All the early Abbotts are probably descended from the common ancestors Peter and his wife Thomazine Abbott. There is still insufficient data to unravel all the family connections but the preponderance of the same forenames suggest they are all one family and more research may eventually sort out the family tree which, at the moment, is somewhat speculative – few of the documents listed below have been examined.

1) Peter Abbott

Peter Abbott received donations under the terms of several Wills, as a poor member of the village in 1606, 1607, 1613 and 1614 – he was the largest beneficiary.

DD/S/BT/4/1/2 - 1] Edward Abbott the elder of Butleigh husbandman 2] John his brother Assignment of lease for lives (1635) by John Willyams of Pyrrie House, Sturminster Newton, Dors, and wife Honor of a cottage, 4a in West field and 2a in East field. Rent 2s. 1638

DD/S/BT/6/5/2 1] Alice Powlet and Thomas Symcockes of Butleigh 2] Thomas Abbott of Butleigh Bond for quiet possession of land exchanged in Butleigh East field. 1649

1a) Edward Abbott (Dwelly's PR) Chr. 1 May 1584 Butleigh

Another wedding reported:- an Edward Abbott to Margery Oram on 27 Oct 1623 Butleigh # - she was Chr. 23 Jan 1586, d.o. Thomas Oram .

DD/S/BT/11/1/5 1] Edward Abbott the elder of Butleigh, husbandman 2] John Abbott his brother Assignment of lease (1635) of 3.5a in Butleigh fields 1638

DD/S/BT/11/1/6 Edward Abbott's bond to perform covenants with Thomas Abbott. 1647

DD/S/BT/5/1/5 1] Edward Abbot the elder of Butleigh, husbandman 2] Thomas Abbot of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of 2a in Butleigh West field. Endorsed Look 1803. 1647

1a1) Edward Abbott – son of 1a?, died c. 1677/8.

Edward received £3 15s 0d 'for the relief of his wife and children' in 1673 and in the same year the Overseers of the Poor paid a doctor 4 shillings to attend his wife. In 1774-6 the family also received relief and in the latter year Edward's wife was bought new clothes and carried to Thomas Hooke's house. The following year the Overseers 'paid for a shroud & burial for ye Joan Abbott 6s 3d' – presumably Edward's wife rather than daughter. Edward Abbott received relief for his family in1677 but thereafter disappears from the record. None of the family appears receiving relief between 1678 and 1680 but Rose subsequently becomes a charge on the parish for over 30 years – next. The daughter Joane may be the person whose rent was paid by the overseers in 1711 and 1713.

Rose Abbott first appears in the Overseers disbursements in 1681 when they 'paid for a wasscoat, a new peare of bodesses & a chanege and a new peare of shoose for Roose Abbott & a coate & a peare of indenturest'. In 1682 she received a coat and in 1686 was attended to by Elizabeth Clapp. In 1687 Rose was paid 1s 6d for looking after the sick wife of John Pirkes, who subsequent;y died. She next appears in 1692 when warrants were taken out by the Overseers against her and Thomas Davis for causing a disturbance. In 1698 and 99 she received relief – the latter year costing - '1s 6d for a warrant 6d, a beade & blanket 11s 2d, a peall 2s 4d, two changes 7s 8d, a coate 10s 4d, a wascoate 5s 4d, a peare of shoose 4s, house rent firen 12 8d'. From 1702 on wards she received relief or clothing practically every year and in that year too her child is mentioned for the first time. In 1703 she nursed John Kimber in his sickness then it was her turn in 1706 - 'in her sickness 7-0, paid for a kettell 6s paid for wood 4-6 for cote & wascote for her maid [daughter] & making 8-5 ½'. She was still sick the next year and her daughter died – the overseers paying for clothes for Rose and a shroud for the child. She still received help 'in her sickness' in 1708 and in 1709 there is evidence that she had another child - 'pd for a peare of shoose for Rose Abbott child 2s 4d & relife in sicknes'. Rose also received money (6d) from the 'Rocke' legacy that year. In 1711 she received 6d from the Dyer Symcockes bequest. Subsequent to that she doesn't seem to receive relief as often though in 1716 the overseers paid for 'oyntment in her lameness'. She continued to receive rent or relief for the last 20 years of her life plus shoes, clothes etc. and often extra help in her sickness or necessity. In her final year, 1734/5, the overseers paid for a sheet & blanket for Rose Abbott & paid Ruth Paulet to attend her in her sickness. They then paid for a coffin for Rose Abbott 10 shillings & paid for ringing the bell and making the grave & affidavit for her.

Thomazine (named after her ancestor, wife of Peter?) was apprenticed to Margaret Cooke in 1675 (OOP) but had an illegitimate child by 1687 when a warrant was taken out by the overseers to have her examined about the matter. No further mention of her or the child.

Note: The Churchwarden's rates (CR) and Overseers Of the Poor Rates (OOP) give a sequence of names and dates that cannot be equated exactly with the names that we have from the PRs.

1b) Richard Abbott Chr. 8 May 1586 Butleigh bur. 28 Apr 1657 Butleigh

Richard appears as a donor towards the erection of Chelsea College in 1617 – he donated 6 pence. A Leonard bur. 26 May 1628 Butleigh may be a child of this family. Margaret may have been a second wife of Richard if the Will of 1656 is this Richard whose sons were William and Peter in addition to Stephen. Born before 1615?. William Turner, Richard's cousin and executor married Agnes Attwool [see under Turner] who was presumably related to Richard's mother Thomazine Attwooll.

DD/S/BT/6/1/1 1] Thomas Estmond of Butleigh and wife Dorothy 2] Richard Abbot of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of a Peckham lease (1562) of 4.5 a in West field, Butleigh. Rent 6d. Endorsed Look 1803. 1633

DD/S/BT/5/1/6 1] Richard Abbot of Butleigh, husbandman 2] Thomas his son Assignment of cottage south of Sincklers lane and 6a arable in the fields, Butleigh. Peppercorn rent. Endorsed Look 1803. 1649

DD/S/BT/6/5/3 1] William Michael and Ann Gaylard of Long Sutton 2] Richard Abbott of Butleigh Bond for performance of covenants. 1651

DD/S/BT/5/3/3 1] William Michael and Anne Gaylard of Long Sutton 2] Richard Abbott of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of Peckham lease (1562) of a messuage and 1a, 17a 1p in closes, 9a newly inclosed and 4.5a in East field, Butleigh. Endorsed Gould 1758. 1651

DD/S/BT/5/1/7 Inventory of Richard Abbot decd. 1657

PROB 11/265 Will of 1656 of Richard Abbott also below DD/S/BT/11/1/8.

Richard Abbott Probate Will 1656 In the name of God Amen. In the fowre and twentyeth day of September in the yeare of our Lord God, one thousand sixe hundred ffifty sixe, I Richard Abbott of Buteleigh in the County of Somersett, husbandman, being greined with sicknisse; but thankes be unto God, of perfect remembrance doe ordaine and make my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following. Ffirst I comitt my body and soule unto Almighty God trusting assuredly to be saved by the death and passion of our Saviour Jesus Christ and my body to be buried in the churchyard of Buteleigh aforesaied. Item I give and bequeath towards the repaireing of the Church of Buteleigh ten shillings. Item I give & bequeath unto the poore people of Buteleigh ten shillings to be distributed by my executors to them where have most need. Item I give and bequeath unto my sonne William Abott my Lower Close at East End which lyeth against the river, the whole terme of the lease that shalle be come after my decease. Item I give and bequeath unto my sonne Stephen Abott my Close in the West Field called by the name of Pile the whole terme of the lease that shalle be to come after my decease Alsoe I give and bequeath unto my sonne Stephen Abott fforty pounds to be paid to him within one year next after my decease by my executor hereafter named. Alsoe I give and bequeath unto my said sonne Stephen the chamber & the bed and bedstead with all the beding belongeing to ye same which he now lyeth in. And my will is that he shall have the use of the chamber which he now lyeth in soe long as he keepeth himselfe unmarryed and that he may have free passage to same and goe unto the saied chamber and into the Hall. Item I give and bequeath unto my sonne Peter Abott my Close at Stadlecome and the two acres without the saied close the whole terme of the lease that shalle be come after my decease Item I give to my daughter Agnis Abott ffifty pounds to be paied to her within one yeare next after my decease by my executor Alsoe I give unto my daughter AgnisAbott the bed and bedstead with all the beding belonging to the same which is in the chamber above the Hall which she doth lye in. Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth Abott ffifty pounds to be paied to her within one yeare next after my decease by my executor. Alsoe my will is that my two daughters Agnis and Elizabeth shall have the use of the chamber over the Hall and to make fier in the Hall soe long as they doe keepe themselves unmarried. Item I give and bequeath unto my cozin Tamsin Abott ten pounds to be paid to her in two yeares next after my decease by my executor uppon condition that shee does give my executor an acquittance for all ye goods which was her ffathers and for the saied ten pounds Item I give and bequeath unto my saied sonne Peter Abott two seates in the Church. A man and a woomans seate and foure tymber trees if he doth build a house uppon his grownd at Tyncklers Item I give and bequeath unto my cozin William Wool of Horrinton one bushell of wheat Item I give and bequeath unto my two cozins John Abott and Edward Abott to each of them one bushell of wheat Item I give and bequeath unto my cozin William Turner one bushell of wheate & Alsoe my will is that my sonne William Abott shall pay to my executor the yearly rent of three shillings by even portions during the whole terme lease for the lower close at East End as aforesaid and my sonne Stephen to pay my executor the yearly rent of fower shillings dureing the terme of the lease for the close called Pile. Alsoe [my son] Peter to pay my executor the yearly rent of one shilling and sixe pence by even portions during the terme of the lease for the close at Stadlecome and the two acre as aforesaid; all the aforesaid [yearly?] rent to be paid to my executor in and uppon the ffeast daies of Sct Michaell Hiary Angell and thammuniaion of Our blessed Lady Sct Mary the Virgine Item all the rest and residue of my goods moveable & unmoveable with my house and all the rest of the grounds with the lease thereof not beofre given and unbequeathed. I give and bequeath unto my cosine Thomas Abott whome I do make my whole executor my […..] and funevalle discheareged; In witness whereof I have to this my last will and testament sett my hand and seale given this day and yeare ffirst above written. Signed and sealedin ye psence of William Turner the marke of Richard Billings [a 'true copy' also made by William Turner second day May 1657]

Added: Oliver Lord Protector of ye Commonwealth of England Scotland Ireland & Dominions thereto belonging ...Three & twentieth day of June – one thousand six hundred and fifty seven .. probate .. the last Will & testament of Richard Abott late of Butleigh in the County of Somersett. Executor Thomas Abott.

DD/S/BT/6/5/4 Copy will of Richard Abbot of Butleigh 1656 [as above]

DD/S/BT/11/1/22. Probate of Will of 1670Agnes Abbott.1681

Agnes Abbott 1670 In the name of God Amen the third day of September in the yeare of our Lord God 1670 I Agnes Abbott of Butleigh in the County of Somerset spinster being weake of body but of sound and of fect memory thanks be to God doe make this my last will and testament in manner and forme as followeth ffirst I bequeath my soule into the hands of Almighty God and my body to be buried in Christian buriall in ye churchyard of Butleygh and as for my goods. It I give and bequeath to my sister Elizabeth Abbott five pounds to be paid twelve months after my decease Item I give and bequeath to my brother Peter Abbott tenn pounds to be paid in two years after my decease It I give and bequeath to my cozin Tamzin Hann her daughter Agnes five pounde to be paid in one yeare after my decease Item I give and bequeath unto my cozen Tamzin Ham my second best coate and my second best wastcoate to be delivered to her one month after my decease. Item I give to my sister-in-law Mary Abbott my best suite of apparell Item I give to the poore people of this parish of Butleigh 5s to be paid in two moneths after my decease by my executor at the discretion where he thinks it most needfull All ye rest of my goods and whatsoever I have, I give and bequeath to my brother Thomas Abbott whom I do make my whole and sole executor of all I have and to these presents I have putt my hand and caused my name to be subscribed even the day and yeare above written. The mark and seal of Agnes Abbott signed, seall in ye presence: the marke of Jonathan Ffox and William Clarke.

Inventory: A true and perfect inventory of the goods and chattles, moneys and creditts of Agnes Abbott of Buttleigh late deceased taken and pized by us whose names are hereunto subscribed as followeth. [Imprimis?] her wearing apparrell £3-00-00 Item a lagacie given to the deceased by Richard Abbott her father late of Butleigh aforesaid deceased benige £50-00-00 – summe totall is £53-00-00. Apprized by us signum Thomas Palmer als Bullocke signed on rev. 12 Feb 1680. Receipt: June 21st 1681 Rec'd of Thomas Abbott of Butleigh executor of the last Will and Testament of Agnes Abbott late of Butleigh deceased, the summe of five pounds being a legacy given by ye sd Agnes Abbott to Agnes the daughter of John Ham and Tamzen his wife & of nine shillings being a years & half interest for ye sd legacy & sd legacy & interest was sued for in my Ld Bys Consistory by ye sd John Ham as ffather & guardian to ye sd Agnes Ham his daughter And this is a discharge to us Thomas Abbott for ye sd legacy of sayned by mee. £5-09-00 Guydo Clinton Reyd of ye Bishops Court in Wells.

DD/S/BT/6/5/6 Probate of Will (1678) of Elizabeth Abbott of Butleigh with inventory attached 1678

In the name of God Amen the twenty sixth day of December in the year of our Lord God 1678 I Elizabeth Abbot of Butleigh in the County of Somerset, spinster, being sick and weake of body but of p'fect mind and memory I (I thanke my God) doe make and ordaine this my last will and testament in writeing in manner and forme following (that is to say) Imprimis I bequeath my soule into the hand of Almighty God my maker and my body to be buried with Christian buriall as my executor shall thinke fitt and as for my worldly goods I give and bequeath them as is hereafter expressed (that is to say) I give and bequeath unto Richard Abbot sonne of my brother Peter Abbot the summe of six pounds Item I give unto Edward and Joane Abbot sonne and daughter of my aforesaid brother Peter Abbot the summe of three pounds a peece. All which aforesaid summs and legacies of six pounds unto the said Richard Abbot and three pounds a peece unto Edward Abbot and Joane Abbot by me hereby given my Will is that they shall be paid within one yeare next after my decease unto my brother Peter Abbot aforesaid to be by turn imployed and improved to and for the benefitt and advantage of the said Richard Abbot, Edward Abbot and Joane Abbot and my Will further is that the acquittance or release of the said Peter Abbot shall be a good acquittance and release unto my executor for the payment of the said legacies. Item I give unto Richard Abbot the sonne of my brother Thomas Abbot the summe of four pounds and after two, five shilling peeces. Item I give unto Thomas Abbot sonne of the aforesaid Thomas Abbot the summe of four pounds and my coffer. Item I give unto Elizabeth Abbot daughter of my said brother Thomas Abbot the summe of three pounds and also a peece of gould of twenty shillings my chest and box and all my wearing apparrell both linen and woollen, Item I give unto Jane Symcocks Thomasin Ham and Bridgett [Soebecth/Hebditch?] each of them a five shilling peece in silver. ….. all the rest of my good including chattels moveable and imoveable bonds bills and writeings I give and bequeath unto my brother Thomas Abbot whome I doe make my whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament witness my hand & seale the day and yeare above written.

Te marke and seale of Elizabeth Abbot

Sealed and published in the presence of Tho Taylor ys udke of Richard Holman

This Inventory made the tenth day of Ffebruary in the yeare of our Lord God 1678 of the goods of Elizabeth Abbot of Butleigh late deceased

Imprimis one chest coffer and box and her wearing cloathes - £5, It for Bonds and other small things £60, total £65 witness our hands William Coxe, marke of Henry Pope Bryant Coxe

Probate 5 Mar 1678 Johanne Baylie legal Dr. Bath & Wells, executor Thomas Abbot. Signed Guido Clinton.

1b1) Thomas Abbott [Chr. 8 Dec 1625 Butleigh] senior, died 1696?

In the 'list of commoners for 1672' there is just one mention, No. 45 Abbots, which refers to this family and Thomas was probably the person referred to since he was the main rate payer bearing that surname, the only other one being Peter above. Thomas appears in the Overseers of the poor and churchwarden's accounts from 1673 onwards and was churchwarden himself in 1681. He was a donor to St. Pauls Cathedral in 1680. In 1681 he was paid rent of 3 shillings by the Overseers on behalf of William Stroud who was receiving relief. In 1682 he was referred to as 'senior' to distinguish him from a younger Thomas who was listed in 1681 as 'junior'. This would be the Thomas who in 1675 was apprenticed to James Sansom (OOP) and not Thomas senior's son. The older Thomas paid about eight times as much in rates as the younger indicating their respective wealth. Up to 1690 Thomas is called 'senior' but from 1691 – 6 the 'senior' is dropped (probably because there was no longer a need to distinguish him from the younger Thomas rather than him being replaced by his son). In 1697 the senior Thomas was replaced in the rate by Mary who must have been his widow and in 1698 by a Thomas (must be his son) and Richard. Only Richard paid rates from 1699 – 1703 but from 1704 he paid rates jointly with Thomas, presumably his brother, to 1708 and again in 1712.

DD/S/BT/5/1/5 1] Edward Abbot the elder of Butleigh, husbandman 2] Thomas Abbot of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of 2a in Butleigh West field. Endorsed Look 1803. 1647

DD/S/BT/6/5/5 1] Thomas Abbot of Butleigh 2] James, Richard, Ancrett and Mary Clark of Lovington Assignment for settlement on marriage of Thomas and Mary Clark daughter of Ancrett of a messuage, 4a in West field and 2a in the East field of Butleigh. 1667

DD/S/BT/5/3/4 1] Thomas Abbot of Butleigh, yeoman 2] James, Richard, Ancrett and Mary Clark of Lovington Assignment for settlement on marriage of Thomas and Mary Clark of a messuage, closes of meadow and pasture (16a), 9-a close of arable, East end (5a 1p), 6a at Saddle Combe and 8a 3yds in the East and West fields of Butleigh part Peckham lease (1562). 1667

DD/S/BT/5/1/11 1] Thomas Abbot of Butleigh, yeoman 2] William How of Butleigh, husbandman Lease for lives of a cottage in Butleigh. Rent 6d.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1680

DD/S/BT/4/5/29 1] Thomas Abbot of Butleigh, yeoman, his wife Mary, William Clarke of Lovington, Francis Jennings of Lovington and William Clarke of Ripple, Wookey 2] John Pirkes son of John of Butleigh, husbandman Lease for lives of a cottage south of Sincklers lane, Date: 1683.

DD/S/BT/4/5/32 1] John Webb and Katherine Webb 2] Thomas Abbott of Butleigh, yeoman Lease for lives of Briant Pope's messuage at Hill, Butleigh. Rent 16s. 1696

1b2a) Peter Abbott died circa 1679? the son of Richard (1b) [but could be son of Thomas if Thomas (5) was his brother?]

As with all genealogies in Butleigh, there is a huge gap 1676 – 1714 where NO records were kept and which leaves an almost impenetrable gapin which unknown marriages took place, children were born and people were buried

Peter was a rate payer from 1673 – 1679 and may have died in that year – or more likely sold his property (see below for Peter of Charlton Adam, brother of Thomas of Butleigh). His name suggests that he was descended from (1) and his place in the ratepayers list suggests that he may have been related to the John and Thomas Abbott (jun) who immediately become ratepayers after his death. John may have been his son and Thomas his nephew? The only appearance of John was in the 1679 list of ratepayers, though another John received relief in the 1740's. The name Peter Abbott appears again in conjunction with Yeates as the name of a property acquired by Mr. Young.

A Thomas Abbott presumably a minor (b.c. 1660?) was apprenticed to James Sansom in 1675 and became a ratepayer in 1681 (too young to be the son of Thomas (5) but possibly the son of the only other ratepaying Abbott – Peter. He paid rates from 1681-1688 as Thomas junior but in 1689 paid rates jointly with William Abbott, possibly his brother.

DD/S/BT/11/1/7 1] Thomas Symcockes of Butleigh 2] Peter Abbott of Butleigh, husbandman Lease for lives of 21.5a in Copply field, Butleigh. Rent 8d and suit of court. 1652

DD/S/BT/6/8/1 1] William Atwell of Butleigh husbandman 2] Peter Abbot of Butleigh husbandman Assignment of 2a at Austin pitts, Butleigh. Endorsed with 1683 assignment to John Reynolds.  1656

DD/S/BT/6/5/7 1] Peter Abbot of Charlton Adam, husbandman 2] Henry Pope the elder of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of Stadellcome (6a) and 2a arable in Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1562).. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1679.

DD/S/BT/5/1/12 1] Peter Abbot of Charlton Adam, yeoman 2] Thomas Abbot the elder of Butleigh, his brother Release of rent under Peckham lease of part of Guppies farm in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1681.

1b2b) Peter Abbot of Charlton Adam brother of Thomas Abbott of Butleigh bur. 9 Sep 1711 Charlton Adam

A) Unattributed Abbott deaths

B) Unattributed weddingAgnes Abbott to Edward Jacklett in Butleigh on 8 Nov 1671 #

C) ditto Joane Abbott of Butleigh spinster aged 30 at St. Cuthberts Wells 28 Feb 1702, to John Wills of Polsham in St. Cuthberts , yeoman [Jewers 1909]

1c) John Abbott

This might be a first marriage of (2) who subsequently married 2a?

1c?) John Abbott [second marriage?]

2?) John Abbott

An Alice d.o. John was bur. 30 Dec 1658 Butleigh and may have been a child of this family. Another Alice was a donor in 1680 towards the building of St. Paul's Cathedral (D/P/Butl 4/1/1). A John Abbott was a ratepayer in 1679 for just one year (followed by Thomas Abbott junior in sequence in 1781)

In addition to the John Abbott wives above, a John married Sarah Kelway on 3 Feb 1676 in Charlton Mackrell – no further indication of where they came from or if widowed. She must be the wife of John [name unreadable] bur. Nov 1704 Charlton Mackrell. John of Charlton Mackrell was bur. 20 Apr 1729. This Charlton Mackrell family may not be related to the Butleigh Abbotts though the Charlton Adam ones were. A widow Amy buried 25 Dec 1732 Charlton Mackrell was probably a second wife of John.

3x) Thomas Abbott son of Richard

There seems to be a gap in the Parish marriage records in Long Sutton c. 1650's – 1713.

The son of Mary, Richard was churchwarden 1697-99 and paid rates 1699 -1703 - the seventh highest rate payer (OOP).- he also killed two polecats in that period. From 1704 up to 1712 [though in 1710-11 he is listed alone] he paid rates jointly with Thomas . He died in 1712 and a Thomas (5a1)? appeared alone in 1712 and 1713, 15, 16 (his son?) and Widow Mary Abbott in 1713, 15. See (5)


Mary appears again in 1716. In 1717 Mary Abbott widdow paid 17s 8 ½d at the head of rates list and a Thomas Abbott jun in the middle of the list paying 2s 5¾d. In 1718 Mary Abbott widow is next to Henry Pope for Thomas Abbott. In 1719 and 20 Mary is next to 'Henry Pope and Late Abbotts. In 1721 Mary is now next to Thomas dividing the rate between them and in 1722 Thomas Abbott is called mason. In 1728 Mary is replaced by Elizabeth Abbott. *Mary, widow, appears in the churchwardens/OOP accounts 1713 – 1728. After 1728 her property passed first to Elizabeth (see next) then Thomas Abbott. A Mary Abbott married William Holman Butleigh 25 Apr. 1728, and had a child John Chr. 15 Aug 1730 Butleigh but this is probably a different Mary born c. 1704 in the PR gap. The latter as Mary Holman was bur. 27 Apr. 1747 Butleigh

DD/S/BT/11/1/26 - 1] William Clark of Lovington son and executor of James decd, William Clark of Wookey executor of Richard Clark decd, Mary Abbott of Butleigh. 2] Richard Abbott of Butleigh, yeoman, son of Mary Assignment of a cottage, 4a in West field and 2a in East field, messuage and closes (16a), close in east field, 4a in west field and 3a inclosed in Butlaiegh Southmoor, reserving half house and garden for Mary Abbott. Date: 1698.

DD/S/BT/11/1/17 Marriage settlement of Richard Abbot and Anne Gaylard of Long Sutton comprising a cottage, 4a in the West field, 3.5a in east field with a cottage newly built thereon, closes (16a), close inclosed in East field, 6a 3 yds in the East and West fields, 3a Date: 1698.

Ditto DD/S/BT/5/3/5 26 April 1698 Indenture dated 26th day of Aprill in the tenth year of the reigh of our Sovereign Lord William the Third (etc) Between Richard Abbott of Butleigh, yeoman ...(son and executor of the last will and testament of Thomas Abbot who was son and executor of Richard Abbot both late of Butleigh...the will of the said Richard Abbot the grandfather being proved by the said Thomas Abbotproved in the first part Andrew Ousely of Long Sutton I the said County of Somerset yeoman and Thomas Gaylard of Long Sutton aforesaid yeoman of the second part and Ann Gaylard of Long Sutton aforesaid spinster of the third partand Mary Abbott of Butleigh aforesaid widow mother of the said Richard Abbot party to these presents of the fourth part Witnesseth that the said Richard Abbot party to these presents in consideration of a marriage shortly by Gods permission to be had and solemnized by and between the said Richard Abbot and Anne Gaylard and of a marriage portion of one hundred and fifty pounds with her to him already secured and for a provision for her and for the settling of the lands and tenements hereinafter expressed and granted on her for her life for her jointure in manner as hereinafter mentioned in case the said intended marriage shall be consummated she the said Anne Gayland shall happen to survive the said Rivhard Abbott and fo and in consideration of the summe of ten shillings to him the said Richard Abbott.[property – cottage, garden and land in the West Field of Butleigh, two acres in East field …. cottage..land inclosed I South Moor .. now in possession of Mary Abbott and Richard Abbott...signatures Anne Gaylard Andrew Ously Thomas Gaylard

DD/S/BT/11/1/27  Marriage settlement of Richard Abbot and Anne Gaylard of Long Sutton comprising a cottage, 4a in the West field, 3.5a in east field with a cottage newly built thereon, closes (16a), close inclosed in East field, 6a 3 yds in the East and West fields, 3a in South moor, Pile close (2a) and 1a in West field. 1698

DD/S/BT/6/5/23 1] Richard Abbot of Butleigh yeoman, son of Thomas and grandson of Richard Abbot decd 2] Matthew Irish of Wells, clothier Mortgage of a messuage, closes of meadow and pasture (16a), 9-a close of arable, Eastend (5a 1p), 6a at Saddle Combe and 8a 3yds in Date: 1710.

3) Richard Abbott died 1712 [a Richard Abbott was bur. 25 Nov 1745 Charlton Adam]

A widow Ruth Abbott was buried 29 Sep 1744 Charlton Adam and an Edward Abbott bur. 19 May 1728 Charlton Adam [this last Edward had married 23May 1706 Somerton Mary Jenkins].

DD/S/BT/11/1/29 1] Richard Abbot of Charlton Adam yeoman and wife Elizabeth, Christopher Attwool of Butleigh, husbandman 2] William Curtice the elder of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of 1a inclosed arable in Butleigh East field.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH Date: 1700. Ditto also DD/S/BT/5/3/6

DD/S/BT/6/9/3 Bond by Richard Abbott and Elizabeth and Christopher Attwool to keep covenants. [DD/S/BT/6/9/1-6/9/10 tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1700.

DD/S/BT/6/5/24 1] Richard Abbot 2] Matthew Irish 3] Revd Thomas Lessey, canon of Wells Assignment of mortgage of a messuage, closes of meadow and pasture (16a), 9-a close of arable, Eastend (5a 1p), 6a at Saddle Combe and 8a 3yds in the East and West fields of Butleigh part Peckham lease (1562). 1712

DD/S/BT/11/2/5 Richard Abbott Probate of Will of 1712

3a1) Andrew Abbott died 1728 clothier

Andrew was the son of Richard and Great Grandson of Richard Abbot according to his wife's will.

A James Abbott was Chr. 8 Nov 1721 Whitelackington, s.o. Andrew and Elizabeth Abbott. Whitlackington is just over 2 miles from Broadway.

Elizabeth paid CW and OOP rates from 1728-1732 (CW) in which latter year she was referred to as 'the late...' when she was replaced by John Coggen her new husband. In 1741/2 the property paid rates under Elizabeth Coggen and then from 1743 by son James Abbott. [see below]

DD/S/BT/11/2/18 - Letters of administration for property of Andrew Abbott granted to his widow Elizabeth.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1728.

DD/S/BT/5/3/7-8 1] John Coggan of Somerton, tallow chandler and wife Elizabeth former wife of Andrew Abbot of Broadway, clothier, decd, son of Richard decd 2] John Stocker Norton of Somerton and Nicholas Bicknell of Long Sutton, yeoman Assignment in trust of a messuage, Date: 1735.

Indenture made the sixteenth day of Aprill in the eighth year of reigne of our Sovereigne Lord George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Britaine Ffrance and Ireland …...one thousand seven hundred and thirty five Between John Coggan of Somerton in the County of Somersett Tallow Chandler and Elizabeth his wife fformerly Elizabeth Abbott widow and administratrix of all and singular the goods and chattles debts and credits of Andrew Abbott late of Broadway in the said County Clothier her late deceased husband which late Andrew Abbott was the son of Richard Abbott late of Butleigh in the said county of Somerset yeoman deceased of the the one part and John Stocker Norton of Somerton in the said County Gentleman and Nicholas Bicknell of Long Sutton in the said county, yeoman of the other part. Whereas Sir Edmund Peckham of Donham in the County of Buckingham Knight deceased and George Peckham Esquire son and heir apparent of the said Sir Edmund by their indenture of lease the thirteenth day of November which was in the fourth year of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth for the consideration therein ... George Rodney Esquire .. all that is in tenure or of occupation Isabel Gasemoore widow ….....Humphrey OramWilliam Mitchell.....John Gaylord deceased 1651 ...Anne Gaylord [a lot needs transcribing here]

DD/S/BT/5/3/14 1] Mary Withy of Somerton, executrix of John Coggan of Somerton, tallow chandler whose wife Elizabeth was wife of Andrew Abbot of Broadway, clothier, decd 2] James Abbot Assignment of any right to the leasehold estate of Andrew Abbot, Elizabeth and their daughter Ann. Date: 1746.

DD/S/BT/4/2/9 James Abbott of Butleigh, son of Elizabeth Coggan decd, formerly widow of Andrew Abbott, son and devisee of Richard Abbott decd 1744-5

3a1A?) Thomas Abbott bur. 17 Apr. 1732 Butleigh? [see previous Thomas (5) and (6)- uncertain which burial is which]

The CW paid Thomas Abbott 9/4d for seven days work in 1714/15. In 1722-4 the CW paid him for his work on the church wall. In 1726/7 he paved 271 feet of the porch and in the church.

In 1715 (CW) Thomas Abbott junior started paying rates and in 1718 onwards called mason. The Thomas who was a mason paid rates up to 1732 died in 1732 (was 'late' Thomas in 1734) while the other Thomas paid rates until 1737 and was 'late Thomas Abbott' in 1737, the property going to the Webb family then Grenvilles. In 1731 food and drink was paid by the OOP for one of the Thomases who acted as a witness.

Besides the several Thomas Abbotts there was a Mary Abbott (identified as a widow) who was also a contemporaryand her rate seems to have been taken over by Elizabeth Abbotther daughter?

OOP accounts record: 1733 Mary and her children received £1 9s 6d and wheat to relieve them in sickness from the smallpox. In 1735 shoes were bought for her children and the rent was paid at the Symcockes house where they lived. 1736 paid Mary Abbott in her daughter Mary's sickness 3s 0d & bought a shroud for Mary Abbott junior 4s 0d & bought a coffin for Mary Abbott jun. 8s 0d & ye bell and grave making affidavit for Mary Abbott 2s 6d & Mr Howe for what he sent Mary Abbott's daughter 2s 6d. 1737/8 OOP paid rent and relief for Mary and her children. 1738/9 Mary Abbots house rent paid and one years relief for her children. 1738 Rent paid and relief for Mary Abbots children. 1739 Mary Abbott received 24 weeks relief from the OOP. In 1740 the overseers paid 26 weeks relief for Mary Abbotts children and paid Mary Abbotts house rent to Mary Avery. A Mary was paid for a dozen sparrow heads in 1752/3.

Uncertain which Mary it was who married John Luke/Look in Butleigh 2 Mar 1764. The overseers paid £7 16 6d in Apr 1764 for this latter wedding to take place. Possibly this Mary, widow?

Two of this Thomas' other daughters have recorded marriages: John Underwood m. Butleigh 26 Aug 1745 Judith Abbott [the Jude bur. 15 Dec 1802 Butleigh?] Richard Sheat # m. Butleigh 24 Sep 1770 Alice Abbott bur. 10 Feb 1804 Butleigh.

Ref: Survey of the Manor of Butleigh 1731: DD/S/BT Box 3

Lease to tenant Thomas Abbott, A messuage with appurts, age of life 60 years, Lords rent 10s, herriot £5.0.0, annual value £15.0.0 – if the 'age of life' refers to the tenant and not the lease then this may be Thomas (8)

DD/S/BT/7/5/2  1] Thomas Abbot the elder of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Graffin Prankard of Bristol, merchant 3] James Periam of Butleigh Wootton, gent Assignment of 3a wood above Nodway, Butleigh. 1726

3a1Ai)) Edward Abbott Chr. 15 Jun 1719 Butleigh, bur. 14 Mar 1797 Butleigh

Hannah may be the Ann d.o. John and Katherine Colmer Chr. 23 Mar 1717 Butleigh# Edward became a ratepayer in 1771 'for part of Mr. Moor's estate' and paid rates until 1797 - 'Edward Abbott late Moor 4s 6d ' (Ref DD/S/BT Box 3 1797). Sometimes the property was referred to 'House and Orchard or late Kelways.

Edward served as churchwarden in 1775, overseer in 1776, 1778 and constable for Butleigh Wootton in 1785. In that last year the OOP refer to his raising the County Stock money.

The following records appear in the Churchwardens accounts regarding Edward: 1745 Edward Abbott for lying down ye stones in ye body of ye church, 1747 Mending the church wall, 1750 Edward Abbott, mason, paid for hightening ye walls and in 1752/3 paid for a brush. In 1759/60 he was paid again by the Churchwardens for another long brush for the church. In 1762 he was paid again for his work (unspecified).

The following records appear in the OOP; 1752/3 'For widening the bridges at Nackers Hole etc., 1754/55 for a stone bridge at Wootton, 1761 for stones pavement and labour, 1765 'for paving at trunk road at Cross Drove and likewise for one at Wootton'.October 1771 'for the wall at the poor house'. 1781 Edward Abbott paid 2s 11d (previously rates paid by James Grenville), 1782 Land Tax Edward Abbott owner & occupier paid 3s 4d. In 1790 Edward Abbott paid for Late Kelways 4s 2d. His last payment of rates took place in 1796 and in 1797 Edward Burge paid rates on 'Late Edward Abbotts' and in 1799 it was Alice Sheat who paid the rates on his property.

In the rotation list of householders to serve as Tythingmen dated 1779 Edward appears 'for Kelways'.

Ref: DD/S/BT C/174 Box 3 An Abstract of the 1757 Survey, part of the parish of Butleigh and Butleigh Wootton which pays Tyths to Mrs Howe and the Glebe lands belonging to her. Edward Abbott, holds 3 roods 17 perches arable land, map ref 825 in Summer Road Furlong, East Field. Edward Abbott rent received on Long Leases from Michaelmas 1788 – Michaelmas 1789 years rent 4s 6d, received 2s 3d (Butleigh Manor Rentall 1789 DD/S/BT Box 2)

Ref: Land Tax Q/REL Butleigh 39/3 1781 – 1796 Edward Abbott pays the tax of 3s 4d as owner occupier. From this date the house retained the name 'Abbotts' but had a succession of owners and half a century later it took the name of its then owner and was called thereafter 'Perriams House – No. 29 Butleigh'.

D/S/BT/8/7/5 1] William Hodges son of Thomas deed 2] Edward Abbott of Butleigh Mortgage of Ragg (8a), Butleigh. [DD/S/BT/8/7/1-14 tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1794.

DD/S/BT/10/3/16-17 Abbott Edward probate of will (1797) of Butleigh, proved 1797. Date: 1808.

3a1B) James Abbott the James bur. 10 Feb 1749 Butleigh

James paid rates on his mother's property from 1743 – 1747 (CW and OOP) and the property was 'late Abbotts' in 1747/8 when Richard Gould occupied it. James was buried on the same day his son Andrew was baptized. In 1751-2 the property seems to have been shared between Richard Gould and widow Mary Abbott. By April 1754 she was referred to as 'Late widow Abbott'. After 1758 the property was last mentioned as 'late James Abbott's' - James Grenville paid the rates on one of the Abbotts properties from 1759.

In 1750 a widow Mary received 3d. In 1753/4 a bed was bought by the Overseers for Mary Abbott. This Mary was receiving rent from the Overseers 1762/3 – 1767 (mostly alongside Mary Oldedge/Oldish, and to Samuel Sweet). She also received money in her distress from the OOP in1765 – 6 including a peck of wheat in 1766. In Jul 1767 and Jan 1768 ½ house rent was paid for Mary Abbot and Mary Colmer to Samuel Sweet. Later in the latter year Mary Abbot was sick and the OOP paid for the shroud, coffin and burying of a Mary Abbot in Nov. 1768. In 1768 – 'Mary Abbott deceased, her rent'. - the Mary buried 6 Nov 1768 Butleigh ? See (11) below

DD/S/BT/4/2/9 James Abbott of Butleigh, son of Elizabeth Coggan decd, formerly widow of Andrew Abbott, son and devisee of Richard Abbott decd 1744-5

DD/S/BT/5/3/11-12 1] Thomas Taunton 2] James Abbot of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Revd William Dodd of Charlton Mackrell Mortgage by assignment of a messuage, closes of meadow and pasture (16a), 9-a close of arable and 4a arable remaining unsold in the East field of Butleigh. Endorsed Gould 1758. With bond. 1745

DD/S/BT/4/2/9 James Abbott of Butleigh, son of Elizabeth Coggan decd, formerly widow of Andrew Abbott, son and devisee of Richard Abbott decd 1744-5

DD/S/BT/5/3/13 Letters of administration for the property of Andrew Abbott of Broadway left unadministered by his widow Elizabeth granted to his son James. Endorsed Gould 1758.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1745.

Edward by divine permission Bishop of Bath & Wells To one beloved in Christ James Abbott the lawful son and next of kin of Andrew Abbott late of Broadway in the County of Somerset in our diocese I jurisdiction of Bath & Wells ….chattels (etc) … committed and granted for Elizabeth Abbott his widow and she who since her [claiming] the same and before she has fully administered the goods and chattels and credits of the said deceased also departed this life leaving diverse of the said goods etc unadministered and not fully disposed of ------- on or before the last day of October next ensuing and render a full account etc before the last day of July 1746

DD/S/BT/5/3/14 1] Mary Withy of Somerton, executrix of John Coggan of Somerton, tallow chandler whose wife Elizabeth was wife of Andrew Abbot of Broadway, clothier, decd 2] James Abbot Assignment of any right to the leasehold estate of Andrew Abbot, Elizabeth and their daughter Ann. Endorsed Gould 1758. 1746

DD/S/BT/5/3/15 1] James Abbot 2] Revd William Dodd Further charge on mortgaged estate at Butleigh. Endorsed Gould 1758.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1746.

DD/S/BT/5/3/16 1] Revd William Dodd 2] James Abbot 3] Richard Gould of Bridgwater Assignment of a messuage and lands, Pyle Close (2 a), Bolster (1a), 5 yds in Elder Bush Furlong, 1/2a in the West field and 1.5a in Charlen Way, Butleigh. Endorsed Gould 1758. With bond. 1747

DD/S/BT/5/3/17-18 1] Richard Gould 2] Jas Grenville of Butleigh 3] William Ekins Peirs of Wookey Assignment of a messuage, closes of meadow and pasture (16a), 9-a close of arable and 4a arable in the East field, Pyle Close (2 a), Bolster (1a), 5 yds in Elder Bush Furlong, 1/2a same in the West field and 1.5a in Charlen Way, Butleigh, endorsed late Abbots, Butleigh Hill, in trust for Grenville. With covering slip. 1758

3a2?) Richard Abbott bur. 2 Sep 1744 Butleigh

This person was probably an adult (no father's name given) and possibly the father of the Richard mentioned in 1750 (above), though possibly himself a son of the Richard who was paying rates 1700-3?

3a2A?) Richard Abbott, bur. 2 May 1777 Butleigh

A Richard Abbott received 5p for a dozen sparrow heads in 1743/4. In 1750 a Richard Abbott and William Holman appeared working together in the Churchwardens Accounts and in the same year Richard was also paid for working for the mason Edward Abbott. Must be all one related family. In 1753 Richard was paid for digging a gutter against the church (CW). In 1754/5, the overseers of the poor paid the rent for Richard Abbott and in subsequent years (sometimes together with that of Wm. Warr and sometimes Betty Westcombe) until 1763. In Apr 1766 they paid for Janes delivery of her child – presumably Hannah some months previously. Richard received 5 pecks of wheat (10s 2 ½p) in April 1766.

In 1773 Richard is mentioned again when his rent for 1772 was paid in arrears and in April 1777 when he received 2/- 'in sickness'. He died on May 2nd 1777 and the Overseers paid 11/- for his last period of sickness and his coffin. Rather late, Feb 1778, the OOP paid the sexton for having buried him! In 1778 the rent for 'the Late Richard Abbott' was paid to Wm Eades in arrears. (OOP) In Apr 1778 a bill for £2 3 0½d was paid by the OOP on behalf of Richard Abbott to Richard Galpin. An Ann Abbut married: Butleigh 28 Mar 1780 John Pickford # - The witness was Edward Abbott – her grandfather?

A Jane Abbot's rent (15/-) was paid first in 1779, then 1780 – 1784 by the Overseers of the Poor. Listed for Nackers Hole, rent due Lady day 1789 £1.0.0 (Butleigh Manor Rentall 1789 DD/S/BT Box 2)

DD/S/BT/10/7/3-4  1] Edmund Batten of Yeovil 2] William Hodges Withers of Butleigh yeoman 3] Richard Abbott of Yeovil, yeoman Mortgage of Whitland (1a) and Bolster (2a) in Butleigh. 1779

4b) Thomas Abbott

Thomas, the brother of Richard is probably the person who jointly paid rates with him from 1704-11 and maybe also up to 1713, though the latter may have been his son.

Note: Ann Jacklett a widow bur. 28 May 1715 Butleigh left her estate to Thomas, son of her brother Richard Abbott this latter Thomas?

5) Thomas Abbott (junior) bur. 25 Mar 1737 Butleigh [or the Thomas 5a1A?]

A reference in the OOP in 1712/13 was a payment of £1 2s 0d to the order of Mr. Webb to George Hooper for a licence to marry Thomas Abbott.

A child Mary Chr. 20 July 1735 Butleigh daughter of Mary Abbott was probably the daughter of Mary born 1714 but could be a daughter of the widowed Mary (nee Stone) Abbott below if her husband was the one who died 1732. It is difficult to separate these two Thomas Abbotts.

An uncertain Mary Abbott married John Luke/Look in Butleigh 2 Mar 1764. The overseers paid £7 16 6d in Apr 1764 for this latter wedding to take place.

DD/S/BT/7/5/2 1] Thomas Abbot the elder of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Graffin Prankard of Bristol, merchant 3] James Periam of Butleigh Wootton, gent Assignment of 3a wood above Nodway, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1726.

6x) Thomas Abbott (this may be the Thomas b. 1717 son of Thomas?)

In 1738 the OOP paid 1s 6d to the young Thomas to help him in his sickness. In 1741/2 the Overseers have a series of payments for the following; 'horse hire and expences to Bristol to take Thomas Abbott to Butleigh and back to Bedminster Prison', plus 3 shillings paid to the prisoner. He also received that year money to relieve his necessity.

An Ann Abbot of Bristol received 3s 6d from the OOP in June 1766. In Feb 1767 '25 weeks pay by Mr. Moxham for late Thomas Abbotts wife in Brisl'. In Apr 1768 the OOP have an entry the 16 weeks pay at 1s per week was paid to Mr. Moxahm on behalf of Ann Abbot of Bristol until it was 'stopt'.

Ref 3: Rentall for the Manor of Butleigh for half year ending Michaelmas 1740 Thomas Abbott 8s 0d, the property is In Hand

DD/S/BT/9/3/8-10  1] James Comer of Walton, yeoman 2] Thomas Avery of Walton, yeoman son of Thomas decd 2] Richard Holman of Butleigh Wootton farmer Assignment of mortgage of house formerly an outhouse and three half acres in Butleigh West field planted as orchard. Enclosed description of land in Butleigh let to Thomas Abbott and bond. 1773

6a) William Abbott

William appears paying rates jointly with Thomas from 1689-97.

7) Anchor Abbott

First mentioned in the OOP accounts for September 1737 as receiving 10 shillings in her distress with smallpox – uncertain first name. Still called Anchor in Sep 1785 when the OOP accounts record her receiving 5/- in her distress. In October Ancker Abbott was paid 11/6d 'not to return no more'!.

8) Samuel Abbott of Frome

In 1697 5 shillings was paid for horse hire to carry Samuel to Frome. In 1699 he received 36 weeks relief from the overseers but a warrant was taken out about his case and £2 9s 0d laid out at Taunton sessions about it. Further relief was paid to him in 1699/1700 but then he disappears from the record.

9) John Abbott

Page 40 of the Overseers Accounts for 1745/6 lists a bill of 11s 3d paid to Thomas Callow for looking after John Abbott's wife and family and in 1746/7 Mrs. Periam was paid for making an apron and coat for John Abbott's daughter. A John Abbott married a Mary Ewens in Baltonsborough 18 Oct 1732 – a link? No other Abbott baptisms or burials in Baltonsborough nor Ewenses – but both surnames in Butleigh.

11) James Rowley Abbott Chr. 13 Nov 1760 Butleigh illegit. s.o. Mary Abbott and James Rowley# Mary Abbott bur. 6 Nov 1768 Butleigh

In Apr 1766 the OOP paid 19s 4d to a Mary Abbot for her bastard by James Rowley. This latter Mary was in receipt of OOP assistance during 1766. Probably this Mary Abbott who was laid out and buried in 1768 since 'James Rowley's boy' was put out to Solomon Reynolds and died and was buried by the OOP in Dec 1768.

12) Elizabeth Abbott bur. 2 Oct 1788 Butleigh

The Elizabeth Chr. 10 Apr 1721 d.o. Thomas?

13) Elizabeth Abbott b. 1751, bur. 29 Jan 1824 Butleigh

This couple had 7 children in Butleigh (see under Lye) – no other information on this Elizabeth #


see Court (and Britton)

A Thomas a Court of Butleigh accompanied Abbott Bere in his perambulation of the XII hides in 1503 – see under Midwinter.


[Akerman - Arkman - Ackerman - Acarman]

1) John Acreman Chr. 25 Dec 1794 Shapwick, s.o. John and Joannah Acreman, bailiff to Sir Alexander Acland-Hood, died 20 Jan1859 (Mar Q 5c/462 Wells) bur. 27 Jan 1859 Butleigh 41W, 51W-40

In 1841 John was the gamekeeper to the Wootton estate and still listed in 1848 as such but by 1851 he had been promoted to bailiff and farmed 216 acres with the help of three labourers and a boy. In Sep 1841, 1842, 1844 and 1848 he was listed as a 'Gamekeeper not being assessed as a servant ~ £4 0s 10d'. The Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette 16 Jun 1842 lists John amongst the 'cured' of sciatica by taking Bath waters at the Bath Hospital.

After John's death in 1859 [after over 30 years service on the Wootton estate] Ann seems to have gone to stay, by 1861, with their son James in St. Decumans, Bath. She seems to have died there and buried 20 Aug 1862 St. Decumans [Williton] aged 79

2) Henry Acreman Chr. 15 Jun 1825 Charlton Mackrell, labourer, s.o. Robert and Elizabeth Acreman, died 1899 (Mar Q 5c/330 Wells) 51-34

Amelia Jane was described as a 'minor' at their marriage in 1849. Henry was a labourer living with Amelia at No. 2, Back Street, Butleigh in 1851. In 1861 Henry and Amelia Jane appeared as Innkeepers of the "Crown Inn", Leigh, Deerhurst, in Gloucestershire. Henry's mother-in-law also lived with them - Virtue Patten (Chr. 6 Sep 1795 Butleigh in Butleigh - sister of James Sealy, widow of Joseph Blacker who had been the innkeeper of the Globe Inn, Butleigh in 1851, - Virtue appeared in Butleigh again in 1871). # [Amelia] Jane and Henry appear to have then separated. Henry (a labourer) moved back to Somerset and lived in Benedict Street, Glastonbury in 1871 with his son Alfred (a haulier) while Henry's wife Jane boarded further down the same road. In 1881 Jane was found in New Road, Butleigh (her name then spelled Ackeman) and later in 1891 in Mead, Street.

Fanny was a servant at 133 Marylebone Rd., St. Marylebone, London in 1871. She married George Jewell, [b. 31st July 1853 Burton on Trent, s.o. William and Rebecca], a boot finisher, in 1877 (Dec Q 5c/963 Wells). In 1881 they lived at 18, Lower Castles, St. Philip & Jacob's in Bristol with their two year old son William (b. Street). George Jewell died around 1889. Fanny and her mother lived together in Mead, Street in 1891 with Fanny's three children (William, Ellen b. Bristol and Georgina b. Street). Fanny remained in Street until her death in 1902.

Alfred stayed in Glastonbury after 1851 (called Albert on '61 census) and was once found boarding in a common Lodging House in Benedict Street - he never married and in 1911 is found lodging at the 'White Horse' 13, Northload Street, Glastonbury aged '65'. He died in 1920.

3) William Hayward Ackerman [Arkman] Chr. 6 Aug 1843 (Jun Q 10/410 Langport) Charlton Mackrell, farm labourer, s.o. Joseph and Anna Acreman, died 18 Feb 1921 (Mar Q 5c/425 Langport) Compton Dundon

William seems to be the William Acramond (Acrement) living in Charlton Adam in 1851 with his parents Joseph and Anna Acramond. Mary Ann also lived in Charlton Adam with her parents, two sisters and brother in 1851. Her father was a labourer and mother a charwoman. At the birth of son William the PR states that husband was in Australia and wife a shoemaker in Charlton Mackrell. In 1869 abode given as Carey Fitzpaine, Charlton Mackrell.

By 1881 William was a carter and labourer and the family had just moved to their new home in Weston Bamfylde. Mary was the last of eight children at that time, and born in Butleigh just before the move.

Edward was still living with his parents in Monument Lane, Compton Dundon in 1891 (with three more children added to the family), before he married Mary Webb from Butleigh. # By 1901 his father William was running the "Castle Book Inn", Compton Dundon and his daughter Mary was a barmaid there. Mary married farmer Reuben Robert Burt in 1908 (Dec Q 5c/755 Langport) and they had one child – Archibald William Robert Burt (b. 1910 Compton Dundon) who appears with them in 1911 in Compton.

3a) Edward Ackerman Chr. 22 Oct 1871 Charlton Mackrell, labourer, d. 1963 Woodbury Co. Iowa

Edward was a tenant in Butleigh of Sir. A. A. Hood in 1894 with 25 perches of land. Gross estimated rental £4.0.0, rateable value of buildings £3.5.0 (1894 Valuation List of the parish of Butleigh in the Wells Union). Note: Edward was listed sometime after 1894 because in 1894 another occupier is listed in this cottage. The 1894 electoral register has Edward at 19, Butleigh Wooton whereas the1895 electoral register has Edward Ackerman at 17, Butleigh Wootton. By 1901 Edward and his family lived in four rooms in Dundon Street, Compton Dundon. In 1911 Mary Elizabeth was a servant in Littleton, Somerton for farmer Joseph Boon. Her parents lived in Stockholm, Compton Dundon with two children. They stated that they had had five children of which 3 were still alive. Deaths not found [nor Edward's birth registration] and the family emigrated.

A'Courtsee also Court

1) John Acowrte will 19 Mar 1568 pr 27 May 1568 [Somerset Record Society (SRS) volume 62]

All above mentioned in the Will plus John Knolles; William Acowrte, Thomas Acowrte, Henry Dod and 'my father and mother now living'. Witnesses: Sir John Weymond, Edward Jones, Edward Acowrte, Richard Symond.



Members of the Adams family in Barton St. David, who also had members baptised in Baltonsborough and Kingweston, emigrated to America and from them are descended two American presidents called Adams. It is not known whether these Adams in Butleigh are related but it is possible.

1) John Adams b. 1452 Barton St. David

1a) John Adams d. 2 Aug 1587 Barton St. David [some accounts give the husband of Catherine as Robert Adam b. 1 Jan 1474 Barton St. David, s.o. John and Jane]

A John (b. 1555 Barton St. David, d. 19 Mar 1604 Barton St. David) was the son of Henry Adams (b.c. 1531 Barton St. David) and Rose Stebbing and probably related to this John son of John. The 1555 John was the ancestor of the US Presidents above mentioned.

1a1) Robert Adams b. 1509 Barton St. David s.o. John Adams.

1b) Robert Adams b.c. 1484 of Beverston, Gloucester, s.o. John Adams [of Barton St. David b. 1452] and Jane Rannelegh of Beverston, Glos., died 1557[ or b. 1498 Barton St. David and died 1557 Butleigh]

Will 8 Apr 1557 pr. 2 Aug 1557 [Somerset Record Society (SRS) volume 62] To be buried in the churchyard of Butleygh. To the church of Butleygh xij d. To our mother church of Welles iij d. To Wm. Barrat my best cote. To Em Burdam a pann of a gallen, which pann my wyf shall have as longe as she leveth. To every godchild iiij d. To Thomas Pery my best hosse. To John Harrys my second hosse. To Phillippe Pery a platter. To Lenard Hodge a shert. To Thomas Jones a shert. The residue of all my goods I give to Joan my wife, whom I make my lawful executrix. Witnesses: Sir Richard Berser, Curate, William Strowde, Thomas Perry, with others. Proved 2 August 1557. (Wells Probate Records, vol. X, p. 16)

In the will of Johan Gregory of 1550 there is mention of Johan Adams and her child.

2) Henry Adams Chr. 8 May 1581 Butleigh s.o. Robert Adams [Adyn]

The Henry Adams b.c. 1583, considered as the son of John Adams and Agnes Stone, who emigrated to America c. 1638 could well be THIS Henry. He married Edith Squire of Charlton Mackrell on 19 Oct 1609 and they had six children in Barton before moving c. 1621 to Kingweston [just south of Butleigh] then had three more children. They emigrated and were allocated land at Braintree, MA where that Henry died 8 Oct 1646.

3) Maria Adams married Walter Caple in Butleigh on 12 Jan 1582

Presumably a sister of Robert Adams in Butleigh, fatherof (2)

4) John Adams bur. 4 May 1665 Butleigh 'the elder'

Elizabeth married Edward Huntlye in Butleigh on 12 May 1663. The origin of this John Adams isuncertainbut in Barton St. David a John and Martha Adams had daughter Joane bur. 8 May 1607 and son Robert bur. 12 Nov 1607 Barton St. David – they could well be the parents of this John.

DD/S/BT/6/2/4/ - 1] John Adams the elder of Butleigh, husbandman 2] Thomas Jacklett of Butleigh, blacksmith Assignment of 1651 lease of 1a inclosed in Butleigh West field.. date 1662

4a) John Adams Chr. 26 Oct 1626 Butleigh

John appears as a ratepayer (just 8d) in 1673 and 1674 (6d) but may have fallen below the level to pay rates until he reappears (or it may be his son John) in 1681 (8d) – 1684 (6d). From 1685 the rate (8d) is paid jointly by John and Humphrey Adams, presumably his two sons. They shared the rate from then until 1696 then disappear from the records and the property rated just as 'John Adams house' or '-house ground' until 1699. In 1689 one rate was paid additionally by Rose Jacklett and Adams which in 1691 is specified at Rose Jacklett and Humphrey Adams. The Adams must have remained in the village because Humphrey was one of the Overseers of the Poor in 1708.

When re-building the Pope box tomb in the graveyard in 2013 the masons found broken gravestones inside used as rubble. One of these reads ' “[H]ere resteth the [bo]dy of John [Ada]ms who died [….] ry […..........]rtld” The style is similar to the Pope stone of 1679, the surname can only be Adams because of the last two letters and the space allowed and the month probably January [no sign of the 'b' above the line for February]. This would suggest that John was buried c. 1677 – 1696 during the Radford 'gap' in the Parish records?

DD/S/BT/14/2/8 - 1] John and Humphrey Adams of Butleigh, yeomen 2] George Burdham of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of a strawhouse converted to a dwelling and a plot of ground in Butleigh 1689/90..

4b) James Adams Chr. 8 Mar 1629 Butleigh died 1686 Butleigh

Banns read 30 Jul, 6 and 13 Aug 1654. James appears in 1673 being paid for looking after the orphaned Owens children. In 1674 and 1675 it was for the Owens children and the children of George Crate while in 1676 it was just the latter children. (OOP). In 1682 Margery was paid for looking after the children of Mary Manfill. James received 2s in Symcockes legacy distribution in 1683 and in 1684 his wife received 4s 6d for her relief. In 1685 James and his wife not only received a full year's relief but an extra amount of 16s 6d for 'needful relief'. In 1686 James received money in his sickness and then payment by the overseers was made for his shroud and burial plus other charges. The couple had received relief for 46 weeks at 1s 6d and four weeks at 1s, presumably after James' death. Margery received relief , house rent and clothes1687- 1690. She may have died that year. Keaterin Adams [another daughter?] appears in 1691 looking after Grace Clapp.

5) Keaterin Adams

Keaterin [Katherine] only appears in 1691 when she received house rent and money for looking after Grace Clapp and her child. She would have died/married in the PR gap 1677 – 1714 and by the latter date the original Adams of Butleigh had disappeared.

6) Ann Adams Chr. 23 Dec 1832 Mells, schoolmistress, d.o. Charles and Elizabeth Adams 51W-40

In 1851 Ann was the village schoolmistress and lodged with the Symons family in Wootton Village. By 1861 she was the schoolmistress in Whatley, where she lodged, still single. She married Emanuel Moon in Frome in 1862 (Dec Q 5c/977 Frome) and died in 1897 (Dec Q 5c/288 Frome).

7) Alfred Adams b. 12 Dec 1857, reg.1858 (Mar Q 5c/453 Bridgwater) North Petherton, s.o. Joseph and Harriet Adams d. 23 Sep 1942 Butleigh

Sarah lived with her parents in Chapel Allerton but by 1881 her father was a widower farming 75 acres and with five daughters at home.

In 1881 Alfred still lived with his parents in North Petherton. The family lived in Blackford, Meare in 1891 where Alfred was a farmer. In 1901 he farmed Rice Farm, Sharpham but Wesley was at school in Axbridge. In 1911 Alfred, Sarah, Wesley, Stanley and Leslie appear on the census at Blagrove Farm Butleigh. Wesley was listed as entitled to vote in 1911 - 1914 with qualifying property being Moorhill and Wood Lane. On 20 Apr 1920 he bought 17 acres 2 roods and 29 perches of grazing land with cow stall and shed on Butleigh Moor, near Blagrove Farm. [Western Gazette 16/23 Apr 1920].

At his death Alfred lived at 17, Butleigh Wootton where he is also recorded on the 1939 Register [as poultry farmer] living with housekeeper Maude Elliot b. 3 May 1883, a widow. His daughter Dora Hayes, wife of Howard Bert Hayes of Hill Farm, Glastonbury was with her father when he died. At the inquest, according to his housekeeper of nearly seven years, widow Maud Mary Elliott, he had been trying to remove a fowl house from a field with a pony and float. Another witness, Edward George Whitcombe, said that the pony jumped and the fowl house came free [the wheels had sunk into the mud] and that it ran over Mr. Adams and he was found crushed underneath the fowl house. [Taunton Courier 3 Oct 1942]

7a) Stanley Jeffery B. Adams b. 24 Apr 1890 (Jun Q 5c/338 Bridgwater) North Petherton, d. 1984 (Dec 23/1520/1284 Taunton Deane)

Irene May seems to be the May Clark, daughter of Stephen and Gillian Clark, farmers, of Edgarley on the 1901 census. In 1911 she worked as an assistant at Lower Thorn Farm, Sparkford. Stanley and wife Irene lived at Holmans Farm from 1923 until 1933 when they moved to Sigwell's farm, Charlton Horethorne. Irene (1916) and her brother Wesley have recorded here some of their memories of Butleigh in the period 1923 – 1933. A picture of Stanley Adams and his family with a threshing machine at Blagrove Farm appears on p. 45 of “Somerset Voices”. Before the Adams family moved into Holmans Farm the squire Robert Neville-Grenville sold his stock there in 14 Mar 1923 by Wainwright, Laver & Crees Ltd.,. The Adams cattle, horses and stock were sold 23 Mar 1933 by Cooper & Tanner Ltd. The Western Gazette Friday 18 Sep 1936 advertised the sale of all livestock at Blagrove Farm on 25th Sep by Mr. Adams as he had acquired another farm elsewhere which already had livestock. On the 1939 Register Stanley appears with his wife Irene at Sigwells Farm, Wincanton, and two children.

Leases and Stock Catalogues of Holmans Farm in Rural Life Museum, Glastonbury – Presented 3 May 1966 By Wesley A. Adams.(Acc no. 351)

8) Alfred T. Adams Hawker

Wells Journal 31 Jul 1925. Glastonbury County Petty Sessions – R. Neville-Grenville in chair. Alfred T. Adams didn't appear to face three summons – for driving a donkey and cart without lights on April 9th, swearing within hearing of the highway on June 2nd and allowing his donkey to stray on the highway on the same date. 5s fine in each case. The shouting was abuse of his landlady.

9) Albert Henry Adams

Mrs N. Adams appears in the Feb. 1947 estate sale renting 59 Butleigh (opp. Rose & Portcullis) at £4 per annum. Albert, a Railway Porter of 59, Barton Rd, Butleigh was fined 10/- at Glastonbury County Petty Sessions on 17th Oct 1949 for riding a bicycle without lights. He claimed to have been called upon to do extra duty at Glastonbury Station and that his lights gave out on the way home. [Wells Journal 21 Oct 1949]

10) Gordon Stanley Lionel Adams b. Butleigh Hospital [additional information restricted to family]

11) Jennifer Adams b. Butleigh Hospital plus Gillian b. Butleigh Hospital. [additional information restricted to family]

12) Brian Adams vicar of Butleigh 1988 – 1998


1) Frederick Addicott b. 1843 (Mar Q 10/235 St. Thomas, Devon) Powderham, Devon, gardener, s.o. Thomas and Sarah Addicott 81-103, 91-121

Frederick Addicott lived with both his parents in 1851 at Powderham Cottage, Devon and with his widowed mother at Powderham Lodge in 1871. After their marriage Frederick and Rye lived in New Road, Butleigh in 1881. On 19 Sep 1884 the Western Gazetter reported that Frederick, gardener at the Vicarage, had grown a Lilium Auratum in a 12 inch pot that grew to six feet high with 21 perfect blooms. He appears on the 1885 electoral register in Butleigh.

In 1891 Frederick, Rae and Andrew are found in Water Lane. Frederick jnr, was a cabinet maker's apprentice by 1891, working in Bruton. Florence was a nurse in 1891 at Chambers Court, Longdon, Worcs. She was listed as a cook in 1901 at 18, Howell Rd., Exeter, Devon. Andrew was a gardener like his father and in 1901 he was working and boarding at Weston, Somerset. In the 2 Sep 1892 Western Gazette Mrs. Frederick Neville placed an advert “Gardener – Mrs. Frederick Neville on leaving the neighbourhood wishes to recommend her gardener who has been in her service for 16 years. Well up on orchard, house, vines, flowers and kitchen garden. Age 48. Married. One son at home. F. Addicott.

In 1901 Frederick and Rae boarded at the "Ship Inn", Exeter, and Rae gave her birthplace - correctly then - as Inchture, Perthshire.

Andrew is absent in 1911 but Frederick jun was a police constable (unmarried) in Rhondda lodging at the Ivor Hsel Hotel. Andrew seems to be the builders labourer appearing on the 1939 Register at 118, Saint Lukes Road, Bristol with his wife Alice T. (b. 9 Nov 1879).



1) Richard G. Agate b. 14 Apr 1906 schoolmaster

On the 1939 Register at 17, High Street [Post Office] Wilfred Dyer lived with Sylvia and a child plus Margaret P. Agate b. 18 Aug 1907 (married) carrying out unpaid domestic duties, plus Susan. Husband Richard lived with retired elementary teacher Emma A Agate b. 4 Sep 1874 (single) at Richmore, Sandhills lane, Egham, Surrey during the 1939 Registration.

Aishleysee Ashley



1) Roger John Akrill b. Butleigh Hospital


1) Royston W. Alder b. 5 Jan 1929 (Mar Q 5a/160 Westbury) pharmacist, d. 2005 (Apr 7213/W40B/284/405 Mendip) Butleigh

Moved to Butleigh in May 1987 – Houndwood Lodge, Water Lane. [additional information restricted to family]


The family arrived from Castle Street, Mere, Wilts between 5 April (Census date) and 1st June 1891 and all appeared on the 1901 census except for Nellie.

1) Charles William Aldridge b. 1842 Cheshunt, Hereford, coachman, gardener, son of John (b. 1818) and Carolina Aldridge (b. 1827), drowned, bur. 11 Jun 1904 (Jun Q 5c/300 Wells) Butleigh 01-138

On the 1892, 1895 electoral registers Charles is listed at 64, Oddway.

Ref 1: letter from Nora Johns of Shustoke, Coleshill, Birmingham in Feb 1982 (grand daughter of Charles William & Albina Aldridge) - details from Ann Heeley

Charles William [Grandfather] arrived to work at Butleigh Hospital and became involved with gambling on horses. He was found drowned in a reservoir (Fishponds) and the family believed it was suicide. He was buried in Butleigh churchyard in June 1904 aged 53 years. There was an inquest held at the Rose and Portcullis, the coroner Mr E. A. Louch, the foreman Mr. Dyer [Wells Journal 16th June 1904].

Albina Lancaster was a widow for many years and took on looking after Butleigh School. She was the only Aldridge recorded in Butleigh on the 1911 census where she is described as 'school caretaker'. She was listed as entitled to vote in county elections according to the 1911, 1913 electoral registers.

Her best friend was Winnie Locke unmarried sister to George Locke, they lived next to each other in a house built in the garden of the old Locke home. (Note AH: it was pulled down in c. 1985 and a new bungalow built on the site) Albina, died in 1944 at the aged of 89, she was living with her daughter Nellie Albina Horne.

[Ref 2 : 1894 Valuation List for the Parish of Butleigh in the Wells Union.- Albina Lancaster lived in a cottage in Oddway ref 106, next door to William Masters junior, estimated extent for both cottages 1 rood 22 perch, gross estimated rent £3.10s.00d . Albina Aldridge tenant, R. Ryall owner, no estimated measure given, gross rental £4.10s. 0d ]

Nellie Albina married, in Pershore, in 1909 (Jun Q 6c/531 Pershore) Henry Richard Horne, bachelor from Pershore. Nellie lived to be 94 years old (died 1974). Nellie was a pupil teacher at Butleigh school for a couple of years before she went into service. In 1939 Nellie was living with her husband and mother Albena Aldridge (incapacitated) at Consell Green, Cheltenham.

Edith Mary married, in Butleigh, in 1911 (Sep Q 5c/879 Wells) Charles Ernest Pickford bachelor from Maperton. Edith lived to be 94 years old. On the 1939 register her husband was town hall caretaker and they lived at 144, High Street, Meriden, Warwicks. Two daughters, Dora A (1915) and Joyce (1921) still lived with them.

William born 1886 – appeared in the Butleigh Revel in 1906 as Atheling PHOTO

William R.N.D. died in WWI, killed in Flanders 25 Oct 1917 – name on War Memorial (Cross and Church plaque) [Western Gazette 25 Oct 1918]



1) Peter Alexander

Members of the Alexander family lived in Baltonsborough in the 1500's.

2) John Alexander [Elaxander] b. 1729, buried 22 Feb 1798 West Lydford aged 69

Mentioned in October 1793 when William Callow was paid 2/6 by the Overseers for his expenses in his regard. He was hauled off to Lydford in a cart. Between 1757 and 1766 a Robert and Elizabeth Alexander had eight children in West Lydford [brother?]


The earliest Allen references in Butleigh are first to Thomas Allen of London and then to Katherine Allen (widow of Ralph Farmer before marriage) of Bath, wife/widow of William Allen and her agreements with her son-in-law James Webb (who married her daughter Katherine Farmer in 1670), and then his son John Webb, regarding the Butleigh manor estate. This concerned land that previously belonged to Thomas Allen of London who had owned Glastonbury manor.

A) Thomas Allen of London

DD/S/BT/18/2/10 1] James Levingston 2] Sir James Campbell kt and Thomas Soame, aldermen of London, William Strode of Barrington, Basil Nicoll of London, haberdasher, William Curtis and Thomas Allen of London, owners of Glastonbury manor Bargain and sale of 250a in Southmoor. 1641

DD/S/BT/16/1/6 1] James Levingston 2] Sir James Campbell kt and Thomas Soame, aldermen of London, William Strode of Barrington, Basil Nicoll of London, haberdasher, William Curtis and Thomas Allen of London, owners of Glastonbury manor Bargain and sale of part of Southmoor, Glastonbury in trust for tenants to have common pasture. 1641

A1) William Allen died c. 1676 Bristol [a William Allen s.o. Thomas and Anne Chr. 10 Apr 1630 St. Clement Danes, Westminster?]

Kate Allen appears as a witness to the churchwarden's accounts in 1690

Bristol Record Office 5918/4 Deed to declare the uses of a fine. (i) John Willoughby Esq. one of the Aldermen of the City of Bristol and Samuel Willoughby of Bristol, merchant, son and heir apparent of the said John Willoughby and Elizabeth wife of Samuel Willoughby (ii) William Allen of Bristol, gent. and Katherine, his wife (iii) Jeremy Hollway and Thomas Ellis of Bristol, merchants.Quotes deed of 20th January between John and Samuel Willoughby and Katherine Farmer of Bristol, widow (now Katherine Allen). Bargain and sale of house in Redcliffe Street, St. Thomas, Bristol in occupation of Henry Elliott of Bristol, merchant and then of John Willoughby, between a house in the tenure of widow Challoner and late of the widow Yate on the south side and a house sometime in the occupation of John Kinge, cooper and John Tomlinson on the north side. Seals cut off. Signed by John Willoughby, Samuel Willoughby, Elizabeth Willoughby, William Allen, Katherine Allen, Jeremy Hollway and Thomas Ellis. 1671

DD/S/BT/21/5/4 1] James Webb of Butleigh and wife Katherine daughter of Ralph Farmer decd brother of Thomas decd 2] Katherine Allen wife of William Allen of Bristol 3] Henry Merrett of Bristol, goldsmith [d. Sep 1692 Sheriff of Bristol]
Assignment of mortgage of two sevenths of four tenements and 90a in Towerhead, Banwell.

DD/S/BT/14/3/2 1] Richard Goodall of London, administrator of Thomas Strong of London, haberdasher decd, Thomas Boone of Townstall, Devon 2] James son of John Webb of Butleigh decd 3] Katherine Allen of Bristol, widow of William Allen Assignment of statute staple. 1677

DD/S/BT/4/3/27-8 1] Thomas Boone of Townstall, Devon 2] James Webb of Butleigh son and heir of John deed 3] Katherine Allen of Bath, widow of William Allen Assignment of term in Butleigh manor. With unexecuted copy. 1677/8

DD/S/BT/24/3/3-6 Agreement between John Webb and Katherine Allen concerning mortgage of Butleigh manor. With account of James and John Webb's debt to Katherine Allen and proposals for further agreement (1677-91). 1677-1691

DD/S/BT/24/3/7 Will of Katherine Allein widow of Bristol, dated 6 May 1691

To the eight children of my daughter, Katherine Webb, £2000 — amongst them at ages of 21. My grandson, John Webb, one guinea. Securities in the Manor of Butleigh Somersetshire, &c. Eesidue to my daughter, Katherine Webb, Executrix.

DD/S/BT/25/7/13 Account of monies owed to Katharine Allen by her son-in-law John Webb. 1681

DD/S/BT/4/3/30 Letters of administration with annexed nuncupative will (1666) of Thomas Strong of Lombard St., London granted to Catherine Allen of Bristol. 1681

DD/S/BT/4/3/34/ 1] Anne Wyndham of Salisbury 2] Katherine Allen of Bristol Assignment of mortgaged lands in Butleigh. 1690

DD/S/BT/21/2/5 1] John Webb of Butleigh son and heir of James decd 2] Katherine Webb of Wells, widow of James and executrix of Katherine Allen decd 3] Thomas Medlycott the elder and Edmund Medlycott of Abingdon, Berks Assignment of mortgage of land in Butleigh attend the marriage settlement of John son of Katherine and Elizabeth only daughter of Thomas 1709

DD/S/BT/14/3/6-7 1] John Webb of Butleigh son and heir of James decd 2] Katherine Webb of Wells, widow of James and executrix of Katherine Allen decd 3] Thomas Medlycott the elder and Edmund Medlycott of Abingdon, Berks Assignment of mortgage of land in Butleigh attend the marriage settlement of John son of Katherine and Elizabeth only daughter of Thomas With counterpart 1709

DD/S/BT/14/3/4-5 1] John Webb of Butleigh son and heir of James decd 2] Katherine Webb of Wells, widow of James and executrix of Katherine Allen decd 3] Edward Pauncefoot of Westminster and Felix Calvert of Markham, Berks 4] Thomas Medlicott the elder of Abingdon, Berks Assignment of statute staple to attend the marriage settlement of John son of Katherine and Elizabeth only daughter of Thomas. With counterpart. 1709 also: DD/S/BT/6/3/5, DD/S/BT/25/7/14-15 and DD/S/BT/14/4/2 (all 1709)

B) John Allen

John appears in the Churchwarden's accounts in 1704 when he worked about the church.

C) Joseph Allen

In 1731 there was a case brought in Bridgwater by some Butleigh Parishioners against others and in the appeal a Joseph Allen was paid for attending two days and a night.

D) John Allen

No further information on this couple

E) Thomas Allen [of Compton Dundon] [probably the Thomas Allin Chr. 1754 s.o. John and Jane]

In 1787/8 Thomas Allen (various spellings Alin, Alling) started paying rates on the property called Wood Close or 'James' wood ground' previously owned by Mr. James. He paid the rates until 1802. In August 1772 a Mr. Allen was paid by the OOP, alongside Mr. Vagg, for having paid the fees to (forcibly) marry William Periam.

DD\BR\ho/32 Land, orig. belonging to Haymes of Baltonsborough, passing ultimately to Allen of Compton Dundon. Copy wills, John James of Butleigh, 1724; Samuel James of East Harptree, gent., 1748; Jacob James of East Harptree, maltster, 1767. (?)

The William and John below were not local and described as Sojourners at marriage, and of the two it was John who founded the large Butleigh dynasty of Allens.

1) William Allen possible deaths in 1839 (Mar Q 10/367 Wells) and 1841 (Mar Q 10/361 Wells)

A one month old infant James bur. 9 Jun 1822 Butleigh is probably also a child of this family.

From 1822/3 - 1825 the rates payable on the property of Joseph Warr/Wade/Ward were paid by W. Allen. The rate assessments of 1827, 28 place William in a cottage described as 'Garden – Curtis's' paying 7d. A Mrs Allen at Warr's house paid a rate of 1s 4 1/2d in 1827 and 1828 for her cottage – possibly William or John's mother? The William Allen who was Overseer of the Poor in 1833/4? seems to have been a bit incompetent since the OOP had to reimburse him as late as March 1835 for payments he had made but not claimed for as Overseer.

In 1841 Jane, a labourer, lived in Southover, Wells, with her three sons but on the census in place of Charles there was a daughter Charlotte b. 1834 [enumerator's mistake for the same person?]. The widowed Jane was a 'coal haulier' as were her sons [though Joseph was additionally called a pauper] when they lived in Southover, Wells in 1851. A James Parsons and Jane (b. 1821 Butleigh) lived in Southover, Wells in 1851 and Jane is probably the daughter of William and Jane Allen (James Parsons was also a coal haulier in Southover in 1851). There is a marriage St. Cuthberts Wells 9 Dec 1839 between James Parsons s.o. George Parsons and Jane Allen d.o. William Allen.

An Emily Jane Allen died in Wells reg. dist. in 1856 (Jun Q 5c/381 Wells). Nfi - though a married Charles of the right age (but pob Wells) lived in Silver Street in 1861 and from then onwards.

2) James Allen b. 1818 Butleigh, labourer [possibly the James above]

In 1881 James lived with his sister Jane Rolls (b. 1814 'Canterbury, Kent,' widow) at 11, Tucker Street, Wells. This seems to be the same Jane Rolls (dob. given as 1827 Butleigh). # See under Roles.

3) John Allen Chr. 20 Oct 1787 Shepton Beauchamp, labourer, s.o. Silas and Ann Allen, d. 30 Sep, bur. 5 Oct 1861 Butleigh (Dec Q 5c/395 Wells) 41W-17, 51W-41, 61W-64

This family must have arrived in Butleigh before 1811 and appear first on the 1841 census in Butleigh Wootton. Kezia had previously married Joseph Blacker in Butleigh 19 Aug 1839 (Sep Q 10/623 Wells). # John's cottage and another two tenements were assessed in 1827 and the rateable value was £3 on which a rate was paid, and again in 1828, of 10d in the pound.

The Allen's address is identified as 'Garden Allottments' in 1851. By then Ann had married the Butleigh shepherd George Turner in Butleigh on 3 Jul 1845 (Sep Q 10/743 Wells).# Jemima had married Samuel Bee Wilton (b. 1819 Street) in 1847 (Dec Q 10/773 Wells) and they lived in Street (she died in 1869). At the Glastonbury Great Market of 1854 John was presented with £2 by Sir Alexander Hood for 48 years service at Butleigh Wootton.

Harriet, a servant, had worked at 1, Redcliffe Parade West, Bristol in 1851. In 1861 she was a housemaid in High Street, Street - the home of Alfred S. Clark, assistant manager of Clark's shoe factory. She married wheelwright Henry John Stevens in 1859 (Dec Q 5c/1046 Frome) and thereafter they lived in Butleigh Wootton where Harriet died, childless, in 1881. #

Mary died in 1857 and widower John is shown living together with his housekeeper daughter Martha in 1861. Martha married George Andrews in Butleigh on 11 Jul 1861 (Sep Q 5c/923 Wells), # and John died in October of that same year.

Eliza became 'under nurse' at St. Audries House, West Quantoxhead [home of the Hood family] in 1861 where she remained, still single, in 1881 and 1891. She is probably the Eliza who was buried on 15 Jul 1911 (Sep Q 5c/573 Wells) Butleigh.

3a) Frederick Allen b. 1813 Butleigh Wootton, labourer, s.o. John Allen, bur. 18 Feb 1873 (Mar Q 5c/439 Wells) Butleigh 41W-17, 51W-41, 61W-64, 71W-87

In 1841, after their marriage, Frederick and Jane lived with her parents, Thomas and Charlotte Higgins, and were still with them in 1851. By 1861 they lived on their own with four of their children, next door to Frederick's father John and sister Martha. Their son Frederick Isaac died in 1862 (Sep Q 5c/325 Wells) and was buried 23 Jul 1862 (Sep Q 5c/325 Wells) Butleigh. In 1871 the family lived at or near Broadway Farm and Jane's widowed mother Charlotte Higgins lived with them. Jane worked for Charles Maidment and won prizes for her length of service, at the Annual Glastonbury Market in 1864 - she received £1 for 26 years service. Frederick died in 1873 aged 61. In 1881 Jane lived on with her mother and just Edwin of her children. Shortly afterwards, in Butleigh on 14 Jun 1883 Jane married Joseph Blacker. # Harriet married the carpenter and grocer Francis Collett (b. 1846 Coln) in Butleigh on 8 Apr 1869 (Jun Q 5c/881 Wells) and they then lived in Coln St. Aldwin, Gloucs. where they were visited in 1871 by cousin Caroline Higgins. # In 1911 the widowed Harriet lived in Coln St. Aldwyn, Fairford, Glos. with her spinster daughter Alice Maude Collett (41).

3a1) James Allen Chr. 5 May 1839 Butleigh Wootton, labourer, bur. 2 Jun 1913 (Jun Q 5c/582 Wells) Butleigh 41W-17, 51W-41, 61W-64, 71W-87, 81W-105, 91W-118, 01W-142

It is possible that Elizabeth Greenland is the 'Ellen' Greenland who was a servant on the Maidment Farm in 1861.#

In 1871 James and Elizabeth lived next to his parents in Butleigh Wootton. By 1881 a further child had been added to the family, Harry. In the PR Ernest Albert is credited as the son of James and Elizabeth but on the censuses always appears with William and Anna, as their son. James appears on the 1885 electoral register in ButleighWooton at No. 12. In 1891 the house was still numbered 12. On census night Elizabeth was in Wells helping her daughter-in-law Alice, who had just had a child. James worked for Charles Maidment for over 40 years and regularly won prizes for his length of service.

Arthur Frederick was involved in a case of 'mistaken identity' when a case was brought before Axbridge Petty Sessions in May 1887. At he time he was a police constable stationed at Chew Stoke and was brought up to answer a complaint from Jane Browning a single woman of Downside, Wrington who sought to recover £3 5s being 13 weeks arrears of maintenance for her illegitimate child upon an order registered in the Worship Street Metropolitan Police-Court on 6th June 1882. The order had been issued in the name of John Hallam then of Stoke Newington. PC James of Butleigh said that James Allen had left Butleigh in 1878 when he joined the Somerset Constabulary and was sure the defendant had never been in the Metropolitan Force. Case dropped.

Arthur married Alice Webb (b. 1869 Numpnett) in 1890 (Jun Q 5c/981 Clutton) and in 1891 was a Police Officer living at Glastonbury Rd., Wells. On census night they had their first child, Ernest (4 months, b. Coxley), sister-in-Law Mabel Webb and Arthur's mother Elizabeth with them. By 1901 he was a Police Sergeant at Brook Street, Cannington, with wife Alice and four children and in 1911 at Rodway Hill, Cannington. Frederick married Kate Bessie Caines (b. 1872 Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset) in 1899 (Sep Q 2b/1168 Alverstoke, Hamps) and in 1901 they lived with their 6 month old daughter Dorothy in Nelson Place, Lymington, Hampshire where Frederick was Foreman in a corn store. Emma Jane married chemical works labourer Fredrick Giles (b. 1875 Hadley, Salop) in Butleigh on 13 Sep 1898 (Sep Q 5c/814 Wells) and they then lived in three rooms in Wombridge, Shropshire in 1901, where they were visited by sister Harriett. #

By 1901 James and Elizabeth lived alone. Elizabeth (Eliza) died in 1911 aged 75 and James died in 1913 aged 74. Harriett, unmarried, was visiting her sister Emma Giles in Wombridge on census night in 1901. At age 48 she married bachelor John Vigour in Butleigh on 24 Dec 1913 (Mar Q 5c/889 Wells). # The Wells Journal 19 Jan 1905 reported that Harry Turner gardener of 8, Woodland Street, Mountain Ash was summoned to show cause &c and despite the conflicting evidence an order of 2s 6d per week was made until the child attained the age of 14.

On the 1911 census James lived in 5 rooms at 12 Butleigh Wootton with his unmarried daughter Harriett, son Frederick [cowman] and the latter's wife Kate plus their children Vera (9, b. Lyminston Hants), Cecil (3, b. Hook, Hants), Stanley (2, b. Lee on Solent Hants) and Marwood (7 months, b. FairOak Hants) and a child Gwendoline (6 b. Burnham Somerset). On the census James claimed to have had 5 children only (suggesting the PR parentage of Ernest is wrong) and Harriet claimed a child (still living) too. Frederick and Kate claimed to have 6 living children, their first Dorothy presumably visiting relatives in 1901.

3a1A) Harry Allen Chr. 17 Nov 1872 (Dec Q 5c/565 Wells) Butleigh Wootton died 1 Jan, bur. 5 Jan 1935 (Mar Q 5c/520 Wells) Butleigh (as Henry) 81W-105, 91W-118, 01-146

Harry was a general labourer in Butleigh Wootton on both 1891 and 1901 censuses. Despite his status Harry married Fanny Hood and they lived in Looks Farm/South Wootton House. Mrs. Allen was involved in a few court cases – e.g. for dismissing a gardener on the spot in 1906 [usually decided in her favour – and The Bath Chronicle reported 22 Aug 1907 that James Weaver of Butleigh was brought before the Glastonbury Police Court because he had threatened the Hon. Mrs. F. S. Allen, daughter of the late Lord Hood, [on 13th August] demanding money which he felt was owed him after the sale of some property. She related how the defendant had molested her and attempted to strike her and her child – she went in fear of her life. He was bound over in the sum of £50 to keep the peace for 12 months and the constable at Butleigh was 'to keep an eye upon him'. Fuller and more lurid account in Wells Journal 22 Aug 1907. On the 1909 electoral register Henry Allen lived at Broadway Lodge, Butleigh Wootton and qualified as elector as owner of Houndswood. On the 1909 and 1911, 13 electoral registers, Fanny Sophia Allen was recorded as being allowed to vote in County elections.

On the 1911 census they lived at 'Kennels House, Butleigh Wootton', and recorded that they had been married 16 years and had a son Arthur living with them, and two other children were recorded as being deceased. In Kelly's Directory of 1919 their addresses are given as 'The Kennels House' and 'Houndswood'. Western Gazette 27 Mar 1936 – Cooper and Tanner advertised the sale of the contents of Houndwood with many antiques etc. on 1st April 1936. Widowed Fanny and her son Arthur lived at South Wootton House on the 1939 Register, both living off private means.

Arthur gave a talk on St. Leonards church to visitors there, reported in the Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette 20 May 1939 [mistakenly given middle name Wydville]. Kelly's Directory of 1939 lists the Hon. Mrs. Henry Allen at South Wootton House.

When Fanny died the Western Daily Press reported 6 Oct 1945 that she left £34,263 15s 7d gross with net personalty of £30,389 19s 9d. Arthur died at Lodge Hill Rd., Burrow Inche, Lower Bourne, Farnham, Surrey. He never married.

The obituary for Harry, with a fanciful pedigree, appeared in the Western Daily Press 4 Jan 1935 and was as follows:

DEATH OF MR H. ALLEN OF BUTLEIGH. The death has occurred after only a few hours' illness of Mr Henry Allen (62), of South Wootton House, Butleigh, Glastonbury. Mr Allen was descended from a family which came from Brittany with William the Conqueror, and became Hereditary Grand Seneschals Scotland. They later settled in Dorset, near home the Hood family. Many of the family served in the Navy and Army, two them becoming Admiral Allen and Viscount Allen. Mr H. Allen married a daughter of the late Lord Hood of Avalon, who, with son Mr A. W. Allen, survives him. Mr Harry Allen, as he was generally known, was well known in sport, particularly cricket, and had been invited to represent Somerset on the cricket field. The funeral takes place at Butleigh church on Saturday.

3a2) William Allen b. 1844/5 Butleigh Wootton, shepherd, labourer, bur. 24 Apr 1912 (Jun Q 5c/564 Wells) Butleigh 51W-41, 61W-64, 71W-87, 81W-105, 91W-116, 01W-142

William lived with his parents until 1873 when he married Anna Difford (on the PR she is called Emily at her children's baptisms). By 1881 they were living in Back Lane, Butleigh Wootton with their four children but Anna died that year. Willaim appears on the 1885 electoral register in Butleigh Wootton at No. 4. In 1886 William married the widow Elizabeth Higgins (née Martin) who, with her late husband William, had been a neighbour at Rowley Cottage in 1881. She gave her pob and age wrongly on the 1891 census but it was correct in 1901. William Allen appearson the 1889/1890 electoral register at 29, Butleigh Wootton. William worked for Charles Maidment for many decades. He appears with his son Ernest Albert on the 1911 census. William died in 1912.

Jesse and Maurice both left for London where they appeared working together in Chelsea in 1901, - at 49, Little Cadogan Place - with Jesse as coachman and Maurice as valet. Ann also seems to have found employment in London at that time, at 38, Rutland Gate Court, Westminster, as a housemaid. Jesse appears in 1911 working as a chauffeur living at 1, Spa Cottages, Tonbridge Kent. He stated that he had been married 8 years but had no children.

3a2A) Ernest Albert Allen Chr. 20 Dec 1873 Butleigh Wootton, labourer, died 3 Oct, bur. 8 Oct 1934 Butleigh 81W-105, 91W-116, 01W-142

Ernest, his wife and first-born child occupied four rooms in Wootton village in 1901 [No. 13 according to the electoral register]. In 1911 Ernest and Beatrice are recorded as living at 13 Butleigh Wootton with their 6 children plus Ernest's father William. They list that they had had a further child that had died, and Doris later died in 1914. On the 1939 Register Beatrice now Mason lived with her new husband at 27, Butleigh Wootton and son Leslie D. Allen, the latter as labourer at Militia Camp.

Ernest became a soldier in WWI. Vita married railwayman Albert James Trott (b. 1895 Shepton Mallet) in Butleigh on 26 Sep 1931 (Sep Q 5c/967 Wells). Horace, a postman, married Vera Dawes on 7 Dec 1946 and died in 1993.

Lilian married Edmund Evan Burrough in 1925 (Sep Q 5c/927 Wells) and her daughter Sybil married Stanley Hallett in 1951.

Beatrice Ellen Mason died at Home Farm Butleigh Wootton,

3a3) Edwin Allen Chr. 9 Nov 1856 (Dec Q 5c/585 Wells) Butleigh Wootton, labourer, shepherd 61W-64, 71W-87, 81W-105, 91W-118, 01W-141 Photo

Edwin appears on the 1885 - 1895 electoral registers in Butleigh at 13, Butleigh Wootton. In 1891 Edwin and family lived in four rooms at No. 13 Butleigh Wootton. On the 1896 register Edwin was at 20, Butleigh Wootton. By 1901 their dwelling in Wootton was somewhat larger. Children Jane and Harry appeared in the 1906 Butleigh Revel. Wells Journal 12 Aug 1909 William Allen and Frederick Lovelace pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour by fighting at the cross roads – fined 2s 6d and 4s 3d costs each.

In 1911 the address is given as 20 Butleigh Wootton (4 rooms) and Edwin and Mary lived with sons Albert and Henry.

Jane married labourer Herbert Stanley Rayes in Butleigh on 9 Feb 1912, Reg. 1911 (Dec Q 5c/997 Wells). # Alice Maud married Frank Rice in 1908 (Dec Q 5c/1030 Wells) #

Emily emigrated to Australia where she married fish auctioneer Joe Incigneri and their eldest son they named Edwin. Her parents and some siblings later followed her to Australia. An E. Allen of Butleigh was reported as wounded in WWI [Western Times 11 Apr 1917].

3b) Isaac Allen Chr. 11 Sep 1814 Butleigh Wootton, Officer in the Grenadier Guards, s.o. John Allen, d. 25 Dec 1857, bur. 1 Jan 1858 Butleigh [1857 Dec. Q 11a/208 Merthyr Tydfil?]

Isaac is possibly the person staying in East Quantoxhead in 1841 (with his uncle Robert). In 1851 Isaac lodged in Portman Mews, Marylebone and was described as a Grenadier Guard private. Delilah was the cook at Eades Farm, Butleigh, in 1851. Isaac died in December 1857 and was buried in Butleigh on Jan 1st 1858 - his death is not recorded in Somerset and the only record that fits is the one above.

Delilah was absent from the 1861 census but is the Delilah Allen aged 49 who appeared in 1871 at Weston Super Mare, where she was cook at "Southernwood". Her birthplace was then given as Twerton and she described herself as unmarried. She was a widow and servant living at Court Lodge in 1881, as housekeeper to John Turner and may be the Delilah aged 73 found in Shepton Mallet Workhouse, a pauper, in 1901.

4) William Allen b. 1799 East Pennard, farmer [s.o. William and Sarah Allen? Only a Stephen Chr. 16 Jun 1799 East Pennard]

William farmed Harwood Farm, of 118 acres, in West Cranmore in 1841 with children James, Elizabeth, Sarah and John and was still there in 1851. In 1851 on census night, Elizabeth visited her uncle Thomas Whitehead at Witheral, East Pennard, William was also there. In 1858 (Jun Q 5c/959 Shepton Mallet) she married William Seward Bown (b. 1828 West Cranmore) and they lived in East Pennard.

In 1861 James stayed with his brother Charles in Silver Street, Wells, while Sarah lived with her brother William in West Bradley.

In 1871 James was a lodger with William (a carpenter) and Jane Rolls at 9, St. John Street, St. Cuthbert, Wells. Jane Rolls was also Butleigh born (1827 and was surnamed Norman? - married twice? - see also (2)). #

Sarah Ann married the farmer George Bennett in 1860's and lived at Chancellor's Farm, Wanstrow at which time her brother Joseph Allen (b. 1845 West Cranmore) also lived with them in (1891/1901).

5) William Allen Chr. 23 Nov 1800 Old Windsor, Berkshire, butler, s.o. James and Mary Allen 51W-39

William, a widower, was the butler at Wootton House in 1851. Nfi

6) Roderick P. Allen [additional information restricted to family]

Moved to “The Cottage” St. James' Square in July 1987. Son Stuart left to work in Germany in computers. Millennium entry.


1) Alfred Alsop b. 26 Apr 1834, Chr. 6 Jul, Newbury, Berks., butler, s.o. George and Sarah (nee Gough) Alsop, d. 1907 (MarQ3a/187 Hendon) 71-81

Alfred was the (unmarried) butler to W. F. Neville at the Vicarage in 1871, the son of George Alsop (b. 1796) a tailor, and his wife Sarah, of Northbrook Street, Newbury, Berks (1841).

In 1851 he had been Page to James Horne at 5, Grosvenor Crescent, Belgrave, St. George Hanover Sq., Middlesex. Two of his older sisters, Mary Ann and Eliza also worked at the house as nurse and under nurse. When his employer James Horne moved to 18, Wellington Court in Ramsgate, he took Alfred with him as butler, and his sister Mary was also taken, as cook. After taking up the position as butler with the Rev. W. Neville in Butleigh in 1871. Alfred married Harriet Lawrence in Kensington, 1873 and in 1881 they appeared at 6, Chichester Place, Paddington, London - by which time he was a licensed victualler.

In 1891 he was a Hotel manager and they lived at Shelgate Road, Battersea. In 1901 Alfred, widowed, lived at 42, Kingsley Rd, Willesden, and he was listed as a Coffee House manager.


1) Lawrence Alwood

The forename is difficult to read in the PR Mavrioli/Lawrence/Maurice – all being attempts to divine what was meant!


1) John Amys of Butleigh

DD\X\PC/1 Bond by Jn. Amys of Butleigh to the Dean and Chapter of Wells, that he will allow the Dean and Chapter to present to the vicarage of Burnham upon any voidance. Recites deed of even date between sd. parties granting the sd. vicarage to Amys 1633


1) Dr. Edmund Anderdon Chr. 24 Jan 1743 Bridgwater s.o. John and Mary Anderdon], d. 15 Aug 1832 Queen Square, Bath aged 89 [Bristol Mercury 18 Aug 1832]

Dr. Anderdon was paid by the OOP for 'curing' Thoms Periam in 1781/2. Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette 13 Dec 1787 refers to Mr. Edmund Anderdon, apothecary, being elected to a member of the Common Council at Bath and on 21 Oct 1790 reported his election as sheriff there. Elected as Magistrate in 1825 [Morning Post 5 Oct 1825].

DD/S/BT/20/6/5 1] Betty Hare of Somerton 2] Edmund Anderdon of Somerton, surgeon Lease for 21 years of a messuage in the market place, Somerton with a shop, Still house and Fishers gardens. Rent £14.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1767.



[Andoe, Indoe] DOC

1) Joshua Andow Chr. 4 May 1777 Walton, shoemaker, s.o. Christopher and Jane (nee Adams) Andow, bur. 18 May 1861 (Jun Q 5c/400 Wells) Butleigh 41W-17, 51W-40

Joshua Indoe's wife received 8/- from the OOP in June 1798 and monthly until October 1798 when they were noted as 'Joshua Ando wife and child. They received this amount monthly and in 1800 the Overseers received £2 13 0d from Walton Parish on their behalf. In December 1800 the OOP paid 12/- for Joshua's wife and children to be carried to Walton where they must have remained since in May 1802 the OOP paid £10 1 0d to the Walton overseer James Whillor for looking after Joshua, his wife and children. The family returned to Butleigh by 1803 and in January the OOP paid Mr. John Reynolds £1 13 0d for the 'bill for Joshua Indos instructing Volunteers'. Again in May 1804 the OOP paid £1 17 0d to Serjant Andow the balance due to him to Lady Day for instructing the Butleigh Volunteers. In Oct 1819 Joshua was paid 1/4d for mending a pair of shoes for Rowley's daughter (OOP). His shoe bill was paid I March 1720 by the OOP. In Jan 1826 Joshua Andow's wife received 2/- from the OOP, and again 8/- in Feb and 6/- in March (could be the son's wife below). A Joshua Ando was paid 8/9 for making Shoemarck's shoes in Nov. 1833. The OOP paid his Poor rates in Oct 1834. They paid the Poor rates again in April 1835 (could be for the son).

Their daughter Ann married William Grant of Pilton in Butleigh on 7 Feb 1826. Their oldest son John, (described as of Keynsham on PR), died three years later in 1829. In 1841 Joshua and Joanna lived in Butleigh Wootton with just their grandson William. Their son Joshua was absent from the 1841 census. Harriet married blacksmith Samuel Hooper on 18 Apr 1839 Street. Joshua's sister Virtue (Chr. 30 Jun 1763 Walton) married John Sealy (viz). Joshua [could be his so Joshua] won a prize of £1 from Lord John Thynne for producing the greatest quantity of honey from his bees at the Blandford Agricultural \society meeting [Dorset County Chron. 23 Dec 1847].

After the death of his wife in 1846 Joshua snr lodged with widow Elizabeth Gill in Wootton (1851), where she was described as a Parish pauper, who he then married in 1851. She died six years later in the Wells Union Workhouse and Joshua moved to East Lane, Street where he lodged in 1861 on census night with Edward and Elizabeth Fowler. He died a few months later.

1a) Joshua Andow Chr. 20 Jan 1803 Butleigh Wootton, cordwainer, bur. 1 Nov 1880 (Dec Q 5c/351 Wells) Butleigh 51W-41, 61W-63, 71W-87

The family must have been in Keynsham in 1835 and Pilton in 1838 and in 1841 were in Trevethan, Monmouthshire. By 1851 they lived in 'Garden Allottments' Butleigh Wootton. His first wife Elizabeth, Butleigh-born, had died in 1829 as had a son John, and Joshua had married again sometime between then and 1835. Samuel married Elizabeth Star on 3 Aug 1853 at Cheddar. On the 1861 census the family lived in Wootton Village and Joshua was by then a grocer and his daughter Elizabeth a schoolmistress.

Joshua's son Alfred Alexander married Elizabeth Wilkins (b. 1832 Hudsbourne Tarrant, Hants) in Butleigh on 5 Jan 1860 (Mar Q 5c/913 Wells) and in 1871 they lived at the School House, Wellesbourne Hastings, Warwickshire with their son Alexander (b. 1863 Crawford, Northampton).

After his wife's death in 1869, Joshua lived alone in Wootton and was again described as a cordwainer, dying in 1880. Elizabeth Ann married the mason George Blinman (b. 1830 Dinder) in 1863 (Jun Q 5c/997 Wells) and they lived in Dinder over next few decades and she died in 1917. Alfred Alexander lived with his widowed sister Elizabeth Ann Blinman in Dinder in 1911, described as widower and retired schoolmaster, he died on 15 Oct 1919 (Dec Q 3a/387 Barnet) at 66, Queens Ave., Finchley aged 86 but was buried 20 Oct 1919 Butleigh.

1a1) William Isaac Andow Chr. 9 Feb 1823 Butleigh Wootton, gardener s.o. Joshua Andow, died 1891 (Sep Q 5c/300 Wells) 41-17

William was the illegitimate son of Elizabeth Isaac, his father's first wife and appeared in Butleigh Wootton in 1841 with his father and step-mother. He emigrated to Tasmania from London on 5th Nov 1841 on the vessel the 'Indian' which arrived on 6 Apr 1842 at Launceston, a week after the 'Arab' containing Uriah Williams' family from Butleigh. He eventually returned to England over a decade later and married Elizabeth Meaden Brooks in 1855 and in that year kept an Inn at Weston super Mare [letter to Uriah Williams in Australia in 1855 – LETTER] by 1861 lived in Baltonsborough with her and their two children. Their son Charles died as an infant and was buried in Butleigh. By 1871 they had moved to Street House Lodge, Street, and by then had five surviving children. By 1881 William was in Leigh Lane, Street with wife Elizabeth and four children. In 1891 he lived in Millfield Lodge with Elizabeth and sons Harry and Walter. He died in 1891 aged 68.

A son of William's, George B. Andow (b. 1866 Dinder) became head of shipping at C & J Clarks and his obituary in their monthly news sheet [Nov.-Dec 1943] refers to his death on 2 Oct 1943 in Weston Super Mare. He had started his career at Clark's aged 13, in the Stock Room and was noted for his beautiful handwriting and courteous manner. Music was one of his chief interests; he was for many years a pillar of the Street Choral Society, of the Church Choir and also the Factory Operatic Society. He retired in 1932 after 52 years service.

1a2) Samuel Andow Chr. 7 Jun 1829 Butleigh, groom, died 1904 (Mar Q 5c/338 Wells)

In 1851 Samuel was a visitor in Cheddar where he gave his place of birth as Butleigh Wootton. He married Elizabeth Star (b. 1826 Draycott) in 1853 (Sep Q 5c/994 Axbridge). In 1861 he was a gentlemans servant living at Cottage, Main Road, Rodney Stoke with five sons all born there. By 1871 they lived at 2, Boyces Cottages, Priests Row, in Wells with five children. Samuel lived in 3 rooms at 2a, Priest Row, St. Cuthbert, Wells in 1881 with his wife Elizabeth and three children. He died in 1904 aged 75.


a) Henry Andrews

A Henry Andrews was buried 30 Sep 1663 at Maperton and a Judith Andrews was bur. 29 Nov 1679 at Maperton. Henrye was having children there from 1622 and this could possibly be this couple.

1) John Andrews– a major ratepayer from 1715 >

A John Andrews was detained for three days in 1747 and Thomas Callow was paid for holding him in custody and going to Shapwick. John Squier was paid for waiting with John Andrews before the justices at Somerton. (OOP)

2) James Andrews [see next for possible burial]

Two children baptised and one buried on the same day!

3) James Andrews b. 1737 bur. 16 Feb 1818 Butleigh aged 81

A James Andrews [this or previous – if not same?] paid rates in 1775/6 and 1776 for part of Blenman's which then was paid by James Ayers. His wife Jane had had three illegitimate children which bore the Blenman surname. In 1777/8 James Andrews pad the rates again until 1783 and in 1783/4 (OOP) referred to as late James Andrews [left the property or No. 2?].The mother Jane was born 1746 making her 56 when the last child was born, which seems improbable. Possibly a child of the son James and a clerical error in the Parish Register/Bishop's Transcript. 1/6d paid to James Andrews in Mar 1817 (OOP) could be to this or the next James.

Jane married James Young of Axbridge in Compton Bishop on 7 Sep 1825 and they appear in Moor lane, Axbridge on the 1851 census with three daughters.

DD/S/BT/23/7/15 Account of money due from late James Andrews to the executors of Lord Glastonbury. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1838.

3a) James Andrews b. 1775, Chr. 26 May 1777 Butleigh, stone mason, pauper, s.o. James and Jane Andrews, died 1855 (Jun Q 5c/419 Wells)

In Oct 1808 the Overseers paid James Andrews' bill of £5 1 10d for work done on Mary Hodges house. It was probably this James whose children received 15/- from the OOP in Jan 1810, £1 in Feb..and further payments until September 1810. His house rent was also paid in 1810 and 1811 (called James junior). In 1811 the OOP paid James Andrews bill of £5 1 10d for work done on Mary Hodges house. A James received assistance from the OOP in March 1813, James, wife and child received 12/- in April 1813. Paid £1 18 7½d for supplying stone for the privy at the Poor House (OOP). His rent was paid again in 1813 then again in 1817. Jos Andrews was ill in Dec 1819 and rec'd 9/- possibly meant for Jaa =James. James and his sister began paying rates on 'Whiteland' – later called 'Water Lane' in 1819 and were still paying in 1828. In 1824 they had started paying rates also on 'Late Rowleys' property. In a rates assessment of 1827 a cottage was rated as being occupied by James (Joserror) and James Bryant (at £5 4 8d on which they paid 4/4d).

Jane Andrews Chr. 1809 was born 1803 and married 7 Sep 1825 Compton Bishop James Young of Axbridge. They lived in Axbridge 1851. Still there in 1861 Children Charlotte b. 1826, Harriet b. 1828, Elizabeth b. 1832, John b. 1835, Ann b. 1837and Esther b. 1840.

James Andrews or wife received money from the OOP several times in Jan/Feb 1820. $/- received for their sick child [Susanna] being ill in 1820 and 3/- rceived in April from the OOP towards burying her. James' bil of £1 18 2½d for work on William Wheller's house was paid by the OOP in Jan 1822. In March 1831 Grace Andrews received 5/6d for shoes and 2/- assistance in April. In August 1831 James Andrews received £1 in distress. In May 1832 the Overseers paid for a warrant concerning James and in June paid him 2/6 in his illness.

James and Grace lived in Walton in 1841 and in Godswell Lane, Street in 1851. James died in 1855 and Grace died in either 1856 or 1858.

3a1)? James Andrews [Chr. 13 Jul 1800 Butleigh] b. 1801 Somerset, stone cutter, died 1851 (Mar Q 10/380 Wells) bur. 8 Feb 1851 Butleigh 41-13

At marriage the groom's abode given as Butleigh. The couple appear at Spring Gardens in 1841 with 10 year old Caroline Martin who is probably a servant rather than a relative (she was such in Wells, in 1851). After James's death in 1851, Elizabeth moved to Oddway, next to Bethel Cottage, where she looked after seven year old Seth Callow, on census night 1851. Elizabeth lived alone in 1861 and 1871 at Oddway and on the latter census she was described as a 'Monthly nurse'. She died the following year aged 72.

4) James Andrews b. 4 Sep 1795 Kingsdon, labourer, s.o. George and Mary Andrews, died 1868 (Mar Q 5c/407 Wells) bur. 11 Jan 1868 Butleigh 41-4, 51-36, 61-58 DOC

The Gooden/Goodings were a large family and in Butleigh since at least 1816 when Ruth's brother Thomas married Amey Penney.

In 1841 the couple lived in Butleigh village where James was an agricultural labourer. Their son John was absent in 1851 but surfaced in Winchester St. Thomas Barracks, Hamps in 1861, married to Martha. He was a Colour Sergeant. In 1871 they lived at 108, Upper Mornington Lane, Lambeth, London with four young sons and John was listed as a Police Court messenger.

James and the rest of the family appeared at Barton Stone Corner in 1851 with George a farm labourer, William a shoemaker and Elizabeth a National Scholar. Their mother Ruth died in 1851. In 1861 James and George still lived at Barton Stone, with Elizabeth who was now a bookbinder. James died in 1868 aged 73.

William had married Jane Connock in 1860 (Sep Q 5c/881 Shepton Mallet) and was a labourer at Prospect Place, Shepton Mallet in 1861. # By 1871 he was a warehouseman there, and had four children, and the number further increased by 1881. William died in 1888 (Sep Q 5c/277 Shepton Mallet) aged 55.

Elizabeth is probably the Eliza who was housemaid at Northfield, Orchard Neville, Baltonsborough in 1871. She married the gardener Edwin Spear (b. 1841 Sandford) in 1871 (Sep Q 5c/971 Wells) and in 1881 they lived at 3, Church Lane, Baltonsborough with their four children. By 1901 they lived at Sturminster Marshall, Dorset.

4a) George Andrews b. 1830, Chr. 8 Feb 1831 Butleigh, labourer. bur. 9 Jul 1883 (Sep Q 5c/315 Wells) Butleigh 41-4, 51-36, 61-58, 71W-85, 81W-106

George married Martha in 1861 and they lived in Butleigh Wootton where their daughter Fanny was born in 1862. In 1871 she appeared with her parents, still in Butleigh Wootton. She seems to have been their only child and the couple were on their own on census night in 1881 while their daughter visited her cousin in Bristol in that year. This was at 4, Lower Bedford Place, St. James, Bristol, Gloucester, the home of her cousin Harriet, the wife of Abel R. Peters (a relieving Officer). # She was there described as a 'Dress and Haut/c Hatter'. George died in 1883 aged 50 and Martha in 1891 aged 71. Fanny was 'living on her own means' in four rooms at Moorhouse in 1891. She was oddly described as 'sister' on the census! She died in 1945 and was bur. 21 Jun 1945 Butleigh.

5) James Andrews b. 1782 Wincanton possibly the James Chr. 19 Oct 1781 Wincanton, s.o. Thomas and Sarah Andrews, buried 4 Mar 1859 Butleigh (Mar Q 5c/463 Wells) 51-31

James was possibly related to Matilda Andrews since they both originated in Wincanton and in 1851, as a widower, he stayed in Fore Street with Sarah Richards, a shopkeeper like Matilda.

6) John Andrews

No other detail on this family – though a John Andrews married a Hannah in Brent Knoll in the 1780's.

7) Matilda Andrews b. 1801 Wincanton, died 1858 (Sep Q 5c/354 Wells) 41-6, 51-25 DOC

Matilda appeared living in 1841 with Edward Callow (b. 1776) and Frederick White (b. 1834). Her profession was that of shopkeeper. She was witness to the wedding of Stephen Ryall Callow in April 1844 in Butleigh. Edward Callow died in 1847 (Mar Q 10/435 Wells) and he may have been a relative. The fact that Seth Callow was cared for by Elizabeth Andrews in 1851 suggests that these Andrews families were related and linked to the Callows. Certainly there is a link to the White family through Matilda's sister Catherine. In 1851 Matilda lived, as unmarried sister-in-law with Charles White and his wife Catherine nee Andrews (b. 1813 Wincanton) plus their five children (including the above Frederick). Matilda died in 1858 and the Whites left Butleigh, eventually settling in London. #

8) Thomas Andrews Chr. 31 Dec 1818 Templecombe, labourer, s.o. William and Elizabeth Andrews, bur. 16 Apr 1879 (Jun Q 5c/402 Wells) Butleigh 51-33, 61-58, 71-79

Thomas gave his birth year as 1823 but the above baptism seems most likely. His father was a farmer at Abbas Combe. This couple appeared in Dumb Lane in 1851, without any children, having married in 1849. Elizabeth had appeared with her grandmother (?) in Dinder in 1841. By 1861 they were in Oddway with three children and shared their dwelling with the Blackers. A daughter Eliza was born in 1865 but died in 1867 (Dec Q 5c/369 Wells) aged 3. The family were in Barton Stone in 1871 with Alfred and Louise. Thomas died in 1879 aged 59. Francis is called Frank in 1871 and was visiting his uncle Henry Blacker # in Wells. He married Hester Mayne (b. 1851 Priddy) in 1879 (Jun Q 6a/198 Barton Regis) and he appears in 1881, a gas fitter, living at 7, Parkway, Wells, together with his mother Elizabeth, and a baby William James. In 1891 Francis was an Innkeeper at 1, Tucker Street, Wells and lived there with Hester and four children but died in 1894 aged 39.

At the Glastonbury Great market of December 1890 a prize of £1 went to Elizabeth Andrews for maintaining herself without parochial relief. Age unclear 69 or 89 but must be this Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was back in Butleigh by 1891 and there in 1901, at 20, High Street, living alone and working as a charwoman. She died in 1909. Louisa was a dressmaker who lived alone in Oddway in 1881. She married the mason George Harvey in Butleigh on 5 Feb 1883 (Mar Q 5c/799 Wells). #

8a) Alfred Andrews Chr. 7 Sep 1851 (Sep Q 10/490 Wells) Butleigh, bur. 15 Oct 1921 (Dec Q 5c/491 Wells) Butleigh 61-58, 71-79, 81-100, 91-127, 01-135

Alfred was an agricultural labourer and lived with his parents up to the 1871 census. He married Ann in 1872 and in 1881 Alfred and Ann lived in Barton Stone identified on the 1891 census as No. 62, Barton Stone (in four rooms) – on the 1885 electoral register it was simply Oddway but on the 1890 register it was 62, Oddway. Ann died in 1893 aged 46 and Alfred by then lodged in the High Street [1892 electoral register] where in 1901 when he was described as a cattleman (living in three rooms). He appears living alone on the 1911 census in Butleigh as a cowman aged 57 and died in 1921 aged 70. In 1895 Alfred won a premium of £1 at the Glastonbury Great Market for working 32 years on the farm of Robert Gane. [Bristol Mercury 10 Dec 1895]

9) Ernest Andrews Chr. 19 Jan 1862 (Mar Q 5a/247 Sturminster), Todber, [Marnhull] Dorset, cowman, s.o. William (b. 1836) and Caroline (b. 1834) Andrews 01-137

Elizabeth Ann's father John was a farmer at Wryth, Pylle in 1861. In 1881 Ernest was living at Colemans, East Knoyle, Wilts. with his parents, William and Caroline, plus siblings. He and his father were both dairymen. Ernest and Elizabeth married in 1885 and as can be seen from the children's birthplaces, the family were quite peripatetic In 1891 they were at Lainsbury Lane, Breamore, Hamps and another child Lilian Minnie b. 1889 Compton Dundon (Jun Q 5c/380 Langport) was included (nfi - seems to have been a twin - died?). Ernest and his family are found in 1901 living at Cornishes in Butleigh. Ernest appeared in a court case [Wells Journal 14 Dec1905] where his brother, of Water Street, Butleigh, had sued his employer, Farmer Millard of Park Farm for £1 11s Michaelmas money. The brother isn't named - on the 1871 census his brothers are Alfred b. 1869 and Herbert b. 1870 – a brother Henry J. was b. 1874. The case was adjudged in favour of Millard and costs against Andrews but Millard gave the plaintiff £1 [sovereign] towards the payment since he had brought the case on a matter of principle.

In 1911 Ernest and family lived at Over Compton, Sherborne, Dorset where Ernest and his sons were cowmen on a farm and his daughter a milkmaid. William had appeared as an Acolyte and Page in the 1906 Butleigh Revel.

10) Elizabeth Mary Andrews b. 1870 Shrewton [Tilsed], Wilts. parlourmaid, d.o. James (b. 1840) farm labourer, and Sarah (b. 1841) Andrews 91-118

In 1881 Elizabeth Mary and her parents and six siblings had lived at Quebec, Upton Lovell, Warminster, Wilts. They had been there also in 1871 when her father was then a carter. Elizabeth was in service at the Corner House, High Street in 1891.

11) Henry John Andrews Chr. 8 Sep 1850 Butleigh illegitimate son of Eliza Andrews from Street.

No further information on Henry or Eliza - neither appear on the 1851 census, though Henry could be the Henry George Andrews who died in 1851 (Mar Q 10/381 Wells)?

12) William Andrews b. 1865 Stower Row Dorset, cowman, dairyman

On the 1901 - 1905 electoral registers William lived at 3, Compton Street. In 1911 this family lived at Lower Farm, Bishopstone, Swindon, Wilts. No baptism nor birth registered for Mary in Butleigh. William stated that he had had 8 children of which 7 were still alive. However two other children were born in Butleigh to a William (Dairyman/Cowman) – see above in red – Eva Emma and Mary must be the same child. Eva married William C. King in 1937 (Mar Q 5a/68 Swindon).

13) Norman (Harry) Andrews b. 11 Jun 1911 [Norman Harry b. 13 Jun 1911, died 1977 (Sep Q 23/1257 Taunton Deane)

On the 1939 Register William and Mary Harding lived in Butleigh Wootton with Norman who was a groom.

14) Kenneth Andrews

Uncertain records. Wife Jean was born in Butleigh Hospital. Family arrived early 1930's father worked for squire as carpenter, later for Forsey's.


1) John Anger Chr. 26 Dec 1818 Glastonbury St John s.o. Thomas and Elizabeth (nee Marsh)Anger

In 1851 Mary was called Maria pob North Wootton dobs 1816/1818. Lived in Glastonbury 1861. In 1871 ran the Rifleman's Arms. In 1881 in Chilkwell St., beerhouse keeper, widow. Son James b. 1848 Glaston. Marriage not found.



1) William Appleby Chr. 3 Dec 1797 West Pennard, gardener, s.o. William and Amy Applebee, died 1877 (Dec Q 5c/377) West Bradley aged 80.

The pair, Rhoda and her daughter Elizabeth, lodged, in 1841, in Compton Street with Esau Jacobs and family. Her husband William appeared, farming at West Bradley, in 1841 with three of their other children. In 1851 Rhoda appears together with her husband William, a gardener, in Plot Street, West Bradley, Wells with sons Edmund and Job, and daughter Elizabeth - a glover, and granddaughter Ketuzah (b. 1849 Baltonsborough). In 1861 the parents lived with just their granddaughter 'Kituza' and by 1871 they were alone. Other children may also have existed.

1a) Rhoda Appleby Chr. 10 Dec 1826 West Pennard, bur 16 Nov 1841 West Pennard 41-7

Rhoda was a servant at the house of William Tucker in 1841. She died aged 15 in West Bradley but was buried in West Pennard.

2) Sarah Applebee b. 1818 Butleigh, married Silas Grant 1843 (Mar Q 10/671 Shepton Mallet) #

Possibly the Sarah Chr. 25 Dec 1818 Barton St. David, d.o. Peter and Hester Appleby – father a labourer.

3) Edward Appleby b. 1822 West Pennard 61W-63

An Edward Appleby b. 1822 in West Pennard appeared in Butleigh Wootton in 1861 and is possibly the Emanuel Edward Applebee Chr.11 Jan 1824 West Pennard, labourer, s.o. Emanuel and Sarah Applebee.

4) William James Appleby b. 1884 (Dec Q 2a/46 Chertsey) Byfleet, Surrey, farm labourer, s.o. William and Sarah Appleby

In 1911 William lodged with Mary Jane Purchase at 59 Butleigh. In 1891 - 1901 he had lived with his parents in Northchurch, Herts.


1) Roy Charles Appleton b. 23 Mar 1928 (Jun Q 2b/891 Fareham, Hampshire), d. 2001 (Aug 7263A/A14/123/801 Yeovil) Butleigh

Moved to the newly built “Homeleigh”, Baltonsborough Road in 1971. Roy worked for the Shapwick Wireless Depot. Millennium entry.


1) John Applin [d. 17 Oct , bur. 20 Oct 1739 Glastonbury]

First mentioned in 1718 when he took in Robert Looke as an apprentice and appears in 1723 - 31 paying rates for part of 'Coxes' land in South Moor. In 1737 John (Applen) again paid rates on Coxes land.

State Paper Office SP41/5/44 Information of John Applin stockingmaker of Glastonbury concerning disaffection against the King. Whereby on April 30th Benjamin Taylor said that,"King George was a usurping King and that in a little time he hoped to see him sent home to his own country to sow turnips' Date: 1716.


1) Millie [Amelia] Apsey b. 1879 (Mar Q 5c/403 Langport) Compton Dundon, Chr. 16 Jun 1886 Compton Dundon, domestic help, d.o. John and Mary Jane Apsey 01W-142

In 1881 Amelia lived with her farmer father and mother in Littleton, Compton but by 1891 the family had moved to North Cadbury. In 1901 Amelia, called 'Millie' was 'help' at the "Broadway Inn", Butleigh Wootton, run by farmer Henry Swanton. By 1911 she was a servant at Abbey Farm, Baltonsborough. She was buried 19 Apr 1929 North Cadbury aged 50.


1) Kenneth Graham Argent b. 19 Nov 1949 Butleigh Hospital s.o. Ernest and Joy (nee Culliford) Argent.


1) James Armstrong bur. 11 Jun 1732 Butleigh

This family's early records fall into the Butleigh Parish Record gap which lasted until 1714. James Armstrong appears in the churchwarden's accounts from 1696 to at least 1714 and is noted as having killed 1 fox, 3 polecats and a hedgehog in that time. In 1705 and 1706 the Armstrongs were amongst the poor receiving money from the Dyer Symcockes bequest (Hester), and James received money from both Rocke and Symcockes bequests in 1707, 08 and 1709. In 1710 he received Symcockes money plus cloth. By 1711 his rent was paid and he received money 'in his want' as well as Symcockes money. The same in 1712 and 1713 plus he rec'd money at several times 'to relieve him in his sickness'. His house rent was paid 1714-32 (specified that it went to Thomas Colmer in 1716) and he received clothes, shoes, wood and grain occasionally. In 1723-4 the OOP account mentions 'and family' – suggesting that he had children other than those appearing in the PR burials. In 1731 the OOP paid for wood for James Armstrong plus his house rent and his rent was paid again in 1732. In 1733 the rent was paid for Hester Armstrong his widow.

A Sarah Armstrong of Butleigh married John Cooke # in Charlton Mackrell on 22 Sep 1732 - James' daughter? They named their first son James.

The Hester Symes buried 27 Apr 1718 Butleigh could well have been Hester Armstrong's mother.

1a) James Armstrong b.c. 1714 [probable son of (1)]

Elizabeth was probably the d.o. Thomas and Elizabeth Creech (vicar of Butleigh) though they seem to come from different social levels.

Arkman - see Acreman


A) Sir John Arnold - witnessed several Butleigh wills in the 1540 – 50's, probably also the John Arnot appearing in the will of John Talbot 1548 and Johan Gregory 1550. As John Arnalde mentioned in the will of Philip Guppy 1557.

B) George Arunall appears in the will of Avice Kytes in 1555.

1) Richard Arnold/Arundell

In the Registers the name is sometimes written Arundell. Daughter Maria married Thomas Wills in Butleigh on 8 Feb 1616 #. Richard was in receipt of Poor relief in 1606, 7, and 1613.

2) Thomas Arnold Chr. 30 Jul 1838 Bath, shoemaker, s.o. Thomas and Eliza Arnold, died 1884 (Mar Q 5c/392 Wells)

The Arnolds lived in Benedict Street, Glastonbury in 1861. Their sons Frederick and Arthur were born in Glastonbury but Christened in Butleigh. Arthur died as an infant in 1864 (Jun Q 5c/425 Wells). In 1881 the census states that Eliza was blind. The family lived at that time in 9, Mill Street, Baltonsborough where four of the couple's last five children were born. Thomas died in 1884 aged 47. In 1891 Martha lived in Martins St., Baltonsborough with Eliza and three younger children. By 1901 Martha lived solely with Eliza in Baltonsborough. Frederick married Susan Golledge (b. 1862 West Bradley) in 1895 (Mar Q 5c/671 Wells) and was a mason in Baltonsborough by 1901. In 1911 Martha and Eliza were still in Baltonsborough, Martha doing laundry work and Eliza doing no work.

3) William J. Arnold b. 15 Aug 1911 horse hair drawer – appears at the Butleigh Hospital as a patient on the 1939 Register.



1) Jeremiah Arthur b. 20 Feb 1781 Woolavington, tailor, s.o. Francis and Mary (nee Clatworthy) Arthur, died 1863 (Mar Q 5c/511 Wells), bur Woolavington 20 Jan 1863 61-48

In 1841 Jeremiah lived in Woolavington as a tailor with wife Mary and three of their children. In 1851 they lived alone and after Mary's death Jeremiah went to live with John Clatworthy Arthur in Butleigh, his son [1861]. In 1851 Philip Arthur was a journeyman baker and lodged with Elizabeth Classey, baker, at Beulah House while Frederick, a bricklayer lived with his brother John but in 1851 (Sep Q 10/483 Bridgwater) he married Susan Stokes (from Cheddar) and then lived in Puriton, where he died in 1900. # In 1861 Philip was a labourer in Puriton.

1a) John Clatworthy Arthur Chr. 25 Oct 1807 Woolavington, tailor, bur. 3 Sep 1886 (Sep Q 5c/321 Wells) Butleigh. Son of Jeremiah Arthur (1)? 41-10, 51-24, 61-48, 71-72, 81-94

The family appear in the High Street at Perriams Cottage [called Late Periams on 1846 electoral register] between 1841 and 1881. Rebecca's widowed mother Ann Cook lived with them in 1851 but died a month after the census in April. Also living with them was Frederick Arthur, John's brother from Woolavington (1-a). A Philip Arthur (1-3) from Woolavington also lodging in the village was another of John's brothers.

Francis, the oldest child died in 1853 aged 22 (by falling from scaffolding round Kingweston Church which was under construction) and his brother Edmund died in 1859 aged 25 but not before having married three years before (2a). A visitor in 1851 was Susan Stokes who later in the year married Frederick Arthur (above - 1-2). Herbert had also married - Sarah Baker, in 1855 (Dec Q 5c/1049 Wells), but emigrated. They left for South Australia on the “Gilmour” together with Sarah's parents, John and Harriet, arriving on the 3 Jul 1857. They moved to the Mt. Gambier area of South Australia where they ran a Temperance Hotel. Sarah's father was really Thomas Baker but when he died and his brother John's wife died, John had married his sister-in-law Harriet.

In 1861 John Arthur and Rebecca had only their two sons John and Thomas at home plus their young daughter Rebecca, born 1852 and Christened on Whit Sunday. Hiram lodged next door with Charles Dyer. John and Rebecca were visited by John's father - Jeremiah Arthur (67), a widower and tailor from Woolavington (1). In 1863 Jeremiah died followed shortly after by John's son William, aged 27. John's two daughters were both in service far away;

Maria was a 'Young Ladies maid' at Patshull Hall, Staffs [Earl of Dartmouth's residence] and Ann was a servant at St. Johns House, Norfolk Street, St. Clement Danes, Westminster. Maria married the Fairford (Glos) carrier John Clinch in Butleigh on 2 Jun 1864 (Jun Q 5c/1000 Wells) and thereafter they lived together in Patshull, Staffs. By 1881 they had moved to 43, Lydford Rd., Paddington where Rebecca visited them. By 1901 they had returned to Staffs - to Tettenhall.

Rebecca died in 1869 and in 1871 John Arthur, widowed, now lived alone and remained so in 1881 and until his death in 1886. John appears on the 1885 electoral register in Butleigh at Butleigh Street [High Street].

Hiram must have moved first to Wales where he married a Welsh girl Caroline Charlotte Holmes in 1867 (Dec Q 11a/286 Newport), They then moved by 1871 to Kensington Town, London, where Hiram was a harness maker. They were still there in 1881 but by 1891 Hiram, widowed, but still a saddler, lived with four children and his sister Rebecca in Edgeware Rd., Paddington. Hiram married again in 1893 (Dec Q 1d/1854 Woolwich), his new wife Ellen Bailey had been born in 1845 in Jaulnah, India. Hiram's daughter lived in Butleigh in 1911 – see No. (2) below, while Hiram and Ellen were still at 405, Edgeware Rd.

John jnr emigrated to Australia around 1862 and married Ellen and Thomas may have gone too since he disappears from the censuses and a Thomas Arthur is recorded as emigrating to Australia.

Rebecca, together with her sister Ann, were general servants in Colyton House, Devon in 1871. Rebecca was in Paddington in 1881, living with Maria (who was married to the unemployed John Clinch) and as stated above, in 1891 Rebecca lived with her brother Hiram in Paddington - and she was still there with him in 1901.

Ann became a nurse at Eveline Hospital, Borough Road, Southwark by 1881. In 1891 she was a 'professional nurse' living at 52, Marine, St. Leonards, Hastings and in 1901 she was a nurse at 50, St. Peter St., Tiverton, Devon. The only members of the Arthur family who therefore remained in Butleigh were the children of Edmund (b. 1860), the son of John's son Edmund.

In 1911 Rebecca and Annie lived together with niece Florence Arthur (b. 1879 Bayswater – see (2) below) and nephew Mervyn Arthur (b. 1904 Kingston, Surrey) at 56, Barnfield Rd., Exeter, Devon running a business offering furnished apartments.

1a1) Edmund Arthur Chr. 10 Mar 1834 Butleigh, labourer, bur. 9 Dec 1859 (Dec Q 5c/405 Wells), Butleigh, son of John and Rebecca Arthur 41-10, 51-24

Edmund married Charlotte Lye in 1856 but died in 1859. In 1861 Charlotte Arthur was left, after three years of marriage, with two children and they all three lived with her brother William Lye (b. 1835) in Water Lane. Charlotte married again, to James Richards in 1866, and in 1871 the children, plus William Lye and Charlotte's mother Harriett all lived together in Oddway. Charlotte died in 1878.

The birth of her son probably caused the death of Eliza two months later and he too died very shortly afterwards - 1880 (Dec Q 5c/352 Wells) aged 0.

1a1A) Edmund Francis Arthur Chr. 27 Jul 1860 Butleigh, shoemaker, son of Edmund and Charlotte Arthur, died 14 Oct, bur. 17 Oct 1935 (Dec Q 5c/509 Wells) Butleigh 61-60, 71-76, 91-122, 01-136

Edmund became an apprentice shoemaker in Orchard Row, Street (with George Griffin) in 1881. He married Clara in 1885 and Edmund appears on the 1885 electoral register in Butleigh at Quarry lane. In 1891 Edmund and family lived in four rooms at 54, [Sub Road]. On the 1896 electoral register [absent for previous years] Arthur was at Oddway. The family had moved to Butleigh High Street by 1901 by which time son Francis was then a telegraphist and Robert a baker. Edmund and all his children took part in the Butleigh Revel of 1906. On the 1909 electoral register Edmund Arthur lived at 40, Water lane.

In 1911 Edmund, Clara, Francis, Robert, Maud and Amy still lived together in Butleigh, at No. 39 [5 rooms]. On the 1914 electoral register the address was 40, Water Lane. Francis was a carpenter and Robert a baker working at the Co-op. Tom was a servant at Nimpnett Vicarage, Chew Stoke, West Bristol in 1911.

Francis (Frank) was a casualty in WWI. Tom, then a soldier, married Mina Haimes in Butleigh on 24 Feb 1916 (Jun Q 5c/855 Wells) but do not seem to have had children, and Maud Mary married soldier Francis J. P. Burge of Portsea in Butleigh on 27 Jun 1916 (Jun Q 5c/855 Wells) – also no children recorded. Amy Blanche married carpenter Albert Talbot in Butleigh on 1 Aug 1921 (Sep Q 5c/955 Wells). #

1a1Ai) Robert Arthur b. 15 Feb, Chr. 8 Apr 1888 (Mar Q 5c/513 Wells) Butleigh, baker, confectioner 91-122, 01-136 PHOTO

The couple were living at 24, High Street at the time their son was born and still at No. 24 for the electoral register. In 1911 Maud had lived with her parents in Weston and her occupation given as 'Photography'. On the 1939 Register Robert and Maud lived at 1, Aline Road, Bristol. Ivo and Edna appear on the 1939 Register at 64, Heyford Avenue, Bristol and later had two sons, Michael (1940) and Alan (1944).

2) Minnie Jane Arthur b. 23 Jun 1871 (Sep Q 1a/97 Kensington) Bayswater Hospital trained nurse, d.o. Hiram and Caroline Arthur (above)

In 1911 Minnie (single) was a visitor at the home of Richard Ryall in Butleigh. She worked on her own account. She was a hospital nurse on the 1901 census. On the 1939 Register she was a 'retired nurse' at 4, Francis Almshouses, Exeter living with sister, retired chemist assistant Florence R. Arthur b. 2 Jan 1879. Both were single.


1) Edward Ash b. 1842 Somerton, stable-boy 61W-64

In 1861 Edward worked on the farm of Charles Croom in Wootton. Probably the Edwin Chr. 9 Nov 1841 Somerton, s.o. John and Caroline Ash – the latter's father was a labourer.


1) George Ashbyappears in OOP accounts Oct 1821 receiving 6d in distress. Nfi


1) George Ashell b. 1823 Chedzoy, farm labourer, s.o. Joseph and Mary Ann Ashell 51W-39

George lodged with Robert Wake in Wootton Back Street in 1851. Nfi .


1) Elsie Ashford servant at Corvyle 1912 – 1914+ appears in the case against Isabel Katherine MacAndrew in 1914 in the latter not paying for her National Insurance contributions. Possibly the Elsie A. Asford b. 24 Jan 1894 – in 1939 on the Register in Frome.

2) Charles Ashford Chr. 5 Apr 1874 Witham Friary, s.o. George and Eliza Ashford, bur. 17 Feb 1967 (Mar Q 7c/127 Bridgwater) Butleigh

Charles had lived with his parents at New manor Cottages in Witham Friary. At the birth of their first child Charles was a platelayer with the Great Western Railway. He and Patience appeared 'travelling in area – Bath') in 1901 with two infant daughters [both born Bedminster). Charles was by then a tramway labourer. Charles died aged 93 at Northgate Lodge, Bridgwater after Patience had died aged 80 at High Street Butleigh. The family were living in Swindon by 1911 where Charles worked at the G. W. Railway Works. By then they had three more daughters and a son in addition to Evelyn.

3) Flight Lieut. Ashford R.A.F. His furniture and effects were sold at the Estate Yard Buildings, Butleigh [to where they had been removed for convenience] on the 22nd Oct 1949 as he was leaving the village. [Wells Journal 14, 21 Oct 1949]


1) Edward Ashley [Aishley] of 'Taswick' Bath

A Mr. Ashley made a valuation of Chasey's tenement and other lands in Butleigh for William Curtice in 1768 – related? An Ashley family lived in Glastonbury at this time.

This person fathered an illegitimate child by Jane Hockey (the d.o. Thomas Hockey – b. 1748?) and he paid the Overseers of the poor £5 up to the 7th Feb 1775. He paid the Overseers £3 for 60 weeks relief in 1775/6 for the same child. The Overseers had paid the £3 for the period 7th Feb 1775 to 6th Apr 1776. In April 1775 and again in May Stephen Holman went to Bath to apprehend Ashley (Aishley). In April 1776 the OOP paid Stephen Holman and Wm Eades £1 5 0d to apprehend him. In Sep 1776 William Eades received 4 guineas from Ashley in Sep 1776 and the OOP paid it over to John Periam. In May 1777 the overseers paid 3/6d for apprehending Ashley and clerks fees for his examination and expenses. £1 5 0d was paid in June to James Hayden and William Rockes for apprehending him and £3 for keeping his child. This sum was received from him in July 1777. Payments in August and September 1778 include the statement that 'This doth accomplish 7 year from the date of the order paid to Jane Hockey'.


1) Annie Sarah Creighton Ashman b. 27 Sep 1859, Chr. 23 Nov 1859 Methodists, Midsomer Norton, housekeeper, d.o. Philip Ashman, a farmer (of 182 acres) and his wife Sarah. 91-124

From 1871 until sometime after the 1881 census Annie had lived as sole child with her wealthy parents at Waterside farm, Midsomer Norton. Annie then boarded with Henry Pepperell, accountant, at Higher Hill Farm in 1891. Still single, in 1901 she was domestic assistant to the manager in the Union Workhouse, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. Absent from 1911 census.


1) Ernest Askew b. 1860 Edinburgh, Scotland, butler 91W-117

Ernest was the Butler at Wootton House in 1891. Nfi unless the Ernest Fraser Askew b. 1862 s.o. James Singleton Askew and Mary Ann Fraser Mc Leskie.


1) Dr. Henry Edward Cullinan Aslett MRCS LRCP Medical Practitioner b. 3 Feb 1900 (Mar Q 1a/244 Fulham) Hammersmith, s.o. Henry and Mary Aslett, d. 1965 (Sep Q 3b/557 Northampton)

In 1929 Aida lived at Rowley, Butleigh. Henry was a student at Kensington and Chelsea district branch school, King Street, Hammersmith in 1901 where his father was superintendent. His father was born in Portsmouth and surprisingly on his marriage certificate Henry gave his father as being 'Edward Aslett of Sleaford Lincs. (Gent.). In 1911 he had lived with his parents at 3 Walpole Gdns, Chiswick where his father was 'clerk to a public body'. Henry and Aida were childless. On the 1939 Register this couple were at 'Danick' Brockhhall Rd., Flore, Daventry, Northants.


1) John Asten

Surname probably meant for Austin. Unlikely, but just possibly the base son of Mary Austin of Baltonsborough Chr. 13 Jul 1746 Butleigh?

Ateyo – see Atyeo


1) Mr. John Atkins Esq b. 1758, bur. 11 Dec 1840 Ashcott aged 82

From 1816 this person became a proprietor of land on Sedgemoor Common which he rented out mostly to Farmer Crossman and William and Giles Frampton. In 1826 he was identified as John Atkins Esq, though this may be his son by then. John Atkins abode Bristol married to Maria seems to have had twelve children baptised in Ashcott 1808 – 1836, the eldest son being a John Chr. 17 Nov 1809 who died in 1828 aged 19. The last child was the next, Richard White Atkins.

Map\DD\SAS\ C/212/9/15 A Map of Huckham Farm in the Parish of Butleigh In the County of Somerset the Property of John Atkins Esqre. 26.6" to 1 mile. O.S. sheets 52SW; 63NW. Ink and water colour on paper. Lower Huckham Farm, now in Walton parish, but formerly in Butleigh, being on Butleigh Moor, the Butleigh parish allotment on King's Sedgemoor. The major part of the farm is plot 739 on the Butleigh Tithe Map. Fields numbered with reference to a key giving field names and acreages. Total acreage 82. Ditches and gates shown. Fence, etc., ownership indicated. Names of neighbouring land owners given.
Date: 1828

2) Richard White Atkins Chr. 13 Oct 1830 Ashcott, 2nd Chr. 7 Jun 1836 Ashcott s.o. John and Maria Atkins, died 1895 (Mar Q 5b/405 South Molton, Devon) bur. 15 Mar 1895 Romansleigh aged 64

Of the Rectory, Romansleigh, South Molton held freehold land at King's Sedgmoor on the 1884 electoral register – but to poll at Highbridge.

In 1861 Richard was the curate of Bedhampton, Havant, Hampshire and lived there with his wife and sisters Ann and Maria Elinor Atkins.

3) Raymond P. Atkins b. 19 Jan 1949 Butleigh Hospital s.o. Harry and Christina (nee Milton) Atkins.


1) Leonard James Atkinson b. 1926, ashes bur. 17 Mar 1985 (NF) Butleigh



1) Tom Athow? b. 1886 Bournemouth, Hants, farm servant 01W-141

Tom worked for farmer James Burrough in Wootton in 1901. Uncertain surname. An Arthur H. T. Athay b. 5 Dec 1887 of Axbridge?



1) Richard Atyowe appears in the will of Johan Gregory 1550.

2) John Attyeo

The above marriage was witnessed by James Down, the brother-in-law of Sarahhe had married her half-sister Joanna Scott. Sarah's mother Elizabeth had married the widower George Scott in 1785 after her own husband had died and they lived in Butleigh.#

3) Joseph Attyeo carter b. 1821 Huish Champflower s.o. John Atyon/Alyon d. 1901 (Mar Q 5c/267 Langport)

In 1861 this family lived at the Priory, Charlton Adam and in 1871 at Charlton Farm, Charlton Mackrell. The surname confusion appears on the marriage records and also 1861 census (Atchill). A 15 year old James buried 31 Jan 1860 Charlton Adam was probably also a son of this family. Fanny was on her way to Somerton fair on Thursday 16th December 1852 when at the topof Snap Hill on the Kingwestonn Road she met two men who passed her and asked the road to Charlton. She then heard steps behind her and one of the men caught he round the neck; she screamed murder, while the other pushed something in her mouth and gagged her. He then took out a white handle knife and swore he would kill her. They then took the reticule basket which she had in her hand containing eight half-crowns, 5s and 7½d in coppers and made off into the wood close by. She alarmed people in the neighbourhood on the road to Charlton and F. H. Dickinson Esq set up a search for the men – but they were not found but the basket was later found in the wood. [Wells Journal 25 Dec 1852]. At a later date two men were identified by Fanny in Bridgwater Gaol – James Riley, 28 and Thomas Trainer, 30 and charged with highway robbery. The only evidence against them was Fanny's identification but they were found guilty and Riley was transported for 15 years and Trainer for 10 years. Riley exclaimed “ My Lord, you have transported two innocent men”. Riley was transported to Western Australia on the 'Stag' on 2 Feb 1855 arriving with 224 other convicts on 23 May 1855. Thomas Trainer is possibly the Thomas Skinner transported on the same ship – also convicted at Bridgwater.

3a) Joseph Attyeo Chr. 14 Dec 1853 Butleigh, labourer, s.o Joseph (b. 1819 Huish) and Frances Attyeo, died 1916 (Dec Q 5c/439 Taunton)

Joseph and his parents lived at Charlton Mackrell in 1871. By 1881 aged 27 he had married but was already widowed and still lived with his parents. He then married Emma Jane Tewkesbury in 1881 and by 1891 they lived at Lytes Cary with daughter Beatrice (9 months). By 1901 Emma and the children were paupers in the Wells Union Workhouse - Joseph [Ateyoe] was living alone at 5, Stacey's Yard, West End, Street. Reginald was living with his mother, Beatrice and George at 2, Stacey's Yard, West End, Street in 1911. On the 1939 Register at Sheppey in Kent [51 Preston, Queens Road) Reginald lived with his wife Gladys M. (nee Arnold) b. 29 Oct 1898. They had married in 1921 at Windsor.

3) Floyd T. Atyeo driver [Ateyo in Western Gazette 18 Jun 1943]

4) Mavis Lorna Atyeo b. 11 Dec 1945 Butleigh Hospital d.o. Lance Sergeant A. and Lillian (nee Newton) Atyeo – sister for Maureen.


There are many spellings of this name and the surname Wooll is another variant (or alias) – see DD/S/BT/4/2/3-4, 12/1/1 – in 1675 in the Overseers accounts it mentions Joane Wooll 'otherwise Atwell'. Because of the 1677-1714 gap in the records and other missing pages in OOP and CW accounts not all ends can be tied up and so far some of the below is speculative.

1) Thomazine Atwool married Butleigh 8 Jul 1583 Peter Abbott #

2) Agnes Atwolas bur. 22 Nov 1589 Butleigh

3) Thomas Atwool bur. 8 Jan 1597 Butleigh

4) John Atwooll senior (mostly called Wooll) bur. 23 Jun 1607 Butleigh

Agnes married William Turnor in Butleigh on 13 Nov 1622.# John received poor relief in 1606 (8d).

4a?) John Atwool bur. 6 May 1618 Butleigh

It is possible that the 1618 burial refers to the son of John 'the elder' and that Isabell was a second wife of that John and Richard his son. John received poor relief in 1614. A John received Poor relief in 1613.

5) Elizabeth Atwooll bur. Dec 1630 Butleigh

6) Richard Atwool? bur. Apr 1629 Butleigh

7) William Atwool tanner, buried as William Wooll Dec Butleigh1636?

1631 Ilchester Sessions case brought: Uppon complainte made unto this Court by one Christofer Gould that whereas he havinge benn reteyned in the service of one William Atwell of Butley by the space of five yeares and halfe and the said William Atwell havinge turned him the said Gould out of service, and uniustly and fraudilently deteyninge of his wages from him not givinge him quarter[ly] waminge, whereby the said Gould is now destitute of service, and gretly impover- ished through the uniustly deteyninge of his said wages ; yt is therefore ordered by this Courte that the Overseers of the poore of the said parishe of Butley shall provide for the mayntennce of the said Christofer Gould as for other the poore of the said pishe of Butley untill the said Willm Atwell shalbe ordered by this Courte.

DD/S/BT/4/2/3 - 1] William Colmer of Butleigh 2] William Wooll or Atwooll of Butleigh, tanner Assignment of 9a arable newly-inclosed from West field part Peckham lease (1557) and assigned to him by Jane Colmer. Rent 3s.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1629.

DD/S/BT/12/1/1 - 1] Thomas Estmond of Butleigh and William Wooll or Atwooll of Butleigh, tanner 2] Jonathan Fox of Kingweston, husbandman Assignment of 3a arable on Southernhill, Butleigh part Peckham lease (1562). [Tied together with DD/S/BT/12/1/2-4]. [Somerset Archive Date: 1634.

Margaret married Thomas Arnold? (unc. Surname) in Butleigh on 29 Nov 1621.

7a?) William Atwool bur. 13 Nov 1657 Butleigh 'the elder' ?

A Dorothie Wooll wife of William was also buried 25 Jan 1640 Butleigh – uncertain which is which. Maybe her husband was the William Wooll bur. 1636.

DD/S/BT/6/8/1 1] William Atwell of Butleigh husbandman 2] Peter Abbot of Butleigh husbandman Assignment of 2a at Austin pitts, Butleigh. Endorsed with 1683 assignment to John Reynolds. 1656

7b?) Gilbert Atwool Chr. 27 Feb 1597 Butleigh [no father given]

DD/S/BT/4/2/4 - 1] John Seaymor the elder, husbandman, and wife Elizabeth of Wootton, Butleigh 2] Gilbert Wooll or Attwooll of Wootton, Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of 1/2a arable called Purwinckles part Peckham lease (1556) to John Seaymour decd. Rent 2 peppercorns Date: 1647. Same as Cutbert below?

C 6/203/72 Short title: Rocke v Jacklett. Plaintiffs: John Rocke and John Rush. Defendants: Edward Jacklett, Mary Batt and Gilbert Wooll. Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset.Document type: two bills, two answers. 1657

DD/S/BT/6/9/1 1] Gilbert Atwell or Woll of Butleigh Wootton, husbandman 2] William Atwell or Woll of Butleigh Wootton, husbandman Assignment of 1.5a of arable adjoining William's mother Frances Atwell's house in Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1562). Endorsed Look 1803 Date: 1660.

8) Henry Atwool, bur. 21 Dec 1639 Butleigh as Henry Wooll

This seems to have been a poor family and several of the 'children' appear in the Overseers' accounts receiving relief, on several occasions being paid together, proving their relationship. Margaret received relief in 1687, and in 1688 a full years relief, and rent – she lived together with Dorothy and Joan then. In 1689 she received rent and clothes. A whitell (cloak), clothes, shoes and assistance in her sickness. She was buried in 1691 Butleigh at the expence of the overseers (OOP). Joane received rent and a pair of shoes in 1674, and rent in 1875 (where she is called Wool otherwise Atwell). In 1676 she received rent and was carried to Thomas Abbott's house. She received rent in 1677 but not mentioned in 1678-9. From 1680 – 1700 she received further relief but in 1700 died after a long period of sickness. (OOP). Dorothy received relief from 1683 – 1711 during which time she was often sick and was buried Butleigh 1711 (OOP).

DD/S/BT/6/9/1 1] Gilbert Atwell or Woll of Butleigh Wootton, husbandman 2] William Atwell or Woll of Butleigh Wootton, husbandman Assignment of 1.5a of arable adjoining William's mother Frances Atwell's house in Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1562). Endorsed Look 1803 Date: 1660. See next

DD/S/BT/7/2/1 - 1] Francis Attwooll of Butleigh, widow 2] William Attwooll of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of a half acre of arable in Butleigh East field.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1662. See next

8a?) William Atwool

William appears in the Overseers accounts for 1695 when his arm and hand were cured by Dr. James Periam jun. He also treated Dorothy Atwool's arm that year.

According to the 'Marriage Licences in the Diocese of Bath and Wells' William Atwell of Butleigh yeoman sought licence to marry Edith Jacklett of Butleigh spinster aged 27 whose parents consent at Charlton Adam/Butleigh/Kingweston on 16 Nov 1687 – probably the son.

DD/S/BT/5/3/2 - 1] Dorothy Estmond of Chestocke, Dors and son Thomas Estmond 2] William Attwooll of Kingweston Assignment of 1.5a inclosed in East field, Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1562). Rent 1s. Endorsed Gould 1758.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT Date: 1649. A different family or William?

DD/S/BT/6/8/1 1] William Atwell of Butleigh husbandman 2] Peter Abbot of Butleigh husbandman Assignment of 2a at Austin pitts, Butleigh. Endorsed with 1683 assignment to John Reynolds.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1656.

DD/S/BT/4/5/16 - 1] John Webb of Butleigh 2] William Wooll or Attwooll of Butleigh, husbandman Lease for lives of 1a lyd ar in East field, Butleigh. Rent 6d and one fat pullet. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1664-1665. (this William?)

C 6/54/108 Short title: Atwooll v Atwooll. Plaintiffs: William Wooll (alias William Atwooll). Defendants: William Wooll (alias William Atwooll), Ralph Sansome, John Holeman and Henry Pope. Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset. Document type: bill, answer. 1670 (father v. son, or against 7a?)

8b)? Christopher Attwooll fl. 1687 – 1722, d. 1722.

A Christopher appears first in 1687 when the Overseers took a warrant out against him. In 1692 he replaced Margaret and lived with Dorothy and Joan, their rent being paid together. From 1692 – 1701 Christopher is only mentioned once, when paid in 1694 for fetching the Coroner to Butleigh. From 1701 Christopher (he is once called Cutter) & family or wife received money from the Rocke and Symcockes bequests and occasionally poor relief in their sickness until 1713. This Christopher may be a son of the former Christopher. In 1712 Christopher's children were 'cured of the itch' by Dr. Strode. In 1714 a coat and a 'change' was made for Atwool's maid but no more mention of Christopher or his wife. Mention of a Christian Attwood in 1709 is probably a mistake for Christopher. In 1719 - 22 Xtopher Attwool received relief, house rent and money in his sickness. In 1722 the OOP paid for his coffin and burial, plus bread and beer for the wake.

DD/S/BT/6/9/3 - Bond by Richard Abbott and Elizabeth and Christopher Attwool to keep covenants. [DD/S/BT/6/9/1-6/9/10 tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1700.

DD/S/BT/11/1/29 - 1] Richard Abbot of Charlton Adam yeoman and wife Elizabeth, Christopher Attwool of Butleigh, husbandman 2] William Curtice the elder of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of 1a inclosed arable in Butleigh East field.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH Date: 1700.

DD/S/BT6/9/6 - 1] Christopher Attwooll of Butleigh, husbandman 2] William Curtice the elder of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of a house in Butleigh [DD/S/BT/6/9/1-6/9/10 tied together]. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1710.

8x) ? Gabriel Wool

DD/S/BT/11/1/20 1] John Fish of Meare, yeoman, and wife Agnes 2] Thomas Looke of Butleigh, yeoman Feoffment of site of Gabriel Wool's house now pasture, Purwinckles (3a), 2a arable in South field of Butleigh, 3a adjoining Woodsplott and 5a wood in Butleigh. [Tied together] Date: 1678.

9) Grace Atwooll [daughter of Dorothy?] died 1739

Grace may have been a daughter of Dorothy Atwool (or maybe the wife of Dorothy's brother Christopher). In 1703 she was paid for looking after Dorothy and listed together with Dorothy when a coat was bought for her. In 1706 beds and coats etc. were bought for her boys, and she was ill that year. In 1710 Grace's two boys were indentured to James Samson and Thomas Pope. She received rent and shoes in 1714 and was paid for caring for the elderly William Stock, and again in 1715. In 1716 she received 3s 10½d to relieve her in her want. In1717 she received new shoes and money in her sickness. In 1721 she again received new shoes and relief money and in 1722 in addition a change, gown and coat plus rent for her and her family. She was called Wooll that year. In 1723 -28 this situation continued before she received weekly relief in 1729 and in 1730 she and her goods were carried to Knackers Hole house after her case being brought before the justices at Shepton. [Knackers Hole appears on the 1851 census for Butleigh]. In 1731 she received 55 weeks relief and then each year received further relief until 1738. In 1739 she received 15 weeks relief and then Charles King was paid for 'burying Grace Atwell'.

10) Joan Atwool married Thomas Burdham in Butleigh on 23 Jun 1664 #

11) Elizabeth Wool married Christopher Osbourne Butleigh 18 Feb 1671 #

12) John Atwoolla warrant was acquired by the Overseers to carry John to Chedzoy in 1696 and again in 1697. The John Wooll receiving house rent in 1683 may have been Joane above, but in 1707 Joh Atwool was paid £1 7s 4d to make shoes for the poor..

13) Cutbert Atwell bur. 30 Jul 1666 Butleigh

Rose Atwool buried 5 Nov 1734 Butleigh must be this Rose.

14) Edith Atwell bur. Mar 31 1728 Butleigh

An Edith appears in the OOP accounts in 1728/9 for attending Mary Perks in her sickness.

15) William Atwell

On 13 Mar 1719 William, Mary, and Martha Atwooll were Christened - the parents as adults. Martha may well have been a sister or first child. The Edith (8) bur. 1728 may well be a daughter of William and the confusion with mother's names Hannah/Heller suggest a second marriage, if not a third - see next.

In 1728 in the OOP mention is made of William and his wife being taken to Langport and his wife taken there again in 1729. In 1735/6 Mr. Hood and Henry Pope were paid fees for 'marrying William Atwool' and 5 shillings to 'get him married' In 1738 William had his house rent paid. In 1738/9 William was paid by the overseers for informing on certain inkeepers during six examinations of the latter by the justices. In 1741 Thomas Robins was paid to take William and his family to Langport and he received assistance from the OOP in his necessity. Further payments were made by the OOP in 1741 for William's examination over two days and an order to have him removed. Martha Atwool received a new gown and coat in 1721. Martha received 3 shillings during her lying in, in 1736 and 1 shilling was paid at Colonel Pierces for taking her information (OOP).

The mother of Edith seems to read 'Heller' and her birth predates her parent's marriage - if this couple. In a memorandum at the beginning of the OOP book 3 dated 17 September 1742 Edith was apprenticed to Mr. Hamilton. Probably the Edith Atwood who married Henry Hodges Butleigh 24 Dec 1763. In 1735/6 in the churchwarden's accounts are two payments: 3s 6d to Mr. Hood and Henry Pope 'for marrying William Atwool' and 5s to William Atwool to get him married. In 1741/2 Hester and her children received relief before they went onto regular weekly pay. Hester was also paid that year for attending Mary Pollet in her sickness. Mary and Hester probably lived together since their rent was paid together in 1743. Hester's rent was paid in 1744, 1750, 1751/2, 52/3, 53/4, 54/5, 56/7, 57/8, 58/9, 59/60, 1760, 61/2.

A John Atwool was buried 15 Aug 1761 Butleigh and this coincides with the cessation of payments to Esther. In fact the inscription [on fiche] is very feint and it could be Hester!

16) Daniel Atwell appears in the CW accounts in 1743/4 when he was paid for killing 12½ doz. Sparrows.

17) Judith Atwell married James Pollett 17 Sep 1758 Butleigh [another child of William and Hester?]

18) Francis [Frank] Atwell Chr. 29 Oct 1846 Compton Dundon, s.o. George and Mary Attwool, stable-boy, died 1872 (Jun Q 5c/313 Wells) 61W-62

Francis worked at Hill Farm, Wootton in 1861. He died aged only 25 in 1872.

19) Mary Atwell Chr. 16 Mar 1882 Compton Dundon, servant,d.o. William and Jane Atwell 01W-143

In 1901 Mary (single) was in service at Rowley Farm, Wootton. Sister of the next two girls? The Mary Ann Atwool b. 1881 (Sep Q 5c/377 Langport)?

20) Alice Kate Attewell b. 1892 (Mar Q 5c/357 Langport)[b. 30 Apr, Chr. 17 Jun 1894 Compton Dundon, housemaid, d.o. William and Jane Attwool]

In 1911 Kate was a housemaid at the Cottage Hospital and lived in the Superintendent's House (Dr. Knyvett). Her father was a farm labourer.

21) Lily [Nellie] Jane Atwell Chr. 25 Dec 1889 Compton Dundon, d.o. William and Jane Atwell – the Ellen Jane b. 1889 (Jun Q 5c/382 Langport)?

In 1911 Lily was a general servant working in Bramley Street Road, Glastonbury. Lily married in Butleigh 21 Oct 1914 (Dec Q 5c/991 Wells) Robert Charles Davis s.o. Alexander Davis.#

22) Stephen Joseph Edgar Attwell b. 11 Sep 1945 Butleigh Hospital s.o. Joseph Edgar Attwell and wife Irene (nee Derrick) of Cooks Cary Hill, Kingsdon.


see Attyeo


1) John Aubrey b. 12 Mar 1626 d. 7 Jun 1679 antiquarian

John Aubrey visited John Webb at Butleigh Court, who was the recipient of Inigo Jones' drawings, and commented upon his friend's drawing of topographical works.


1) Auriel Elaine August b. Good Friday 19 Apr 1946 Butleigh Hospital d.o. C.P.O. V. August R.N. and wife Betty (nee Cooper) – a sister for David.


Austin see also Asten

Little survives in the records of this family but 'Austin pitts' must be related to them – DD/S/BT/6/8/1 - 1] William Atwell of Butleigh husbandman 2] Peter Abbot of Butleigh husbandman Assignment of 2a at Austin pitts, Butleigh. Endorsed with 1683 assignment to John Reynolds.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1656.

1) John Astine Will 4 Jan 1570, pr. 10 Feb 1570 [Somerset Record Society (SRS) volume 62]

All the above mentioned in the will plus brother Edward and his two sons and Robert Haward. Witnesses: Thomas Jones and John Kno(w)les. John Assten is mentioned in the will of Avice Kytes in 1555. A Walter Austen was having children in Wookey from 1575.

2) Edward Austin/Auston

Edward and his sons mentioned in the 1570 will of his brother John. A William Austin was having children Christened in Baltonsborough; Richard 7 Apr 1582, Stephen 26 Aug 1583, Thomas 25 Jun 1585, John 15 Mar 1588 and Philip 17 Feb 1590 – possibly one of the Williams s.o. Edward or John above. This William buried 11 Mar 1594 Baltonsborough?

3) John Austin bur. 28 Jun 1609 Butleigh

4) George Austin bur. 29 Nov 1665 Butleigh

A Margaret Austen was a ratepayer in 1673 but no connection known to this family.

5) John Austin [possiblyy born before 1714 in Butleigh, or elsewhere?]

A John and Catherine Austin had children Sarah Chr. 19 Jul 1745, Ann Chr. 2 Feb 1747 and Elizabeth Chr. 6 Jul 1748 in Castle Cary – quite possibly this same couple.

6) John Austin Chr. 13 Jul 1746 Butleigh base born son of Mary Austin of Baltonsborough [Mary Chr. 3 Oct 1718 Baltonsborough d.o. Edward and Mary?]

In Baltonsborough Mary Austin had had a base born son Theodore Chr. 2 Dec 1744 , a daughter Mary Chr. 5 Feb 1750 [bur. 6 May 1750] and another son Thomas Chr. 15 Jul 1753.

John is possibly the John Austin who married Sarah Higgens in Baltonsborough 17 Feb 1772. But see also under Asten.

7) William Austin butcher of Baltonsborough b. '1781' [probably the William Chr. 13 Aug 1778 Baltonsborough s.o. John and Sarah Asten] bur. 11 Jul 1849 Somerton aged 71

William was the brother of James Austin (Chr. 13 Aug 1776 Baltonsborough, d. 28 Dec 1831 Tasmania) who was convicted of stealing beehives with his cousin John Earle (Chr. 26 Mar 1778 s.o. William and Catherine Earle) and transported for seven years. He became a great landowner, publican and ferry owner. James Austin became extremely wealthy but never married and was responsible for establishing his nephews James and Thomas Austin who emigrated to Australia in 1825.

An assessment was made in 1827 and again in 1828 for a rate to relieve the poor of 10p in the £1 and William Austin's property was valued at £93 9 8d and he paid £3 17 11. In 1841 this is the family living in Market Place, Somerton with children John b. 1821, Thomas b. 1826, Benoni b. 1826 and Anna b. 1827. None of them appear on the 1851 census. A correspondent informs me that a daughter of Elizabeth and William, Sarah, married Henry Walton and at least two of their children Henry and Lockyer Walton emigrated to Hobart Town in 1854 on the 'Australasia' arriving on 3 Jan 1855. They were sponsored by a John Austin.(who died 1856 Hobart). In his will John mentioned his siblings Abraham, William, Jacob, Thomas and Sarah and nephew Thomas Austin and niece Anna Elizabeth Austin (both in Australia) plus nephews Henry, Lockyer, James and Edwin Walton.

Thomas [see under Millear and Maidment] and James Austin of Baltonsborough emigrated to Van Dieman's land in 1831 with their parents and two other brothers,where an uncle, James Austin, had been transported for stealing bee hives and honey. In Tasmania the family benefited from the uncle's estate, which apparently was considerable. Thomas operated the family's 10,000 acre station on the Ouse, and his brother James bought an inn in Compton Ferry and operated the first New Norfolk stage coach service. In 1836-37 the brothers crossed the Bass Strait and settled in the Geelong region of Victoria. Thomas developed a 29,000 acre freehold estate on the Barwon River, Barwon Park (Winchelsea), eventually becoming a leading pastoralist and prominent citizen in Victoria, and married a neighbour, Elizabeth Harding, who would later found the Austin Hospital in Melbourne and the Austin Homes in Geelong. His brother James established a large freehold called Avalon, and later built a fancy mansion in town, where he operated Geelong's first butcher's shop, served as the town's first alderman, and in 1851 became its second mayor. In 1853 James returned to England, where he was mayor of Glastonbury four times, but he retained business interests in Australia.

[1841 in West Street Somerton – Henry Walton b. 1801, Sarah b. 1811 and Edwin b. 1834 aged 7. In 1851 Henry's dob given as 1796 (pauper formerly farmer) and Sarah b. 1810 Baltonsborough – children Henry Charles b. 1842 (Chr. 5 Mar 1851) , Lockyer b. 1844 (Chr. 5 Mar 1851), James b. 1846 (Chr. 5 Mar 1851) – all Somerton. Edwin was lodging in Teetotal Row, Street and by 1861 was married, still living in Street.]

DD/S/BT/19/3/9 - 1] Thomas Porch of Glastonbury 2] William Austin of Baltonsborough, yeoman 3] Revd George Neville Grenville, vicar of Butleigh Conveyance of orchard (1.0.10) in Batts Lane, Baltonsborough.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1841.

8) John Austin of Baltonsborough [Chr. 24 Jan 1796 Baltonsborough s.o. John and Nancy Austin] [the John d. 1868 (Sep Q 5c/360 Wells)?]

Elizabeth must have died in childbirth and John and Eleanor were having children (eight on the 1841 census, 9 in total) from 1829 in Baltonsborough. John outlived both his wives. On 1846 electoral register for Butleigh recorded as being of Baltonsborough and owning land at Southmoor.

9) James and William Austin of Baltonsborough – both appear on the 1892 register of electors as farming land on Southmoor.

Austwick (Austerwick)

1) Denis Edwin Austwick b. 1926 (Jun Q 1d/1635 Lewisham, London), s.o. William Daniel Austwick d. 6 Sep1989 Butleigh


1) Ernest Reginald Authers b. 26 Apr 1910 (Jun Q 5b/271 Devonport), d. 2003 (7213/W39B/144/1103 Mendip)

On the 1939 Register Ernest and Eileen lived at 10, Dovedale Road, Plymouth with their two daughters. He was a Carpenter at HM Dockyard. Ernest was a resident of Parkfields” in 1999. His wife had died in Exeter in 1988. The couple had two daughters, born Plymouth.


There are still questions to be resolved regarding the early history of this family, in particular the sequence and relationships of the various Philip Averys.

1) John Avery

There were Averys in nearby West Bradley – Johns Chr. 21 Dec 1633, 26 Mar 1635 – but none had a wife Agnes.

2) Philip Avery senior, died 1707

Banns were read for the marriage in March 1655. Philip Avery is listed amongst the commoners in 1672 (two properties) and is a ratepayer from 1673 (between Wm. Colmer and John Kelway) – 1697. In 1686 he was paid by the overseers for taking wood to two poor people and in 1687 for taking on an apprentice, alongside a Rob and William Avery. As ratepayer Philip is joined in 1698 by William Looke Avery and Thomas. In that year he received £8 5s for relieving the Pirkes family for a year but it is also mentioned that a warrant was paid for Philip for a year's distress (for the Pirkes?). In 1699 the rate payers are: Philip (twice – William Looke now a separate entry), Thomas and Philip junior, in 1700 Philip, Philip junior (twice) and Thomas and Philip senior was witness to the accounts. Philip had been Overseer of the Poor 1676,77 and 1692,97 by this date, he was churchwarden in 1687. Philip Averys appear in the churchwardens accounts 1676-1700 and mostly connected with woodwork. One of them was also churchwarden 1686-8 and 1696-7. Philip appears on the list of commoners in 1672. Philip senior died in 1707.

Four Averys, Philip sen and jun and William and Thomas continued to pay rates until 1709 when Thomas was joined by Mary (presumably his wife) and John Avery also begins to pay rates alongside the two Philips and William (the last three listed one after the other).

DD/S/BT/4/5/22 1] John Webb 2] Philip Avery of Butleigh, carpenter Lease for lives of a messuage and 2a, 1.5a ar at Ashmoores brook, 2a ar in East field, 2a at Mountshill in West field, 1.5a at Langley Sheard, 1a at Langley, 1/2a at Mountshill, Butleigh. Rent 15s 4d.. Date: 1671.

DD/S/BT/7/2/2 - 1] John Webb and Katherine Webb of Butleigh 2] Philip Avery of Butleigh, yeoman Lease for lives of Whitlands (5a), 2 closes pasture, 2a arable in Butleigh East field and 2a in West field. Rent 2s. 6d.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS Date: 1696.

DD/S/BT/8/3/1-2 1] Henry Coate of Kingsbury and wife Anne 2] Philip Avery the elder of Butleigh, carpenter Lease and release of Brownswell (6a), Shilfhedge (6a), 1a arable adjoining Stones piece, 2a by highway from New gate, 1/2a in Longhill, 1a south of Clayhill, two half acres and 2a in Butleigh East field. Date range: 1701 - 1702.

DD/S/BT/8/3/5-6 Enclosed copy will (1704) Phillip Avery of Butleigh, carpenter, proved 1707.

Compton Dundon Deeds DD\BR\ho/34 Capital messuage at Compton, orig. belonging to Farewell family of Bishop's Hull, passing to Thomas Trayne of Somerton, merchant, 1735. Marriage settlement, George Smyth and Joan Ham, both of Compton Dundon, 1668. Copy will, Philip Avery of Butleigh, carpenter, 1707

2a?) Philip Avery bur. 3 Dec 1730 Butleigh

Uncertain -son of last and father of next – see also 2a1a!

2a1)? Philip Avery husbandman of Butleigh bur. 2 Jul 1741 Butleigh

Philip's first wife Elizabeth died and Elizabeth, his second wife was the widow of the John Slade buried in Butleigh church (died 1715/6) and had previously been the widow of John Burdham. A property which paid rates in the name of John Slade until 1715 was paid by Elizabeth Slade, widow until 1719 then paid by Philip and Elizabeth Avery until 1724, then by Elizabeth Avery from 1725-1741/2 then by John Slade [in 1745/6 even called late Elizabeth Avery or John Slades]. Another property on which rates were paid by Philip Avery senior seems to be the same Philip and the rates were paid on that property from before 1707 to 1741.

A Philip Avery was paid 10s for his part in taking an Alexander Day to court on behalf of the overseers in 1720. This or next Philip – in 1727 Philip was Overseer to the poor for his wife's estate at Moorhouse. In 1736 Philip was paid for Hannah Blenman's house rent (OOP) and in 1737 for the rent of Margaret Chasey. He was churchwarden in 1738, and received rent for Margaret Chasey and Thomas Pollet. [Philip and Thomas Avery both witnessed the OOP accounts in 1738]. He received rent for Margaret Chasey and Thomas Pollet again in 1740, 41. He was replaced as ratepayer by Thomas Vearing in 1741. In 1732 the OOP paid Philip for having an apprentice.

A Philip Avery who was Overseer of the Poor in 1709 and 1712 may be this Philip.

DD/S/BT/7/2/3 1] John Webb 2] Philip Avery Lease for lives of Callow's messuage, two half acres arable in Butleigh East field, two half acres in West field and 3a inclosed in Butleigh moor. Rent 3s. Endorsed with note that Thomas Veering holds the house for life (1785).. Date range: 1709 - 1710.

DD/S/BT/6/9/7-9  1] William Curtice the elder of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Philip Avery the elder of Butleigh, carpenter Mortgage of two half acres in Butleigh East field. With two bonds. [DD/S/BT/6/9/1-6/9/10 tied together] 1714

DD/S/BT/14/2/10 1] William Curtice the elder of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Philip Avery the elder of Butleigh, carpenter Assignment of two half acres in Butleigh East field.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1714. [See also 14/2/11 Dated 1715/16]

DD/S/BT/7/6/7 1] Philip Avery the elder of Butleigh, carpenter and John Avery of West Pennard, carpenter, administrators of William Avery decd 2] John Rocke of Butleigh Assignment of Henley (3a) in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1717.

DD/S/BT/14/2/13 - 1] Philip Avery the elder of Butleigh, carpenter and wife Elizabeth, widow of George Burdham of Butleigh, yeoman decd 2] Joseph Sticklings of Butleigh, husbandman, wife Joan and Joan's daughter Mary Periam Assignment of house and plot of ground in Butleigh. Date: 1720.

DD/S/BT/8/2/5 - 1] John Slade of Butleigh, yeoman, son of Elizabeth wife of Philip Avery 2] John Rocke and John Gregory of Butleigh Assignment of Dunhill and Hobbses Hill (3a), and Burdham's tenement in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS Date: 1730.

DD/S/BT/8/2/6 1] John Rocke of Butleigh 2] Elizabeth wife of Philip Avery of Butleigh 3] Thomas Callow of Butleigh and wife Ellen, Sarah and Anna Slade, daughters of John Slade deed by Elizabeth 4] John Slade of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of Dunhill and Hobbses Hill, now an orchard, Burdham's tenement, cottage and smith's forge in Butleigh. Date: 1730.

2a1a?) Philip Avery Junior, Carpenter, bur. 18 Nov 1731 Butleigh

It seems that there are THREE Philip Avery's here, two seniors and a junior (?) and one marriage may have been to the younger of the seniors. Philip Avery, identified as 'junior' paid rates from 1699 and alongside Philip Avery senior from 1707 until 1731 and was 'Philip Avery jun deceased in 1732. Son of the last? The property was then rated by the 'occupiers of the late Philip Avery' until 1735 (CW) and 1736 (OOP) when Thomas Avery paid the rates on it. Thomas, Philip's grandson, paid the rates until 1743/4 (the Thomas below) after which the rate was paid by Elizabeth Avery, widow or the property referred to as 'the late Thomas Avery'

2b) John Avery bur. 4 Jan 1730 Butleigh

John paid rates from 1709 onwards to 1726 (absent in 1728)

2c) Thomas Avery blacksmith died 1709/10

Thomas was churchwarden in 1697 and from that date until 1710 he was a ratepayer. Thomas appears 1695 – 1705 mostly connected to ironworking. He paid rates jointly in 1710 with Mary and he then disappears leaving Mary as sole ratepayer – presumably his widow. She was still paying rates in 1727 but was joined by Thomas Avery [to 1733 plus possibly once in 1738]. In 1729 Mary was an overseer of the poor. In 1740 Mary Avery received rent for Mary Abbott. Mary paid rates until 1752/3 when she became the late Mary Avery. Some confusion with the Thomases. The 1727 death is identified as that of the son of Thomas & Mary while the 1743 death definitely refers to the Thomas father of Philip who was grandson of Thomas and Mary?

DD/S/BT/11/1/28 1] John Chasey the younger and John Chasey the elder of Butleigh, yeomen 2] Thomas Avery of Butleigh, blacksmith and wife Mary Release of Hendley (7.5a), Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1700.

DD/S/BT/8/3/3 1] Humphrey Colmer the elder of Butleigh, yeoman 2] Thomas Avery the elder of Butleigh, blacksmith Assignment of 3a arable in Butleigh fields.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1706.

DD/S/BT/9/3/1 1] William Fisher of Somerton, tallow chandler 2] Thomas Avery of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of an outhouse formerly a stall, 1/2a in West field and two half acres in Woolfurlong, Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1726.

C 11/2282/60 Short title: Coomb v Bartlett. Document type: Bill only. Plaintiffs: John Coomb, yeoman of Compton Dundon, Somerset and Joan Coomb his wife and Mary Avery, widow of Butleigh, Somerset (said Joan Coomb and Mary Avery are executrixs of Sarah Bartlett, widow deceased [bur. 13 Aug 1725 Somerton] late of Somerton, Somerset). Defendants: Robert Bartlett [s.o. Wm & Hannah b. 1701?] and Elizabeth Bartlett his wife [nee Coggan,m. 22 Jul 1723 Somerton]. Date of bill (or first document): 1725

DD/S/BT/7/4/3-4 1] Catharine Webb of Butleigh 2] Mary Avery of Butleigh, widow Lease for lives of a cottage, 1a in the West field, 3a in Moormead, and half an acre in Woollfurlong in Butleigh West field. Rent 6s. 6d. Enclosed boundaries of Symcockes's.. [Somerset Archive Date: 1736. [This Mary?]

2cx) Thomas Avery bur. 31 Jul 1743 Butleigh

A Thomas Avery (Yeoman) is mentioned in 1726 (DD/S/BT/9/3/1 - previous) and is probably the ratepayer in 1728 who took over Mary's property. Mary widow in 1736 (DD/S/BT/7/4/3-4) may refer to the mother of this Thomas since in 1730 they paid rates and were next to each other in the list. In 1736 Thomas paid rates on the property formerly owned by his grandfather Philip Avery (junior) and did so until his death after which Elizabeth Avery widow paid them. Thomas was overseer in 1735 and paid for 'curing' Joan Pope's leg in that year. Thomas was churchwarden in 1742

A Mary Avery married: Joseph Pollett of Walton in Butleigh 9 Jun 1759 (witness Philip Avery - her brother?). No traceof any children for this couple.

DD/S/BT/8/3/15-33 - 1] Edward Parfitt of Wells 2] James Grenville of Butleigh Lease and release of Brownswell (6a), Shelfhedge (6a). Dosthill (2.5a), Longhill (5a), 1a at Dosthill, and 2a in Butleigh West Field. With copy will of Thomas Avery of Butleigh (1743), copy deeds (1766), legal bills, memoranda, receipts, extract of the will of Edward Blinman of Butleigh (1772) and vouchers. Date: 1784.

DD/S/BT/9/3/4  Probate of will (1743) of Thomas Avery of Butleigh, yeoman, proved.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1757.

DD/S/BT/9/3/7 1] Thomas Avery of Sharpham, now of Halstock, Dors., yeoman 2] James Comer of Walton, yeoman Mortgage of an outhouse formerly a stall and three half acres in Butleigh West field.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1767.

DD/S/BT/9/3/8-10 1] James Comer of Walton, yeoman 2] Thomas Avery of Walton, yeoman son of Thomas decd 2] Richard Holman of Butleigh Wootton farmer Assignment of mortgage of house formerly an outhouse and three half acres in Butleigh West field planted as orchard. Enclosed description of land in Butleigh let to Thomas Abbott and bond. Date: 1773. [for more on this Thomas and the 3½ acres see DD/S/BT/9/3/11-12 1775]

DD/S/BT/7/2/14  1] James Grenville 2] John Callow of Butleigh, husbandman Lease for lives in reversion of a messuage in Butleigh in consideration of a surrender of Avery's tenement. Rent 1s. 1774

2c1a) Philip Avery Chr. 4 Mar 1732 Butleigh, bur. 28 Aug 1800 Butleigh

In 1753/4 Philip became ratepayer on the property previously occupied by Joseph Avery (see below). He was Overseer in 1757/8, churchwarden 1760. He paid rates alone until 1767 then in 1767/8 Thomas paid rates alongside him – until 1768/9. In 1769 Thomas was the sole ratepayer. The neighbour, Edward Blenman taking over 'part of the Late Philip Avery's' in 1770. Thomas paid rates until 1775 when the property belonged to James Grenville. This Philip appears in churchwardens accounts: for killing sparrows in 1743/44, 44/5 and 1761/2 – for hauling stones. The OOP paid 8/- to Philip in November and December 1799 and also in Jan 1800. In Feb he received 7/- plus 4/- for lodging. He received more aid until September when it was recorded that he had received £1 0 6d for nursing and lodging – having died in the August.

DD/S/BT/8/3/5-6 1] Philip Avery son and heir of Thomas deed brother of Philip deed grandson of Philip Avery of Butleigh, carpenter 2] William Cole of Martock clothier Mortgage of Browns well (6a), Shelfhedge (6a), 1a arable adjoining Stones piece, 2a by highway from Newgate, 1/2a in Longhill, 1a south of Clayhill, and 2a in Butleigh East field. Enclosed copy will (1704) Phillip Avery of Butleigh, carpenter, proved 1707. Date: 1759.

DD/S/BT/12/1/25 - 1] Philip Avery of Butleigh, eldest son of Thomas decd who was eldest son of Thomas and Mary decd, and wife Hannah 2] James Grenville of Butleigh Feoffment of Hendlie (7.5a), Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1761.

DD/S/BT/8/3/7-8  1] William Cole of Martock clothier son of William Cole of Martock clothier deed 2] Philip Avery of Butleigh 3] Joseph Greenham of Chiselborough Assignment of mortgage of Browns well (6a), Shelfhedge (6a), 1a arable adjoining Stones piece, 2a by highway from New gate, 1/2a in Longhill, 1a south of Clayhill, and 2a in Butleigh East field. Enclosed bond. 1764

DD/S/BT/8/3/9-11 - 1] Philip Avery of Butleigh and wife Hannah 2] Edward Blinman of Butleigh yeoman Feoffment of Brownswell (6a), Shelfhedge (6a), Dosthill (2.5a), Longhill (5a), 1a at Dosthill, and 2a in Butleigh West field. With pair of fines.. [Somerset Archive and Records, Date: 1766.

DD/S/BT/8/3/12  1] Joseph Greenham of Chiselborough 2] Philip Avery of Butleigh 3] Edward Blinman of Butleigh 4] John Castle of Butleigh, glazier Assignment of mortgage term on Browns well (6a), Shelfhedge (6a), 1a arable adjoining Stones piece, 2a by highway from New gate, 1/2a in Longhill, 1a south of Clayhill, and 2a in Butleigh East field. 1766

3) William Avery died 1717

A William took on an apprentice in 1697 (above) and in 1697 a William Looke - Avery began paying rates in close proximity in the list of ratepayers to Philip (2). He was also (as Willis) a witness to the accounts. He was a ratepayer from 1701 – 1717 and seems to have taken on the second property for which rates had been paid in 1699/1700 by Philip junior. William Avery appears in the churchwardens accounts in 1708 as having killed a polecat and been paid 4d for it. In 1718 Joseph Avery took over his property (according to the position in the rates list) and may have been a son or nephew. Joseph paid rates until 1730+

DD/S/BT/7/6/7/ - 1] Philip Avery the elder of Butleigh, carpenter and John Avery of West Pennard, carpenter, administrators of William Avery decd 2] John Rocke of Butleigh Assignment of Henley (3a) in Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1717

3a) Joseph Avery bur. 11 Sep 1768 Butleigh

Joseph paid rates in succession to William from 1718 – 1754/5 when he was replaced by Philip Avery. The Churchwardens accounts for 1735/6 record a payment for 'expences at Wells Court against Joseph Avery'. In the churchwardens accounts for 1737 he was paid for looking after the bells and 'righting' the clock and letter. He appears several times up to 1754 for 'righting' and looking after the bells. This Joseph stopped paying rates in 1754 but Joseph is mentioned again in 1758 in the document below and in 1761 the OOP paid the rent for a Joseph Avery – the same? In Sep & Oct 1762 the OOP paid 6d to Joseph in distress. The OOP paid £2 0 6d to Joseph for work he did at Wickhams Cross in 1761. In 1762 Joseph was paid 2 guineas for work done on the highway at Rowleys. Joseph received assistance in Sept. 1763 plus July and November 1764. In 1764/5 they paid William Goodson for wool cloth for Joseph. He received assistance in almost every month in 1765. In August 1767 5s was paid by the OOP for a warrant and prosecution of Joseph Avery. The OOP paid for his shroud and coffin in Sept. 1768 and for carrying him to church and the sexton's fee.

DD/S/BT/9/2/8 1] Joseph Avery of Butleigh 2] William Withers of Butleigh, baker Assignment of two half acres in Butleigh West field.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1751.

DD/S/BT/8/3/4 - 1] Joseph Avery of Butleigh, husbandman 2] Philip Avery the elder of Butleigh, yeoman Lease for 2,000 years of 1a at Harepitts in Butleigh East field.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1758. It is uncertain who Joseph was and this Philip still seems to be living in 1758.

Uncertain burials

4) Rachel bur. 23 Feb 1717 Butleigh

6) Mary Avery Chr. 17 Jun 1752 Butleigh as an adult

A Mary Avery married Thomas Talbot in Butleigh Apr 1727 – this Mary's daughter? A Mary Avery appears on the list of 1779 to serve as 'Tythingman' for Mr. Grenville.

DD/S/BT/7/1/21 - 1] Jane Talbott of Butleigh granddaughter of Mary Avery of Butleigh decd. 2] James Withers of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of a half acre of arable in Butleigh West field.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1759. Possibly Mary wife of Thomas above for the grandmother?

7) James Avery

8) John Avery b. 3 Dec, Chr. 17 Dec 1786 West Lydford, farmer, s.o. Philip and Mary Avery, bur. 11 Aug 1854 West Lydford aged 69

John was the brother of Philip Avery (9) below. The above information places John Avery in Butleigh from 1816 and he may have been one of the 'others' paying rates with John Tucker Parkgate and Whitefield from that time. In 1824 John Avery is specifically mentioned with John Tucker as rate payer on Parkgate and in 1824/5 at Whitefield. In 1825/6 his name is absent but on 7th April 1826 he attested under oath the Overseers accounts.

In 1827 and 1828 the assessment for rates on a cottage was 2s 6d for John Avery 'or Mrs. Marsh' which suggests that they may have left Butleigh about that time. though the Butleigh Court papers below for 1829 suggests that John still had connections with Butleigh then. In 1841 John and Catherine farmed in Castle Cary with sons Thomas (b. 1820), Alfred and Charles. This family lived at West Lydford in 1851 where John farmed 110 acres on Top Road. In 1861 Alfred was head of the family and lived with Anna and Charles on their West Lydford farm. By 1881 Alfred, then a retired farmer, lived at Lydford Road with sister Anna - both unmarried. Alfred died in 1882 (Dec Q 5c/328 Shepton Mallet) aged 60 and Anna Maria died in 1889 (Sep Q 5c/289 Shepton Mallet) aged 64.

DD/S/BT/10/3/2 1] William Eades of Butleigh, yeoman, John Tucker of Butleigh, yeoman and wife Mary, Elizabeth Goodson of Butleigh, James Barnes of Butleigh and wife Ann, John Golledge of East Pennard, yeoman and wife Jane, John Avery of Butleigh. cordwainer and wife Catherine. (William, Mary, Elizabeth, Ann, Jane and Catherine are children of William Eades decd) 2] James, Baron Glastonbury Assignment of Breach (20a), Butleigh. [Above two documents tied together] Date: 1824.

DD/S/BT/13/3/29-30 - 1] John Fry Reeves of Glastonbury 2] John Avery of Corton Denham, yeoman 3] John Tucker of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of Park Gate (1.5a), Butleigh. Enclosed promissory note.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1829.

8a) William Avery Chr. 24 Aug 1817 Butleigh, Purveyor

In 1851 William and his wife Mary lived at 17, Alfred Pl., Westbury on Trym with three children (all Westbury born). Mary died in 1861 before census night. The widowed William lived at 5, Alfred Place, Westbury on Trym with his three children on census night 1861. He may be the William who died in 1873 aged 56 (Dec Q 6a/110 Clifton).

8b) Thomas Avery b. 1815/9 Butleigh, butcher, died 1875 (Mar Q 5a/333 Sherborne)

Thomas lived with his parents in 1841 but in 1851 at Market St., Sherborne with wife Jane and their three children. In 1861 he lived at Cheap Street, Sherborne where his occupation was 'Pork Butcher'. In 1871 Thomas was still in Cheap Street but he died in 1875 aged 58.

8c) Charles Avery Chr. 9 Mar 1828 Corton Denham [Abry], farmer, shop keeper, s.o. John and Catherine Abry, bur. 13 Aug 1869 (Sep Q 5c/350 Wells) West Lydford

The three children of the widow, Martha Avery appear on the 1871 census at Great Park Cottage, Butleigh, being cared for by Ellen Thomas (b. 1832), housekeeper, in the absence of their mother. # Ellen Thomas was the then unmarried sister of Martha and they had appeared together with their parents in 1841 on the census at Queen Camel. They were both still with their parents at West Lydford in 1861.

After her marriage to Charles Avery in 1863, Martha, a dairywoman, lived in West Lydford, When he died in 1869 she seems to have left her children temporarily with her sister Ellen, in Butleigh. In 1881 she was back together with her children Catherine and John, in West Lydford, though her daughter Anna Maria was staying with her mother's sister Mary who had married Abner Henry Ashford, a dairyman, who lived at Upper Lyde, Yeovil. In 1891 Martha lived at Camel Farm Dairy House, Queen Camel, with all three of her unmarried children and was still there with them in 1901 when she was also joined by her widowed sister Ellen Plumley [née Thomas]. # In 1911 Martha plus her three unmarried children and sister were still at Camel Farm.

9) Philip Avery Chr. 20 May 1782 East Lydford, labourer, shoemaker and publican, s.o. Philip and Mary Avery, died 1861 (Mar Q 6a/88 Clifton)

Philip was the brother of John (8), both coming from Lydford and both living in Butleigh in the early 1800's. In April, September and October 1817 Philip was paid by the OOP for making shoes for the poor - £1 1 5d, £1 12 6d and £2 15 3d. In Oct 1818 he received £1 6 3d and in September 1819 his shoe bill was £1 17 0d. A further £1 14 9d was paid in March 1820. I March 1821 he received 14/-from the OOP for the 'turf house' - place where the turves for the poor's heating were stored.

In 1841 Philip and Ann were running a Beer House at 2 Cooks Lane, St. Philip & Jacob, Bristol. By 1851 Philip and Ann had retired. Mary may be the person who married in 1838 (Sep Q 11/167 Bristol) and Elizabeth may be the person who married in 1839 (Jun Q 11/190 Bristol). A child George born in 1812/13 but not recorded as baptised in Butleigh was buried in Butleigh on 23 Mar 1816 aged 3 and was probably Philip and Ann's son.


1) Mr. Axford of Bridgwater

Mr. Axford was paid by the churchwardens in 1750/1 for tiling and ceiling nails used in the church. In 1822 a Mr. Axford was paid £2 8 6d for pantiles and other things for 'the new cottage' by the OOP – presumably a son of the previous Mr. Axford. Possibly the Richard Axford, Merchant who died 1817 (Will Prob 11/1596), though listed as ironmonger, and the Charles Axford of Bridgwater who died 1830 (bur. 27 Aug 1830,Will 1831 Prob 11/1782).

2) John Clare Axford b. 27 Jul 1910 (Sep Q 5a/136 Warminster), footman at Butleigh Court in 1930, d. 1991 (Feb 22/253/291 Bath)

On the 1939 Register John was a domestic servant at Ogbury Cottage, Amesbury, Wilts. While Alice was a domestic servant living with her parents at 18, High Street, Butleigh. # The couple lived at 18, High Street. Retired with wife to Fir Tree Cottage, Charlton Musgrove, Wincanton. See “Somerset Voices” pp. 73/74 for a summary of his duties at the Court and picture of him and staff on his 21st birthday.


see Exon]


1) Susan Florence Ayles b. 20 Oct 1946 Butleigh Hospital d.o. Clifford S. J. and Mary Ayles of 36, High Street, Glastonbury.


(Ayers, Eyres)

1) Jane Ayers

In 1749/50 Jane Ayers 'bill' of 17s 10d was paid by the Overseers of the Poor.

2) Humphrey Ayres bur. 6 Feb 1747 Butleigh (an adult or child of James the younger?)

3) James Ayres carpenter, bur. 20 Oct 1777 Butleigh [James Eyres] ?

James appears paying rates from 1723 – 1786. From 1754 they must have been paid by his son and from 1777 by his grandson.. James Ayres constructed a gallery in the church 1731-6 (CW). In 1736 he was also paid for two dys horse hire to take Elizabeth Brook to Bath.(OOP) In 1736/7 he was paid for making and decorating the church pulpit, making pews and major repairs and building work in the church (CW). In 1735/6 he was paid for his work on the gallery. In 1743/4 he was paid for his work and timber in the roof of the church (CW). James was paid for surveying the windows and going to Bridgwater in 1747/8 (OOP). This must be the James whose bill was paid by the CW in 1748/9. In 1750/51 he was paid for sawing and for making and mending the church gates. He was also paid for paving slabs. In 1752-3 he was paid for new stocks, a new post for the church stock and hauling the materials and putting them up, and a stock in the churchyard. [This later work could also be that of his son].

Mary is almost certainly the girl who married William Eades in Butleigh on 10 Oct 1737

DD/S/BT/7/4/5 - 1] James Ayers of Butleigh, carpenter and wife Mary 2] Susannah Kelway of Butleigh widow of William decd 3] James Ayers of Butleigh the younger, carpenter Assignment of 1/2a at Longrow, 3yds in Clayhill, 1a at Stonepitts, 1/2a at Windmill toot furlong, Date: 1741.

DD/S/BT/7/4/7 1] James Ayres of Butleigh, carpenter 2] Richard Gould of Bridgwater Mortgage of 1/2a in Butleigh West field and 3yds a in the East field.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1750 - 1751.

3a) James Ayres carpenter Chr. 16 Aug 1717 Butleigh, bur. 1 Oct 1754 Butleigh ?

Betty = Postuma or two Jameses?

Rates paid from 1754 were paid by this James. From 1777-86 the rates continued to be paid by a James Avery but it must have been this James' son. Postuma may be the forename of a second wife of James? Another unregistered child of this couple Mary died and was bur. 31 May 1754 Butleigh. The Churchwardens accounts refer to a bill paid in 1756/7 to James. In Sep 1762 the OOP paid James for going to Bridgwater Sessions.Another CW reference in 1762/3 mentions oak supplied by James. In 1761 James with John Rocke disbursed the Overseers payments for highways repairs including a payment of £6 16 5d to himself.

DD/S/BT/7/4/8 - 1] Posthuma Ayers of Butleigh widow of James Ayres the younger 2] Ann Periam of Butleigh Assignment of 1/2a in Longrow in Butleigh West field, 3yds a in the East field, 1a at Stonepitts, 1/2a below the way and 1a at Wheathill, Butleigh 1757

DD/S/BT/22/4/76 - Agreement between James Ayers and James Grenville for lease of 1a on Mountshill in Butleigh West field.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1769. Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive Date: 1757.

DD/S/BT/22/4/76 Agreement between James Ayers and James Grenville for lease of 1a on Mountshill in Butleigh West field.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1769.

DD\BR\ho/24 New erected' house, divided in three (1777) and land in West Field, orig. belonging to Ayres of Butleigh. Wills, James Ayres of Butleigh, carpenter, 1778, and William Eades of Butleigh, 1819.. [Somerset Archive and Records, DEEDS OF THE NEVILLE] Date range: 1777 - 1840.

3a1) James Eyres Chr. 8 May 1746 Butleigh bur. 2 Feb 1806 Butleigh ? Tailor

James Ayers junior of Hobbs Hill (various spellings, sometimes listed as part of Kelways) was paying rates from 1772. In 1776 James Ayers paid rates on part of Blenman's which for two years had had the rates paid by James Andrews, husband of Jane Ayers. Probably this James rather than his father. Jane had had three illegitimate children by a Blenman and possibly inherited some property as a result. In 1777/8 James Andrews again paid the rates on the Blenman property. Two properties, Hobshill and presumably that owned previously owned by James Ayers (2) had rates paid by James until 1786. In 1778 James was paid for making clothes for the poor (OOP). In 1790 James paid rates of 1s 8d for Hobbshill but last paid the rates in 1795. In June 1786 the OOP paid 4/- to 'Jas Ayer's family this month' and againa further 2/- the same month. In July they received £1 4 0d. In June 1786 James received an extraordinary payment of 3d and a John Ayers (?) children received 6d. In Apr 1810 Martha received 7/5½d for looking after Unity Burton. On Jan 13th 1816 (paid in April) she receivd 6/- for looking after John Fry (OOP).

3a2) Jane Ayres - the Jane Eyres who married widower James Andrews in Butleigh on 8 June 1770 #

Jane had a further seven children by James Andrews.

4) Susanna Ayres bur. 14 Oct 1762 Butleigh

6) Ann Eyres bur. 8 Apr 1792 Butleigh

7) Rebecca Eyres bur. 31 Dec 1794 Butleigh

Rebecca Ayeres received 4/- from the Overseers of the Poor in Nov 1786 and then as Rebeckey another shilling the same month. In Dec 1786 she received 4/- and again in Jan 1787. In March she received 4/- then 1/-, April 4/- and 1/6, May 4/- and 2/-, June 6/- and 6d, July 6/-. She was paid 6/- thereafter, often with a 6d supplement. The payment was raised to 8/- and the last record was in Jan 1795 after her death. (OOP) In Feb 1795 Edward Rowley was paid 2/- for her burial and William Sweet 8/- for her coffin by the OOP.

8) William Ayre b. 1858 Witheridge, Devon, farmer, s.o. George and Jane Ayre d. 1939 (Jun Q5c/322 Bridgwater) aged 81

Blanche was the eldest daughter of auctioneer Joseph Wood of St.Peter St., Tiverton while Constance was the daughter of a London accountant who had died while she was still a child.

During the period 1883 - 6 William farmed on Butleigh Hill. According to the 1884/5 electors register this was at Lower Hill farm . His son Joseph died in childhood whilst visiting relatives in Devon at about the same time that his younger son John died in Butleigh. The family lived in 1891 at Hurcott farm, Somerton. One of their sons died in the First World War. Blanche died in 1898 and William then married Constance in 1900. In 1901, of the Butleigh born children, William and Mary were still at home in Hurcott, together with two children born to Constance, but George was a pupil boarding at Hall House School, Burnham. In 1911 Mary was a governess residing at the Tilbury Hotel, Tilbury, Essex. William and Constance were still in Hurcott with their four children by Constance.

William won the gold medal from the Somerton and District Agricultural Society for having grown the best general root crops for several consecutive years. Obit in Taunton Courier 8 Apr 1939.

William Wallace was born in Butleigh, lived in Hurcott and went to school in Burnham. He emigrated to Australia in 1904 and was living in Queensland when he enlisted in Brisbane in late 1914. He was 33 when he died in May 1916. He served in the Australian Infantry, the 9th Battalion and is buried at Etaples Military Cemetery in France, - the Australian records show that he died of meningitis.

Bruce was incapacitated and living in Lower Somerton in 1939 (Register)