Parish Records

These records were copied, sometimes from the fiche, sometimes from the original and have now been checked by the estimable and indefatigable Yvonne Scrivener. Yvonne's version, with its original spellings of names etc. is now appearing on FreeReg and can be accessed at

My version is more basic, giving amended or modern versions of names, omitting sometimes witnesses names for marriages, or whether a marriage was by Banns or Licence and in particular there is an inconsistency in regard to my method of recording the date of the event [done over several periods and under pressure of time]. The records are searchable however, and fairly logical , e.g. B = Butleigh and BW = Butleigh Wootton in the 'place of birth/origin'.

The records for 1578-1713 have some serious gaps, mainly due to the Civil War period and the fact that John Radford, vicar from 1677 – 1714, didn't keep a single record. The first Parish Register (1578-1653) also has water damage to the bottom of the pages making up to six entries per page illegible. Some of the latter gaps have been filled by entries found in Dwelly's BT transcriptions of 1913 and others I have read from the presently surviving Bishop's Transcripts or tried to tease out from the original [sometimes shown in italic script]. A further gap in the Baptisms exists between September 1812 and 28 Feb 1813.

Where Yvonne's readings have cleared up some mistakes or misreadings from my original version I have added her initials [YS] next to the entry. If you have any queries please contact me;

In the post-1837 period for BMDs I have added the PRO reference, where possible, to facilitate searchers acquiring copies of the certificates. Should you find any errors here then please let me know and I would be grateful for any information those certificates contain being added to the information on this site e.g. actual dates of Christening and death, names of parents, maiden names of mothers if not known to me, causes of deaths and addresses.. I have included the records down to 1920 but if you are researching your own family and want later information, then please contact me.