenville Deed to declare uses of a fine on 3a in Southmoor, New Ditch (2a), 6.5a in the West field, 2.5a at Wheathill, 3yds at Cross, 1/2a above Brownings bush and 1a near Kingweston gate, Butleigh. Enclosed will (1762) of Mary Toghill of Butleigh. 1782

DD/SAS/C/59/13 - Letters of Admon., dated 6 Nov.1831. with Will annexed, dated 10 Oct 1794, of John Rocke of Butleign, gent.1831.

DD/S/BT/19/6/8-9 1] John Rocke of Butleigh 2] John Norton of Somerton 3] Susanna Hunt of Pitcombe 4] James Grenville 5] Thomas Gould of Middle temple Lease and release of Copley (11a) in Butleigh, Coxlex (16a) in Charlton Adam, Black laynes (14a), Chaseys (7a), Bolster wood (8a) in Charlton Adam and Butleigh with assignment of term to attend the inheritance. 1782

DD/S/BT/13/1/37-8 - 1] George Coombes of Butleigh, yeoman, nephew and heir of James Coombes of Bristol decd son of John decd 2] Mary Coombes of Butleigh, widow of James 3] Stephen Coombes, son of John 4] William Rocke of Bristol, distiller eldest son of John Rocke of Butleigh Date: 1798.

DD/S/BT/26/11/22 1] James Rocke of Bristol 2] John Pinney of Bristol and Somerton Early Copy mortgage of the Parkes, Glastonbury. 1809 25/1/23 Copy assignment of mortgage of James Rocke's estate in Glastonbury 1810

DD\\X\SS/2/6 Residue of 500 years dwelling with garden and orchard - 3 acres, and a close of land known as "Hill" 2 acres. in trust Richard Periam Pratt, Glastonbury, gent., James Rocke, Glastonbury, esquire: William Nash, South Cadbury, clerk. (3 documents) 1823

DD/S/BT/25/12/6-9 Copies of an Act for vesting the estates of James Rocke of Bristol decd and sale particular of Rocke estate in Butleigh, Street and Baltonsborough. 1828

Glastonbury, Butleigh and Bristol Estates: AN ACT for vesting the Freehold and Leasehold Estates belonging to James Rocke of the City of Bristol, Esquire, deceased, in Trustees, to be sold for Payment of his Debts, and applying the Surplus for the Benefit of the Devisees and Legatees in the Will of the said Deceased named, and of his infant Heir at Law. 20pp. 1828.

DD/\SAS\C/795/SE/7 Glastonbury (site of Abbey) Indemnity and Contract: Geo.Cox of Fifehead(co.Dorset), esq., to Jas.Rocke of Bristol, esq., re conveyance by Rich.Hart Davis of Clifton(co.Glos.), esq., to Jas.Rocke: of the site of the dissolved monastery of Glastonbury, etc. [20ff] Apr.1808 Butleigh, Street, Baltonsborough Particulars and Conditions of Sale of the estates of Jas.Rocke, esq., decd., in Butleigh, Street and Baltonsbury: to be sold at White Hart Inn, Glastonbury. [10ff] 5 Nov.1828 Butleigh, etc. Schedule of deeds re Rocke estates in Bristol, Butleigh, Glastonbury, Street, Baltonsborough, 1631-1834. [6ff] w/m 1837 Glastonbury Notice of sale by auction at the White Hart Inn, Glastonbury, of the Vineyards and Reed Mead on S.side of Weary-all-Hill in the united pars. of St.John the Baptist and St.Benedict, part of the demesnes of the ancient abbey of Glastonbury. [2 printed ff.] 18 July 1848

DD/S/BT/13/3/31-2 1] John Rocke Panter of Bristol 2] Revd Peter Lewis Parfitt of Westbury and Samuel Prat of Glastonbury, trustees for estates of James Rocke decd Lease and release of 3a in South Moor, Butleigh. 1830 [John Rocke Panter & Co. were vinegar makers in Houlton, Street Bristol in 1830]

DD/S/BT/26/12/29 Part of a chancery suit Batten v Parfitt concerning a mortgage of property of James Rocke in Glastonbury wm 1845 25/12/14 Opinion on a case involving unsecured creditors of James Rocke decd. 1845

DD/S/BT/27/8/9 Copy will of Thomas Merriott of Glastonbury. 1771

Copy of will of Thomas Merriott of Glastonbury St. John, devising his great brick house, Butclose, Jacks close, Hitching Cross (4a), Landmead (3a), new inclosure in Windmill field near Common moor, the Engine Close (12a), & 8a adjoining, stable south of High St., to John son of John Hoyte decd at 21 27a at the Wilderness, Levery grounds (6a) and 7a adjoining, 12a in Common moor, 2a in Backwere and 4a abutting Heather Drove to nephew William Hoyte, 8a at Godney Drove and Dowills 2a, 6a in common Moor, Little Ten acres abutting Ashwell Rhine and 5a adjoining to Ann wife of John Strode, messuage in Magdalen St., Ashwell (3a), arable in Townfield, Summer house, close in Common moor (2a) and 1a at Edmont Hill to Hannah wife of John Payne for life then her daughter Sarah, Waterleaze (13a) to William son of John Rocke, Footpath ground (4a) to James Rocke, Cooks Corner (8a) to Mary wife of John Rocke, 14a in Common moor to son-in-law Joseph Moxham, 8a in Backwear and 6a in Duck pool to Ann and Hannah Moxham, Docky Close (7a) and 14a below it in Common moor to Ann, Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah Hoyte, dwelling house in High St. to Mary daughter of nephew John Hoyte, another to Elizabeth daughter of late nephew John Hoyte, another called the Poor House to Sarah daughter of nephew John Hoyte, 6a in Inner Land Mead by Parson Plot to Sarah, widow of John Hoyte and her daughters Ann, Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah, 5a in Paradise, 5a in South moor near Plungeon and house he dwells in with Corner house adjoining and repeating clock to son-in-law William Moxham, the Old backside in North Street to Thomas son of Champion Rocke, house behind church in St. Benedicts Street to nephew William Hoyte with annuity charged on lands given to Ann Strode, house adjoining his dwelling to Ann Roach for life then to William Hoyte. Also gives 10a abutting Biggs Rhine, Godney to wardens and overseers of Meare to employ a schoolmaster to keep a public school in Meare for poor children and 10a called Great Withey in East Backwear to the wardens and overseers of Glastonbury to employ a schoolmaster to keep a public school in Glastonbury for poor children Cash legacies to Jane, Mary Hannah, Sarah and Ann daughters of John Rocke, Ann Roach, John and Charles Lott, maid Betty Tomer, the daughter of William Squire of Montacute, Robert son of John Payne, Jane and Mary daughters of William Metford and gold watch to Jane daughter of John Rocke. William Moxham and John Rocke executors.

2b) Champeny Rocke Chr. 29 Nov 1716 Butleigh, surgeon, bur. 10 May 1802 St. John the Baptist, Glastonbury

Champeney Rocke's bill was paid by the OOP in 1744. Doctor Rockes bill paid in 1747/8. Champeney Rocke's bill paid 1748/49, 1749/50, 54-55, 59 – 60, 1760, 62-63 and so on annually 'by agreement of Vestry'. Champeney was Mayor of Glastonbury in 1752, 57, 64, 74, 80, 82 and 1790.

A James John Rocke was Mayor of Glastonbury in 1860. A Champeny Rocke b. 1782 who married Jane Faugoin on 26 Nov 1808 Stratford-sub-Castle, Wilts was probably a son of John. He died on 28 May 1809 in Salisbury.

PROB 11/1375 Will of Champeny Rocke Surgeon and Apothecary Glastonbury, Somerset . Date: 1802.

2b1) Thomas Rocke bur. 6 Jun 1791 Butleigh

DD/S/BT/13/3/1-2 1] Thomas Rocke of Somerton 2] John Coombe of Butleigh son of John of Compton Dundon decd 3] William Periam of Butleigh son and heir of Ann Periam decd Lease and release of Pharswood or Wood Close (6a arable), Butleigh. [Tied together with DD/S/BT/13/3/3-4]   1762 [same?]

3) Olive Rocke married: Butleigh 9 Aug 1623 Thomas Rawling of Wellington

4) Henry Rock buried 1681 Butleigh (OOP)

5) Anne Rock bur. 26 Jul 1741 Butleigh


1) Henry Rodbard of Merriott, Chr. 8 Jul 1726 Merriott s.o. John and Madame Mary Rodbard, d. 1792

Witnessed Overseers accounts in 1755. His father had died in 1744 and Henry inherited the Manor of Merriott – he left four illegitimate children and his heir was the eldest, John Butcher, who changed his name to Rodbard. Henry married a bigamist and his children by her did not inherit so the manor went to Henry's brother William Butcher (then Rodbard).

Rodgers - Rogers


1) George Rodney esq. mentioned in the will of Johan Gregory 1550

DD/S/BT/13/1/5 1] Robert Hebditch of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Thomas Steaney of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of part Peckham lease (1562) to George Rodney of a messuage and land, Butleigh. [DD/S/BT/13/1/5-10 tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT Date: 1635 - 1636


1) William Roe

A William Roe was Overseer in 1667.

DD/S/BT/4/4/5-6 - 1] John Coombe the younger of Compton Dundon, yeoman 2] William Roe the elder and William the younger of Butleigh, yeomen Assignment of Peckham lease (1562) of Chambers house at Wootton and lands in trust for the marriage of John Coombs and Katherine Roe. Date: 1693.

1a) William Roe died 1706

William senior was churchwarden in 1678 and probably his son in 1698-9. The other dates occurring in the wardens accounts are 1680 and 1691 and 1697. William Roe is one of the commoners on the 1672 list. Rates were paid by William from 1673 to 1707 then widow Roe in 1708 William in 1709 and Susanna his widow from 1710 – 1729.

DD/S/BT/6/9/12 - 1] William Roe the younger of Butleigh yeoman 2] Katherine Roe of Butleigh his sister Partition of Newclose (6a) in Butleigh the property of their sister Anne decd. [Tied together with DD/S/BT/6/9/11 and 6/9/13-15]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH Date: 1693.

PROB 20/2210 - Roe, William: Butleigh, Som., gent. Supplementary Wills Series I Date: 1706.

1a1) William Roe died 1710

William only paid rates for one year, 1709 then died. His wife Susanna paid the rate from 1710 to 1729 and was overseer of the poor in 1727. In 1730 she was listed as late Susanna Roe.

PROB 11/517/408 - Name William Roe Butleigh, Somerset Date: 1710. In Latin – left everything to his widow Susanna and two sisters Joana Roe and Catherine Coombes. Proved 6 May 1710.


A) Elizabeth Rogers appears in the will of Avice Kytes 1555

1) Thomas Rogers [Hodges?]

1a) Thomas Rogers of Butleigh

1b) William Rogers of Butleigh [surname most likely misread or miswritten – probably Hodges, see Hodges (13)]

2) Ann Rogers [see also Hodges]

3) Thomas Rogers [see Hodges 13]

5) James Rogers Chr. 13 Jan 1820 Compton Dundon s.o. James and Grace Rogers

James Rodgers carpenter, of Compton Dundon, was nephew of William Rodgers, with whom he was living on the 1841 and 1851 on the censuses in Compton Dundon. At his marriage he stated that his age was 26 and his father as James Lomas, labourer. One of the witnesses was Elizabeth Lomashis possible mother or sister [the other witness was a Thomas Andrews]. No Lomas family found in Somerset on either 1841 or 1851 censuses.

Mary Ann gave her age at marriage as 20. By 1855 they emigrated to Woodstock, Ontaria, Canada, and then to Black Hawk County, Iowa where they had a 140 acre farm by 1856. Had 6 children, 3 born in Blakeville. Mary Ann died on 10-09-1911 at Bennington Township, Black Hawk County, Iowa. Buried alongside her husband James (died in 1894) in Skaneateles, New York State. Mary Ann's father Jacob had founded his own chapel of dissenting worshippers and his son Thomas with siblings Mary Ann, John, James and Ann had all emigrated to America.[see under Blake]

5a) Edwin Blake Rogers [Rodgers] b. 10 Jun 1852 (Jun Q 5c/487 Langport) Butleigh [not Christened in Butleigh], d. 29 Jul 1925 Osmond Pierce, NE

Rolenssee Rowley



1) A. Roles

In Feb 1825 the OOP paid for a coffin for this person/child. [possibly Roley – not recorded in the PR]

2) Herbert John Roles b. 1869, Chr. 17 Sep 1871 Ditcheat – abode Arthur's Bridge [Rolles], innkeeper, s.o. William and Mary Roles, d. 1905 (Jun Q 5c/291 Shepton Mallet) aged 38

Herbert was born in the Bell Inn, Evercreech. In 1881 Herbert lived with his parents at 'Arthursbridge, Ditcheat' where his father was a coal merchant and Innkeeper. In 1891 his father's residence was identified as the "Bell Inn", Evercreech Road, Ditcheat and Herbert was his assistant. The Western Gazette 4 Mar 1892 reported that the licence for the Great Western Hotel, Ansford was transferred to Herbert from a Mr. Ashley Bellinger. By 1901 Herbert was keeper of the "Evercreech Railway Junction Hotel" and his daughter Kate Roles was visiting her grandparents Sidney and Eliza Higgins in Compton Street, Butleigh. Stepsister Gertrude Higgins (24) was staying at the Hotel as 'mother's help'. In 1911 Constance was a widow and lived at 4, Alexandra Villas, Church St., Highbridge (boarding house keeper) with her two children.

2) Jane Rolls b. 1827 Butleigh [see under Jane Norman] #

In 1871 Jane was shown as born Butleigh and living in Wells with her husband William b. 1833 Dinder, a carpenter. Living with them was a lodger James Allen (b. 1829 Butleigh). This seems to be the same as the Jane Rolls, also in Southover, Wells who in 1881 is widowed but now given dob as 1814 and pob as Canterbury Kent, living with brother James Allen, who had dob 1818, but pob still Butleigh. This latter Jane died in 1891 (Mar Q 5c/419 Wells). The only William Rolls who died in Wells registration district died in 1876 (Mar Q 5c/425 Wells) aged 49. Confusing


1) Fanny Rollinson b. 1891 [(Jun Q 9c/461 Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorks), d.o. Frederick and Eliza A. Rollinson?] d. 2 Sep, bur. 5 Sep 1942 (Sep Q 5c/412 Wells) Butleigh

Nfi – on her grave is written 'A truly Christian lady'.


(Roley see Rowley, also Raleigh)

1) Thomas Rolegh was Vicar of Butleigh 1485-1488 under the patronage of Glastonbury Abbey


1) Joanna Roode? married Butleigh 26 Apr 1593 Michael Kimbar

2) Henry Rood bur. 6 Aug 1605 Butleigh

Henry and Thomas next, are very likely children of this Henry and Joanne.

3) Henry Rood

The Bishops Transcripts have an Agnes Rood buried 3rd of October 1613 in Butleigh – possibly this wife.

4) Thomas Rood bur. 27 May 1611 Butleigh

5) William Rood died 1631

1)William Roode of Street, Yeoman -Will Date: 8 April 1631 Probate Date : 10 May 1639 PRO, The National Archives, Catalogue Reference: Prob/11/180, Image Reference: 233

 Item I give unto John the sonne of my brother Daniell Roode the moyetie and halfendeale of five acres lyinge in Bride which said five acres was sometimes Richard Grimstedde of Streate aforesaid. Item I give unto William sonne of Daniell Roode my five acres lyinge in Bride [Glastonbury]. Which said five acres was sometimes William Champion's of Wotton in the Pish of Butligh deceased.” [note: This would be William Champion buried 27 Jan 1629 Butleigh]

2) John Rood bur. 29 May 1689. (John Roode, the younger, of Street, yeoman. Will dated 11 May 1689. To brother William Roode 1/-. Brother Joseph Roode £10, and to his children £5 between them. Residuary legatee and executor John Jeanes, son of testator's sister. Overseer, brother-in-law John Jeanes. Proved at Wells 29 May 1689. Total of inventory, £48-18-9d.) [SPRp.67]

5a) William Rood bur 27 Nov 1711 Street

William paid rates on land in South Moor from 1673 – 86 then John Rood from 1687-9 then William from 1690-1712 and from 1713 they were paid by Timothy Roode until 1763. It now appears that this family were residents of Street. The following Wills and Street parish register notes (courtesy of Darryl Roode) show the connections. A Timothy was Christened 14 Jan 1694 Street [presumably this son of William, parents name unreadable].

Jewers Notes 131. William Rood bur. 22 Nov. 1711. (William Roode, the elder, of Street, yeom. Will dated 24 May 1711. To s. Timothy Roode all testator’s lands of inheritance in Street, Egerley, and South Moor, for ever, but w. Eleanor to have one-third for life. To dau. Alice Roode £50 to be paid her by s. Timothy, when she is 21 years old. Dau. Alice to be executrix. Prov. 29 July 1711.) [SPRp.72]

5a1) Timothy Rood [Chr. 14 Jan 1694 Street?] of Street and Edgerley

Mentioned by John Cannon in May 1735 as 'of Edgarsley'. £6 paid out (shared) to Messrs Hood, Richard Toghill and John Talbott in respect of Timothy's estate - £2 each for three apprentices bound out to them. 1752. His name appears on one of the bells of St. John's, Glastonbury “Hallelujah: Ma[yor?] Robert King, Timothy Rood burgess 1711” (Cannon/Money p. 310). He paid rates on Southmoor from 1713 – 1763.

6) George Roode of Street, [Chr. 12 May 1681 Street s.o. George and Catherine?], d. 31 May 1761 Street

Sworn in to carry out the office of Mr. John Rocke gent when he was elected High Constable of Whitley Hundred in 1727. He was sworn in again in 1732 at a Court held at the Pipers Inn, Ashcott on the 18th October. The OOP paid him the County bridge and Marshalsea money in 1735. Between 1747 – 50 Constable

Their son George Roode was married on 13 Jun 1735 Street to Elizabeth Hankock of Glastonbury.

7) Mathew Rood

8) Frances Rood

A warrant was taken out concerning Frances Rood in 1698 and the hire of a horse – possibly connected with the 'masterless person' warrant. (Unemployed people had to take up work). This Frances received Rocke and Symcockes bequest money (for the poor) in 1705. The wealthier Frances [possibly female] who paid rates from 1711-22 may be a child of this Frances or of John next?

9) John Rood [Mr. John Rood of Glastonbury bur. 12 Dec 1730 Butleigh?]

John Roode paid rates in Butleigh from 1694 – 1736 – then the property went to William Gatheren. This is probably the John who died in 1730 since the property must have been rented out from circa 1713 as it was listed as 'John Rood or occupiers' from then until 1736.

C 5/107/50 Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings before 1714, Bridges. Short title: Roode v Meade. Plaintiffs: John Roode. Defendants: William Meade. Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset. Document type: bill only. 1 Jan 1693

10) Thomas Rood of Glastonbury [born 1753 or 1754?]

In 1777 Thomas Rood of Glastonbury began paying rates as occupier on property of Mr. John Moore (d. 1769?).

[DD/S/BT/20/8/13 Rood Thomas the younger of Street, cooper.. Probate of will (1804) of Date: 1805. - check]

11) John Rood of Glastonbury [s.o. Timothy b. 28 Nov 1730 Glastonbury?], d. 1782?

Mr. Rood of Glastonbury began paying rates on late Bells from 1772, then John Rood paid rates for late Bells in 1780. In 1783 the rates paid by Mary Rood (?) but in 1783/4 John paid the rates. In 1791 this seems to become Mrs. Rood for late Bells. In 1790 it is listed simply as Rood late Bells until 1804/5 when it and the Kings Sedgemoor Grounds both become 'now Mrs. C. Hoods'. In the Kings Sedgemoor Ground Mary Rood had been paying rates from 1796.

DD/S/BT/15/3/1 1] John Rood of St John Glastonbury, stockingmaker 2] Joseph Pike and William Melford of Glastonbury 3] Charles Clement Mines of Bridgwater, fellmonger and woolstapler Conveyance of any allotments in the moors made to Rood for his tenements in Bovetown and Northload street, Glastonbury. [DD/S/BT/15/3/1-5 tied together] 1779

12) James Rood of Sutton Mallett [of Chedzoy at marriage] {Chr. 10 Oct 1764 Glastonbury, s.o. John and Mary Rood?} d. 1822?

James began paying rates on property' late William Merrick' from 1800, and also late Mary Tucker Ground. James paid rates on Kings Sedgemoor Ground from 1796 to 1822 and thereafter Mrs. Rood. The properties still in the hands of Mrs. Rood post 1827 (though William Eades is partner or occupier). She doesn't appear among the ratepayers living in Butleigh in the assessment of 1827/8.

A James Chr. 31 Mar 1786 Sutton Mallet, s.o. James and Betty Rood

DD/S/BT/8/7/6 1] James Grenville 2] James Rood of Sutton Mallet, yeoman Agreement to exchange Popes close (4.5a), Park Corner (2.5a) and East end (2a 3r) in Butleigh for Clay Hill (4a) and Hayes Ground (5a) in Butleigh [DD/S/BT/8/7/1-14 tied together] 1796

DD/S/BT/27/6/12 Agreement between Revd George Neville Grenville and James Rood and Elizabeth Wilmot for letting of Moorhouse farm and part glebe in Butleigh, with particulars. 1843

12a) Joseph Rood Chr. 1 Jul 1803 Sutton Mallet, d. 1875 (Jun Q 5c/313 Bridgwater) aged 71

Joseph Rood farmed 251 acres employing 7 labourers and three boys at Gurney Street, Cannington, Bridgwater in 1861. In 1851 and 1841 they had farmed at Sutton Mallet, Moorlinch.

Ann Rood owned the four acres and four perches south of the Rose and Portcullis Inn that were sold in 1881 to the George Bowles Charity to build the Cottage Hospital. The charity paid £500 to Ralph Neville Grenville who then paid that sum to Ann Rood widow of the first part and Ann Rood spinster of the second part. In 1881 they lived at 10, Alexandra Villa, Wembdon, Bridgwater. By 1891 the couple had moved to 10, Alexandra Villas, Wembdon Rd, Bridgwater.

By 1901 Ann, the daughter was living on her own means, and still single, at 11, Alexandra Villas, Bridgwater.


1) Thomas Rooke bur. 10 Jun 1715 Street, Somerset

Thomas Rooke inherited the Street manor [which he sold to Nathaniel Wade of Bristol before 1704] and Ivythorne on marriage to his wife. [see under Jerrard Newcourt for note of £400 owed by Thomas Rooke snr]. Ivythorne had been in the hands of the Whittingtons since 1587 and on the death of William Whittington (bu. 9 Jun 1672 Street) it passed to his widow Mary and her second husband Jerrard Newcourt (in 1680). After Jerrard (bu. 24 Mar 1703 Street) and Mary's (1712) deaths it passed to Sarah Whittington, daughter of William Whittington's brother John (d. 1702), and her husband Thomas Rooke.

A Mrs. Sarah Rooke of Ivythorne married Mr. Francis Whitehead of Bull Place, Peddle in Ashcott on 12 Aug 1725 – this would seem to be Thomas' widow but she is buried as Sarah Rooke.

Jewers note 106. Year 1725. Mr. Francis Whitehed of Bull Place & Mrs. Sarah Rooke of Ivythorne. By Lic. (Licence granted 11 Aug. 1725, by the Bishop of Bath and Wells, for the marriage of ……. Whitehead of Peddie, in par. of Ashcott, and …….. Rook of Ivythorne, in the par. of Street, spinster.) [SPRp.62]

1a) Thomas Rooke of Ivythorne Manor, Somerton, d. 1764

Thomas Rooke lived at Ivythorne Manor which came to him through the Whittington family. He was constantly in debt . His son Thomas Elbridge inherited the manor in 1768 when he also married Julia Harries and he carried on in the same vein as his father and spent the family fortune. He borrowed extensively, largely based upon his hoped-for inheritance from a distant relative, Ann Hort of Bristol (see his father's Will), which he had already spent before she died. After Thomas Elbridge Rookes death his wife Julia and her only child also called Julia sold Ivythorn to Richard Chapman in 1802. Chapman also mortgaged the property heavily and sold much of the land to the Hood family of Butleigh Wootton. Chapman went bankrupt in 1827. Of the above children all but the last two have baptisms recorded and Priscilla is mentioned in her father's will. The second Lucinda is presumed to be a child of the same couple. There was also a Mr. 'James' Rooke buried Jul 1764 Somerton but this may be a misreading for the father, Thomas. A John Rooke buried 16 Jul 1770 Somerton must be the infant child of Thomas Elbridge Rooke. A Julia Rooke was bur. 6 Jan 1819 Bathampton, aged 75.

Many places and people of local interest appear in the Will of Thomas Rooke.

Extract from the St. James's Chronicle Thursday Sept. & to Sat. Sep 9, 1775 - THE Creditors of Thomas Elbridge Rooke, of Ivey-Thorne, near Somerton, in the County of Somerset, but late of the Town and County of Haverfordwest, Esq. (who has lately taken the Benefit of the last insolvent Act) are desired to meet Mr. Gapper, the Attorney concerned for the principal Judgement Creditors, and the other Creditors of the said Mr. Rooke, at the Salopian Coffee-House, Charing-Cross, on Wednesday the 20th Day of this instant September, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, to proceed to the Choice of Assignees, and to take Assignment of his Estate and Effects, in order to put the same in a Mode of Payment

DD/S/BT/24/5/6 Catherine Webb's appointment of Thomas Rooke as steward of Butleigh manor and Whitley Hundred. 1735

DD/S/BT/2/19/1-2 Manor and estate account book kept by Thomas Rooke for Catherine Webb (d. 1737), lady of the manor of Butleigh and of Whitley hundred, and for her successor James Grenville. With duplicate book.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1734 - 1741.

DD/S/BT/28/7/2 1] Thomas Rooke of Somerton and Joseph Hare of Somerton, apothecary 2] Richard guppy of Somerton and wife Jane 3] Mary Norton of Wells 4] Thomas Hughes of Wells Copy release in trust of 3 yards of arable at Gardners Bush in common field of Somerton early. 1736

DD/S/BT/1/20/1-46 Common fine accounts and jury lists for views of frankpledge and courts leet held twice yearly 26 Oct. 1744 to 16 Oct. 1765, and summary account between James Grenville, lord of the hundred, and Thomas Rooke 1759-60.

DD/S/BT/24/8/2 James Grenville's account with Thomas Rooke, steward of Butleigh and Whitley Hundred.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1760 - 1762.

DD/S/BT/9/6/21] Robert Tucker of Puriton 2] Thomas Rooke of Somerton3] John Coombe of Butleigh son of John of Compton Dundon decd 4] Jas. Grenville of Butleigh 5] William Ekins Peirs of Wookey Assignment of Dallyham (2a), 1/2a at stones piece, 1.5a at Cuckow Date: 1762

DD/S/BT/9/6/3-8 1] Thomas Rooke of Somerton 2] John Coombe of Butleigh son of John of Compton Dundon decd 3] James Grenville of Butleigh Lease and release of Dallyham (2a), 1/2a at Stones piece, 1.5a at Cuckow Close Hedge, 2a behind Copley, 1a at Copley Shard, 4.5a at elder Bush furlong, Cowhorses (2.5a), and 2a inclosed out of the East field, part Hillhouse tenement, Butleigh. Enclosed memorandum of agreement (1769), notes and receipt. Date: 1762

DD/S/BT/21/4/6 1] Thomas Coombes the younger of Holwell and wife Anna daughter of Thomas Rooke decd 2] Mary Halliday of Warminster, Wilts Mortgage of a third share of Rooke's estate in Somerton and Street. 1790

DD\SOG/989 Draft lease of Ivythorn farm by Julia Rooke of Westbury on Trym, Glos., to Geo. Bush of ( - ). 1791


1) Thomas Roolettpaid rates in Butleigh 1685 - nfi

Roove (see Reeves)


See also under Rayes

1) Sarah Rose married Butleigh 23 Apr 1798 Thomas Withers #

2) Ann Rose married Butleigh 18 Apr 1797 John Penney #

3) Mary Rose married Butleigh 10 Mar 1800 George Summers sojourner #

The above are probably all from one family Rose/Rays [see also under Rayes]

4) Sarah Rose Chr. 6 Jan 1810 Butleigh illegit. d.o. Rebecca Rose [meant for Nole? – see Rebecca Knowle]

5) Thomas Rose b. 1810 Kingsdon, woodman, bur. 28 Nov 1884 (Dec Q, 5c/371 Wells) Butleigh 41-13, 51-37, 61-62, 71-78, 81-99

Thomas Rose (30), agricultural labourer, lived with his wife Mary (30) on Butleigh Hill in 1841. Part of their dwelling was sublet to Levi Gillim (20) and John Sugar (25). By 1851 they had moved into Copley No. 2 and Thomas (41) was then a woodman. They had a daughter Sarah Ann b. 1846 by then and living with them was Elizabeth Laver (9) and her mother Sarah (37) (sister-in-law?) who came from Kingsdon, as did Thomas. Thomas was possibly actually born elsewhere – the Thomas Chr. 9 Oct 1808 Keinton Mandeville s.o. Thomas and Ann Rose and brother of John (next) whose marriage he witnessed.

In 1861 Thomas (51) and Mary (52) lived with Eli Laver (14) from Kingsdon and Elizabeth Rose (see next). The family were still in Copley House in 1871 after which Mary Rose died in 1874. Sarah Ann had married Frederick Turner the previous year in 1873 (Sep Q 5c/841 Wells). # In 1881 Thomas Rose (72) lived in Copley with his daughter and son-in-law Frederick Turner and their two children. Thomas Rose died in 1884.

In 1871 a James Coggan (labourer, (23) stole two hens from Thomas Rose and was sentenced to serve 6 months in prison [Bath Chronicle 26 Oct 1871, Luton Times 28 Oct]

6) John Rose Chr. 27 Jan 1811 Keinton Mandeville s.o. Thomas and Ann Rose, farm labourer, died 1895 (Dec Q 5c/320 Wells) 81-97, 91-114

In 1871 John Rose lived in Barton St. David with his daughter Ellen and her husband George Davis who she had married in 1856 (Dec Q 5c/1101 Wells). # John's wife Mary Ann died in 1874. In 1881 John Rose (69) widower lived with his daughter Ellen and son-in-law George Davis (30) on Butleigh Hill. His daughter Elizabeth lived as nursemaid with Thomas Rose (1) in 1861. After his daughter Ellen's death John lived with his son-in-law George Davis at 4, Compton Street in 1891. John died in 1895. Stephen Rose lived in the High Street, Street as a Shoe Clicker in 1881. He had married Mary Jane Stride (b. 1848 Butleigh) in Butleigh on 31 Aug 1876 (Sep Q 5c/799 Wells) and they lived in Street with a young son Walter (3). #

7) Mary Rose Chr. 28 May 1815 Keinton Mandeville, servant, d.o. Thomas and Anne Rose 41-14

Mary was servant to John Tucker at Moorhouse in 1841 until she married John Higgins in 1842 (Mar Q 10/751 Wells). # Sister of John and Thomas above.

8) Stephen Rose b. 1821 Somerset, journeyman baker 41-9

In 1841 Stephen lived at the bakery of Ann Sweet in Back lane. Could be the Stephen Rose who buried 31 Mar in 1843 (Mar Q 10/321 Langport) Barton St David aged 23. A Stephen was Chr. 4 Jun 1820 Mudford s.o. Gamekeeper Thomas and Martha Rose and another Stephen was Chr. 15Aug 1819 Mkeinton Mandeville s.o. Labourer Thomas and Anne Rose.

9) Frederick Rose Chr. 13 Jun 1864 Barton St. David – see under Rayes



1) Sara Rosetter married Butleigh 14 Aug 1676 Edward Boyce

This may be the family living in Ditcheat and having children from 1685 – 97. A Sarah Roseter was Chr. 1 Jan 1640 Foxcote d.o. John and Anne Roseter (Dwelly's Tr.)

2) Annie Rossitor b. 1835 Tiverton, Devon, nurserymaid, d.o. William and Jane Rossitor 51-30

Aged 16, Annie worked at the Vicarage in 1851. Nfi


1) Joseph Row b. 1838 Butleigh, son of Jeremiah and Eliz. Row

Joseph lived in the Poor House, Sutton Bingham in 1851 His parents were from Dorset (father a labourer) and had three other children born in Sutton. By 1861 his father was a labourer and they lived at 3, Sutton Hamlet, Sutton Bingham. In 1881 Joseph Rowe was a waterworks deputy turncock and lived with his wife Emma Kidd at her brother's house in St. George the Martyr, Finsbury London. His pob was then given as Sutton Bingham.


1) John Rowland of Compton Dundon b. 1729, d. 13 Mar 1786 Compton Dundon

In October 1781 James Hayden was Overseer of the Poor on behalf of John Rowland. John Rowland paid rates on land 'late Mary Holman' from 1781 to 1788 ['or occupier' from 1786]. Thereafter the rates paid by William Rowling/Rowland [mistake for Rowland – sometime also 'or occupier'] until 1795 when John Rowling/Rowland also paid rates – but both ceased after 1798/99.

DD/S/BT/8/7/24 Copy will (1786) of John Rowland senior of Compton Dundon, proved 1786. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1786.

DD/S/BT/14/2/35-6 1] William Rowland of Compton Dundon, yeoman, Thomas Gear of Baltonsborough, yeoman and wife, John Rowland of Compton Dundon, yeoman 2] James Grenville of Butleigh Assignment of 6a in Southmoor, Butleigh. With letters. Extracts from wills of Mary Holman of Butleigh (1780), John Rowland (1786) and notes on Rowland family Date: 1787.

DD/S/BT/8/7/26-8 1] Thomas Gear of Baltonsborough, yeoman and wife Mary Rowland 2] William Rowland of Compton Dundon, yeoman 3] John Rowland, yeoman. (Mary, William and John are children of John Rowland decd) 4] James Grenville of Butleigh 5] Revd Henry Gould of Butleigh Assignment of 6a in Southmoor, Butleigh. With letters. Date: 1794.

DD/S/BT/6/9/21 1] Thomas Denning of Compton Dundon, shopkeeper and John Bartlett of Littleton in Compton Dundon, yeoman 2] William Rowland of Compton Dundon, yeoman 3] Thomas Looke of Butleigh, mariner Assignment of Little Langley (3a) and 2a in West wood, Butleigh. 1799

2) William Rowland b. 1751, d. 1 Aug, bur. 4 Aug 1825 Compton Dundon


(Roly - 'Rolens')

Rowley was one of the commoner names in Butleigh in the 18th century and Rowley Farm exists as a reminder of their existence. A substantial number also lived at Kingweston.

1) Thomas Roly died 1688

Thomas paid rates from 1685 until 1687 in which latter year he paid with Thomas Haime. By 1689 he was the late Thomas Roley. In 1698 there are a series of entries for the Roley family in the accounts of the Overseers of the Poor: 1) Thomas Roley junior gets 29 weeks relief 2) Elizabeth Roley gets 29 weeks relief 3) Elner and John Roley get 41 weeks relief and 4) the Roley children (Elner & John) get clothes, shoes and stockings. Later in the same account 1) Elner gets more assistance for her children and 2) the Roley wife has her clothes washed, she is stretched out, given a shroud and buried. This last must have been Elizabeth since she is the only one not to occur again in the accounts.

a) Thomas junior – died 1707 shroud and burial paid for by the OOP – However, a Thomas witnessed the churchwardens accounts in 1710 – father and son? The latter may be the son of (1) and see (7)

b) Elnerreceived a change and a pair of stockings in 1699. in 1707 she received 52 weeks relief and clothes for the children. In 1708 she received clothes. In 1709 she received a years relief, a gown and Elner (daughter?) apprenticed to Edward Chaplin

c) Johnreceived shoes in 1699, in 1703 he received a years relief and clothes, in 1709 he received a new coate (6)?

d) Richardpaid Rocke money in 1711 – see below (2)

e) Ruth - bur. 1712 Butleigh (OOP) – the next entry concerns 8 weeks relief for the Rowley children – not clear if they are hers or those above.

Chris Looke has an indenture dated 28 Jun 1710 between Richard and Ruth Rowley and William Callow

In 1713 Roley's children again received 1 years relief and clothes but one of them died and was buried. In 1715 they again received assistance (see also under Richard). All the above must resolve into one family that leads on to the following persons. [continue >] In 1738 Roley's messuage mentioned in a lease of land to Richard Grenville. The earliest mention of this messuage is 1641.

2) Richard Rowley [senior?]- bur. 22 Mar 1740 Butleigh?

The OOP had supported the orphaned Rachel in 1709 and apprenticed her to Edward Chaplin. Possibly the Richard Roly mentioned in the churchwardens accounts in 1699 and 1711 (killed two polecats latterly). He received Rocke bequest money (1 shilling) in 1711. and in 1714 his children received 24 weeks relief. Two warrants were taken out against him and the OOP had to hire a horse in connection with the problem. In 1729 Richards house rent was paid (in arrears) by the OOP. It is possible that Rachel as a widow married Roger Davis 4 Jul 1753 #

3) Richard Rowley (Rolly) Junior bur. 17 Sep 1743 Butleigh?

Grace was given wood (and its carriage) by the OOP in 1744. In 1748/49 38 reed sheaves were taken to her house by John Rocke. Jane Rowley married Butleigh 23 Jul 1764 widower Thomas Eastment# and after his death c. 1771 m. II Butleigh 26 Oct 1778 Thomas Clements widower of Bruton. Ruth married Butleigh 4 Oct 1764 Samuel Sweet and James was witness to both his sister's weddings.

In Dec 1787 a Ruth Roley was examined at Somerton and Walton for the OOP and they bought her a sheet and bolster cloth. Uncertain who this could be – perhaps a child of (7) below?

DD/S/BT/12/1/9 1] James Grenville, lord of Butleigh manor 2] Richard Holman of Butleigh, yeoman Lease for lives of Rowley tenement, Butleigh. Rent £1 5s. [Tied together with DD/S/BT/12/1/10-12]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1748.

3a) James Rowley Chr. 24 Jan 1737 Butleigh d. Feb 1820? or Bristol 1835?

At their marriage both James and Rebecca noted as sojourners. The OOP refers to a coffin paid for James Rowley in Feb 1769 and a shroud in March 1769 [omitted from earlier account?], possibly an adult but maybe related to reference in Dec 1768 when they paid for James' boy's funeral expenses..

In April 1766 the OOP paid 29 weeks bastardy pay to Mary Abbott for her bastard child by James Rowley. [James Rowley Abbott Chr. 13 Nov 1760 Butleigh – possibly a second, unbaptized child was born 1766?]. In Dec 1768 James Rowley's boy was kept by Solomon Reynolds but he sickened an died and the OOP paid for his coffin and burial – called James Rowley when the OOP paid for his coffin in Feb 1769. A Becky Roley received assistance in distress in Feb 1770. In Nov 1777 the OOP paid relief to Becky Roley and child in sickness. Rebecca received relief in her necessity in Aug and Oct 1778 and more in her 'lying in' in November. She received monthly relief thereafter. James and family continually received relief from the OOP from the 1770's. In Jun 1782 Beckey Rowley was delivered of another child and James received relief in necessity. In April 1783 the OOP provided a change of clothing for four of his children and a coffin for the fifth. In Jun 1793 the OOP paid Grace Roley for going to the doctor four times for the poor. In June 1794 Rebecca received relief and in Nov 1797 her bedstead was repaired. In March 1798 Rebecca senior received relief. From Jan 1800 James and wife received relief and in June 1800 payment of relief was made to James and Rebecca Rowley and in July Rebecca Rowley and James. In Feb 1801 a Rebecca Rowley received relief from the OOP – not stated whether jun or sen. In March relief went to Rebecca Rowley the younger (indicating that senior was still extant – thereafter relief paid to just Rebecca). Grace also received relief at the same time. Grace was buried by Coroner's Warrant - nfi. James, her brother, was an agricultural labourer and lived at Spring Gardens in 1841. Most relief payments made to James Rowley and wife [e.g. March 1806] and is probably their daughter when simply Rebecca Rowley [April 1807].

Rebecca Shrowles

In Jan, Feb and March 1810 the OOP paid relief to this person – the name clearly reads Shrowles. However, it may be that the record, neatly written, is a transcription and that the original was Rebecca Rowley, misread by the transcriber [could even be Rebecca Knowles – the only two Rebeccas living in Butleigh at the time – both mothers of illegitimate children. However, also in Feb there are payments to Betty Talbot attending Rebecca Shrowles and William Higgins 'reighting' her bedstead yet between these two accounts was payment to Rebecca Rowley [written correctly]. Shrowles isn't a surname that is known from censuses or Parish Records in England!

In Feb 1811 the OOP paid for the coffin of Rebecca Rowley (wife). In March 1811 payment was made to James Rowley and wife. In April payment just to James Rowley. In April 1814 the OOP paid for James Rowley from Bristol. In March 1817 James senior received relief from the OOP. A horse and cart were hired to fetch his goods A James Rowley received rent from the OOP in 1818. In Sep 1831 relief was paid to James Roly in Bristol and in June 1833 to James Roley and wife of Bristol. In March 1835 Mr. Edwards brought back James' goods from Bristol – in November the OOP paid him relief in Bristol.

In December 1797 a Rebecca Rowley junior received relief and for some month thereafter. A Rebecca Rowley gave birth to an illegitimate child in Nov. 1797 [delivered by Bridget Look] and received bastardy pay until Nov. 1799. The father was George Pain [in Dec 1797 Mr. Welch made an order against him – at Kingweston?] but he seems to have absconded and the OOP chased him to Taunton in Dec 1799. In 1818/19 George Pain began paying rates on a property 'late James Rowley'. Rebecca Rowley married Robert Marks in Butleigh 1 Jun 1812. #

Hester married tiler Joseph Hunt in Chilthorne Domer on 23 May 1812 and they had six children in Chilthorne between 1813 and 1823. Esther was a widow living with her son David Hunt (Chr. 25 Jan 1820 Chilthorne Domer) and his wife Sarah at Thorne Coffin in 1851. James junior died in Wells Union Workhouse in 1846

4) Elizabeth Rowley als Sprat bur. 2 Dec 1740 Butleigh

Before Easter 1727 one of Elizabeth Rowley's maids (daughters) were carried to West Pennard by John Difford for the OOP. An Elizabeth Row was buried 23 Jun 1727 in West Pennard – possibly the mother? In West Pennard an Elizabeth Role had a daughter Elizabeth Chr. 5 Jul 1713 [base born, probably the Elizabeth Role bur. West Pennard 19 Jun 1715] – there were no other Rowleys born or married there so she may have been Butleigh born [in the PR gap 1677 – 1714]. Presumably other daughters were then born, including another Elizabeth.

In 1741 the OOP paid for William Periam making Elizabeth Sprats grave. The OOP paid for her shroud, ringing the bell, brandy and carrying her to church.

5) Margaret Rowley bur. 16 Jun 1743 Butleigh

6) John Rowley bur. 13 Apr 1740 Butleigh

The OOP paid for the coffin, shroud, laying out of John Roley in 1740. Thomas Roley was paid in 1740 for attendance [brother? See (1) & (7)). Mary Roley was housed at William Brownings house in 1741. She received wheat and assistance in necessity in 1741, and two sheets for her son. In 1741 Widow Roley's 'house rent due at the death of her husband' paid – 16/-. She received in 1741, amongst other items, a peck of wheat and pint of brandy in her sickness. Her house rent was paid until 1747/8. See under John Gregory where both she and her husband continued to receive OOP assistance until their deaths.

6a) William Rowley Chr. 14 Dec 1738 Butleigh bur. 5 Mar 1811 Butleigh

William's received wheat/assistance from the OOP from Feb 1767 and his rent paid from 1772 by the OOP up to 1811 (latterly paid to William Rowley and Mary) and thereafter to just Mary – up to 1827. In 1769 the family received relief during the outbreak of smallpox. In Feb and April 1774 William Rowley's wife received relief in necessity – suggests that burial in 1773 isn't William's wife or there are two Williams? In April 1781 William was arrested and taken to Evercreech before the Justice.

William Rowley, widower, married Mary Colmer on 8 May 1781 Butleigh - paid for by the OOP (7/6d).The first Mary may have died therefore before 1781 – besides the one who died 5 Dec 1773? Mary Colmer had had an illegitimate child Ann Chr. 8 Dec 1779 Butleigh fathered by William Rowley..Might be an earlier Ann since a child of Mary Colmer was buried in July 1780 and the grave dug by Edward Rowley – the OOP paid for the coffin. See March 1780 OOP accounts for the first child. In the 1790's and early 1800 William Rowley's wife received relief. From Jan 1805 the relief paid to William Rowley & wife [may not be significant]. In March 1811 payment made to William Rowley's wife.

[6ax] William Rowley junior [bur. 25 Mar 1809 Butleigh - may be the son of Edward?]

In Dec 1799 Mr. Welch was paid for a warrant and mitemus (arrest) for William Rowley. William Rowley junior received relief from Oct 1806 to June 1808.

DD/S/BT/27/6/1 Terms for letting Rowley Farm, Butleigh with survey. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1814.

6a1) John Rowley Chr. 25 Dec 1764 Butleigh, labourer, s.o. William and Mary Rowley, bur. 5 Jan 1834 Butleigh

The OOP paid for the coffin and burial of John's child in July 1797. His wife received relief in May and June 1798. In 1799, 1800 John and family received relief. In Oct 1803 a mittimus (arrest warrant) was issued against John so send him to Ilchester (prison). William Periam was paid in Dec 1803 for keeping him 'in hold' for three days. In May 1805 the OOP paid Jane Gill to deliver John's wife. In the early 1800's relief payments made regularly to John Rowley wife and children. In Oct 1819 the OOP paid to have John Rowley arrested and taken to gaol by horse.

John seems more likely to be this child of William and Mary than the John (b. 1769) s.o. Edward and Mary - he died aged 74. In Jan 1834 the OOP paid towards John's grave and burial.

John's wife Mary Rowley was a widow by 1841. She lodged with James Pollet, firstly in Butleigh Wootton and then in Butleigh High Street by 1851, when she was also described as blind. Daughter Mary married Joseph Bailey (Chr. 9 Jul 1805 Bleadon, d. 26 Nov 1843) in Bleadon on 9 Dec 1827. They had eight children, all born in Bleadon. In 1851 she was a pauper then married Joseph's brother-in-law William Parish on 13 Nov 1858 in Bleadon. Together in the Poor House on census night in 1861, she died 6 Jul 1861 Bleadon.

In May 1810 the OOP paid Mary Webb's bill for treating the head of an Elizabeth Rowley.

6b) Edward Rowley Chr. 14 Dec 1738 Butleigh bur. 24 Feb 1805 Butleigh

Edward's house rent paid from 1766 onwards. From 1767 he received occasional assistance from the OOP. He may have been the sexton since he dug several graves for the OOP [see Jan 1780]. An Ann Rowley was apprenticed to John Periam Esq under the 'John Rocke scheme' in 1772 – though not certain it is this Ann. Edward and family received assistance in necessity in 1773. In April 1798 John Rowley moved Edward's goods to a new address [Poor house?]. In late 1790's early 1800's Edward received monthly relief. In 1801 Edward's daughter was additionally in regular receipt of relief [up to August 1807 then nfi]. In Jan 1804 the OOP paid the cost of removing Edward. In Oct 1804 the OOP paid rent for Edward to John Lucas. In March 1805 the OOP paid for Edward's coffin. Payments continue for his daughter and in Jun 1814 they were made to Ann Grove for looking after Mary, Edward's daughter. In March 1814 payments to Mary Roley widow and in Dec 1814 the OOP paid for her coffin and funeral.

6b1) Edward Rolens Chr. 17 Aug 1767 Butleigh of Butleigh

Sarah Rowley acted as witness to the wedding of John Higgens 13 Aug 1788 Baltonsborough

7) Thomas Rowley b.c. 1714 in Pr gap, bur. 24 Aug 1772 Butleigh (or next Thomas?)

Thomas was paid attendance in 1740 (at the funeral of John Roley – his brother?). (OOP). He received 2 sheets in 1741/2 and mentioned in 1745, 46 (Thomas Callow paid expenses concerning him). In 1747/8 he was paid for 5 days work. In 1751 Thomas Periam was paid for going to Wells with Thomas Roley. In 1763 and 1766 he was paid for working on the highways. His rent was paid 1764, 1768, '69, '72. He and his wife received monthly assistance in the 1760's. The OOP paid for Ruth's coffin and burial in 1767. They paid for attendance at Thomas' end but not his funeral – Oct 1772.

8) Thomas Rowley

A Thomas Rowley had an illegitimate child John by Anne Burton Chr. 4 Feb 1746 Butleighprobably this Thomas. The he had a second child by her - Ann Chr. 9 Apr 1749 Butleigh fathered by Thomas Rowley, bur. 21 Jun 1751 Butleigh

10) James Rowley b. 1789 Butleigh, mason, died 1866 (Jun Q 5c/319 Langport) [Chr. 17 Apr 1791 West Pennard s.o. Ruth Rowley?]

In 1841 James had lived in Somerton with his wife Elizabeth, children Frederick (19), Sarah (15) Robert (12), Mary (9) and Hannah (6). In 1851 James lived with just Elizabeth and a grandson, Edward (7) in Somerton and his pob given then as Baltonsborough. Elizabeth died in 1860 (Dec Q 5c/298? Langport). By 1861 James, a widower, lived in Broad Street Somerton with his daughter Sarah (b. 1831 Somerton), a dressmaker.

11) Joseph Rowley bur. 26 Apr 1793 Butleigh

12) Anne Rowley bur. 28 Dec 1788 Butleigh, another Anne bur. 21 Jun 1797 Butleigh

13) Francis RowleyIn April 1787 the OOP gave this person 6d in relief.


1) Mr. Rowlingpaid by the OOP in July 1800 for 'coming down' – in connection with a funeral? [William Coombes buried 30th June?]


(also Ryall)

1) George Royal b. 1777 Aller, Agricultural labourer [the George Ryall Chr. 18 Mar 1778 High Ham, s.o. John and Frances (nee Gould) Ryall – Riall at marriage ion 10 May 1769 - 3.8 miles away]

In Nov 1830 George Royall received 11/- OOP relief in distress. In Jan 1833 George Royall received 10/- relief in illness. In Feb he received 17/6 relief as George Royall of Wells. Anne's father could be the George Royal (55, i.e. b. 1786?) who lived in Quarry Lane, Street in 1841 with two daughters, Caroline (15) and Elizabeth (10). In 1851 this George lived with Richard March (Chr. 18 Jul 1813 Glastonbury, s.o. Joseph and Mary March) and his wife Eliza (b. 1814 Walton) and George was described as step-father [poss. confusion – father/father-in-law]. This George was probably the George Royall of Walton who was buried, aged 76, at Holy Trinity, Street on 1 Dec 1856.


(see Reddick)


1) Thomas Rugge bur. 16 May 1636 Butleigh

Thomas donated 6d towards the building of Chelsea College in 1617

?DD/S/BT/25/1/2 - Proceedings in Hebditch v. Rugge, a case of alleged cattle stealing at Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1655.

1a) Christopher Rugg Chr. 13 Sep 1609 Butleigh died 1695

Christopher was Overseer in 1665. He paid rates from 1673 until 1695. In 1687 Thomas Rugge also paid rates and in 1689 ('88 missing) Christopher was sharing the same property of adjoining Sarah & Rachel Rugge. In 1690 the adjoining property is given as 'late Thomas Rugge & Prudence Squire' [his daughter may have married a Squire]. From 1691-5 the rate in the first property was paid by Christopher jointly with Sarah Rugge (his granddaughter). In 1696 it reverts to Sarah & Rachel Rugge. Rachel paid the rates until 1700. In 1702 she was paid by the overseers for looking after the Holman child.

DD/S/BT/4/2/6 - 1] Henry Edwards of Okeford Fitzpaine, Dors., yeoman, and wife Mary 2] Christopher Rugg of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of 1a 3p newly inclosed in West field near Hobbes Withyes and 3p at Worthy in same field in Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1556). Date: 1649.

1a1) Thomas Rugg Chr. 25 Feb 1638 Butleigh died 1687

Thomas 'kept the bells' of the church according to the churchwardens accounts 1684-5. Henry is mentioned in 1695 as killing three polecats. Thomas paid the rates in 1687 - see under Christopher – then his daughters Sarah, Prudence and Rachel had some claim to the property especially after the death of Christopher.

Will of Prudence Squire January 1684 Copy [DD/S/BT5/6/20 Talbot] on parchment of that date with inventory & probate annexed Whereby (amongst other things) she gave and bequeathed unto Sarah Rugg and Prudence Rugg daughters of Thomas Rugg of Butleigh their exec. Advisors and assignes her mead ground lying in the mead of Butleigh aforesaid called & known by the name of Black Thorne equally between them

2) John Rugg

In 1676 a warrant was taken out to arrest John Rugge junior. Nfi

3) Margery Rugg bur. 10 Jun 1666 Butleigh

4) William Ruggethe OOP took out a warrant concerning William in 1705.


1) Agatha Rush Chr. 8 Mar 1572, d.o. John Rushe of Baltonsborough married Thomas Rocke in Butleigh on 15 Jun 1598 and her relatives John and Walter Rush appointed her son as vicar in 1642.

An Agatha Rush Chr. 28 Feb 1578 Baltonsborough [no parent given] is probably the same who died 5 Apr 1578.

For more on the Rush family see under Billing and Helyar (Edith Helyar's Will). [Poss related – check – Margaret Rush married Walter Knolles 25 Jun 1607, Mary Rush married Alexander Broome 25 Sep 1617 Baltonsborough, Susan Rush married Richard Billinge 22 May 1617 Baltonsborough, Johane Rushe married Robert Grimsteed 9 Feb 1622 Baltonsborough, A John Rush and Mary were having children 1606 and a Walter in 1611. Johane Rush married Oct 1587 Balt. Thomas Talbott junior (d. 16 Dec 1612 Butleigh). In 1539 a Thomas Rushes married Margaret Brice at North Cadbury

Will of John Rushe, senior 27 Jan 1569 (Canterbury), relict Isabella, proved May. Refers to his wife Isabell, Thomas Rushe, son Thomas Rushe, James Rushe, Joane daughter of John Rushe, junior. Made 1568, proved 26/2/1569

Will of Isabell Rushe 1571 of Baltonsborough. Refers to James Rushe, Jone daughter of Thomas Rushe. Made 16/6/1570 and proved 9/7/1571

2) Thomas Rushe

C 6/203/72 Short title: Rocke v Jacklett. Plaintiffs: John Rocke and John Rush. Defendants: Edward Jacklett, Mary Batt and Gilbert Wooll. Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset.Document type: two bills, two answers. 1657 [a John Rush Chr. 6 Jun 1606 Baltonsborough, s.o. John Rush?]

3) John Rush - [a John Rush bur. 24 Oct 1734 Baltonsborough – in linen]


A) William Russell a glazier worked on the church in 1694 – probably not from Butleigh.

1) John Russell

The orphaned Russell children appear in the Overseers accounts from their inception in 1673. They were taken in by John Sheate and the overseers paid for all their clothing and relief. A large list of their respective clothing needs was made in 1674. After 1675 no more is mentioned about John but Elinor must have been retarded or crippled in some way since she was in receipt of relief and clothes from the Overseers for the rest of her life – until 1722 when she received 12 weeks relief and then Ann Callow was paid for 'moving Russell & Larcombe'. She often needed pitch, beeswax or lard for her wounds. In 1695 the Overseer was paid for 'curing her mouth'.

3) Hester? Russell bur. 30 Jun 1721 Butleigh [probably Elinor]

4) Slehora Russellwas in receipt of 6/- per week relief in 1734 from Mad. Eliz Webb (loose leaf in OOP accounts) [see child of (6)]

5) Crispin Russell b.c. 1725?, bur. 17 Dec 1782 Kingweston

6) James Russell b. 1742 bur. 21 Nov 1820 Butleigh - from Lydford

Maria married Thomas Martin in East Lydford on 26 Apr 1813.# This or the next James Russell occupied and farmed the land on the Kings Sedgemoor Ground belonging to John Hellier from 1806 – 1810. A James was Chr. 18 Apr 1742 Kingweston s.o. John and Mary who may be this James.

6a) Samuel Russell Chr. 6 Mar 1785 Butleigh

Samuel was appointed on a committee for the survey of Butleigh in 1827.

7) James Russell b. 1768, bur. 10 Dec 1825 Butleigh from Ditcheat

8) John Russell

John occupied and farmed land belonging to William Sweet from 1816 – 1817/18. This must be the John Russell of Lottisham appearing in the following two documents in the possession of Chris Locke; Dated May 8th 1818 - indenture between Samuel Taunton, John and Mary Russell and John and Hester Callow; Dated May 7th 1818 - indenture between John and Mary Russell of Lottisham, Ditchet; Peter and Hester Appelby of East Lydford; John and Jane Callow of Butleigh; and Edward Callow regarding the lease of land. [on the 1841 census a John Russell b. 1766 and a Mary b. 1776 lived in Ditcheat - Lottisham was formerly a detached area of Ditcheat parish and became part of West Bradley parish in 1879.]

Lottisham deeds DD\SU/7 Deeds of a mess. or dwelling, orchard, etc., in Lottisham (1½a.). The premises, held successively by Joseph Barnard, Matthew Hillyard and Jn. Wm. Browne Hillyard, were conveyed in 1811 by Francis Bastone, jun., of Minehead to Jn. Russell of Charlton and Ditcheat to attend the inheritance. Russell mortgaged them in the same year. 1811 - 31

9) George Russell Chr. 16 Oct 1814 Butleigh s.o. labourer William and Grace Russell

10) Jane Russell b. 1821 Somerset 41-10

Jane was a servant who lodged with William Ryall in the High Street in 1841. Possibly the Elizabeth Jane Russell who married in 1842 (Sep Q 10/661 Wells)?

11) Joseph Russell b. 1804 Grenton, farm labourer, bur. 23 Aug 1859 (Sep Q 5c/364 Wells) Butleigh 41-8, 51-31

In 1841 Joseph Russell (35) lived with his wife Sarah (30) plus Joseph (8), Charles (6), Matthias (4), William (2) in Water Lane. They had a lodger then, Rebecca Knowle who was Sarah's mother and who died in 1856 (Mar Q 5c/396 Wells). They were still there, with four added children in 1851.

Joseph died in 1859 and in 1861 Sarah lived with John and Elizabeth plus 'Fanny' and Eliza. There was also a grandchild William. Sarah married Charles Andow and in 1871 they lived in Barracks Cottage, Walton with him and her daughters Fanny (shoebinder) and Eliza (unemp. farm servant). Sarah was still in Walton in 1881 and 1891 - in the latter year at 22, Main Street when she and her husband were called paupers. Sarah died later that year. At her marriage to Charles Andow Sarah gave her father's name as Ambrose Higgins which suggests that Sarah may have been his illegitimate daughter.

Joseph junior was found in 1861 as a Police Constable in Westminster, married to Susan (b. 1837 Gt. Euston, Essex) and with two children aged 1 and 1 month. He had married Eliza Lye in Butleigh on 3 Nov 1851 (Dec Q 10/783 Wells) but she died in 1853 (Mar Q 5c/479 Wells) and was buried 12 Feb Butleigh. # By 1871 he was an inspector of police with a new wife, Sophia and by 1881 he was a licensed victualler at the 'Blue Anchor' in Bow High Street - and still there in 1891.

There is nfi about Charles though one of the right age died in 1889 (Langport Dec Q 5c/264). Matthias is certainly the Matthew (of Butley) who was a labourer at 78, Lower George Street, Chelsea, married to Sophie (an ironer) in 1861. In 1871 he was a soldier at Victoria Street Barracks, Windsor and described as 'unmarried' - then nfi. Nfi either for William or George. Emma stayed in Butleigh in 1861 (servant at Higher Rockes) and is the Emma who married John Burch in 1863 (Dec Q 5c/1086 Wells) - they then lived at Butleigh Wootton together with their son Richard Albert Russell who had been born out of wedlock. #

John became a Private, Royal Marines and in 1881 was aboard the "HMS Dapper" at Dartmouth, Devon. By 1881 he was married to Elizabeth (b. 1851 Minehead) and they lived with their 7 year old daughter Maud (b. Stonehouse, Devon) in Coombe Cottages, Dartmouth Townstall. By 1891 they lived in Minehead.

Elizabeth was a laundress/servant lodging in Street in 1871 – probably the Elizabeth Russell of Butleigh, felon sentenced to one month's imprisonment in October 1867 [Wells Journal 19th Oct]. William seems to be her illegitimate son because on 4 Sep 1875 she married George Simpson Holly, shoemaker, in Glastonbury and in 1881 they lived in West End, Street with their three young children plus stepson William Russell (11) - though she could only have been 9/12 when he was born! [It would seem more likely that William was her mother's son born between marriages]. George Simpson Holly was born as George Holly on 20 Jan 1851, illegitimate son of Elizabeth Holly, by 1861 he had added the Simpson and on all later censuses used just the Simpson surname. Elizabeth Russell's son 'William' may be in fact the son Charles Edwin born to her in 1870 and Chr. 7 Aug 1870, Walton and who later appears as William on the 1881 and 1891 censuses. In 1911 George and Elizabeth lived at 78 West End, Street with son Bertie and grandson Reggie.

Fanny seems to have died in 1875 (Mar Q 5c/487 Wells) aged 22. Eliza became a dairymaid on Barwick Farm, Barwick, Yeovil in 1881 - nfi. Eliza married Frank Henry Stillwell in 1874 (Sep Q 5c/601 Langport) and they had a daughter Ellen b. 1877 Compton Dundon. Frank died and Ellen lived with her grandparents Sarah and Charles Andow in Compton while her mother married the labourer Solomon Wesley Woolmington (b. 1859 Stoford) in 1881 (Jun Q 5c/835 Wells - Woomington) and lived in Glastonbury, with four young children, where Ellen joined them by 1891 (on the census her mother Eliza Ann was erroneously called Ellen E.). In 1911 Solomon and Eliza lived at Stoford Barwick, Yeovil with their son Albert. They had had seven children of whom 5 were still extant.

12) Margaret Russell b. 1884 West Lydford, housemaid, d.o. George and Charlotte Russell 01-145

Margaret worked at the Cottage Hospital in 1901. In 1891 she had lived with her parents in 69, Fosse Road, West Lydford. Her father was a labourer.

13) Elizabeth Russell b. 1766, bur. 28 Feb 1843 Butleigh [Mar Q 10/325 Shepton Mallet?] from Lottisham

On the 1841 census at llewellyn's Alms House, Wells appear an Elizabet Russell, a Mary Russell [both 65] and two children Catherine b. 1816, Lucy b. 1826. The elder two could be this person and (15) below? Nfi

14) William Russell b. 1771, bur. 10 Oct 1829 Butleigh from Lottisham - husband/brother of last?

A William Russell occupied land on Southmoor belonging to William Melliar from 1806 – post 1827 – possibly this William? [a James Russell occupied land of John Hellier on Sedgemoor from 1806 – 1810 – related?] A William was Chr. 18 Nov 1770 West Lydford s.o.Philip and Susannah Russell]

15) Mary Russell b. 1772 Baltonsborough, bur. 19 Jul 1846 (Sep Q 10/323 Wells) Butleigh - nfi

16) Jessie Edith Russell b. 1874 West Lydford, Somerset, d.o. Charles and Sarah Russell. d. 7 Aug 1957 (Sep Q 7c/220 Wells) Butleigh

Jessie appears with her widowed mother Sarah Jane and sister Frances Mary at 38, Pen Street, Bolton Lancs in 1911. She was a restaurant cashier at the time. Her father had been a gamekeeper. She died in Butleigh Hospital

17) Florence Kathleen Russell b. 1909 (Dec Q 5c/374 Wells) Butleigh, d.o. Clifton and Eva Jane Russell

Florence appears on the 1911 census with her parents at 15a, Northload St., Glastonbury. Her mother came from Street and her father worked in a timber yard. Her three oldest siblings were born in Street but her youngest brother was born in Baltonsborough in 1907. The family must have moved into Butleigh between then and their return to Street.


1) William Ryall b. 1766 [Chr. 5 Jan 1766 Templecombe s.o. James and Betty Ryall?] Somerset, servant, Bailiff and Overseer, died 17 Mar, bur. 22 Mar 1849 (Mar Q 10/363 Wells) Barton St. Davis aged 83, of Butleigh 41-10

William Ryall paid rates on the Kings Sedgemoor Ground from 1796 – 1800/01. The land was farmed by two occupiers from Pedwell. In the 1827/8 rate assessment the rates seem to have been paid by Mrs. Ryall. William managed the Butleigh Court estate for James Grenville and several letters exist between him and the squire between 1799 and 1822. Letters 1, 2

Acting on behalf of the squire William placed many an advert in the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette to sell goods or let property e.g. on Thursday 11th Nov 1830 offering a '290 acre arable farm in Butleigh, To Let.'

William was a retired bailiff by 1841 and he and his wife seem to have lived in part of Corner House in Main Street, Butleigh.

Some personal details of William Ryall's life were already known but a letter brought to light by Allen Cotton in 2020 throws much more light on the sequence of events and ties them all together.

William Callow's letter

The letter was written by Butleigh mason William Callow on 8 March 1815 to Lord Glastonbury, James Grenville at his abode in London at 12, Conduit Street. It began [spelling etc. corrected];

My Lord, I take this liberty of addressing your Lordship [about] the cruel treatment that base man Ryall has treated [to] I and my poor distressed wife. He has debauched our unfortunate daughter. She is now with child by that wicked man Ryall. It has brought our grey heads almost to the grave. We always took him to be a particular friend of ours.

This daughter was Ellen [Eleanor] Callow who gave birth to Stephen Callow Chr. 16 Jul 1815 Butleigh who, in the Overseers of the Poor accounts is usually referred to as 'Stephen Ryall Callow, bastard' when recording bastardy pay. The first 33 weeks bastardy pay was received from William Ryall in 1816. For more on Stephen see under Callow [he married Ann Champeney of Butleigh in 1844 and they emigrated to Wisconsin, USA]. William Callow was no saint himself, having, after the death of his first wife, sired an illegitimate son Slade Callow Williams in 1778. His daughter Ellen Callow, born 1785, did not see her son Stephen grow up, having died aged 32 in February 1817. Presumably James Grenville twisted William Ryall's arm into acknowledging and paying for the child but as overseer he called his son 'Ellen Callow's bastard' in the accounts which only became 'William Ryall's bastard' when he was no longer overseer!

The letter then continued;

I should have though that he had whores enough. Already he keeps Susanah Dauncey [for] five months out of twelve [with] bed and board in your Lordship's house, in your Lordship's absence. There is a child now 12 years old at Coxley in the Parish of Wells [and] it has always been reported to be Susanah Dauncey's child and Ryall [is] the father. Most of your servants know that this base woman lives boarding and lodging in your house....and he later says;

Ryall rents two rooms from Burnett the shoemaker, opposite Ed Callow. They are as well furnished as your Lordship's except for the silver. The vile woman lives there while you are at Butleigh. She takes all opportunities to be at your house when you ride out in the evening. Ryall might make [explain] his case very well to your Lordship but your servants and the parish in general know this to be true.

James Grenville again must have sorted this out because just one month after the letter was written Ryall had married Susannah Dauncey in Bristol! This Susanna Dauncey was a relative of other Dauncey families in Butleigh, the common ancestor being the unusually named Tassell Dauncey.

The now-legitimised daughter Eliza married John Lucas [possibly of Butleigh - see under Lucas] and they had a daughter Susan Ryall Lucas b, 1840. Eliza and Susan both appear in Butleigh in 1851 living at 19, Peckham Row, Main Street. Susan married Alexander Rea [b. 1 Apr 1830 - 3 Mar 1909, founder of the Sydney College of Music] and they emigrated to Australia where they had seven children.

Another part of the letter has;

Ann Foxwell, a cook to your Lordship 20 years ago, had 2 children. The world says that they were Ryall's. He gave security to Croscombe Parish for them. This we know to be true, and many others know the same.

The men of this neighbourhood wonder that your Lordship suffers this vile man to carry on such bad practices in your Lordship house. It is rumoured about for 20 miles around. I have told many people that you know nothing of it.

It is not certain yet which Ann Foxwell this was but her aforementioned children were;

1) Sarah Ryall Foxall born 15 Feb 1796 Chr. 25 Mar 1796 Croscombe St. Mary, base born child of 'Ann Foxall' - no further record of her discovered yet.

2) William Ryall Foxwell [birth not registered but probably in 1794]

William Ryall Foxwell married on 4 May 1814 at St. Peter & St. Paul, Shepton Mallet to Frances Sheppard (b. 23 Mar 1784 Wells?) [witnesses Netty Sheppard and John Bryant]. William Ryall Foxwell was also witness to the marriage of Ann Foxwell (spinster) to soldier John Andrews, a sojourner, at St. Peter & St. Paul Shepton Mallet on 31 Dec 1812. This was possibly his mother's wedding?

Shortly after the wedding a John Andrews b. 1785 Shepton Mallet saw Military service in Nottingham from 30 May 1812. He was born 5 Feb Chr. 19 Feb 1785 base born s.o. Sarah Andrews. Ann Foxwell/Andrews may have died before 1839 when a John Andrews married in Shepton [Ann Stride or Mary White] though this could be another John born 1809.

On 1851 census Agricultural Labourer William Foxwell b. 1794 Croscombe [not otherwise listed in baptisms] married to Matilda lived in Shepton Mallet. This William had married Matilda Champion in Shepton in 1842. William died 1858 Croscombe, Shepton Mallet. Oddly, a Matilda Andrews b. 1801 Wincanton (spinster) witnessed the marriage of Stephen Ryall Callow in 1844. Matilda Andrews was a shopkeeper in Butleigh and the Andrews and Callow families seem to have been related. A John Andrews (nfi) married to Hannah had a child John Chr. Butleigh 21 Aug 1798.

Back to the letter -

The late Davey [Davis?] woman that [he] had the child by, who is dead since 8 or 9 years, the present Davey maid can testify [to] the same, and many others.

Too unspecific to identify - a William was Chr. 12 Dec 1807 to Jane Davis but several illegitimate children's births were not registered, nor their deaths. Further calumnies were reported about William Ryall in the letter;

The Browns of Shepton Mallet - they come and leave [or live?] their [there some] times and their horses, for three or four days and nights at a time, [fed] with hay and corn. The workmen about the house know this to be true and many others know the same. This has been kept up for many years in your Lordships absence.

There are too many Browns in Shepton Mallet to identify which ones these were. The letter ends by stating that work William Callow had expected to carry out in Lydford was now cancelled by Ryall and he hoped his Lordship would consider his age, 72, having worked for James Grenville and his father honestly. The letter certainly seems to have had an affect on Lord Glastonbury and thereby his servant Ryall, but the latter was too good to lose.

DD/S/BT/10/8/2 - 1] William Ryall, William Eades, Richard Holman, Nathaniel Look and Mary Newport of Butleigh, John Wheller of West Pennard, William Look of Butleigh, John Castle of Butleigh, glazier, Thomas Dominey of Butleigh Wootton, yeoman, William Callow of Butleigh Date: 1805. [and many more]

DD/S/BT/22/4/83 Letter from William Ryall concerning his rental of Butleigh 1815

2) Thomas Ryall Chr. 1 Jun 1834 Corton Denham, labourer, s.o. Richard and Uri Ryall, bur. 31 Oct 1896 Corton Denham abode Purse Caundle

Not known why three sons moved to Butleigh but Thomas' marriage there in 1876 seems to be the earliest. On the 1851/71 censuses the family all lived at Town Street, North, Corton Denham [though mother called Elizabeth b. 1827 Creech St. Michael]. By 1881 Thomas and Elizabeth lived alone in Greenland, Corton. Not known what happened to William.

2a) Thomas Ryall Chr. 22 Jul 1855 Corton Denham, coachman, s.o. Thomas and Sophie Ryall, bur. 28 Dec 1883 (Dec Q 5c/346 Wells) Butleigh 81-102

1881 Thomas (25) lived with his wife Jemima (24) and Ethel Savona at an uncertain address in the High Street. His father Thomas was a groom in Corton Denham and Jemima's father was a carpenter. Thomas died in 1883 aged 28 and in 1884 Jemima advertised in the Western Gazette [22 Feb 1884] “Children to nurse – widow of gentleman's coachman wishes to take charge of child or children at her own home. Any age from a month.”

In 1891 Ethel was a servant at the Rose & Portcullis. She married in Merthyr Tydfill in 1902 (Mar Q 11a/1032) (Fred Blake or Wm Marks).

Her widowed mother lived at Rockwell Cottage in 1891 with daughter Edith. Jemima died aged just 38 in 1896 when Edith was only 14. Edith was presumably cared for by her sister but both are absent from the census in 1901. Richard Ryall, wheelwright in the village, who also came from Corton Denham was Jemima's brother in law.

2b) George Ryall Chr. 2 Oct 1857 (Sep Q 5c/519 Wincanton) Corton Denham, porter, signalman, s.o. Thomas and Sophie Ryall

George was the brother of Thomas and Richard Ryall and he and his family lived at Knipton Rd., Staines, Middlesex in 1891 where he worked on the railway. In 1901 the family lived in Egham, Berks and Florence was called Florrey. Florence married in 1906 (Dec Q 2c/1065 Windsor). She must have been baptised in Butleigh during a visit by her parents to their relatives or during a temporary sojourn in the village.

2c) Richard Ryall Chr. 2 Feb 1862 (Mar Q 5c/582 Wincanton) Corton Denham, wheelwright & carpenter, s.o. Thomas and Sophie Ryall, bur. 15 Dec 1925 Butleigh 81-101, 01-135

In 1881 Richard boarded as an apprentice with Edwin Latcham in the High Street - he was the brother of Thomas Ryall. In 1891 he was working away from home and his wife Fanny Ryall (28) lived at 'Perriams Cottage with sons Henry and John. Her cousin Minnie Eades (17) lived with her [the granddaughter of Martha Eades of Pond Head]. # In 1901 Richard lived with Fanny and their sons Henry and John in Perriams (?).

In 1911 Richard and Fanny lived in 5 rooms and had a visitor, Minnie Jane Arthur (39). Henry was a gardener boarding at 77, Gloucester Rd., Kew in 1911 and was a casualty during WWI. He had signed up in Melbourne into an Australian Field Ambulance unit before being killed in action in Belgium. John was a shop assistant and boarded at 'The Co-op Stores' Child Okeford, Blandford, Dorset in 1911. [A John E. Ryall married Alice Guy in Ringwood, Hamps in 1913].

3) Revd N. Ryall

A Reverend N(at?) Ryall performed some burials in Butleigh in 1813. The Bath Chronicle noted 16 May 1822 that Samuel Ryall, s.o. Rev. N. Ryall was married at Castle Cary to a Miss M. A. Nancollas.


1) Eliza Ryder b. 1849 [(Mar Q 3/454 Uxbridge, Midd.)?] London, Middlesex, ladies maid 81-102

Aged 32 and unmarried, Eliza served at the Vicarage in 1881. Nfi


1) John Rylands of Butleigh awarded honorary certificate as teacher in September 1874. Nfi – probably a newspaper misspelling.