A will of Joan (Johan) Vagg of Baltonsborough dated 1 Jun 1543, proved 26 Sep 1543 left her estate to her sons John and Robert. Robert appeared in a Chancery Court case 1587-91 [C3/219/107] regarding the Copyhold held of the manor of Baltonsborough. The defendants were William Hungate and others. Possible ancestors?

1) John Vagg died 1710

John Vagg was clerk to the church 1700-1710 and in 1711 his wife Ann is recorded in the churchwarden's accounts as a widow when she was paid for cleaning the church. In 1704 the OOP paid John for marrying William Martin. In 1709 and 10 John paid rates with Thomas Hockey. In 1711 it was Thomas Hockey and 'Vagge' but by 1713 Thomas Hockey and Anne Vagg. From 1714/5 she paid rates alone until 1737 and then John Vagg paid them. Vital dates fall in the 1677 – 1714 Parish Record gap.

DD/S/BT/7/1/2 Extract of an assignment of Peckham leaseholds in Harepits furlong, Woolsy and Barehill, Butleigh to Anne Vagg. Originally pinned to a paper document of which only a fragment survives. [1652]

DD/S/BT/6/5/20-22 - yeomen, Thomas Samm of Butleigh, whitebaker, John James and James Chapman of Butleigh yeomen, Samuel Sweet of Butleigh carpenter, Humphrey Colmer and John Kelway of Butleigh, yeomen, Joan Difford of Butleigh, John Vagg of Butleigh, husbandman and Edmund Date: 1706.

DD/S/BT/7/3/3 1] Thomas Sam of Butleigh, whitebaker 2] John Vagg of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of 2a in the East and West fields of Butleigh. 1709

DD/S/BT/7/2/5 1] John Webb 2] John Vagg of Butleigh, yeoman Lease for lives of Scrubbetts (4a) and two half acres in Butleigh West field. Rent 2s 6d. 1710-11 [see also DD/S/BT/4/5/42]

DD/S/BT/7/3/7 - 1] Joan Difford of Butleigh widow of Joseph Difford 2] James Periam the younger of Butleigh Wootton, gent, John Smithfield the elder of Butleigh, yeoman and Anne Vagg of Butleigh widow of John Vagg 3] Anne Pope of Butleigh Assignment of Moormeade close Date: 1723.

1a) John Vagg cordwainer, bur. 14 Jan 1787 Butleigh

Mary Creech was probably the daughter of Thomas Creech, vicar of Butleigh 1714 – 22 – her husband was son of Thomas Creech's clerk, John Vagg.

John paid the rates from 1738 onwards. In 1786/7 the rates were paid by 'late John Vagg or widow' becoming Mary widow from 1788. From 1796 the rates were paid by Ann Vagg until 1813/14 when the OOP has Ann Vagg now Barnett William's [William Barnard/Barnett]. The OOP paid several bills for shoes for the poor e.g. 1772 and annually afterwards. In April 1787 the OOP made a payment to Mary Vagg for shoes. In Nov 1809 Ann Vagg's barn was used to store turves for the OOP and in successive years.

DD/S/BT/14/2/22 - 1] Richard Toghill of Butleigh yeoman 2] John Vagg of Butleigh, cordwainer and administrator of Ann Vagg his mother decd 3] Thomas Periam the younger of Butleigh, blacksmith Assignment of 3yds arable at Bare Hill, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, Date: 1738.

DD/S/BT/8/1/6 1] Richard Toghill of Butleigh, yeoman 2] John Vagg of Butleigh, yeoman 3] Henry Pope of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of 1a arable in Butleigh East field, part Peckham lease (1562). 1738

DD/S/BT/7/2/11 1] James Grenville 2] John Vagg of Butleigh, cordwainer Lease for lives of a of Scrubbetts (4a) and 1a in Butleigh West field. Rent 2s 6d. Endorsed with note of exchange. 1758 [see also DD/S/BT/9/4/24]

DD/S/BT/4/6/11 1] John Vagg of Butleigh, cordwainer 2] James Grenville Assignment of 1a in west field in exchange for lease of 2a in Berrell, Butleigh. 1765

DD/S/BT/14/2/52 - 1] Ann Corbaz of Butleigh daughter of John Vagg decd 2] William Burnett of Butleigh, stonecutter Assignment of Scrubbetts (4a) and 2a in Berrell, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1813.

2) Edward Vagge of Blagrove

This Edward? An Edward Vagg was summoned for examination to East Pennard in August 1782 regarding the illegitimate child of Elizabeth Horner. In September she was carried to Castle Cary. [The problem with the association with Edward and Elizabeth Vagg of S. Petherton is that of their several children they not only had them prior and post Jun 1745 in S. Petherton but had a daughter Betty baptized there on 30 Jan 1745]

3) William Vagg [Chr. 31 May 1741 South Petherton s.o. Edward and Elizabeth Vagg?]

William had an illegitimate child by Jane Hodges (b. late 1774 – Feb 1775, unbaptized) for which he paid bastardy pay. He paid in arrears up to the 7th Feb 1775 a sum of 18/8d.

4) Samuel Vagg [a Samuel Vagg Chr. 14 Sep 1743 South Petherton s.o. Edward and Elizabeth Vagg] – the Samuel Vagg bur. 19 Apr 1765 South Petherton?

The South Petherton link is unproven but seems quite strong. An Edward s.o. Samuel and Betty Vagg was bur. 14 Mar 1759 South Petherton and may have been their first child though probably a child of an earlier Samuel and Elizabeth. This latter couple had an Edward Chr. 23 Aug 1752 South Petherton – possibly the above Butleigh Edward who died in 1763? Needs some more research.

5) Edward Vagg Talbott Chr. 22 May 1768 Butleigh illegit. son of Elizabeth Talbott


1) Henry Vallis b. 1852 (Jun Q 5c/565 Wincanton) North Cadbury, footman, s.o. William and Ann Vallis 71W-86

Henry lived with his parents in North Cadbury in 1861 where his father was a mason. He worked at Wootton House in 1871. In 1891 he appeared as butler at Odell Castle, Odell, Derbyshire and in 1901 at 29, Curzon Street, Mayfair and Knightsbridge, London. He had married Lucy Agnes Adams in 1898 West Ham (b. 1860 Shepton Mallet) and in 1911 they lived at 51 Coniston Rd, Croydon. They never had children.



1) Humphrey Verin

Humphrey had his house rent paid by the Overseers of the Poor in 1678 and [as Humphrey Ffearme] received relief from the Overseers of the Poor in 1678 (11 shillings).

2) John Verin buried 1695 [probable son of Humphrey]

Probably the John Ffearnon who was paid for going to Bridgwater in 1677 'for to convict ye assises' - OOP. John was given clothes for his son and daughter in 1686 and clothes by the OOP for his son Humphrey in 1692. Shoes and a waistcoat bought for Mary in 1687 and ditto in 1688 plus britches for Humphrey. In 1702 there is mention in the OOP of John Vearin going to sessions. An Elner Vearin receiving clothes and money 1680-83 may be another daughter or close relative of John – possibly even his mother.

3) Humphrey Veering bur. 1 May 1737 Butleigh? [uncertain if this one or next]

Humphrey received Rocke gift money in 1708 but paid rates in 1709 and 1710. In 1713 he received Symcockes bequest money (for the poor) and in 1716 he receive rent for taking in Joan Davis widow. In 1729 Humphrey received wheat, barley and money to relieve him (and his family) in his sickness. In 1731 he received assistance again and Grace received a change and a petticoat.

One of these Humphrey Veirings paid rates from 1718 jointly with Andrew Sweete [and next to Philip Vering - (7)] until 1729 then from 1730 with Sarah Sweete. From 1736 it was Humphrey Veiring and William Davis until 1739 – then just 'Veiring & Davis' becoming Thomas Veiring in 1742. [Which Humphrey 'is which' is uncertain but the ratepayer was the one who died in 1737 and there is a Thomas below (13) who must be his son]. In 1752 the OOP paid for the coffin and shroud of Grace.

4) Humphrey Vering of 'Butley' bur. 23 Dec 1753 Butleigh ?

The OOP paid Lord's rent on Humphrey's house after his death.

5) Grace Verin bur. 16 May 1731 Butleigh [wife of (1)?]

6) Stephen Verin

Stephen Verein/Fearing appears in the churchwardens accounts in 1710 when he was paid for killing one polecat and eight hedgehogs and mentioned in OOP accounts in 1716 for paying 'jail and Marshalsea & county bridges' money. Rent paid for a Joan Veiring by the OOP from 1751 to 1765. In Dec 1765 the OOP paid for Joan's burial and for an affidavit. This Stephen or the younger one paid by the OOP for looking after T. Eastment in July 1770.

6a) Thomas Veiring bur. 10 Nov 1796 Butleigh [son of Stephen above?]

Thomas Vearing began paying rates in 1741/2 [in succession to Philip Avery] and did so until 1804/5 after which the property was acquired by Lord Glastonbury. In Dec 1784 Thomas and wife received OOP relief in their distress and from Jan 1785 just Thomas was in receipt of it. [a Thomas Veering married Edith Higgens in Baltonsborough on 5 Jul 1790 – entry crossed out – this Thomas?]

A Philip Veering married Sarah Symes in Baltonsborough 15 Apr 1765, they had children: Thomas Chr. 2 Mar 1766, Thomas Chr. 29 Nov 1767, John Chr. 17 Jun 1770, William Chr. 12 Dec 1773, Hester 21 Apr 1777.

DD/S/BT/7/2/3 1] John Webb 2] Philip Avery Lease for lives of Callow's messuage, two half acres arable in Butleigh East field, two half acres in West field and 3a inclosed in Butleigh moor. Rent 3s. Endorsed with note that Thomas Veering holds the house for life (1785)

6a1) Stephen Veiring Chr. 26 Dec 1751 Butleigh, bur. 23 Nov 1827 Butleigh

Stephen received relief from the OOP in Feb 1802 an sporadically thereafter. In Sep 1806 the OOP paid for 5 weeks lodging for him and 4 weeks in October. He appears [as Stephen Fearing] in Jan 1813 when paid 1-- by the OOP in his distress. He had his rent paid by the OOP from 1819/20 to 1827. During that time he received regular relief and occasional jobs from the OOP – in Jan 1816 he spent 5 days cleaning up stones and rubbish at Sealys Row. In Sep 1817 his goods were transferred to Butleigh Wootton. In Apr 1818 they paid relief because of his 'bad leg'. In Aug 1820 the OOP paid for Stephen to go to Taunton Hospital and in November to bring him back to Butleigh.

6a2) Thomas Veiring Chr. 10 Nov 1764 Butleigh, s.o. Thomas and Hester Vereing, bur. 2 May 1830 Butleigh

In Feb 1799 the OOP paid John Reynold of Barton to be Thomas' substitute for the Militia. In May 1805 the OOP paid the allowed Bounty Money of 2/- to Thomas' wife. In June 1805 Thomas' wife received 2/- in Volunteer's Bounty Money. In Sep 1815 Thomas Vearing was paid for cleansing a well at Sealy's Row. His wife Nanny Vearing repaired Stephen Vearing's bed tick and made 2 bolsters for John Fry's bed – in Jan 1816. In Oct 1818 Thomas was paid with Reddick for digging the well at the Sealy's Row.

A Thomas began paying rates on a house and garden in Butleigh in 1819/20 – 1827+. [there may be two Thomases here, father and son?, [serving in the Militia would suggest a Thomas b. c. 1779] but the facts fit this scenario so far]. In Feb and Mar 1829 a Thomas received relief whist ill. The inquest at Shepton Mallet on Thomas' death reported in the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette of 20 May 1830. The deceased came home rather intoxicated and while at supper fell back in his chair and instantly expired. - verdict Died by the Visitation of God.

Elizabeth appeared first in 1841 in the High Street with her son Thomas (probably at No. 19, Peckham Row). Thomas disappeared and since no death was recorded, is probably the 19 year old Thomas Vearing who left London on the 'Arab' on Nov 7th 1841 bound for Launceston,Tasmania [arriving 31 Mar 1842]. Also aboard were John Higgins of Butleigh and Uriah Williams' family. His mother appeared next in Compton Street in 1851 where she was a servant aged 75 at the Parsonage House (then a boarding house). In 1861 she was over the road in the Court Lodge and died there later in the year. Their name probably survived in the 'Verins common' [listed in 1777] and Verings Paddock [1770]

In May 1829 an Elonah Vering was paid by the OOP for 'warshing her mother' – this family?

7) Philip Verin

Philip paid rates in 1718 - 21 as neighbour of Humphrey Vering. Nfi

8) Elizabeth Veiring bur. 4 Dec 1737 Butleigh

9) Elizabeth Veiring bur. 3 Mar 1739 Butleigh

10) Elizabeth Veiring bur. 3 Mar 1781 Butleigh

An Elizabeth began receiving relief from the OOP in Oct 1774.

11) Ann Veiring bur. 30 Nov 1754 Butleigh

12) James Veiring bur. 8 Apr 1759 Butleigh s.o. Thomas Veiring from Glastonbury [YS has Thomas bur. No James]

14) Humphrey Vering bur. 24 Jan 1790 Butleigh

DD/S/BT/5/4/28 1] John Evered of Bridgwater 2] Edward Talbot of Butleigh, yeoman 3] Major Gen. Richard Grenville of Butleigh Copy release of 3a in South moor called Veerings common, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1782.

DD/S/BT/13/1/31 1] James Grenville 2] Humphry Veering of Butleigh, labourer Exchange of cottages in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1787.

15) Mary Veiring bur. 1 Mar 1766 Butleigh

16) Sarah Veiring bur. 8 Jun 1769 Butleigh

Sarah received assistance from the OOP from Dec 1766 to her death in 1769 when they paid for her shroud and coffin.


1) William Richard Vearncombe b. 1871 (Dec Q 5c/339 Williton) Elworthy, Som., farmer, s.o. George and Jane P. Vearncombe, d. 1952 (Sep Q 7c/214 Wells)

At the 1901 census William was with his parents at Hedging, North Petherton while Elizabeth and son William were staying with her parents at their harness shop, Village Street, Bishops Lydeard. In 1911 William and wife Elizabeth lived at Taunton Charlton Farm, Creech St. Michael with two children. In the Western Gazette 11 Oct 1918 he was living in Butleigh and advertising for a carter. 1935 (Kelly's) notes that he farmed at Home Farm, Butleigh Wootton. Dick gives an account of 'drashing' on the family farm at Butleigh in “Somerset Voices”. He had two sons, Richard (b. 1926) and John (b. 1930) and a daughter Janet (b. 1932) while his brother Ron and wife had a son Michael (b. 1934) and daughter Madge (b. 1937).

In the 1939 Kelly's Directory William Richard farmed Kent Farm, Shapwick while Ronald farmed Rubbery farm, Lydford-on-Fosse.


1) Thomas Luck Veness b. 1854 (Mar Q 2a/439 Cranbrook) Bedgebury, Kent, footman 71-72

Thomas aged 17 served at Butleigh Court in 1871. By1891 he was a manservant, married to Ellen, at Kingsgate St., Winchester, Hamps., and by 1901 had moved to Lambeth, London where he was a printer's timekeeper.


1) John Vicar

John Vicar witnessed Will of John Talbott, 11 May 1540. Probably father of Margaret Chr. 9 Dec 1563 Baltonsborough. John given as father of Elioner Chr. 12 Mar 1569 Baltonsborough. Sons Richard and Walter Chr. 26 Dec 1570 Baltonsborough, daughter Mary Chr. 21 Sep 1592, Barbara Chr. 5 Jun 1596, Margaret Chr. 11 Jul 1599, Alice Chr. 25 Apr 1602.

Vicaryes – /Virarges?

This family as Viccaris, Vigars or Vicaryes was fairly common in Baltonsborough 1560 - 1612

1) Adrian Vicaryes

Adrian was in receipt of Poor relief in 1613.


1) Jessie Vickery b. 1879 [(Dec Q 5b/41x Tiverton) Uffculme, Devon, d.o. James and Sarah Vickery?]

In 1881 a Jessie lived with her parents in Bradfield, Uffculme, Devonshire. In 1901 this Jessie was a housemaid at the Vicarage, Awbridge, Hampshire. No other Jessie matches the one who married Frank Hodges in Butleigh on 19 Sep 1904 (Sep Q 5c/840 Wells). Frank was a labourer and seems to be the same Frank who was a patient in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Hound, Southampton in 1901. Probably the same Frank Hodges who lodged with Elizabeth Drane in Butleigh Wootton in 1891 and who gave his pob as Wells Union (Workhouse). No father's name was given at his marriage. No trace of either on the 1911 census under Hodges.

James Vickery dairyman is also a mystery. The witnesses were James and Emma Jane Vickery at the wedding and a couple with these names lived at Milverton but that James was a shoe repairer and there seems no link with a Jessie. A Frank and Jessie Vickery living at Pontypridd with many children (all Somerset born) are a different couple.


1) Thomas Vigar Chr. 15 Apr 1821 Bruton, Somerset, apprentice smith, s.o. Thomas and Hannah (nee Edington) Vigar 41-6

Thomas was an apprentice to John Day, blacksmith, in the High Street in 1841. Thomas, as blacksmith, married Lydia Lane (b. 1815 Lamyatt) in 1844 (Dec Q 10/817 Wincanton) and practised in Bruton in 1851. He had his mother-in-law Amy White, a pauper, living with them. In 1861 they had their only child, Emily (b. 1857) with them. Lydia was older than Thomas and variously gave her birth year between 1811 and 1820!



1) John Vigour Chr. 15 Jan 1824 Charlton Horethorne, farmer, s.o. Thomas and Caroline Vigour, [d. 1894 (Sep Q 5a/177 Sherborne - Vigers)]?

John senior's occupation was reduced from rich farmer of 480 acres to 'farmer out of business' by 1881! His first wife had died in 1869 and he had married Margaret in 1873. In 1881 there were an additional five children to those above. Bessie lived with her parents until the 1880's as did her brother John. The parents John and Margaret lived in Christchurch in 1891.

John jun moved to Butleigh and served at Wootton Hill Farm in 1891. He was a cattleman boarding with Jane Davis in Butleigh Wootton in 1901. His sister Caroline Bessie must have joined him for a while and then married George Horsell in Butleigh on 1 Nov 1888 (Dec Q 5c/921 Wells). #

In 1911 John was a road contractors labourer living alone in 3 rooms at 19 Butleigh Wootton. John married Harriett Allen [Chr. 13 Aug 1865 Butleigh] d.o. James Allen, in Butleigh on 24 March 1913 (Mar Q 5c/889 Wells) and he died in 1933, bur. 5 Sep 1933 Butleigh. # No children recorded and Harriett died in 1934 (Dec Q5c/321 Taunton) aged 70.


1) James Vile bur. 12 Dec 1804 Butleigh

James Viles was paid 8 guineas in Oct 1803 by the OOP for his service in the Royal 5th Regiment in substitution for Mr. Miller.

Ann Knight worked at Wootton House in 1841 and died in 1850. Her second husband died in 1849 but they had had six children born in Butleigh before then. The daughter Ann is possibly the Mary Viols (b. 1802 Butleigh) who married Joseph Chapman (b. 1805 West Lydford) in West Lydford on 23 Apr 1832 - a butcher and who appears in West Lydford with a daughter Agnes b. 1835 and as a widow in 1861. She was still there in 1871 (pob Butleigh Wootton).

A Mary Vile had received relief from the OOP in Oct 1822.


A) Robert Vinson [possibly Simson]

1) John Vincent b. 9 Aug 1778 Colars-Pedail [Piddletrenthide] Dorset, labourer, d. 17 May, bur. 24 May 1855 (Jun Q 5c/416 Wells) Butleigh 41-7, 51-38

In Dec 1828 John Vincent was examined before Mr. Welch and given relief whilst he 'had no work'. He was examined again in Jan 1829. John lived in the High Street in 1841 and at Knacker's Hole in 1851 when he was under Parish Relief. He died in 1855 and his death was reported by his daughter Sebra Britton. who had married William Smith Britton in Butleigh in 1832 # He was the father of John Vincent. In 1861 John (junior) lived at 15, High Street, Street with wife Hannah Mogg (b. 1817 Street) and six children. On the 1851 and then later censuses John's pob was given as Charlton. In 1851 he was a butcher and his oldest daughter was Zebra b. 1841 Street. On the 1841 census they had two older children, Isabella b. 1836 and Susan b. 1838. On May 11th 1857 John Vincent of Butleigh was sentenced to six weeks hard labour for stealing a quantity of horsehair at Butleigh. One of the magistrates was Ralph Neville-Grenville. [Wells Journal 16 May 1857]

2) Charles Vincent b. 27 Jan 1810 Berrow, labourer, s.o. Sarah Vincent, died 1867 (Sep Q 5c/345 Wells) 51-36, 61-52

Charles' mother Sarah (b. 1785 Banwell) had three other children, John (Chr. 12 jun 1812 Berrow, d. 1828), Sarah (Chr. 27 Apr 1817 Berrow m. Joseph Baker) and Jane (b. 1820 Berrow, m. Charles Hutchings). She was living with the last two in Berrow on the 1841 census and their father was a given as Peter Neathy, mariner. In 1851 Sarah was a 'pauper formerly sailor's wife' living at Berrow next door to an Ann Coombs and her fisherman husband Frederick. Ann Coombs was b. 1805 Brean, the daughter of Charles Vincent who died July 1808 Berrow and Sarah may have been her mother, widow of the said Charles - she died in 1852.

Charles and Mary lived in Berrow with Tom and John in 1841 and moved to Butleigh around 1844. They were at No. 1 Quarry Lane in 1851, with seven children. Jane was absent but returned for the next census. In the Leeds Times 10 Jan 1846 in an article about the hard conditions of farm labourers it is mentioned that Charles Vincent works for the Hon. and Rev. George Neville-Grenville; has a wife and four small children, has 8s per week, has but one bed and scarcely any furniture in the house; a steady and industrious man.

In 1861 the family lived at Pond Head but Tom married and moved to Baker's Grave and Hannah married Jepthar Bulgin in Butleigh on 27 Dec 1858 (Dec Q 5c/1012 Wells). # Grace died in 1854 (Dec Q 5c/376 Wells).

In 1861 Charles (54) and his wife Mary (50) lived at Pond Head, next to Jepthar Bulgin and his daughter Hannah, together with children John (20), William (17), Jane (15), George (12), Sarah (10), Charles (8), Frederick (6) and Henry (4). Jane became cook to Alderman John Bullied in Magadalen St., Glastonbury in 1871 - she then married James Vile in 1872 (Jun Q 6a/278 Clifton). In 1881 they ran the "Bell Inn" in the Armoury, Glastonbury. In 1911 James and Jane were still innkeepers at 27, Benedict St., Glastonbury and lived with son Albert and Annie Vincent (b. 1887, Butleigh, d.o. Charles Vincent) as assistant.

Sarah Ann married John Haimes in 1876 (Jun Q 5c/849 Wells) and they lived in Glastonbury by 1881 – at 79, Chilkwell St., Glastonbury in 1911 with a son and grandson. They had had six children, four surviving.

Charles died in 1867 and his widow Mary next went to live in Oddway by 1871.

She lived there with sons John (30), William (26), Frederick (16) and Henry (14) plus daughter Hannah Bulgin (28) and granddaughter Sarah Jane Bulgin (2). Hannah appeared as Hannah 'Billing' in 1881 living with Frederick ((2e) while her husband Jepthar Bulgin was found in 1891 in Picts Hill Workhouse, High Ham. See under Bulgin. Henry was absent from the later censuses - nfi. Mary Vincent went to live by 1881 in the High Street with son John. Mary Vincent died in 1883 aged 75.

2a) Tom Vincent b. 1836 Berrow, labourer, bur. 19 Jan 1878 (Mar Q 5c/437 Wells) Butleigh 51-36, 61-62, 71-79

In 1861 the couple lived at Bakers Grave but by 1871 had moved to Quarry Lane No. 5. Tom died in 1878 aged 42. Mary Ann Vincent married Clifford Craft on 13 Nov 1879 (Dec Q 5c/823 Wells) Butleigh.# She gave her father's name lastly as William Lye [only her brother bore that forename!]. Mary Ann seems to have died in Cardiff and her second husband re-married there in 1898.

2b) John Vincent b. 1839 Berrow, farm labourer, bur. 30 Dec 1900 (Mar Q 5c/411 Wells) Butleigh 51-36, 61-52, 71-75, 81-94

Mary Tooze had a child Isaac William born 26 Sep 1862 in Wellington and she was a nurse working at Taunton and Somerset Hospital in 1871. She married John Vincent in 1874. John described himself as a 'Farm Bailif' at his marriage In 1881 John Vincent (43) lived with daughter Sarah Jane, son Frank and father-in-law John Tooze (widower 75) plus his mother Mary Vincent (widow 73) at 18, High Street. His wife Mary had returned to Taunton and appeared on the 1881 census as a patient (occupation sick nurse) there. In 1891 John and Mary appear in Glaston Road, Street with John as a gardener and, besides Frank Alfred, there is another son Arthur and Mary's son Isaac W. Tooze. John's mother Mary Vincent had died in 1883 (Dec Q 5c/345 Wells). Mary reportedly also worked for a time at Butleigh Hospital during the childhood of her daughter Sarah Jane.

In 1901 Mary was back in Taunton Hospital, a maternity nurse, and a widow, but there as a patient, John had died in 1900. Mary died in 1902.

Sarah Jane in 1891 was a servant in the house of Edward Palmer, spirit merchant at No. 15 High Street, Glastonbury. Sarah Jane then married William John Nicholson (b. 1871 Meare, d. 1939) in 1892 (Sep Q 5c/821 Wells), a porter in a wine vault, and in 1901 they lived at 22, Mead, Street with three children.*

*This couple had 13 children of whom just one died in childhood - Sidney Charles (b. 1894, d. 1898) - of diptheria. The rest were Edith C. (1893), Alice M. (1896), Daisy B. (1900), Gladys (1902), Maud (1903), Lucy (1904), Ethel (1906), Marian (1908) Agnes Margaret (1909 - m. Walter G. Turner, still alive in 2008), Joseph (1910), Benjamin (1910 - twin) and George (1913).

Alfred and Arthur lived together in 10, Glaston Road, Street as factory hands in 1901. Alfred married Martha Matilda G. Webb in 1902 (Mar Q 5c/771 Wells) [she came with a son Bernard Stanley C. Webb 'Vincent' b. 1900 (Mar Q 5c/447 Wells) Street] and in 1911 they lived at 12, Brutasche Terr., Grange Rd., Street with 6 children. Alfred died in Street, 1948 (Dec Q 7c/224 Wells).

2c) George Vincent Chr. 2 Apr 1848 Butleigh, labourer, died 1908 (Jun Q 5c/229 Langport) 51-37, 61-52, 91-125

In 1871 Sarah Barber lived with her parents at 1, Cottage Row, Barton St. David - her father was a farm labourer. In 1881 she was an attendant and nurse at the District Somerset and Bath Lunatic Asylum, Wells. George was absent in 1871 but in 1881 he was still single and living with his brother Frederick in Keinton Mandeville at 3, Castle Street. He married Sarah in 1881. In March 1882 George Vincent a labourer was charged with William May of assaulting Frederick Charles of the Salvation Army on Feb 27th. Frederick Charles was Captain of the Salvation Malt-House, Bristol and went to attend chapel just after 7 pm when a horn was blown and he and his companions James Creed, George Fish, Rossiter and Misses Creed and Hickman were pounced upon by a mob of some 30 to 40 men. Vincent had the charges dropped [Western Gazette 24 Mar 1882].

By 1891, George Vincent (44) lived in Banbury Lane with his wife Sarah J. (31) and children Bertram Henry, Ellen (7) and Henrietta (3). George was the brother of Charles who lived at nearby Pond Head. In 1901 he and Sarah lived in Silver Street, Barton St. David, with their three surviving children. In 1911 Sarah Jane lived alone at Park Lane, Barto St. David (charwoman) while an Edith Ellen Vincent (b. 1887 Butleigh) may be Ellen b. 1884 – was a servant at Hope Farm, Lympsham, Weston-Super-Mare. Bertram Henry was a fitters labourer in 1911 in Caerphilly living with wife Annie Emily Rossiter (b. 1886 Road) and a child b. 1910 Caerphilly [they had married 1909 Mar Q 5c/543 Langport]. Henrietta married Harry Gaines on 14 Dec 1913 Barton St. David.

A Sarah Jane Vincent aged 81 died 1941 (Sep Q 5c/697 Bridgwater).

2d) Charles Vincent Chr. 26 Sep 1852 (Sep Q 5c/578 Wells) Butleigh, labourer, gardener 61-52, 81-98, 91-125, 01-139 [d. 1928 (Sep Q 5c/434 Wells) aged 75]

In 1871 Charles was labouring in Wells, on the farm of Thomas Webber. He married in 1878, the year after Harry was born! Charles was fined at Somerton Petty Sessions in July 1880 for being drunk and riotous at Butleigh on the 26th of June. In 1881 Charles (28) lived at Pond Head with his wife Hannah (23) plus Harry and Jesse.

In 1891 their children were Harry (12), Jesse (10), Albert, Bessie, Annie and staying with them was uncle Samuel Wheller [Wheeler] (61). Samuel died in 1892 (Mar Q 5c/427 Wells).

By 1901 Charles (47) and wife Hannah (46) lived with children Harry (23), Jesse (21), Albert (19), Bessie (18), Annie (12), Leah and Nellie.

Bessie (Elizabeth) married carter Henry Edward Hilborne (b. 1885) of Barton St. David in Butleigh on 28 May 1906 (Jun Q 5c/889 Wells), and in 1911 their son Georgie Hilborne (b. 1907 Barton St. David) stayed with his grandparents Charles and Hannah Vincent plus their daughter Nellie in their 3 rooms in Butleigh. Charles stated that they had had 9 children of whom 2 had died. In 1911 Annie was assisting her relative Jane Vile (nee Vincent) and her husband James run an Inn at 27, Benedict St., Glastonbury.

Leah married Bertie J. Miles in 1912 (Dec Q 5c/1107 Wells).

2d1) Harry Vincent b. 1877 (Dec Q 5c/534 Wells) Butleigh, Chr. 29 Sep 1878 Barton St. David, carter, d. 2 May 1941 (Jun Q 5c/1126 Wincanton) Wheathill 81-98, 91-125, 01-139

In 1911 the couple lived at 64 Butleigh in 4 rooms and had their niece Hilda May Bacon (b. 1903 Pitcombe) staying with them on census night. She was the child of George and Blanche Bacon. Harry went to live at Wheathill and became sexton at East Lydford Parish Church. He had a single daughter Dorothy born 1911.

2e) Frederick Vincent Chr. 18 Mar 1855 (Mar Q 5c/648 Wells) Butleigh, labourer, died 1904 (Jun Q 5c/298 Wells) 61-52, 71-75, 91-125, 01W-143

Frederick was born in Butleigh, the son of Charles and Mary Vincent. His father died while he was young and his mother became a washerwoman. He appeared before Somerton Petty Sessions in January 1878 accused of having stolen a gold ring from Ruth, the wife of George Turner. He had given the ring to Fanny Blacker. He pretended he had bought it off a gypsy but pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 20 days hard labour. He married Fanny in June 1878 and went to live in Charlton Mackrell where they had their first child, William Charles. They then moved to Keinton Mandeville where they appeared on the 1881 census at Castle St., with William and Edith plus George Vincent, Frederick's brother - also Hannah Billing (38) (actually Bulgin), Frederick's married sister. Frederick T. was born in Keinton Mandeville in 1882 and then the family moved to Butleigh where John James was born in 1883 and Jestina in 1885.

In 1891 Fred and Fanny lived on Butleigh Hill, 76 with all five children. Sometime after 1891 the family moved to Rowley Lodge, Butleigh Wootton where they appeared in 1901. Edith lived in the Mitre Hotel, Glastonbury in 1901, run by her aunt and uncle - James and Jane Vile. Edith Amelia m. 1908 (Jun Q 5c/632 Taunton) Albert Edward Ridout.

In 1910 Jestina married Arthur Close (b. 1874 Baltonsborough) in Taunton (Jun Q 5c/560 Taunton) and they lived together at 24, Albemarle Rd., Taunton in 1911 together with her mother Fanny and her husband Thomas Poole who she had married in 1909 .

2e1) William Charles Vincent b. 1879 (Sep Q 5c/399 Langport) Charlton Mackrell, engine driver 91-125

William Charles may be the one Chr. 27 Nov 1881 Coxley s.o. William and Ann abode Crannell

William Charles became an engine driver and in 1897 married Beatrice Fanny Rawlings whose widowed mother and siblings lived in Butleigh. In 1901 William and Beatrice lived at Woodgate, Baltonsborough with their two children. By 1911 they lived at 1, Ferndale Bruton with seven children including Reginald.

3) William Vincent

William received 5/- towards his rent in April 1830 (OOP).

4) Martha Vincent b. 1826 Ireland 41W-16

Martha lodged with John Paul in Butleigh Wootton in 1841 and may be the sister of his wife (both born in Ireland).

5) Georgina Mary Vincent b. 1886 (Jun Q 5c/539 Wells), bur. 18 Apr 1887 (Jun Q 5c/355 Wells) Butleigh - nfi


1) William Litton Viner of Walcot b. 14 May 1790 Bath d. 1867 Westfield MA

This might possibly be the county official William Viner to whom the County Stock Money was paid in Jan 1810.

William Litton Viner was an organist and composer who studied under Charles Wesley (1757–1834) and in 1820 became organist of St. Michael's, Bath. On 2 Dec. 1835, upon the recommendation of Samuel Sebastian Wesley he was appointed organist of St. Mary's Chapelry, Penzance. Viner continued to be organist at St. Mary's till 1859, when he went to America. He died at Westfield, Massachusetts, on 24 July 1867.
Viner was a prolific composer of church music, organ music, and songs, and was the author of the hymn-tune ‘Helston’ or ‘Kingston,’ sometimes described as an ancient Cornish melody. He edited ‘One Hundred Psalm and Hymn Tunes in Score’ (London, 1838); ‘A Useful Selection from the most approved Psalms’ (London, 1846); and ‘The Chanter's Companion’ (1857). A long list of his publications is given in Boase and Courtney's ‘Bibliotheca Cornubiensis’ (ii. 826). [DNB]

William Viner and wife Emma lived in Penzance, Cornwall in 1851 and called himself professor of music and piano manufacturer. In 1851 they had two of his sisters, two sons and two daughters, all born Bath living with them plus two sons born in Penzance. The son John Lewis Viner and wife had two daughters born London in 1853 and 1855.


1) Elizabeth A. Viotiler b. 1837 Middlesex, London 61-55

Elizabeth was governess at the Parsonage/Vicarage in 1861 and her name may have been Vidler - Viotiler not found. See possible link under Fernee.


1) Job Hoopper Voake Chr. 18 Jan 1784 Comton Dundon, s.o. Thomas and Marget Voke, buried 17 Apr 1828 Compton Dundon

Executed at Ilchester gaol for stealing a black gelding from William Sweet of Butleigh. # [Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette 10 Apr 1828]

2) Elizabeth Voake Chr. 5 Mar 1820 Compton Dundon d.o. George and Elizabeth Scriven, died 30 Apr 1899 (Jun Q 5c/321 Wells). 91-121 [on marriage record the forenames of bride and groom's parents reversed]

In 1841 Elizabeth lived in Compton Dundon at the place of Andrew Brewer, publican. In 1861 Elizabeth had farmed in Compton Dundon with her husband Thomas Voake [Chr. 1 Feb 1815 Compton Dundon, s.o. Esau and Annis Voake] who she had married on 24 Nov 1842 in Compton Dundon. They had two daughters Jane b. 1853 and Louisa b. 1857. Other children were born - Walter in 1856 and Tusie in 1857 who appeared with Thomas and Elizabeth in 1871. Daughter Jane married James Burrough in 1877 (Dec Q 5c/699 Langport). Thomas died 19 Mar 1889 (Mar Q 5c/259 Langport) and Elizabeth was the mother-in-law of James Burrough and visited him and her daughter Jane at Higher Rockes Farm in 1891.


1) Ellen Elizabeth Voysey Chr. 13 Aug 1848 Wookey, servant, d.o. Robert and Sarah Voysey 61-49

Ellen had lived with [her parents?] Levi and Sarah Voisey at Wookey in 1851 and her father was listed then as a pauper. She was aged 12 when she served at the home of Robert Salmon, at Moor House Farm in 1861. Robert, son of Levi Voysey had married, as widower, the widow Sarah Lockyear (nee Adams) from Shepton Mallet at Shepton on 27 Dec1842. Nfi

von Boehm

1) Fraulein von Boehmtaught languages at the girl's school at the Vicarage run by the Rev. George Berkeley before the First World War.


1) Sarah Vowles

An Elizabeth Vowls Chr. 23 Oct 1774 Street d.o. Laurence and Christian Vowls could well be the person assisted by the OOP – and seems to be the same as the Sarah above. In March 1797 Elizabeth received 4/- from the OOP. In April she received 11/6d. In April 1797 she was delivered of a child and the OOP paid for a woman to attend her and for coal. Elizabeth received assistance in May 1797. The OOP received £1 10s from the Street Parish officer for her in 1797.

2) William Vowles

From 1806 - 1809 William paid rates on 'late Thomas Goodson for Jerviss Hill & Allets field' and also for the 'common' plus 'late Goodsons' and '10 acres' on Southmoor. Probably not the William Vowles (below) who was buried Draycott (Cheddar) 13 Nov 1873 aged 79.

DD\SAS\C/795/SE/24 Draycott Abstract of title of Wm.Vowles to 1/3rd part of mess. etc. at Draycott: reciting 1750-1825; referring to Bulkeley [see above], Vowles of Draycott in Cheddar, Ford of same, etc. [7 ff.] 1835 (?)

3) Mary Vowels [née Newport] Chr.. 29 Oct 1828 West Pennard, d.o. Francis and Susan Newport 51-27

Mary was a visitor at the home of John Look in Oddway in 1851. At only 22 she was already a widow. As Mary Newport she had married Edward Benjamin Vowell in 1849 (Sep Q 10/709 Wells) but he died in 1851 (Mar Q 10/388 Wells - Edward Vowels). She married Edmund Creed in 1857 (Sep Q 5c/915 Wells) and they lived in West Pennard from the 1861 census onwards.

4) Walter George Vowles Chr. 20 Apr 1884 (Jun Q 5c/525 Wells) Meare, s.o. Edward and Eliza Vowles, d. 17 Jul, bur. 20 Jul 1967 (Sep Q 7c/422 Wells) Butleigh

There is no marriage traced for Walter George to Ada – possibly because a marriage of Walter George Vowles took place in 1906 (Jun Q 5c/931 Wells) to Elizabeth Sheppard. The latter couple had two sons (Edward 1907 and Walter 1909 both born Glastonbury) and Elizabeth may have died in the 1940's. George, of Haviatt, sued his employer Edward Clapp, farmer of Baltonsborough for £5 16s 3d the balance due him for 46½ rope of ditching in Baltonsborough – case dropped for lack of proof. George died at Watchwell in 1967.

Yvonne is Wason on birth certificate but Vowles at marriage – her husband lived at Southway Cottage Polsham.