1) James Tagford b. '1788' Chr. 8 Aug 1784 Chilton Polden, labourer, s.o. John and Sarah Tagbird, bur. 1 May 1858 (Jun Q 5c/395 Wells - Tugford) Butleigh 41W-18, 51W-41

In Feb 1813 James was paid 2 guineas by the OOP for the local [militia service?].

In 1827/8 rate assessment James paid rates on a cottage (Downs) in Butleigh. This couple lived in Garden Allottments, Butleigh Wootton in 1841 and '51. Prudence, [previously married to John Larcombe who had died in 1813] died in 1854 and James in 1858. Prudence was described as an invalid and had a nurse, Mary Welshman, in attendance in 1851. At the Glastonbury Great Market of December 1855 James was awarded £2 as being the employee who had worked longest, 47 years, for one employer – Sir Alexander Acland Hood, meaning that he had been in Butleigh since at least 1808.

2) Elizabeth Tagford [Betty Chr. 28 May 1787 Chilton Polden d.o. John and Sarah Tagbird]

Elizabeth married George Turner in Butleigh on 6 Apr 1812. She died aged 25 and was buried 18 Mar 1813 Butleigh. George Turner # then married her sister Edith Tagbird.


(see Toghill – Tugwell, Tarzewell)


(with additional information from Mark Wareham & others)

A) John Talbot the younger of Botteley

In 1468 Thomas Lyte brought an action in the Court of Common Pleas against John Talbot the younger of Botteley, c. Somerset, gentleman, and Joan his wife, relict of John Lyte and daughter and co-heiress of William Wasyn of Bottele to recover a debt of £10.

B) John Talbot Will 11 May 1540, proved 12 Oct 1541 [Somerset Record Society (SRS) volume 62]

Will of 1541. Refers to wife Jone. Witnessed by Sir John Dowle, Richard Sowthway, John Vicar.

C) John Talbot d. 1549

Will made 1 Apr 1548 proved 17 May 1549 Refers to sons George, John, John the younger, Richard, wife Joane and sister Alice. Also John Clarke and John Arnot [Arnold]Witnesses Sir John Dowle, Thomas Hayward and John Wilton.

D) John Talbott Will made 7 Mar 1559, proved 9 May 1559 [Somerset Record Society (SRS) volume 62]

Will witnesses: Robert Wilton, John Talbote junior, John Waymonte, vicar.

E) Richard Talbot (see B) d. 1559

Will made 10 Mar 1559 proved 9 May 1559. Refers to his brothers John Talbott senior and junior and Thomas White. Witnesses Thomas Morys and Robert Wyltone.

1) Joanna Talbott married Butleigh 17 Jul 1580 John Lyd [Lyte?] #

2) John Talbot bur. 6 May 1582 Butleigh

3) Thamezina Talbott married Butleigh 27 Apr 1587 John Gromes [Grimsted? - common in neighbouring Baltonsborough]

Thomasine Gromes appears in the will of Julyan Gibbs 1594 as does Thomas Talbot senior and his son John (below).

4) William Talbott

5) John Talbot [John of Wootton bur. 15 Jun 1622 Butleigh?]

Elizabeth Talbot of Butleigh, widow, bur. 31 Jan 1597 Butleigh Will 21st January 1597, mentions Mary Mores daughter, John and William Talbott younger sons. Proved 19th Sept 1597. Witnesses Thomas Rock, William Colmer and Thomas Talbot [see (8) – same reference DD/SAS/RF 3/4/4] – wife of Thomas or John? Elizabeth Tabber widow paid £9, 9s Tithing on the Subsidy Roll of 1581. [SRS Vol. 88]

6) Thomas Talbot the elder of Wootton, Butleigh husbandman, bur. x Feb 1597 Butleigh

Will 7th April 1594, mentions son John Talbot, Julian Gibbes his mother, son Thomas Talbot, wife Agnes. Proved 19th September 1597 value of estate £7 16s. Birth of John specified as s.o. Thomas Talbott senior. Emma married Butleigh 26 Oct 1625 John Homan. #

Will of Julyan Gibbes made 25 Nov 1594, proved 31 May 1595 – refers to Thomas Talbott senior and his son John and also Thomasine Gromes (above, nee Talbott).

6a) Thomas Talbott Yeoman b. pre- 1570, bur. 16 Dec 1612 Butleigh

Thomas Talbot Will 1613 – this Thomas?

Will Items mentiones in his administration include: oxen, heyfors, 6 mares, hogges (to John Talbott), wearing apparell, pigges, 45 sheep, pultry, plough harness, corn in the house...barn, haye in the storehouse, acres of wheat, wood in the barkeside, tymber in the barkeside, tableboard, 20 pewter vessels, candlesticks, brasse pott, bedding, featherbed, sheets (to Emma Talbott) silver ring, the farm in which he dyed.., lease of 4 acres … upon Ryves, lease of 10 acres of meadow at Baltonsborough, one close arable land at westwood. Total Goods £684 6s 10d. Money owed to him by the following persons – Edward Talbott, John Russhe the younger, William (?) of Glastonbury, William Colmer of Baltonsborough, (?) Brunt, George Talbott of Butleigh, Robert Clerk of Butleigh (?) Chamberlain – total money owed £73 7s 8d. Total administration £787 14s.

7) George Talbot

8) Waymund Talbot

9) George Talbott

Second marriage of (7)?

10) Edward Talbot bur. 1616 Butleigh

11) Edward Talbott yeoman - Will 1661 see below

Edward donated 1/- towards building Chelsea College in 1617. A Joan(ne) Talbot married Butleigh 15 Jun 1634 George Clarke #

Will made 13 Jan 1661. To be buried in the churchyard of Butleigh. Bequeathed money to the parish church and mentions: Son Thomas, daughter Jane Clarke (pewter dish and silver bowl), grandchildren Henry Clarke (20 shillings) and Elizabeth Talbott (bed and bedsteade), sons John and Edward (an annuity of £3 per year), grandchildren Alice, Francis, Ann, Joane and Mary, brother John Talbott, son-in-law Mathew Hale. Sons Robert and Henry made executors. Signed in the presence of John Rocke, clerk, William Talbott and John Talbott the elder.

DD/S/BT/5/4/2 1636 1] William Colmer of Butleigh - Edward Talbot of Butleigh, yeoman, assignment of Hill close and two parrocks in Newmean Butleigh Part of Peckham. Edward, John and Robert Talbot appear in 1641 Lay Subsidy Roll paying £4, £1 and £1 respectively.

11a) Robert Talbot bur. 21 Jul 1671 Butleigh

Under DD/S/BT5/6/20 indenture of 1665 between Robert Talbot of Butleigh and Edmund Hole of Butleigh. Cover Peckham lease – mentions Robert Wilton and marriage to Luce Wilton and then the marriage between Edmund Hole and Jone Talbot. Copies of much of those below.

Widow Luce Talbott paid the rates from 1673- 1686. She paid rates on South Moor land 1673-80. Her successor seems to have been Edward who paid rates from 1687 well into the 1700's.

DD/S/BT/6/4/1 1] Robert Talbot of Butleigh, yeoman 2] John Norton of Stoke St. Michael Mortgage of Broadclose (4a) and 1.5a in Newmead, Butleigh. 1665

DD/S/BT/5/6/2 1] Robert Talbot of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Edmund Hole of Butleigh, yeoman Mortgage of Blackthorne (1.5a) in Butleigh, part of Peckham lease (1556) belonging to Robert's wife Lucy Wilton, provide for Robert's daughter Joan wife of Edmund Hole.1665/6

DD/S/BT/5/6/3 1] Robert Talbot and Edmund Hole 3] Henry Squier of Somerton, blacksmith Assignment of Blackthorne (1.5a) in Butleigh. Rent 2s. 1671

DD/S/BT/[5/4/3 1] Lucy Talbot - Edward Talbot her son as above assignment of Hill Close 1674/5

Exchequer E134/23 & 24 Chas2/Hil23 Richard Cabell, Richd. Helyar, John Rock, clerk, John Norton, Robt. Talbott, John Raymond, John Chasey. v. Sir Thomas Mack-worth, Bart., John Webb, Richard Tomlyns, Gawen Lowry.: Manors of Butley, Street, and Glastonbury, and the moore or waste ground called "South Moore" alias "Alder Moore" (said to be parcel of the late abbey of Glastonbury), lying in or near the parishes of Butleigh, Street, and Glastonbury. Touching the inclosure of moor, and allotments made to Chas. 1., to the lords of the manors, and to those having right of common on the manor. Common of estovers, &c., &c.: Somerset 1671/3

11b) Edward Talbot of Butleigh bur. Feb 1670 Butleigh

*Banns read 25 Nov, Dec 2 & 9 but not solemnized in Butleigh.

12) Joanna Talbot married Butleigh 15 Jun 1634 George Clarke #

13) John Talbott - a John Talbott was buried in 1689 Butleigh (OOP)

Not certain that the first three children belong to this family but seems likely.
John Talbott senior was the John on the 1672 commoners list and paid rates from 1673-1684 after which he was followed by Thomas Talbott. 
Ilchester Quarter Sessions 19 Apr 1653 - Wheras a Tryall was had att Bridgewater Sessions last by consent of the parishes of St Johns in Glaston, Butleigh and Streete of the yssue ioyned uppon an Indictment against Johne Talbott and Edward Tayler of Butleigh for breakinge and entringe the Close of William Morse att St. Johns Glaston in this Countie and takinge and drivinge away of one Cow of the said William Morse's. 

14) Joan Talbot married Butleigh 3 Apr 1665 George Hooper #

15) Susan Talbottreceivd money from the OOP in 1673 for looking after the Walken/Walter children. Nfi

16) John Talbot bur. 27 Mar 1676 Butleigh

John Talbot junior paid rates from 1673 – 1677 and was followed by William Talbot [called senior]. John had paid rates on South Moor 1673-6 which was then paid from 1677 – 1710 by William Talbott senior. A John Talbot junior was Overseer in 1653 and a Jo. Talbot was Overseer in 1671.

17) Thomas Talbott buried 1692 Butleigh (OOP)

Thomas Talbott was paying rates 1685-92 in succession to John Talbott senior.

18) Alice Talbott duplicate burial record? - 16 Mar 1670 and 29 Mar 1670 Butleigh (daughter of Ann who died in April?)

19) Thomas Talbott bur. 6 May 1731 Butleigh?

Possibly second marriage of (17). A Thomas supplied leather to the church and appears in the churchwardens accounts 1678, 1686-7.

20) Edward Talbott senior bur. 31 May 1718 Butleigh

Edward appears in the churchwarden's accounts 1698-1713 – he killed a polecat and a hedgehog in that period. The Edward on the 1672 commoners list? In 1703 he took an apprentice (OOP). Edward Talbot called junior paid rates from 1687 – 1760's plus [continuous line of Edwards – needs checking]. A William began paying rates next to him in 1696 – 1700 only.

DD/S/BT/5/4/4 - 1] Edward Talbot of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Thomas Seymer of Butleigh Wootton, yeoman Assignment in trust for Edward's wife Grace of Hill close and two parrocks (9a) called Biggs, Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1557).. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH Date range: 1674 - 1675.

DD/S/BT/11/2/12 1719 Probate of Will (1715/16) of Edward Talbott of Butleigh, yeoman.

DD/S/BT/11/2/1 - 1] Edward Talbott the elder of Butleigh, husbandman 2] John Pope of Butleigh yeoman and Thomas Pope of Butleigh Wootton, yeoman Assignment in trust of Woodsplott (3a) in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1693.

21) William Talbott - ​the elder - bur. 25 May 1715 Butleigh

Probably the William who donated money to the building of St. Pauls in 1680. A John Talbott killed a polecat and 5 hedgehogs in 1695 according to the churchwardens accounts. A William is listed as 'at Hill' on the 1672 commoners list. He paid the rates from 1678 in succession to John Talbott jun.

An uncertain Mary Talbot buried 3 Dec1731 Butleigh could be William's wife? Or child of (17)?

21a) William Talbot b. bef. 1697, - the younger - bur. 10 Aug 1738 Butleigh

A William appears in the churchwardens accounts from 1692 and was churchwarden in 1713 and 1714 (though this may have been his father). A Jane eldest daughter of William Talbot born circa 1700-08 is probably a daughter of this William. # Mary married Humphrey Colmer Butleigh 19 Apr 1738 # In Baltonsborough an Elizabeth Talbott who may also be from this family, married Thomas Avery # 4 Apr 1731 – see below for Avery links.

DD/S/BT/5/4/6 - 1] John James of Butleigh 2] William Talbot the younger of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of 4a in the West field of Butleigh part Peckham lease (1556). Rent 1d.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1711.

DD/S/BT/11/2/2 - 1] Thomas Talbott of Butleigh, yeoman eldest son of William decd 2] Jane Talbott of Butleigh eldest daughter of William Assignment of one fifth of Woodsplott (3a) in Butleigh 1727 .

DD/S/BT/11/2/19 - Letters of administration for property of William Talbott granted to Edward Talbott following death of William's widow Jane. 1729

DD/S/BT/11/2/20 - 1) John Callow and wife Jane eldest daughter of William Talbott decd 2) Edward Talbott, second son of William decd Assignment of two fifths of Woodsplott (3a) in Butleigh. 1732

DD/S/BT/11/2/30 - 1] Humphrey Colmer of Butleigh, cordwainer and wife Mary daughter of William Talbott decd 2] Edward Talbott, second son of William decd Assignment of one fifth of Woodsplott (3a) in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1738.

21a1) Edward Talbot bur. 18 Jan 1787 Butleigh

Several Edward Talbots paid rates from 1687 – 1787/8. In 1731 a new property [previously Richard Holman for Slades] had the rates paid by Edward Talbot 'for Mr. Slade' In 1734 the rates were paid by Mr. Richard Slade.

In 1723 an Edward was overseer for 'Shore's tenements'. In 1724 Edward was one of the highest ratepayers – for the Parsonage and tenement. He was churchwarden in 1727. Edward received money for serving the Tything office in 1765. Betty married John Jones in Butleigh on 21 Apr 1761 and John paid the rates with Edward Talbott 1778 – 1782.

In April 1781 Edward paid a fine of 7/6d made on him by Richard Martin for breaking James Grenvilles ground and stealing wood.

DD/S/BT/4/2/19 1] Edward Talbot of Butleigh son of William decd 2] Joseph Periam of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of 3a arable inclosed on Sower Down and 3a arable beside Southern Hill in the West field of Butleigh part Peckham leases (1556, 1562). Rent 3d.. [Somerset Date: 1743.

DD/S/BT/8/7/20 1] Richard and Stephen Holman of Butleigh Wootton sons of Richard decd 2] Edward Talbot of Butleigh yeoman and John Stock of Butleigh tailor, executors of John Colmer decd 3] Ann Hodges of Butleigh Assignment of 3a in Southmoor, Henly (3a) and Darksham Date: 1746.

DD/S/BT/13/1/19 - 1) Edward Talbot the elder of Butleigh, yeoman, devisee of his uncle Edward Talbot decd and administrator of father William decd] 1774

Will made 17 Feb1784, proved 19 Nov 1787 Edward Talbot 'the elder', yeoman. Refers to his 'freehold messuage lands and tenements, leasehold estates household goods, furniture and read and personal estates' all left to his son Edward Talbott of Butleigh, yeoman, who is made sole executor.

21a1A) Edward Talbot Chr. 13 Nov 1742 Butleigh, bur. 11 Jun 1813 Butleigh

For Eleanor see (32) below. 1774 - National Archives, Butleigh Court Papers - Edward Talbot's warrant as Hundred Bailiff. He exchanged land in Southmoor with James Grenville, 1782 and 1797. Son Edward married Elizabeth Nicols on 5 Nov 1793 in West Pennard and they had seven children there. Bondsman for the marriage licence of 1766 was Gabriel Close of Baltonsborough.

In Jan 1788 the OOP paid for 'two days work for a man and plough for hauling Edward Talbots household goods and Richard Rendell – to the poor house [which needed a new lock and key]. In March 1788 the OOP sheaves of reeds for the Poor House where Edward Talbott was living, at Butleigh. In Sep 1789 William Helliar made clothing for Edward's children – paid for by the OOP. The OOP paid for Eleanor's coffin in Sep 1790 – Edward received a 'neck of mutton' from the OOP in th same month!

In Dec 1800 Betty and Elnor Talbots received OOP. Ellen Talbot given relief in March, May 1804.A George Talbot was paid 8 guineas in Oct 1803 for his service in the Royal 5th Regiment Reserve. The OOP paid for Edward's coffin and burial in Jun 1813 – money to Betty. Betty and Eleanor were sisters and occur together again in Mar 1818 when the OPP paid them relief. In 1841 they lived at No. 1 Sealy's Row but in 1851 they lived at No. 3. Both ladies lived 'under Parish Relief'. Ellen died in 1854 and Betty probably also died in 1854 (Sep Q 5c/334 Wells) though a namesake died in 1860. [see (32) for an Elizabeth/Betty]

DD/S/BT/5/4/23 - 1] Mary Holman of Butleigh Wootton 2] Edward Talbot the elder of Butleigh 3] Edward son of Edward Talbot 4] James Grenville Assignment of Biggs closes (9a) in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1779.

21b) John Talbott

A succession of John Talbotts was paying rates from 1716 - 1793 in succession to William Talbott. John was churchwarden in 1729, and paid for going to Wells to arrange indentures for apprentices.(OOP)

21b1) John Talbot bur. 9 Oct 1793 Butleigh

As a widower John married widow Jane Grant in 1778. After his death in 1793 his property had the rates paid by William Grant her oldest son. In Aug 1782 John was summoned to East Pennard for examination.

Thomas is the person referred to in Chelsea Royal Hospital records – WO 121/26/147 - Thomas Tolbritt alias Thomas Talbot, Born Butleigh, Somerset Served in Somerset Fencibles; Somerset Militia; 22nd Foot Regiment Discharged aged 33 after 7 years 4 months of service . Date: 1795.

21b1A) John Talbot Chr. 20 Feb 1749 Butleigh , bur. 11 Sep 1823 Street

21b1Ai) John Talbot Chr. 7 Jul 1771 Street, died in Street in 1843 (Jun Q 10/349 Wells)

Baptism of John 7 Jul 1771 Street not yet confirmed.

21b1Aia) Mary Talbot Chr. 31 Aug 1794 Street

21b1Aia1) John Talbot b. 2 Jul 1820 Street, stone mason, died 1905, Street

John and Charlotte first appear on the censuses in 1841 living in Street with no children and John listed as a mason. Next door lived John (also a mason) and Betty Talbott, his grand-parents. In 1851 John and Charlotte lived at Bowling Green, Street [with John's widowed grandmother two doors down and listed as 'Pauper'?]. John was then an agricultural labourer and Charlotte a glover.

In 1861 Charlotte lived alone with the children while her husband was working away as a mason on the railway at Bruton, where he lodged.

In 1871 the couple lived at Street Mead with Eliza, John, Frank Willie and grandchild Lille Holloway. In 1881 lived with son John, his wife Eliza and son Willie. Frank Talbot and his wife Clara lodged next door with the Camp family. In 1891 John and Charlotte lived in Street High Street in four rooms, with just son Willie.

23)? Edward Talbot bur. 18 Sep 1742 Butleigh [need to see copy of will below to sort out these Edwards – YS readsthis as Edward but I have Edward Talbot Callow]

23a) Edward Talbot bur. 30 Aug 1741 Butleigh

DD/S/BT/9/1/5 1] Edward Talbot of Butleigh and nephew Edward Talbot. 1741

DD/S/BT/11/2/35 - 1742 Probate of Will (1741) of Edward Talbott the elder of Butleigh, yeoman.

24) Edward Talbot bur. 8 Oct 1727 Butleigh

Possibly unrelated [a poor Edward Talbott] – an Edward Talbott received Rocke money in 1705 and both Rocke ad Symcockes money in 1713 (for the poor). [not necessarily this Edward but listed here for temporarily convenience] In 1720 the OOP paid for eleven week's relief at 1s 6d a week. In 1721 he and his wife received one years relief and house rent. He also received a new coat. In 1722 they received a year's relief and rent plus a change for the wife and extra pay in their necessity. Ditto in 1723-8 when he died. In 1724 Edward and wife received 10/- per week in relief according to a slip of paper in the OOP accounts. No mention of his wife after 1727.

25) Joan Talbot bur. 2 Jan 1732 Butleigh

In 1712 Joane Talbot received rent and attendance in her sickness (OOP). In 1716 she received firewood. In 1720-22 the OOP paid her house rent and again 1726-30. In 1724 she was called Joane Talbott widow. She received 55 weeks pay in 1731 and she was buried at the expense of the OOP in 1832.

26) James Talbott

In 1719 the OOP paid James Talbott's house rent.

27) John Talbot s.o. John and Ann Talbot bur. 29 Dec 1741 Butleigh

28) Elizabeth Talbot widow, bur. 12 Nov 1747 Butleigh

29) William Talbot (?) yeoman d. 1776? [William Taubert bur. 5 Jun 1776 Butleigh]

Will 1776. Brother of John son Thomas. Niece Betty Talbott daughter of John - and her sister Jane. Hester, wife of Thomas Hooper, Eillow Talbot (?), Sarah Talbott, Hannah wife of Thomas Davis, nephew John Talbott, Mary wife of William Cary of Glastonbury, Philip Avery. Sole executor John Talbot

29a) Thomas Talbot - eldest son of William dec'd,

A Mary Talbott received rent in 1738. (OOP). She also began paying rates on 'Symcox' next to Mary Avery in 1738. By 1738/9 Mary Avery was paying rates on both. Mary Talbot must have died or remarried? A Mary Talbot married William Tucker in 1748 – but that was probably the daughter or another Mary Talbot? Possibly the wife of William Cary of Glastonbury [see William Talbot Will of 1776 above].

DD/S/BT/7/1/21 - 1] Jane Talbott of Butleigh granddaughter of Mary Avery of Butleigh decd. 2] James Withers of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of a half acre of arable in Butleigh West field.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1759.

30) Henry Talbot pre-deceased Elinor, bur. 7 Jan 1719 Butleigh

1702 reference to a Henry Talbot husbandman of Butleigh Wootton. Henry was churchwarden in 1712. Elinor - in 1696 the OOP issued a warrant regarding Elner Talbott. Henry suceeded William Talbot senior and paid rates 1699 to 1719 in which year he was replace by Elinor Talbot. In 1720 Elinor Talbot widow was joined by Henry Talbother son. They paid rates alongside each other until 1725 but from 1726 Henry paid alone. In 1717 the OOP paid the Hospital and Marshallsea money to Henry. In 1721 Eleanor was paid the rent for taking Alexander Day's wife.(OOP). In 1726 she was an overseer of the poor.

Will of Henry Talbot the elder 1715.

In the name of God Amen I Henry Talbott the elder of Wootton in the parish of Butleigh yeoman sick in body but sound in mind, revoke all other wills and testaments etc. I give unto my Daughter Mary Hodges wife of Thomas Hodges all the one close of pasture ground called Brimsyate foe three score and ten years, I give the same ground unto the issue of the body of my said daughter Mary, but in case the said daughter shall happen to die without issue I give it to my son Henry Talbott shall have the same ground. I give to son Henry Talbott a close of pasture ground called Round Ground, to hold to him his hairs for ever upon that the son Henry Talbot shall pay the full sum of twenty pounds of good lawful money unto my two grand children Mary Hodges and Thomas Hodges, that is to say ten pounds each when they attain the ages of one and twenty years. I give unto my two daughters Ann Talbott and Elinor Talbot [note in pencil on the side John Yeoman married Elinor, David Bell married Ann] all that my one messuage or tenement lying and being in Butleigh that I purchased from Mr John Webb.  To hold jointly for and during all the term of the Estate which I have in the same. Item I give unto my said daughter Ann Talbott and Elinor Talbott all those two Commons lying together in one close in Southmoor alias Aldermoor which I lately purchase of Mr John Helyar to hold jointly, immediately after the decease of my wife Elinor or her intermarriage etc.

In 1699 William Talbot was paid for keeping the boy Henry and a warrant was issued about the boy and he was taken to sessions. In 1700 the overseers paid for clothes, indentures and cost of visiting Wells and Evelchester (Ilchester?) sessions about him – this same Henry?

DD/S/BT/6/5/20-22 1] John Helyar of Yeately, Hants., and wife Christian 2] William Day of Somerton and John Fisher of Somerton, apothecary 3] Revd Francis Martin of South Cadbury, John Pope and Henry Talbot of Butleigh Wootton, Charles Strode and William Browning of Butleigh, Date: 1706.

DD/S/BT/5/4/7 - 1716 1] Charles Strode the elder of Butleigh - 2] Henry Talbot the elder of Butleigh, yeoman Mortgage of Langley (9a) in Butleigh. (1 doc)

DD/S/BT/5/4/8/ 1] Charles Strode the elder of Butleigh 2] Elinor Talbot of Butleigh Wootton, widow of Henry 3] Edward Talbot of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of Langley (9a) in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1720.

DD/S/BT5/6/7 1723 1] Elinor Talbot of Butleigh Wootton 2] Henry Talbot her son Assignment of Biggs (6.5a 1p), Butleigh. (1 doc)

DD/S/BT/11/2/13 - 1] Elinor Talbot of Butleigh Wootton, widow of Henry Talbot, John Yeoman of Glastonbury and wife Elinor, daughter of Henry Talbott, 2] Henry Talbot her son, 3] William Hodges and wife Ann daughter of Henry Talbott. Assignment of 3a in West Wood, Butleigh. 1723/4

DD/S/BT/8/4/6-7 1744 1] Ann Hodges of Butleigh, executrix of her mother Eleanor Talbot widow of Henry Talbot

30a) Henry Talbot bur. 29 May 1765 Butleigh - son of Elinor, widow of Henry.

Henry paid rates from 1720 - 1765, initially next to his mother. Appears in the OOP accounts – e.g. in 1737 when he made two journeys on their behalf. In 1732 properties listed as a) for Inlands, b) for Wrintmore and c) for himself and Mr. Samuel James. Churchwarden in 1841/2.

Elinor married John Moore #[bur. d. 21 Nov 1769 West Coker] and their son Henry Talbot Moore [bur. West Coker d. 4 Feb 1777 aged 29?] inherited her estate. According to indenture of 1755 [in DD/S/BT/5/6/20-35]

Indenture of 3 parts of that date made between Henry Talbot of Wootton in the p'ish of Butleigh yeoman and Sarah his wife (late Sarah Kellway Sp. Surviving administrix of John Kellway her brother deceased) of the first part Samuel Wood clerk & John Rocke Gent both of Butleigh of the second part and John Moore & Sarah Moore (son and daughter of John Moore of Glastonbury Gent by Sarah his wife late Sarah Talbot only surviving daughter of the said Henry Talbot & Sarah his wife) of the 3rd part... signed copy on 22 Jun 1771 by Henry Talbot Moore, John Moore's son.

DD/S/BT/7/4/6 - 1] Henry Talbot of Butleigh Wootton, yeoman and wife Sarah sister of John Kelway the younger decd 2] Joseph Periam of Butleigh, yeoman, executor of Mary Cooke and administrator of James Cooke 2] Thomas Periam of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of Frames Date: 1744.

DD/S/BT/5/6/20-35 Abstracts of John Moore's title (1635-1755) to lands in Butleigh, extract of will (1765) of Henry Talbot of Butleigh, copy of will (1767) of John Moore of West Coker, surveys, valuations, bill and correspondence concerning proposed sale of Moore's land Date range: 1770 - 1780.

DD/S/BT/5/6/38 - 1] Henry Talbott Moore of West Coker, administrator of Henry Talbot of Butleigh Wootton decd 2] John Moore of Glastonbury, with Henry executor of their father John Moore 3] William Daniell of Yeovil and Michael Clayfield of Bristol, merchant Partition Date: 1776.

31) Elizabeth Talbot

Elizabeth had a summons warrant issued against her in May 1768 by the OOP. In March 1775 another warrant and examination was made.

32) Elizabeth Talbot

The OOP paid for Elizabeth's delivery in March 1801. The father of Elizabeth or Betty's first child was John Hodges who paid bastardy pay from May 1801 and he was also the father of the second since he paid bastardy pay for her in May 1804. He was paying for the two children together from April 1806 – until 1814. The OOP paid for the delivery of Betty's child in Sep 1804. In May 1820 the OOP paid for Betty to attend a justice meeting and to have her shoes mended to attend the meeting.

32a) Thomas Talbot b. 1811 Butleigh, sawyer

Thomas and family moved from Butleigh to Midsomer Norton in 1840 and appeared there on both the 1841 and 1851 censuses. Louisa died in 1858. In 1861 Thomas appeared at No. 2, Humphries Cottages, Midsomer Norton (dob 1806) with wife Maria Kiddle who he had married in 1859. Sons John, Austin and Edwin were coalminers. In 1851 Maria had been an 'unmarried' servant (cook) at 78, Cadogan Place, Chelsea, Middlesex and she also gave her pob then as Butleigh. Thomas was still in Mdsomer Norton in 1871 with wife and three unmarried sons (and his dob 1804).

Sarah married coal miner Edward Gregory (b. 1837 Midsomer Norton) on 28 Sep 1865 (Sep Q 5c/1013 Clutton) and they lived in Midsomer Norton ffor the rest of their lives. They had six children and Sarah died in 1913. John had married Eliza Almond (b. 1842 Camerton) in 1864 (Mar Q 5c/1009 Clutton). In 1891 John kept the "Dolphin Inn" in Midsomer Norton and lived there with his wife and five children, plus his mother in law Ann Almond.

33) William Talbot b. 1772, bur. 7 May 1836 Butleigh

No trace of a marriage but [unlikely] a William married a Sarah Frost 6 Apr 1794 Ashbrittle and they had two children there – William Sep 1796 [died same month] and Elizabeth Frost 1797 – no further evidence of the family in Ashbrittle so they could have migrated to Butleigh.

A William Talbot wife and child received OOP relief in Dec 1800. In June and July 1805 William Talbot's wife received relief and in August the OOP paid the cost of delivering her of a child and burying her (plus child – coffin made by William Sweet). In Sep the OOP paid for keeping his child [whilst seemingly William was 'volunteered' in the Navy? - a letter received concerning him being lame and the Parish fined?]. The OOP paid for keeping his daughter from Sep 1805. She received a last payment in October 1815. Nfi (unless she is the same as Jane next).

William may have re-married – in Sep 1811 the OOP paid for the burial of William Talbott's wife – no other obvious William as husband. In 1811 part of William Talbott's house rent paid. In Feb 1812 payment made to his daughter and also 'to the other child of William Talbott'. In March 1812 his goods were hauled to a new address.

34) Jane Talbot b. 1803 Butleigh bur. 6 Apr 1886 (Jun Q 5c/383 Wells) Butleigh 41-5, 51-38, 61-61, 71-82, 81-100

A Jane Talbot had her rent paid by the OOP from 1812. She received relief for her child by Richard May from Feb 1828. In Jan 1829 the OOP paid her bastardy pay for her children by Mr. Lovell and Richard May. In 1841 Jane lived at No. 4, Sealy's Row. In 1851 and 1861 she lodged together with her son William at the house of her son-in-law John Spirlick in Back Street and in 1871 lived with his widow Mary (née Talbot) Spurlock, being referred to as 'mother'. At marriage Mary Ann gave her father's name as John Lovell though at baptism her mother was described as a 'single woman'. Mary had an illegitimate child Eliza in 1843 who was probably fathered by John Spurlock and appears as their first child on the 1851 census.

In 1881 Jane (78) spinster, receiving Parish relief, lived alone at Sealy's Row. She died in 1886 aged 82.

34a) William Talbot Chr. 10 Feb 1828 Butleigh, sawyer, bur 19 May 1874 (Jun Q 5c/392 Wells) Butleigh 41-4, 51-38, 61-60, 71-83

Jane was almost certainly the servant who was the laundry maid at the Vicarage in 1851, though giving pob as Trowbridge. In 1861 the couple lived in an unidentified part of Butleigh and remained in the same dwelling (Sub Road?) in 1871. William died in 1874 aged 46. Jane married William Castle in 1878 (Mar Q 5c/731 Wells) but died in 1879 aged 50. #

35) John Talbot b. 1801, bur. 17 Nov 1833 Butleigh aged 32

In the rate assessment of 1827/8 a John Talbot paid rates on a cottage in Butleigh – house and garden. After John's death Mary married Charles Davis in Butleigh on 8 May 1837 and she and her four children went to live with him at Court Gardens in 1841. Ann married Daniel Barber in Butleigh on 13 Jan 1848 (Mar Q 10/751 Wells). # George is probably the coal miner from Butleigh who appeared at Farrington Gurney in 1851. In 1861 he was still there, with Clementina Rogers (b. 1831 Monmouthshire) who he had married in 1853 (St. Swithins, Bath) – he died in 1871 leaving three children, two born in Abercorn, Mon., [1855 and 1858] but the last, Richard, born in Farrington Gurney, Somerset in 1860.

Eliza could be the 'scourer' in the tin works in Mynyddyslwyn, Monmouthshire in 1851. She married blacksmith William Jeffrey (b. 1834 Brighton) in 1855 (Dec Q 1b/108 Pancras) # and in 1871 she appeared in Cleveland Street, Tottenham Court, visited by Eliza Talbot (b. 1859 Butleigh) - the Ellen Eliza daughter of her brother James.

35a) James Talbot Chr. 16 Mar 1828 Butleigh, labourer, bur. 3 Aug 1889 (Sep Q 5c/298 Wells) Butleigh 41-14, 61-61, 71-72, 81-94

James lodged with Charles Davis in 1841 but in 1851, after marriage, was living with his father-in-law James Derrick, a 'labourer in teazel work', in Keinton Mandeville. He and Hannah had William who was born there. The marriage quoted gave the spouse's name as James Barber, not Talbot (PRO mistake?).

By 1861 James Talbott (33) with his wife Hannah (32) and William (11), Henry (6), Mary A. (4) and Ellen E. (2) lived in Water Lane in Butleigh. Henry was absent from 1861 and may have died. Ellen disappeared but is the Eliza visiting her aunt Eliza Jeffreys (née Talbot) in Tottenham in 1871. She married Robert William Wilson in 1890 (Sep Q 2b/478 Steyning) and lived with him in Sussex in 1901. # As Ellen Eliza she appears with her husband and three children at 18, Westbourne Place, Hove Sussex in 1911 and Martha was a visitor (see below).

By 1871 James lived at 15, High Street with Hannah and children William, Mary Ann, Catherine, Ada (birth not registered?), Martha and Frederick Charles. Mary Ann married Tom Cook (b. 1857 N. Wootton), a worker at the County Asylum, in Butleigh on 30 Nov 1876 (Dec Q 5c/947 Wells) and they then lived in North Wootton. William died aged 24 in 1875 and his comrades in the Rifle Corps attended a service in the Church in his memory.

In 1881 James (53) lived with wife Hannah (53) a laundress, and children Katherine, Ada, Martha and Frederick Charles. James committed suicide by hanging himself in his wash house on the last Thursday in September 1889 [he had been 'rather queer' for some time before] and Ada, who was classed as an 'idiot since birth', died aged 24 in 1890 - a Downs syndrome child?

William died in 1875 aged 25. Catherine married a blacksmith, William Somers in Butleigh on 26 Jun 1882 (Jun Q 5c/847 Wells) and at first they lived in Parbrook but by 1901 they lived in Ham Street, Baltonsborough with their five children. By 1911 they had just their youngest daughter living with them and William was a farmer.

By 1891 Hannah (60) lived with just Martha and Frederick at 14, High Street.

Frederick, Martha and sister-in-law, Hannah (b. 1862) a widow, all then lived in 1901 with their sister Ellen Eliza who had married Robert Wilson. He owned a stables at 18, Westbourne Place, Aldington, Lewes, Sussex. Hannah snr must have died before 1901 but the only registered death that fits, in 1898 (Sep Q 6a/451 Newport S, Shropshire), for a Hannah Talbot aged 70, needs proving.

Frederick Charles married Beatrice Mildred Smith in 1902 (Sep Q 2a/642 Croydon) and in 1911 he was a cab driver and they lived at 16, Marmion Rd., Hove. Martha was a mother's help to her sister Eliza Wilson still at 18, Westbourne Place.

36) Walter William Talbot b. 1827 Kingsbury Episcopi, shoemaker, bur. 28 Sep 1886 (Sep Q 5c/322 Wells) Butleigh 61-56, 71-73, 81-95

Walter is probably the base-born son of Anne Talbot of West Lambrook Chr. 15 Oct 1826 Kingsbury Episcopi. At his marriage he gives his father as W? Baker, yeoman.

Walter Talbot (34) lived with wife Mary A. (32) and children William (13), John E. (11), Henry (5) Agnes Maria (3), Elizabeth (2) Albert (1) in Butleigh village in 1861 and the following year he had them baptised together, shortly before the birth of Mary Jane.

All appear in 1871 in Butleigh plus six more children, except for William, Agnes and Elizabeth.

William, married, appeared in 1881 in Marylebone aged 35 - from 'Glastonbury' - together with his sister Elizabeth, a servant. Elizabeth had been a servant in Haviatt, Glastonbury in 1871 and returned to Butleigh by 1891 but is then missing from the 1901 census. She died on May 15th at the Court Lodge in 1937 aged 79 and was bur. 19 May 1937 Butleigh.

Agnes Maria was a servant in West St., Somerton in 1871 then married Frederick Penfold in Butleigh on 23 Dec 1880 (Dec Q 5c/891 Wells) and appeared in Butleigh in 1881. #

In 1881 Walter lived with wife Mary Ann, George, Frank, Alice, Frederick and Julia plus two more children, Margaret and Beatrice.

Henry, a gardener, lodged at 15 South St., Battersea, London in 1881.

Albert, a baker, boarded in 1881 at 54 Gwynne Street, Llandaff, Cardiff with George Wymbridge (b. 1854 Chard) and his wife Elizabeth (b. 1852 Butleigh née Blacker) - 29b).

Mary Jane married bank messenger William John Draper (b. 1861 Westminster) in 1887 (Dec Q 1d/1334 Camberwell) and they lived in Camberwell, London 1891/1901.

Walter died in 1886 and in 1891 Mary (69) now widowed, worked as a laundress and lived with just Elizabeth (30) who had returned to Butleigh and her youngest daughter, Beatrice at 14, Compton Street. Mary Ann died in 1898 aged 66. The vicar's daughter Mary Albinia Berkeley wrote an article “Beliefs regarding death” in the journal “FolkloreVol.34, No. 2, June 30th 1923 pp.164/6. In the article she refers to a plate of salt being placed on the breast of Mary Anne Talbot before her burial and the latter's daughter stated that it was “to scare the Devil away”.

Of their children:

Julia was a housemaid in 1891 at Heale House, Curry Rivel. In 1901, still single, she was a nurse working at 31, Sydenham Hill, Dulwich, Camberwell. George married Elizabeth (b. 1869 Pontypool) in 1887 (Dec Q 11a/244 Pontypool) and in 1901 was a general labourer living at 3, Gwennyth St., Cardiff.

Francis/Frank married and lived at 13, Compton Street. Alice Marrion in 1901 was a cook at Strelley Hall, Basford, Notts. Frederick Walter lodged at 59, Leigh St., Leigh on Mendip in 1891 and in the Western Gazette 16 Oct 1891 advertised for a position as Shoeing and Jobbing Smith [address given 21 Butleigh]. In 1901 he was a blackshoeing smith in Lambeth, Brixton, married to Elizabeth (b. 1871 Glastonbury). He lived finally in the Court Lodge, Butleigh where he died on 3 Feb in 1942.

Margaret in 1891 was in service at Dalham House, Newmarket, Suffolk, and Beatrice, who in 1901 was a servant at 51, Christchurch Road, Norwood, Lambeth - home of Julius Siemssen, a German born tobacco merchant. Margaret married John Henry Varley of Doncaster at Armthorpe in 1898 (Sep Q 9c/1069 Doncaster) and had four children – Alice, Walter, Harold and Gladys. In 1911 they had her nephew Stanley Talbot and his friend Harold Davies from Butleigh boarding with them. After her death in 1920, from pneumonia, her husband emigrated to America with the four children.

36a) John Eli Talbot b. 1850 (Mar Q 10/445 Langport) Kingsdon Chr. 25 Jan 1862 Butleigh , engine driver, died 9 Jun, bur. 13 Jun 1930 Butleigh 61-56, 71-73, 81-101, 91-120, 01-137

John Eli Talbot (31), traction engine driver, lived in 1881 at 31, High Street with his wife Elizabeth plus Ernest Edwin and Mary Eliza. Ernest and Mary both died a few days apart in 1883. In 1891 Eli J. (41) and wife Elizabeth, lived with sons Albert John, Walter and Margaret Annie. Walter and Margaret Annie must have caught the same disease since they died together and were buried on the same day in Dec 1891.

In 1901 John [Eli] (50) and wife Elizabeth (47) had just their sons Albert (15) and Frederick (7) living with them.

In 1911 Eli John and Elizabeth lived with Albert and Frederick at 12 Butleigh. These were the two sole survivors of 7 children of this couple.

This family had a tragic history of child mortality - of seven children, five died before the age of 5. Their other children also died young: Frederick died on 1 Dec 1917 aged 25, killed in action while fighting with the Coldstream Guards.

36a1) Albert John Talbot b. 17 Apr, Chr. 14 Jun 1885 (Jun Q 5c/516 Wells) Butleigh died on 6 Mar, bur. 9 Mar 1922 (Mar Q 6a/100 Bristol) Butleigh aged 36 91-120, 01-137 PHOTO

Coincidentally, after her husband's death Amy married in Butleigh on 5 Jan 1936 (Mar Q 5c/707 Wells) a fireman Bertram Charles Burge (b. 1899 Baltonsborough) who lived in Derby and they had a child there in 1938 called Brian. Bertram

36b) Albert Talbot b. 1860 (Jun Q 5c/628 Wells) Chr. 25 Jan 1862 Butleigh, baker 61-56, 71-73

Albert, a baker, boarded in 1881 at 54 Gwynne Street, Llandaff, Cardiff with George Wymbridge (b. 1854 Chard) and his wife Elizabeth (b. 1852 Butleigh, née Blacker). # Nfi after 1883 though an Elizabeth Ann married 1908 Taunton.

36c) Francis (Frank) Talbot b. 1865 Butleigh, engine driver, s.o. Walter William Talbot, bur. 25 Aug 1936 (Sep Q 5c/377 Wells) Butleigh 71-73, 81-95, 91-113, 01-134

No baptism nor birth record found for Frank, unless he is the Charles b. 1864 (DecQ 5c/588 Wells) who then disappears from the record.

In 1881 Elizabeth was a cook in the General Grocery and Drapery Shop in Paulton village. She married Frank in 1889 and in 1891 Frank Talbot (26) and wife Elizabeth (25) lived with daughter Alice in three rooms at 13, Compton Street. Frank Talbot's profession was driving a steam road roller. In 1901 Frank and Elizabeth had expanded their family to include Stanley James and Walter William.

In 1911 daughters Margaret and Mary were staying with their aunt and uncle Frederick and Agnes Maria Penfold in the village. Frank lived in three rooms at 13 Butleigh with daughter Alice and son Walter. On the 1911 census he stated that Stanley was 'away from house'.- in fact he boarded with his aunt Margaret Varley in Doncaster where he was a boiler maker's labourer.

This is the 'faithful Frank' who assisted the squire in his cider researches and who died whilst attending the funeral of Gertrude Neville-Grenville, just before the Squire died in 1936. His son Walter William had fallen in WWI. Millie Burgoyne recalled that as sexton he had lined the grave for Mrs. Neville-Grenville with moss and flowers and, having tea with the servants, had said that it was a day he never hoped to see. He never wanted to see Mrs. N-G put in her grave. He went to the service, walked out of the Court garden door, through the guard of honour of all the employees and stood besides Millie who he recognised [she had been gone from service for two years and came up specially from Dorset for the funeral]. He then dropped dead beside her and thus never got to see the burial – being buried himself later in the spot where he had dropped. His daughter Alice, who was mentally handicapped, was with him at the time, The squire in his wheelchair was taken into the church and Frank taken in after him and laid on the Vestry floor. [also recounted in Western Morning News 22 Aug 1936 where he is described as having been a 'cellarman' at the Court]

x) Miss Talbot rented No. 20 High Street at £7 16s 0d p.a. at sale of the Estate in Feb. 1947. Water obtained from well shared with No, 19.

Tamblensee Gamlen


1) Thomas Tanner of Pedwell

Thomas appears in 1796 occupying land belonging to William Ryall in the Kings Sedgemoor Ground. He farmed until 1798 and was replaced in 1799 by Thomas Colmer of Peddle [Pedwell]. He was married to Ann and they had a son William Chr. 16 Jan 1795 Ashcott.

2) James Gilbert Tanner Chr. 27 Aug 1876 (Jun Q 6a/86 Clifton) Butleigh, s.o. James and Anna Tanner

James' father was an accountant and presumably somewhat peripatetic - nfi on any of this family after this event, though a James G. Tanner married Edith M. Crees in 1922 (Mar Q 6a/77 Bristol).


1) Charles Tapper [Chr. 31 Oct 1824 Buckland Dinham, labourer, s.o. William and Rebecca Tapper?] bur. 19 Mar 1869 Buckland Dinham aged 43

Elizabeth had been a servant oat New House Farm, East Cranmore in 1841.

Emma appeared with her husband Charles, a carter, and two children in Buckland Street, Buckland Denham (confused by the enumerator with Buckland, Devon) in 1861. In 1871 she and her daughter visited Thomas Perriam in Butleigh. They were recorded twice - also as mother and daughter in Buckland, near the church, with a second daughter Anne (12). In 1881 Emma was back in Upper Street, Buckland Denham living alone as a plain needlewoman. In 1891 she lived in Cloisters Lodge, Lyncombe and Widcombe. Of Elizabethnfi but possibly married in Bridgwater in 1873.


Tarzewell – see Tugwell

1) Mathew Tarswell born c. 1750, d. 1827?

Mathew began paying rates on land in the Kings Sedgemoor Ground from 1807 until post 1827 [when the OOP records end]. In the 1827/8 rate assessment the land on North and South Comon was rated to Mrs. Tarzewell. John was a miller in Baltonsborough in 1841 – he had married widow Hester Martin there on 29 Aug 1810. A possible father of Matthew was John Tarzwell of Compton Dundon?

2) Robert Tarzwell of Street Chr. 14 Dec 1774 Street s.o. James and Mary Tarzwell bur. 27 Nov 1833 Street aged 59

The address for Robert at his death was Littleton, Compton Dundon.

A Robert Tarzwell b. 1801 farming in Walton may also be the son of this couple. Daughter Mary married first John Walton in Street on 24 Feb 1831 but he had died aged 37 at Compton Dundon, buried Street 29 Nov 1834. She then married in Butleigh 22 Sep 1836 Thomas Richards #.

3) Joseph Taswell b. 7 Apr 1840 Greinton, builders labourer, s.o. John and Mary Ann (nee Cox) Taswell, died 29 Dec 1916 (Dec Q 5c/607 Wells)

In 1911 Joseph, a widower, lived with his daughter Mary and her husband Robert Whitcombe and family at 17 Butleigh Wootton. He had married Eliza Hucker on 22 Mar 1859 in Compton Dundon. Mary was the second of their eleven children. Joseph and Eliza had lived in Street from the 1860's until her death in 1910.

Taubert -see Talbot


1) Thomas Chanter Taunton b. 1841 Bideford, Devon, garden labourer, died 1909 (Dec Q 5b/233 Tavistock) 61W-63 .

Thomas worked for and boarded with Charles Harris in 1861 in Butleigh Wootton. In 1866 (Mar Q 5b/661 Okehampton) he had married Emma Heale but by 1871 lived (alone) in the Gardener's cottage, Middlemoor, Whitchurch, Devon. By 1881 Emma and Thomas lived together again, in Whitchurch, with their five children.


1) David Tavinder b. 1830 Montacute, free-stone mason, s.o. Samuel Tavender 51-37

David lodged with William Look at 3, Quarry House in 1851. He had lived with his father and eight siblings in Montacute in 1841 - his father was a baker. Nfi though a Rachel Ann, d.o. A David Tavinder married in 1864 in Sculcoates, Hull.


1) Isaac Taylor

In Baltonsborough an Isaac and Sarah had a child Abraham buried 16 Feb 1755, a Mary Chr. 13 Aug 1762 and Isaac Chr. 21 Oct 1764 – the only other local Isaac Taylor.

2) Lucy [Lucinda] Taylor b. 1833/7 Butleigh (or Wells) d.o. William and Eliza Taylor

Appears in 1851 in Wells, born Wells. At 11, Richmond Terr. St. Margarets, Westminster 1861, born Butleigh. In 1871 Lucy Say b. 1833 Wells and James C. Say Probably not born in Butleigh. Lucinda was James' first cousin.

3) Mary A. Taylor b. 1840 Wantsrow, still-room maid, d.o. William and Phoebe Taylor, buried as Mary Ann Cooper 18 Nov 1910 Market Lavington 61-48

Mary (21) worked at Butleigh Court in 1861. In 1851 she had lived in Wanstrow with her parents - her father was a labourer. She married Jacob Bolter Cooper on 20 Jan 1864 at Little Cheverell, Wilts

4) Mabel Taylor b. 1846 Lapworth, Warwick, servant, d.o. Charles and Hannah Taylor 61-49

Mabel had lived with her parents in 1841 at Knowle, Warwickshire - her father was a labourer. Mabel (15) worked at the home of George Whitley, land agent, at the Bailiff's House in 1861. Nfi

5) James Taylor farmer

Louisa married farmer Edward Roberts (b. 1812 Ston Easton) in 1838 (Sep Q 11/24 Bath) and they lived in Ston Easton on the 1841 - 61 censuses. A James Taylor was Overseer in Butleigh in 1812. In Feb 1817 a summons was issued against James Taylor.

5a) Thomas Taylor plumber, glazier & painter Chr. 24 May 1814 Butleigh

Thomas lived in 1841 with his wife Jane (b. 1816 Othery) at Bow Sreet, Langport Eastover, when their oldest child then was Louisa aged 3. They were still in Langport in 1851. The family are next found on the 1861 census with their children at 25, Shayes St., Cavendish Square, St. Marylebone. In all they had six children

6) William James Taylor Chr. 24 Feb 1847 Somerton, plumber & painter, s.o. James and Susan Taylor, d. 1913 (Dec Q 5c/411 Langport) aged 65 81-102

William's father [James b. 1822 Hambridge] was also a plumber and painter - in Somerton in 1841/1851. William and Susan, newly married, lived at 5, Castle Street, Keinton Mandeville in 1871 and moved to Butleigh the same or next year. In May 1878 there was a terrible storm in Butleigh [Somerset County Gazette 25 May 1878] and William rescued Fanny Blacker, over 80 years old, from her flooded one-storey cottage.

William (34) a plumber & painter, lived with wife Susan (30) plus William, Frederick George, Mary Christine and Margaret in Water Lane in 1881. Susan died in 1885 and William then married Annie Hooper a widow, and they are found at the Mill, in Barton St. David in 1891 where William was now miller. In 1901 the parents lived at Barton Road, Keinton Mandeville with Mary C. and son William, a basket maker.

Margaret, the youngest daughter lived at Pokesdown School, Southampton in 1901 where she was a cook. In 1901 (Dec Q 2b/1521 Christchurch) Margaret married Howard Tuck and in 1911 they lived at 8, Quay Rd., Christchurch with two sons.

In 1911 Mary Christine was a servant at 2, Bargates, Christchurch, Hamps.

Frederick George, coach painter, boarded at 42, Vicarage St., Yeovil, Somerset in 1901. He married Elizabeth Valentine Brooks in 1904 (Sep Q 5c/719 Yeovil) and in 1911 they lived at 69, Northload St., Glastonbury.

Elizabeth was the niece of John S. Taylor who she was 'visiting' in North Street, Somerton in 1891. Elizabeth was still 'visiting' her uncle John Small Taylor in Somerton in 1901 and 1911 – he was a magisterial clerk.

Henry John called 'Harry' was visiting another uncle, George R. Taylor, in Somerton in 1891. In 1901 and called Henry he still lodged with his uncle - and his occupation was 'clerk in an accountant's office'. He appeared in the Butleigh Revel of 1906. ?married Mary Lavinia Hudson in 1910 (Mar Q 5c/883 Wells)

7) Robert Taylor farmer

The Wells Journal reported Saturday 21 Jul 1855 that a horse belonging to Robert was killed in his field at Blagrove Farm during a thunder storm on the Friday before. James Fry seems to have been in occupation of Blagrove from before 1851 to 1865? Possibly the Robert Taylor, farmer of Walton, born 1814 Walton – the only candidate locally from the 1851/61 censuses.

8) Frank Taylor b. 1868 Castle Cary, baker, s.o. Edward and Elizabeth (nee Jeffery) Taylor, died 1930 (Sep Q 5a/357 Bridport)

Dulce Harriet, called Harriet, was a servant in Pilton in 1881. Frank still lived with his parents in Castle Cary and worked in a 'Twine walk' in 1881. They married in 1890 and went to live with in Glastonbury, at 13, Orchard Terrace, where by 1891 Dulce's name given as Adulca. Tom her brother, and her blind father John, lived with them. In 1901 they lived at the Police Station, Chapel Rd, Shipham where Frank was now a constable (Dulce's name still Adulca) and they had three of their eventual five children. In 1911 they lived at 13, Ash Grove, Nelson Glamorgan with three of their five children – Frank was then a miner

9) Annie Taylor b. 1886 Gloucs., cook

In 1911 Annie worked at Wootton House for Lady Hood of Avalon.

Teads -see Yeads

1) William Teads

Teenysee Toony


1) Millicent Sophia Ann Telling Chr. 25 Mar 1864 (Mar Q 6a/371 Northleach Gloucs.) Ashton-Keynes, Wilts., d.o. baker, Thomas and Sophia Telling 91-123

On the 1871 and 1881 censuses Millicent had lived at Northleach, Glos. With her parents. Millicent worked for the Squire at Corville/Corvyle in 1891 but married the schoolmaster Richard Burns in 1893 (Dec Q 6a/743 Northleach) in Butleigh and moved into the High Street with him by 1901. # [01-135]


1) Thomas Templeman tailor

In 1778 Thomas was paid by the OOP for clothing for the poor. Templemans lived in Somerton at this time.

2) John Templeman b. 1801 Somerset, plasterer, s.o. Thomas Templeman, bur. 11 Oct 1847 (Dec Q 10/309 Wells) Butleigh 41-11

John lodged with Eleanor Higgins in the High Street in 1841. The marriage to Hester seems to have been short-lived since she died in 1844 (Mar Q 10/412 Wells), probably as a result of giving birth to her namesake daughter who shortly after followed her to the grave. John Templeman died in 1847.


1) Elizabeth Tenyngs is mentioned in the 1555 will of Avice Kytes.


1) John Terrell

Chosen by lot to serve in the Militia in March 1793 and paid 3 guineas by the OOP. In July 1796 the OOP paid the Overseer of Frome Selwood to relieve the wife of John Guy who substituted for John Terrell in the Militia. [In 1841 a John Terrell (70) lived in Yeovil – other Terrells were blacksmiths in Muchelney]


1) Eliza Alice [nee Bulgin] Thick b. 1882 (Jun Q 5c/477 Wincanton), bur. 3 Jul 1962 (Sep Q 7c/203 Wells) Butleigh

Eliza lived at 13, High Street at the time of her death. The Eliza Alice Belgin who married 1914 (Jun Q 5a/521 Shaftesbury) William C. Thick.


1) Edward Thomas merchant is mentioned in the churchwardens accounts in 1686, 1704 and 1712

2) John Thomas

A warrant was taken out in 1704 about John and he was taken to sessions at Petherton. Probably the same as the builder John mentioned in the churchwardens accounts in 1713. An Anne Thomas received Rocke bequest money in 1708.

3) James Thomas sojourner

4) Josiah Thomas

Josiah witnessed OOP accounts in the early 1800s.

5) Ellen Thomas b. 1832 Queen Camel d.o.James and Hester Thomas, housekeeper, d. 1911 (Sep Q 5c/516 Wincanton) Eleanor aged 79 71-74

Ellen Thomas was the then unmarried sister of Martha [Avery] and they appeared together with their parents in 1841 on the census at Queen Camel. They were both still with their parents at West Lydford in 1861. In 1871 Martha was absent after her husband Charles Avery had died in 1869 and Ellen cared for her sister's three children in Great Park Cottage until her return. Ellen later married William Plumley in 1876 (Jun Q 5c/819 Shepton Mallet) but he died in 1890 (Mar Q 5c/397 Shepton Mallet) and as Ellen Plumley, a widow, she lived with her sister Martha in Queen Camel in 1901 and 1911. #

6) Henry Thomas b. 1858 Queen Camel, stonemason, s.o. John and Jane Thomas

Henry lived in Queen Camel with his parents in 1861 where his father (b. 1829) was a mason and was still with them, single in 1881. By 1891 he lived as a widower with his three-year old daughter May [Mary] in a cottage in Camel Street, Queen Camel. His father was not the brother to the Ellen above, but may have been related. Fanny lived in Butleigh with her policeman father in 1891. After their marriage the couple returned to Queen Camel where they appeared in 1901 living next to Henry's parents and with four children, all Queen Camel born. On the 1911 census at the same address they report having 7 children living.

7) Henry Thomas b. 1827 Huntspill, farmer 51W-41 [Chr. 26 May 1822 Huntspill s.o. Robert and Ann Thomas?]

Henry and Hannah were visitors at No. 2, Nythe Farm, Sedgemoor, home of Thomas Windsor, in 1851. Thomas was Hannah's (Anna's) father and in 1861 Thomas lived with the Thomases in Henley, High Ham, with their son Alfred where Henry farmed 120 acres. In 1871 the four were living at Pedwell, Ashcott but by 1881 Anna was widowed and lived at 5, Pedwell with brother John Windsor. Alfred died in 1871 (Dec Q 5c/318 Bridgwater) aged 18.


1) William Thompson b. 1853 Rickmansworth, Herts, teacher, s.o. George and Mary Thompson 71-73

In 1861 William had lived with his parents in Rickmansworth - his father was a blacksmith. William boarded with George Pitt, the schoolmaster, in the High Street in 1871. In 1873 he waon a prize 1st Class as a student teacher 5th year. [Bath Chronicle & Weekly Gazette 23 Jan 1873]. Nfi - hopefully he was not the one who was a convict in Dartmoor Prison in 1891!


1) Mr. Tar

Mentioned in Churchwardens rates for 1748 – property becomes late Tar in 1750. Both Tarr and Thyer known spellings of this surname [especially in Curry Rivel] – this person could well be the father of the next. John Thyer was buried 16 Oct 1748 Curry Rivel.

2) Thomas Thyer [Chr. 12 Sep 1725 Curry Rivel s.o. John and Ann (nee Wood) Thyer] [a Thomas Thyer was buried 7 Jan 1784 West Pennard]


1) Albert Edward Tibbs b. 20 Jan 1908 (Mar Q 5c/403 Wells) Meare, farmer, s.o. Ernest Edward and Ethel Mary (nee Durston) Tibbs, d. 1991 (Feb 23/1891/291 Yeovil)

Albert lived at Blagrove Farm, Glastonbury and Eva with her parents at The Laurels”, Butleigh in 1941. Albert's parents had farmed Great House Farm, Meare. In 1938 on the death of Albert's father, Ernest Tibbs, Great House Farm, Meare was sold. Albert won prizes for his sheep in 1948 [Taunton Courier 18 Sep 1948] and advertised for a general farm worker in the Western Gazette 24 Feb 1950 offering a good cottage. No children recorded. Albert's siblings were: Hilda 1910.Wilfred 1911, Herbert 1912, William 1913, Marina 1915, Noreen 1917 and Olive 1920.His next oldest brother, Wilfred Ernest, married Marjorie A. Hawkings in Weston-super-Mare in 1943.

Blagrove Farm is presently owned by R. F. Tucker & Sons. There are also 2 cottages called Blagrove Cottage 1 and 2.


1) Thomas Tidball b. 1819, Chr. 11 Apr 1820 Huntspill, farmer of 52 acres, s.o. Phillip and Elizabeth (nee Paddon) Tidball, died 1870 (Sep Q 5c/399 Axbridge)

In 1841 Thomas, a labourer, lived with Ann at her parents house in Chedzoy, her father being described as a farmer. In 1851 Thomas and his wife lived at Rice Farm, Glastonbury with his in-laws George and Ann Tutton. Listed amongst the grandchildren was a Joseph Tutton Collings (b. 1838 Chedzoy). This family lived in Wedmore in 1861. The Wells Journal 16 Mar 1861 carried an advert for the sale of land and a dwelling in Meare, late in occupation of Thomas Tidball – to be sold separately or together. The Sherborne Mercury 4 Oct 1864 reported Thomas Tidball of Wedmore being fined £2 and costs for having kept his house opoen for the sale of beer at one o'clock on the morning of the 22nd September and having been convicted of a similar offence in June last.

Richard Tutton Tidball was still at home in Wedmore in 1871 but appeared in 1881 at Bleadon married to Hannah Parsons (Chr. 12 May 1839 Bleadon) and visiting her widowed mother Lydia Parsons (née Bailey). They had married in 1874 (Jun Q 6a/259 Clifton) and had 5 children under 5 years of age, the youngest being just 14 days old. In 1891 Richard was a farm bailiff and they lived at Scotland House, Hawkley, Hampshire. In 1901 the family is found at the Square, Bramshott, Hamps. Richard was a dairyman in Liphook, Hamps. in 1911 and died in 1928 in Hampshire.

John married Hannah [Hester] Ann Pople (b. 1845 Wedmore/Nyland Cum Batcombe) in 1868 (Jun Q 5c/975 Axbridge) and by 1871 they lived at Wedmore. In 1881 John farmed 37 acres and had a son William b. 1877 and a daughter Victoria Beatrice b. 1887. In 1901/1911 they were at Rose Tree Farm, Berrow, Burnham. John died in 1927 (Sep Q 5c/416 Axbridge) aged 82.


see under Fidhole – Fidole etc. - for Tidoll/Fidol?


1) Thomas Tilbrook of Horningsham b. 24 Oct 1779 Haynes, Bedfordshire, s.o. Thomas and Frances Tilbrook, died 21 Nov 1860 (Jun Q 5a/115 Warminster)

Thomas and his wife had three children born in Horningsham, Wilts. Hired by the OOP as surveyor of Butleigh in 1828 to make a map of the Parish and making a Terrier of the land and properties. The Parish had first advertised for someone to make a map in the Bath Chronicle as early as Feb 21 1822.


1) Rebecca Tiley b. 1822, Chr. 6 Jan 1824 at St. Andrews, High Ham, d.o. James and Ann Tiley, servant, bur. 10 Apr 1842 (Jun 10/285 Langport) 41W-15

Rebecca was a servant at Nith Farm, Sedgemoor in 1841. Died aged just 19.


1) James Tilley Chr. 9 Jan 1828 Huish Episcopi, journeyman baker, s.o. George and Charlotte Tilley 51-33

James worked at Ann Sweet's Bakery in Back Street in 1851. He had lived with his parents in Huish in 1841 where his father was a farmer. Nfi


1) Timothy Tillot


1) John Tyney of Compton [Chr. Walton 4 Jun 1723, s.o. Thomas and Abigail Tinney?]

John was paid for highway stones in 1754-55. OOP Same as the next person? In Aug 1787 the OOP paid for stone and lime from John Tinney.

2) John Tinney of Walton

In 1796 John was occupying and farming lands on the Kings Sedgemoor Grounds belonging to the Reverend Gould. He occupied the property until 1806. A John Tinney of Compton Dundon who married Jane Kelly of Walton on 24 Jan 1780 in Walton is most likely this person. This couple had a son John Chr. 6 Jan 1782 in Walton. In Oct 1803 the OOP paid John Tinney for lime used in the rebuilding of the Poor House.

3) William Tinney

In March 1805 William (relative of John?) supplied lime and stone for the restoration of the Poor House.


1) Jesse Tocock b. 1821 Bramshill, Hampshire, coachman

Harriet was a servant in Marlstone Sything, Bucklebury, Berkshire in 1851. A fellow servant was John Tocock the coachman. Harriet married John/Jesse in 1852 and they lived in Baltonsborough with four Hampshire born children in 1861. In 1871 they lived in Sandhurst, Berks. John and Jesse must be the same person. Jesse died in the 1870's since Harriet was a widow by 1881. In 1901 Harriett lived with her widowed son Thomas and grandson Thomas in Colton, Staffs. She died in 1908 aged 83.


Taghill, Tagwell, Tarzewell

1) John Tugwell died 1708?

John is mentioned in the churchwarden's accounts as killing a hedgehog in 1698. He paid rates from 1696 to 1706. He was followed by Richard who paid rates in 1707 and '08 then John again from 1709-12 then Richard Toghill from 1713-52. The above reconstruction is speculative and if correct then Richard that follows must have been the son of one or other children of John (senior).

DD/S/BT/27/2/6 1] John Rocke of Butleigh and wife Jane and Hester Blake of Aisholt 2] Richard Togwell of Butleigh, yeoman Bargain and sale of 1/2a meadow at Donnell and 62nd lott (3a) at Strodes bridge, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS Date: 1701.

DD/S/BT/8/4/2 1] John Rocke of Butleigh and Jane, Hester Blake of Aisholt 2] Richard Togwell of Butleigh bargain and sale of 1/2a meadow and 3a inclosed common in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1707.

2) Richard Tagwell/Toghill bur. 2 Dec 1752 Butleigh

Richard was churchwarden in 1711 and overseer in 1739, 1746/7. He paid rates from 1713 in succession to John and up to 1752 when he was replaced by the widow Toghill and next door were Thomas Hodges and Richard Toghill Hodges. This suggests that the son Richard who died in 1744 was an only child and that the heir was Richard Toghill Hodges – presumably a nephew [if Mary had been a Hodges]. Widow Toghill paid the rates until her death in 1763. Richard Toghill Hodges went to live in Isleworth, Middlesex and exchanged land with James Grenville.

In 1728 the OOP noted 'Added to their account by the directions of the justices of the peace whose hands are hereunto subscribed for the use of Richard Toghill the sum of 9s 2d'. In 1735 the OOP paid him 'in ye behalfe of Mis Webb's house rent for the poor people'.

A Richard Toghill fathered a child Richard Slade Hodges by Elizabeth Hodges Chr. 29 Dec1768 Butleigh

DD/S/BT/28/8/4 1] Richard Toghill of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Charles Strode of Ashcott yeoman 3] Edward Strode of Butleigh, mason, brother of Charles 4] John Strode of Butleigh, mason, brother of Charles Draft conveyance of several parcels of arable in Butleigh fields.. Date range: 1737 - 1738.

DD/S/BT/8/4/6-7 1] Ann Hodges of Butleigh, executrix of her mother Eleanor Talbot widow of Henry Talbot 2] William Hodges of Butleigh, yeoman 3] Henry Hodges of Butleigh, yeoman 4] Richard Toghill the elder William of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment in trust of two commons Date: 1744.

DD/BR\HO/31 Wills William Rocke of Bristol, distiller, 1804; Richard Toghill of Butleigh, yeo., 1753.

DD/S/BT/17/6/11 Probate of the Will (1750) of Richard Toghill of Butleigh, yeoman.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1753.

DD/S/BT/26/11/125 Part of a draft deed involving Richard Toghill Hodges and Toghill's tenement, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS]

DD/S/BT/17/6/13 – 14 Notes on Toghill and Hodges families.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] .

DD/S/BT/3/6/11 Mr Togwell's survey of the demesne farm of Butleigh manor belonging to Mrs Webb with note of rents of lands farmed out.


1) George TolmanIn Aug 1825 the OOP paid for a chaise to convey this person, a blind 'mineary' to Stocklinch. Probably the George Toleman who was buried 21 Aug 1825St. Mary Magdalen, Stocklinch Magdalen aged 35.


1) Farmer Took of Butleigh Wootton

Farmer Took aged about 65 in 1845 [mistake for Look/Luke?] - report in Bath Chronicle 31 Jul 1845 that the very large and crippled farmer Took fell backwards out of his cart as it was being un-horsed, and expired. No relevant death for a Took/Tuck found so far.



1) Peter Toony bur. 11 Apr 1591 Butleigh


1) Charles Toop b. 1786 Somerset, yeoman 41W-15 d. 24 Jul, bur. 26 Jul 1845 Doulting

Charles died after a fall at Butleigh Wootton. [Bristol Mercury 2 Aug 1845] Molly was the mother of Hannah and mother-in-law of William Knight # at Back Street Farm [married 26 Mar 1846 in Butleigh] and visited them in 1851. She was the widow of Charles Toop. Aprevious chikld may have been a Mary Ann b. 1816, buried Doulting 11 Aug 1830.

A Caleb Payne Toop aged four, b. 13 Jul 1859 Mells, was buried at Mells 15 Jun 1864. He was the son of Richard John and Elizabeth Toop, one of their nine children.


1) William Twoose (YS reads[M_]OO[R_[E])

2) John Tooze b. 1806 Holcombe (Oakam) Rogus, Devon, chairmaker 81-95

John Tooze was the father-in-law of John Vincent and lived with him in 1881 in the High Street. He was described as a widower, yet in Holcombe Rogus there were more than one John Toozes but the chairmaker one's wife Sarah died only in 1892. In 1851 John, Sarah and six children including Mary lived at 'Twitchers', Holcombe Rogus. By 1861 they lived at Chadwell's Court, Wellington and the name was spelt Twose. In the following year Mary gave birth to a son Isaac William on September 26th 1862, in Mantle Street, Wellington.

His daughter Mary later became a nurse in Taunton by 1871 and married John Vincent on 24 Feb 1874 (Dec Q 5c/1083 Wells). The most likely death record for John Tooze is that for John Twose in 1896 (Jun Q 5c/194 Wellington) aged 85. #

Torrellsee Terrell

Totten - Tutton


1) John Tottle sojourner

In May 1784 the OOP paid horse hire and expenses for Thomas Periam to go to Bridgwater to apprehend John Tottle. Elizabeth Tottle married William Austin (b. 1778) of Baltonsborough on Aug 16 1803 in Butleigh.

Tuthill was a Bridgwater name rather than Tottle [e.g. John Tuthill Chr. 16 Sep 1730 Bridgwater]


1) Ellen Towning b. 1854 Butleigh, dressmaker 81-97

Ellen was unmarried and visiting Angelina Baulch at one of Hoods Cottages on Butleigh Hill in 1881. There doesn't seem to be an Ellen Towning born Butleigh and this may have been an enumerators mistake - for Long Sutton? (d.o. Thomas and Mary Ann Towning). Almost certainly married before the next census.


1) Edith Townsend b. 1880 Bristol, housemaid, d.o. William and Mary Ann (née Cabbel) Townsend 01-134

In 1891 Edith was living with her parents in Sutton Road, Somerton. Her father was a sweep. Edith worked at the Vicarage in 1901.


see also Trayne

1) John Train livery servant b. 1811 Butleigh

In 1851 the family lived at St. Benedicts, Glastonbury. The surname is probably misread. One site has Train, another Trask/Trace but most likely is Isaac (viz).


1) Walter Trapnell b. 1874 Over Stowey, gardener, s.o. Lancelot and Sarah Trapnell 01-135

Walter was a gardener boarding with Richard Ryall in the High Street in 1901. In 1891 he appears as Walter J. Trapnell (b. 1874 Pembroke, Wales) a gardener living with his widowed mother Sarah (b. 1847 Norton, Bristol) at the Lodge, Tuxwell, Peartwater Road, Spaxton, Bridgwater. Of the seven younger brothers and sisters living with them, five were born in Over Stowey – hence the pob error on the 1901 census.


1) Arthur Trask Chr. 6 Sep 1799 Martock Independent, blacksmith of Henton, s.o. James and Elizabeth Trask

2) Edwin Trask Chr. 12 Mar 1843 (Mar Q 10/576 Yeovil) Odcombe, blacksmith, s.o. Thomas and Mary Emma (nee Samways) Trask, died 27 Feb, bur. 3 Mar 1922 Butleigh 81-96, 91-113, 01-135

Edwin was born in Odcombe in 1843, son of Thomas Trask and served his apprenticeship with his uncle Samuel Trask, a successful smith, and his wife Emma (nee Samways). Edwin was in Yeovil in 1871, still single. He married twice - first in 1871 to Mary Jane Hooper, who died in 1875 aged 26 and then in 1877 to Eliza Gillingham.

In 1881 Edwin (36), blacksmith, lived with wife Eliza and children Arthur Edwin, Edith (both born in Yeovil) and Emily in the High Street. Arthur Edwin died 6 Jan 1883 (Dec Q 5c/343 Wells) aged 5.

By 1891 Edwin lived his wife Eliza and eight children and the family had moved to 15 High Street where they remained for all the subsequent censuses.

By 1901 Edwin and Eliza had expanded their brood with five more children, but the older daughters had left;

Edith became a kitchen maid at Kingston Hill Place, Coombes, Surrey by 1901.

Emily was a parlourmaid at the Rectory, West Lydford in 1901.

Polly/Mary was a domestic servant to a farmer in South Cheriton, Horsington, Somerset in 1901. She married plate layer Albert Hillier (b. 1877 Horsington) of South Cheriton, Horsington, in Butleigh on 25 Nov 1901 (Dec Q 5c/895 Wells). In 1911 Albert was a railway 'ganger' and they lived at South Cheriton, Templecombe with their two children.

Harry Trask played a part in the "Phoenician Traders" tableau in the Butleigh Revel (1906) and Willy, Olive, Alma and Dorothy also played parts – see Photos above.

Ellen married gardener John Drake (b. 1876) of Holcombe Rogus in Butleigh on 3 Apr 1907 (Jun Q 5c/947 Wells). In 1911 they lived at Holcombe Rogus with their daughter Muriel Nellie (b. 1909 Holcombe Rogus).

In 1911 Edwin and Eliza lived at 15 Butleigh with William, Alma and Dorothy. Olive May was a servant at the vicarage of West Pennard [Rev. Roger St. John Gresley] in 1911. Emily was a housemaid at Amberd House, Pit,imster nr Taunton. Arthur was a gamekeeper boarding at Forton, Chard. Jesse was a gamekeeper boarding at Birdip, Glos.

Eliza died on 30 May 1920 and Edwin followed soon after on 27 Feb 1922. The Western Gazette 13 Jun 1924 carried the advert for the sale at 15, High Street, Butleigh by Misses A(lma) and D(orothy) Trask on Thursday Hune 19th 1924 of household furniture.

A portrait of the substantial Edwin, his wife and five of his children can be found on the back cover of 'People Count' a booklet published in 1991 by Friends of the Abbey Barn. Harry Trask played a part in the "Phoenician Traders" tableau in the Butleigh Revel (1906). A Mary Jane Trask b. 1874 (Dec Q 5c/453 Yeovil) Odcombe, bur. 14 Sep 1966 Butleigh was the daughter of James Trask, brother of Edwin, and after a life in service lived in Wood Lane Cottage, Butleigh, (with Jesse) where she died. Emily died at Town View, Wincanton. Dorothy died in Watford, Herts.

3) Phyllis Trask b. 1855 (Mar Q 5c/548 Yeovil) Hardington Mandeville, Som., servant, d.o. George and Harriet Trask 71-74

In 1861 Phyllis had lived with her parents at No. 9, Private Cottage, Hardington. Her father was a labourer. She worked at the home of dairywoman Martha Avery in Great Park Cottage in 1871 and married Mark Green in 1878 (Dec Q 5c/733 Yeovil).


1) George Travers b. 1821 non-Somerset, servant 41W-16

George worked at Wootton House in 1841 - nfi.

Traviss see Trevice


1) Thomas Trayne bur. 6 Jun 1760 Somerton

Thomas Trayne acquired the Trays Farm estate, Compton Dundon, from George Smith in 1735 and in his will of 1760 left it to his daughter Mary and children. Mary had a child Anne by her second husband John Dinnes and she eventually inherited the estate and on her death in 1800 her estate passed to her friend Frances Penny – whose son Robert sold the estate to the Rev.George Neville-Grenville in 1829.

In Butleigh Thomas Trayne paid rates from 1735 until 1760 when he becomes 'the late Thomas Trayne'. From 1764 the rates paid by John Dinnice/Dinnes.

DD/S/BT/13/1/27 1] Anne Dinnes of Somerton, granddaughter of Thomas Trayne decd 2] Joseph Difford of St. Andrew, Msex, housepainter Assignment of 1a arable in Lower Barrel, Butleigh. [Tied together with DD/S/BT/13/1/28-30]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT Date: 1785.


1) Joseph Treasure b. 1757, of Barton St. David bur. 16 Jul 1837 (Sep Q 10/287 Langport) Barton St. David

2) Mary Treasure b. 1804 Leigh on Mendip, dairywoman 61-49

In 1841 Mary [nee Williams?] had been a dairywoman in Leigh on Mendip with two children, Benjamin (10) and Ann (Chr.29 Sep 1833 Leigh Upon Mendip). She was widowed at that time – husband Benjamin had died aged 37, buried 26 May 1834 Leigh. Mary (57) dairy woman, widow, lived at the Dairy House, Moorhouse with two dairy men Elijah Green (18) and Frank Marsh (14) in 1861. She may be the Mary Ann Treasure who died in Shepton Mallet in 1879. Elijah Green was the son of John and Martha Green of Leigh - perhaps Mary was his aunt.


1) James Tredecka distressed sailor who the OOP helped in May 1811.


1) Hamilton Treloggen b. 1832 Walton, Som., s.o. Elijah and Ann Treloggen, d. 1906 (Sep Q 5c/207 Bridgwater)

On the 1871 census the family is found at Main Street Farm House, Walton. In 1881 Hamilton farmed Poors Estate Farm, Ashcott and in 1891 Hamilton farmed Ashcott Farm, Stagman Lane, Ashcott, latterley with his wife and daughter Louisa and Nellie. On 11th June 1900 the small farm opposite the Cottage Hospital and some detached closes were sold at the George Hotel in Glastonbury. They were tenanted by James Weaver and Hamilton Treloggen. [Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser 30 May 1900]. In 1901 Hamilton was at Church Farm, Ashcott with his wife Jane and daughter Louisa.


Threnchard, Tranchard – see under Pomeroy and Hilborne


[Traviss - Trivier? Trevor?]

1) John Trevice/Traviss bur. 19 May 1793 Butleigh

In 1751-52, 1752-53, 1753-54 William Oldish was paid for keeping Trevice/Trivier. 1753-54 Trevice house rent paid. From Jan 1772 John occasionally received relief in his distress. In 1788/89 rent paid for John Triver. Then rent paid from 1789/90 - 1793 for John Trever/Trivier. In May 1793 the OOP paid for the coffin and burial of John Trivis. From 1793/4 - 1796 Mary Trivier/Trivis received rent and monthly relief up to March 1797.


1) Mr. Trevor of Bridgwater – Official who sent the fine of £20 for the militiamen to the OOP in Apr 1808.

2) John Trevor b. 1891, d. Musgrove Park Hospital Taunton, bur. 22 Aug 1953 Butleigh


1) George Trim Chr. 2 Apr 1820 Kingston Magna, Dorset, dairyman, s.o. Thomas and Mary (nee Hannam) Trim died 1898 (Sep Q 5c/273 Wincanton) 71W-87

George lived with his wife Elizabeth and children Fanny and Miriam in Kingston Magna in 1851. His wife died in 1854 and by 1861 he then lived with his sister Grace and his three daughters in Kingston Magna. He married Mary Hannam in 1861 and in 1871 lived on Broadway Farm, Butleigh Wootton where he worked for Walter Maidment. By 1881 the Trim family had moved to the Dairy House, Mudford and in 1891 they lived at Henstridge. Mary's sister Martha Hannam, a dairymaid, appears with them on 1871 census and she and another sister, Lucy stayed and were buried in Butleigh aged 31 and 19 respectively.# Mary Trim was a widow living in Henstridge in 1901 and died before 1911.


1) Elizabeth Trimlett mother of John Denham Surrage Chr. 14 Oct 1822 Butleigh s.o. yeoman Charles Surrage of Chipsley, nr Wellington - see under Surrage.



1) John Tripick b. 1818 Shepton Mallet, mason, died 19 Jun 1894 (Jun Q 5c/251 Langport) Charlton Adam aged 76 51-24

In 1851 John Tripick (33) lived with his wife Mary Ann and two visitors, Ann Hockey (52) and her daughter Mary (15), at 13, High Street. John and Mary Ann are absent from the 1861 census but appeared in Charlton Adam from 1871. A John Trippick married in 1851 in Shepton Mallet – but wife was called either Jane or Emma. The Ann Trippeck buried 28 Apr 1900 Charlton Adam aged 76 is probably the mother of the next.

2) Henry Grinham Trippeck Reed Chr. 27 Dec 1846 Charlton Adam, mason, s.o. Jacob and Ann (née Grimshaw) Reed/Trippeck, d. 23 Dec, bur. 28 Dec 1911 (Dec Q 5c/550 Wells) Butleigh 81-100, 91-119, 01-136 PHOTO

Christened as Henry Grinham Read in 1846 (Dec Q 10/436 Langport), Henry married as Henry Grinham Trippeck Reed in 1876. Henry lived with his parents in Charlton Adam in 1851 - his father was a mason. Ann lived with her parents in Charlton Mackrell - her father was a master carpenter. Henry's parents surnamed Reed/Read had children in Charlton Adam from 1846 – 1861, often with Trippick as a middle name, but in 1864 and 1867 changed the surname to Trippick when their last two children were born. Jacob was Chr. 5 Jun 1825 Charlton Adam as Jacob Tribbick s.o. William and Charlotte.

In 1881 Henry and Ann lived in part of Holmans Farm but by 1891 were at 29, High Street, where they remained, still childless, in 1901 and again in 1911. Henry appeared in the Butleigh Revel of 1906 and a J. Trippick who also appeared may have been his brother John Trippick Chr. 22 Jul 1859 Charlton Adam, also a mason.

Henry appears in a report in the 23 Sep 1892 edition of the Western Gazette about the Rural Sanitary and Highway Authority – his tender to lay a drain in Butleigh at 3s 9d per lineal yard for 9 inch pipes, 2s 9d for six inch 8s 6d for each manhole and 10s for each trap was accepted. The Western Gazette 21 Jul 1916 called on claimants on the estate of Ann Trippeck late of 29, Butleigh to make their claims known – the executor being Harry Maurice Jones.

Triviersee Trevice


1) John Trogle s.o. John Trogle Chr. 7 Feb 1592 Butleigh


1) a Henry Troke paid £3, 3s Tithing on the Subsidy Roll of 1581. [SRS Vol. 88] Misread surname?



1) James Trollop b. 1828 Horningsham, Wiltshire, labourer, s.o. Thomas and Sarah Trollope, bur. 26 Jun Butleigh 1895 (Jun Q 5c/357 Wells) 51-37, 61-59, 71-84, 81-104, 91-122

In 1841 James lived in Horningsham with his mother - an errand woman. James lodged with Charles Petty in Dumb Lane in 1851. He married the widow Mary Whitcombe (wife of Alfred Witcombe) in 1856 and they lived in Dumb Lane from 1861 - 1891 without having any children. James died in 1895 and Mary in 1900 - though her age was wrongly given (85). In the Glastonbury Great market of Dec 1858 James was awarded 10s for good service as a person under 30.


1) John Frederick Trotman Chr. 25 Jan 1812 Frome, cordwainer, s.o. John and Ann Trotman, died 10 Feb1880 (Jun Q 2a/134 Croydon) of TB

The family lived in Benedict Street, Glastonbury in 1851 though the additional children above were all baptised [not C of E but Chapel or Quaker?] in Street. Daughter Ann was a servant at Joseph Bishop's the Drapers in Glastonbury High Street in 1851. Egbert, a shoemaker, had lodged in Wrington, Som., in 1851. He married Ann Sugg (b. 1830 Burnham) in 1854 (Jun Q 5c/806 Bridgwater). In 1861 Egbert was a cordwainer and lived with Ann and their three children at 5, Back of Mellington Place, St. James & St. Paul, Bristol. In 1871 they lived at 9, Louisa Street, St. Philip & St. Jacob, Bristol. In 1881 they were at nearby 4, Morley Terrace with five children. In 1891 they are found at 288, Newfoundland Rd, St. James & St. Paul, Bristol and Egbert's son Egbert W. Trotman is described as 'Landscape Artist' - he was a recognized artist. Emily married Eli Buxton in 1857 (Jun Q 6a/227 Clifton) and they lived in various parts of Bristol between 1861 and 1891. Francis John married Selina Bond (b. 1840 Glastonbury) in 1857 (Mar Q 5c/951 Wells). They lived in Battersea by 1861. Francis appeared in 1891 as a shoemaker at 10, Stanford Place, Fulham as a widower with 4 children. Ann was Nursemaid at Bishop's drapery shop in Glastonbury High Street in 1861, she married James Hawes (b. 1839 Dartford, Kent) in 1865 (Jun Q 1a/28 Kensington) and they lived in Newington St. Mary, London by 1891. Susanna died in 1843.

Their father John Frederick apparently left his wife, after 13 children, and lived with Louisa with whom he had a child in 1861. He married Louisa after the death of Lucy and in 1871 lived at 50, Blenheim Street, Chelsea with his wife Louisa and four young children, all Chelsea born, Eliza (10), Martha (6) Samuel K. (5) and Eleanor Louisa (2). John died in 1880 and Louisa Trotman appeared in St. Bernard's Hospital (Lunatic Asylum) in 1881. Louisa had been previously married to George Snowdon in 1853 (Jun Q 1c/380 Shoreditch) but he had died in 1863.


1) Isaac Trott of Ilminster


1) Thomas Trout labourer of Kingweston [d. 1870 Langport?]

A Thomas was Chr. 19 Feb 1815 in Somerton, s.o. Thomas and Catherine Troutthis same family? If so, they may have then moved to Walcot Bath where a son Thomas and daughter Hannah were both Chr. 5 Sep 1819 [Walcot Vineyard, Countess of Huntingdon's, Bath] A Thomas and Catherine Trout (b. 1791) lived in Bath in 1841 with three children, the oldest then being William b. 1827. A Lydia Trout, needlewoman aged 28 worked in Weymouth in 1841 and was still there in 1881 (pob given as Bristol]. A Thomas and Mary Trout had children in Kingweston in 1811 (John) and 1813 (James) – the only Trouts there – possibly the same couple?


1) John True sojourner

The surname could be a mispronunciation of another name – Tree, Trow etc. no other trace. A Susanna Tree married 22 Apr 1771 in Beckington a James Humphries. A Thomas True married an Elizabeth Russell in Limington 28 Aug 1746.


1) John Martin Truelove b. 1844 (Mar Q 6/302 Windsor) Bucks, teacher, s.o. Robert and Charlotte Truelove, d. 1925 aged 83 61-49

In 1851 John lived with his parents in New Windsor, at Grove Cottages, Love Lane, New Windsor, where his father was a carpenter. In 1871 he was an organist living in Kenton, East Devon. He married Susannah Addicott on 14 Dec 1874 (Dec Q 5b/113 St. Thomas, Devon) Powderham and by 1881 had become an accountant, living at Powderham, Devon. In 1891 he was not only an organist there but also clerk in a Stewards Office and Parish Clerk. They remained there in 1911, never having had children, and John still the organist and assistant overseer. A notice in the Western Times of 13 Jul 1923 announces 'that Mr. John Martin Truelove of Kenton, who for a number of years held many important posts in Kenton and Powderham is retiring... He will shortly be leaving the village [Kenton] for Chagford. He is well known as a competent organist and composer. At the age of 15 he became a pupil teacher at Butleigh, near Glastonbury, for five years. Amongst his many compositions are no less than 50 hymn tunes, a beautiful one to 'Lead kindly light' also many chants, several lyrics and the Courtenay March dedicated to a member of the Courtenay family. He and his wife celebrated their golden wedding anniversary but had no children.


1) Robert Lye Trump b. 1816, Street, mason, s.o. Thomas and Ann Trump

There is no further information on this family. Robert's father was a rope manufacturer. Emigrated?


1) Alice Eleanor Mary Truscott b. 1894 (Mar Q 1d/186 St. Saviour, Southwark) Clerkenwell, London, kitchen maid, d.o. Harry and Lily Truscott

Alice worked at Wootton House in 1911. Her father was an electrotyper.


1) John Tryvet vicar of Butleigh 1523 - 36 under the patronage of Glastonbury Abbey

John Tryvet was instituted Rector of Butleigh on 13 May 1523. An abstract from his will of 1536 is as follows; 'August 4th 1536. John Tryvett priest. My body to be buried in the church of Alhalowes in Oxforth yf the Rector so will'. He made several bequests to churches and colleges and 'to the parish church of Butley 13s 4d.. To the chapel at Balsborowe 10s, to be distributed among my poor parishioners in almes dedes, 20s. To the Vicar at Ashecote my best gowne and hoode lyned with St. Thomas wursted with dublet of tawnye chamlet oon worsted cote and 40s of the whiche 20s I wolde be reserved to his loving frende and myn called Poldñ. To Mr. Robert Colmer my blak velvet dublett and 20s. To Ann Barbour 6s 8d.......' One interesting bequest is to 'the students of Glastonbury..' Students from Glastonbury went to Gloucester College, Oxford which was on the site of the present Worcester College and amongst the carved arms to be found on the original buildings near the present kitchens can be seen the arms of Glastonbury Abbey.

Will proved 6 Oct 1536. Witnesses. Thomas Massy, Richard Wygmore, Humphry Wakle


1) James Tuckwarrant taken out concerning him in 1675 (OOP)


1) John Tucker

2) Frances Tucker married Butleigh 8 May 1634 Thomas Looke #

3) John Tucker

4) William Tucker bur. 21 Dec 1795 Butleigh

Agnes married Nathaniel Look in Butleigh on 4 Mar 1794.

A Mary Tucker 'of Baltonsborough' paid rates on a property from 1796 – 1798/99. In 1799 Lord Glastonbury acquired property 'late John Slade, John Tucker occupier'.

A Mary began paying rates on late John Wilcox from1815/16 – 1819.. In 1819 a John Tucker also paid rates on 'Whitefield'. In 1819/20 rates paid solely by John Tucker on Whitefields and Parkgate -with others. In 1820 A George Tucker paid rates on late Champions and a Thomas Tucker also paid rates on a separate property. John and George were still paying in 1827/8 when the records end. In 1824 Thomas' property went to William Sweet.

4a) John Tucker Chr. 26 Dec 1768 Butleigh, s.o. William and Mary Tucker, bur. 6 Dec 1842 (Dec Q 10/357 Wells) Butleigh 41-14

John Tucker was Overseer in 1796, 1804 and 1811 for Lord Glastonbury. He is recorded as occupier farming land on the Kings Sedgemoor Ground owned by Lord Glastonbury from 1806 – 1827+. In the 1827/8 rate assessment he is listed as paying rates on Moorhouse Farm, part of Great Tithes, Goulds lands, Sedgemoor land and Great Tithes of Sedgemoor plus his own lands.

Susan married 1 Mar 1830 Charlton Mackrell George Curtis Lucas b. 1808 Baltonsborough and they had four children born in Butleigh.# They then emigrated to wales – only one child survived to adulthood.

John (70), widower, lived at Court Gardens in 1841 with Betsy (35) and in a separate part lived Henry (35). John died in 1842. Betsy married widower William Coombes in Butleigh on 25 Mar 1843 (Mar Q 10/762 Wells) - he had previously been married to a Mary Eades. #

DD/S/BT/10/3/2 - 1] William Eades of Butleigh, yeoman, John Tucker of Butleigh, yeoman and wife Mary, Elizabeth Goodson of Butleigh, James Barnes of Butleigh and wife Ann, John Golledge of East Pennard, yeoman and wife Jane, John Avery of Butleigh. cordwainer and wife Date: 1824.

4a1) William Tucker Chr. 14 Aug 1797 Butleigh, widower and retired farmer, s.o. John and Mary Tucker, d. May 19, bur. 25 Jul 1872 (Sep Q 5c/265 Langport) Butleigh 41K-19, 51K-41, 61K-66

At the baptism of Mary Ann her father's abode was noted as Ash and his occupation yeoman. Aaron Indoe was b. 10 Mar 1787 Barton St David, s.o. Edward and Mary Indoe, and he had a sister Margaret b. 20 Sep 1799, Chr. 5 Jan 1800 Barton St. David.

William was a widower when he lived in Kingweston in 1841/51. He later lived in 1871 in North Street Somerton with unmarried daughter Margaret (b. 1836 Charlton). Margaret was living 'on her own means' in Bridgwater in 1891, the year she died. Mary Ann married Richard Eades in 1852 (Jun Q 5c/785 Langport). # Churchyard inscription:-”Sacred to the memory of William son of William and Margaret Tucker who died Nov 19th [1818 – misread 1849?] aged 24 years, also the above named William Tucker who died May 19th 1872 aged 75 years Thy Will be done also Margaret Tucker daughter of the above named who died Aug 6th 1891 aged [5]6 years Her end was Peace seems to refer to this family..

4a2) Henry Tucker Chr. 13 Sep 1803 Butleigh, butcher, bur. 25 Jun 1852 (Jun Q 5c/422 Wells) Butleigh 41-14, 51-32

Marianne/Mary Ann is found as a 'widow' in 1841 living in Baltonsborough with Louisa [Eliza], and her brother William (b. 1825 Baltonsborough) plus a Robert Patten [who she married after her husband's death]. Marianne either called herself just Ann later, or else Henry found himself a second partner after his wife left him for Robert Patten..

Henry appears in a list of insolvents in 1848 [Perry's bankrupt Gazette 6 May 1848 - Henry Tucker of Butleigh, butcher was listed at the insolvency court, Swindon 25 Apr 1848 and at County Court Taunton on 13th June. [PBG 10 Jun 1848]]. He was called 'late Butleigh' in Perry's Bankrupt Gazette 19 Jun 1848.

Henry and an Ann lived in Water Lane, where he was listed as a butcher, on the 1851 census. He died in 1852. He was the only Henry Tucker in Butleigh, and the above Henry Tucker and Mary Ann had a daughter Eliza Mary there.

In 1861 this Ann lodged with James Croft in Oddway, where she died in 1866. A Mary Ann Tucker had died in the Wells district in 1846 but doesn't seem to be the wife of Henry.

William Henry Goodson Tucker and wife Hester had a son Edwin Champney Chr. 2 Feb 1852 Baltonsborough then emigrated to Australia from Liverpool Sep 1852 on the "Covenanter" arriving Melbourne 25 Dec 1852. They had ten more children and settled in Ballarat, Victoria taking the combined surname of Goodson Tucker [then solely used by this next generation only].

Louisa Mary/Eliza Mary Tucker [b. 1828 Butleigh] married widowed baker Samuel Bond of Taunton in Baltonsborough 29 Jun 1848 (Jun Q 10/857 Wells) and they lived at Baltonsborough. In Parish record name given as Sarah Mary, father Henry Tucker (butcher) and witness Robert Patten. In 1851 Louisa and Samuel lived at New Church Road, Nailsea with daughter Mary Ann Louisa b. 1850 Baltonsborough. In 1861 they had two more daughters, Mary Ann (11) and Lavinia (6).

In 1881, Louisa, widowed, lived with her mother Mary A. Patten at the Post Office, Baltonsborough and was still there in 1901. [i.e. the Ann Tucker who died 1866 and the Mary Ann Tucker/Patten are two different women - though there seems to be just the one Henry Tucker.

WO 97/367/33 Henry Tucker born Butleigh, Somerset Served in 15th Foot Regiment; 19th Foot Regiment Discharged aged 33. Date range: 1828 - 1840.

5) Thomas Tucker bur. 17 Jun 1790 Baltonsborough?

A Mary wife of Thomas was buried 28 Aug 1772 Baltonsborough and Thomas 27 Sep 1775 – possible parents of this Thomas?

5a) Thomas Tucker Chr. 16 Jan 1778 Baltonsborough s.o. Thomas and Mary Tucker, bur. 16 Aug 1828 Baltonsborough

The OOP paid for the examination of Thomas in March 1803. In 1820 a Thomas Tucker began paying rates on a Butleigh property. In 1824 Thomas' property went to William Sweet. Mary Ann married 26 Jan 1843 Glastonbury St. John Thomas Rendall #. She gave her place of birth as Newbury Berkshire on the censuses and it is likely that the family migrated there at some time before returning to Baltonsborough/Glastonbury.

5a1) John Tucker Chr. 19 Aug 1805 Butleigh, servant

In 1851 John and wife Sarah (b. 1804 Barton St. David) lived with two children at Winsley, Bradford, Wilts. In 1861 they lived in Baltonsborough where John farmed 19 acres.

5a2) Mary Ann Tucker Chr. 21 May 1815 Baltonsborough m. 26 Jan 1843 (Mar Q 10/765 Wells) Glastonbury St. John Thomas Rendall #

This couple lodged in Oddway with Ellen Withers in 1841. Henry is recorded in the Parish Register as being the illegitimate son of Mary Ann Tucker and Joshua Sealey. #

Henry appears with his mother and step-father in Baltonsborough in 1851 [her mother giving her birthplace as Newbury, Berks!] together with three half brothers and Mary Jane's uncle John Tucker [Chr. 22 May 1774 Baltonsborough – another son?]. Henry Tucker of this age and birthplace only surfaced again in 1881, as a Railway signalman in Abbas and Templecombe. His wife Frances was Welsh, of his eight children, one was born in Aldershot, two in Ireland (one in a military camp) and one in India - suggesting that he had joined the army after his mother's death. A son Charles Herbert Tucker was born in Templecombe in 1878 and a daughter in Glastonbury in 1876.

5b) William Tucker Chr. 29 Jun 1788 Baltonsborough, shoemaker, s.o. Thomas and Mary Tucker, bur. 14 Apr 1869 (Jun Q 5c/416 Wells) Butleigh 41-7, 51-36

In the 1827/8 rate assessment a William Tucker paid rates on a cottage in Butleigh. In 1841 William Tucker (53), shoemaker, lived in the High Street with his wife Sarah (52) and children Isabella (15), Leonard (14) and Sarah (12). William and Sarah lived with lodgers but no children in Barton Stone in 1851.

Isabella married Thomas Blake # in Butleigh on 14 Mar 1850 (Mar Q 10/743 Wells), but of Leonard there is nfi. Sarah seems to be in school in Whitelands, Kings Rd., Chelsea in 1851 but married Henry Exon in 1855 (Jun Q 5c/537 Williton) who was a schoolmaster and lived in the National School, Wookey, (1861) later moving to Bowling, Yorkshire (1881).

After Sarah's death in 1860, William Tucker went to live with his son William in Barton St. David (Mill Street) where he died in 1869 aged 81 (PR burial states abode was Wookey).

5b1) William Tucker Chr. 14 Aug 1814 Baltonsborough/North Wootton, butcher, s.o. William and Sarah Tucker, bur. 8 Mar 1889 (Mar Q 5c/258 Langport) Barton St. David 41-7

William Tucker (25) lived with his wife Mary and daughters Jane (2) and Susan (7 months) in the High Street in 1841. William and family then moved to Barton St. David around 1841/2 and by 1851 they had three more children there. William's father William joined him by 1861 after both men's wives had died in 1856.

6) James Tucker

No other children recorded – no marriage found nor deaths recorded.

7) George Tucker labourer/ Chr. 29 Apr 1787 Wedmore, tailor, grocer, landed proprietor, s.o. George and Sarah Tucker, [died 1869 (Mar Q 5c/326 Bridgwater)?]

George was Overseer in 1811/12. There may be two George's here - though the one who married Miriam was a 'widower'. In May 1816 the OOP issued a summons against a Mary Tucker. In March 1817 the OOP paid £4 13s 9d to a George for his sundry work done for the poor between Michaelmas and Ladyday.

Elizabeth (nee Norman) was the widow of William Champeney who was buried 28 Mar 1817 Wedmore, aged 35 [resident Blackford].

In 1820 A George Tucker paid rates on late Champions and was still paying in 1827/8 when the records end. In 1824 a George Tucker also farmed land on Sedgemoor belonging to John Moore. [this George? - doesn't fit with 'labourer'] In the rate assessment of 1827/8 George Tucker's property is listed as House, Downs, Moors, and north side of the Commons in the Moors.

In 1851 George and Elizabeth were grocers in Wedmore living with daughter Sarah (dob 1826) and granddaughter Susanna Tucker (b. 1840 West Lydford). John was a shop assistant who served in Castle Street Shop, Keinton Mandeville in 1851. George, Elizabeth, Sarah and John lived at 48, Fore Street, St. Mary Magdalen, Taunton in 1861 - Sarah was a draper's assistant and John a linen draper.

In 1871 John was married to Mary (31) and had a son John Herman Tucker (6 - b. Taunton). John called himself a retired linen draper. In 1881 the family was at Beullah Villa, Weston Super Mare and John (55) was a retired draper, Mary (41) and George H. (15) was their son. In 1891 John was found at "Neuilly", Weston Super Mare, a retired draper, with wife Mary (b. 1842 Bawdrip) and son George H. (25 ), an architect.

A George Tucker of Butleigh of full age, butcher married Ann Corpe of West Pennard [d.o. Robert Corp] on 20 Apr 1840 and may be the son George, despite the 'full age' claim.

8) Sarah Tucker b. 1782 Butleigh - widow in 1841/1851 living in High Street, Street on a pension.

10) John Tucker labourer

See also above. An Ann Tucker, widow, b. 1801 Butleigh was a cook in Long Sutton in 1851 – probably not the same as this Mary Ann.

11) Levi Tucker b. 1830 Long Load, herdsman, s.o. John Tucker and Ann (née Callow) Tucker, bur. 4 Aug 1904 (Sep Q 5c/265 Wells) Butleigh 51W-41, 61W-63, 71W-85, 81W-105, 91W-118, 01W-142

Levi (21) and his wife Ann (20) and their daughter Harriet b. 1850 lived with William Davis at Watchwell in both 1851 and in 1861. Harriet acted as housekeeper to her grandfather William Davis until he died in 1868.

Levi and Ann appeared in Wootton village in 1861 with three children, Edwin, William Charles and Elizabeth Ann. By 1871 when they had taken over Watchwell they had added four more children. At the Glastonbury Great Market of Dec 1880 Levi was awarded £2 2s by Mr. J. A. Porch for bringing up nine children without Parochial relief [he was awarded the same again in 1882 and 14s in 1884]. By 1881 the family had returned to Butleigh Wootton and Ann died in 1897. Levi died in 1904. Delilah as a schoolgirl was involved in a court case against Samuel Hodges who was charged with interfering with her dress and making an improper suggestion to her on 26th May 1880. She had been sent by her teacher Miss Chanter to the shop to get butter and on her return to the school he had invited her into his house and gave her a penny then carried out the offence. He served some time in prison as a result. [Western Gazette 1 Apr 1881]

Harriet married James Craft in Butleigh 21 Dec 1870 (Dec Q 5c/919 Wells) and they remained in Butleigh. #

Edwin married Thirza Pike in Butleigh on 7 Jan 1886 (Mar Q 5c/727 Wells). In 1891 they lived in Butleigh Wootton and had several children there. # Charles remained at home upto the 1881 census then nfi.

Elizabeth Ann became a housemaid at Dulas Court, Herefordshire, in 1881. Alice became a parlour maid at Whittington Rectory, Gloucs., in 1881. She married gardener, coachman Henry Hamilton (b. 1866 Pylle) in 1886 (Mar Q 5c/467 Taunton) and they lived in 1891 at Pylle and in 1901 at West Tisbury, Wilts. #

Mary is probably the Mary Elizabeth Tucker (b. 1865 Butleigh) who married Henry King in 1889 (Sep Q 5c/824 Wells) and who in 1901 was a visitor at Downhead St. Andrew, Wilts.

Emily Delilah became parlourmaid to the Canon of Wells Cathedral at North Liberty in 1891. She married in 1891 (Jun Q 5c/850 Wells) - either Willie Talbot or Andrew Trollope.

Frank married Fanny Janet Edwards (b. 1872 Gloucester) in 1899 (Dec Q 6a/935 Cheltenham) and lived in 1901 at 2, Saxham Villas, Cleeve Rd., Cheltenham with Janet Louise (9 months). In 1911 they lived at Brighton Cottage Gordon Rd., Cheltenham with two daughters and sister Margaret Tucker.

Margaret went with Frank to Cheltenham and in 1901 lived next door to him at 1, Saxham Villas where she was a housemaid.

11a) Edwin Tucker Chr. 24 Dec 1854 Butleigh (Dec Q 5c/573 or '55 Mar 5c/651 Wells) Butleigh, labourer, bur. 2 Nov 1898 (Dec Q 5c/298 Wells) Butleigh 61W-63, 71W-85, 81W-105, 91W-116

Edmund James Higgins and William Higgins were charged with arson at the Police Court in Somerton Saturday 31st May 1884 together with Edwin Tucker. They had been drinking at the Rose & Portcullis and were said to have taken gates of various properties and used them to set the ice-house roof belonging to Robert Neville-Grenville alight. The penalty was up to 14 years servitude and in view of the circumstantial evidence the chairman dropped the charges. Edwin married Thirza (Theresa) in 1886 and they lived by 1891 in four rooms of No 24 Butleigh Wootton, sharing the house with his sister Harriett and her husband James Craft. The Bristol Mercury reported 29 Nov 1892 that Edwin was fined 11s 6d at Somerton Pety Sessions for assaulting Herbert Higgins of Butleigh.

In 1901 James and Harriettt had four rooms but Edwin, Thirza and four grown children lived in just two! In 1911 Thirza lived in three rooms at 24 Butleigh Wootton with sons Jesse and Lewis and mother Anna Pike. Edwin Charles called just Charles was a police constable in 1911 boarding at Taunton Police Station, St. Mary Within. Mary (reads May) was a servant cook at The Rectory, Thorne near Bristol.

11a1) Bertram Jesse Tucker b. 13 Apr, Chr. 17 Jun 1888 (Jun Q 5c/491 Wells) Butleigh, labourer, bur. 28 Nov 1952 (Dec Q 7c/244 Wells) Butleigh 91W-116, 01W-141

Mabel and her parents lived at 17, Goswell Road Street in 1901 but No. 15 in 1911, she had a brother Thomas but two other siblings had died. She was a shoe trimmer and her father a stone breaker for the UDC. Address at Mildred's marriage was Butleigh Wootton. Bertram died at Wells Infirmary.

12) William H. Tucker b. 1837 Butleigh, railway signalman (Port)

Several William Tuckers of this age served in the military and the birthplace of their children suggests William was one of them.

In 1891 William lived at Lancombe Lane, Pitcombe with wife Frances (b. 1843 Newport, Mon) and daughters Lillian (b. 1876 India) and Fanny M. (b. 1870 Ireland, Belfast) and the latter's new husband William F. Thick (25).

13) George William Tucker b. 1878 (Dec Q 5c/451 Yeovil?) Long Sutton, Somerset, carrier, s.o. Abraham and Martha Tucker d. 24 Oct, bur. 28 Oct 1950 Butleigh.

This family lived in Butleigh in 1911. William George Tucker and his mother Annie both died at the 'New Inn' Lovington.

14) Septimus Tucker [a Septimus d. 1842 Axbridge and another 1846 Shepton Mallet]

Bastardy pay was paid to Septimus Tucker's bastard from Sep 1816. In 1817 Septimus Tucker paid 29 weeks bastardy pay from Sep 1816 to March 1817. His child was Betsy Chr. 17 Aug 1817 - The mother of the child was Mary Hodges.


1) Paul Tuffley b. 1833 Avening, Gloucs., stone mason, s.o. Saul and Hester Tuffley 51-23

Paul lodged at the Parsonage House in 1851 during the building of Butleigh Court. By 1861 he had married Martha and lived at Burleigh, Minchinhampton as a quarryman - he was still there in 1901.


1) Walter Tully b. 1847 (Mar Q 9/516 Totnes) Brixham, Devon, photographer, s.o. George and Mary Ann Tully, d. 1934 (Sep Q 5c/440 Wells) PHOTOCARDS

Walter was only 23 when he first appears in Glastonbury as a photographer and lived with his sister and sister-in-law in the High Street (1871) though he appears to have been an amateur musician (organist) too appearing in “Mr. Timothy Traffic” a comedy at Glastonbury Town Hall in Feb 1864.. By 1881 he was married with a daughter but a son had died in infancy. They lived at 76, Benedict Street, his home address for the rest of his life. In the 1880's he ran Sunday School Bible classes (Congregational Chapel). He was also Hon. Sec. of the Glastonbury Liberal Association. On a letter head of 1883 he is given as a licensee of the Autotype and Platinotype Patents [Station Road Glastonbury and Church Street, Highbridge]. His second daughter was born but his first wife died four years later and in 1887 he married Frances, was widow of George F. Brooks. Both daughters died unmarried, Ella when aged just 37.

Walter was acknowledged as a talented photographer, especially for 'Cartes de Visite' and even took out a patent in 1905 for 'improvements ..relating to photographic cameras'. He played an important part in photographing the 'Butleigh Revel' in 1906. As photographer Walter Tully was followed in Glastonbury by E. Houlton, 19, High Street. Reportedly, all Walter Tully's negatives and glass slides were put in a skip in the 1970's and dumped!


1) William Turner

William was the 'cousin' and executor of Richard Abbott b. 1586, d. 1657 whose mother was Thomazine Attwool.

2) John Turner died 1685

From 1673 to 1676 John was paid for looking after Emlen Turner's child (all OOP) – her mother having died in 1669 [probably John's sister]. In 1678 John received relief for Rose and clothes for Luce. From 1679 to 1685 John was paid further relief and given clothes etc. for Luce. He must have died then since Rose takes over caring for Luce and does so until the latter's death in 1698. Rose was receiving relief on heer own account and mention is made of her sickness. She was buried by the OOP in 1700.

DD/S/BT/6/6/2 1] Thomas Chanceler of Butleigh, husbandman 2] John Turner of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of 2a in Westwood, Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1556).. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1681.

DD/S/BT/6/6/3 1] Rose Turner widow of John 2] Thomas Sam of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of 2a in Westwood, Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1556), with bond attached.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1692.

3) Emlin Turner bur. 10 Jan 1669 Butleigh

John Turner was paid for looking after Emlin's child from 1673-6. Luce Turner received continuous relief from 1678 and her coffin, shroud etc bought by the OOP who buried her in 1698 Butleigh (OOP)

4) Joseph Turner

Joseph could well be the brother of John next – and Martha the sister of Ann Look - and Mary and Nathaniel too. Their ages might explain the lack of children. The Joseph Turner who served in the 23rd Foot Regiment and discharged aged 40 [WO 97/433/9]?

5) John Turner bur. 10 May 1794 Butleigh?

John Turner was Overseer in 1789 for Mr. John Moore's estate. An Ann Look Chr. 22 Jan 1753 had a sister Mary and the above burial is likely.

6) John Turner Chr. 7 May 1797 Butleigh, alias Periam alias Williams, labourer, illeg. son of Mary Williams bur. 23 Feb 1884 (Mar Q 5c/389 Wells) Butleigh 41-11, 51-26, 61-48, 71-71, 81-94

In Jan/Feb Eliza Hockey gave birth to a daughter Maria Chr. 25 Mar 1827 and she received bastardy pay thereafter – and John Turner was noted by the OOP as the father (see May 1831 a/c). The OOP paid Mr. Bond for delivering John's child in Mar 1832. In 1841 in the High Street, John Turner (40) and his wife Elizabeth (40) lived with Ann (15), John (15), Betsy (12), Mary (10), William (8) and Sarah (5). On his son's marriage John was, like his son, called alias Periam. In the Parish Register, several of the above baptisms were credited to John and Elizabeth with their aliases indicated. Ann married Stephen Willis in Butleigh on 18 Dec 1848 (Dec Q 10/811 Wells).# Mary, appeared in Wedmore in 1851 as a servant. An unmarried Mary, was a servant at Carville House in Butleigh in 1871 (but could equally be the Mary Turner at Butleigh Wootton in 1841). One of these Mary Turner alias Willis died aged 69 in 1901 (Mar Q 5c/348 Wells) bur. 12 Feb Butleigh. Probably the Mary born 1831.

William was in Swell, Langport, Somerset lodging at Yonder Levels (Swell Lane) in 1851 as an ag. lab. Nfi. Sarah appeared as a housemaid in Glastonbury (Park Farm, Benedict Rd.) in 1851 and in Long Newnton (Newnton House), Wilts in 1861.

In 1851 John Turner (54) lived alone in the High Street on census night. His wife Elizabeth was next door acting as a nurse. In 1861 they lived at Court Lodge and in 1871 they shared the Lodge with Eli North. Elizabeth died in 1871 and in 1881 John Turner shared his dwelling with Delilah Allen, a servant housekeeper and widow aged 55. Since he was 85 she was no doubt his carer. John died in 1884.

6a) George Turner b. 1819 Butleigh, shepherd, s.o. John Turner, died 7 May, bur. 10 May 1902 (Jun Q 5c/332 Wells) Butleigh 41-10, 51-29, 61-49 71-73, 81-99, 91-127, 01-145

George was most probably the son of George Turner at Watchwell but in 1841 he lodged with Elizabeth Vearin in the High Street. In 1845 he married Ann the daughter of one of the Allen families in Butleigh Wootton and in 1851 they lived on Butleigh Hill with their first three children.

In 1861 George (42) lived at Crafts with wife Ann (37) and children George (13) Frederick (11) plus William and Joseph. Harriet his oldest child had married the policeman Abel Rogers Peters in Butleigh on 9 Jul 1867 (Sep Q 5c/829 Wells) and lived firstly at Long Ashton but later in Glastonbury..

In 1871 George (53) and wife Ann (48) lived in the High Street. Son George was absent but by the next census had returned to the village. Frederick (21) and William (17) were labourers, Joseph (12) was a scholar as were his younger brothers Francis and Henry (b. 1864) who died in 1872.

At Moorhouse in 1881, George and Ann lived with just William, an under gardener, and Frank, a carpenter. Son Joseph was an under gardener in Bryanstone, Dorset.

Fredrick lived at Copley Cottage in the Great Breach Wood with his wife and family. (1a2) Ann died on 20 Aug 1890 and in 1891 George, living on his own means, was with just William, who was now the shepherd.

Of their other sons, Francis married Annie Jane Radnedge (b. 1859 Pylle) in Butleigh on 1 Jun 1882 (Jun Q 5c/847 Wells) who had been cook to Robert Neville-Grenville in 1881. #

Joseph worked in 1881 for the Prudential Assurance, boarding with his sister Harriet and her husband Abel Rogers Peters in Bristol (4, Lower Bedford Pl. - Peters was a vaccination officer). He is the J.T. b. 1858 Butleigh who was a patient in Eastville Workhouse Bristol in 1911 (described as married and an Insurance agent).

In 1901 George, aged 80, lived with his still unmarried son William (a shepherd).

George Turner died on 7 May 1902. William appears at Moorhouse as a shepherd in 1911 living alone but died and was bur. 23 Sep 1912 (Sep Q 5c/488 Wells) Butleigh

6a1) George Turner b. May 28, Chr. 6 Jun 1848 Butleigh, butcher, bur. 30 Aug 1909 (Sep Q 5c/261 Wells) Butleigh 51-29, 61-49, 81-102, 91-121, 01-143

George was a boarder in Tavernham, Norfolk in 1871 (as a shepherd) then married Ruth Lye of Butleigh in 1875. On the 2nd June 1877 Ruth was doing some washing and took off her gold ring. Two days later she noticed it was missing On the 3rd Frederick Vincent had turned up at the door of Constable Brimble and with him was Fanny Blacker wearing a gold ring which Vincent said he had bought from a gypsy. At the County Petty Sessions in January 1878 Vincent pleaded guilty to having stolen the ring and was given 20 days hard labour. He married Fanny in the June of 1878.

In 1881 George and Ruth lived in Water Lane (No. 40?) and George (32) was then a butcher with 3 acres. They were at No. 40 in 1891 but Alice was working in Lottisham, West Bradley, as a dairy assistant for Robert M. Gane.

In 1891 they were still in Water Lane No. 40 with two more children; Albert F. (8) and George J. (5) plus mother-in-law Elizabeth Lye (78) widow, a retired dressmaker, who died in 1895 aged 84.

By 1901 still in Water Lane, George (52) and wife Ruth (54) lived with sons Arthur (23) and George James (16) plus Annie Baulch (12). In 1911 Ruth lived with son George James at Sweets (see next)

Henry George is the person listed as Harry G., looking after Looks Farm in Butleigh Wootton, 1901 and was then still unmarried. In 1911 he appears as a foreman platelayer in Mountain Ash, Glamorgan living with his cousin Edwin Woodland (whose mother Anne Woodland nee Lye was born in Butleigh in 1841).

Alice was an assistant in the Dairy and lived at Lottisham in 1891. In 1901 she was a housekeeper at Forton, Chard. She married bachelor farmer James Howell (b. 1850 Pitcombe) of Grove Gate Farm in Butleigh on 22 Nov 1910 (Dec Q 5c/1007 Wells). James was 24 years older than Alice and in 1911 they lived on Grove Farm, Castle Cary with a servant – Mary Masters (14) from Butleigh.

Albert was a gardener lodging at Church Preen, Shropshire in 1901.

6a1A) Ernest Arthur Turner Chr. 9 Dec 1877 (Dec Q 5c/539 Wells) Butleigh, carpenter, d. 31 May, bur. 4 Apr 1955 Butleigh 81-102, 91-121, 01-143 Photo c.1943

In 1911 Ernest and Mabel appear at 6, Aberpennar St., Mountain Ash, Pontypridd, Glam. with two children and brother-in-law Frederick Charles Say, a coal miner.

Their daughter Madge and son-in-law George (Herbert Frank) Griffin were licensees of the "Crown Hotel" in Glastonbury where Ernest and Mabel both died within a few days of each other. Previously Ernest and Mabel had run the “Ring O' Bells” in Meare for about three decades after leaving Wales. One record noted by the family is that Ernest was secretary of the Butleigh Cricket Club pre-WWI and the Central Gazette noted that he left them with a credit of 1 shilling and fourpence farthing!

6a1B) George James Turner b. 23 Jul, Chr. 30 Aug 1885 (Sep Q 5c/485 Wells) Butleigh, Butcher 91-121, 01-143

In 1911 George and Edith lived at Sweets in Butleigh with mother Ruth a servant Maurice Collins and niece Elenor Elsie Goodson (b. 1907 Baltonsborough). George occupied 8 rooms and traded as a butcher. Elinor was the daughter of Reginald James Brooks Goodson and Elsie Lilian (nee Murrow) Goodson who lived in Lubborn, Baltonsborough. Elsie her mother and Edith Turner were sisters.

6a2) Frederick Turner Chr. 12 May 1850 (Jun Q 10/516 Wells) Butleigh, labourer, bur. 30 Dec 1905 (Dec Q 5c/306 Wells) Butleigh 51-29, 61-49, 71-73. 81-99, 91-122, 01-138

A Frederick Turner of Butleigh won a premium of £10 at the Glastonbury Great Market in Dec 1869 for 9 years service to R. Neville-Grenville – meaning that he began his labouring life aged 10! Frederick married Sarah in 1873 and they settled at Copley House by 1881 and lived with two children plus Thomas Rose (72) his father-in-law. Thomas Rose died in 1884. In the Western Gazette 7 Mar 1890 a cottage with 74 acres on Butleigh Hill was put up to be let – lately in the occupation of F. Turner. In the Western Gazette 19 Oct 1883 Fred offered a reward for the return of a lost Roan Heifer [from the Brickyard, Butleigh]. Frederick and family moved to 'Sub Road' No. 54 by 1891 and then lived in Oddway by 1901.

In 1901 Mary Ann was a domestic cook at the house of the Rev. George Elton in East Wellow, Hamps., and Thomas was a gardener lodging with a Thomas Strode in Newtown, West Pennard. Elizabeth died in 1891 aged just 5 and her sister Harriet died in 1894 aged 14. Frederick died in 1905 aged 55.

Mary Ann married George Henry Lane b. 1875 (Jun Q 5c/422 Langport) Kingweston in Butleigh on 6 Jun 1903 (Jun Q 5c/931 Wells). # In 1911 Sarah Ann Turner lived with her son-in-law and daughter Mary Ann Lane at Rectory Cottage, Kingweston.

In 1911 Thomas was a police constable boarding at 63, Park Road, Caterham.

6a3) Francis (Frank) John Turner Chr. 16 Feb 1862 (Mar Q 5c/244 Wells) Butleigh s.o. George and Ann Turner 71-73, 81-99

Francis was a carpenter living at 48, Northload St Glastonbury in 1891, and then at 21, Northload St., with four children in 1901. They were at 45, Northload Street, Glastonbury in 1911 with three of their six children.

6b) John Turner Chr. 1 Dec 1822 Butleigh alias Periam, brick and tile maker 41-11

Jane Lucas was a servant at Higher Rockes in 1841. John was a 'drainer' by 1851 and lived with his Jane and their two sons in Bean Close, Long Newnton, Wiltshire. He then became a brick tile maker and lived in 1861 at the Foss Tilery, Shipton Moyne, Gloucester with his wife Jane and three children. They were still there in 1871 but Solomon had left home, Joseph was a carpenter. Solomon lodged in Tetbury, Gloucs. with Frederick Higginson, master confectioner, as an assistant baker (1871). His brother Joseph must have joined him and in 1873 (Jun Q 6a/701) married Agnes Elizabeth Park. Solomon married Marianne Mann (Mary Ann) shortly afterwards, in 1873 (Sep Q 6a/659 Tetbury). Nfi

7) William Turner - the William b. 1756, bur. 30 Nov 1821 Butleigh aged 65

It is only a speculation that William married twice - there may be two Williams recorded here. It seems most likely that Heptha = Hester and that this is one family.

William is recorded as having fathered a bastard child in Dec 1795. The first payment was made by the OOP to his 'bastard' was in December 1795, the child being born of Mary Periam. In April 1796 the OOP paid the expenses for taking William to Ivelchester Gaol. In May 1796 the OOP paid Mary Periam, Judith Pollet and Hockey's son three days at the Crown Inn, Wells at the session in a case of bastardy of Turners. In Oct 1796 Edward Eades was paid by the OOP for supporting Turner's children whilst he was in gaol. William Turner paid £1 7s 0d bastardy pay in Oct 1796 and was paying bastardy pay in 1797. William Isaac and William Martin went to Bridgwater in a horse and cart [to fetch?] Turner in Nov 1796 and in Dec the OOP paid for him to be carried to Wootton. In Dec 1803 the OOP paid William Periam for keeping him 'in hold' for 2 days and nights.

In 1811 the OOP paid the rent for William Turner and again in 1818, 1820. In Mar 1818 the OOP paid for the coffin of William's wife and paid for William's coffin in Jan 1822.

7a) John Turner Chr. 2 Sep 1810 Butleigh, farm labourer, s.o. William and Hester Turner, bur. 8 Jul 1898 (Sep Q 5c/297 Wells) Butleigh 41-7, 51-35, 61-59, 71W-87, 81W-106

At their marriage in 1834 Mary Ann was named as just 'Ann' but in the later censuses she was 'Mary'.

In 1841 John Turner (30) and his wife Mary (30) lived with daughter Elizabeth (7) in the High Street, two other daughters having died in February 1839. John and Mary lived in 1851 at No. 1 Sealy's Row with two younger children while Elizabeth was a nursemaid at the home of Henry Hawkins in Butleigh Wootton (1851). She was a dairymaid at Rowley farm in 1861 and she married Samuel Hodges in 1861 (Sep Q 5c/924 Wells) - they lived together in Butleigh Wootton. # Mary died in 1852 and John lived in 1861 in Dumb Lane with just Hester. Dinah [Dina] was a house servant at Arthurbridge, Ditcheat in 1861 and married the widowed shoemaker John Linham in 1864 (Dec Q 5c/1046 Wells) and in 1871 they lived in Street with six children. After his death she married William Whitcombe in 1888 (Dec Q 5c/951 Wells). In 1911 they lived at 1, Overleigh, Street.

Hester became a servant in Baltonsborough in 1871, at Haines Farm, and married labourer John Taylor in 1872 (Jun Q 5c/919 Wells). By 1881 they lived at 2, Backs Lane, Baltonsborough. In 1911 John Taylor was Foreman of works of Upper Brue drainage board and Hester was an inn keeper – they lived at the Ponters Ball Inn, Haviatt. Glastonbury. They had had 5 children and four were still living.

John married the widow Caroline Balsam (Bulsam) of Butleigh Wootton in Butleigh on 8 Feb 1866 (Mar Q 5c/855 Wells) – the Wester Gazette 16 Feb 1866 reported that he being blind was led to the altar by his bride and that they had a combined age of 104 years. They lived together until Caroline's death in 1889. On the 1881 census he was referred to as 'blind'. In 1891 he lived with his daughter Dulce and his blindness was stated to be due to an accident - he died in 1898. Dulce Harriet, called Harriet, was a servant in Pilton in 1881. She married baker Frank Taylor in Butleigh on 18 Aug 1890 (Sep Q 5c/785 Wells) and Tom her brother went to live with them in Glastonbury, at 13, Orchard Terrace, in 1891 - Dulce's name given as Adulca. #

Tom had been summoned in November 1889 by Sarah Annie Baker of Horwood, Wincanton to show cause &c – The parties were employed at Rowley Farm, Butleigh when the intercourse resulting in the birth of a male child took place. The applicant who is not yet 16 years of age was confined in the Workhouse at Wells – the bench made an order for 1s 6d per week and 10s 6d costs. [Western Gazette Friday 1st Nov 1889] Tom moved on and in 1901 was boarding at Peatling Magna in Leicestershire where he was the cowman on a farm. Sarah Annie Baker is found on the 1891 census living with her parents at Compton Pauncefoot with her son Ernest John Baker b. 1889 (Jun Q 5c/497 Wells). She married a John Clothier in Compton Pauncefoot in 1893 and in 1911 all three are found in Knowle Mere, Wilts.

8) Robert Turner b. 1826 Somerset, apprentice blacksmith 41-6

Robert lodged with John Day in the High Street in 1841. He may be the Robert Turner born in Bruton who was a journeyman coachman and who married Mary Ann (b. 1822 Budleigh = Butleigh?) They lived in New Road, Chelsea in 1851. Nfi

9) George Turner b. 1791 Butleigh, labourer, bur. 20 Sep 1844 (Sep Q 10/321 Wells) Butleigh 41W-14

No clue as to George's parents [unless he was another alias Periam child of Mary Periam?]. A George was Chr. 17 May 1792 Street s.o. William and Mary Turner who is a possibility but needs proving.

Both of George's wives were sisters from from Chilton Polden, the brother of James Tagford who also married in Butleigh. The witness to the second wedding was James Tayford.

George and his family occupied Watchwell on the moor in 1841. George died in 1844 and his wife Edith moved out of Watchwell, though she stayed in Butleigh Wootton. The two girls probably went into service (a Mary, single, of the right age appears as a servant in 1871 at Carville House) and in 1881 appears as 'wife' of Henry Willis.# Jane was a house servant in Chilkwell Street Glastonbuy in 1851 and seems to have married John Vowles in 1860 (Sep Q 5c/594 Taunton) and they lived in Glastonbury. Edith was in part of Wootton Hill Farm in 1851 and housekeeper to Job Hawkins in 1861. She died in 1865. James had been a servant at Sedgemore in 1841 at Nith Farm. He was absent from the next census but was a private at the Royal Marine Barracks in Plymouth in 1861 (J. Turner). In 1871 he was a Chelsea Pensioner and lived with wife Mary (b. 1822 West Coker) in Benedict Street, Glastonbury where he remained in 1881, still a 'Greenwich Pensioner'. He died in 1890 (Sep Q 5c/298 Wells).

9a) Charles Turner Chr. 25 Dec 1822 Butleigh, groom, labourer, s.o. George Turner, bur. 30 Sep 1882 (Sep Q 5c/311 Wells) Butleigh 61-48, 71-72, 81-95

In 1851 Charles was groom to George Neville-Grenville, Dean of Windsor, at Adelaide House, Hastings. He had married Ann Higgins in 1845 and while he was away she resided in Silver Street (1851) with her parents.

In 1861 Charles lived in at The Court as groom while his wife Ann lived in the High Street with their three children. Charles later reverted to being an agricultural labourer until his death in 1882. In 1871 in the High St Charles (49), labourer, and Ann (45), a dressmaker, lived with Mary Jane.

Their son Charles lived in Pendleton, Lancshire in 1871 as a gardener and in 1881 in Hulme, Manchester, as a warehouseman, married to Elizabeth Preston. In 1891 they were at 23, Dunham St. with daughter and mother-in-law Ann Preston. By 1901 he had married again - to a Sarah Maguire.

William stayed in Butleigh, though absent from the 1871 census. Emma is found in 1871 in Chelsea St. Luke, 16, Lowndes Sq. as nursemaid at the house of Richard Paret MP. In 1878 (Sep Q 5c/804 Wells) she married accountant Peter Warren Williams (b. 25 Apr 1850 Falmouth) and they went to live in Falmouth where they had two daughters Blanche and Olive. # In 1911 they were at 6, Lansdowne Rd., Falmouth with just Olive.

In 1881 Charles (59) and Ann lived in Butleigh with son William (29), engine driver, and Mary Jane (19), dressmaker. Charles died in 1882. Ann went to live in four rooms in the High Street with her daughter Mary Jane who had married Eli Braine in Butleigh on 21 Oct 1884 (Dec Q 5c/939 Wells), and William went too. #

Eli and Mary with mother-in-law Ann went to live at 22 High Street by 1901 and William married Fanny Eades and lived at Pond Head (next). Ann died in 1904.

9a1) William George Turner b. Nov, Chr. 1 Dec 1850 (Dec Q 10/499 Wells) Butleigh, engine driver (road roller), bur. 6 Apr 1923 Butleigh 51-32, 61-49, 81-95, 91-118, 01-139

William joined the Royal Navy on 5 Jun 1865. After their marriage in 1892, Frederick (49) and Fanny (47) lived in four rooms in 1901 at Pond Head, with Fanny's sister Mary Eades taking three adjoining rooms. William lived at Pond Head alone in 1911.

ADM 188/30 Turner William Name Turner William 55355 Butleigh, Somerset Date: 1850.

11) John R. Turner b. 1875 Bray, Berks., footman, s.o. George and Elizabeth Turner 91W-117

In 1881 John lived with his parents at Kimber Lane, Bray, his father was a labourer. John worked at Butleigh Wootton House in 1891. In 1901 he was the butler at the "West Cliff Hotel", 135 Sandgate Road, Folkestone.

12) Ann Turner b. 1754, bur. 5 Oct 1833 Butleigh


(see Tottle)


1) Nanny Tutt

Nanny was a ladies maid to Mrs. Gertrude Neville-Grenville in the 1920's. Originally came from Blandford St. Mary in Dorset. The Beatrix Tutt b. Wilton, Wilts in 1887, ladies maid to the Bernard family in Wimborne Dorset in 1911?


see also Tatton

1) John Tutton

2) John Tutton

John Tutton was taken to court by the OOP in 1719 and taken to Sharpham Park. The case also seems to have been conducted at Wells and Tutton apprehended at Charlton. Further expenses were incurred in 1720 and the case taken to Taunton. In 1722 the OOP bought a ring and paid for the expenses of his marriage. However, in 1725 Joane Davis received one years relief for Tuttons child. In 1728 Hester Tutton was paid for washing and attending Margaret Chasey and her goods were removed from Butleigh Hill to Margaret Chasey's address and 6d given to Hester to relieve her. In 1729 Hester received money for washing and attending Margaret Chasey for a whole year as well as relief in her own sickness and house rent. She also received a pair of shoes for her self and her daughter as well as wood for heating for herself and Margaret Chasey. In 1730 Hester received rent, payment for looking after Margaret Chasey and heating for them both as well as 1s for Hester in her own necessity. In 1731 the OOP paid for Hester's rent at Chases backhouse. In 1733 she was paid for attending Margaret Chasey.

In 1738, April a complete set of clothes, shoes etc were made or purchased by the OOP for a Charity Tutton and James Davis was paid 20/- for keeping Charity up to Lady Day 1739, and thereafter. Tutton's daughter cured by Joan Periam in May 1739. Charity received 7 yards of dowlas in Feb 1770. In Jan 1772 Charity received relief in her distress. In April 1772 Hester received relief in necessity. Charity received monthly pay until her death [gap in PR – not recorded] which the OOP paid for in Dec 1781.

3) Richard Lockyer Tutton Chr. 2 Sep 1810 Chedzoy s.o. Somerset, farmer, s.o. George and Ann (nee Lockier) Tutton, d. 5 Aug, bur. 8 Aug 1842 (Sep Q 10/328 Wells) Butleigh 41-6

Lockyer Walton was overseer for Lord Glastonbury in 1802 and lived in Street during the period that Richard was born – no obvious connection.

This family lived in the High Street in 1841. William George Tutton was the grandson of William and Jane Kelway of Huish Episcopi and visited them there in 1851. Richard died in 1842 aged 31 and Sarah Tutton then married Robert Keen in Butleigh on 27 Mar 1845 (Mar Q 10/745 Wells) and appeared with him in Meare in 1851, 1861, on the latter date together with William G. Tutton, Mary Jane Tutton, governess, and Richard James Keen (b. 1848 Meare). See under Keen. Mary Jane married Rev. Angus MacIntyre (b. 28 Sep 1815) of the Manse, Kinlochspelvie,Scotland, on 9 Sep 1879 (Sep Q 5c/677 Wells) Meare. He died 24 Sep 1887 and later as a widow Mary appeared as a ladies 'companion' in Shalford, Surrey in 1891 and in Whilton, Northamptonshire in 1901.

4) Rufus Tutton senior, labourer

A Rufus Tutton Chr. 29 Mar 1789 Mudford, Som. had a wife Temperance (b. 1796) in 1841 and a different younger wife Harriet (b. 1806) in 1851 – could Elizabeth have been his first wife? A Rufus Tutton b. 1816 Mudford might have been the offspring of this first marriage. A Rufus Tutton b. 1811 Mudford (may be the same) sometimes gave his pob as Hendford, Yeovil.


1) Thomas oTuy b. 1821 Somerset 41W-16

Thomas lodged with William Wake in Butleigh Wootton in 1841 - nfi. Surname - oTuy, Tye?


1) Anne Twigger b. 1829 Hornsey, Middlesex, ladiesmaid 51W-39

Anne was a ladies maid at Wootton House in 1851. Nfi – the only candidate is an Ann Twigger b. 17 Sep 1825, Chr. 1 Nov 1829 The Great Meeting Presbyterian, Hinckley, Leicester d.o. Robert & Elizabeth Twigger.


1) Mary Tyack b. 1836 Bridgwater, shoebinder, d.o. Thomas and Sarah Tyack 61-57

Mary was a visitor at Hockey's Corner, home of Joshua Hockey, in 1861. She never married and in 1901 was living with her brother-in-law Joseph Read in Jenkins Buildings, Mount Pleasant, Bridgwater, aged 64.


1) Eliza Tyerman b. 1868, bur. 25 Nov 1929 Butleigh

At the time of her death Eliza lived at the Lodge, Butleigh Wootton. An Eliza Lilly Tyerman b. 1866 Thirsk was a servant from age 15 or before and in 1911 was a domestic cook in Yorkshire. Another Eliza Tyerman was the wife of George Tyerman b. 1871 Lambeth, railway porter who she had married in 1905 - She had never had children – Eliza was one of these two, probably the first.


1) William Tyler b. 1805 Knipton, Leics, farm labourer

In the Parish Records Harriet was noted as the mother of these two children but the name of her husband was left blank, though occupation 'servant' was given. Harriet's husband was William and by 1851 they were together again, living with his widowed mother Sarah in Knipton - plus a further child of 1 month, Emma. Harriet died shortly after in 1856. William, Emma and Elizabeth lived with their grandmother Sarah Tylor, a beer house keeper, in Knipton in 1861, no trace of Priscilla. Nfi.

Tyneysee Tinney

Tyzard - Tizzard

1) William Tyzarde

Nfi on this couple though a Richard Tizarde had a daughter Chr. 3 Nov 1588 in Chew Magna.