1) H. S. Fraulein H. S. worked at Butleigh Vicarage for the Berkeley's school and in the Morning Post 12 Dec 1898 she was seeking holiday work Dec 21 till Jan 18th. She was a 'superior North German Finishing Governess - first rate French (three years in Paris) thorough English, good music, elocution, calisthenics, drawing; titled references!


1) Welltron Saingea warrant was issued for this person in 1677.


1) Eliza[beth] Saint b. 1849 Hazelbury Plucknett, dairymaid, [d.o. Henry and Elizabeth Saint?] 71W-86

Eliza served at the Croom's farmhouse in Butleigh Wootton in 1871. Nfi


1) Robert Edward Sidney Salmon Chr. 28 Jan 1831 Wells abode Polsham, farmer, s.o. George and Mary Anne Salmon of Wookey, died 26 Nov 1893 (Dec Q 5c/371 Wells) the Leaze, Bleadney, near Wells aged 62 61-49

The Salmons were Particular Baptists and a daughter, Mary, was Chr. 19 May 1833 to the Salmons 'now Mrs. Bolt' in Paulton.

Living at Moorhouse Farm in 1861 was Robert Salmon (30), farming 180 acres, with wife Frances (30) and four of their five children. Georgiana died in 1862 (Mar Q 5c/437 Wells). Robert was with his mother Mary Ann Salmon (Land proprietor - b. 1795 Wells) in Wookey in 1861. They left Moorhouse and a sale of the stock and effects was advertised in the Wells Journal on 19th Oct 1861 – due to 'leaving the farm'. The sale was perhaps not successful because on Feb 8th 1862 the Wells Journal carried an advertisement of the sale by auction on the 13th of all the cart horses, a superior Hackney entire colt [by Messenger dam by Old Phenomenon], implements in husbandry and a quantity of swedes. The departure was further saddened by the death of their one year old daughter Georgiana.

This family appeared in Wookey in 1871 where they lived at Leaze Farm, however the 'Head' was recorded as being Sidney Salmon with wife Fanny (40 - born Bath) and four children born in Butleigh - Ralph (William) (17), Edward (15), Kate (Fanny) (14) and Mary Ann (12) plus five more born in Wookey, the oldest being eight, suggesting a move there in 1863 at the latest.

The children seem to have taken middle names as first names - very odd. Edward Salmon - born Robert Edward Sidney Salmon was staying with his grandmother Mary Ann Salmon (66), widow, in Wookey in 1861 - hence absent from Butleigh that census. Two servants in the house were Harriet Turner (15) of Butleigh and Ellen Voisey (12) from Wookey.

In 1881 Sidney and Frances lived with Robert Edward, Lucy and Agnes plus Robert Salmon (75) an uncle, and Mary Ann Backhouse (52) an unmarried sister.

Mary Ann became a governess and stayed with her uncle George Hawkins, a publishing clerk, at 22, Ambler Road, Islington by 1881. She was still there in 1891, as a governess, and joined by her sister Elsie (24). In 1891 (Sep Q 1b/355 Islington) she married Arthur Brettell (b. 1849 St. George's Hanover Sq) and by 1911 they had two sons who lived with them at 42, Bowes Rd., Palmers Green, Edmonton Middlesex.

Fanny Kate married Edwin Taylor (b. 1855 Glastonbury) in 1879 (Jun Q 3a/237 Edmonton) and lived in Battersea in 1881, then Hornsea, Middlesex in 1891.


1) James Salter

Entry in the churchwardens accounts for 1702 states James was paid 'for the gaol and Marshallsea money – 5s 6 1/4d'. The Marshallsea was largely a debtors prison which dated from c. 1329 until closed in 1842.

2) Lydia Salter Chr. 20 Jun 1849 Broadclyst, Devon, d.o. John and Mary Salter 71-81

In 1851 Lydia had lived with her parents on Brimhill Farm, Broadclyst where her father farmed 118 acres and where she was one of 14 children. She was a visitor at the home of William Britton at Water Lane in 1871. Nfi


[Sawley see Selway]

Samsee also Sams

1) Thomas Sam/Sym whitebaker died 1710

Thomas was churchwarden in 1682 and occurs in the wardens accounts until 1694. He was Overseer of the Poor 1687 and 1703. In the accounts in 1688 is mention of a late Andrew Sam. Thomas paid rates from 1682 – 1710, sometimes jointly with Mary Banton. From 1711-16 the rates were paid by Esther. Esther married John Pope of Gloucester.

DD/S/BT/5/5/8 1] James Sansome of Podimore Milton 2] Thomas Sam of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of Fishwell (3a), in the East field of Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1557).. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1694.

DD/S/BT/7/3/3 - 1] Thomas Sam of Butleigh, whitebaker 2] John Vagg of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of 2a in the East and West fields of Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1709.

DD/S/BT/6/6/5 - 1] John Gregory of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Esther Sam of Butleigh, widow of Thomas Sam, whitebaker Assignment of Jacklett's 2a and Turner's 2a in Westwood, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1710 - 1711.

DD/S/BT/6/6/6 1] John Pope of Sts. Philip and James, Glos., sergemaker and wife Esther, widow of Thomas Sam 2] William Gattern of Butleigh Wootton, yeoman Assignment of Jacklett's 2a and Turner's 2a in Westwood, Butleigh.  1715


See Sansom

1) William Sampson of Butleigh Hill died before 1849

William Sampson - In 1841 a William '20' [Yeoman] lived with Walter '20' and Elizabeth '25' and Martha '15' at Cattistock – all described as non Dorset born.

Bath Chronicle 24 Dec 1840: Glastonbury Annual Show Market. To Mr. William Sampson, Butleigh, for the best cart mare, which had produced a foal, bred by the exhibitor, a silver cup, value £3 3s given by the Hon, and Rev. G. Neville-Grenville. Notice in the Sherborne Mercury 8 Dec 1849 ' Died Dec 2 at Cattistock, deeply lamented by her family and friends, Mrs. Sampson relict of the late Mr. William Sampson of Butleigh Hill Somerset. Martha was his 'youngest daughter'.


1) William Sams Chr. 24 Feb 1833 Long Sutton, farm servant, s.o. James and Elizabeth Sams 51-30

Living with his parents in 1841, William served on Gilberts Farm in 1851. He married Jane Woods (b. 1838 Long Sutton) in 1856 (Jun Q 5c/783 Langport). In 1861 William lived on Catesgow Farm, Somerton with his wife Jane and two children – George b. 1857 Long Sutton and Edwin b. 1961 Somerton. By 1871 they had returned to Long Sutton where they still were in 1901.

2a) Edward Sams b. 1860 Long Sutton s.o. George and Eliza Sams, domestic servant 81-96

2b) John Sams b. 1858 Long Sutton s.o. George and Eliza Sams 81-97

These two brothers were the sons of George and Eliza Sams, father a labourer and mother a glover, who lived at Long Sutton in 1871. They worked as servants in 1881, John at Roods Farm and Edward at the Rose & Portcullis. In 1891 they had moved to Lancashire. Edward, a carter, had married Sarah from Somerton and lived at 48, Moor Road, Chorley with her and their adopted son Fred and living with them were John and his wife Mary E. (born Shropshire). Edward, Sarah and Fred remained in Chorley in 1901, as did John and Mary, but now living separately.

Samsonsee Sansome


1) Thomas Samways lived at Moorhouse d. 1649

Probably the Alice Samways who married Humphrey Blanchett at Wookey on 13 May 1652 both of Parish Burtle? = Butley? [# Blanckard]

A Thomas Sanwaie alias Mathewe Chr. 28 Jul 1605 Baltonsborough s.o. Robert Sanwaie alias Mathewe might be related, though he was married to Agatha had a son Robert Chr. 13 Jan 1633 in Baltonsborough and other children thereafter.

Bond in £10 DD\SE/48/1 Thos. Symcocks of Littlebridge (co. Dorset), esq., Thos. Samwaies of Butleigh, farmer, and Wm. Kippin of same, parchment-maker, to Wm. Woodhouse, vicar of Butleigh; for the payment of £52 8s. 1638/9 Papers of Visitors of Hugh Sexeys Hospital Bruton papers

Exchequer E134/1653/Mich5 - John Rocke v. Grace Samways, widow: Vicarage of Budeleigh alias Butleigh, and the lands of Thos. Samwayes (defendant's late husband), lying in Butleigh. Tithes.: Somerset. Date: 1653.

PROB 11/208/692 Will of Thomas Samwaies Yeoman Butleigh, Somerset. Date: 16 Jul 1649.

1a) Edward Samwayes Chr. 12 Jun 1636 Butleigh died 1678?

'Samwayes' listed amongst the commoners list of 1672. Edward paid rates from 1673-8. In 1677 the Overseers paid the rent of his wife. The widow Ann Samwayes paid rates on a different property in 1681 – 1710. Ann probably took in lodger – in 1682 she was paid for carrying and taking care of the goods of Christopher Osborne. Between 1684-7 she took in and cared for Ann Bakehouse (OOP). She was Overseer of the Poor in 1691.


1) Sarah Sandy b. 1804 Glastonbury, [Chr. 22 Sep 1805 Ashcott d.o. Abraham and Sarah Sandy] servant, died 1870 (Dec Q 5c/429 Wells)? 51W-38, 61W-66

Sarah was the unmarried cousin of Carey Look working as his housekeeper at Hooper's farm in 1851 and noted as his 'visitor' at 40, Wootton in 1861.



1) James Sansom of Podimore Chr. 19 Mar 1650 s.o. John, d. 1713?

James Samson/Sansome paid rates from 1672 – 1759/60. Probably fathers and son. Part of the property went to Thomas Browning in the 1730's

C 6/13/175 Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings before 1714, Collins. Short title: Sansom v Hodges. Plaintiffs: Ralph Sansom (alias Ralph Sampson). Defendants: John Hodges . Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset . Document type: bill, answer. 1652

DD/S/BT/11/1/12 1] John Gillett of Charlton Mackrell, administrator of John Hutton of Kingweston decd during minority of James Sansome nephew of John Hutton and said James Sansome 2] Ralph Sansome of Cary Fitzpaine, yeoman, brother of James Assignment of a messuage, 9. Date: 1664.

DD/S/BT/11/1/13-14 1] John Champneys the elder of Orchardleigh and John his son by wife Deborah Hippisley decd 2] John Sansome of Cary Fitzpaine and William Looke of Butleigh, yeomen 3] James Sansome, brother of John, and Thomas Looke, brother of William Conveyance in trust Date: 1672.

DD/S/BT/5/5/5 1] James Sansome of Podimore Milton 2] James Chapman of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of 3a close in the West field and 2.5a in the East field of Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1557).. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1680.

DD/S/BT/4/2/13 1] Thomas Chancellor of Butleigh, husbandman and James Samson of Podimore Milton yeoman 2] Ralph Curtice of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of 1/2a in Upper Whiteland in the South field of Butleigh part Peckham lease (1556). Rent 2d. 1682/3

DD/S/BT/5/6/9 1] James Samson of Podimore Milton 2] Joan Looke of Butleigh Assignment of the 8th lot of Southmoor, Butleigh, in lieu of common belonging to a Peckham lease (1556). Rent 2s. [Tied together with DD/S/BT/5/6/10] 1701 see also DD/S/BT/8/2/1 1701

DD/S/BT/11/2/3 1] James Samson of Podimore Milton, yeoman 2] John Squier of Somerton, carpenter Assignment of 3a wood above Nodway, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1708.

1a) James Sansom Chr. 28 Feb 1685 Podimore

In 1710 James was master to one of the Atwool (Wooll) boy apprentices. (OOP). An Elizabeth Samson received assistance in necessity in 1738/9. (OOP)

DD/S/BT/5/5/13-15 1] James Sansome of Cary Fitzpaine, son of James decd 2] James Grenville 3] George Grenville, brother of James Assignment by lease and release of 9a in the East field, 1a at Austins Pits and 1.5a in East field, Butleigh. With draft release.. [Somerset Date: 1760.

DD/S/BT/26/2/3 Letter concerning Samson family. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1760.

1a1) James Samson Chr. 14 Mar 1722 Podimore


1) Elgey Sargent Chr. 17 Jan 1886 (Mar Q 5c/448 Yeovil) Ash, telegraphist, d.o. George and Annie Sargent 01-135

Elgey, aged 15, boarded and worked at the Post Office in the High Street in 1901. She had lived with her parents in Back Street, Ash, Martock, in 1891. Her father was a gardener.


1) Betty Sauld Chr. 14 Jul 1744 Butleigh illegit. d.o. Mary Sauld and John Castle

It would seem that John Castle later married Mary Sauld who became his first wife. Betty 'Castle' married Richard Periam in Butleigh on 15 Aug 1767. # The surname could be a phonetic form of Salt or, more likely, Slade. Unfortunately Mary's birth probably falls in the PR gap in Butleigh and there is no further clue, though she may have come from elsewhere.


1) John Frederick Saunders Chr. 22 Mar 1835 Batcombe,'Chidmole', Dorset, farmer 71-77

In 1861 John farmed 9 acres in South Petherton, at Higher Stratton, and his birthplace was given as Hill Vill, Dorset. His wife then was given as Ann, b. Halstock. Besides Mary Jane and Eleazar they had a son Elijah b. 1860.

John Saunders (37) and his wife Emily (38) with children Eleazar (13), Mary Jane (11), Octavine (10), Emily Ann (8), Cornelius (6), Rose (5) William George (3) and Esau (1) lived on Butleigh Hill in 1871. They had arrived in Butleigh around 1866 and only the last two children were born in Butleigh. The family must have left for Ilchester around 1872 where the next child, Matthew, was born. They are next found in Durnfield, Martock (1881). In 1891 John and Ann (sic!) lived at Durnfield, Martock with Cornelius (decorator and glazier) and Esau (Millers labourer) plus a granddaughter Annie Russ (8) from Wales. William George became a police constable boarding at 9, Locksbrook Rd., Weston (1891). He married Sarah Elizabeth Stokes from Bath in 1893 (Sep Q 5c/1046 Bath) and they lived in the County Police Station, Weston, Bath in 1901 - with no children. In 1911 they lived at New Rd., Huntspill.

Esau,a corn miller, married Selina Goddard from Montacute in 1894 (Mar Q 5c/619 Yeovil) and became a miller in Tintinhull (1901), with three children. By 1911 they had five children at 6, Grass Royal Terr., Yeovil. Reuben married Sarah Jane Tucker in 1888 (Jun Q 5c/713 Chard). Octavius married Matilda Hoskins in 1882 (Dec Q 5c/868 Chard) and died 1887 (Sep Q 5c/264 Yeovil) aged 26. Cornelius married Ellen Luxton in 1894 (Mar Q 5c/659 Yeovil) and they lived in Durnfield, Ash near Martock. Mary Ann married William Russ in 1880 (Jun Q 5c/659 Yeovil) and they went to live at Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan and died there in 1888 (Mar Q 5c/706 Pontypridd). Emily Ann married Owen Davies Taylor in Stoke Hamdon in 1883 (Mar Q 5c/706 Yeovil). Rose married Herman Heitmann in 1889 (Dec Q 5c/860a Wincanton) and moved down to Bournemouth. Extra information courtesy of William Saunders.

2) Rev. George William Saunders b. 1879, Upper Tooting, Middlesex, died 1951 PHOTO

George William Saunders was born in 1879 and educated at Selwyn College, Cambridge, where he took his B.A. in 1902. The following year he went to Wells Theological College, and was ordained Deacon by the Bishop of Bath and Wells in 1904. He served as Curate in Street and Walton from 1904 to 1910 during which time he played St. Benignus in the Butleigh Revel. He married in 1909. His next appointment was as Vicar of Curry Rivel where he appears in 1911. He stayed there for seven years until he became Vicar of Martock in 1917, where he remained for 34 years until his retirement in 1951. He was an antiquary and wrote books about Martock, Martock and The Great War, and Notes on the History of the Hundred of Martock. The latter book was an illustrated 120 page volume in cloth-backed boards. It was a collection of essays originally published in the Western Gazette' newspaper between 1933-34. Its preface is dated 1935. He also wrote a church guide for Martock which is still available.


1) John Savage

Nfi on this couple though an Elizabeth Chr. 7 Mar 1664 Chilcompton was the d.o. a John Savage. The Will of David Masters 1657 might confirm whether this daughter was named Joane.


(see Selway)


1) Joseph Sawtell b. 1818/1822 Butleigh, farm labourer, died 1903 (Dec Q 5c/223 Bridgwater)

In 1841 Joseph lived in Compton Dundon. Joseph and his wife Harriett (a canvas bag minder) lived, with son George at 4, New Buildings, Puriton in 1881 [both gave pob as Puriton] and in Shack Buildings, Puriton, in 1891. In 1901 at the same address, Joseph's pob was given as Compton Dundon. In 1881 he had stated the pob as Puriton but in 1871 and 1891 he gave it as Butleigh. On the latter census they had lived with Harriett's mother Sarah Woods (79), a widow. No Sawtells found in Puriton BMD – only Stolls.George's birth record also not found.

2) Mary A. Sawtell b. 1851 Wearne, governess, d.o. George and Elizabeth Sawtell 81W-106

In 1871 Mary was schoolmistress living at Roadside, Lyng, Somerset. She was the unmarried (aged 30) niece of Mary and Richard Chantor # and lived with them in Wootton in 1881. Mary Chantor died in 1886 and Mary Sawtell was absent in 1891. In 1901 she appeared as a 'visitor' at 12, High Street, Glastonbury - the home of butcher John Windmill.

3) Gordon Harry Sawtell b. 1885 (Mar Q5a/376 Sherborne) Nether Compton, Dorset, s.o. Henry and Mary A. Sawtell

On Jan 16th 1916 the fields known as House and Orchard on Butleigh Moor occupied by Gordon Sawtell were declared to have Foot and Mouth disease by the board of Agriculture & Fisheries. In 1911, he and his newly married wife Eliza Ann farmed Middle Farm, Kingweston. They had two children, Ellis born in 1912 and Helen in 1915.


1) Tom Albert. Say(e) Chr. 28 Apr 1859 (Mar Q 5c/512 Langport) Keinton Mandeville Ag. Labourer, died 1905 (Jun Q 5c/301 Wells)

In 1911 Arthur his sisters Kate and Ethel lived in Pouncey's Villa together with 'grandson' William Say b. 1907. This latter must be William Arthur Nelson Say the illegitimate son of Kate Say. They moved to Butleigh after the death of their father Tom. In 1911 Arabella their mother was a 'visitor' in Chelsea, London, staying with her daughter Amelia a domestic servant. Amelia re-married in 1912. Kate married railwayman Harold Davis in Butleigh on 8 Apr 1912. Ethel married George Mogg on the 25 Dec 1920 (Dec Q 5c/1145 Wells) in Butleigh.and they had children Mervyn b. 1922 and Joyce b. 1926. William Arthur Nelson married Molly Casely in 1935 (Jun Q 5c/1036 Wells) and had a daughter Susan in 1942 (Sep Q 5c/608 Wells) – she married Eustace Rawlinson in 1963. William recounted his memories of catching rooks in “Somerset Voices”.

1a) Frederick Charles Say b. 1892 (Sep Q 5c/362 Langport) Barton St. David, d. 1969 (Mar Q 7c/631 Wells)

Meta lived with her parents at 4a, Cranhill Rd., Street in 1901. Both Gerald and Phyllis chose to be buried in Butleigh.


1) Alfred Scadding Chr. 13 Nov 1870 (Dec Q 5c/429 Langport) Drayton, gardener, s.o. Joseph and Sarah Scadding, d. 1897 (Mar Q 5c/285 Langport) 91-113

Alfred lived with his parents in Drayton in 1871. His father was a coachman. In 1881 the widowed Joseph lived with his family in Holbrook Lodge, Charlton Musgrove. In 1891 Alfred lodged with Thomas Norris at 8, High Street. In the Western Gazette 25 Sep and 9 Oct 1896 Alfred advertised that he was single and looking for a situation after eleven years at Butleigh Court Gardens. He stated he understands flowers, kitchen garden and glass, aged 26. His address given as Charlton Mackrell. Alfred died aged only 26 in 1897 – a result of his unemployment?


1) Robert Scotchings (b. 24 Feb 1888) Teddington, soldier, s.o. Richard and Rebecca Scotching, d. 1984 (Feb 13/2185/284 Kingston upon Thames)

The surname was Scutchings according to the 1901 census where Robert appears with his parents in the Alley, Tiddington, Oxon. His father was a railway packer. Vera was their only child.


(see also Skott)

1) James Scott bur. 10 Aug 1803 Butleigh

2) James Scott

In July 1819 the OOP made a payment of 14 weeks bastardy pay to Scotts bastard from Lady Day until July 18th. In 1819 the OOP received 7 weeks bastardy pay from James. James Scott's bastard was taken in by James Gane of Bradley in June 1825. The likely child was William Davis Chr. Aug 1819 Butleigh s.o. Ann Davis.

3) George Scott b. 1756, bur. 30 Sep 1819 Butleigh aged 63

Joanna Scott married James Down of Glastonbury on 11 Dec 1806 in Butleigh and James Down was one of the witnesses to George Scott's second marriage to Maria Simes in 1808 which would seem to confirm this connection. A J. Gardiner was witness to James Down and Joanna's marriage and James Down witnessed the marriage of Jeremiah Gardiner to Mary Grey in St. Johns Glastonbury on 14 May 1804.

George Scott was Overseer of the Poor in 1806 and 1811. A George Scott occupied the land of Mr. John Moore from 1802 – 1817. George Scott of Wootton was granted permission to have a dissenting place of worship in 1805. George Scott started paying rates on property in Butleigh in 1812/13 which had belonged to John May. He paid until his death and from 1820 the rates were paid until post 1827 by his widow Mary Scott. On a second property called 'Whiteland' the occupier was J. Connock and from 1824 Joseph Grant.

In Feb 1814 a summons was issued to John May and Mrs. Scott to have him examined as to his parish.

3a) George Scott Chr. 16 Nov 1788, Curry Rivel [Ditcheat on census], yeoman, s.o. George Scott, d. 9 Dec, bur. 15 Dec 1873 (Dec Q 5c/360 Wells) Butleigh 41W-15, 51W-38, 61W-65, 71W-85

In 1841 the Scotts lived in Butleigh Wootton and by 1851 were still there though daughter Maria seems to have become Meriam and Hannah had married widower Joseph Grant in 1850 (Jun Q 11/202 Bristol) and lived elsewhere in the village with Joseph's parents. # James had disappeared - nfi. George's wife Martha died in 1853 and by 1861 George lived with his daughter Martha and now-widowed Hannah Grant and her children. Of William there is nfi. Miriam Scott married farmer George Kelly (s.o. William Kelly) in Butleigh on 24 Sep 1851 (Sep Q 10/692 Wells) and they thereafter lived in Glastonbury. Martha became a servant in Glastonbury in 1881, living there alone in 1891 and dying in 1900 (Dec Q 5c.278 Wells). The Betsey Scott who married Thomas Rood White in Butleigh on 2 Apr 1838 is the daughter of this couple [named father as George Scott, yeoman, at marriage]. In Morris' Directory 1872 George was listed as farmer and beer retailer of Wootton.

DD/S/BT/27/6/10 - Agreement between Revd George Neville Grenville and George Scott of Butleigh for letting a house and cottage in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1840

REF. No. 1926 B/A/E/29/2 - Land and messuages at Wootton, parish of Butleigh. Copy conveyance. Martha Scott of Wootton to the trustees of Sir A. A. Hood's marriage settlement, and correspondence.. [Devon Record Office, ANSTEY AND THOMPSON OF...] Date: 1874.

3a1) George Scott Chr. 27 Jan 1816 Glastonbury St. John, farmer, s.o. George Scott, d. 1847 (Mar Q 10/300 Bridgwater)? 41-7

George and Sarah married in 1839. In 1841 the family lived in the High Street where George was a farmer. Sarah aged 10 seems to be the servant girl acting as a nurse maid in Butleigh Wootton in 1851. The family must have moved to Bridgwater in 1846/7 where George senior died in 1847 and his wife Sarah married again in 1849. George Frederick went to live with his grandparents, where he appears in 1851. Sarah's daughter Sarah became a housemaid in Kings Square, Bridgwater by 1861. Nfi

4) Betsy Scott Chr. 17 Sep 1815 Butleigh illegit. d.o. servant Amelia Scott


5) W. M. ScottCounty official who collected the County Stock money in July 1807.

Scribben - Scriven

1) Moses Scribben of Compton Dundon [Chr. 6 Jun 1739 Somerton, s.o. Moses and Ann Scriven]

In 1760 the OOP paid 1 guinea in expenses about Moses Scriben.

[On 10 Mar 1784 at St. Michael, Somerton a Moses Scriven of Somerton married Sarah Whitehead. He was the son of Samuel (b. 1727, s.o. Moses Scriven) and Ann Scriven, Chr. 19 Mar 1760 – this Moses' cousin.]

DD/S/BT/20/6/10 1] Benjamin Fudge of Somerton, carpenter 2] Moses Scriven of Somerton, gardener Assignment of a messuage, orchard and 5a, two fifths of a tenement in Somerton. 1785

2) George Scriven

George was a county official who collected the County Stock money in April 1809.

Scutchingssee Scotchings



1) George Seabright b. 1856 Newbury, Berks., coachman, s.o. Charles and Harriet Seabright 81-94 [b. 1858 (Mar Q 2/528 New Forest, Hamps)?]

George lived with his parents in 1871 in Brockenhurst, Hampshire. His father was a labourer. Anna had lived in "Rose House", Gas Street, Weston with her parents in 1861 - her father was a 'Fly driver'. They married in 1880 and lived in part of Butleigh Court Lodge in 1881. They left Butleigh after 1884 and by 1890 lived in Winscombe where they remained in 1901. Lucy and William had left home by 1901 - William appeared as a groom living 'over the stables' at Rookwood, Llandaff, Glamorgan and in 1911 he was back with his parents and brother Harry (a baker) in Winscombe.

Lucy seems to have become a cook. In 1909 (Dec Q 5c/1099 Axbridge) she married farmer George Edmunds and in 1911 they lived at Brimsmore, Yeovil, with their 5 month old son Wilfrid George.


1) Elizabeth Seal b. 1822 Compton Dundon d.o. Elizabeth Seal, dressmaker, Nurse 61W-65

In 1851 Elizabeth appeared with her mother Mary, who had married Thomas Cullen, and with the one month old Mary Ann - called Seal, suggesting that she was Elizabeth's illegitimate daughter - no Mr. Seal surfaces on any census despite her 'married' claim. Mary Ann was Chr. 9 Oct 1853 Compton Dundon as daughter of Elizabeth Seal. Elizabeth had another illegitimate child Samuel Chr. 21 Sep 1854 Compton Dundon [he died and was bur. 1 Oct 1854].

Elizabeth was acting as nurse lodging with Jacob Cary in Wootton in 1861 and her daughter was there as a visitor. They appeared together with another daughter, Fanny (2), in Compton Dundon in 1871. Frances was the illegitimate daughter of Mary Seale, Chr. 18 Jan 1869 Compton Dundon.


[Seeley, Sealey, Seal, Zilly (!) - also see Selway]

1) James Seley

James received 2/- from the OOP in March 1777 in his distress.

2) Jacob Sealy of Street [b. 9 Dec 1734, Chr. 15 Dec 1734 Street s.o. Joseph and Patience Sealey]

Jacob Sealy was buried 31 Mar 1762 in Street

2a) Thomas Sealy Chr. 16 Mar 1760 Street, of Street, bur. 12 Jan 1827 Butleigh

In Feb 1795 the OOP paid for a load of coal for Thomas Sealey. In July 1805 Thomas' wife received the allowed Volunteer Bounty Money of 6/-. In April 1810 the OOP paid for Thomas' son in Bath Hospital. In Dec 1810 Thomas received relief from the OOP. In April 1826 the OOP paid Dr. Bond 7 guineas for 'amputating Thomas Sealy's thigh'. Sarah married labourer John Bond# of Glastonbury at St. Johns, 13 Apr 1807 and lived in Glastonbury, Benedict Street – both paupers by 1851. Ann was a witness.

Thomas began paying rates on property 'late Joan Periam' in 1818 and up to 1827. In the rate assessment of 1827/8 two cottages were rated to Betsy Sealy and others.

3) John Sealy Chr. 24 Jun 1864 Street, cordwainer, s.o. Esau and Mary Sealey, d. 23 Mar, bur. 30 Mar 1840 (Mar Q 10/382 Wells) Butleigh

John had his shoe bill paid by the OOP in Oct 1787. In Dec 1811 the OOP paid Mr. Hodges the property tax charged on John Sealy's three cothouses for the previous year. In Sep 1815 they paid John for 11 loads of turf. In Feb 1817 John drew up the list of militia men. In Mar 1818 John [this John?] was paid for drawing out a return of the Poor Rate to send to the Clerk of the Peace from Easter 1800 – 1817. In Oct 1823 Virtue was paid to attend John Oram's wife Ann, who was on her deathbed..

The father of Fanny's child was almost certainly the bachelor William Eades,# mason, who began paying bastardy pay in 1810. Fanny married Charles Davis in Butleigh 11 Jul 1811 – her sister Hannah witnessed the wedding.

Son Esau stated as from from Parish Compton Dundon married Edith Creed in Barton St. David on 19 Nov 1816. Hannah married Solomon Grant in Barton St. David on 17 May 1813.

Thomas may be the Thomas Sawley/Selway (see under) or the Thomas who married Mary Sansom on 14 Aug 1820 Kingsdon and having children in 1834 with her. See (6) below.

Virtue, widow, was the sister of Joshua Andow and lived in Butleigh with her daughter Mary in 1841 but died in 1844. Mary married Charles Lye in 1846 (Jun Q 10/801 Wells) # and died 1867 (Mar Q 5c/458 Wells). Marina married stone cutter John Clothier (b. 1809 Street) circa 1830 and their first child Reuben was born in 1831 in Street. In 1851 they lived in Street with many children and were still there in 1861 but by 1871 were at 19, Broad Street, Wells. In March 1796 John's wife received assistance. A daughter Virtue was born in 1796 but no baptism found - she married three times, firstly to Joseph Blacker in Butleigh 15 Nov 1819. # A child Eliza/Elizabeth b. 1842 d. 23 Mar bur. 26 Mar 1844 Butleigh aged 30 months is buried with John and Virtuemust be a grandchild.

DD/S/BT/10/9/2 - 1] Thomas Baker of Knaplock, Cannington, yeoman 2] John Sealy Assignment of a house called the East parlour with buttery and chamber over and plot in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1801.

3a) William John Sealy b. 1791, Chr. 3 Mar 1793 Butleigh, shoemaker, died 1851 (Dec Q 10/371 Wells) 41-5, 51-34

In 1819/20 a John Sealy junior began paying rates on the 'Old Meeting House' in Butleigh. In the rate assessment of 1827/8 John is listed as paying rates on the 'Old Meeting house'.

John and Jane lived in the High Street in 1841. After Jane died in 1849 John lived alone at No. 3 Meeting House where he appeared in 1851, next door to his brother James.

3b) Joseph Sealy b. 1805 Butleigh, boot and shoe maker, died 1888 (Dec Q 5c/235 Langport)

At their marriage the groom's Parish was given as Barton St. David – one witness was Ann Andrews. In 1851 - 61 Joseph and Rose lived with several of their children in Kingsdon but by 1871 just Joseph and Rose lived together - at Charlton Adam, and they were still there, together, in 1881.

3b1) Easu Sealy b. 1827 Kingsdon, labourer, s.o. Joseph and Rose Sealy, bur. 6 Sep 1871 Kingsdon aged 44 (of Yetminster) 61W-63

Emily Witty aged 7 lived with John (35) and Ann Whitaker (45) in Martock in 1841. In 1871 Esau was a 'servant' living alone in Church Street, Yetminster, Dorset. Emily lived alone in Church Street, Kingsdon in 1871 and died in 1878 aged 46. William went to live with his uncle William Lee at the Barton, Kingsdon in 1871 but later married and lived in Nottinghamshire. George had died in 1865 (Mar Q 5c/364 Langport).

3b2) Charles Sealy Chr. 14 Jul 1844 Kingsdon, shoemaker, s.o. Joseph and Rose Sealy 61-59

Charles was a son of Joseph and Rose (née Andrews) Sealy who were in Kingsdon in 1851. Charles was a visitor at the home of Joshua Davis in Dumb Lane, in 1861. By 1871 he was boarding in Llanwonno, Glamorgan together with Lydia Sealy (b. 1842 Kingsdon), his sister. By 1881 he had married Elizabeth and lived at 8, Mary Street, Llanwono with their three children. George Sealy, another brother, lived in Portbury 1881 - 1901.

3c) James Sealy Chr. 16 Aug 1807 Butleigh, stone cutter, bur. 9 Jan 1893 (Mar Q 5c/379 Wells) Butleigh 41-5, 51-34, 61-56, 71-80, 81-101, 91-120

James Sealy (30) and wife Love (30) lived with Ann and Thomas in the High Street in 1841. Thomas, aged two in 1841 seems to be the 'infant' Thomas who died in 1845. Ann married William Kick in 1847 (Jun 10/595 Bridgwater) # and they lived in Back Street by 1851. James and Love lived at No. 2 Meeting House in 1851 - and three year old granddaughter Elizabeth Kick stayed with them whilst her parents looked after 10 month old Thomas Kick. In 1861 James and Love Sealy lived next to William Kick (draper & grocer).

In 1871 James (60) and wife Love (60) lived with sister Virtue Patten (75), widow, in the High Street. Virtue died in 1876 aged 81 (Mar Q 5c/437 Wells). In 1881 James (73) lived alone with his wife Love (73).

By 1891 James (83) and Love (82) lived in four rooms. James Sealy died in 1893 and his widow must have left, to be cared for by a relative. Love Sealy died in Hendon, Middlesex in 1897 (Dec Q 3a/138 Hendon) aged 89, presumably at the home of one of her grandchildren.

DD/S/BT/27/6/13 - Agreement between Revd George Neville Grenville and John, James and Thomas Sealy for letting a room in a cottage in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1843.

4) John Sealy b. 1781

This family lived in East Wells in 1841 as did the next family. In 1851 Widow Martha lived in East Wells as laundress with unmarried daughter Louise. In 1861 Martha lived alone. A Louise Seale and a George Seal both b. 1 Apr 1816 Shepton Mallet children of John and Martha [abode Board Cross, occupation waggoner] may well be this family pre-marriage?

John Seal(y) b. 1799 Wells, bur. 18 May 1870 (Jun Q 5c/ 413 Wells) Butleigh

In 1841 John and Betsy lived in East Wells with three children. In 1851 John (now James?) was a 'road labourer' in Wells married to Elizabeth with Eliza aged 21 and Matilda.- his son Ezekiel lodged at the Coach Horse Inn, East Wells. In 1861 he was in the Old Workhouse, Beggar Street, Wells under the name John Seal, aged 69 [former inmate of Bubswiths Alms House] together with wife Betty (66) – both born Wells. John died in Wells Union Workhouse in 1870. Ezekiel had married Mary Ann [and had daughter Matilda Chr. 7 Nov 1858 Wells] and moved to Weston-Super-Mare.

5) Joshua Willis Sealy Chr. 12 Aug 1810 Compton Dundon, shoemaker, s.o. John and Louisa Sealy, d. 1903 (Mar Q 5c/325 Wells)

Joshua had a child by Mary Ann Tucker - Henry Tucker Chr. 18 Oct 1835 Butleigh. # Joshua then married Ann Wright and lived with her in Street in 1841 together with their 9 month old daughter Louisa. After Ann's death he married Jane West in Butleigh in 1850. Joshua gave his residence as Butleigh and Jane as Butleigh Wootton. The couple then lived in Wookey together with Louisa in 1851 but Jane seems to have died in that same year. After another marriage in 1858 Joshua and his third wife Maria lived in Bleadney, Wookey.

6) Joseph Sealy Chr. 18 Feb 1821 Butleigh s.o. stonecutter Thomas and Mary Sealy

The father is possibly the Thomas son of John and Virtue, above, and who married Mary Sansom on 14 Aug 1820 Kingsdon. In Kingsdon this latter couple had the following five children in Kingsdon; Thomas Chr. 6 Oct 1822, James Chr. 21 Aug 1825, John Chr. 20 Jan 1828, Joshua Chr. 30 May 1830 and Virtue Chr. 30 Mar 1834. Joseph appears on the 1851 census at Kingsdon, married to Eliza and with two children Thomas F. b. 1848 Kingsdon and Arthur b. 1851 Kingsdon.


1) John Seaman bur. 9 Nov 1737 Butleigh

Seamersee Seymour

Seeward – Seward


1) Daniel Sellick b. 1844 (Dec Q 10/364 Bridgwater) Nether Stowey, carpenter, s.o. Edward and Mary Sellick

In 1851 Daniel lived in Castle Street, Nether Stowey with his parents - his father was a carpenter. A copy of the marriage certificate would probably prove that this Ann Reynolds was the one born in Butleigh in 1838 (as above) and explain their son's christening there. In 1871 the family lived at Ridgeway, Fishponds, Gloucestershire. By 1881 they were in Gloster Road, near Saintbridge, Upton St. Leonards and in 1891 in Cheltenham. Reginald Edward Sellick a painter,married Agnes Annie Cobb in 1896 (Dec Q 6a/653 Cheltenham) but in 1903 was tried for bigamy. [Tamworth Herald 23 May 1903]. He had married Alice Maria Wilson on 30 Apr 1899 at Cheltenham Registry Office despite his former wife still being alive. The couple had met in April 1896 and he had proposed marriage then but confessed to having been previously married but that it had been illegal as his wife was under-age and had returned to her mother. The couple had two children before they separated due to his unkindness and Alice became a waitress in Beaumaris, Anglesea. Reginald went off to War in 1900 and it was Mrs. Cobb, the mother of his first wife that instituted the prosecution. He was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment with hard labour on 29 Jun 1903. He died in 1949 (Sep Q 6b/139 Bournemouth) aged 81.

In 1911 Ann lived at Hawthorne Cottage, Walcott Terr. Bath with her spinster daughters Gertrude (40) and Margaret (32).


[Salway - Sawley]

A) Robert Sollway bur. 10 Jun 1657 Butleigh

1) Francis Zalway

In 1690 the OOP paid for warrants and orders to remove Thomas Davis and Francis Zalway

2) Thomas Sawley/Sealey Chr. 27 Nov 1800 Butleigh s.o. John and Virtue Sealey, labourer, bur 20 Jan 1845 (Mar Q 10/401 Wells - as Sealy?) 41W-17 #

Thomas and Elizabeth lived with the above offspring in Wootton Street, Butleigh Wootton in 1841. Thomas died in 1844 and Elizabeth married Frederick Fudge in 1845 and had three more children by him. # The identity of Thomas is uncertain - he doesn't appear to be the Thomas Sealey b. 1800 in Butleigh [see under Sealey (6)]

Jane lived with her parents in 1841 and mother/stepfather in '51 in Butleigh Wootton then married William Vowles (b. 1830 Glaston.) in 1851 (Dec Q 10/789 Wells) and lived in Glastonbury thereafter. As a widow she was still in 54, Northload St., Glastonbury in 1911.

Sarah lived in Butleigh Wootton in 1841 with her parents but was a kitchen maid at Wootton House in 1851. She married the marines pensioner John Charlton in 1864 (Dec Q 5c/1268 Keynsham) and they then lived in Somerton, 1871. John Charlton died and Sarah Ann married labourer Francis Glover (b. 1824 Aller) in Butleigh on 2 Nov 1873 (Dec Q 5c/ 1011 Wells) and in 1881 they lived in King's Elm field. # Of Francis - nfi.

Betsy was a servant in Glastonbury, St. John in 1851. She married John Fudge (b. 1825 Chedzoy) in 1860 (Mar Q 5c/937 Wells). Her husband was a private in the Foot Regiment and they lived at 29 North Camp Farmborough in 1861. John was a servant at the Royal Military College in Frimley and they lived at Wescotts Cottages, Cambridge Town, Frimley, Surrey in 1871. He was probably Betsy's stepfather's younger brother - they both occur on adjoining pages of the census in 1841 as labourer and servant.

Charlotte was a farm servant at Butleigh Wootton Hill Farm in 1851. As Charlotte Selway she married Edwin Edwards (b. 1838 Wincanton) in 1859 (Mar Q 5c/868 Frome) and both were servants at the "Mitre Hotel", Sadler Street, Wells in 1861 (husband called Edward). Nfi

Eliza married Robert White in 1859 (Jun Q 5c/989 Wells) - nfi.

Leah Selway became a boot fitter, single, and boarded in Street in 1861. Nfi

Dinah was still with her mother and stepfather in Wootton in 1861. By 1871 she was parlour maid at the Vicarage, Bucknell, Shropshire. She married Henry Starr in 1874 (Sep Q 2a/151 Farnham) but was quickly widowed and worked as a parlour maid in Frimley, Surrey in 1871. She married again in 1884 (Jun Q 2a/176 Farnham) to Newton James Seaward and they lived in Brighton, Sussex in 1891 where they worked at 22/23 Montpelier Crescent, St. Kenelms School. By 1901 they lived at "Springfield", Frome Rd., Nunney, Somerset where Newton was butler and Dinah housekeeper..

2) Harriott Salway b. 1812 Langport, servant 71-77, 81-97

Harriet, the widow of George Salway (Chr. 9 Jan 1803 Pitney), served in the house of John Gare, farmer, in 1871 and as a nurse for his sister in the same property in 1881. In 1851 she had lived in Pitney with her husband and five of her children, Frederick, Jane, James, Elizabeth and Ann. George had died and was buried 24 Jan 1858 (Mar Q 5c/371 Langport) Pitney. Harriet may be the one who died in 1882 (Jun Q 5c/242 Taunton) aged 65.

Son Frederick married an Elizabeth Perrem 18 May 1867 Pitney.

3) Olive Henrietta Baily Selway Chr. 5 Feb 1882 (Mar Q 5c/518 Wells) North Wootton, d.o. Joseph James and Henrietta Selway, d. 30 May 1945 Butleigh Hospital

Olive's parents were of independent means and lived at Yew Tree House, Pilton. Olive never married and on the 1911 census was described as a cheese-maker.


(Sellard, poss. Slade)

1) Isaac Selwood bur. 7 Sep 1794 Butleigh

Apart from an Isaac Sellwood Chr. 21 Aug 1748 Bristol, s.o. John Riddle, no other Isaac's present themselves with a Somerset birth, though there are several Isaac Slades.

2) Mary Selwood bur. 25 Sep 1796 Butleigh

These last two could be parents [or siblings?] of the next.

3) Betty Selwood b. 1768 Somerset, bur. 30 Dec 1848 (Dec Q 10/326 Wells - Betty) Butleigh aged 80 in Butleigh Wootton 41W-17

There is no mention in Butleigh OOP disbursements until Dec 1824 when Betty Selwood returns and is paid relief. She is then paid monthly up to the records end in 1836 – but jut one Betty Selwood. Betty lodged in Butleigh Wootton with John Earl in 1841 and died in 1848. Confusion with Betty/Betsy next?

4) Isaac Selwood bur. 1 Jul 1798 Butleigh

Isaac Sellard received relief from Nov 1797 and rent from the OOP in 1798. In Jan 1798 Isaac and wife received relief and Isaac received medicine from Dr. Shertone. In July 1798 the OOP paid for Isaac's coffin and burial. In the month of his death the OOP also paid relief to Isaac and child. Payments continue to Isaac Sellard's child.

In Jan – Feb 1800 the OOP made payments to Isaac Sellard wife and child, in May it is written Isaac Sellard & child mother – an Isaac still alive? In Nov 1800 the relief given to Betty Silwoods child. Regular payments ensued including in March 1801 'gin for Betty Selwood'! From May 1801 the relief paid to Betty Sellar/Selwood – and /or child [in April 1807 – Betty Silwood maid and herself'] until October 1807 – then nothing. A Betty Sellswoode received rent from the OOP from 1818 and 1819 – see (5) below.

Sarah married John Withers in Baltonsborough on 12 Apr 1824 and in 1841 they lived in Baltonsborough with her mother Betsy Selwood (b. 1770). # In 1851 she was a widow and lived in Baltonsborough with son Joseph Chr. 4 Mar 1832 Baltonsborough).

5) William Selwood b. 1819, bur. 13 Feb 1820 Butleigh aged 8 months

Possibly a child of the widow Betty Selwood who returned to Butleigh in 1818/19 then left again?

6) Frederick James Sellwood Police Constable of Butleigh b. 1885 (Jun Q 6a/191 Barton Regis), s.o. Albert and Alice Sellwood, d. 1943 (Dec Q 5c/404 Taunton) Wellington

The Western Daily Press 1 Dec 1943 reported: 'KEEN MEMBER OF THE BRITISH LEGION' Once Constable in Bristol City Police The death has occurred at Wellington of Mr Frederick James Selwood (58), who was an enthusiastic member of the British Legion. A native of Bristol, Mr Selwood joined the City Police in 1907, serving for three years, and after periods in the Metropolitan and Glamorgan Police Forces [Rhondda], he ioined the Somerset constabulary in July 1911. In the 1914-18 war Mr Selwood served in the Royal Garrison Artillery. [He is recorded making an arrest in Weston-Super-Mare on 6 Aug 1923 where he was on duty, but based in Butleigh.] He started branches of the British Legion at Butleigh and at Nunney whilst stationed in those districts and was instrumental in getting branches formed at Witham Friary, Wanstrow. Mells. Buckland Dinham and West Buckland. He was vice-president of the Wellington branch and its standard bearer.

Sevoy - Seyfyer -Seaver-Sever

(Sovoy, Sevey)

1) John Seaver appears in the will of Johan Gregory 1550.

2) Henry Sevoy bur. Sep 1594 Butleigh

Another Margaret was Chr. 13 Sep 1589 in Baltonsborough but no parent given.

3) Stephen Seaver/Seyvyer/Sevior Chr. 30 Sep 1621 Baltonsborough s.o. Thomas Sevyer

Stephen paid rates from 1673-1691 and John paid rates from 1692-1719. In 1685 the OOP paid for clothes for John Seaver's children. The following John Sevier may not be this John in Butleigh [PR gap 1677 - 1714]

4) John Sevier Chr. 4 Jan 1615 Baltonsborough s.o. Thomas Sevier, bur. 23 Dec 1729 Baltonsborough 'the Elder'

PROB 11/312 Will of Thomas Sever Yeoman Baltonsborough, Somerset Date: 1663.

DD/S/BT/19/2/1-2 1] John Sever of Baltonsborough, tanner 2] William Higdon of Street, yeoman Lease and release of Whitelocks (1a) in Baltonsborough. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1709.


1) Edwin Seward Chr. 19 Oct 1847 Keinton Mandeville, stone cutter, s.o. Joseph and Elizabeth Seward, d. 1929 (Mar Q 5c/546 Langport – Edward) aged 81

In 1861 Edwin and his brother Frederick lived at Queen Street, Keinton Mandeville with their mother Elizabeth and her second hsband, Robert White.

In 1871 Edwin and his wife lived with daughters Laura b. 1868 and Amelia, his mother-in-lw Alizabeth Callow and Nimshi Callow in Queen Street. In 1881 Edwin as a widower lived with his widowed mother Elizabeth and his four children at 8, Queen Street, Keinton Mandeville. Daughter Laura Seward lived in Keinton with Nimshi Callow and his wife Emily.# In 1891 Laura was a servant in Bath.

Edwin Seeward had married Jane Callow in 1867 but she died in 1880 aged 31 after having given birth to four children. Edwin then married Ann Bulgin - but all does not seem as straightforward as at first appears.

Henry Vincent [but not given the surname Seeward] lived in 1891 with his parents and siblings at 29, Queen Street, Keinton Mandeville. His father was a stone cutter. His mother Ann seems to be the same as Hannah (nee Vincent), the wife of Jepthar Bulgin # - probably with an illegitimate child - this Henry is younger than her son Henry George Bulgin (b. 1876). There were no Belgins in Stogursey and Hannah's husband Jepthar was in the Workhouse. If this is the same person then there may have been bigamy committed here. Edwin was absent in 1901 but in East Lydford was Edward Seaward (b. 1848 Keinton), stone cutter, and wife Ann (b. 1845 Botley, Hants) - probably the same couple? Is Botly a cover for Butleigh? Amelia Seward 'married' Victor G. Gilham and they had 5 children by 1901, living in East Ham. All absent from 1911 census.

2) Albert Edward Seward Chr. 1884 {Dec Q 5c/521 Wells) Keinton Mandeville/Street, Mill labourer [at Sir R. A. Lister petrol engine Works] s.o. John and Emma Seaward [d. 1950 (Dec Q 7c/123 Bridgwater) aged 66]

In 1911 this family lived at Gloster Street, Wotton under Edge, Glos. Albert Edward lived in Silver Lane, Street in 1891 and Street given as his pob. No marriage traced.

Seyfyer -Seaver-Seversee Sevoy


[Seym, Seymer, Seymoor, Semor, Seamor]

In Baltonsborough the surname is commonly Somer or Sommer

1) John Seymour Will 10 Sep 1545, pr. 11 Nov 1545 [Somerset Record Society (SRS) volume 62]

All above mentioned in the Will of John plus brother John. Edith's will mentions son William and his children, son John senior and child, son John junior, daughters Johan and Julian. John Reade's wife and two children, Henry Spender, Witnesses: John Acourte, Edward Jacklett alias Johanes [Jones], Thomas Johnson.

Johan Seymour and daughter (?) Julian are mentioned in the will of Johan Gregory 1550

2) Elizabeth Seymer widow bur. 5 Feb 1595 Butleigh

3) John Seymer bur. Oct 1613 Butleigh

Maria married Butleigh 24 Oct 1608 Richard Fry. John paid £3, 3s on the 1581 Subsidy Roll [SRS Vol. 88]

4) Thomas Seymer bur. 1 Jul 1628 Butleigh

Emlena married Butleigh 16 Aug 1629 John Oram. Thomas received Poor relief in 1613

5) John Seymer -

DD/S/BT/4/3/8 …...Grant for lives of Barbara Keeping's messuage, water grist mill and 3a, Katherine Symcockes' s messuage and 36a, Thomas Samwayes's messuage and 70a, a messuage and 70a late Joan Callow decd, the Churchhouse, a messuage late Joan Sutton decd, Tillye Walton's messuage, Rowley messuage and 70a, Joan Seymor's messuage and 18a and a messuage and 40a in Water lane, Butleigh trust to raise £1,500 for Thomas's younger children.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1641. ?

6) Robert Seymer

Uncertain person [name illegible] married an Alice Seymer 10 May 1632 Butleigh.

7) John? Seymer

DD/S/BT/4/2/4 1] John Seaymor the elder, husbandman, and wife Elizabeth of Wootton, Butleigh 2] Gilbert Wooll or Attwooll of Wootton, Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of 1/2a arable called Purwinckles part Peckham lease (1556) to John Seaymour decd. Rent 2 peppercorns Date: 1647.

8) Ann Seymore married Butleigh 16 Apr 1666 George Cary

Uncertain Baptisms

  1. John Seymer s.o. John and Elizabeth Seymer Chr. 18 Mar 1638 Butleigh

Uncertain burials

9) John (Joanne!) Seaymer of Barton David

John paid rates 1677-83. In 1685 the OOP paid for clothes for his children [reads Seaver?]

PROB 11/216 Will of John Semer husbandman, Barton Saint David, Somerset Date: 1651. [Father?]

9a) John Soomer

John Somer mentioned in the churchwardens accounts 1703-4 [son of John Seymour (10)?]

9b) Thomas Seamore/Saymer of Wootton

An Ann Seymours was on the ratepayers list of 1672. A Thomas occurs in the churchwarden accounts for 1680 and 1705. This Thomas paid rates from 1673-8 [rates missing 79-82] and appears in 1680 taking wood to Marlin Ball. Absent in 1683. In 1694 a Thomas and John Semer paid rates together.

DD/S/BT5/4/4/ 1] Edward Talbot of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Thomas Seymer of Butleigh Wootton, yeoman Assignment in trust for Edward's wife Grace of Hill close and two parrocks (9a) called Biggs, Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1557). [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH Date range: 1674 - 1675.

10) John Seym bur. 20 May 1721 Butleigh

From 1695 the rates were paid by John Semer alone until 1721. In 1722 it was the late John Semer and in 1723 John, Joan and Ann Semer. In 1723/4 a Thomas Semer pays rate in the adjoining property. By 1727 Joan was no longer paying rates. John and Anne paid until 1735/6, just Anne in 1736 then in 1737 just Thomas was left and paid until 1750. In 1751 it was Joan Seymour and 1752 'late Thomas Seymore. Joan Seymour of Butleigh married by licence Thomas Dominy in Somerton on 2 Oct 1754 (Phill.). Thomas and John are mentioned in churchwardens accounts 1695-1711 for killing polecats and hedgehogs.

DD/S/BT/12/1/17 1] Giles Vinnicott of Greinton, yeoman, executor of John perry decd 2] William Warbutton the elder of Beercrocombe, carpenter 3] Joan Semer of Butleigh 4] John Limbry of Compton Dundon 5] William Rood the elder of Street and John Rock of Butleigh, yeomen Date: 1751.

11) Ann Seemer bur. 20 Sep 1761 Butleigh

12) William Seymour sojourner

13) Ann Seymour bur. 27 Apr 1760 Butleigh or (11) above?

Ann received 5 shillings in her distress in 1751-52. (OOP)

14) William Seymour b. 1772 Bagborough, labourer and Parish clerk, bur. 5 Aug 1860 (Sep Q 5c/256 Langport) Kingweston 41K-20, 51K-43

The Seymours in Butleigh have a strong link to Kingweston and the above tree seems the likely arrangement. Samuel moved to Butleigh by 1851 and Martha married Charles Bee Wilton in Kingweston on 30 Oct 1844 (Dec Q 10/635 Langport) and they lived in Street. William seems to have died in 1860.

14a) John Seymour Chr. 24 May 1812 Kingweston, labourer, s.o. William and Elizabeth Seymour, bur. 22 Dec 1872 (Dec Q 5c/294 Langport) Kingweston 51K-43, 61-51, 71-75

John seems to have been a sawyer in Charlton Mackrell in 1841 and had lodged with Eliza Bailey, shopkeeper, in Kingweston in 1851. He married Susan from Truro in 1857. John (48) lived with his wife Susan (53) and niece Louisa Knight (6) in Barton Road in 1861 and they lived at Nodway in 1871 (Banbury Lane?). John died in 1872 and Susan went to lodge in Kingweston where she died in 1891. Possible the John Seymour of Butleigh who was fined 10 shillings with 7/6d cost for using false measuring weights when he appeared at Somerton Petty Sessions 26th April 1863.

14b) Samuel Seymour Chr. 23 Nov 1817 Kingweston, plasterer, died 1863 (Mar Q 5c/513 Wells) 41K-20, 51-29

A Samuel Seamore received relief in Jan 1831. Samuel Seymour (33) plasterer was the son of William Seymoor living in Kingweston in 1841. He lived with wife Philippa (34) and son William in one of Hoods Cottages on Butleigh Hill in 1851. Philippa died in 1857 and Samuel died in 1863. William married Ellen Bailey (b. 1847 Weston) in 1869 (Dec Q 6a/164 Bristol) and they appeared in 1871 at 15, Holts Buildings, Clifton with son Henry. Helen died in 1872 ( Dec Q 6a/45 Clifton). William lived in 1881 at 11, Victoria Terrace, St. Pauls, Bristol, as a painter with wife Rebecca Francis (m. 1873 Sep Q 6a/32 Bristol) and four children - and still there in 1891 at 238, Newfoundland Road.

15) Charles Seymour [b. c. 1766?] [a Charles Chr. 4 Apr 1770 Somerton s.o. James and Mary Seymour]

In April 1825 the OOP paid for an Ann Davis to be examined, and summons and journey to Langport with Charles Seymour. In Sep 1825 lying in expenses for Ann were paid by the OOP and William Higgins paid by the OOP for taking Charles Seymour - Unity Burton (Britton) paid for attending Ann - Ann received 15 weeks pay. In Oct '25 the OOP paid for a coffin and burying her child [Mary Ann Davis Chr. 24 May 1825 Butleigh, bur 16 Oct 1825 Butleigh] and Charles received relief. In Dec 1831 relief paid to Charles Seamor of Charlton.

In 1841 a Charles Seymour was in Langport Union Workhouse aged 65.

16) Charles Seymour b. 1811 Somerset [Charles Seamer Chr. 3 May 1812 Barton St. David s.o. John and Martha Seamer], labourer, died 1847 (Jun Q 10/311 Langport?) 41-5

The couple lived in No. 4, Sealys Row in 1841. Charles seems to have died in 1847 - of Elizabeth nfi up to 1891 meaning that the death is probably of a different Elizabeth Seymour. A marriage of a Charles Seymour to an Elizabeth Tucker on 22 Dec 1828 Charlton Adam seems too early for this couple.

17) Isaac Seymour (Seemer) [b. 1786] of Butleigh

In 1816/7 Isaac occupied and farmed land in the Kings Sedgemoor Ground owned by Jane Hodges. In 1817 the occupier was Jonas Seymour but in 1817/18 it was Isaac again. This could well be the retired farmer Isaac Seymour b. 1781 who lived in Glastonbury/Street in 1841 – 1861. Jonas might be a misreading. Isaac seems to be the person on the 1841 census at Beckery, Glastonbury with wife Ann (b. 1787 Middlezoy) and five children. In 1851 he lived in the High Street, Street as a retired farmer.

18) Charlotte Elizabeth Seymour Chr. 16 Jun 1851 (Sep Q 10/485 Wells) Butleigh, bur. 5 Jul 1851 (Sep Q 10/321 Wells) Butleigh

No parent's forenames were given in the PR but a copy of the birth certificate would probably indicate Samuel and Philippa. This child died soon after birth, like the previous Elizabeth.

19) John Semer his shoe bill was paid by the OOP in Feb 1801.

20) Andy Semerin Feb and March 1801 the OOP paid relief to this person and in March he was 'examined'.

21) Ferdinandoe Seymour [Seamer] b. c. 1772 of Barton St. David, labourer, bur. 10 Jul 1825 Street aged 53 [Ferdinand]

Ferdinando may be a descendant of the Farthingando b. Jun 1737 Barton St. David, s.o. Farthingando and Dorothy Semer. The parents had more children in Baltonsborough before the elder Farthingando died there bur. 22 Oct 1743.

His business was sold by Mr. Prat in Mar 1818 – whose bill was paid by the OOP. In June 1825 the OOP paid relief to Fordiando Seymour. In July 1825 the OOP paid for his coffin and burial. From Jul 1825 the OOP paid money to Ann Seymour's son [widow of Ferdinand). In March 1826 the OOP paid relief to Ann Seymour of Street. In October 1826 the OOP paid Ann Seymour of Street 16 weeks pay up to October 22nd. In June 1827 the OOP paid Seymour's wife in Street 6 weeks pay from May 13th to June 24th. On 27 Jan 1795 in W. Lydford a John Seamer [of Barton St. David] married a Martha Chapman and must be related to Ferdinandoe – witness to both marriages was Martha Seamer. A Joseph Seymour (b. 1816 Keinton) lived at Teetotal Row, Street in 1851 with wife Jemima.

22) George Seymour

George as tenant occupied a freehold allotment of just over 14 acres on the Kings Sedgemoor [Lot 740 on the Tithe Commutation Map] which was owned by Mr. Chancellor of Walton. It was up for sale in Sep 1861 [Wells Journal 7th Sep]


1) Anna Shallis alias Shallow alias Sherlinam? married 17 Jun 1611 Richard Marten #

2) Maria Shallis

3) Maria Shalloo [same as last?] married Butleigh 21 Nov 1629 Samuel Cradock #

4) Elizabeth Shallis bur. 17 Sep 1637 Butleigh


1) Ann Shapin 1690 a warrant and indenture taken out for this person – nfi. Sharp?


1) Mary Ann Sharland b. 1876 (Dec Q 5b/377 Crediton) Idford, Devon, d.o. John Sharland.

In 1911 Mary was cook-housekeeper at Wootton House. Her father, with whom she lived (in Shobrooke, Devon) in 1901, was a Road Contractor (employer).


1) Maria Sharpe married Butleigh 29 Sep 1582 William Atwool #

2) Elizabeth Sharpe b. 1845 Newcastle, Northumberland, housekeeper 91-115

Elizabeth, unmarried, worked at Butleigh Court in 1891. In 1881 she had worked at the Lodge, Old Malton, Yorkshire. Nfi


1) Dr. Shartman [see also Sherstone]

Joseph Periam's wife was treated by this doctor in March 1793 and fetched home by Zachariah Periam. In Sep 1803 he treated John Larkin [Larcombe] of Butleigh.


1) Hester Shean Chr. 9 Apr 1775 Charlton Mackrell d.o. Robert and Susannah, bur. 14 Mar 1802 Butleigh

The OOP paid Hester's rent from 1774 until her death. She first appears in the OOP accounts in Nov 1772 receiving relief. [Charlton Horethorne?] In May 1773 she seems to have been paid via Mr. Pynes servant (suggesting she lived in Charlton at that time?). She received relief sporadically in her distress. Part of her house rent was paid in July 1783. Hester received OOP relief until her death and was buried by the OOP.

Baptism recorded in Brymer manuscript.


1) Edward Sheate

This may be the Edward Sheate buried 26 Jan 1690 St. John's Glastonbury though an Edward was Chr. 30 Jan 1668, Glastonbury, s.o. John Sheate The John Sheate bur. 2 Jul 1692 St. John Glastonbury?

2) John Sheate worsted comber died before 1715?

John was paid by the overseers of the poor for taking in the two Russell children from 1673-5 and the daughter Elnor from 1676-8. He took in Richard Holman in 1680 and also went for a warrant concerning William Stroud. In 1681-3 Richard Holman was still being cared for (at the expense of the OOP). In1689 a warrant was taken out about a John Sheate - taken to Bath sessions and possibly Bridgwater sessions – concerning 'out of service' status – therefore possibly his son – see (2b). A John Sheat was churchwarden in 1712, 13 and Overseer in 1717.

DD/S/BT/4/5/27 - 1] James Webb, Anna Webb his mother and Katherine Alleine of Bristol 2] John Sheate worsted comber Lease for lives of a cottage in Butleigh, late Cicely Clarke. Rent 2s.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1680-1681.

C 11/2250/51 Short title: Roach v Gregory. Document type: Bill and answer. Plaintiffs: John Roach, husbandman of West Pennard, Somerset (nephew and executor of John Sheat, yeoman deceased late of Butleigh, Somerset). Defendants: John Gregory and Sarah Gregory his wife and Richard Sheat. Date of bill (or first document): 1729

2a) Richard Sheat died, bur. 21 May 1743 Butleigh

Richard paid rates in 1708 and then from 1711 – 1742 and then they were paid by Mary until 1760. By 1763 the rates were being paid by Richard her son. Richard senior was Overseer in 1734. Richard was paid for 'oyl' used about the bells in 1741. In 1744-45 Mary was paid for 'oyl for two years'. In 1746-47, 47-48 etc. she was again paid for oil. Hester married William Warr on 1 Jan 1741 in Butleigh.#

DD/S/BT/9/3/2 - 1] Mary Sheat of Butleigh, widow of Richard 2] Edmund Perry of Butleigh, cooper Assignment of middle part of a tenement used as a shop, barn and gatehouse in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1747 - 1748.

2a1) Richard Sheat b. before 1714, bur. 13 Dec 1780 Butleigh

John Cannon (Money p. 696) refers to a contract between Richard Sheat and Thomas Perriam as tenants of Mr. Thomas Fussell and John Wilcox - in December 1742

Richard paid rates, in succession to his mother, from 1763 to 1780 in Butleigh. His wife Alice paid the rate thereafter until 1796/7. From 1798-1803 Alice Sheat occupied a property previously owned by Edward Abbott and then owned by Emanuel Jarman. Ref: Land Tax Q/REL Butleigh 39/3 Thereafter it was rented by John Underwood.

Richard was paid for keeping his nephew Richard Warr for three weeks after his parents had died in 1769. (OOP). Richard kept his nephew until Jan 1771and then he was looked after by Betty Grant who was looking after his brother Joseph. In Jan 1779 Richard was paid for lodging Mary Corp for eight weeks. Richard's name appears on a rotation list of Tythingmen of 1779.

DD/S/BT/5/7/9 - 1] Mary Squier of Butleigh widow of John 2] Richard Sheate of Butleigh, yeoman and wife Mary daughter of John Squier by first wife Elizabeth Browning 3] Betty Lucas of Butleigh widow of John and daughter of John Squier and Elizabeth Browning Assignment Date: 1766.

DD/S/BT/8/7/4 - Copy will (1771) of Richard Sheate of Butleigh, proved 1781. [DD/S/BT/8/7/1-14 tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1781.

DD/S/BT/27/8/10 - Notes on a deed of gift by Mary Sheat to Richard Sheat, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1781.

DD/S/BT/14/2/37 - 1] James Grenville of Butleigh 2] Alice Sheat of Butleigh and Thomas Warr of Wedmore Conveyance to Grenville of a hovel in Butleigh. [DD/S/BT/14/2/34-41 tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1787.

2b) John Sheat bur. 26 Nov 1727 Butleigh

The John who was churchwarden in 1712, 13 and Overseer of the Poor in 1717. He paid rates 1703 – 1727/8 [absent 1723] and then was 'late John Sheate'.

DD/BRho/25 - Cottage and land, with site of demolished cottage, orig. belonging to Hiett of Frome. Abstract of title, 1708-1840. Wills, John Sheat, yeo., 1727

3) James Sheat

James paid rates in 1743/4 in succession to James Abbott but a second assessment of the same year has James Abbott paying the rate again. A James Sheat lived in Baltonsborough who died 11 Dec 1777.


1) Frank Sheldon J.P., A.M.I.C.E. b. 1854 (Dec Q 5c/596 Axbridge) Cheddar, Civil engineer, paper maker s.o. Alfred and Debora Ford Sheldon bur. 15 Jan 1917 (Mar Q 5c/694 Wells) Wells

In the Western Daily Press 24 Apr 1915 Frank Sheldon engineer advertised a Laundry business for sale in Cheddar.Frank must have lived in Butleigh in Feb 1917 because he sent a postcard from there described as 'our village' to Miss Nan Sheldon in Cheddar – died within the month. For most of his working life he worked at Wookey Hole mills. They never had children.


1) Martha Shenton b. 1855 Douglas, Isle of Man, nurse, d.o. John and Ellen Kinley 01-140

In 1851 Martha Kinley had lived with her parents at 20, Barrack Street, Douglas where her father was a shoemaker. In 1871 she was a housemaid at 20, Finch Road, Douglas but must have moved to London where she met and married Robert Shenton (b. 1829 in Manchester) in 1877 (Dec Q 1c/1034 Stepney). In 1881 they lived at 38, Streatfield St., Limehouse and Robert was a marine engineer. He may have returned to Manchester on a visit because he died there in 1881 (Sep Q 8d/147 Manchester) and Martha moved to Southampton where she was found in 1891 at 11, Richmond Street 'living on her own means'. In 1901 Martha, a widow, was visiting her aunt Annie, who had married William May, in Quarry Lane. #



1) Samuel Sheppard Chr. 10 Aug 1823 St Benedict's, Glastonbury, shoemaker, police constable, s.o. Martin and Mary Sheppard, d. 2 Mar1896 (Mar Q 11a/133 Newport M)

Samuel joined the Cardiff Police in 1850 and he and his wife and two children appeared living at 5, Saint Mary's Place, Cardiff in 1851 where he is listed as a police constable. By 1861 he was a Police inspector in Trevethin, Usk Monmouthshire and he had added three locally born daughters to his family, though Henry was absent. In 1871 Samuel was a police inspector in Newport and son Edward plus five Welsh born children lived with him and Martha. They appear there in 1881 and 1891 though Samuel had retired from the police on 18th October 1881. He received an annual pension of £79.

1a) Henry Sheppard b. 13 Dec 1846, Chr. 24 Jan 1847 Butleigh, grocer's assistant, s.o. Samuel & Martha Sheppard, d. 31 Dec 1921

Henry appeared as a single man lodging at 20, Llanarth Street, Newport, Monmouthshire in 1871 while Caroline lived with her parents at 5, Clytha Park Road. Henry married Caroline in 1872 and by 1881 they lived at 36, Beynalyn Row, Ystradyfodweg, Glamorgan with three children and by 1891 until 1901 Henry was a grocer in Ystradyfodweg (Shop y Garreg). In 1911 the family lived at 25, Library Road, Penygraig, Glam. And Henry was a grocer's traveller. Caroline is delightfully listed as 'helpmeet' and son Henry is 'Lecturer, National Union of Speakers'.

2) Mrs. Shepheard advertised a cottage to let in Butleigh at 10s 6d per week, furnished. [Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette 6 Aug 1903]


1) Clement Edward Sherard M.A. Curate of Butleigh, b. 1856 (Jun Q 5a/121 Melksham) Seend, Wiltshire, died 1927 (Dec Q 2b/759 I.O.W)

The Rev. Sherard was 'prefered' to Butleigh in August 1881. He came from the Vicarage, Stanton St. Bernard, Devizes where he was curate up to 1881. The Western Gazette 1 Apr 1887 noted that the former curate of Butleigh had been licensed by the Bishop of Salisbury to the curacy of Downhead St. Mary with Charlton, Wilts. His next appointment was in Brighton where the couple appear with a daughter (born 1887 in France).


1) Lottie Louisa Shergold b. 1882 (Dec Q 2a/961 Eastry, Kent) Deal, Kent, Post Office Clerk, d.o. Henry and Selina Shergold.

In 1911 Lottie was living at 17 Butleigh and working under Wilfrid Dyer as Post Office Clerk. Lottie's father was a Royal Marine. Lottie married William J. Green in 1912 (Jun Q 5a/499 Mere, Wiltshire).



1) William Sherstone

A Mr. Sherstone appears in the OOP accounts in 1711 when they paid his bill for the cost of the law. William appears in the Churchwarden's accounts for 1724/5 for providing lime to be used about the church. In 1729-30 William was paid for 6 sacks of lime.

2) Dr. Sherstone/Shertone

In Jan 1798 he provided medicine for Isaac Sellard. (OOP). Possibly the Thomas Shearston of New Street, buried 15 Jul 1825 Wells aged 61?

3) John Sherstone West Pennard

John received relief from the OOP in August 1829. In Jan, Feb 1830 John received relief. In July 1830 the OOP paid John Periam for going to West Pennard for John Shestone's box and William Periam for his board for three weeks (and six weeks in August). John was ill and received relief and a pair of hose. In Feb 1834 John received relief. In Aug, Sep 1834 relief paid to 'Sherston of Compton'. In Oct the OOP paid for lodging and washing him and in Nov paid for 2 months lodging in Compton.


1) Ann Shibbert b. 1840 Brompton, Yorkshire, cook and housekeeper 71-81

Ann worked at the Vicarage in 1871. The surname is mistaken - the likeliest candidate is Ann Suggett b. 1840, Brompton, d.o. George and Margaret Suggett.


[Shewmark, Shomack, Shewmart, Shumart]

1) John Shoemark b. 1751 Somerset, labourer, bur. 10 Feb 1845 (Mar Q 10/402 Wells) Butleigh 41W-16

John is possibly the John Chr. 5 Oct 1758 Martock s.o. John and Elizabeth Shumart (?) or Chr. 15 Jun 1758 Aller s.o. Henry and Edith Showmart.

John began receiving relief from the OOP in Oct 1790 and rent from the OOP from 1792. The OOP paid Bridget Look to deliver John's wife of a child in Nov 1791. In March 1792 the OOP paid John 9/7½d by order of the justice. From Nov 1792 relief paid to John's wife. In Aug – Sep the OOP paid relief to Shoemack's wife and for attendance and putting her to bed. In March 1798 Elizabeth Shormark was again receiving relief and in April the OOP paid for John and family to be removed to Wootton. In Jan 1800 John and Betty received relief from the OOP. In June 1805 the OOP paid for the burying of Shoemark's child and also the delivering of Betty's child. Betty would seem to have perished as a result – in Aug 1805 the OOP paid for her coffin and being carried to her grave. At the same time the OOP bought his son a new pair of shoes. In July 1809 John and his two sons were paid for repairing the river bank and cutting the 'hids/wids' – sides. In Nov 1819 the OOP moved John's goods to Butleigh.

John and Mary lived next door to their son George Shoemark and his family in 1841. John was buried from Wells Union Workhouse in 1845.

1a) George Shoemark Chr. 12 May 1799 Butleigh Wootton, labourer, died 28 Jan 'of old age and gout' at Street, bur. 3 Feb 1886 (Mar Q 5c/432 Wells) Butleigh 41W-16, 51W-40, 61W-64, 71W-86

George received relief from April 1822 and had his rent paid by the OOP from 1821/22 – post 1827 (records end). George and Mary lived in Butleigh Wootton in 1841 with seven children. By 1851 this was down to four sons.

Levi and his brother John applied to the Royal Marines. Levi applied to serve at Woolwich in 1841 as a 20 yr old and appears at the Royal Marine Barracks, Woolwich Dockyard, Blackheath, Knet on that year's census. He was accepted and transferred to the Royal Marine Artillery in 1846. They were discharged in 1852 and paid 18 pounds.

Eliza had married William Wake in 1848 (Mar Q 10/753 Wells) and lived elsewhere in the village, and by 1881 was living in Lower Leigh, Street. # George was absent in 1851 but appeared in Compton Dundon in 1861 with wife Catherine (b. 1823 Compton) and five children, the oldest being Betsy (10).

John married Charlotte Periam in Butleigh on 27 May 1852 (Jun Q 5c/1043 Wells) - she was the daughter of Sarah Perriam of Cart Lane, Glastonbury. They had Robert Toley Shoemark b. 1854 Butleigh, they then emigrated on the “Lord Hungerford” in 1855 to Sydney and then to Camden NSW Australia where their next child William was born in 1857 and nine more children after that. John died in Cawdor NSW on 17 Jul 1886.

In 1861 George and his wife lived alone in Wootton with Mary dying in 1868. At the Glastonbury Great Fair of 1865 George was awarded £1 for 41 years labour on Dame Amelia Hood's farm.

Henry married Rhoda Parker in 1853 Glastonbury and with their son Henry Charles (b. 6 Dec 1857) emigrated with John on the “Lord Hungerford” in 1855 to Sydney and then to Wagga Wagga NSW Australia where they had six more children - Henry died in Braidwood NSW in 1894.

James married Mary Ann Towells (b. 1832 St. Audries, d.o. Robert) in Butleigh on 26 Nov 1855 (Dec Q 5c/1022 Wells) and they lived in Street in 1861 [Shoemartt] where he eventually died in 1897 (Sep Q 5c/190 Wells). They had five children – Mary, Emma Jane, Ellen Eliza Annie Louisa and Henry. In 1891 his mother-in-law Charlotte Towells had lived with him [Shoemak]. James was a gardener and three of his daughters married in Street.

Elijah married Mary Ann Heal (b. 1834 Walton) in 1860 (Sep Q 5c/914 Wells) and lived in Smethwick, Harborne, Worcs., They had six children (Fanny, William, Jessie George, Catherine,Rosina and Henry) but then Elijah returned to Street as a shoemaker by 1891. In 1911 he lived alone at 4a, High Street, Street - he died in 1914 (Dec Q 5c/540 Wells).

In 1871 George lived with his son William in Butleigh Wootton but they left before 1881 and boarded with daughter/sister Eliza Wake in Hind Hayes, Street where George died in 1886. William stayed there from 1891 - 1901 and died in 1909 (Sep Q 5c/261 Wells) – he never married.

1a1) George Shoemark Chr. 9 Jun 1822 Butleigh Wootton, labourer, d. 1909 (Mar Q 5c/339 Wells) 41W-16

George and Catherine (marriage probably in Compton Dundon) are were in Compton Dundon on the 1851 census (Shomark) but by then they had had four children, all of whom died in infancy. In 1861 George lived in Compton Dundon with his wife and five children including a Betsy b. 1850. By 1881 he was widowed and lived at Hill Head, Glastonbury with two daughters. In 1901 George lived at Clark's Corner, Sharpham with his grandson Albert Bisgrove. The only Catherine in Compton Dundon on the 1841census was Catherine Symes (Chr. 4 Nov 1821 d.o. James and Susan Symes) but she had actually married Thomas Gear Coles in Jul-Sep 1840 but reverted to her maiden name? Hence the lack of a marriage?


1) John Shoesmith s.o. William bur. 23 Apr 1608 Butleigh

Shoote see Soote


1) John Henry Shopland engineer [b. 1898 Taunton, s.o. William and Mary Shopland]? [a John Henry b. 30 Jul 1896 died Taunton 1972, a John H. did 1962 Taunton aged 64]

John Henry lived at 110 Cheddar Road, Taunton in 1924.


1) Charles Shores (?) Chr. 27 May 1783 Butleigh illegit. s.o. Hester Shores - (unc. surname - nfi)

2) Frederick Shore Chr. 28 Jan 1835 Bruton, plumber, s.o. George and Elizabeth Shore 61-59

Frederick Shore (26) and wife Ann (25) lived with Frances Ann (4), Julia Matilda (2) and Frederick William (1) in the High Street in 1861. Apprentice John Hippisley (15), Ann's brother, lived with them too. Frederick had married Ann in 1855. The family appeared next in Bullmire Street, Cheddar in 1871 with several more children. A Joseph Hipsley from Wootton under edge boarded next door (John's brother). By 1881 they were in Church Street, Cheddar and their family had extended. Frances Ann became a day nurse at the Lunatic Asylum for the City of Bristol, Stapleton, in 1881.

Julia Matilda married painter George William Taylor in 1881 (Sep Q 6a/263 Barton Regis, Glos.) and they lived in Glastonbury in 1901. Frederick boarded as a plumber at 15, Pritchard St., St. Pauls, Bristol in 1881. Nfi

Kate Alice married Peter Nisbet in 1879 (Jun Q 5c/871 Axbridge) and they lived in Cheddar. After his death she married Francis Thomas Rice [Frank] (b. 1869 Glastonbury) in 1900 (Mar Q 1a/120 Kensington) and lived in Chiswick, Middlesex.

3) George Shore b. 6 Jan 1890 Crediton, Devon, s.o. Thomas and Eliza Shore died 22 Apr, bur. 27 Apr 1979 (Jun Q 23/1166 Mendip) Butleigh (aged 89)

George and Edith travelled to Butleigh in 1928, a journey by horses and wagon that took two days. George died at Moorhouse where they had lived since at least 1920. George and Edith were interviewed for Somerset Voices in 1973 http://www.somersetvoices.org.uk/people/?entryid4=844&char=S Edith's father was a farm teamster.


1) Mary Ann Shortes b. 1848 Hendley, Worcester, servant 71-72

Mary was a maid working in the Still Room at Butleigh Court in 1871. Nfi - perhaps the birthplace was Dudley?

Shrowlessee under Rowley


1) Stephen Shutter Chr.20 Jan 1773 Glastonbury St. John, s.o. John and Ann Shuter, bur. 19 Apr 1829 Baltonsborough aged 56

Stephen born in 1818 appears on the 1841 census.


1) George Sigers/Higgins Wimbledon Common, Sussex, servant, s.o. John Sigers (servant)

George was a widower when he married Ann Wellings. Nfi. In the Wells Journal of 26 Jun 1858 the names are given as George Sigers and Ann Willings. An Ann and George Siggers (born 1824 and 1813 respectively) lived at Lingfield Sussex in 1871 nfi.


1) John Silcox b. 1791, Chr. 24 Dec 1815 Warminster, malster, bur. 21 Oct 1864 Warminster

Henry was the youngest of eight children of this couple. John was the son of Abraham (1771 – 1847) and Ann Holton, the son of Abraham Silcox (1720 – 1811) and Betty.

1a) Henry Thomas Silcox Chr. 29 Dec 1833 Warminster, Wiltshire, baker, bur. 20 Apr 1907 (Jun Q 5c/295 Wells) Butleigh 61-61, 71-82, 01-137

Henry is absent from the 1841/51censuses. Caroline lived with her parents in 1841 in Farmborough where her father was a butcher. In 1851 she was a servant at 100, New Sydney Place, Bathwick, Somerset. Perhaps they were then both in service in London for them to have married there in 1858. James Weaver was her brother. #

In 1861 Henry (27), baker and grocer, lived with his wife Caroline (31) and son Henry T. somewhere off Water Lane. By 1871 Henry (37) and Caroline occupied the Public House with sons Henry T. and Albert while their two youngest sons Arthur and Milborne lodged at Curtis's in the High Street (with Sarah Curtis, schoolmistress). In 1881 Henry Silcox senior was a farmer and publican in Baltonsborough, running the 'Greyhound Inn'. He had his sons Arthur and Milborne living with him and they were still there, unmarried in 1891. In 1895 the licence for the beerhouse in Baltonsborough was transferred Robert Sealey. In the 1897 Kelly's Directory Henry Silcox is listed as farmer at Holmans whilst Henry Thomas jun. was a baker and beer retailer. In 1900 Henry decided to give up farming and sold the animals and hay feed etc. on Thursday October 11th 1900.

In 1901 Henry was still in Butleigh, at Holman's Farm with just his wife. In the Western Gazette 28 Sep 1900 Henry advertised the sale of all his livestock at Holmans on 11 October since he was retiring from farming. Kelly's Directory of 1902 lists Henry and Henry Thomas both at Holmans.

Henry died in 1907 and Caroline died in 1911. By 1891 son Albert had married Alice Higgins and they had two sons, Albert and Harry and were running their own Public House - "The Old Blue Anchor Inn" in Brook Street, Cannington. # Arthur married Alice Louisa Smiley (b. Bermondsey) in 1897 (Mar Q 5c/601 Yeovil) and in 1901 lived at 606, Chiswick High Rd., Acton as a dairy shop manager. His cousin Elizabeth Mack? (b. 1871 Butleigh), school teacher, was a visitor. In 1911 they lived with three children at Western Road Dairy, Southall, Uxbridge, Middlesex. Arthur died 14 Jun 1949 at 17, Park View Rd., Southall.

Melborne married Alice Wetherell (b. 1863 Baltonsborough) in 1897 (Mar Q 5c/695 Shepton Mallet/Wells) and lived in Tuckers Lane, Baltonsborough in 1901. They were still there in 1911 with Melborne as a general carrier.

1a1) Henry Thomas Silcox Chr. 3 Jul 1859 (Jun Q 5c/651 Wells) Butleigh, baker and grocer, d. 16 Sep 1921 (Sep Q 5c/456 Wells) in Wells 61-61, 71-82, 81-103, 91-121, 01-137 PHOTO

Dinah Weeks had lived with her parents in 1861 but by 1871 was a servant at Kingwell Hall, High Littleton. She then went to work for her cousin, Henry T. Silcox junior who in, 1881, ran the bakery and Inn in Butleigh together with his brother Albert. In 1891 Henry (31) was still running the bakery and Inn with his cousin Dinah Weeks (37) as housekeeper. until in 1894 they married, in Bath. In 1901 they lived alone and Henry was described as baker and bread maker - living in the High Street. Kelly's Directory of 1902 lists Henry and Henry Thomas both at Holmans. In 1911 Henry ran the 'White Hart Hotel' in Wells with his wife Dinah and his mother Caroline Silcox.

1a2) Albert Silcox Chr. 5 Oct 1862 (Sep Q 5c/586 Wells) Butleigh, baker, d. 1926 (Sep Q 1a/418 St. Geo. Hanover Sq) 71-82, 81-103

In the Western Gazette 30 Aug 1889 the property of Albert Silcox at Sycamore farm, Butleigh were advertised to be sold by auction:- cart horses, half-breed mare, farm implements and hay, wheat and oats. Albert was running the "Old Blue Anchor Inn" in Brook Street, Cannington in 1891. By 1901 he was 'job master' at a stable and lived at 60, Clare Street, Bridgwater with his wife, son Albert, three new children and mother-in-law Sophia Higgins. Little Harry had died aged 3 while still in Cannington - 1893. In 1911 Albert ran the 'Nags Head', the Bridge, Abingdon. Berks with Alice and their son Guy, a cheesemaker, lived with them and they were visited by niece Evelyn Higgins (b. 1889 Butleigh) and grandson Gerald Benjamin Warner (b. 2 Feb 1909 at the Falmouth Arms, Woolhampton,Northampton) - his mother Mrs. Helen Warner had died aged just 19 in 1910. Albert reported that he had had 5 children of whom two had died.

Ernest was shot in WWI and died in 1923 due to lung damage after having been gassed in the War. Albert jun. married Florence Webb in 1914 and moved to Wales where sons Cecil (1916) and Dennis (1920) were born. The then moved in the mid '20's to Pimlico where Albert senior, Alice and Ernest had been living for some time. Guy married Gladys Fisher and lived for a while in Lambeth before moving to Oxted, Surrey. PHOTO


1) Eliza Silk Chr. 16 Mar 1828 Marston Bigott, servant, d.o. Thomas and Ann Silk 51-30

Eliza served at the farm of Henry Hoddinott in Compton Street in 1851. In 1841 she had lived with her parents - her father was a labourer. She probably married before the next census - 1851 (Jun Q 11/87 Bedminster) - nfi

Simmons/Simonssee Symmons


1) John Simpson b. 1827 Taunton, stone cutter 51-28

John lodged at Bethel Cottage in Oddway in 1851. Nfi.


[Syms, Symes]

1) George Sims Chr. 21 Feb 1836 Compton Dundon, labourer, s.o. Charles and Margaret Syms 51W-40

Aged 15, George worked for John Acreman at Bowerings Farm, Wootton in 1851 but moved on to become a shepherd lodging at Park Farm, Hardington by 1861.

2) Jeremiah Sims Chr. 7 Aug 1803 Baltonsborough, shoemaker, s.o. Thomas and Betty Sims, died 1879 (Sep Q 5c/308 Wells) 61W-63

Jeremiah was a journeyman shoemaker and appeared in 1841 in Baltonsborough living on his own in West Town. In 1861 he lodged in Wootton with Joshua Andow and by 1871 was in the Workhouse at Wells where he died in 1879.


[Sindercorn, Syndercombe]

1) Edward Sindercombe

Edward mentioned in the churchwardens accounts in 1688-9. He paid rates from 1674-1695 jointly with John Peddle up to 1685 and then jointly with John Raindell. No matching Edward Sindercomb found in Somerset during this period, though it seems families with this surname existed in both Langport and Aller. An Edward and Mary Sindercombe had daughter Jane Chr. 5 Mar 1623 Aller.

2) Sarah Sindercomb b. 1817 Stogumber, cook 61W-63

Sarah was married to George Syndercombe (Chr. 25 Dec 1819 Langport, s.o. George and Ann), a cordwainer, who remained at home in Angel Crescent, Bridgwater in 1861 while Sarah was cook at Wootton House, Butleigh. In 1871 - 81 they were found back together in Taunton Road, Bridgwater.


1) Amy Jane Skardon b. 1876 Wedmore, Somerset, d.o. Robert and Jane Dando, d. 6 Oct 1947, bur. 10 Oct 1947 Butleigh

Amy died at Rose Cottageshe was the sister of Effie Rabbage. She had married Dr. Charles Chapman Skardon in 1907 (Mar Q 1b/98 Pancras, London). In 1911 the couple had lived at Audley, Staffs. and Charles was a 'medical practitioner' [with an interestingly named servant - Cassandra Von Schmidt].


1) Geroge John Skipper architect b. 1855 East Dereham, Norfolk, R.I.B.A., d.1948 (Sep Q 4b/416 Norwich)

George specialized in designing hospitals and public buildings. His first work was in 1879 when he designed the Town Hall in Cromer. Before he designed Butleigh Hospital in 1882 he had designed Shepton Mallet hospital in 1880 and followed with Crispin Hall in Street in 1883, Sexeys school Bruton and Doulting village school. Between 1885 and 1896 the Street Urban District Council offices, most of the dwellings in \leigh Road and Clarks factory clock tower were built to his design as was Millfield House. Poet John Betjeman said of him 'he is altogether remarkable and engaging. He is to Norwich rather what Gaudi was to Barcelona'.


A) John Scott the elder, of Butleigh – the executor of the will of John Pyper (1546), a John Stote witnessed several Butleigh wills 1542 – 3, must be the same.

1) William Skott bur. 6 Oct 1587 Butleigh

Margaret and William Sket appear in the will of Avice Kytes in 1555. William Scotewitnessed the will of John Stone in 1561

2) Agnes Skott widow bur. 4 Mar 1591 Butleigh

3) Stephen Skott Chr. Dec 1580 Butleigh [uncertain if this is a baptism or burial]

4) William Skott bur. 30 Apr 1601 Butleigh

5) Stephen Skott [same as (3)?]

6) Margaret Scott bur. 28 Apr 1627 Butleigh

7) John Skott bur. 12 Mar 1626 Butleigh

John received Poor relief in 1606 – 1616. Other Skotts/Scotts receiving Poor relief were Elizabeth, Joanne, Thomas and possibly Stephen.The will of John Pyper dated 17 Sep 1547 left the residue of his estate to John Scott the elder – possible father of this John?

8) Dorothy Skott married Butleigh 8 Oct 1610 Thomas White #

9) Dorothie Scott married Butleigh 12 Aug 1622 John Barret #

10) Samuel Scoatte - mentioned in the churchwardens accounts 1688-9 for woodwork, repairing gates, windows and the bell chuck.


1) Susannah Slack Chr. 12 Apr 1849 Butleigh, d.o. traveller George and Mary Flack?

No other trace of this family found so far. Surname uncertain. [a Thomas Flack b. 1809 bur. 12 Aug 1830 Butleigh]


1) Richard Slade bur. 20 Feb 1579 Butleigh

2) Alice Slade married Butleigh 2 Mar 1580 John Peryam #

3) George Slade

Yvonne Scrivener reads the bride's surname as Ewens. A George was having children in Kingsdon from 1606, not necessarily this George.

4) Ann Slade of West Coker had Banns read in Butleigh Nov/Dec 1655 for marriage with Edward Talbott – solemnized in West Coker?

5) William Slade bur. 30 Jun 1672 Butleigh

In the Overseers accounts for 1672-3 15 shillings was given to William for his 'relief' and then 4s and 4d for his shroud and 8d to Roger Clapp for digging his grave and 6d for ringing the bell. Father of Stephen?

6) Stephen Slade died 1695?

6a) Stephen Slade bur. 14 Mar 1727 Butleigh

There are references to Stephen Slade and his 'boys' in the churchwardens accounts 1701-1710. He was Overseer of the Poor in 1707 and 1726 and paid rates on South Moor Grounds from 1710 - 24. He paid rates in Butleigh from 1675 – 95 then in 1696 he either paid rates on two properties or one was paid by his son (?). Then in 1700 the earlier property ceased to pay rates but rates were paid on the second until 1727. In 1728 occupied by Richard Holman. In 1716 Stephen received rent on behalf of Ralph Gill and Pollet. In 1720 the OOP went to Quarter Sessions to get advice about Stephen taking an apprentice. In 1725 he was one of the churchwardens.

C 11/2226/34 Short title: Blynman v Hicks. Document type: Bill and answer. Plaintiffs: Thomas Blynman, clothier of Butleigh, Somerset. Defendants: Nicholas Hicks, esq and Stephen Slade. 1720

DD/S/BT/7/1/7 Copy bill in Slade v. Webb concerning the provision of timber for repair of Stephen Slade's leasehold in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1722.

7) John Slade b. 1678 (?) [In Brymer manuscript of Charlton Mackrell a John Slade s.o. John and Hester Chr. 1678] d. 17 [month unc.]17x5 (1715?)

Most of the above events fall in the PR gap 1677-1714.

John supplied candles to the church and was churchwarden in 1705 and 1714 (Overseer in 1707). In 1715/6 Elizabeth Slade paid 6s 8d for breaking the ground in the church and a John Slade's tomb lies on the church floor. John paid rates from 1703-15 and in 1707 the adjoining property also paid rates in the name of John. In 1708 the second property was 'for late George Burdham. In 1709 and 10 a different 2nd property had rates paid on it by John. From 1711-15 he paid rates on just the single property. In 1716 the rate was paid by widow Elizabeth Slade and up to and including 1718. Thereafter it was paid by Philip and Elizabeth Avery [until 1725 when it was just Philip].

In 1712 a Christopher Slade was apprenticed out. An Ann Slade married John Chanl (?) in Butleigh on 18 Apr 1744 #

A Sarah Slade married James hayden Butleigh 17 Jun 1762 – but probably from the next generation rather than this Sarah.

DD/S/BT/8/2/1 1] James Samson of Podimore Milton, yeoman 2] John Slade of Butleigh, mercer Assignment of Dunhill (2a) and Hobbses Hill (1a), Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1556). 1701 [see also 5/5/9 - same]

DD/S/BT/8/2/2 1] John Slade of Butleigh, mercer 2] John Rocke and John Kelway of Butleigh Assignment in trust of Dunhill and Hobbses Hill (3a), Burdham's tenement, cottage and smith's forge in Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1556). 1704 [see also 8/2/3-4 Assignment of 1.5a at Wallgate drove and 1.5a at Horses, a house and 3a at Porters hill (8a), Butleigh, as marriage settlement, with counterpart ] [see also 8/2/3-4]

DD/S/BT/8/5/1 - 1] John Slade of Butleigh mercer and wife Elizabeth executrix of George Burdham decd, Humphrey Colmer the elder of Butleigh and wife Mary daughter of Stephen Clapp decd 2] John Squiar of Butleigh, broadweaver Assignment of a messuage, 2a in West Wood and Date: 1705.

DD/S/BT/4/5/38-9 1] John Webb 2] John Slade of Butleigh, mercer Lease for lives of a messuage and 3a late Christopher Symcockes, Porters hill (8a) and 5a arable at Morehouse, Butleigh. Rent 6s 6d. With counterpart. 1709

DD/S/BT/6/4/6 1] John Hiett of Doulting, clothier 2] John Slade of Butleigh mercer and wife Elizabeth executrix of George Burdham decd Assignment of Broadclose (4a) and 1.5a in Newmead, Butleigh. 1710

DD/S/BT/6/4/7-8 1] Elizabeth Burdham or Slade of Butleigh 2] John Dobbins of Moorlinch, Josias Dobbins of Ashcott and James Dobbins Assignment of Broadclose (4a) and 1.5a in Newmead, Butleigh. Another copy. 1716

C 11/2284/20 Short title: Hopkins v Slade. Document type: Bill only. Plaintiffs: James Hopkins of Glastonbury, Somerset, yeoman and Elizabeth Hopkins his wife (only surviving daughter and heir of George Burdham, yeoman deceased late of Butleigh, Somerset). Defendants: Elizabeth Slade, John Dabbins, Josias Dabbins and James Dabbins. 1717

DD/S/BT/6/5/26 1] Elizabeth Slade widow of George Burdham 2] James Hopkins of Glastonbury Release of dower in Horses (6a), Butleigh. 1717

DD/S/BT/5/6/6 - 1] Elizabeth Slade of Butleigh widow of George Burdham, James Hopkins of Glastonbury, salter and wife Elizabeth daughter of George Burdham 2] Henry Talbot the elder of Butleigh Wootton Assignment of Biggs (6.5a 1p), Butleigh. [Tied together with DD/S/ Date: 1718.

DD/S/BT/8/2/5 - 1] John Slade of Butleigh, yeoman, son of Elizabeth wife of Philip Avery 2] John Rocke and John Gregory of Butleigh Assignment of Dunhill and Hobbses Hill (3a), and Burdham's tenement in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS Date: 1730.

DD/S/BT/8/2/6 - 1] John Rocke of Butleigh 2] Elizabeth wife of Philip Avery of Butleigh 3] Thomas Callow of Butleigh and wife Ellen, Sarah and Anna Slade, daughters of John Slade deed by Elizabeth 4] John Slade of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of Dunhill and Hobbses Hill, Date: 1730.

DD/S/BT/8/2/8 - 1] John and Anna Slade, children of John Slade of Butleigh, deed and Elizabeth 2] Richard Slade of South Cadbury, yeoman Mortgage of Anna's share of Dunhill and Hobbses Hill, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1738.

7a1) John Slade b. 1704 (?) 'of Butleigh', died 5 Mar 1745 in Middlesex

John Slade was Overseer in 1741. John paid rates from 1741/2 after the death of Philip Avery on the property whose ratepayer had been his mother Elizabeth Avery up to that date. In 1745/6 after his tragic death the ratepayer was 'late Eliz Avery or John Slade', then 'or occupiers' and 'John Slades, exciseman' or 'Late John Slade exciseman [1749]'. In 1761/2 two adjoining properties have rates paid by John Slade and Mrs. Slade and in the following year the former is called Mr. John Slade of Cadbury. Mrs. Slade called 'widow' in 1766 and Mary Slade widow in 1767. Mary died in 1779 and from that year the ratepayer was Stephen Slade. From 1781/2 'or occupier' added. This remained the case until 1797 when the ratepayer was General Grenville late Slades.

John junior was a Lieutenant of Marines and died in the tragedy of the Ramillies, a 90 gun 'second-rate' built in 1664 which, when returning to Plymouth in a gale ran onto rocks off Bolt Head on Feb 15th 1760 with only 26 of the crew of 725 surviving.

DD/S/BT/8/2/5 1] John Slade of Butleigh, yeoman, son of Elizabeth wife of Philip Avery 2] John Rocke and John Gregory of Butleigh Assignment of Dunhill and Hobbses Hill (3a), and Burdham's tenement in Butleigh. 1730

DD/S/BT/8/2/7 1] John Slade of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Thomas Parker of Knole, Long Sutton, yeoman Mortgage of Dunhill and Hobbses Hill, now an orchard, Burdham's tenement, cottage and smith's forge in Butleigh. 1730

DD/S/BT/8/2/9 - Will of John Slade of Uxbridge, Msex, excise officer.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1749.

DD/S/BT/9/4/19-20 1] James Grenville 2] Mary Slade of Butleigh Lease for lives of a messuage and 3 a late Christopher Symcockes, Porters hill (8a), 5a arable at Morehouse and the site of a demolished cottage now called Masters's garden, Butleigh. Rent 6s 8d. Enclosed agreement by Helena Pitcher to a lease being made in Mary Slade's name [1754]. 1755

DD/S/BT/8/2/10 - 1] Mary Slade of Butleigh widow of John Slade of Uxbridge 2] Stephen son of John Slade 3] John Slade of South Cadbury, yeoman, executor of his father Richard decd Release of equity of redemption in an orchard formerly Hobbs Hill and Dunhill in Butleigh.. Date: 1761.

DD/S/BT/8/2/12 1] Stephen Slade of Bloomsbury, Msex 2] James Grenville of Butleigh Assignment of Dunhill (2a) in Butleigh. 1771

8) Richard Slade of South Cadbury d. 1739? [one Richard (Mr.) bur. 22 Dec 1736 South Cadbury, another Richard bur. 18 Jun 1738 South Cadbury]

Richard Slade was paid rent by the OOP for John Davies and John Martin in 1731 and John William Davies house rent in 1738. Richard Slade began paying OOP rates in 1734 and up to 1738/9 when 'the occupiers' paid the rate. In 1741 the ratepayer was Mr. John Slade. He paid the rate until 1757. No record for 1758-1760 but in 1761/2 two adjoining properties have rates paid by John Slade and Mrs. Slade and in the following year the former is called Mr. John Slade of Cadbury. In 1770 the OOP ratepayer is given as John Slade 'now Mr. Grenville'.

D/FFO/16/62 Elizabeth Foster, deceased, of Sherborne. Copy will of Stephen Slade of Barton St David, Somerset, 1742. Copy will of John Slade of South Cadbury, Somerset, 1782. Papers re tenancies (disbursements etc.), 1824-1829. Papers re sale of property at Barton St David, 1825-1829. Testamentary papers, 1829-1840. Copy releases of messuage and lands at Barton St David, 1831, 1839. (White, James, Grenville, Davis, Foster, Pitman, Ffooks, Higgins).

D/FFO/16/63 Elizabeth Foster, deceased, of Sherborne. Marriage settlements between Stephen Slade of Barton St David, Somerset and Elizabeth Bayne of Leigh, 1741; between Thomas Foster of South Perrott, Somerset and Elizabeth Slade of Barton St David, 1779. Deed of separation of Mr & Mrs Foster, 1780. Will and 2 copies and probate of John Slade of South Cadbury, Somerset, 1782. Copy will of John Ryall of Marston Magna, 1787. Original and copies of will of Anne Slade of South Cadbury, Somerset, 1792, probate, 1795. Administration with will annexed of Elizabeth Foster, 1827. 2 copies of will.

DD/S/BT/5/1/16-17 1] John Slade of South Cadbury, gent 2] Abigail Prowse of Berkeley, widow 3] James Withers of Butleigh yeoman Lease and release of Bloudsley (2a), Yonder Fishwell (3a) and Bolster wood (1a) in Butleigh. Endorsed Look 1803. 1749

DD/S/BT/5/7/7-8 1] John Slade of South Cadbury 2] Abigail Prowse of Berkeley, widow 3] John Squier of Butleigh Lease and release of Little Fishwell (1a) in Butleigh. 1749

DD/S/BT/9/2/6-7 1] John Slade of South Cadbury 2] Abigail Prowse of Berkeley 3] James Withers of Butleigh, yeoman Lease and release of 3yds in Croft, 1a arable in Whiteland, 4a arable and 1a arable in Butleigh West field. 1750

DD/S/BT/10/2/1-2 1] John Slade of South Cadbury 2] Abigail Prowse of Berkeley 3] Richard Gould of Bridgwater Lease and release of Glovers (2a) in Butleigh. 1750

DD/S/BT/8/2/11 1] John Slade of South Cadbury, gent 2] James Grenville of Butleigh Assignment of Dunhill (2a) and Hobbs hill (2a) now orchard in Butleigh. 1770

9) Edward Slade grocer, Wells

An Ann Slade b. 25 Jul 1730, Chr. 10 Aug 1730 St. Cuthbert, Wells s.o. Edward Slade of Chamberlain Street, are probably these persons.

DD/S/BT/5/6/12 1] John More of Butleigh, grandson of John James decd 2] Dame Edith Phelips of Montacute 3] John Weekes of Butleigh, yeoman and Edward Slade of Wells, grocer Assignment of mortgaged 4.5a pasture at Outer Horses, Bean Horses and Bolster (9a) and 3a of inclosed common, Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1562). 1726/7

DD/S/BT/5/6/14 1] John More of Stoke sub Hamdon 2] Henry Talbot of Butleigh Wootton 3] Edward Slade of Wells, grocer 4] John Weekes of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of 4.5a pasture at Outer Horses, Butleigh. 1728

DD/S/BT/8/1/5 1] Samuel James of East Harptree, yeoman 2] Edward Slade of Wells, grocer 3] William Hodges of Butleigh, yeoman 4] Henry Talbott of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of Outer Horses (4.5a) and Bean Horses and Bolster (9a), Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1562). 1734

DD/S/BT/5/6/18 1] Samuel James of East Harptree, yeoman 2] Edward Slade of Wells, grocer 3] Henry Talbot of Butleigh Wootton, yeoman 4] William Hodges of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of term in trust to attend the fee of Bean Horses (2a), Butleigh. 1735

DD/S/BT/15/1/9 1] George Stibbens of Glastonbury 2] Ann Slade of Wells Declaration of trust for sale of estate in Glastonbury. 1752 [see also 15/1/12 – 1752]

10) Richard Slade of West Pennard Chr. 29 Sep 1702, s.o. Robert and Anne Slade, bur. 22 Oct 1774 West Pennard

From 1756 Mr. Slade began paying rates on 'part of Looks' in succession to Mrs. Elizabeth Pope of Lydford who died c. 1755. It is 1764 before the OOP actually give his forename Richard. In 1772 'or occupiers' was added to his name. In 1777/78 Stephen Holman was the occupier. From 1778/9 Richard Slade given as the ratepayer until 1780/81 when it is 'Slade late Richard Esq or Johnson Esq'. In 1784/5 the property was acquired by Stephen Holman.

See John Cannon for this family. Mary died of the smallpox as did her child. Richard married again and had two daughters by his second wife. On 23rd August 1735 John Cannon visited Elizabeth Pope who was distraught at the illness of her grandson Robert - 'being dangerously ill of fever contracted by the itch which he had caught at Somerton School lately, by which means he was in an ill state of body & it was fallen into his arms & legs which swelled so much that it was launced & laid open from the knee to the ancle, as also his arm.' (Money p. 217).

11) Henry Slade

The OOP paid Thomas Lemon's bill for medicines to treat Henry Slade's wife in June 1781.


1) William Slocombe b. 1875 (Dec Q 5c/389 Bridgwater) Bridgwater, gas worker, s.o. Louis and Mary J. Slocombe

Kate was a resident of Butleigh at the time of her marriage. Their only child, John P. was born in 1917. William's father was a jobbing carpenter and seems to have spent most of his latter life living alone or lodging with widow Sabinaa Rumble in Langport. William was staying with his grandmother Sophia Slocombe in Huntspill on the 1881 census and staying with an aunt Julia there in 1891 but thereafter is uncertain – but was in Burnham at the time of his marriage. John P. Slocombe married Phyllis E. Crook in Weston-super-Mare in 1939.


1) George Small Chr. 12 Mar 1837 Long Sutton, labourer, s.o. Christopher and Mary Small, bur. 31 Aug 1892 (Sep Q 5c/ 291 Wells) Butleigh 91-115

George and Maria lived firstly in Wraxall, Ditcheat after their marriage, then moved to Lottisham. Fred Small of Butleigh, labourer, was summoned for being drunk and disorderly in Ham Street, Baltonsborough on 17 June 1890 but absconded before the summons could be issued. [Western Gazette 11 Jul 1890]

In 1891 George Small (56) lived with his wife Maria (60) and children Sidney J. (21) and George (19) in Rowley Lodge. George died in 1892 after an accident on 10 Aug. He had attended Baltonsborough flower show with two of his sons and returned home to Rowley Lodge in a trap. On alighting he had no sooner stood up when the horse jumped forward suddenly and George fell out over the back of the trap and received serious injury to his back. He was paralysed below the arms and his kidneys and bladder were damaged. He died on the Saturday and the jurors at his inquest returned a verdict of accidental death and gave their fees to the poor widow.

Maria went to live with her son Sidney Small who had married Edith Pike in 1896. They lived in Wootton village by 1901 with their son Joseph (b. 1899). Sidney's brother George died in 1900 aged 29. Maria died in Wells Union Workhouse in 1908.

Henry had married Ellen and lived at Baltonsborough with daughter Mabel (8 months) while his brother Frank had married Harriet in 1887 and lived in West Lydford in 1891 with son William (3 – (2) below) and a daughter also called Mabel (5 months).

1a) Frank Small Chr. 9 Apr 1865 Ditcheat, abode Lottisham (Jun Q 5c/636 Shepton Mallet) d. 1922 (Mar Q 5c/633 Shepton Mallet)

By the 1891 census Frank lived at 73, Foss Rd., West Lydford, Fore Foot as a farm labourer. After returning to Lottisham he moved by 1900 to Wraxall, Ditcheat as a cattleman and was still there in 1911.

1a1) William George Small b. 1888 (Jun Q 5c/473 Shepton Mallet) Lottisham, agricultural labourer, s.o. Frank and Harriet Small, d. 15 Jul, bur. 18 Jul 1958 Butleigh

William is found at Lottisham up to the 1911 census. In 1914 they lived at Rowley Cottage when Evelyn was born but were at Moorhouse by 1917. Winifred married a member of the Royal Artillery from Woodyates Pentridge, Dorset, whose father was stated to be a yachtsman. Lilian's husband was a member of HM Forces when they married and her address given as Moorhouse. William rented No. 86 Butleigh [Moorhouse] for £8 8s 0d per annum at the 1947 estate sale – still there in 1949. At his death he was living at 44 Butleigh.

1b) Sidney James Small b. 1879 (Dec Q 5e/534 Shepton Mallet) Lottisham, agricultural labourer, d. 1 Jul, bur. 4 Jul 1942 Butleigh 91-115, 01W-141

On 3 Feb 1888 the Western Gazette reported the following: Sidney Small, labourer, of Lottisham, pleaded guilty to damaging to the extent of 5s a stone ball on a pillar, on the 6th January-The complainant, Mr. Joseph Maidment, of West Bradley, said defendant knocked the ball off the pillar. - Mr. Bisgood said the conduct of the boys in this neighbourhood was very bad, and something ought to be done to put a stop to it -”Defendant said Mrs. Maidment locked him, with others, in the house for three hours, and made them drunk.- This complainant denied. - Defendant was fined 5s and costs, and ordered to pay the damage, 5s ; total, 16s.

In 1901 Sidney lived in three rooms at Butleigh Wootton with his wife, son Joseph, and his mother. In 1911 Sidney and Edith lived with Joseph in 3 rooms at 40 Butleigh and they had a boarder, Alfred Davis (29 b. Butleigh).

Gladys Lydia married coal merchant Henry James Pockett in Butleigh on 17 Apr 1933 (Jun Q 5c/907 Wells). In Feb 1947 at the Estate sale Sydney was renting No. 40 Butleigh at £6 per annum – his water supplied by the estate to a tap shared with No. 39. Christine Govier made a recording in the 'Voices of Somerset' series.

1b1) Joseph Henry James Small b. 13 Jun, Chr. 6 Aug 1899 (Sep Q 5c/430 Wells) Butleigh, d. 6 Dec, bur. 9 Dec 1967 Butleigh 01W-141

Joseph was renting 70 Butleigh at £10 per annum in 1947. Joseph's address at his death was Oddway Villa.


1) Mr. Smartin 1763 – 65 Mr. Smart was paid his bill by the CW. A Smart family lived in Glastonbury.


1) Matthew Smith bur. 2 Apr 1622 Butleigh

In the will of William Smith of Wells, a cloth worker of 19 Mar 1620 he refers to the Rocke family of Butleigh – connected?#

2) John Smith bur. 24 Oct 1668 Butleigh

It is likely that all these Butleigh Smiths formed several generations of one extended family. A John and Dorothy had a daughter Mary Chr. 26 Apr 1664 St. Johns, Glastonbury – probably not this couple]

Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office Pleadings C 6/150Pt2/93 Short title: Squibb v Gonge. Plaintiffs: Robert Squibb . Defendants: Richard Gonge , Dorothy Gonge his wife, John Browneing , Anne Browneing his wife, John Smith, Dorothy Smith his wife and others. Subject: property in Butleigh, and East Pennard, Somerset. Date: 1655

Butleigh deed DD\BR\py/29 Conveyance and acknowledgement of a fine re. land in East and West fields and elsewhere, between John Smith of Broadwinsor, Dorset, yeo., and Dorothy his wife, and Christopher Young of Butleigh, yeo., 1663; lease for 1 year of land in Kings Sedgemoor by enclosure commissioners to John Lilly of Ashcott, maltster, 1795. Date: 1663 - 1795

D/S/BT/4/2/7 1] Richard King of Butleigh, husbandman 2] Nathaniel Lockyer of Kingweston, yeoman Lease for 2,000 years of 3a arable in Butleigh fields part of 13a bought from John Smith of Broadwindsor, Dors., and wife Dorothy, daughter and coheir of William Ewens. Endorsed that it was assigned to Nathaniel's son John in 1680.  Date: 1664

3) Thomas Smith died 1672

Thomas appears in the 1672 list of commoners. In 1673 he was 'the late Thomas Smith'. [He was last mentioned as such 1681]. William (next) was probably his son. In 1673 the property next to that of Thomas paid rates under John Smith but then no more – possibly another son? Thomas' property passed to Abel Smith. A Thomas Smith paid rates on a different property jointly with Andrew Ham in 1676 then jointly with George Smith in 1677. (3c)

3a) Abel Smith died 1687/8

Abel paid rates from 1682 – 1687, '88 is missing but by 1689 the rate was paid by his widow Elizabeth and she paid until 1700. In 1701 she was the late Elizabeth Smith. The property remained late Smith tenement until 1705 when Henry Talbot occupied it.

3b) William Smith [b. 'Glastonbury' 1651?] died 1710 Cecil County, Maryland, America Will proven 20 May 1710

Some Hiett sites give the latter three children; William (b. 1673 Glastonbury), John (b. 1675 Glastonbury) and George (b. 1679 Glastonbury) but there is no factual evidence for them in Glastonbury, Butleigh nor Street etc. However, if the latter children were the offspring of this Butleigh William Smith and born after 1676 then there would be NO record of their baptisms because they fall into the period when John Radford was vicar and not a single baptism was recorded by him [until 1714].

William paid rates in Butleigh from 1673-1699.and was churchwarden in 1679 – 80. 1673 is when the Overseers records began but William probably paid rates earlier too. The latest date, 1699, is that which saw him and his family's removal from Butleigh and coincides with the story below of his emigration in that year to America. In 1693 William had paid over to the Overseers the interest from the Dyer Symcockes legacy (2 guineas). The William mentioned in the churchwardens accounts in 1696 for killing two polecats and a hedgehog is most probably his son [mostly seem to be children or young men getting these payments]. In 1698/9 William took James Pirkes as an apprentice. William's daughter Mary is probably the one who married John Hiett # c. 1695 and in which case her mother was called Grace. William Smith accompanied William Penn in the ship Canterbury which sailed to Pennsylvania in 1699. John Hiett and wife Mary and their two children probably went on the same ship. *

William made a will on 20 Sep 1708, proven 20 May in 1710 in America 'He leaves to 2nd son John and heirs 1000 acres, dwelling plantation, to daughter Mary, wife of John Hayet, and granddaughter Hannah, daughter of son William personalty. Executors wife Grace, and son John. Teste: David Evans, William Smith 'see under Hiett. Both, Hietts and Smiths families were members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Somersetshire, England. William Smith, the Quaker, bought a certificate to Philadelphia for himself and wife and family, dated 1699, from the Glastonbury Monthly Meeting in Somersetshire, England. William and John Smith, brothers of Mary Hiett, are probably the ancestors of the Smiths shown settled in Virginia in the same community and at about the same time as did John Hiatt Jr. and his brother William Hiatt, sons of John and Mary Hiett.

NOTE: A Morrish (Maurice) Smith (Chr. 27 Sep 1607 Street, s.o. Rachel, bur. 17 Jun 1653) and 'Basil' his wife were having children in Street 1638 – 1649 including a William Chr. 29 May 1642 (bur. 1 Nov 1642) and a son John Chr. 29 Jun 1649 but probably not linked to this family. A William Smith in Glastonbury had a son William (bur. 7 Aug 1667) daughters Ann (Chr. 25 Aug 1669) Ann (Chr. 20 Sep 1671) and Margaret (Chr. 12 Nov 1673) all at St. Johns and is possibly the William bur. 1 Jan 1674 St. Johns Glastonbury. No obvious connection to the Butleigh Smiths, nor to John Hiett.

There is so far no trace of a marriage between a William Smith and a Grace in Somerset that fits – just three Graces were born in Butleigh within the age range; Grace Masters (b. 1642) and Grace Clapp (b. 1657) both had illegitimate children leaving just Grace Adams Chr. 24 Apr 1656, d.o. James and Margery Adams as a potential candidate for William Smith's wife – but no evidence at all that there was any connection to William Smith. There were no Graces of any surname born in Street that fit.

There are several Somerset Smith Wills worth looking at, from Wells, Ivelchester etc or closer to Butleigh e.g. – PROB 11/199 Stephen Smith, Street 1647

* NOTE: William Penn [1644 – 1718] founded Pennsylvania in 1682 but one apocryphal story tells that when he thanked Charles II for naming Pennsylvania after him, the King replied 'I named it after the jolly felow, your father'. Admiral Sir William Penn [1621-1670], who was Samuel Pepys senior in the Navy, was described by the latter as 'a jovial companion.. and.. a hypocritical rogue'. Penn had captured Jamaica in 1655. A purse belonging to him showed him with his dog Port and it remained in the Penn family for several generations. PURSE

3c) George Smith d. 1678?

In 1677 a George Smith paid rates jointly with Andrew Ham. Andrew paid alone in '78 until 1683 when the occupiers of the late Andrew Ham paid . George's son George Smith paid rates [on the same property] from 1691 – 1734. In 1735 George Smith was replaced by Thomas Trayne. Thomas had acquired the Trays Farm Estate in Compton Dundon from George Smith in 1735. [A George Smith (wife Mary) snr was bur. Street 22 Nov 1739).

In 1691 Joane Smith had paid rates jointly with Henry Gatherin – until 1696. In 1697 John Willcox paid the rate with Henry Gatherin on that property..

4) Elizabeth Smith bur. 17 Feb 1715 Butleigh

This must be the Elizabeth receiving Symcockes bequest money [for the poor] in 1709-11. Daughter of one of the above?

7) Elizabeth Smith bur. 21 Aug 1737 Butleigh

Elizabeth was given £1 15s 0d by the OOP in 1734 towards new clothes. In 1736 and 1737 she received relief from the OOP. In 1737/8 the OOP paid for her coffin and shroud and making an affidavit.

8) Charles Smithappears in the CW accounts for 1744-45 when they paid his bill.

9) Hannah Smith

In Oct. 1767 the OOP paid for her 'order of removal' and from November 1767 until June1768 they paid her assistance.

10) John Smith b. 1777, d. 23 Jan, bur. 30 Jan 1846 (Mar Q 10/357 Wells) Butleigh

According to the Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette of Thursday 29th January 1846 John Smith was a much respected late brewer to Messrs Tylee & Co. Devizes Wilts.

11) Mary Ann Smith b. 1805 Wincanton, bur. 10 Apr 1861 (Jun Q 5c/399 Wells) Butleigh 51-31

Mary Ann (46), a widow, was visiting Sarah Richards in Fore Street in 1851 alongside another person from Wincanton - James Andrews (69), also a widower. She died in Butleigh aged 52.

12) Charlotte Smith b. 1829 Southsea, Hants, nurse 71-72

Charlotte was the widow of Hugh Smith (inspector in a turnery works) with whom she lived in Deptford St. Paul, Kent, in 1851. In 1861 she was a nurse and lodged at 3, Buckingham Gate Houses, Westminster, the home of Ralph Neville-Grenville. She transferred with him to Butleigh Court and appeared there in 1871. She is no relation to her namesake (next). Nfi

13) Ann Charlotte Smith b. 1841 (Dec Q 25/439 Tynemouth) Tynemouth, Northumberland, governess, d.o. Thomas and Anne Smith 71-72

Ann Charlotte lived with her parents at 4, Haliday Place, Tynemouth in 1851 - her father was a draper. In 1871 she was a governess at Butleigh Court. Nfi

14) Jane Louisa Smith b. 1822 Poole, Dorset, died 1906 (Jun Q 5c/296 Wells) 01-145

The widow Jane Smith lived with her unmarried daughter Sarah A. Cross (49) at Eades Farm in 1901. They lived in Eades Cottage with Albert Cox (54) a visiting farmer, on census night. Jane Louisa Smith came from Trent, Somerset in 1891 where she ran the "Seymour's Arms Inn" as a licensed victualler, together with Sarah her daughter. Previously they had lived in the "Rose and Crown" in Trent while Jane's second husband David Smith (b. 1820) still lived. Jane died in 1906 aged 83.

15) William Smith b. 1829 Butleigh, cordwainer/shoemaker, s.o. Charles and Mary Smith

In 1841 William had lived in Yeovil with his parents - his father was a labourer and mother a glover.

William and his wife Mary Ann (b. 1829 Twickenham) lived at Finsbury in 1851 - he gave his pob then as Yeovil and they then lived in Bell Lane Twickenham in 1861 with five children (oldest 11). On all subsequent censuses he gave his pob as Butley (Butleigh). They lived in Bell Lane, Twickenham in 1871 with six children. In 1881 he was still there but widowed. By 1891 and then also in 1901 William lived at 3, Undercliff Terrace, Hastings with two daughters (one a widow) and a granddaughter. In 1911 he was at 4, Mount Pleasant, St. Leonards on Sea, Sussex with his widowed daughter Mary Perois.

16) Sophia Smith b. 1808 Cheshunt, Herts., ladies maid 51W-39

Sophia worked at Wootton House in 1851 and though she stated then that she was unmarried seems to be the wife of Thomas Smith and had appeared with him from 1841 - 1861 after which she was widowed.

17) Alfred Smith Chr. 26 Dec 1869 Hornblotton/Alford, gardener, s.o. John and Susan Smith 91W-117

This couple lived at 23, Butleigh Wootton in 1891. In 1901 they lived in four rooms at Ivy House, Berrow where they had a daughter Queenie and Alfred was a 'farmer' - Queenie's pob given as Glastonbury. In 1911 Alfred, Emma and Queenie lived at Osborne House,Berrow, Burnham where Emma was a boarding house keeper, Queenie's pob Butleigh. Alfred's parents had lived at Hornblotton at the time of his birth.

18) Mary B. Smith b. 1884 Alcombe, under-housemaid 01W-140

Mary worked at Butleigh Wootton House in 1901. Nfi

19) Mabel Annie Smith b. 1892 (Mar Q 7b/70 Chesterfield) Derbyshire [York on 1911 census], housemaid, d.o. John and Alice Smith

Mabel appeared as a visitor at the home of Alfred and Fanny Higgins in 1911 and married their son Charles in 1912. The rest of her family in 1911 were living at 'Horse and Jockey Cottages' Coxley, Wells where her father was a Kennel Huntsman. On the 1901 census the family lived at Wales Hall, Wales, Doncaster. Yorkhire. Mabel's place of birth given as Dronfield, Derbyshire. Her brother Frederick was b. 1900 Coal Aston Derbyshire. In 1891 her parents appeared at Dronfield.

20) Charles Smith b. 1896, d. 27 Sep, bur. 1 Oct 1912 Butleigh

Uncertain who this boy was – related to the last?

22) Alice Smith b. 1867, d. Dec 14, bur. 15 Dec 1946 (Dec Q 7c/567 Trowbridge) Butleigh

Alice died at 35, Rock Road, Trowbridge and may have been Butleigh born.

23) Herbert Campbell Smith b. 1871, bur. 16 Nov 1948 Butleigh

24) Sidney Reginald Smith b. 1887, bur. 8 Oct 1943 Butleigh

25) Cyril Pomeroy Smith b. 8 Dec 1895, reg.1896 (Mar Q 6a/62 Barton Regis, Glos.) s.o. Percy G. A. and Ellen G. Smith, d. 26 Jun, ashes bur. 2 Jul 1985 (Jun Q 685/23/1221 Mendip) Butleigh

Cyril's father Percy was a musical performer (singer and pianist) in Bristol and well-known freemason, his mother also sang in public. Cyril hired a complete train in 1953 to transfer his whole stock of farm equipment and animals from Leicestershire [Freeby] to Butleigh where he had acquired Home Farm (Court Farm) and several hundred acres. He was a most pleasant person to talk to, always having time to chat about the weather and current events.


1) John Smithfield senr bur. 27 Mar 1725 Butleigh

John was churchwarden in 1704 and 1722/3 and mentioned in CW accounts 1705, 6 and 1710 and was overseer of the poor in 1710. He paid rates from 1695 – 27 and then his son John paid them A James mentioned in the wardens accounts in 1710 for killing 5 polecats and 4 hedgehogs was possibly John's son. (see above). In 1716 John was paid 'jail and Marshalsea & county bridges'.money by the OOP. Both John and James appear in John Cannon's diaries (Money pp. 55, 143, 154)

DD/S/BT/7/3/7 - 1] Joan Difford of Butleigh widow of Joseph Difford 2] James Periam the younger of Butleigh Wootton, gent, John Smithfield the elder of Butleigh, yeoman and Anne Vagg of Butleigh widow of John Vagg 3] Anne Pope of Butleigh Assignment of Moormeade close Date: 1723.

DD/S/BT/7/7/12 – 15 Wills of Viscount Falkland, Rebecca Falkland, Rebecca Hussey and Elizabeth Ellys

DD/S/BT/7/7/16 1] Sir Berkeley Lucy of St. Martin in the Fields, Bt., Robert Apreece of Washingley Hunts and wife Sarah, John Forster of Castleyard, London and Philip Bass of London, merchant tailor 2] James Periam of Butleigh gent and John Smithfield of Butleigh yeoman 3] John Periam of Butleigh, yeoman Agreement for conveyance of Butleigh rectory. 1726

DD/S/BT/7/7/18 1] Sir Berkeley Lucy of St. Martin in the Fields, Bt., devisee of Dame Rebecca Lytton, Robert Apreece of Washingley Hunts and wife Sarah executrix of Elizabeth Ellys 2] John Forster of Castle Yard, London and devisee of Elizabeth Ellys and administrator of Rebecca Hussey (Sarah, Elizabeth and Rebecca were the only children and heirs of Sir Thomas Hussey, devisee of Dame Rebecca Lytton), Elizabeth Raynsford of Whitton, Msex, executrix and devisee of Rebecca, Viscountess Falkland, executrix of Anthony, Viscount Falkland a devisee of Dame Rebecca Lytton, and Philip Bass of London, merchant tailor 2] Thomas Cartwright of Aynho, N'hants 3] Richard Browne of Castle Yard, Holborn 4] James Periam of Butleigh gent and John Smithfield of Butleigh yeoman 5] John Periam of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of Butleigh rectory, messuage, 61a and Hutchins (8a), and Churchhouse, Butleigh. 1727

DD/S/BT/7/3/7 1] Joan Difford of Butleigh widow of Joseph Difford 2] James Periam the younger of Butleigh Wootton, gent, John Smithfield the elder of Butleigh, yeoman and Anne Vagg of Butleigh widow of John Vagg 3] Anne Pope of Butleigh
Assignment of Moormeade close and 1a at Lower Barehill, Butleigh.

1a) John Smithfield bur. 17 Jun 1743 Butleigh

John paid the rates from 1727 until his death in 1743 then Mrs. Smithfield In 1747/8 she added 'part of late Sarah/Ann Kelways' to her properties though she seems to have given up the Sarah Kelways part the following year. Ursula died in 1766 but the rates still paid by Mrs or the Misses/Miss Smithfield until 1819 and then 'the late Miss Smithfield' which it remained until post 1827. In the Kings Sedgemoor Ground the rates paid from 1796 – 1800 in the name of Ursula then 'late Mrs. Smithfield' or 'Miss Smithfield' up to 1814 in which year the common acquired by Mrs. Hood.

Sarah married Butleigh 18 May 1785 Richard Holman. On the same gravestone as Ursula above and her daughters is Ursula died 17 Feb 1801 aged 64. Agnes Smithfield married Butleigh 23 Feb 1767 John Perriam

DD/S/BT/7/7/19-20 1] James Periam of Butleigh gent and John Smithfield of Butleigh yeoman 2] John Periam of Butleigh, yeoman 3] Sir Edward Seymour of Maiden Bradley 4] Francis Seymour of Maiden Bradley Mortgage of Butleigh rectory, messuage, 61a and Hutchins (8a), and Churchhouse, Butleigh. With counterpart. 1727

DD/S/BT/7/7/21 1] James Periam of Butleigh gent 2] John Smithfield of Butleigh yeoman Partition deed of Butleigh rectory and of a judgment debt 1727

DD/S/BT/7/7/23 1] Revd Thomas Keate of Somerton and John Smithfield of Butleigh yeoman 2] William Howe of Shepton Mallet Assignment of Butleigh rectory, 61a and Hutchins (8a), Westwood (24a) and Churchhouse, Butleigh. 1733

DD/S/BT/4/2/18 1] Revd Thomas Keat of Somerton and John Smithfield of Butleigh yeoman 2] William Howe of Shepton Mallet 3] Thomas Periam the elder of Butleigh, blacksmith Assignment of Beare Croft (4a) and 1/2a arable in Sower Down in the West field of Butleigh, part of a mortgaged leasehold estate. 1733

DD/S/BT/7/7/22 1] Sir Edward Seymour of Maiden Bradley, Wilts 2] Francis Seymour of Sherborne, Dors 3] Revd Thomas Keate of Somerton and John Smithfield of Butleigh yeoman 4] William Howe of Shepton Mallet Assignment of mortgage term in Butleigh rectory and lands. 1733

DD/S/BT/8/7/17 1] Joan James of Butleigh 2] Thomas Brice 3] John Smithfield of Butleigh Wootton, yeoman Assignment of mortgage of 3a in Southmoor, Henly (3a) and Darksham (1a), Butleigh [DD/S/BT/8/7/15-19 tied together] 1736

DD/S/BT/8/7/18 1] Joan James 2] John Smithfield 3] Richard Holman of Butleigh Wootton Assignment of mortgage of 3a in Southmoor, Henly (3a) and Darksham (1a), Butleigh. [DD/S/BT/8/7/15-19 tied together] 1738

DD/S/BT/26/3/4 - Agreement between James Grenville and Ursula Smithfield to exchange land in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1771.

DD/S/BT/13/1/25 1] Mary and Sarah Smithfield of Butleigh Wootton 2] James Grenville 3] Thomas Gould of Middle Temple Assignment of a moiety of a 3-a close in Southmoor, Butleigh 1782

DD/S/BT/8/6/3 - 1] James Grenville of Butleigh 2] John Periam of Butleigh Wootton and wife Agnes Smithfield, Ursula, Mary and Sarah Smithfield of Butleigh Wootton Exchange of lands in Butleigh fields for 9a in Toghill's wood.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH Date: 1782.

1b) James Smithfield b. Butleigh [bur. 16 Dec 1763 Croscombe?]

John Cannon relates that he trained James, son of a baker, to become an excise officer in Shepton Mallet division 1721. 'He was of a dull genius & very infirm being subject to an imposthume & asthma. However, he attained the business, was very careful, being settled at Chewton in the said county. And being seized with the smallpox he died thereof'. (Money p. 154).


1) Thomas Snook of Butleigh

Thomas was bound over to keep the peace after fighting with William May in June 1867.Possibly the Thomas Chr. 12 Oct 1823 East Pennard s.o.pauper Sarah Snook.

Seamer/Soemar – see Seymour

Sollway - Selway

Somerssee Summers


1) James Curtis Somerville b. 26 Dec 1807, s.o. James Somerville Fownes and Frances Ilbert, died 13 Jun 1876 Bath, bur. 17 Jun 1876 Dinder

James Somerville Fownes had adopted the surname Somerville in 1830 on the death of his uncle William Somerville and on his inheriting the latter's estate. While Emily was in Butleigh Wootton with Frances in 1851, # her husband and son Arthur were still at their estate of Dinder House. Frances or 'Fanny' married Henry Churchill Maxwell-Lyte on 3 Jan 1871 in Wells and she died in 1925.

1a) Arthur Fownes Somerville b. 23 Apr, Chr. 19 Jun 1850 (Jun Q 10/530 Wells) Dinder, barrister, died 21 Nov 1942 (Dec Q 5c/446 Wells)

In 1891 Harold was in quarantine with sick nurse at Dinder Cottage. He became a Capt. In the Regular Army, Rifle Brigade. Arthur's daughter Miss Marjorie Somerville, was a well known elocutionist who played the part of "Avalon" and spoke the Prologue at the famous "Butleigh Revel" of 1906. PHOTO Arthur, Ellen and Marjorie were the sole occupants of Dinder House PHOTO in 1911, plus 5 servants. Marjorie married the Rev. Geoffrey Lionel Porcher [Rector of Weston super Mare] in April 1918 in Wells – she died in 1966. They had two children Ruth F. (b. 1918 Wells) and Michael Somerville Porcher. (b. 1921 Axbridge – became Dep. Chief Secretary British Guiana) P


1) Robert Soote/Shoote junior, Street

Robert was responsible for bringing the legacy money to Butleigh for Stephen Steyning/Steaney (Stone) from 1694 and after Stephen's death in 1695. In 1696 the OOP paid 'expenses at Wells about Robert Soote'. Presumably he hadn't handed over the legacy money. There was a Soote tenement in Street in the 1770's

DD/S/BT/20/8/9 1] Thomas Tothill of Street, yeoman 2] John Cabble of Keinton Mandeville, yeoman Mortgage of Soots tenement and lands, Street. 1802.


1) Robert Southey -The poet laureate Robert Southey, whose brother Thomas was terribly wounded while serving on the Mars, composed an epitaph for the monument to Captain Alexander Hood later erected within the Butleigh church. [complete biography]

2) Mary Southey b. 1845 Halberton, Devon, housemaid, d.o. Mary Southey 71-72

In 1851 Mary had lived with her widowed mother Mary (b. 1806 Willington) in Halberton where she farmed 30 acres. She served at Butleigh Court in 1871. In 1881 she was the cook at the rectory in Mells and in 1891 she was a housekeeper and living in Commercial Road, Uffculme Devon, looking after her mother Mary, a pauper.

SowteSouthway, Sowthey

1) Richard Sowte Vicar of Butleigh 1575-1577 under the patronage of Christopher Symcockes. [bur. 23 Dec 1577 Baltonsborough]

As Richard Sowthway witnessed will of John Talbott 11 May 1540 and as Richard Sowthey witnessed the will of John Maister 1559. Almost certainly the father of Margaret Sowte who married William Oram/Orum on 12 Oct 1561 in Baltonsborough and whose son Humphrey Oram married Butleigh 19 Oct 1597 Maria Coward.


1) John Sparkes

In 1673 John Sparkes and his wife received Parish Relief (OOP)

2) William Sparkes [Spark] of Butleigh

In August 1768 the OOP paid 2/6d to William's wife in her necessity. In Nov 1770 she received wheat in her distress.

3) Margaret Sparks married Butleigh 13 Feb 1744 Isaac Lister?


1) Cecil Blair Sparrow b. 1860 Penn, Staffs

Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper 31 Dec 1893 recorded a daughter born 23 Dec at Apthorp, Boscombe , Bournemouth to the wife of Cecil Blair Sparrow.

Mary's father Cecil, classed as gentleman and landed proprietor, was a graduate of Temple college, Oxford,called to the Bar November 1884 and in 1891, shortly after his marriage, lived in the 'Court House' Somerton where he carried out his profession as brewer, hence the proximity to Butleigh. In the newspapers the birth-place of Mary was given as 83, Ounslow Gardens. However, the 1897 Kelly's Directory of Somerset has Charles B. Sparrow [mistake for Cecil?] as occupier of Corvyle in Wood lane.

In the Western Gazette 26 Jan 1900 there was the following curious advert: Iron House to be sold built by Humphreys, consisting of 3 rooms, lobby &c. Fitted throughout and match boarded. Two rooms 12 ft by 12 ft One 12 ft by 9 ft apply C. B. Sparrow, Butleigh. Colonel J. C. Humphrey, son of a village wheelwright at Steeple Bumpstead, Braintree, Essex, invented corrugated iron and built houses from the same. His own 'iron house' was demolished in 1960.

In 1901 the family, including Mary, lived in 'The Manor', Church Preen, Shropshire, where Cecil's family had previously lived for some decades. By 1911 Mary's mother was a widow (Cecil had died 1905) and they lived at Barnfield, Radbrook, Shropshire with three of Mary's younger siblings and five servants. Preen Manor was occupied by son Arthur. Mary married Eric John Hunter in 1928 (Dec Q 1a/1327 St. Martin, London) but he died 24 Feb 1931. They had no children.


1) James Spear b. 1816 Somerset, sawyer 41-12

This family lodged in Oddway in 1841 with Mary's parents. The family then seem to disappear - nfi.

2) George Spear Chr. 6 Jan 1811 Thorncoffin, dairyman, s.o. William and Ann 71-76

In 1841 'Emiline' Cox had been a servant in Bruton and George a labourer in Yeovil Marsh, with his parents. In 1861 the couple lived at Melbury Bubb, Dorset. George (59) and wife Emeley (50) lived with Mercy Cox (19) a servant (and niece) on Butleigh Hill in 1871. In 1881 George, a farmer, and Emmeline lived in Babcary.



1) Edward Spencer [Edward Chr. 11 Jun 1633 Baltonsborough s.o. Edward Spencer]?

2) J. Spencer

The OOP paid for a journey to Glastonbury to J. Spencer's then to Somerton with two riders with a summons to John Everdell, by order of Mr. Gould and Lord Glastonbury.

3) Thomas Spencer b. 1826 Watford, Northants, coachman 51W-39

Thomas was a servant in Holdenby in Northants in 1841 before taking up the post of coachman at Wootton House where he appeared in 1851. Nfi.

4) Henry Spenser b. 1836 Butleigh

Page at 23, Royal Crescent, Walcot, Bath in 1851 with John Davis # - nfi unless he is the Henry Spencer Chr. 21 Jul 1836 Backwell s.o. Thomas and Hannah Spencer.

5) Henry Spencer b. 1876 farm labourer s.o. William Spencer, d. 30 Aug, bur. 20 Sep 1948 Butleigh

Bessie might be the daughter (b. 1883 South Petherton) of Job and Mary Harding who lived at Clapton, Cucklington, Wincanton in 1911. Job was a farm carter but labourer on the wedding certificate. Henry Spencer is more difficult to find at the moment. The immediately previous marriage in the Butleigh register is of an Elsie Mary Medway (b. 1901 Jun Q 6a/205 Bristol) whose father was given as Henry Spencershe married Henry John Matthews on 23 Feb 1929 Butleigh. Henry was living at 67, Oddway at the time of his death.


1) Henry Spenderappears in the will of Edith Seymer 1566


1) Daniel Spillett Chr. 12 Nov 1820 Chartham, Kent, coachman & servant, s.o. Thomas Spillett and Jemima Brenchley, died 1900 (Mar Q 3a/4 Staines) 71W-85

In 1861 Daniel had worked at Bradbourne Mansion, Sevenoaks, Kent. This couple lived at the Lodge, Wootton House in 1871. Daniel stayed in the employ of the Hood family and in 1881 was coachman to Amelia A. Hood at Pinewood, Tormohan Devon while his wife Priscilla remained in Wootton looking after the empty Wootton House. In 1911 the widowed 83 year old Phyllis lived at 'The Haven' Charlton rd, Shepperton, Penshurst Kent with her 60 years old spinster sister Maria Butcher.


1) Alice Spitter Chr. 16 Aug 1890 (Dec Q 5c/439 Wells) Butleigh, d.o. James and Elizabeth (nee Sheppard) Spitter

Alice was born in Glastonbury, Christened and died the same day. Her parents lived at 29, Northload Street, Glastonbury, in 1890 and had several mature children. In 1901 they were at 69, Chilkwell Street.


1) Thomas Splott bur. 30 Sep 1666 Butleigh

Mary as a widow paid the rates from 1673 to 1702. Thomas paid the rate thereafter.

DD/S/BT/4/5/13 - 1] John Webb of Butleigh 2] Thomas Splott of Butleigh, husbandman Lease for lives of Millclose (40a) where windmill stood, in the West field north of highway from Marshall's Elm to Charlton and 6a are inclosed near Wickhams Cross in West field abutting Date: 1660.

DD/S/BT/7/5/1 - 1] Thomas Splott of Butleigh, yeoman and Mary Splott of Butleigh, widow 2] Richard Grimsted the elder of Baltonsborough Feoffment of three closes called Easthill (40a) in Butleigh Wootton.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1671 - 1672.

DD/S/BT/4/5/31 1] Katherine Webb and son John 2] John Bishop of Butleigh, yeoman Lease for lives of 1a near Splotts house and 1a at Sower Down in West field, Butleigh. Rent 6d.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1693 - 1694.

1a) Thomas Splott bur. 14 Dec 1721 Butleigh

Thomas mentioned in the churchwardens accounts for killing a hedgehog in 1699. A child of Thomas Splott is recorded as being buried in 1692 Butleigh (OOP). Thomas paid the rates from 1703-1721. Late Thomas Splott in 1722. He laid out 2 shillings in 1695 for a warrant for two waywardens to take their office (OOP). He was Overseer in 1714.

2) Susanna Splot of Butleigh married William Kelway in Somerton 12 Mar 1721 (Phill.)


1) Thomas Sprackett [s.o. Robert and Mary (nee Somers) Sprackett?] [d. 26, bur 30 Dec 1769 Stoke sub Hamdon?]

In 1750-51 Thomas provided 6 ton or more of tiles for the church roof during the rebuilding. A Thomas and Mary in Stoke Sub Hamdon were having children 1748 - 1763. One was a Betty Chr. 18 Jun 1753 – replacement for the above?


1) William Sprague b. 1828 Gittisham, Devon, gardener

In 1851 this couple lived in Whitchurch, Devon with a two month old daughter Elizabeth, born there. This daughter presumably died. The William born in Butleigh was probably the one who died in 1859 (Mar Q 1a/95 Chelsea). In 1861 William and Elizabeth lived in 5, Mill Place, Chelsea South, Middlesex and were still there in 1871 with son William and daughter Elizabeth..


1) Elizabeth Sprat

Before Easter 1727 an Elizabeth Rowley's maids (daughters) were carried to West Pennard by John Difford for the OOP. In 1741 the OOP paid for William Periam making Elizabeth Sprats grave. The OOP paid for her shroud, ringing the bell, brandy and carrying her to church. This was Elizabeth Rowley # als Sprat buried 2 Dec 1740 Butleigh.


1) Sarah Sprenton married Butleigh 1 Jan 1741 Joseph Higgins #


[Spirlick, Spurluck]

1) Alice Spurlock widow bur. 7 Aug 1600 Butleigh

2) Joanna Spurlock d.o. Hugh Chr. 4 Feb 1601 Butleigh

3) William Spurlock s.o. Henry Chr. 10 Mar 1604 Butleigh

4) Henry Sporlick

In Jan 1787 Henry was issued with a warrant for his examination. A Henry and Martha [nee Hill] Spurlock [married 2 Oct 1777 West Pennard] had a daughter Sarah Chr. 24 Jun 1787 Glastonbury St. John.

5) James Spirleck b. 1792 Butleigh, labourer, bur. 25 Aug 1866 (Sep Q 5c/355 Wells - Spurlock) Butleigh 41-12, 51-34, 61-58

A James Spurlick received 2 guineas from the OOP for the local [militia service?] in Feb 1813.

In the Parish Records it is recorded that James and family were 'received into the church' on 17 Aug 1823 which may explain why Mary Ann was Christened twice? - her life may have been precarious at birth and she was baptised as a precaution. In Jan 1827 the OOP paid relief to James' wife in her illness. In the rate assessment of 1827/8 James paid rates on a cottage with 'another'.

In 1841 Mary Ann was a servant aged '15' at the house of Jonah Connock in Water Lane. Mary appeared as a servant at Redlake Farm, Hartlake, Glastonbury in 1851 and is probably the Mary Ann Spurlock of Butleigh who married widowed labourer John Howell (b. 1811 Bruton) in 1866 (Sep Q 5c/891 Wells). They lived in Wells and she occurred there on censuses up to 1891. Mary Ann died in 1895 (Mar Q 5c/421 Wells). She could be the Mary Ann Spurlock whose second illegitimate child John aged 2 years and seven months was scalded to death in an accident whilst his mother was washing (at Mrs. Wilton's, Wells) – {Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser 14 Dec 1864]

James was a widower when he married Maria Hodges. In 1841 James and Mary lived alone in Oddway but in 1851 they lived at Back House in Back Street and finally in 1861 in the High Street. Maria died in 1861 and James in 1866.

5a) John Spurlock Chr. 22 Mar 1821 Butleigh, labourer, died 1901 (Sep Q 2a/221 Kingston) 41-10, 51-38, 61-61 PHOTO

Mary Ann Talbott gave her father's name as John Lovell (stone cutter) at her marriage and she was 'under age' at the time, though she had already given birth to Eliza.

John Spirlick (15) was a lodger/visitor at No. 12, High Street in 1841, the home of William Hockey. He married Mary Ann Talbott in 1843 and in 1851 they were to be found at 49, Back Street with their children Eliza, Harriet and Sarah Ann. Lodging with them were Mary Ann's mother Jane Talbot (48), unmarried, and William (23) her brother. Jane was previously in Sealy's Row and William a manservant in the village.

In 1861 John (40) and wife Mary Ann (38) lived with daughters Harriet, Sarah Ann and Fanny plus sons Sidney, William and Frank. Lodging with them again was Mary Ann's mother Jane Talbot (58) .

Eliza had a son Sidney born in 1866 in Aberdeen. She married cordwainer John Thomas (b. 1836 Newtown, Montgom.) in 1867 (Sep Q 1a/1068 Marylebone) and they thereafter lived in Marylebone from 1871 to 1881.

Harriet married Edmund Buttery in 1870 (Mar Q 1a/751 Marylebone) and they lived in Kensington - she was widowed by 1901 but still on the census in 1911 living at 158, Kingston Rd., New Malden Surrey together with her mother Mary Ann Spurlock (89)and spinster sister Alice Spurlock.

In 1871 Mary A. Spurlock (48) lived with Sidney, Frank and three new daughters; Ann b. 1864, Alice b. 1866 and Emily. Jane Talbot described as 'mother' was aged 77. Sidney was oddly given a birthplace in Kent. When the family later moved to Stogursey he too went with them and married a local girl, Sarah Jane Venn in 1877 (Jun Q 5c/433 Williton) and lived in Back Street Cottage there in 1881 with son Henry. In 1901 Sidney and Sarah lived in Fairfield Lodge (belonging to the Acland-Hoods) Strington, Somerset. Sidney was buried in Stogursey on 9 Nov 1920 while his wife Sarah died of the flu' and was buried Stogursey 5 Dec 1918.

Mary's husband John had lodged in Stogursey, St. Andrew St. in 1871 where it seems he had found work. Then the Spurlock family, John, Mary plus Alice and Emily, moved to Castle Street, Stogursey by 1881. In 1891 John and Mary lived alone at 15, Fox, Purton, Wilts. - 'on their own means'.

Mary and John finally settled in New Malden, Surrey 'living on their own means' by 1901.

Sarah Ann married a messenger, Edwin Johnson, in 1870 (Sep Q 1a/1009 Marylebone) and they lived in London at 27, Parliament St., Westminster together with her sister Annie and brother William. #

Alice Spurlock went to live with her brother William in Fenchurch Street, London by 1891, by which time he was married to Agnes Miles (b. Surrey) [1888 (Mar Q 1a/537 St. George, Hanover Sq.)] and had two sons. In 1901 William was at 70, Gracechurch St., All Hallows, City of London. In 1911 he lived at 168/170 Fenchurch St., London EC with his wife and three sons.

Annie married Frank Matthews in 1888 (Dec Q 5a/87 Cricklade) and they lived in Paddington where they were visited by their nephew William Spurlock (18) in 1901. In 1911 they lived at 31, Hormead Rd., Maida Hill, Paddington with their three sons.

Frank became a railway porter and lodged at 11, Gooch St., Swindon in 1881. He married Lucy Payne from Kilve in 1882 (Mar Q 5a/22 Highworth, Wilts). By 1891 they had five children and lived at 2, Queens Terrace, Swindon. Frank was still a porter. By 1901 he was a railway inspector and lived at 14, Station Road East, Swindon with six of his children.

Emily seems to have married Albert Sutton # c. 1885 and they appear in Purton Wilts from 1891 – 1911 having had 9 children – but no marriage found.

6) Martha Spurlock b. April/May 1850, bur. 15 Oct 1850 Butleigh - possibly an illegitimate daughter of Mary Ann Spurlock (the only candidate that fits)?

7) Mary Spurlock b. April/May 1850, bur. 13 Mar 1851 (Mar Q 10/387 Wells) Butleigh - from Wells Union Workhouse - twin of last? Neither birth seems recorded.

8) Mary Spirlick b. 1804, bur. 12 Sep 1827 Butleigh - a sister of James (1)?


1) John Spurryer senior Will 17 Dec 1570, pr. 17 Jul 1571 [Somerset Record Society (SRS) volume 62]

Witnesses to the will: William Locke, Thomas Coke and Philip Hobbs.

1a) John Spurryer bur. 30 Nov 1626 Butleigh

John received Poor relief in 1613

1b) Nicholas Spurrier bur. 5? Feb 1615 Butleigh

Elizabeth married Butleigh 4 Oct 1631 Edward Ewens


1) Robert Squibb

A Joanne Squibb received Poor relief in 1613 who may have been Robert's mother?

C 6/150pt2/93 Short title: Squibb v Gonge. Plaintiffs: Robert Squibb. Defendants: Richard Gonge, Dorothy Gonge his wife , John Browneing, Anne Browneing his wife , John Smith, Dorothy Smith his wife and others. Subject: property in Butleigh, and East Pennard, Somerset. Document type: answer only. 1655

1a) Richard Squibb Chr. 6 Jan 1634 Butleigh ?


1) Laurentius Squier

2) Henry Squire died 1685?

Henry paid rates from 1673-1685 and then the rate was 'Late Prudence Squire'.

Will of Prudence Squire January 1684 Copy [DD/S/BT5/6/20 Talbot] on parchment of that date with inventory & probate annexed Whereby (amongst other things) she gave and bequeathed unto Sarah Rugg and Prudence Rugg daughters of Thomas Rugg of Butleigh their exec. Advisors and assignes her mead ground lying in the mead of Butleigh aforesaid called & known by the name of Black Thorne equally between them

DD/S/BT/5/6/31 1] Robert Talbot and Edmund Hole 3] Henry Squier of Somerton, blacksmith Assignment of Blackthorne (1.5a) in Butleigh. Rent 2s. [Tied together with DD/S/BT/5/6/2 and 5/6/4]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1671.

DD/S/BT/5/6/4 1] Henry Squier 2] Prudence Squier Assignment of Buckthorne (1.5a) in Butleigh. Rent 2s. [Last three documents tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1673.

2a) John Squire senior died 1723? - probably the Squire bur. 9 Nov 1724 Butleigh with missing forename

In 1693 an order for removal was made against John Squire and his family (OOP). Joane Squire mentioned as supplying oil for the church bells in 1689 and John mentioned in 1703-10 as witness to the churchwardens accounts and killing a hedgehog. John paid rates from 1703-23, from 1718 jointly with his son John. In 1716 he received rents for tenants Atwool, Bakehouse, Parker and Symcockes from the OOP. He was Overseer in 1713.

A John and Jane Squire are recorded as having children in Somerton from 1698 – 1709. The son John was presumably born prior to 1698.

DD/S/BT/11/2/3 1] James Samson of Podimore Milton, yeoman 2] John Squier of Somerton, carpenter Assignment of 3a wood above Nodway, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1708.

DD/S/BT/5/7/3 1] Jacob Meaker of Barton St. David, husbandman and wife Mary daughter of Robert Stone decd, John Warman of Barton St. David, husbandman and wife Elizabeth daughter of Robert Stone decd 2] John Squier the elder of Butleigh, broadweaver Assignment of 5yds Date: 1716.

2a1) John Squire shoemaker, bur. 23 May 1766 Butleigh

John paid rates in his own name from 1724 – 1765. He appears in the churchwarden's accounts supplying leather and work in the church. John appears in the OOP accounts providing shoes for the poor – e.g. 1738/9. He was Overseer in 1742. In 1746/47 John Squire made a pair of shoes for John Parker and John Squire waited on the Somerton justices with John Andrews. He was churchwarden in 1746/7. His rent was paid in 1751-52. In Dec 1764 Mary was paid for going to Somerton and Wells with Ann Bagwell (OOP). In May 1772 Mary received relief in her necessity and was paid until Feb 1775.

Mary married Richard Sheate 9 Feb 1747 and Betty married John Lucas of Butleigh. Elizabeth Squire of Butleigh married William Glendining in Somerton on 16 Apr 1746 (Phill.)

DD\BR\Ho/19 3 cottages 'abutting against the Streate... [and] the garden belonging... to the ancient house formerly called Clappes', with land in East Field, purchased from Clapp by Squiar family of Butleigh. Marriage settlement, John Squiar, jun., of Butleigh and Elizabeth Browning, 1715.

DD/S/BT/5/7/6 - 1] William Fisher, his wife Ann and sons William of Somerton, husbandman and James of Butleigh, tallow chandler 2] John Squier the younger of Butleigh Assignment of Casway Close (2a) in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1717.

DD/S/BT/5/7/9/ - 1] Mary Squier of Butleigh widow of John 2] Richard Sheate of Butleigh, yeoman and wife Mary daughter of John Squier by first wife Elizabeth Browning 3] Betty Lucas of Butleigh widow of John and daughter of John Squier and Elizabeth Browning Assignment Date: 1766.

DD/S/BT/5/7/10 - Letters of administration of property of John Squier decd granted to his widow Mary.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1766.

3) Lilian Sarah Squires b. 30 Dec 1888, Chr. 31 Mar 1889 (Mar Q 5c/496 Wells) Butleigh d.o. Edward and Eliza Ann Squires

Lilian lived with her parents in 1891 at Deansgrove, Wimborne Minster, Dorset. Her father was a groom. In 1901 they lived at Organford, Lytchett Minster, Dorset where her father was both groom and gardener.

St. John

1) Rev. John Seymour St. John B.A. b. 1849 Batton Hall, Worcester, s.o. George and Mariann St. John, d. 1922 (Jun Q 6a/637 Bromyard, Hereford) aged 74

John's father was Rector of St Michael's, Worcester. John received his B.A. From Emmanuel College, Cambridge and in May 1872 was ordained Deacon by the Bishop of Winchester. In June 1873 he was at St. Paul's Cosham, Hants., in Sep 1875 ordained priest by the Bishop of Llandaff and in Mar 1879 preferred to the curacy of Walton-in-Gordano. In Dec 1880 was curate at Grittleton, Wilts.,and in Dec 1884 to Wheatley. He was preferred to the curacy of Butleigh in 1887 [16 December 1887 Western Gazette]. By the census of 1891 he was vicar in Hackney, London and in 1895 became curate of St. Thomas', Stamford Hill.


A) Sir Richard Staceyappears in the will of Johan Gregory 2nd Oct 1550

1) Thomas Stase [presumably died post 1677 in the PR gap]

Ruth married Butleigh 30 Oct 1662 Edward Larkam while Alice married 13 may 1664 John Parratt

DD/S/BT/6/2/2-3 - 1] Thomas Symcockes of Butleigh 2] Thomas Stacey of Butleigh and daughters Ruth and Alice Lease for lives of a triangular plot in the street of Butleigh 54ft by 54 ft by 60 ft with highways on the north-east and south-west. Rent 8d. Endorsed with 1652 Date: 1650.

2) Thomas Stacey b. 1800 Wincanton, farmer, died 1866 (Jun Q 5c/363 Wincanton). 61-54

In 1851 the Stacey family had farmed in Queen Camel. Thomas' wife Tryphena's had died in 1855. Thomas was the widowed father-in-law of George Gare of Lower Hill Farm and was visiting him and his wife Tryphena in 1861. Thomas died in 1866. #

3) William Leaker Stacey Chr. 9 Jan 1833 Curry Rivel, carpenter, s.o. William and Mary Stacey, bur 26 Jul 1879 (Sep Q 5c/315) Butleigh 51W-39, 61-47, 71-80

In 1851 William was an apprentice carpenter living with Joseph Grant at Butleigh Wootton on the Glastonbury Road while Martha lived with her father, a farmer at Marshall's Elm. They married in 1856.

In 1861 William (28), a carpenter, lived with his wife Martha and children John, William and Mary on 'Glaston Road'.

In 1871 at 28, High Street, William operated the Carpenters Shop and they had three more children. William died in July 1879 aged 46. Just before he died he advertised for a young man to employ as wheelwright [Western Gazette 23 May and 18 Jul 1879]. On 19 Sep 1879 the Western gazette carried an advert for the sale of all the wheelwright and carpenter's equipment 'by order of Mrs Stacy who is about to leave the premises'. In Sep 1880 an advert was for a position as Carpenter and wheelwright by a young man looking for a permanent position.

Mary Long was a servant at Cleddy Lodge, Camrose, Pembrokeshire (home of M. W. Owen JP) in 1881 but was in Chelsea, 41, Cadogan Square, in 1891, ladysmaid to Henry James, barrister, MP. She married George King in 1899 (Jun Q 1b/506 Islington) and appears on the 1901 census as a visitor at the Wright household, Frome Park, Donhead St. Andrews, Wilts. In 1911 and childless they were apartment house keepers living at 28, Run Ave., Eastbourne.

Caroline was an under housemaid in Hereford Gardens, Bond Street, Hanover Sq., London in 1881 (house of Philip C. Hardwick JP). In 1891 she was a ladysmaid alongside her sister Alice (a cook) at 28, Belgrave Sq., London, home of Robert Carew. In 1901 Caroline and Alice were still in service with Robert Carew. In 1909 (Dec Q 1d/1134 Wandsworth) Caroline Eliza Stacey married order room clerk William Wilfred Nicholls and in 1911 they lived at 23 Willcott Rd., Aston, Brentford with a 6 month old son Robert (Caroline aged 42). Alice however remained in service with Robert Carew as cook and appears on the 1911 census at 28, Belgrave Square.

In 1881 Martha Stacey (48), widow, lived in Butleigh with her children John (23), William (22), Fred (12), Harry (10) and Alice Emily (8) and Nellie (Ellen).

Martha and Ellen lived in Curry Rivel by 1891 (next to Charles Stacey, - her brother-in-law?) and Martha died in 1899.

John was a carpenter lodging in Broadmayne, Dorset (1891 - 1901).

William was a carpenter and married Bessie Horsey in 1885 (Dec Q 5c/697 Wells) and they lived in West Street, Somerton in 1891.

Fred lodged at 28, High Street, Butleigh between 1891 - 1901 and didn't marry until 1902 (Jun Q 5c/623 Langport). He appears with his wife Emily Gardiner and daughter Gwendoline (b. 1909 Glastonbury) on the 1911 census at 38, High Street Glastonbury, profession motor engineer..

Harry, a painter and plumber lodged in 1891 at 51, Walton St., Chelsea, London and in 1901 lodged at Bailey Hill, Castle Cary with his unmarried aunt (?) Jane Stacey (b. 1847 Bruton). He seems to have been an enthusiastic cyclist and in one race in the Wells Athletic Sports day causing a pile up when he collided with two other cyclists! [Bristol Mercury 24 May 1893]

Ann was visiting her aunt and uncle (Miller) in Street in 1871. She was still with them in 1881 (Millard). In 1901 as 'Annie' she was the cook at Park Place, Remenham, Berkshire and married coachman John Bowyel Dumbleton in 1908 (Sep Q 1a/1021 St. George Hanover Sq.). In 1911 they lived at Park Place, Henley on Thames, Berks..

4) Harriett Stacey Chr. 27 Mar 1831 Charlton Musgrove, ladies maid, d.o. George and Mary Stacey 61W-63

Harriett worked at Wootton House in 1861. Her father was a labourer. Nfi but may have married.


1) Alfred Evelyn Staley b. 28 Mar 1854 Downe Lodge, Wandsworth, judge, s.o. Thomas Nettelship and Catherine Staley, d. 1926 (Dec Q 5c/389 Langport) Keinton Mandeville

Alfred's father was a schoolmaster who became Bishop of Honolulu, where Alfred then spent three years before being schooled in Concord New Hampshire. He entered the Indian Civil Service in 1873 and went to India in 1875, returning to England by 1886. He visited his aunt and uncle in Plympton, Devon for health reasons and met their the orphaned Mary MacKinnon who, together with her two sister lived with their uncle Lachlan MacKinnon. After marriage Alfred and his wife returned to India in Jan 1889, as a Judge at Cuttack Their first child, a son, was born in Cuttack. Alfred returned to England in August 1889 with appendicitis plus wife and child but was back in India in 1890 where he became judge at Bachergunge for four years. Dorothea was born in 1892 and a son Christopher in 1893. The family returned to England in 1894 then back to India in 1897. Christopher died in New Brighton in 1898. Alfred bought Coombe Hill Farm [Barton St. David, Keinton Mandeville] in 1901 and returned to India as a judge in 1903 finally retiring in August 1906. In 1901 Dorothea lived in Ilfracome with her mother and her mother's relatives.

He must have been well acquainted with Robert Neville Grenville since he took a similar interest in fish farming and fruit growing. In his 'Journal' on-line he states, regarding Coombe Hill Farm:

The stables were built onto the old harness room in 1905, and the garden walls built in 1906 by Jas Cox & Son. The fishpond in the spring orchard was made by Trippick of Butleigh in the summer of 1906. The fishpond south west of the house was also made by him in the spring of 1907. The warmest things in the spring orchard and the Bramley seedling ... the garden wall were planted in 1902 by March of Keinton.

On 27 Feb 1908 Alfred mentioned meeting Robert Neville Grenville at Wincanton, East Somerset Unionist Association Meeting. In April he turned 8,000 brown trout into the river Brue (the previous year 23,000 and 1000 yearlings – no doubt the Butleigh fishponds and RNG had some connection).

Dorothea took part in the Butleigh Revel in 1906 as the 'Head Girl' of Taunton School, who presented a sword to Monmouth – she was probably a pupil of the Rev. Berkeley at Butleigh Vicarage at the time. In 1908 she went to Paris for three months to learn French. Dorothea's mother died in 1915 of breast cancer and her son died in action in 1916. Dorothea married 31 Jul 1917 (Sep Q 1a/916 Chelsea) Valentine Waymouth Stocker, a Lieutenant in the New Zealand Field Artillery. He received the MC in France and after the War they emigrated to New Zealand where a son was born 12 Dec 1918 – Francis Hugh. Alfred trained as a mechanic from 1916 and set up his own garage. He married again in 1919.


1) James Jacob Stanford coachman, b. 1870 (Mar Q 2b/316 Horsham, Sussex), s.o. James and Frances Stanford, d. 24 Apr 1914 (Jun Q 5c/508 Shepton Mallet) Butleigh

James appears on the 1871 census in Gun Burn, Horsham with his parents and two sisters. In 1901 he was at Longfields Stables, Mortlake, Richmond with his wife and father-in-law but no children. Absent from the 1911 census, the couple had children before 1911 since James' gravestone refers to him as 'our dear father'. At his death James was living at 15, Victoria Grove, Shepton Mallet.


1) Arthur M Stanley Played an Anciant Briton in the Butleigh Revel of 1906. An Arthur M. Stanley b. 1891 Chelsea, s.o. Arthur R. Stanley?


1) George Starkiss, gardener Chr. 18 Mar 1838 (Mar Q 6/475 Hertford) Stapleford s.o. Thomas and Sarah (nee Ackers) Starkiss, died 23 Aug 1899 Addington

George Starkiss was born 1838, s.o. Thomas (b. 1805 Stapleford, Herts) and Sarah Starkiss (b. 1809 Bengeo) and in 1841/51 they lived in Bengeo Hertfordshire – George had a sister Harriet. In 1851 both the son and father were Agricultural Labourers. In 1861 George was a lodger in Cheshunt and his occupation was given as 'gardener' [name misread as Hackiss!] and in 1863 married Ellen/Eleanor.

George and Eleanor (Ellen) had a daughter Sarah before their next two daughters were Christened in Butleigh in 1866 and 1870. They left for New Zealand aboard the “Charlotte Gladstone” on 5 Nov 1870 and arrived 30 Jan 1871. One of his descendants Mike Brown was in possession of two watercolours (P) which were presented to the family as a leaving present when they left Butleigh. The paintings have now returned home to Butleigh Court.

In 1885 George was mentioned in Guide to Christchurch, NZ, as a curator of of the gardens at Hagley Park, where he had worked for some 13 years. On August 23 1899 at Bright's Road Addington New Zealand a George Starkiss died aged 61 (i.e. born 1838). See note below about George Starkiss, Hagley Park and the introduction of Trout to New Zealand.

Of George and Eleanor's daughters;

Sarah Starkiss married George Herbert Hepworth on 2 Oct 1888 Addington. He was a pharmacist and his premises known as the Hepworth Building (now called Steeles Bldg) was situated at 166, The Square Palmerston North, built in 1917.

Harriet never married but has the following entry in the Cyclopedia of New Zealand (Canterbury Provincial District) – Primary Schools.

'Harriet E. Starkiss Headmistress of the Infant Department of the Gloucester Street School, Canterbury, New Zealand, is a native of Butleigh, Somersetshire, England. Arriving in the Colony with her parents at a tender age, Miss Starkiss was educated at West Christchurch school, where she served a term of five years as a pupil-teacher. Obtaining a D certificate after one year's training at the Normal School, she became assistant-mistress in the infant department at West Christchurch, and after serving there for three and a half years, was transferred to Waltham school in 1891 as infant mistress. In December, 1894, Miss Starkiss was appointed to the position she holds at Gloucester Street school. She is a member of the North Canterbury Branch of the New Zealand Educational Institute, and has made a study of Kindergarten work, which she teaches in the school. Before undergoing her training at the Normal School, Miss Starkiss matriculated at Canterbury College.' She died in 1911.

Mary Ellen (called 'Nellie') married Mr. Thomas Gibson McGallan (b. 1867 Glasgow) on 5 May 1890, a school teacher who had emigrated to New Zealand in 1874. They had nine children. One of these children. Olga Prudence (b. c. 1898), married Reginald Brown (b. 1895), and their son Mike (b. 1941) owned the two watercolours mentioned above. He kindly allowed me to purchase them and return them to Butleigh Court.

Clara Starkiss married Frederick Henry Walter East on 15 Jun 1899. His family ran a well-known bookshop in Christchurch.

Fanny - On the 23rd Feb 1897 the results of the teachers examinations was published in the Wellington Star and a Fanny Starkiss passed in South Canterbury – she also appeared in the passes for North Canterbury on 23 Feb 1898. Fanny married a Frederick Alfrey on 14 Jun 1900.

Note: In 1864 the Canterbury Acclimatization Society was formed and part of Hagley Park given over to them for the introduction of foreign birds, fish and flora. The first attempt to introduce trout in 1867 into the specially built ponds failed but partial success was achieved in 1868 and 1869 and in subsequent years the breeding program thrived. George Starkiss was employed by the Society as the curator of these gardens (from 1871/2) and besides George's link with Butleigh, there may well be a link between Butleigh and the trout purchased by the Society in Tasmania (Hobart) for breeding in New Zealand. Trout were bred in Butleigh but when it began is uncertain though Robert Neville Grenville was known to have been breeding trout as a schoolboy at Eton in the 1850's. Rainbow trout were introduced to Blagdon reservoir lake in 1904 (the year after it was first filled) – supplied by Robert Neville-Grenville of Butleigh. In 1906 the SS Maori arrived in Dunedin carrying a consignment of Brown trout ova from Blagdon Lake of which 85% survived – considered a great success – this trout Butleigh link may be worth further investigation.


1) James Starks of Butleigh

Mentioned in a case of wilful damage in Baltonsborough on 6th Feb 1883 reported in the Western Gazette 2 Mar 1883. The only candidate was b. 1827 Shroton Dorset, labourer in a paper mill in 1881 and living at Tor St., Wells. No sign of him thereafter.


1) Symon Starrmentioned in the will of Edith Burdome in 1571

Steam/Steaneysee under Steyning


1) William Steel b. 1827 Uppingham, Rutland, time keeper

In 1871 Sarah was a cook in St. George's Hanover Sq and already a widow. In 1881 Sarah lived in St. George's Hanover Square with husband and three children, the oldest Mary/May b. 1876 Chelsea. William was a widower when he married Sarah who was herself a widow. In 1891 as Sarah Steele she and her husband lived with and worked for a Frances Pole at 3, Knightsbridge, Westminster. Their three teenage children lived with them.

By 1901 Sarah was widowed again and worked as cook for Ralph Neville (b. 1849 Esher) Barrister at Law. So far her maiden name hasn't been traced nor her first marriage. [see also under Young]


1) John Steelman/Stilman Chr. 9 Aug 1782 Mark, s.o. William and Ann Stilman.

John paid 13 weeks bastardy pay in 1815. His child was Jane Baker Chr. 25 Dec Butleigh 1814 d.o Mary Baker. In Dec 1814 the OOP paid for a journey to Somerton and to South Brent to serve John Steelman with a warrant by order of Mr. Gould and Mr. Welch. A further journey with Mary Baker to swear to the father of her child. In Sep 1815 the OOP paid for a journey to Somerton with a summons for John for arrears in bastardy and to South Brent to serve him the warrant. A further summons issued in May 1816.

William Stilman Chr. 30 Jan 1749 Mark married 3 Jul 1781 Ann Dool in South Brent. They had 9 children in South Brent and two in Mark. Their son John married Joanna Gooden Chr. 4 Oct 1778 of Compton Dundon in Compton on 9 Apr 1804. John appears to have been tried for rape in the summer of 1806 but the charges dropped. He and Joanna had two sons; John Chr. 10 Oct 1808 and James 25 Dec 1810 in Compton Dundon. Mary Baker's father was born in Brent Knoll [East Brent] in 1749 and possibly that is how they came to know John Steelman, a family link? Just as Mark is 3.5 miles from Brent, Compton Dundon is 1 miles from Butleigh. John Steelman appears with his wife in South Brent on the 1841 - 1861 censuses they and must have gone there in 1814 to avoid the Overseers trying to get money out of John.

His younger brother George Steelman b. 1796 [Chr. 10 Dec 1793] South Brent was in Ilchester prison in 1823 and sentenced to death for highway robbery – Exeter Flying Post 17 Apr 1823 – subsequently hanged. Of 33 prisoners sentenced to death only he was hanged - because he used violence when assaulting John Lucas near Compton Down [robbed him of a silver watch worth 13/6d - executed 23 April 1823 buried same day].1) John Steelman/Stilman Chr. 9 Aug 1782 Mark, s.o. William and Ann Stilman.

John paid 13 weeks bastardy pay in 1815. His child was Jane Baker Chr. 25 Dec Butleigh 1814 d.o Mary Baker. In Dec 1814 the OOP paid for a journey to Somerton and to South Brent to serve John Steelman with a warrant by order of Mr. Gould and Mr. Welch. A further journey with Mary Baker to swear to the father of her child. In Sep 1815 the OOP paid for a journey to Somerton with a summons for John for arrears in bastardy and to South Brent to serve him the warrant. A further summons issued in May 1816.

William Stilman Chr. 30 Jan 1749 Mark married 3 Jul 1781 Ann Dool in South Brent. They had 9 children in South Brent and two in Mark. Their son John married Joanna Gooden Chr. 4 Oct 1778 of Compton Dundon in Compton on 9 Apr 1804. John appears to have been tried for rape in the summer of 1806 but the charges dropped. He and Joanna had two sons; John Chr. 10 Oct 1808 and James 25 Dec 1810 in Compton Dundon. Mary Baker's father was born in Brent Knoll [East Brent] in 1749 and possibly that is how they came to know John Steelman, a family link? Just as Mark is 3.5 miles from Brent, Compton Dundon is 1 miles from Butleigh. John Steelman appears with his wife in South Brent on the 1841 - 1861 censuses they and must have gone there in 1814 to avoid the Overseers trying to get money out of John.

His younger brother George Steelman b. 1796 [Chr. 10 Dec 1793] South Brent was in Ilchester prison in 1823 and sentenced to death for highway robbery – Exeter Flying Post 17 Apr 1823 – subsequently hanged. Of 33 prisoners sentenced to death only he was hanged - because he used violence when assaulting John Lucas near Compton Down [robbed him of a silver watch worth 13/6d - executed 23 April 1823 buried same day].



1) Widow Stensonpaid rates in 1673 – she occupied Hyland (OOP)



A) John Steven

C 3/217/59 Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings, Series II, Elizabeth I to Interregnum. Short title: Steven v Brodripp. Plaintiffs: John Steven. Defendants: William Brodripp. Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset . Document type: bill, answer. 1587

1) Bartholomew Stevens

Held property on which rates were paid in 1696 listed as Late Bartholomew Stevens (OOP). Not a Butleigh name, a Bartholomew Stevens lived in High Ham and with wife Joane had two daughters there in the 1640's. No record of his death but then if it was in Butleigh it would fall in the PR gap.

2) Grace Stevens

An arrest warrant issued concerning Grace Steven's base child in 1712 (OOP). Another PR gap person – possibly a daughter of the last.

3) William Stevens Chr. 25 Dec 1830 Kingweston, s.o. George and Grace Stevens 41K-20, 51K-43, 61K-68, 71K-89, 81K-108, 91K-128, 01K-146

William was a blacksmith in Kingweston. In 1881 Susan, from the extensive Stevens family clan served at Butleigh Court and in 1884 she married John William Smith 16 Dec 1884 (Dec Q 5c/735 Langport) Kingweston. They lived at Ballard Lodge, Addington, Surrey in 1891 where John Smith was a butler.

4) John Stevens b. 18 Apr, Chr. 14 May 1809 Chard, blacksmith, s.o. James and Ann Stevens, died 1898 (Mar Q 5c/427 Wells)

John Stevens was a blacksmith in Curry Mallet in 1841. By 1851 John Henry jnr was called Henry and apprenticed as a carpenter to William Stagg in Sutton Mallet. By 1861 three of John's sons had moved to Butleigh Wootton with Andrew serving as an apprentice to Henry. In 1871 another son George lodged with Henry as a carpenter. The parents, Mary and John lived in Meare by 1891, both in their 80s.

4a) Henry John Stevens Chr. 14 Mar 1833 High Ham, wheelwright, d. 29 Oct, bur. 2 Nov 1912 (Dec Q 5c/535 Wells) Butleigh 61W-65, 71W-85, 81W-105, 91W-116, 01W-142 (see John Henry)

Henry and Harriet moved into Butleigh Wootton by 1861 with brother Andrew as an apprentice, and in 1871 ran the Carpenter's shop with brother George. In 1881 Harriett who was 12 years older than Henry must have been ill and they had a nurse in attendance - she died soon after the census. Henry married the next year and by 1891 Henry listed himself as a 'retired builder'. In 1895 in an advert in the Western Gazette 22 Nov 1895 he was to be contacted by interested persons in the letting of Broadway Farm tenanted by H. H. Swanton [the latter retained the tenancy]. He appears in Kelly's Directory of 1897 as assistant estate manager, Wootton.

Frances Aquilla Howe was a servant in the service of Mr. Walter Wyburn of Woolavington, late of Butleigh. She was a native of Butleigh and on 27 April 1885 bought for her master a quart of cider from Henry Stephens, carpenter, of Butleigh – the latter having no licence to sell cider. Stephens implied that he had been set up since the cider was sold by his wife of unsound mind and that Wyburn wanted revenge for his having felt cheated on the allowance made on his farm when he left Butleigh. Stephens was agent to Sir A. Hood. Stephens was fined £1 and notice drawn to the attention of Sir. A. Hood [Western Gazette 12 Jun 1885]

In 1901 Henry and Caroline lived alone, next door to the Rayes family – then Caroline died in 1908. In 1911 John Henry lived at 4 Butleigh Wootton with his grand-nephew Basil Lewis Rayes (33) and his wife Caroline Rayes (38).

4b) Simeon Robbins Stevens Chr. 10 Jan 1836 Buckland St. Mary, abode Curry Mallet, blacksmith, d. 2 Dec, bur. 6 Dec 1927 Butleigh 61W-63, 71W-85, 81W-105, 91W-116, 01W-142

Simeon and Rachel may have been in Butleigh Wootton from the time of their marriage. In 1861 Simeon lived there with his wife, daughter Emily and mother-in-law Elizabeth Perkins from Curry Mallet. In 1871 he ran the Blacksmith's Shop and his family had extended to four daughters. Emily married John William Rayes in Butleigh on 7 Mar 1876 (Mar Q 5c/761 Wells) and lived elsewhere in Butleigh Wootton. # In the Western Gazette 26 Jun 1874 E(mily) Stevens placed an advert seeking a post as general servant [gave age as 17] and on 19 Mar 1875 Simeon placed an advert seeking a position of governess for one of his daughters.

In 1881 Simeon, his wife and three daughters lived next to his daughter Emily and husband John Rayes. Rachel died in 1886 and in 1891 Simeon lived with daughters Hannah and Celia plus grandson George S. Rayes. Simeon appears as blacksmith in Kelly's Directory of 1897.

Alice Mary had married William Higgins (b. 1861 Shepton Mallet) in Butleigh on 7 Apr 1885 (Jun Q 5c/901 Wells) and they lived in Hind Hayes, Street by 1891. # Celia married farmer George Green (b. 1869 Compton Dundon) in Butleigh on 2 Feb 1893 (Mar Q 5c/691 Wells) and they lived in Compton Dundon in 1901. # Simeon and his daughter Hannah (Anna) lived alone by 1901 and Hannah was identified as being blind. She died in 1902 (Dec Q 5c/308 Wells) aged 43, bur. 13 Dec 1902 Butleigh. In 1911 Simeon lived alone at 5 Butleigh Wootton. In Kelly's Directory of 1919 he is listed as jobmaster, blacksmith, haulier & assistant estate manager to Lord St. Audries, Wootton.

5) John Stevens of Frome

John Stevens was the landlord of Thomas Eastment of Butleigh to whom the Overseers sent rent from 1800 – see June 1803, March 1806.

6) Thomas Stevens b. 1866 Road, Wilts., groom 81-94

Thomas lodged at Butleigh Court Lodge in 1881. Nfi


1) Susan Steward b. 1825 St. Georges, Middlesex 61-48

Susan was an unmarried niece (35) from London who was visiting William Connor at the Post Office in 1861. This may be the same person (niece from London) who was visiting in 1871 - Susan Howard - nfi. #


This surname is spelt a myriad of ways, often reads Stenuey, and it is possible that the surname Stone also is linked to it – see Stone below.

1) Stephen Steyning

Alice Stoney married Butleigh 31 Jul 1630 Jeferia Grannt #

1a) Stephen Steyning bur. 2 Feb 1658 Butleigh [this Stephen?]

See next for a Stephen Steaney, Stoney, Steam, Steyning.

DD/S/BT/13/1/5 1] Robert Hebditch of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Thomas Steaney of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of part Peckham lease (1562) to George Rodney of a messuage and land, Butleigh. [DD/S/BT/13/1/5-10 tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT Date range: 1635 - 1636.

1b) Thomas Stoney

In 1678 a 'discharge' was written for a Stephen by the Overseers. In 1686 a search of the registers was made by a Mr. Clinton for matters relating to Stephen [presumably to see if the parish should pay for his relief – which they did from 1687-96]. He was bought clothes, shoes, his relief paid and he was attended when sick. In 1694 there is mention of a legacy to Stephen Stoney, brought by Robert Shoote [£1 6s 8d] of Street and the next year Mr. Robert Soote of Street paid Stephen (or the overseers) a sum of £5 13s 4d. Richard Gathren was paid a years assistance for Steven on two occasions. A Stephen Stoney was buried in 1696 Butleigh (OOP) and they paid for his shroud, grave and burial – and 4/- for his death to the King Tax. In 1696 he is referred to as the late Stephen Steaney and Robert Soote paid the overseers £3 9s 0d from his legacy.


1) William Sticker


1) Robert Stidfold b. 1766 Somerset, labourer, bur. 8 Apr 1847 (Jun Q 10/380 Wells - Stitfold) Butleigh 41-5

In April 1816 the OOP paid for bread and cheese for Robert Stickfoldes family when brought, and 15/- in cash. Robert Stickfold received regular Parish relief thereafter. From April, May 1817 Robert's wife was ill and received relief until her death when the OOP paid for her coffin and burial. They also bought Robert some tools in Oct 1817. He received monthly relief and in Feb, March 1819 they paid relief to his daughter. In May 1819 the OOP bought Hannah 4 yds of coating. In 1821/22 Robert Stidfold had his rent paid by the OOP. In Aug 1822 Robert was paid by the OOP for mending John Oram's door. Hannah appears several times attending sick people in the village. In Feb 1824 Robert transported the goods of Ann and Mary Williams.

Robert as a widower married Ann Brice [the mother of three illegitimate children] in 1825. In Dec 1829 Ann Stetfoll was ill. Robert made repairs at the Poor House in Jan 1836 and his wife and daughter received relief. The couple lived at 8, Sealy's Row in the High Street in 1841. Ann died in 1843 and Robert died in Wells Union Workhouse in 1847. Hannah Stitfield lived in Wells Workhouse, was unmarried, and died there in 1866.


Strickland – see also Stuckleny

1) Jone Stickland bur. 12 Aug 1739 Butleigh

DD/S/BT/14/2/27-8 - 1] James Corpe of Butleigh, labourer and wife Mary executrix of Joan Strickland decd, her grandmother 2] Stephen Callow of Butleigh, mason Assignment of a messuage in Butleigh. Enclosed probate (1764) of Will (1738/9) of Joan Stickland of Butleigh, widow. Date: 1764.

2) Margaret Stickland married Butleigh 31 Oct 1743 Robert Chapple #

This is the Margaret Stickland Chr. 10 Apr 1720 Baltonsborough, d.o. John and Jane Stickland. Margaret had an illegitimate child Mary Chappell Chr. 1 Nov 1741 Baltonsborough. John and Jane were having children fron 1717 – 1726 in Baltonsborough, Jane being buried 30 Jan 1732..

3) Clifford James Spinell Stickland b. 1900 (Sep Q 5c/418 Shepton Mallet) West Bradley, d. 26 Oct, bur. 30 Oct 1939 Butleigh

At the time of his death lived at Broadmoor, Butleigh. Called Jim. In 1901 he was an 8 month old baby boarding with William and Beatrice Symes at Pye Hill, East Pennard. In 1911 he lived with his aunt, widow Mary Burge (b. 1844 Barton St. David), and her sister Sarah Strickland (b. 1872 Baltonsborough) at Parbrook, West Bradley. He doesn't seem to have ever married. In 1937 he identified the body of his cousin Mrs. Lilly Gertrude Rendall aged 54 who had been murdered at her cottage at Lottisham Green Baltonsborough by her six-foot tall, 70 year old husband William Rendall. [Western Daily Press 27 Apr 1937]


1) Joseph Sticklinch died 1702

Sara married William Burnard on 4 Jun 1676 Butleigh. In 1673 and 74 Joseph was paid for caring for George Crate's child (OOP). In 1698 Joseph the younger received assistance from the OOP in his sickness. This was repeated in 1699. In 1700 Joseph the elder received Symcockes bequest money [for the poor] and in 1701 rent and relief deom the OOP. In 1702 the family received rent and relief and the OOP paid for the shroud and burial of Joseph. In 1704 Joane received Symcockes money and in 1705 Parish relief. Joseph 'Stickling' mentioned in the CW accounts in 1714 for 'cleaning the church'.

1a) Joseph Sticklinch bur. 29 Dec 1728 Butleigh [Stucklins]

From what follows, it appears that Joane, wife of Joseph was either previously married or had an illegitimate daughter, Mary Periam. A Joane Periam with child was in receipt of relief from the OOP from 1712. [In 1713 a child of Joane Periam was buried]. There was a Joane Sticklinch in Baltonsborough in the 1760's – related? An Ann Stickling married a John Periam in Butleigh on 8 Nov 1783 (next).

DD/S/BT/14/2/13 1] Philip Avery the elder of Butleigh, carpenter and wife Elizabeth, widow of George Burdham of Butleigh, yeoman decd 2] Joseph Sticklings of Butleigh, husbandman, wife Joan and Joan's daughter Mary Periam Assignment of house and plot of ground in Butleigh. Date: 1720.

2) Ann Stickling married Butleigh 8 Nov 1783 John Periam of Chewton #


(see also Steelman)

1) Robert Stillman

Robert was in receipt of OOP relief from March to June 1817. In Aug 1820 the OOP paid for a summons against him.

2) Richard Stillman b. 1805 Newbury, Berks, shoemaker, s.o. Richard and Esther Stillman died 1893 (Jun Q 5a/217 Dorchester) 71-76

In 1861 Richard appeared with his wife Sarah and two of his children in Newbury, Berkshire. After his wife's death he lodged in Butleigh on Butleigh Hill with his son George and George's wife Mary Ann in 1871. Mary Ann was née Cox and from Ilchester like Mercy Cox who was a servant next door. Mercy was related to the wife of her employer George Spear. # Richard was a tenant and the house orchard and lands were put up for sale or let in the Western Gazette 21 Mar 1873. They must have left shortly afterwards.

In 1881 Richard lodged at Dorchester Road, Maiden Newton, Dorset and was still there aged 86 in 1891. He died in 1893 aged 88.

George was listed as a Butleigh carpenter in Morris' Directory of 1872 after which he and Mary Ann returned to Berkshire and in 1881 lived on Blandy's Hill, Kintbury. By 1891 George and Mary lived at 2 Church St., Keinton Mandeville and George was then described as a Naval Pensioner. By 1901 the couple were at Furze Ground, Keinton Mandeville and George was still called a Naval Pensioner. Mary Ann died in 1912 aged 85 and George died in 1915 aged 81.

Stitfoldsee Stickfold


1) Jessie Dorothea Stirling b. 22 Oct 1892 Canada, d.o. Francis Henry and Jessie (nee Smith) Stirling PHOTO

Probably a pupil of the Rev. G. W. Berkeley at the vicarage. She played a Maid of Taunton in the 1906 Butleigh Revel. On the 1901 census she appears with her grandmother Anna Stirling (b. 3 Jun 1837, widow of Thomas Mayne Stirling) at College Farmhouse, Kilmiston. Hampshire. Jessie's father born 1870 died in 1931. Jessie married Albert Godwin Langley (1876 – 1962) in Oak Bay, British Columbia on 26 Jun 1919 and had a daughter Agnes Anna Langley.


1) Jane Stockley b. 1847 (Dec Q 24/51 Darlington) Darlington, Durham, housemaid, d.o. George and Mary Stockley 91-114

In 1861 Jane still lived with her parents in Framwellgate, Durham but by 1871 the family had moved to East Lodge, Elswick Hall, Elswick Northumberland where Jane's father was a gardener. Jane served at the Vicarage in 1891. Nfi.

Stock - Stokes

1) Bartholomew Stokes bur. 18 Nov 1655 Butleigh

Several Bartholomew Stokes were born in Cannington in the late 1500's early 1600's where it was a popular name. Margery Stokes married Butleigh 25 Sep 1654 James Adams #

2) William Stokes buried 1689 Butleigh (OOP) of Baltonsborough

2a) William Stokes tailor [born c. 1630/40?] bur. 1715 Butleigh (OOP)

William was paid for making clothes for the poor in 1694. In 1704 he made a waistcoat for Dorothy Attwooll and was paid 5s 9d. In 1705 William Stocks received Rocke bequest money while 'old Stock' received Symcockes money [father and son?]. Ditto in 1706. In 1707 Will Stock received both bequest monies plus rent, relief and a waistcoat and wood. In 1708 it was the same but the OOP paid for the burial of Will Stock's wife. In 1709 William received again rent and relief (and Symcockes money) and did so until his death in 1715, paid for by the OOP. Possibly married again – to Joan next between 1708-15.

DD/S/BT/21/3/3 1] Joan Stock of Butleigh 2] John Stock her son Assignment of her house and plot in Butleigh with household goods (listed).. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1718.

DD/S/BT/11/2/16 1] Joan James of Butleigh, widow of John James and William Stock 2] William Strode of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of a messuage north of Nodway, Butleigh. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1727.

3) John Stock bur. 23 Jun 1749 Butleigh

John was churchwarden in 1739 and paid rates from 1741/2 until his death in 1749 after which they were paid in the name of the 'late John Stock' until 1772/3 - the rates paid by William Callow in 1773 'for late Stocks house'.

John Stock a tailor appears in the OOP accounts in 1730 [son of William and Joane?) when he made a gown and 'mending a stay shaloon to make new scarves and mending a gown' for the two Barton children. In 1736 the OOP bought red and blue shag to make badges for the poor which John then made 9 of. In 1738/9 John repaired clothes of Ruth Pollett and Joan Pope. His bill paid in 1741/2. He was Churchwarden in 1740. In 1742 he made coats for John Martin and John Burton. In 1747/8 he was paid for making badges for the poor and a coat for George Croft.

DD/S/BT/8/7/20 1] Richard and Stephen Holman of Butleigh Wootton sons of Richard decd 2] Edward Talbot of Butleigh yeoman and John Stock of Butleigh tailor, executors of John Colmer decd 3] Ann Hodges of Butleigh Assignment of 3a in Southmoor, Henly (3a) and Darksham Date: 1746.

DD/S/BT/7/8/7 1] Edward Talbot of Butleigh, yeoman and John Stock of Butleigh, tailor, executors of John Colmer decd 2] Joseph Periam of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of 2.5a of wood in Brimseys Yeate, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1748.

DD/S/BT/8/7/19 1] Jane Periam of Butleigh, devisee of John Stock decd 2] Richard Holman Absolute assignment of 3a in Southmoor, Butleigh. [Above 5 documents tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1766.

4) Susan Stokes b. 1828 Chedzoy, d.o. Christiana Stokes 51-25

In 1841 Susan had lived with her widowed mother in Chedzoy - her mother was a labourer. In 1851 Susan visited the tailor John Arthur in the High Street. Susan married John Arthur's brother Frederick Arthur in 1851 (Sep Q 10/483 Bridgwater). In 1861 they lived at Puriton where Fred was a labourer. They had four children and Susan's mother, a pauper, lived with them - aged 73. They remained in Puriton 1881 - 91. #

5) William Stock b. 1842 Blackford, farm servant 61W-62

William worked at Rowley Farm in Wootton in 1861. Nfi


The Hamlet of Stone near Lottisham may be named after this family, or vice versa. Stone Christenings are known from Barton St. David

1) John Stone will 14 May 1561, pr. 2 Aug 1561 [Somerset Record Society (SRS) volume 62]

All the above mentioned in the will plus Walter Stone, William Collyns junior and Isabell Collyns. Witnesses William Scote and Thomas Wytherall. Stone's wife [Popples (?)] mentioned in the will of John Gregory 1550 as is a Johan Stone.

2) William Stone

3) Ann Stone

Ann first mentioned in 1699 regarding a nomination warrant (OOP). In 1700 she received Symcockes money and again in 1702. In 1703 she received relief and clothes for her two children. And in 1704 they received the Symcockes money. In 1705, 6 and 8 Ann again received Symcockes money. In 1713 it was paid to Ann and Mary Stoneand they received relief in their sickness. Mary could be the person next.

4) Mary Stone married Butleigh 25 Aug 1717 Thomas Abbott #

5) William Stone

Each Parish was required to find a man to serve in the Navy and in Jan 1797 the Overseer William Isaac went to Bridgwater, Glastonbury and Somerton to find a substitute to serve on behalf of the village's man, without success. In the same month the Overseers were fined the enormous sum of £23 10s 4d by this official, William Stone, for failing in this duty. In Sep 1805 this official wrote to the OOP again about a fine of £20 for William Talbot (?) being lame?

6) Sarah Stone b. 1837 Somerset 41-10

Sarah, aged 4, was lodged with John Wake in the High Street in 1841. Nfi though a namesake of the same age lived at East Quantoxhead - where John's other lodger, and future wife, Elizabeth Hewlett also originated. Possible Sarah: Sarah Ann Chr. 27 Nov 1836 Ashcott d.o. Henry and Sarah Stone.

7) Susan Stone Chr. 1 Nov 1847 Walton, servant, d.o. William and Elizabeth Stone 61-55

Susan, aged 14, was a servant to Joseph Hickman, grocer, in 1861. She had lived with her parents in Walton in 1851 and her actual birthplace was Farringdon. Nfi.


(Steaney – see under Steyning)


see also Studley

1) George Henry Stoodley b. 1906 (Mar Q 5b/40 St. Thomas, Devon) s.o. George and Rhoda Priscilla (nee Hutchings) Stoodley, died 1970 ( Jun Q 7c/803 Bridgwater)

Muriel was the sister of Cyril Frederick Burge who married Phyllis Barnett in Butleigh on 25 Jul 1935 and Bertram Charles Burge # who married Blanche Talbot in Butleigh on 5 Jan 1936 but the first brother to marry in Butleigh was Francis James Percival Burge who married Maud Arthur in Butleigh on 27 Jun 1916.

Mr. Stoodley rented 84a Butleigh [Beggars Grave] in 1947 at £11 per annum. Mr. Stoodley also rented 'Harepits' at £83 12s 0d in 1947. Brother of next. Their father was a horseman on a farm living at Twiscombe cottage Whitestone, St. Thomas in 1911. The parents must have moved to Somerset between 1921 (daughter born in Dorset) and 1924 when a daughter Rhoda was born in Langport registration district.


1) Robert Wilbraham Stopford b. 24 Jun 1844 (Sep Q 1/7 St. George Hanover Sq) Chilke Sq., London, Captain R.N., s.o. Robert Fanshawe Stopford, Viscount Stopford, and Emily Anna Wilbraham, d. 9 Jun 1911#

Robert enrolledin the Royal Navy ion 18 Sep 1865. An account of the wedding is reported in the Western Gazette Friday 25 Sep 1885. In 1891 Ethelreda Stopford (34) and her daughter Audrey (3) and son Robert (2) lived at Corner House, High Street. Ethelreda was the squire Ralph Neville-Grenville's daughter. She married Robert Wilbraham Stopford, who was in the Royal Navy, in 1885. In 1891 he was absent, probably at sea (in 1871 he was off Jamaica on the 'Alfred' and in 1881 he commanded the 'Arab'). In 1901 she and her husband, now a retired rear admiral, were living at Shroton House, Iverne Courtney, Dorset. Audrey was still at home but Robert was at St. Georges school in Ascot. In 1911 Robert was called 'Vice Admiral, artist' and besides his wife Etheldreda only Audrey remained at home (+ 5 servants). Robert died later that year and Ethelreda moved to Boscombe. Ethelreda died 20 June 1938 and was buried at St. Mary's Church Iwerne Courtnay – the service was conducted by the Rev. V. E. B. Norton and her son-in-law Canon C. H. S. Bower.

Audrey married Rev. Canon Charles Haw(k)ins Syndercombe Bower [b. 1872, d. 18 Mar 1961] on 10 Sep 1913 and she died 28 Nov 1928 aged 41 after an operation – their daughter Cicely Syndercombe Bower [b. 20 Jul 1914 Sturminster] attended her grandmother's funeral. Cicely married Major John Fletcher [s.o. Major Cyril Fletcher of Milbrook House of Childe Okeford, Dorset] on 20 Sep 1939 (Sep Q 5a/955 Sturminster) – they had two daughters, Lucy and Teresa.

Robert, who entered the Navy, died 3 Nov 1949. He had married Ursula Ebblewhite on 4 Jun 1919 at St. James' Westminster and in Feb 1935 he had been granted a decree nisi divorce from his wife on the grounds of her adultery with a brother officer, Commander Campbell T. Wynne [in Monte Carlo in Oct 1933]. They had no children. Robert was awarded the Order of the Brilliant Jade of China for his Naval Service.

The Stopford family included the Earls of Courtown and Catherine Elizabeth Neville [a cousin and d.o. 4Th Lord Braybrooke] had married James Walter Milles Stopford, 6th Earl Courtown.


1) John Stote witnessed several Butleigh wills 1542 – 3 [see under Scott]


1) Coroner Stowellappears in CW account when his huntsman was paid for killing two foxes. Stowell is a Parish 4½ miles S.W. of Wincanton.


1) Stephen Strange? Bur. 14 Dec 1629 Butleigh

2) George Strange? Bur. 5 Jan 1630 Butleigh


1) Justine Strangways

In 1719 the OOP paid her for signing a certificate for Joane Davis. A daughter of Bonham Strangways, father of Giles next (?)

1) Giles Strangways b. 1602 s.o. Thomas Strangways and Ann Bonham [d.o. John Bonham of Charlton Adam], d. 1677

This Giles Strangways was the first to inherit the Charlton Adam manor. His wife was related to Edmund Ludlow – who signed the death warrant of Charles I, while a kin, also called Giles Strangways (of Melbury), enabled Charles II to escape to France.

A Giles Strangways, [1528 – 1562, s.o. Henry Strangways] married Joan Wadham, daughter of John Wadham and Joan Kelway [nee Tregarthin – buried Sept 1581 in Branscombe church, Devon] –see under Thomas Hiett and Henry Lyte for links to Butleigh. Joan Strangways' brother Nicholas Wadham was the founder of Wadham College, Oxford]. See also Will of Thomas Strowde [Stroud]

1a) Bonham Strangways of Charlton Adam b. 1645, d.1719 Charlton Adam

Bonham was one of 9 daughters and four sons of Giles and Margaret Strangways.

1a1) Giles Strangeways b. 1681 Charlton Adam s.o. Bonham and Jane Strangways, died 27 August, bur. 5 Sep 1744 Charlton Adam

From 1758 Giles witnessed the OOP accounts occasionally. In Nov 1742 John Cannon (Money p. 687) mentions Giles in a legal case. One Giles died in 1744 and his son in 1777.

DD/S/BT/7/6/1 1] Christopher Pope of Butleigh, husbandman 2] Giles Strangways of Charlton Adam Mortgage of 12a in Butleigh West wood. Endorsed with note of payments due 1698-9.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1671.

DD/S/BT/19/8/1-2 Copy marriage settlement of Giles Strangways of Charlton Adam and Mary Sealy of West Hatch comprising capital messuage of Charlton Adam, manor of Charlton, Daws tenement, and Paddocks Close in Charlton Adam, Charlton Mackrell and Butleigh. 1706

DD/S/BT/17/6/1-4 1] Charles Strode of Butleigh 2] William Colmer the elder and William Hodges of Butleigh yeomen Lease and release of Darksham (2a), Southmoor (3a), Newditch (2a), Whettle (1a3yds), 2a arable in East field, 7a 3yds in West field, la near Mr Strangways Chalkeham hedge, Butleigh for benefit of his son William Strode's marriage to Joan Hodges. Enclosed receipt for payment of high rent of Hill's house by Stephen Holman to John Periam. (1758) Date: 1707.

DD/S/BT/19/8/4-6 1] Giles Strangways of Charlton Adam 2] Thomas Wigsell of New Inn 3] Carey Bayly of New Inn Copy lease and release to lead to uses of a recovery of capital messuage of Charlton Adam, manor of Charlton, Daws tenement, and Paddocks Close in Charlton Adam, Charlton Mackrell and Butleigh. Copy recovery. 1763

DD/S/BT/19/8/8-9 1] Giles Strangways of Shalford, Surrey, son of Giles decd, son of Bonham decd, and wife Mary 2] John Martyr of Guildford, Surrey 3] Abel Jenkins of New Inn
Copy mortgage of capital messuage of Charlton Adam, manor of Charlton, Masters, Daws and Damers tenements and Paddocks Close in Charlton Adam, Charlton Mackrell and Butleigh. Copy fine (1772).

DD/S/BT/19/8/3 Copy (1796) of Will (1744) of Giles Strangways

DD/S/BT/19/8/7 Copy of a Will (1767) of Giles Strangways of Shalford, Surrey.


1) Thomas Stratford buried Feb 1821 [the Thomas Stratford aged 65 of Borough Walls, Bath, buried 18 Feb 1821]

The OOP paid him relief in Sep 1820 and for three letters from him. In Nov 1820 they paid him nine weeks relief up to 1st October. In Feb 1821 the OOP paid for coffin and funeral expences for Thomas.


1) James Strawbridge b. 1813 Stockland, Dorset, stone mason 51-23

This father and son lodged at Parsonage House in 1851 as workers on the building of the Court. Bowden was a brick layer's labourer. James's wife was called Ann and in 1841 they had lived at Mosterton. Bowden is recorded as marrying in 1857 but thereafter nfi - emigrated?


1) Maria Street b. 1791, bur. 16 Jan 1871 (Mar Q 5c/437 Wells) Butleigh

Possibly the widow (b. Langford) living in Milverton High Street in 1861. The surname Sheat existed in Butleigh and seems often misread as Street. Two Maria Sheats lived in West Pennard in 1841 and a Maria Shide (Stride) in West Bradley (see next for Stride).

2) John Street of Charlcombe d. Mar/April 1812

[a John and Hannah Street had a son John Chr. 25 Feb 1774 Somerton] John first appears in the OOP accounts in July 1783 when the OOP Overseers travelled to Merret (Merriott) to appeal the order of John Street's removal to Butleigh. They had to pay John 13 weeks pay from the 15th of June 1783, the expense of keeping him under arrest 5 days and horse hire to send him back to Charlcombe (2 km north of Bath). In October 1783 the OOP paid to receive a letter from John Street, the first of many. In Dec 1783 the OOP paid him 19 weeks pay and sent him a dowlas shirt and charged the parish the cost of horse hire to take them to Charlcombe to settle the agreement with him. In Feb 1784 they received a letter from John and in May they paid him 1 guinea in his necessity and paid the cost of a letter to him. In June '84 the OOP brought John Street from Somerton to Butleigh where he was boarded with John Pollett for two weeks. He received relief monthly from then. In November 1784 the OOP paid the expenses and caution money (£3) to carry John to Bath Hospital. He returned and was paid relief and in Nov 1785 the OOP received a letter from John in Croscombe [Charlcombe?]. In Feb 1786 the OOP received £1 9s 2d from Bath Hospital after John Street's return. In Aug 1790 the Overseers paid John Wilcox to examine John Street as to his condition – probably in response to a letter he had written to Mrs. Hood [which they paid for].

John received rent from the OOP in 1801 – 1806. In Jan 1806 the Overseers paid the poundage on John Streets money and a parcel to Chard. In March 1808 the OOP paid for bringing him 'home' and for attendance by Betty Wake. Monthly payments made to him from the 1780's until April 1812 when the OOP paid for his burial (2/6d) and funeral (£1 1s 0d).

Strickling - Sticklinch

Stride [see Strode]

1) Robert Stride b. 1813/8 Bradley, labourer, s.o. Robert Stride, d. 25 Feb, bur. 5 Mar 1881 (Mar Q 5c/416 Wells) Butleigh 41-8, 51-23, 61-47, 71-71 [b. 17 Apr, Chr. 17 May 1812 Pilton, s.o. Robert and Maria Stride?- this couple had other children later in West Bradley – see below]

Robert claimed to be born in 'Bradley' in 1851 and his father was called Robert* according to his marriage record. West Bradley is closest to Butleigh of all the Stride birth places and the following show the 'parents' Robert and Maria/Mary had the following baptisms in a) Pilton: George 16 Apr 1815, Stephen 14 Mar 1819 and then b) in West Bradley; William 23 Jun 1822, Edmund 13/19 Nov 1825 and Joseph 14 Dec 1828. The most likely marriage for the parents is Mary Carpenter to Robert Stride in Nunney 2 Jun 1805. Widowed (Robert probably the one who died 1839 Wells District) Maria lived in Parbrook, West Bradley with sons William, Stephen, Edwin (for Edmund – later became a builder, father of Jared below) and Joseph in 1841. On the 1851 census she is called Miriah and Stephen's birthplace given as West Pennard and Joseph's occupation stone mason. On the 1861 census gives her birth town as Pilton and year 1787 – she died in 1878. George became a stone mason in West Bradley and several masons also came from his large number of children.

*Robert Stride snr probably Chr. 15 May 1785 East Pennard s.o. James and Betty Stride. James Stride had married Betty Chinnock in East Pennard on 10 Dec 1781.

In 1841 Robert and his wife Elizabeth lived with their daughter Sarah Ann in the High Street (?). They lived with Betsy's parents William and Mary [nee May, widow of John Castle] Lane. They were at No. 3 Compton Street in 1851 :- Robert Stride (32), a garden labourer, with his wife Betsy, their five children and Betsy's parents William (stepfather) and Mary Lane. Sarah Ann is, unusually, recorded twice on the 1851 census, secondly as a niece visiting her uncle, James Castle, living at Queen Camel. Robert won a prize of 10s for his onions at the Glastonbury Agricultural Show of Dec 1857.

In 1861 the house was renumbered No. 73 and inhabited by Robert, his wife Betsy and children Mary, Robert and Walter. William Lane and his wife had moved to Water Lane. Robert was still a gardener and his wife a laundress.

Sarah was a servant at Warblington, Hampshire and her sister Annie in service in Southfleet, Kent.

Anna later married William Look in 1870 (Jun Q 5c/891 Frome). #

William became an apprentice shoemaker in Street (1861).

A new addition to the family was Walter James b. 1858 but unfortunately Walter died aged six in 1864.

In 1871 Robert and Elizabeth (Betsy) were still in residence and William was also at home, as a shoemaker but thereafter (by 1881) he set up his own shoemaking business at 48, Grosvenor Road, Bristol (St. James & St. Paul) where he had married a local girl, Beatrice Ann [Betsy Ann] Coombs (b. 1844 Bristol) in 1878 (Dec Q 5c/1216 Bedminster). William died in 1886 (Dec Q 6a/133 Barton Regis) aged 45. A William Walter Sidney Stride son of Bessie Anne and William Stride was baptised 29 Jul 1883 Easton St. Mark, Bristol and they appear at Belgrave Terrace, Bristol on the 1891 census, his widowed mother an upholstress. A possible reason for the family having moved to the Bristol area was that a cousin, Jared Stride born 1851 in West Bradley [s.o. Edmund Stride and Martha Hill], a builder, lived at Tonshill Villa, Shirehampton, Barton Regis with his wife Mary Jane Maidment. William's mother is called Elizabeth on the 1901 census and they lived at 19, College Street, Bristol but on the 1911 census, at 41, Heron Road she is called Bessie again and William was a clerk at a Manufacturing Chemists. He appears on the 1939 register still in Bristol.

Maria was still at home (aged 23) in 1871 and a laundress like her mother.

The young Robert Stride is found lodging in Llanwonno, Glamorgan (45, Philip Street) in 1871, where he was a carpenter - thereafter nfi.

Mary Jane married Stephen Rose in Butleigh on 31 Aug 1876 (Sep Q 5c/799 Wells) and they lived in the High Street, Street where Stephen was a clicker in the shoe-trade. In 1911 Mary was a widow living at 5, Springfield Street, Street with daughter Nellie (25).

Betsy, who was laundress at Butleigh Court at the time, died on Monday 1st March 1880 and an inquest held since she was unattended by a medical man at the time. Robert died a year to the day later in 1881. #



An account of the Strodes of Somerset appears in the Somerset Archaeological Society 1865 by Thomas Serel of Wells.

William Strode of Barrington Court built Cow Bridge between Butleigh and Glastonbury in the 1600's for the convenience of the population and also the Town Hall in Glastonbury

1) Thomas Strode had the farm and parsonage until his death in 1544.

DD/S/BT/27/2/1 - Copy grant of Butleigh capital messuage and rectory to Thomas Strode.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1540.

October 20th 36 Hen VIII. Thomas Strowde, esquier, one of the gentleman ushers to the Queen's grace. In that it hath pleased the King's majesty's highness to appointe me to doo his grace and his realm service in his warres on the see..... I make my will in manner following. My body to be buried where it please God. My whole right and estate in my farm and parsonage of Butley and Baltonsborough to Andrew Wadham, esquire, one of the gentleman ushers to the Queen's grace, so that he pay to John Strowde my brother £20, and to Elizabeth Hewyke £20, which I owe. To Sir Thomas Whiting £5. The residue to my executor John Strowde my brother. Overseer Richard Weston gentleman of the Mydle Temple in London. Proved March 24th 1544.

2) William Strode

William Strowde witnessed the will of Robert Adams of Butleigh in 1557. Margery Stroud married Butleigh 25 Jan 1580 Richard Goodrole

C 1/1000/28-9 Court of Chancery six clerks office Short title: Buller v Strowde. Plaintiffs: John Buller, Joan, his wife; Richard Tuck, Mary, his wife; John Yeomans, Alice, his wife; and Nicholas and Austin Pyne. Defendants: William Strowde. Subject: Deed relating to land in Ditcheat, late held together with the manor of Compton Dundon and lands in Buttle (Butleigh ?), Hornblotton, Barton, Stogursey, and Glastonbury by Robert Apleton, father of the said Joan and grandfather of the said Mary, Alice, Nicholas, Austin, and William. Somerset 1532 – 1538 see also C 1/725/30 (same)

1] Richard Goodcole and his wife Margery, daughter of William Strode the eldest, decd 2] Thomas Rushe of Baltonsborough, yeoman Assignment of Margery's Peckham lease (1562) of Chambers house and 3 a at Wootton, 3 a at Langland, 2a west of Langland lane, Date: 1605.

2a) William Stroude bur. 17 Sep 1629 Butleigh

This is probably the William Stroude who was 'the manne' of Ralph Knolls and who was left ' one doublett one jerkin one paire of hose one paire of stockins and one paire of shooes' in the will of Ralph's brother Mathew in 1608.

3) Walthrana? Stroud bur. 4 Jun 1611 Butleigh

Wife of William (2)?

4) Joan Stroude married Butleigh 8 May 1634 John Pearkes

A daughter of William (2a)?

5) PROB 11/211/583 Will of Julian Strowde Widow Butleigh, Somerset Date: 28 Feb 1650. Possible second wife of William (2a).

6) John Stroud

6a)? William Stroud

A William paid rates 1673-5 and may have been this Williams (son). [also this William?-] In 1680 the OOP obtained a warrant and went to the justices concerning a William Stroud. In 1682 his house rent was paid and clothes bought (called junior). It seems his legs needed treating and again in 1698 when he also received relief. He also received relief in 1699 and new shoes and clothes. He received relief in 1700, 1701 and 1702 – in the last year 'for his going away'. The William mentioned in the accounts between 1702-11 when he killed 15 hedgehogs and 3 dozen sparrows may have been a son – in 1704 this young William was apprenticed (OOP) – seems to be from a poor family.

C 3/377/30 Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings, Series II, Elizabeth I to Interregnum. Short title: Stroud v Stroud. Plaintiffs: William Stroud. Defendants: Thomas Stroud. Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset . Document type: bill, answer. 1625

6a1) Thomas Strode mentioned in the churchwardens accounts 1695-1702. In 1682 the OOP paid for a suit of clothes to be made for him.

7) Charles Strode bur. 18 Nov 1722 Butleigh

Charles started paying rates in 1695 and in 1703 he paid jointly with Willis and his neighbour was William Strode. He was churchwarden in 1701. In 1704 Thomas Blenman was between them [see marriage of Joane Strode below]. From 1712 - 22/3 Charles was called Gentleman. Could he be the Doctor Strode curing patients between 1711-14? In 1705 Charles was paid 'about the business of Edith Underwood' who was receiving relief. In 1706 he received rent for Grace Grant, Grace Atwool and Rose Abbott. He was Overseer in 1713.

From 1724 Charles [his son? - see (7a2)] paid the rate

DD/S/BT/17/6/1-2 1] Charles Strode of Butleigh 2] William Colmer the elder and William Hodges of Butleigh yeomen Lease and release of Darksham (2a), Southmoor (3a), Newditch (2a), Whettle (1a3yds), 2a arable in East field, 7a 3yds in West field, la near Mr Strangways Chalkeham hedge, Butleigh for benefit of his son William Strode's marriage to Joan Hodges. Date: 1707.

DD/S/BT/5/4/8 1] Charles Strode the elder of Butleigh 2] Elinor Talbot of Butleigh Wootton, widow of Henry 3] Edward Talbot of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of Langley (9a) in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1720. [Another dated 1716 DD/S/BT/5/4/7 – Charles Strode the elder]

7a) William Stroud b.c. 1680?, died 1712/3

William was churchwarden in 1706 and 1707 and Overseer of the Poor in the latter year. He first appears paying rates in 1703 next to Charles Strode. He paid rates until 1713 and in 1714/5 (CW) they were paid by Joane Strode widow until 1717. In 1718 the rate was paid by Edward & Joane Blenman after their marriage. Henry Callow took over 'late Will Strodes'.

DD/S/BT/17/6/5 - Copy (1722) Will (1712) of William Strode of Butleigh, husbandman.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1722.

DD/S/BT/17/6/6 Agreement by William Strode of Butleigh, yeoman, son and heir of William decd to sell his brother Charles 3a in Southmoor, Newditch and 12a arable in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1725.

7a1) William Strode bur. 22 Jan 1761 Butleigh

In May 1770 Diana attended Mary Brice (OOP). In 1774 the OOP paid 9/-, the remainder of Diana Strode's house rent. They paid her rent then up to her death.

DD/S/BT/6/5/31 - 1] William Strode of Butleigh, yeoman, Charles Strode of Ashcott, yeoman, Edward and John Strode of Butleigh, masons and George Strode of Butleigh, yeoman, sons of William decd 2] Henry Coate of Kingsbury, yeoman 3] Henry Talbott and William Hodges of Date: 1731.

DD/S/BT/21/3/7 - 1] William Stroud of Butleigh yeoman 2] Diana his wife Deed of gift of all his property.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1748.

7a1x) William Strode [of Compton Dundon at marriage] bur. 20 Aug 1741 Somerton?

A William Strode gent paid rates from 1720 on the land previously owned by Alice Yeats (from 1691) which was next to that of George Smith. He paid rates on it until 1729-29. This property seems to have been replaced by a property on which he began paying rates on in 1730 (OOP) in succession to John Stroud (paid on up to 1730 CW) which was in proximity to Philip Peddle's property. He paid rates until 1741/2 (OOP) and in 1742 his son Yeates Strode began paying rates and did so until 1744/5 when he was called 'the late Yeats Strode'. The rates were paid in this name (sometimes 'the late' or 'the late Yeates' dropped and just Mr. Stroud written) until 1766 when rate paid by 'Mr. Stroud for Copley' Only in 1770/1 does the ratepayer get called William Stroud [Yeates' son] and from 1771/2 it is Mr. William Stroud 'or occupiers' until 1774 when the ratepayers are 'the occupiers of Late Captain Stroud'. In 1777 this became Mr. Penney for late Capt. Stroud. [see Charles (17) below who married a Jane Penny – a Frances Penney also owned land in Butleigh and Compton until 1802]

Alice Yeates had married William Strode son of John Strode of Glastonbury in 1715. Her mother Mary owned land at Littleton Manor, the other part of which was owned by William Strode and it was thus united by the marriage. Their son was Yeates Strode who succeed his father and himself died in 1745 leaving it to his son William. The latter died c. 1774 and the heir was his cousin William Dickinson.

Part of Butleigh was called Park Yeatt, and Yeates & Abbots – on which rates were paid by Mr. Yeats Strode from 1742 – 44 (thereafter by the widow Strode).

DD\SAS\C/795/SE/2 Sketch pedigree of Yeates and Strode drawn up by Col.Phipps. C20th.

DD\SAS\C/795/SE/21 "The State of the Case touching Southmoore" re William Strode, son of W.S., esq., decd., lord of the manors of Glaston and Edgarley, against divers tenants and inhabitants of Glaston, Edgarley, Butleigh and Street, for commoning in the said moor. [Printed and MS. papers] C18th
Letter re a bill to establish a right to tithes from the new inclosures of the commons called Common Moore, Black Moor and South Moor als Alder Moor in Glaston. St.John, and disputes over the last named. 1800 Glastonbury, Butleigh and Street Confirmation of Order of Wells Q.S. that the new inclosed lands called Southmoore als Aldermoore should not be rated toweards the relief of the poor of St.John's Glaston. [1 fcap.fly] 29 June 1688

71xA) Yeates Stroud b.c. 1717, bur.28 Jan 1745

Yeates succeeded his father and William likewise in 1745 paid the rates until c. 1774. In 1777 the property was acquired by Mr. Penney andWilliam's other properties went to his cousin and heir William Dickinson.

7a2) Charles Strode

Charles (either son of William or son of Charles?) paid rates from 1723 - 1739 when he was replaced by Edward Strode. In 1732 a second property had rates paid by Charles, Edward, John and George Strode.

7a3) Edward Strode bur. 22 Mar 1790 Butleigh

In 1732 a property had rates paid by Charles, Edward, John and George Strode. In 1736 Edward paid rates on his own property and from 1739 paid rates on a property previously rated to Charles Strode. He paid until 1789 and in 1790 the rates paid by 'Curtiss & Mr. Rood' (Edward's name crossed out). From 1774/5 he paid rates also on 'part late Thomas Hooper's'..

He appears frequently in the churchwardens accounts for work he carried out in the church, sometimes with his brother John. In 1734 the OOP paid £4 13s 11d for some extensive building. In 1738 he was paid for four load of square stones for the arch of the bridge in Butleigh Street. In 1747/8 Edward was paid for 52 loads of well stones. In 1763 he was paid for stone used to repair Mr. Periam's wall by Nacker's Hole. A list of men to serve as Tythingmen in rotation of 1779 contains Edward Strode's name.

DD/BR/ho/29 - Copy Wills Edward Strode of Butleigh, mason, 1789, and John Strode Curtiss/Curtice of Pimlico, gent., 1847 .

DD/S/BT/10/3/3-5 - 1] John Coombes of Butleigh and wife Jane 2] Edward Strode of Butleigh and wife Hannah 3] William Merrick of Moorlinch and wife Maria 4] John Rocke of Butleigh Deed of partition of a messuage and 7a, 3a meadow, Popes close (4a), Park Corner (3a), Eastend Date: 1774.

7a4) John Strode bur. 16 Mar 1745 Butleigh

'The occupiers of Oakey Close' had paid rates from 1676 – 1690 and it then passed to Mr. Newcoat (Newcourt) -see next:- then came to John Strode. Probably the John who appears in the churchwardens accounts from 1699 and was churchwarden in 1713. John was overseer of the Poor in 1709. He paid rates from 1709 until 1729 when next but one was William Strode who is sole rate payer in 1730. In 1732 a property had rates paid by Charles, Edward, John and George Strode. In 1734 just John and George paid the rate on the property. In 1741 John and George Strode were joint Overseers.

Jewers notes: 127. Mr. Jerrard Newcourt bur. 24 March 1703. (P.C.C. (Ash 152) Will of Jerrard Newcourt of  Ivythorne, in the parish of Street, co. Somerset, gent., dated 17 March 1703-4. To be interred at the discretion of execx. In my Father’s inclosed burying place in the Church yard of Somerton. Unto my brother Richd. Newcourt £20 to buy him a mourning Suit. Unto my sister Spicer the like sum of £20. Unto my Cozen James Newcourt my best suit of cloathes & £20. Unto John Newcourt, junr., my kinsman, £50. Unto Thomas Draper £10. Unto my loveing friend and Neighbour John Strode of Compton Dunden, all the determinable terme and Interest which I have to come in Okey Close in the parish of Butleigh, and two of the best trees growing on Ivythorne ffarme, and which I have the power to fell and cut downe pursuant to the bargaine or agreement I made with my Cozen Rooke. Unto Mrs. Elizabeth Collier £10. Unto Mr. John Isham, who drew my Will, £5. I remit and give unto William Foster the sume of £50, being the moiety of £100 which now remaine due unto me of his purchase money for the Estate he bought of me in Aller. Unto Mr. Pitt, Vicar of Compton dundon, £5. Unto the Cathedrall Church of Wells £10. Unto Mr. Redman, Minister of Walton, Mr. Colmer, Minr. Of Babcary, Mr. Wren, Minr. of Somerton, and to Mr. Carter, Minister of Charleton, 20 shillings apiece to buy mourning Rings. Unto poor of Somerton £10, of Walton, Aller, Streete, & Compton Dundon, £5. £100 in trust to buy 10 coats yearly for 10 poor persons of p’sh of Somerton. Whereas I have a debt of £400 due to me from Mr. Thomas Rooke and Sarah his wife, by Mortgage on Ivythorne ffarme, I give same, if ever it shall become payable, to the Church of Somerton for the erecting an Organ there. After death of my dear wife, I give unto the Ministers of the severall parishes of Somerton, Walton, Babcary, and Charleton, and to the Churchwardens and Overseers of the poor of sd parish of Somerton all my Lands in the Towne and Parish of Somerton aforesaid, In trust towards maintenance of an Organist in Somerton. Rest of goods unto my dear and loveing wife, whom I make my sole execx. In case sd wife happen to dye of the distemper whereof I am now ill. Then I give unto her Bro. and Sister Taylor £100 apiece. Residue of my goods I give to my Relations to be distributed amongst them as the Law directs. (Signed, Jer. Newcourt.) Witns. I. Tayler, Anne Prew, J. Isham. Pd. P.C.C. 20 July 1704, by Mary Newcourt, the relict and execx.

7a5) George Strode bur. 23 Mar 1782 Butleigh

In 1732 a property had rates paid by Charles, Edward, John and George Strode. In 1734 just John and George paid the rate on the property. George was joint Overseer in 1741 with John Strode. From 1744 the rate was paid by George alone until 1782 when Charles paid the rate. George was in possession of Compton Dundon Manor from c. 1756 and it passed to Charles on his death who sold it to George Neville Grenville in the 1820's. This George's name appears on a rotation list of Tythingment for 1779.

In Sep 1775 the OOP paid for horse hire and expenses for George Strode at Bridgwater Session – concerning the examination of Betty Davis and Amy Craft.

DD/S/BT/9/2/3 - 1] William Strode of Butleigh yeoman, Charles Strode of Ashcott, yeoman, Edward and John Strode of Butleigh, masons and George Strode of Butleigh, yeoman 2] William Hodges of Butleigh, yeoman Feoffment of 50th and 51st lotts in Southmoor and 3a arable Date: 1731.

DD/S/BT/28/8/4 - 1] Richard Toghill of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Charles Strode of Ashcott yeoman 3] Edward Strode of Butleigh, mason, brother of Charles 4] John Strode of Butleigh, mason, brother of Charles Draft conveyance of several parcels of arable in Butleigh fields.. Date range: 1737 - 1738.

DD/S/BT/13/1/16 1] George Strode of Butleigh, yeoman 2] James Grenville Assignment of Strodes Copleigh Close (2a) in Butleigh. [Tied together with DD/S/BT/13/1/17-18] 1773

8) Robert Stroud

In 1677 the goods of Edward Nowell were carried to Robert's house (OOP). He received Symcockes bequest money in 1691. In 1698 the Overseers paid for a change [of clothes] for his wife. In 1700 Robert again received Symcockes money. Nfi.

9) Frances Strode bur. 17 Sep 1719 Butleigh

Frances received Symcockes bequest money in the form of bread in 1689 and 1690. In 1709 she received Parish relief and again in 1712 and 13. In 1717 she received a year's relief, two changes, a cap and two changes for her son James who also received a coat. In 1719 Frances' house was repaired and James given a change and a bed cord. In 1719/20, the year they died, they received breeches, shoes and a coat for James and a change, blanket and bolster for Frances. She rec'd 8 weeks relief, beer and other things and the OOP paid James several times in his sickness then for his coffin and burial. In 1720 James's house was repaired.

11) Constance Stroudreceived a change of clothes from the Overseers in 1692 and 93 plus Symcockes money the latter year. In 1695 and '97 she was again given a change – nfi.

12) John Strode

A John received relief from the OOP in 1699 in his family's sickness and his three children also received relief (one boy and two daughters). The children received further relief in 1700, '01 and 1702. Seems related to the Cicely Strode receiving relief from 1703. Cicely may be one of the daughters. In 1703 she received a year's relief and clothes etc. Ditto in 1704, '05. '06, '07 and '08 when she became indentured [a servant]. In 1725 a Joane Strode was buried at the expense of the OOP who paid for her shroud and coffin – another daughter?

13) Hope Strode bur. 12 Aug 1754 Butleigh possible mother of the Hope Strode who married Butleigh 27 May 1737 John Hayme [wife of William or John Strode?]

14) Charles Strode d. 1788?

This is probably a different Charles than William's brother – his brother was called yeoman, of Ashcott. This Charles succeeded George in 1782 as ratepayer on a property and paid until 1788/9 when the rate was paid by Hester for 'late Charles'. She paid until 1805/6 [The following Charleses and Hesters need confirming!]

DD/S/BT/28/1/12 - Letter of administration with Will (1788) attached for Charles Strode of Butleigh, labourer decd.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1894.

15) Hester Strode bur. 13 Nov 1791 Butleigh

This must be the Hester who paid rates in succession to Charles up to 1805. In 1805 the rates paid by Thomas & Charles. They paid until 1807/8 and in 1808 Charles paid the rate alone and paid until post 1827. In August 1783 the OOP attended sessions in East Pennard with Hesterpossibly concerning her property rights (?) In Aug 1783 a summons was issued for Hester.

DD/S/BT/13/2/8 - Probate of Will (1791) of Hester Strode of Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1804.

15a) Charles Strode b. 1783 Butleigh, farmer, bur. 29 Jul 1865 (Sep Q 5c/357 Wells - Stroud) Butleigh 41-8, 51-31, 61-60

Charles paid rates with a Thomas Strode from 1805 and alone from 1808. In 1815 he occupied land on Sedgemoor common belonging to Callow & Lucas and farmed it up to and including 1818. In the 1827/8 rate assessment he is listed as owning his house etc. plus Holmand and South side of the Common (Barnes). In Marh 1823 the OOP paid the Common Fine to Charles.

Charles and Jane lived in Water Lane in 1841. In 1851 Charles farmed 23 acres. They were still there in 1861 and Charles died in 1865 (as Stroud) and Jane in 1866.

16) Hester Stroud b. 1733, bur. 11 Mar 1819 Butleigh

Hester Stroud received coal for the poor in 1792. She received relief periodically thereafter. In 1795 Hester Stroud had her rent paid by the OOP.

18) Thomas Strode

In 1799 a Thomas Stroude paid 7 months bastardy pay to the OOP. This was for the child Thomas Davis Chr. 27 May 1798 Butleigh, son of Unity Davis. The first payment to the child was in November 1798. The Thomas Strode appearing as ratepayer with Charles 1805 – 1808

19) Elizabeth Strode married Butleigh 9 Jun 1740 William Curtis #

20) Sisley StroudSisley (Cecily) received 4/- per week relief in 1724 from Mrs. Eliz. Webb [slip of paper in OOP accounts]

21) Thomas Strode labourer b. 1788 West Pennard

Thomas farmed 20 acres at Haviatt in 1851. Marriage not found and Jane not identified.


1) Thomas Strong of London d. 6 Oct 1666 London

John Webb of Butleigh is referred to in his Will of 1666.

C 5/39/102 Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings before 1714, Bridges. Short title: Strong v Webb. Plaintiffs: Thomas Strong. Defendants: John Webb. Subject: manor of Butleigh, Somerset. Document type: bill, answer. 1662

C 6/67/39 Chancery Short title: Webb v Strong. Plaintiffs: James Webb and John Billingsley. Defendants: Abigail Strong, Thomas Strong, William Strong, Dorothy Strong, Richard Goodall, Thomas Boone and Anne Webb. ...1675

C 6/222/55 Short title: Webb v Webb.Plaintiffs: James Webb and John Billingsley. Defendants: Anne Webb, Abigail Strong, Thomas Strong, William Strong and Dorothy Strong. Subject: manor of Butleigh, Somerset.1677

DD/S/BT/4/3/23 1] Thomas Strong of London, haberdasher and Thomas Boone of Townstall, Devon 2] John Webb of Butleigh and John Billingsley of London, vintner
Agreement concerning a recognisance for payment of £1,060. 1662 [Also 4/3/24, - 4/3/30 – latter with Thomas Strong will 1666 to Catherine Allen of Bristol]

Main doc. in Latin: Memorandum: that Thomas Strong late of the parish of Saint Edmund the King in Lombarde Street, haberdasher deceased departed this life upon the sixth of October last in this present year One Thousand six hundred sixty six in Bishopsgate streete London And upon the same day some houers before his death whilst he was of perfect mind and memory he has desired by Abigael Strong his wife that hee would make his will and dispose and settle his estate. And hee replied thereunto I will or I doe leave it or give all unto thee (meaning his said wife Abigael Stronge) And if it were a hundred times as much I would leave itt thee for thou hast been a loveing and carefull wife and helped in the getting of what I have And therefore I doe leave it all to thee for the children and thyne as well as myne. Ad I doubt not of thy care of them or to that very effort and purpose; And hee spake the said words very seriously with a full intent thereof to settle the estate And was at the time of the declareing thereof in perfect mind and memory And didi very often in the tyme of his health declare himselfe to the very same effect and purpose in the presence of Margarett Ffairfax, Abigaell Goodall and Grace Brettin and other credible witnesses. Abigaell Goodall the marke etc. Oct 1666 and 25 Feb 1681.

DD/S/BT/14/3/2 1] Richard Goodall of London, administrator of Thomas Strong of London, haberdasher decd, Thomas Boone of Townstall, Devon 2] James son of John Webb of Butleigh decd 3] Katherine Allen of Bristol, widow of William Allen Assignment of statute staple. 1677


1) Daniel Struthers M.B. Ch.B.Glas. Physician and surgeon, b. 31 Dec 1898, d. 1989 (Jun 23/1195/689 Sedgemoor)

He attended the Butleigh Hospital Tuesdays and Fridays (Kelly's Directory 1935, 39).


1) Sophia Stuart of Butleigh

Sophia awarded £1 at the Glastonbury Agricultural Society December 1857 for the servant under 21 with longest servitude in one place – 3½ years.


1) James Stubbs

In 1825 - 7 James Stubbs paid rates on Horses Drove to the OOP. In the 1827/8 rate assessment he is listed as paying rates on a cottage (Grenvilles) and the Drove. He was gamekeeper (non-servant) for Butleigh and Compton Dundon - appointed in 1831 by Henry Hall of Butleigh House. In 1832 replaced by John Izzard.


1) Widow Stuckespaid rates in 1673 – OOP [Stokes?]


1) John Stuckey b. 1843 Langport, labourer 61-59

John lodged with Charles Petty in Dumb Lane in 1861. In 1881 John was a general labourer living alone at Treatherleys Cottage, Isleworth, Middlesex. He was still there in 1891 at 2, Acton Cottage, but a gardener.


1) John Stuckleny

A John and Jane Stickland were having children in Yeovilton from 1735 – 44. See Stickland – a Joan buried Butleigh 1738.


1) Joseph Stucklins bur. 29 Dec 1728 Butleigh [Sticklinch?]


1) Baraoke Subesa warrant was issued for this person and his servants by the OOP in 1677.


1) John Sugar b. 1816 Somerset, labourer 41-13

John lodged with Thomas Rose on Butleigh Hill in 1841. Nfi


1) John Sugg b. 1817 Bruton, labourer, s.o. William Sugg

This couple lived in Wyke Champflower, Bruton in 1841 with a daughter Eliza b. 1840. See Mary Jeffery (1) #

2) Arthur Sugg b. 5 May 1881 (Sep Q 5c/417 Yeovil) Ash, d.o. Jane Sugg [Chr. 14 Feb 1847 Ash?], died 19 Jan 1944 Sandford Orcas

In the Wells Journal 16 Jun 1898 it was reported – Ernest Gregory (16) George Rawlings (16) and Arthur Sugg (17) all of Butleigh were summoned for disorderly conduct at Butleigh on May 15th. All pleaded guilty and expressed sorrow for what had occurred. P.C. Gould said a girl was pushed in a dry ditch by the lads on Sunday evening and he had had frequent complaints about their conduct – Fined 5s each and costs.

On the 1891 census, Arthur lived at Back Street, Ash, Martock with his mother Jane (Chr. 14 Feb. 1847 Ash, Milton - died 1924) and siblings Alfred (20), William (17), Bessie (14) and Oliver (7). Jane was a glovemaker and described as single. Jane may have had a previous child called Arthur since an infant of that name was born and died in 1876 (Dec Q 5c/326 Yeovil) in Yeovil district. In 1881 at Ash, Jane had lived with her son Henry (17), Joseph (13), Alfred (10), William (7) and Elizabeth (4). In 1861 a Jane Sugg (13) had appeared with her widowed 'mother' Melia (Amelia b. 1781, husband John Sugg) and brother Edward (b. 1808) in Ash - but at her Christening her mother was given as Jane and this entry stating 'daughter' probably should be granddaughter.

On the 1901 census Arthur is shown as a coal miner (hewer) boarding at 9, Tyisha Road, Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan. Clara in 1891 lived with her parents and five siblings in Ystradfodwg and is shown on the 1901 census living with her parents and brother John in Ystradyfodwg, Rhondda plus, amongst the boarders, a William Sugg from Martock. After their marriage Arthur and Clara had their first child baptised in Wales then around 1905 moved to Butleigh where on the 1907 electoral register he appears at 76, Butleigh Hill. By 1911 they lived in three rooms at 74, Butleigh Hill. Arthur was a farm labourer. The family later lived in Oddway Cottage. On the 1914 census register they still lived at 67, Oddway.

In 1929 the family left Butleigh to take over a farm in Sandford Orcas. Clifford married Kathleen Stacey, Frederick married Ida Dorrington, Albert (Bert) married Mildred Crawford, Flossie married Harvey Bishop, Beryl married Leslie Ferrett and Elsie never married.


1) Emma Sulley Chr. 24 Aug 1855 (Sep Q 5c/555 Wells) Butleigh, d.o. Harriet Sulley

Emma is not traced after her birth but her mother was probably the Harriet Sully b. 1836 Wiveliscombe who was a servant in Bristol in 1861.


1) Robert Summerhayes watchmaker Chr. 17 Oct 1784 Church Stanton, Devon, s.o. John and Kesiah Summerhays, silversmith and watchmaker, d. 1857

Robert appears on the 1841 census as a silversmith in Taunton with wife Elizabeth and sons William and Samuel plus daughter Elizabeth. In 1851 they were at High Street, St. Mary Magdalen, Taunton and Frederick their grandson was with them.

1a) Robert Sumerhayes Chr. 3 Jun 1810 Buckland, watch and clockmaker, then schoolmaster, d. 15 Feb 1890 aged 78 at Ford Street near Wellington

[Robert] Edmund's father was a clock and watch maker (b. 1812 Buckland St. Mary) while his mother was a stay maker. They appeared in Bishop Lydeard in 1851. In 1861 the family lived at North Street, Milverton in when Edmund was then called Robert and his pob given as Bishop's Lydeard. The family had a boarder - Lavinia Bond (b. 1845 Bishops Lydeard) - who married Robert's cousin Frederick William Sumerhayes three years later.

1b) Caroline Sumerhayes Chr. 20 Jan 1824 Buckland St. Mary/Ilminster sister of Robert (1a)

In 1851 Frederick appears in the High Street Taunton with his grandparents Robert and Elizabeth Sumerhayes and their son William (42) – a watchmaker like his father, and two daughters Elizabeth (35) and Caroline (27) Frederick's mother. On the census they gave Butleigh, Frederick's pob as being in Devon! In 1841 Caroline was an assistant to Josiah Jones (24) a music professor in Bridgwater. By 1871 Frederick lived at 24, East Street, Taunton with his wife Lavinia and three children (all born Taunton). Frederick died in 1880 aged 37. By 1881 Lavinia was running a toy and music shop with seven daughters to find for. The family do not seem to appear on subsequent censuses – emigrated?



1) Edward Summers

Sarah/Sahry had her rent paid at least once in Cranmore, sometimes the rent payment was itemised as 'Edward's wife's rent paid'. She received rent from 1674-89. In 1689 she is called Widow Summers and the last entry in 1691 was for relief in her sickness.

2) George Sumers

George's bill was paid in 1747/48 (OOP). A daughter Esther was buried 13 Feb 1774 in Charlton Mackrell

3) George Summers sojourner [Chr. 30 Mar 1766 Charlton Mackrell, s.o. George and Elizabeth Somers?]

In Oct 1803 this George's bill was paid for repairing the Poor House and again in March 1805. In May and again in Sep 1805 the OOP paid George's wife the allowed Bounty money of 2/-. Later payments made for repair work such as on the Poor House in June 1807 – in Oct 1815 on Sealy's Row. In Dec 1815 he fixed 9 iron grates at the Poor House and Sealy's Row. In Nov 1816 George walled up the window at the Poor House. In Sep 1818 the OOP paid George for building the privy at the Poor House. A Benjamin Summers paid for providing lime for the privy. In Oct 1821 the OOP paid Benjamin and George again to work on Sealy's Row. George paid rates on a cottage in the 1827/8 rate assessment, together with 'another'.

4) Samuel Hucker Summers b. 1803 Charlton Mackrell, stone mason, [s.o. Lucy Somers], d. 26 Jun, bur. 1 Jun 1889 (Jun Q 5c/338 Wells) Butleigh 61-61, 71-82, 81-103

At his marriage Samuel's abode given as Charlton Adam and his parent as Elizabeth Saunders while his wife's parent was Lucy Summers!

In 1841 Samuel lived with his first wife Mary in Charlton Mackrell but after her death in 1841 he married the widow Hester Merriot whose husband Jacob had died in 1840. They lived in Compton Dundon in 1851 with Elizabeth, James, Henry and Jacob Merriott from her first marriage plus Mary Summers (7) and Hester from the second - all born Compton Dundon. Mary Maria Summers had already left to work as a servant in the High Street, Weston Super Mare. In 1861 Samuel (58) lived in Butleigh with wife Hester (53) and daughter Hester plus stepchildren Henry Merriott (23), Elizabeth (27) and Jacob (18). In 1871 Samuel (68) lived in Butleigh with just his wife Hester and daughter Elizabeth Merriott. Hester was a servant at Queens Road, Clifton (Herbert Villa) in 1871 and a housemaid in Westbuty-on-Trim in 1881. In 1881 [at New Road] Samuel (80), still lived with wife Hester (73) and daughter Elizabeth Merriott. Hester died in 1888 and Samuel in 1889. A son of Jacob Merriot and Hester, also Jacob, died aged 25 and was buried with his mother and step-father in Butleigh. Hester's son Jacob was also buried in Butleigh – he died aged 26 – see under Merriott..

5) Samuel Summers Chr. 10 Oct 1830 Charlton Mackrell, mason, s.o. George and Jane Summers 51-30

Nephew of the above, Samuel lived with his parents in Charlton Mackrell in 1841 - his father was also a mason [lived Charlton Adam at his birth]. In 1851 Samuel lodged with James Periam in Eades Cottage. There is no more mention of Samuel and he is probably the Samuel Summers who died in 1858 (Dec Q 5c/426 Wells)

6) James Summers labourer b. 1826 Butleigh

James lodged with the Rich family at 42, East lane, Bedwellty, Tredegar, Abergavenny in 1851.

7) Jane Summers b. 1834 Butleigh, housekeeper

In 1851 Jane was housekeeper to John Bulleid in Chilkwell St, Glastonbury. A Jane Summer married in 1852 (Dec Q 5c/1233 Bath) - nfi.

8) Samuel Summers b. 1857 Stoke Gifford, Gloucs, gardener

The above couple appeared in 1891 at Walcot, near Bath with children Emilie (b. 1887 Kent), Frederick (b. 1889 Kent) and Reginald (b. 1890 Southampton). Their sojourn in Butleigh seems to have been unfortunate, as far as their children born there were concerned, and they were absent from the 1901 census.


1) John Surfield of 'Budley' married Elizabeth Gare of 'Budley' in West Buckland on 14 Apr 1707 [Budleigh Salterton?]


1) John Densham Surrage Chr. 14 Oct 1822 Butleigh s.o. yeoman Charles Surrage of Chipsley, nr Wellington and Elizabeth Trimlett

Not known why John was Christened in Butleigh, on censuses he is given pob Chipstable. A brother Charles Thomas Densham Surrage was Christened on 16 Dec 1816 Chipstable. On the 1841, 51 censuses Charles (Chr. 11 Nov 1786 Chipstable, s.o. Thomas and Ann Surrage) and wife Elizabeth (b. 1786 Chipstable) and three adult offspring, including John, lived at Marshes, Chipstable, Wellington. By 1871 John was head of the family farming 135 acres and married to Ann Cornish (b. 1836 Nettlecombe). His father was still alive but retired. On the 1881 census he was still farming at Chipstable and seemingly he and his wife had no children. The 14 Dec 1882 Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette listed John amongst the 'liquidations by arrangement' taken from the London Gazette.


1) Andrew Sutton received Poor relief in 1613

2) Maria Sutton married Butleigh 23 Apr 1627 Thomas Rock

3) Joanna Sutton bur. 29 Jan 1633 Butleigh

4) Alice Suton/Suter d.o. Barrard/Barrack bur. Dec 1676 Butleigh

5) Ralph Sutton Wells, Consistory Proctor

In 1742/3 the CW paid Mr. Sutton's bill to John Periam Esq for his work in Wells Court against William Gattern and John Stock.

6) Albert Sutton b. 1868 Blunsdon, Wilts, sawyer

In 1911 This couple lived at Church St., Puriton with six sons and stated they had been married 25 years (1885) and had had 9 children, one of which had died. In 1891 they had lived at Purton, Cricklade Wilts with a three year old child Ernest Herbert and Percy George b. 1890 – both Purton. Emily would have been under-age in 1885. Perhaps a proof of the link is that a child Maurice S. Sutton, mother Spurlock, was born in Cricklade in 1915.


1) John Swanger Chr. 27 Sep 1818 Wiveliscombe, mason, s.o. Henry and Mary Swanger 51-33

John had appeared alone in 1841 in Wiveliscombe and married his wife Amy Ann Luckwell later in 1841 (Dec Q 10/676 Taunton). He lodged with William Britton in Brittons Court, Water Lane in 1851. In 1861 they appeared with their two children (aged 22 and 16) in Kilve. John as a widower lived in Tredegar, Bedwellty in 1881.


1) Robert Swanton of Glastonbury died 10 Oct 1737

Churchwarden accounts of 1725/26 and 1726/27 note he was paid for glazing the church windows and other such work about the church. In 1729-30 the CW accounts give details of substantial remaking of the church windows. Further work was done in 1730-31, 1735-36. His workers were supplied with liquor at the CW expense. John Cannon (Money lxxxiii) describes how Robert had over 30 churches in the region on his books, not to mention most of the gentry houses in their respective parishes, was not only apt to shuffle his debts but ' subject to swearing & charging in his bills for work & materials never done or used; and by some accounts a very honest man'. Cannon states (p. 318-20) 'He was killed by his own mare in the stable by a blow she gave him in his stomach or breast, he dying in less than half an hour after, although expedient mean swas used & applied.... (he) was a Cholerick, stuttering & eager in his speech especially when moved or in passion & subject to swearing and charging up his bills..' His wife tried to collect her husband's debts – in the CW accounts 1737 they paid her for work he had done before his death.

Possibly related to the John Swanton of Glastonbury mentioned in the following archive [other records exist]. Swanton's widow went to live in Bristol (Money).

DD/S/BT/16/2/23 1] Samuel Newman of Glastonbury stockingmaker 2] John Swanton of Glastonbury Conveyance of plot (3a) in Heathmoor, Glastonbury.1781

2) Henry Herbert Swanton Chr. 24 May 1857 (Jun Q 5c/608 Frome) Babington, farmer , s.o. Robert and Elizabeth Swanton, d. 14 Jan, bur. 17 Jan 1940 Butleigh 91W-117, 01W-141

In 1861 Hannah lived with her parents in Mells. Her father, from Glastonbury, farmed 120 acres and was presumably related to Henry Herbert's father Robert, also from Glastonbury - who farmed 290 acres in Babington. After their marriage in 1885 they moved into Broadway Farm, Wootton where they are found in 1891 with their first two children. The farm was 'to let' advertised in Western Gazette 4 Oct 1895 and described as a valuable dairy, corn and sheep farm with 242 acres pasture and meadow, 50 acres arable and farm house and orchard with 14 acres – H. H. Swanton was the tenant and Henry Stevens of Butleigh Wootton, carpenter the agent or owner. [in Jan 1893 Henry had advertised Henley Grove Farm 198 acres to let] In 1901 the farm was called "Broadway Inn" and another child had been born to the couple. In 1911 Henry lived on Broadway farm with Edmund and Douglas plus three servants.

On Jan 6th 1916 the Board of Agriculture & Fisheries recorded the following parts of the Swanton Farm as having Foot & Mouth disease – Brook End, Madam Periam, Rook Tree Ground, Little Mead and Hanging Oldbury. Henry Herbert Swanton & Sons were still at Broadway Farm in 1935 (Kelly's). Kelly's Directory of 1939 has E. R. and D. V. Swanton, Broadway Farm, Wootton. When Henry Herbert died in 1940 he left gross estate of £25,457 15s 11d with net personalty £25, 389 5s 11d. [Western Daily Press 25 May 1940]

The brothers Douglas and Edmund died within a few days of each other at Prospect House, Trudoxhill, Frome in 1960. Robert died at Henley Grove, Bruton.


Sweets lived in Butleigh in the early 1700's and one branch sometimes used an alias - Bulgon/Bulgin. There is some confusion between the various Samuel Sweets partly because ther were several contemporary Samuels and that some BMD's fall in the pre-1714 records gap.

1) Samuel Sweet – bur. 6 Mar 1717 Butleigh

The Samuel, a handyman, who occurs in the churchwardens accounts between 1695 and 1712. Samuel paid rates between 1707 and 1718 (and called senior the last date) In 1709 he was in a different location, then in 1715 different again. In 1718 he is joined by a second Samuel called junior a short distance away. Samuel Sweete senior (1a)? paid rates until 1725 then disappears..

DD/S/BT/6/5/20-22 1] John Helyar of Yeately, Hants., and wife Christian 2] William Day of Somerton and John Fisher of Somerton, apothecary 3] Revd Francis Martin of South Cadbury, John Pope and Henry Talbot of Butleigh Wootton, Charles Strode and William Browning of Butleigh, yeomen, Thomas Samm of Butleigh, whitebaker, John James and James Chapman of Butleigh yeomen, Samuel Sweet of Butleigh carpenter, Humphrey Colmer and John Kelway of Butleigh, yeomen, Joan Difford of Butleigh, John Vagg of Butleigh, husbandman and Edmund Callow of Butleigh, mason Covenant to levy a fine on a house and 1a, Beggars Well (4a), Fishwell (5.5a), Broadmead (2a), 3a in West Wood, the 41st and 42nd lotts (6a) in Southmoor, Langley (9a) and 9a in the fields of Butleigh. Enclosed assignments of lotts in Southmoor by the Chancellor family and others to Richard Helyar of Butleigh in 1674 and 1678. 1706

DD/S/BT/6/6/4 1] John Helyar of Yeatly, Hants., and wife Christian, William Helyar of East Coker 2] Samuel Sweet of Butleigh, carpenter Assignment of 3a in Westwood and 1.5a arable in Butleigh West field, part Peckham lease (1562). 1706

1a) Samuel Sweet died 1725?

The Samuel buried 1735 may be a son of (1) [conflated Samuels?] There was obviously a second Samuel Junior. Samuel repaired the village stocks in 1718 (OOP). In 1723 his home mentioned in reference to a visit by officers from Street coming to enquire about Christopher White (OOP). Samuel Sweete junior was overseer of the poor in 1730. Samuel Sweet senr given assistance in 1738 (OOP). Samuel (or his son) repaired Walyett Bridge with a plank in 1742.

Ann married William Eades in Butleigh 11 Sep 1746.

DD/S/BT/6/6/7 1] Samuel Sweet the elder of Butleigh carpenter 2] Henry Pope the elder of Butleigh, yeoman 3] William Gattren of Butleigh Wootton, yeoman Assignment of 3a arable in Westwood, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1724.

DD/S/BT/11/2/28 1] Samuel Sweet the elder of Butleigh carpenter 2] Henry Pope of Butleigh, yeoman, executor of Henry Pope decd Assignment of a messuage and 1/2a in Butleigh. [Tied together with DD/S/BT/11/2/29]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1738.

1a1) Samuel Sweet (born 29 Feb 1724?) bur. 14 Mar 1768 Butleigh

Samuel seems to have had an illegitimate child Jane Chr. 28 Nov 1744 Butleigh by Christian Bailey.

Samuel Sweet was a carpenter who made many of the coffins required in Butleigh and the name occurs often in the OOP accounts – especially for those people buried at their expense. [One of these?] Samuels was a smith (?) and in 1737 the OOP paid him for iron work at Brays Gate. In 1740 his house rent was paid to Henry Pope – he also received assistance and was paid for 'righting' a new gate. In 1746/7 he supplied 20 ft of oak and used it to repair Wallyeate Bridge. In 1752 he repaired Wallyeat's bridge again. Priscilla married William West of Kingweston Butleigh 29 May 1769.

In May 1782 Ruth received assistance in her sickness, and in her necessity in December.(OOP) and subsequently. In Aug 1783 the OOP paid for her coffin and carrying her to church.

DD/S/BT/10/1/1 1] James Grenville 2] Samuel Sweet of Butleigh, carpenter Lease for lives of messuage late Christopher Symcockes and 2a, 2a arable in the East field, 2a at Mountshill, 1/2a in West field, 1a at Langley, 1/2a at Mountshill Common (3a), 2a at Bolster Corner, Date range: 1743 - 1744.

DD/S/BT/12/1/39 1] William Nutty of Baltonsborough, yeoman, John Voke of Kingweston, yeoman, Priscilla Sweet of Butleigh 2] James Grenville Agreement to assign a house and 2a, 3a in South moor, 2a at Park gate, 1a at Fishwell and 10a in Butleigh fields.. [Somerset Archive Date: 1768.

1b) Andrew Sweet bur. 10 Mar 1730 Butleigh

Andrew started paying rates at the same time as William Junior – in 1718, but he paid jointly with Humphrey Veringuntil 1730 when he died. Then Sarah Sweete paid the rates with Humphrey Vering from 1731 until 1737 – thereafter it was Humphrey Vering and Davis.

In 1724/5 Andrew was paid for nine days work about the church and in 1725/6 for nails and a plank to mend the church seats. In 1728 Andrew was paid for making a coffin and turn for Barn's child.(OOP). Sarah Sweet is unknown, but in 1737 she was paid by the OOP for attending Joane Curtis.

An Ann or Hannah Sweet was in receipt of OOP aid from 1733 and in 1733/4 was promised to marry Richard Hearns (OOP paid 7½d towards agreement). She was still receiving aid in her own name in 1736 and there is mention of her child and in 1737/8 her children. The Anna Sweet receiving a years assistance in 1737. In 1738 she is called Annah or Hannah and received assistance for herself and children. In 1738/9 Anna received assistance, firewood (in lieu of rent), and attendance by Lydia Callow. John Callow was paid for keeping her. In 1741/2 an Ann received several clothing items. Ann's house rent paid 1753/4. She is possibly the Ann Sweet who married Butleigh 1 Feb 1755 James Grove.

1b1) Andrew Sweet Chr. 2 Oct 1728 Butleigh bur. 24 Mar 1793 Butleigh?

Andrew was kept by Mr. John Rocke in the early 1740's. His rent paid in the 1750's and '60's by the OOP. In Jan 1769 the OOP paid assistance to the family when struck by the smallpox.

1b1B) William Sweet Chr. 13 Dec 1754 Butleigh, bur. 11 May 1834 Butleigh

A William Sweet paid rates on the Kings Sedgemoor Ground from 1796 to 1817. Possibly not this William – see (7) below. In 1820 William Sweet thatcher began paying rates - in 1827/8 rate assessment listed as 'Gully Close'. Possibly two Williams involved since they are listed separately – one as William Sweet thatcher and one as William Sweet of Gulley Close – both still paying in 1827+. However, in the 1827/27 rate assessment there seems to be just the one William paying rates on two properties. The Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette of 10 Apr 1828 reported the death of Job Voake, hung for stealing a black gelding from William Sweet of Butleigh.

The William Sweet buried 1834 in his 80th year was father of John Sweet of the Bellmead Brewery, Lower Bristol Road, according to the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette of 22 May 1834.

Cornelius was an iron state worker and in 1851 lived at 15, Broadley Terrace, Marylebone with his wife Mary (b. 1795 Middlesex) and daughter Mary (b. 1832 Middlesex).

1b1Bi) William Sweet Chr. 6 Mar 1785 Butleigh, butler , s.o. William and Jane Sweet

William Sweet had married Jane Castle in Butleigh on 4 Jun 1781 and they had five children besides son William, one of whom, Mary, may be one of the Mary's above. Son William was single and lived at Honington Hall, Warwicks. in 1851 and may have died in early 1861 [Shipston on Stour] - nfi.

2) Samuel Sweet bur. 24 Jan 1742 Butleigh

Samuel Sweete junior paid rates from 1719-1743. In 1722-3 paid jointly with Joane Difford [mother-in-law?]. Isett's rent paid 1744, 45/6.

DD/S/BT/6/5/20-22 Thomas Samm of Butleigh, whitebaker, John James and James Chapman of Butleigh yeomen, Samuel Sweet of Butleigh carpenter, Humphrey Colmer and John Kelway of Butleigh, yeomen, Joan Difford of Butleigh, John Vagg of Butleigh, husbandman and Edmund Date: 1706.

3) Thomas Bulgon alias Sweet of Bruton

4) William Sweet bur. 22 Apr 1797 Butleigh?

In 1762-63 William Sweet wa paid by the CW for mending Wallyat Bridge.

An Elizabeth married James Collins in Butleigh on 26 Jan 1768 # and an Ann Sweet married Thomas Veiring in Butleigh on 27 Mar 1783. [see above for Veiring connection].

4a) Samuel Sweet Chr. 16 Oct 1745 Butleigh carpenter, bur. 6 Mar 1823 Butleigh (?)

A Samuel Sweet received rent and assistance from the OOP in 1767/8. In June 1774 they paid for his child's coffin [no child recorded in the PR]. In Feb 1801 the OOP paid relief to Luce Sweet. Elizabeth married Butleigh 25 Dec 1808 Samuel May#

5)? Richard Sweet bur. 27 Feb 1790 Butleigh

Son John listed in PR as child of Richard and Hannah Dominy (sic!) at birth.

6) Mary Sweet bur. 1 Jun 1769 Butleigh

7) William Sweet b. 1740, bur. 12 May 1814 Butleigh

A William Sweet paid rates on the Kings Sedgemoor Ground from 1796 to 1817. Possibly not this William – see (1b1B) In 1801 a William Sweet thatcher received rent from the OOP – the son? A Sarah Sweet began paying rates in 1818/19 and was still paying in 1827+. An Hester Sweet of Butleigh married widower Simon Chapman of West Lydford there on 25 Jul 1811 by licence – witness Marey Sweet and John Chapman – probably this Hester who then married Peter Appleby in East Lydford 6 Jul 1817.. Elizabeth is almost certainly the Elizabeth Sweet who married Gabriel Baker of Croscombe 20 Apr 1786 in Croscombe and appears in Edmund Dement's will of 1788. Mary might be the Mary Sweet who married John Russell on 13th May 1812 at St. Peter's Bristol. Jane married John Callow in Sherborne on 17 Jun 1801.#

Indenture dated March 25th 1801 - between William and Sarah Sweet, and their children Mary, Hester and Jane Sweet and Samuel Taunton of West Lydford.

Indenture dated May 7th 1818 - between John and Mary Russell of Lottisham, Ditchet; Peter and Hester Appelby of East Lydford; John and Jane Callow of Butleigh; and Edward Callow regarding the lease of land.

Sarah died in Wells Union Workhouse in 1845. Jane is probably the girl who married John Callow in Sherborne on 17 Jun 1801 #

8) Mary Sweet bur. 9 Oct 1803 Butleigh

A Mary Sweet had her rent paid from 1794 (OOP). Daughter of William above?

9) Elizabeth Sweet b. 1791 Butleigh, bur. 20 Mar 1855 (Mar Q 5c/540 Wells) Butleigh 41-6, 51-32

Elizabeth was a widow

10) Mary Sweet b. 1793 Butleigh, died 1871 (Mar Q 5c/444 Wells) 41-6, 51-32, 61-56

Elizabeth and Mary were sisters-in-law with Mary being unmarried. In 1841 they lived in the High Street and in 1851 they were in Silver Street. After Elizabeth's death Mary remained in the same property, next to John Higgins, until her death in 1871. Mary may have been the d.o. William and Jane Sweet Chr. 23 Jan 1791 Butleigh?

11a) Elizabeth Sweet b. 1782 bur. Barton St. David aged 37 on 1 Jul 1819 – of 'Butleigh'.

Possibly the Elizabeth Dauncey who married William Sweet of North Petherton in Barton St. David on 21 Jun 1808? There seems a connection between the few Sweets found in Barton, all of whom appear in 11a – c.

11b) John Sweet of Butleigh b. 1816 of Butleigh bur. 21 Aug 1832 Barton St. David – probably a son of the next.

11c) Ann Sweet b. 1793 Barton St. David, baker, bur. 18 Jul 1855 Barton St. David aged 63 41-9, 51-33

'Sweet's Shop' was in Back Lane [Chapel Lane] and in 1841 Ann Sweet (50), baker, lived there with her children Mary (25), James (15) and Joseph (12). Husband's name unknown. A Harriet Sweet had a base born child, Samuel, in Barton St. David Chr. 14 Apr 1811 – the only recorded Sweet baptism there. At her burial, Ann was described as of Glastonbury.

In 1851 Ann (58) still lived with Mary (35) and Joseph (22). James had married Matilda Oldfield on 20 Feb 1849 (Mar Q 10/735 Wells) St. Cuthberts but had died by 1851. Matilda appears on the 1851 census in the High Street Wells living as a widow with her parents and son James who is the James Frederick Joseph Sweet aged three buried Barton St. David 28 Jun 1854.

In 1857 [Bristol Mercury 28 Feb 1857] Joseph advertised that he wished to let a house and baking business in Butleigh, with shop, garden and two thriving orchards to a baker or confectioner from Lady Day – his address at that time was Glastonbury Mills. Joseph had become a cornfactor and lived in Glastonbury (1861) with his widowed sister-in-law Matilda Sweet (née Oldfield). In 1871 he lodged in the High Street, Glastonbury with the Cruse family and in 1881 with the Hunt family in Castle Cary. He never married and in 1891 was lodging in Bedminster Bristol. He is the Joseph Sweet who died in 1898 aged 69 (Dec Q 6a/19 Bristol).

12) Joseph Sweet Chr. 13 Jul 1795 Pitney, shoemaker, d.o. John and Charlotte (nee Vigar) Sweet, bur. 11 Feb 1863 (Mar Q 5c/512 Wells) Butleigh 41-13, 51-38, 61-60

Joseph Sweet (45) lived with his wife Ann (40) and children George (14), Mary (6), Louisa (4) and Eliza in Barton Stone in 1841. Joseph placed an advert in the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazett on 4 Nov 1847 trying to place one of his daughters - “A situation wanted as young ladies maid or to wait on an elderly lady by a respectable young person who perfectly understands dressmaking and hair-dressing and is willing to make herself generally useful”. This must have been Elizabeth of whom more below.

The family moved to No. 50, Back Street by 1851. Joseph's wife Ann (née Gregory) was visiting her sister Anne Westlake (a straw bonnet maker) in Street, on census night together with her daughter Sarah and her mother Ann Gregory (b. 1774 Allerton). Sarah Ann was visiting her uncle William Westlake in Townsend in Street in 1851 who was also visited by his mother-in-law Anne Gregory.

Louisa was a nursemaid at London House, Glastonbury in 1851 to the Marquand family (drapers). Elizabeth was housekeeper in 1851 to the elderly John Bingham in Westbury on Trym, who she later married - see below.

George married Mary Ann Cousins (b. 1828 Taunton) in 1851 (Mar Q 10/765 Wells) and by the census of 1851 they lived in the High Street, Street with Mary's brother Walter Cousins. George's wife Mary Ann died in 1860 (Sep Q 5c/332 Wells). By 1861 George was a shoemaker in Street, at 14, Stonehill, and his sister Eliza lived with him. In 1871 he lived with three children (aged 19 - 14) the youngest being Louisa who had visited her grandparents in 1861. In 1881 just he and Louisa lived together in Middle Leigh, Street. By 1901 Louisa was still unmarried, a servant in Vestry Road, Street.

Samuel Westlake Sweet, a shoemaker, boarded at 1, Moon Street in St. Pauls, Bristol in 1861. He married Julia Edwards (b. 1835 Street) in 1863 (Mar Q 6a/66 Bristol). In 1871 he and Julia lived at Kings Elm Fields, Street with their three children. They moved to Ipswich where Julia died in 1879 (Jun Q 4a/417 Ipswich) aged 35, and in 1880 (Mar Q 4a/923 Ipswich) Samuel then married Sarah Bayes. By 1881 Samuel and Sarah lived at 13, Friars Street, Ipswich with six children. They were still there in 1891 but by 1901 they lived at 1, Norfolk Villas, Felistowe Rd., St. Clement, Ipswich and Samuel was by then a market gardener.

In 1861 Joseph (66) and wife Ann (63) lived with their daughter Sarah (17) and granddaughters Louisa (4) from Street and Elizabeth Bingham (b. 1858) daughter of Elizabeth.

Louisa is missing but an Anne Sweet b. 1837 Butleigh was a servant in Church Street, Warminster, Wilts in 1861. That they are the same was confirmed when she married Richard Holton in Warminster in 1861 (Dec Q 5a/291 Warminster). They had a son Richard b. 1863 but her husband died and she then married Uriah Curley there in 1868 (Jun Q 5a/246 Warminster). In 1911 the widowed Louisa Curley lived at 4, St. John's Terrace, Boreham Rd., Warminster.

Mary was the cook from before 1861 until after 1891 at the High Street, Street home of James Clark of the firm C&J Clark. An unusually long service in one establishment. She retired and in 1901 and lived with her sister Sarah Davis in Street. Joseph Sweet died in 1863 and Ann died in 1867 aged 68. In March 1862 Joseph had taken farmer John Hoddinott to court for the non-payment of some shoes Joseph had made for 'a girl of very indifferent character' employed by the farmer. Hoddinot was forced to pay up. [Wells Journal 8 Mar 1862]

Sarah married Edward Davis in Butleigh on 26 Jan 1864 (Mar Q 5c/913 Wells) and they lived in Street by 1871. In 1901 they lived at Keens Elm, her sister Mary lived with them. #

Elizabeth Bingham returned to home of her parents John Bingham (b. 1791) and his wife Elizabeth (née Sweet b. Butleigh 1824) in Bedminster. Elizabeth had appeared in Butleigh in 1841 as a servant to farmer Joseph Richards. In 1851 she was a housekeeper in Westbury on Trym to John Bingham (retired pork dealer) at 26, Clarence Place. They married in 1851 and had three children. They lived at 17 Weares Buildings, Bedminster. John Bingham died in 1870 aged 82. See under Bingham #

Eliza (b. 1839 Butleigh) married tailor William Adams (b. 1838 Exford) in 1865 (Dec Q 5c/1111 Wells) and they lived in Bermondsey by 1891.

13) John Sweet b. 1834 Somerton/Chinnock, labourer, s.o. Samuel and Mary Ann (nee Petty) Sweet 61-54, 71W-86

In 1841 John had lived with his parents in Somerton, his father was a labourer and half brother of Joseph (14). Absent in 1851, by 1861 John and his wife lived on Butleigh Hill in Carters Cottage but by 1871 they had moved to Butleigh Wootton. They surfaced next in 1881 at Queen Camel and for some reason John gave his birthplace as Muchelney. Between 1873 and 1876 they had had more children, born in Wraxall, Dorset and Podimore, Somerset.

Elizabeth Ann visited her uncle Thomas Durrant and his wife Martha in Lady Wood, Birmingham in 1881. Fanny a dressmaker boarded at 103, Berners Street, Aston, Warwicks in 1881.

Alice appeared with her parents in Queen Camel in 1881 and may be the girl of that name who married Edward Frank Richards in 1904 (Mar Q 5c/659 Frome).

14) Thomas Sweet b. 1826 Hampstead, Middlesex, ironmonger, died 1892 in St. Pancras 71-79

In 1841 Thomas was a law student and lodged, with his brother, in St. Pancras. By 1861 he was a plumber and ironmonger lodging at 24, Martha Street North, Tower Hamlets. Between then and his visit to Butleigh he was married and widowed. His birthplace was given as Plymouth in 1861. Thomas, a widower, was a visitor to William Castle in Oddway in 1871. By 1881 he was an iron-plate worker, back in St. Pancras.

15) John Sweet b. 30 Aug Hurcott, Chr. 24 Sep 1848 (Sep Q 10/429 Langport) Somerton, journeyman shoemaker, s.o. Samuel and Lydia (nee Langley) Sweet, died 7 Apr 1922

John's father Samuel was a half brother of Joseph (14) and John (15) Sweet (their father John 1760 – 1830, had married three times).

In 1901 the family lived at 3, Hunts Buildings, Northload Street Glastonbury. John had ten children by his first wife and Jane brought five children from her marriage to Henry Hines who she had married in 1884 (Jun Q 6a/110 Bristol). His death not traced (unless he is the John Henry who died in Sudbury in 1896). Hilda was born Oddway Butleigh amd married William James Owen 27 Dec 1915 in Glastonbury (she died 9 Jun 1937 Bargoed Glamorgan). Dorothy Alice (called Alice) was born in Bethell Cottage Butleigh and married Charles Victor Dyer 22 May 1926 at the Congregational Chapel, Street and died 1 Nov 1981. The Hines girls often took the surname Sweet.

In 1911 John and Jane lived at 38 Norbins Rd., Glastonbury with John, Alice, George, Lydia and Antoinette. Jane stated that she had had 15 children of which 9 were still alive and that she had been married 19 years. She died at 101, Benedict St., Glastonbury. Hilda was a servant to Henry Taylor, baker, of 41, Benedict St., Glastonbury in 1911.

John George Hines was killed in an accident at Burnham on Sea on a day's outing when run over by a bus on 21 Aug 1965.

16) Mary Sweet b. 1821 Somerset, servant 41W-17

Mary was a servant lodging at Joshua Andow's house in Wootton in 1841. She probably married before the next census - possibly the Mary Sweet who married in 1848 (Mar Q 10/761 Wells) - to Charles Cox?

17) Eliza Sweet b. 1812 Butleigh

Eliza married tailor James Talbot (b. 1815), in 1838 (Sep Q 10/545 Langport) and lived with him in Somerton in 1841 together with their son William (b. 1839). James died in either 1850 or 1852. In 1871, widowed, Eliza was a grocer, living with her daughter Ann (b. 1849 Somerton) in Somerton.

18) Henry Sweet b. 1869 Burnham, sweep, s.o. John Sweet, d. 1937 (Mar Q 5c/597 Weston-Super-Mare) aged 67

Harriet, a laundress, was staying with her uncle Benjamin Kerton and wife Hannah at Rock Cottage, Burnham in 1891 She married Henry Sweet in 1895. In 1891 he had lived in Burnham with his widowed father and widowed grandmother Susan (b. 1813 Burnham). Harriet died in 1897 and Henry then married her sister Alice in 1898 and by 1901 they lived at Princess Street, Burnham with 10 month old son Henry Albert and Alice's father Benjamin Lye (59). By 1911 they had three sons. In Kelly's Directory 1935 Henry is listed as Sweep.

19) Joseph Sweetin 1742 Joseph had his rent paid by the OOP


1) Margaret F. T. Swinburne b. 1888 Southsea, Hants., d.o. Thomas and Louisa Swinburne 01-134 PHOTO

Margaret (13) was a visitor/pupil staying at the Vicarage in 1901. In 1891 she had lived with her parents at "Charlton House", Craneswater Park, Landport, Portsea, Hants. Her father was a captain in the Royal Marine Artillery.In the Oxford Examinations 1902 she obtained a Juniors third class honours pass whilst at the vicarage, Butleigh [Bath Chronicle 21 Aug 1902]. In 1916 (Sep Q 1a/998 St. Georges, Hanover Sq) she married Gerald H. Summers. She died in 1956 (Mar Q 5c/405 Chelsea).


(see Sam, also Syms)


1) Sir Christopher Symcocke/Symcocks b. circa 1535, Lord of the Manor of Butleigh from 1569, s.o. William Symcocke of Stoke and Margery Shreese (d.o. John). Buried 26 Jun 1608 Butleigh

Christopher succeeded Sir Edward Peckham as Lord of the Manor - acquired the manorial right in 1569 from Henry Billingsley, a London haberdasher. Christopher obtained a grant of the Arms in 1576: Ermine, three bears heads sable muzzled or. and Crest: A beaver passant ermine. Christopher was the largest ratepayer at £20 26s 8d on the 1581 Subsidy Roll [SRS Vol. 88].

Thomas married Alice Sutton d.o. Sir William Sutton of Aram in 1605 and they had a son Thomas. A Bastardy order was made on John King of Baltonsbury by Sir Edw. Hext and Thomas Symcockes on 24th March, 1612-3 must refer to Christopher's brother? This Thomas appears in another bastardy order of 1617 concerning the base-born child of Alice Helliar of Balstonbury. 1609 inquisition post mortem of Christopher Symcockes comprising the manor of Butleigh. Alice Symcock married: Butleigh 12 Sep 1580 William Coward and they had several children, # Christopher, William, Mary, Joanna and Elizabeth who all took the surname Symcockes and left Wills. Margery Symcocks married Butleigh 13 May 1591 Brian Poope and Joanne Symcocks married Butleigh 9 Mar 1592 George Marshall. Dyer donated £2 towards the building of Chelsea College in 1617.

Dyer doesn't seem to have married however, a reading of DD/S/BT/4/3/1-2 1587 below seems to indicate that he may have married Mary/Margaret Walton of Baltonsborough [Chr. 29 May 1563 d.o. Richard?] orMargaret Walton of Baltonsborough [Chr. 16 Nov 1565 Baltonsborough d.o. Richard?)

Dyer Symcocks Will dated July 8, 1628 proved 29 Aug 1628 by Overseers. £5 to Wells. Poor of Wells £10. £20 to Butleigh. Poor of Butleigh £5. To St. John's Glastonbury £5 & to the poor there £10. My cousin Mary Symcocks, daughter of Alexander Symcocks £100 & to her brother Xtopher £100. Alice Adams my cousin £40, to remain in the hands of my brother Humphrey Symcocks & my cousin Xtopher Coward. Thomas Symcox her brother £5 for life & the same to my cousin Alexander Symcocks. My sister Margery Pope £60. My sister Alice Coward £100. My cousin Christopher Coward & Joan & Frances his sisters. Joan Marshall £100. My brother Xtopher Symcocks, My cousin Andrew Bowman and his wife 20/- each for rings. Mr. Richard Phillips Capt. Coward's wife Mr. William Coward. My sister Alice £100. Mr. Dr. Godwin and his wife 20/- each for rings. £200 for my funeral & £100 for a monument to my father, mother, & myself. Residue to Thomas Symcocks Esq., my nephew. Overseers Mr. Robert Hopton esq., & my cousin Xtopher Coward.

Widow Mary created a monument in Butleigh Church to Christopher at a cost of £132. 13. 9.

C 3/170/80 Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings, Series II, Elizabeth I to Interregnum. Short title: Symcockes v Hiet. Plaintiffs: Christopher Symcockes. Defendants: Thomas Heit. Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset. Document type: [pleadings]. 1558 - 1579

DD/S/BT/4/3/1-2 - 1] Christopher Symcockes of Butleigh and son and heir Thomas 2] James Hodges and Richard Halswell Settlement of Butleigh manor and advowson on Christopher and his male issue by his wives Mary Baylly of Wells and Joan Pettie of Lydford with successive remainders to the male issue of Thomas by Alice Handberie [Sutton] of London or Anne Waste of London, the male issue of the sons of Thomas in succession, the male issue of Christopher's third son Dyer by Mary Walton of Baltonsborough or by Margaret Walton of Baltonsborough, the male issue of the sons of Dyer in succession, the male issue of Christopher's fourth son Christopher by Joan Poole of Baltonsborough or Gertrude Raines, the male issue of the sons of Christopher in succession, the male issue of Christopher's fifth son Humphrey by Mary Raines or Frances Raines, the male issue of the sons of Humphrey in succession, the male issue of Christopher's second son Alexander by Mary Pettye of Butleigh or by Mary Baker, the male issue of Thomas, eldest son of Alexander, the male issue of other sons of Alexander and the right heirs of Christopher the settlor who reserves the right to make leases.” Date: 1587.

DD/S/BT/4/5/1 - 1] Christopher Symcockes of Butleigh and wife Mary 2] Thomas White of Rowley, Butleigh and daughter Elizabeth Lease for lives of Rowley house, Woodsplot (4a), 4a lately inclosed in Westwood, Rowley (10a), Oldburye (20a), 15a ar in West field, Butleigh. Date: 1606.

PROB 11/111/473 Will of Christopher Simcox Butleigh, Somerset Date: 31 May 1608

In the name of God amen. Christopher Simcox of Butley in the Countie of Somersett esquire Did make settle and declare his last will and testament Numcupative in manner and fourme followinge or the like inso effecte by the saide Christopher beinge in perfect healthe and memorie saide affirmed and declared Diverse and sundrie times before the time of his sickness whereof he dyed that he would give all that he had unto Marie his wife and that she should be his executrix and that he would give awaie nothinge from her. Allso the sayde Christopher at the time of his sicknes whereof he died beinge of perfect minde and memorie and further declaring his saide will and meaninge touchinge the disposicion of his goodes saide as followeth or the like in effect vizt I am well stated or settledwardes God all that I have is the said Maries my wife or all that I have is hers meaninge thereby the saide Marie his wife. Thes beinge then and there present Jone Marshall the wife of George Marshall of Glastonburie Marie Oram Joane Cowarde and others.

Ultimo die mentis maii anno domini millimo Sexcentesimo octavo emanabit comissio Marie Simcox relordri habentid ex Old administrand bona min et eredita hynodmixta tenorem .......

PROB 11/112/477 Will of Mary Simcocks Widow Butleigh, Somerset Date: 25 Nov 1608

In the name of God amen. The tswelveth day of May in the yere' of our Lorde God one thousand sixe hundred and eight' I Mary Simcockes of Budleighe in the Countie of Somerset widow sicke in bodye but of good and perfect remembrannce God be praysed !Do make and ordayne this my last will and testament in manner and forme following that ys to say It[em] first: Icommend my soule into the handes of Almightie God my maker and redemer: and I commend my body to the earthe whereof yt was made. Item I give and bequeathe to the parishe church of Budrleighe tenne shillinges. Item I give to the poore of the parish of Budrleighe aforesaide twentie shillinges. Item I give and bequeathe to my sister Johane Duffett widowe three poundes. Item I give and bequeathe to my sonne Christofer Simcockes tenne poundes. Item my will is that the sayed Christofer Simcockes my sayed sonne shall have fortie poundes of lawful money of Englande payed unto hym by my executor hereafter named uppon good and sufficient securitie by hym to be given to my executor that he the sayed Christofer shall not only yerelie paye unto my daughter Johane Marshall one Annuitie of ffower poundes during her natural life the giving and deliveringe to my sayed sonne Christofer sufficient acquittance and acquittances for the receipt thereof: But allso yf it happens my sayd daughter Johane to survive Mr George Marshall her husbande then to paye the sayed ffiftie poundes to the sayed Johane Marshall my daughter. And she to dispose thereof at her will and pleasurefor ever. And the sayd annuitie then fforthe to cease. And yf yt happen the said George Marshall and Christofer Simcockes to survive the sayd Johane Marshall that then and from thence forthe my will intent and meaninge is that the disposing of the sayd ffortie poundes shalbe in my sayd sonne Christofer Simcockes for ever. Item I give and bequeath to Christofer Coward my neiphue fortie poundes. Item I give and bequeath to Johane Coward my neece one hundred poundes. Item I give and bequeathe to Christofer Simcockes my neiphue the sonne of Alexander Simcockes my sonne, tenne poundes.Item I give and bequeathe to William Coward my neiphue twentie poundes. Item I give and bequeath to Rebecca Coward my neece twentie poundes. Item I give and bequeath to Ffrauneys Coward my neece twentie poundes. Item I give and bequeathe to Alice Simcockes my neece daughter to Alexander Simcockes my sonne tenne poundes. Item I give and bequeathe to Mary Simcockes daughter to my sayd sonne Alexander twentie poundes. Item I give and bequeathe to Mary Oram daughter to Humfrey and Mary Orvin [Oram] my neece thirtie poundes. Item I give and bequeathe to Ellianor Sutton widowe tenne shillinges. Item I give to Lore Raide tenne shillinges. Item I give to Elizabeth White my servannte five poundes. All the rests of my goodes chattells and cattells not given nor bequeathed my debtes payed my legacyes performed my legacyes performed my funerall expenses discharged I whollie give and bequeath to Thomas Simcockes esquire my sonne and heire and I make hym my sole executor these beynge witnesses Thomas Rocke clerk Signn Alexander Simcockes Dier Simcockes William Coward Humfrey Orvin.

Vicesimo quinto die mens Novembris Anno Domini millesimo sexcentesimo octavo emanavit commissio Humfrido Orvin marito Marie Orvin abs Coward nepotis ex filia de- defuncte ad administerand bonafura et ardoita dre defunct mixta tenorum hmor testamenti co quod Thomas Simcockes ar executor in ....................

Original Funeral doc. in RCS possession two pages; Photo 1, Photo 2

Page 1) The First Schedule mentioned in the Positions Additionall

Imprimis the funerall expenses ss.. } £cxxxii xiii s ix d (£132 13s 9 d)

Item for the buildinge of an Ile in the }

Church by the will of Christopher }

Symcocks husband of Mary Symcocks }

deceased and also with the consent and } £xxx xiiii s ii d (£30 14s 2d)

good likinge of all the children and }

Segataryes of the sayd deceased ss.... }

Item for the charge of provinge the }

Wills of Christopher Symcocks and } £xv

the sayd Mary Symcocks ss............. }

Item payd for weadinge and reapinge }

the wheate ss................................... } £x

Item layd out for house keepinge from the }

death of Christopher Symcocks the }

husband of the sayd Mary untill the }

death of the sayd Mary ss................... } £xii xv d

Item for servants wayges ss................ } £vi iii s viii d

Item payd to Lawrence Pope for } S s?

debt ss........

Item for a debt payd to Gregory Pope } £xi

Item unto Bryant Pope ss....... } S s

Item unto Robert Masters ss.............. } xliiii s

Item to Jeromy Churchhey ss............ } xx s

Item to George Perry ss....................... } xviii s

Item to Andrew Sutton ss.................... } xxxvii s x d

Item to Dyer Symcocks ss.................. } xxxii s

Item to Lawrence Pope now payd & }