1) James Mabe

James paid rates from 1676 – 8 the next few years are cut off or lost from the OOP pages but by 1683 he was 'the late James Mabe' (or Maber). A James Maby was living in Compton Dundon [had daughter Elizabeth Chr. 18 Nov 1666]

2) Hannah Maby married John Coles Butleigh 15 Dec 1795 #

The only Hannah found so far that fits the bill is Hannah Maby Chr. 28 Apr 1771 Bruton, illegitimate child of Hester Maby. Or, she could also be a child of the next, Elizabeth Maby?

3) Elizabeth Maby

In March 1779 a warrant was issued against Richard Cox after the examination in Wells of Elizabeth Maby concerning who was the father of her child. In April Elizabeth received assistance in her necessity. The child was born in March 1779 and Chr. James Maby on 28 Apr 1779. Elizabeth received further assistance in May 1779 (and itch ointment!) and monthly payments until August 1780 when the OOP paid for a coffin for her child. No information on Elizabeth after that.

Elizabeth Mabey/Mabys that are of similar age are: Chr. 9 Sep 1742 Croscombe, Chr. 4 Oct 1761 Rimpton. An Elizabeth Mabey married a James Newport in East Pennard on 17 Jul 1780.

4) Jonas Maby Chr. 25 Sep 1825 Ditcheat, s.o. Jonas and Sarah Maby [abode Sutton], d. 1896 (Sep Q 6a/261 Ross, Herefordshire)

Jonas Maby was tenant of “Snagg” farm with over 116 acres in Lamyatt which was sold on 5 Aug 1858 [Sherborne Mercury 20 Jul 1858]. Certainly this same family though probably the father since in 1857 Jonas' youngest son Charles Robert Maby of “Snagg” married Miss S. A. Welchman Look of Lower Sutton. In Feb 1860 at Somerton Petty Sessions a Jonas Maby was fined 2s for assaulting Frederick Fry. Jonas was a substantial farmer [of 250 acres) living at Blagrove Farm in 1861. His two sons and daughter are given the pob of Street but Blagrove Farm was at sometime in the Parish of Butleigh and hence the pob for Fanny.

The family must have moved to Monmouth just before 1863 and in 1867 The Hereford Times [26 Oct 1867] carried notice that Jonas Maby was leaving the neighbourhood and selling “The Bottom Farm” Penrose, midway between Monmouth and Abergavenny. In Feb 1869 Jonas' name appears in a case of vote fixing in an election at Westbury. [Western Daily Press 4 Feb 1869]. By 1871 Jonas and family had moved to Madbrook Farm, Westbury (409 acres). In April 1878 Jonas was appointed overseer for Charlton Mackrell. In December 1879 a case was brought against Jonas Maby of Lytes Cary Farm against his selling hay to be consumed off his farm – by Mr. F. H. Dickinson of Kingweston, who complained it was not the Somerset custom. Jonas was tenant and in Sep 1880 Lytes Cary farm with 374 acres (including meadow in Butleigh with cottage) was up to Let. [Western Gazette 10 Sep 1880]. On the 1881 census the family appear at Lytes Cary. Fanny married Herbert Morgan in 1884 (Sep Q 11a/55 Monmouth) and after his death she lived in Ross, Herefordshire with her sister Letitia - 1901. The pob of Fanny is elsewhere given as Street. “Bottom Farm” in Monmouth was up for let again in May 1894 and was in the occupation of Jonas Maby [the father or son? - Western Mail 22 May 1894]].


1) Major General Isaac Forsyth MacAndrew b. 1847 Portugal (Brit. Subject), Bengal Staff Corps, s.o. William Duncan and Ann (nee Forsyth) MacAndrew, ICS d. 9 Apr 1900

Major General Isaac Forsyth MacAndrew wrote a small booklet “ On some revenue matters chiefly in the Province of Oudh” in 1876. Letters from Capt Isaac F. MacAndrew of the 19th Bengal N.I. exist in the Jardine Matheson Archive and British Library collections. He also wrote a memoir of his grandfather, the famous bookseller Isaac Forsyth of Elgin 1768-1859. [Aberdeen Journal 5 Oct 1889]

The three sisters, Isabel, Grace and Mildred, of independent means, lived at Corvyle Butleigh in 1911 with two servants. In Jan 1916 the three sister advertised for a young girl cook. In 1881 they had lived in Paddington with their mother Elizabeth A. Mac Andrew plus their older sister Alice M and brother Alfred. In 1891 Mildred had lived with her uncle James Mac Andrew, an East India Co. merchant. Miss Winifred MacAndrew was a commandant of Butleigh Red Cross in 1919 and awarded a diploma. [Western Daily Press 17 Mar 1919] and sister Mildred was a nurse. In an advert in the Western Gazette 28 Oct 1921 the sisters sought a general servant. No trace after 1921. Corvyle was previously occupied by Capt. Paul Warner Bush's family.

Corvyle was advertised to let in the Western Gazette 23 Sep 1932.


1) Donald McCorquodale b. 26 Jul 1885, d. 2 Aug, bur. 8 Aug 1974 (Sep Q 23/1044 Mendip) Butleigh

Also buried in Butleigh is Ruth Helen McCorquodale b. 29 Jun 1981, d. 30 Nov 1981 (Dec Q 18/1448 Chichester) Butleigh, daughter of Jonathan P. McCorquodale (b. 1952 Taunton, son of James and Patricia) and Janette M. (nee Stringer) McCorquodale of Barnham, West Sussex. A Donald McCorquodale was with the overseas military, Royal Horse Artillery in 1911. They lived in Cornish Cottage.



1) Alfred William Macer b. 1860 Sidford, Devon, s.o. William Macer, farmer

A William Macer b. 1862 Sidbury appears there in 1881 with grandparents John and Mary Macer

Mary Jane died soon after the birth of the couple's first child and Alfred married again in 1890. In 1891 and 1901 William, as nephew, was living with Thirza and Fred Williams at Salcombe Hill Farm, Salcombe Regis, Devon, in 1901 as a grocer's assistant. Thirza was the daughter (b. 1854 Sidbury) of William and Thirza Macer of Sidbury. On the PRO register the surname given as Maeer. In 1911 William Henry was a bank clerk in London boarding at 49, Lillieshall Rd, Wandsworth. Two marriages of a William Henry Macer are recorded, one in Peterborough in 1905 to a Katherine Kirk (d. 1914 aged 36) and one in Peterborough in 1919 – to Mary J. Elger.


1) Ann Macey North Petherton

Ann Mason received 10/6d from the OOP in August and September 1805. In Oct 1805 payments were made to Ann Masey of North Petherton and in November and Dec to Ann Macey. From Jan 1806 further payments made to Ann Macey. In April the OOP received a letter about Mr. Selly's cure of Ann Macey's eye. Several Macey family members in North Petherton had the occupation 'boatman' – but which Ann this was or her connection with Butleigh is uncertain – possibly even a Butleigh girl who married a Macey of NP?


1) Mary Jane [nee Tutton] MacIntyre b. 1840, Chr. 31 May 1840 Butleigh, d.o. Richard Lockyer and Sarah Tutton

Mary Jane was already a widow in 1891 when she was a companion in Hambledon living on her own means. In 1911 she lived with a servant at Heatherbear, Heath End, Farnham, Surrey. Mary Jane Tutton had married Angus MacIntyre on 9 Sep 1879 (Sep Q 5c/677 Wells) Meare. See under Tutton.



1) Elizabeth Mack b. 1870 Butleigh, cousin of Arthur and Alice Silcox

Elizabeth visited Arthur in Acton in 1901 - possibly Elizabeth Marks b. Prestleigh 1869?


1) James Mackay b. 1864 Scotland, coachman 91W-116

This couple lived in three rooms of Wootton Lodge in 1891. James is possibly the widower, a coal porter living in Hackney in 1901.


1) Francis Alexander Mackinnon b. 9 Apr 1848 (Jun Q 3/350 Kensington) Middlesex, London, s.o. Francis Alexander Mackinnon, died 27 Feb 1947 Morayshire

Francis was the son of William Alexander Mackinnon, Deputy Lieut. of Kent and lived with him in 1881 at Acryse Place, Acrise, Kent. Francis was educated at Harrow and joined the MCC in 1870 and played until 1885 [he was the longest lived Test cricketer until his record passed in 2009]. After his father's death in 1903 he became the 35th Chief of the Mackinnon Clan. His father's extensive estate was reported in Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald 20 Feb 1904.

After his marriage to Emily Acland-Hood in 1888 they moved into 4, Marble Arch, London and Francis was there on census night in 1891. In 1891 Emily, accompanied by her daughter, visited her parents at Wootton House. The MacKinnons then went to live in South Africa where they had a son, Arthur, born in 1894 but returned to live in England, at Minehead, by 1901 (though his wife then called Elizabeth on census!). In 1911 Francis and Emily lived in Hatchet Lane, Windsor with two of their three children (Arthur was a Naval Cadet) and four servants. Their eldest son Alexander died in 1914. When Francis Alexander died in 1947 he left £19, 626 in his will.

Aline married 15 Aug 1953 John Fraser-Mackenzie of Bunchrew and they had no children - she died aged 82. The group four swords sold by Thomas Del Mar Ltd on 2nd December 2015 included a box containing the brass plaque for Lot 118 [John Periam's sword] addressed to Mr. A. Frazer-McKenzie, Bunchrew House, Bunchrew, Inverness-shire (and bearing date 10/12/195x and stamps of George VI) and written on the top is 'Ians'. Possibly these items were had belonged to Aline Emily Hood MacKinnon and passed by her to her brother and her nephew Ian Kroyer MacKinnon at the time of her marriage. From the latter's estate [he dying in February and his wife in November 2015 having been childless] they subsequently came on the market.

1a) Lieut. Arthur Avalon MacKinnon R.N. b. 8 Nov 1893 Kimberley S. Africa, d. 8 Apr 1964 (Jun Q 5b/608 Kent) aged 70

Arthur Avalon MacKinnon made many donations of papers relating to the Hood family, especially those written by Captain Alexander Hood 1758 – 1798 [and many of them to Horatio Nelson] to the National maritime Museum, Greenwich in 1952. There was a further donation in 1954. In 1968 Mrs Mackinnon [nee Robb] presented some letters, a log and some printed material. Hood's papers consist of a log, January to September 1772, and some signal books for the Barfleur and the Aimable. There are also a number of private letters, 1772 and 1793 to 1794, a muster book for the Audacious, 1794, official correspondence, 1793 to 1797, and three signal books for the Hebe. In addition, there are some official service documents and a small collection of documents relating to the mutinies of 1797.

Alasdair had three children: Gunhild Aline Avalon MacKinnon b. 30 Apr 1922, Alasdair Neil Hood MacKinnon b. 24 Feb 1926 [37th Chief MacKinnon – died 1983] and Lt. Col. Ian Kroyer MacKinnon b. 8 Oct 1929. From these children Gunhild had a surviving daughter as did Alasdair Neil.



1) William M. McNamara W.S.Y.C. (Major) b. 7 Oct 1839 (Dec Q 23/360 Leeds) Leeds, Yorks (Dublin, Ireland given on census in error), cavalry instructor, s.o. James (b. Longford, Ireland) and Mary McNamara 81-103

In 1841 William lived with his parents at the Queens Barracks, Ipswich. His father was a Hospital Sergeant. In 1861 William was a Private in the 41st Welsh Regiment, at South Camp, Aldershot. In 1862 he joined the 5th Royal Irish Lancers in Calcutte and in 1880 left them to join the West Somerset Yeomanry. In 1881 in New Road William McNamara (39), cavalry instructor, lived with his wife Elizabeth (27) and children William (3) and Frances (1 - b. Brighton) and Gertrude Agnes (8 months - b. Butleigh). In 1884 Major McNamara came second in a shooting competition at the Hurcott Range, Somerton. [Western Gazette 1 Aug 1884] In 1891 Elizabeth lived at Curry Rivel with children William, Frances, Gertrude, Robert, George, Kathleen and Caroline. Husband William was absent. Frances went into service and in 1901 appears at Preston, Sussex as a domestic servant.

Gertrude became a housemaid to a retired Boot & Shoe manufacturer, Frederick Masson in West Cardiff by 1901 while her parents returned to 69, Havelock Rd, Brighton, her father as an army pensioner, where they lived with Elizabeth's father Edwin Gates (retired railway painter aged 77). Gertrude married a William Thomas and died in Cardiff in 1962. In 1911 a William McNamara (b. 1838 Dublin) was in St. Joseph House, Home for the aged Poor, Portobello Rd., Kensington. Elizabeth called herself widow and lived at 28, Havelock Rd, Preston, Sussex with sons Robert (gunsmith), George (postman) and daughter Kathleen. Her father Edwin Gates lived with her plus an adopted child Kathleen Brown (b. 1902 Hailsham Sussex).


1) Arthur Maddock sojourner, bur. 10 May 1767 Butleigh

Difficult to identify but an Arthur Maddock married 2 May 1753 Huntspill a Joan Honeyball and they had four children in Huntspill, the last being in 1764. Neither is buried there and a Joan Maddock married a Robert Stone in St. Decumans in 1778.

2) William Maddock b. 1886 Buckland St. Mary, garden boy, s.o. James and Sarah Maddock 01-145

In 1891 William had lived at Rose's Cottage in Buckland St. Mary with his parents. His father was a coachman. William boarded with Tom Carter at Court Gardens in 1901. In 1911 he was a groom in London, still single.


1) Thomas Maidment Chr. 21 Jan 1760 Horsington, s.o. William Maidment?

An Elizabeth Guy in Meare gave birth to an illegitimate male child [William Bart] in 1770 – possible mother of the above Elizabeth? Mary Maidment married John Norris of West Pennard in West Bradley on 9 Apr 1833, witness Elizabeth Maidment and in 1851 they farmed 200 acres at Woodland, West Pennard and had four children with them then. A descendant, Reginald Herbert Norris, married Eva Millard in Butleigh in 1901.

1a) Charles Maidment Chr. 17 Feb 1799 West Bradley, farmer, s.o. Thomas and Elizabeth Maidment. died 1886 (Sep Q 5c/311 Shepton Mallet) 41W-18, 51W-38, 61W-62, 71W-87

Charles was paid by the OOP in Sep 1826 for having the Jury List signed. In the rate assessment of 1827/8 Charles paid on land called 'Mrs. Hoods'. He was Overseer in 1831/2. Charles lived with his extensive family in 1841 at Smithfield Farm, Butleigh Wootton where he was a 'Yeoman grazier'. His daughter Eliza married the yeoman Charles Welch (b. 1817 Milton Clevedon, s.o. Stephen Welch) in Butleigh on 14 Jan 1851 (Mar Q 10/745 Wells) and they then lived in Milton Clevedon [his surname given as Webb in the Bath Chronicle and Bristol Mercury].

By 1851 at Wootton Hill Farm the family had increased by two. Celia was absent in 1851 visiting Charles Welch and family at Greenscombe House, Milton Clevedon. By 1861 Charles was farming 460 acres at Hill Farm and in his part of the farm lived his wife and son Walter. Another part of the farm contained Henry and his sister Celia. Charles farmed 120 acres in Baltonsborough in 1861 and lived with his sisters Emily and Fanny though the latter is described as a 'visitor' only and she died in 1870.

Thomas Maidment of Butleigh Wootton (described as of Glastonbury) emigrated to Australia on “The Red Jacket” in 1858, aged 29, and shortly afterwards in East Melbourne on 9th May 1866 at St. George's Melbourne married Jane Webb Chinnock Embling (b. 1843 London). His first child (of 12) was named Jennie Avalonia Norris Maidment b. 1866 Geelong. He established several properties including Avalon station near Geelong, Greenville station near Lake Bolac, Bernambool station near Wickliffe and Barwon Park at Geelong. In 1882 he acquired a site at Barker's Road, Kew, Melbourne, from the Jesuit Fathers and built a mansion named Butleigh Wootton after his original home. It was completed in 1884 at a cost of £3,000 and the family moved, in numbering thirteen members, plus six indoor and two outdoor servants. The house had fifty four rooms and a graceful curving staircase leading from a ballroom to a second floor covered by a domed ceiling with magnificent plasterwoork. The family crest of a wild boar's head is depicted above the front door. Thomas died 15th May 1903 aged 73 at Kew. The last member to live in the house, Reata Maidment (b. 1886 in the house at Kew), sold it in 1912 and today it is one of Melbourne's finest function venues. On board the same ship to Australia in 1858 with Thomas Maidment was Thomas Millear and Josiah Austin of Baltonsborough.

Susanna married a cousin Thomas Maidment (b. 1831 Baltonsborough) in 1861 (Mar Q 5c/881 Wells) [she died in 1914 (Dec Q 4a/176 Pewsey)] and they lived at various places in Wiltshire, lastly Wilcot. In 1911, widowed, she lived with a daughter Ellen Celia (39) in 'Butleigh Wootton', Pewsey, Wilts.

Emily [described as of Smithfield House, BW] married the Malster John Samuel Fry, of Dulcot, s.o. William Fry, gent., in Butleigh on 12 July 1866 (Sep Q 5c/873 Wells) and they lived in Wells. Henry married Ellen Swanton (b. 1839 W. Pennard) and farmed the 110 acres of Bridge Farm, Baltonsborough in 1871 and remained there until his death in 1902 (Jun Q 5c/331 Wells).

By 1871 just Charles, Ann and their daughter Celia lived at the Farm House in Butleigh Wootton and by 1881 they had moved to West Bradley, with a companion for Celia. Ann died in 1882 aged 74 and Charles died in 1886 aged 87. Celia died in 1899 (Sep Q 5c/299 Wells).

* note appended to this baptism - NB. In this case a Certificate of Marriage between the Parties was produced, but they standing in the relation of Uncle and Niece, such a marriage has been declared by Act of Parliament to be null and void".

1a1) Walter Norris Maidment Chr. 4 Mar 1842 (Mar Q 10/534 Wells) Butleigh, farmer, d. 1930 (Sep Q 2c/300 Faringdon, Berks) 51W-38, 61W-62, 71W-87

Walter Maidment remained in Butleigh Wootton in 1871 and farmed 250 acres at Broadway Farm. He married Mary Ann in 1872 and farmed 20 acres at Burnetts Farm, Baltonsborough, in 1881 living there with his three children and widowed sister-in-law Emily A. Hill. They were still together there in 1891 but moved to Church Farm, Shellingford, Berkshire by 1901. Chemist Harold Harding Maidment married Gladys Habgood (b. 1886 Faringdon, Berks) in 1906 (Jun Q 2c/613 Faringdon) and they lived at the Market Place, Faringdon in 1911.

1b) Levi Maidment Chr. 3 Apr 1801 West Bradley, s.o. Thomas and Elizabeth Maidment

A Levi Maidment witnessed the OOP accounts in 1825/26. Levi was a substantial farmer in Baltonsborough. Thomas Maidment died in 1863 Jun quarter, Wells.

1b1) Joseph Maidment Chr. 10 Aug 1833 West Bradley, farmer, d. 1 Aug, bur. 6 Aug 1898 (Sep Q 5c/304 Wells) Butleigh 91-124

Joseph lived with his parents in Baltonsborough (hamlet of Woodland) in 1841 where his father farmed. In 1861 his father farmed 305 acres. Joseph married Fanny in 1867 and by 1871 they lived at Lottisham House where Joseph farmed 140 aces. Their first child Levi must have died - not traced. By 1881 they lived at Higher Farm, Lottisham and had 290 acres and a mill under their control. In 1891 Joseph Maidment (56) and wife Fanny (53) lived with their children Mary C. (15) and John G. G. (13) at Lower Hill Farm, Butleigh Hill. Mary Geare his wife's sister lived with them. Joseph seems to have become bankrupt and the Western Gazette 9 Aug and 22 Nov 1895 carried notice that all persons having a claim against the estate of Joseph Maidment of Butleigh, debtor, or Mr. William Charles Leaker of Glastonbury ir Robert Laver of Kingweston should send particulars before the 31st December 1895 to solicitors bath & Austin of Glastonbury. It was probably in connection with his financial problems that Joseph sold another of his properties - “Lottisham House” and about 102 acres of related land. [Western Gazette 31 May 1895].

Joseph is listed as farmer of Lower Hill Farm in Kelly's Directory of 1897 but died in 1898. Fanny Maidment (63) farmer, continued living with her children John G. G. (23) and Mary C. (23) at Lower Farm in 1901. In the Western Gazette 30 Aug 1901 she advertised for help “Three in family, Small dairy. No children”. Fanny died in 1909 and her son John the following year aged just 31.

Mary appears in 1911 as a pupil midwife boarding at 224, Lee High Road, Lee, Lewisham. She was still single but had left Butleigh under a cloud with the bigamist Percy Lester Haggard. This man had previously married the wealthy Gertrude Lee in 1904 then abandoned her and her child and left for America. He returned to England and being well educated and well-spoken persuaded the very good looking Annie Baulch to marry him in a fake ceremony in Neasden in 1909. They arrived in Butleigh and lived for a time next to her parents renting rooms from Mary Maidment and her brother at Lower Hill Farm. Mary's brother John then died. Haggard persuaded local people to lend him money and then talked the heiress Mary into running off with him. He married her on 4 May 1910 (Jun Q 1a/105 Paddington) but after spending much of her money on a hotel venture which failed they returned to Butleigh to try and free money held back by the executors of her brother's estate. Annie Baulch noted their return and in 1910 Haggard was arrested, tried, and found guilty of bigamy. He appears on the 1911 census as an inmate of H.M. Prison, Corn Hill, Shepton Mallet. On his release he and Mary went to Essex where they married again in 1912 (Jun Q 3a/341 Brentford). Presumably by then he had obtained a divorce. They never had any children. Aged 80 and living in Clapham London when she died, Mary Coles Haggard had her remains returned to Butleigh to be buried. There is no sign of what happened to her husband. [see under Baulch and Haggard]

2) Levi Robert Maidment Chr. 30 Aug 1853 (Sep Q 5c/576 Wells) West Bradley - abode Baltonsborough, farmer and miller, s.o. John Geare and Marianne Maidment (née Cornish, b. Butleigh, d.o. Robert and Elizabeth Cornish #) 81W-104 died 22 Dec 1921 Australia

In 1861 Robert had lived with his parents at Wheathill where his father farmed 200 acres and in 1871 he lived with his uncle Joseph Maidment at Lottisham House, Ditcheat. His mother was Mary Ann (Marianne) Cornish from Butleigh. After his marriage in 1877 he farmed 192 acres at Smithfield Farm in 1881, together with his brother-in-law William Hoddinott. There is no further trace of this family who emigrated – they left from Plymouth and arrived Cooktown 14 Nov 1883. Percival Thomas Maidment enlisted with the 4th Light Horse Infantry in Melbourne Australia, born Somerset, and giving his father as Levi Robert Maidment. Percival was a dairyman and enlisted on 19 Jul 1915 and sailed to England aboard the 'HMAT Ballarat' on 9 Sep 1915 returning to Australia on 21 Dec 1918. In 1921 he went through a faux marriage with a Mary Jane in Victoria to claim Australian residency. Levi's obituary appeared in 1921 in the Argus, Melbourne, giving his residence as “Hedgerley Dene, Kardella St., East Malvern and mentioning daughter Grace (Mrs. Green), Percy and Robert plus Daisy (Mrs. Morton) and Ernest.

3) Henry Maidment Chr. 29 Jul 1849 West Bradley, coachman, s.o. Charles and Angelina Maidment 91-123, 01-134 PHOTO

Mary Thorner lived with her parents in Puncknowle in 1881 where her father was a fisherman. She married Henry in 1877. Henry was the son of a carpenter and laundress and lived with his parents in 1861 in West Bradley and then in East Pennard by 1871. Henry posted an advert in the Bath Chronicle 18 Mar 1880 seeking a coachman's position stating his age 31, married with one child.

Henry had been a coachman at the Rectory in Charlton Mackrell in 1881 and before that a Carpenter and Wheelwright like his father. Henry (40), and his wife Mary J. (39) and Minnie (13), Violetta Amy (10) and Mary Annie (2) lived at an uncertain place in Butleigh in 1891. He was coachman to the Nevilles in 1891 (who then lived at nearby Corville House) but he moved to Court Lodge in 1901 when Robert Neville-Grenville transferred to the Court. Amy won a scholarship at the School for Housewifery in Street in October 1898. Henry had been awarded a gold certificate for service (10 years, Roll of Merit Awards) in 1897 [Western Gazette 30 Apr 1897].

In 1911 Henry and Mary Jane were both still at Court Lodge. They stated that they had had four children, two of whom were still alive. No death found for Minnie who was absent from the 1901 census – unless she is the Minnie Lena T. Maidment who died in Wortley, Yorkshire in 1903 aged 25.

Violetta Amy married farmer Arthur Hamilton Pope # from Shillington in Butleigh on 16 Sep 1913 (Sep Q5c 943 Wells) and their first child Dennis was born in 1914 in Sturminster, Dorset but baptized in Butleigh 23 Aug 1914.

Mary, aged 33, married the 'carman' Arthur Hunt from Wareham, Dorset in Butleigh on 7 Jul 1921 (Sep Q 5c/955 Wells). John Bradden played the organ at the wedding and the couple went by motorcar to Templecombe to honeymoon in London before returning to live in Shillingstone. [Western Gazette 15 Jul 1921]

4) John Maidment b. 1864 (Dec Q 5c/588 Wells) Baltonsborough, s.o. Benjamin and Ann Maidment 81-104

John, a carpenter, lodged with William Higgins in St. James' Square in 1881. Died 1885 (Mar Q 5c/425 Wells).


1) William James Maitland C.O.I.E. b. 22 Jul 1847 s.o. Augustus and Elizabeth Jane (nee Richards) Maitland, d. 8 May 1919

In her late 'teens Agnes painted several watercolours of Butleigh village and Court, two of which she gave to the head gardener George Starkiss when he emigrated to new Zealand in 1870. Those two plus two more are now back in Butleigh Court with me (RCS).

The Western Gazette 9th Aug 1878 carried a full report of William and Agnes' wedding. On the 8th August 1878 a Ball to celebrate the wedding took place in the saloon of Butleigh Court for the tenants of the estate – listed in the W. Gazette 16 Aug with details of the dances played by Summerhayes Band. William was private secretary to Viscount Cranbrook, Secretary of State for War. Agnes and William appeared in London on the 1881 and 1901 censuses but lodging at Wingate Farm, Countisbury, Devon in 1891. William was Deputy Governor of the Indian Railways. In 1911 the widowed William lived in Chelsea and as his guest on census night had Ada Isable Neville [wife of Agnes' brother Louis] staying with him. In 1901 Louis and Isabel Neville's daughter Margaret Roberta had stayed with them at 18, Lennox Gardens in Chelsea.

Marjorie and Air Chief Marshall Sir Arthur M. Longmore had two sons and a daughter; W/Cmdr William James Maitland Longmore (d. 1988) Janet Maitland Longmore b. 14 May 1914, d.20 Oct 2007 and W/Cmdr Richard Maitland Longmore b. 1915, d. 4 Oct 1943. All three children married and had children.


1) William Major b. 1796 Axminster, Devon, plumber and glazier

William was paid for repairing Edmund Lye's windows in March 1830. In March 1832 he was paid for glazing the Poor House windows. In Aug 1832 he was paid again for window repair. William lived in Langport Eastover [in 1851 with wife and six children].

2) John Major b. 1872 Priddy, Somerset, gardener, s.o. James and Dorcas Major.

In 1911 this couple lived at 32 Butleigh. In 1881 John had lived with his parents in East Harptree and in 1891 they were all in West Pennard. It seems that Sarah Jane may have been a widow when she married John (late husband Frank Cavill?)

Maker = Meaker


1) Grace Makewell bur. 2 Sep 1596 Butleigh


[Male - Mells]

1) Job Male [Job Male Chr. 4 Oct 1770 Barrington, s.o. John and Ann Male, bur. 22 Jan 1837 Barrington aged 66, or Job Chr. 4 Feb 1798 s.o. Job and Rebecca Male ?]

Elizabeth's mother died when she was only a year old and her father in 1805.

1a) William Male Chr. 18 Jan 1816 Butleigh, labourer, s.o. Job and Elizabeth Male, bur. 11 Jan 1888 (Mar Q 5c/315 Langport) Barrington

William and Elizabeth lived in Barrington from 1841 to 1881. In 1841 they had a son Job b. 1839. By 1861 William gave his pob as Butleigh and the couple had five children born after Job. In 1871 Elizabeth was called Betsy and William's pob was Barrington. In 1881 William was a flax worker [Add. Info. Courtesy Sue Redfearn]

1b) Benjamin Males Chr. 22 Jun 1817 Butleigh (Mells), labourer, s.o. Job and Elizabeth Mells, died 1902 (Jun Q 5c/262 Langport)

Benjamin, brother of William (above) lodged in Long Sutton Road, Somerton in 1851. They were the sons of Job Male and Elizabeth Pollet who had married in Butleigh on 29 Mar 1815. Benjamin lived in Pounds Pool, Somerton in 1861 with his wife Mary and stepson John Francis (13) and son Solomon Mell (7) - both born Somerton. Benjamin and Mary's pob were reversed on the 1881 census. In 1871 Benjamin lived in North Field, Somerton with his wife Mary (b. 1804 Barton St. David). Benjamin's dob was given as 1811. In 1891 as a widower he lived alone in two rooms in North Field [Male]. He died in 1902 aged 84.



1) Clement Drake Elton Malet Chr. 11 May 1845 Ardeley, Herts, Rector, s.o. William Wyndham Malet and Eliza Drake, d. 1930 (Mar Q 5c/337 Williton) aged 84

Clement appears in the Bath Chronicle and Western Gazette 8 Feb 1877 when 'preferred' to Butleigh as curate. Clement's father was the Vicar of Ardeley and Clement himself was the Rector of Lympston, Devon by 1881 and had obviously arrived there shortly after a few years service in Butleigh [replaced by C. E. Sherard]. In 1891 Clement snr and family lived at Trunkwell, Shenfield, Berks. Clement jnr called Hugh was a Farm Pupil boarder in 1901 at the farm of Charles Hancock, Manor Farm, Cothelstone. Florence was still with her parents who, in 1901 were living at the Vicarage, Cannington, Bridgwater. In 1911 Clement Hugh Weston Malet was a Land Agent who lived with just a servant at Crowcombe Estate Office, Williton. In 1930 (Mar Q 5c/503 Taunton) Clement H. W. Malet married Violet F. Allen in Taunton.


1) Eliza Mallett b. 1808 Butleigh, servant, housekeeper

Eliza worked as a housekeeper in West St., Ilminster in 1851, not stated whether married or single. Nfi on this person.

2) Thomas Tucker Mallet b. 1822 Templeton, Devon, s.o. Henry and Sarah Mallett, d. 1922 (Sep Q 5c/446 Wells) aged 101

On the 1851 census Thomas farmed at Holmead, Tiverton Clare with his widowed mother and in 1861 with his wife four children and mother-in-law, the widowed Sarah Mallett. Sometime between 1865 [James Fry in occupation] and 1870 he moved to Blagrove Farm.

In October 1870 a case of foot-and-mouth disease was reported on Blagrove Farm farm [Western Gazette 28th Oct]. Thomas appears at Blagrove on the 1871 census with daughters Rosa, Emily and Lucy plus son John and nephew Thomas Mallet (from Devon).At the Bath and West Show in June 1874 Thomas Mallet exhibited the 'Improved Pulverizer Plough' which he had invented and which had been improved by Hawkes and Spencer of Tiverton – made by Messrs. C. Denning & Co., the Foundry, Chard. Made of wrought iron, it had a peculiar shaped turn furrow and two pulveriser plates, by which all spine is completely buried and a seed bed made at one operation, therefore a labour saving implement.On the 1881 census Thomas, a widower, lived with Rosa, John and Lucy at Blagrove Farm (327 acres with 4 labourers, 4 boys and 1 woman) with two servants – Benjamin Wills of North Wootton and Thomas Davis of Butleigh. The Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser 9 Jun 1886 reported that at the Bath and West Show, Stand 237, Mr. Thos. T. Mallet of Blagrove Farm, Glastonbury, a practical farmer, shows a new instrument of which he is the patentee. It is a guttering machine, invented, manufactured and patented by the exhibitor. The implement is perfect in working and a great economiser of labour. On the 1891 census Thomas was additionally joined by his daughter Emily. The Western Gazette Friday 5 Aug 1892 recorded that Mr. T. T. Mallet was awarded the Society's special medal at the Manchester, Liverpool and North Lancashire Society's show for the best patent hay making machine in the show. Mr. Mallet also had the good fortune to sell the machine to Lord Derby. Thomas T. Mallet must have been a magistrate because in Feb 1872 he summoned two Street men to Somerton Petty Sessions for stealing wood from Sir A. Hood.

By 1901 Thomas had retired to Ragnor, Street to live with his two spinster daughters Emily and Lucy and they were still there in 1911.

2a) John Clapp Mallett b. 1857 Tiverton, Devonshire, s.o. Thomas Tucker Mallett, d. 1903 (Sep Q 5c/274 Wells) aged 47

Rosa (called Rose) was the daughter of Henry Maidment who was born in Butleigh and who in 1891 farmed Bridge Farm, Burges Lane, Baltonsborough. Her husband died while she was pregnant with their third child and by 1911 she had retired with her two youngest children to Street Road, Glastonbury. John was accidentally killed when he was knocked down by a wild heifer from which he and his man were trying to separate from her calf. [Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette 23 Jul 1903]. Alfred Adams had taken over Blagrove Farm by 1911 and remained there until 1936.

In 1901 Maxwell lived with his parents on Blagrove Farm and his p.o.b. was given as Street but in 1909 he was boarding at Hart House School, Axbridge (postcard in my collection) and still there at the census of 1911 with p.o.b. given as Butleigh. Maxwell passed his Incorporated Accountants Examinations in July 1930 [Western Daily Press 3 Jul 1930]. He married Ada Amelia Rolls (b. 11 Oct 1889 (Dec Q 5c/682 Bedminster)) in 1935 (Sep Q 5c/1005 Wells) – she died in 1974 (Dec Q 22 1332 Weston-Super-Mare). They do not seem to have had any children.


1) Amelia Mandy b. 1853 Uffculme, Devon, housemaid 71-72

In 1871 Amelia Mandy served at Butleigh Court. Nfi - possible mistake for Amelia Leman (b. 1853 Uffculme) d.o. Mary and Richard Leman (a mason) - the only Amelia born in Uffculme in that year.


(Manfill, Manfild)

1) Robert Manfield buried 1681 Butleigh (OOP)

Robert must have been relatively poor since the parish paid for his funeral in 1681 and his wife was immediately paid relief. Mary died the following year and her children were taken into care with Margery Adams. The daughter Mary was buried in 1687/8 Butleigh (OOP). In 1683 Alice was cared for by Margaret Callow and Barbara Symcockes. She received a full years relief, two aprons, a pair of stockings, a pair of bodices, 2 and half yards of 'dowlis and one pair of 'flies and a fealit' [fleece and felt?] to make a shift, three neck-cloths and three caps. Mary was with William Curtis. In 1684 Alice received clogs in addition to her relief. In 1686 Alice received relief, coat, waistcoat, shoes and a 'change' (of clothes – probably underwear] and finally in 1687 relief and shoes. In 1688 Alice disappears [falls in the PR gap – possibly died) and Mary her sister died.


1) John Mann bur. 7 Apr 1588 Butleigh

A Johann Man was Chr. 13 Jan 1561-2 in Baltonsborough, a John Manninge Chr. 15 May 1568 Baltonsborough s.o. Henry Manninge [one of these married Ann Hurde on 5 Oct 1588 Baltonsborough]. A Rafe Man married Alice Poole 27 Apr 1597 Baltonsborough. Related?


1) Thomas Mannyng

Recorded as Prior of St Mary's of Butleigh [actually Butley, Suffolk!), Rector of Heigham Oct 2 1499, Consecrated Bishop on 19 Mar 1536 at Lambeth by the Primate and Bishops of Salisbury and Rochester to Ipswich, last Master of Metingham College, Norfolk, 12 Nov 1539. Dorset N&Q 1856. Not a Butleigh person, but included to explain confusion in some books.


1) Thomas Mansel

2) Elizabeth Mansel married William Jacob in Butleigh on 5 Jan 1751#

Possibly a sister of Thomas? They seem to have lived in Baltonsborough. An Elizabeth Chr. 18 Jun 1716 Baltonsborough, d.o. Richard and Jane Mansell?


Mabson - Mapstone

1) John Mapson

John made the second rate for the OOP in 1711 which was subsequently quashed in Wells sessions – possibly a Wells or Glastonbury accountant/lawyer. A hosier Henry Mabson issued tokens in Glastonbury in the 1650s. Several Mopsons lived in Croscombe in the late 17th century.


1) Joanne Marke married Butleigh 11 Jan 1582 Henry Rood #

2) Richard Marke bur. 28 Jun 1581 Butleigh

3) Nemrod Marke [Memrod?]

The burial of John as being the son of Nemrod is speculative but likely.


1) John Marks Chr. 22 Sep 1811 Butleigh illeg. s.o. Mary Marks

2) Robert Marks sojourner, bur. 1 Dec 1812 Butleigh

3) Simon Marks bur. 2 Sep 1821 Butleigh aged 21

In Oct 1821 the OOP paid for Simon's coffin.


1) Thomas Marnard died 1689

Thomas appears in the churchwarden's accounts in 1689-90. He appears in the adjoining property in Butleigh with John Marnard from 1688 – 1719. In 1690 the CW recorded that John Marnard owed them 6d..

Jewers notes: 116. John Marnard bur. 28 Aug 1685. (John Marnard of Street, yeoman. Will dated 1 Jan. 1684. He is sick. Mentions, Richard, Robert, George, and Ann Marnard, sons and da. of his brother Robert Marnard, deceased, they to have  £50 each at 21. To John Roode a bond or bill for £32 due from his mother. Brother Thomas Maynard the best mare, after the heriots are taken, and four acres at Readmead for the term of the lease, and £10, also to the said Thomas and his heirs forever the land in Butleigh bought by testator from Zachary Peryam, and the wheat mow near against the Highway. To Thomas Marnerd, son of said brother Thomas, and to his heirs for ever lands in Mear. To William Howe and Robert Pearce £3 each. To Robert Slade the money he owes to testator. To the poor of Street, £5. To John Marnard, son of testator’s brother Robert Marnard, and his heirs for ever land in Southmoor bought of Mr. Douthwaite. Residuary legatee and executor, kinsman John Marnard. Prov. at Wells 31 Oct. 1685 by executor. Total of inventory £859-9-0.) [SPRp.66]

117. Year 1689 footnote: - Thomas Marnard, the elder, of Street, yeoman. Will dated 24 March 1688-9. Is sick. To John Gundrie and Joane, his sister, 1/- each. To John Maynard, Richard Marnard, Ann Marnard, George Marnard, Robert Marnard, and John Roode of Walton, 1/- each. To s. Thomas Marnard and his heirs all testator’s lands forever. Residuary legatee and executor s. Thomas Marnard. Overseers s. John Marnard and Nicholas Hulett. Proved at Wells 7 Dec. 1689. Total of inventory, £143-0-0. The inventory is here given at length as it offers points of interest, giving as it does the various rooms and their contents separately. Inventory of the goods of Thomas Marnard, deceased, taken 1 April 1689. Wearing apparel, £5. Two chattle leases, £10. Ruther cattle, £39. Horne beasts, £17-10-0. Sheepe, £9-3-4. Two pigs, £2-10-0. Wheate in the backside and ground, £14-0-0. Beans and pease upon the ground, house, and backside, £7-6-8. Barley in the house and sowed, £2-0-0. Profits of copyhold until Michaelmas next, £6-0-0. Plough harness, £6-0-0. Wood, £1. Three fletches of bacon, £2-0-0. Pewter and brass, £3-0s-0d. Barrells and other timber vessels, £2-10-0. In the kitchen a table bord and frame, a joint furme, a joint stoole, six chaires and a paire of grates, £1-6-0. In the parlor, a featherbed, bedstead, curtains and vallens, with furniture, £5-13-4; a table bord, with frame, and three chaires, 10/-. In the parlor chamber, a bed bedstead and furniture, a chest and two coffers, £3-0-0. In the hall chamber, a bed bedstead with the furniture, £1-10-0. In the mault and other things forgotten £2-0-0. [SPRp.67]

139. Thomas Maynard of Street, yeoman. (Will dated 4 July 1720. To Rachel da, of John Rood of Cole, gent., three acres of meadow in Pressmoor, eight acres three yards in the common fields of Street, & part of Hewlett’s tenement, John Rood junior s. son of the said John Rood land in Furlong above Leigh, and more lands at Fossway hedge, Gould, Slades, Cockrode, Portway and at Brooks. To kinsman John Maynard the younger and his heirs forever lands in Mear, testator’s wife Elizabeth Maynard to have the profits for life. To Thomas, Joan, & Margaret Jefferie son and daūs of John Jefferie of Henley in High Ham, yeoman, £20 each. To Thomas, Richard and Robert Maynard, sons of kinsman Richard Maynard of Walton, yeoman, £5 each. Ann Stower of S. John’s, Glastonbury, £5. Friends George Osmond, John Tucker of Glastonbury, Edward Champion and Robert Champion Compton Dundon, £1 each. Mary dau. John Rood the elder, of Cole. 23/-. To the poor of Street £5. All lands not above bequeathed to wife Elizabeth Maynard, for life, and after her death to Joane Maynard da. of kinsman John Maynard the elder, of Street, yeoman, consisting of Eastland close, four acres of ground, a house with orchard and garden. Testator’s newly enclosed land called Coles laines and Backlands containing about eleven acres to kinsman John Maynard the younger. Other lands containing about seven acres with three acres called Beagroves to trusty friends Mr. John Godwin, James Clothier, and Arthur Gundry all of Street, in trust for the benefit of the poor called Quakers inhabiting within Somersetshire. Dwelling house and land called Closemead and Eastmead to kinsman John Maynard the elder. Residuary legatee and executrix wife Elizabeth Maynard. Proved at Wells by the executrix named in the will on 5 April 1721.) [SPRp.74]

C 11/2287/43 Short title: Tyler v Maynard. Document type: Bill only. Plaintiffs: John Tyler, tailor of Walton, Somerset (son and heir of John Tyler, husbandman deceased, late of Walton), infant (by Thomas Looke, yeoman of Butleigh Wootten within Butleigh, Somerset). Defendants: John Maynard, Thomas Rood and Anne Rood his wife, Philip Tyler, Joan Tyler and Judith Tyler. 1716

DD/S/BT/20/8/2-3 1] Joseph Browne of Shepton mallet 2] John and Thomas Maynard of Street, yeomen, sons of John decd 3] Thomas Tothill of Street, yeoman Lease and release of a messuage and lands called Soots tenement, and 3.5a in Stonehill, Street. 1772

2) John Marnard senior buried 13 Dec 1721 Street s.o. Robert Maynard

John paid rates on South Moor grounds from 1676 – 1725/32. In Butleigh he paid rates (see next) from 1676 until 1725 or possibly 1732 (last period listed as 'or occupiers]. See Will of John Marnard 1685. Cannon (Money p. 495) mentions making a Will for Mrs. Mary Maynard on 21 Jul 1739.

Jewers notes: 140. John Mainard the elder, of Street, yeoman. (Will dated 21 June 1721. To dau. Joan Mainard for ever ten acres of meadow or pasture land called New Cutts formerly part of South Moor in the parish of Butleigh, three acres of pasturage in Wootton in Butleigh, £240 including £5 and interest given her by testator’s late w., and sundry articles of furniture. Brother Robert Mainard 40/- yearly. To the poor of Street £4. Residuary legatee and executor testator’s son John Mainard. Proved at Wells 8 Dec. 1722. Total of inventory, £1144-17-11.) [SPRp.74-75]



A) Mary Marsh [Chr. 24 Dec 1697 Baltonsborough d.o. Thomas and Mary Marsh – other possibilities] married Butleigh 10 Dec 1719 Thomas Higgens*

1) Philip Marshmentioned in the OOP accounts for 1708 when they paid expenses for 'taking him up'.

2) Edward Marsh [Chr. 11 Feb 1692 Baltonsborough s.o. Edward and Elizabeth Marsh?] [bur. 19 May 1765/or 17 Feb 1766 Baltonsborough?]

Married: Mary [almost certainly a Butleigh marriage in the PR gap pre-1714]

Edward paid rates in Butleigh 1723-29 OOP. They had eight later children in addition to the above.

DD\NP/1/4/2 Dame Edith Phelipp's, as above, (by direction of Thos. Poole, the elder and the younger, as above, and Robt. Poole) to Ric. Healy, of Wells, clerk, and Ed. Marsh, of Baltonsborough, for £150 of Butts or Tilestone, or Churchmoore, Butmoore, Tunn, Hitchen. Gill hatch and 6½a. arable in the common fields of Baltonsborough, being part of premises as 1(4)1 and purchased by the assigns Date: 20 Dec 1722.

3) Edward Marsh

No children found nor certain Edward burial, though an Edward Marsh bur. 9 Aug 1781 Baltonsborough.

4) Mr. Marsh

In 1743 the Churchwardens paid Mr. Marsh for a lock supplied in Dec 1841. In 1750-51 Mr. Marsh supplied oil and colours during the church renovation. In 1752/3 he supplied oil and colour for the church chest. In 1755-57 Mr. Marsh's bills were paid by the OOP. Bill paid again in 1763. (OOP)

5) William Marsh carpenter [Chr. 10 Jan 1771 Baltonsborough s.o. William and Jane Marsh, bur. 2 Oct 1837 Baltonsborough]

In Oct 1803 Mr. Marsh carpenter was paid for his work on the Poor House. A William Marsh (see also (8)) paid by the OOP in May 1826 for three new gates and posts and for back fencing for three droves. In Aug 1830 William made a chair for Thomas Curtis' daughter.

5a) John Marsh Chr. 30 Jan 1803 Butleigh carpenter

5b)? James Marsh b. 1800 Butleigh, labourer, bur. 15 Mar1870 (Mar Q 5c/491 Wells) Baltonsborough - see above.

James, a widower, lived in Baltonsborough in 1861. He was possibly the James living at Parsonage Lane, Berrow in 1851 whose wife Elizabeth was eleven years older than him. That James was a fishmonger. Several Elizabeth Marshes died in the 1850's. James and Joseph next may both be sons of William and Jane above.

5c)? Joseph Marsh b. 1814 Butleigh, servant, [married Judith and had child Julias Aquilla Chr. 22 Mar1846 Baltonsborough?]

Joseph, without wife, was at 8, Dark House Lane, St. Mary at Hill, London in 1851. In 1861 he was a dock labourer living at 20, Somerset Street (!), St. Botolph, London with his wife Elizabeth (b. 1820, London), a needlewoman. In 1871 he was a widower and farm labourer living at Wells Workhouse and probably the Joseph Marsh who died in 1886 (Mar Q 5c/419 Wells) aged 72.

6) William Marsh Basketmaker [Chr. 11 Aug 1793 Baltonsborough s.o. John and Fanny Marsh?]

Mary Ann Marsh Chr. 6 Jun 1828 Butleigh d.o. William and Mary Marsh. William was a basket maker. Mary Ann gave her pob as Baltonsborough on censuses and she had an illegitimate child, Thirza, there in 1850. On 25 April 1853 she married George Locke # in Baltonsborough and had six more children with him, most baptized in Butleigh. William appears on the 1861 census with son Albert b. 1847.

7) Frank Marsh b. 1847 Stoke Cam (St. Michael), servant 61-49

Aged 14, Frank worked for Mary Treasure at the Dairy House in 1861. In 1871 he was a dairyman lodging with Elizabeth House at Horsington. Nfi.

8) Albin March Chr. 14 Feb 1846 (Mar Q 10/470 Shepton Mallet) Pilton 'Butleigh', labourer, s.o. Peter and Louisa March, died 1902 (Mar Q 5c/351 Shepton Mallet)

In 1851 Albin March lived with his mother Louisa in Pylle and his pob was Shepton Mallet. He was still there, with both parents, in 1861 and his pob was Pylle. By 1871 he was married to Charlotte and they lived at 20, Fosse Rd., Pylle and his pob was still Pylle. By 1881 they were still there but with eight children. Albin lived with wife Charlotte and seven children at 855, Fosse Road, Post Office, in 1891 and then his pob was Butleigh!

9) Sarah Marsh b. 1781 Somerset, bur. 23 Feb 1844 (Mar Q 10/409 Wells) Butleigh 41W-17

Sarah (60) lodged with Jane Gill in Wootton Street in 1841. A daughter Ann Marsh d.o. William and Sarah (unc. forename) Marsh was bur. 21 Apr 1805 Butleigh. If unmarried, a possible would be Sarah d.o. William and Martha Marsh Chr. 13 Oct 1780 Glastonbury St. John.

10) Martha Marsh servant b. 1808 Butleigh

Martha was a widow in 1851 when she appears at Northload Street with her daughter Louisa b. 1848 Glastonbury. This daughter is probably Frances Louisa b. 1847 (Dec Q 10/431 Wells). The birth certificate should provide her husband's name and her maiden name.

11) Henry James Marsh b. 1876 Brinkworth, Wilts, labourer, died 16 Jan, bur. 20 Jan 1943 Butleigh

In 1911 the newly married couple lived in Baltonsborough together with Clara's father James (b. 1854 Baltonsborough) and brother Arthur (b. 1894 Baltonsborough). The family first moved to Rowley Farm. At the baptism of James his father's address was 51, Butleigh. At Henry's death the address was 12, High Street and Clara died at 18 High Street. Leonard lived in the High Street when he died. Alice's husband had been in service at Butleigh Court since 1929.

Mr. H. Marsh rented 18/18a High Street at £13 p.a. at sale of the Estate in Feb. 1947. Water obtained from communal tap at Post Office.


1) George Marshall

2) William Gilbert Marshall butcher b. 1812 Hazlegrove, 'of Butleigh', s.o. Mary and Thomas Marshall, d. 1857 (DecQ 5c/315 Langport)

Wedding witnesses were Thomas Philips [brother] and Elizabeth Marshall. See South Barrow file – the couple had three children in South Barrow.

3) John Marshall blacksmith

No further information on this family. A [probably unrelated] John Marshall married a Mary Ann Howells 18 Dec 1838 in Bedminster.

3) Hester Marshall PHOTO

Uncertain – appears in the 'fancy' photograph alongside Daniel Mildred at the Butleigh Revel in 1906. Possibly the wife (b. 1870) of farmer William George Marshall of Stallards Farm, Chew Magna?

Martin - Marten

1) John Marten

First marriage possibly predates the beginning of the Parish Records.

1a) Thomas Marten Chr. 13 Sep 1594 Butleigh, bur. 20 Jul 1631 Butleigh

An Elnor Martin attended James Beavell in his period of sickness in 1676 (OOP). See under Steyning for Stoney.

2) Richard Marten bur. 4 May 1628 Butleigh

3) Walter Marten

4) George Martin

5) Jane Martin married Butleigh 23 Jan 1617 (unknown – page cut!)

6) William Martin

William killed one hedgehog in 1707 and 18 sparrows in 1711 according to the churchwarden's accounts. In 1704 a warrant was taken out for him to be examined at Wells and a horse hired to carry him there. The OOP paid for Mr. Radford and John Vagg to marry him and a licence was paid for too. The OOP paid for him to be brought to Somerton and to be brought before Mr. Sergeant William Coward.

7) Frances Martin clerk, South Cadbury, bur. 16 Dec 1708 South Cadbury

Frances appears paying rates in 1707 and 1708 and in 1709 Mrs. Martin and John Withey paid the rate. From 1710 – 1712 Mistress Martin paid the rate.

DD/S/BT/6/5/20-22 1] John Helyar of Yeately, Hants., and wife Christian 2] William Day of Somerton and John Fisher of Somerton, apothecary 3] Revd Francis Martin of South Cadbury, John Pope and Henry Talbot of Butleigh Wootton, Charles Strode and William Browning of Butleigh, Date: 1706.

DD\SAS\C/795/SE/23 South Cadbury (Martyn) Copy of Will of Francis Martyn of South Cadbury, clerk, devising ppty. in Butleigh, etc. Date 9 Dec 1708.

8) John Martin bur. 11 Apr 1736 Butleigh

John - warrant taken out about him in 1691. Received Rocke and Symcockes bequest money from 1705-10 in which last year the overseers paid for a change for John Martin's children. In 1711 his house rent was paid and 1712 his child had relief paid for one year. In 1713 John's rent was paid and his child received a years relief. There is no mention of John in 1714 but his son received relief. In 1724 Dr. Periam was paid £1 for curing a Joane Martin's leg – related? She received further treatment from the good doctor the next year too. In 1729 the OOP went to the justice about John who also had the rent paid and Dr. Periam demanded money for treating his leg. In 1730 he received a pot of ointment, was moved to a new house and received relief in his wife's sickness as well as wood for heating, rent and 27 weeks relief. It is possible that the children of John above may belong to a son John? He received 55 weeks relief in 1731. The OOP account page is torn but in 1731 Sarah Martin received 3/4d in aid and John's rent was paid. Rent paid again from 1732 to 1736. In 1736 the OOP paid for the shroud, coffin, ringing the bell, making the grave, the affidavit and the liquor to drink when putting John Martin in his coffin. In 1737, 1738 Sarah was paid for her attendance on Joan Pope as well as receiving aid several times in her own distress. In March 1738 she had her bad leg cured by Richard Frampton of Walton. Her house rent was paid to William Hodges. She received assistance and rent up to her death but on a Vestry held the 16th Feb 1740 that she should be placed in Nacker's Hole for the ensuing year. In 1741 Richard Frampton 'cured her leg' again and she received several consignments of wheat and barley. The OOP paid for digging Sarah's grave and ringing the bell in 1749.

A William Martin had a pair of shoes bought for him by the OOP in 1742. In April 1767 a William Martin received 2/- from the OOP in his distress. He received 5/- in his sickness in Oct. - Dec 1767. In Jan 1768 he rec'd a peck of wheat. In the 1772 apprentice assessment a house of late William Martin paid a 1d rate. In Nov 1796 the OOP paid for a horse and cart to take William Martin to Bridgwater. In Aug 1800 the OOP paid 1/6 to fetch William's money (to him). In Nov 1800 the OOP paid for the coffin and burial of William Martin.

9) Eleanor Martin bur. 18 Dec 1801 Butleigh

Elenor Martin received house rent from the OOP from 1760 onwards and Elenor appears from 1762 receiving OOP assistance. She received assistance to April 1764. From Jun 1784 received assistance again. From April/May 1796 an Elener/Elner Hayden received OOP assistance. In March 1799 payments were made to Elener Martin Haydenand this may be a mistake, though from that time Elener Hayden disappears! The OOP paid rent for Elenor Martin in 1800 and then in 1801 for the coffin and burial of Elener.

10) John Martin bur. 23 Jul 1782 Butleigh

In 1736 the Overseers paid Elizabeth and John Martin for the relief of Hannah Blinman at 20/- each. Elizabeth was paid in 1741/2 for attending Mary Chanel. A John Martin paid assistance in 1740 - 1743 must be this one. He was also given a peck of wheat to relieve him in 1740. Paid in distress in 1741 (alongside Sarah Martin – his mother?). In 1743 the OOP paid for his daughter's coffin. From 1768 the OOP paid his rent – until 1773+. In 1783/4 Elizabeth and John Martin had their rent paid. In Feb 1767 John Martin paid for his work digging at Estend Drove. In Feb 1770 John received a peck of barley. In April 1772 he received 4/- in necessity and 13/- in December. John had his rent paid from 1779. He received frequent aid payments and in Nov. 1782 he and his wife were attended by Margaret Humphrey [see under Samuel Humphries – her maiden name was Martin] and Mr. Pitman received his house rent. In December an Elizabeth Martin received a 'checker natlain'(?) In Jan 1782 the OOP paid for a linsey coat and apron for Elizabeth. In Aug John and wife received aid but in July 1782 the OOP paid for the coffin and funeral of John and in September only Elizabeth received aid from the OOP. She received aid until Sep 1783 when the OOP paid for her coffin, grave digging and carrying to church. In 1783 Elizabeth wife of John Martin had had her rent paid

11) George Martin

In Feb 1780 Mary Colmer and Jane Wilcox were brought before Mr. George Martin Esq for examination. A Mr. Marten, clerk was paid for drawing briefs and attending the sessions at Bridgwater in 1831. - uncertain person.

12) Thomas Martin b. 1791 Hornblotton - of Ditcheat, farmer

The Thomas Martin b. 1791 Hornblotton farming 290 acres at Tything of West Horrington, Wells in 1851 with sons Samuel b. 1819 Baltonsborough and Thomas b. 1829 Godney. His wife was Mary b. 1786 Butleigh. In 1841 they were at Turnpike Street, Street.

13) Samuel Martin [Chr. 20 Oct 1774 Somerton, s.o. Samuel and Rachel (Gill) Martin ?]


Samuel's wife was paid by Butleigh OOP in Sep 1800 for his substitution for Butleigh's John Davis (in the Somerset Militia). She was paid again in May 1802 for the same reason.

14) Richard Martinin Dec 1819 Richard was paid for two cart loads of turf for the Sunday School.

15) Thomas Martin b. 1803 Margate, Kent, agricultural labourer, bur. 13 Oct 1883 (Dec Q 5c/343 Wells) Butleigh 61-61, 71-79, 81-99

A George Martin who died in the Union Workhouse and buried 14 Dec 1845 Compton Dundon aged 1 may have been related to this family.

Caroline Martin aged 10 lodged with James Andrews at Spring Gardens in 1841 and in 1851 she was a servant in the High Street, Wells, at the home of Henry Powell, Chemist & Druggist. She married John Hodges on 1 Nov 1859 (Dec Q 5c/1800 Wells). # She died in 1909 (Jun Q 5c/277 Wells). In 1851 Elizabeth worked for Charles Dyer, the saddler at 17, High Street. Elizabeth had lived with her parents and sister in Compton in 1841 - her father was a labourer. In 1861 she lived with her parents in Quarry Lane, Butleigh - as an agricultural labourer - work woman. [the authors confused Elizabeth with Caroline in their book "Victorian Somerset"?] Elizabeth married William Higgins (1a2) in Butleigh on 9 Nov 1861 (Dec Q 5c/1062 Wells). #

Thomas and Joan had lived in Compton Dundon 1841-51 with their daughter Charlotte (who had married John Jeffery in 1854 (Jun Q 5c/1073 Wells) # before arriving in Butleigh, and they then remained in Quarry Lane for the censuses of 1861 - 81 until Thomas died in 1883 after which his widow moved to Dumb Court. Joan Martin (87) lived there alone in three rooms on Parochial relief in 1891 but not for much longer since she died in 1891, at Wells according to the PR.

15a) George Martin Chr. 30 Mar 1828 Compton Dundon, labourer, bur. 14 Jul 1885 (Sep Q 5c/305 Wells) Butleigh 71W-86, 81W-106

George Martin first appeared on the censuses in 1841 in Compton Dundon lodging as a servant with farmer James Merriott at Dundon Hays. A George does appear in Compton in 1851 but married to a Hannah. This was the first marriage of George's and Hannah (Anna) died in 1851 shortly after giving birth to their son Henry. George and Elizabeth had lived in 1861 in Compton Dundon with Theophilus and Charlotte plus two other children who did not remain with them when they later moved to Butleigh Wootton. George described as of Butleigh in December 1869 when he won £2 at the Glastonbury Great Market dinner for the attendance 534 times of his three children at school. From 1871 until past 1881 they lived in Butleigh Wootton. George died in 1885 aged 57 and Elizabeth may have remarried. Theophilus was named after his mother's brother, but after 1871 nfi.

Charlotte married Street butcher Frank Grinter in Butleigh on 8 Jun 1880 (Jun Q 5c/803 Wells) and they first lived in Street (1891) but later moved to run the "Red Lion Inn", West Pennard. Her sister Caroline Elizabeth married the baker George Ball from Manchester in Butleigh on 28 Sep 1880 (Sep Q 5c/791 Wells). In 1891 they lived at 1, Victoria Street, Newton Lancashire where George was listed as a grocer. Anna married labourer Thomas Shepherd Green (b. 1855 Compton Dundon) in Butleigh on 22 Apr 1879 (Jun Q 5c/815 Wells) and they lived in 30 Acres, Street in 1881. She was called Hannah on the 1901 census when they lived at the "Red Lion Inn" at West Pennard run by Charlotte and Frank Grinter. # Possibly the Anna Green (b. 1870 Butleigh) who was a widow and fruiterer living at 30, High Street, Glastonbury in 1911.Charlotte and Frank King Grinter lived at Newtown, West Pennard by 1911 and he was then a cider merchant.

Emma became a nurse aged 16 at Park Terrace, Glastonbury by 1881 and married groom James Dunn (b. 1868 Bridport) on 7 May 1890 (Jun Q 5c/867 Wells) St. Johns, Glastonbury and lived at 88, Bove Town, Glastonbury – they were still there in 1911 and childless. Mary Ann married Street shoemaker Frederick West in Butleigh on 7 Jul 1887 (Jun Q 5c/859 Wells) and they lived in Butleigh Wootton in 1891, moving on to Baltonsborough by 1901.

16) Mary Ann Martin b. 1830 bur. 17 May 1847 (Jun Q 10/381 Wells) Butleigh

A Mary Ann Martin of Compton married a Robert Martin of Compton on 28 Jun 1849 – [Chr. 10 Jan 1830 Compton Dundon, d.o. William and Ann Martin?], not the same as the above.

Mason/Maseysee Macey


1) William Mason b. 1862, bur. 25 Oct 1950 Butleigh

William and Beatrice died at Home Farm, Butleigh Wootton.

Masters [Maister]

This family is complicated but probably sortable once the Wills have been assessed.

1) John Master vicar of Butleigh from 1536 upto c. 1540.

Probably the John Maister whose will, made 28 Mar 1559, proved 27 May 1559 mentions: son Philip; wife Elizabeth; 'my seven children'; William and Walter Hayward, Agnes Morleges, Thomas Wythrall and daughter Jone. Witnesses Richard Sowthey, Christopher Gybbes, William Colmer and William Locke.

2) Polidarus Masters bur. 13 Oct 1584 Butleigh

Other details pre-date the Parish Registers, as do the next.

3) Philip Masters

PROB 11/245/416 - Will of Thomas Masters Yeoman Butleigh, Somerset Date: 16 May 1655.

PROB 11/261 – Will of David Masters of Butleigh 1657

3a) Philip Masters Chr. 25 Jan 1589 Butleigh died 1678/83

Philip's name occurs in a case brought before the court in Wells - Information of William Champion of Wootton in the parish of Butleigh concerning the loss of a black heifer the body of which was found in the slaughter house of William Spurlocke of Somerton, and the hide hid under the bed mat on which his wife was lying. William Spurlocke said that he bought the heifer from Philip Masters of Wootton, but offered no explanation of the hide being found under his bed. All given to John Barker 25th Oct. 1659. Philip is recorded as paying rates 1673-1677 in South Moor and 1673 – 1678 in Butleigh, the latter jointly with John Masters from 1674. 1679-81 records are lost but in '83 and especially '84 it seems that the heirs were David Masters and John Master who paid rates in adjoining properties until 1698. Philip was Overseer in 1660.

DD/S/BT/25/1/11 - Petition to Chancery by Nathaniel Blake of Glastonbury, innholder and wife Elizabeth, daughter of Philip Masters of Milton Falconbridge, Martock, concerning her estate. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1724. - related? A Nathaniel Blake bur. 12 April 1735 Glastonbury St. Johns? His wife Mary bur. 17 Jan 1730 (2nd wife – or son and son's wife?)

3a1) David Masters Chr. 18 Jun 1658 Butleigh d. 1715?

David was churchwarden in 1684 and was possibly the Dan (?) Masters who made a donation to building St. Paul's Cathedral in 1680. David paid rates from c. 1680/3 – 98. In 1699 David paid his rates jointly with William Bartlett and in 1701 Rebecca Bartlett seemed to join David & William and next to John. In 1701-2 it was as 1700 then in 1703-4 David paid his rates jointly with son William who may have died in 1704 since from 1705 it was just David again on his own [but next to John still]. In 1709 John seems to have moved and David was absent. In 1710 David paid rates jointly with White and John is absent! In 1714/15 the rate was for Late David Masters & White [1716 lost] and the same until 1719 when it becomes David Masters again. 1722 has 'Mr. Young for Masters' and 1723 David Masters next to William Masters or occupiers (his brother returned?). The same in 1725 and up to 1744 after which it is late David next to William.

3a1A) William Masters bur. 14 Mar 1772 Butleigh

A William paid rates in 1703-4 (see above) and then (another, this William?) from 1723 – 1772 – when he was 'Late William Masters'. He was followed by Luce Masters who paid the rates until her death in 1796, thereafter paid by 'occupiers'. The rates were paid by 'Luce Masters' then until 1806/7 when William Wake became the occupier. In 1811/12 he pays rates in his own right as William Wake/Weake late Luce Masters. This is the William Masters Wake b. 1765.

Luce earned money sometimes by caring for the elderly or children. In Jan 1763 she was paid for keeping Wheeler's child. (OOP). In Feb 1773 the OOP paid 5/- in expenses chasing 'the rogue in breaking open Luce Masters house'. A Luse Masters gave the OOP 'fast money for selin side wind low' ? [1770's] and Luce Masters in June 1780 was paid for de-lousing Periams childrens heads. In Jun 1795 Luce received OOP assistance. In Nov 1796 the OOP paid for the coffin and bell ringing for Luce Masters funeral.

3a1B) David Masters bur. 14 Jan 1742 Butleigh

See previous – this David paid rates from 1719 until 1743/4. Overseer of the Poor in 1723. Possibly the Mary Masters of Butleigh who married Thomas Holman in Baltonsborough 23 Apr 1745.

A Mary Homan [Chr. 17 Feb 1749 Butleigh d.o. the above Mary and Thomas Holman] married John Newport in Butleigh on 28 May 1772. A property 'late David Masters' had rates paid by Thomas Holman and Elizabeth Masters from 1747 until 1750 when it became Thomas Holman and John Wheller (for part of Gathrens).

3a2) William Masters Chr. 9 Dec 1666 Butleigh bur. 11 May 1672 Butleigh

William died in 1672 and he was the late William in 1673-4.

3a3) John Masters of Wootton [to distinguish him from John of Compton] d. 1713?

John paid rates from 1673 [next door to Philip] and jointly with Philip 1674 – 1678. He paid the rates in his sole name then up to 1708. In 1709 he appears in a new place in Butleigh then after 1713 disappears. In 1708 (coincidence?) a property is called late Katherine Masters and remained so described until 1711 when the name disappears. Could Katherine be the wife of John and the John paying rates after 1709 be their son? An unplaced John (3a3A) is placed her speculatively. See (7) for a Katherine wife of John.

3a3A) John Masters

The second marriage probably refers to the marriage in Baltonsborough on 2 Apr 1727 between John Masters and Mary Holman. The latter being a probable daughter of Richard Holman [birth falls in the PR gap].

4) William Masters d. before 1673

A property in Butleigh had rates paid in 1673, 1674 as occupier of the tenement of 'late William Masters'

4a) Elizabeth Masterspaid rates in 1673 – sister/wife of?

5) David Masters bur. 17 Jun 1656 Butleigh

PROB 11/261 - Will of David Masters Butleigh, Somerset Date: 2 Feb 1657

6) John Masters bur. 10 May 1620 Butleigh

John received Poor relief in 1613 and 1614.

7) John Masters 'the elder' bur. 30 Mar 1668 Butleigh

7a) John Masters 'the younger' bur. 28 Mar 1668 Butleigh

8) John Master of Compton

John paid rates from 1673-1686.

9) Walter Masters

Burial would fall in PR gap.

10) Elizabeth Masters

Elizabeth was the person who the overseers took out a warrant concerning in 1675 [usually to discover who was the father of a child]. James (next) seems to be the son of Elizabeth Masters who appeared in 1688 when she received bread from the Symcockes bequest. In 1689 she received beef and in 1690 and '91 money. In 1693 she received relief and dressings and treatment for her legs. James was apprenticed to Stephen Symes. In 1694 Elizabeth received wood for heating. In 1700 and 1702-4 she received bequest money intended for the poor.

10a) James Masters tailor, bur. 5 Jan 1732 Butleigh

James was an apprentice to Stephen Symes in 1693. In 1703 James received money from the OOP for his relief (see also Elizabeth above). In 1704 he received relief 'in the time of his wife's sickness'. In 1705 James received both Rocke and Symcockes bequest money and in '06, '07 Rocke money. In 1707 James was paid by the OOP to make clothes etc. for the poor. In 1708 he received Rocke & Symcockes money and the OOP paid for keeping his child for 17 weeks, plus James again made clothes for the poor. In 1709 his child was kept for a whole year and James rec'd Symcockes money. In 1712 Dr. Strode was paid for 'curing James Masters' boy's leg'. In 1713 James received Webb fine money. In1721 James was given a bushell and a half of wheat to relieve his distress. In 1721/2 he received 10 weeks relief and the overseers paid for the shroud and coffin for his wife. James rec'd 28 weeks relief in 1723. In 1725 he received a year's relief plus money in his sickness. In 1726 he rec'd a years relief and cloth to make clothes for his children. In 1727 he was paid to make badges for the poor people [obligatory to carry red letters BP on their clothes to show they were in receipt of charity!]. And one daughter was apprenticed to Mr. Mellier. At the end of the 1726 accounts it mentioned that two of James Masters' children were bound out apprentices, the other went to John Mullens. Both girls were outfitted with new clothes, aprons hats etc. In 1728 James received wood, money, wheat and barley to relieve him. In 1728 James received money to relieve him in his sickness, and a shroud and coffin for his wife (OOP). The also paid for digging her grave. His son Richard received new clothes and shoes and was then indentured as an apprentice to Thomas Gill. In 1730 John Masters [a relative? - see (12)] was paid for looking after James's son (presumably Thomas) for two weeks by the Overseers, while James received money in his sickness and necessity. James received 6d in aid again in 1731. In 1732, after James' death, the OOP paid for indentures of his boy as apprentice (with either Philip Avery or Henry Talbott).

10a1) Thomas Masters

In 1749/50 the OOP paid assistance to Thomas Master's wife. A Thomas Masters family received aid in Nov and Dec 1773. 'Masters family' received aid from Jan to May 1774. In May also Jane Hodges was paid for supplying a room to house the family. The family received assistance monthly until October 1775. Several payments made to Thomas Masters and in Aug 1776 to Thomas Masters 'the pedlar and printer'. Payment made in Sep 1776 and also for a post letter from Thomas (indicating that he was absent from Butleigh). In Dec 1776 'pedlar' written next to his name in the margin. In Sep 1792 the OOP paid for a letter from Thomas Masters.

11) Grace Masterswife of above? Died Oct 1813/14?

In 1753/4 the OOP paid £1 for Grace Masters to return back to her mother with her children. - related to the above Thomas? A Grace Masters received assistance and 3 days lodging from the OOP in Dec 1800. She received assistance from Jan 1801 – 1814 though the OOP reclaimed £2 16 0d from F. Taylor 'on account of her being dead!' [possibly for bastardy pay]. She had been paid 8/- per month and the sum equalled 7 months so she presumably died in Sep/Oct 1813. A final reckoning in August 1814 records 52 weeks pay to Grace Masters at 2s per week due Oct 25th 1813, however in July 1815 we find the same entry but payments made for 52 weeks due Oct 25th 1814.

11) Joseph Masters

Joseph received OOP aid in 1749/50

12) John Masters Chr. 3 Apr 1743 Butleigh s.o. John and Elizabeth Masters

John the father must be the John who looked after James s.o. James and Susanna in 1730. A Betty Masters who was paid for killing 7 hedgehogs (CW) in 1743/4 may be the mother Elizabeth. In Glastonbury St. John an Elizabeth Chr. 23 Sep 1732 to John Masters is possibly related too. The same John had a daughter Ann Chr. 31 Jul 1734 Glastonbury St. John..

13) David Masters

A David Masters married Joan Seymer in Baltonsborough 20 May 1741 – 1st wife? - possible, since that couple had no children there.

14) George Masters bur. 12 May 1800 Butleigh

A George Masters bur. 3 Jan 1833 Chr. 2 Oct 1788 Butleigh aged 42 may well have been a son of this couple too. In March 1792 a summons was taken out about George Masters (OOP). In May 1800 George received OOP assistance before they paid William Sweet for his coffin. On May 26th the family were given 9/6 and Mr. Welch paid for examination and removal of Susannah and children to Podimore Milton by horse and cart. In July 1813 the Butleigh OOP paid for the coffin for Susannah Masters.

15) John Masters b. 1781 Somerset, stone cutter, [bur. 12 Nov 1846 (Dec Q 10/388 Wells) Wookey aged 76] 41-12

Jane must have been a daughter of William and Jane Isaac in Butleigh. A John Masters wife received Volunteer Bounty money in May 1805 (and following months) and John received rent from the OOP 1809 – 1813, 1817 – 1820. John Masters wife received assistance from 1809. In Feb 1816 John Masters was paid for making a new spall path at Sealy's Row. He received aid in Feb 1817. In March 1818 Mr. Bond was paid by the OOP for delivering John Master's wife [of Elizabeth Chr. 1819?]

Jane Masters seems to be the person who died in 1839. In 1841 her widowed husband John lodged with James Barnet in Oddway while his daughters Hester and Elizabeth lived in Wells with their cousin John Isaac junior. Hesther married John Templeman (b. 1801) # in Butleigh on 9 Apr 1843 (Jun Q 10/824 Wells) but died after childbirth in 1844. Elizabeth married Seth Callow in Butleigh on 27 Feb 1843 (Mar Q 10/761 Wells). #

16) John Masters b. 1801 Westbury, farm labourer, died 1881 (Sep Q 5c/281 Shepton) 51-37, 61-59

Sarah may have been Chr. 4 Nov 1804 Nailsea d.o. William and Hannah Hyatt.

John and son Robert boarded with Charles Petty in 1851 and John stayed with him until 1861. In 1841 they had lived at East Brent when Robert's mother Sarah was still alive and there also were his brothers George (2) and William (8). Robert is missing from the following censuses but surfaced in 1881 at West Bradley with his wife Adelaide (b. 1830 West Pennard). They moved to Parbrook, East Pennard by 1901 and Robert died in 1903 (Dec Q 5c/287 Shepton Mallet) and Adelaide died in 1911.

In 1871 John had lodged with William Maidment in West Bradley but by 1881 he was an inmate of the "Union Workhouse" West Shepton as a Pauper, where he died the same year.

16a) William Hyatt Masters Chr. 6 Feb 1833 East Brent (Westbury), agricultural labourer, bur. 30 Mar 1922 Butleigh 51-30, 61-54, 71-77, 81-100, 91-121, 01-137

William had arrived in Butleigh with his father John and brother Robert but he was a farm servant lodging with Henry Hoddinott by Compton Street in 1851. Louisa Oram appeared as Mary Oram in 1851, a servant in Fore Street. They married in 1851. In 1861 William Masters (29) agric. labourer lived with his wife Louisa and children Sarah A., Elizabeth, Henry John, William G., and Mary A. in one of 'Hoods Cottages', Butleigh Hill.

By 1871 William (40) lived with wife Louisa (40) and Sarah Ann (18), Henry J. (14), William G. (11), Mary Ann (8), Fanny (5) and Roseanna (1) in Farmhouse (part of Holmans).

Sarah Ann married the labourer John Ingram in Butleigh on 13 Sep 1872 (Sep Q 5c/867 Wells)# and signed as Sarah Ann [and was buried as such when she died of bronchitis aged 27] but on her marriage certificate the name of her sister Elizabeth was mistakenly given!. Perhaps the Rev. Wm Neville was confused with Elizabeth having had an illegitimate child Frederick who was born in August 1872 and the child to be buried two weeks after Sarah's wedding – perhaps her name was on his mind when he wrote the certificate.

In 1881 the property William and Louisa lived in was called Higgins Yard Cottage and they lived there with five children; Henry (24), William (22), Fanny (15), Rose (11) and Albert (9). Mary was a servant at 423, New Cross Rd., Deptford, St. Paul's, Greenwich in 1881. Then called Mary Maud she married hawker Thomas G. Tapsell (b. 1848 Chatcham, Kent) in 1885 (Sep Q 2a/821 Medway) and lived in Gillingham, Kent 1891 – 1901. They were at 11, Pretoria rd., Gillingham in 1911 with son Thomas [Mary called Mary Ann again].. Mary's older sister Elizabeth was just a few streets away at 20, Florence Rd. in 1881, where she was also a servant (to a wine merchant) - previously in 1871 Elizabeth had been a servant at King a Mill, West Lydford.. In 1882 (Jun Q 1d/1479 Woolwich) Elizabeth married John H. Hilling (b. 1859 Palgrave Suffolk) who was a medical orderly (and gunner in the Royal Artillery) and they must have then gone to Ireland where their eldest son was born in 1888. In 1901 (name misread Killing/Krilling) they lived at Newbold & Dunston, Derbyshire. In 1911 they were at 48 Johnson St., Old Whittington, Derbys. With their four surviving children (of 10). John Hilling was a labourer at a blast furnace.

Henry married Emma Jane Green and moved to Street while William married Clara and set up at 61 Barton Stone (1891) (3a2).

Fanny became a servant at the house of James Pursey, builder and grocer, in the High Street, Street (1891) and married shoe worker William Page (b. 1871 Poole, Dorset) in 1892 (Dec Q 5c/955 Wells) and they lived in Street. # In 1891 William's house in Butleigh was called 'Holman's Yard' and he lived there with wife Louisa (60) and daughter Rosanna (20) and son Albert (18). Albert had married (16a3) and lived elsewhere in the village by 1901.

Rosanna married James Vowles in 1899 (Sep Q 5c/871 Wells) and in 1901 they lived at 21, Brutasche Terrace, Street where James was a shoe burnisher at the factory. In 1911 they lived at 14, Laura Terrace, Street with their son Austin (3).

By 1901 William (70) and Louisa (72) lived alone. In 1911 William and Louisa lived alone in four rooms.

Louisa Masters died in 1916 (Mar Q 5c/644 Wells) though her age at death was given as 92. William died in 1922 aged 97.

16a1) Henry John Masters Chr. 10 May 1857 (Jun Q 5c/638 Wells) Butleigh, labourer, died 1902 (Dec Q 5c/303 Wells). 61-54, 71-77, 81-100

Emma lived in West End, Street with her parents in 1881 where her father was an agricultural labourer and she was a shoe fitter in a factory. Henry married Emma Jane Green in 1883 and after the death of their first child they lived in Teetotal Row, Street where he was a labourer (1891) with two children, Beatrice and Laura. On the 1901 census the enumerator called Henry Harry and his wife 'M'. Jane! In that year they lived at 2a, West End and had had another daughter, Hilda (b. 1892) - Henry died aged 45 in 1902. Emma Jane married again in 1909 (Mar Q 5c/746 Wells) to Frank Wheller and died in 1940

16a2) William George Masters Chr. 24 Jul 1859 (Sep Q 5c/595 Wells) Butleigh, labourer, died 28 Apr, bur. 1 May 1940 (Jun Q 5c/1196 Wells) Butleigh 61-54, 71-77, 81-100, 91-123, 01-138 (P)

Clara Cannon had lived with both her parents in 1861 but after her mother's death she lived with her grandmother Susan Cannon, her father and siblings in Babcary (1871). In 1881 she was a housemaid to the Rector of Sutton Montis at the Rectory in Weston Bamfylde. She married William George in 1883.

In 1891 at No. 61, Barton Stone William (32) lived with his wife Clara (30) and children Frederick William, Ernest, Alice and Herbert. The family were all in Oddway in 1901 apart from Alice who was a servant at 'The Laurels' in Chapel Street run by Edward Hickman, draper and grocer.

In 1911 the address of the family was given as 65 Butleigh and all were at home apart from Frederick, Ernest, Ethel and Edith. Frederick had married Maud Maria Hansford in 1909 (Jun Q 5c/950 Wells) and they lived in Wilfrid Rd., Street with their daughter Winnifred Maud. Ernest was a police constable boarding at Bexley Heath, Kent. Ethel was a cook for Sophia Sturge Clark at Greenbank, Street. Edith Mabel was a servant at 7, Northover, Glastonbury.

Edith M. R. married dairyman Charles Henry Knight in Butleigh on 10 Nov 1915 (Dec Q 5c/1077 Wells). # Nellie Louisa married the miller's carter John Bevis Millard from Baltonsborough in Butleigh on 28 Sep 1922 ( Sep Q 5c/945 Wells). Doris Margaret married boot & shoe operative Frederick Ball from Street in Butleigh on 9 Apr 1928 (Jun Q 5c/935 Wells). Clara married Reginald Brown of 3, Compton Street on 25 Aug 1930 in Butleigh. Herbert married a Jane Chinnock. Gertrude married Harry Lyall. Henry married Florence Parker.

16a2A) Reginald Henry Masters b. 14 Aug, Chr. 13 Dec 1903 (Dec Q 5c/405 Wells) Butleigh, engine driver, d. 1984 (Apr 23/1137/484 Mendip)

Florence was the sister of Nelson Parker. Reginald appears in front of his steam engine on p. 33 of “Somerset Voices”.

16a3) Albert Masters Chr. 28 Jul 1872 (Jun Q 5c/604 Wells) Butleigh, labourer, bur. 20 Dec 1929 (Dec Q 5c/476 Wells) Butleigh 81-100, 91-121, 01-144

Louisa lived in Wedmore in 1861, with her parents, father a carpenter, and in 1871 in Westham, Wedmore. In 1881 she worked at 11, Market Place, Wells (Milliners) as a servant. By 1891, she worked as a servant at 4a, Portway, Wells - she had lost a few years and was then only '29'. She married Albert in 1895 and was really 13 years older than him but in 1901 when they lived in four rooms, possibly in Sub Road she was 37, just 11 years older.

In 1911 the family lived at Park Farm but Mary Louisa's name was crossed out – this was because she was a servant at Grove Farm, Castle Cary, for Alice Turner (36, of Butleigh) and her new 60 year old husband James Howell.#.Mary Louisa married Berkeley Cook of Keinton Mandeville in Butleigh on 25 Dec 1919 (Dec Q 5c/1201 Wells).

Son Arthur was a casualty in WWI. Amy Gertrude married engineer Lionel Frank Wellington from Keinton Mandeville in Butleigh on 25 Dec 1922 (Dec Q 5c/1021 Wells). John Albert, a baker, married Emily E. R. Chinn in Butleigh on 29 Jun 1927 (Jun Q 5c/987 Wells) – no children recorded.

18) Charles Masters b. 1821 Somerset, shoemaker 41-6 [Chr. 11 Jun 1820 s.o. Joseph and Elizabeth Masters]

Charles was a journeyman shoemaker lodging with Thomas Gare in 1841 in the High Street. Charles Masters seems to be the person born in Pilton who lived in West Bradley in 1851, a cordwainer.

19) Emily E Masters b. 1845 Priddy, farm servant 61W-65

Emily worked for dairyman George James in 1861 in Butleigh Wootton - nfi.

20) Samuel Masters of Lydford

In 1737-39 Samuel supplied a pair of 'jeniers' to mend the hatch of the communion table. CWA

21) Ann Masters

Ann was taken for examination in June 1805, along with her father for company, and received 7 weeks pay (sent to her). OOP

22) Mary Mastersin June 1813 the OOP paid her for attending her mother.

23) Frederick Abbot Masters Chr. 18 Aug 1822 Butleigh illegit. s.o. Elizabeth Masters nfi, neither death nor marriage recorded – possibly changed surname – to Abbott?



1) Frances Matthews bur. 3 Mar 1739 Butleigh

Frances could be male or female – a Francis was Chr. 5 Oct 1678 Dunster s.o. Samuel – without some other reference, impossible to identify.

2) John Henry Mathews b. 1834 Templeton, Devon, blacksmith, bur. 7 Aug 1916 (Sep Q 5c/464 Wells) Butleigh 61-53, 71-79, 81-100, 91-123, 01-144

John (sometimes listed as Henry) variously gave his birthplace as: Temple[ton], Devon; Ilminster, Som; Tiverton Devon. Jane gave her pob as Sandford - there is a Sandford in Devon but Sampford [Peverell] is near Burlescombe, where a Jane Kerslake lived with her parents in 1851. John lived at Road in 1861 (New Road?) with his wife and eldest child Albert. Two children who died in Butleigh may have been daughters of this couple - Sarah Jane Mathews b. 1856, bur. 19 Apr. 1869 (Jun Q 5c/424 Wells, Butleigh and Harriet b. Aug. 1862, bur. 16 Jan 1863 (Mar Q 5c/511 Wells) Butleigh.

In 1871 the family was at Barton Stone and two more children had been added. John's wife Jane died in 1878 aged 48 and he then married Martha Sams in 1880. Martha had been a servant in Long Sutton in 1861 and by 1871 was a servant at 9, Clarendon Place, Lambeth, London.

In 1881 John (45), lived with his new wife Martha (36) plus Theodore (17), Harry (13) and Jessie ( 2 months). Albert married Emily Louisa Eyles (b. 1861 Poole) in 1880 (Sep Q 5a/465 Poole) and in 1881 they lived in Poole. John became a 'coach wheeler' and in 1901 lived with Emily and seven children at 21, Union Street, St. Maurice, Winchester, Hampshire. By 1891 John and Martha had just Jesse with them, plus two lodgers and lived at 60, Barton Stone. Harry was absent in 1891 but married Emily in that year and returned to Butleigh to live by 1901. Jesse lived in 1901 with his uncle William Laws [Lamm?] at Haslingfield, Cambs

A 'niece' Elsa was visiting in 1901 but in reality was the child of his son Harry (see below).

In 1911 John and Martha lived at 60 Butleigh with a boarder – George Davis (b. 1876 Butleigh). Jesse had married Matilda Elizabeth Culling in 1908 (Dec Q 5a/13 Swindon) and in 1911 they lived at Barton St. David with daughter Phyllis.

2a) Theodore Mathews Chr. 13 Oct 1863 (Dec Q 5c/606 Wells) Butleigh, groom and ostler, died 1891 (Jun Q 5c/268 Bridgwater) 71-79, 81-100 [Theadore Matthews]

In 1881 Lavinia was a servant in Havyatt, Glastonbury to farmer Francis Hoddinott of Butleigh. In 1891 Frank lived with his parents at Church Street, Cannington. His father Theodore died in 1891 aged 26. Theodore was run over by a traction engine and ploughing machine while acting as steerer. The blame was laid at the door of a man Higgins who allowed him to carry out the dangerous job. Inquest at Callington. [Royal Cornwall Gazette Thursday 18 Jun 1891]. The Western Daily Press 13 Jun 1891 had reported that the engine belonged to Robert Neville-Grenville and that the driver was George Lock and Richard Lye the steersman – the latter having appeared the morning of the accident at Bridgwater before magistrate Rev. H. N. C. Ruddock and remanded for being drunk whilst in charge of the engine. [Taunton Courier 17 Jun 1891]. The inquest returned a verdict of “Accidental death” even though the above had been drinking, and that the error was on the part of Alfred Higgins in having allowed the deceased to temporarily steer the engine.

In 1901 Frank and his brother Albert lived with their mother Lavenia in three rooms at Brook Street, Cannington.

Albert, a motor body worker, married Amelia Kelsey in 1910 (Mar Q 1c/368 Whitechapel) and they lived at 52 Morgan Rd., Bromley Kent in 1911. Frank was a journeyman baker boarding at 8, Griffin Rd., Clevedon.

2b) Harry Mathews Chr. 5 Jul 1868 (Jun Q 5c/614 Wells) Butleigh, labourer, d. 1946 (Jun Q 5c/395 Wells) 71-79, 81-100, 01-144

In 1871 and 1881 Harry lived in Barton Stone with his parents. The Taunton Courier of 12 Dec 1888 reported that at the Glastonbury Christmas Market Harry was awarded first prize of £1 for having served seven years and eight months labour for Robert Neville-Grenville. In 1891 he seems to be the 'Henry' living in a Caravan at Henstridge - a Steam Roller driver. Emily Packer lived with her parents in Lower Milton, Wells in 1881 - her father was a farm labourer. They married in 1891 and in the next years they obviously roamed the area looking for employment. Their eldest child Ernest was born in Butleigh in 1892, though the next two were born in Coxley and Walcombe. Amy was born in Butleigh in 1900. Harry Matthews was awarded £1 10s at the Glastonbury Great Market of 1894 for 15 years service with R. Neville-Grenville.

In 1901 at an uncertain place in the village - New Road? Harry Matthews (32) lived with his wife Emily (31), and children Ernest, Lily, Wallace and Amy. Elsa/Elsie was visiting her grandfather John Mathews on census night in 1901 (above). In 1911 the address of the family was given as 24 Butleigh. Only Ernest was away from home, boarding at 6, Orchard Road, Street where he worked in the rug factory. In Butleigh on 23 Feb 1929 Henry John (age given as 21?) married Elsie Mary Medway [b. 1901 (Jun Q 6a/205 Bristol)] whose father was given as Henry Spence. Henry John was described as transport driver from Street and father named as 'Henry'..

3) Luetta Amelia Jane Sparks Matthews Chr. 26 Apr 1877 (Jun Q 5c/534 Shepton Mallet) West Holme, servant, d.o. James and Jane (Ann) Mathews 91W-117

In 1881 Liceta/Luetta lived with her parents at Holt, Pilton and her pob given as Pilton. In 1891 she worked on Broadway Farm, Butleigh Wootton for Henry Swanton. She married railway porter Walter Gass in 1900 (Mar Q 5c/663 Wells) and they lived in North Highbridge.


1) George Mattocks

In 1727/8 George supplied the Churchwardens with a piece of timber for the bell-cage – and carriage from Walton (where timber bought) to Butleigh. Probably one of the Martock George Mattocks.


1) Leonard Thomas Maunder b. 1889, s.o. Fred and Ann Maunder and grandson of Samuel and Jane (nee Tucker) Maunder, d. 24, bur. 28 Aug 1958 (Sep Q 7c/207 Wells) Butleigh.

Leonard lived with his mother and grandparents at Ash House, Hare Street, Morchard Bishop, Devon as a child. In 1901 he lived at Slade Farm, Morton Bishop with his maternal grandfather, a farmer and by 1911 was farm manager there. His and his bride's families were the two oldest in the village. In July 1920 Mrs. Maunder at Rowley advertised for a governess for her little girl of 6. In June 1921 and again in October 1924 Leonard was advertising for yardsmen to help milk cows in Butleigh. In Kelly's Directories of 1935 and 1939 he is listed as farmer at Rowley. He rented 87 Butleigh [Moorhouse] at the estate sale of 1947 at £7 16s 0d per annum. His own domicile was Rowley Farm where he died. In 1947 this property he rented at £143 14s 0d per annum.


1) Mr. MavelePaid by the OOP in Jan 1814 for examining John Pollett


1) Samuel May bur. 12 May 1793 Butleigh

2) Anne May bur. 28 Jul 1795 Butleigh

3) Isabella May bur. 28 Feb 1796 Butleigh

These last three belong to the generation that founded this dynasty and could be wives

3) William May b. 1755, butcher, bur. 13 Nov 1828 Butleigh - from Charlton

A further daughter Ann was bur. 1 Dec 1782 Butleigh. A William May had a bastard child by Joan Periam [Thomas Periam Chr. 17 Apr 1786 Butleigh] and the OOP made the first bastardy pay to the mother in July 1786. In Oct 1793 the OOP paid William May's 'cloathing per bill'. Mary May's illegitimate child was fathered by John Callow who started paying bastardy pay from Nob 1799. In Jan 1803 the OOP paid William May for Mary May in her lying in and received from John Castle money for her lying in and other expenses. Mary May later married John Castle in Butleigh on 5 Sep 1804. In Feb 1808 Sarah was paid for delivering Jane Davis (2/6d). In March 1813 the OOP paid assistance to Mays bastard and in April 1813 they paid for 'May's bastard's coffin [John s.o. Mary?]

In Dec 1813 and from Jan 1814 the OOP paid assistance to William May possibly father and son since 4/- was paid twice in most months. In Jan 1817 William May senior specified as recipient of assistance. Sarah May acted s midwife sometimes and in Sep 1819 she delivered James Davis' wife of a child. From 1829 Sarah was in receipt of assistance herself periodically.

3a) Richard May b. 1799, Chr. 22 Apr 1800 Butleigh, stone cutter, illegitimate child of Mary May and John Callow, bur. 14 Apr 1880 (Jun Q 5c/359 Wells) Butleigh 41-12, 51-27, 61-61, 71-78

Richard's father was John Callow who was paying bastardy pay to his mother from Nov 1799. Richard's mother Mary later married John Castle in 1804, and then, when widowed, William Lane. # Richard May had an illegitimate child [William Talbot Chr. 10 Feb 1828] by Jane Talbot for which he paid bastardy pay. An order of bastardy issued Nov 1826 was accompanied by Jane Talbot's appearance at a Justice meeting and in December she began to receive bastardy pay. Richard seems to have been occasionally summonsed (for not paying bastardy on time?) and in Dec 1831 he was taken to Shepton. Further warrants taken out in May 1832 and Sep 1832.

Jane may have been the daughter of John and Mary Davis (- the Mary [Jane] Chr. 8 Jan 1804?) her witness at marriage was Maria Davis - her mother (John had died in 1823)? Richard and Jane lived in Oddway in 1841 with five children. A child Jane which died as an infant on 6 May 1847 (Hun Q 10/373 Wells) Butleigh may well have been theirs. Harriet became a house servant in Chamberlain Street, Wells - the house of Richard Sheppard, solicitor whereas Isabella died aged 24 in 1858 - she had been a servant in Magdalene Street, Glastonbury in 1851 (called Ezebella!).

In 1851 Richard and Jane lived with Harry, Mary, William and Susan. Isabella is the Ezebella May servant working for auctioneer Charles Lewis in St. Benedicts Glastonbury in 1851.

Mary married labourer James Brooks in 1860 (Sep Q 5c/1133 Bedminster) and they lived in Bedminster for more than 30 years. In February 1879 Mary Brooks left Bristol with her son Richard (9) to visit her mother and arrived at Glastonbury Station around 10.00pm. She enquired whether she could find lodging for the night as Butleigh was four miles distant. She couldn't find lodgings but outside the George and Pilgrim when enquiring if someone could convey her to Butleigh William Pike a journeyman baker from Street said he was going there and could take her. He began to misbehave travelling over Cow Bridge and raped her at the Lodge to Butleigh House [the Hood property]. He also stole her watch and was remanded to trial in early February 1879. [see Bristol Mercury 14 Feb 1879]. At the trial [Western gazette 9 may 1879] a different picture emerged and it turned out both parties had been drinking and were quite drunk when the incident occurred. Lye given a month's imprisonment for stealing the watch and the rape case dropped.

By 1861 Richard had moved to Quarry Lane Cottage with William and Susan. Harry is absent from censuses after 1851 but may well be the Henry (b. 1836 Butleigh) who appears as an Army Reserve Force labourer in Bristol, Bedminster in 1871 - formerly in the Royal Artillery. He married Sarah Jane King from Buckland, Devon in 1864 (Jun Q 5b/425 Plymouth). In 1881 they lived at 128, Meriton St., [near the Chemical works] Bristol, and Henry was a brickyard Foreman. In 1891 they were at 65, Treefield Road, Bristol with Henry as a dairyman, and one of his six children was Ada (b. 1875 Bristol) - a chocolate cream maker! By 1901 they lived at 1, Windsor Terrace, St. Philip and St. Jacob, Bristol and Henry was a general shop keeper. Their daughter Rosina still lived with them and she was a packer at Fry's Cocoa factory. In 1911 they lived at 85, Mina Road, Bristol.

Susan married John Scriven in 1865 (Sep Q 5c/1167 Bedminster) and they had six children also before Susan died in 1879 (Jun Q 5c/508 Bedminster).

In 1871 Richard (72) lived with his wife Jane (66) and son William (29). In 1881 William lived in Quarry Lane. Jane died in 1879 and Richard in 1880.

WO 69/134/248 Royal Artillery 6 Battalion No.s 3434 – 3905 Henry May born Butleigh enlisted 1853 aged 18 years 1853

3a1) William Thomas May Chr. 12 Sep 1841 (Jun Q 10/479 Wells) Butleigh, labourer, bur. 4 May 1918 (Jun Q 5c/510 Wells) Butleigh 51-27, 61-61, 71-79, 81-99, 91-124, 01-140

A William May was sentenced to a fine of £1 for trespassing on lands at Butleigh and Kingweston but the fine not having been paid he was committed to Taunton Gaol for three weeks. [Sherborne Mercury 4 Feb 1862]. The Western Gazette of 4 May 1866 reported a case brought against William by James Weaver, keeper of the New Inn for assaulting him [while drunk and disorderly] on April 21st 1866. Case was adjourned for witnesses to come forward. In June 1867 William was bound over and had to give sureties to keep the peace for twelve months after fighting with Thomas Snook.

In 1881 William was a brickyard labourer and lived alone in Quarry Lane. In March 1882 George Vincent a labourer was charged with William May of assaulting Frederick Charles of the Salvation Army on Feb 27th. Frederick Charles was Captain of the Salvation Malt-House, Bristol and went to attend chapel just after 7 pm when a horn was blown and he and his companions James Creed, George Fish, Rossiter and Misses Creed and Hickman were pounced upon by a mob of some 30 to 40 men. Vincent had the charges dropped after the Bench found no real evidence but May was fined £1 and £ 2s cost and £2 plus £1 3s costs for a second case of assault on Mr. Creed – or one month imprisonment in each case on default. The Chairman of the Bench considered the charges were a disgrace to Butleigh. [Western Gazette 24 Mar 1882]. FULL REPORT

By 1891 William was married to Ann from Douglas in the Isle of Man - and may have met her there - no wedding traced. Ann had lived with her parents at 5, BigWells St. Douglas in 1851 where her father was a sawyer. They were visited in 1901 by his wife's niece Martha Shenton (née Kinley) (46) a widow, also from the Isle of Man. The couple never had any children and in 1911 lived in four rooms at Quarry lane.

William died in 1918 aged 76. As Ann Kerrnish May his wife was baptised on 11 Oct 1917 Butleigh when aged 77 and described as a widow.

3b) James May Chr. 16 Nov 1783 Butleigh, butcher, s.o. William May (butcher) and Sarah , died 1858 (Mar Q 3c/389 Langport)

In 1841 James May was a butcher in Charlton Mackrell with wife Joanna and mother Sarah (90). His mother and wife both died in 1842 and he married Mary Wilcox in 1843. They appeared together in Charlton Mackrell in 1851 but James died in 1858. Mary, a widow and retired servant, lodged with Edith Wilcox in the High Street in 1861 and died in 1865.

4) John May d. 1811?

A contemporary and probable brother of William May (3). A John May fathered a 'bastard' child by Mary Dominy in 1789 for which he paid bastardy pay – possibly this John? First payment to Mary Dominey by the OOP in Jan 1790. The last payment made in May 1790 – possibly because the child had died (name unknown) or because payments wer made to the Glastonbury Overseer (where Mary had been moved to).

[A John May of Glastonbury farmed land on the Kings Sedgemoor Ground belonging to William Everett from 1796 – 1804 – could be this one]. A John May started paying rates on property 'late William Grant' in 1800. He paid until 1812/13 when it was 'John May now George Scott'. George paid until 1820 then his widow Mary Scott until post 1827. In Feb 1814 the OOP paid for John May (6) and Mrs. Scott to have him examined as to his parish.

From 1819 Jane Isaac began paying rates. From 1820 a John May [(6)?] paid rates with James Castle. In 1821 beside Jane Isaac paying rates on her own account she also paid rates jointly with John May instead of James Castle. In 1823 the latter property has the rates paid by Samuel May and Jane Isaac.

4a) Samuel May Chr. 9 Mar 1801 Butleigh, butcher, son of John and Mary May, bur. 6 Dec 1879 (Dec Q 5c/355 Wells) Butleigh 41-5, 51-34, 61-62, 71-78

Probably the Samuel appearing on the 1827/8 rate assessment paying rate on property noted as 'Grenvilles'. Samuel and his wife Ann appeared in the High Street (?) in 1841 with their three oldest children. John (born 1822) was deaf and dumb and sent to Wells Union Workhouse where he appeared in 1851 as an 'idiot'. He died in 1856. The rest of the family lived at Fore Street between Riggs House and the Meeting House in 1851. By 1861 Samuel and Ann lived at Black Down Cottage with just Betsy, a serving maid. William May (35 in 1871) was a porter at Covent Garden, married to Emma, and lived at 14, New Church Court, St. Mary le Strand, London. Ann died in 1868 and in 1871 Samuel was reduced to being a rat-catcher, living at 'Windmill' which was somewhere on Butleigh Hill. He died in 1879. Of Mary Ann and Betsy - nfi.

5) Samuel May b. 1763, bur. 16 Aug 1831 Butleigh (aged 68 at death)

From March 1808 the OOP paid for the 'bastard' of Samuel May. This was Mary Chr. 17 Jan 1808, d.o. Elizabeth Withers. In 1809 Samuel paid 7 months bastardy pay, and again in 1814 – 1816. Payments ceased in March 1816 when young Mary died aged just 8. Probably the Samuel May appearing on the 1827/8 rate assessment with 'another' – and a second property 'Grenvilles'. In Oct 1831 Elizabeth May received rent for Hodges.

6) John May b. 1777, bur. 22 Apr 1823 Butleigh

The surname of John's first wife may have been Bicknell or Bucknell.

From May 1806 the OOP paid assistance to John Mays wife and children. John and Elizabeth both died young (46 and 33) and possibly Elizabeth was the mother of the Mary who died one month after birth in 1813. Birth complications might explain her demise. In Apr 1812 the OOP paid for a John May to go to Somerton to be examined. In Sep 1812 they paid his house rent. In Feb 1814 a John May received assistance from the OOP. See note to (4) above about his being examined with Mrs. Scott (his mother?) as to his parish.

A John May paid rates from 1820/21 with James Castle [late William Periam] and from 1822 with Jane Isaac. In May 1823 the OOP paid for John May's coffin. In 1823 the ratepayer then was Samuel May and Jane Isaac (7)? In 1825/6 the ratepayer was Jane Isaac and John May. [This may be the family of William May (3)?]

6a) Benjamin May Chr. 5 Jan 1803 Butleigh, labourer, s.o. John and Elizabeth May

This family lived at Nether Swell, Swell, Somerset in 1841 and 1851 (Ben given dob 1806). In 1861 Benjamin, a coachman, worked at Langford House, Fivehead while his wife Mary and her sister Ann (Anne/Fanny Chr. 3 Aug 1817 Fivehead) lived in an adjoining property. The only William born Swell was Chr. 20 Jan 1832 s.o. Spinster Fanny Pain. Henry Payne was Mary and Fanny's brother [Chr. 21 Feb 1813 Fivehead]

6b) Sylvester May baker, Chr. 21 Feb 1808 Butleigh bur. March/April 1831 Butleigh

Silvester's wife received assistance in April 1829. Sylvester received assistance from Nov 1830, mostly when ill. The OOP paid for Sylvester's coffin and burial in April 1831.

Fanny May received assistance monthly from May 1829. In April 1830 assistance was given to Fanny May's child because Fanny remarried and left Butleigh. The un-named child [Benjamin] was still receiving assistance in 1836 when the record ended. On the 1841 census Benjamin appears in Charlton Mackrell as stepson living with George Hilborne (b. 1809) and Frances (b. 1808) – his mother having married a third time. Benjamin married Jane and in 1861 they appear with two children in Charlton Mackrell. They had two children in Charlton Adam and three in Charlton Mackrell.

8) Henry May b. 1833 Holford, bricklayers labourer 51-23

In 1851 Henry lodged at Parsonage House, Compton Street, and probably worked on the building of Butleigh Court. Absent from almost all censuses he surfaced in 1901 married to Jane from Bridgwater and lived at Bawdrip with three of his children.

[ see Harry May above - WO 69/134/248 Royal Artillery 6 Battalion No.s 3434 – 3905 Henry May born Butleigh enlisted 1853 aged 18 years 1853]

9) Amy May b. 1865 Kingweston servant 81-94 [an Emily May was born Chr. 22 Feb 1863 (Mar Q 5c/513 Langport) Charlton Mackrell]

Amy served at Butleigh Court in 1881. No Amy traced born at Kingweston near this date.

10) Stephen May b. 1800 Butleigh, silk dyer, [s.o. John and Elizabeth?] died 1857 (Dec Q 6a/15 Bristol)

In 1841 Stephen and wife Jane lived in Castle Street, Bristol with three children. Jane died in 1842 and Stephen married Caroline in 1843 and lived with her and his three children at 57, Castle Street, Bristol Castle Precincts, Bristol in 1851. He was a silk dyer employing three men. Unknown why he gave his pob as Butleigh.

11) August Zallinger-May b. 1841 Austria, died 1926 (Mar Q 5c/547 Wells) aged 83

Jessie appears on the electoral rolls 1909 - 1912 in Hampstead, London. On the 1911 census August is a commercial clerk and his wife a boarding house keeper – they lived at 27, Fellows Road, Hampstead. Douglas had no occupation but his sister was her mother's 'assistant' – Philip Sala was a commercial clerk and they had four servants [three of whom were Swiss) plus three boarders. Philip Sala died in Hampstead in 1925 and Ivy married Forder G. Hiles in 1928. The family obviously arrived in Somerset before 1926 when August died. Mr. J. May rented 55 Butleigh at £7 10 6d a year according to the Feb. 1947 estate sale. [property sold to a Mr. Barry for £140]. Both Jessie and Clarence died at this address within three weeks of each other. Jessie died at Bridgwater Hospital.

12) Tabitha May late Tabitha Sheward otherwise Seward, wife of Butleigh Will of 31 Dec 1802 PROB?1384/191

Maynard [see also Marnard]

1) Richard Maynard b. 1797, bur. 23 Feb 1863 (Mar Q 5c/513 Wells) Butleigh - nfi. Possibly the occupier of the 'Piper's Inn' which was let in 1831? [Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 6 Aug 1831]


1) Robert Mayne- witnessed the will of Elizabeth Gosmer in 1560


1) Thomas Mayo of Westonzoyland bur. 29 Aug 1590 Butleigh

A William May was bur. 19 Mar 1599 Weston Zoyland who was probably a relative – no other early BMD there with this surname

2) Peter Mayo of Greinton bur. 20 Dec 1613 Butleigh

Mayo is probably the same as May, and in Baltonsborough there were Mays at this time. A Thomas May bur. 3 Jan 1623 Greinton must be a relative – this is the only other BMD record for this surname in Greinton.

Mcsee under Mac


(see Meaker)


1) John Meade of Street, died 1694

John paid rates between 1673 – 1694 in Butleigh (on two properties from '89) and South Moor from 1673-77. His son William paid rates in Butleigh1695 – 1716 and South Moor from 1697-1713 – in 1717 he was the late William (in South Mead, Butleigh rate paid Mrs. Read 1716/7). The Meades of Street – see Jewer's notes.

Jewers notes: 119. William Mead bur. 31 Dec. 1691. (William Mead of Street, yeoman. Will dated 15 Nov. 1688. Son John Mead £5. Testator’s grandson William Mead, son of the said s. John Mead, £5. To Mary Rood, da. of the said John Mead, and granddau. To testator, £5. Dau. Judith Bartlet £5, and to her son William Bartlett, testator’s grandson, £5. Joseph Bartlett, son of the said Judith and grandson of testator, £5. Dau. Hannah Rood £5. James Rood, s. of the said Hannah, and grandson of testator, £5. Joan Paddocke, dau. of testator’s granddau. Mary Paddocke, late deceased, £10 at 21 or marriage. Mary Paddocke, dau. of testator’s granddau. Mary Paddock, £10 at 21 or marriage. John Mead, “my servant,” £5. To the poor of Street £2 to be distributed by s. John Mead. Son-in-law John Rood. Residuary legatee and executor Joseph Rood, s. of Nicholas Rood, by testator’s dau. Hannah. Proved at Wells 9 Feb 1688. Total of inventory, £170-14-8. Seal – On a wreath a lozenge shaped cushion tasseled, and charged with a horse’s head. This was the seal of Timothy Redman, Vicar of Street, and a witness to the will.) [SPRp.67-68]

122. Year 1695 footnote: - John Meade of Street, yeoman. Will dated 21 Jan. 1692. Wife Judith two best beds and their furniture, £20 a year out of ground in Southmoor otherwise Aldermoor, late in the possession of Thomas James, and James Periam, both deceased, for life. To the six children of testator’s da., Mary Roode, £50 each at 21. Son-in-law William Roode to have the remainder of the lease of four acres in Lower Houswood, now in his possession. To the said da. Mary Rood £20. To Edward Cullen the money he owes the testator. Residuary legatee and executor son William Meade. Proved at Wells 30 April 1695. Total of inventory £411-5-0.) [SPRp.68]

DD/S/BT/22/4/1 John Meade of Street's appointment as bailiff of Thomas Paxton's estate in Butleigh, Glastonbury and Street with list of rents due. 1682

C 5/107/50 Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Pleadings before 1714, Bridges. Short title: Roode v Meade. Plaintiffs: John Roode. Defendants: William Meade. Subject: property in Butleigh, Somerset. Document type: bill only. 1 Jan 1693

STREET - DD\X\DEA/2 Meade al. Moxham, executrix); copy will of Wm. Mead of Fivehead, 1711.?

2) William Mead b. 1785 Butleigh, coachman

William Mead coachman petitioned for bankruptcy at the Insolvent Debtors Court Somerset in March 1830 [Sherborne Mercury 15 Mar 1830] and was described as late Butleigh coachman and afterwards of the Cross-Keys Lydford, inn-keeper.

William and family lived at 2, Westfield Plane, Clifton, Bristol in 1851. Elizabeth married prison warder William Vowles (b. 1833 Flax Bourton) in 1857 (Sep Q 5b/143 Exeter) and they lived in Exeter in 1871. In 1873 Elizabeth placed a notice in the Exeter Flying Post on 25th June “ If William Mead, a native of Butleigh, Somerset, would communicate with his sister Elizabeth V., No. 21, Mount Dinham, St. David's, Exeter, she would be glad to hear of his welfare.” In 1881 [called Vowler] Elizabeth and husband William were still in Exeter.

Hannah [Ann], a cook, was in service at 80 Praed Street, Paddington, London in 1861. In 1871 she was a visitor at 2, Chapples Place, St. David, Exeter. She was there visiting her sister Elizabeth (b. 1826 Butleigh!) and her husband William Vowles, a prison warder.

DD/S/BT/22/3/2 Summons to William Mead, groom to lord Glastonbury at Conduit Street, St. George's Hanover Square to serve in the militia.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1810.

2a) James Mead Chr. 6 Oct 1805 Butleigh, butler, died 1884 (Dec Q 9d/458 Bedale)

James, married, served at "The Grange", Bedale, Yorkshire in 1861. In 1871, retired, he lived with wife Susan (b. 1809 Pontefract) in Scruton, Yorkshire, and they were still there in 1881.


1) Mary Ann Meadows b. 1839 St. Martins 71-72

Mary was a servant at Butleigh Court in 1871. Nfi - surname possibly Meddows


There were many Meker/Meaker/Meachers in Baltonsborough and Barton St. David

a) Thomas Meacher

1) Richard Meker/Meaker bur. 11 Jan 1700 Baltonsborough 'the elder'

1a) Richard Meacher Chr. 3 Aug 1662 Baltonsborough bur. 20 Feb 1721 Baltonsborough

1b) Thomas Meaker [Thomas Meaker bur. 9 Mar 1731 Baltonsborough]?

A Thomas was bur. 11 Aug 1699 Baltonsborough

1bi) Thomas Meaker [Chr. 15 Jul 1699 Baltonsborough]

2) Clement Meacher

A Clement was churchwarden in Butleigh in 1692 and appears in the churchwardens accounts until 1697 (latterly for killing hedgehogs and polecats) – the latter could be a son, see also below. He paid rates from 1684 – 1702.

3) Sarah Meaker bur. 12 May 1753 Butleigh

4) William Meaker bur. 24 Jan 1762 Butleigh s.o. David and Betty Meaker

5) John Meaker of Kingweston

5a) Joseph Meaker [of Barton St. David, but Chr. 1721 Kingweston s.o. John and Hester Meaker?], bur. 15 Mar 1754 Butleigh

If the parents are correct then Joseph and Clement were brothers. A Mary Meaker married 16 Oct 1759 Butleigh IsaacTrott of Ilminster [but not identified as widow].

5b) Clement Meaker [Chr. 25 Jan 1724 Kingweston, s.o. John and Hester Meaker] bur. 25 May 1772 Butleigh

The last child has parents with an uncertain surname beginning with M, but the forenames Clement and Ann suggest he was a child of this couple - his own forenames being uncertain, however. According to a handwritten inscription on the back of the titlepage of a Book of Psalms (printed 1614) James Meaker was born on St. Andrews Day 1759. In the margin of the page is the name of his brother John and just visible at the top is written (in the same hand) “.. Barker wase born April the (7?) at 6 a clock in the morning in 17...”. No further trace has been found so far of either James or John. Pl

Clement was paid by the CW for board and timber in 1756/7. Clement was paid by the OOP to apprehend Thomas Pollett and carry him to Justice in Shepton in April 1763. Ann Meaker had her rent paid in 1772 by the OOP (appears in 1773 account). In Aug 1773 Ann Meaker was in receipt of 4/- from the Overseers and in subsequent months received assistance and constant attendance (from Elizabeth Davis). In September 1774 the OOP paid for Ann Meaker's coffin (8/- to William Periam).

In September and October 1774 the OOP paid 8/- to 'Ann Meaker's child'. This term was used until 1775 when she was referred to as Ann Meaker or Macker. In Jan 1787 she received 4/- (Macker). William received 3/6 in Dec 1786 in distress and 2/-in Jan 1787. Ann had her rent paid, in conjunction with Jane Periam, from 1791/2 – 1798/9. Ann thereafter received aid up to Dec 1802 when William Sweet was paid for Ann Meaker's coffin [but in PR only Simknell's burial recorded]. In March 1802 the OOP had removed her goods (to the Poor House?). In Sep 1802 the OOP paid her previous landlord Mr. Ryall her house rent up to the last Lady Day.

5c) Humphrey Meaker of Barton St. David, s.o. Jacob and Mary (nee Stone) Meaker of Barton? Or the brother of Joseph and Clement – Chr. Jan 1728 Kingweston s.o. John and Hester Meaker of Kingweston

Meakers had lived in Barton St. David from the early 1600's [Thomas and Bridget Meaker]. Humphrey was a witness in Barton SD at the wedding of James Barber and Ruth Adams on 15 Apr 1765. The Humphry Meaker in Kingweston had child John Chr. 16 Apr 1769 Kingweston – so this Humphry may not be s.o. John and Hester? Humphrey Meaker in Barton St. David [married to Katern] had daughter Ester Chr. 28 Oct 1764 Barton St. David – this Humphrey's son?

DD/S/BT/7/6/12 - 1] William Wilcox of West Lydford, yeoman and wife Annis, Thomas Gilbert the younger of Butleigh, joiner, and wife Betty, John Wilcox of Glastonbury hosier and Ann. Annis, Betty and Ann are executrixes of Henry Pope the younger decd, executor of Henry Pope the elder decd 2] Charity Gitter of Woodland, Berks, Catherine pinny of North Barrow, Elizabeth Pope and Margery Looke of Butleigh, Humphrey Meaker of Barton St. David husbandman and wife Christian, Isaac Lester of West Pennard, husbandman and wife Date: 1759.

DD/S/BT/14/3/26-7 1] James Grenville 2] Humphrey Meaker and wife Christian, Isaac Lester and wife Grace Pair of fines on a share of wood in Butleigh. 1759

6) Thomas Meaker


1) Thomas Meary appears in the churchwardens accounts in 1704


1) Frederick Meears Beerhousekeeper of Butleigh

Appears in an indenture of 24 Jan 1854 whereby he hands over all his property to his creditors Frederick and William Eades. A Frederick Meears and wife had twin daughters born 28 Sep 1889 at Stone Barton, South Molton.

Mell [see Male]


see Millard

1) Mabie Melliar? married Butleigh16 Apr 1637 Christopher Rugg

2) Thomas Melliar

3) Agnis Milliard (same?) bur. 24 May 1669 Butleigh

4) Robert Mellior of Balsbury (Baltonsborough)

A Robert and Catherine were bearing children in Baltonsborough 1724 - 7 and must be this couple [no other Roberts found and no marriage to a Catherine]. Son Robert Melliar of Baltonsborough [son of that Robert] married a Sarah Hodges on 12 Apr 1757 West Pennard.

5) (Mr. and ?) James Milliar Esq

An uncertain Mr. Melliar/Milyer paid rates on Southmoor Ground from 1722 – 1766 then called Mr. James Milliar Esq. This changes in 1788 to John Milliar – and from 1790 is 'or occupiers'. From 1792 the ratepayer seems to be Oliver Milliar and then from 1797 William Milliar until 1828 [when the occupier was William Russell]. James Melliar was Overseer in 1772. In 1777 Thomas Periam was occupier of James Melliar's Southmoor Grounds.

IR 26/291/22 Abstract of Will of Richard Milliar of Butleigh, Somerset. Proved in the Court of Bath and Wells April 16 1805

DD/S/BT/21/2/15 1] Ann Sparke of Stoke Lane 2] Mary Chaddock of Batcombe widow of Benjamin Chaddock and her children Joseph, Elizabeth, Mary and Ann 3] William Melliar of Castle Cary 4] John Hodges of Baltonsborough, yeoman Release and assignment of mortgage term to attend the inheritance of 2a, 3a and 5.5a near Bernards, in Buttmoor, Baltonsborough. 1762

DD/S/BT/28/1/4 Letter on behalf of Mr Rocke of Butleigh's application to serve as steward to Mrs Craddock in place of William Melliar decd. 1772

DOC ONLINE PROB/11/1176 Will of James Melliar of North Cadbury 5 Feb 1789


1) Ann Melton b. 28 Mar 1825, Chr. 24 Apr, Docking, Norfolk, cook and housekeeper, d.o. Benjamin and Ann (née Wales) Melton 61-55

In 1851 Ann was cook at the Rectory, Blakeney, Norfolk. Ann served at the Vicarage in 1861. In 1871 she returned to Docking, Police Station Street, to look after her mother Ann (90). In 1881 she lived in the same house alone and still described as 'Family Cook' but by 1891 she was a laundress. She died in 1897.


1) Susanna d.o. [C...insidin] Mendici/Menditi bur. 17 Dec 1592 Butleigh



1) Mary Meowby b. 1796 Somerset, servant 41W-16

Mary was a servant at Wootton House in 1841. Nfi


1) Evelyn Mary Meredith b. 31 Jul, Chr. 10 Sep 1893 Butleigh, d.o. Edwin and Mary Jane Meredith

Evelyn's father was a butler from Amersham in Bucks. and their stay in Butleigh was only temporary. In 1901 and 1911 they lived at Amersham, Bucks and the p.o.b. of Mary Jane is given as Butleigh and her daughter Evelyn as Amersham. Mary Jane Higgins (b. 1868 Butleigh) had married Edwin Meredith in 1892 (Sep Q 5c/797 Wells).


1) William Merrick of Moorlinch [an uncertain forename, abode Sutton, Chr. 24 Jul 1724 Moorlinch, s.o. John Meirrick may be this person]

William served at Tythingman for 'Hoopers' in 1779. He began paying rates for part of 'Late Hoopers' from 1774/5 until 1799, from 1786 designated 'or occupiers'. In 1784 William Clark served as Overseer for William Merrick's estate. He appears in Moorlinch in 1770 as a witness to a wedding there.

A Betty Merrick b. 1709 bur. 2 Apr 1802 Moorlinch may have been William's mother? [she died at Sutton Mallet]. A James Merrick b. 1791 who married an Emma Pine of Edington in Moorlinch on 15 May 1817 had as a witness James Grenville of Butleigh – James a possible relative of this William?

DD/S/BT/12/1/45 1] Sarah Parfitt of Wells, Elizabeth, Katherine and Frances Parfitt executrixes and legatees of their father Thomas Parfitt of Wells, joiner, decd 2] Edward Strode of Butleigh, yeoman, William Merrick of Moorlinch, yeoman, John Coombs of Butleigh and wife Jane. Edward, William and Jane are executors and legatees of Thomas Hooper of Butleigh, yeoman, decd 3 James Grenville Assignment of 14.5 a mortgaged arable in Butleigh. 1769

DD/S/BT/10/3/3-5 1] John Coombes of Butleigh and wife Jane 2] Edward Strode of Butleigh and wife Hannah 3] William Merrick of Moorlinch and wife Maria 4] John Rocke of Butleigh Deed of partition of a messuage and 7a, 3a meadow, Popes close (4a), Park Corner (3a), Eastend (2 3/4a), Hoopers Commons (6a), Brownswell (3a), Bean Slade (4a), 5.5a in East field, 6a coppice wood, 7-a close near Sugg, Wheatland (2.5a) and 1.5a in Higher Furlong, Butleigh. Schedule of deeds attached to release and assignment of term enclosed. [Tied together with DD/S/BT/10/3/6-10] 1774

2) William Merrick Chr. 27 Jul 1806 St. Johns, Glastonbury, mason, s.o. Isaac and Sarah Merrick, d. 1884 (Dec Q 5c/363 Wells) 41-8, 51-34

The OOP paid Merrick's bill in Dec 1831 – probably this Merrick. In May 1832 he was paid for constructing a chimney at Sealy's Row. William was born in Glastonbury and married Elizabeth on 18 Nov 1838 at Lyncomb & Widcomb (near Bath). William Merrick (30) mason and his wife Elizabeth (30) lived next to her father Jonah Connock in Water Lane in 1841. Their other neighbour was Caroline Gilbert who married Elizabeth's brother James in 1842.

In 1851 William (45) was a master mason employing 69 men. He lived with his wife Elizabeth (44) and children John (12), Joseph (8) and Henry Isaac (3) at Back Street and a Mary Millard b. 1833 Lovington was a house servant.. William built the Court and after its completion lived in the High Street, Keinton Mandeville (1861) with his wife and three sons.

In 1871 William and Elizabeth still lived in Keinton Mandeville but with son John and his wife Leah Joiner who he had married in 1866 (Dec Q 5c/709 Langport), plus their son Henry.

John and Leah lived at 17, Benedict Street, Glastonbury by 1881 with their three sons. They were till there in 1891 but they had added two more children, and remained there by 1901 with just two children. The John Merrick who was responsible for much of Glastonbury Abbey's restoration in the early 1900's was a relative.

Joseph W. Merrick married Elizabeth Noble Dyke (b. 1835 Keinton Mandeville) in 1866 (Mar Q 5c/925 Axbridge) and in 1871 they ran the "Lamb Inn", Out St. Cuthbert, Wells. They had two children, Roderick (4) and Georgina (2) both born Keinton, and a niece Mildred Lintern lived with them. In 1881 and 1891 they were still at the "Lamb Inn" (25 St. Thomas Street).

In 1871 Henry Isaac (b. 1847) was in lodgings at Doulting, still single. By 1881 he lived at 34, Town Street, Shepton Mallet and was 'mason and grocer' married to Martha C. (b. 1851 Shepton Mallet) with three children.

Elizabeth died in 1879. By 1881 William lived alone at 13, Queen Street, Keinton and died in 1884.

2) Albert Merrick b. 1844 (Dec Q 10/199 Wells) Glastonbury, s.o. William and Mary Ann Merrick 51-34

Albert was the son of a William Merrick, mason, who had married Mary Ann Grant (d.o. Solomon Grant) on 20 Jul 1837 (Sep Q 10/619 Wells).# Albert's parents lived in Glastonbury in 1841 with William's brother Frederick (20) and two children Elizabeth (3) and Henry (1). He was visiting his grandmother Hannah Grant at No. 1, Meeting House Butleigh in 1851. Albert went to live in Glasgow and lodged at 13, Rupert Street in 1881 as a carver. He had married Rhoda Toomer (b. 1846 Glastonbury) in 1868 (Sep Q 5c/793 Wells).



1) Thomas Merriott Glastonbury, bur. 3 Jun 1771 Street

From 1743/4 - 1770 a Mr. Meriott began paying rates for Moorhill, or 'part of Cooks' – it then reverted to Mr. Moxham paying rates for Cooks Moorhills. The widow of William Moxham, buried 3 Sep 1733 was Hannah [nee Merret] of Glastonbury who then married Thomas Merriott.

DD/S/BT/11/2/26 1] Anne Pope of Butleigh, Thomas Merriott of Glastonbury 2] Hannah Moxham of Glastonbury, John Merriott of Glastonbury, stockingmaker, James Clothier of Street, yeoman and James Salter the younger of Podimore, yeoman executors of William Moxham decd Mortgage Date: 1735.

DD/S/BT/11/1/21, 11/2/34 1] Thomas Merriott of Glastonbury and wife Hannah formerly widow of William Moxham, James Clothier of Street and James Salter of Podimore, yeoman, executors of William Moxham decd, yeoman 2] Thomas Looke of Butleigh, yeoman 3] William Howe of Bowlish, barrister Date: 1739.

DD/S/BT/9/4/4/ 1] James Grenville of Butleigh 2] Thomas Merriott of Glastonbury Lease of Moorhills (5a), Butleigh. Rent 2s.1741

DD/S/BT/19/2/6-7 1] Joseph Moxham of Bristol, devisee of William Moxham decd 2] James Grenville of Butleigh Lease and release of Whitelocks (2a) in Baltonsborough.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1763.

DD/S/BT/27/8/9 Copy will of Thomas Merriott of Glastonbury. 1771

Copy of will of Thomas Merriott of Glastonbury St. John, devising his great brick house, Butclose, Jacks close, Hitching Cross (4a), Landmead (3a), new inclosure in Windmill field near Common moor, the Engine Close (12a), & 8a adjoining, stable south of High St., to John son of John Hoyte decd at 21 27a at the Wilderness, Levery grounds (6a) and 7a adjoining, 12a in Common moor, 2a in Backwere and 4a abutting Heather Drove to nephew William Hoyte, 8a at Godney Drove and Dowills 2a, 6a in common Moor, Little Ten acres abutting Ashwell Rhine and 5a adjoining to Ann wife of John Strode, messuage in Magdalen St., Ashwell (3a), arable in Townfield, Summer house, close in Common moor (2a) and 1a at Edmont Hill to Hannah wife of John Payne for life then her daughter Sarah, Waterleaze (13a) to William son of John Rocke, Footpath ground (4a) to James Rocke, Cooks Corner (8a) to Mary wife of John Rocke, 14a in Common moor to son-in-law Joseph Moxham, 8a in Backwear and 6a in Duck pool to Ann and Hannah Moxham, Docky Close (7a) and 14a below it in Common moor to Ann, Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah Hoyte, dwelling house in High St. to Mary daughter of nephew John Hoyte, another to Elizabeth daughter of late nephew John Hoyte, another called the Poor House to Sarah daughter of nephew John Hoyte, 6a in Inner Land Mead by Parson Plot to Sarah, widow of John Hoyte and her daughters Ann, Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah, 5a in Paradise, 5a in South moor near Plungeon and house he dwells in with Corner house adjoining and repeating clock to son-in-law William Moxham, the Old backside in North Street to Thomas son of Champion Rocke, house behind church in St. Benedicts Street to nephew William Hoyte with annuity charged on lands given to Ann Strode, house adjoining his dwelling to Ann Roach for life then to William Hoyte. Also gives 10a abutting Biggs Rhine, Godney to wardens and overseers of Meare to employ a schoolmaster to keep a public school in Meare for poor children and 10a called Great Withey in East Backwear to the wardens and overseers of Glastonbury to employ a schoolmaster to keep a public school in Glastonbury for poor children Cash legacies to Jane, Mary Hannah, Sarah and Ann daughters of John Rocke, Ann Roach, John and Charles Lott, maid Betty Tomer, the daughter of William Squire of Montacute, Robert son of John Payne, Jane and Mary daughters of William Metford and gold watch to Jane daughter of John Rocke. William Moxham and John Rocke executors.

2) Jacob Merriot Chr. 8 Nov 1797 Compton Dundon s.o. Timothy and Hannah Merrott, tailor, bur 13 Aug 1841 (Sep Q 10/264 Langport)

Jacob Merriott, a tailor, lived with Hester and their five children in Compton Dundon in 1841. He was a widower when they had married.

After the death of their father and remarriage of their mother, these three children of Jacob Merriott moved from Compton Dundon to live with Samuel Summers in Butleigh in 1861.

Jacob junior died in 1867 (Dec Q 5c/275 Bridgwater) and Henry seems to have migrated to Wales where he died in 1875 (Sep Q 11a/187 Pontypridd) aged 40. Elizabeth, a shoebinder, never married and in 1871 - 1881 lived with her mother and stepfather but in 1891 lived alone at 50, Chapel Lane and was still alone in 1901 and 1911 and still a shoe binder. She died in 1918 aged 83.


1) John Middle leadminer, died 1671

The only John Middle burial found so far is 15 Jun 1671 East Harptree.

PROB 11/337/373 - Will of John Middle leadminer, Butleigh, Somerset Date: 27 Nov 1671. Agnes paid rates in Butleigh and South Moor in 1673 and then from 1674 John Fish was the ratepayer.


1) William Middleham

A William Midlem/Middelham and Ann had two children baptized Westbury-sub-Mendip in 1731, and 1732 but that William died there 27 Nov 1732 and his wife buried 12 Dec 1737.


1) William Middleworth Vicar of Butleigh from 1391


1) Rev. Charles Arundel St. John Mildmay Chr. 9 Jul 1820 Drogmersfield, Hants, s.o. Sir Henry Paulet and Anna Maria (Wyndham) St-John-Mildmay, d. 1903, Reg. 1904 (Mar Q 5c/309 Wincanton)

Graduated B.A. Merton College. In 1861 Charles was rector of Lapworth and lived with his first five children at Rectory House, Lapworth Park. By 1871, when he was rector of Marston in Yorkshire, Charles and Harriet had six children, including Humphrey living with them there. Humphrey presumably sickened on a visit to his grandparents at the Court and was buried in Butleigh. The parents appear on the 1891 census in Canada but later lived at Glenwood, near Sherborne where they both later died, in 1903 and 1907. Paulet was listed on the 1901 census as 'Agent to the British Empire League (Political)' – this was formed in London in 1894 in order to support the ideology of British Imperialism and to promote loyalty to and the unity of the British Empire. The League focused on the celebration of the birthday of Queen Victoria - 24 May - as a patriotic holiday.


1) Daniel Mildred b. 11 Jul 1838 (Sep Q 12/258 West Ham) Hale End, Woodford, Essex, brewer and landowner, s.o. Daniel and Rosa Mildred, d. 28 Dec 1873, reg.1874 (Mar Q 6a/263 Cirencester) Preston aged 35 [Probate: Will dated 6 Nov 1872; will proved 31 Jan 1874-Gloucester]

In 1871 while her husband was in Preston, Glos., Emma was visiting her parents at Manor House, Staple Fitzpaine with her children. Emma Lucy Mildred was the sister of Gertrude Neville-Grenville and often stayed at Butleigh Court after the suicide of her husband. Daniel cut his throat for some unknown reason – inquest at Preston Dec 1873 [Morning Post 31 Dec 1873] It was a time of heavy losses on the Stock Exchange.

In 1881 on census night, Rachel and all but son Daniel (at school) stayed with her widowed mother Emma Lucy Mildred at a lodging house in 36, York Street, Marylebone. Rachel was the niece of Robert Neville-Grenville and his wife Gertrude (née Portman) and visited them at Butleigh Court in 1891. # Rachael married solicitor Edmund Mainley Awdry (s.o. Peter Awdry) on 11 Feb 1892 (Mar Q 5c/888 Bath) St. Mary's Bathwick. In 1911 she was a visitor at The Vicarage, Starcross, St. Thomas Devon, the home of the Rev. Robert Locke and his wife Ellen Mary, her sister. Rachel notes that she had four children and three of them appear at Rowden Hill, Chippenham with her husband on the 1911 census.

In 1895 Daniel sailed to New Zealand and stayed with his Lance relatives at Bushlands – he came back on the Steamship Ruahine (1891-1900). One place he stayed was 'The Cottage' Horsley Down, Hawarden, Canterbury NZ [Grenvilles were Rectors of Hawarden]. In 1899 he sailed with the 6th Batt. Middlesex Regiment on the R.M.S. Austral to South Africa and took part in the Boer War.

In 1901 her mother Emma lived in Preston House, Cirencester with her son Daniel Mildred a Lieut. in the Middlesex Militia, who in 1906 directed the "Butleigh Revel". Daniel seems to have had quite a bit to do with the early Boy Scout movement. In 1911 aged 40, and a magistrate, he still lived with his mother and two spinster sisters at Preston House. In the Great War he was a Captain in the 6th Middlesex and Gloucestershire Regiment, on the special list. He was a member of the Cirencester Rural District Council and Board of Guardians. He died in December 1923 aged 53 leaving an estate worth £20,034 5s. 10d. His executors were Edmund Mainley Awdry of Chippenham (brother-in-law) and Edmund Portman Awdry of Chippenham (nephew) – both solicitors. He left £1000 each to his sisters Ellen Mary Locke, Rachel Neville Awdry and Beatrice Ella Mildred and his brother George Berkeley Mildred. The latter received all his silver plate subject to a selection by his sister Beatrice. The residue of his property in trust to making up the income of his sister Beatrice to £500 per annum, and the balance for his brother George for life, and the ultimate residue to his nephews and nieces, Edmund Portman Awdry, Michael Fitzharding Awdry (all children of his sister Rachel Awdry) and the children of any of his other sisters or brothers, surviving, in equal shares as per capita. [Will dated Nov 21 1921 – Glo. Citizen 27 Feb 1924]. Several of Daniel's photograph albums turn up from time to time covering family related material, military or travel subjects, Gloucestershire churches and Crosses and of course, The Butleigh Revel.

George Berkeley Mildred was a Land agent in 1911 but became Vicar of Butleigh 1934-38 under the patronage of Robert Neville Grenville. He seems to have married a Violet M. Kenrick in 1927 (Mar Q 1a/711 St. George, Hanover Sq.) - she died in 1946. In June 1936 Mrs. Mildred advertised for a 20 year old general cook for Butleigh Vicarage and again on 21 Jul 1836 in the Western Daily Press – offering £40 and stating that they had a House-Parlourmaid and the property had electric light – two in the family. George organised the Jubilee celebrations in 1935 and arranged for the Butleigh band to play at the celebrations - £35 being spent on adults teas, £5 on children's teas and £6 10s on sports prizes. [Western Daily Press 15 Apr 1935].

Wiltshire and Swindon Archives – Ref. 2705 Awdrys, solicitors of Chippenham 35 files 1730 – 1911: 2705/25 Account book of the late Daniel Mildred of Preston, Glos. 1858-1906

Miles -see Myles

Milliarsee Melliar


1) John Miller bur. 3 Sep 1640 Butleigh

2) Benjamin Millar/Millard died before 1711

Benjamin [Millard] had a warrant issued against him by the OOP in 1675 and they paid for a smock for his child. In '77 Roger Clap cared for Joane Millard and a warrant was taken out about Benjamin again. Benjamin was a handyman doing work for the churchwardens 1679-1688, in 1678 he mended the stile and gate in the churchyard, in 1680/1 [Millard] he was paid by the CW for boarding the tower windows and for a ladder. In 1689 Joane received bread from the Symcockes bequest and 9d in money in 1690. In 1692 a warrant was issued for William and in 1694. In 1705, 06 Joane and Benjamin (father or a son?) received Rocke and/or Symcockes money . Joane continued to receive bequest money from 1707-1713 and her rent was paid by the OOP. In 1709 she was ill and in 1710 it was specified that house rent was paid for Joane senior and junior – both Joanes received Rocke money in 1710. In 1711 - 12 widow Joane was attended in her sickness, washed and provided with heating and she and her daughter had their rent paid. Joan junior died in 1713 and her mother received rent and clothes. In 1714 widow Joane Millard also died..The OOP records in 1725 ' 5s paid for carrying Millard and family to Langport Eastover. The surname was common in Langport.

3) John Millard b. 1792 Badgeworth [Chr. 21 Apr 1790 Wedmore, s.o. John?], cooper, bur. 9 Feb 1856 (Mar Q 5c/396 Wells) Butleigh 41-7, 51-26

John first appears in the OOP accounts in Feb 1819 when they paid his bill of 7/-. In May 1827 they paid him for making a new bucket for the Poor House. He was paid for warning the jury on the inquest of Greens child in Nov 1829. He made another bucket for Sealy's Row in Sep 1830.

John and Maria appeared in the High Street in 1841 and 1851 where John and his sons were coopers and his wife and daughters took up dressmaking. Eleanor married George Henry Golding in Kensington in 1846 (Dec Q 3/320 Kensington) and lived at 4, Lancashire Court, St. George Hanover Square where George was a coachman. John died in 1856 and then his son George married Elizabeth in 1857, some thirteen years his junior. He took over the business and his mother and sisters went to live a few doors away in 'Peckham Row'. Elizabeth married the widowed butcher James Godfrey Gilbert in Butleigh on 26 Jan 1860 (Mar Q 5c/914 Wells). #

In 1861 Maria Millard (70) widow, lived with her daughter Marina (32) grocer and Caroline (28) assistant. Marina married the doctor, Robert Cleall Pouncy in Butleigh on 20 Oct 1861 (Dec Q 5c/1061 Wells).# Robert Pouncey died in 1865 (Jun Q 5c/398 Wells) and his mother-in-law Maria died shortly before the census in 1871 aged 82. Caroline married William George Reynolds in Butleigh on 31 Apr 1876 (Sep Q 5c/799 Wells). #

3a) George Millard Chr. 8 Feb 1821 Butleigh, cooper, d. 20 Sep, bur. 25 Sep 1902 (Sep Q 5c/271 Wells) Butleigh 41-7, 51-26, 61-50, 71-73, 81-95, 91-120, 01-137

Elizabeth Gane had lived with her parents in East Pennard in 1841 and was the granddaughter of Samuel Maidment, with whom she lived in West Bradley in 1851 while her parents lived alone elsewhere in the village. George seems to have married the young Elizabeth Gane twice - perhaps because she was under age the first time?

In 1861 George (40) lived with Elizabeth (25) and sons John Francis and Robert in the High Street. Son Robert died in 1863.

In 1871 George (49) and Elizabeth (36) lived with son John (13) and daughters Eva and Annie.

In 1881 George (59) then a farmer of 26 acres, still lived with wife Elizabeth (46) son John and daughters Eva and Annie.

In 1891 they were all living at Park Farm and Annie Gane (24), a niece was a visitor. #

In 1901 they were all still at Park Farm and none of the children had married. George died in 1902 and Elizabeth died in West Pennard in 1907, but she was buried in Butleigh.

Eva married Reginald Herbert Norris in Butleigh on 9 April 1901 (Jun Q 5c/937 Wells) # in the same month that niece Annie Gane married William John Roe, of West Pennard. # Eva's 39 year old sister Annie married farmer Hubert Arthur Robert Swanton (b. 1871) from West Pennard on 16 Apr 1907 (Jun Q 5c/948 Wells).

A Mr. G. Millard lead the Brass band that played at many village functions – especially the Butleigh Friendly Society annual meetings. e.g. Sherborne Mercury 17 May 1864.

3a1) John Francis Millard b. 2 May, Chr. 20 Jun 1858 (Jun Q 5c/624 Wells), Butleigh, farmer, died 13th April, bur. 16 Apr 1931 Butleigh 61-50, 71-73, 81-95, 91-120, 01-137

In 1901 Alice had lived with her parents at Luxborough Farm, Bishops Lydeard. John was twice her age. In 1911 they lived at Bridge Farm with their first born child and a servant, Mabel Kate Davis. Mrs. Millard advertised in the Western Gazette 21 Apr 1922 for a general assistant in the house and dairy.

John Frances died aged 72 at Bridge Farm in 1931. Eva Mary was living at The Laurels married farmer Albert Edward Tibbs of Blagrove Farm in Butleigh on 25 Jan 1941 (Mar Q 5c/1211 Wells). Alice died in 1943 and the service was taken by Rev. S. Rosser Jones. (Obit in CSG 12/11/1943, p.4)

4) Mary Millard b. 1833 Lovington, servant, d.o. Uriah and Elizabeth Millard 51-34

Mary served at the house of William Merrick in Back Street in 1851. Uriah her father, was a labourer. Nfi

5) James Millard b. 1800, bur. 7 Mar 1856 Butleigh - nfi though he may have been a relative of (1)

6) Herbert George Millard b. 1896 (Mar Q 5c/472 Wells), s.o. John and Alice Sarah (nee Stephens) Millard, carter, d. 13th March 1921 Somerset Light Infantry Private 19365

Herbert lived lived at Castle Comfort, East Harptree, Bristol in 1911 and appeared there with his parents and five siblings. His father was an Inn Keeper and farmer. Herbert signed up on 8th Feb 1915 at Bristol, aged 19. By 24th Jul 1915 he was already serving in France. His mother lived in Lubborn Lane Baltonsborough at the time of his death. [no Butleigh connection?]


1) Mary Jane Millear b. 1840 (Jun Q 10/478 Wells) Glastonbury, d.o. Thomas and Jane Millear 71W-87

In 1871 Mary was a visitor at the Farm House of Charles Maidment in Butleigh Wootton. She married rug and glove manufacturer Albert William S. Baily in 1872 (Dec Q 5c/983 Wells) and they lived in Mill Lane, Glastonbury.

Charles Maidment's son Thomas Maidment emigrated to Australia on board the “Red Jacket” in 1858 together with Thomas Millear and Josiah Austin of Baltonsborough. The three bought the Greenvale station in the Willaura district of Western Australia. Thomas Millear's brother-in-law was Albert Austin and together they acquired 9,000 hectares of the northern portion and expanded their holdings by buying the Peppin brother's Deniliquin property to develop the breeding of merino sheep for which they became famous. Thomas bought 21,000 hectares of the Buttabone station in 1924 for his three youngest sons. The family ended their Merino sheep connection in 2000 when the stud was sold.

Milliar - Melliar


1) George Henry Millington b. 1863 Cheltenham, Gloucs., house painter, d. 1923 (Jun Q 5c/484 Wells)

In 1891 the family lived in two rooms at 54a, Southover, St. Cuthbert In, Wells. By 1901 the family lived in four rooms at 9, Town Hall Buildings, Wells and by then there were five children at home. They had six children in all and in 1911 at the same address they still had their youngest four. John was a servant (carter) on Islington farm, Wells.


see also Myles

1) Andrew Mills b. 1804 Kilmington, Som, agricultural labourer, died 1863 (Dec Q 5c/446 Wells)

In 1841 Andrew and Fanny lived in Kilmington with their first five children and in 1851 with daughters Emma and Elizabeth and sons Martin and Andrew.

Hannah served at the Vicarage in 1861. In 1841 she had lived with her parents - her father was a labourer. She married Joseph Craft in Butleigh on 30 Dec 1875 (Dec Q 5c/907 Wells).

Sarah lodged with the Sewages in Kilmington in 1851 and in 1871 was a housemaid at Hadspen House, Pitcombe, Somerset. Despite the census stating Kingweston as her birthplace, this Sarah seems to have also been born in Kilmington where she appeared in 1841 as the sister of the above Hannah. She served as a housemaid at the Vicarage in 1881.

In 1891 she was living with her sister Mary Ann (54) a cook, at 4, Upper Bedford Street, Kempt Town, Brighton - they were both 'in service'. They were both still there in 1901, though retired.

Andrew was crippled from birth and in 1881 he lived with his widowed mother, a pauper, in Kilmington, together with sister Emma. In 1891 his sister Hannah Craft looked after him in Butleigh. In 1901 he lived in Mill Lane, Bruton, with his sister Emma who had married farm carter Thomas Randell. His sister Hannah died in 1905, and her husband in 1911. In 1911 Andrew lived with his spinster sister Mary Ann (a cook) in two rooms at Butleigh. Elizabeth died aged 79 after 55 years service as 'our beloved nurse' according to her tombstone

2) Elizabeth A. Mills b. 1880 Kingsdon, cook 01-134

Elizabeth served at the Vicarage in 1901. Possibly a mistake? - there is no Elizabeth Mills from Kingsdon - but there was an Elizabeth E. Mills from Kingsdown, Bristol! She was the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Mills.

Milltensee Milton


1) Charles Milton b. 1806 Somerset, stone mason, s.o. William Milton, died 8 Sep, bur. 10 Sep 1845 (Sep Q 11/63 Clutton) Butleigh 41-6

Charles lodged in the High Street in 1841. Elizabeth's whereabouts at the census date in 1841 are uncertain. At their marriage Elizabeth's father was given as Charles and the witness William - a mistake - her father was William and brother Charles the witness. Oddly, the only Milton found b. 1806 is William Chr. 14 Dec 1806 Treborough s.o. William and Sarah Milton abode Huish Champflower – no Chrles found.

Charles died in 1845 and Elizabeth went into service and served Elina Parsons in North Street, Somerton in 1851, where she remained in 1861.

Elizabeth boarded with Joshua Davis in Dumb Lane in 1871 and died in 1871. Her brother Joseph had married a Caroline Milton in 1842 who was probably Charles' sister.


1) Dr. MinesIn Nov 1815 the OOP paid for William Cannon to travel to and be seen by Dr. Mines of Shepton Mallet. A John Mines b. 1784 of High Street, Shepton Mallet was buried there 25 Oct 1830 aged 46 – same?

2) John Mines b. 1822 Frome, labourer, died 1887 (Sep Q 5c/305 Wells) 51-29, 61-54, 71-77, 81-97

John boarded with John Howard in Hoods Cottages in 1851. By 1861 he was still in Hoods Cottages but two doors down lodging with Ann Wilcox. By 1871 he was back with John Howard and described as 'a friend'. John Howard died in 1875 but John Mines remained living with Elizabeth Howard, John's wife, in the same property (1881), until his death in 1887. #


1) James Minitie JP – witnessed the Overseers accounts in 1784 -87.

Minly ?

1) William Minly bur. 31 Oct 1743 Butleigh - nfi


1) Robert Mitchell of Huish Episcopi

In 1771 James Periam 'or Mrs. Mitchel' paid rates on a property previously whose rates paid by James alone. In 1771/2 the rates paid by Mrs. Mitchel or occupiers and in 1772 as Mrs. (Mr.) Mitchel elsewhere on the list [on a different property?] until 1778 after which the rates paid by John Periam Esq.

DD/S/BT/7/5/5-6 1] Elizabeth Mitchell of Butleigh Wootton and her brother John Periam 2] James Grenville of Butleigh Lease and release of three closes called Easthill (40a) in Butleigh Wootton. 1765

2) Richard Mitchell - In Jan 1781 Jean Wilcox and William Craft were brought before Mr. Richard (?) Mitchell Esq.

3) John Mitchell of Glastonbury

The Butleigh OOP paid £5 4s 0d to the wife and two children of John Mitchell of Glastonbury who was serving in the Somerset Militia in place of John Pollett of Butleigh – for 58 weeks to June 1780.

4) John Mitchell of East Pennard

John Mitchel's bastard was paid by the OOP in Aug 1803 for the period 15 May to 7 August and then monthly afterwards. John paid 7 months bastardy pay in 1809. The only baptized child this could apply to was Eade Willcox Chr. 9 May 1803 Butleigh to Ann Willcox. Last bastardy payment made in May 1811. A John Mitchell of East Pennard, married to Flora, was having children there at this same time.


1) Simeon Mogg Chr. 25 Mar 1755 Woolavington s.o. John and Ann (nee Denby) Mogg, bur. 14 Apr 1829 Street

When Sedgemoor was drained it was partitioned between various parishes and Butleigh was allocated a section. The reclaimed land at Sedgemoor first appears in the Butleigh OOP rates in 1796 and one common owned by Mary Rood of Butleigh was occupied from that time by Simeon Mogg of Street. Simeon was occupier until around March 1804 after which the property was rented by John Burrough. Simeon Mogg junior married Mary Paie (b. 1790 High Ham) on 13 Jan 1816 and they appear with five children on the 1841 census at Stonehill, Street. In 1832 four men broke into the dwelling house of Simeon Mogg of Street and were all sentenced to death – William Williams, William Baker, Emanuel Ring and Matthew Mather. [Bath Chronicle 23 Aug 1832]

Jane married James Chancellor in Street on 29 Nov 1820 and was bur. 4 Nov 1865 (Dec Q 5c/377 Wells) Walton. Sarah Mogg married John Wilkins (b. 1792 Chapel Allerton) on 23 Mar 1812 in Street and she died 1833. Simeon junior was involved in a breach of Promise of Marriage in August 1853 [Reynold's Newspaper 7 Aug 1853]

1a) John Mogg labourer, Chr. 29 May 1782 Street died circa 1832?

A John Mogg of Street, stonecutter, married Harriet Mitchell on 26 Feb 1828 Street – but may not be this same John.

DD/S/BT/20/8/16-7 - 1] John Mogg of Street, stonecutter 2] Robert Tucker of Ashcott 3] William Hilborne of Kingsdon, yeoman Mortgage of 2a at Stonehill, a strip of Meeting House Ground with new house in Street and insurance policy. Enclosed promissory note.. [Somerset Archive Date: 1810.

DD/S/BT/28/6/1 Abstract of a conveyance by the Whitley family and Henry star of Cheddar to John Mogg of Street of a moiety of Stonehill Close in Street.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1832.

DD/S/BT/28/6/2 - Damaged abstract of Robert White's title (1832) as trustee for sale to the estate of John Mogg decd in Street.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1832.

1x) John Mogg

In the Overseer of the Poor accounts for October 1814 a common on Sedgemoor was owned by a Mr. Cooke who rented it out to John Mogg. By March 1815 the occupier was listed as Edward Mogg (next) and John then rented Sedgemoor land from Samuel Galton until 1817 when he was again replaced by Edward Mogg. The relationship of Edward to John isn't known. He was possibly an uncle since Edward's only brother was Robert, named after their father. Probably the John (1a) who married in Butleigh in March 1815. A John Mogg (alias Sealey) from Somerset was in prison in 1816 (not followed up).

2) Edward Mogg Chr. 24 Dec 1786, Street, farmer, s.o. Robert and Mary (nee Osment) Mogg, d. 1869 (June Q 5c/426 Wells) 41W-14, 51W-41, 61W-65

In his father Robert's will of 14 Jun 1834 Edward was left Brook Close (one acre valued at £80) in Street plus £34 10s, his older brother Robert being the main beneficiary.

King Sedgemoor farm was built, and on all censuses 1841 - 1871 was occupied by the Mogg family though there was also Nith/Nythe Farm (occupied by the Windsors) on the Moor. Edward is first shown as occupier in 1815 as tenant of Mr. Cook and in succession to John Mogg who was the previous tenant in 1814. He appears in the rate assessment of 1827/8 with two properties, one a house [Grenvilles] and the Sedgemoor property [Lucas'].. In Sep 1828 the OOP paid him for 'scowerig' and in Sep 1829 for scouring rhines in Sedgemoor. In April 1730 Edward supplied board and attending for James Hill. In June 1830 Edward was paid half a years salary (£3) for cutting weeds in Sedgemoor. He was paid regularly for such work as this in the ensuing years. In the Bristol Mercury of 4 Sep 1841 Edward Mogg of Moresley Batch Farm Butleigh Sedgmoor offered 500 excellent fir trees for sale in fifty lost of ten. A Robert Mogg of Butleigh b. 1810 bur. 9 Mar 1829 Street aged 19 may be a son of Edward?

On the censuses Edward and Mary are only shown with the one son above. Mary died in 1856 or 1859 (the latter was a Mary Ann Mogg) and Edward died in 1869 aged 82. Mary Ann married Robert Ireland in Butleigh on 24 Jul 1826.# Eliza married Thomas Horwood Cozens in 1840 (Dec Q 11/188 Bristol) and they lived at Moorlinch. Their first daughter was born in 1842 and the family remained there until the 1880's. In Edward's father's will of 14 Jun 1834 his older brother Robert received the main properties of his father and his mother an annuity for life. Edward received an acre of land at Brook Close Street and £34 10s while his sisters Sarah (wife of William Smith) and Mary also received land.

2a) Edward Mogg Chr. 25 Dec 1816 Butleigh and Street, farmer, died 1876 (Dec Q 5c/285 Bridgwater) 41W-14, 51W-41, 61W-65, 71W-84

Edward junior took over the farm from his father and married Caroline Chappel in 1859 but she died in 1862 and the next year he married Ruth Hayes. They seem to have moved from Sedgemoor since Edward's death in 1876 is registered at Bridgewater though this may be due to the rearrangement of the Parish boundaries. After Edward's death Ruth lived with her niece Jane Hayes at Moorlinch near Bridgwater and later at Ashcott. Caroline Chappell (and her mother Elizabeth) were both from Moorlinch (not Butleigh) and in 1851 Caroline had been a servant in Minehead. Her mother (called Betty) had lived alone in Moorlinch in 1841 and 1851. In Morris' Directory of 1872 Edward listed as farmer at Nithisedge moor.

NOTE: The Western Gazette 19 Sep 1919 advertised the sale of Nythe Farm and 260 acres on 30 Sep 1919.

3) Beatrice Elizabeth Mogg b. 1889 (Mar Q 5c/493 Wells) Butleigh d.o. John and Mary A. Mogg

Beatrice lived in 1891 at Hurcott, Somerton with her parents. John was a labourer (b. 1863 Charlton Adam) and his wife Mary (b. 1865 Kingsdon) had just had a son Henry born 5 months before the census in Somerton. A lodger (brother?) was Stephen Hodges (20). In 1901 the family was at Horse Leaze, Charlton Mackrell. In 1911 Beatrice was cook at 16, Beaufort Rd., Clifton, Bristol.


1) Mrs. W. P. Monckton

The house Corvyle on Wood lane was occupied by Robert Neville-Grenville on the 1891 census but by Mrs. Rachael A. Bush in 1901. Up to 1893 the newspapers refer to Corvyle as occupied by RNG but the Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser of 6 Sep 1893 mentions the Ladies Home Mission Association having; under the auspices of Mrs. Dickinson of Kingweston House a sale; Among the visitors were—Hon. Fanny Hood. Mrs. Neville-Grenville, Miss C. Neville, Mrs. Neville Peel, Mrs. and Miss Stuckey (Langport), Colonel and Mrs. Monckton, Mrs. Grey, Mrs. Christie, Misses.During the afternoon and evening a troupe of maypole dancers, under the superintendence of Mr. Haddock, master of the Butleigh schools, ….' Colonel Monckton appears in several reports of the Glastonbury Christmas Fair in the mid-1890's.

A LETTER dated 14 Mar 1894 addressed to Mrs. W. P. Monckton at Corvyle [from Eastbourne] would suggest that the Moncktons occupied the property some time in-between or maybe Mrs. Monckton was just a visiting guest on an occasion similar to the above? Advert Friday 2 Nov 1894 Western Gazette seeks housemaid – must be Church of England – early riser – Colonel Monckton, Butleigh, Glastonbury 30133.

The 1897 Kelly's Directory of Somerset has Charles B. Sparrow as occupier of Corvyle.



1) Charles Montague b. 1843 Dunsdon, Oxon, servant, baker and publican, s.o. Thomas and Phoebe Montague

Charles and Ann must have temporarily worked in Butleigh in the early 1870's before moving to Devon where they had a son, and then, by 1881 taking up a position in Eve and Dunsden in Oxfordshire where Charles took over his father's business. His parents, retired, lived with him. Charles' wife Ann died in 1884 and by 1891 he was married to Emma (b. 1853 Southampton). Alice had died in 1888 aged just 14.


1) Fanny Charlotte (nee Wyndham) Montgomery b. 1821 Drove House, Singelton, Sussex, gentlewoman 51-30

Fanny was a visitor at the Vicarage on census night 1851, married. In 1861 she lived in Ifield. She had married Alfred Montgomery in 1842 (Dec Q 7/657 Petworth, Sussex).


1) Aaron Moody JP of Kingsdon, Chr. 4 May 1749 Whiteparish Wilts, d. 17 Feb 1829 Kingsdon, Somerset

Aaron witnessed OOP accounts in 1809, 1812. The Manor of Kingsdon was in the hands of the descendants of Thomas Arundell of Wardour Castle from 1528 until 1801 when it was sold to Aaron Moody. Aaron's son Charles sold it to William Neal of London in 1864. Charles Aaron Moody was nominated and elected MP unopposed in April 1857 [Bath Chronicle 2 Apr 1857]

DD/S/BT/24/19/17 Letter from Mr Moody concerning a prisoner. No date

DD\X\MNE/6 Of Actis's for remainder of term of 1000 years in trust Daniel Burges, Bristol, gent.: George Cox, Fifehead, Dorset, esq.: Aaron Moody, Kingsdon, esq., Charles Moody, Kingsdon, esq. 1810

DD\DN/5 Aaron Moody's conveyance of land called Great Garstons, as in DD/DN 4, to Wm. Dickinson, with abstract of title. 1811

2) William George Moody Chr. 28 Apr 1861 East Pennard, labourer s.o. Edmund and Betsy Moody 91W-117 [d. 1929 (Jun Q 5c/665 Long Ashton)? or 1936 Wincanton?]

The family lived at 20, Butleigh Wootton in 1891 but had moved to Parbrook, East Pennard by 1901. By 1911 Mabel had died and the family (except daughter Mary) lived at Lottisham. Mary Jane had married Edward Hardy in 1905 (Mar Q 5c/730 Wells) and in 1911 they appear at 5, Park Cottages, Glastonbury with two children.


1) Joseph Moone - was a brass caster who did work for the churchwardens in 1693.

2) Martha Moon b. 1792, bur. 24 Jan 1857 (Mar Q 5c/438 Wells) Butleigh - nfi - possibly the Martha Moon who had been a servant at Emborrow in 1841


[ Moor, Moors, Mores]

1) John More bur. 1 Sep 1750 Butleigh [grandson of John James]

DD/S/BT/5/6/12 1] John More of Butleigh, grandson of John James decd 2] Dame Edith Phelips of Montacute 3] John Weekes of Butleigh, yeoman and Edward Slade of Wells, grocer Assignment of mortgaged 4.5a pasture at Outer Horses, Bean Horses and Bolster (9a) and 3a of inclosed common, Butleigh, part Peckham lease (1562). 1726/7

DD/S/BT/5/6/14 1] John More of Stoke sub Hamdon 2] Henry Talbot of Butleigh Wootton 3] Edward Slade of Wells, grocer 4] John Weekes of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of 4.5a pasture at Outer Horses, Butleigh. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1728.

2) John Moor(e) [of West Coker d. 24 Nov 1769 West Coker]

In 1719 'Mr. Moores paid rates on South Moor lands. In 1726 a John Mores paid rates jointly with Joane James then in 1727-29 paid them with John Weekes. In 1730/31 paid them on his own account then disappears. In 1727 Edward Callow was tried [and imprisoned] for stealing wheat from John Mores. John Moore Overseer in 1763. Up to 1759 the neighbour was Edward Talbot then Henry Talbot up to 1768 when Henry Moore paid the rates.

Elinor [bur. West Coker d. 4 Feb 1777 aged 29] married John Moore [bur. d. 21 Nov 1769 West Coker] and their son Henry Talbot Moore inherited her estate. According to indenture of 1755 [in DD/S/BT/5/6/20-35]

Indenture of 3 parts of that date made between Henry Talbot of Wootton in the p'ish of Butleigh yeoman and Sarah his wife (late Sarah Kellway Sp. Surviving administrix of John Kellway her brother deceased) of the first part Samuel Wood clerk & John Rocke Gent both of Butleigh of the second part and John Moore Sarah Moore (son and daughter of John Moore of Glastonbury Gent by Sarah his wife late Sarah Talbot only surviving daughter of the said Henry Talbot Sarah his wife) of the 3rd part... signed copy on 22 Jun 1771 by Henry Talbot MooreJohn Moore's son.

From 1758 John Moore paid rates for late Ann and Sarah Kelways (in succession to Mrs. Smithfield). He paid the rates until 1769 then Henry Moore paid the rates in 1770 [when he also witnessed the OOP accounts], Henry Talbot Moore in 1771, 'or occupiers' in 1771/2 . In 1771 James Grenville paid rates on 'part of Mr. Henry Talbot Moores' and Mr. Abbott also had 'part of Mr. Mooresthe house and orchard'. Henry Talbot Moore paid rates from 1771/2 on 'Thos Periam and Ann, Sarah Kelways' properties. By 1776/7 the properties had their rates paid by John Moore [in 1777/8 'or Thomas Rood occupier'] and he paid until 1828+ [records end]. In 1773 Henry Talbot Moore was Overseer.

In 1796 Mr. John Moore paid rates on Kings Sedgemoor Ground, occupied by John Weeke, and continued to do so until post 1827 (record end) though the occupiers often changed.

A Henry Talbot Moore was b. 28 Feb., Chr. 12 Jul 1786 in West Coker, s.o. John and Elizabeth Moore. A John Moore married Elizabeth Chaffey in Stoke sub Hamdon on 20 Feb 1783. Henry talbot Moore married Elizabeth Bell Jekyll 20 Sep 1827 West Coker.

DD/S/BT/7/4/6 - 1] Henry Talbot of Butleigh Wootton, yeoman and wife Sarah sister of John Kelway the younger decd 2] Joseph Periam of Butleigh, yeoman, executor of Mary Cooke and administrator of James Cooke 2] Thomas Periam of Butleigh, husbandman Assignment of Frames Date: 1744.

DD/S/BT/5/6/20-35 - Abstracts of John Moore's title (1635-1755) to lands in Butleigh, extract of will (1765) of Henry Talbot of Butleigh, copy of will (1767) of John Moore of West Coker, surveys, valuations, bill and correspondence concerning proposed sale of Moore's land Date range: 1770 - 1780.

Gods will be done The last Will and Testament of me John Moore of West Coker in the County of Somerset Gent as follows First I give all my lands of Inheritance and leasehold estates lying in West Coker East Coker Peau Dower Butleigh Glastonbury and Doulton in the County of Somerset and also my house backside and orchard with my leasehold estate lying in the Parish of Palliam in the County of Dorset unto my sons Henry Talbot Moore and John Moore their heirs executors advisors and assignes for ever as tenants in common and not as joint tenants I also give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Moore one thousand pounds for her own separate use exclusive of any husband she may hereafter have to be paid her at her age of twentyfive years with interest of four pounds percenture per annum from the time of my decease and I hereby charge all my lands tenements hereditaments and leasehold estates hereinbefore given with the payment thereod. And whereas Mr. Henry Talbot of Butleigh aforesaid deceased did give unto my said two sons who were his grandsons his estates lying in Butleigh aforesaid to be equally divided between them as tenants in Common And whereas part of such estates (to wit) the dwelling house where in the said Henry Talbot lived with the pastures fields adjacent thereto accounting in the whole to the value of about six hundred pounds are supposed to have been settled by the said Henry Talbot on Sarah his first wife who was the daughter of John Kelway of Butleigh aforesaid deceased by which means th same lands will descend un my son Henry Talbot Moore as his heir-in-law under such settlement if any such ther be or can be found and my son John Moore will not be intitled to any part thereof under the bill of his said grandfather the said Henry Talbot Now to prevent any cavals or disputes that may hereafter arise between my two sons touching such lands in such settlement if any such shall ever be found and to establish unity peace and concord between my said sons it being my full devices and the true intent and meaning of this my Bill that my said two sons shall at the time of my decease be equally provided for alike and that one of them shall have as good a fortune as the other I do hereby order and direct that my son Henry Talbot Moore in case he takes the lands as aforesaid supposed to be settled by the said Henry Talbott wholly to his own use and excludes my said son John Moore from any benefit thereof that he shall pay unto my son John Moore three hundred pounds being the supposed half value thereof or so much as shall be the half value thereof And I do hereby charge the half of my given to my son Henry Talbot Moore for the payment of the three hundred pounds to my said son John Moore that their fortunes as aforesaid may be exactly equal. All the rest and residue of my goods and chattles I give and bequeath to both my said sons whom I make executors of this my last Will and Testament Witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this ninth day of November in the yeare of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty seven John Moore Witnessee William Smith William Warry James Helliar

DD/S/BT/5/6/38 - 1] Henry Talbott Moore of West Coker, administrator of Henry Talbot of Butleigh Wootton decd 2] John Moore of Glastonbury, with Henry executor of their father John Moore 3] William Daniell of Yeovil and Michael Clayfield of Bristol, merchant Partition Date: 1776

2) Thomas Moor bur. 19 Aug 1754 Butleigh - possible son of latter couple?

3) Giles Moores b. 1799 died 1845 (Dec Q 10/369 Yeovil) [the Giles Morris Chr. 16 Jul 1797 Podymore Milton s.o. John and Elizabeth Morris?]

I have tried to trace Giles parents without any success so far - there were several Morris/Maurice marriages in Podimore Milton but I haven't found a Moores. The same goes for his marriage.

In 1841 the surname was given as Moores and Giles was an agricultural labourer - they lived at Podimore Milton. In 1851 the surname was given as Moors and the family still lived at Podimore Milton where Edward was a carter, Emily a cook Caroline a glove sewer, Daniel a carter, Henry an agricultural labourer and Frederick a scholar at school. Mother Mary was a widow.

3a) Frederick Moores/Moors b. 1842 (Sep. Q 10/505 Yeovil) Podimore, farm bailiff, s.o. Giles and Mary Moores, bur. 22 Apr 1893 (Jun Q 5c/326 Wells) Butleigh 91-125

In 1851 and 1861 Frederick Moors lived with his widowed mother Mary (b. 1798 Podymore) in Podymore. In 1851 there were 5 other children but in 1861 just Frederick at home He married in 1865 and in 1881 (missing in 1871) he was an agricultural carter in Podimore Milton - and his children then were Frances E., James Henry, Frederick and Gertrude Annie (7 months), the latter dying in 1883 aged 2. In 1891 Frederick Moore lived with his family at Higher Hill Farm where he was farm bailiff. His eldest daughter Rose Emily, a housemaid in Paddington in 1891, married Alfred Wedderburn in 1892 (Mar Q 1d/415 Lambeth). Frank was awarded 10s for 7 years labour on Mr. Neville Grenville's farm at the Great Glastonbury Market Dec 1891.

Edgar went to Kensington, as a gardener, and lived with his aunt Frances (b. 1855 née Pitman) and her husband Henry Mileson (married in 1898) . Frederick died in 1893 and in 1901 Jane lived with just Frank and Herbert. In 1911 Jane lived at 45 Butleigh with just her son Herbert, a carter. She died in 1914.

Frederick Harvey Moore [fined 1s for bicycling without lights in Glastonbury in August 1894] married Margaret Barber [Chr. 25 Mar 1868 (Mar Q 5c/592 Wells) Butleigh] in Butleigh on 8 Jun 1908 (Jun Q 5c/987 Wells) and they appear on the 1911 census at 25 Butleigh. Frederick died at 32, Butleigh on 31 Jul and was bur. 3 Aug 1940 Butleigh while Margaret died in Midsomer Norton 8 Jan but was bur. 12 Jan 1949 Butleigh. They had no children. Herbert Robert married Jessie Windmill in 1915 (Mar Q 5c/709 Wells). They had three children: Cyril F. (1916) and twins Ivy M (1920) and Roy (1920). Francis Edward married (?) Gertrude C Loram in 1917 (Dec Q 5c/811 Frome) and they had three children there – Godfrey, Donald and Geoffrey.

At the estate sale of Feb. 1947 No. 32 was still let to Mr. F. Moore at £4 p.a. Mr. H. Moore rented No. 47 The Square [St. James' prev. Dumb Lane] at £16 18s 0d p.a. Water from No.s 43-6.

Francis Edward died aged 33 and was bur. 10 Sep 1904 (Sep Q 5c/267 Wells) Butleigh.

3a1) Henry James Moore b. 1874 (Jun Q 5c/499 Yeovil) Podimore, d. 3 Jun, bur. 6 Jun 1949 Butleigh 91-125, 01-143 PHOTO

Henry James, referring to himself as just James on the 1901 census, lived in three rooms in Water Lane with his wife and two daughters. In 1911 at Higher Farm Henry and Alice lived with just Gertrude May. Mr. J. Moore paid the rent on cottage 35, Butleigh in Feb 1947 at the estate sale - £7 16s 0d per year.[Half of Cornishes] – water from the estate supplied jointly to No.s 35 and 36.

Eliza was known as Elsie Jane and married Petty Officer Harry James in Portsmouth as such. She had previously been in service at Butleigh Court before going to Portsmouth to work with her sister Gertrude (known only as May). May later worked in Bristol but never married. Henry and Alice left Water Lane in the 1920's and moved into 35, Cornish Cottages, Butleigh. Harry and Elsie James had their only son Norman Harry born at the Cottage Hospital on Nov 9 1933 and Chr. 11 Feb 1934 Butleigh.

4) Jane Moore b. 1846, d. 5 Sep, bur. 9 Sep 1886 (Sep Q 5c/322 Wells) Butleigh

Jane had come from Crosby, Isle of Man. She is possibly the milliner, wife of Thomas Moore living in Birkenhead in 1881 – he may be the brother of the next.

5) Margaret Moor(e) Chr. 23 Oct 1836 Marown, Isle of Man, ladies maid, d.o. John and Jane Moore 81-100

Margaret served at 'Corville' in Wood Lane in 1881. In 1861 she had lived with her parents at Eyreton Castle cottage in Marown, Isle of Man where she was a dressmaker. Her father was a labourer. In 1881 (Jun Q 8b/524 Toxteth Park) Liverpool she married the widowed bailiff George Duffill.

6) Percy George Moore b. 1890 (Dec Q 5a/123 Bradford upon Avon) Bradford upon Avon, Wilts., footman, s.o. Tom and Sarah Ann Moore

Percy worked at Butleigh Court in 1911. His father was a carpenter and Parish clerk in Bradford in 1891.


1) Richard Morleyge

Richard appears in the will of 1557 of Philip Guppy – husband or brother of the next?

2) Agnes Morleges

Agnes appears in the will of John Maister 1559.


see also Moores

1) Thomas Morrys will 10 Feb 1561 pr. 28 Feb 1561 [Somerset Record Society (SRS) volume 62]

Thomas' will also mentioned Edith Colman. Witnesses Sir John Wymont, Robert Wilton and Christopher Gibbes. He witnessed the will of Richard Talbott in 1559

1a) John Morris bur. 2 Jan 1593 Butleigh

2) Joanne Morris married Butleigh 3 Jul 1611 George Auston


1) Alice Morse married Butleigh 18 Sep 1628 John Wiseman

2) William Morse [Moase, Marse]

William paid rates in 1732 to 1738 – nfi. Susanna Roe, wife of William, died 1729

DD/S/BT/6/9/13 1] William Morse of Glastonbury, tanner and devisee of Susanna Roe 2] William Curtis the younger of Butleigh, yeoman Assignment of 6.5a arable in Butleigh common fields. [Tied together with DD/S/BT/6/9/11-12 and 6/9/14-15] 1738

3) Betty Morse (?unc. surname) Chr. 16 Nov 1793 d.o. John and Elizabeth Morse (?) Baptism out of place between March and May entries - poss. meant for April.

4) James Morse

In 1793, 1797, 1802 and 1808 James was Overseer for Alexander Hood's estate. In April 1801 he was paid for the turf house for two years and in April 1802 for the turf house at Wootton. In Oct 1805 Mr. Morse was paid for keeping under arrest Richard Corpe.

5) Joseph Morse .

From 1810 to 1813 Joseph occupied and farmed land on the Kings Sedgemoor Ground owned by William Grant

DD/S/BT/15/2/6-7 1] Thomas Giblett of Glastonbury, currier 2] Joseph Morse of Glastonbury, stockingmaker 3] Thomas Adams of Glastonbury, shopkeeper Lease and release of plot (1.1.9) in Hulkmoor, Glastonbury. 1788

6) George Morse

An official who received the Common Fine in Oct 1805, 1806.

7) Edward Morse b. 1819 Long Newnton, Wilts, nurseryman

Edward Morse senior doesn't appear on the 1841 and 1851 censuses but obviously worked in Butleigh in the 1840's. The family moved to Albury, Surrey, shortly after the birth of their son Edward, where the next child, Helen, was born in 1847.

7a) Edward Morse Chr. 9 Feb 1845 (Mar Q 10/537 Wells) Butleigh, nurseryman, s.o. Edward and Ann Morse

Edward was the son of Edward Morse, nurseryman and seedsman, and wife Ann. In 1861 they lived in East Street, Epsom, Surrey. They were still there in 1871. In 1875 (Mar Q 2a/289 Croydon) Edward married Louisa Mary Lover (b. 1844 Addington, Surrey). By 1881 they lived at Albert Cottage, Laburnam Rd., Epsom, Surrey with their 2 year old daughter Florence. L. and in 1901 they lived at 53, East Street, Epsom with three children (of six – three had died). In 1911 they still lived at 53, East Street, with their son Wilfred Stanley (26).


1) William Mortimer Chr. 29 May 1831 Mich Hampton [Minchinhampton], Gloucs., engine fitter, s.o. William and Ann Mortimer 91-113

In 1881 William lived with his wife Elizabeth and six children at 15, Blewitt St., St. Woolos, Monmouthshire where his occupation was sawyer.

William, still married but alone, lodged with John Bond, engine driver, at No. 12, High Street in 1891.

Moses see Moore


1) James Moss

From April 1793 to October 1793 James Moss was Overseer for the estate of Alexander Hood Esq.


1) Reginald Thomas Sutherland Mounsdon Chr. 4 Oct 1880 (Sep Q 5c/562 Axbridge) Burrington, head gardener to Robert Neville Grenville, s.o. Charles William and Elizabeth Mounsdon, bur. 12 May 1964 Butleigh

Reginald was the son of a head gardener and lived with his parents in 1891 at Upper Langford, Burrington. In 1901 Margaret had been a laundry maid at Hardwick Laundry, Grinshill, Salop. Reginald became head gardener to Robert Neville-Grenville (1935 Kelly's Directory) and was still gardener to the Court in Kelly's Directory of 1939. Mounsdon Close, a development at the Gardener's cottage is named after him. Mervyn married Phyllis Bishop in 1936 and they had a son Brian M b. 1938 (Mar Q 5c/436 Wells) – he married Diane Drayson in 1981, Yeovil. Margaret (Peggy) married Leonard Haimes in 1935#


1) William Moxham, of West Lydford, junior, d. 30 Aug, buried 3 Sep 1733 by the Quakers s.o. William Moxham of Street (who died c. 1730)

William Moxham who died in 1707 (grandfather of this William?) was a tenant of Lydford Park Farm and kept a team of horses carrying goods (and coal?) between Exeter and London (VCH). William Moxham senior was buried 28 May 1729 Street.

William was one of the highest rate payers from 1715 until 1732 (though the last years as 'or occupiers' when in 1734 it became 'Widow Moxham or occupiers'. From 1715-23 just William's name was given but from 1723 it was William junior suggesting that the earlier period may have been under his father [the William Moxham of Street who died 1729]. The Moxham name disappeared in 1740 only to reappear in 1742 as 'Mr. Moxham [or occupiers]' and in 1751 as Joseph Moxham. This lasted until 1763 when the Grenville estate acquired 'Moxham's houses'. Joseph's successor [as distiller in Bristol] was a William Moxham in about 1769. A Mr. Moxham (probably Joseph) paid 25 weeks pay to late Thomas Abbott's wife at Bristol on behalf of the OOP in Feb 1767 and 16 weeks in April 1768 [to Ann Abbott in Bristol]. William Moxham (d. c. 1802.) bought over 100 a. in Butleigh and Street from Sir James Langham Bt. in 1777 and 1778. Blagrove was bought by Sir Alexander Hood from the trustees of Moxham's nephew James Rocke (d. c. 1828) and by 1909 the farm covered 348 a. in Street and Butleigh

In 1770 Mr. Moxham started paying rates for Cookes Moorhills (in succession to Mr. Merriott). This was later increased with 'Grantham, late Periams' and the ratepayer called William Moxham Gent. From 1788 the 'or occupier' was added and lasted until 1803 after which the name disappeared. Mr. Moxham was paid a guinea cash for Richard Corp for his bringing Pauley to justice.1774 (OOP).

Jewers notes: 104. Year 1722. (31 March 1722. Licence from the Bishop of Bath and Wells for William Moxham of Street, yeoman, and Hannah Merret of Glastonbury, spinster, to marry at (blank). [SPRp.62]

147. William Moxham bur. By the Quakers, 3 Sept. 1733. [SPRp.78]

DD/S/BT/4/6/5 1] John Helyar of Yeatly, Hants., and wife Christian, William Helyar of East Coker 2] William Moxham of Westor shall have therein at the time of my decease. Lydford, yeoman Assignment of Benharses (13a, 3a), and Worthy (4a), Butleigh.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date range: 1712 - 1713. also DD/S/BT/1/2/3 – 1717, and DD/S/BT/19/2/4-5 - 1717

DD/S/BT/4/6/6 Copy (1757) will of William Moxham of Street, yeoman.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1729.

Jewers 144. William Moxham, senior, bur. 28 May 1729. (William Moxham of Street, yeoman. Will da. 2 May 1729. Dau. Jane w. of John Tucker of Street, yeoman, £200; the said John Tucker to settle his lands in trust for the use of himself, his wife and their heirs. To John Merritt of S. Benedict parish Glastonbury, woolcomber, and John Blackmore of the parish of S. John. Glastonbury, sadler, in trust a house with its appurtenances in S. John’s, Glastonbury, and a house &c. next to Mr. John Mainards in Street, also arable land in the West fields of  Street, except a parcel of ground called Standwell, for the use of testator’s dau. Jane and her heirs, with remainder to testator’s son William Moxham, also a messuage and land held for the life of Mary Rowley alias Roely of Mear. Testator’s sister Mary, wife of John Hole, late of Stone in East Pennard, yeoman, to have £10 yearly after the said John Hole has fooled and squandered away what he has sold his land for. To the poor of W. Lidford £5. Grandson William Moxham and granddaughters Mary, Honour and Sarah Moxham £100 each at 21 or marriage. House testator dwells in with its appurtenances and land called Blagrove or Blackgrove, in Street, to son-in-law John Tucker and John Blackmore in trust for son William Moxham and his heirs. Residuary legatee and executor said son William Moxham. Prov. at Wells 7 Nov. 1730.) [SPRp.77]

DD/S/BT/4/6/7 Copy (1757) will of William Moxham of St. Benedict, Glastonbury, stockingmaker.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1733.

Will dated 20th August 1733 Gods Will be done – the will of me William Moxham of the parish of Saint Benedict in Glastonbury in the County of Somerset stocking maker only son and also sole executor of William Moxham late of Blagrove within the Parish of Street in the said County yeoman deceased.is as follows Imprimis my will and desire and I do hereby order and direct that Hannah my loving and beloved wife shall from my decease during her natural life in case she shall so long live my widow and unmarried and no longer have the use of all my household goods and immediately from and after her decease or next marriage which shall first happen I do hereby give and bequeath all my said goods unto such of my children John Joseph Mary Hannah and Sarah as my said wife shall in and by her last will and testament in writing or by any other writing by her signed and sealed in the presence of two or more credible witnesses thereto shall give direct or order the same and in default of such will or writing then I do hereby give all my said household goods after the death of my said wife or next marriage which shall first happen unto all my said children share and share alike. I do hereby bequeath unto my ffather-in-law John Merret of the said parish of Saint Benedict stockingmaker or woolcomer James Clothier of Street aforesaid yeoman James Salter the younger of Dudimore in the said county yeoman and Arthur Thomas of Windhill within the parish of Bannell in the said county yeoman their executors and administrators all my closes of meadows or pasture ground called 'horses' and also my close called Worthy all lying and being in Butleigh in the said county with their appurtenances for remainder or remainder of the term or terms of years estate and interest I now have [thereafter provision for education of children and on attaining majority at 21, or prior decease etc. - mention of land called Whitlocke at Balonsburraugh (Baltonsborough)] ….Item I do give and bequeath unto my son William Moxham his executors administrators and assignes my leasehold close called Grantham lying and being near my ffarm called Blagroge or Blagrove Farm and within the said parish of Butleigh in lieu of the sum of one hundred pounds or some such sum of money given him in and by the will of my late deceased father.....[other bequests] then 50 shillings each to the poor of St. Benedicts, and Street To his sister Jane Tucker his cousin William East in the county of Wilts, and cousin Mary Scuffe two guineas each. Two guineas to his executors and all his silver plate and gold rings to his wife. All the rest to his wife and trustees. Addenda 2 Jan 1757 true copy examined this day with the probate.

DD/S/BT/11/2/26 1] Anne Pope of Butleigh, Thomas Merriott of Glastonbury 2] Hannah Moxham of Glastonbury, John Merriott of Glastonbury, stockingmaker, James Clothier of Street, yeoman and James Salter the younger of Podimore, yeoman executors of William Moxham decd Mortgage Date: 1735.

DD/S/BT/11/1/21, 11/2/34 1] Thomas Merriott of Glastonbury and wife Hannah formerly widow of William Moxham, James Clothier of Street and James Salter of Podimore, yeoman, executors of William Moxham decd, yeoman 2] Thomas Looke of Butleigh, yeoman 3] William Howe of Bowlish, barrister Date: 1739.

C 11/817/21 Short title: Holloway v Benger. Document type: Bill and answer. Plaintiffs: Richard Holloway the elder, gent of Marden, Wiltshire, Richard Holloway the younger, William Holloway, Sarah Holloway and Elizabeth Holloway (children of said Richard Holloway the elder) infants (by their said father), Richard Holloway, linen draper of London (son of William Holloway, yeoman deceased late of Marden), John Drewett, yeoman of Wiltshire and Margery Drewett his wife, John Rocke, gent of Butleigh, Somerset and Mary Rocke his wife, William Moxham, distiller of Bristol, Hannah Moxham, Sarah Moxham, John Moxham and Joseph Moxham, infants (by Thomas Merriott, gent of Glastonbury, Somerset), (said Mary Rocke, William Moxham, Hannah Moxham, Sarah Moxham, John Moxham and Joseph Moxham are the children of William Moxham, deceased), Betty Tucker, Jane Tucker, John Tucker, Mary Tucker, Ann Tucker and Hannah Tucker (children of John Tucker, yeoman of Street, Somerset and Jane Tucker his wife), infants (by their said father), James Phelps, yeoman of Barton St David, Somerset (father and administrator of Mary Phelps, spinster deceased) and Elizabeth Phelps (another daughter of said James Phelps) infant (by her said father). Defendants: Mary Benger and William Holloway. 1745

DD/S/BT/19/2/6-7 1] Joseph Moxham of Bristol, devisee of William Moxham decd 2] James Grenville of Butleigh Lease and release of Whitelocks (2a) in Baltonsborough.. [Somerset Archive and Records, BUTLEIGH COURT PAPERS] Date: 1763.

DD/S/BT/4/6/10 1] Joseph Moxham of Bristol 2] Archibold Drummond of Bristol, MD 3] James Grenville of Butleigh Assignment of Benharses (13a, 3a) and Worthy (4a), Butleigh. Enclosed letters concerning the assignment of local farming, cider tax, the death of Sally Moxham and from Joseph Moxham due to embark from Scotland to Ireland with his regiment. 1763

DD/X/GAT – Map of Blagrove Farm, the property of William Moxham 1774

DD/S/BT/22/4/77 Observations on dispute concerning estate bought by William Moxham from Sir James Langham. 1777

DD/S/BT/17/7/3 1] Sir James Langham Bt and William Moxham of Glastonbury 2] James Grenville Quitclaim to £5 rent out of Southmoor. 1788

DD/S/BT/22/4/78 Draft deed between James Grenville and William Moxham for fee farm rent. 1788

DD\X\DEA/2 Deeds and leases for 99 years or 3 lives of various lands incl. land at Granthams, Street & Butleigh, 1665, 1673; mess & 50a in Street, 1706; messes, in Northload & Magdalen St. incl. the Old Kitchen (Magd. St.), Glastonbury, 1707, 1713; mess. at Orlepitt, High Ham, 1680; Hard Close in manor of Godney, 1703, 1713 (Meade, Strode, Vincent); mess. in Butleigh, 1726, land in Baltonsborough, 1812, & property in St Thomas St., Bristol, 1785 (Rocke). Will of Edw. Moxham of W. Lydford, yeo., dat. 1705, pr. 1709; will of Wm. Moxham of Glastonbury, St Benedict, Stocking maker, dat. 1733, pr. 1734; will of Israel Batt of Dimmer, Castle Cary, yeo. dat. 1686, pr. 1719 (Eliz. Meade al. Moxham, executrix); copy will of Wm. Mead of Fivehead, 1711. Stamp duty papers re estate of Wm. Moxham, deed., 1802-1811, with income tax papers of same, 1800. List of rights of commons on Glastonbury Moor belonging to Wm. Moxham, 1779-1780. Copy Act Ashcott-Wells Turnpike Road, 1753 (bearing the signature of James John Rocke). The connecting thread of these documents is the Moxham family of Blagrove Farm, Street, and of Glastonbury and the associated families of Meade and Rocke. 1665 - 1812

Mullens – see Mullins

1) John Mullen (Mullens)

John paid rates from 1723 until 1750. The property then passed to Robert Balch. John was witness to the overseers accounts in 1723. In 1726 he took an apprentice – one of James Masters' daughters. John was Churchwarden in 1731 and Overseer in 1737. In 1735/6 John supplied liquor for Robert Swanton (of Glastonbury)'s lead workers repairing the church roof (CW), liquor to the carpenters building the gallery and Edward Strode the wall bulder..

2) David Mullen


1) Neall Mullet ? - apprenticed to or by Henry Talbott in 1700.


1) James Mullins Chr. 12 Apr 1830 East Pennard, dairyman, s.o. Richard and Mary Mullins 61-47

Julia Reeves had lived with her parents in 1841/51 in Baltonsborough where her father was a shoemaker. Her sister Mary worked at Parsonage Farm. # In 1851 James was single and lived with his sister in Ditcheat. He married Julia Reeves in 1857 and they went to America where their daughter Mary was born the following year. They arrived in Butleigh in 1860 and their daughter Julia Letitia. was born there in December 1860.

In 1861 James and family lived in part of Parsonage Farm [Home Farm] in Compton Street. They had a visitor, Julia's sister, Mary A. Reeves (14) from Baltonsborough. They left Butleigh before 1864 and after many travels [in 1871 they were at West Harptree] James and Julia ended up running a boarding house in Bournemouth in 1901.

Julia Letitia married Howard Wilkinson in Dorset in 1890 (Jun Q 5a/535 Wimborne). In 1891 they were in Avenue Road Wimborne Minster where Howard was an engineer and they were visited there by Julia's brother Albert E. Mullins (b. 1873 Stowey, Som). By 1901 they had a son George (9) and daughter Muriel (8). In 1911 they lived at 153, High Street, Poole with son Vernon (George – apprentice engineer) and daughter Muriel (Governess).



1) Edward Mundy Chr. 22 Apr 1821 Ditcheat, shoemaker, s.o. Joseph (carpenter) and Jane Munday , d. 11 Jul 1896 Gleniti, New Zealand 41-14. 71-82

Edward Mundy appeared in Butleigh in 1841, at Barton Stone, when he was an apprentice shoemaker. He married Maria Oldis, daughter of a thatcher, in 1841 and they had two children, Maria Jane b. 1841 and Susan b. 1842/3 in Butleigh before moving to Alhampton Lane, Ditcheat (Edward's birthplace) around 1845. They lived there until just before 1871 and had several more children. In 1861 Susan was a kitchenmaid at Babington House, Babington alongside Susan Britton from Butleigh who was the cook. She went on to marry the house painter Thomas Holley in 1869 (Sep Q 1a/558 St. George, London) and lived at 8, New Coventry Street, Soho.

Maria Jane was a servant at Culverhay in Wotton under Edge, Gloucs., in 1871.She married George Vines 1871 (Sep Q 6a/374 Dursley).

In 1871 Edward (50) with his wife Maria (51) lived with Dan (20), Fanny (13), Herbert (11), Kerturah (8), Clara (6) in Water Lane. Edward and Maria emigrated to New Zealand with Emma and Fanny before 1876.

1a) John Oldish Mundy b. 1847 (Mar Q 10/449 Shepton Mallet) Ditcheat, Chr. 3 Oct Butleigh 71-80, shoemaker 71-80 d. 1928 (Mar Q 5c/538 Wells)

Miriam's father, mother and all her siblings except for herself had been born in Butleigh. In 1871 John Oldis Mundy (24) and wife Miriam (23) lived with daughter Ellen Maria plus grandmother Elizabeth Oldis (60) at Oddway, next door to the Hockey family. John and Miriam moved to Orchard Row, Street by 1874 where their son Austin was born. They appear there in 1881 and by 1891 had moved to the High Street, Street and John was a foreman shoemaker. Austin Mundy became a florist, seedsman and shopkeeper by 1901 sharing the Street property with his parents who were living with their other two children [Miriam given pob Came, Dorset]. He had married Emily Elizabeth Kimber (b. 1870, Forrest Hill, London) in 1898 (Sep Q 5c/822 Wells).

In 1911 John, Miriam, Ellen and Charles lived at 96a, High Street, Street where they were market gardeners. Their shop still exists and flourishes in High Street, Street to this day.

2) Alfred Henry Mundy b. 1854 Limehouse, London, masons labourer, s.o. Lucy Mundy 91-126

Eliza Vile's parents lived in Hill Head, Glastonbury in 1871 and her father was a labourer, her mother a glove sewer. After her marriage to Alfred Mundy in 1873, the Mundys lived at Hill Head, Glastonbury in 1881, when Alfred gave his birthplace as Barking, Essex. In 1891 they lived in Oddway, Bethell Cottage. They next appeared at 2, Hill Road, Glastonbury in 1901, having left Butleigh some time after 1891 when they had had another daughter, Rose, born there. Alfred jnr was absent in 1901 but died aged 41 in 1914 (Dec Q 5c/534 Wells). Mary Jane Mundy died in 1898 (Dec Q 5c/302 Wells) aged just 22. In 1901 Matilda was a 'sorter at Paper Mill', boarding at Perch Hill Westbury with her cousin William Mells of Glastonbury and his wife Kezia from Wookey.

In July 1882 an Elizabeth Mundy of Hillhead, a married woman, was accused of attempting suicide by jumping off the Cow Bridge at Butleigh into the Brue on June 12th. She was rescued by Frederick Cox who was a mason from Benedict Street, Glastonbury walking to Butleigh on his way to work. The woman was known to suffer epileptic fits from the age of five according to her father James Viles. She was sent for trial at the assizes. This must be Eliza. [Western Gazette 28 July 1882]

In 1911 the widowed Alfred was still at 2, Hill Head, Glastonbury but only William, Thomas, Rose and May were at home with their parents. Of 10 children, 7 were still alive.

3) William Mundy b. 14 Dec 1879 [reg. 1880 Mar Q 5c/540 Wells?] Catsham, gardener, s.o. Jane Mundy, died 6 Dec 1951 (Dec Q 7c/326 Wincanton)

William, a servant in Langport in 1891, was a gunner in World War I and in 1926 he, with wife and daughter, moved to North Cadbury and became landlord of the Catash Inn. In 1901 he had lived in Baltonsborough with his mother and stepfather – Jane and Henry Gill – as an agricultural labourer. William and Harriet lived together at 1, Rood Cottages in 1911 and Kathleen (called Joan) was born the following year at No. 43. During the War, while William was in France, Harriet and her daughter lived at Hospital Cottage where Harriet was housekeeper to Dr. Knyvett.


1) Albert Charles Murch Chr. 1 Jan 1856 (Mar Q 5c/501 Bridgwater) Chilton Polden, farmer, s.o. Albert and Sarah Murch

In 1871/81 Albert lived with his parents in Charlton Adam where they farmed Manor Farm of 301 acres. In 1881 Ellen had lived with her parents in St. Peter Street, Tiverton - her father was an auctioneer.

In 1891 the couple are found farming at Greinton and had four young children, all born in Greinton, plus Ellen's mother Elizabeth Wood (b. 1821 Newton Bushel, Devon), a widow. They were all still there in 1901.


1) Albert James Murray b. 1879 (Dec Q 1b/245 Islington) Islington, butler, s.o. Charles and Alice Murray

In 1911 Albert was butler at Wootton House. He was an army pensioner and single. His father had been a railway worker.


1) Alfred Musgrove b. 29 Jun 1845 Ilton Bradon, labourer, s.o. William and Eliza Musgrave of South Braden d. 5 Mar, bur. 10 Mar 1870 (Mar Q 5c/491 Wells) Butleigh

Alfred died of 'Heart disease and pneumonia congestion' and present at death was William Woodland viz. No marriage traceable so far.



1) Sabra Ann Mustoe Chr. 8 Apr 1849 Kemerton, Gloucs., servant, d.o. Joseph and Ann Musto 71-72

In 1851 the family name was spelt Musto and in 1861 Sabra still lived with her parents in Kemerton, Gloucester - her father was a labourer. Sabra served at Butleigh Court in 1871. She married John Dymond Bere in 1874 (Mar Q 5b/711 Tiverton).



1) Edward Myles, b. 1855 (Mar Q 5a/292 Poole) Lytchett Matravers, Dorset, cowman, labourer, s.o. Henry and Mary A. Myles, d. 1932 (Mar Q 5c/636 Wells) 01-146

Edward's father was a carpenter and Edward remained with the family up to the 1881 census. In 1891 the couple had lived in part of Beaumont Villa, High Street, Lytchett Matravers, Dorset (Edward's birthplace) and his wife was then called Bessie. They seem to have been peripatetic in search of work first in Woolland, Dorset and then Stoke under Ham in Somerset before landing in Butleigh around 1898. The family were in Butleigh for the 1901 census (but called Mills) and lived in four rooms at Park Farm. The couple reported that they had had 9 children in all with 7 surviving in 1911 when they lived at Park Buildings.