1) John Yard & Co.

Paid by the OOP for throwing out the sides in Sedgemoor in July 1809, cutting the sides at Moorhouse and throwing out the sides at Butmoor Bridge.

2) Mary Ann Yarde Chr. 16 Apr 1820 Honiton, Devon, housekeeper and ladies maid, d.o. James and Rachel Yarde, d. 1863 (Mar Q 6d/365 Warwick) 51-30

Mary Ann served in 1851 at the Vicarage. By 1861 she was a lodging house keeper at 4, Lansdowne Terrace, Leamington Priors, Warwickshire.


A) Thomas Yate

1627-8 Wells Quarter Sessions “ Doct Godwyn " to settle a course betweene Thomas Yate of Butley or his vnderten[an]ts " who were overrated, and the overseers and churchwardens of Butley.

1) Henry Yeates of Hurcott, Somerton

A Mrs. Alice Yeates buried St. Michael's, Somerton 23 May 1716 was probably the mother of both the following, Daniel and Henry. In 1710 Alice Yeates set up a charity in Somerton for a free school.

Alice Yeates, widow and relict of Henry Yeates, of Hurdcot within this parish, gent.,having due regard for the promotion of the Christian religion, by her last will and testament gave the sum of five pounds to be paid yearly for ever for the educating at an English school twelve poor children of this parish.'

The following is part of her will [not examined yet]

Alice Yeates, of Hurcott, in the parish of Somerton, in the county of Somerset, ... devised unto Alice Yeates, of Hurcott aforesaid, the eldest daughter of Daniel Yeates.... [House of Commons papers Vol. 19 Part 2 , xi, 455]

DD\SAS\C/795/SE/2 Sketch pedigree of Yeates and Strode drawn up by Col. Phipps. C20th. Somerton (Hurcot), Compton Dundon (Littleton), Butleigh, Charlton Adam Schedule of deeds, etc., 1665 (as Dean of Wells)-1764, entitled "Abstract of title", referring to property in Hurcot in Somerton, Compton Dundon, Charlton Adam, Butleigh, and the manor of Littleton in Compton Dundon, and mainly the family of Stro(u)d(e). (as Deen of Wells) could be 1663.

2) Daniel Yeates bur. 2 Nov 1710 Hurcot

A Daniel Yeates was executor to John Hiett ['now of Pennsylvania'] in an indenture of 1700 and could well be this Daniel. Probably a relative of the next. The following are abstracts from Somerset Wills and my be related though there was a Daniel Yeates [Yates] in Bridgwater married to a Lucy circa 1669/71 [who had a son Chr. 29 Sep 1669] who may be the one referred to and different to this Daniel?;

A Daniel Yates was Chr. 30 Oct 1648 North Petherton, s.o. Thomas and Elizabeth (widow of Edward Paulet of Rhode Manor) Yeats.* They also had a son Henry Chr. 25 Dec 1646 but he died the next day. Another Danniell Yeates was Chr. 11 Mar 1681 North Petherton. This could well be a related family.

ALEXANDER POPHAM,. of Sherston, in North Petherton, Somerset, gent Will dated Oct 27, 1680, proved May 4, 1688. [Taunton Regy] Residue to my sister Mrs Margery Catford, Exix. Further Admon. May 27, 1691, of goods unadmd was granted to Daniel Yeates, Exor of Margaret Catford.

*MARGERY CATFORD, of North Petherton, Somerset, widow. Will dated Jan. 14, 1688, proved Jan. 18, 1689 (1689-90). [Taunton Regy] My nephew Thomas Yeates. My nieces Mary Buncombe & Katherine Coward. To Elizabeth Yeates my niece, £10,'to be paid to Mr Alexander Popham, of Bridgwater, in trust for her. Residue to my nephew Daniel Yeates, exor. '

3) Henry Yeates

Henry paid rates in 1689 on land previously owned by John Cooke. From 1691 the rates were paid by Alice Yeates until 1719.

Alice married William Strode son of John Strode of Glastonbury. Her mother Mary Yeates owned land at Littleton Manor, [from 1714] part of which was owned by William Strode and united by the marriage, the manor going to William Strode in 1717. Their son was Yeates Strode # who succeed his father c. 1740 and himself died c. 1744 leaving it to his son William. The latter died c. 1781 and the heir was his cousin William Dickinson. Part of Butleigh was called Park Yeatt, and Yeates & Abbots – on which rates were paid by Mr. Yeats Strode from 1742 – 44 (then widow Strode).

Yeads see under William Eades


1) John Yeoman of Glastonbury d. bef 1740. [d. 20 Jan 1729 St. Johns Glastonbury]

John and Elinor possibly married in Butleigh pre-1714, in the Parish Records gap. The John senior buried 21 Jul 1799 St. John, Glastonbury must be the son.

John Yeoman paid rates from 1721 – 26/7. William Hodges was uncle and trustee for John Yeoman and is referred to several times by John Cannon [see Money pp. 529, 540, 585-7] In January 1740 John jun “was going to take out letters of administration to his late mother's effects (she dying intestate) as also to choose a new trust to bring the former to an account who was appointed by the will of his late father (viz. William Hodges of Butleigh, David Bell of Glaston & others), they having as it appeared done injury to the said minor in what he ought to have possessed of his said father's effects”. The same day the said John went to take out a license to marry one Amy Allwood. Cannon describes Amy as being without fortune but of sharp wit while John Yeoman was 'the opposite and deformed of visage & defective in his speech by means of a canker & the unskillfulness of a surgeon which undertook to cure him, for want of which he became a meer object and sad spectacle to all'. Cannon thought she was just after his money but states 'however, she proved a sure guide to him and his substance'. The matter was settled out of court in Nov 1740.

In May 1742 (Money p.642) Cannon wrote letters for John and Amy Yeoman to her brother John Elliott Allwood on board the ship Princess Royal in Jamaica 'about particulars needed to collect £40 due him from Portsmouth'.

DD/S/BT11/2/13 1] Elinor Talbot of Butleigh Wootton, widow of Henry Talbot, John Yeoman of Glastonbury and wife Elinor, daughter of Henry Talbott, 2] Henry Talbot her son, 3] William Hodges and wife Ann daughter of Henry Talbott. Assignment of 3a in West Wood, Butleigh. 1723/4


1) Isabella Younge widow bur. 6 Apr 1601 Butleigh

2) Jacob Young bur. Dec 1618 Butleigh

Jacob is the same [Latin form] as James – is this the same person?

STARCHAMBER/7/16/6 Plaintiff: Whyte, Thomas. Defendant: Thomas Hyet, James Younge, Stephen Gibbes, and Gregory Keysar. Place or Subject: Butleigh: Manor. County: Som. Plaintiff: Whyte, Thomas. Defendant: Thomas Hyet, James Younge, Stephen Gibbes, and Gregory Keysar. Place Date range: 1558 - 1603.

3) Alexander Younge bur. 20 Jun 1632 Butleigh

Alexander was in receipt of Poor relief in 1606 and 1613. An Alexander Younge was born 16 Dec 1571 North Petherton

3a) Christopher Young Chr. 6 Apr 1606 Butleigh bur. 10 Feb 1668 Butleigh

DD/BR/py/29 - Conveyance and acknowledgement of a fine re. land in East and West fields and elsewhere, between John Smith of Broadwinsor, Dorset, yeo., and Dorothy his wife, and Christopher Young of Butleigh, yeo., 1663; lease for 1 year of land in Kings Sedgemoor by Date range: 1663

3b) Alexander Young Chr. 1 May 1609 Butleigh bur. 16 Jan 1657 Butleigh

4) Henry Young of Plymouth [Chr. 11 Oct 1695 Plympton St. Mary s.o. Samuel Young?]

Henry Young (Younge, Younger) started paying rates and acquiring properties in Butleigh in 1722 and quickly became one of the largest ratepayers. These properties included Chaseys, Cornishes, Masters', Milcloses, Symcockes, Severs', Inlands, Yeates and Abbotts, Hockeys, James' wood close, Picket Close, Samwayes', Oakey Close, and Park Yeate Close. He kept all his properties until 1732 when they passed to his wife's niece Madam Katherine Webb. He signed the loyalty oath in Plymouth on 20th December 1723 [allegiance to George I, principally intended for Catholics and High Church Anglicans]. Several of the poor were housed at his 'Pound House' and rent paid to him by the OOP – see 1831, also 'late Symcox house' used for the same purpose.

DD/S/BT/25/8/5-7 Answers of Henry Young and wife Ann [Webb] in case brought on behalf of Catherine Webb a minor, with estate accounts from c. 1716.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1722.

DD/S/BT/25/7/32 1] Thomas Medlycott of Dublin 2] Henry Young of Plymouth and wife Ann [Webb], Revd Henry Gapper of Pitminster and wife Mary and Hannah Webb 3] Catherine Webb of Butleigh only child of John Webb decd Copy quitclaim to Whitley hundred and long leaseholds Date: 1732. also 14/3/19-20

DD/S/BT/25/8/8 General release by John Gregory the elder of Butleigh. yeoman to Henry Young and wife Ann. 1732

5) John/William Young

John occupied and farmed land on Kings Sedgemoor Ground owned by Lord Glastonbury in 1810/11. In 1811 the occupier was William Young and he occupied it until 1812.

6) George Young Chr. 27 Jun 1832 Bruton, carpenter, s.o. Samuel and Mary Young 51-33

In 1851 George was an apprentice with Alexander Higgins in Fore Street. George had lived with his father, an ostler, in 1841, in Checks Lane, Bruton. In 1861 George lived with his wife Elizabeth (b. Christchurch, Hamps) and daughter at 2, Cuming St., Pentonville, Middlesex. He was still in London for the 1901 census.

6) Sarah Young b. 1835 Butleigh

Sarah first appears on the 1871 census as a widow, cook, living at 6, Eaton Place, Belgrave. No trace on the 1861 census with this name so presumably married 1861-71. She then married William Steel (b. 1827 Uppingham, Rutlend) in Chelsea 1875 (Mar Q 1a/380 Chelsea) – viz. Maiden name possibly Higgins/Davis/Jones – so far not found. The only baptized Sarah that might fit the bill is Sarah Turner b. 1833 Butleigh – a Sarah Turner married a Richard Young in Tetbury 1864 – but this is probably just a coincidence.

8) William G. Young b. 1870 Homington, Wilts., gamekeeper, s.o. William G. and Mary Young 91-127

William Young boarded at Beggars Grave, with James Hill in 1891. William had lived with his parents at Homington in 1871 - his father was a labourer. Nfi

9) Walter Arthur Augustine Young b. 1881 (Jun Q 2c/423 Cookham – Walter Augustus) Bray, Berkshire, s.o. Henry and Alice Young, domestic gardener, died 17 Jun, bur. 21 Jun 1943 (Jun Q 62/5c/413 Wells) Butleigh

On the 1891 census 'Augustus' lived with his parents at Hlyport, Bray, Berks where his father was a cowman and mother a laundress. On other censuses he was various Walter or in 1911 living at Baltonsborough Arthur. The 1939 Kelly's Directory has Mrs. Lillian Mary Young as shopkeeper, Butleigh Wootton, which is where she died.

9a) Walter Francis Charles Young b. 22 Oct 1911, reg. 1912 (Dec Q 5c/713 Wells) Chauffeur gardener, d. 1990 (April 23/1374/490 Taunton Deane)

This extended Young family were in Butleigh Wootton from 1938/9, father Walter buried 1943 and the mother Lillian was buried here in 1958.


1) Francis Zalwaythe OOP issued warrants to remove this person from Butleigh in 1690. Probably Salway?