1) A child called Susan was Christened on Easter Day 27 Mar 1853 Butleigh but no parent's forename nor surname given in the Parish Register.


1) Mary Grace Underhill b. 1869 (Sep Q 5b/496 Torrington) Torrington, Devon, cook , d.o. William and Ann Underhill 91-118

Mary had been nursemaid at the School Villa in Buckland Brewer, Devon in 1881. She served at Corner House in 1891 and in 1901 had become a housemaid, visitor, at 29, Alma Road, Wandsworth, London.



Underwood, Underlen and Underhills in Baltonsborough at this time seem to belong to the same family with William Underwood at its head – because of the same variant spelling (1) may have originated from this latter Baltonsborough family. William was buried 10 Jun 1698 Baltonsborough.

1) Edith Underwood bur. 10 Nov 1745 Butleigh

Edith [sometimes called Underlin or Underhill] received Symcockes bequest money in 1704 and in 1705 received a years relief from the OOP. Ditto in 1706 when the Doctor was also called in her sickness, and rent, wood etc. provided. She continued to receive relief, rent, wood etc up to 1713. In 1735 she received assistance, rent, shoes etc. from the OOP and similar for the next decade. Possibly Butleigh born in the 1677 – 1714 PR gap.

2) John Underwood bur. 29 Jun 1764 Kingweston

An Ann Underwood married 25 Nov 1762 Thomas Bond of Barton St. David – possibly the same person as Jane?

2a) John Underwood Chr. 26 Jun 1720 s.o. John and Rebecca Underwood, bur. 6 Feb 1769 Butleigh

John may be the John Underwood Chr. 26 Jun 1720 Kingweston s.o. John and Rebecca Underwood? [John senior bur. 29 Jun 1764 Kingweston and Rebecca bur. 11 Sep 1737 Kingweston ]. Could also be related to (2) and date from the 1677-1714 PR gap.

Judith married William Periam in Butleigh on 27 Jun 1771. Mary married William Hodges in Butleigh on 28 Nov 1772. John was apprenticed to Caleb Dickinson in 1772 under the 'John Rocke scheme'. (OOP). Judith Underwood, the mother, received 'coal for the poor' in 1792.

2a1) John Underwood Chr. 2 May 1751 Butleigh, bur. 4 Feb 1837 Butleigh aged 88

John was examined at Wells in Oct 1791. In November 1793 he was examined again and carried to Middlezoy with his family. In Sep 1815 the OOP paid his bill for lime

John started paying rates on 'late Edward Abbotts' in 1804, previously owned by Emanuel Jarman He owned it from 1805 to 1837 and it passed then to Judith Underwood (a daughter or second wife?) until c. 1839/42 when it was owned by Thomas Perriam - now 'Perriams - 29, Butleigh'. Thomas Periam was a private in the 55th Regiment when he married Judith Underwood in Butleigh 7 Oct 1839 – she was son of John Underwood, stonemason. Thomas Perriam was son of William May, butcher. The witnesses were Susannah Underwood and Edward Abbott Underwood – see (5)

Edward was a gardener and in both 1841 and 1851 and lived with his sister Judith and her husband Thomas Periam (a Chelsea Pensioner) in the High Street. Thomas died in 1855. Edward stayed with his sister until his death in 1870 [mistakenly called Periam].

Sarah married John Hodges in Butleigh on 30 Jan 1815.

2b) Jonathan Underwood Chr. 27 Dec 1724 Kingweston, s.o. John and Rebecca Underwood, bur. 6 Feb 1767 Butleigh

Ann Periam could be Ann Periam Chr. 18 Oct 1729 Butleigh d.o. John and Ann Periam

Jonathan received 3 peck wheat from the OOP in Apr 1767 and in March the OOP paid for his burial, shroud and coffin. Ann Underwood had received 3 weeks pay in 1766, a bushel of wheat after her husband's death in March and again in April 1767. Ann and family received assistance from then until Aug 1772. In July 1768 she and three children received assistance. Ann's house rent was paid to her from 1768 – 1770. In June 1781 an Ann Underwood paid for one load of 'toraces'. She received relief from the OOP in May 1794 and up to her death in 1802 and then the OOP paid for her coffin and burial.

In Jun 1785 the OOP paid for Ann to be taken to Wells for examination concerning the father of her child and then obtain a warrant for Thomas Pollett. In July they were both brought before the justice in Wells. An Ann (d.o. Jonathan?) married Thomas Periam in Butleigh on 7 Sep 1789.

3) John Underwood stone cutter, labourer [b. 1783 Coxley, d. 1870 (Mar Q 5c/490 Wells)?]

John had a sister Ann Underwood who married John Periam of Compton in Compton on 1 Sep 1806, he was the witness.

In 1819/20 two John Underwoods paid rates, senior and junior and this is John junior – his property called 'Quarry Ground'. In the rate assessment of 1827/8 he paid rates on two properties – 'Grenvilles' and his own house. Daughter Mary married Thomas Warren in Butleigh 22 Sep 1836 and called her first daughter Elizabeth Ann Hurd. There may have been other children born in Compton Dundon.#

Sarah married Alexander Higgins in Butleigh on 25 Jun 1839 (Jun Q 10/803 Wells). # The baptisms of Angelina and Edward are not recorded in Butleigh. Angelina Underwood (20) lived with her siblings Edward (15), Elizabeth (13), and George (11) in Quarry Lane in 1841. Their father may be the 'retired stone-cutter' living alone in Gape Street, Street in 1861 - he had lodged at the "Red Lion" in Benedict Street, Glastonbury in 1841. Angelina married James Miles in 1841 (Sep Q 10/657 Wells) and she and her siblings left Butleigh. An Angelina Miles died in 1845 after giving birth to a daughter Angelina in late 1844, who then died in infancy. Edward appeared in Walton in 1851 as a baker, married to Sarah Chancellor who he had wed in 1850 (Jun Q 10/893 Wells). They were still there in 1881. James had wed Sarah's sister Ann in 1847. George had died in 1842 (Sep Q 10/327 Wells) aged 13. Elizabeth may also have died - she appears on no censuses.

3a) James Underwood Chr. 29 Mar 1823 Butleigh, baker and grocer

James lived in Burcott, Wells in 1851 with his wife and daughter Mary (2). By 1861 the children had increased to six in number and the family lived in Turnpike Road, Wookey where James was a baker and grocer. One of his daughters was named Angelina, after either his mother or sister. In 1871 they materialised at 275 Caledonian Road, Islington St. Andrew, Finsbury, London where for some reason James was now called John! He was still a baker. Probably the James who died in 1895 (Sep Q 1b/199 Islington) aged 71.


1) Dr. Uphills – April 1816, paid by the OOP for putting John Croft's wife to bed.


1) James Urchname uncertain – paid by the OOP for supplying coal in Nov 1787. A John Urch b. 1762 Glastonbury married Ann b. 1766 Butleigh – on 1851 census. She was the widow of James Bradford [on 1841 census in Axbridge]and married John Urch in 1845 (Dec Q 10/491 Axbridge).


1) John Urry fl. 1715, died 1730

The OOP paid out expenses in 1715 to travel to Glastonbury, Somerton, and Charlton several times upon witness and other enquiries concerning this person. A John Urry married a Frances Wadman in Bruton in 1710 [unlikely] and a John Urry married an Elizabeth Ham of Glastonbury in Pylle in 1713. He re-appears in the OOP accounts in 1730 when they paid for a change [of underclothes] and 'pd for a shrode 2s 8d and a coffin 6s and in victualls and drink 2s 6d ringing the bell and making the grave and affidavid 2s 8d for John Urry in all'